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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, April 27, 1881, Supplement, Image 1

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krel romim up nloncridc. flatted the primps but
frmnd no water iii the hold. At 2 a. ji the hold
wai foil of wnter. and the bottom of the vnel wns
stove id. We pot the port lioat down and clear of
the vitrei and had the immicranU nil ml be cabin.
e were men ounceu to cutaway the masts for
fear of the bark coins to pieces before daylight.
All hand were cool and worked hard to nave nm-
Tihions. but were not gnccessfcl in Racing much,
as the greater part was btowed in the lower hold
j and was wider water. The ship was pounding and
; thrashinq about with fearfol violence. It most
.ama jn-umncc, freight, &c lie sells to I bare be-n hih tide when the bark struct, and as
c mtrv merchant, the entire invoice, 1 I'iLf!."? "f.Iin VTJ Were nti"y
, ' , , i breaking on deck amidships. It was not po?ible
f-nt profit, for M0.000 cash, and A i o stand without holdin? un bard. Wlit-n rtnxhr-ht
: -kxtttc .We wihh to follow Mr. Cast It
rn taxation theor a little farther, and
1 1 lo ft ration the following extreme
Mr Castle wonld no doubt wi. was
i trrble taxation, e.nd .- nnt of the
dual mentioned below should btj taxed ,
in hold claims."
imports 1(0,000 worth of rnerchan-
i broke the weather cleared a little and we found we
, were on the reef on the southwest end of the inland
j of Tarowa, atmut one and a half miles from land,
j One ship's length to the north was smooth water
end two Hup-, length) toward the south would
.i t-r G0.(X)0 payable one jear from
t -t, rt uf JO jxr rent r annum.
add to Uif 110,10 which he paid for
1 jier ct-iu ltihumnce, 4 per cent freight
rniirCiH. ana is per Cent prout. and , ha, e cleared us of the reef.
p,ur. lot to t Planter II. for ?.. ) v succeeded in getting the starboard boat down
V note f..r payable 11 mouths i anj lhe ff a, forward hoa without sUivin
tmtrrt af Ijrr renter , them. Hauled the boats under the starboard
;jir f1?".! A haS ,aa.d' a net count..-, it !emg tlie least exposed to the breakers,
sUtHjm and establhednnannua! snroiae 1 tb iihmtI leing hMed seaward. We got our im
. V l' has made a netproht of ?13V0 .mmnt,. im,. f hH i.(B ittri1t ..r
.t-.i.iiMjed an annual incooit of JH.ltW. II
mi rchandie for which he paid L3,700.
rt'-'-s-vjr now rruVe his appearance, and
' f hcnedule h- finds li in iM?sM-siou of mer
north ljs,7U which he assesses against
? tie huds m p-yswtum of WfiOO cas.li,
the best of the men 1 kept on board to nfu-Ut in
saving precisions. The crew, with the M-cond
officer and II. J. More, our interpreter, w ere work
ing the boats, and after several unsuccessful at-teiur"t-
we succeeded in getting the boats clear of
at interest Mfe,lrQU, his assefeMnent foots funrths of a mile f mm th linaeh. it U-mc low tid
moiwt on hand and money at ,tcnf. j at ti,e time. The loat made raenil trim to and
-it- m.OWcasuaad id,0nU at tutcrrtt. ( frora t,. wreck during the da, each time saving
in ni mey at the end of twelve months ; wmtthing. It was raining and blowing fresh dar
n tlu J on his lentare a net profit of j ma tut. . Just lfore dark and during a vio
. 4l , . , , lent squall of wind and rain, the boats left the
; et hu a. the end of eleven months ivck and with heavv hearts we made our wav to
H.(J, net profit, lesides the shore and made "ourw-lves as comfortable as
.ik i t.ike Itfore the e-tr closes out
- in liKud.
k t ft purpos if he ever makes nny
tii nture, but 1! in a itrr umv, ( the 1
t im iii a s-tvage sUte without htm ),
v tii hit plantation with his numer-
is and Irving lu make a profit out of
. o Lw-, his profits are in th iu:..r. .
hyurrtj may not be mathematically
h . tre nutticieutl so U illuttrate the
li-rt we find tUrt (laitu. tJnvr Uf-
- iiintnttf lurume, (if 1 1 ever gets
iiffetrnt uirufi f ttj-ej vh turhttvT
u piopeitiett. .e aJ;. which is
where is the double taxation, or
: Litton .
- ih. taxation is jtttt ; but if 11 or his
uid lt ctrmpc-lteU lo p.iy the whole or a
uv ass"hsrd against the two A's, it
inblt taxitina, and an unequil tix
i' ruiiturv and nn outrage against the
..i.u tlile citizen.
.- that "the property loaned by A
'd its funn,1 which is quite true;
a in uor im value in A's hand was
l with lus furm. It was simply changed
u. IjauiI. jrdcciug U'ltbiug, t money
t- nluetug an income. If b thesim
: iriu"ot A"s pioierty bhould ex
. taxation, we cl.nm the baiue
r !' Ili-chauged his from mom;i tit
t 't -". fro:u which he hopes to make
1 1 i . u was with our last bupined
i i.t property w.u constanth changed
luinuiit, and ownership from its urst
i util u Uually reslul in the handii of
u ,LiM-fMir found it. Vet at evry
.ii. ir ownership. the left their value
tt . u ith a pruut in the hands of the for
aMle will h.udU hold as a rule
1 I Im- exempt from taxation if he
fnu" of hi property. JukUcu
t 1 1 1 nue. ittjr tilt. They all stand
i iihttm, haie like protection and
1 liw and thrive from the profits of
mi- an wealth to those that hold
t mst tntl incruaint in value : the
!- ui-.tith to its iossesMr, and he
i . 1" it) or a greater per ceuu out of
- c,t prop-irt that has a money value
t xeU. whether it le a claim for
pl.witation or other proierty
i ii wliat is the property worth in
. wlnrli fdMisidaimlv to "claims."
- i' th-r values. Itien there would1
n,!it t u aft tit. If all kinds of
i'- jii-t priwrtiou of taxes, the bnr-
.iii'i the Uovernmeui would come ,
circumstances would permit. It was raining and
mowing and eery tiling wah saturated witn water.
January' SHh at daylight the Itoats started for
the wrtck and fiocceeded in saing a fewbarrrls of
meat. Vie found that the nntnes had been on
board at low tide and carried on" eertling that
was jwrtable that had not boon washed awa . '1 he
breakers wtre so heavy that the boatHWereoblied
to Iea v the w rrck and return to the shore.
Jauu ir :Wth. Weather r.imy and wpally. The
bolts sUtrted tor the WTeck. but could not get on
board, the breakers were bo heay.
Janu;tr Uit. It wa. impobMOle to board the
urtck: wind blowing hard from the K.W. At 'J
r. m. Ctptam ltaudolf, of AHiang, and the mis
sionary llama arrived. At :i r. ai. the wind was
blowing bird from S.W. The U-acU was strewn
with iwrtions of the wreck. At 1 r. u. I author
ized my first officer to ell the wreck of the bark
Jlinniii at public anction as hhe l.iy on the reef, for
the Unefit uf whom it mav concern. The wreck
was knocked down t Captain Itandolf for the sum
of he beiiis the hihe&t hidder.
1 ebruary lth I bought a large boat from Cap
tain Uandolf, and on the 14th I stirted her for the
lsltiud of JaluiL in charge of the second olficcr and
fur amu, in hoped to intercept the Sturm Itird.
lie armed at. Jaluit on thfl'lthand delivered my
letter to our commercial agent and one to Captain
Tierney, and ou the 2Tth the Stann Purtl fctajted to
our relief, reaching us March ith.
March th 1 transferred the immigrants to the
Storm iSirtt and told out what provision's I had
left : then we all embarked on botrd of the bturm
March Till, on (oard brigautine Stann Jlhtt.
Engaged six imraigrants thw morning and then
the captain hid his anchor weighed and started for
Apiiang. arriving the same evening. We engigtd
four immigrants at this inland. On the ltth
started for Jaluit and arriicd on the 13th. We
filled oar water tanks and on the 17th started for
Honolulu with seventy immigrants all told, cap
tmi, officers and crew of the wrtcked bark Hamni,
Uev. Ivipu, llawmhnn mtesiouary from Tapi
tenea. and Mr. U. J. Moore, our interpietcr, as
passengers. The first twehe days we had freph
tradts and rainy weather, then light variable
winds: ui.idc the inlands of iihau and Kauai
April 17ih and had light east winds thence to
Honolulu. wbre we arrived April 0tb.
Kexj. WnrrsiiT, lite Master bark ilatraii.
Official Bepcrt cf the Cruise of the
M Storm 3iru."
To His lircel!ncy H. A. i Carter, Minister of
the Interior and President of the Hawaiian Hoard
of Imniisnitiim, llcai)ected Sir: According to
orders 1 s.ulcd from Honolulu Jonmry iVth.
Umud for Jaluit, Marshall Ifchomh, when' I was
to wait a reaso:riMe time for the birk
and she not arriving in that time, 1 was to mke a
crui-v through the Gilbert IblauuV. recruiting
laborers, taking such a course as would bring me
in communication with C;iptdiu Whitney, uf the
I f.wn. Alter a hng passage during which we
expimenced light, variable winds, until within two
hundred miles of port, when it blew lery hard for
twenty-four hours, doing s-ime damage tu Bills,
but from which we sustained ao other injury, we
re .ched Jaluit. On my arrival I repairs! sails
and got ic.tdy for sea. iebtu.iry 2:rd,thu Knglish
birkeutinc k4 Ctrit reported hamg seen the
Jtfitrtii at Drnmruond's Jsland about theJOth of
Januan, theretuie I cipccitd htr evtry hour.
January -'1th, at (J p.a., the German schooner
Frtnzika arrived, bringing five men that
belonged to the Hawaii, and the report that the
bark was a tot. il loss, having run ajhore on the
sonth-weht end of the island of Tarawa. The
next morning at daylight weighed anchor, made
sail and went out of the south-west passage, bound
for Tarawa to relieve Captain Whitney and pas
senrs. X armed on the 4th of March, hawng
WUi u. rj cxiwrienceil verv Iwisterous weather. March 5th,
U and exempt A from deJirerpd rttcr; to captiiu Whitney and received
us money, buy lock-he, p-ngers. After business was bettleil,
disgrace civihzaUon ly it n-,nt-,l m mit that
' H.
arguing law, but justice wliat law
i n ihat would Ihilauce debits and
i t what remtms without regard to
S ...I. .-.and hiy iu effect. "Mr. II, if
t- lu'fiey for an mtenst and have
n uill not tax ou. Hat if through
n'i-;r you continue in croiiitig
t,ie elements, as you are now duing
i i t imi.ig plantations, burses, mules,
eie. twiilding milt-s dwellings,
- and employing men by thousands,
-if .you "continue to do this, wc
nit. wtll tax your lands and
M.tz op"11 your lands: will tax
r itiuius the w iter tu make the cane
the .iniuitli and tools you work
t i iur mUU and dwellings. and the
if mill-.; will Ui what 30U ex pott
, 1 1 impart ; will tix all the wealth
j A h id no property and we cannot
1 !i is only 'claims lor money draw
ifh are Mr. Cistle's sentiments,
, his comninmcaiioiis. HV may
-) i t i .
;hmU beciuse he invests his money
t fit . hmmenl.
1.-' h t'jttHK his
That they have moved into their
In llif Fire rroof BnildiDj
Three docrf brlow iheir old Und. where may be found
lhe matt complete at fortment of
Drugs, Chcra:cals & Toilet Articles
in 1 111: irv.
Amorj; a few of their Spectnltiea may lie found a Foil
M.K.L of
The Grown. Goods
Perfumes. Soaps. Cosmetics,
Opaline Face Powder.
TboM Good- rrr itl ih higlii'fet award at the late
vdni) KxhibiiKiii oLr nil mhi-r tomjK'litors.
A L A 11 G tl A SS011TME X T
Hair and Tooth Brushes,
Caiucllitii' Tortlic Cumiilexlun itinl Tt-olli,
Soap Cosmetics and Face Powder,
K;itUll; miapu-d to lhi climate.
A I itll Line of
Uuiiiphi',v"s Homeopathic Specifics,
Carbolic Acid and CMoritlt- of Lime, for dbinfect-
Agents for P. Lorillard & Go's Celebrated
Tobaccos, and Drawing Eoom
Totacco and Cigarettes,
Buchanan & Lyle's Tobaccos,
Which vrv havr lairlj intuxlnred here, and which i
rapidi) rowiu,,' iuto tJor mid demiind.
Wiicli ore po veil known all
no comment from hp.
oter thi world an to need
j.w.hv anil Uisrace civiuzauon i-y - pei.nlc. alt tbnt wanted to coat that
"Tv . 11 , ,. vi time. jLareu an. novu on iincuor nnu roauch.ui
for Apu.iia. wli-re we nrrivti the sntuv dj.
Signed four jKMipie as laborer. atiJ s tiin? w.ih
no pnisycct of cettmc more nt that tuiit 011
nTattii- with was ahnoluUiy Jalm, wbero we arnved after n i-le.ih.uit run of
three dty-. After K0ti"'-I water and lim-ihin-; bnsi
neas hove up nnchor and made Kail for lli'iiolutu.
The iraMtn 1 tlid uot trj' more of the islands for
laltorerx was tli.it after consalan with Cnptnu
Whitnuv. thought, considerius the exntnM'& we
were uudcr, it would not pay to do vi. t'nder the
cirrum-srances in which I w.is placed. I could not
take the woman. L:uu to her liouie., and so jmid
;i-m and jinvilein, and if liy erodit
d 1 1 do baainc.ifl. make a tiring nml
it' h, toeir pnitectnm in a hure and
- .i-t iuan us though the entire
... tticv shald xy taxe nccoriUns-
. 110 ui vaIvls bhoald be tiled t: the
imu -tnd eiiyir that value."
,,.. 'J were what their apitearance
I n sir. "Hold ou, Mr. Cistle,
t bpeeMt pleadtxa in onr ewe. We pro-
II , .j- 1. ani lup- we are ClirwliaiiH,
uoald bo done by. ve eiljy
htf ani prvpjrtx. W are allowed iier iumif inbte.id. The man I lauded at Tarawa
to :r illi ' 111 tne ilia slim, and rue et- a8 j,
tut 1. 1. we are now more win 1 thy than Mv pjn'-erg arc all well, having bad but
..t'.i t:,? ,rwr. and are able and willing httle MckuehS tlunos the voyace and no deaths.
..1 r- uf tti-1 ix 3 h is always paid 1 fwl plt, lstnl to tliat tlie itnnn w xn ex
1 4tu-4expactstu, and only Cuds lauli. cjient order and read v for nnv vnjaRi. In coa-
Itiniy uu wxe 01 ncuer jura clusitm. I hone in aeuons miv meet with o-ir
Goodwin &z Co's Old Judge
Amou? our One Hundred brands of CIGARS, we
would call rp(Ul Dtlciulon lo the
Hon.J2ardwel Slote,"
The Favorite Hed Brand, Pedro Murias,
The Fragrant Stump.
Tlwy aUo rontinne to manufacture
Soda Water in all its Branches,
Together with their
B elf as t Ginger Ale.
. vkt-tl .ia his ojra.
and Losi of the Hawaiian Birk
i lit 1.. left llunulula Novemlier 4th
ii i. i tha SjhUi &t Islands for im-
Ui i pleasant jusstRC of fifteen dlya j
SKnruv.il. Willi much ru."ixtt. 1 n-uwin. sour
! (.bulient wa-v.int, I has. H. '1 iebm;!.
j Master 11. (i. tins Hint.
I 'VA. 1-.1'Z NOT LOi
H i.aiiui ibi.inus. uui 4niuib mr uib i
.' i k uciwrt ana iuaq a Jim ktouiis. - , ,
7'.i lift lbs bland. December U'th jVj! SvIISflBi
h- i I m U of natxrit-iri and Little Markin,
n . i-1 niuurucilu with tac bborc. I com
i . witti ibe fatlowinR tliilerent isUntli:
. . i u i. Ararai, T.im tnx. Oraratoa, Ta-
S ." n . Araniimi and Miima, nct
. i- i n migrants all told. Had stormy ,
i hi the Rroups.
iiiiii. lrl, at ." o'clock r. u. weished ,
'i lh- nrlh end of Ibe island of Maiani j
t i,.r Tarowa atCIHr. si. Sifibted Iba .
titt off and on darin; the night: wind
N.K. Oa the 27th at d4ylixht Tarowa I
N.E. distant fifteen miles. Allot this
b ating to windward towards T.iroTa,
s it Jins : wind from Js. to N.E. At C r. M.
and be ded K.W. by W., tha blind of
K timsi d.E. distant seven miles, and X.i-1
ji' N . by E. duUnt twelvo milea. At S
i a u has aeadtn N. W. by K. and
. p ai 1 left orders wilb tbeotbecrof tbe
t net fchip at U !. and if the wiui
- i io lei me know. He tacked at 11 r. IL.
j t wbica cjorse onbt to have carried
o v miU-s cle ir of the land. At 1.1U a. si.
a at January a heavy equ ill of wind and
i uin use ship. I heard the first oOiser Kive
. r t del down the top-gallant sails, the
.hi mils biTiaj been previously otoweo
J. & C. LANE'S
A line asst. or Windsor fc Xcwlon's
Drushce, asborted hizes : Valettes,
Kuivee, Oil Cups. Ink t?labs,
Liquid Gold, Aitists' Dryins Oil,
Gold and Silver bhells and Saauccrs,
Picture ala-stic. Prepared Canvas,
indsur .V Newton's Water Colors in boxes,
Wooden Plates, faeviral mzts :
White Wood Pans, asst'd sizes and shapes ;
Mack Cardboard Panels, various sizes.
l'ine Pnnetcrics ami (Jnccn Anne Stationery
Visitina Cards, Diaries, Blank liooks,
iliscclbineons and Presentation Books,
i.irrri it a.m l-ncuirr
Maps of the Hawaiian Islands !
Letter and Note Paper,
i;i:rnr.i. Mitntrr. m:ii kim:.
Headstones, Tomts,
Tablets, Marble Mantels,
Yashstand Tops, and
Tiling in Black and White Marble.
31niimiirn(N mid ItotiNtmiCH .'Irniirl mill
Orders from the other WaruW prompti; attended to.
if ih!
i- ri.ut-
tu m tl r l'j l!.
in qmtiti'.tc In "iii
Froh Goods
JunrlTJelH land-mar. rnTaTcd
Kn-.'iain Co , N. Y..J tu be had
Xrw liooks
Con -fan tlj -onht forxnd added thfjr appear.
Spttial rl'T- fitruanlnl rexnlarlj each mail. 641
The Honolulu iron Works
1 now prepared lo
iirriii: auu i itoji
Special Uotice.
To kksij)kts or iioxor.ui.u
and tin- o'.Ct-r IJjndb. You hid bcttrr at once
In the abovt a- the Epidemic Is dccreablnc.
Wt have detcrnilntd to sell tictete cp to
V. arc now cumpletin; orTanpemcnt for the coneu
mation of ttlt' aboe (irauil Concert, in Mhtch
1 i , f minutes 1 heard nim give tao order
ie inuniul op auu tick snip. I Knew uy
. r thit soaietuin waa wrons, and lm-
jaiupcl out of my berth and went oa
tnal moment me vessel mtucj. me iwv
but without euceoss. We lsy just J And to wake enatract
lhi. linukera and workin" broadiide 1 qnanllile In tMi- ritjr.
ueatiier wi so thick and tha nisbt so i "X?0 2L.3311,
,, - mm nn land. A few minutes mu-n a.aElflK A Ml 11111 TOK r Itl.Y Tu
i- vrre broadside oa to tae ureakera. ine L n!he.l Rooms. Apply at o. i uaraen uat,i noufi
500 Presents are Given.
iked at" the oompaai and found wational Tube "Works Co's Works,
na S. E. I im.nJiitely luuled at McKEEsroitT. PA..
tT" Send lu yonr orders at once.
All order- for ticket arc tilled and returned In KeI-
i frw leiirr.
riCKEIilXCi A Co.
to deliver it in Urge t fmall
sv 'J if
j.ajienced etriking h&aviij and the false doars from Iteretauta street.
suo 1
nriTii rossnsNiox ai-iiii. it. that
VT rery desirable nidence Xo. 133 Nnuann
Aix'nue. containing eight rooms, kitchen, pantiy, bilh
room, perrant? room, coach hunre. ktaoie and fowl
Apply tn j. ii. wood, or
sn 53 tf
J. E. WISEMAN, i": Merchant St.
that those who kSSS.Sy sEMlf1iUon'.' slslHiJLiiSiliJ2SiS
V '-"cau'buy lu pair not Rkln.
AJllt.KUt.lU, Hawaiian U01C1.
iC. Zm

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