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tj r V Maoir City of Xw Tk,
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" WirkJaalna., Soee, tSnnw.
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; mhmin, 130 bUa eftf Helen Mar, IS
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Mrr E ItaaJ. fr-a Hil.
' v i Afc kala-., tra-a
v paaaaiwa, frva Eoaa, Hawaii
Care Bait, (run Mtw-fc.U.
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American News.
mail Council wltb tbeMoaxChleSu
Cc'jWt-1. Tfca Sioux ud Ampt
5 fiefaUon bid their lut pow-wow at the
Irtia-t t dar. Kd Closd aid : Uj
vr e;i u pu( la tht Mujonri Kircr,
y ' we a there oar itoek will d. Iln
m terj btd'.y bcae v bare t po to the
v Hj'er Aa the Northern Indtaof that bare
tfbl UUlifl ReaexraiiftDl hart bCH OrtHJfht
1jzM 13 od eaylf."
.Taid "Tbe decuioB th urett i -
alti s ZMimla ta eaar the Mildri Rirer
a rr Or bj detcfilioa her. aiUglber, w
i ti, tsv tplc I had been ordered ta ro
111 la k nritr tkv aronld
cie; the 40Btrr. Thif deration here
cci u taaa toy pun an sol caw
7t bare picked oat a rood place and ere
Ifcfo a tt ii the Sprisr , bat we can cot leave
.a. littu be at peace and keep
r-i a vbtUfl. bat it U toapauible for at t
Xar .1,,. f.ll IT - .ur t
tc Creek- Jour werdf to tee art ery
tat4i tot vint U m-e to the MUaoari
tltsaTe bi;kaCila lathe Sprier. Where
' lrTwat wear U prepared for Wiotcr.
tsteeter threw away thier labor. Where
rare property thty lire, aaiit if the
We don t wa&tto urot oar taaor
L"y. -aat oj ta threw that property away
Py ai fr It, cd if too pay ni for it
T c BBOveaway: athanria. we caaooL"
5-i.an replied, eajiajr I Toa eeme here
eai wiU year Great Father, and he hat
U VUJ! tTkM ka Umha roar Great
at Gead is th koak earlain trealiea. Theae
MJi Theae treatiea made it til doty to
Fru. u to yea aad to feed yoa on a place
JtUioeri E!rer. There are maay thinrt
44 yoa deaire aad maay not a we de
Ci at vu taea. ve hare to acoomcaodate
ft-ik'.a-t ai they are. Toar eapptsea are
Xli: uri KiTr Bw. They were carriei there
'"rUbee tk laar. aa tkftt fflirbt Eire
'ewwo yg wer haarry. aad it la now to
T Um toeBrathar rjUce. The Great
-ier au pleated at whatyoa eaid In eanectioa
r a pUoa d White River, aad h will be
II w-n tab In remain oath
-rr thaa TiBtr. He will be r'.ad to e
dswo aayoar permaoeot place, and will
aittfT nil mrm. TI Ih&t U. ell th
Jtnaitj in the wit of tnUIt. waroai
i4: A-i he detirea yoa to do bow is to aid
yt.scltpeiihleforbioitohlpyoa- Th
wL8 teel food, aad iaaaatafc a lod
eami aear the place where year people
yea wUUre Un aear the plaea where
at, '
rta! haadihahicr the Indiant rturea.
- w-s-orrow ticaisf ir name.
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- we etiereace.
t Trinketa.
-r.aad dutribatsd ailrertaedalJ amoisr
1 B un tV. - 4 . rt rood
-J - cu - w - -
t-t ea ae tires et heiar ditappoiaUd
rut tjr tvm. 4
PebllC CoUdlwE
ta-u.aa to etamioe the farioaf pohlio
kTClbtrt aitatkair r.nraof OBalidcS. Will
I" r. - .1.?. i. k.
TteBtertlnment it the theftra hit 8to
itj tTenlni: il well tttended, and the rrctlpm ai
we nodenUoa, tmoootcd to qolle MU(c1ory
nm. Derby and Wruela bwneht down the houe.
Nrwa rROM the "WmLiia. The whaling birk
Ralnhow, Captain Coftan which arrived jatrrJay
brinRaTerr good reporta from the whaling fleet
For particnlara we refer onr rcaderl to the report
la onr commercial column.
5T" The Supreme Court btrlns decided that the
law on the anhjret of Illicit Cuhahltatlnn hw aW
rcadr been repealed, we tnt there will be no for-'
thcroccatlon to dttcnis the, manner In which lila
Excellency the .AUnrtier funeral Hthcr doea or '
does not perform hla duty nndcr !d law.
1ST The Patiac Mall Steamer City of New Tork
w.a irlrcraphed a little after eleven o'clock yea
terday moraine, bnt owln; to tbe nnnsnatlyluw
tlde ahe remained anchored onulde the haibor Until
abont three In the aftcrnnon. She left at 6 u'clock
thla morning. She brought no pauencera for thla
t?ThedIttrictot Uamikua, Hawaii blda Mr
to be a large cane Rrowlns one; we hear o! two
new placea beio;atarte4 there, one at Paanilo, by
Mr. Volley, who bit a.ims 63 acrea now ' srowlni,
and that the larse and One tract or Knhalalele, haa
been leaaed by Mr-WidJISeld, fortheaame punvjsc.
The two lut named traeta are pecullarlr adapted
lortae cro win; or canc. We wla them all incceaa.
X5f Meaara. Allen & Roblnton'a new achooner
Haleakala left tlonolnlu on Wrdcetdir alternoon
for her flrtt trip to Milo and arrired at the Utter
place on Sitnrday mornlnr, bavlnc; made tbe dis
tance In two daya and three nlf hla. This la elcel
lcM time, eapecially conalderlns that two tiopa
were made on the way, one at Lahatna and one at
Tnr Kino'; Birtbiut. The adjonrned meetlnc
at tbe Armory on Monday crrnlnr; completed their
arranferacnta for celebrating Hla Mijejtj'a Birthday
to far ta rclatea to tbe proponed rrgatta, the pro
gramme for which will be loond In onr advertiainc.
colnmna. It'waa alao decided that there t bo old be
a ball In the ereulni; at the Hawaiian Hotel and the
following committees w ere appointed for that por
poae, Tix: Cocimittee of ..rrancrinenta Hon. A.
S. Clcganrn, IL Macfatlane and A. W. Bctb, Com
mittee on Inrltationa J. II. Paly, F. W. Maciar-
lane, and H. E. Whitney.
HusawaT XaTiro lioTa. V tae before ns a
letter from a Hawaiian named W. S. Keaniohuli,
dated Fort Uamble, Sept. SKih. from which we
learn that there are now at that place, fire Ha
waiian boya who left Honolnln by alowlo Iheui
aclrea away on tbe barks Atlanta and Victor, when
thoae Tcaaela were at thla port. Three tit these
boj named Niil, KUan and Eanahcle left by
the Atlanta, and two named Keliiklpl and Kaaoa-
unlla by the Victor. Theae adrmtnroua yonn-4
atera belnc too small to earn their liYlo at such
labor aa offers at Port Gamble, the writer of the
letter Las taken them In charre nntil such time aa
other ammrenienU can be made.
Fjse. The alarm offlrr about 8 o'clock on Son
day crenlnj;, was canted by the burning of a small
uatlre house, near the Kanmakaplll Church. For
tunately the damage In this luttauce was small
bat crery occurrence of this kind Is i reminder of
the rUk we constantly run of a destructive confla
gratlon. Let a fire once get well under way on the
makal side of Berelanla street, anywhere between
Ncuann and Maunakea streets, and it mlhl easily
sweep the w bole of that aide of the town, clean
down to the water. Tbe condition of that portion
of Honolulu la a ataudin Invitation to fire, and
nothing but rood luck or m kind Providence baa
spared na thus far.
A LaE xxd Im-OTEvr Cocxcsios. Our
reader a, we presume, have notlorgottco tbeexdtc
mcnt cansed m few weeka ago by tbe arrest of a
considerable number of peraous for violation of tbe
law against illicit cohabitation. These couple.
who had been living together lor various periods
of time aa uuaband and wife, without going through
the proper legal formalities in such cases made and
provided, w ere all brought up In the Police Court,
and variously dealt with accordior totbeclreutn-
stances ol their Individual cases. Some were fined
and some concluded to become legally culted as
husband and wife, while others would have done
so hsd not former matrimonial entanglements from
which they were nnable to obtain legal release.
stood in the way. Que or two couples, however,
wiser perhaps In their generation, concluded to
appeal to the Supreme Court, and thua we come
to hare the case of Rex vs. Kalalkoa, the decision
of w hlcb was announced In last Saturday's Adver
tl-er.- Tbe decision la aa IoIIoks: "The Court
holds that the statute defining tbe offense of Illicit
cohabitation has been repealed, and that offenses of
this kind must be prosecuted aa either adultery or
fornication." The defendant wai discharged. Xo
donbt tbe defendant Is bsppy. Whether the law ofl
cers ot tbe Crown who prosecuted, and the magis
trate who convicted blm, onder a statute which It
cow appearadid not exist, are equally well satisfied.
Day wdl be doubled.
Captain Hobbox's .Via Steamer. Most of our
readers are no doubt aware that Xleasra. Tibbeta
and Sorenson of Honolulu, are engaged at the pre
sent time op the construction ol a new steamer for
Capt. Thoa. H. Hobron. Having made a -visit to
the premises of Messrs. T.ii-i few daya since,
for tbe purpose oflnspcctiug the progress oftfie
work, we are able to furnish the public some parti
cdars and details which will be found Interesting.
It may not perbapa be generally known, that thla
is the largest piece of ship-building yet attempted
In thla countrr, and tbe well known character of
the builders affords all needed assurance that they
will torn out a piece of marine architecture which
will not auffer by comparison with any Teasel of
Imilar aire and class, wherever constructed. He
understand that by the last steamer from San Fran
cisco, Messrs. T. t 3. received a considerable addi
tion to ttelr force, and the work la now belrg j
i- - j : ji r.-.aHa ft I. -Tnjx-4 thai the !
pusueu lafiwij w - r- j
-vessel will be ready for lauoehlng In Jannary. The
following will be the dimensions of tbe hull, when
complete. Length of keel 113 feet, length over all
12S feet, breadth of beam 24 ieet 6 Inches, depth of
hold 10 feet. Tbe registered tonnage will be about
3SD tons and her carrying capacity, equal to SCO tona
of sugar. .Theiramels ofkoaand northwest and
ahe will be completely covper fattened, below tbe
water line. Tbe propelling power will be furnish
ed by a compound engine ot 13) borse power, built
bylheKisdon Ironworks of San Franaaco. In
fact we understand Trom Capuio Hobron that the
engine la already completed. Tbe boiler will be 8
feet long by 8 feet 9 inches In oiameier ana wm
! unlisted with 1T6, two and a half loch return
tnbea. The propeller will be of brass and f nrrish
ed with four blades; which Captain Hobron ataSrea
rin be warranted not to drop oj. I be speea un
der steam, m fair average weather. Is estimated at
8 knots. It Unotiotended however that the vessel
shall be entirely dependent on steam. 5o wm oe
furnished with two masts, schooner-rigged, and
be able to use her sail?, either as an aaxiwaa
to her engine, or In case of accident to the latter, as
an Independent means ol progression. iu
to her freighting capacity. small but well fitted
cabin will furnish comfortable accomodation for a
limited number of passengers.
Doctor TrsBaix treats Diseases of tbe Skin,
Nervous Disease, etc
I -Wi'tor e Ot Aimu-u Gaiett
Sir: After reading the article on tbe Sunday
law In the last number ol the JdWrfiarrl waa aome-
wnat puttied to know Jnat where the writer stood ;
bnt reflection leads me to the conclusion that the
writer It In the mala oa sound gronnd. The seeming
wani oi nxcanesa o purpose waa doubtless caused
by r too tender regard for the Sabbath dcaccratora
in onr community ; their tnbiunttal bankaccouuta
or position in affairs of auie Were not without tbclr
influence. From what baa been written and said
on the question of Snnday laws one would suppose
that our law waa a Tery pevnllar one, when tbe tact
is that onr law la not r-orc rigid than those ot Great
Britain, aud tbe United States of America, not un
der the Influence of rally French urSpanlshlawa.
lUaptcrSS tl tbe complied Peual- Code contains
all our enactmenta on tbe aubjecl ;
aeetlou 1, Prescribes the peualty for anyone who
willully Interrupts or disturb, any asscmblv for
religions worship."
Section 2. Prohibits "all worldly buslneas, amnae-
menta aud recreatious." and "any tnauncr uf labor,
bu.lues. or work, except only works of necessity
and cbanty," and lakiug jwrt at "any dancing, pub
lic amneincnt, show or culertaiunicnt," or "game,
sport of play."
Sections. Prohlulla tbe entertainment ol any
pcrsous except travellers, strangers or lodgets, at
any hotel, Inu, victualing bouse, bowliug alley.
billiard aaloon or liquor shop.
Tbe earliest English statutes of Importance on
this subject were enacted In the reign of Edward
which required that tbiaday be "kept holy."
The statutes of Elizabeth and Jamea gu no further
except iu providing penalties "lor abseuce from
.The Mosaic Jaw contained In tbe Fourth Com-
mandmenreecms to tnrnlsh tbe basis for the Itgis.
latiuu of tbe reign uf Chatlcs IL, prohibiting Sun
day Jabor. The Act ufS9, Charles II., on which
the ptesenl Snnday laws la England aud the United
Stales are based, provides that nu tradesman, arti
ficer, workmau, laborer or other person vbaicver
aball do or exercise any worldly labor or bosiuess,
or work of their ordinary1 callings on Sunday. Tbe
legislation of most ol the Uultcd Siatca follow a the
Eugllsh Uw, aud cvldeutly Intmds to compel a
general suspension of bnslncsa ur labor tu that day.
Iu 2cw York the Court held that tbe law was not
jineoustltutlonalaa "a deprivation of the c!l!zcu-of
hla property," which problbila the openlug of
theaters on Sunday. And In Califurula the problbl
tion of all persous from opening placca of bttelucss
on Sunday Is held to be Coustitutioual.
Work of necessity and clarity is everywhere ex
cepted by the la a, and thla la defined bv the Massa
chuselts Supreme Court aa not requiring physical
or absolute necessity," bnt any' labor, bualness or
work which Is Morally fitand proper to be done on
that day, nnder the circumstances of the particular
There Is no dunbt what view the Conns In Eng
land and nearly all the United States would lake of
tbe legality of any contract made on Snnday, or of
entering npon any business or recreation for par-
pases of pecuniary profits.
Travelling on Sonday. although forbidden in
Maine, Massachutets, Vermont, Councctlcnt and
Kew Tork Is not forbidden here.
Tbe writer so far on this question appear to re
gard It ns an Infraction ofpereoual liberty that Mr.
Black'a public newspaper advertisement for pas
sengers from Honolulu to Ewa on his steam tug,.
leaving Honolulu on Sundays was notallowed to be
fullv acted on. Unless the writer in tbe Adzrrliser
leaves tbe native Hawaiian oat of all consideration,
it can be aafely asserted that four-filths of the legal
Toiers olthis Kingdom will sustain oar Sunday
law. ..
A Volce-from Over the Sea.
Windsor Chambers, Gnat Saint Helens,
London, lSlo Sept., 1877.
Tc tit Editor tftU Jfoiratoia ffoaernr
Dui Sir : In penning youri of tfca Sth nlt.p I
was much pleased with year editorial, and glad to
sea the datthng sanihiaa ballot canted the presi to
become hat blind. It la traa yoa are ifinr. up la a
balloon, but In danger efa raeket itkk piercing Its
tender aides when U woald deleted much falter thaa
it went a p. Tea lay la yoar arliels " although thla
new tarifflaw has not jet gees intotJVt it It already
evident that it will cams trouble not only with ths
United States to whom it raay welt appear almott ta
Ibe light of an Intended tns.lt, bat with other for
elgn nationa. whom it shoald always be ear pnlioy
to conciliate." I have confidence In onr present
ministry and trait they may not be prevented from
doing the Island lattice by eppasltion fron the
planting interest. Tbe planters are the great reel-
from lots Klerdom. mr brothet. Mr. OSCAH
111 act fbr me under rawer of Attoraer tn alt tastnee
matters connected with ths liana Plantation.
Uonoloia, 2VQverabr a, irrr, eea tt
For Sale.
iftTfie Imported " Horse Wonder,"
A snre Fou Getter.
JL can be 8ea at Kualoa Kaoth."
Applr to
tX It, JCDlX
Marshal's Sale.
tt. U. W UAUY aad U KKLltriO, uoirdla&a of
O r. MACT, Jr a minor. dlndanta
By irtee of a decree latoioc xt of th 8aprtme Ooort
of Law and frolty of lb liawalUn lalanda. In favor of
uie amve namtn ptaiavo:, ror ui no oi ea., i. iuii
piaou or the heaeit ef Reciprocity aad shoald rati I On Saturday, the lit tlty of December, 1877
rood any lots of revenue ta eonieqeeoee. Dy tbe
Reciprocity Treaty, Island productions cot the beat o(
tbe Uaited Statea Ave to one.
After rUinr Hawaii such an advantage for the ad
minion into tbe Kingdom dnty free without any In
crease of Ibe tariff on jtther roods by tbe United
States. Hawaii nodertat.es to laake ap her Uis of
re venae by taitng other American manufacture 160
percent, advance on the old tax. and after the treaty
is sirned. I hare heard more thaa eoe roverotntot
clor nerehaat call it a fraud on the United Sutes.
aad I mast vey it is the best title yon can rive it al
though it U aa ugly name. It is no aie calling blsek
Again Is it fair to other friendly powers that hare
earaed them to pat aa ieettve tariff en anno of
their manufactares thereby dt trot log their basinets
at the Islands. Will lh islands prosper by doing
wrong? Can. they affori;to Jo wrnngt Yoa have sae-
rested the remedy whieh aa aa old ,erebant dating
back to 1SU I fatly endorse. During the ahve 44
years yoa know of me as a merchant for upwards of
IS years and ay experience an doubt will have lafle
ence oa tbe minds of some ef yoar readers.
I fully cndorie yoar suggestion as the simple it way
ofre&'ifylng the mil take Ibat'has been la a Je and
that the Legiflative Asiembly- be convened itnmeii.
ately that the law may be repealed, aod wiped from'
off your Statute Book.
This is a straightforward way out of the woods
without any pitfalls in their path way.
I remain. Tour Obedient Servant,
Jon Tros. Wats an oca.
War News.
Orr latest intelligence from the seat of war! In
the mala favorable to tbe Russians who appear to
hare rallied txjtuc Importaut advantage Iu Asia, as
will be ceu from the folloniur dUpatcbcs:
London, Oct 14. Flchliog has been returned In
Arm ciua. Tue Turks, wtulccvuccnttalti.ir at AUd-
zt3acb, were bollj attacked by tbe Ruse'uus. Alter
ore boars uautc OarKoe&e rtuppeU llie notinc.
London. Oct. 15th. A Uatilto official UUpitcU
tute that Jluuktar Paba attacked the Kuuu -o-
rutuua l rtauuue, auu w uavki.sr-up.u amtiv( iric
London October 16. A RasUn cfQcial dlHutch
s rlial Geucral Guurko (?) bad a complete victu-
ry uvcrMouktar rasuaai Aiacuaar.au. lie iook
taaity priaonera aod guui.
London, October IT. MooUir Pasba, for the
tnat turt. confirms tbe reporl. elillnr tbal be loal
800 men, aud that one aud a ball rvtfraenU sur
rvudcred. Tbo Russian cavalry aud fouf batuliotie
ii luiamij ncre cviupieieij ua.5injcu.
At 12odock noon.
On tbe preralie4. expoae for wu all the ricbt, title and
interest et tne sail ot-reitdanu. in aou to au aa nnraur
the mortX'CTtt f-rerataw t forth aud Orriibnt In tbe
mortaartpf complalaant to tnia came set fortnand de
acritard aa follows, via:
The Premises in Kapalama,
Opposite the Reform IScnool,
Bflnr tbe aatne as are deacrtbed In Uoyal I'atent No. 100,
and bonndM as follows :
IteffinQliiit: at the west corner, from wh'ch point rnnch-.
bol8arrr utkio beers H 71 V Kfmarjamt Xratepoat
at lUfonn febuol Ji t W Tat thence the boondajy ,
rumN it K. i4.Z fret alone Kuauoa;
N W, All fet alone Kuautia;
N 4i- v, 31 T feet, u bank or f mall eowal;
S 41 W, 116 3 foet aJong small auwal;
8 16 K, lU.e frvt alone Knanna;
S O W, 7 fet alone Koauna:
H It K, 411.3 fet to point of bloislof, aad eoatal.lne
an area of 2 M00 acres,
Tveetber with ail tberlbts,priv1Iere- nd apporte
naacea thereto bel-turitr or tbereoa ltnait. nalias said
jQdrmetit, latereet. coots aix commaaiouatfeirvknsiy
The abore offVn a nne oppmtonity to any noe wtaai&c
Kalt Land; tha nat.e, uith th exception of the bouae
lot haTtnean undivputvd wtwr right,
The terms of iba aale are Cash, and the deed at tbe ex
pense of parchawr.
w. (j. i ark iv, jiaraaau
p. a. fnrrer and deeds can be teen at the JlaralaTa
Ilonololn, yovember ft, 18 7, era
Covering Boilers, Steam Pipes
Saves 25 per Cent, of Fuel-
To Let,
mla. Ncn. tit ant ISONnnana Avenue. .tpplT
to J II. WOOD, Nuuanu. or LA. Wllliama,
Fort streeL 663 Sm
Administrator's Notice.
By K. I. A1A31S.
Jlj- V. S. BARTOW.-
Room iSilea
ON THURSDAY, : : : NOV. 8th,
At hRlrpautt O A. St.. at Sal ca room.
Dry Goods,
Fancy Goods.
Golden Gate reaches, Peen, Ac, Star TTamt,
Teast rowder, 8ard!nea, Tea, rrones.
Candles, rtokUa. Manila Rope,
Salmon, Oysters, Lobsters, rras.
Soda Cracker. Corn Meat,
Clears, Ac., Ac
ON FRIDAY", NOV. 9th '
AtlOo'clott A.M..wiab.uM f iR
Prlnta. Ctmana, HoUry, Ilau, f
a m aix lot op riBjmiar,
At II o'clock.
caaoico Lot "FXtxxxtS..
At 11 dock.
I Single Seated Carriage.
C. S. BARTOW, A.et'r.
Stock of Merchandise.
iTr.tttrtat tia Pnatlar OSes thai it eaJsaot !
t-tf. M .ill nsammanA prscaatiocar
tr? u tretaetit. Tt rkiUi ta. Whit.
VARinn RarosTi. The snin of ti. XntsUa
armies la Alia is explain ea oj an .o f-
from SL p.ursbarj. aanoaoeiat thaxaa lasarrec-
eLdiac lb. carl aistrieta, er. i.eJ.eJ. p. the
HadalJiftk tb. E...ia .jr. atuaRrf tk.
7U ana dispaoed th.c B U 1 '"a
lasaxrection will not j
Th. Basilana lav. ordered eontraawra to.traet
ufvaif raKroad In aUprb. art taiU h.u
for 1J0.1X . aad horntfala for U.M.
Tn. AnstrUn and 0-"fS
cam. ot tn. "... Conv.ation. for
in vir.. - - - ... n.-,
in. rort. nas
tv. Porta.
a penau. . r--
ira only ta tve aiea m -
To tit dilorjf LLt Uawiia Gaxttlc:
It seems ta ice that much of the resent eamment
on the decision of the Supreme Co art emeernnc tax
ation ftnortcar1ed property end shares ia corpora
tions is ucjBit, and unwise, and while I da not vol
unteer aa opinion as to the Coastitutttaality of the
law, I desire lo show that there are two sides to the
Xo attempt was made by the conasel for the tax-
pajcrs, ta deny that the alatate in plain terms re
quires this taxation, and does not permit either the
corporation or the shareholders to be exempt, or de
duction to be made for mortrares ea the assessed
value of land. There was no question thatlbe Caart
woald declare th law uocniutatiooat. provided
they coald Snl.anylhin in the Caaiitauoa to aa
tborixe them to do so.
I an pec t, also, that the authorities of Courts else
where are in favor, generally, of the CoaslitntienaUty
of such taxation : In Lick vs. Austin, . Cal. 590
(IS72) the Caart leld. that te mortraroris notin
jored by taxation on his land without abatement far
a mortrare debt, oa tbe groand of doable taxation.
There were bat two points to consider, vis : were
these taxes doable taxation, and were they a kind of
taxation prohibited by the ConstitoUoa? Admitting,
alihoaga it is not clearly to expressed, that tbe Con
stitution prohibits doable taxation, to the sense of
taring tie ae peraea f4ice fr tt property ;
much is to be said for tbe view that these taxes are
not of that description. It is immaterial, in this
view, that property in different firms may receive
taxation while in tbe ownership ofdUTereot persons
who derive dUtioet benefit from Iu ase. The share
holder who is taxed fjr his share is net the corpora
tion whieh U taxed for its corporate property. Shares
are property in fact and by statute, a,nd are not cor-
-krate property. As well ear that all tbe Bank of
England notes shoald be exempt from taxation in
the hands of their "aafortaaate owner, because the
bank may be taxed for its corporate property, or for
the basis of the notes, or that in case all the notes
are destroyed, there would be do lass of in trio tic
TsJaes. This would ignore fundamental rales of what
constitntcs wealth, raloes, or property. Moreover,
if corporation of shareholder Is to be freed from
taxes, which shonld be exempt? or should the Court
"sweep the statute away,'1 and save the eau&try the
trouble cf raying taxes?
Again, If one owns mortgaged land, JU is not taxed
twice because the money leader is all e taxed. Tbe
hardship really is is his paying the same tax for
'incumbered real estate that he would have had te
tar for it If uuioeuosbeied. TToald he, however, if
his laud were mortgaged to iu fall borrowing eapa
city, admit that he is so better off than if be owned
so land, acd t o claim exemption from all taxation ?
Not at all, for if so, he wou.d not hold the land mere
ly to gratify thai difgaised Pha" tbeTax Col
lector. He finds that land will produce enough to
enable blm to raiie money by mortgaging it. which
be can uie In paying for the land, in other bat in ess
or for his own enjoyment; while the leader is satis
fied with the investment. Wealth is actually created,
sew values arise aod fresh avenues or soerces of pro
duction ere opened whenever fresh credits are given
A proper 'aad juit system of taxation it a subject
requiring deep study ; but is it for the interest
property owners to call this Ui Uw, as reviewed
thus far by tbe Court, "aa outrage upon tbe people
coerns oeaoe avert aod opposed to the spirit ofth
Constitution?" Or to style as "legal quibbles'
"'forensic eloquence of tbe judges of the Supreme
Court," the tmv which declines to set aside the law
"Whatever raay be said against legislators or execa.
tive oficers, I think it is far the common interest to
foster a due respect fur tbe decision of tbe highest
tribunal which is the arbitrator of car rights and
wrongs. We have nose too many land-marks of
law, to aford to cast adrift from, or do anything to
unsettle or disturb public respect for those we bare.
It seems to me that a snore searching aad a fairer
criticism is yet required to make "every intelligent
person" feel that those who voted for this law voted
for aa ootrage on the people," which the Court was
plainly toned to ascnL
Whether the lav be constitutional or cot, I regard
it as defective, and ia seme respect impolitic for
the value of corporate property should,-! think
dedaeted from the value of all the shares prior to
taxation of the shares, aad I think that by pleekg
tax on property 'irrespective cf mortgages, there is
less escocragement for enterprise and prodactioa.
But it is impossible for the Court to amend the law,
Cvaasel may feel, as I hare done, keea d'uappoint-
teent in Using a case on grounds of which they d
sot admit the force, aad I knew so reason why jo
saent ef Courts should sot be reviewed and criticised
but let us admit the existence of arga meats aad facts
oa Iftth aides. Axrazs S. HaanrrxL.
w er ii'ivr
rarr AdmloUtrator of the Katate ttf AhO (Chinese..
of II Ho, deceased, all person owing rjUJ Estate pleaae
maVe parmenu u me, ana au oaring ciaim are irqumtu
to send them In Immediately. L. SEVERANCE.
Temporary Administrator uiate or ado.
lino, October 6th, 1ST7. S ln
Something: levr.
Irish Potatoes, from Puget Sound.
V. from Many- island, per Bark Camden.
NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Also, a Tew Boxes Tine Apples,
I Corn Mill, in good order.
E. 1. ADAMS. Anefr.
Bv order if Ure. Jane K. HlllrbraJtd, Truatea of flelen
tl and ilay KsJIlllebrand. under the WH1 Of Attemaa
RNhon. drttHued. and of Iter .Htreno K- Dlshon fvxecn
tor f said Wilt, (he hetnc atao HoardUa of the property of
iVd if Men I and Mary fix and under the authority and
pursuant to the orders of the Honorable L. It cCuUj, Jos
tle or uie ropreme uoun, aiiuor tn irooata.
1 shall Sill at Pnblic Auction, at Abon
Saturday, 24th November, 1877,
At my Sales Room, In tlonolula.
MtiiKtr In nnnnn Valley,
I In said Honolulu, formerly tne residence of the said ir
lemas Bishop.
"With all the Buildings Thereon,
ContalnlDc; about 2 7-100 Acrea.
IAnd bounded aa folio., via: That piece or parcel of
Land, part of tbe Lands In Kaieaoanakoa la Xanana,
I Oaha. known aud described bj aorver aa follows, namely:
BesinnloS at tbo aontb corner of the lot oa Nuuaa. Itoad
I at It. Junction with tb. Knteana of Kanawail, and runnlss
MI1 W, tsC links alone boundary wall of aTabawall
jrisW, .. - Kui.a.
NtsE.00 " " JEIII'Iebrand
8 3S:'E.i!J Dr. Booke,
3 2t30 V, HZ " Naoanttlload,
S 1T030V, tM "
S 1111' W, 90 " " ' "
To tbe place of beclodlnff
Deed, nt Expeuae or Pnrennaer,
ALTBEO S. HAlrrWELL, Sotldtor.
E. r. AI1AMS, Ancttoooer.
Froi liotton.
from otm frtmeuao.
From Sa Fnmeino,
From San Frmtiieo
Per Amy Turner.
O vSW CordM,asntdsbn,rrm.ai.adt.a.v aa.
I.-a CbUs Siaal Rop. aaatM alaaa, fraca 8 nnalM 'X -
Sew Bedford WbalrUaa. - .
:ooew Bedford AsBOara, aaatM aiata, from lift US ft
CWaea Uostoa (Spirit. Turpentine.
llairbarretaMeuila runt, uamir t anuaa
Cases 2 lb Lobsters.
Cases Boston Packed rlama.
Caasa Boston HMsaa. afeat.
Qssea Lacratt Mwsel Cora.
Case, urea !.
fasrs 1 aaHoss farOkarabsa.
CabfcaU-lar do.
Barrela of 19 lb. bao Dairy 9alt.
Baroetra Flavonna Extracta: . .
31 doa Vanltav - --
:t doaen Lemon.
i: dasaa Aaaortrd.
230 Cases Pratt". Had lent oil.
Cams Baaton OsrU Jl.tctse
An the abov. win b. aoM at tb. kmsl prlcasa f
Assorted nambera, from 1 to 1ft.
Per Barkontino Una.
100 Caasa extra Cub. Sncar.
ii lb Cssss tnr tsuSy bm.
BOLUta M. CO.,
Por City of Sydney.
Case, of Assorted Tab1. JTnlt.
Casea or Baruet reara.
Caaas of atoaemt Oraps
Pound -Notice.
Gos'.rnaieat Pound .1 HeoU Koolaapoko, tbe
following- alrared Animals: One aorret borse,
small wblie anot on forebesd. left, to be sold
at ruouo AucUuo, oauursoay. ov. a, at ix cciock
ssa n r. kkuluu, tvnaa Aiasier.
Selected and In doe order, from the same place.
Xoxr LittiUlns; wtid for Snle by
te, B0LLES A CO.
X. I.
X I S 1 AI. I., .11
irbs?e and re-tJene (ootil fartbor notice) at the Ha
waiian HoM 09? hoar from S to 9 a. M., to 3 r . M.,
and Xa eTeniafra-
DR. TISDVLE has devoted a eoniMcraUe ef the time
darin taeaty yrar. to the trvatmvnt ot dii4 ofth lVtM
ana throat, inctpimi irniampTian, Aurcisoni w io Kias
nfjs and hltlder, ao-i th dUvaavt pcoliar to women.
HeisprjTiJM wiih a com pitta set of tbe .Uolt-fn Intra
mofita and Aonaratdi far tha tra4tnient of theae maladle.
X. B-Pwtlcolar aU tattoo tiTae to the treatmentief
Children, W
Uonolnln, Oct., IS77. 7
The Clipper Ship
1 Hertfordshire1 and 'Glencoe'
IlespectlTely, are bringing
Our Consignment,
Which will be Offered for Sale to Arrive
For particulars ttt future AdcrrtUvment.
A- TT"P5 tt tliTo HfTit nnrl plprrant Tirfnir.
ation are retained in the highest degree,
through its granular form, producing a
continued Sparkling Effervescence, and
preserving the flavor as 'a palatable Saline
It isvrery valuable to Travelers,
Especially in Tropical Climates,
As its properties are retained for. any langth
of time unimpaired.
This much esteemed and highly valuable
preparation trill not fail'to effectually
Or Indigestion, Bilious Affection, Head
ache, Heartburn, Aadit of the Stomach, I Jiijf ReC6lVed fTOIll Sail FfailCISCO !
Costiveness, Kansea or Vomiting, Affec
tions of the Liver, &c, &c
A Mild, bat Efficient Aperient
aan ZHonoIulu Drug Store.
X. B. Onr Glascow Teasels will, alternate erery three
months with tbe Urerrtol line, thus string; shippers
frecoentopportanitJes to order roods, and to keep op a
fresh and steady supply.
r Special rates of freight will be afreed upon with
Uonoloia shippers, by onr lines of vewela.
Agents for the Glasgow Line, Messrs GPO. GRAY,
HACFARLAXE t Co., t West Eecent Street, Glassnw.
Acents for the Lrtrpool Lloe, Messrs. JOHN HAT A
Co., 29Brnt.sw.cfc SUeet, Llrerpool. and It Lead en ball
Street. London. 1ST 2m
Tbe Lndei-alsjned ri as
Large and Handsome Assortment
a- Kt.. -r 5rt aa E- Blshoo. Gnardlart of the
.a-.i... r ir.i.n f. ttmr.rnd and Marr E. IliUehraod.
actios under the authority and pursuant to tbe orders of
the llOfU I- JICt-Ti'iy. JUIUCC VI mm su,tlA,e, wvu. hh.
tins aa a Court or rrooatc, inai eu a i uwit
Gn Saturday, November. 24, 1877
A t ray Salei Koom, ba Hnnolaln, au
Sltaated at Kahehona, In Ilonolnla,
Containing about 56-100 of an Acre.
An.l honnded and described aVlrt deed from Itlf hard Arm-
I .tr..r.ar tn rtm. HUhno. sialyl the ;ih (Ur ftf Kebrnarr.
A. I. ISVL ana racoruei in tne lieguuy .i irttui, m uw i
nolnla, in Boole fl. oa pase
Deeds at Expcnae of I'arcbaaer.
E. P. ADAMS, AoetlAoeer.
AR-erst, for
jpccLOA salt. nntxD s uuau axrsx.
asjanu s asotno assure..
SIS tr Perry Dnrla" Pairs Killer, etc.
a Strained Sporm OH,
nx Tnr. cask a gallux, is qcax-
rL nuesto bh.r, at me lowest rates.
Polar anU Wnlrue oil. hbarb Oil.
Palut Oil. Krroecne Oil. dr.
Tor Sale by
OS) IT A, .T. riUKLK A CU.
Wire Rope, Wire Seizing,
UUOD SUPPLY. For Kale by
Caaee 2 lb tlaa Corned Beef.
Cwee z lb tuts Jrar cureo Hans,
Caaealtb Uoa Corned Matiotu -J
Cases -I lb tins COrnad IWt,
Caaee INaoktsl Beef Toesoee.
Cut a a lb Uaa CbloRr LeXaU
Casks Eaaura Tlama, 4
Barrets aad ir hblx, Extra Xrts uer. . -f t
Pat ap to order.
For aale by BOLLKa Jt CO.
PorV. H. Mcyor.
140 Bale best CaUfornla Oat Hay.
SUTer SKia uoione ni raaaav
For aale by BOLXX9 a CO.
By other Arrivals.
ISO Bbl Gold en Gate Extra ramQy and Bakers Ex tra Ttoor.
Sopernne Floor.
10 Lb baca Corn Meal.
10 Lb bags Wheal Meal. J-
10 Lb ban Oetmrai, . Tl
10 Lb ban Crack 4 IVbamUttC. ttc
Cases Saloon Pilot Bread. t
Caaee Crackere, taee 1W WTent. -
Caeea Medlam Rrrod.
For sale by BOUXd 4 CO.
Lime, Limo.
I Just recelred from San Prancisco,
5 lj
For Sale by , -v
E. O. HALT. & SON.
A Supply of theso Piokets,
ne take pleasure la olTerlss tbena to the pahOc aa tbo
And at tha same time tbe cheapest material mt wUrt to
Ibnild fence. A fence mode of tbe above aa&tertsi cm a
seen on No nana Aeenae, aboot half a mlW from lows.
I it requires iwa ptcKeis to a root or reacnf, ana wy cu
bepatoplnarerlety of way a.
tor nirtner parucnian uqture ox
Mltm X. O. HAU.A
Just Arrived, Per Steamer.
Moonllcbt ebotoacne, InlralKlJla tn. poplar ares
odr. "Oil. yahwr all wuin.dar.ay U.M.kdsv.
W. Ar Happy, Ha Mint Motner, Ualic Ad CT sctia. by
Jaa. J.Daynea.
LltU. Eyelloa. Wet with Weeplar. Roes'.
Cblmes or bUver aisd Gold, tor rtaco. by Jeaa rssL
sbe's Jnat a Swet Bonqoae. Foot aanl lasa.
Wben b.'a Abseat, fa Aloor, bong aad Cboma. asaald
Don't make a Xols Schotuaena
Don't TW to ft Uaa yoa Don't ICnoar. Song aavt Claeraa.
booa of tboBrook, byieu raaL
rancboa mlaa. by IL J. WUmer, Zta. Etc, Esc
act roraal.al u.af. wuirjaiu.
Hay, Hay.
inn n i.es CAi.irouxiA hat. ex iv.
AV vr II- MKTE1X, of Koperlor Qaalllr, for sal. by
I 71" A. v. fKIUC A CU.
Anchors and Chains.
i xenons fbob 40 lils. to 2300 lbs.
S CUAfNa, from 1 to 1 s-l toe bee. I
4 ix PEBsmrtt akc itekebt caltios-
a. af suaiai
Slaootizis CAttlo
Makahaoaloa and Pepekeo !
Such aa Frames, Velvet Cssee, Union Cases, tc
Printed in Porcelain,
Portraits in Alba Plates,
A Stjle never Ifore Introduced in Honolulu.
And aian ben to aay that he Is orrnared to take Phito-
Sraphs from Locketa, end produce a He tore KxtD, a clze
which will be remembered by Uonoloia people tome years
i bwa. uj jtvr. n eeo.
Erery facility wlil te foond at bis Establishment
j To take any and all kinds of Pictures.
Aided by the elements and the ad ran taxes of human In.
(cbum aua cnirpnae. uire mm a uau.
man A. A. MONTANA.
1 1ST Goods
Cotton and Hemp Duck.
at akaTRark YARDH COTTOX TirCIs.
l.W7f rl (Laarleuc.) So. 1 1. la, Jnat received.
ea uoxief. smt oiaer utitsis.
s.oxj yns vtoMDory cotton imcic, all nambera.
S.0U0 yds Uemp Dock, Loner Flax aad Vercbant Sarr.
all nnaibera.
Also, Cotloo Xtavens, Cotton and Hemp Twine, Ac., dc. I
ror Hal. by ! W'J a. w. j-eiixk a to.
Best Ash Oars.
A ITT T. SJITIapf ,-VT. St 1I lt'21t rt lane.
V For Hal. by ISIS 1J A. W. FEtUCK A UL
Manila and Hemp Cordage.
V ' -V W ace. a sou aaaortmeat. aU atac-s.
For Sale bp ll ty'J A. W. r EI MCE A CO.
Tar, -Pitch, &c.
1 V rnuius nicn, uaanm. naval atorea, Ac
for Hal. by ISIS lyJ A. W. PtIBCK A Ca
A Very Full Assortment
OF w
w m naval wm
sea at
In Uie 1)1 strict of nilo, UavrII.
Boaolala. Oetobsr 12, IsTT.
Saloon Pilot Bread.
per "laum," iKsalaby
Baurlt Courier and 3ehr, W. II. Meyer.
JL Famuy Floor.
Goidea Gate Bakere' Extra Flonr,
Soperfin. Floor,. Caes Bread.
Csses Craekera. As-sorted, -six:
Eoda,Oyaur, Wafer, UIIE, Fancy. Ac, Ac
Bales Oat Hay, Lime, Rubber Paint,
I Aa asaortment of Bobber Paints la an shade, and Colors
For sal. low by rCAl BOM m A CO-
Also, Whale Boats and Boat Stock
And Wballntr Jemr.
Manufacturing Jeweler!
air. Eckart. beara to Inform ei-ize-ii of Hoaolnln aad
tbepnbUeceaerallr. tbat b. baa taken tbaator. no Fort
Street opposite OfU FaUows IlaH, (fornurtyoccapledbr
Tnoa. Tannatr,) wbere be -a-LU rlv. apedal attaatlon to tb.
-tnanuzac-nmnc ana repairing or au klnda or Jaweiry.
Partleslar attutloa tlTsn to Sbalt and Eaknl Work,
star Will raaranta. aarisflrllon In aa hla work. -&.
ta IZa WM. II. WESWEtt'
From London, via Hjclney
and Ensllah HtatMsary aod IJooCa, laclavttaS
13 full q par to tblael Albama,
12 ditto ditto Scrap Albamv
12 aoperlor htereacopea. aaaortad.
French Jewel Keleldeacopee.
1 Waiaot Orapaosoope.
CaaaelTa FamUjr Bibles, tXlutimUooav ba Taiiooa
Prayer IiOoa;a.Taatameats. aod Pocket Ikblea.
lleaTy bordar Uovaloc Eareiep aod fapor,
Poataafv Stamp Albaata, tb beat paaiavhed,
OUloU'a Steel reus.
The rranco-taatatao War, 1 Tola, lOMtntad.
lawU-i Wit aod Mamtrr, Ute.Lr. s
Caaaeu'e World of Woadr, tDaatrated,
Plctarea of Kafltah Laodacapv, liteatrilad,-r
WQmott'e Secrad Poetrr. Dlcatrated.
Maeeayls l-W Oema of Poetry,
loe Toia. or fitaodard Koeeia.
Valeotine's lloobooX tor Girls.
Ena-llsh Echoee of Oermao boosia
llaii'a Booic of lUalada,
And many o the re. -h
Also. BecelTed from Kev York,.
That Leas o Lowrteav
Mlaa Beechra iItOMkaepr aod Hea-keeper
Tbe SOakter's Wootac.
A FlaTera Adreatare on See aad Land.
Weils Er.ry Man His Owe Lawyer. " - '
UaawelTa Pocket elaeer's Book,
Ladle Fancy Work aad neaaebC4 Pefec.ee.
Braays Life aad Latvora. by Artbar Utpe
Commoa ftenae la tbe Xiaaaebold. "
Hold tbe Fort. beaetifeUy inaauated.
Ia Iioore and Oat. Adirondack Tales.
Ilia Yeaat WUW Wreb UaaO.
Beads aaTatea. SMeola,
PlriaoaUt CoUcctioo. Tlrxnaa oad Tmeeu
Webeter'B Caabrktsed aad pocket IictkraarVa.
Peep of Dayherlea. Una npea Use, ate. ,
The Herttase of Lacsdaie.
TbeWoolncO't. Kaipb watost'a Weird.
Stark Twaisfe Hcrap Bock. Beadiac wttiMat fiars,
Sxyant t fltraUoa'a ttoakeptac aad Plan Ira,
Papeterle Boxes and New SUMwerj,
Jnat Arrive staasl .
Ulzat Far Ral.br H. tl. ITHITSET
Real Estate for Sale &r Lease.
m f j.Ai apaaaR.a-rsuiT.
Located in dif treat parit cf A$ CSty.
With Gardens. Oul-booaea. and erery CaTtJaaoev aa
w mci. AmWIssiw u
C7 u ' moo frAsatam-ALi). u. a

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