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jtoxol rxr. a.y it, usi.
Parls the wr-tV, with the adrrat ol better wrUnr.
.,.. b retired wmewhat, and our Inter, lend
trad If ar. rwa.ii.ar He oW sway. Shipment, of
rT"lM ,M e Waade are bow colojr fewi-d,
isiio;inK irrlrioc wfcUb. will tod to hasten, the
der-aitare of fomt of oar f ariefa Tcrfele.
TSrbrt XMj t?ad .Caret, both wiia fall
canwo ftf ars Xr, which wrre tlnnd on the lftth
lst. d:d not, owUtothefeoUterocr wtailier, tail ex. til
Wedaeedar Urt.
ThBrltlhoALlMlelrrdi3e.IM daTfroza Urrr
eocBeattilcttPdt the hooe of T. H. Davie,
nd ha u aorted tarco of pfuml tarrchai.dtte.
The arrival far the wrtfc were. An ech W H Merer
frFrrfeo.BrhkUule Irdale fmra UvfT
jw'.. Am hh Liute Mrhn frtca Port BlaVely,
i4 Ao trn Coar-rer froat Port GaaMe.
Ti- depavriaree wre. Am bVlae eEsrrla arsfi Lady
laiapAa far Saa Fraaeleea, Am wh Cate najward
a a- Am t-Tt Kra far Earrkx, An wh hk John How
laad tor a trait. Aa Vfcia HmHk far Earcta, An be
John X preeVe., far San Fraae.t,
From Kafcalat w Wra thai the An rth. Eiria,
hat arrivrd at that port.
TheTFH on the berth toa&n with dltpatcfe for
Sa aacieo are the W II Xerrr, DlfCOTcrr and
I .Tile GermaaStfamer Qtlcta rrtcni to nocr -.oat.
Miliar; t(MUy
The mtil J-tfiat ZeaUa&l from San Franeleo,
w ta date to the 13th or If may be looted for on Salox
tr trmz or Saadar sexl.
port or noxoLULU.
12 Arntch V II 3eyer. Howe,, day from San
14 Brit bk Uuie lr-edale, 3tnaOT 1M dart from
, Urerjxw!
15 Are bt luale XarhaR, IWrpoaa. from Port
IT Am tern Compeer. Rirtholm, from V ouawe.
Jaa 13 AmbktaeKore,"ordbprr.ffriaTtajiri-co
Brit bV Loay Larajxa. xir-un. Tor an r ran
Am ch Cae Uarward, Le BallUter, for
Am in Era. Paxil. fr EnrrVa
Am h bk Joha UowUad, Green, for rrclee
1 Am hhlae Mob i tar. NcIkw. for Earetra
1-Am bcrae 3 I) pTrckei. Ointm, for S r
cret niudcal trrat. Mr. James B. Cutle villctrv a
rpciUtku, xnd tbos who tH-rd him a vbile ao
at the Lrrrcm will maeniber hotr rxrellrat hi
dfiirerr i. We that salcly predict & bemper
how far Fridar ntj;tt.
t?p to the hour of poxns to pnss there o
ins of the msil Ftnuner City SyJnry, doe from
the Colonic.
The rta.mer WVi-MwaJay which left port on Fri
day lust, for WaimanaJo, Oahn. ami f or the safetr
of which fears were entertained, his been reported
as Kfe at KAalaea.
A concert i Ruing to be pren on Friday week
in aid of the funds of the British Benevolent So
ciety. AVe notice the xuimes of some of oar best
amateurs as having consented to fciajj. This So
ciety tn common with other of like character has
had a severe drain on its fund. We hope to see
the aSair veil rnprcted.
Report of Am h V TI Xerrr. Howe, Mafter lieft
Saa Framtiet Decetaber ITth. Hrrt day had the wind
f rm aad thea 21 hocra from SE and oae day calm.
W- Btit kada rrry hearr oalhweter The calm
andrartablewu:dtUt2r X, lone V. aad ear
ned them to Xau. Prom thrnee to port &S cay. ,
Sart of Br hk liaxk: Iredaie. ilfep. Xarter Left
L sr-paoi Aarst IX xad had nothinr of Importance
fcapssa bbu. i-epteaaber 1-th. Oa that date croed the 1
e-, zXM :aa i W. fise weather. wia4 Heat from oth- '
w-i Arrtrod I C-apr Ilnnt oa It- Sdf JCor,aad
bi boi- fccadarsbefreroaadin;ts,wiadtraac
fnaik W wiiti fcith confined ea. rrom the Cape (
NE ad, and nrcaAtnaa1 SE Croed the relator on .
TK- ZtJtL Ju SJj fttchied eoath end of HaW- From j
xa-cr f part day pasrare, d vtroar 1M
&mt$ oct a-t well. otTrcafaahy happenia oa the rpy- (
ar w J:e taiUajcf a boy from the main top-whJch
imi' fc. arm
We hid the plM?re of hearing Miss Mohrig
of rrofowsor Om, bo awwcnwni her, is down
brTforfaerhAtli. Shehuawrfinehihftoprrao
Toira and v iboald think Ihul cbe vill in time
lul hih in her profession. lVof. tren is ad
mirable rnsUumeaUlist and is tnsll kaon as a
C-vty.jwiir..5' come in aboct the ChineM Theatre ;
ve hare tnentinoed the snbject cm fereraj prerioos
occasions. The plaoe appears to be a ninsance to
the neihborbooo. Osr friend the JTYrot f-houM be
able to throw a pood 'deal of liht upon the mat
ter. "W'e are xierer Tocnd that Tnrt of the town
when ocr OeWtial friends are having their ood
At a meeting of Oahn lode Xo. 1 K. of T. held
last Wednesday erenina the following ofSeers
were installed for the enrrent term: Thos. K.
ljocxy P. a: Teter (VSalliraa. C. Gen. a
SrratecieTrr. V. C; Theo. A. Dudoit, rrelatar
Henrr Smith. K.oflu and S.? John Lncaa, M.of
F.; lVn.K. ratten. iL of E.; Koht. Brla IT. at
A.; lon Dejean, J.G.; F.W. Fehlbehr, O.G.
The weddinR of Jacob T. Brown, Esq, and Miss
Sarah Kine. was solemnized at noon. Teserday, at
the Fort Street Chcreh. A large number of spec
tators were present, and the ceremony eoniewhat
modified f rum tbe old Knclih form was impres
sive. QoantiUesof white callas and iwes. inter-
mingled wilh fresh ferns covered the pnlpit, and
conspired with the warm wishes of tht-vie present,
to sisher in tbe new united life of the newly mar
ried cosple with every prospect of happiness.
We leam that Dr. Ccmminc has succeeded in
propscatinc pore Tacrine vims, the first success of
that kind attained in this constrv. One reqeisite
is that the animals should be of cood stock, tbe
purer the breed the better; to secure this Dr. Ceo- 1
mines was famished with hifh grade Jersev 1
heifers from Judce JlcCnlly's dairy. Two of the !
animals have been examined bv Dr. Emerson and '
one bv Dr. Hutchinson and Marshal Par La. who i
-arc fatisfied that they have kxne-pox. j
The OoUepe of St. losis was formally opened
with appropriate exercises on MondaT eveninc '
lvi. tast eveninc a lecture was delivered at the
Goaope in aid of its funds bv Frof. Xiehols sub
ject "The Lachts and Shadows of our Tunes."' ,
The distincuished smjer Miss Ida Mohric also ap- !
pcaredand cave the audience an opportunirvof 1
jnilrjaf: of her rare vocal powers. Altosether it 1
was an enjoyable treat and was dulv appreciated
im jk auoiencA.
C Brewr-XCo- peutoes. 4 lxat ooe, IS1 '
k &Ttrv. 1 e ciu, bale tty. rW pic brrai. W
fj. li W Xmrlarlaa-tCa- auak jrlle. Ilvraaa
Ii.-. a rr Arr ceoj aa cletaiar;. 9 r lKe. M e
okr 5 f anutirc J c eiarel. I c cijar. W Forter
i . itkraiUerv.iir4er Srtcra;a.ll t prn- 1
I-"-. 2ApLrs rrueerie. 131 k Zoax. HartBr-lr3
ytn pwirt.E O H:: Jt Srtu S3caAl4warr.3Se4i '
p.p.. ptr vicbi; aeaer- X fcf bbu Mlaoa. S la
nlmac . C J nhel a ptr iaie. Griatoaa X Co: 1ft)
cars. J Son X Oo: 1 r efprr. A W Baea: 31 te
f.i. IMdiu.- So raMss.!.' kale, aay.a c lade;
Til IU-.e4Co tarMkn: R V Eoe- 3 fcor: G ,
I tiftr.adiiekw.HolliTA-Co. Sbaie
I r ioC ic mZnz I" jkr crocerie. etc to ,
Fraia laaiou, per Qaiata. JaaaarjlEh TASeliaefer .
it.i 2abaie4ba.59Sfi.a4ttoCaiceerrras. ,
lV3mljrrr5ooH-Unllr4le JuU-!n b(iw
ca-i.S.'Iibidl4ee.SfcfclEarrale.tcmaduT (
JO" M wire. 7(1 kn rata. 1 r-tareai ; twiae,SI
rchew 3i M! tube. I't J1I. 1EH Iron rail.
rt. rfan:, i c cx. 10 bai' bar. c ezwaia .
sa u, 3! es saadisT. C dram cxmt ri.. a lot of e-.l aai
pa.al.r;'iuajlaen.SelK.Teierlof least. J
cs caaii?. r3 br aatt. kUow. t trf"are. a
qaor. 1 c jc-.raae efact& . UtckK "1 pkj
tti. aaI!aa4alolexvaToaktBioIni3i. i
r-ai INrt Biakerr.perLiax'ieXarsliaL JaalT Its.- i
M!S roajA laalr. .CT ft t aa i aiaker.SO,TS9 ft
rocft latLOer. '
TvKareka. perXiuOor. Jaaaarj a cuart.
Fomcu valae. $J i
Toe ia IVac. per Jots 1 prerkels, Jaa IS !
SK bar car K bi nee. V hit talfcrw. u sreta ,
n ir- tasbaca Wnt3tf. baa Mirer osin. 1 fia-
Vai rorara. iV'- T IVaoertjc. ?.
Trcas Stt Fraarl'KW. IK H Kevet. Jaaaarr 351h
X I vaci. C TTmtat. Xa t,r. Ja Krar. H Seaedld.
Joaa Brtce F A LoEia. JU A BeiitsanL A
v Frx t-. Aot'a. r Neclenoc-a. C TTklte, Jeka ,
E-k-j E S Eoe. u Iwiwtej jtjrill j
JVct Catlea, p Qaiata, Jaaaarj lih Stt Cklaese.
Tram Wjiiwari P-v T tSkeJIte. Jaa K-H E H
TirkaL..t J: in. . Cobtx ill. H Sevrraoee.
r rvj'ja-r acd .!, Xji E ttay. J EowifT. W H .
H ars SETidaaac wjt. Jir H B B.T-ra, T B Davi V
vr B le- Xu Tlie. Ceo C WUhazat. C Ballev.
3irHCOTli.JC RrkwooiiCaMwrJl. WFFlrar.
Capl TarHE. F Leaaft.
EXXAI AtKakaaka,3aa?t,to tke wife of Jorpi
Kiaii. a
X-XEAGrE -ITCETT laBoaolara. oalraniav.
IS, ai tae i ikrtitc Cattiral. by tbe Tv.
raita? Hfnurt. Xa. aw"ax HcKXAcra to "all.
Eal.TcsTr.eoesidauasTf 3St i kyrett, all of
tbl Cliv
Aaoc: Towx.
Durirc the absence of His Majesty the rTrng the
Princess Lydia win act as Ee$eut.
Tbe -'stt-t; of Fort street proresw; the
week is now up to Dodo's Rabies.
ProJesOT "W. J. Payne, the prestidicitaleur, is
booked for Hoackons, by the bark Etrmitx,to
ail to-day.
The smiE-pa pariest, AVkile, was released from
cmarantirje on Friday. Hecameozt tn&ljrannew
enit of clothec
The Britisr. bark Xarrw JreeaJr, arrived oaFri
day. She mane a pleasing passage of US days
The 7r5r from wiiich we took our extracts lafd.
wei. i Mr. lAboncbere's Trwf, we apoikvirr far
n-rn Uinc the moft.
Fasl Fiihixia Kazwat, Ea;-, his been arpoirtel
tr the GoTvraocfblsriof Kacai, vacant lv the de&th
of F- V IWkiev.
Tbe talrc Ctent" Robert as hi body
fvrr&nt : he west in the atoe enpacirj dtrririE the
jncfs Tisit to the Siate.
The recnlar EKcrth! j xiiee-tinc of the T. iL C A-
w3I be held at the Lyiprcni amThxTsitj rvimir,
Tbe Chinese frcenlhe fWta who hare been
under aedica! rrerrisron al tber ciar&mine es
tabbJahraeat were dicharjrd on Friday.
The S Xtprr. arrird on Tedneisdiy after
a TTyxT of So daym frozn San Francisco. Lite &2I
the vtr4 which have latriy oocne in. the rtsns
heiry wtbither.
Xtisveewasa pay one forHonolnln &xz5j.
The tpin:of the oew Thealre, the dinner to
the K:rt isd a snzsber of pnrale parties made
thine hct and bnfSfinc.
The Gorrisat Bi-ertsary was znored to Xo,
ilaensif re xo-dcy. Adrwe is ptren gratis
tc allHawahans. The boars are U A. jc on weei:
day, aad 10 a. ac Snadays.
Ve bear that nereral ptKT rrysuSed
abed that oaw, they had tttr ary to,
ins: at this raoeaeat the raaiae slips onr mexnory.
fact we will teI yon next wwek.
His lit. H. JL P. Carter. r:r.ir of Irlerior.
wiH ars as Auorny-General durinc the absence of
Mr- Xrmstrooz Iron: the -Kraraom. Air. AV. O.
tvruih has been appxnted lVpdy Attorney
"We are r thai ocr readers viH Fjra-bise
with u when we teT thecn that the brick bnildzx
of jle&CTs L?tk$ 5: Dickson is rapidly apjrxach
in coaruetkin. "We sadbr fear we shall ordy be
tbie to pet coe more local" oct of it Drop i
tear, do
Tie Ttacfeie 32 certairdy cre way to the iin
crredfannof thetrkyci&. The Hon-fi. A. "Wide
mann ha imroriad ooe and who erer villpaoat
oa the 'Waikiki road. vtS. m the Jode ratllinc
a3onx: at a fiteadid rtaoe. Don't pen behind it
howwrer the ar.imal mirhl kick :
Tbe other eraiiiipaiertheatdiaa-r. roe cd
cr citir-n was asked for a sore- No' said he
Xca2tWsl&ot withoct Mr- ESfchop kiare r
Wfcy ? &ked an innoomt indrrxdsa who
was irtandrrj; by. " Whr bos ? Why. of o0cr9fe.be:
httCdsaSrsyaouer1 liraro. EemyT
The disapjKcntinrrit of thoe who on orvaizir a
well corded and sealed box discovered nothing bat I
a ceoa . j-.rr.imsn, can oexier oe conceived than
exrresspd. It arrears that on the Torae over, two
Chinamen died on board the Qmmtn; the bodies ,
werdnlv bared and ruTiri rptothe davits. On ar- '
nral in narbor, otxte member of the crew, it is j
iurjaed. cm one of theoies adrift and it floats
ashore. Here it was found and opened by foroe f
natives ; tablean. and a peneral hoJdinr: of norV. '
Captain Brown, on the part of the Board" of Health '
took charge of the matter, and boih boxes of
bones hare at lencth f onnd a quiet rtcin place 1
in Slanoa valley. The man who lent his can for
the pnrrose of wxiiejing them there Jecesred $50.
Tbe f allowing is a list of cases disposed of dcr
inc the week before the Police -Jnsdce: Xatai. '
drenk. $C bail forfeited? Keocla, dnnik. ncd $5 j
andf3rsts; Kalro, w. , dmnk. fined $6 and 3
cofrs ; Faia, dmnk. nned $10 and $3 costs ; H. H. 1
Cook, drunk. $G bail forfeited ; Nnhn. assaclt and ,
battery. n7e tirwyW ertered ; Kackxm. common
x:idaiioe, fined 10 and 0 cocC ; Keo FcIa, dnmk,
$6 bail forfeited:; D. Caiward, drmk. bail for
feited 1 Vonr Year, imiirlme- fined ry St '
oosts : "Wnn lVCTtxiin. ned $-"50 and $1 costs ;
Spooner, drenk. fG bill forfeited t Kahnnanci. a
furdt and battery, ned $5 and $1 costs; Aman f
ana An men, anrays. nneo ana 5:1 costs, each;
AhPci. Kan Tan, Ah Pn and AhTuero-Tiolatjn; .
the Sabbath in RamMi-a ed $3 and $1 costs,
each. j
Tbe site of the LnnalHo Home far Infirm and
Indices! Hawaiians was located lal ThnrdaT br
Messrs. Hall and IXJev two of the tmstrcs; Jndce
Jndd, one of the testamentary adviers of the
tmtees: Mr. I.lmian. architect, and wreral
ladies. The Home is to consist of a two-srorr
bnildrng in the centre, containing a parlor, dining
room, ofnos. dipensary. and up stairs rooms for
the srrtermtenaeait. Over the- entrance wfil be a
tower aboct srxtr feet bich sxxnewhat after a
Florextirje campanile in style. On each side of
the central part a winpof one story, terrcinatin
in a larce ward, with roof profectinc eonsaderabjy
above the roof of the rest of the wine. There are
to be verandahs infrontand at the back; while
the wards will hare- roomy balconies. Tbe whole
lenrth of the bradingwl be aboct STS feet. It is
to bebnihof stone, with trimmings of artmcial
stone: roofs to be of slats. Tbe si is bcltrw the
foot-hills from Monnt Tantaras, nearly oproars to
the raw cemetery. The Home when nikbed wi3
accoenmodate over forty besenciarieA.
On Ssnday evening rpwards of a thons&nd peo
pJe, alcKxi entirriy native assembled in Kawaia
hao chnrch to bear some "arrwell remarks from
his Majesty the Kinc. AatheEoyal prrr entered
the chnrch the orran pealed forth the Gloria from
Haydn's first Mass. The King, tbe Qnen. Prin-
cesses Lydia and Xikelike, the Cbamberlain and
the lv. H. H- Parkt-r ocenpied tbe platlorin. Mr
Parker opened with a praver after which the choir
sane Hawaiian transSatSoa of Horne Sww
Home, Tbe Kxnc then addressed his people in
substance as follawss He FCpposed that ail his
bearers knew in part the reasons of Lis coins on
bis journey ; be had two objects, first, to reccper
aie his own health and second, to nd means for
recCTratiriC, bis people, the latter wonld be dcoe
by the introdactK j of fareacn iinmicrantA. He
alindod to the dangers he wocld meet abroad,
both bvjaa and bond, at the same time sarins that
these dangers were the kd of every traveler. He
had bern asked why be took with ham the two
Centlenxsi who were to be his feDow-iraveJexs. his
reply was that they had beeai ssdmbfrllows,
his companions and he wocld feel happy with
them, lie cocaoered the Twdtion of Moaarch of
these Islands as a recsbarry diSrnh one on &c
cocnt of the raricms iniertrsts and mSoences which
nmst neoessarily act upon him. His sister, the ,
Prmoess Lydia was to act as liegent in his ab
sence. He asked his people to show the same
Sdebtr and lore to her as they bad shown to him.
He had lately been making a torn of hisdormmon
and wherever be had pane be had met with ex
pressions of loyalty and devotion from his people.
He wonld now wish his people AuAmnmbimm jtm,
Tbe Sag's remarks were rwired with Tigarons
applar?? and on the motion of ilr. Kawainm, eo
ceded br Mr. Enaea, the Eon. J- M. Kapeoa. as
cended the platforrn and replied; He touched
npon several FCbjects of interest and finally eon
clodvd br asking the assembly to pray for the
safety of their King, both in their cnrches and ,
atboraev Tbe rtyrirrvaSim ssnpA Ii-m? - f r J
Parter gsve the bJessmg and naHy alf bcrstont
STtontaneonsly into the TtTiT.TnM hymn of Hawaii
Kir it.
Xcrrng the rains ax At'aimea the xcaH bad to 1
lcaock oiT f-iadm as aH the f imJ waswet, j
Seren inches of rain bare fallen in as manr 1
days at Kilaaa plantation. This plantatiaa wt!l :
begra to grind shortly. j
Tbe new irrigating -eaa bdonging to the Ma- ;
kee Sorar Company has been partly blown down
by the. late gales.
Eekaha cme is tnrning od aboct 5 tons to the '
acrv bd better yield is expedtl Irom j3me of 1
the land.
A new Gorernmer-troad is to be opened between j
"Waixaeia Mrtf-. via the ekaha -mill TTd i
Samocal-honse.atPokiL "
Ere of His Departure for Foreign Lands
Spcecbc of the Kinxr and Cabinet and
American Minister and Other.
On Friday eretung His Majesty's Ministers garc
a state dinner at the Hawaiian Hotel, the oc
casion being the departure of tbe King on bis voy
age round the world. Invitations were issued to
a boat one htmdred, bet owing to varioca causes
about seventy -ii re cr eighty sat down. There were
present the King, the Ministers, the dirJoraatic
corps. rer-resenUtiTcs of the judiciary, the house
of nobles, tbe privy council, the clergy, the con
sular corps, the bar, the medical profession, the
press and the principal merchants. His Majesty
the King and His Excellency the Minister of
Foreign Affairs occupied the head of the table.
General Comly, Mons. iUtard and Honorable
A. S. Cleghorn sat on their right. Major
Vodehoase, Governor Dominis and His Ex.
the Minister of Interior on their left. Their Ex
cellendes the Minister of Finance and the Attorney
General sat at the ends of the two tables which ran
down the whole length of the dining room. The
dinner consisted of six courses and was very well ar
ranged. There wa ample opportunity between
the courses for conversation and in this the mem
bers of the bar particularly distinguished them
selves ; many bright remarks called forth laughter
at their end of the table, M ith the advent of cof
fee came the orrvrtTinitv f.-vr trvi J ttvwW
His EicenencT JV. L. Green rose to prapxwe the
aeiu. uu jiaesty, ana spoke to tne zouowing
" You are all aware of the reasons for which we
are assembled here this evening, and that it is the
pnrposeof His Majesty the King to proceed on a
tour round the world. I consider it my dutv to
state that my colleagues and myself have endeav
ored to dissdade the King from taking this step,
bat as it was evident that the King had come to a
decision x:pon the subject in spite of the dangers
which were represented to hits, the Ministers con
sidered it their duty to take the greatost advantage
tlaV rVW.M rVa-n t K T:T.-? Yi-1 . T- fnHtunnM
of this His Ex. W X. Armstrong has been appoint- j
ed to accompany His Majesty as Commissioner of
the Board of Immigration, and I am sure that Mr.
Armstrong wiu nnd his hands strengthened tn the
exercise of his duties by the presence of the King.
This is neither a tit place or time for explaining a
Ministerial policy, out there is one point upon
which ideas are opportune that is immigration.
J see before me many gentlemen identified with
our planting interests and I will say to them that I
thine there is some hesitation on the part of the
pianxers 10 co-operaie wiia ice government in toe
question of repopulation. Tbe government line
does not appear to be the planters line. The gov- '
crament have i liberally provided for the planters''
necessities in the matter of labor, and I think that
it is appropriate for the planters to show a desire (
to oo-operaie wim me governiDent in promoting
popolation. The government desired population
as well as labor and eeecially does it desire wo
men end children. 2 hae now the taleasure of
proposing "The Health of His Majestv, Kif
KalAkaiaa."' "
Tbe toast was enthusiactically received, three
ringing cheers were given, the band played the
National JLnthem.
The King then rose, the whole company rising
at the same time. He said :
44 Ma. Mrvrsm asi. Gryn.Txrx: m
I thank you heartily for the kind and loval man
ner in which you have responded to the toast. I
recipirocate fully your kindly feeling. Around this
table are gathered people of manv natixis. In
common with my predecessors, I desire the best
welfare of all who gather under our flag in my
dominions, and I believe that you who come from
other lands, bringing with you the large wealth,
enierprise and intelligence of tho-e lands sympa
thiae with tae in my desire to rirotect my native
Hawaiian people, and'strengthen my nation.
To do this we nmst work in harmony under tbe
Constitution and laws, and I rtocnire cheerfully
the fact that Hawaii, as one of the f atxdlv of na
tions, must be governed in accordance with the
ideas which control constitutional governments.
We have many difficult questions to settle aris
ing out of our peculiar situations; they demand the
best statesman-shin and patient investigation, I
am in hones while absent, to gather some ideas
which shall aid in their solution.
Tour cordialitv to-night is but another evidence
with that which i have observed in other puts of
my kingdom, that Ixnay rely upon the best ele
ments m my kingdom to sustain my efforts and
thoeof my government in upholding the inde
pendence of mj kingdom ana the welfare of the
Ka-viug appointed mv sister as IlegerA during my !
absence and placed with her a responsible Minis-
try, I have hopes that the Go vernment of the llegen- '
cy win be administered whh full confidence and
satisfaction to the nation. If there have been
mistakes in the past, let us profit by the lessons of
experience. nd with hanestv of purpose let us 1
pre raw s. micre wnicn 1 trust mar be brxgut
with prosTcriety and hopefulness.
Again I thank you for myself and the Boval
Tbe wharf at Eekaha, wfaere'Il tbe TnarMnerv,
Ac-, for the mill was landed is now fty feet or
more tp from high water mark.
T. Kirodsen and family leave by this steamer
for an extended trip to Sew Zealand. Tbey ex- !
pect to te atkrnt aiout a year. Air. and Jdra, F,
Sinclair abo go by the same steamer.
The Garden Inland has ben Tished during the
last week wrth irorig winds and wena rain. More
rain has fallen in proverbially dry VTaimea. v-baa
itkas been blesscid with sance'February, IrTT.
xne artestan toi oesn; oorea tor xae J,c2tna
; Sugar Company baa not progressed very rspiily.
lor urs. jz?r spuitzaitTreacDraa
dtvth of W feet, it l4ng fo cnxvted as to rrrveit
getting tbe pipe in- It was thought easier to dig a
new one than to straighten the old one. Forty
feet is tbe depth of the new one. "Work is now io
be carried on night and day.
A strangers impression of tbe wire
Tramway i mmrrtx mia u ca vott zar,e2 j
xnvcstigatioo- it aypaars never yet to bare worked
in ita entire length for three or four cosrieetrre J
da vs. without the breaking of the rope c the j
name state as raenoooed last week, namely, aboct
a third of tbe length only is in ft working caadi
rkra. j Hawan.
"We are indebted to Hon. H. M. WhitneT. of
Kesaraa, Kau, for the iollowing Rain Eacordlar
Isctfes. Ix.cfce.
Jaaeary ... lot Aarcst. -Ufc
rehraarv . .. Sepiembcr . , SJB
Yrv , , --4AS OcuHht , ir
April-.- .... j ercmber TjC
Jay tot Decerrter.
On Friday next there is to be an r,i"1MV""1.
al the aewTbeatre far the berteit of the library
and Eaading Eoom Association. This we are sure
w2 meet with the cardial qyjct of our ritirrns
of aQdiswL The Lcbrxry ana Kdrng Kaoen is a
credit to our cxty, and we watch its progreat
wtih tbe greatest isierest. Mrs. Paty and
Mc C O. iierrer, bare consented to siar: we
-W4 -aTaw 14. Veak-,- Zr.w rr.tr.
pwr . tins will add greatJy to the eoyxoenl of all 4 Iurir "the year there were 1SS days co. which j
ireraof cwdmuoc, for Miss Motrin's voice i& a i xncce or less r. felL Frtr-ftTl fl?, wsn ??T7. '
As the King condn3rJ a fpoataneocis cheer broke ;
from the compaiT and he has since expressed him
self as being deeply touched by such a mark of '
good feeiing upon the part of so important a nam- (
neroi nsxujecxs
Eis Ex. H.A.P. Carter spoke next t
"NcaElts xxtj GccrT-rjccf-I have a toast to
propose which not only appeals to your sense of
loyalty as subjects, but to yoar gaUantrv as gen
tleman. I propose that we drink - The "fiealth of
Her Majesty Queen Kajaolani and of the Members
of the Itoyal Family. X need not remind you, who
know as well us I, the good deeds of our noble
lady, the unobtrusive charities of our Queen,
which have won the highest opinion, not only '
amongst her own native people, but abo in '
the foreign community. And also xmnecessarv to
remind you of the bcrieciest spirit of other tnecv
bers of the Boyal Family, especially the roost
excellent Lady, who is to be xne Eegent of the
Kingdom.1 '
Tbe toast was loudly cheered, one gentlemen act- '
ing the part of fug-eman wilh a pair of stentorian
His Ex. Gorernor XXguinis replied : )
He thanked the nobles and gentletnen on be- 1
half cf Her Majesty for the manner in which they
bad drunk tbe toast. By tbe King's departure, i
Her Eoyal Highness tbe Princess KnTtfteh, His
Majesty's szster was going to assume the burthen
of government. This would be a new and trying
reaesioflity and be shared in the anxietT" which
she felt. But she would have the assstance and t
would depend upon the counsel of His Majesty's
Ministers. He bopod rhat when the King returoed -be
would nd the nation satisned and that His :
Majesty wocld be atisned too." Applause, j
Kis Ex. La. Gren then propcrvd "tie health j
of General Comlv and the other members of the I
drp!uxnatic corps, dwelling on the necessity of cor- ;
dial relations for our government, with the great '
poa-ers.'" Great Appiaue.j
Tbe United States Minister Eesident responded '
as follows:
Mat rr rtxasr; tocx Muettt, a?:n orvrt-ncEsr: :
I have the honor to respond on behalf of the Diplo-
matic Corps, to the toast just proposed, and to '
thank you, not only for the sentiment itself, bet '
for the 'very fiaUenng mamer in which you have ,
rtoeiredxt. I
AVe respond to the Hawaiian, A JA with alacrity.
It would have suited me better if my able and 1
experienced friend aad coCeagne, the British Com- !
mi&ooner bad consented to respond on behalf of
the I2rplomatic body. I would have been better '
suited if xcy talented friend and coHeagne, the J
French Coaniissioner bad consesitcd to respond.
1 am sure that the ripe experience and thorough ,
diplomatic training of the one would have given '
us soow trenchant thought to take home with us 1
and make the occasion memorable. I am sure that ;
the versatihry and grace of the other would have 1
and sentiment, and fancy as would have made it a
thing of beauty and a jay forever. Applause.
As for me, I can only thank you.
ATe tendfr to you our Jispirtuoas for the health,
wealth, and prosperity of the whole Hawaiian Na
tion, and our hope that it xaav remain free and
independent always. That tbe King may live long
and govern wiaeiy i enthusiastic applause , by
calling about him the wisest and best of the peo
ple as his counsellors cheers: ; men who will
strengthen the Throne and zaake his reign illas
trioas load cheers ' ; men who will have and de
serve to have the xwpeet-and qmSdence not only
cf the Sovereign, but of all the people ap
plause.) men wno wtH cemest the bonds, not
oxdyof natianal unity, but bf amitv and good will
with the Great Powers in the family of nations,
which have baentbe best and surest friends of
Hawait in the past, mmantapp!anae..
So pJese your Majeary these nre pregnant mat
ters full of pT""r; too full for a mere pass
ing reference at this board, where our object
may be supposed to be cineffy extjoynject.
In conclnaon I will ask you to join in a sent"
xnent which I propose, not in the cold terms of
formal courtesy, hot with high coisderataaa and
sincere respect- 77 Aea&a f HUJStJijety'M 3Ti
astera. Great applause and chters-
His Ex. the Attorney Gerifral rose and spoke as
I am sure the members of the Cabinet accept
widi sincere thaxks the kirid assurance which you
gentlemen bare tendered them this evening, and
ejipeeially are we grateful for your kind consid.
eratioo. at the xaoment when we are about to sus
pend, for a time, the barnxEiio relations which
exist between the members of the governrrient.
those relations which are suspended in view cf the
arrangements which are now oomplrte for His
Majesty's early departure from this kingdom, la
the fumnrnrnt of a hope long cberisbed, in the
rrjchzkiiaa of a dream of his boyhood, in which I
tnr ynfnTg wrlfa w, 17KFTT 7T a third of a OfQ-
tury ao. His Majesry is about to embark in a
voyage around the globe. It seems indeed, more
tberaany years, bv a. strange cccnhcxaxiancifcir- .
cuxasrnces. I should be suddenly commanded by I
htrntojommtnereeTdratxciObf thtoeeaitydrgama. i
And I am sure that all of you, gfTitlerneTi, will lake
the same interest, wdc& the Cabinet take an
watcaing tne progresa ot xas journey, xne Raxt-
fciriit, the frucitteff point of Earopeaa ctTTTiratsaa
baa reached. It is aa well the frontier potnt the
advanced pos standing abreast of Asiatic civil iaa
tioa. Here the tidal wavM of vast and different
masses of human life are nievUrtgwitboatobrtrnc
tion, Marttng rrom una point, ti Uafesty wul
follow a line of travel, not at first through tha land
of the younger races, but rather through thorn
roonlriea where the elder races are found. He will
look upon that Japanese race, which stood sullenly
so long before Europui civilization, and refused
its offers, but which, suddenly, threw open and
oaca its own ooors inrust out its arms ana began
taking to itself the best which that European civ
flizatioa could give. He will look Upon that Chi
ncse race, which was old when the powerful na
tions of the earth were young ; that nation which
is to-dav making prosperity possible in these
islands by its contribution of lbor. He will see
that East Indian race, so mysterious in its habits of
life and thought, from which it may be, in the coa rse
of events there shall be drawn a new source of life
for this kingdom, and beyond, he will nee three
great and iudividualired race which bold the
earth from the boundaries of Asia westward to the
limit of this kingdom, but from this long travel, he
will acquire large information, by observation and
intercourse. It will serve him well hereafter. One
might perhaps think that in these quiet Islands in
the summer seaa, there would be none of the prob
lems which agitate men. Yet. in truth, there is
nowhere to-day, a country which presents such an
array of formidable qnestions. I, am sure vou will,
appreciate the serious difficulties which ftis Maj
esty's Ministers must meet at all times in every
way, in every form. We are not alone In this for
we, in a smaller way, share with those who govern
other countries, in the perplexities of statesman
ship. For where is there a civilized race, to-day,
which is not in a measure groping in the dark, in
the anxious search for answers to questions which
imperatively demand answer? Permit me to be
sneak for His Maiestv Ministers, during his ab.
rvnee from his kingdom, the cordial support of you,
gentlemen, who at this table otneiAlIy represent all
the civilized and powerful nation of the earth,
1 or ny yon, mere is no aonot, ranca may oe done
through, moral support in the intelligent, just and
equal administration of government.
Allow roe in closing to propose a toast, " The
CVinsular Corps Residing in this Kingdom."
The Attorney General spoke well; it wis a pleasure
to listen to remarks so forcibly delivered,
Mr. Schaefer, Consul for Italy, replied on behalf
of the Consular Corps :
la the names of my colleagues' of the Consular
Corps I have the honor to thank you for the to&nt
just now proposed.
"While it 19 the doty of the foreign Consuls to
promote and increase the general interests existing
between the Hawaiian kingdom and the country
they have the honor to represent, this duty be
comes the more pleasing to them, the longer they
sojourn oa theo Islands and become identified
with the country and the people, in their strivings
of the past, their hopeful propenty d the present
and under Providence, their successful cousum
matiou of the problems which the future had in
store for them.
Thus it is a cause of gratification and pleasure
to my colleagues and myself, on the eve of His
Majesty's derurtnre for distant lands, to mrtici
pate in this social reunion of Hawaiian and for
eign otScials and to join in tbe good wishes that
go forth from among them to speed the King on
his way and to hope for his safe return to his
people, after a voyage laden with nch experiences
and manifold blessings.
I believe it to be the privilege of him who re
sponds to the last otficial toast to propose a senti
ment. With the rvrinissionof Your Majesty there
fore, I beg to avail myself of this privilege" in pro-!
posing the health of the ladies. God bless them." ;
Mr. Davidson by the unanimous desire of the
whole company responded to the toast, and was
applauded as he rose:
Mr. Davidxi said that he was surprised that
he should be called upon to respond to the senti
ment proposed, there were so many present who by
their many fascinating qualities had won the ad
miration and regard of tUe fair sex generally and
whose domestic felicity would enable them to
speak eloquently of the graces and traits of women
who in ail nations and all ages enthralled man,
and not depend upon him, whose professional life
had brougat to tds knowledge certain domestic
trials and contentions where the ladies were not
always on the ncht side. I have passed through the
places that His Majesty will visit on his projected
tour around the world and in Japan, China, India,
Erypt and Europe, I have f oand women every
where the greatest ornament of creation and man's
best companion, and one result may follow from
His Majesty's contemplated tour, accompanied, aa
he will bs bv two gallant Hawaiians the ladies
abroad generally will no doubt infer from the gen
tlemen on their travels that we are a race of hard
some men, and we may expect in time to come a
large emigration of spinsters of a doubtful age,
and if they come we can only as gallant gentlemen
give them a warm welcome and receive them with
open arms.
He proposed "The H tilth of the Banks and
Mr. Bishop replied in a few words, saying that
the rwrosperity of the bankers meant prosperity
of the people, and that if the bankers were pros
perous so would be the com inanity."
The King then rose and the party adjourned to
the drawing-room, where Miss Mohrigsangeome
excellent x&csic. Tbe pieoes v p heard vrere "It
Waa a Dreara,"' a duett Irom "TroTatore" aad
the Jrrei S005 frora Faost.
The state dinner tm eminently a foore and
the Ministers most be eoropUaented epos the ad-Tri-aWe
arrangement they made for the enter
tainment of their cuesss. "Me append a list of the
invitations issoed:
HisExreUescv. General Ootalv, Minister Resident
of the United States; Honorable James H. Wode
botiAe, H. B. Majeetevs Commissioner and Con-snl-General
; and M. ilatard, acting Commissioner
for the Reroblie of Franae. Their Honor. PM.f
Jcstke Harris, Chansellor of the Kinsdoai. Asso-;
date Jcstioe 1 raid, and Associate Justice McCally,
His ExreUencv, J. O. Dominis Governor of Uahn: i
Hons. C K. Bbhon. H. A. Kahann. A.S. Clrofcnrn- !
J. -Vloanasli, J. L Dorot t, & X. Cattle, & K. KaaL
J. U- Kapesa. S. G. Wilier, and Godf rev Rhodes ;
Honorablea. E. O. HalL W. J. Smith. W.'C Park
VT. P. Wood. H. A. Widemann. J. Vf. Kavainni, 1
Robert Sdrhns, D. Kahann. M. Knaea. S. L. Kini- 1
. -. ar 1 T - V... V.- r If V , . , 1" 1 1 , '
Colonels C H. Jndd. V F. Allen and Cords lata;
Rt. Rev. Bishop Willis Rev. Dr. Damon. Rev. C.
M. Hjde. Rev. H. H. Farter, Rev. W. Frean
Messrs. E. Preston, Alfred S. HartveU, W. B.
Castle, W. a Jones- Messrs. F. A. Schaefer, Coa
snl-General forltaIv,.H.Houmann,forAustria.
Honeary, C S. Bartbv, for Chile, A. J.Oirtwriffht,
for Pern, R. W. Laine, for Sjwin, J. O. Carter, for
Japan, J. H. Paty, for the Netherlands J. Perrv,
forPprtc;al.T. H.Daviea, Viee-Consnl f or Great
Britian. F. P. Hastings for the United States. II.
K. Maef arlise. for Denmark, Thos. Spencer, U. S.
Consclar Acent. Chnm Fonc. Chinese Commercial
Acent. H. W. Schmidt, f ar Germanv, F. T. Haek
f eld, for Swed-n and Noraav; Messrs. J. M. David
son. B. H. Austin. K. F. Bickerton, S. B. Dole, F.
M. Hatch, J. RnsselL W. O. Smith. R- McKibbin,
S. X. Emerson. F. B. Hntchinson, J. S- McGrew,
E. G Webb : Majors G. W. Macf arlane, C T. Gnl
iek and A. Rosa: and Messrs. H. W. Mist, R. X.,
A. T. Atkinson, U. C Pisger, P. C. Jones, G. H.
Ltce, E. A. Bsrchard.
Bl,Km Crtm, Bain 1 lie KW.-ete. The
sm attention to detail and pertecUon In the per
form an res will be civen, aa was noled in the tnter
UinmenU Riven bv the California Theatre Com
panj, tinder Mr. W ella" management abont year
since- Ko entertainment bnft nf th. Ivat nf.ar.A
ter will be permitted within its walla ; and It rests
with ourselves to foirter and encxj urse irach at
tractions as visit ns, that we may enjoy to ila full
est extent the pnrpoees for which this tern pi a vu
(H- dctrtismtn(s.
X In rtTi.nl. throocti yoit colomns for thtlr liberal
tnjijw ef tbe tatrr inrinkVers. It ao. belnr tbe
wtatT neatbs I will dtrer rollecUar, aad rrinlle
freeof cbargre ontll Mtrth lt. JaS. DODI.
MR. W. Ti. C.nEEX AD MR. II.
. MACFARLANK win act ferine, and rnv Brra,
ttnder a Joint Power of Attorney, dnriae my temporary
abceace from this Kingdom.
, , -w- STACFARU-SK.
Tlocolnln. Jan. IT. IS3t. saa
pt. w. X.1SHM.VX is AtrrnoR-
i.iJL 1ZKD to !cn oar Cm name, by procuration.
from this date.
Tlonolnln. Jan. I". l?gl. saa
aawmit, K-tabHthea 1SSQ, J. w. aaaaanoa
tSoecMor to n. M. WTiltnrj)
Importing and Manufacturing Statlcmen,
nbUahera, Hnrs SeaJera, Book
Blndera and Paper R alarm.
I Jt tl Mercbant Street, llonolaln. II. I. S SO
Stpckbolderf In tbe llonokaa Snjrst Company, will
be heM on Thnrd-. tbe 3b In-t, at 10 o'clock Ju a at
tbe OOce of F. A. tlcbaefer Co.
33 It setrttary.
Jl. No. 1 are requeued to. be present at tbe Lode
THIS KTENIXU.u tm.lr.c. ot Importance will come
K. ot It. i S.
Tribe No, 1, Improved Order of Red Men, are re-
qar-.ra o or in aiirDaaee as tne council, next t ncj
ereatar Jaa Slit, tor the parpe of difpewin? of poidi
Ctawiitee Report. HENRY SMITH.
u. of K.
patvlngonthe Wallsku Common., Mtat, either
for the pcrpof bnndinc or taklog rattle or boot
Ing.erothenrlra, wlthost perroU!on from the under
signed, wtH be prosecuted to the mmot riser ct the
law. COltXWKLLico.
Wailmfcu. Hint. Jan lt. ISM. 836 Im
Xi ihit, rnr?nant to the term of the Charter of the
No ftoccholders shall Indlrldaatlj be liable for the
debts of the Corporation, beyond the aaoaot which
may be da npoa the share or shares of stock owned by
S. B. DOLE, See Gron. Ranch PlanUtlon Co.
HonolpIn.Jn lih, ISM. S36
The Honolulu Iron Works
Is cow prepared to
National Tube Works Co's Works,
And to tatTce contracts to deliver it In larre or small
q inn title In this cltr. S3fi a if
School of Cookery Eestaurant,
RlcKards Stroet.
Between Merchant and Ooeen Streets,
Extract from a letter of H.M. Wbitoer's, dated
Januarr 11th, ISSls 1 had a very pleasant visit
at Hi3ea on the 1st inst -when they had just oocn
iceDoed operatioris and ererrthing has worked to
T-rfectioa from the start, except the lack ot v&ter
for fiTrm'ng; their spnncs lite ocrs, feeJim the
vant of the trade wicd rains, turn cp the moant
ains where thrpriegs pet their snppir. Ther have
had to rewrt tecirKxrarily to carta, thoQjil hear
that the water jpjJy is dow increasiix?; there aa it
is here. The Hiles. mill is a rood el of vbat a so&r
ertab&ishzaesit shoald be. I thoacht that the Naa
lehn mill cocld not be svrparjed, bet Hilea is far
zaore perfect and oonveriietit. I cannot ee how it
could be iruprtrred, rxr hve I seen prettier rciars
than those prodtiond there. Their oane, too, is
very superior, the fields that ther are now harrest
inc beinc frotn SX) to 10 JO feet a"txrre the tea, Fhri.
tered f ram the wines, and in a rainy locality, where
the showers are pfoezally f retroest and abondant.
The cane which hae been cot m far is tome 35 to
25 months old, and yields about six tons to the
acre. There are poorer localitwts. - o that the
average may not be over five tons. The propcls
of the plantation are certainly very pooo. doe in
a Great rneascre to the manaQer, oar oid friecd
Charles X. Spc-racer, whose pood iodsment will en
rich his aimeiates.' The Hika plantation, of
which iir. "WlaUiey writes, was siarted, and is
rriricipalJy owned by Messrs. Wra. G. Irwin fc Co.
Tbe machinery was znannfactnrcd by the Hands
Is Iron Worts Go.
Fsax the editorial of the play bill we dip the
foiiorir4:aooociitof the new-Theatre biding:
Reared hj tite feaUe ns-e power
T cheer the vearj. lacciac toars.
MThis xiewand beautilnl temple of rnnne and
drama, bcill throah the esterprue and liberality
of ocr citizens is now an accomplished fact. The
bending is of bridt, the dimensions beinc 133rCf
feet, with a reatznfr capacity of abost eicbt hen
dred people. The Parqiiette and Dre Ctrclc are
on the prosed ioor, capWe of fcnatanc three hra
dred and eerecty-Sve paopCe, and are furnished
with the patent fur! ding opera chairs. Gas has
been istroaoeed at great expense, the andriariam
being lighted from the dome by a sanbumer of
forty jets. This most important factor win be
ntilized largelT in producing moonlight, (Esnt
and storm electa npon the stage. Particular
arteationhas been pud bothealace andaccoery
and the very beaxtipu znthor line hare been
lirocght froccSui Francisco to attain the desired
perfection. Mr. William T. Porter, for years the
Tcincipal artist of the California Theatrv, San
Franciacoj i painrir the enrtam and twezjery, and
Ms name is a vcfiiciesrt gairantee of the excellent
wnrk he is prodticinc. Mr. Stephen Gilliver, also of
the California Theatre, has erected and f cmishd
the Eiage which has a widihof sixty f act and a depth
of forty-two feet; all the borders, etc- are in use
and the stace is capable of prodocing as crand
effect as any play reqarea. Special exits and
zneans of egreas in case of an alarm hare been
provided, Trtatrng rtpoasible to empty the hoose
when crowded in every part within the space of
two minntes. In fact so labor or expense has
bees spared to eassre the perfection of beasty
and coiif art. The cocrpany Sir. Weils has broccnt
isfarssperior m strength, to any that has visited
ns and has been selected by him with exeat care
from the theatres of Sew York and Sin Prancisoo.
Their repertoire coobbSs of the latest rjoreities in
iximecMs, lffamas. ana tat oesxer cuss ox liar,
leases, tnndrrte J.lddi, Btme Brari, CiirtU,
Importers and Commisaion Kcrrhanta,
SP NBaanaStmt, Hocolala. 11
Agent to take AcJtnovledgraenta to Con
tncta for laDor.
Ofin at P. X. S. Deck. EipUivlr, nmolala, II. I.
S51 IS If
Fliyalolnn oaicl Sureoon.
nrpeclil aiuati4-a rfrrm to Hrtn ot tie Tarn,
aaa Ear. OAce aad rmdrar 1 i Fort tret.
m Miair pt.i.i. ir
Coitnaellor at Law and Notarr Public
OCce at tit corner of fort aaa 3(rrcaaat Strtcti. Hot
BOlala. Ml
Antnorlaed GonnimfBt Snipping Agenta
Of Laborer for PUatitioa or other aloe of labor.
Ofisn at So. ! KTar t trert, brio, the btatloa Uoare.
oa orpoclte eWe of lie ttreeL ess
Importer and Sealer In Genta', Ladles, and
CMldren's Boots. Shoes, and Slippers.
Jat reeelred a rrat vuim of Boot. Shoe, aad Clip
pert, aim Ladies While Kid Battoq Boot. S3
yo. WIS Tort f trert.(Ere.rr Block, ap uln.)
tB-'o avert piia la 31rtUrrti.bj aac of Sbo!L
-A Hew DIe.Terr la Ie-nllrT fcj
rltrobf Oxide Gai adrrlr.lrtercd for palalers extrac.
tiaerof teMa. U
20 Tons China Nut Cake,
In Quantities to Suit,
Jest to haad Ex "Enreka," and for Sale by
the Ucdemgced,
100 fabls. Prime Plantation Salmon
Jl the Ima( Mirkt Bala.
Comrniwrion Merchants and For
warding Agents.
OBee SO Califerala St, haa Fruclara.
Coarisxasrats from the Bawsllaa Ifllaadj desired.
Tbe Scat Price Warranted, aad Eaiea Gcarxsleed.
K ill
Dry Goods, Clothing, Crockcryware,
Small lot Furniture,
Chairs, Tables, Show Cafes, Ac
Jast Rrcclrtd,
Tla of Sardlae, Lnb.ter. Oyttets, Tonraes, Koait
Chicken, Cornnl Beef, Clam. Boxes of Tea,
Ctndlt , Sojv, Bread, 4c
Boies of Apples, Bags of Onions.
1 ranicalari by XNMtert aad fatar adTertlffemrats.
j C. S. BACTOW, AactV.
On account of eh tare of residence, will be
! offered at Public Auction, on
Saturday, February i2tli,
AT 12 O-CLOCK at SALS 8 EOOlf.
The Following Dwlntble Property j
That portion of Land situated to the east of FnaalkM
Collere, owned by A. Marqves, w ha has earlched a desert
of moot fertile soil by to treasures derived from aa la
exhinstahle flowtn: well, snppljrlnfi a yield of over
COOO rallons per hoar of the purest water for lniratlaf
and dr.nk.lnr pnrprse. .
The property will be offered la two lots.
Lot 1st contain aboat 8 acres ot best trrieable bottom
laod, aadlt acres of excellent hlfh piar rjoaatltv,
tocrther with the artesian well aad a beaaUfsl aew aad
extra solidly built dwelllnr. ti stor!a htjti, wtia
fine view of the sea over Walklkt, con Ut aloe 1 larre
airy rooms, with plenty of Cabinet and store-rooms ;
ana an attic of thre3 wide eervinis rooms, alsa out
side kitchen, canlacehonse and other oatrfcoas.
Ovcr SM Banana tress and pleatj of alceroba tree
are already prowln; on lha land, which an entitled
to half of the water flow la front the well.
Lot 2 contains nearly I acres, all Irrl cable, aow leased
by a Chinese Company for th pnrpose of a ejrtabla
carden, for a term of nine yean wlta, the rijht of halt
the water frora the artesian well Itnated on Lot 1S. I.
At the end of the said lease all tbe imnroveramU. and
especially the fruit trees to b planted by the Chinese,
are to remain for the benefit of the owner.
Itoth lots have been care f ally drained aadassared
against flooding by rain water; both lot arc nicely
fenced In, and both lots now border! nr n the carriarw
mad Icidine frum Deretanla street to bjlva Ranch, la
Manna Valley, will hare access to the new street,
and outlet tobeopenrd on the Pnaahon land toward
rcnihoq street, which will render both parts of said
property valuable for bnlldlns lets.
Title perfect. Deed at the expense of purchaser.
For farther particulars apply to
For Sale.
om;cottaki: i'iaxo, a good
toned tastrament;
onnr.ns wiux. he bkccivku bt
the nnderslrned for the puxha of 31 air and
llortrs, and personal attention civrn by a per
son In San Francisco to .vtlfeiinr and na.
cnasln; the sam accordlnc to order riven,
Valnable as an InTrstmf nt.
Rented to piod teaaat for a Ion; period. Balldlnrs la
good repair and pleaMatlj located. Apple to
, v tsio r amnj. nr a ftraau coiuee. oy a aay .lia 1.0
1 children. Brtt of references. Addrex, Immedlatelj,
i, i-hii,
Iinr.lUriST-8 A. JI.-Mn.h. Ham
au Kicon, trrs. t-op steats, rout
Cakes, Bresd and Better with Tea or Coffee,
niStR-lt.n-Soap. Entrees, Boat t, two IOC.
Und Vcretables, Dewen,wlth Tea or Coffee, 0u
N I'l-K It -3 P. X-Chopa, Steaks, Eltmi, I O P
Cold 3let. Salad, Ac, 4l, f ZOG
Sperislitles Qsallty, Clesallnni, Economr.
Board, $4 per week-21 Heal Tickets, $4.
SBSm ALFRED II. UUCCirrOX. Proprietor.
dolcr ocularis as bn-or rianters aad Maaafac
tarer at rapalkoa, Iilinit ot lUwill. Is composed of
the followinc prn: Charles ILWetmorr, lald II.
Hitchcock aad Edward O. IlitchenclL,allreldlnr la the
Dlrtrict ot llllo. Island of Ua.ail. Mill
Grand Amateur Concert,
In lelialf of the fond of
The Honolulu British Benevolent Society,
To be held at
FRIDAT, JannarjI7th,IS5I.
run I,
I Chore Aentor Kasleal Soclctr
S KJono Dcett Lnciadl Laromermoor... dieses Voane
3 I lore the lastles Mr. R Xuore
4 WalUat....-" Mrs. Pltrce
5 Trio Life has ao Power.-.SIrs. Hsnforl. Mrs. VT. tt".
. Hill, and ilr. W. L. Jones
B-sitlfal Bell Hr. A. Brown
T Graceful Consort Dartt.. Sirs. J. l"itr, Mr. C. Berfer
1 FlaaoDaett The last Rose of Simmer Xlstea
S Three Sailor Bers , Mr. T. 11. Dtrles
J tnartene Spnor Time Mrs. n in ford. Miss Joaes,
atessrr. w. usji, jtr. w . x Jones
4 Tp a Tree Mr. A. Brown
5 Msrjr ot Arerle Mr. T. Buchanan
Tell me tajllearu Mrs. J. rate
Anril Choras... ...... .......... .. . .
Condactor.MB. H. BERG Eft,
The Librarr and Beading Eoom Asodation,
On Friday Evening, January 21, 1881
At 8 o'clock.
IMcvxio IeOI-to DOixcts
Selections from the Prisoner orChtllon,"
Also, a Qaarterte from the
Honolulu Glee Club !
Adralstlo. to ParaaeK. Dress Circle sod Balcony, I ;
Referred Setts, withoat ertra charre, t A. McWrne"s,
Uallerr freats . 50 rt,. : to be1 had oclj at the door. SW
BT. :xi'eki.v i: ejvmiii jtrRsr
aad nosseraald. Good references. Eaqalre at
thU oacee. otet Post Ogee. SB 4t X.
OSce Corner Fort aad Hotel Ms..oTer FUhels Store.
firlre of horse-ehcxin; and adrance
n horse feed. alo the Goreraateat
Ine to ro In a slow walk, the vndertlcned Is coapelled
to lncrrae the rates ot drs rlaj. to S7'4 teats per ton for
lenersl merchandise, cel. wood. lomber. iron, bricks,
-xc, to be charzed according to s-reemeaL
Jsnnsrr 1. lag. sa at
A Chance to Sate Time and Latxr I
lice or sheet of malic, oae Is eaabled to copy trosa
arty tome aondred la le.s time than It takes t. writ
two, and therefore every baslnrss hohse shoald be pro
Tided with a copycraph. bold by
SH 4t So. 4 Merrhtat M Ilnoolala.
Cossiitug of the Following Qods, vii :
Itolls Best China Xo. 1 Matting,
Cbteta Hcpcrior Tea, China Silks, Fas,
And Other Fancy Goods.
c Arose.
If. B. Up Start", otrr T T Lens hsa & Co's, Xsaaas
Street. fas 13 to
The FoHowiixg Goods,
Best Col .Hard Bed Bricks,
Best Cal. Fresh Lime.
nenaeasej Brandr, other brands,
Casks HenneaaoT'lirarjdr,
Cases Kentnckj-'FaToriu Whisker,
Cases O. F, a Vhisker.
Cutter Ka. 1 misker, 0. K. VThisler,
My K. AllasOW.
Cases Gin, Baskets Stone Joe Gin.
Best Sberrr and Tort Wise in case
Also, Ale, rortcr, Ac, sc.,
Which Tiill be SoH at Ilcdnccd Irler,
SB To Salt the Tiroes. II
The Hawaiian Almanac
A-rrnual for 1881
I n4 tbaH h In cYtry hoc!oId la th laUktb,
ted tctt to all abrotd who lu.c tit s f istrrctl Iirr.
Seventh Year of Publication!
Aa j winow.ed.tetl to b tat Wt jet UitW.
It hjftjnaitioii Si fall tti rrlUbl. cfifBtvrrUa4
od Inter iiUad diuac, era tot of ta I.Uad u4
Priarimi iowablp eltmtloa of oriadpAi UxHlWt
b Office, Ciilota lloaaodancaapantlTubl.
tstmial tarn. civaiparsUre view of canBieTCo from
lt. Ub!fi of Irviibz itaparti. rxportt. aescT fEa
tlflirt. UMflofcwo lar. table of metpu aad ex
Kcditcm limiUs UorrTxinert, pQtIi4 dtt, rrv ld
tl Act aad rate of p-ta;t to aU coatrl, table of
Kaoftl popolatira, lauiade acd kKsritodc of pripl
p.int. Aiyatof tae Ilaallaa XUtadj, taatrkal mal
nlrcrvcr. rune aad panto Uc tisU U CraUr of KS
Uara, pftruHaritT of Jlawillaa clicate, ApprTpxUtlom
Bill, Hawaiuo ttiilT4 veeit 1 uar plaauiioaa aad
mill thHx iocauoa aad asvau. KoralOrdrte of Ka
locaaac&j aad Kalaaaca, lrraa of Mast, Krtroworct
for i3rJt. ca.caliUi of 'blpplfic rala record for
witfa a fall HrfitUx aad Wirctorj of Cpcrt, Uwrraaieat
Dfrmrat. Cootalsr Corpr, Coaaierelal AzAciea,
JVcrroWat asd SU1 SodcUea, Ljdgt, Chartaea aad
Psbtloiioof , ate . Ac
PRICE Vet. prtopT. or aialled abroad for CO cte.
RciitUocr from abroad eaa be zaade la UaLf.
Ktl THOS C. TIIKUM, tbtUaer. Hmm.cs.
rekslu tkti ttfck
Friday January 2 lot, I Ml,
Al I A. K. at Sales Its isss.
Ptni.itTEnr.K!i will be sutitid
foe the perchase of the Schooner " isHa A. Loo j
with all ber sppsrel and farattare. s. she aow lies la
the harbor of llonolslo. fue cash or ochervtse.
Separate tenders rosy be made fre the schooner with
or withoct her whallrjf ootlt.
lareatory Is open for larpeexioa at the o&ce of the
Tenders xanst directed to the aaderslzaed. eadwsed
Traders for schooner 'Jails A. Loajr' sad her Fsrai.
tare.' or separate, as the casi bit be, aad be left at als
o&ce before 13 o'clock aooa oa Tharsdsy.tha Xah tasL.
at which boor they win be opeaed la lac presc&ca of sll
The naderrlxaed lescrres the rlrht t refase aay or
all tenders. V A. eCIIAEFEK.
Adslnlstrsto' Estate of Caas. Lea;,
noc olaln. Jsaatry 4. VSl. W4 31 It
Jotlct of DUolotton of Co-rarlocrjhlp.
-saj-crricK i. ucbiiit uitcx tiut thz
X. cotBTsalp betwa XraL. F. Dlcksna for the
EsUte of I. O. trlcksos. E. Lewen acd r X. Cookt a
rr lb- flra aasse of Lewers A pjcksoa, Is this day dls
solT,d by BEtaaJ conteat.
All d -ots owln- to the rail tia .111 be collected, aad
all listdUO, will be assaraed by oca scocassoas, Xeem.
Lewers Cooke
Forth, ZmaIm of J. a. Dlcascra,
5otlce orChasgr of O-I'artarnalp.
Hatisu rcatcicascD the jxruBrr
of the Ute 2. Q. Dickson la tss ana of XcsMs.
Lewers Dteksoa. trorJc I s hereby A rea that B- Lewers
sad C. JC. Cooks wiu cootlaae t bsjlseM of Dealers
la Laraberaad Raildlax Xaterlals. aader the aras aasae
of Lewers Cooke. BOSEKT LKWZBa,
Hocoiall, Jlocmtj t, 1L & t
Sacks Small Yellow Cam,
Sacks California Potatoes.
Cases Medium Breai.
X Ooirlage
X. r. ABAXaVAswtB.
. sax rKA.icLsce
Or other pans tt th. blasaas.
Orders Filled at Lowest Kates
fly arDwalbss to Xr. C P ADtmCsM rs4..a.
Black Walnut Bedroom Sets,
Black Walaat sideboards.
Black Walaat Dlaiat Chairs.
Oak Case Scat Btaias Chaltv
Cedar Bcdrw.aa Set.
IM sas
lists tenpaearTr; rsaseee. their eras. a.
Their Warehouse oa Eiag a4raet
iSeat to K, a nail A See', flan), dartaf t
erectlssi of their
W atlll aan oaf kaad. ad efirr for mSm
vnaMir Trrmsi r-h".- -e.
rests. Shrarls. SesatHae "
flattens. sa tst 4 Dmias A pi.sk
Hs.tlc Ulae. Clipboards, Lsttlc.
Toaraed aad OrMeed, Ae.. at.
Eastern Pine. Ash. Port Orford Oder.
Oak, Wtu to Wend. liUrk Wabant.
CoiIedaiIUwLiriseedOU.t!tBS LaaJ.
Astsl ss rial. AswrtsMat m
Tnrpentine and Varnishes o( all kinds,
Whit. Hao Can Paints, both in OH aaa Dru
Wall Parer and Brash, nf all kind.
Also, Xaila and a Coraalet. Ansa HQ' al of
agx.vts or
L. A. Andrews' Saw Mill tt XaIawm
V ar abl to tapprj oa short aSesv
IsfO A DodavScuiibaaadPUah,
IVVs n Ox Tokea, FsOm, Atw Ad.B.
H01fOX.m.TT. OAK?. K. L
Tnis ixsTrrrnox jnoxa re
b.j. ft ota cilr anrarata. U aa acksfOTttrHI
MfroaH tor atoraW IW Mtabrtir of cHvaa to an
Tallol Tk bolldlapi arc Ufa aad gwaa-tiiitisaa, vail
tbe jrmade aAcrd Ut aopUt apawttwitles fee a-MA
f nl ea?FtW.
CaretsilulBff atUattoR wfil b r to taw ftWtW
aad atoral caltarv of ta ooalla, XeCMhaat a-cpfi
will be free t atlead tb r3i1j xri r a-aa, aa
cordtar ao tbrtr nrraU m zardUa atOf
Fapwle are rmifH at aay timw dorlar (bar ymt
fdacrloa will to 4 trim tnUr tXrxK xora IW
abwwac eaaA by arvtracfod fnar.
S Iravo ot Uatlaii8r l prftoirl jwar. raw9
at tbe Coilm emcatSoas or br rp-vfal airauisiwa.
Kaca Mail at . ratsfriat oMa ow oi of oa
fona. wttrtb wlta -J I br ktvj cwaiwe. As..
br faralia'. al aoaWl etmt by Kto CBsnw wC
aoao of tbeeo wf ii bt pro!! by ta Cm&r-v
PaaraU ut le bt Bad iUntjt m brar!0rj
la advaaeo.
Ta raar? f stady i CUftctl. 5Mwdf a4 CMa
mercial: X-atia. rk, rmctw iMaiek. OtroM ost
lullaa ar laaxbt.
Panlraiar Mies.! will b-r paid Ot XtS lUav
naTV la all lie braacb. Utmtwr, rr awf VltM
XataaTtaatlc. nietory. GxrPT- Caemfacrr d 9otV
aral FUUophj , At.
for )Wrd, Lndrlar. Taltlm aad iraabtac fr
rtllwlsVtK ctvr a-F
Vvatioo at Cwlrir- . as Ml
Xaic Tocal aad lattriavtateai. ZeTasttaf aaat lataatova.
Uiyiig" eitra.
Jnim Clavao. . mm
Tbe HlvWatic Tear trmiUl of two Hi u imm, .
coaprlelax a pri4 vf f ta-ata Tbw trst imin
esoaverr. tbe Ua of Aot; tbo eoai am jba
tntaaf Jaaaary
Tor all aad f aftbr partlcalar. aaole to
KZT W i. LA&ilX. rWd-at.
He. 3 MTtmmB st.
Eif alii? Sckool Bf7Ttfat of C Lotb
Tbe FTfldrat U dtidvi U toiad taio brctcft ta
tae roiriraa of t Corlrr.
lUwltt le to afford all claoex of tko fsawaaaity tb
asaaa f aenalrlar tawwTtTal aad fnetUi hmm i t
edxa of all cavrrciai aad Iweuac iniaiari1wai tm
daily an, aad ai-w to .ct aa tat gat fatfo tbo wsttac
aad aHcatloa of th 4l!mlTr&t. tM tt lo o
rmmtul to do ta tbeoe I Lao 4a.
Tbo TbawwtlcaJ Bnt wta b aadrT flbe laaei itoi uim
f Ue rtetdat a4 rTofm f lao Cw Tie
rtrcxlal aad Btvort Uaprtat BraaaiA wGS to tmmU0r
aueoded to by roJatea-r trtm La raitea namlm am
saae mmmt i vbo aaw aladlr aad rrattwaaif aamMo
d UHr tbcrvUr to tAIe aefaaa4 n.nl.t tmmtm.
Tlvey win, aluraaiarfr. devote ItaUf ao b-wv eaols aw
l r to the taak of In parti lvaawtor2io to tbo totoata.
All t0 Imptntat rj fw ma traafaoad A
rtcaZlarv. win b-j fanileaod by Uo Colr,
jbCb aauutcrrtsjtaa. wblio roaoa-t wftA ibo C.
r-Z. wiil to ratili ta WrmtW9rtimntOp
to tb prtrUJr of tele Kvea&ac hm fl imosac
TEltM tabrtt wwtsK IwlMtttt
iftooi wlil paa at 7 aTwk p. a. W
The riBi or r x- tawMii c
dolaz Irwalaeae ta Bootala ao fjaaarsaea awat
Coasleele Krruuat. le cawpawMd of W 7 toaetaoti
aad Cbaji Loaf, toe rwldfar JftoiiaTa
Uoootala. Jaaaary U HM. b Sk
W AjacrVna lodctas Boom atttU U
derod oct. So. 70 Maaaatf fttrotC.
priTiBm.im rm. mm tv uat
md fu-m-, wia or ii ii toiaar una.
. J Aaoii'
ataoanra a wrsf av.

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