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ttiiei ot th 21ooa for the Month of Hot., 1877.
Prtprtd by dpt. DanitI Smith Jlariwrmatler.
t ynr Moon
T!,jflrtQ Barter-
"a uai Quarter..
-10 1S.8 T U
- 1 18.0 r m
-11 31-0 a m
,c bl 04.7 M fern. Sets 20.7 r u
' -i. fit 8 11.0 M Sou ,,.,, 5 170 I'm
., u" 14 -Sou Sets.. U.s r
-j' Kes 6 u sun sets-.a 110 r u
rio.KOLCLU. November ii, 1x77.
fttr far f treigu arriTaU to report for tlie )at week,
tcbiMir Knoy, UUckl.k, from 8n Fraiiciaeo, tU
XUx Courier, Ahlbojn. from aii FroncUco, wltli
yAt1 ntili, U IIackfM k Co. ; acbuouar M. JL
Jj(1 Mri. from Port Ludlow, to Til Fmtcr; Urk Col-
j, A.JlDaWV- .ctW Tt TattlU. loaded with
, fi:i to here leaAlag. lornddttloa ty lb abort iLt eeLr
iwSyi"J, Irow San Francisco, lisa arriTtd at l-aLalua
1.15 prtrta 1 tut Mine p-rlod La, been th buk
rits 1UUdw, for Pil Tmwim4.
w -a Mcepiwrn in u ft tbip or war Peokocola, tbe
v i( nJ the 5JkI1 tStenoier Aiulralta are the oalj
aown low o their way from Sn Francisco
, r-.n By the Am trails due bers W-uiorouw. w
- xyiwi recrirvaJrlcesuT Additiwbal depaturee. In
j j . ier 00a aarmr we Lore Ivo Hoe additions tu
jr ,g HeeL
t ai baler, tha FarmwonL, la reported lost In tbe
r wn baee no particular.
c uXt7rcrop of tbe Lbalna noUtioa bsi
'SAtnetodurbj WJlliaai, Blaacbard t Co.
r?a ,fce i-"itij from our UtMt fifu ulviree :
5,, 1 - -mw spring Dnt wool. 30 to
r. ,wi5uwae; uie oil quiet t 10 t Cc ; winter
ac w.uc; prmOirqaiett lOSctulIOe, wioter
u to IUc ; bide 3Jc u 23c
n' EuUfufcca, Uiim, from Kulitt&.
u - iv uaji jit n Luaiow.
u ,i Cwui ir, AUbva. 16 days Iruai S Frucbcu.
. UteTuWe, Kuftbl.Irwo liuloktl,
m ulumba, JohoKin, 2J from Tbitt
? hpimbL Clark. Irmu tiaua.
i - fkuoy from IHlo.
tut MoU RejitoU. front KahoIaL
Nttl Urrrtll, UatfivM. from Lalain.
- a ikekauluubi, MaMbl, fruui HsnaUI. ICmQjL
- Urtwut Krft&puub faun Kuiu tod Waime.
,..jt VaHele, Kalauao, I row AlallLo.
beabl, Kaafoa, for IIIIo.
MU Morris. Kaalubanat, for ilolokal.
fc TaiiaLt. fur HDiako,
U lu lk CJu, HublnaMi, fur Port Gamble.
, PoevJutlii. Clarke, fur IUm.
M CeSanlnufaL MaUibl, for llanaleb
- Uauookawal, Kalw!, furKawJUwIlL
Nettie Hen ill, lUttleU, for L&liAina.
Ei"-' tiiTOianol AnUo'i, Woeka.
t Ward, King
li t ur cU- Dexter.
As c Uaaentl llaruej. Tripp.
aan Turner, Newell.
Ut Hnr AblUrt), dUcbarglog.
At u. -wU JuIjokiu, fjr ba Fraucisco.
C j tinnier "hltnr.
ip f V li Alleu, Ulllej.
4L llilioa, llamblla.
m, Uklcbov Ci-caju.
rraileco Per Citjr of New York, Not. 6 J M
5 v f ww. L C Oweo wife aud cUIU. 0 Mil!, Dr W
j tieace. A Unna, MIm Otartuati aud ietbe, J B
I r , wiK Mr B F Joeselru, J Walfcrr. G Dickie.
a UecbliUM li utuoiid. U Ada vaa WIb
- Van Winkle. J J Yatea, F R llellia. J O Otade,
r j .,, UreSI Webater. W W Tarlor. K Hillman.
I LiMrc CMlu&Uaun, IlCaaolaud, Ah bltu
f Gamble, per bark Camden, Not 11 Cfcpt Iaac
it- c;. li WrettawldatiRbter.
v.i IraudaCO. per Cathie 11 a j ward, Oct 19 WU
jj ctckdDt, iSOOfirrLrteka, 5 brla fireclar. SSO
U fret laoiber, 443 potJ, iOU ahinglea I ancar
! - uiClow. per It Foeter, Not E ft roogh
- - i.nj;lre.
3 rraDcieco, per bark Goarlar. Noe fi 24 pVjt
c "' pkpa Rrocerlec, 1S30 ptpi feed, 138 Jikgj
iS pkj bard ware, StXlkec ;wder, I&4 pkgi
C, 10 pkQt bouta aod abovj, C87 pkes bnild
.ii pks crcKer7 aod glauware, 6 :; buoka
.ji 3 piece furniture, W pke ateam enene. 33
- tnaterial, U phtjji wecbUer, 1U0 K W jKuts,
c-ral uiercuaDdiae.
j m-ricoPrr dtf of Sew Ywk. Nor. 0: 1017
i 10 bx betel leareo. 6tj00 II. coffee, 4 c prl
a photo jruuda, C4974 lbs. puddj, I Lx plant,
jlrioe 11WM1L aucar, Lbxrpecle, 2k yam
.ti aicicii:i.
TCS- JACKSOX In 3Iakaao.Oct 19. br Her J
if t .am H Couimint to Mitt CUrUaa J action, all
C ;ZL- A) Liverpool, Z3 mile frtn fydoer. N 8 W on
. -JS cjwiDDtka. Catt BenI Corree. 3 seAri,
I cf Uui Jh'.q, wbere be waa fur xunj j Pan eoraed,
aj t.ae trade.
l:;rrrs At Knt. Molott.Oct "7. of llnsrerlnr III-
aearlr 2 ntootbe coatlnnanee, ilr John R berU,M
1 1, .ii if birtb, atxt for tbe but 10 yeaxa a resident of
ataa ila teavre a wile to inOuroAtl' iom.
: iitsr CaxTKACT for Sl'oak. We learn tbat Mr.
. zr.z bas aotd to Me&fcTB WillUme, BUncbard
i eatire ucxt j ear crop of aacar from tbe
PUtilioo. We were unable to learn tue
j;r'rs ol the terms of talc beyond tbe fact that
iMtprsu a Terr good oue, better probably than
iikcretsfcre beco obtained In auj eimilar transact
TUt uranemeDt does not go into operation
1 Ct Crt of Jtncftry, Mr. Turton's present
f 3 enendinj to that time. By the terms of
iMiftHSic-oi Jlr. Torton bis tbe right to reserve
--rzJiontufsngarlfbcsees fiL The entire
"33probabIj exceed 2,000 tons, or 4,000,000
i of s uin
oxes of the week.
The Mall Steamer AnttrtlU will be due here
to-morrow, with Stn Francisco dates to Nov. 7.
Tbe tmhlp SU Paul arrlTtd at Bsn Fran
cisco. October 18, and would be fitted out at once
for Honolrin, as an IntermedUte boat.
Two fine large pbotorraphs of tbe Pioneer
Mill, Lahalna, can be seen In the window of Mr.
Whlmej's books tore.
ST W'e bear that the W. H. Almy was enpag-d
to remain in San Francisco until Oct, 9ih. If she
sailed oo that date she is now 16 dys out, and dre'
at any time.
EST TbeU. S.FrijalePensacolaifla'gHihlpoflbc
Pacific Squadron, was to have wiled from San Fran
dseti for this port on Nor. 1st. She may be ex
pected here at any hour.
The American bark Columbo which put
Into this port on Saturday last, was loaded with
coal, and leaking badly. The seamen have filed a
protest with tbe U. S. Consul against be In- oblig
ed to proceed on the voyage, staling It as their
opinion that In tbe event of the vessel encounter
ing bad weather, they wonld all go to tbe bottom.
IUnrj to Heat. Mr. Keld'a new schi. F-nnv,
Capt. Blacklock, arrived here Sunday noon, having
made the passage from Hllo In tweutyftinr hours.
II any one thinks be can beattlut, he Is welcome
to try. The schooner Kate Lee once made tbe
pgc from IIUo to Honolulu In twenty-one
noun the fastest time ever made by any of our
coasting fleet.
ST" The schooner Cissle Hayward arrived at
Lahalna on Wednedav last, 19 oays from San Fran
cisco. She will discharge ber carro of lumber,
building material, and sugar mill machinery at MI1
ton's Landing, four miles from Lahalna. Wc under
stand that tbe new sugar mill for Messrs Miltnti t
Armstrong, at Olualu, will be erected and ready to
commence grinding cane In January next. There
are 100 acres to be taken off at the first crop.
Hawaiian Hotel. By the bark Courier, from
San Francisco, Mr. Herbert of tbe Hawaiian Hotel
has received certain machinery essential to the
working of tbe hotel gas works, which was re
fused transportation by the last stcetner on account
of the rush of freight. The gas works will be put
In foil operation lor the first time on the occasion
of the dance on Friday evening. In hooorofllis
Majesty? birthday. Tbe hotel will not be regu
larly opened forthe reception of guests until after
the latter event. m .w.
MoosLiGliTCONCEitTSTUls Week. The band will
play In Emma Square onTuur&day and Saturday
evenings of this week. The usual Saturday after
noon concert will consequently be omitted. Tbc
following Is tbe programme for Thursday evening:
1 Overture, Opera, Emma of Autloch Uercdanto
2 flnind March. Opera, Heroic new bchnbert
3 K eolation and Prayer, Opera, Moses. ...... ...... Itualnl
nam, ipnn: riowera, new . ... M
Selection, Opera, Tb Barber of Neville ,
6 Fantasia, fctjrien Sound. Cornet aolo...
7 IleceCharactertiUqae.Alrdela Princess
8 Galop, Pleaaorea of Matrimony, new ....
..... Clare nt
Another Addition to ocr Coasting Fleet.
Tbe above Is getting to be a regular beading among
our "Notes of tbe Week.' We have now to report
the arrival of the Mary . Foster in IS days from
Cape Flattery and 22 da s from Port Ludlow. This
Istest addition to our Inter-Island fleet Is a beauty
and will well repay examination by any one Inter
ested In such matters. Her cabin accommodations
are particularly fine for a vessel of her sire. Her
hot day's run on the voyage down from tbe coast,
was 252 miles. She will run regularly ou the route
between Honolulu and Kau.
Extesdiso Kino Street. Tbe jury of tax pay
ers who were selected to examine and report on the
proposed extension of King street to Kaptolaol
P.irk, have performed tbe duty assigned tbcm and
made their report to the Minister of the Interior.
Tbe jury recommended that the road be built ac
cording to the route surveyed by Mr. Emerson, and
that tbe work be proceeded with tts soon as possi
ble. The distance to be traversed Is only about a
mile and a half and as the ground Is nearly level, wc
see no reason why lbepropo-cd Improvement should
not be pushed forward' to speedy completion. We
trust tbat such may be tbe case: A city provided
with a public park and without any decent road
forgetting there, is something which borders on the
-;re I one noticeable iict In connection
islauttd' and tomewbai acrimonlona dl-
I at-i L:ch has been going on In tbla community
-ic;time put, on tbe aubject of Sonday law
BLI-tu Tirious parties who nave come forward
' t In print and otherwise, their duap-
- cf tic present law and their dislike for lta
s. scarcely one has thus far taken tbe trou.
(he law itself, to point oot the part or
Itt titr&irto which they object, ortomakea
-tsiaiieor practical snpcesuoo lowaros ua
-:;2t A brlcfitem In last Saturday's Ad
xt san;eUos tbc insertion of two words In
I- -i cfine present Act, is 60 far as we are
" u: only exception to the fact above noted
"ali we hare recently had occasion to
- w tbe subject of the lax law, are sufficient
:ti we are no bcllcrera In legislatlre ln-
J as4 if our Sunday law is unjust or oppress-
t -ard any portion of our people, or If it lnter-
""acsMrillr and harshly with tbe rights, or
I"3 tit rentable comfort and enjoyment of
I do not regard Sonday as a religious day
" not care to keep It aa such, we are ready
- lict being shown, to co-operate In any
I-1' JaoTcmeot lor securing Its amendment,
I -kSvss we can only say tbat the law In qnes-
I " ctrcr lnteriered In any way with anything
'-E3 todoou Sunday and we have no Idea
l ctcr i;L It is but reasonable to ask that
f 4 afe OFtnofL tA tln nrritpnt law and who
Ores arcrieved thereby, abould point out
I ! ait H U they object to and state clearly
1-Citly what It Is thev want. Tbe whole
if He Uw Is contained lu Section 2, which for
-Iranian of those who may never have tak-
-'tratbiet,, Investigate the matter for them-
pdut lu fulL It is as follows : " Section
'Si Lird's day la taboo. All worldly bnsl-
' Buemcnts aod recreations are forbidden
--atdij; aod whoeTer Ahali keep open bis
Ky warehouse or workshop, or shslt do
tnwtrof bueiness, labor or work except
' aks ol nemsily and charity, or be present
J "f-lng, public amusement, ahowor enter
e:t,orUke part in any game, sport or play
J Lord's Day. thai! be pnnhhed by a fine
-"etdiog ten dolUra." Now if any one who
to sajiieit In the way of Improvement
"'eUw; whether It be In the shape of an
. -"est, alteration, addition, 6nbtractton, snb-
3 r even total repeal, will send ns their pro-
eSoitelr set forth In wrilinsr. we will
C'Tclbrm f.t. I....rli It. nrlnllniT the
f e columns of the GiZEni. We believe
h, and full discussion. Who Is ready
- m co-opvrise with n ou tbat basis.
""-aTisnu. trrx. nimiu of. the Skin,
I -J UJeasts, etc.
Retokt or the U. "S. TBEitcnr Commission ox
tbi Kecipeociit Triiit. We have been shown
a letter from Mr. Severance the Hawaiian Consul
In San Francisco, to a friend In Honolulu, dated
October 20: b, from which we make the following
extract: "The Treasury Commission has made a
" report lo Washington, confirming and endorsing
In the highest terms tbe operation of tbc treaty
" on tbe coast. In Increased exports aod general
"business." It will be remembered tbst at tbe
time the Commission eru pursuing their investi
gations io San Francisco, we pnbllabctLcoplons ex
tracts from the evidence given before tbem and
rasde the same the subject of extended editorial
remarks. Wc feci tbat to the exertions or the
frieuds of Hawaii In San Francisco, In putting be
fore tbe Commission tbe tacts bearing on the case,
wc owe In great measure, the favorable results'
above recorded.
Doctor TisdiLE gives special attention to the
treatmeut of the Ejc and Ejr.
Style mid Faklnonk.
We invite tbe attention uf our lady readers ta the
following seofibTe remarks from tbe Paris ' Kerne
de la Mu.lf," for October :
A new play Is a great attraction for rooit people ;
but those who wish to see a ptiy nnder the uioit
favorable autpiees, shoald defer doing so nntil the
author bal made the neeetsary alterations aod the
actors are thoroughly imbued with tbe characters
they reprefeot.
It ii the same with new fashions. A wile woman
always takes care never to be the first to adopt a new
style of toilet. She begins by studying it on her
neighbor, fiodiug out its weak potota and its adran.
tages ; and then, when the dressmsker has hsd suCQ.
eient practice in making up similar costumes, she
gives her certain blots, which alooe a woman of the
world can give, and thus, out of a mere novelty,
often io tbe worst taste, results a toilete, not only tbe
type of good taste, but suitable to tho wearer's style
of beauty.
Tbe above lines are dedieated to those ladies who
faoey tbat if their dress be not eccentric they are not
fashionable; ou the eoutrsry, true good taste admits
of nothing startling in the way of cut or color.
It is an admitted fact tbat the "Pariaie&ne" il the
best dresser in tbe world ; when I say "l'aril ienne,"
I me an the " graode dame," and not those outrsge
ous dresses that one meets on the raee oourse or in
public walks ; the toilets worn by these are what
we call ber. "toilets lapsgeuses," acaiast whioh I
have so often warned my readers.
Many of our subscribers ask us what will be worn
during tho coming Winter? My answer Is, that as
yet there is but little if any modification in the pre
vailing cuts, and moreover, I see no likelihood of a
sudden chaoge; tbe present styles are so varied and
allow of such scope for the display of taste, that one
esn as readily make up an Autumn or Winter cos
tume as a Spring tgilet. Oue thing certain, how.
ever, is that shopkeepers, dressmakers, etc., will
rival with each other to find oot some mode of faeilU
fating commerce, by tbe introduction of dear trim
mings and costly materials.
War News.
Ssleoftiie .Mart Belle Roberts. By recent
advices from Ssn FraucUco we learu tltat.tbe above
named vessel has been sold at auction by the
United States Marshal to satisfy claims of II. Hack
feld & Co. and others. She wss bonirbt by Messrs
C. Merrill Co, for the sum of five thousand
dollars. Tbe amount dne Messrs Uackleld 4&.C0..
alone, bclug over four thousand dollars, It Is not
likely that there nlll be more than enough to sat
isfy tbat claim and perhaps the seamen's wages,
alter deducting tbc costs of court and the Mar
shal's tecs. It is tbe intention of Messrs Merrill
i Co. to place the vessel under the Hawaiian flag
and rc-namo her the ' Kalakaua." She will pro
ceed from San Francisco to Pnget Sound for a load
of lumber, and tbence to- Australia, stopping at
Honolulu on tbc way to obtain her new register.
The New Propeller roa the Lieelice'. By
the arrival of the Australia, which Is due here to
morrow, Mr. Wilder expects to receive the new
propeller for bis steamer. In case tbe article In
question arrives as expected, Mr. W. hopes to be
abietobavclt adjusted by Monday or Tuesday of
next week. In which case tbc LIkcIike will start on
her regular trip to windward, making tbe circuit of
Hawaii. If It Is not found practicable to have tbe
new propeller la place by Tuesday afternoon, tbe
trip to windward will be postponed notil the week
after. The laying np of the steamer has been a
matter of universal regret, not only on account of
its being a scrlons public misfortune but' also be
cause of both the trouble and loss incurred by Mr.
Wilder, who has the hearty sympathy of tbe entire
business and traveling public io Ibis mlsbsp. The
energy, enterprise and public spirit displaced by
him In the matter of iutcr-lsland steam navigation
would seem to deserve better luck than has thus
lar attended his undertaking. Wc trust that with
the replacing of the broken screw, the chapter of
accidents lo the LIkelikc win be closed, and mat
she and her owner may cuter upon a career of uni
form prosperity and 6uccesa.
Estries tor the Keoatti. The following is a
list of the entries for the regatta on Friday ucxt,
The prospects are excellent for a flue day's enter
tainment for all who take an Interest lu aquatic
sPn,: o
Jni! Amerirsn. 2 tons. J. Fisher: Pumpkin
Seed, Hawaiian, IK tons, W. F. Williams; Pn'i.
-.Visit- n-tth ra.,1 hnrilrr irtii hint H tOUS. . La. nil
cox::Kelilaloba, White bureee blue k,2l tons. Boat
, T Its. .... J T I llrnrsia.tt t r
Club: Henrietta, aicu wuuc ii-u, s.uw.i.js
Amateur 6 Oak Gio Race.
Minnie Barns, Hawaiian, H. Cornwall; Pa, White
Pa . 1.1HU, 1JUCK ana wuiic, unu wt ,
.11. m... r. wiunn: Plolanl. Blue and white.
His Majesty: Alilolanl, White and blue. His Ma-
Puskanwahi. Kean ; Kakaako, Kanakoki; Kaa
lalo", N. N. Kekua-
6.0XBES Gio Bice.
Minnie Burns,' Hawaiian, H. Cornwell; Llllu,
t r iinminli' Plolanl. B Idc and bite. His JIa
je'sty; Aliiolani, White and blue. His Majesty.
Amateur a Uabed boat bki.
Eureka, Bed. John Oat and Fred Oat Honolulu,
Blue, C Wilson.
SrxoLE Sccix Race.
Ralndeer. Red, Geo. Tyler.
1 Oabed Boat Race.
t n.tr.ti.n 11. Cornwell: Llllu,
BlacW nod wbltV Llllu Boat Crew; Honolnln, Blue,
C. Wilson ; Aiuoiani.
Tub Race.
Kololo Kololo; Sea Bird. L. A. Thurston ; Fly
Ing &u&aVRoss; Blubber Hunter, John Lncas.
2 Oared Boat Race.
..rfr.nF.arle. White, W. H. J. Wahlneaua;
Honolnln, Blue, a Wilson.
Whalesoat Race.
rw.rd Blsck.od white. LH'.u Boat Crew; True
BlWue&l-o;; Milton. WB-
son; TUIaulanl, Blue ana .uut,
- iiiroe Race.
. THn.und white. His Majesty; Kelil-
aloha, White burgee blae. fc.
We publish this morning the following dispatches1
received by tbe City of Nc-r York and the Courier.
lu A Hi A.
London, October ICth. A UaisiaiToS cUl dispatch
states that the Russian captured tbe heights of Al
loelc, compelling tbe defender! to retreat upon Kara.
They attacked Mount Arolias, cutting tbe TurkUh
army io two. When retreating the Turk wero de
feated with eoorinous lot.
Another part ofMouktar Pasha's army waa jo r-
rounded and had to surrender with the loss of seven
Pasha's and 32 cuds, and an itumente quantity ot
war material.
London. October 17th. There has been a great
Ruffian victory In Asia. Tbe co!umn of General
DaxaretT outflanked tbe Turks, and General Heine-
man attacked anil carried Mount Arolias cattiug
MoukhUr Paaha army lu two.
Monktar Pasha retreated toward Kara, bat waa
puraued and routed, loning enormous numbers killed,
and a thousand prisoners, including several Pashas.
Three Turkiab divisions were surrounded and ur-
rendered. with thirty guns and immense quantities of
war material.
Tbe Russian losses were not large.
It will bo remembered that in tbe dispatch publish
ed in oar last, Monktar Pasha only owns to tbe loss
of 800 men and tbe capture of one and a half regi
At IMcrno.
London, October 14tb. XewtpapercorrespondenU
has been ordered to leave the Russian positions at
Cbefket Paiba has entered Plevna with further re
General Gourko, with tbe Imperial Guard, bos
been sent to tbe rurkien rear.
It is reported that 15,000 Roa man ions have died of
disease in tbe last twenty days.
London, October 17th. Tbe bridge over tho Dan
ube at Nieopolis has been carried away by the rising
in the Danube.
London, October 18tb. General Tuddleben pro
poses to starve the Turks In Plevna. It is reported
that the bcticced ariny is thoroughly emaciated.
Turkish prisoners declare that the condition of tbo
garruon is deplorable. Many ot tue omcers are wil
ling to earreoder, but Osuiau Pasha resists.
Tbe Russians are gradually closing the western
Attempts ftt Hcdlatlou.
Rumors of mediation between tbebelligerants have
been revived. Austria and fcocland are credited
with baviuir taken the initiative. Confirmation of
the rumor is found in tbc Sultan's pacific assurances
In Sir StrAfiord No rib cole's and Lord Salisbury's
speeches aod in Von Ueust s visit to Ijord Derby,
Tbe Press considers the inferences fallacious'.
letter per Courier.
TiSi?, October 19th. The Russians moved on Kars
yesterday. Siege material has left Alexandrople for
Kara. Ismail rasai's army retired into iurh.ua ter
ritory, followed by Terghkassofi". The Russian gar
rison of Ardaban and tho Kioo corps hare been or
dered to co-operate in the general advance.
Poredin, October 19th. Tbe Cxar, addressing the
General Staff on Wednesday, declared tbat he and
all tbe members of the Imperial taaiily would re
main with tie army, to share in tbe labor and for
tunes of the war and witness tbe deeds of tbe sol
diers. He concluded: "I niyseir will eare for the
wants of the army, and if necessary, all Russia will,
as once before, take up arms."
Tifiis, October lfith. A column has been sent
southward to keep the road from Kara to Eieroum.
Large reinforcements left last night tojaiu Mouktar
Pasha. It is also stated tbat reinforcement started
from Batouin.
London, October 22d. Eighteen thousand men,
aod fifty cannon wero Captured by tbe Russians in
their recent victory over Mouktar Pasha.
Turkish reports that a part of their army holding
out in a fortified position on Aiadja Dagh are un
founded. Tbe Russian loss in carrying Aladja Dagh is otS
eitlly reported at 1,441 kilted aod wuadded. Tbe
losses ou the other ports of the battle field are not
London, October 23d. A correspondent telegraphs
from Ragusa tbat the inhabitants of Wassowieh dis
trict Montenegro, numbering 11,000, are stricken
with fauine.
Bouktnr PasIifiOecnpylnirnStronsPosllIon
lu Armenia.
London, October 23d. An Erzeroom dispatch,
dated Tuesday, contains tbe following: Mouktar
Pasha is safe. He occupies a strong position at
Teoickoi west of the Sagbanlo Dagh. Ismail Pasha's
retreat and Junction with Monktar Pasha are serious
ly menaeed.
Cenerarporeign News, j
Tbe Frneh Election's 31 1 Repabllcnuit nnd
3IO CouservaiiTrs tntmu
12:40 P. M. Complete returns, exeept the cilo-
nies, show that 314 Republicans and 210 Conserva
tives have been elected. Fourteen second ballots
ill be necessarv. The Conservatives retain 142
seats of tbe 153 held by tbem In t'ae late Chamber.
The Republicans retain 2S7 seats of th 363 who
voted the order of the day censuriog the dissolution
of tbe Chambers.
Paris. October 23d. The Monitenr (semiofficial)
says : At the cosine of this morning's council. Pre
sident Mac Malum plainly informed De Broglie and
Fourtun tbat tbe idea ot Juoiitertei cnanges conid
not be entertained at tbe present moment.
Lesdinr Ameriean.residents of Paris metal the
American Lecation to-day. and decided to cive Gen
eral Grant a splendid Subscription banquet on Satur
day, rire nundred guests, mciouieg lajie oave
been invited. Minlstc Xuyes informed the meeting
that President MaoMahun would not be present at
tbe dinner at tbe Legation, but wuuld be present at
the subfeuent reception. General Grant will prob
ably viit President MscMabon on Taerday. Oo
Wednesday, President MaoMahou will give a dinner
at the Palace Eijteo to General Grant and the Ame
rican Legation.
ortbe Uiidgt.
Vienna, October 23d. Tbe Austrian bud pet for
18TS. rrrsented in the Reicbsrath to-day. shows a
deficit of 20,000,000 florins, against 37.00.000 for
1S77. The Minister of Finance said be hoped an
equilibrium would be established before 1SS0.
Religious Toleration.
Madrid, Oetuber 23d. It is announced that a Min
isterial circular will shortly be issued, stating tbat
tbe spirit of the Constitution favors a large and com
prehensive toleration of dissenting religions.
Berlin, Ootober 23d. A deficit of 15,000,000 marks
is auticipated in the German exchequer.
Capture- of the luaursrcnt President nnd
Havana, October 23d. A Spanish column near
Holeuin, commanded by Colonel Mosaviejo, has cap
tured the President of tbe Cuban Republic, Thomas
Estrada, tbe Secretary of tbe Cuban Chamber, and
several other members of that body.
;ui:at it kit a in.
Another Colliery DlanMer.
London, October 22d. An explorlon has occurred
in a colliery at Hight Blaotj re, near Glasgow. Fiur
hundred men were iu tbe mine and a large number
are killed.
Glaaeow, October 22d 2. P. M. -The special
train sent to briug tbe injured by the colliery explo
sion to tbe Glasgow Infirmary, has returned. No
one has been gut nut alive. Twenty dead bodies
have been recovered. It is feared the entire fo-ir
hundred in tbe colliery when the explosion occurred,
Washington, Oct. 15tb. In accordance with the
Proclamation of President II ayes, the two Houses
of Congress met in special sesblon to-day at noon.
In tbe Senate the oath uf office was administered
to the following new Senators: Stanley Mathews,
of Ohio, In place ot John Sherman, resigned; J. I.
Csitneron, uf Pennsylvania, In place of Simeon
Cameron, reslcued; and D. H. Armstrong, of lis-t-ouri,
appointed in placuuf L. V. Bogy, deceased.
Thu Houe of Representatives met ut 12 o'clock,
and were as usual CAlled to order by the Clerk of
the former Hou&e. After the calling ol the roll.
tbe House proceeded to onrauize bv the election of
Samurl J. RUndall, Democrat,- as Speaker, uvcr J.
A. Garfield, Republican, by a vote of 144 lo 129.
New York, October 22d. A Glasgow dispateh
says : Intense excitement prevails over the colliery
explosion. Exploring parties are eodeavoring to get
at the minors, but have little hone of rescuing any.
Tbe b'lt'oni of tbe pit is said to be full of dead bodies.
from this Klnrdom, my brother. M r. OSCA II UN N A.
Ulact for me under Power orAttorner.in alt business
matters connected with the liana Plantation.
a. uriA-
llonolnlu, November S, 1177. -It
ATToaannav at law.
Officforer Mr. Whitney's Book Sttfe. formerly occupied
by Jndze Anitin. Uonolnlo, II. I. C70
Attorney and Solicitor,
la authorized to lend from $300 to $10 OOO, on Mortgsg
ot l-retlioias at lowest rates or Interest.
gy Agents in London, and to all imrts of A a it rail.
Office on Fort Strut, fo.iposite BIr. Ira RIcliardoas
htore) Honolulu. 070 3ms
Importers, Wholesale and Retail Dealers
in lienerai mercnanaise
And Clilna Ooodi, In the Fire-Proof Store,
K Inland Nouaiin Streets.
comer of
6T0 ly
Shop on Judd Wharf, foot of Nanana Street, next to tbe
Old Custom House, llooololu, Ii. I. f
TIa conptantly 5u hand aud for tale, a good assortment of
tue Uet Uar iron.
All ordersfrom the other Islands will be carefully attended
It. All work In my line executed with dispatch and guar
anteed, oo.u iy
Persons Advertised For.
B Bal Una moon . Waterford, Ireland, son of Andrew
Kinks Kuaatrf. nt Waterford. Ireland, and brother of An
drew make, late of Parramatta. In the British Colony of
New Boutb Wales, or If deceased, to his Widow or Chil
dren, if any, their heirs, executor or administrator re
In accordance with directions civen by the Will of tbo
above n aimed Andrew Blake, deceased, the Executors
thereof, viz: Tho Honorable Joan Hiaxland, Vincent w a-
noitrocht CJlblln. aadThnniM Cadell. Kaqulren. of Kydney,
in the Colony aforesaid, have directed this advertisement
ti t pubasneu ror tne purpose r a scofenny me aaiu
1' AT HICK IILAK If atill ait re, or If dead, his Widow or
Children or their representatives, wbo linv interests un
der tbe "Will of the aald Andrew Blate. deceased.
Any information respectlnc the said PATltlUK BLAKR
bla Widow or Children, or tbIr represenUttves, will be
thankfully received by the undersigned,
Solicitors for thu Estate of the late Andrew Blake,
Dated this 1st day of September. 670 3t lam
Just Arrived, Per Steamer.
' Moonlight cbottiMCbe, Introducing the popular reel
ody, Oh, yes, we all will be dar," by II. Mehdenl
We Are Happy, Darling Mother, Sob and Chorus, by
Jas. J. Daynea.
UtUe Eyellda, Wet with Weeping. Sodr.
Chimes of Silver and Gold, for piano, by Jean Paul,
gbe'a Just a Sweet Bouquet. Sons and Dance.
Wnen he's Absent, I'm Alone, bonj and Cnorus. Music
by Jas. J. Daynea.
Don't make a 3f oUe. iSchottlsche.
Don't He to a Man you Don't Know. Song and Chorus,
font of the Brook, by Jean rauL
Fanchoa Polka, by IL J. Wldmer, Ktc Ktc, Etc
6M For sale at II. M. WIIirNKY'S,
COal Tar.
Friday, November 16, 1877
For Sale.
SThe Imported " Horse Wonder,"
A Sure Foul Getter.
can be seen at Kualoa Kaocn." Apply to
9 lm C. II. JUDD.
Marshal's Sale.
vs. O. W. UACY aod U KELI1PIO. Uuirdlans of
O W. MACV, Jr., a minor, defendants
By virt ne of a decree Issuing nut of the Supreme Court
of Law and Fqotty of the Hawaiian Islnnda, lu faor of
tne above named plain utr, ror Uiasumor KI,2S, I snail
On Saturday, the 1st day of December, 1877
At i o'clock noon.
On the premises, expose for sale all tbe rlcht, title and
Interest of tbe said defendants, tn and to all and singular
the mortsaa-ed premises sot rortn-nnd d Mermen in the
ruortiT&cffof complainant In this cause set forth and de
scribed as fallows, vlx:
Tho Premises in Kapalama,
Opposite the Reform School,
Belnc the same as are described lu Itoyal Patent No. 100,
and bouuded as folio si.
Beginning at the west comer, from which point Punch
bowl survey fttatloa bears H 7l9 K K (mac) and X catepoat
at Keform Khuot N 62 W (mag), thence tbe boundary
runs in 4v ti,. zn.i feet oionfr jvuauna;
N -W1 W, 'Xi feet along Kuiuna;
X 41 W.317 feel t bank of small auwai:
8 i W, U6 2 feet alone small auwsl;
S 36 K, 161 9 fet along Kuauiia;
S 49 W, 74 51 feet along Kuauna;
8 4l9 K. 411 5 feet to point of bvginntog. and cotiUInln
an area of 2 40-100 acres.
ivgetner wun oil tne njnts, pnvueges ana appnrte
nAuces thereto belonging or thereon sltuattd, nntrsi said
judgment. Interest, coms and commissions be previously
Tbe above offers a line oppt.rtonIty to any one wlsbtne
Kalo tJind ; the sane, with th exception of the bouse
lot. having an uudispottd water right.
The terms of the sole are Cash, and the deed at tbe ex
peuse of purchaser.
w. ix I a u k k, Marsnai.
I H. purvey and deeds can be seen at the Marshal's
Honolulu, Novembers, 13.7, 669 4t
Adminictrator's Notice.
rarv Admlnisttrator of tbe Ksute of Abo (Chinese.)
of It Ho, deceased, all persons owing said Estate will please
niaKe paymenu to me, ana an navingciaims are rcquraieu
to send them In Immediately I- SEVERANCE,
Temrorary Administrator Jsute or Ann.
IIUo, October 6th, H77. C3 lm
Forfcale fay
1. Sallbont Itnce. Start at 10 a. m.. from the foot
of Fort Street; course out the eh-tnnel on the lee side uf spar
and be I Luova to lewardor a lioat anchored of! V alaial
tack around tbe nnie, thence to leeward of a boat oft the
lee side of the harbor, tct aronud tbe same, thence to the
leeward of beil buoy, tact aronnd tbe same, andretntn to
starling point. Keeping on tne lee siae oi me apur ouoy ana
ii. (ha rhauneL Time allowance at Urtlnc. one-hull min
ute to a too difference In tonnage. First prize S75; second
prUe$3; entrance lee J.
3. Amalenr C-onreMl (itf; Rnce. Conrnr, from
the can buoy In the harbor, out tbe channel aronnd the par
buoy, keeping It on the port side, and back through channel
w place ot (waning, rirsipnxeidu, accuu4 iriac .w , en
trance lee tXM.
3. Callow Race For canoes not over thirty feet In
length. Cotine from tbe can buoy In the harbor to and
around the first can buoy on the Waiaiai side of the pastace,
sad back to the itarting poioU First prize second
prize ID ; third prizes.
4. 6-onrecl tSlff Race. Coarse, same as tbe Ama
teur o-oared uig usee. im pnieeau; secona prize
entrance lee f z.o.
S. Amiiteur 2-oaretI Boat Race. Comie, same
as the canoe race, keeping the buoy oo the port side while
rounding. Firit prize S3); second prize (10; entrance fee
C. Snliniuinic Race. Coarse to be designated at
tbe urn by tbe starter. ir?t prize f to; second prize so.
7, Single Senll Race. Course from th Ught-
uonee to can buoy In tne harbor, tint prize flu: second
prize 5; entrance fee 1.
S. oarcd llont Rnce, Course, same as the 6-oared
flic Races. First prize (25; second prize SIS; entrance
fee 2.
0. Tnb Bace. Cmine from tbe stern mkal of itesm
ers wharf, to aisd tonch the coo bnoy In tba harbor. First
prize f 5; second prize $2.
10. 2-ore:I Ront Race. Conrse. same u the
Amateur 2-oared Boat Race. First prize f20; second prize
1Q; eotnaoce rr f 1 50.
11. 5-onreil AVhalebont Raee. Coarse, same aa
tue 6-oared nig KacfS. First prizafW; ssccud prize ZU;
eoiraace lee exou.
12. Amateur Single Seal! Rnce. Cotine, tains
as the other Smgts iscoll Race. First pnze 10J secoed
pnzesa; entrance fee si.
13. Rrxr Race. Course, same as tbe 6-oared Gig
uaces. I'rtz fj; entrance fee
Cotrles to be made with J. W Robertson, Esq. on or be-
iiwe Mooaiay tne iziu ay or Aovemoer, entries win ciose at
o p. in. oo toe i-iu.
Sail Boats lo be entered by same colors and tonnage.
ItOw Boats to be entered bv name and colors.
ConttwUtors for each race wilt be assembled by bugle call.
A pUtot shot wilt be the signal fx starting lu alt races
except me sail dobi race.
All Row Boats to coirv Coxswains.
Soil Boats to b in position at a quarter before 10 a. m.
TaTta Captain A. MeTatyre.
Jidoes Capt Bsbeock and Cspt. JQo. Brown.
Vuti&t Capt. D. Smith.
Per order of
To Let,
mtses, Nos, MS and 150Nouanu Avenue. Apply
to J II. WOOD, Nunanu. or E. A. Wllhamj, 64
Fort street. 663 2m
'1 1. TINDALK, M. 1 -,
naca and reddenCe i nil til further notice, at the Ua-
wtiian IIotI 03c hours from S to 0 JU M , y to 3 p. U.,
and SJ. to eTentngs.
DIL TISDALE has derated a conslderaUe of the time
dnrlric twenty yrars to the trettmentol dtje of the Nose
and Throat, tnclpieut Consumption, ArxeCtlouS ot tno sciu
neynand bUtlder, and tbe die peculiar to wotueo
He is nrSTidmt with a cum pie ta set of the SI Mem Inaira-
nients and Apparatus f-ir the treatment of ibee mstadlex.
r, n. ranicuiar aiieniioa sifan io tue irvaiiueni ti
UonolQlo, Oct.. 1577. 667
atlon are rotaincd in tho highest degree,
through its granular form, producing a
continued Sparkling Effervescence, and
preserving tho flavor as a palatable Salino
It is very valuable to Travelers,
Especially in Tropical Climates,
Aa its properties are retained forany langth
of time unimpaired.
This much esteemed and highly valuable
preparation will not fail to effectually
Or Indigestion, Bilious Affection, Head
acho, Heartburn, Acidity of the Stomach,
Costiveness, Nausea or Vomiting, Affec
tions of tho Liver, tc, itc.
A Mild but Efficient Aperient.
emtta :Honotulu Drug Store.
New Stationery Goods.
VIEWS cf Island and Foreign Scenery, ror sale by
11. 31. nuii.Eiis
A 71 1 L V DIRLES-Of all Sizes, with Prayer
Books, Ac For sale by u. 31. WHiTti,
A LI. T1IK IaATE XOVKLS.-Over 1000 Vol.
3a. nmes, American and English imbllcations. For
Sale by II. M. WlUTflEY.
manufactured. For sale Dr II. r. WMTJiEY.
POCKET HSIVW-Ino, Three anil roar
Blades, with Irorr, Fearl aad Tortoise ttceU Uan.
dies, uesiin toe siaiaec or sale by
all sixes, salted for tne noujars. For aue or
and Cards. For sale br If. M. w HITNKY.
L Over 100 dloereDl Elxes aad strles.
f.AXK BOOKS Memoran ilnm Books,
Labor noocs, uunes, 4c For sale or
n. m. wnrrNEY.
lty K. r. ADAMS.
WEDNESDAY, : : : N0VS14th7
At hnlr-pxst O A. 31.. nt Salflrooni,
lmMvH.n.nlmt Pin. White Pntlnns.
Assortmi-iit Brown Cottons, Fancj Prints.
Hi-sTy Wool Shirts, Under Sclrta, Men's docks,
Msnlla Rope, Silk Jlandkercblels. Dottuns,
Urabtfllas, Fine Sosps, Linen Drills. Sjmrs,
11- . . - II ... 1) 1 1 . W.ttlnt. Pnwr
Envelopes, Pulloeome's Pomades, Butchers' Enlres
anuone, etc., etc., etc
Fancy Goods, Clothing, Crockery.
Ssrdines, Star llama. Crackers, Com Meal,
Tobacco. Re Fruits, Deroc'a Oil. Pain Killer.
McMurra5'a Ojsters, Golden Gate Peaches,
Prars, Prunes, Candles, Yeast P.iwdcr,
Salmon, Lnbsler, Petit Pois. Clgirs.
Curu Starch, Silt. Pepper. Mustard,
Condensed Milk. Ollti j. Sweet Oil,
Bruwn Snar, Green Corn, Euglisli Jams.
Ketchup, etc, etc, etc
One Cook stovo. One Corn Mill
40 Boxes Fresh Apples.
E. a. ADAMS, Aiict'r.
Ex llurli Ilui-i-iet Carllou.
WEDNESDAY, - - - NOV. 14th,
At It a.m. nt Sale room, wilt be aold.
40 Chests of Fine Tea
SO lbs each, 2 papers to the lb.
IS Cheats Fine Tea, SO lbs each, 3 papers to tbo lb..
e w brand.
40 Boxes Fine Tea, SO lbs each, 0 papers to tbc lb.
50 Doz. Best Silk Handkerchiefs,
assorted colora.
23 Cases f lb papers China Tobacco In Bond.
Pieces China Silk assorted colors. .
Silk Shirts and Pants.
Linen Shirts and Pants.
China Slippers.
Cases of China Ware,
Curiosities, Fans, &c.
TEKMS $200 or nnder, cash; Over 1300, three
mouths; Over $100, four months, approved
E. P. ADAMS, Anct'r.
2CIIOOI. SLATES, or all Sizes, with Slate
J l'encns. ror deny- u. u. wumcx.
OODES TOOTHPICKS-In paekitees of
on. aouar, za ana io cent eacn. ror sale or
K3 Dally and Wetttlr, FjurUsb, German and Fre neb Pa
pera. lor sale oy ji. au w iiiinrjx.
ar EAD PENCIMi tVlth Penrtt Unards and
ma Kuoner ueiaa, crrstusQ&Dar, ate. rorasienr
en . n, it. wuitxev.
4 or
By order i.f Mrs. Jane K. Hlnbrand,Trutea of Helen
n.l Mirrl ilillrbrand. under the wni of Arttmos
IlUhop, decked, and of Ker. Sereno B. HUbop, Kaecu
tor or tuM Wilt, (he being also duardian of tbe property .f
said Helen L. and Marj K. and under the authority and
pursuant to the orders of the Honorable L. McOuIly, Jus
tice or tne supremo vouri, auung in rruoi.
i shall Sell at Public Auction, at Xoon
Saturday, 24th November, 1877,
At my Sales Koom, In Honolulu,
Situate. lu Muimiu Valley,
In aard Honolulu, formerly tne residence of the aatd Ar
temas Blsboo,
With all the Buildings Thereon,
Containing; m bo ut J 7-100 Acreo,
And bounded as follows, via: That piece or parcel of
Land, part of tbe Land la Kawananakoa In Nuuanu,
Oaba, known aad described by survey aa follows, namely:
Ueclunluc at tbe south corner of the lot oo Nunaaa lload
at lUjaictloa wllb the Knleana of Kahawall.aod ruanlnc
44? W, HZ Hots along boundary wait of Kabawalt,
J K UlUVbrand
Pr. Itooae,
Kuoann ltoail,
N .80 E, 400
S 33 E, 810
g 210 30 V, 15J
S 170 SO" W, :st
8 li a' vr, to
To the place of beginning
Ileeil. at Expeuao of Pnreuaser.
E. T. ADAMS, Anctloneer.
A) IS o'clock noon, at Sales Room,
VIII be Sold,
In Bond, fox Export
Throo Cases Containing
299 tlNS OPIUM
E. P. ADAMS, Auctioneer.
Room Silo
s sr
ON THUBSDAY, - - NOV. 15th,
At i o-cioek a. m- wsa b. sm": ; jjj
A Full Asst. of icrchandlse,
. courmstNo jfe
nnr uoods, lioninav. hath. lAST'or
rcBrri'BE. ic, it. .
C. S. BARTOW, Aset'r.
Covering Boilers, Steam Pipes
Saves 25 per Cent, of Fuel.
as) Anat,
Tho Clipper Ship
Hertfordshire7 and 'Glencoe'
OMpecdTety; or brtnctnc
Our Consignment,
Which will Lib Offered for Sale to Arrite
For particidars future AdtertUement.
jf. nT Onr Qlaxsoir TeaaeU U. oltrual trery Urts
mootba witb the Urerptol Llae. tHaa ctrmo? aalptwa
frequent opportaoitJea to order caods. aad to keep up a
fresh mud eieady supply.
aw Special rales of freight wtH b ared upon with
Monolata shipper, by our I tne of TesMlSL
A tents for the QUmcow Line, Messra OPO. ORAY,
MACTAKL.VXE dt Co., 4 WeU EeBt Street, GUrrw
Acenu for tbo Lrerpool tXar, Measr. J0II HAY t
Co., SSBrunawlck birtet, UTcrpoof, and II Ldeaba
Street. London, 9Z
By order or Iter. Sereno E. Bishop. Ooardlanof the
Property of Helen L. illiUbraad aod Mary E. HiUebrand.
actios; under tbe authority and pursuant io tbo orders of
the 11 Ou. I jicwuuy Jusuce oi til oupreuict iuik,
tiog oa a Court of Probate, I ahall sell at Pabllc Auction,
On Saturday, November 24, 1877
At my Soles Soom, lu Honolulu, all
Bltaated atSabebuna, la Ilonolulu,
Containing about 56-100 of an Acre,
And bonnded and described as In deed from lUcbanl Arm.
strung- to Artemas BlsobP. dated the Sttn day of Feoraarr,
A. D. 1SV- aud recorded In tbe Registry ct Deeds, la Ho-
nolala, la hook ?. oa page sa.
Deeds at Expense or Pnrebnser.
E. P. ADAMS. Auctioneer.
Sliootins Oeilrtlo
Makalianaloa and Pcpekeo !
Ira the District or JIlIo, JIanitll.
Honolulu. October II, 1ST7.
Saloon Pilot.Bread.
pericaaab" irorsslaBT
(17 BO LIES Co.
Stock of illercliandisc
from Boston.
from San fxancuco.
From Sat Francuaj.
Per Amy Turnor.
. I f Q r c.rdze. autj .laea. fiom a tbread to sxr In.
1 -J Colls 'taal Rop, asat'd aiara, fTonl ft lbrc.il to I V la
New ISnlford Wbal. Un..
New llrittord Cuttina S'aUs.
Sio ttew IMferd A.a Oara, aml'd a!as. from. 18 fl lo E ft
ujn Bomou Hpirtu TarpeutlM.
II.ir laurels Melalie rami, imwmt s arniaa.
Cases S lb Lobsters. .
Cms Cton Faciei clam
Csks Ooatoo hums;, lint
Case. LacroU Hweet Cls, r
Caseaurrea Fcaa.
Cases 1 gallon Jar title rkfcM.
CabfoU W '"-
Barrels fl lb. bags Dairy Halt. as
tturnttl'a aiaorlng Kaxracta:
, II doa VaaLU. ...
- 21 dozen Lemon. CjV
12 deaea - sntreis.
230 Cnae. Pratt's RitdLnt VII. .
Ca..e llostou Catrtl'Tf sleheaw
All tbe above wUl b sold at tb, lowest prices.
Aaaosted uumbera, Unax 1 to 1L
Por Barkontlno Una.
100 Coses eitra Cube Snsor.
l'or tale by
U lb Cases tor bnaiy.taaev
B0UX4 tt CO
Por City of Sydney.
Cases of Assorted Table rrutt, - " v
Cases or iiartiet ar,
Caaet of Maacat Orap.
Caaea Piawbea, Ac A
Cases S lb tins Corned Beef.
Caaea z ir tin Mor-cari itaoo.
Coses 2 lb tins TorBed Jfutton.
Coses 4 lb tins Corned Beef.
Caaea Sotoled IVefTfl-acueo.
Cooes i lb UaaCbicsxo) Lord.
Casks XUatem IToms. M
Uarrtla and tr Uds, Extra Mess HfT. .0;
rutUD to order.
For Bale bj BOT.T.tJi t CO..
Per W. H. Moyor.
110 Bales beat California Oot Hoy. J -
SUrer SkSa Oulou In canes.
For sole by JSOLLTa A CO.
By othor Arrivals.
110 Bbla Golden Gat Extra Family and Bakers Hxtra Flow
BUpernn tiour.
10 Lb bacs Cons Meal.
10 Lb tioxs Wheat Ural.
19 Lb bogs Oatmeal,
10 Lb baas Crocked WteaL Atr. Ac
Cases Saloon Pilot Bread.
Caae crocxers, Cases ruot Krea-t ,
Coaet Median Biraul.
Tor aola by BOLLEi A CO.
Limo. Limo.
Just recelTed from Roa Franclaco,
For Sale by
E. O. HAZiL & SON.
aviso ji'st Rccravrj from pttts-
A Supply of these. Pickets,
We tak. pleasure In oTerlnr tbera to tbt psbOo aa tb.
And at tbe aam time tbe cheapest material f wblea to
talld a ieru. A teocm aruuW of tbe shore matertol eaa tya
seta on uuaaq Arenue, about half a esu frum to.
It paalres two pickets ta a toot of ttacUg, aad tbey cast
be pat up In a Tsiiety ef way.
For farther particulars loo air of
Ml lm x. O. HALL A &OX,
Real Estate for Sale or Lease.
Located in dijferent parts of the CVfv,. -n, j.
THtb Gardens, Oot-b4Brt. and erery eaaat ttTn?- Oeer
perfect order. ninIr.or Aftfo!Mtwt Vrftt.
IP tf II COO St" J.Ti'DAVKJtr-ortT.
tX BMeltSt, EUmAhA mTJi llsw
OMJLiSnoiID k .-sn. semtswa A C.aa4J.a
For bie br
-3 '.-.'U-J.H...-

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