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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, January 19, 1881, Image 2

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can and did tlo vtosc Uixa all that lorn; list of
xnedixTal nlnta who nerer wnias.trT. Awj
with this tbeorr that "aKinccaa donoTOBR.n
It lata Cat deiance of oar rwuua and aperinxv.
the rijvrifoee drawn from onr ancestors, and it ia
falae ; That is false nest nerer form a put of any
troe a Tuuucal creed, if ce visaea to be roo-
nVTpd an hancct run.
We Mess Gxl that a Kmc r do .nan. VTe
weald hp nW 1T one lik axtrlrc, with like
rwKss, Hi f afliac, lia aspirations. We can
fee in armrnthr with him, vr carf Ttmrrti when he
Deem, rroice when In rejoice, and when be
oredaii wroan eladlj cocne forward ana assist
hira both with heart and hand, list an immacu
late hetra; who "can oo no wtobk" coronuixU
.aswra. eicrarecrrr cs&rrntnda; rach a theory i
more tiahle to destroT than to create loyally.
Tsrr cnthcsiaMie reception of the Kuyf speech !
at the dinner the other nifht raast hare lvn rrrr I
cjaiifTins to him. Wehnre seldom in thi conntrr
heard a mm ssataoecsiHicsuiharst of. feeling than 1
waa tnen anown. Trte rech was ccunenuj a
poolcoe, well txsrht oof and ralcoliled toin
srir mnndence. It Urachal, bet tooched lightly
u becasa. sneh a compiKCtion, npoa the tnbjccis
which are iorrroost in the thoac.hu of all. It
reeocsiird that the " weal ih, enterprise and is tclli
peQceof the white wonld be ned f or the protee
tioa and the atrrnctheninc of the Hawaiian peo
jie. This is a matter which we are clad hat been
Kud in rseh as asiboritatire manser. Ko creater
wToac w will saj so more deadlr crime can be
rorcraitted acahsst the Hawaiian nation, than to
xsaae it think that the f csreiroer is tniiLC to tm-
SnSLuisrt the Sirs, aacocpasied by "Wrt X, i dersune tta Indrprodecce. The Hawaiian i a
"XtT XMTI IS Xttrt.
, and KVaise: Jadi, leanis
SemaeltVt.y vr, trscthe Kinc
wrtlfer-e-ax essjeysOwr tfCx:-weareasrethepro-I
C taepaw41bewaidiedwidiciichin
ri kj- hat achjecta here, and fc fricad ia other
"WrXBor ber-2T wi tis Majeaty ban
"ffaeeaaa a waje rcnm te h taurt land.
child whom it it his white hrother'a dsty often to
protect asaisS hiswelf, and w are thar.Vf ol that
' there are f orricrtert who hare the will, ability and
; cerre la o revcret him. The Hern parest ia not
i pupnlar with the member of the infant f amily,
' the a cut who ia indalrest or the nurse who fjm
1 paihuee wish them acainst the parent appears a
j far mere lovrable character; bet when the same
i chisdrm grow to years of discretion do they not
, readily acknowledge theharm that was done them
by inds2cnoa,the rwl that the parent did by
! jsdkioas rrrcesaion. ilen who try to rocs a race
ant&conism. (V a distrust of the foreigner are men
the Oabcset let eZ the steamer Cwmxim,
la'tbe waalpaa tTiiamss.ee bonds farpayment
ttieiiM wfaefc aheoM be raaaaed in con
wetane thaxdiase harisf been strednced
apt ready -ay we done: On the , Kinc's rrmara npon axuamtwnal Got
"" Cwt- deetectt ta el the j ad the IndepradfcceiiX the Kinvixa we
la: tre and sale, as the law eordiaUT commend, rhiriaj histoar abroad hi
alwdudatcaUwtatUtissista Majestr will be able practicaHy to rtndy rarioo
wna&xaethervfieeimcef the honr. they mum of Gorernment; despodsm in China, self
WTOgntacsarautu acasss - eaond theschu , hne aoccc the Ihrtch GOccies: the paternal
to oTaeed e-K-r ooe now- that the actiea Brra ia T and the Tariocs Ojasiitatwaal
forms amonc the Kincdoms of Europe, The He
psbhcaa farm of the United States he is already
familiar with. By a jndirioas sxrrey oa the spot
ofaB thene Tariocs methnJt of nrap'r; hianaa
aJairs the Sine will learn many Talaable lessons,
and these leisua we may expect will color the ad
Trifiurration of affairs daring the rest of his life.
In coocrasuti vewoald say that the last words
oftbeKinca speech show sach a maaly tone that
it was no wonder they went direct to the hearts of
hisaaiieaee, aowoaderthat they cheered to the
echo. In ocrorinKC after this speech, the. Kinc
stands as a more popalar SoTereijrn than he has
erer doae dine; his rrica. We coaiVs to an ardent
admiration for xsanliness, and a Monarch neTer
to na so math a il anarch as when he speaks
wrsiawi be wmrt did tale -ns wise. To
IBiBil Sie n.n..-F woaa hare neee.
asssaed w3r-rery sshipfroa whseh a oaoe e
aaaaleaaberaAer be hndedesecr shares
" 111 Jhekaewieiref ihe aasucec &nrs,
wje!rf aareey hr eesaasied t in facessa
lwtwMaeth3s to hae a iItmTT which
W.e raaAcxSe wMty. bat dare to aa cpm
r Xeym! HawaSas Jricatsaral Rvaety has
tlatssy.dctsxt these tnsb years
KVteeitka Aewtele coastry Joees ts
' wars Jar ast tsf aome aseh errasaatios.
Sered br the rriwvvied ieamer
f4teQsakcapajaed two aateOtsrat com.
iwrians ma, dewoaed ar Hawaaaa interest
SaaBwas suesb and piaats sssahle far oar soil
i. tar c"s; asfcarmasisn oa sodes of
aaatme man:
Ir it be a dcry oa the ran of thcae w ho actntHy
csrera the lefislatiTe body of the cute to deKber
ale and art for the rehKc tK-
weXaae taec seas. is ax ssssaal , creadaty onthe partofthowhoaiintcl.
TSietrs w ere aS iatersrencal lueiice, edsation. or miarrj
as; cuii4isswtsawk harr plared ia positions of iaSneaee oyer their
a metfcisls xader sstxlar oh- leOews to cossidrr the sabwts in the L-wfefr.!
It raar be tlixs tbere sjf -Wch they lieiMre to be rvprrcn:ei Xorcan,
Jsewhere that wmsid be a ; aay time I tsvsuucahte for the disccssion cd
. Xwne f oar ester- , matters which aiect the Eeseral prosperity. A
hare awspxtedafev of the ! session of lecislarare may hare reoeatry closed, ;
lefi katrint sail to be j Vat no reason caa tljtrcfare be alleged for past- ;
""'" Se plewis; and csj- rusaa- consideration of the fact that in tie an-
awawtac rvrfUad wfeereahe sis tsadoc men ether session arrB follow, and of the varioes tpi j
I fcWastajsakj- hrstewbat a-efal '. wfeiciseem to demand seisUtin actios. electors ;
eaascA waaayart at srwmferaiMe tswsa Itaay caanet weach too praTely. or sard too soon, the 1
baWfeeEaVeiracaec jebcswtgjg . measaree which may be brocght fecward. 1
J.tg Iheeepeaag-if wraref! Areceletwr.peshedmthcsec4astasbTthe
tSSTtJL'wt aTawa ri'aWtSnk H- !
lwloe e8eMdthrBEiPBga3f P'tmsee power rested ta the Minister of nnance
rToisj.ii, ajv maay npoBnies , a to the taiatios of property, and probably no
mbixaf therewa a special read to ectaSr isterrsted writer roald h f.v-n.1 Kw.
r aasAasjectK.berweeii hta and the v ,i.
rR oar. sat wnat ts rtcatty caued
j deabletaxatiaa does, sxaetiraes. take place in '
wsBwVe lrpn ratlin
ji i sic wtsaawes
msM a a eVimtt
ar i tail as aB tnmi iiTiin
1 I Hit a
l work to keep 1 this coantry. there can be no docbt : and it is
eisrei of ahor and mo to rrcrrKed that, in the Xiaj-ara of bfiL-
Ihe voe the otfect t the riaater, , tspxtaal asi othenri-, which h;med down the ',
the other the 1 raptds ef the last lectsUtire sossoa. a measare '
.srcearerdssand oareftsTly fraaed hr the Attomer GeseraL the
wt yewena.'ahe ecktr the forehaaded aowiai: Hse. E. rrestoo, deanaf; wish this rTaretorer. '
I harmt that shan preride was ss&aersrd and lost to sifht. In UK a rerr
.3ist taibes roar and tBterestiBC aewsnarvr corrrsroodecce texxk rac
liAnbf u:i a-sweE. Ttmasln. these two demands as the respjcsiTe adransares oi tie taxation of
ttheaaUjah. latprewatcoa- property and that of ineosse. ThedesinlwlilT of
; " hor aaarket, esweyen need so . xacetne-tax was ably saaiatainol ia a series of let
ters by a Seadhs: raerthaal of this place, aad the
I principal arcumest arsed against sach a systcta
seetsatoharv beets that - iaooors were dicctt
to estimate. Vhetker or sot the raise of -property-
i easy of eetinauion may be jadd by '
' t xmeroaa coazirts of cperon which constant-:
ly oecar betwrea tax-payers and tax-asswors; i
and, before another legisiaiare is caned cron to '
reriew the subject of taxation, it woald be, well ',
for eSectors to tvm their opinion distiactly apoa '
the merits of tatatkp by actaal incomes as coa- !
trastedwiththoseof taxatioabTasseseedTalaeof !
property. The letter of Mr. Castle, to which we j
hare aOcded. not deal wish this open qaes- j
ti. bat addresses ibetf rather to faalts ia carry- I
troct the syttess now ia ase, that cdtatatioaby
SotaherecapartoftheralneofaaythhvtsitA 1
capaatoty for prodacinj;
-syirtmoe Srem Geernsiest in gess labor.
Iwekp thef ham aeer rty xjevied aay, and
that she-tpacma&; ea'ecuef the GertraBentxs
the jm ra ahesf VefcaK care been trariocs to
their jaemsth? raay half dife; ftctheta what
xhv eccid hare Voe aah beSaer jl they had been
IcfiasxheaaKwrea. Tae wrkf the Gorersmcai,
aa2ha-cwcktsths tee that itcaapafars
wS. is S apthe Tvcclaaos. and if tysu
oiws: sbeSabcc market safried. rery weB : bet
letnocthatbetlhesoseor the main e&ject. Wnh
AeaficMT', t iettasaew-Ojcaasisacoerof Isnmv
rrati3aoe prelected tear obeerratiaa win
ham rateahie tvat-iaes of stadyissthe
agw ie. rva r-. fr- x - " v-a.
tp eeTasw. there wSihe a pressarees
theGeweraawaa trdta estTcrent eaarters toembark
faeeaeqeaes dssrjtssed by the w kaowatertas
t2 recwwtasaoa etf oer tveeataoc-" evumate
sua es.e taxact c;
market eW iabor.
ttkr spntaeacsaa wck and leare ptaater to rnethodcdprcpcrty-taxatioa: and there is:
54r2S ar'T-S " . ia thts said method wash coatrarea the tre
at lalact esaerorse to aarfrycer ior laif aasaconse to tts owner,
rap iabar. Let the Goremment j that tacome-taxatioa may be said to beccly a
qaeatly cited renege that property.
Swjtrjaaxrvratasbea taade since Eawaa frrxaes, sijcli Joe iii twa jr-
V-cuaesadepeadeai which has the force and ajj- "-he ijjev ar-ii; frjc: prxvrtT. Tbe"ier '
T-VaTre-of the Kisc's speech lag Friday ereas. , that saoxae be six per cent, spoa the pcurssaaa ,
3l ervaaSth&kxa; and earnest tnea the assar- haksartncs.or twenty pa cent, aptrs the sac- ;
aaje that Bag y.i'.Vi-a has the coerap; and the cax cicri:i"s -eC- cj eij
wattarissieoxivvac !
wf a tMesgrriiariiT vaevjeBt. Xocraaderwwds Moreover, there ia ranch property whee ralae 1
1st haaiory.no wsser thosrhta caahefcendthaa 10 owrer. the ralae. therefcre, forwkichhe
hec wtach caoeed theBeyal address: -If there claims procecrios. is sooechis; rerr diaVrect
hare beeaa:rcakia. the pass. letasproalVy the irom iu ralae in the minds of other people, for '
W.Tntatexpaeace.aW B w siny haowapjwtrof taraias it to accord beoxnes a
st a sow as c ftvr i,- 1 tmt saaj hr fartor ia the calcalaaVxs. And. oa the other hand,
ifinttmVmi." ' the ease is a qaite psssie ooe in which rcoteo-
Sew dttex -rocid hare beea the arsaory cf taay exist tee a larpe iacsae wihoet the
Tw sf the Scaarta and af ooe at least of the xisteiofooe(celara worth of prcptrty hahle
Sjerhon-ie drxrreax. indeed, the hsstory of "pay iar this pcsakat.
the wweM sa the last three ceatariea -tad there ! The nped eilsskc ia shi coLrr d Cix
beeeaaaearaaawhahadthe seawe to express and ' aerof, and the ahi rasaptrahi diScahirs ;
art poa wiewa a ta these: There is so tathewayof raasaal aaderaaadiac between the
rTajwarrKxUkaaasibeajhxrcr. ocber rsvf, a jrcv
aspopsla; and as ssroaca sorereara ia harms drfLrahy wish . ich. x-Cir cr lar. lrisliticc;
taejaactaadcar.ftiesiceef the reentry as aay . wig hare to daal. Iiaraaaticri froca Chiaaraeaaj
org-eg toe lioe a? tse ear. Tberr is rtjjoa Svdiy the saursaaoc rata oar raiassofa!
tataaakGodthalectheereof theKxar'a depar- : rraalsysseEaoflw.trjoarithe Jwrrfil -
rz-eiec hii !r- trirris. be his sh rtt tsri- "" : erxtw arocr! aad cL-ries oi till
serf s record, sa accord wish the beat tvsasical , euc?- aerrise aa eiect rery dier-
taskiathedar. Te ti-, if -v-- r-TT ixtsscoc3erplaad by the laws cd Ha-,
hooes and hear," men. aye and women too. a5 &n I be cceaJy tcoken, cf
cvectheae Island wsh hxm iaspeed ia ltrip. I iray xs clear, 1 m arcr3 rneans ;
arsdsalehcoeaciia. The sracere prarer of aS " 1" inaoaas the Caaose.tit
paal peopiewS faawhsai by land aadbrsea. Inctx,f U -'-- tie en-.-tic 2i?oJ rt-
aadoahu rrsarahe w ret taara what itislo '- riiS tor c-
lTeathaaaaUawhas.thacaaaaaathe " of lie cc-r. The
backbone of a ralrr. Thas coarse ss oa she "Masyoaetoad,baiii -ra hare ,
raACTA-. - that ti Xic-i cv-crsev as a-ied 10 1
ewabyka aodrw-a. asto be srmry adhered tebr Ia sins caztcica there is. kjrr
hMSathetzrare. It - trae. thai misatkea hare w-rardtowiiithVv-x .
beeaaaaie sttae past, and at is ecaiSr troe that '. , s-ire rci ,e foc
arpeocax: et sach xaastak can nse be aad v7 " teasocaW coarse of acabo. UzAxlx. '
rta asrararasax; erery sucact and sate pea- aiy. a rreat roataraare to stxisaactarr
seatewrra-w-ra. iieety as we tare cea- exisaa the fact thai the books." wie- - 5.
twediathe jmS, kes irerir. and Jar meet . " 2- - ts a
CladtfeniWOTeomaiesaainvsnr Ira ' Pnocxaasesss iaerasa3e mea to rcrxrd :
x ciriac sm fisr reencdsof theu iraasacaia.
-TajtSsasr oaa ix wraar," Srraare words ' are brthe Chinese tradgs kept J i rr&
trsirrtstssasa5Sieceeatacestary araoaf she saxaaer taScaSl of eaaixaxata- a ethers aod
Hawaaaapeopat byooe wiu riaa,ia lis erjT KretiT3e! harSy ileSii. by li!eiTM. A
taa tare hjai rssaiSed tasa athecoa ' saeasare woald lUivthesaaiztprobablrof the
oaslema iot aaaha theory. -Whea aaci wards warneraxsti esxaaaaatr wiacl; woald aSeri
areaiataiarocripUiajTii,; ale lis t -til. so srrs wcali'be tbe fzjrajed ooo
smamSsiatie; thedrriae ririt dega - lieaoe wh whxi basiness wccld be carrirdce.
Ne mrrr scioji toy faom-a sial tins lia d Elber lie -ie-T-re ci bcsa-s cos ia tij
drrsae issaSwaa exploded OEcsaae ago. laccr . re?yfr or Hawaaaa t--r siscH be tnai
eeassaaraaahowrwor laaci we raar hocuc the o2ot, coczycli-xy. of the Gorreraieci " b- je
the holier as a a a capahueof ecriacaa wvare pared to exprad sx&fy caoai to seeare the per
eaaseleea.'wSaxaw saast jalpeaia staaxadscx a-l srrrirws. as coe ccT ils otSciils. cf rax
aa jnd. The wery taahslrrr to err draws as the peaaoc Chaneae eg ceherroe- rK e-.-, -T-ssaacrnrloaKiaciwaataataw.waatieesi
kaowe of diiicai woaH reader his awoca
an waare wssaa bsafwao -eaa cio sTer-er-t a?oa cixaaxrtaa! or other nnesaxes
f" aS law read: and re-read the wrrshroffaTlcrRiix.
saxy of the laarnsee xd tie PabSna. ani what Sailed! sach ta we hare idrievi at caxX be
i that tcocit ccr beans o iiry r Ibe ccd- coasaSired too avxc, or too careialry, that rrprt-
cBKiraB saajsaiaausysaearaaa Kaaasve xaay carry to the next tessfaasre nsa
ystharpwtacjrieail tared ciaijes rxlbtr -t- sbe rained asi cra
TajiirTTroatsBaaeajtxtotosaasaaa , gracea parry-jraea a a- eje-e-r.
It was annoanred yestrrday at the Gahinct
Cnancaby His Maicsir, that Major O.VT. Mac
farlane woold BCcompusy His Majesty asj far as
San Francivo and form part of hi suite.
Oca readers woold do well to look throactt and
wr-ich ciwfoHy the rcmarka of Gen. Comly at the
dinner last Friday ereninc.. They are to the
print and will go down la cor history as raloable
political traths.
Tnx police hare had a pretty hard h Midline from
our cooterapwary the fYer. The cases brottcht
forward cenaudy show a lamentable state of
affairs, and we hear that the Chief Justice in the
Sapreroe Court hat alluded to certain acta of the
Foiiee force in rerr stronc term. Vfhoee ever the
anil may be, we hope that the present state of
affairs may svvw be amended. We quite arree
with cur netctlwr the iYrothatat present -the
nolieeman on his stool, snea his pipe and
ignores eTerythin; andewrjlJy,j and so Kmc
aa the policeman corttinnea to do sv jost eo lout;
will our force be inefScieni.
Tnx Attorney General will return with the Kins
and will brin his family back with him. Mr.
Armasrone; has a Kood mental irrasp nixvt our
politics, he has an advantage orer many of fcr
rotitieians here of bcinc able to view from a more
independent point, the questions which are more
or less treated by them with a djoe spirit. The
problems arrouc here are interesting thoach theT
be small, and a man once harmc takes bold of
them and, aa it were, harinc pat hU hand to the
nloarh. is not ciiar to tarn tuck. We are sorry
tolowthecooncels of Mr.Armstroai for a titae
from the Cabinet, bat his coinr abnud will enable
him to stady the difficalt ropnlation quextion on
the ept. and we- feel .ere that his knowledge ol
the world and of tnen will be of (Treat adrantaps
to the Kiar; oa his trarels.
Tnx f ollowiac is the translation of a letter from
our amiable younc friend It. W, Wilcox dated
raris, France, Xorrmber 2wh. l.vO, pnblished ia
the Bmtaii ft Uim of January lMh. This ia too
nri(rht a cem to be allowed to jrltsten ttnwnt -I
di-wrer that C C. Moreno b really a friend of the
celebrated men of this country, even of the Kinc
of his own country, jat at I havebeforepablished.
He is a (Treat man. known by the roaod world and
rreatly honored, and the niissiontry like haolea of
Honotahs, who hare forced lie acaiust him and
doue him wrons unjustly, are frreaUy misukro.
Mr.Cumly is of noaccoant at all. Fitr for the
haole who has im)vrtinently obtruded himself
where he had no boainess to be. The name of oar
Kinc is roincthroach shelencth and breadth of
this world, in all the lanmaces of the world,
throarh the newsparcrs; and the persons who
hare pven reins to their rerenpeful thoochtsof
treason, 'hare dag their own craTos.' Eat what
remains to be said, you will bear after C C
Moreno rets back. The only thine I wish is that
there mar be patience amont; the Hawaiians until
Justice shall be done in Hawaii, and under the
eadershipof the Son of Italy she Ha waiian race
will be broajrht to life afrxin.-"
VTa picked the following oat of a waste paper
basket round town, it aproara to lie a stray pace
from an account of some country far distant from
here, for the remarks certainly could ntrer be ap
plied to Honolulu. Our houses are bail! of wood
and a few of brick, bat we hare nerer heard of
cras hoases here. Br the war, teJVe is Mrs.
Grundy ! If aay oae will be kini enorurh to s-ive
us an introdnetioa to that fair widow, tshe must
from her description be a widow without any in
cambrances we will feel ranch honored. Ap
plieasions for the riirht of iatrodactioa left at the
Giafiia Orrrca will be promilT attessdfd to.
- It was a pretty sp., ererjboiy admitted that,
and thecliiiiatewaasriearry'rferticasriblo,a
little Oct of the trreat world and its doinjr it i
trce,bat atinVrrals aainklinr; was (rot of what
was coin; oa there and crariajrs for news wrrc
sasisned. Not thai the saajoriiT had sach erar-ina-s.
oh no; as Kas as Mrs. Grundy ruled the
roast and care them their 11 of gossip and scan
dal, what did they care aboct the outside work!
Xow it was csrioas toobserre what a cood time
Mrs.Grandy had. and how incosantly the pot
was on the boQ. she nerer let a laiaale nass wiih-
oat ciriiu; astir; and how it babbled. How it
araased her to look cp for a moment and watch
the bhowers of stones crashinc throarh the trlass
hoass,for nearly all th' bouses were of class,
and she thoscas, how curious it was that thoe
who had the larcest of theev hoascs threw the
heariest stoses. Yes the stone throwing came
washrely intheextrerae,and if no new pane pre
sented itself as a mark for the pitcher, there was
saScieat amaserseat to te dertred by rlirnsc
oet more pieces from an old one, "Bat Mrs.
Greedy, the p-rsoeineation of severe proprietr,
tboccht it was a treat pity that, not consent wish
lecmmatelr breakabee panos. attacks should be
made on the inofessiTe, an atinosiihere of un
truth twsriy saSocated the por c4d lady, andhe
rKwalered on the good oed times she A W seen,
when censlemea were ceatlesiea and when the
throwing of the first saone by the one who con
sidered himself richteoos eriocgh to do to led
from, -retort courteous and -lie direct"" to
early cofTee and a taoraing rdsr. She thonght
of those tin- and her inabttitT to prevent the
spread of tsatrath. care another stir to the boiliag
ne a!vj rriertjr arr,rAt rK tin
Tta opeatac of the "ew Theatre last Thursday
was a great ertat ia the society annals of Hono
lulu, We fancy that the Xew Theatre is destined
to crtcte soaiewhat of a rerolutwa in cur viety;
wish a cosafortahle theatre and a good rompasy,
sach as we now hare, wc may export that many of
our social hetaiis wai be tempted oat of their cells
aad quiet hauas? and that the theatre mar become
the ptace where one usnalty drop- ia of anereaiag
to bear what is going cc to see ones friends aad to
be amused : this is the position occupied br the
theatre in the smaller of the aropean cob
tiaect. We know of one, where the boar and
stalls had passed from father to soa for twoor
three generations. The hoase last Tharsday pre
seated a bnHiaat appeaxasce ; there were cated
ia the lysildrng a rerr large proportion of ocr
protaiaeat ptvere. His Majestr tie Kate, the
Heinss Appartat and suite ootaprrd the Koral
Box. The other box contained she Princess LAe
hke, the Hon. A. S. Clesaos n, the CaanceHorof the
Kingdom and Mrs. Harris, and Major and Mrs.
Wedehonse. In the body of the bouse were Gen.
Gxaiy and daughter. Mons. Katard and repre!-.-c-tatires
of all tie rcafoskas aad of the mrrcanule
cocasaaitr. The bcildiag is ettunectly satiffac
tory ia appearance and accoraodatioa; cce can
raove about ta it wish comfort to oseeelf and ones' .
rsetrkbors; it is destrhsfallr coo!, we tire seer
been in a better reaulased'thtatre. The lijrttisg
is rerr good, though we think a few mere gas jets
might be aa advantage. The decoraaoa are sks
p!e bat esTecare and the scenery is admirable.
Altogether we woald speak ia the rerr highest
terms of the enterprise and skill of all tao who
tare been connected wish the etvctsVa of this
buildiar. The rily rr-,a:ed for tie oprarag was
she -Marble Heart, a melodrama of the oM
Adrlrii type. Upon a play presented in a new
baildiaroasachaaco-Asioa it woald be a hard
hearted critic, indeed, who pass blame for any
sKght hitches. We consider U at the comptnr ac
juitted thentselres oa the who! adatirabtr ; sher
had had Elsie or no orportaaitr of wsHag the
acoasrie prccrtses of the batldiag aad posihlT
the acoessc properties raar be bad ; upja this
point only time will tea. 'Mr. Wells, howerer,
could be most distinctly beard. The arrange
ments of the saage were elegant aad tastefcland
the tableau rrpresectiag a croup of stats was
reaar beaatifaL The tl-.Tt of the comraaaitr
are cae to the member of the Calif oraia Theatre
Company for their generosity en this oecasioQ;
tier tidied over the grxs reevirt.- oi lie pel ocai
aace a sum araoantiEgto fSli to the baikiiagfaad
and paid all their own expeaccs. Sach geaerodtr
shocldiiafetwashaMispjcse from ocr people aad
we woald proruee that a becedt shocid be got cp
by our eiaatas for this coat pray, aad we shall oal r
be too hapcy to asisis ia rrjti-"; arraagecieats for
sach a thiag. We trust this coarpaay may Vang
aad it remaaerasiTe t 1 tar araorg as. for we hare
ttoroagbly eavyed their plariag. We hare orjy
oae word of biazae and that "is to the audience:
the -Gods" kt -as know of their existence ia a .
most dtsagrreahie manaert they wer br no 4
meaal coaapxed of people who cocsader them-1
serrea as beixrgiag to the hoodluat dxss. bat they j
andoabsedly K-iaved theaares as sach. we hope i
thaxthepKweaashcriries wiB pat coe or rao n
evrf coajliifes into the be3daarwhowiEtakecp
the moss obstrrperocs of those yecag scamps
no matter who or what their social coaaecrions "
maybe. V nh the soSe excepooa of this h.wittaa
T"itT: the cyraaag of oar new theasreittobe
chroairVl as a deodtd saacess. On Satardar
evraiag tie coramar pttved tie ciarraragoxaidT ,"
of -Oar Boys- so a larg- and fasxxiahte aa- '
djeace The rcrforrsanc- of Oar rWw at i1-- .
TtjeirrewascaritaL Hi- Mar wake, ij - Vaxet
MeJre- Miss Esm L.xn; as -Marr Melrose
Mr. VeEs as -Talbot OsLarrcfrs.- "Hr. Croshie
rerija M-idJenrk-i, 3b- fnacvir as - Ciis.
Mjcfcwaak,-Mr. W2xtaa -&GeorrrrChaatp-aeys'
aad others were exreBeas. Mr-'Crosbie
pUyiagci -IVrkya MidrSewick- was dcBcate:
for to Iciag oa the Eghta aad shade cf shat char
acter reqarrw tSeiiaurr oi coaceotiax that not
wtry acUT l; ecraii to. Midfiewict is aot a baf -f
ooa. there is a decch to h csaracser, a vein of
pashas in him. which Mr. Croshie brought oat
wen, ne mass also oocrncnaeat the
Kar?e t-a-.tyraeat upon the adatiraUe rroupeng
the characters. The cooedr was repeated on
Monday ertaiag for the last tiaae. To-aocerow
errrancrW2HbeTeewej:5ee1 1?- e. . We c..
Bid After AE," aad cc Sri3day afiemoi the
taaaageraeat prope grraag a grand xaatrnee.
mm Lr- parea ise xaasacai oarvstsae tasx
rathe Wood
Sci vned is a tabie of ibe nrsoci scnta fip.-red
m saakaaj Mr. C P. Wt-rs Ansxa Welt oa
Kragsareea, Waikski pliias s
- ft ML
T.Ti-t . 5
jMicraaiS ,
TTfcste Cbr
Cecal aad r-tfi.
The following loiter from the Hawaiian Gorerrt
tnent to the members of the Diiilomatia and Con
sular Corps will interoat all W rcadera t
DxrurxTarr cr Foaaos Amtta, 1
Hoxouap, Jan. 17th. isn. I
Stat I hvre nlreadr infornied yott omtcrdateof
lMh Inst, that His Majesty prorww to nt
tour around ttie wotld, rtuting first soitse of the
principal countries of the East, en route for Euror-e.
I hare now Ihc honor to tnfonn yon that Ilia
Majesty will l accomivmied oa this journey by
HU KicelletiCT Wm. erin Anustrong, win; has
becnarfumtollloyal Comraissiiier of immigra
tion, ,
One of the main objects of this appointment ia
to enable lhi Government to obtain the best p
ailde inforttution, in the differ-nt coaatnr throogU
which the K iyal Commissioner mry pass, ivgard
ing the diff.-rent raced which inhabit them, in the
hope that eHue one or more roar le found, that
mar prove ia all respects a suitable people to in
tnlcce into this kicgvlom, to assist in replenish
ing the population, and I have to beg that yon
will kindly lend this Goremtuent your valuable,
assistance in obtaining the information they desire.
In order to enable you to form some idea of the
kind of information this Government desire, it
may be well if 1 state in as few worda as possible,
some of our spxial needs or 1 may pcrtnp My
some of the sivcial dimcultiea with which this sul
ject is surrounded.
m.i, i-T-nn nt i1mt enntains a eonireLrativrlr
large area of productive land sull unlirokenby the
jtlottgn. and it will perhaps give a Ivtter idea of its
undeveloped capacities it I say, what I lidieve is
withm due limits, that if the croup were peopled
aa thickly as kit the volcanic Island of Mauritius,
estimating on the basis of arable land in each
onlv. it could sar.rort a roinlaiioaof nearlva mil-
lam otK whilst the actual reputation of the
group tolay is about (VCVV) only, of which tho
pure native population it not over tl,CtX and has
been so far steadily decreasing.
The main and most profitable productions of the
coantrr are sugar aad rice, and the demand for
tabor for cultivating these articles is large. This
demand has been met to a largo extent by the ira-
nortation or the inhabitants oi aiaoeira ana tn
Arores. KJmesrvas from variorrj islands in the
Siuth raaSc and bv Chinese. Unfortunately
none of thte quite meet all tie requirements.
The people from Madeira and the Aiorea are per
hans a little above the reouirements in some re-
ispecta. that is as simple laliorers. or at all events,
they wem more adaptd for working small cattle
ranches or other enterprise on their own account,
ithan for working as laborers. on plantations; still
liter are an excellent addition to our population
and bring their faroiliea with them.
With regard to the Polynesians, we may be said
, to be in the stage of experiment. Soma "of those
I who have taken most tnteret in them and have
( had the most experience, doubt whether we. can
count nron tnis race to xorm a permanent anu
fruitful addition to' our popalatioa. The circum
Ftaace which would seem to presvnt itself as so
desirable, via- that they are the same, raceaaour
own petuilfsmay perhaps be the one which will
prevent them from staying the heretofore excess
ive death rate of this race in the Hawaiian Islands.
The Chinamen, of which we had COM in 1STS,
and large numbers have arrived since, and indeed
are now rourirur in oa their own account, are un-
, exrepuonaoie as laDocers, wneiner on tueir own
, account, or urorking for others ; but uaf ortunately
they do not bring their women with them, and it
may be necesisary soon to forbid the men pouring
in upon us without their families, the dipropor
tioaof the sexes aad deficiency of females Iving
already too great in this group." It is alsu objected
' that the Chines as a body never can become good
cstireas of any country but China, and that the
franchise and right oi cittzenship which by our
. laws are so easily acquired here, would not be a
safe power to entrust thera with, in view of the
large numbers which now threaten to come
amongst ia.
i A good many European immigrants are on the
' way to this Kingdom, prinaptllv Xorwvgians and
Germans but it may perhaps be doubted whether
this group of tropical islands will form an excep
tion to the tropical sugar growing countries of the
j world, and be able to maintain a working peasant-
ry of pore European bkwd. At aay rate, sonre of
tie summ: ad indussrioua tropical races are
likely to prove more economical as field hands.
In this dilemma the Government hae been re
ferred to the Eastern Archipelago where no doubt
' industrious and proline tropical rac exist, but
whether 11 is' a feasible project to transplant them
at alL or whether if transplanted they would,
under the totally new cirenmstances and turroucd
ings continue to labor and to increase as thev
. seem to do in their own islands ant probleoiV
which I do not profess to be able to solve, but I
j have some doubt about the saccets of such an
A considerable number of our planters aad oth
, era have often called the attention of this Govern
j stent to British India, and to the inlrodcctioa into
this group of what isknownaathe British India
. Coolie system. It is a matter of general knowl
edge that East India Coolies under a aysieca work-
1 edout with extreme care, and by the combined
action of the British, the Indian and the different
CXlonial Govern menu have enabled British Colon
ial planters to grow immense quantities of sugars
M prxs vaici can comr-Tte in tbe-nixrl.ru if the
, world, with the prodeco of any other cocatrr.
It is natural that our planters should look upon
, a well regulated, sapply of the oheapeot class of
kabir. with favorable eyes especially as hating the
' advantage of a liedrcooisy Treaty with the United
1 States which wives them an enhanced price for
their main ptwicctaoc over what thev could ob
tain in (te markets of the world, tie two combined,
, that is the highest price for their produce and the
cheapest system of labor to be got, would be very
To obtain British Indian laborers, a special
arraagrmeat with Great Brisain woaU le neces
sary. This Government has already taken some
steps in this direction, but the conclusion to w htch
His Majesty's prosent advisers have arrived is
that it is not desirable to press this matter upon
the attention of the British Government at pre
sent, or at least whilst the British regulations
which the system seems to necessitate remain ia
force. Could this cocatrr obtain from Ur.tish
India a few thoasaed East Indians wish their
wives aad famines each people as cosld be allow,
ed to remain ia the country, become Hawaiian
labjects. and be part of oar popalatioa, the Gov
ernment would coa-oder it a great boon, and tt is
rather ia this direct ion that our Commissioner
will be directed to taake enquiries There are no
doubt maar difaculun la the way, aad perhaps
cone is more prominent than that even the Brit
ish Colonies which have availed themselvrs of
East Indian labor, have been unable to obtain the
tow proportion of W East Indian women to 1(0
peoNe, aad the Island of Mauritius which may be
isaio to be almost a part of India, has a papula
, trin. mainly composed of East Indian Coolies, in
which the proportioa cf miles to females is et
tretsely large, and sach as tt would not be right
for this Kingdom to contemplate, aa a permanent
coaditioa of azairs.
However as I have already intimated this Gov.
ernment is of oriaioa that it is neither pJitic
nor consistent with the general principles of a Con
sutattonal Government, to attempt to orgaains a
system for the mtrcartionof great numbers of
mere laborers, who cosld not well become part of
the pjpaUrioa, but would be governed bv the few
who post-ess. the land and she capital, but rather it
should be their policy to eacoarage the iatrodao
rion of people who alshocgh thev might be able to
coramaad a socaewaat higher rate of wages, would
become part of the people wish the franchise and
other rights of ci turns.
In fine the policy of this Government to endeav
or to supply this country wish population rather
than simply wish labor, and if yos can kiadlv bv
oar Coatmisioner ia his efforts to obtain infor
matioa which mar coadsce to this end. roa will
add another favor to the many great ones which
the Be- r -e&Saiiress of forrtga nations have con
ferred l p a this cocatrr.
I take utis cppirtaaity to renew the assurancea
of the high respect aad coasaderatioa. wish which
I have the honor to be, Sir, roar most obedient
haab!e servant, "Signed.) W.lVGtrxs,
Minister of Foreign Afiairs.
The Floe American Ittlg
'W. H. MEYER,"
fWK no WK, M AS I IV.
Will hre quick dispatch for aboyo port.
t?J tV lUtKWKK t CO ttl.
The Ametlrao lutkf nttne
Will have Quick Dispatch for above port.
For frelcht er passage, apply to
jsej H. H.tCKt'KLP Jt CO., Atmls.
gjggSg. JKSKS. Master,
Will have Onick Dispatch for the above Port
For frelcM passage apply to
sra tS r.T. LEo Kliax ,t t-tl, .vgrun.
From Honolulu to Hilo Direct
The A 1 Clipper Schooner,
Will sail frem llonolala to ltllo direct, and will rail at
Intermediate rwtt en the return trip.
Tor Frelcttt or Passage, apply to the Cal.taln on board,
I si or A. rltANK COOKE, Agent.
TomUt, IVCTTttbrrJtft, S p rn. Tlllo
Ttto!, IWtmlyr SSth. n CI troll of Hi tad.
e.r So lYtHlIt ftor JHonry. "
We -xHirelr drthni xo open account for ratMCt,
and rmkulitij rill the aUrnUaa of tUc trtTrllne
pttMlctotbe&rcnirot hT,bp lUs.nrt andFrclch.
rlilnlrcuilirO; the Steamer will m be rtpotlwe
for any nnmartrd lUaje.cr f Freisht orlarcei,
vslef Ueccipted iur.
Freight Xony Sue oa Demand.
Inallcaesof frvlcttt forpaitlc not rcypontlWe. cr
cnVno"m,the freijlu rnonrj will be injulml tn ad ranee
I'ACKAtaS wrUIQl l.It nti.l WtN'K3 MVS
m: i-i..ixi.y m?iikki
For the party trhoci they are for, or plainly tate4 In tht
recrlpt to vrnosa tbi-y art wnipi:ed.
At! Ifnaad for damape cr Ic mnt be made within
one month.
In no war HaMe for lo or accident to live tocfc.
MT- HtcV IMTer. Bya, and h Ue not be
allowed on boanl the Stranter on arrirat, until after th
paeajrenf hare been landed.
For San Francisco.
ttw Jldvtrtistmtnls.
the ari.cntn steabsiiip
nr.vntiit'. i.rjjt.xn:rt.
Oa or about Monday, Jan. 17.
tiik MM.v.xniD sT.AJtitiir
CIIE1 al.IKR. l-njlMAMlCK.
Oa or about Saturday, Jan. 22
Tor Freight ft oal lanxe, ip.ly to
tt.Siv tl. HACKKKtl) A CO., Arrou.
;vkIw. tr hlpmrul per Menmrr rnn not
Ih Mrst, lr ol I'tinncr. in the nrrpro.
Rrehonve nenr lh Mt-nmer Mhmf.
Walleles yra Mololo
Waloli. rffrW tlUn.
Vraleltn. &KA Walraaltt.
Gen. Siesel i KM an a,
and Mana.
n..fS-.15M with Watte lull. 0ee-CarnerftQBeen
yst aaJ aBaan Mreets. t
eS C. Grower A Co.-Agonts. att
JfiiT erths.J se rreelrea .s I. rnsr ".'ree. SX
ami tlberal east i4raneea matte en shlpaients hrt&U
ly C BRKWKK Jb L't.
fjfv C" Brevvor Co.-Agents. i3i
;V- FaorWarrareaienueanalwTbS?Sl
!Mf for Herarr tail ehipiaeet ft IWL li.e. WeoL
llnies i4 etker Merehaat! te Sew Reifvr.1. tWton.
Sew Vera a4 ethet Eastrra IVrts. I tsb a.ttfrs
taaJe. tSUy C hBEWKKJtCO.
SvfKKstK tttrnr r tiik Hawaii ax
Islands, ta rr-vMte. la the natter "t the Eltale
etWltXlAUHR.XvIl.hteetllenolala, leerased. At
Caaberv before Chief Janice Harris, tinier tt So.
Uee of mitioa fee alknanre et aeeoaatt, dlKblrre.
aa4 tnal dismholtea of propertr.
w reajiir a4 e:inr the petition anj ireeiatt of
WUUaaa H. llr-h. Eleeater of the Will of Wllliisa
Biash. tajt of lltfaolilw, Oaha, ttrrrasoLwhrrein h
aVs t. te alkned !, aa4 tb trees himself wtth
rrt Aa amt uks thai the ssmeoiir be tuml-iejanj
appeared, aad that a aaal order mar be made t distri
bute, of the preprnr rrBililnrtn hl hsads to the
perseas Urreto ealttled. aad 4lrhrrint hla and hit
sanUesfrosa all farther respeoslWUtr a sach Karca
ter. llltoedered. that TllCKDAr,the tlth diret Feb
rmarr. A. D. ISS1. at N o'tloct. j, before the said
Jastlce, at Chaabers, ta the Com ilostse. at llonolala.
be aad tae stnt berehr ts appelated a the time and
pUre tar tteartae said petHtoa aad aren.au. aad that
all persAas talerested snar the. and there arpear and
show raa-e. It ? ther hare, whj the sane shoaVd net
be rraated. and may preent rrldeaee at to who are en
titled to the said prepettr. And that their order. In the
Earttta Uoraare. be pabiishrd In the Hawaiian r,. telle
resipaper printed and pabHshsd In llonolala. for
three rrrslre weeks prerloai to the tine therein ap
pointed for said hrariar.
1 ited at lLaotala. II I. this tsth dsr of Jaaairr.
. Chift Janice ot the s.prrne Coon.
Dey.tr Clerk.
ST6 St
ptrizl plotters.
llroa waal aaj real Vancieaaee Lces to. will tcd
thra at A-V. Xeltu". !M Fort s?utex.
To tie Vaaataettres of the Uawaliaa Islaads.
P TTTLLT woad respectlallT efer aia serrices aa a
Sarsr Boiler, aarla aad t res it rears experience la
tiat caracitjia other toeatriea, aed tarre la this. He
feels eocpeteat to m tae rHJea ta aar EslMa;
Blew ia lata Klfron. Good referearee rirea if
recalrei. ADDRESS EOS ta.
Sltata Fort OSre HocoEara
To area sot to aa. Is the qrrsoa of tht dir. If
rnewaatapAera jte je. aast ret oee er the real
liaites Lire CoEsrs at A. X Seias', 3 Fort Mrect.
r SBJta
, Per saa3erZrsi7i!;i. fflrea froa rarb ria Srfarr.
! too rerr eirraat ObSfae FUdos. hj Fori, zatcrpaned
; for U aad imHHtr. Also, zew and teoocd-kaad
t rtaaos aadCrraas. Xaeical Boars. Acrordeosa, Qaad
; soae Gold asd Plated Jewelrr- Vases ia fad, a lot of
Goois wltahs for Fresesu. Ererr oee sborli call be
; free rgrrV.sslrrelsr.aere. fr"ea rreaaars.
$ts Cr-allXL store. Eaj aad Fort Strrera.
Ow 3rs- rashiors wtat a lerefy Ptpiia drew
roaaase: wtere didjoc ret It J atthc aertma:
AJLHrrns. waerrroawiBl3daBtala:rstt.Tlesaad
patterateiDrris Goals. tftf Fort Street.
O waiiaa Islands. In ProbsJr. In the tn.lttr of the
Cute of U. F. JI DU. Ule of Hooolala. deceased. At
CaaBbrrs. before Mr Jlsttce MeCallr.
u. readinr and attar the Frtltio.'and aeeoaaU of
A. F.Joil. xrralorof theWlilefG. P. Jodd, 1st of
llonolala, decrared, aheiria he ails to be allowed
!..;, aad charm himself with lt,7Si assists
mat the tame saar be exasalaed aad approred. and
that a final order may be made of dlstrlballoa of the
propertr rrmstaiar ta tt, tanda to the persons thereto
rautled. aad diMaarrlafLua aad hla s amies frost all
farther rrspoaslotlttr as sorh.
ll it ordered, that FniDAV. the tlth dar of Febraarr.
A. D. 11. atte. o cJcck A. M. bttorathe said JasUce.
at Caatabers. la the Covt Ilo.se. at Hoaolclc. be aad
tae star hereby I appuiatrd as the time and place for
hearin x said FetUioa and Acroaau. aad that all per
soae Uumtrd saay then aad there appear aad alow
caasr.Uanr they hare, why the ranre timid not be
rraated. and saay preseatcrUeare as to who are rati
tied to the said property And Uut this Order, la tht
EafHsh laaraare. be pablisLed la the Hawaiian
Oaa-tte a ae,pircr printed aad pabiishrd In Hoao
iBja. for three saccessire weeks prerloaa to the tint;
therda appoiated for said h sarin r.
Dated at Uoeolala, II. L, this U dar of Jaaaarr
A-U.Ia. UNeClXir.
J astSre cf the sopremt Coart,
-litest: A. Ba.Dpstylrt iapnoc Conn.
wahaa Islands la probua. In tie Estate, of
1KASK j. O ERIEN. of Hooolala, deceased, lateaUle.
EetareXr. Jasnce Jadd.
Oa ,rr.liar aad tlfr; the retlUoo ef Franrls M
Hatch of Ucsotala. aHeriar that FB.SK J. O BBIES
of said Honolal. died late-iaie st said lloao-'aia c. he
day of Aarut A. D. IS1. aad prario- that Inters
of Adiainlstratlw isse to Fnxds iOliuh.
It U ordered tiat FEUJAY the tlst day of Jaaaarr,
A. I). 1-'.. be u4 berebr , ppulcted for hearlac said
r-crtUoa b-Jore tie said Justice. U tie Cocrt Kjontof
tats Lout, at Hoooiai. at shiiA tine aad plaee all
V!TsoaacsaerrdEiayanpearaa4 stow raa-e. If any
they hare, why said FrtiUo. sboald Aut berraated.and
that tiia order be pabiishrd ta the Earlisa Ijarcare
for lree seccsire werfca la the Hawailaa liaaeue
asrwspsperta Hooolala.
IssleJ Uoeolala. H. l Jaaaarr Jrd. A. D. Iel.
, A. FKAXtls JCDD,
Attest: A. Beea. Jastiee of the Stnresae Coart
Depaty Clerk. SH lt
Hard &nX
. t
. t
. :
. 4
- la
. C
Wast Clay.
UI .. i ...i i. ....
Tery hard rrrr Eoet
Sack tLxJt wsA tarec tsri jumrx aa
e"ty cf , ..
. sr
. s
jVir dcnlisrmrqfs.
TSBS. A. S. aiTT.T.TS.
Faaaloaable Ureses suxd fTTfinV 2altcr,
tit Fort street, BmUCH I-
ax SI If
this Btrls. Xr. H. E. VBtTSSY wfll t far
e aor aacr fsra of Aztorsey.
Executor's Notice.
beea appoutrd Elector of the win of Earrse It-rr--
of Koaolala. deeeasni. rraesls all partln ia
debird to the said d creased la taake immediate cay
seat: aad all parties Bxrla? clstos aralcrt the said
deceased to present the same to the aoderrtrwrd wital.
six mostas froia this date, or ther win be fomcr
barrti W U WILCOX.
E"n of the Win of Eerrrc K. Ssrta. deceased.
Honotata. December gta. l-eu. OS w
A. slr-r, oi loises ccaj oil cocc pbcilp-i j ccce,
eaa axre
Py apsirixz to tie aadersied. aa OS Fort Street.
Haaoidt. Jii. tS, 1SL &tl H. L.CHA5E.
5otice of Hretinr or Stoekholders of Wal
bee Sarsr Compaaf.
aoUera oi the Walau Sarar Conpaay will be
held U the OSce of the Company, at Watkee, Xaat, tm
Xonday. Jasaary rTta, fsil. By dliectloo of the rml
dect of tae Cospaay. A. A. COCETESEr.
tecretarr Waibee crar Cotspasy.
U"l-i-e. Xa-xl. D-eeatT rii. leO. ti M
sTr.t-lT, Slrtcbes ef life ta the HawaUaa lil
asda-TLaxraFlsh Jadd. Price l Tl.
Unbeaten Track ia Japsaa, by UabrCa T.
Ed- Tworataxus-criceoA.at
US 7HOS. G. THBLTTS Fcrt St. Start.
Has Just RccclTcd ox lato Arrivals, n largo
Assortment a Merchandise
Ladles and Chlldren.'s Dresses,
IjJies' and Children's Hosiery.
ladles' auil ChllJren's CnSs and Col lair,
Ijidlea'and Children'. Silk Ties,
lAdles' Embroldereit Waists,
Ls.lles' Erabrolileml Chemlsrltrs,
Ijidles.' Hat Falls-Silk,
Ij.lles' Shetland Shawls,
Ladle.' Itreakfast Shawls,
ladles' Resil Mnlle. Ij.ee Collar.,
Silks, Satins, Velrels,
Poplins, Itrocaded VelreU,
Cashmeres, Merlnoa,
Keal Irish Linens,
Printed Linens,
La.'ns, Delaines and Moerales,
Oenls' and Chlldrrn'a Tweed 8al
Genls' and Chllrirrn'a Linen Snlls.
Genu and ChllJren's Hals ami Caps,
Dents' and Children's Wlte Col'd Shirts
flenls'ind Children's - Hosiery,
Oenta' and Chlldren'i llandkrrchlefs.
Gents' Colored Kllk IIsiMkerr tilers.
Gents' Fine Merino Underwear,
Genu' While Dock Coals,
Gents' Whll Silk Coats
Laee.! Ijseei I l.nee. !
While Headed silk Urea,
Maltese Lace,
Tllaied Lare.
Itlack Silk and Gnlplrr Laces,
Ileal German Shread Lace,
Laces !
ILi5tl Valenoler. n es
T.tblo Linen and Nnpltins, Whilo D.imnslc,
Grron and Red, Red and Black, Gold and Brown Rep TaWo Corers.
Wliile and Brown f?, 9 and 10-4 Shcctingn,
White and Brown Russian Towclo,
Embroidered and CbccVcd Honeycombed Bcdrprcads.
All these Articles -were Selocted with tho Greatest Caro by my Agents
In New York, Eurofie and San Francisco, and are now offered hero for sale, at
tho lowest possible, margin nboro first cost.
IF YOU WANT TO GET GOOD BARGAINS, it wUl pay yoU to try me boforo
going elsewhere.
104 Tort Street. Itrewcr'sj Block. Honolulu.
aal. ij th- tlunonib. C. C Ilirrl, Chief JutHc
o( the armr Court. Uv nr4 on tho 6th dT of Jouiry,
AsD. l!thenndTiijnrdlU tU at pohllc aucliun
OX 3I0ND.VV, JANUARY 31t A. I, 1SS1,
At 13 urluii noon.
At the front door of .MlloUnt lUlf.alltherlcht, tiU
and !ntcr?t nhKh the Mid Cblr K&oalna. ilrctl,
Siaiof. In w to th fellow Ing parcel of land altuate
apon the Uhad of Maoi, via :
LOT NO. 1. Slinatela IMcohl, Lahalna. cotiulnlnc
1 a err. 1 nxd and It jxrchr. near to the Caiholic
Church, and Ii planted with cane.
l.nr o. 2, situate In HUaM, and conUtnlnc 2
rood and IT prchc.
LOT IV o. 3 Sltnate tn IMkaLl, Dahalna, and con
tatnlnss pols.
LOT 0. . SHmte In Krawa.tl. Lahalna. and
containing nlnttwn prthra. This tt the store lot alt
oile nrar to the wharf.
LOT NO, X Mtaate in Koholllra, Lahalna, con
ialntns I acre and II rooda.
LOT. o. o. Situate tn Ku hollies, Lahalna, con
talnlnc H acre.
LOT INO 7, .pana I of the Ahopoaa ot UVome
han,conUlnlnffSli am-, 5t acre of which t talo
land, and a stream of w iter runs throach the centre of
t.OT O.S, Wine A pn a S of Mid Ahopnaa sltaate
on the beach, and contain. n; $ 7-lQ acre. 8 of Vrblth can
be planted with cane. There ts al. Mid to be a Cabins
Tlchlbclonstnc total land extending 3ii.U feet atonj;
th beach and reaward.
I.T -NO O. Thft Ilia of rncohala and Kanoaokn,
situate tn Walloka. contalrtnc3 arrr.. of which la
eane land and has been planted by the Wallnla sugar
T.OT NO. 10. 1 Lei of rnnohala. In Watlnln
aftTff aid, and contains 1 S3-1U- acres.
t.OT NO. II. llIn? the 111 of Kaoh,1nVral.nktt
af.rei1(t.eonUlntnc t acre. A portion of this
ts kalo land and a portion praalng aad mm1 land.
i Lor NO. I. Tv. wh.t are to own as rallmas U
rto ttaJo patches, tltnau Inside of Rnjxl latenl
LOT NO. 13, Being the lit of MinUnU. tfnUlnlnr
S 3-10 acres.
LOT -N o. 1 1. TV! a Lele of Ksnonokn, contalnlnc
Sfo-lt.. of an acre, andceaprlet tu Jarxe Valo patchem
LOT NO. 1. IVlncthe lit of lnhlaaaifa, and con
tains ? M 10D acres cane land.
l.O r N o. !, Ilelec the lit of Lctnafcee, cocUlnlnc S
SsliXJ acres cane Und.
LOT NO. it. ltaated tn Kapanal, Watlaan, and
containing an areA of SiMiMt of an acre and comprlstns
iwo tarjre tK pa teat s.
I.ot NO. is The flMnC tl;ht ta the WalleU
LOT NO. lf. l!omptletwtplreof land altaite
la Kapnoho, Walchn, and tontaln S 3Mt aerrs.
LOT Xo. ao. tMnr a certain pteee of land sttoate
la Prtelann. Irtaad ol Molokat, and contains 4 acres
amt HI fathom.
LoTNI.UI, Heine one nndl.Uctt half of the Ahn
paaa of IVlrrJota. cm the Island of Moloail. bald
Ahapuaa contains Mi acre, the cretin portion of
w hi this VaUtaad.
I llTMI ti, IWInjtheUndi Vnoani at Kull ittd
lUItVamahlns, slteatela I'nna, tlt.sll. The Brst plr.
contains lftH r res ; the setonil piece conUIns 3tl acres ;
iv. iii ii. . -1 1 . i . . . . v. i . ....
leas ritstlneon said and. .hlca expires April 1st.
lsv"V. at an annual rtstal of M. pj5l.le annullr la
advance; tales tobepalitbx thepatt hoklln; tht lease.
I OT M. SS Brine III. Anopuaaot Kapono, sllnale
la rnna. lla.all. and contalnlnc acres. ald land
Is snbjrrt to a lease .blch expires the 1st day of Jan.
arr. isii at an annual rental or SJi. payable serai,
annaallr la ariraccc; uies to be paid br the party boM
tne the lease.
LOT Ms, 31. Rein- th Abnpnaa and 6h pondl of
Kaiapnlpnaa. sUeale below Ka.alhae, coniamlnc an
area of acres, PXirf hlch are Hsb ponds. !abjcct
to a lease trrsmlnc tha larrest ttsh pond o' I ryPU
acresi .blch etplreso. thissihdar of Mar, lt,alao
annnal rental of Jpsi. parable seml-anaaallji laxra to
D pal 1 by th. party hoMlne the lease.
LOT M. 3.1. Ttclnrtha HI of Anathomaln.ablch
adjola the above land and contains an am of 97 acres,
4S acres of .blch arc ash ponds.
LOT so. an. Print the Aharnaa of Kapalalaea,
rontalaln-an area ef acres.
I.OT.MS.S7. tirlaftheland Vnoi aa Kalamaltn.
ma, Kosa, lla.all. containing M acres.
LOT Ml. as. Slutted In Walnlo. Hawaii, and con
talnlns a-IU uf aa acre of aalo Una.
LOT M. , tt'ln; the lands sttnate In WalolL
llatalel, Kaaat. and feaovn as l.none, conslitln; of
sercral larre halo patches.
I.llf M). Sit. Arana lot Rnral Patent Ttll. sllnsta
la Kalihlvral. Kaaat, and conulntnc an area of 1 acre 1
and 19 perches alt halo Und.
HIT Ml. 31. ApaaaSot ttxro-raentloned Royal Pa.
t.t, coaUlnlaa; 1 n.d and rt perches.
MIF SO. 3a. Peine Anna of Hn.il Patent Xo.
&ru,sltaate4 In Walpio, lla.all, and containing MOof
aa acre oae larre halo patch.
I.tiT M. a-t, IVIar Apana 5 of abort Bo,, patent.
Contains iMU) of an acre of aalo Uad.
I.i IT tl. 31, IVI.i Apana I ef abort rtoyal Patent
Contains 140 ot an acre ol aalo Und.
LOT Ml u. Belnr all the rirht. title and Interest
of said deccasnl In lsoral Patent t til. coinpclslns S
pieces of Und and coauinlnjc an area of 1 5'l-liiu acres.
aniint ,a iir. visa.
LOT Ml. . IVIar the Ahnpaaa or KapiUUca,
sltsuted In Kooa, llasrall, tarreys of which arc la cocose
of prcparatloD.
Aa soon aa snrrrya can be made, tht Ahapaaa of
Walpio, oa Hawaii, and or AUe In Klpabnln, on Mail,
Wise sold.
Terms Casb, and Deeds at expense or pnrchacr.
IT S3 W. '. P tltKS- l.tiiiwlslorier.
Marshal's Sale.
I cntloa Issned br the Sapreine Conrfc npon a Indr
tnent aralnst 11. 1. ll 3fcCooL detendant. litaror or it.
. tirannK plaintiff In execution, roc fna w I bal.
1 jer rapoet lor sale to the bjhrst bid
017 SATURDAY, JAN. 22, 1881.
la rront of AllloUnl Hale, at 12 M,
..V!.f ri?b ,'.Ue n,, '"""st of tht said McCool la
;Sdlfu,'i"w,t?m,,"T"i'11: "aadwellinsho...
Kit i ?f U '''""J " comet or Pensaeou aad
PlIVol streeta and Vnosrn aa lot XJ on the Oorernnent
.i... .7 . , . tS.uEcnt, interest and cost he
r 1 125! T 'a'lslIM. Th. term, ol tht tale are Cash,
and Deeds at the expense or the parchaser.
M The situation Is a rerr desirable one and will make a
ub rrsiueuce lor a lanily.
Honom... December r.liS.C rARKE-
WX Atttlltll.NCK WITH A I'llWKn or
- ,ra,.aranriwiil nr .Mllaei. Ac
hone and Acholic her baeband. to . K. Kmerson dated
ed rlrea nolle, that she Intends to rorerloee said mirT
ray. roe condll lona broken, rli.. non payment of note
secured thereby, and wills. II aLpnbllc auction at th.
aacUon rooms or K. p. Adams In llonolala, on
Saturday the 5th day of February,
lSimorle."kx!0Oa U ,h' V"mU" a"cr,M
1st. All i those premise, at Ohla aad Wallan. MoJo
VaI.eontalnlbt;anarraor a tl-IOI acres, described la
Royal Patent .No. :ill to Job Kahena.
I,.. .Z.-V-i7.i . . ' " "aiaiai, liana, rontal..
i!fi Wr3US tff' ""rlbed I. Royal Pa
tent. V &ST3ti, italn. s.1,1 nrnnl... 1
r."TI:,. ''rc", Atloraeya for Mo'rtovre.
Hooolala. Dec at. DMJ. kh
O. sonslbatat attiertlncvalhe lh day of Jann.ry.
or snbscilbers to tht stock or the Kast Vaal Plan t
alien lompauy. It was roted tn accept a Charter or ln
corp.iratlon tranted to them and their associates and
Cf'? , ,h rpral. name and style of tht East
Haat llaauilon t'emnany, onlhrtlst dayol Dec.. l"rrt.
and that the lorporalion and, r said charter thrrrnpon
mcanlaed llselr and elected the rollo.ineoOccla ot tht
a tt A"" President.
n' J.1' f "nc" Vice President.
t; JV.?t-1' Secretaiy and Treas.rrr.
11. 1. Allen Andlter
Notice la further Kiten that, pnrsnant to Ibe term's of
V"".' ".0 aboldrr shall ! Itiltlaianr
lUbi. fur Ik" debt, of lb. corporatle. beyond the
amoant .blch shall be dot npon the share it share,
held or oncd by himself." P. C JONKS. JnT.
4t ...... .J
Administrator's Notice.
'piK r-j)Ki:siGNi:i
-a. oeen si
lit T "V- r
. rl. V " Aaminisltator of Ike Estate of
7 ti:." V1, dTV,,' Tl""1 all partlr. Indebted
to the esut. to make 1mm -dlatt payment, Aad all pa
r.-.. 7- ,liv , "sainsa i a. saia eslate to present tkt
eametotsnndersijne.l.ithia six months from this
dale or they will be fnrerer barred.
vl1l''l'lfti?J:".'!t'., u- Keohakil, deerawl.
North kohals. II. wall. Jn . psct icb Im.
Administrator's Notice.
si Vj? '.P1,I.,. 1 f,1 bT, ,h " A""llstratiit of
7.ut..c' .T' 1 w "t deceased, retjaests all parties
i.'i'JJrt.'.'i '"I tU",'? n,,k" '""'4'ate payment ;
antt all Itartle. h.li,erl.tn.. ,l tJ ...... .
mr!Tfii,hT ""detslcned withl. six months
from this date, or Ihry will be roreter barred.
Adntlnlstraloe of tht Estate of J. c WoodfdieVased.
llcmolalu. Dfcrtabeeiyih. lwi. tj
'pin: rxDBitsioxi.n iiaa-ixo
. ST"1 aprlnted Admlnlstrstornf the E-late or tht
late W ra. Jarrrtt. hereby notlte. all parties Indebted to
said estate to male immediate paymrat and all per
sona .Mine claims aralnst said estate will ptrsent lha
same, with the proper toaehers aiuchrd, .llhla six
months rrom data oe Ihey .111 be roeeret birrs.
... - ,W n. JACRETT.
n...i.i.t.r.'ni;'if4.'rE'u'w Juntu
1 ,' .as been maestrd by Hon. W c Parle u pen
prrly ddne tht bonadarles or tht Ahapnaaor PntaVea,
situated In 1 1 knrnehanl-. Uhalna, Islaadof Maal. II I.
Therefor. I Is herrhy ma.. kno.a la all owner, of
that LDNEMLW, Jai.aary ! Iwl, at to .C. M ititT
oalee at UhaJaa ia tht Ume and plac tn kearlnr sack
"y' h AIIOLO.
" " Omml. .toner
Contractor and Builder.
X of KAIAIKAWAUA. Ute or WaUlaa, Oaha. De
ceased. I. Probate. Before Chief Ja.tlct Harris.
Ry nnneotaa oeilrt of sale, issned by th- lion. C C
Harris, Chler Ja, lire of the bapreme Cocn. dated the
h day or UCTUBoK, A. D. 1K1. the aadcrslrssd will
s-Il at pablie aactloa, at the front door of AJIIoUnl
llalc.o. the
22d Day of January, A. 1). 1881
at 13 ti"-L,o(-i jnmji,
all the rirht, title aad latcrest of the said EaUlkawsba
ot, la ana to the roilowlnx Real Esute. rln
v Mir.ln. I. blIaaiedlaKamanancl.lValilaa.Oaba.
and csnulnlnr Wa acres, more partlcalarly described la
Royal Palest .No. PUJ.
LOT 3. gltnatedla KamananaL Wala!aa.Oaha,
coalalalar 3 K5-10J acres, aad more partlcalarly de
scribed la Royal Patent, No. avf7.
LOT .o. 3. stltaated la Ka-nanan.L WaUlta,
Oaha. aid cot uialo; nsilv) acr-s. aad more par
tlcalarly described In Royal Pitrit. So. Inn.
LOT a tl. 4. Sitaated ia said KxmJsaanI.conUInln;
x"i sr-s or Kalo Und, raore partlcalarly described la
Royal Patent So. can.
I-eaT SO. 3, Apana 1. ol Royal Patent So. Kir.
a "Id Eamaaaaat, aad ccbtlinliir t (1-1(0 acres of
Kalo Land.
. M,r2 '" AP"!- ' Royal Patent, ccm
UlalojrVi axre. iraaln- Uad.
t.V,i,I1,",?i,,, fif Rorai
Patent. So. IMlia said EamanannL and conulainzST
acre, of traxlni Una.
,e!ir Apana I. of Roral Patent, So.
157!, cMtalclnr 31 f:i acrra of cane land.
. ?'?T!'A Apana t. of said Royal Patent, con-taitJn-
73 111(e) acre. Kalo laid. '
i.!'.1"?.'.!?- -Iaa,"f said Royal Patent, coa
talalnr SU-10 acrea Kalo Uad.
For farther Information, apply to' the nnderslraed.
T terms .r tie sale art cask, aad the deeda, at the
expeaee of the put baser.
Cocunlssloaerto sell the Real Esute.of
la it ' Kalarkawaha
Gun Lost ! $10 Seward !
J Ih. bet.ee. Ewaud Walaaaca Breecn-loadlar
rowl!crplfce. i!iade by firala-r.wlth top action, and li
SatT- Ta. fadt will pleat. rrMra the ran to Ihc
ty Xarkrt. Hooolala, andreceire lac .bow 'reward.
&tfsHsajfBsasssnmspBsajsajC t
maaaaaaaasJsBKsBa KssBBaatBa aaBmasBl saV
Hesllriice. s. 33 AInke. Htre.1.
Estimates fnrnl'hedat short satlce. anjwoexdc-nela
the best manner mt
We would rail th attention of IhnstrennlrlazPlpIaz
to our Urrt stock or
154,000 Feet On Hand!
Black W.'Hw Steam Pip- H ta I In diameter.
Ualranlted Water npe n. ia dUneur
ty Tht abore at Xoderare Prices.
bJO-S 3m
This I'.ttle tppiratns oils the cylinder constantly and
prrVctly bo lltl oil la nsed lhat a saslaz t oil aad
wear cqaal to foar tlaiea iu cost may b. cflected la mo
Pint Size, $43. Half Pint Sire, $30.
sn-s jot
I any natlse bred horse tm the rand.Ieh IsUao. .
race of Iwo miles and repeat, or a alnrlt dash .f two
allies for JSa or J-'ul a side I nam. ii. S. Telephone.
This challesrt so reaaaia open 31 day. frem dal.
llonolala. Jannary 3d. 1W. bu la
Tiik rirtyi or rAsrri.i: TT.sirT.i.i
bnsinrtl as hcrar PUatm at Papalksm, IsUad
or Hawaii, le composed of the followlaz Eersott
WIIIIaa R. Castle aad Lnclea P Tenner, re.ldlac in
nooolcla. JsUnd of Oaiau LTssrlet II. Hlsn. tnrld
II. nitchcock and Edward O. IIlKhcock. rt.ldl.rin th.
Plilrlctof llllclsUad ol Hawaii. Kvt X
bees appointed by the Court a. Admlalslrstoe f
the Estate of Charles Ltir, d.ra-d. rtacts all oar
tie. Indebted to the Estate, to mala immediate payment
and all parties harirz clalma arilr.it ik said Estate u
present them for settlement to the aoderaltaed wttala
tlx months rrom date or Ibey win tt foe rrrr bar
.... T. A. SCBAE7ZS.
Adalalttrxtor of tiecsUl. ot Cataa. Una, deceasest
Honslilx.SoTesibcr ltt,io. 1ST it am

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