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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, May 02, 1877, Image 4

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"VTirrazted Ge:s Artie1!, stnc -Cite xde tit fw
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And to Arrive by the Bark Corina, from Boston. s
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At 2Q-sr Kjuss thsn vsr bsSce Scud.
Tri .. :-.ks, ?ei::5 sat 5i also "-rrive per Gcrizr.
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EuskNEss yssus SPECULATION. i:rrt;IS
I v . m . t . ! tuuuu-u Kf hViA uaiMd t t u,.Vai uk.I
le .. . 4t a vj. j poor a,wl xhiirfc. if ta 1uJ.ib
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at rl& $itwz: tuc.-, Tui noa,b. a feu.". I auiv JfaJvo- l ciKtvc kklk B
nnvtwics bMf r st tkM. !fvc-, ei kcwj. k ptuxaW wi: a tb stiff J
1U; vvh St a?t ; If it b s mjt to mt
evr. wajr U M unMnwrfr JiilribalcJ ?
War ars 3.1 eaaj aw alwayj fx'rtii. oat of ba:
a. kt &ac asi SKia; tit aat f th dv--
U arvrcrcute tn licj-trfi th taitScai that
iMxit k U Sifwitaif aai vtothiagr th tititat
I'K, cvtn the pulpit, unite in tlio wondU
lb illicit calf. In a iwtctiUitlnj SUlikA.
sonatoriat Uk lia talv lwa pat at
iu (tcttmtv , . Inline liav caught ia -.
uttrr any vrotvi pf cauliijn to females asaint
wuiton wouMUa aupertiuona in nv w
wuniiy tin iJ of HoulcrR or Tati. Hut I
haw already alluJtsl to thf fact that Califor
toia Strret i fillnl with ipouUtive ladies.
What ar we to expect in the future from a tien, and now not only with nt but thtoaaji.
Ute of aocietv, wherein the old .Anglo-Saxon out the Union, officr ia deemed not the
wrce lawn, hy the leyal ewiration of the K utiliseil a a mean of fortnne-raaktai
estate of husband and wife, by hotel life on a , The andden wealth which cuUtk temti
mani6cent f cale, by fashion and extrav- times shower upon ignorance: and tin ia
pinee, is still further weakened by the en- indicated by the nicknames of "rtroJaa
slaveroent of wive ami mothers to the vice of ' "StiwldT," and "Stockt," ami "(Jed ho,
Mook?-jpimU5iij? Americans havclenac- daily wKat he tliiitkauf anch wealth kjtk,
eulorord. hitherto, to rerl their women as kind of popple he gives it to." lt it oti
the eustwliaiw of the morals of sixriety. lint said of any of jwit that you llonj; U aj a
if the wife fills the cup, can she complain of a , these clashes of parasitea upon the industry i
drunken hubanvl When the mother pirn. tle nation. Speculation is to busineMvhK
We, can she expect her son to do anythinj j the luullc too i to the oak, the awe to
else ? Ugw can a woman deal in stocks, - roof, rust to iron, the barnacle to the ship,
ept thronsh the advice and assistance of men I to national prosperity, a. prolate too ta,
either inside er outside her family circle ? 1 f i weary father w hi supports him, or the Tstt.
the former, she demoralites them ; if the lat- ' pire to the sleeper whoso blood ho exhaasa
ter, can she arTnl tlie risk or intimacies that , Shun it, y. nng genilemen, as you wt.nt.1 ii,
rear jvvpsrdir her fair fame, may tc;id, as ' pbgnes of Kgyjit ! liatherthan engage rait,
they have often tended, to lreak np her family strip off your coats, roll up your sleeves,
alt,sether? What pcasible jnin to xial or with a nrm faith in the dirnity of labor, ra-
morai excellence can w atiaineii uv our uuies, case in some honest, ixwlucuvo work, iu
. . r - l ti . i . l v-.. 1 ! I i . . . . . , . ,
in a pursuit ei wuicu ixrcky ouaii aiKi tivvKi- to I Hgei oountl ami tiuuo
jree wfciKur to. -d3i cvtRwotiy t,,. A
Aid a thw cwKwvtK-, yt oat rst cl np r uaiitle ! " Taw (ran of taw lecture Precludes
yK-nmi by corf4lMJ.-rwa.'tesj'jii iita a fdt ta at! these qwsliee. Itatthe
c t a rut axxxnl of Euiitre. aaa ceaseqeeot
sazrUL;. is to oe tvwta ta upaiar lapatitsce
build shins. Oa ta A.
fields and handle the plow. Identify jrv.
Selves with some calling in which you vq
ex.euplify Gacen'a raaxim. that "Every maa i
a debtor to his profession." Or, if yon ,
have tlio excitement of hazardous occupa&a,
start some new industry ; intent sctoelKur- ,
;.t.v. . , -.. l-h .w .... . t . . .. v . i . r t .
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A aMawc Mtt bid salt. sw his 3i3oy.
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scA feutKr. time S(l ee arc vkkk
-t have aj fenst eo. aattmt tafifcress" tjc
tooipkuic. It U setter l ts i sjre-
Tniwl 3Ra 3CSai. gttoi:'wl CtKS.nA. -
Pianos I
s IVarriie; kelvve3r
2Nre 25rs;-Siss Piircs vrhi-i. trill s Sole st Brjair,
SewiBir BaeMnes at Iledated IIate$.
Vbseisr i. TSiiscr,
"VTikc- & Gi!&5.
S50 00 -Old 75 00
. - -50 00 Oic ?ci, 62 50
W 3Lrr3ji is trie Sr: tile Mariet.
Harry I Hurry! Hurry!
TO th v:
J by spcittta. art ose of yea yueSgf
uec h sate Mtoneii th coarse 1 hate sketched
aetRth ?IW0 has fceVa ruaed. Yoa itt rr-
k . . k . T . . .1 . .
sWSufcK. amai4 abctutt h vartMvta .T-T..i.s. Vv.J t.r.j. ... r. ....,-. .... ,ji..
5S2?3L Saift Co.-. , it ur rwt. rd by h sapW re- rW eccart a the aurk.1 ; v lao Saiith or
r , spectaaaK gi,. j fRtUkK v.-i:aini.ivi. ua
mm. TM Ktiuir uteuArf th cov - Xathkf 34
tlt!Sl ltSr i ; itruO-by P5WU c--t.Jrit-; alt of la harl thet.
w - ' " . "'J . , . a-r aafcuat a caowtact;. vwt U1
.bmaasa. im: SS saa6w I aJt (j, rtf SvteW,- tht
eW- urn.,; fcc On hw rf til prj-, m BiUi;!t ;M "ractalM.
, k..- t - . ... ' maum xocit. c.vuulvl
Uliai tl . mgJevuutx kl.CK.LW xe-.ar ?f?tn: Mvra autwr lltr b vr 1 J" ras h -fctch yo scan
. ,...,... "... : ..m.i v. . ii.M.usv,' T.-.V. bocrt.t KiiaoaJ i Kt a: lier aid it rw
aadcomiaauiaICEibiJfuf LiJiir-r. , BerSa lWI tc akwUv is f-Dic( 1 ?stxty: jwtr Ba.-jia tavi thas dWed.
fliM hakt- niMt fM (KiMnl -rt.P . J fhltH frill MrCnttttr' Tr)Jt Utt R.I. -l' nl S we.)-
tiarr-W. Ta m--4aai ai-wtL-ft. to jniik Ann. BtuSnbt to. thr emffcter: wc a 3U fcrti!- rtw. Bat b! the rise has
ir. - .. . .j. . .j.' .t.,..iiu.t..u., ftt.t.l,.. steeped, isa tlt UH to cwaoeoee.1 ; yeur but-
- lll.l l
Joaaw. b rbkvi StoOO. ami ta a fe Jits or
weeks took cat ifocWr Jo hear ol haa-ireis of
thtraaii of duiiis Kteu; taode by Uro operat
ers ; exnuceat rttas hh aad Luu iocc i jvu
b.-m t share ta it ; toa thi.-i ton tcj mat hate
ak iMd fccfe. cam tazw or Soar years on yoar
oa rorct
terteb. aad that
iMhr tibfeirf the dor "ho droop! tie sabstaace
a trjieir to ssa the shajo'. Sayoosek
a trjitr's uiS.-e ; dKMtt yocrcoia ; ortier a pr
c4.iov (kv a airiia et cottrse) aad hesceforth
' hull & Clafiin are the most brilliaut orna
i tacnts ?
ICAUroExt.v nitEjrs vmf srscruTtoN.
What 1 have sajd thns far to place yon on
I the road to happiness, usefulness," ami coni-
! petence. through lesitiraate business, would ; p a hcicTT m optn 'an lron.mine. lJ
.vv.(v.x, '"". -..v. a rauroaa or write a book, la any event, M
.... hvti u you pve-uie wotm an euiTatntiie OM
phere, net enly of Califorma, but of all the vour livin?. aud lftave it tha WUer.tie wi 1
great trade-centers oT our country, is com- ortJ richer for havinjr given yon aalS M
...... . ..re ."'-"-" s---" istencc ana an education.
speculation. Whether tins be dne among cs
to the oricinallv rreat indastrr of tha coast !
. sninimr for the precious metals, an extremely
hazardous business or to the monotony of
the climate before alluded to, or to both, we. J
. nave not time sow to inquire Hut that al- ' ori'EK
, roost everybody citable ia stocks, awl makes
trade in every Vther ccmraoditv a matter of ypj? Sftlo toArriVO!
tspeculittoo as far as possiNc, is a fact as voi
pate at as the son at noonday. lublic : , .
.opinion is debauched by it Says the San i I HE CAR. CO
Fraarisca Chronicle of AusistSIth: "Sixty I " " '
I thousand peoplo are now added to the number j or
' of our residents annually ; and as gaavUinp', !
especially respectable gambling, seems to be j , -r ,nprr..
an inaate passiea with all, the fraternity is ! 1Lt- AJ.A ilATTli. JIACLE.LT,
, raoruiy auueoun. ii a are nor ro ioe aiBt.
t of the fact that, on account of oar arreabte
bTanctsco wilt ever extst as tbe
. I yua aravr itt farcLUa oa ta (rests, expect
wc a sua trtir tw. Bat b! th rts ha
teped. asd the tiH hxi caataeoee.1 ; rear etu
u . . t.. . . ir .i.. . rajnCr exhales isuer rereated raits cf th
4ci&ifr. watidi ncr ho.a rua.t
ObaU&r jowrrwi or at cafedatams. ' "tfac -siowthi W torn up. Frjm kiTn
Ji. cuttuaiisriMi: awniat. will o5iitf5 heniif and suafcejfs. ! icMe-prfcs a3I &ma. ta
parAaiaic jrqOaof tic expire trpuu, bnia ihkcs xad. hostiv rs. th BSoiiy et &Jtai
Jtuats, 5aufkniMs.a4ishi5pi3iritas.aiMkjt tha rftrht aaa twr t rit jiuos-H ilnus aae
5xi!rafis. Sic ohxrl scto h eiarjwf oarkt ec.ii Iualtts. ti moujfaluy uf tia cfiaj.it
UMiissiS. is tcutsiciMir a rsrUar aad xstui Q;1J wtca. ta. oi wtu tae urate choatw aamc
rfoek ; yoa "fih van hl oM at .txtv tastead of
bnjK-jr atere ; year broiec ciSU lor - more nud
; mxst fur ec jwxr stack, yoar St MO aad
alt; tea caaat burrov. Ux yoa hate co credit
aad oa ours sveuntr to c&r. Xas coses the
sniit spoa your heaesev. if tea are a book
. w.v' r k.rr,,.f -J.t.- .H-... -as i stwas ta hefeycarserf oat of yoar eatrljters
TIi.c3.a3tt!iea s,ats a fcwts ta.j. sc.t cccomiiaio aa.i aantowats. tSu- easa jti-hc- a fc-riUys. joa tM. Ix
--.liR A FEW DAYS .
.r....&:. n.. rv. .iij..... .fWi , z-r.. , couria sues wuticuiuB aria. reca-iw to
ac h aai go&xhas A amfits on th ! tailor. Rit ith as, ti. ibswc ltl- "W -"f1 " tS)i F
S-awo. .- - awi tit sajwaass atiiiotil grk Uj-iri- w: yettoakea tfc eatry ta yaar
VUuwc tats a Juillfci aut. crctlecse- 1 "iJ fi.T awarcooscSafcoo. Bene th tut ' . ,'F'It f I If
caritx. aha. fcaciua afici Leg. ott th caaac of , f saCet gir fcc tha thacjA mas- ft l hf
ncmnrirclni eatw aaaiuai tea. ihuhWf. ts 67 uf tetdn aa.I oiniitts. aad th euautu I 'TL1' et 9f W li f- "f
ttVatfS-,rrduai5 aUaMA8CSaor-tt& tx3 tatha taihoe of ptiae I kat fsc B'it : rc brefcer haaHy
:unasti Sir .a slui.. amf eu,njMi:s rjj,- fejaiiiacT tociuaj TUuwaSaii Eitalbs v. ' . . - " - -'r-
jz .-.Vt t ..." -. . r - . !. t.. nweittn
ajwii. uL. cutt suns o- caa ouiics a ta aiftdran- siiisrs, juicunui. sjjjRmnj rssiaii aval aiL
ttt af a Ww vii is a fnmti pun sgeciiu&iir vaor pawac-
Tltt fcvwir waj. tiia- nr. cuacneiat ! Thaei&eEcf jaoreonrsa-af stmly hetSba
Sm&. da i."san;i auc&tr. tha usair wilir appri- laaiiHarrCT- yaa wuth pnacip Yur tak m.
m&is auuchitr's baiif. the deaTec "a steels Sir M5 anriusiia till ta Ut azJuctiLid A thaPKnA-a,A.cia.H2er-r.
sorcka shurc tOa aatuur ta ' T- aanooC th.ias hiuh.gsca: i- aaiita
-. puc tail cuts' uSthiuri jecali!Brs. I a?giy tSuaEii"Ui jane-Jaily t Yar wiil
Hi busiaai ac ta osiar aa &or art I 6caui isiilTml nuckaiaa. xiasUc f tour
&Earno aaii haouniai. so iwnrastj aiaaea- Qitstaass;: aai yar Lhcr. h!iai.aintr thus aa-
yr tSanMh a cuattmt TOi ch ur marlac 1 asoaity fra.Surrato juor rnnf Ibyjr. wtjl secur j matt- where tea. feat L" Hatnehodr ebe mar
bRo.ilFlAyiVnr S.f. - Hill m-nm.o.ulv hw...V-UH... T ..1... . .
oV&e stares yea ia th ii; eatieieaia. that
oak catris ef as aB. tears yoar ceace of
arani U titters. Br-aad-hy coas th iij cf
ractaoiaa; ; yaor eajptejer. bi a jaod-aatareil
CiSSsracia as ha ts. merely taras yoa atirifs
witaaut aeiuriiair. tiaiori h Biifht h.ir sat
yua u Scat pruoa- What wiH yoa ij bjt!
Scmacorr wifl: till t.x t fcl.:cx fjr
winter, bn
f Baden-Baden of America for Eastern specula-
j tors, especially Xew Yorkers, who, under the
, teachings oT Wall Street, can no mora live
i wiihoBt the excitement of stocks tliaa can the
i CtrtnafBin live without opium, or the delicate-
ly-stranc creature ot esenucate lite and
j fuhirmMe dissipatioa lira without service or
caioral puncoes. Aew Orleans was tfte
winter Mecca of the wealthy speculator, bnt
tie 'Prophet, has now transferred his capital
I to tie PaciSc Here will the devotee of s pec
ula'Nu, as well as tha seeker after health and
comfort, ever cose from the frozen lakes and
rivers of the East." So our brokers are
th reeled by thousand daily young and old,
j rich and poor, ignorant and educated, raale
aad fetaale, Uywers, doctors, aad even rain
. liters. Erags'aad tBoesepolies fetreralncst all
departmeats of business. The vices which
I fellow are too generally deemed venial. Kai
i bexdement runs riot, "and is rarely, if ever,
I prosecuted. Frasdalent maaasecient ef mines,
' banks, aad trusts is accepter! as a matter of
i coerse, bat seldom troubles the courts. The
I corrupt lobby has beome a peransent iasrita
tieo. Scecess, hawever attained, is followsj
by kiliscrinmate adclatioc. The public, the
iak wttHaf ta itun. a Wccaa'a Stock. Eiri Lit
Now Due from Portland, Oregon,
Omtisting ef
Cases Oregon Fresh Apples,
15x3. Herrings, Cases Lard. Cases Beef,
Cases JJaud, Eags Oatmeal,
14 31 Feet Flooring, VJ M Shingles,
Barrels. Oregon Floor,
Half Barrels Colamliia Kivcr Salmon,
Sacks Bran, Sacks Wheat,
KittJ Salmon Bellies, Cases Salmon,
Cases Bacon,
Cases Hams, Cases Dried Beef, ;
&c, &o., ikt. j
SKEC.V. i arrAEU.axc re.
raar.B3Hircux!; eut waaa a Sit mu. in . praifreseitiiiy ni.rrHiiii2jcTOir. ia aQac , fcaif jua a. Sttl eaaitil t start, oo. eceany
rtis ttaa-ciogir ta eaoEai. ic aai IW miaa at nciiajfyaarsalf aarst-oi-haaii. aaI yua tta StC nit. ec 'air vw a poat " So
0!ii)aua aa. inrarniSiauo. naka K Basuma- ha sureh wirhuiu fiirtliac eauct. to racsit Jttll ffi at aiir ; tua laf eaoccrt. aa-i "make a
nh fcr 5ef to raac!l cSa ecamoai; rpt , fcc.-ril fay aa.J ita.fy wurt & r mars sueoissfei tara. Xr yoa des jEs th
hmuipl. tfiBir huttiis aai as thmr aric. tha oust.- now Ta mirr xict rmsz SUi.'O. I siawaaaa af hasmess. aaj th piltry tali rest car!
5f T3II?'! 1 "wSJj-aE as a saaoiiatuu. x SjrJa savinr of A. V. Su tart. ,ti.fito I T Iai3 : y-t thr- ecaoaaiy to li
K a, title SiaO. o mamniBai: which. 3a Sgt Bjuiiuoajp.. W33, thir dt easchmt nufc trwififo to vimti' 6S ftry sad Lit
- rojuiury aaa ; 5m u jcaiauiia th Mtv.i.
. fwT2 ija'i Ba auOa garft. . bafluri,of hTsrvasc ftrroa. Sit wStik with
bfckdbaM fM. Bit afiarwmha hcfccyVltw
mi, KutueaiiMO- 9 acS UL 11 fTM,, AOli. Ulll UL QIJIZ.-
kj& antecp n to c CUi a af fin must iftsecuiMr
GREEK. MACFARUKE&CO. kc itc Vzim Sitim Vamp
est -rm - 4 r C. BREWER & CO.,
0a exatioeas taj to aaather, aaj
ajwt heisixto putraaist th safeoai. th
hc far rerir It- rara-eaiirs. to g-iauar taaf. th haaau ef rfif-
j tar infnpenifwic- una! thia Dint his Sana. , "Ooo- Vtr miatitraaas fcasm r By th
paasw, luc oi zw yuir xfc sunar aha he' 'r rrtrs w yror crasrjr tases
ICS acunniauc ' h'rtx unhneat, aaii th rist jfyoar tint hoairs
Isc As E hat afcauir saSf. ehaafietsur! 5eaty aa yaarhaails;Tt thy saisl ya &
rt: r . rj. . . r, r .r " t r t it Ht fvr f.... c- .K K ,
5 eHa'!!?U' """" T-fiC,if P- nselanr ,r auSaar ysu; to. mateOU ay menfj ittfej- as srier Bat
ircuas&ain;nymaasorCcwfit Jtuodiacs. .r. 4. - 1 I jacefcs tf not r ap aK to tm ; yoa 5a.I there
Bitnife affiiatrs. hy aawsMxaa af stock: or auniia.ar nriaapB. aaJ: Biacaca- af that dailme a saair u ' i6KtJ IsrEretr thas.au athec ctaa's
8y any c.tfraf aa ifluu-ui d o-i&i Wabf yo.t piesWy caa. saas to 6 soaeuW wactoa Jat-aat a af aay Taiut ihat atisa. Tt
3aar.facramin5maaHywtBlaat canwdanx.- aiEiiac oimoBasiBua. 1 ary u marft. aa. 5a.I a i;l ; ji B a !-
bua.aaily-c aauaceiwr cCth her. til ttiai- 3hL L a fir wahfa yanr meam as tro al,aa.f w it mma&ittry ?i a ; tot aoiac
wara aCsnacaiatua san fta hadaasa afinast aa caasirfaaiiV wiUi. jaar haufth. aaif nagScc- toirt haHIsr Atafaattsaf ttadaffirs par
",l?V5,t . - - aiBliry aaifto aa wucwwnaeRaiiuraHr'Than. ar,ani ha tea; iSsftira fcy th sariasir
HTma marfatgeca aCxaxam fendof huwr M oinrsamachimr wiTo,. aataaef. asi nHaaTSi6f: pra-wS sibirt,- aad the itcci
hathirftt auaarsoar duraCton. fian.aai tna juuRnrif hahicaairy. no: whic aawime at orincaiat ITs ay p yea- huyfer arae.aa.1 tiasiadtdrajs;
garoay of aicac hauzs. aai cHaaiaa. annnur '
aitaraaC ac anihir rata. Van: afttna tacC nf parhap Euis earrjiair a5 ysur seemtia with.
. tril iwir3PMur.aC
taamsdwM. aniEwaaaaar asanas. to nrawat. F,rS..s i Rim - . ff.f nrt ii,,rii?
Hiui .iwtatt.llilMIH UUIUCEAeu: EF,n....C.....-. t- r , u ... nnmMMv4M fiiniir t Halt -
IBesir Bar Iror ,
1WWI Pwiiiiml tammw. . V-Mt Ufv ai- .. ZrZ -"r
- - jiurr ytr?ijFs
H auua, Jrt (tron au-cwiwmi
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ari ai'vmri tfcita-piac tart wrxo-r t&iur ; jiac
stra. euaur Bitu nor unainr-f ac mta x "natt wnxxr j&t em-, aoit my5trMxf acrti eC
H n 1 mi mil tTnii, il nwt tnntT, aac jutaiaiwwi aw,
Tt i tfc-r Urnnr tr tfuf-jgiMrfHy
w Ur fH n T i inl ir nl i n -1 T"r t:"T 1 7nn9ftrSiifi tr y'lftf T irtir, ii2t" "Vlftfr
gergJotiMlna: jrfliTi.ur.inr prwiar
'i-m-n. UTrnri- AMI TTTni-H
55 ib is B?rE5E SUGAR MACH1MERT, 5.C.
i MS (10
in IS iE5T.
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Sr n' nrtfion, aUltM
in-enuuiBiiiHiracr Tiri ma aisanritnia- oCHa aa oae-s0lE,mnd; racarasc; tomr til
Old Honolulu Hale Building, Merchant St.,
Importer and Dealer in
Ad erery article cfntiifrj- asd tacy cosaected with the Kae, adapted to the Citctrj
liocse ssd (Jaee, aid to .rteto, excaers, 1 rofe&oooal Ueatlesaen,
Tarelers, etc, oo as reasaiuvble terps as caa te had
hers or in Sas Frasasoo, among trEJei are
ti.e foQowiatr Staple Goods :
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All Mew Articles of Fancy Statfqnery Reeeiyed by the
earlfest arrivals from London and Hew York.
PHI-VTI2TG- of 2:11 Heads, CircrxlaTS, Cards, Ztc,, Etc,
IVerw Stroftla: Tcoeivd "by every 'fiznine
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