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Th e f antral oMHs late ltoyal 1 1 Ighness Prior XTnAJ aw
Pitt tm.rt.nn;c Ktunoauw W tfckr ?icc
W4aoUrt tbe ith lot. at 10 Hork A, U., at Man!
OOceof 0.e (MvcriMkrorOalia. Howlnf, April 17, tS7..
wAU.OTmiuil OOmwUl lwcUe4 WTuday, t be
SStB Inst ma tbe ohmIm of ti faitt-nl jf Hot tale kl
-m . J.-MQTT SUITII. iUJMAtrr of liie InWiwr.
iQtrrlorOfflC. April :i, 17. 11
Thi fdDo.Inf genUeMae bin been ibis csy appointed
Road Suprvfchtr, fwiwe-., ,
. tidfftiuttbt, far ttMis, Mst.
J. MOTT bjtlTR
X lsl trr of the Iulertor.
lrotJ h m ta t io n .
We Kii-iKAri. by the (J rare or God Kloff of the
Hawaiian lilaiwK CTtrablj to Article Twenty
-; fccoW lHbc OuufriUutluu of Oar Kludoai, do
bcreby jjHijt, fillioff au Heir of Our body. Our
Waved roVJcct and sister, Iler ltojal Ulgboess
' Itm aviceoi liurocnaM to be Our Sac
"Ctisor on ttie Throne tu Queeu alter U shall Lave
pkmrd God Io call Us Lci.cc.
Done at lolaul Palace lu Honolulu, thi Twelfth
Dtjvl April, iothe Year ol Our Lord One Thou
4Dd EiLl Uoadrctl aud Seventy Scrcn.
Bj Uie King :
J. Mott Smith, Minister of tft luterior.
ciiAiisi:ici.Ai.'.i .-oiiciu
The Conn "will ko Into full monmln for lilt
.late Uojal Hoboes I be l'riuce Wimiu 11 TT Lc-
XXXOHuCU KiLA Hooi-E h a from the date ol Ibis no
tice until two weeks after the funeral, and will
ircar balT moorolu from thai time until the ex
piration of two inuutha (rout the day of the luneral.
ladles wear Uck with black trloiroiu;! for
rfalf mouriilnr, and wtfte .lu black trim mine for
lialf tnouruluj. All nemb-rs or the Guvruineut
and all eraons connected ltli the Court will ear
crape on tliciracireral uuifortua. Gcutlemen, being
civilians. IU near black drestes with lut-bandt
ami craje on the left anu daring the period of (ull
mourning, and hit-bands and crape on the arm
during Ibe period f half mourning. Member of
the LrgUUlivt. AftMrtubly, aud Kcpeen.atives of
foreign rnuntric, Consul and CouiiuertUt Agents
are fuelled to obocrve Ibe period of mourning here
in j-rccritcd, aud the public generally are r injur t--HUi.thowr
their rvpect for the memory of the
""late lamented Prince, by ucariug bade ot in ou ro
te. during the lime vcified.
Jous O. DouiNie,
Acting Chamberlain.
Chamberlain's Office, April 10, lbTT. C30-3t
List of Licenses Expiring April,
.1 -Ah Vw, fwwr Kin iuk! fuoditxiwl t, Ilouolula.
I M Mriurnii', corner Jiercliiuit and Tort,
1 B V JbU-m. Von Mrert, "
1 c r voir. wuiu.
1 AhUmi,l'lia,i:wi.
3 Ah Luiic3iuuMiu buret,
3 AhTecc, JTuftttUhtrft,
C DiUlncbhm JL Co, KtucMreet, :
7 John Siou &. Co, Kaabumanu Street,
30 LtAMii. Curoerof KlmrandNuiuuiu blrett,
10 Chnnc Faa. Nuuaou Street,
12 Coo Kim. 3'aanu Mrret.
13 UoCKbUrcer, Fort btrert.
14 AbHfat AbQo, Nauauuatreet,
11 Ah KI, Nouauu btrt, -
15 WAfcMi, Kurt Striwt.
17 II Vtera, bmlUi'a lav, -19
Ah tee. nah Market,
9 Ab tmXt niMan iMrct
3 Lm Lo A Cu. Manaict aod Hotel Streets,
,S4 A waiia, Jtauuaea bUeet, L .
fc il 'M airIoernj',3Ierrhaat street,
S Akee, W eUa, .
JnoMcOulcao, KanuJou.
SI Peter GenoeU,Malua.
!TT Ahuut, Kula
1 Gm Kku & Oo, Holoaloa No 4, Eooa Akaa.
3 Aklma. WahucA.
" Aclu, tuetnka. lino.
11 Cbouc 'cQ. Kabalua, Kona.
IS Amaita, Alaaleole, HamakuL
1 1 Kauai.
U F BInrtt. Koloa,
19 Chang HMiaieL
St Anlma. NatrQlwUi.
2 Ob CtkMic A At, WmIuII, Uanolel.
17 II LUekfeU & Co, Honolulu, Oahu.
rT GeoSiders, lUrUcttbaluon, IlwuoltUo.
t -.TiWrCbowar.IUnU. '
IS V P AdAoia, ttueeo bireet. Itouolula.
l1ajL5fxnantiThmiwii, KhiiraM. - J '"A
15 Kokt, WaloM. IUwaiL
"Zl ApoAt4Mta, Lfthaloa, Slant.
Alt S'fcl, Ntiuuu tieet, Honolulu, Oahn.
1 -Ah Wjui. SUauaLr bUTfct. llouolulu. Oahn,
Leuuc Xam, CUkobeo.
3 AtaL
16 WSIOIbaoa.
jlij AUL . , A . ;
C PahU(-),Ltbue,KamL
1 Ctus Hiram No 1L 1 Alekana, No 22, C3.
3 LuVa No 17 SO Haitale No SI
14 NapuaNell SI KtNo2i
IB KaHUho NO It St Wahlneftua Noi 26, 27
II SMiablok fclua. No SO. -1.
17 'a foe Not SI I) Pajton "o 3
15 uahaaNoS 30 Akan JL Broa,UIlo,lIawaC
t jorder:of procession
IIU late Jtoyal Jliglmest, Trincc
, Cavalry.
Cndertaaer to IIw Late Roral TtixbDeat.
llooolubi tin DepartiDeol.
Xlawauaa Slechantcs Beocllt Uoiou.
,4cpnm4nlrrof 1UJ Mea.
. t aUixbUATPrLttM.. .
InJepeoda Ordrr of Odd Fellows.
Orler U rreeAoJ Acsepted Maaoaa.
Mefnbcrf Medical Tcvlty.
ItTKxuMftJlti Late Cajal lHhoeat.
bbury tacncL., ,
. Clergy I rrototaui CXorchet.
Clerxr of the Roaiaa Clhxic Caarch.
Cbwr 01 lit -atiao uimeurai.
Offloatlac Clercj.
Hli Lordship tbe Elf bt SUrereod hUbop of Honotola.
Thi Hon of IIU LMe Uojal Uiftaoeji.
Larfe KahQU.
A Ahahuiroola Duui ibe Ucaae.
1 w .'
t. - fj i
,iE 3 it
4 .-.t.
5 K W
Her UUhucss Katb EedikobnL
CuTUtittTkdrBorl nirhocw Hie Princni LjJU
Ulte.(ll"iJ. Co.. Doolnlul
Cunwt beulrtr tbe Qsen Oon(er.
Cwrlut tW. Ike Ho- " BeraKx FuuU ud Doaon
1 -l4CWtr R. iUK-p.' '
CarrUra lnax the Indict of Lh. Coort.
TIM CMnceOoc of iLe Kincdwa.
IUi Kluj'e Xlsluen.
Xrebenff Itt DijJoBjiHc J p uid Cetamudercf n.B.
ilea. rAntvat. 1
7o6fts ol the 2Bpm Coort.
Oorenwrl of Ibe diCerebt leUadt.
J esters wlhe Jlocse of aLoUes.
Uemben of Ike Priry CoocD f ttbe.
CotuUr CT od OSeert of O. B. !.! . JTftaoe.
ClfcoIS Jadfre.
Unkcn tLc Uoiue fT CefreKcUOrts.
i ' , ckrUedSreruieatDeputlseiiU.
V CsOw UouoOSn.ud Ofieen of lit CaetOGBS. .
lLaniu tod frseriae of tbe wrcrll Iibnde,
Ab4al O00U LalwL .
te EoooottU ei-5 TaU i UU Lle Uofil nilbneil.
. . , ,HmulltniItBi7iUijboc.
COO TuabneXdUofaKTeralEeto(ibC
Tt Tool Oeoerillj.
. I'ojiec forpe
TK. lunsl vtl Ui. 00 WEDSKSDIT.the
SMkeVlrra. BPrio ia fcraii o Bortet,
oppose Oe FlUa, U U o'du m, l4 ,1H BOtt pone
GEOIIGK II. DOLE, Associatk Enrron.
n'EDifESDA V. APRIL 25, 1S77.
TnE funeral of Ihc late I'hince Luleio
iiosr, lieir apparent to the throne, will take
j,lace to-day. The funeral service will le at
the I'alare, at 10 a. m.. His LortUhip Disliop
Wilis oiBciating. At 11 o'cloct the roces
sion will fomi, atnl move through King and
Xuuaiiu streets to the Royal Mausoleum, ih
Xauanu Valley, where the remains of so many
of Hawaii's Aliia repose.
OCU-t GfrBCt
UoaoUIa,AFru,li. J
Axciext philosophy taught that "whom
the KiJa love die. oans," and the conditions
of life during the past twenty centuries have
sot altered so much as to invalidate the
proiKwition that, for many reason., those who
take their departure in early life are particu
larly fortunate. In youth liTe is exuherant
and joyful. The coroding cares of more ad
vanced age are unknown and unheeded.
Under ordinary conditions existence during
childhood and youth is ono loug-drawn plea
sure, and, knowing aB we do, that this period
of buoyancy and gladness will iuevitably be
succeeded by disappointments and sorrows,
and perclianco by grievous affliction's, why
should we mourn when we tee a friend in tho
freshness and vigor of early manhood called
away before his hopes hare been blighted,
and his nature soured by tho trials of life?
We mount for tho ltoyal youth, wlioso ashes
arc to be thls-day cousigued to an early tomb,
but our emotions of Borrow aro not unmixed
with the thought that he is forevcrmure at
rest, that he has been transplanted from be
neath tho sunny skies of his own beloved
Hawaii, to still more genial climes where sor
row and care aie unknown, and whero the
soul, untrammeled by the clogs of flesh, will
plume itself for denial progress. We sub
join the following touching " In Jlemoriam:"
Why time old Pallid 1K':U 1-1. ctfiUlu tb&rt mi high ?
Why doer lie oo delre a iiftllou'o Utter cry 7
Wfar culmed lie fur Li own tb.t Prlocrlr yontb oo Ulr
VI boe ttir Ao b,te arose, wbose lot did beem o rare 7
r-prui c frota m rare ot Lines, If itot wble ruUnr. be
1'os.euvd tbe ktogly mieti, uid bore blm gracefully.
In earliest boyboud'a days, wbeu tslugilog ltb tbe
Ooe tuarLed bis itoble face, bis suture tall and proud.
And saw lus eartiestavss all kuoa ledee to attain
As tbouch to fit bloiielf. successfully tu reieu.
CarerrlbK dow D tbe aleou suow.wbite flaoar steed,
Amklst a troop of bays, be as a boy Indeed.
lie Joined to aU tbelr sporU. be laucbed with aU tbelr
Aud wbere there mischief aj, there sure euoujh was
But yet he could be crave, and serious his face
When w ith tbe choir be sat, lu bis accustomed place
To slue tbe Praia of God w 1th 1.1s melodious olee.
Which be was wont to do from free and lovlug choke.
A brhjbt aod pleasing hoy, be grew au ardeot outh,
Aud aoou edlpned bis peers in nutrias after truth.
For though Hawaiian pure, aud barbarous bis tongue.
lie grasped and called his cwn what Tennyson has
And also M-ollere he knew surlNwdng w ell,
And spobe w ith accent pure, that none Indeed could tell.
If Frenchman bom was he, or KnglanJ gave him Urtu,
Hut for bis rich browu face, so full of joy and mirth.
And w hen he left bis school to learn the affairs of S tate.
lie seemed tocMng to good end wlcaidness to bate.
The pious preceigv ught in cldldbood's careless day
He ever bore In mind, and let them have tbelr sway.
The first day of tbe week, this youth was ever seen
Within the Hallowed Courts with air aod face serene.
No forward lace helook, amid&t the assembled throng,
But Kjodwtly he sat. and ahowed bis talth so strong.
And so hla 3 iir flew lust, till ueur to mans estate.
When s iddeuly It seemed. It waa to be his fate
To rise to diary height, perchance the Crown to wear.
For all Hawaii uet owued him Her hoverelgns heir.
For though of Royal race, he dreamed not of .Throne,
Ten w hen be saw the tears aud beard bis nation groan
In all Her direst woe, when Lfhohho died.
Or w hen King Lot was laid bard by his brother's aide.
How ahort-llved was the change, how brief this fortune
For all at once bis noon was turned to blackest uL;bt
Ruthless Destroyer Death who feigned to clear his way.
Has claimed Uhn for hla own has darkened every ray
That bright young gem shot forth and w Ith his fatal
Has plunccd In bitter woe, a people and their King.
Honolulu, Arril SJ, IS77. Kmc.
We publish to-day on the fourth page a
part of a lecture recently delivered in Cali
fornia by C. T. Hopkins, Esq., a well-known
lawyer of San Francisco, and an able writer
on political economy. His book, entitled the
" American Idea," is intended as a text book
for schools, and forms the most succinct and
at tho same time vigorous treatise on the
United States Constitution ever written. The
lecture should bo read by every young man
and woman in the country, and its perusal by
some of the older members of socie'y might
prove advantageous. The principles thcro in
culcated, if laid to heart, cannot fail of produ
cing tho. most salutary results.
Advices per barkentine Jane A. Falkin-
burg state (hat Wade Hampton has been de
cided to bo tho legal governor Of South
Carolina by the Cabinet, and the United States
troops have been ordered out of the State
House at Columbia. The news of this deter
mination on the part of the Cabinet, caused
unbounded demonstrations of joy at Charles
ton and other parts of tho State. The Inter-
Ocean's Washington special of April 2nd says:
Chamberlain dined with the f resident to-night.
There is thfi.bestf feeljng .between UicS, and
though this decision Tirtnally destroys Cham
berjain's hopes and gives the government to
Hampton, yet the former appreciates the Frcs
ident's position and, gives him credit for a sin
cere interest. The President has repeatedly
expiessed sorrow that duty compelled him to
sacrifice his friend, and takes no pains to con-
ceal his regret that South Carolina must pass
from Chain berlain's 'able hands. 4 L -
If the telegraphic news from London, pub
lished this morning, can be relied on, the treaty
of peace between tho European . powers; has
been approved and Bigned, and there will be
Tir, war
Jt is reported that the British Embassador at
St. Petersburg "liad a stormy interview with
Prince Gortaehakoff. The latter used very
energetic language relative to fcngiand s re
fasat to make any advances toward a peaceful
solution. This interview: it was thought,
wonld destroy tie hones of peace. However,
better council prcvailed.fora telegram was sent
to Count Schonvaloff in which Russia made
another step toward concession. The telegram
authorized Schouvaloff to embody Russia's
promise to disarm in the memorandum, which
rncmnrsndnm mav if necessary be read in Par-
lianj,n. Following are the condition, at
tached to ths promise: "That tbe forte make
ru!tr-A witfi W octane ro. acceDt the protocol.
and send an Embisnador to St. Petersburg to
arrange the matter ol demobilization. un
the 30th of March tbe prociocol was signed by
both parties.
The new Tariff Act, passed by the last j
Legislature, will be found reprinted on the
fourth page, with tho correction regarding
champagne in pints. It takes effect in Octo
ber next, and all engaged in importing foreign
goods, should carefully examine its provisions:
It embraces a large, list, including nearly all
kinds of women's dress goods, laces and mil-'
linery, whether made of Silk, linen, or mix
tures of these fabrics, the duties on which are
raised trom 10 to 23 per cent, ad valorem. On
other goods such as gloves, cigars, China mat
ting, tobacco, matches, playing cards, etc, the
duty will be from 30 to 10U per ceut, ad va
lorem. Od winea, ales aud becra the rates are
also advanced. . These charges apply only to
the prxlucts" of other countries than tho
United States, if the same aro included in the
treaty of reciprocity, and also includes the
products of the United States whero they arc
not named in that treaty. The. increase of
revenue under this law, may not lie large for
the first few mouths, but eventually it will
swell to a considerable amount, as the articles
taxed will undoubtedly continue to bo im
ported in the same or greater quantities than
Teleohams in Portland papers of the 3rd
instant inform us that the protocol has been
signed, but many of the European papers lie-
lieve that " the. protocol . is not peaces." A
message from St. Petersburg says, in spite of
the signing of the protocol, pessimist views
again prevail there, and war is considered
inevitable. Vtilmnast believes that the por
toeol is tho beginning of tho end. It says
Ktissia cannot disarm unless she is convinced
that she will not have to arm again, aud de
clares that war may not Iks immediate, but
that it is inevitable. The Times' correspond
ent at Vienna mints out that the question of
disannaiuent stilt, remains the real question at
issue. It has not been solved by the portocol,
but only postjioncd. Tho chances of eventual
agreement about disannament have not per
haps been greatly improved by transferring
the negotiations from the Kvcrs to tho par
ties immediately interested and influenced by
the popular feeling which affiirs have taken,
and is undoubtedly favorable as it removes
the danger of immediate collision, and places
the lowers in a osition to exert sonio influ
ence on the course of affairs. Although no
agreement seems yet made concerning the
future mode of proceeding, it is probable that
England will bo allowed to tako tho lead in
the negotiations in Constantinople, as she has
dono in those, with Itussia.
A llulsrurtun 3I:iNncrc In Culllurnlsi
The appeals of the disreputable lortion of
the California Press, and of the still more
disreputable California politicians have pro
duced their legitimate effect in the barbarous
and cold-blooded massacre at Chico of five
innocent Chinese. We rejoice to'see that the
respectable newspapers of the United States
from ono end to the other have but one opinion
of the disgraceful affair, condemning it in un
qualified terms. The Sacramento Union says:
" It is impossible to appeal to Congress for
"protection" against Chinese competition,
while dastardly white assassins aro doing
their best to convince the world that Mongo
lian or any other kind of civilization must bo
preferable to that illustrated by theso atro
cious outrages. All tho efforts of the people
of tho Pacific Coast to secure limitation of
Chinese immigration must be impotent so long
as American brutality and barbarism arc suf
fered to display themselves in this hideous
fashion. This is tho way to arouse such an
universal sympathy on behalf of thu Chineso
as will driro everything before it, and sink
thoso who oppose them under tho crushing
weight of national wrath and denunciation.
For there is no influential, or respectable, or
decent clement in this country that is pre
pared to declare itself in sympathy with cow
ardly assassins or incendiaries, or which will
not repudiate and spurn all such, aud co
operate to follow and punish tli.m. N'or is
there any class of Chinese which is not a more
desirable clement in a civilized community
than these murderous villains."
The following show the tone of the Eastern
papers, regarding this Bulgarian slaughter:
Tbe civilized world Is not very favorably Im
pressed wild the condition ul things uu Ibc Pacific
slope. Unless these outrages arc- checked the
efficiency of Ihc inalhoritiet and the humanity of
the people will be seriously questioned. M'ahhig
ton JtatiOHal Jttpublican.
There Is one ol two things the Federal fiarem
meot oaslit to do' at once; Either abrogate Its
existing treaty witU China and 'order every Chins,
man oat of the country forlb.ilb, or else employ
all Its Authority and all Its force for the protection
of these people. It is an unspeakable outrage upon
law, ju5tlceaud humanity lo allow the sntl-Cliiue-se
crusade to go on as it Is now going. If wc cannot
apply some remedy which will reach aud cure
the disease, let us confess that American liberty Is
the worst sham the world has ever seen, bt. Lonb
Public opinion In California Is not educated up
to the point of Chinese extermination. But It Is
evident that Ibe brutal class, whose doings are now
denounced Io public uicetloi;8, are only following
out Ibe-lrgilimslo teachings of some of tbe better
educated demagogues who lisvejdiscussed the ques
tion from the stamp. Sck York Tuua.
Whatever may be the best opinion respecting the
Chinese question in California, good citizens theru
can have but oue mind about crimes agaiust tbe
person aod property ol the obnoxious race like the
Chico massacre. A few more outrages like this,
and tbe sympathy of tbe whole country will be Dot
only with ibc outraged, but with all their kith and
kin. It is hard Hut tbe rational and humane ad
justment pf a delicate and difneull question should
be thus embarrassed by the murderous Interference
of tbe ' ignorant, passionate unscrupulous and
blood-thirsty. However, wc iiavc great confidence
in the general good sense of the California commu
nity. .Wie orit Tribum.
lit Is to be hoped Ibat the rcactloo which the
Chico massacre has already brought about will
result lu an acknowledgment of tbe valuable quali
ties of industry and docility that undoubtedly be
long to the .Chinese character. Broollji (.V. 1',)
ed from the mists of barbarism, with universal j
manhood suffrage. This gift was not made in
response to any solicitation on the part.ofits
Tccipients; 'on the contrary, events proved
them to be so unfitted for its exercise that a
subapqnent"King, with a higher appreciation
of the value and responsibilities of suffrage,
felt compelled to make a retrbgrade,step, and
confine the privilege wilhin narrower bounds.
And we may mention here, as illustrative of
tho popular apathy on this subject, that this
unconstitutional act was received almost' witlf
out a murmur of disapprobation from the body
of electors.
The great objection in England to universal
suffrage is thus Mated by Mr. Mill, who asks:
"Why is nearly the whole educated chss
united in "uncompromising hostility to a pure
ly Democratic suffrage? 2ot so much be
cause it would nuke the most numerous
class, that of manual laborers the strongest
power; Oml many of the educated classes
would think only just. It is because it would
make them the soh lower, becauso in every
constituency tho voles of that class would
swamp and politically anuihilato all other
members of iho community taken together."
Is not this exactly our situation, even under
the slight limitations imposed on suffrage by
tho present Constitution ? Tho " educated
classes- here' are in effect completely disfran
chised, and aro compelled to resort to other
means besides that of electoral suffrage, to
exercise any influence in public affairs. Wo
thii.k we may assert that- were it not for tho
influence which the educated classes are en
abled to exert in Kilitictl affiirs hero through
tho presence of their representatives among
tho Nobles, as' well as by means of those in
direct influences which superiority in mental
attornments always give, a state of affairs
would ere' now' have resulted which would
have licen intolerable to tho leading interests
uf tbe country, and perhaps subversive of its
independence. The present state of things is
undesirable. To use once more tho words of
John Stuart Mill, " A person who is excluded
from all participition in political business is
not a citizen." And such is tho condition of
the educated classes of Hawaii. They aro in
the minority in every electoral district in the
Kingdom, and consequently under our present
system are in effect disfranchised.
It will bo" asked what remedy there is for
these evils, and in reply we would say that
the plan proposed by Mr. Thomas Hare, of
England, fur a representation of minorities,
offers a simp'e and complete remedy. He
declares that "the problem of constitutional
organism is, in what manner tho individuals
composing the entire community are to bo
classed, so that no opinions or interests shall
lo unheard, or extinguished in representa
tion," and he quotes with approval the sent!
ment of Ouizot, that "the object of represen
tative government is to examine publicly tho
great interests and diverse opinions which,
while dividing society, seek to overcome each
other, in the just confidence that out of their
debates will grow tho knowledge and adop
tiou of thoso laws and measures which best
conduce to tho interests of the country. This
object 'is" only attained by tho triumph of a
true majority, tho minority constantly being
present and heard. If the majority bo dis
placed by artifice, the result is falsehood.
tho minority bo excluded front tho discussion,
it is an oppression. In either case the prin
ciple of representative government is corrupted."
Charles Rradlatigh, an eminent and radical
reformer in England, says, " even if universal
suffrage were obtained, the peoplo should
know that a permanent and progressive de
mocracy can only subsist usefully by permit
ting its opponents to be heard in the national
deliberative assembly. Mr. Haro's plan per
mits minorities, and even comparatively small
ones, to' send thoir representatives to tho
assembly, thus affording every interest a
chance to be heard in its own behalf. Princi
ples are represented rather than places ; thus
tiie adoption of the system here could not fail
of preluding a marked change for the better
in tho complexion of our Legislature, and
would, as we firmly believe, guarantee the
icrpetuity of the elective franchise among
the masses. We shall give next week tho do
tails of the plan.
Tbe Ulectornl Franchise.
The political situation of this Kingdom is
an anomaly, for which we are, confid ent no
counterparV "caiHfc foirtid irf.any Janion tho
globe, unless jt he in some of the Southern
States of torth America, whero" the negro
clement is largely in excess. In the most
advanced countries of Europe there are still to
be found two classes, viz : the few. the rich,
the intelligent, who control the government,
and the many, the masses, the poor, the ignor
ant, who are allowed almost no voice in the
management of public affairs. Within the
last few generations history exhibits a gradual
extension of the right of suffrage, but in every
country bnt Hawaii this right has been con
ceded only when tho wrongs suffered by the
lower classes have wrought them "np to such
a state of exasperation that to refuse their
demands was fraught with peril io the in
tegrity of the State. Thus in every monarchi
cal country, bnt this, the right has followed
the capacity of the people to appreciate and
intelligently use it Here we behold the
novel spectacle of a simple-minded King, un
learned in statesmanship, acting under the
advice of well-meaning but inexperienced
counsellors, endowing a people hardly eoerg-
a- b, rtiu. a. w. Bran.
rieim, Ac mjsu.
Family Grocer; aod Store.
611 lyl SO urt Street, Houolnlu.
Ul. King Street. Ul,
Betweeo Fort and Cetliel tiela.
Furniture oral) 4etKrfot.ua made anl repaired at rea-
oaftliUratM. Goo! wurkuian.bip guaranteed. t64l ljr
Cook's Situation Wanted,.
JLM California. ho tborouRmy anderstaud Hotel. Us
tauraut and Family Couklotf in all tbelr biaocbe. Ad-
cresa at inuotuce., , tu it
JL leave the KlnjfJoni, hereby nuUuVa the public that
be has appointed UK) A'llWAK ts act for him by Power
orAttorner. aunnrcis aosence. iUu.
IIoud1qJu, April 13, 177. U 3Lt
Notice to Trespassers.
JL not toTrrspi&i with boracs, mules, or cattle, on any
of the Lands of the Leohhap IUce llanUllon of the under-
aioeir( naiioa. Ailii.
llonololu, April 40, lt". 141 u
jl AltiTATAtiE hxs no further connection wllh my
Store at Wallulcn, Island of Maul, aud ha no authority to
collect any debts on tuy account. Mr. V. U. LEVI Is mr
Asent to attend to my lusiuess at that place, and to col
lect uu account irom anu aiier April :o, is. 7.
Ml 1m 8. MAO NIX.
I i-TTIT In IFA).itA
- Notica la bereby given that the nnJenlned baa feeh
appointed Aamuustrakr iin tut; n ui aooesed, or tbi
Hkiate of John AVery Situmoos, Lite of 'jtupahoehoe. Hi
walL deceased. au4 all persons Indebted lo ttM Estate art
hereby notified to make Immediate Darmenti and all
dalois. wbeiber secured by morreafe or otherwise, must
be presented within alx mouths from the date hereof or
they wiu be forever barren
JOHN 11 A GIL" I HE, KobaU. Hawaii.
AdmmlUratorwIth the Will annexed of the itate of
John Avery blmmons. til l
Administrator's Notice.
M. at Public Auction, on tbe premise of the late K.MJ-
caiemi, at Hapaima hai. iionomia. uana. on lnanway,
MaySJ. at 10 o'clock A. th personal property belorir-
lng to tbe Kstale of said deceased, vis : Chairs. TaMes.
Sofat, Lounge, Writing Dest. Trunks. Bureaus. Umbrella
Stand. lUt Ilactca. Uotbes Uack. Beddlnr and HIIows. 1
Harness, 2 Hand Carts, CrocktryJtc, nd a larce num.
ber or uousenou ArUcie. low ornamental aua aseiuL
tUl 2t W. U WILCOX, Adtnlolsttator.
Rhenish Westphallan Lloyd
OF X. OUDB1CH. Kbeulala Proaila.
Aachen and Leipzig Insurance Co.
.AGE Huulard by- Ooo4 arrlrlat; bere, and insured
In the abot-c Compaates, bav. to be made 'with Ibe coc
nlxanee of and cenlfled to bx tbe undersigned. In order to
be valid. (G3) ir) J. C ULAUE, A rent.
(Fort St., Odd Ftlloics' Hal,)
of FAMILIES and Olliers desiring
A Good Article of Groceries !
To their Large Stock!
Consisting in part of:
Saloon Bread, in quarter boxes,
Soda, Wine, Graham, Milk Crackers,
Cream, Oyster, Water and AsstM Crackers,
Graham Flour, Cracked Wheat,
Oatmeal, Corn Meal, Buckwheat,
Cracked and Crushed Wheat,
Ryo Meal, Hominy, Maccaroni,
Kits Mackerel, No. I,
Smoked Salmon, New Codfish,
Whittaker's Star Hamsl
Breakfast Bacon,
German Sausages, in tins,
Gotha and Oxford Sausages, in tins,'
Potted Moats, in variety,
Cooked Cometl Beef, Cooked Corned Ham,
Cooked Corned Tongue,
Lobsters, Clams aud Quahogs,
California Cream Cheese,
Edam and Limburg Cheese,
California Cubo Sugar,
California Golden and Island Syrups,
California Golden Gate Preserves,
Table Fruits, in varieties,
Pie Fruits, varieties, in tins and glass.
Jams and Jellies,
California Honey, in tin and glass,
New Currants, in 10 lb. and i lb. tins,
California Raisins, superior,
Sultana Raisins, Tablo Raisins,
Largo London Layer Raisins,
Table Sauces, in every Variety
Crosso and Blackwell's.
Capt White's Oriental and Cashmere Pickles
Nabob Pickles,
Worcestershire and Harvey's Sauces,
Chinese Ginger, Cum Qnat, Chow Chow,
Queen Olives, Stuffed Peppers,
Extra Curry Powder, in tins and bottles,
Buret's Salad Oil, in large and Binall bottles
Raspberry Vinegar,
Extra Prunes, d'entre, in gliss.
Maltby's Prepared . Cocoanut !
For Pics, Puddings, etc.
Apples, Plums, and Pears.
Boston Crushed Sugar.
Bost Tea and Coffee,
Etc., Etc., Etc, Etc.
Lemon, Vanilla, Pine Apple,
Ratafia, Peppermint, Cloves,
Bitter Almonds,' etc.; etc:, etc.
Figs, (fogies); Lemon Syriip.
Yarmonfh 8ngar Corn; . i-.'J
American and French "Peas, Mushrooms,
Truffles, in tins and glass,
Syming'toh'sTeasJ'for r?ea Ronp1,'' '
Citron, Lemon, and Orange Peel, .
Mcnier and Epp'a Cocoa;' -Chutney's,
quarts, pints, and half-pints,
Crystallized Fruits, in glass,
Truffles "Pates, in large and small tins,
Pickled Walnuts, , .
Lard, in 5 lb., C lb., and,Ip Ibj containers, j
Sheep and Ox Tongues, Roast Beef, ,
T) a r. tt , i . ,
wS jiutton, uoicu-poicn, i fl.u
Beef a la Mode, Spiced Beef and Mutton,
Potted Head, Tripe and Onions,
Ox Tail, Mock Turtle and MullaBafavmy'Soupa
Condensed Eggs,
Chocolate Cream and Cocoa and Milk;
Bird Seed Canary, Rape and Millet Seed,
Laundry Starch, in O'lb and 12 lb boxes.
For San Francisco.
vtisnixo. jfiwiT.
Will have "Quick Dispatch for above Port
HO c. BltF.WEK CO.. Atrnta.
I" Orders from the other islands promptly
filled J goods'packed with care,' and warranted!
Give ua a call before purchasing elsewhere.
The A 1 .tmrrltstn BarUt-uUue
MIKPlIKItD. Jliustf-r,
Will have Quick Dispatch for atioVe Port.
For Frmtat or Rasalr; applr U , , ,
For Portland, Oregon.
Jane A. Falkinburg,
HUIllIAIlT. Hauler.
Will have Quick Dispatch for ahove port.
For frelthtanJ pasi(c apply to
ll C-ISTLK , COOKE. Armls.
JIAKCHANT. i t i 1 MASTEtt.'
April 23, WeJnwtar. P m. .
April 3U, Monduyi 5 pm.
Mar 7, MoiitlAjr, & p m
May 14, Uondr. & V u1
May Tl, Monday, a p m.
...Clrcaliftf lUMall
M ...IIUo
.... ...Ron
im.. i i rLiiai inm XaattiliwUl : relunuiiz buaoiiT am
tni.. d MmiaLtr. & u in Orctill of lUnali
Ji.a 11. MfilvlA. S tj di HUa
Tsar. 14 l.uIar 1 t. m . ...KOO
junit "5. sioittiair. anm.. ....... ...
On Kona inpa ue steamer win ru m w m iu-jjiuh-.
itr. .f.-iu-n trina ttiM Btoftnior ultl nut Iriive Kawklliao be
fore 10 aro; JUtena as per itoncv tm l
Har not before Tarn. Any rliaig rrn ute aooTc wu
be adveruseo.
Rates of Passage wllrbo
To or fiom Kauoakakal, Molotai t 00
Uihalii!., MauL .... w
SluaLiM. 7
Makena, ..... w
llahukoiia. Hawaii ... WW
Kaurulbse, j .. ....-i.-., w w i
- Kallua.
m Kaawakw. M W w i
Kilo, " 12 it 1
Kail Coast. W
Circuit of I!awalt.'IU.QnlTrIp II l
To or from an- lort ou Ktnal ........ 8 U)
Circuit of Kauai. It..uud Trip 12 00
LVcfc fassastr, for natlvvs only 00
tt- No Credit for l..iaar Monrjr. -vo
Tickets ut tbe ollitre uuly.
No berth will be conaUlered taken until paid tu, Not
rebpontlble rr oamrkeJ lUircace or any Freight or Far
eels anient receipted for.
Freight Money Dae on Demand.
0JT" An effort will be .ma-Ie tu have the Meanier reach
Honolulu on tbe evening of the aame day she IvaveaMaul
HAMUEI. ). WILD Kit, Agent.
Oltice with Wilder t Co.. corner of fort Jt Uueen ftUeeU
iutia. miKwift-iniuvmatwt of
IJeireilrc dbtln. late or Juta.M rS. aT7.4
V-. w.a.., XI- Tttatff lla. .... (
ol Dropenr.
ln reaoiaitBDa n,ii:iMprau(HMwtowttf,
Ol Carter. Execator t th aut of UaJB
of liouotuio, ooea. waenn ae axi v
OS, and chames blmwlf w!iH fZJKZ If.uJjf
Ut oaaid my tn examined ad ipfwved. 4r?
...a. hi.. Km xiaala ..f .HalrihnlLnaiAr K- , H
II Is Ordered, that Friday tbe Cth day ef Jaiy j
aiiep ocaca .t.nHvrr jbmv utv
In tbe I'ourt llouw, llonulotu. be ad tWua. .
t-ppohrmt wttimim' ud rrfbTiearTsri2
taere ppemr-aoaanow n mi. ie-a.
towboareeutttJed to tbe Mid proptr. jIT?
order, la th KurHt auicuc. b rt.fni.nj
IV noJalu, for thir t--rviiT- werlva P'TV'ci
1UT1 TIU BraaanssaariwT. IUI .iwist. isns iwfc.
Dated at liooola.lbls liittday oXJtnra.it
a. FttAatu
Attest: Jso.IL Bavcikd, Clerk (ivpremerp Q
IsUuda. Inlrubta la the- matter .Jik..1
tblpof Deinetri IVIrcv, adopted sea of II. t p!
nr.iT-,. IVrt nUr riAlU.v nli m. V
accounts. JsM-aarr. ana nnat iMtribaitoa tfm
Uu reaUIor and tiUnt thv MiltL
Pratt, guanUan of tbe perwnand property
IVIrce. adouud m of 11. U rVlrce. bi4.r eJl
ai.plrc of Itnawia. dcrud. wteiola h
I'll l ..ui .h.a Li..uir ..(It. J 71 - t
lie lining uw ut ruuuura mint BpfaruTHI. aa4 Q
CKUr DUsfM MMal4 UaJCIUU IDZ BXU aod him sal
au rortner respoioUHy as aurn giianras,
ItlaUrdered. lbat,TneMly, UtrSUcUvar.
1537, at teu u clocU A. 3X.. brfurv tbe aaid JaubT? 1
bers. In tbeCvoit IIoom. at UotMlttlo, h. "1
hereby U appulnted aa the Ume and plarr bt J"!
pebtltin aud arcouoU, aod that all peTHMie hnfTarl
Ik... ftrwl lH.r. ann... ss.k.1 .K-a. . - """fj
w by the MOie ihttold nut be granted. AuU u. ,
In tbe Kngtih Ian uage, h pnblVbed fn ta r
xette, a newifmprr prtnied and pabalxlvd bt nm
luree luccesnive weeks prvkus to the tiat i
puluUd fo aiid heHilag.
Dated at Uonoluia, tbb 22J dayof AorO. lxr
" wlraMC(
Oertc of tnepremeCoaru
i imu;.me curnr or the iriwi
erick li. Greea Ta Ann. Ureen. UMtt
lu tbcabote entitled HttW Ur OlTorre, U W
tnat a decre if dnrocce from tbe UmhIi ut tumtrm
enterrd In la.orof theaold Frederick .Ure.a
of tbe caiue of tbe a.luliery of tbe mO.1 adu. fT"
wade abttilate after Ibe expiracon of tx ahtiiT,
date nf thte decree, npou romUULOCK uia itv.
of, uulena ufficivut cau&e thmll at pwar w la
And the libellant M ordered to publUh aa tcnj
niouiu irom ine uaieor iouioraer,taatatln
eieu oiay wiwin tu mniB aou cao w
I wa. wa . 1...- "
Dated thU day of April. 1S77.
lly the Court: J.NO. K. BaOXAftQ
X hentby certify that t be- forecntnr W m t. . 1
Cvpy of l be wtigtnal drcree In tbe above mUtu
on file In tbe Cletk'a otfice of toe 9uprc.J
Atnltneum taud thi Mth ilay of AbrlL.
W1H hare regular dispatch for Kauai, aa above until
further notice, Om Freight and rauengtrs taken at the
110LLES CO., Agents.
1. S This veuet has Just been thoroughly repaired
newiycopperea, ana put in in perrct oraer.
C. Brewer & Co. Agents.
fftVorftbU nrraiiseoieiitt cu alwnra Lai
ntatda foraturaee andabliiiueQt of Ull. Bene. WuaL HJJ.aatil
otbar MercbaadUe to New Uedfrd. lbMtou, New York sad
Mlier Kutrn forts. uaaa Adisaceo tude.
5M-1T C. DREW Kit X CO.
H. 351 Qr XJ X A. 1.
C. Brewer &. Co. Agents
MfrcLanJU. reclied Storage Free and,
liberal eaah adraoer s iusj u shlimcnts l,v Hits 11...
591-ljf 0. DRKM KKACO.
The Fine. New British iron Ship
CAITHNESS, . . Master,
HalleU from' I.tverjool Iec. 33rtl Itie here
JUarly lu ilajr.
Comprises a Full Assortment of
! ' i . ' It
. .-Blue MottleJ Soap.v. - 5
I orllind Cement,
Wire Rope'3
I i-3 TpJinU ind OiU,- -aJ8 xiaila'a.ii
Fire Clay, . -
Oiltneo'i Stores'jJ,,
.1 . ..Baj.', Ale, - ir.iByAK . -.
Blood Wolfe k Co ' Ale,
. .PiglBond. Porter;: ,CL llaiii.?
Brandy, Sherry, , . .
-r Red Bar Cbret, - . -.'rr;
Napoleon Cabinet Champagne,
llansome & Sim. Paris Ploagbl,
McOuia'4 Clarifierj, , , -, .
UestoD . CentnfugaU,
! TiclPiancTpor; TOOH
Floor Oil. Cloth, . ,v ,,,,,,3
Hoop Iron, t.
Bar, Iron. T
Corrogated Iron, ..
Fence Wiie,r ...
Hollow-Bare, . ,
Eatt India 'Rice,
Beit South Wales Coil, - - --"Iiferpooi'Silt,
; , t ..-t '
it, 4c, it ic, '4crc.
'"ffflfd. H. DAYIES,
CUIMtKlIK -ot'irr OP TIIK lUVt
icu..iw. in iTvuMieinuewatiar-fd
lanshtpof KaaDOoUi'kl.Ikeiiaahu tn.1 W.
Order to fthow Cioee vu sj plication of gnanftu k
On reading and flllog the petition of Vary fwt
guanUanof tbe persons and property f Kapouia 1
naahn(ws ajtdKanla (wi. mlnorm. prartbg fceal
v xr. ,mn mi riviir UTHMtgll g IO mm
aied near I'ort street and adJUnlag tbe pry a. WW 2
tiiu.b 1 unit crrtaiu legal m
real estate should be sold:
It I hereby Ordered, that th nmt rki.ja
ward and all pervus luurested In t aid eb J
" w--. . a... iirHMj, 1 at a- rimu ca t
ISTT. at 10 o'clock . II &t th. tr
Court. In Honolulu. ibn and thr t.. .w.- .
an order should not Le crau ted fur th .u r
And It Is further Ordred a m.h r ...
published at least three ftotrvMlve weeks beaetfi,
uaj VI urHiius. Ul me SaUUEiMt and llaWkska v
ni.,yil t'NUtiaaia-vi IUSsUI llODOiaiil.
Iteted Uouolulo, II. 1 A till 11th. ISTT.
a. ntANcisjn,
jtMiire or tbe bun
Attest: jyo. e. uaknaiu. CItrk.
Srrituni: cornT or tiik mm
I.lands. In t-tvbate. la the matter artistk
wtvi in wimnuTi claimants. Orcea!, tniaraut, j
Un reaallncand flllncr th MtiiLan nf 1 t rp.i
and WlliUni O. Mmtth. Adudnlsttators of ta I
vvruun sa CNiteu Aiaoma Claimants hrUi
wbrrelu they set forth that they bate 1
setlanMuiiUMrtroMlte lb rr.ix-tlT. .
avid Kstales on account of such Alatema rtayta
vi hwih irvmmi ivr uie same via ;
I-oh-U... ; .
K u muanab ul u
IMaka. . . .
.. ..17. Kednl
. .12XSC XiuuAsaeha.
irt II aVkafaea.
.11134 llcau
15X2. llwMial
kkUlbelaU, . .. ITLi fl
And ask that tbelr accounts may b esanthted tffM
pruveu, aau iiuisniui oraer mT beniwleef dasn
of Uie property re main In r tu their bands tata.
thereto entitled, and dbtclurglug tbu from alk
reKDvusIbillty as socb ttdAtnUtnuutrs. 1
It Is ordered tliat Tklay, the Uth day of Jeaei
1677. ml 10 o'clock X y. before th mmidluir d
hers. In Ibe Court 1 loose, at Houoluln. Lea4 taetfl
nnruj apimmiru u ine uue ana place IOC best
petition aud for examining the arrounta tki mmUt a
trtoM, and that all persons Interested n.sy lutl
appear and sbuw cause. If any they bate, why tt
sbuuM not be granted, and may pceaeo:tsUrwl
h bo are eo titled in tbfaald Proper tr. a
And that this onjar, tn tbe illabaaJ lUaakl
Busies. te pULiaheu lu the ItawslUn (taartte aal lA
newapHpcra printed and poUUhed b llAlaUa7
.utvTwitiT nrcm freTjos 10 tne use I0ma
for said hrarlng.
Duted at llouolulu, U. I., this 12th day of Atctl 4
A. I'ltANCtl JTMl
Jnsilce of ti buprrneuA
ruiu i ir (oi'iir k mr. mn
J liUcds, 3.IJudlctal Circuity-1 u Irubafe. Ui
laieorMoeatonami. or .Nor to Kuh,U. lUA,ni
lntesute. llefore Mr. Justice llsrt.
On reading aod alloc tbe teUtkn of JiDMle
North Kobala. Hawaii, alteinnr that UiMv!aba-r
Kobatt, llawal!, dlett lntesute at North khiifl
..u.uny ui jniy. a. 11. isi4. and praying that
administration bsue to Ilookaou.
It Li Ordered that halunlay tbe ZOth day si Ittj 1
13.., ir mjMi urreoy Bappointea tor beartsg stKJ
before the said Justice. In ibe Court ItAum vf ta J
at North KobU.at wblch time and place aCprr
cerned may appearand sliowcaose.lf sny taebm n
aabl petition fthiol.t not be rraMled. and HuttaaJ
I ublished In the Hawaiian and EtigUub auteDamtril
tucccwuve weeks tu tn ktrokoa mad Gazette, ae
In Honolulu.
Dated Kobala, Hawaii. II, L April 12th. IKt
CMAltLlu rRKriKnti'i; mix. f
W. 3t Justice of the (1rct.lt (iurt.x.l JwlVW tmQ
Administrator's Notice
On the Fremitet of Hli late Eijueti,
' AT 10 VCUKS A. 3C
The following Personal Property Waf"!!
Out Estate of taid d-emted. tir;
Rolka. lis varloac eorrrlaas; (Tialn. ttfttn.
lUsr Chair,, On. Ml Cbalra, 9
Tables ktu., IJ.rW. Top, aUunuIoa as4 9
'"'" t.iww ami sisruis, run, e
Glai Mjsjca, Mtr TaUcs. aT.. Cobtasi, H
Hair tfattraM klik-. v-l.-. B
Coaaaaa'MWuod Wardrobes. OrrMlaf Cats.
With Coin, Japu aod Ltilura. Itaan, V
Work Tab!ra.Tra;a. C.b TaUra, Liaum
i , rw ia,i., m ius . 1
(M Ikainb, CaMMla. Buok Sitaixla. kacv
Wmmh. - . , , . . i
Tnus-sii,h.r,Koaai4 lnaui; Fsm3
Ttar.lUr. Ua;,. Ojxra Olaal-Wo. .t rlla-t0
Several Hundred Calabashes Asstfi
Hirer auJ Hued Ware, rlalew. ban. Xa I
;w,.b ajaa rixiMi., u alar uouMtw,
Tea Pbjt, Latupa aotl bLaJca.
1 StaIlion,l Brood Mare.il&xnMAi&i
brrra Dls(u sr Iiwbl-: Uorsn, 1 Wart 01 j
1 Boggy, 2 trouble and 1 f isgla llaraess. uRfl j
2 Cajioes. 2 Atichors. tO He as. aad a
V.-. q rARCE. Aaashiq j
. . . .,...r. jasar aaajsssjas a " -; ,
U LULU, TIsltlac rrteSlU taA Slraojera (rSSI
f iri'iin . . .... . k.Llfl 1
w.. esfieacrfm an dim .i.ij t v m
a-eluct A. Jt, and ;jf p. jt, s. ut vn,!ZM
wao mar bt Dltaanl u attend. Tbert Is s "'Jm
trenlnc Prartr Mettlnr al Ttj o'doclt. U

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