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Warranted the Genuine Article, and none made but for
' Xnd to Arrive by the Bark Coringa, from Boston.
I - k.n aj lit Lett ttreaVins up l'l far Cane Land ercr used in this country ,
At Lower Rates than Ever before Sold.
Extra Beams, Handles, Points and Sides also to urrive per Coringa.
Grubbing JToer, Cane Knives belt quality.
Awe' Shovels and SraJe.
Heed's and other maVes of Spades and Shovels alio
on band.
Hoe. Spade, Axe, Ad. Tick and Sledge bandies,
Kates, Trash Forks, Knrb Scythes.
Axes, Cane llatebets, Ccntrifagal Urushes,
F,a;le Xo. 5 and S TUwi,
XI an SO Oa Sle.1 Horse Plows,
.. M us M CattSleel Jioline IlorM Plows,
l'aris nmt N. 5, superior l'iow for one or ttto
joiT cattle.
ItantatiM Hm No. 1 an 3 2. 9-1G and 5-8 oeek,
Pisk aid Axe ilauotki, Tick Axes,
Centrifugal Wire Plates, 12 and 14 inch by 8 feet. Fine.
I Galvanized Cloth, assorted inesb.
Best quality Lacing Leather
Leather Belting, 3, 4, $ atd 12 inch.
A -Superior Assortment of Machine Bolts and Cold Punched Nuts.
IU&U from J U 3 In. wire by 10 ioch long.
Best qsaXty Cut Nails,
Flee, Bd Cat to 61 Cut Spikes.
"Wrought Nans, 2 to 4 inch, prrwd,
TIof lrmf J and Z-
3vett3 and 4 Hi keg, Copper Rivets and Can.
Wrwehej C to 21 ibefa. A. G . CWs nuke,
llirse Shoes. NV 1 and 2, fere and hind.
Itowneri ami Pratt's Kerosene Oil.
Turpentine, Varniib, Boiled and Raw OH.
Ox Yokes, Ox Rows, . 1 and 2 inch.
A foil assortment of Auger Bite beet quality.
Bit braces, Socket. Firmer and Framing Chisel, I
to 2 inch.
Builders Materials, Locks, Batts, Screws, .
Padlocks, llatcmers, Levels, tie.-" T
-Ljsui'Fiuoi: stock of files, nouxn, squaue, tapeu, flat
xXJJ HALF HOUXJ), all sizes from C to IS tad
Amosleeag Denim. Ticks, Drills,
Uickorj Stripe. A Cotton,
I Finest, Tine and ledium Bleached Cottons,
Fioest. Fine and Medium White All Wool Flannel,
To arrive ly flic DincoTcry.
Pianos I
Two First-Class Pianos which will be Sold at Bargains,
Sewing Machines at lieduced Mates.
Wheeler & Wilson, 850 00.. .Old Price, 75 00
Wilcox & Gibbs, 850 C0-..01d Price, 62 50
cl Warranted Equal to tho Best in the Markot. P"
FOB S .A. L ID !
Selected for this Market,
Just Rcceircd Per Haw. Baric 'Ka JIoi,
Xrom Xlroniort.
11 JlfeWj- Mrtles, lllue &nd Utiile Tlckliiff,
Unvs OatUMl Iirttl, Illae Gotton Ilrm,
WLk. (Vtlun, llerroekse.' Looc doth.
Brown Osfttw. .Marled. Tnrker Red.
-T ST-tUinw-dniLtoCD andlIo,lan.U,
lUae FUnael,
Victoria Lawns.
UosqoUo Netting,
tSeoteSi Water-proof, German Water-proof,
licdfvrd Curds, bdecias,
Black and Blue Broadclotfts,
Caslttnercs, Diagonals ifcc.
' niark iJuiUfic, lUact Cbourj:i,
- .luliaa Goth, iilad: and Colored Merinos,
Um auid Cotirn Tlird,
isttfc. Ubm an4 Cotlon llaadkerchletrt,
U. juxI Oottoa TowcU,
itriao Coiuxi b lociiut and Soctj ,
Asst." of Shawls, Umbrellas & Parasols
1 Xars aasortment tjf Sblru, and TJnderahlrta,
Large Asst of Superior Clothing
IJ Qfll, IL'AnVeU, Itns, Canvas,
Aaaorunent of Burlaps, Twines, Bags and Gannles,
BUcked French Calfskins,
Gunpowder, Sio. 11 Shot.
"FT a.r d. w are,
lioeot Sberp Sbears, Tin rfatea. Babbitt's Metal,
Banc Tin Batcber Knlrr, Ii-n anil rocket dj,
,rsTvisMar, Cbaroaal Irons, hpnrs,
llalTanUwl Tubs and railn. Lanterns,
Mm Zinc, Kssoc Wire, 2Iop Iron, Blvets,
Nifit, IVrforated Brass,
inntx Teliow Metal fcud Composition.
Fine Asst. of Rhine Wine,
' Flee assortment of Claret, Cbampairne and
Hnrklineilocic, German Ale. lUrarUa Brown Beer,
t Giu biCsues,Glnlataskts,AlouboI?3prceDt.
'Pipes, juvaxa & oeumAx cigars
IVrfuiaery, lUlr Oil and Soaps, Brushes And Combs,
xew sttles.
Toys and Fancy Goods, &c
narmonlraa, Feather Dnsters, Blaak Books,
lYlntln rapex. Cxrds, Uurse Bope,
Fpanram nd Kiinc. Causue Sola, Palm OH,
lIobbaVa Bet IhiU and Pmlnt Oils,
iKM LodTi-netUn Bed. Yellow Ochre.
'Uarket IUuketa, UtnUobtM lot (ralluns.
Coal Tar, Mockbolm Tar, Bricks, falatea,
Empty retroleum Barrels, Empty Syrup Itarrcls.
Jfew nod Old Otl Sbuului, Hum Containers,
t 0t Boats, Caleb And GAmUer. Bixcb Brooms.
All Goods at LoweatMarkct Eates
And ou IJbeml Credit.
CZP Orders from the otber Islands promptly executed.
Offer for Sale
Flour dS3 Bread. '.
Lime and Cement,
California Hay,
By Steamer from San Francisco,
Potatoes, Onions, &c.
jCVeoxLtss for
Brand's Bomb Lances,
Perry Davis' Painkiller,
Puuloa Saltworks
Importers and Dealers in
seen as
iXor'Wcst Swiutliiio, Boards !
Tonguetl t Grooved, Surfaced,
Planks, Battens, Pickets !
II id. x 4, 1x5, aod 1x6, for
Laths, &c.
Scantling, Board;, Plank,
Battens 1x3, 1x4, 1-2x3, and 1-2x2
Pickets Kough and Funcj,
Surfaced Hoards and Plank, 7-S to 2 In.
Tonsoed and Grooved
2xi: to 16x10;
Clear Nor' West, for Planter's Use
California and Eastern Doors, all sizes
SASH, all rises; BLIND, all eiics ;
Putty and Varnish,
Glass, Xo. 2x2 and 2,
Wall Paper and Border
Brown CotUn,
Jron and TinnedTackft
Faint and Whitewash Brushes,
For Plantation or any Other Use,
-Butts and Ilingcsv
BolU, Screws,
Hooks and Bjef, Ae.
Salt in Quantities to Suit.
C.3S 3m
Tiik iTxnr.nsioxno Anr. iniuAiii:n to
Tarolfb estimates for xsaear Machinery, tc, either
to be made at the nONOLTJLU IRON WORKS, or to be
Imported from GLASGOW byvesael to leave that port
about July or Ancust next, or by another vessel to leave
In February, 1ST 8.
Tlioy Sairo on Tland.
Twenty by Thlrty-hlx,
Second - Band Sugar Mills!
Gear and Power, -which may be delivered In a few
33 s l5L "to tx 3a. Is:!
From Glasgow. Due in June Next,
6,500 Gallon Clnriflors.
Toar PAlrs TToston Centrirnnl Sfarhlncsi,
C3i!n nnlldliiir I'.rlks, Portland Cem?nt, FeneiDC Wire,
Iluop Iran. Heat AsaortU Bar Iron, East India lUcc,
Clilna MattlDff, itc, Jtc
Wftich trill It Sold in quantities to Suit,
at tlie Lmc-cst Market -Hates.
X. H Those Planters who are contemplating Increasr
Ins ue capaairoi inr- rntus, may near or a pnrchasen
for Uielr old mtns. fear and power, by an early application
to rue anacrsffoea.
GEORGE II. DOLE, Absociate Editoii.
Supreme Conri of Ilsc Hawaiian I
l:xutlr. Aii'it Xorsti. 177.
Inre Proof f the inHof 11UTA KAMAKEA
Uefore Harris, C. .T Judd snd JlcCully, J. J.
Ojiinioa of llie Court lij, JlcCnlly, J.
Application for the proof or this Will was
made to Mr. Juslice Judd, sitting in probate, and
at the bearing, Sept. Bib, 187C, testimony was
heard at largo on the part o! tile proponents and
lieir.s ul law who contested ; upon consideration
of all w bicli tbe court relWd probate on tbe
ground that the testator tras insane, imbecile, or
otherwise 11011 compos at the lime the will was
executed. From Ibis judgment the proponents
appealed, stating tbe ground of appeal to be
" that at the time Rata Kamakea made and exe
cuted such last will and testament she was of
found and disposing mind and memory and in
every way fitted to make and execute eucli docu
ment." On this ls?ae of facts the appellants
claimed a jury utider the provisions of tho act of
18C4, and at the October Term obtained this
verdict: Ua laws ka noonoo maikai o llala
Kamakea no ka bana anai palapala kaaoha." t.e.
" Kata Kamakea n'as sufficiently sane and com
petent to make a will."
Exception was taken lo the verdict, and mo
tions filed for arrest of jndginent and for a new
trial, bnt upon its appearing that no judgment
was asked for in the Supreme Court, tbe solo
issue on which the jury bad pasted being, the
competency of tbe testatrix lo make a will, and
not tbe farther fact whether being competent,
she bad duly executed tacU, tbe motion in arrest
was withdrawn, and the conrt holding that the
verdict ehoold be certified back lo the 1'robato.
Court for judgment on tbe whole matter, the
contestant's counsel likewise withdrew his mo
tion for new trial. Tbe case being so remitted
the contestant's counsel then argued the ques
tion of the sanity of tbe testatrix, but the justice
held that thai fact having been found by the
jury was no longer a subject of consideration in
the Probate Court, and there being sufficient
proof of due execution in respect to signature
and attestation, admitted the will to probate,
lrom which judgment appeal bus now been taken
to the Supreme Court in banco.
Cecil lironn for the proponents, appellees.
V. C. .Tones for tbe contestants, appellants.
Mr. Jones : Tbe l'robute Judge was not bound
to render judgment upon the verdict of the jury
as taken, but may review tbe whole circum
stances of the case and render judgment non ob
slante veredicto.
The evidence, per the record, does not show a
proper execution.
Mr. Hrown, contra.
l'er Curiam. 1'rcvious to the Act of 1801
(p. J0) to authorize the trying of Issues of
fact in matters of 1'robate aud Administration
by a Jury, it had been held, as stated in tho
preamble that our statute did not permit an, ap
peal ton Jury on matters" of fact uuderlnvesii
gallon in probate, nod this Act provided thai
thereafter any person claiming interest in an
estate of n deceased person, which chall exceed
five hundred dollars in vnlue, by virtue of a Will
or by tbe Statutes of descent, who may deem
himself aggrieved by tho decision of the 1'robato
Judge may, on taking his appeal to the Circuit
or Supremo Court, have any matter of fact
which is in issue, tried by n Jury, and his mo
lion shall not be denied, and the appellee may
claim likenisc. Tbe ol ject of this law plainly
is to give either party to n probate matter the
privilege, by appealing, of the verdict of a Jury,
instead of the decision of the I'robalo Judge, or
of the full Court in banco, in all issues of fact.
Hut of what avail would a terdict be if not con-
clnsivf-jjyiti l)e matter found ; il nnon Us be'yji.
certified lo the IVoaie Court, the Judge of
I'robalo may treat il as the men! opinion of
twelve or muo men, who have been asked to
pass upon it? Such construction would not give
ary vuluaole right, never to be deoioJ to parties
asking it, and would leave the settlement of
probate cases substantially as before Ike passage
of the Act.
Bat would there be no remedy against a ver
dict which ought not lo stand I The learned
Counsel for the Contestants remarked in artra
menl thai the question of the effect of such a
verdict had never been judicially settled here
uud we are of opinion that be has mistaken his
remedy in not pursuing his motion for a new
trial, (probably) under tho view that the 1'ro
bate Court could review tbe verdict and render
jodgmeot notwithstanding. Without doubt all
the usual methods of combating a verdict, as by
exceptions, motion for new trial, motion in ar
rest of judgment, are open in these cases, und
equally without doubt, it is thai if tho verdict is
not so avoided it mast stand as a conclusive and
final adjudication. Xot having been thus nulli
fied tbe verdict bound the Justice in probate to
take as being true that the testatrix was of
sound mind, however, his owo opinion might be,
and it likewise binds the court in banco.
Looking further upon tho evidence of the ex
ecution of tho Will we are satisfied that it con
formed to the Statute. There were five sub
scribing witnesses, and if at least two of them
signed in presence of tho testatrix alter she had
signed, or marked, tbe will is not invalidated by
others signing not in her presence or alter her
Tho judgment of tho Probato Court is con
firmed; " ' ' ' ClIAS. C. If ARRIS,
A. Fr.ASCis Judd.
Lawrence McCcllt.
Honolulu, April 20, 1877.
IIIsi 'A'rsic Sfoi-j.
A citizen (says the Detroit Free Press) was
yesterday halted near tbe Soldiers' Monument by
a frank faced old man who had a fence picket in
one band and an old boot in tbe otber. He said
be wanted ten cents to buy bread with, and tbe
cillzen replied : '
" I don't know anything about you. There
are lots of dead-beats and imposlers around."
" See here," began the old man, as ho laid the
picket and boot down," " I live on Croghan
street, and' I can take yon to forty men'wbo
know it. We haven't bad anything in the house
for a week. Day before yesterday I began eat
ing the pickets oftlhe fence, while my wife com
menced on a bed-room door. .1 knew overybody
would think I was a liar, and so. I brought one
,of the pickets along. There's the marks' of my
teeth to show for themselves."
" Yes, looks as if you had bitten it there," re
plied tbe citizen as he scanned the, picket.
" I don't liko em," continued the old man.
" The splinters kinder catch as they go down,
and tho paint gives me the heart-burn. After
two meals I changed off on to brick-bats. I see
you are astonished, bat truth is my motto and
hero is the proof."
lie pulled out a piece of brick and held it to
'the citizen's: nose. There were tooth-marks and
no chance for argument.
" They don't agree with me," sighed tbe old
man. "The per cent, of nutriment dosen't
hardly come up to my standard, and a bad taste
lingers in my mouth. I only ato half a dozen
and then changed off to old boots. I tike one
like this, soak it over night in strong lye, shako
out tbe pegs fn tbe morning, and then we boil it
with an old bone, sprinkle in a little bran, and
the soup fills up, if nothing more. This is the
fourth" old boot, and I suppose I could gel along
all right for a week or so, but to-day is my birth
day and I thought I'd like a little bread to sort
'o commemorate the occasion.
Tbe citizen looked at him, mouth open, bat
not a word to say.
" I suppose I might skirmish around and find
an old piece of buffalo robe and bake it for din
ner, but if you had just as soon lend me ten
cents I think III accept it."
Tbe citizen handed oat the money like a man
in a dream, and Etowinsr it down his pocket the
old man picked np the boot and .smelted of the
Heel, luted np Ue picket and bit ou a stiver, and
Eaid as he moved away : ,
' If ever you. get town to brick-bats call on
me for a loan."
An tntcrctiiK Chapter. j
Hficn isjSDs.
Dr. Scott,-a native of this county, and now U.
S. Consul at Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, is in
this country on leave of absence. He visited
his frienlls in this city last week, and while here
we interviewed him as follows, relative to the
Sandwich Islands :
Question Where oro tbe Sandwich Islands
situated t
Auswpr In tbe Pacific Ocean, 2,100 miles S.
W. of San Francisco, between latitudes 19 and
22 north of the equator.
How 'many 'islands are there istbo group con
stituting tbe Sandwich Islands!
Twelve Eight of which are inhabited and
arable ; the other four are simply islets.
What "is the climate?
The climate is uri excellent one, "the mercury
ranging the year round between CS and S3, con
sequently we; have constant summer. Vegsta
(ion crows tbe year round. '
What are tbe products of the island ?
Sugar, rice, taro, -oranges, bananas, .and all the
other tropical fruits. Taro is the national food
of the inhabitants. It is a epecies of Indian-turnip,
and is grown in patches nnder water, like
rico. When prepared lor use it is called poi,"
and is about tbe consistency of paper-hanger's
paste, and Is very pleasaut food, even to foreign
ers. How does llie sugar-cane grow on the islands ?
Il grows luxuriantly, and gives a larger yield
tluin in any other country in the world as bTgli
as six tons lo tbe acre having been produced
annually on some of the sugar fields. The aver
age product of Louisiana is only about one ton
per acre.
Have they schools on the islands?
Their school system is very perfect. Fifty
seven years ago when the American Missionaries
landed oa these" islands the inhabitants bud no
written language. A written language was
given them by tbe missionaries, and now 93 per
cent of the natives between the ages of 10 and
40 years can read and write eitber in that or tbe
English language. Few countries can boast of
so great a per cent, who can read and write.
They have good colleges, seminaries, academies,
and common schools in all the inhabited islands.
Have they churches ou the islands, and how
are they supported ?
They hare very fine churches in all parts of
the islands. Their architecture is after the style
of New England. In some of tbem services are
conducted in Ihe'Eoglish language and others in
the native language. The Congregational form
of church government prevails. Almost nil the
natives belong lo church or atteud church ser
vices, and the Sabbath is more strictly observed
on Ibese islands than in any pari of this country.
Tbe churches of these islands are no longer sup
ported by tho foreign missionary society ot this
country, but support their own ministry and
raise about 820,000 annually for the support of
missionaries in llie other islands of tbe Pacific.
What is the form of government on these is
lands ?
It is constitutional monarchy. They hare a
King-, a King's Cabiuet, Privy Council, and a
Legislative Assembly. The Judiciary is fust
taking rani; with that of other nations. Lite
and property are as safe in these islands as in
any other country iu the civilized country.
What do yon cay about the King?
He is a gentleman about 40 years of age, in
telligent and well educated. He speaks fluently
the English and native languages. Hu was en
throned about two years ago, and controls the
public affair? of his kingdom to the entire satis -faction
of his people. He visited this country
two years ago, and was much pleased with the
country und Ibe consideration shown him by our
government and people.
Arc tbero many Americans on these islands?
Tbe Americans constitute a larger proportion
of the population than any other lorcign nation
ality, except the Chinese, aod control u large
amount of tbe active capital und business of the
What are the commercial relations of these is
lands with the, United Stales?
Almost all the products exported from Jliese
ltSJia mostly San"
'."SJf.'iii'.' -jJinnportalions into the islands
are mostly from llc U. S., since tho passage of
thn treaty of recetil date between the lo coun
tries. j '
I learn you h'arc volcanoes and earthquakes on
these islands ?
Yes. They have three volcanoes in active
operation, one of them the largest in tbe world ;
but these are not thought by the inhabitants of
the islands to be disturbers of their future quiet
and peace. They attract sight-seers from all
parts of the world. Earthquakes are not by any
means frequent, und when they do occur are of a
very moderate character. They arc not of tho
violent character experienced in South America.
I see by the papers you havo leprosy on your
islands ?
Yes ; leprosy has bad an existence in tho is
lands for some 30 or 40 years, supposed to have
been brought from China. Few loreiguers ex
cept Chineso have been effected with it. As
soon as a person is known to be effected with the
leprosy he or sht is removed by tbe government
to the island Molokai, part of which has been
set apart and isolated as an asylum for these un
fortunate beings. None of tbem ever get well.
By this old Bible system of isolation tbo govern
ment, I think, will very soon relieve the islands
from this dreadful malady.
You say Uiat tbe " taro " is the national food
of the natives. Do the foreigners live on taro?
No. A large number ol the natives, while
they use the taro, cat other tood and live in as
good etyle as tbe English or American people.
The Chinese live principally on rice. Tho Eng
lish, Americans and other foreigners supply their
tables with us great a variety, if not greater,
than load the tables ef England or America. I
have never seen better beef, mutton, fish and
otber meats anywhere than is offered in these is
lands; and there is no season in the year when
there cannot be found upon tbo tables of the
Sandwich Islanders all kinds of vegetables just
from the gardens, green corn, watermelons,
strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cucum
bers, etc., etc.
How is the government supported?
The government is supported by duties on im
ports and taxes levied upon real aud personal
property. Taxation is much lighter there than
liere : tbe levy is only of 1 per cent, on the
assessed value of the property.
Have you many or very nice hotels ?
Yes wo have, wherever necessary. There is
.one hotel iu tbe city of Ilonolulajbuitl by tbe
government, that will compare favorably with
many of the large hotels in the cities of U. S.
What are the means of communication be
tween tbe Islands and tbe United States ?
There la a v&y'fioe lino of monthly steamers
running from San Francisco and Australia that
touch at the Islands, and quite anumberof fine
sailing vessels running between San Francisco
and the Islands,
Is thai a good country for Invalids to resort
Well, I think for that class of invalids who
aro effected by severe winters, it would be a
good country. Persons predisposed to con
sumption who have gone there have been bene
fitted, and the development of their disease
greatly' retarded if not entirely checked. The
debilitating and enervating tendoncy of the cli
mate, I think unfavorable to persona in whom
tubercular disease is folly developed.
What is tbe condition of manufacturing on
tbe Islands ?
There is little manufacturing done thero.
There is a ship yard, a machine shop, cooper
shops, carpenter, housebuilding, cabinet, shoe
making and tailoring shops.
What is tbe character of their business houses?
The business houses of tbe city of Honolulu,
which contains about 10,000 inhabitants, will
compare favorably with any city of its size in
the U. S. One bouse does a business of over a
million dollars annually. The Chinese are en
teriog to a considerable extent into the business
and commerce of tbe Islands. Some Chinamen
who came there 10 or 15 years ago as coolies,
own large establishments and are doing a suc
cessful business.
What kind of money is nsed in the Islands ?
By an act of the legislature fire or six years
ago gold and silver coins of the U. S. were made
the legal currency or the Kingdom.
Do they run their business as much on the
credit system there 03 they do in the U. S ?
Collections are made every three months,
and it is thought so dishonorable there not to
make prompt payment al tbo end of the quarter
that the creditor almost invariably, at the stated
periods, receives the full amount of his credits,
and it is not often that we hear of prosecution
beicg commenced to compel delinquents to pay
over. The natives and Chinamen, however poor,
never think of avoiding the payment or their
debts ; they think Ibey could not be guilty of a
more dishonorable act. All the natives sub
scribe for newspapers, aod I have never heard cf
a newspaper publisher complaining that tbey did
not pay their subscriptions. I lear you news
paper publishers in the U. S. cannot suy as
How many newspapers aro published on the
They have threo in the English language
two political and one religions ; and one in the
nativo language a politico-religious paper.
Wo also have a fine book bindery and publish
ing house.
Are the people really civilized on theso Is
lands ?
Yes, they are. Seventy years ago tbey knew
little about civilization or religion, but throngh
tbo instrumentality ol tbd New England Mis
sionaries, uud the expenditure- of a million and u
half of dollars by the christian churches of the
U. S they have becomo not only a civilized but
religions people. 1 thought, before I visited tho
Islands, that I would ineel a semi-savage people;
bul I was astonished, in conversation with some
of tbem, when 1 was asked if the people of lha
U. S. woru a civilized and christian people.
They said when they read our papers, which
said so much about stealing, fraud and corrup
tion, and other crimes, that they were lead to
believe that we could hardly be civilized and
certainly not religious, and suggested that it
might bo their duty to send the gospel back to
as again.
What is the means of conveyance on and be
tween the Islands ?
There is a steamer belonging to the govern
ment, running between the several Islands,
which, tocetber with some 15 or 20 schooners,
carry tho peoplo and produce lrom Island to
Islam!. In tho neighborhood of Honolulu anil
some other parts of the Islmds, tho roads are
very good, and by the wealthy people, native
and foreign, carnages nud buggies are used to
considerable extent, bul the larger part of the
travel on the Islands is performed on horseback,
the women, as well as men, ride astride, or
"closcpin fashion," and go at great speed. Al
most all the horses loap. and the nativo women
look very graceful on their hacks, dressed in
their riding habit. Miss Bird, the English
tourist, who wrote a book on the Islands, and
many other foreign ladies rode after this fashion.
Is there us much excitement on tbo question
of temperance there i.s here?
'Ihero nre temperance organizations on all
the Islands. The laws of the Kingdom forbid
any one selling intoxicating drinks to the citi
zens of the country, under heavy penalties, and
these laws are scarcely ever violated. Monon
gahela City (I'enn,) llecorj.
Tho Following Articles:
To which they woold call attention. A niU assortment or
Best zbemc Iron,
In Iota to suit pnrchAsers.
Excellent Coal. rr stoves, br the ba all ready pot op,,
aaves?3percentln expttse of fuel.
UoolUi)? Stove, to barn coal, at low rate.
IlarreU White's IVrtlaud Cement, will be sold low to
close nsdgommtt. Also, a few thousand lire Bricks,
arched aud square.
llolled Unwed OS, Macte ralnt, Ited Lend, dalvanlied
Fencing- Wire, Ac., tc, Ac
FrenurnIiisCtMl,ofKtMlqaalltr, tor plantation use,
at a low figure by the quantity.
East Iniltu Rice, lo V) lb uiaUiiul to aoj for tMe iw
or for Chinese, will be sold at old rates. The quality war.
China Mattint?. Xo. 1 aod So. 2 quality.
China. Mitt Hag.
Wth gtar complete, mad by Mew. Mlrless, Tttlt A
Wataon, Glasgow. A foil assortment of
American, Scotch and Irish Whiskies.
or different brimls.lncliftltn? theceleoraletl Fl-rsaThorloa
.t Co , KtijrU.h Tlottled Ale aod Porter, McKwua's, IUm.1
and other brands.
200 1Y1 Cooci China Bricks.
nan4Ie Hoop Iron, 3T and Inches,
Iore Shoes assorted sixes, Ac, Ac, Ac
u sm ;ui:i:.v, jiaokaiii.axi: co.
A Yt'oiitiiii Still.
A young woman, with draggled dross and a
flushed face, with her hair loose ovor her shoul
ders, and a hard look in her eyes, followed a
hurley officer into the Cential station just as the
clock was on the stroke ol midnight.
" What's the matter hero?" queried the lieu
tenant, as tho ill-natured couplecimc trooping in.
" Same old charge," said the officer ; "she's
been raising cam around the hay maiket."
" You bet your boots I have," said Ihe girl,
with a hoarse laugh that showed there was
whisky behind It. " I just give 'em as good as
tbey sent."
Tbey were leading her into the recording
room, when she stopped ul the door opening into
the Ciptain's office.
Whose kid is that?" the asked.
''That? Oil, one that was picked up on the
street lost by somebody."
"Ijst, is ho I Well, I've found him. Let me
alone, will you 1"
She pulled an ay from the officer, and in a mo
ment was on the lounge with the child iu her
arms, the painted cheeks pressed close to the
tear stains left on the littlefellon's face when he
teteTeii liiuisellto JleSfr-wlI" llu."S
voil l.ofnro lliem. ami bid thn irrjTfKSfiUd Inno
cent alike lrom eight.
' I had one like you onco," she murmured?"
niter tbe bush of a momeiit, " but he died.
That was so long ugo that I thought I baj for
gotten it there has been so much happening
since so much I wish to (Jod had never hap
pened." A moment longer and she looked np as sober
ns a mother by tbe hearthstone. " May I tako
him in the" cell with me ?'' she askod in a low
and gentle voice.
Tbey said she might, and tho poor forsaken
woman sat down nn the stone bench with tbo
sleeping chill held close to her bosom. The
tears thai fell from her eyes were as balm to her
bruised heart and the little one lifted her soul to
purer lights than it bad known for many, many
weary days in the past. Cleveland Leader,
Nlrnclc :i Itouutiza.
A Decacur street gncr look a sugar-cured
ham from its yellow overcoat the other day, stuff
ed the canvas with saw-dust, and hung il tempt
ingly before his door ns a sign.
Yesterday short-legged Jim camo along ar.d
seeing the decoy remembered that the old woman
was out of meat, and concluded he'd appropriate,
what ho termed tbo " big bonanza." Watching
his chance ho soon bad the yellow fraud under
bis arm making for bniuo.
' Old woman hyar's a ham o' moat I folched
yer," be said, as he deposited his prizo.
" Look hyar, niggar, whar in tho namo ob de
Lain' did yer fetch up wid all dat hum ?"
Ask mo no quischuns an' I'll tell yo no lios,"
said Jim, evasively.
" Well, it wud look sorter like old lime tcr see
so much meat a3 dis in de house. Ular to gras
bus dat man Hayes ain't no slouch ob a prcsum-"
dent am he, Jim?"
"Shet yer fly trap, old woman, wot do dibbil
you know 'bout Hayes? Folch modem scissors
and le's sample dis ham.
The scissors cut two or threo stitches, und tbe
sawdust began to pour out. There were two
dark faces made darker by tbo revelation, and it
flushed Ibrough Jim's miud that he hadn't struck
a big bonanza after all.
' See hyar, Jim. 'pears to mo dat cf I couldn't
steal a shore nuff ham I wouldn't steal a bag ob
Sawdust I"
Then Jim went down town fully satisfied that
"nil's not gold that glitters." Bridges Smith's
Mixed Dkixks " Bangs" writes : A sinis
ter Ibokiug tramp with a scarlet nose and dressed
in the toga of a hod-carrier, reeled out of tbo
doorway of a Main street, Cambridge, sample
room, last Tuesday afternoon, and with features
hideously convulsed, he squat himself down on
the curb stone aud profanely muttered, " Cursed
if I shuldn't like to know who gimme away on
that last schooner of ail 1 swallered. Kr enoozer
that'l put kerosene oil inter er n feller's bier, 'I
corn from er blind goose ; er I don't Uiump tbo
lung outer the blamod side when I kitch him I
am crliar." And the old renegade pulled him
self up on his feet, wiped tbe lager beer froth
from tangled dirty whiskers and scuttled off into
Pearl street, swearing like' a Lexington milk
man. Boston Globe.
An Injurious Dri.vic. An elderly gentleman,
of nearly seventy winters, was taking bis noon
cup of coffee al Mrs. Harrington's a few days
since when a much younger friend suggested
thai coffee drink was very injurious, "Is that
so?' inquired the veteran ; "well, now, you sii
down and tell me all about it, not that I am
much interested on my own account, but I
should like lo tell my father, who is about ninety
years of age, and who will persist in drinking
coffee." Boston Journal.
Pacific Eubber Paint Company's
BOU.ES & Co.
The Rubber Paint Is Jast!y celebrated, and ts coming
Into general nse, and all who hare glrcn It a trial highly
recommend It. The undersigned have a general assort
ment of all colors and shades, and will keep op the assort
ment, aad be ready to HU orders at the shortest notice.
C09 I10LLE3 & Co.
Hawaiian Steamer ZILAUEA!
Sailing Days as per Schedule !
Unless Othrrwiso Advertised.
Tin: n.vnitsnaxi:i m:s to notify
the people of Koloa and vicinity that he U pre
pared to execute
For those wishing to hulld, and U also prepared to take
contracts for any kind of bultdlne or
Cart & Carriage Work.
All klad.of building niAterlal on hand aud will be turnlshed
at the old stand In Koloa. such ai
Lumber of all Sii mis,
Doors, Sash Wails, faints, Oil etc.
AUofwhlcli wlilbesolJ at lowest prices. 3" Lumber
at any of the landings, front Kolo.1 to Wnlmea at lowest
rate. No charge for plans, or estimates to those pur
chasing material from me.
w. ir. lvinuiiT.
Koloa. Kauai, Dec- 4th, 1878. tSZ-tm
Iron Water Wheel for Sale.
(IlAgow. Then heel Hln perfect order, and olmott
new ; U SI feet in diameter by 3 feet on the face. There
are two snare sectliMM of side plates of buckets belonging
lo It. Foi further particulars, terms, Ac, apply t
lr. J. Win lir. KobU. Hawaii,
618 OrtoJ.T. WATKBIIOWE, Honolulu.
green, mwmmt'ti?
PorSalo to arrijl
Now Duo from Portland, Oregon,
Consisting of
Cases Oregon Fresh Apples,
Ixs. Herrings, Cases Lanl, Cases A
Cases Ureatl, Bags Oatmeal,
14 31 Feet Flooring, 41) M Shinglei,
Barrels Oregon Floor,
Half Barrels Columbia River Salmo
Sacks Bran, Sacks Wheat,
Kitts Salmon Bellies, Cases Salmon!
Cases Bacon
Cases Hams, Cases Dried lWf,
&c9 Sec, &c
rfiiiR I'ciir.ic Ann cictioed Acinffl
A. tbe untuu&iioi auivOMtu jtwqvmii fnil''Ut(
caoipoUtbn ef CnLoaoDvsa U kinrwn to Oiimu Msl a
MtMicl profrtwUm." The f et U, ChturMlje m kmm
and ioveutrd by Dr. J. COLLlSURUl:(s An.;
Staff.) and so named by h-oi. aod it bas beded alt ttOma
at anftlTtULr tb firtt ChcniUI f lb dr. TV bo.
and secret of tL prrpanttii fcav neTtr tvn aaMifct J
U obtlonju therrf.re. that anjtblKir mM mdr ta tWl
CAUTION. Tke-Chancellor fir Tt P. TTond ttaM t
Dr. Colli Urowbwa nnsiuabtedly tL lavtaUcaf Q
ThU Invaluable remedy produces quiet rtlrvsblw &
retietcs pain, calms the rateni. rrtoM tbedsrraaetNlsWl
Hons, aud itlntuUtra bealttiy ctbm of tbe rtMif sJB
txuly. vuiMtat cimUd; any ot taoc m.ptat rmlfct4
teDlinetbe m bl opium. Old and tomb-ay taWfttfJ
boors aixi (inies wnn reaiiir iaai ( yirmtw i
tiff to its tnarveltwu coud tffvcU and woJr(l ctra
medical men txUA its virtue mot uttwittly, Mtir J
cre.it quantities in tbe Miowtng oiaM: tawer,,
tery, uiarrotei, nunc. woru a noma, noctouia, j,
ralgU, Whooping Couch, Cramp lljtteria, Ac.
Tb Ittitbt Hon- Earl KniMlt communicate! Utfc
of rhjaleUns, and J. T. Dawpnvt, that h kad noNti
formation to the effect :1m t tbe out itmdr of asr mtm
In Cholrra M CM LOItOtlYN II ?eo LanctL brt. SLba. j
Dr. Lowe. Medical MUwhinary la India, report (Du,!!k1
that In nearly ivrry cm ot Cholera in which Dr J. OALm
UliU.MT3 ttiLUUUUl.. was ainuawierea, it
rtrof cred.
Extract from MtJicat limes. Jan. 11. MCaknfl
l preacnuea uy Korc 01 wiboiKss wmniou iaciiuuMt,
course It would not thus tm sincuhuly pocnlar 4U M
aurpiy a waut ana mi a ptaca.- -Extract
from tbe Cnral Hoard -f Health. I
its efficacy In Cholera So tlrooiilT are wacuavtsrsdsf
tnimenM talueof tbU remedy, that wa caat LtS
urn thanecMtltyitlasIoptiaclt In allea.n
CAUTION Na canals without lb word "Jr.i
CULLla Uit,OUNK" on lb OuirrDHifil SUtaa. tfwl
whelming medical telimony accuupaaies Met. Mm
Sole Moutcturr J. T. UAYKSFVtT.
S3. Great RuaMltSt, bLuibarj,.
iou m ueimsai is. ikl, s. o.. i
Aeentalnw Vutk, .. II. Sckiiiriil 1 Co. stilt
Old Honolulu Hale Building, Merchant Ski
Impoirtoi iMitl Dealer in
And every arllclo of utility ami fancy connected with tho line, adapted to the Cocat5a
House and Omce, and to Artists, 'reaction, rroies&ionai uenticmcn,
Travelers, etc., on as reasonable terms as can bo had
hero or in San Francisco, among which aro
tho following Staple Goods:
Knslijh anl French Letter Papers, istin surface and
extra fine, plain anJ gilt edges
T)o. Hill t and Note do. i!u. do., in boxes.
Do. Is Iter anJ Note Envelopes, to match the above
Mourning Paper anl Envelopes, an assortment con
stantly on hand
American Cap. Letter, an l Note Papers, from the
beit makers, of almost every description
Enamelled surface and pearl surface Cards
Embossed and Friendship Cards
Perforated Boards, for Chenelle work and .Mot toe I
Tissue and Fancy-colored Papers
Morocco and Embossed, and Gold and Silver Papers
Best London Quills and Quill Pens
1.000 Oross of Steel Pen, from tbe best makers
English Bed and Colored Wafers, and Seals
Enzlih SeiliniT Was, red and fancy
Ktdder's and Payson's Indelible Ink
Glass Pens, for marking witb Indian Ink
Blue, Black and Hed Writing Inks, and Carmine
Thermometers, Tooth-piet. s
Maps of Hawaiian TsWmli, Charts
Portable Writ ins Desks, from IS to 22 Inehes, Ma-
hogany and Biiewood, adapted for ladies' and
gentlemen's use
School Books, of all kinds In general use
Family and Pocket Bibles, Testaments, etc.
Teachers new Beference Bibles, Prayer Books
5,000 Standard English and American Books
Paper-cover Books, Song and Mosie Books
English and American Juvenile and Toj Books, of
ererj description
Best Drawing Paper, all sizes, from demy to double
elephant, and In rolls of 3d and 40 yards
Bristol Boards, of every size aod thickness
Fern Board and Mounting Board
Choice Chromos of American and E a rope an Scenery
framed or unframed
Sterescopes and Sterescope Views
All tbe la to Piano Masio, Songs, and Song Books
Tracing Papers and Tracing Cambric In rolls
Newman's Water Colors, In boxes
Beit Sable and Camel's Hair Brashes
Faber's superior Drawing Pencils, In boxes
Colored Pencils, C ret lev is do , Copying do.
Mathematical or Drawing Instruments, In cases,
from $1 to $10 each
Chess Men, wood and Ivory
Backgammon and Chess Boards
Intellectual Card Games, Playing Cards
Dominoes, of various patterns
Gold and Silver Pencil Cases
Gold Pens, with Gold Canes
Gold Pens, with Silver Cases and Diamond Points,
from 11.50 to $3.50 each
Steel Penknives. 1 to i blades, of peatl, shell. Ivory
buck and buffalo handles, of rich and beautiful
patterns. Imported expressly to order
Porcelain Slates and Drawing Slates
Photograph Albums, card and cabinet sixes. In great
variety, from $1 to $20.
Ivorr Tablets. PaDer Cotters, etc.
Cash and Dec! Boxes Check Cutters ac l Cassal
Croquet Sets, School Satchels
Inkstands, In great variety
Elastic Bands and Bings, Alphabet Books
Pen Wipers and Hacks, Rulers
School Slates and Slate Pencils
All kinds of Tin goods and Cah Boxes
ppjt-otSccand Envelope Tin Racks
Children's Sets Tennlns
Children's Drawing Cards and Toys, fn grtatvir?
Copying rresser, Uil Sbeeti and lfrujbes
Crayons, white and colored
Desk Folios. Pads and Weights
White and Colored Blottinsr Papers
Drawing. Drafts, Note, Ordsr an I Uectipt Costs
ZiU.UOU Envelopes, of all sties and variety Irta-
I to 15.
Eyelets and Eyelet .Machines
Herbariums and Strap Books
Autograph Albums, of all sizes and pikes
Initial Paper and Envelopes
LKATiirn joodh.
A large and more complete assortment tkia tat
found at any other establishment, soea as t
Memorandum Books. Postage Stamp) Alhaoi
Pocket Books, Wallets and Port mosaics
Traveling Desks, Reticules
Bankers' Wallets, folto and eap sixes
Ladles' and Gent's Portfolios etc. eta.
Colored Morocco Skins
Shsep Skins, Morocco Cloth eta.
A very fall and extensive assortment cf rfffM
quality, comprising every variety of form aa4j
aaapteu to an kinds or business, aimely i
rJadrerf. Tonrnals. "THr Hooka. Caih TtAafcr.
Books, Wasla Books Invoice, Books. IS'it!
Note and Bill Books Utter Books. te.. et
Writing Books, of all tbe varbur rulia,;i, 1 K
broad, quarto lorm
Quarto Account Books
Blank Drawing Books
Albums great variety cf elegant styles
Floe Record Books, for Societies, dobs, etc
Workmen's Time Books Weekly aod Monti!
riioTofJUAiMi ricrrnnK.
IneladingStereseopes of Hawaiian, Americas.
mo and Laropean bcenery, cabinet and -
Phototrrapbs of Dotlia men and noted nlaecs.
33r My collection of Photograph ricUrrt
always he tonna worth inspecting.
I'umnti: niAMrs.
In rreat variet. from eaLinat site 4xf iscl-
heavv vilt ft-Ineh moaMintri. far larrejt site wtl
Rustic and Gilt-Oral Frames, of all sizes sad"!
All New Articles of Fancy Stationery Received by tW
earliest arrivals from London and New York.
PRINTING- of Bill Heads, Circtilars, Cards, Etc., Eta.
New Stock Iteceived Jyy every Steaiucn
EST Country Merchants and Dealers will find it for their interest teM
v... M., CJt f. 7 7 . - t . " . -1 .... rf. J a-CSSJ
,u ua vctrc jiurcuanng eueaiere. iza .ill orders mil 0c nu
promptness and despatch.

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