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in AtrrnoKixv.
vfth rKt4M se of th avti oic, i
, amMlol John JjovriL roundrwter
f if lm4 ff Jfctwy u j,nWi, Itaod of Kmoai.
L JNO. K. MUU, Goat rnor cf Kanal.
J. Ettmsnte Hats fay bees, appelated Arenttotake
t V Cu tracts far Labor In the District
JJlalsicr of the I nterter.
iilirtwOfct, Tefc. g, 1S77. CM
Tr.rJIiiifc n p4Mi tare leo appointed ta take Ao
ta.wa.i M In tbe 4iileta betow ttrowl, their Cora.
MftUkrAtaibeatinexrtJ dates, vU:
a. riwhu, k'MtuiMtv. oaHq. hrt. l, lsrc
T. X. HnD, Waltolv.Maa. Nov. It, 1S7C
Trtfts. UftBMTX, Iffktrr of Orjn reyancs.
BuMnr IVrnary 28. 1S77.
Apfarvre-4: J. HOTT M4TFM,
VMmh fef ibe Jntrrter. (AS
Oa fMBrhr, the Slat March, fmlno, at IS o'clock,
nwm,MAHt i-rurance tt AtA-UsI Hale, HI WffoMf.tr
cm4 tie W Wt lMcr the fHm tec aWw uf lurd, ix-
1Vf(Mtwt4r i-icr mivH uf Uud Immediately tuakal
rf HmannrWMf at KsMkl, Oaho, adjtfli.li.c pru..es
T A. Jtr, a4 cuialiix 1 r-JOatrra uwee or let,
Aba. t tLa nBM time mod place, ths luJ known at
JC&tbMfwt, -JtBhted la Sooth Kflwa,lIaraH,ap9etrrkefGS.
labrkr OaVw, r.d. 7, 1CT. UlaUter cf ilia Intedor.-
Ob SatBTday, the Huh day of March, 1S77. at 12 o'clock
mhw,M tbe fnAtatranceof Alfiulanl Hale, will be sold
ifre rcsuJotSw uf the Gonnmrot land at KUtihalr, llono.
iMnkrOOc, IVU -2, 1S77. MUiUter of the Interior
Br command of Ills iluuirr thk Kivo, dnrlnc the eb
Mmtr lib ExrrilK7 U. A. r. Carter and His KxcH
ItwyJ, 31. Kapena, the UlnJ.ter of the Interior will take
ffcarf of tlxr lam Office, and the Attorney General of
IUxjw lilac, Fefcrnary ZH, 1577. C3T
It has pleased His Majesty the Kim: to appoint the
lliwinWf Obaa. it. Ofrhop to beQiannetloro: the ltoyal
Aer T atamehanaeLa I, , ice UoooraClc Kiikha IL AIli,
ImUm ralww, TAmxj fctL, J 877.
HmcILAT. KJae ha been tills day appolnUd an Acent
c4 U RvIkux oakw for the U,lt Inc of Ackuow k-JceiuenU
1 iMUnmeaU, far the Xkland cf JlidokaL
Thomas niiowy,
XlrsUtrar of OonrerancM.
t-(ti Iftsirr of Conrrj-ances, Feb. 9, 1 S7T.
J. 3IOTT fell mi, MlnUter cf thelnterbr. CSt
Xencs to DirnJCT Ktuool Auicvnt. In accordance
tti tle taiaterj- prorttkiQa on the MiLjoct, tbe Bveral
fcrfcl ArrtiU tLruuctioQl tli Elnfdom H1 caoae to le
rriirti4 ( tbn lij rhe Traclien of the Common Schools
la tfcttr rpgctTC diauicU, on or before Ihtfrtt Monday
of Jlareb uf cb ytmx, correct liat of tbe names of tbe
paiwte and EoardUm of tbe children attending tbe said
rtton4a. And tb mM School Apeuta, after rfrlnc not lem
litMM irm Ajt pmriaoa paLIlc nollca thereof, aball hold
IxitUm by Hktlxrr oa tbe Luf Mori Jaj of March of each
jw, brttm the booraof ten a. nu and I mo p, for tlte
Tnu Meubera f tbe liUtrict School Hoards of thetr rcs
IwctfrtiiArteu : and tbe Ilettort of the ftald Third Hem
bera aaafl be oolj aueb parents and ciardUiis whose names
tM appear oa tbe lists prepared and mnrued by the
Teacher of tbe Common Schools to the District &cbool
AmiU mm abr prorlded.
By orArr of the Dmrd of Evocation,
VT. JAS. SMITH, Secretary,
AJBeZaol Uale, February 12. 16. C31 3t
AtvHoaUoa basbeea mad to tbts Department for the
TwrebaM or lease of tbe folio wins Government Lands :
INuntum baUnce of lloooraon, district of HIlo, by Wm.
lawey, fr f wo,
rweauwe land at Kefcala, la runs, Uawa!L by J. W.
Vili,m aerrn, fir(I.
L f flMalo, by IK. n. Tronsseao.
Imiiw StuHiel rJirter, land lylnff between Kaohe and
Caasyw, f 10 prtJUinuxn,
Lww A, Jlotrhlii)oo, Und of KaalalVl, Kan. S3 years.
XaeTMKoaman9, Laobolo, KihaUnL orrapaa
soa," 4bauict T llllo, by K. 1. runUal, for ID years.
lisase In Ilimkaa, adJoiDlns bis land, by Cbas. Votley,
ax (14 per an own.
Lae of lllnaa. Ivan, 70 acres, by C 27. Spencer, at TO.
Iaeebaae of Keokca by XL Kekoa, for $300.
IiaseXXpaaloa,l and Z, Klbalanl 1 and t, Lanbola
Kauatsm, Kansabae and Uaoa.f;)S icr annum, by Tb
1L Ikavlea.
lerebase ofKalalmano, HIlo, by leter WahatanC. far
flea. r . c -
Iwa, X and ."4TIam&tnataa, MaaU by Dr. r. IT. En
dera, rwehaae at Met, per acre, or lease for 3 years.
Leae 2. Myrtle, land ufXVaUno.
2aae-.W. F(o, laud cr jwaialai, Kolaa, ManL
Imvbave of Keanse, KoolanMaul, by It. o. KaliUmoka,
Sacrea, at(!rracre.
Laae f Omaopio, Kma, by Akao, at f 30 per year.
XortSiase balance cS Ivamananl, C XL rarWer.
. FWrnander, land of Obia, Ztt years, ?23 per an-
imrebase tbeOorernment Lalf of Kamlloloa, MolotaI
by AV. a Lankbcrt at
Lease f Makolclau, by J. McColfan, at -5 per annum.
rnrehase land of Kasnola, M. Gibson, for (1,100.
Xcrebaae of land on N"unann Iload. adjolnlne tbe Gandal
lo. half acre, more or lea, by XL, BchrcTlr, (LS.
Xnreaa4e of land on ?inaann Iload, opposite resldenca
of J. H. Wool, S atrra, for by J. II. Wood.
Xnrebae of LJepaaa, Moanalna, 317 acres by H. W.
JlEreha lot at rawaa, Walklkl cka, A. Jaeger, ( 100.
Lease land In WaltlU, by KabwlaUl. for (S for 10 years.
rnrrbaM lota at Knlaotaboa Xlaln, II. M. tbe Kinff,
JCofc. 3, SM to 378, 171 to 179, UZ, 3S3, for (1000.
mrebate U. H. Castle, lots Nos. 1, 13C, 177, 106, 1C7,
rnrrhase-. XL Dole, IoU No. 3, 3iS, 3C7, for (500.
imrchaae T. XL Foster, lot No. 391.
mrebaae-ar. Jones, lots Ttos. 175, 179, tt, ICS, (100
TTrrrftiiW Apini In Kalnaopabna, KaUblwaena, Kona,
Leane or parchase of balance of "Hokmebv KawaI
bapal and KeaUa, Wnlna about 7000 acres by V.
XNirebajK tt XCnpapaulan and Walabee In Koolaopolco,
by . E. Irpaau
Lae of lot X, on Qneen street, and tbe old coral building
lorreon, btjilu. iwtws, ai f jkt annum,
mrrbaae of Kaena, Walalna, by Caspar Sylrla, for (750.
Lea of 34 acreH, near Diamond llead, byAlWn Herbert
rr XAptuiani rrii Aasocuuon.
Leave of lot No. J on tbe LVplanade, by Wm, Weight.
rnrrbase of lots No. 1M, 1U, 9S, 93, 93, 93 aDd 99,
on Knlaokabna Ilaina, by A. S. Uecborn.
rcrcuase of lot No. &, In Kaloaopalvna, by S. raalabl.
for (JX
fmrtiinnof ln'i No. 4 and It, 1q Kalnaopalena, by Xvalo
IarcbaseoftwoLtsln Kalnaopalena, by Kalll, for ( SO.
Purchase of ha la Kalasopaleua, by-J alia Irosser, for
rurcba-teof lot No. IS In Kaloaop&lena, by Maboe, for
Xsrrhas of lot No. 10 In Kal saopalena by X Kanmana,
mrrbaae of lot No. 8 la Kalnaopalena, by Lulka, for ('20.
Lpaeof GoTernmect ld3ocW In Nuuana, by Jno. Ta-
Tans, ior v per year.
Leae of Waloll. 10 years, at ( 100 per annum, by W. L.
AppUcatioas for jmrchaae or lease of Government lands
raaae to tnu ocjee mast kpecuy tue area as near as khoa d,
tbe intended purpose and nce or rent oHervd.
ily order of Ills Ex. tbe Mlnlter or Interior,
C T. GrucK, Chief Clerk.
Interior 03ce, Jacnarr , 1S77. CZl
IL B. M. Fantome'waa at anchor at Kawal-
lite od San da j last, all wclL Sbe would probably
proceed to KeaHleakaa Bar to-day, taking Major
'Wodeboase, and from that place will return to Ho
nolulu or Kawalbae.
Eitensite Ornunos is Reil Estate. He
cent arrivals from (Iiwall conGrm tte report that
real ctute on UhiDd is cln up mncu of It In
a Sold state. Fears bowerer are expressed that the
whole system of real estate transactions In that lo
calitr Is holloir, and that a collapse will eventual!
follow, vhen It will fall lower than It hat been
known to be tor Tears. Shortly after the arrival of
Commission for' developing tbe resources 01 tbe
kingdom; on the Island, Mrs. Pelly took a contract
for constructing safe and landlocked harbors In
CTery district, and culered immediately upon the
fulfilment of ber contract, by commencing to build
s stone breakwater part way across the entrance
to tbe celebrated bay where Captain Cook was im-
raouted. The arucnurs 01 uie contract, and
tbe amount of bonds repaired by the Commission
for Its-prompt execution, narc not yet transpired,
but there can be no doubt,, that, with tho above
mentioned lady for a coadjutor, the Commission
will not only be able to derelope all tbe resources
ol Hawaii, trot will actually tuccccd la a cities a
somber of n.w ones.
Tun statement of tlio Iosq of the scliooner
Iolaut, published in tho last Gazette, hhs
lwcn coiistrncd as a reflection on the iart j
taken by SlicritT Everett anil the officers of the
steamer Kilanea, hut we think, without any
snch intention on the part of the writer,
lloth the sheriff and the captain of tlio steamer
did what they were in duty found to do, and
hail it not been for the assistance rendered by
the steamer, the vessel mijrht have proved a
total loss. Captain Marehant informs ns that
when ho saw the signal of distress, on tho
schooner in tow, after tho hawser had parted,
she was clearly in sight with tho naked eye,
and hardly half a railo off, and was recovered
with but little delay. AH claims for salvage
have tow been settled, and tho owner will re
lit licr as soon as she can bo got ready. Her
boat, spars and sails were brought from La
haina by the steamer, having sustained little
or no damage. She proved herself a fast sailer,
previous to tho accident, and wo hope that
when repaired she may bo found to havo lost
none of her good qualities.
Ocn notes, taken during tho steamer's re
cent trip to Kan, aro quito numerous, but we
are compelled to omit them till our next issue,
Ending on our return, a large space of this
page taken tip with Official Statistics. Wo
cannot however omit saying a good word hero
for tho Kilatjea. Old as sho is, and though
it is admitted that sho needs new upper works
and new boilers, yet her hnll is sound, and
her machinery 6trong. For our light weather
and for short trips, we consider her perfectly
safe, and less liablo to accident than any sail
vessel in our coasting fleet. As a sea boat,
there never was a steamer launched more easy
in her motions in any weather than the Ki
lauca. Thoso who have traveled on such
boats as tho Ajax, Miscs Taylor, &c , will
appreciate the comparative steadiness of tho
lulauca in like circumstances. Whatever the
new steamer may be, bIio cannot surpass her
in this respect. We make this statement in
justice to the Kilauca, which e mo who have
not traveled on her think unsafe.
By referring to tho time table, it will be
seen that tho steamer will make a circuit
trip around Hawaii next week, leaving on
Jlouday for Ililo, and returning via Kau and
Kona. Thoso who wish to see tho volcano
will now have a good opportunity.
ITr have been asked by several whether tho
volcano is likely to remain in action, and
whether it is advisable to go to Hawaii now,
or wait till news of another eruption is re
ceived. Wo reply that the volcano on Hawaii
is evidently in a state of unusual activity and
likely to burst out at any time. Wo left it in
action at Kcalakcakua Djty on tho 21th of Fe
bruary, and its activity is more likely to in
crease than decrease, with the heavy rains
now falling on that island. As the rain water
reaches tlio internal fire, it creates increased
activity, tho result of which ia that tho lava
bursts out, wherever it finds tho crust weak
est, or, if unable to cscapo through thecrast
It finds nn opening at ootno or tho summit
chimneys of Mauna Loa. lint old Kilauca is
always active ami alwtys vorth a risit. and
thoso who go there now, stand a fair chanco
of seeing molten lava besides the eternal
fires of Halcmaumau, bo graphically describ
ed by Miss Bird. To attempt to ascend the
mountain at this time would bo perilous, as
snow storms frequently occur on tho summit,
and to bo caught in ono thero will bo sure
death. Thero is enough to bo seen below
without attempting tho ascent.
We publish to-day tho Annual Report of
Colonel Allen, Collector General of Customs,
for tho year 1SC. The exhibit is encourag
ing, showing, as it does, an increase in tho
exports of domestic produce of nearly 8220,000
over tho previous year. But from this sum
tnnst bo deducted tho value of the cargo of
tho bark American Lloyds, which consisted
of produce which had been returned to Hono
lulu from San Francisco for rcshipment, for
the sake of avoiding duties. In tho excess of
exports over imports amounting to 8129,271
35, somo allowance mnst bo mado for tho samo
Tho imports show an incrcaso in value of
S01,17C.14 over 1875, a result which is attri
butable to the reciprocity treaty.
Tho docreaso in tho value of foreign ex
ports is in consequence, chiefly, of tlio des
truction of the whaling fleet, and the resulting
failure of the nsual supplies of oil and bone.
Tho decreaso of tho amount of liquor taken
for consumption would seem to indicate a
growth of temperance principles; but we
presume it may more correctly bo attributed,
in part, to tho loss of tho whaling fleet, and
very likely, to some extent, to an incrcaso of
illicit distillation in the com.trr.
The excess in tlio number of passengers
arriving, over those departing, cannot all bo
set down as an increase of population, as tho
crews of tlio lost whalcshipg came back to the
country as passeugers, and tho greater part
of them immediately left again as seamen. A
portion of tho remaining excess consists of tho
Chinese immigrants who were introduced dur
ing tho year.
Wo shall give in the next issuo our Annual
Eesume of Agriculture and Commerce for the
year 1670.
Tho decrease in enstoms receipts amounts
to but $11,110.61 which is much less than was
anticipated. We still believe that after a year
or two the increase of business in the country
will more than make up all deficiencies in rev
enue, resulting from tho action of tho treaty.
IcprcfcIou orXrsidc.
As tho beginning of one Xcw Year succeeds
the other, it has been the one cry for somo ten
years now that trado is stagnated, depressed
and falling off. As usual uuder such circum
stances speculation has been rile as to the cau
ses of the unprecedented stagnation now exis
ting, and people have been disposed to attribute
it to various influences, in accordance chief
ly with tho particular branch of business or the
peculiarline of occupation with, which they have
been respectively connected. The financier
has looked with desponding eyes upon tho de
preciation of silver and the low rate of inter
est; the merchant and the manufacturer have
lamented the absence of demand in foreign mar
kets; while tho statesman look wistfully to tho
East and is inclined to put down the stagnation
so much complained of to the threatening as
pects of political affairs. Each is no doubt right
to some extent buta careful consideration of the
whole subject must lead to tho conclusion that
in each instance only part of tho truth has been
perceived, and that tho cxistingstato of affairs
cannot be attributed exclusively to any ono nf
these circumstances alone, but is the result o(
a combination of adverso causes, some of which
have for a long time been at work.
In England during tho last part of tho year
the increasing doubtful aspect of political af
fairs warranted tho banking interests of that
country in maintaining a strong position, so
that they might bo certain to bo able to face
any unexpected contingency that might arise.
This policy has resulted in tho accumulation
of no less than 110,000,000 in the Hanks of
England and France, tho latter having followed
a like policy. Even with this guarded policy
money was to be had in open market at 2 per
cent and even below that figure. Under ordi
nary circumstances such a stato of altiirs
would Ikj likely to lead to a speedy reaction.
Tho low prico of money would havo tho effect
of stimulating enterprise of all descriptions,
which wuuld relievo tho market of a considera
ble portion of the redundant capital now seek
ing employment. Unfortunately however,
commercial confidence has received rude shocks
in various directions. In addition to this
Foreign Markets havo been discouraging and
adverse, whilo enterprise at homo has been I
equally unsatisfactory.
Tho low rate of interest charged in England
has thus far failed to bring about any reaction,
and these engaged in commerce, manufac
tures and other enterprises prefer to see their
money lying idle, to investing it under coudi
tion which an universally recognised as being
of a most precarious character.
Ono feature of iniKrtancc in connection with
tho present depression is tho gradual manner
in which it has been brought about, and the
long timo it has continued to exist. It would
he difficult on taking a retrospect of tho past
year, to say with any precision when the stag
nation now so much felt commenced.
Trade and Finance have drifted into an un
lucky and difficult position and the very slow
ness with which matters havo by degrees conio
up to their present pass is probably tho most
disheartening feature connected with it. Blow
has succeeded blow so steadily that commer
cial confidence has been well nigh reduced to
There has been, however little of tho nature
of commercial panics familiar to mercantile
men, when inflated prices and over speculation
have been suddenly succeeded by failures, low
rates and stagnation. Were this the case, in
deed affairs might be moro pressing, but would
still be more hopeful then they aro at tho pres
cnt time as tho reaction would be followed by
a counter reaction, in which tho lost ground
would probably bo more than recovered. Con
trary to what is familiar in times when busi
ncss is bad, tho badness upon tho present
occasion has been brought about rather by
cautiousness them by speculativeucss. Having
thercfoie been gradually brought about it can
only be gradually remedied. It results from
so many adverse circumstances that the most
sanguine can hardly hope they will lc cleared
awa3' otherwise than by very slow degrees, or
that there is any reasonablo hopo for a rapid
Tho political causes might bo removed by
somo sudden fdiango i the diplomatic chess
board, but only partial relief would be ob
tained, whilst to remove tho deep seated dis
trust, must of necessity bo a w ork of consider
able time. Still there is no ground for despair
ing that existing difficulties will ultimately bo
overcome, however slow the process may be.
Xow that merchants in tho homo markets havo
ceased sending goods off in almost unlimited
quantities to glut markets already overstocked,
which mnst tend to bring about a moro healthy
and more profitable state of trado than that
which has existed ; and though these results
may bo of slow growth, thero is room to hopo
that they will bo induced by tho severe lesson
now being taught by tho depression which has
been mainly caused by previous disregard of
these sound principles.
Unsatisfactory as matters arc, it is still a
subject of congratulation that the stagnation
has resulted in a great degree from tho fact
that mercantile men havo been forced in a
large number of directions to become prudent ;
and at least one good may bo hoped for out of
so many evils, namely, that in tho leading
branches of trade, manufacture and finance.
such reforms will be instituted as will remove
many of the weak points which havo led to tho
results now so generally and so justly deplored.
e .T... ' .... i int.i Aim nr XI4 410 81 from last Tear,
T.hloXo'g. show. antnercaM! In Freo Importa ot fTMSUXI, this Is cinscdby
the produce returned from California.
Table No. 10, Is a resume of tbe total value of all Imports Into the Kingdom,
showing an Increase orer last 5 ear or 123.299 53.
Table No. U. shows the different National Vessels that have visited this Tort
durlDE the year. ... , j.
Table No. 12, shows thst a total of 3,723 passengers have arrived at and de
parted from this Port durinc the year, with an excess ur arrivals ovri
Sepsrtures, and. an excess nf 3.224 pasencrs over last year. Also that
1 ' . . L ....... . ....I I mm V.ur 7il!inil mill
passengers nave called at una in tu mor nnj u
Australia, showing 019 nmrc than called last yeir.
t nf Hawaiian uepMerm k huihwiiuk .w... ......
753 C4-!tt tons, showing a decrease fur lliejear nf six vessel!
and Ci3 29-95 tons. The record eliov, that two B.k, one Hrlg, nmr eeiioiniris ,
and one Sloop have been the past jear, ana uiie uric ami mu "
T.hi.. v. ii u ..i .iiitiii nrthf number and tnniiacti of all Steamers and Mer
chant vessels that have arrived at and departed from this I'nrt for the jmr. show
ing the Flag and the Country frouyvhicii arming, ana in wiucii ucrannu;.
Tin total mine cf at Klndrtl f.r tlis yrr Is .4,211.041.91
Th total loeofU iSinortslj .- -'.8'1.0,"
ShomcgAn wens In vain. ofKiportsof HiJ,2TI.33
I have omitted tho table of exiiorta of Oil, Bone and hory tills year, as qwil)t
lolle loss In the Iceof the baling fleet there was vcnMltlle exported.
I bate ueain tbe satisfjclion utstiowlni; that our bxpuris are in excess n iue
1 nave tue uonor 10 oc, tu, lour ex. nmn ucuinn ci-it.in,
(Xttrttor Central of Customt.
To Ills Eicellencv A. 5. lUirnvEi.L,
II. II. M.' Aellnir Minister of Finance, &i &e., Ac.
Preparedly IV. F. Allen, Collector General.
Collector Gexekil's Office. 1
llouolulu, 11. I. F.b. 20th 1S77. f
Sib: In conformity with the requirements of the
Civil Code, I have the honor to submit to your
hxcellency, my Annual Iteport ol the business,
and transactions, of this office, with the statistical
Tables, for the year 1870, in the followiug order,
No. L Imports, duty paid, bonded, and free by
Treaty, at all Porta of the Kingdom.
No. 2. Cargoes valued above $10,000.
No. 3. Foreign and Domestic Exports.
No. i Domestic Exports, showing country to
which exported.
No. 5. Merchant and Whaling vessels.
No. 0. Spirits taken for consumption.
No. v. Value of goods, paring duty, bonded,
and free by Treaty,
No. 8. Customs Receipt.
No. 9. Valne of gooda imported free by Statute.
o. 10. Total value of Imports.
No. 11. National Vessels.
No. K. Passengers Statistics.
No. 13. Hawaiian Kegistercd Vessels.
No. 14. Arrivals and departures ofvcssela, where
ironi and w here tu.
Also tbe statistics of Duty paying, Bonded, and
Free Goods, and Spirits, showing quantities, and
values in detail.
Table No. 1, shows the value of duty paying, free
by Treaty, and bonded Goods, and Spirits, showing
an Increase of Imports of tM,47G.H over 1875.
Table No. 2, shows the cargoes valued over 10,
000, the Port from which they arrived, and the
vessels bringing them.
Table No. 3, shows an Increase in the value of
Domestic Exports of $219,730.04, a decrease in value
of Foreign Exports of fC3.444.73, with a total in
crease in value of all Exports of tl51,303.91.
Table No. -4, shows the country to which Domes
tic Exports have been shipped, with the qnantltlea
to each. A galo ia shown In exporta of Sugar,
Molasses, Paddy, Rice, Poi, Bananaa, Peanuts, and
Cattle, and a loss lu Coffee, Fungus, Goat Skins,
Hides, Tallow, Pulu, Wool, Whale Oil, Whale Bone
aad Rum.
Table No. 5, shows the number of Steamers,
Sailing Vessels, and Whalera that have visited this
Port during the tear, and their nationality. The
arrivals of Steamers and Merchant vessels are in
excess of laat year, of nine Teasels, with an Increase
of tonnage of lS.iDO tons.
Table No. 6, shows decrease of 1754 gallons
Spirits taken for consumption daring the year.
shows the tsIuc of Duty paving Bonded, and Goods Ireo by Treaty
mportcd during (be year, and the country from which imported.
Table No.
No. S. Merchant Vessels and Steamers at Ports of the llawnilan
llftToictr. KlwiiRia aaauataes Hoo. Totiu.
Xfinos. lasipa. Oct-!"..
" a Tons. So. Toas. No Tuna N Tt'oa No Too" No. Tons.
American- 7 C7,T4t 7,S3 1 50 1 IT. W TVjM
llairaJUui IS 5.M1
Herman..., 1 1.031 1 45 3 ';
llritlah to 1HM I
French S MM t JS? 3
'Dutch....... 1 S I W
Nlearaipio J 4I
TaWllan . ... I S4 -
I liussUin '. i I i!4 1
Totall Til 90,254 li S.1IS I sT 1 3S7 I tn'HI lOyW
Shilling Veasrls at l'orta ol the Hawaiian lalnnda.
So. 1 Imports, Honolulu, Ilnwniinn Islands, 1870.
Vtins noons
PAT10 now.
Ale. porter, heer. cMer.
Animals and bird.
Unll.thig materials.
Clothlns:, hats. Itoota. .
Crockery, ctasjmare, lamps arid
imn nitures
Druca, anrgVat Instruments and
dental materials..
Dry roods
Mixtures ;
:a, millinery, etc.
Fancy eooi!
r ISII, (dry anil &iu .
Fruits (fresh)
Furs and trory.....
Grain and feed-
firocericA and provisions...
Runs and con materials .
Clan powder.
Hardware, agricultural implements
ana tools.
Iron and steel, etc..
Jewelry, plate, clocks
Machinery. .
MukIcaI InstrumcnLs-
raval stores .
Ofla 'aioMiiat. kerosene, whale, etc
ralntsand paint oils and tnrpentine
rerrumery and loll.! articles .
Saddlery, cairiairesnnd materials.
Khooks and containers
Stationery and books. .
I. -n
T1 n and tinnare and materials
Tobacco, cljrars, etc
Whalebone .
Wlialins; tear. -
Wines (llithti
Sundry merchandise not included
Sundry mispeclfled merchandise..
Chnnrcson invoices
U per cent- added on uncertified
invoices .
10.ST5 74
:it 40
i:.im :i
isi.is: in
13,6.-8 S0
I5,(jv a
131.T-1 21
9.16.1 C:
asjss 45
23.731 01
S0.07S 40
1 1,197 e;
31 .ass a:
Ml 43
:o.:s; ss
10,194 so
C0.6S9 SS
.060 31
i.tiii as
' CI.570
15.SSS 51
7.147 61
SI,H2 79
23,S69 14
5.M. S3
8,159 59
l"6i at
9.499 ZS
11741 53
1I.7H 27
27,251 82
20.919 91
1,147 59
27,152 i
2.960 5
23.8S1 1'
4,533 91
4,139 26
8,057 IS
8,298 70,
282 70
,J5,502 50
2.07S 31
90 30
I.4M S2
17.911 36!
1,487 52
7,2119 03
2 410
3,114 76
23,936 t
23 CO
li.HG 59
4,85 23
1,533 CO
36,439 40
7,7511 03
10.244 19
41,211 16
367 Oil
212 22
6.936 39
16,6.'3 60
8,715 CS
S01 1
9.061 SS
39,134 50
44 40
8,390 111
6,332 51
355.101 m
353 00
J.107 52
1,311 60
709 71,
1,546 C6
5,364 71
81 00
200 00
411 41
5,69 51
1,250 do
2,8(0 8
130 59
3,019 67
3.71! 35
333 35
12,578 56
27.911 61
4X9 40
1 0T9 o;
316 74
16.175 39
30,797 35
2,038 09
466 45
6,515 37
1,431 9S
3.0S8 83
503 23
8161,126 13
Discounts, on United States Currency.
Damaged and saort
. 13,014 31
7,475 43
926 42
t 3,30 70
S 2,437 19
Hosom,c. KAWAiHAt Kisuctiei nito Koloi Totals
luipi. Persian. "
K,i Tuns No Tons No Tons 'No IXins No 1'otis No Tuna No Tuns
2 8l5l"tT 3,7771 .I I 1.010 ?01 3 1.03B 10 3321 37 12.167
UVNIaa. In probate. I is the mature DM eJH
A. R. rowans, oriloootutu, OecMaed, luestasa,
r. jnsnce atevnur.
Oa reodlac and mini tha Pentton as Varr T. r
Intestate at aea. on Ui lllh day of leoraary. a. ili,
and pray Ire tnat Letters of AdmtnhtraUoa haan?
I ISA .an.
II UUrdercd. thai WEDNESDAY, tbe ilsloae .r.
A. P. 1177, Im and hereby Is appointed fur bearW tlTH
Ullon befon Ibe aakl Justice, la lh Cnan Kuan
iN.i.t t llnn.JnIn. . r wKlrh Lit-.. bI ni... aaBB
concerned may appear and abow rauae, if a y uw, .
whr PetltiOH alionUI tral Im aeanted. And nL:
order be puUUhe.1 In tna Knauali laiMj.e a- n
erwlve weeks lit tbe Hawaiian (Used btw,j
Hated at Iloaolulu, H. L..tb t ebtvary.A bur
Attest: Justjre of La MJDret. r , B
Jlso. G. BtiussMP. licra. 4
ir. 0. 8arr, Att-ruey for fellrtoner. la
No. 0. Spirits taken out of llonil for Consumption.
HONOLULU. -I a f l); 5 f r f3 a f 'I
nrslQoarter 68 1121137211008 131 156 15 13l 11!
eron.l Ouarter 3211312 1(173 131S 250 164 139 Sit 79 40
Third Quarter...., II) 1672 1 253 1323 22S SI5 55 4 2 363
l-ourth lluarter 2 2s I213jll70 1 48 139 17C 25 16 179
Total "irs'nai idhiuji 757 rai 5ji tui 7 cat
19 791 34
261 40
ii.S'hi n
178,188 41
14,127 St
17.029 51
167.431 4;
9.1 S3 6.'
12.71! IB
40.SA7 A4
26,171 at
53.118 SS.
17.811 81
54.r-07 89
2.030 97
27.6S2 m
2,9'1 73
14.313 39
96.164 12
6.3N 61
2,714 36
105,818 18
20.878 35
24,012 41
8,686 61
98.322 21
No. 7.
Value of Cooils paying duty, ini-j Value
ported at Honolulu. Irom
United Sales, IMclBc Pors
United Elates, Atlantic Port
(Iron! Ilfitaln..
'China... .
Au.tnilla and New Zealand..
Society Idamls.. ...
lien, by IViialera-. i ,
Micronesia, 11 uaoo lalauds, le
iiiltlsn Uwlambia. . .
U75.S33 05
I3.11B 4r
199 14 96
m.ua 47
43,317 53!
37,9.H1 56
401 01
501 57
14 920 34
fl,Oiii,57S 43
of Goods and Spirits,
llnndcd, from
United States, PaclOa Port
" Atuntle "
Ureal llritain
China ... ..
Australia and New Zealand
Ssfety Islands
Sea. by ITbaters .,
tlicronfraia. unano isianoa, c......
llritlah Columbia .,
$ 74.170
8.2U3 13
22,800 13
2969 25
5.589 61
1.779 14
30,339 52
1,211 25
Ml C4
I1G3.612 72
Value. ofCoods Free from The United States by "Treaty."
United States Paclllc Ports t2in,007 t3
United SUtes Atlantic Ports Si,vj3 3S
t 343.531 9j
No. 8 Customs Receipts.
Import Duties 1m1i
Import Dntles Siiirlts
Impolt Duties llonued lloods..,
0 Value Imported Free of
'IS'i i1'8,;: " v::v;:;:;;-rr
ill' ill11""!'""1 1'J (e--naWra)
i'A) 15 Oautlas; Uceuse
)?. "tht
.1 110.582 74 Animals and Bird ,
,. 53,099 44 Hans and Containers -retutned" ,
7 521 19Cual
,. 4,755 50 Diplomatic ItepresentUivee
1.627 75!oreian Nasle ,
3,910 OS.IUwallan 55'halers
13 024
31,536 95 1
51.n9 90,
31,611 91
31,129 61
7,228 22
lt.914 SJ
57,475 05
691 53
9,475 87
!3,69 V
4,831 91
44,136 06
4,64! 49
Wharf iga
Fines anil Folfuiturt-s
Keruaeue Storage.....
Keatakttakua. .......
Total IS7
Total 1875
(1,585,774 S3
21,416 21
S,56l,i:S 34
l,570.116 22
No. 2 Cnrgocs Invoiced Above ?10,000.
February. .
March.. ..,
June....... 1
Auenst 1
Mary Hello llolrtt...
DC Murray
.Mary Ibbeft...
Jafsi. .-..
City of bau lai,cI-tco.
M ul
curort- Yorfc. ...
J M Atwy
Mary jm,i unnetu.,,
CisaOinbo. ....... ...
DC Murray
Cityorgyduey.. .
A I Jew Dms..v;
ICinoina. ..... ....
DC Hnrrar
iMary Uelle Rrbs?rt.
City (if n FrancUsw,
City or New York...,
k'yan.... ,
yren....... ........
ItC WTtiOu ,
3 Ar-bnni
U U Wmray ,
Zvalatxlia ,
Am Lloyds ,
Australia ,
Fall, fit burn. ,
Oct-ati 1'earl ,
City of Sydney ,
yion ,
W II Mtjer ,
UidroTery ,
utrmlU. ,
DC Mot-ray ,
Ams?rican ..
tmericaa ..
Ainrkan ..
British .....
American ..
Anicricaa ..
IUiti-Ji. ...
AiucriMii .,
AmeilcaD ,
A mertran . ,
Hawaiian. .
Abiiriicati .
American .
tlrilUh ....
A mericftn . ,
American .
Amerl'-an ,,
American ..
HoQitktsnii:..., . ,
jau Kranri-fco....
ran Francittcu....
fraii rroncisco. ..
San Francl-jcti....
?an Frtnc(-co. ..
fn Fninei--cu....
San Fmncincia. ..
an Frauci-ico....
San Frocl"co ...
San FraticJ-aco...,
stn Francisco ..,
3.vn FraiicliCti...
?an Francisco...,
San Fmiicittcu....
San Franci so. , . ,
San rranci-rco,..
lIsineKonc. ...
San Franciscu....
Ultvt-i-o-ir. .,
San FrancUco. .,
iSan Frnnclatoi,. .
S&D Francisco. .
San Knncitco,,.
San Francitco...
fewton.......' .,
Itreuien. ........
San Franciico ...
San Francisco..,
?o frnnclico...
San Franclico...
IVrtlaod .......
iSan Franclico...
San Frauclaco...
San Francltco..,
San Francisco..,
stn rrauclrsco .,
Stn Francisco .,
1,130 34
SOS so
Msi oil;
IIIo Maleatr
Hawaiian Oofernment
Irun, llata and I'lg .............. ..
rerponal and Honsebuld elTecU "old
mod ia um' ...............
Fianlf and Seeda
htage Stamp ...
ieinrnea Wtgo.,,.
..$19S,G00 S3
Si3 01
24 00
9 00
S3 O0
hMt.ihig Metal ,
Sundrie ty rernilsslon.
Tatiiilntt MaterlaU ...
Touia uf Trade la une....
. . . 1W.036 40
, 13,111 Zl
.1 11.410 Sl
.$ .T
0 44
1.700 07
603 02
. 13,641 92
W0 35
. 9.131 81
6,751 H
-.4 31
163,057 87
5.063 79
Z.QU 92
1.44 03
Itonolalc S247.1U 24
Val. Imported free at llllo $ 53 79
jveaiaKeaiiaa...... i:s w
Kolo 413 53
217,930 56
No. 10 It t' snme imports.
Vftlue of Oooii puytn? do ties rf
value Uoosis Hud plnts bouueu
Value Gooda and J-plrlLs lmpottei free..
Virtue C.rfls Imported free by " trrnty"
Value Good Imported at HIlo paying duties...
Vidue Uooda imiortetl at IHlo. hondetl,. ,...,......
Value Coods imported at llllo free
ViiaUuUootte Imported nt KeaJakeakna free
Value Goods Imported at Koloa free ,
1,030,573 45
,. 13,612 73
,. 24M25
.. 341.S30
129 CO
41 53
1.SU.770 56
Ho, 11 Nntioual Vessels at Honolulu.
12.954 8:
2U.S01 43
16,f21 W
31,545 04
30.537 12
35.S73 11
29.810 C2
11.478 72
22,3)2 3fl
Si.A.'U 2i
91.252 03
24,162 W
25,411 1HJ
31 ?Tt Ol
27,2.17 40
20,820 BS
10.30S 07
21 ai? in
22,900 55
17.000 0:1
12.910 56
.3.437 11
19.354 'J3
IS 515 Hi
25,509 3D
3 (iT9 IQ
29,544 13
21,309 1-J
121,934 27
34.352 66
55,412 96
ri to
103.5C6 23
21,493 81
10.S62 W)
31,845 90
28.517 15
46.749 03
18,633 09
1.631 89
23.52 71
Arrived. Nation.
February 11 Japan.
rbniary.-.15 French
March . 1 l.rltlsh-
AprU IX U. States-
April 15 OerttiiuiHs
3iay..2l llrlttsh.
May i7 U. flAte
June -1" U.btates.
JuneH.WM..19 HritHh
July. 15 V. States-
Atiffnst 10 tJ.Stales.
OctuberM l Rrltisli .
l)eceinber16 British
Deeembt-r.2" Hrltlsh
No. 12 rnsseugnr Statistics. Arrivals and Departures, 1'ort of
;Sun Francisco..
!Oreiron anil Waablnirton Ten1L,ry..
AuatraJIa and 2s ew Zealand
Islands In the North and South Pacinc
ailna .
Total arrivals for the ye.ir ..
Total departures for the year..
Excess or arrivals.
No. 3 Domestic Kxports, Honolulu.
Sugar, lbs........
Molawes, Bills....
Paddy, lbs
Wee, lbs
wtree ins
,..20,072,4. "9
139 073
... 1,512.663
... 2,259,324
Salt, lbs 100,0e0
PrU bbls .
Fuotrus, lbs ,
llananaa, bclis ....
Coat skills, pes ,
Hides, pes ,
Tallow, lbs ,
Ptilo, lbs .
Wool, lbs ..,
Whale oil, palls ,
Whale bone, lbs ,
CutUe, head
Horn, Kali ,
reanms. lbs , .
IleUlleaTes. boxes..,
PoUtoeH. bags
Ivory, lbs
Sugar cane, bdU .
Sandal wood, pes..
Total Value Domestic Prodnce Exported-
Funilshed as supplies to Whalers, as per rati mat1..-.
Furnlxhed as supplies to Sferchantmeu, M per estimate...
Funiished as snppues to .auonai veneis, as per estimate-
DecbedeMer, lbs
Patterns, case ...
TomKiluds, lep
Shevp skins pes
Sheep, head
liny, tons
Curios, boxes ,
Itants, boxes
Hide cuttinjrs, bogs
Mantros, boxes.
Horns, lbs
Miells, boxes
Taro. boxes
Cocoanuts. ,
Shank bone, lbs
Sundries to Centennial, pks..
Jelly and preserves, boxes....
Beef bones, boxes
Kerns, case-
Mango pickles, kegs
Cow hair, lbs ,
Homes, head
Fnrlna, lbs
IJmes, kegs.
line apples
Myrmidon J
Commander. iGnsI From. I Sailed, j Destination.
T Y Ito.
t net re
Hon It Hare,
Count VMonts.
Hon 11 Hare..
J N Miller
James A Ureer.
Hon It Hare
James A Greer.
Henry GIa-
Samuel Loiii;
Samuel Long.
X Itrmafy. .,
S. Francisco
s. Fnuicbco
Xalgt'r Ia
ri. iYancUco
Victoria, ItC
llllo ,
May 13
Llune 5
June 10
Oct 9
Oct 20
201 Japan.
San Franclaca
San iYaoclsco
European ports.
Passencren In Tranaltn.
From Australia and New Zealand bound to San Francisco...
From San Francisco lound to New Zealand and Australia-
No. 13 Lint or Hawaiian Registered Vessels.
Itegtst'r Class. Name. Tons. Regbt'r Class. Name. Tons.
63 new Baric It C Wylle 557 83.95 153 new Baric LuualUo 512 00.93
HI " Brlgant'O Wm II Allen 157 39.95 154 " Baric Mattlt Macleay 30S 63.95
125 ' Brig Onward 189 23.95 157 Schooner Avatct 7S 8J.
IZS " Baric KaMol 573 54.95 160 " Baric V C fatko 609 4X93
' H8 " Baric Courier 337 60.95 164 llrlgantlne roinore CO 43.95
i M9 Schooner Giovanni Aplanl 85 92.95 163 " Brig Julia M.Avery 173 195
tSO " Barte Kale 869 73.95
; Itegtst'r Class. Names. Tons. Iteglst'r Class. Name. Tons.
171 old nooner Manaokawal 51 45.95 131 new Schooner Pauabl 111 39.95
i 22 new Steamer KUauea 414 66.95 130 " Schooner KeonlAna 26 42.95
i 28 sloop Uve Yankee 32 39.93 133 Schoouer Juanlta 30 S3.95
29 schooner Kamalle 80 .95 139 Schooner Henrietta 4 13.95
! 34 sSloop KInau 11 80.95 140 Sloop Enterprise 11 64.93
41 " Schooner Itob Boy 25 K.95 142 Schooner Ullama 7$ .95
: 49 " yioop Walmala 21 1J.S5 145 Schooner Kaulkl 7 64-93
i 63 " schooner Prince 85 41.95 152 Sloop Thistle 7 S.95
. 69 " Sloop Wallele IS 36.05 155 Schooner Mile Morris 22 32.95
; 76 Schooner Mary Ellen 74 80.95 15? " Schooner KaMol 154 16.95
, 101 .Schooner Annie 70 93.95 159 Schooner kaplolanl 10 78.95
1 108 " .schooner IJJIu 16 33.93 163 Schoniier Ka Pueokahl 53 42.95
; 114 " Schooner Luka 47 93.95 165 Sloop Hae Hawaii S Is.95
,115 " Schooner Warwick 23 29.95 166 " Schooner Nettle Merrill 154 77.95
( 116 " Schooner Fairy Queen 6s 37.95 1G7 ' Schooner Marion 105 49.95
! 117 Schooner Klnau 41 59.95 161 Schooner Kate 22 4.95
jil29 " Schooner Jenny 63 4.95
All other ports all vessel, cargoes and supplies, estimated...
2,000 00
,.f2,0U,13a 55
Total of all Kxports, Hawaiian Islands.
Value ot Foreign goods exported r
Value of Domestic goods exported
Value of Domestic goods exportea, farnuihed as supplies.,.,
Total ,
1SM08 36
,994,833 S3
60,300 00
Brigs. .
FJrlffan tinea
Steamer.... ..- -
taloops...... M
Total of Vessels and Tods.......
- 7
Tons. Be marks.
3799 0.95
367 4X95
377 84 93
414 66.93
1619 1X.93
105 70.95
6753 64,S.95 Decrease from 1173.
Tons ..622 29.S.95
No. 4. Table of the Irincipal Domestic Kxports, Port of Honoluln, showing the Country to which Kxportetl.
- 1 " j
- f 't Q 1C ? ?P fif :S 132 ?P E It Sr 5 5r P ?2 i"
i r ? I z 1 If- l S" s l' ' I' ?" 3 s 1 1-1
Pacific Porta. UuiteJ Statu"..:. ... 25,000,390 118,577 112.603 2,191,708 142,666 .... 19,659 14,971 45,265 769 ... 159,456 213.740 83,947 . 23,965 .... 1265 ia.
Atlantic Poria, Dulled Stales. ...... 1,017 144 1,600 6,051 39,825 .... 956 .... 33,318
Great UriUln , 6C 100 92 5,285 287,460 ....160,816
British Colnmbia 1,003,310 15,839 .. . 25,560 2.016 11 19,035
New Zealand and Australia 55,680 2,215 . . 28,056 6,331 155,S3
Tahiti .' 6,672 470 .... 2,000 828 u!i .... 5
Guano Manila 8"0 1,778 .... 300 587 2 ....
China 4.590 10,231 75
AH .titer Ports 1,800 250 39 4190
Totals 26.072.423 13D.073 1.342.663 2,259.314 153.667 626 35.891 14.9S2 45.265 11.105 327.291 314.432 405.512 61.947 23.518 23.965 628 5455 "l63 801 2 5
Wo. 14. Arrivals of Merchant Vessels at llonolnln.
Germao ........
Itussian. .......
. t...
. i.,..
U. States.
U. States.
No. Tons.
7l 2,172 Si 2,0SS 2l 1,07 cob5,999
330 1
Id lb.
From Sea
No. I Tons.
75 082
Departnrea ol Merchant Vessels from Honolulu.
Pacific Atlantic British nrat Australia n. Janaa . , . Iilanda
"' XclToaa. No. Tons. No. Tons. So. Tons. No. Tons. No.Toa No.Tons. No Tom. NoJTons. No Tons. Xa Tons.
American....' .i: 1 " 1 876 3 1.851 7 20.660 10 6.385 6 4,533 1 197 3 601 ..
Ilasraluui- 1 S.!' ! ',0 1 673 1 172 ; j ; "
German... ............M.. ........ ................... . . .... ; .. .... 1 958 i .tl "
Britian. J 10.770 2 461 6 9,630 J sgj "ti J w
French 1 500
uutch. , 1 30 : :. .: :: - 1 339
Nicangna.... , .... . " " "
TItian....;...' -..S.:...-. lr. :.. .; 3 505 I! "' " "' " "
Bu,siaii..... 1 1M " " " y-
TotaU 77 56,095 1 876 8 3,204 2 1,742 II 50.52o is 6,515 tI 4,917 6 1.IS9 4 601 j j J J,rj "
No Tons.
" 75,761
IS 5.K5
21 1,423
20J 2158
3 1.IM
l 330
1 419
3 505
1 126
0-iikclit corRT. irnrir Jrmn-
arv Tern.. A. I. 177. SllWkM WahrAelWl t t
Untf. DiTorce.as- Wal.lneklal,.k), IJl-Lee.
Ia the abore enutlcd hbel for divorce. It U
that a decree of sjUtsarc frnm Um Um1 t mmn3
en t rM hi favor T tbe sLl 'lhtahl WaQltaki..1
nuavwi lut mtinnT-T j VI uac asatsa, , aaaai''. sas. a) law aw
aoMriui aiier lum eipirauoa ti mx won m wrM n
UI Uita 5s7vii-e, upon cvnpiiafrw wim turn leiaMtlW,
unless sumclen t atu Shalt appear to tb vxmtnrf.
Ami the llbellant U orderrU bi pwtyiab aQMcetf.
of this order in Um OdVnbmmimMtaad Kaak
papers, ror six hhctv wees a, iiy nrsi pvMirara, 1
lciuna ss Ml ram-aa uasajf i.asllt m luvw vaaa. assn q
wby said decree should not be made abwatore.
Ihttea at Aawiuwui, Jvaoal, lDiS 7tH Uay of Ttr
. IK 1877.
Ur the Court : FRANK BIXErr.
Clerk Clrmli Coort 41b JtMlkial tn
Nawiuwiu, Kataat. Frlimary 7, Tr
I hereby certify thai lb fortgnc b a tram aad tW
copy of the original decre hi Um above ewCO
now ou uie in tn uteris; s vine ir im nrralt c
Fourth Judicial Clmill. FllANtC BIXIT
C32 6t ClerX Circuit Coart 4U JiidkkU Qn
Clrcolt uf tbe Haw. Usui ItJaads. KaaaLsa: l
or j Term, A. ik is.i. JkaJiaJsranaKTa. Jiaarajst i
anu wj, uustiite.
in we above enuueu iioei ir aivnrce. is m nw m
that a decre of dlvoroa from the bond of --
entered lu favor of the said Cahaleaaa of the eaa
adultery of tbe sail lla-ri. KabatJem. u t wamU aJ
Jute after theexpiratton of tx rnoniba froaitaiaJ
this uecree. npun cHaiptisnc wun im ieraa mrmj
leaa auincieni caua aoaii aesr io iu coatraiy.
AiMl la iiheuant u oraerM pDiua as aueaUsf .
of this order In the Uovenaueat Gxlle sod Kaoaeal,
papers, for six succesalv weeks, the flrst PvthataOal
be wltlila one uwnta rrotat tna tiai or Ik la eeder, thai
peisoua intcreaiea may. wiin.ii mi xuonina,
whr sou decre sttoahl nui om maue antuiais.
Iiuteaat riawuiwiu, Kanai, inia ,ut oiorFAnk
V. U. 197.
Br lie Court: FIIAXK BIXI1T.
Uerk Ctrcnlt Oart 4tla jDdviai VtnM
Nawiijw iu. KanaL Febreary 7. ir;l
l nerror ceruiy mai id ireiotoc h a irn asi ta
cop of the original decree tu the above enUUedn
now on fllat la the Clerk's OtHc of th Ureal t Cunt, fa
632 Ct Clerk drcnlt Court 4t& Jad cud Ctnsil
J. Judicial Circuit, Kanal as; February Tno,ia
10,4. jAtjeiuMO (wv uoaruans lur J4Voree.va.iiapajB
in the above entitled libel furdlfurc It hi toit
that a necrv- or divorce rrom tb Ikkmi mt i
entered In favor of the said )ioeao (w), tf taeeaa
the adultery ana wuirai aeneriKm or l sm Jiapai
to be made absolute after the explraUou of ax i
from Uie daU of this decree, urson runBtUDe wltal
terms thereof, unless snmdent cam shall appaaratl
And the llbellant la ordered la poblUh an stteatetf c
of this order in the GaseUe and KUukoa newpapiTaS
atx successive we a a, ine nrai poDucaiion io tm wuaa aj
month from tbe date ofthta order r that all Dersnoaatf
eated may, within six tuontha, sboweaoa wby aaU4sc
should not be made absolute.
DateJ at NawilIwIU, KaoaL ibe 7th day cf rebrfeV
A. U. 1977.
By the Court: FB.VN1C BUtDT, CatJI
XAWtLTiriiJ, Kanal, February 7.1Cj9
i n?renv cenuy tnat we lorecoiux is a iroe aaa twstt
copy of tbe urUtlnal decree in the above entities' aai1
now on file In Uie Clerk's Ut3c or tbe Circuit t serttf
nuiMh JmlLplnl nrmlf ItlT MXTrr
12 fit Clertc (rcioltCtriW 4U Ja fiaJ
Svi'Rcsii: couiiT or the iiawjoii
l9taAD9.Ia rrvbate. Island of Ouhixljuad
Islands, as: In tbe matter of Uie HHI of GOKXIS
DOM IN IU UE CJ UJ IU! hL Volher sHuperlor of Um OjbWU
of the SUters f the Sacred llaarfa. tn lleswtala,
nameMnlleUelonlwa Maria Jo-Dha. fleet-aaetf.
appointing time forl'robate of WW, and liirecUafaS
cation ot nouce or um same. i
A doenment, purponintf to be the last WO! aad Tw
mentbf Gertrude limuikiaelcorce.M
Convent of tJi toctvty of lb4'):rraor the Sacred Ba-'
m lioitoiuia. wn one name (in Keu,5r)waa3tamJsMP
deeeaaed. Lav In f on Uie 12 tb da of FvbraarT. A. IV;
oeen preaenmi io aau i-ruie conn, and a feutaw
the pnrfwte thereof, and the IsMUace of Leitvn T
mentarr to Uarte Kroaaier. who ia known In KeOxsit:
der the name of Judith, baTluic been filed by Ilrrsa
Kockmaun; Ills hrebr Ordered, that Tburfctr. ti
day of March, D. I 77.at lo o'clxk A.M. efaaid
the Court Ilou.il of said Conn, at AWolaoI Iloow.ln llati
Inla.be, aivl the same Is herebr aroointMl the Ulna fi
provimj aaia wm ana neantss: au appiicaUoti.waa
wnerv any pernoo inieresieu may appear and ceolejai
saiu ui, ami tue grantinc ot utter Testamentary.
it is lurtner uraereu. iuas noiaoa tnereor De en
pnbllcaUon for three aoeceaslve weeks la the lis'
(.laze lie. a newspaper pruned and puhllahed la I loa
And It Is further Ordered. That diattooe be tseoett t
subwcrlbing wltnenna to aald Will, aod ta ue heirs at
teatatrtx In Honolulu to appear at tbe time sppUntec
uateu uonoiuin, ii. iM toruary izin. iwn
(SifneU.) C11A9. U 1IAK1US,
Chief Joatlce of the RaDreme Vat
Attest: Jno. K. DaRXabd. cierit. CI
X DlCIALCIHttTortheMawallaalaUods.
Kauai, as. Februarr Term. A. IX, irr Ualeka
kuaole (w) Ubellant for DtVvtce. va. Makuaoie (kUrj
1 n tbe above entitled libel for dlvoret. It la
that a decree of divorce from the bond of mrttoeertK
entered In favor of tbe said MalekaMakoaole.or tloA
ot adultery of tbe aaid Maktuote. to be mad ahmlittili
tne exLraiion or six inontns front the date of Um
opon compiiance wun tne terms thereof, nalras
cause a ball arpear to Utecontrarr.
And Uie libelluut fcs ordered to mihfUh n attealsfd e
of this order tn the ilovernmeni Gazette aad Ks)
newspapers, for six snccrsaive weeks. Uie flm Pf
llcatloa to be within o month from tiht date of j
oruer. tnas au Persons interested mar. wlthla iU
show cause why saM decree ahoold not be made absMti
Dated at aNawUlwUI, Kaoal, this Tth day of Febraej
A. .U. ISai.
By the Court. FRANK BIYDT
Clerk Clrcnit Court tth JotHeial
Xawtuwrtx. KaoaL rebraaiT VC1
I berebr cerUfr that the furrrotaaT ta a true and btt&j
copy ot me original decree in the aiove entitled
now on file In Uie Clerk's OtSce of UieClrraitCoart.;
Judicial Circuit. FRAXK Bl.ftrT,
hi Cl uierk urcuit Court 4 lb Jaxlfctal
V Cirruit or the llawaUaa Ialanda. Kaael. as IH
Term, a.TX 177. Meie Pahlmoka (wL UbetUal U S
in i" aoove enuueu iinei rvr auvorce is h now raw
that a decree of divorce from Uie bond of mstrtaeis
entered lu favor or the said Mle lbioMka of Um r
of tbe adultery of the smU rnhimoka. to bAsaaJeitst
lute after tbe expiration of atx aonths fromtte4ea
this decree, upon compliance with tbe lerma UwreaCsg
less sumcicnt casse snau appear lo ibe cuatrary.
And the Ilbt-llaAt la unlerol U publiah an at teuJ
of this order In theOovernmeatOAseUeaDd ICaokoaae
papers, for six successive weeks, tbe first ttlkass
be within one month from tbe date cf thta tardr. that a
persaws Intereated may, wttbla atx snaths, abew cm
why said decree should n4 b made Sataaolvte. q
iMtetl at .VawIliwUl. KaoaL UUa 7th day eX Fet
Uy tbe Court. TRAXtr mXEfT.
Clerk Clrtnll Court lib Judicial Chvaa3
NlViUVIU. Sfaknaal raKmar lh
I hereby certify that tbe fureajolas; k a true aad UB
copy or the orljtlnal decree lo Uie aisorv eahtUdnl
dow on file In tbe Clerk's Offlce of the Clrrmli Otm
too nn JixlicUl Circuit. FRANK WLrT.
c si Cleric circuit Omrt 4 lb Jodlclal t
ix tuk HiriULHK couitr ur nii:
wailan Ialands. Jannarr Term. IT7.
Catherine Warren, Ubeflant. vs. Tthauaa V VscM
isioeiiee. aunei lur w voire.
Tnewtay. January 16th. 1577.
On the bearing of the abwve Libel for DtTocr, tt k
by ordered that a decree af dlverr rrom tbe be
matrimony be entered us vor of ibe said Cill
Warren, for Uie caoae of wUfol and murdewrdaa tfj
the term of three years, of tbe said Tbomaa W VaiHI
to be made absolute after tbe esplratloet of atx saw
from the ual of tbla decree, apoai ewirluuare wttt
tertns thereof, unless aaflklent caaaa appear tatVfl
And the Llbellant Is onlerod tn pobtlBh aa attested
Of this order In the Haw aim lUaMiaaaMl CttkaaB
papers for six weeks. Uie first pblirUoa ta be sH
within 01.0 month from the dat f Ude order, aad
ail pertons uitereated mar within six Base the
cane why said decree sltould not be made abaastale,
Hy order of tbe Court,
(SrS: Konmnat Cmf-
T hereby certify that tbe forecnlnc la a true aad bj
copy of Uie original decrre la tbe above eatUleJ 4
ru.w on tu- la tbe Clerk's office of the Pspreme CW0
tbe Hawaiian labusda.
.s witness ny hand and tb Seal of the StrprvnM
Ulll -S1 lis Ol JUIiirj, A. I'. 11.1.
JNO. rBtlLXAltn.
30- Clerk tapremeCksft
Administrator's Notice.
rw lit: iTN'nr.itMirj vrn uirivnTHU
JL been aDtWnted A&minhattnrti.lthEMmilXXii
II DROWN, or Ulle, lUwadsreeaaed. ibis le sa lt"3
Uce that all persons Uilnar ctaima axainsi said Esuut
requested to present U same lis lhs aaMlamstraed a5
six Uaootb of Ue date ot tbe first pbOetm mt tfi3
Uce or they wU be forever barred ; aad ail iiidcbiad b 4
Kstate are reqoeated to malte lmmesiiata- pMjtMStis'l
duuuuauMwr. UK. tlia.lt, aKVt.lUVVa i
Administrator of the loute af Jatarr II Rw1
llllo. Fetmary Bth. 1177. C3fl
Administrator's Notice.
milK L:.iiKlLHiUNt:n iiAVisa BtrJi
JL raiNTKU this day by tbe 1 1 to. A-FfelvaaUA
CUtt JOalr. Hani Aaf mbiiatraliia flu ski DwaSB
FredertcX Walch. ol WaJIuku. UatiL Iwrabr ktree sa"
that aA parson harlar cUima aasCsald estate an
quested ia present tbe aaaae lo tbe aoderxljrBWwtfJ
uHoiuii iroa ue oau ot ta aru potJCAtaisn mt IV
Administrator era tm in iha iiann,. nn,ai-ta ml &
ary W, I77, aoU six tuontbe ei pi iter oa ibe 3d fj
July, I77, or they wia be forever oarred ; atl tTJ
Ddebted to said estate are requested b pay the as
owine without delay to UKNUT W. pwiNlAtlAj
Aflmlnksilrilcir In fa-t r.r tKs aV.f.r V tr.la atM.aW
WaltukU. Mixd. fc tb. 8. 1177. 31

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