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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, January 11, 1882, Image 3

Image and text provided by University of Hawaii at Manoa; Honolulu, HI

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P. M.S. 5. Co.'s TlmoTsblofor t882.
.. sfV."rrtiAitriii...."rC."FrtS TherTet reeetinc arbfeh xrrre craterta) last
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AatrH .... ... tar s Cir mt Wr ..?ej a ; of tbe Meaner and stvdy ap the new rate, tbe
C if Jfw Vwk..5fpsJAinlu...... trfl wxllbe dearutcbea end theO. P.U
Aatrata. TV ISjCttr r yaey.....Dec Xa
raaroirir.xurrjJpr, ma. iss
Th rwt WW Baa W f let. weather tbaa
fca jaeeratled for weela -ero-.e. aad In aM
ilMtt rtrt. ai from Ue .rtrrly fttl,
rom v il ntLrr talaaxt, ?crrs wile fes.
SfT4MrM at MMtj of the pUaUztABi inmnu
Im reaed Crr?y.
TVrr ere tre rt ft tae wl-ErH rclSc
Mope. fra nrrtfr. Aw brl- J D precte!a aad
Lad? Laoir-e. tat a f-aaeraeo; AM bhtat Knll-al,
f rwaTort. G.taWe . Sk4 Am h b&rl Fleet Tivm
Tkt ttr Ufr, eMtrw yt-Meeday. brlaes
iutt)(WkVu4 Urn. waleb in each Brod-d
hrt til pet.
Taip Nlwee. fresa Xeoranle, ar-ired yetee
dT ae the tart Roe YiU I off Ut port tkJa
Br4ar feast aL
Tfc ,"rf' tat lAtae Xareta aad Ella
tar "aa fi-.oe. -r. oa atar4ay latt.
Ta J T Smrkrk at U expected, wffl H est 5tat
4 ay Far a Fncfc.
The Si'tmrr Aeralta wH. V it froaa Ik Seats oa
It-saday irimMC c Xawdsj. ee teste f-e a Tnmei
111-- - pret the ute-ieat -f V4. V. T AlW.
CMWctae ri f . f la rifrt fic
U ;artrf 4 mttrm l IURa ltaad. It
rii awtK Ikal taw ta 7ktTl"S tinnU
Ii8 :. CSI iiR:.
"riufore' it oa tbe tpt jrin. There I
oca talk of irfitnc w pf iraee of tb oppt
before Ivnrf th priDcj-ml diAriictr ia tfce !
cut It for Ite rueuu
cnccl ia dTnce f.v tfa offidaH Gorn
mtal nfim iU be cJowd Oaring that prriod. and
the Winiiur wHX occbtt k iAkc Un. Tbe dfTfl
ny Ltk is & ttfIar Chmee taUl
At n oeethtc of Ctn Iod- K 1 K. of T. bM
In Ibe new two (Camrixira BnllclbxRl XztX
M'rdsMklAj eretucc. tb f ollovizs officer t tb
rvrmtt tnn ere InsUUed br D. S.C t)TU
lUvtoo: r. OSaKtraa. 1. C-t Tlwo. A. XDiViit,
a at A Ctitt. V, J, H. 1W. I're.t 1L
Smith, K.DfU. AS.: J. Lecas M.of F.;Klw
IaUcb, M. f LtU H. WrUv M. at A,; J.S.
tmi'vtica, LO.tr. W. Feblbr, tXO.
A wotMaiwraiy mark8 ujvn m axrmr which
reurdla tbeGixxTtm mtIbc that'tiie rttxy of &
T w .r ik i.nJ - - - - I iiinannan mp alfnrwl It fan ann fan al.
fine, and But toooe Tra Lard li atkd SlOO
neaaamieoaeiftcorrrctlf icfrmrd the Sfiw
Oa lXxsa&VNi street nexr Xlotel, jrsterdAj
nmrniaCt tamiac a n Knildinc
a another ran of Vb- 1M the veranda felt, crush
inz fwnmulj innrmc a nabTe.
S. B. Dol eq adJreAed the exifrecttiaa at
Kawiahao oninda nwninc- Mr. IV4 txtr
a crmt interwt in tbe vork at this church and b
eldoni ahawt frewt hia pl&M in the SndAj
cbooL Tbe Oiine? Scily Sehool yswI1 oSceeed
with 73 teacbera laA Scndaji the pnralti Xtnn
hr-red 10E It W mid that there i a taoremeot oa
tmittaaurt annular crjuiutsaa intbeKobala
Pj tbe arriTxl of the J. X SjprrrbiU oae dAjNl
Uter e baa I een received frnm the coast. A
rwnne of tbe mart tntereinc items will be focni
in anoiber colsmn. Tbe $jTrM waa U dars ia
coccus: down.
ramafPcef who baw made the wood tripof Ha
waii lately, tutumeni crua the rsxuherof chUdrrn
wtieb rerTtrrwberetooeeen,aIlof thene era
beatiCT and irniT little things, fvoxuiaj; well
t-tr tLe tctnre of the rac.
W notice a new calwtard juvt octside Mr.
IVvVTc uMea, tbe board f rcce ba lrrn luck
10 or H Trrt ana to allow tbe Lacla ta xaad at
all Leer o-f the day or nicdt, w ithocst inter frrxac
with the road, this r n& nrrllrut arrancemmU
tieed cocnrrnntKxn ! " and then jeonnh to aj
that from Uter intenievnre nu robbrrr waa
intended! rtairrJlj the lory reaaired rott
firraaOtn and did Dot C tU "Alre parti -ewlartr
ww, bowever. w will aar that rcotial4r
no rooberj waa intraurd. i the fncid mad. hictlj
t4ihed Hyle in which oar onatecirvrarj coniet
thH inf armathu.
Who lvvVed oat and enjoyed the munificent
inet f VlondaT ? Arnaaaofrimv iranlnedocda
ovarrgeed the kr, latthed in coidn licht, almost
2afhiacia bnJliAccy aroo&dthe vrot where tbe
na bad art ; farther awaj xber faded into more
dliC4te bne. ror piok and faint tWct acainU
a hacbrToend of the tm4 intense amre. Cltf to
the honsoa waa a band of pale creen. net wthv
iie ta ttat, which wU hare won the heart of a
Mindle or a lWlrthwait. Crrtalnlv we faaee
aanwtabem, which defy thehmh of alex-t tbe
lJdetraiater. Tbr waaone band dear tuna
vhtrhdtd dare and xLducceed, bot tht haa Kny;
reused ia the jrrarr,
A new Chineiw Theatre U hinz erected on the
raccnt W near the Chinese "Wash lion. If we
mast hae neh a bnildinc, it ta rvrhrrw tbe mwt
eimnM ir tu irteuai inemza can
adrancaof Wronebt lfceA deamrl ? be For
there vaatcarefly time to Ret a Rood look at him.
Kealia haa bow conttaetieed RTtadlai and II vDl
take acne tmart work for th Jaaara Vato to
keep pace with the ontrmt of U three mlUl al
Kflanea, Kara and Kealia, an any the Kanat peo
ple, A friend wrttea that there anil bar to be
plente of ttearn used and no nnnece tary delay fa
llnnMnro. The camera may jnUy retort there
maatbeno nnrieceaaary dVIay caoed by tbe bad
weather off tbe coatt of Kauai. lr rra r
tpirit cf enterprtae will reraande onr Oardea
1 Aland frirnda to Wart oat a comfortable and aaf
batbor; then tbeJiaMH Aft wookl ahow them
what ticca ate eocM make.
d alert icalrcrcecta.
tb " Fane QV w kte it will Vr a n Terendtnc
aocrc- of atrnn-rX to tbe wnaher turn, and
when a aide pUttinc farce ia to be cot np a line
x&C tbe manner of thalee named ""Fane Qui,
(ahichbr the war. taeam foretcn dertl.l a cow
rltie wardrobe micht 1 borrtvwrd from the rwh
benaes: bow il will brine down tbe hooee. Mean
while, that 3cba aha!l not lack of arewnnent, the
Sapreae Court of tha Hawaiian. Ialan da
January Teraa, 18S2,
SArcwuT, Janaary Tib, 15?
xxx Ta. vKotaaMt.
On tbe opening of the GiQtt. His Honor 1.
McCalle prrWjia. the&nt ca arcned waa that
of Kex."T!k Vf, M. Gilon, ehxreed with Ubel. K.
lretoo. kXi. Attorney for the defendant, offered
bia arenmecu on the demsrrer prertutulr intro
duced, and enboiitted the fnlktein xlr.ti in
ynpport. Tbe learned cocnarl nrxtqaoted from
Chirtr on lToadinc, VoL ln r tl aay tnc: There
ahovU be an a vertical that the defendant mlicv
ooale pnbliahed the matter. eta, abas from the
aatnoaathonty, VoL 1U p, MtX that -th libel or
wonia aatbnfaba htaithe decUratkMi oltraya
ebarcea their falsity, bot probably the word
wromf ally or nialieaonaly woold lc aaJTSdent, ew.
Mr. rr-Ua atated that the prtnta broacbt forth
were applicable and intended for Cmt cawa, and
arcned that aa a rale of accepted lawahoald be
ttll atrtwiceria Criminal ca. Greealeaf Vt4,
ItU p.ia; Whartcaa. VoL 1U P-KV; ArchWd,
VU. 1. p. XX. and retvrted to the Hawaiian lVnal
Coda. Chip 32, 2vc 3. p. X
A.J5, Hartaell, Eaq, eoonarl for the proaeen
tion, oSered ia oppt itin to thearcnaenta ad
vanced by defendant's coorul qnoutiona from
aathoritiiw tarin: oa the UbeL and deiml the
fYwrt ki doteimine w tether or not tbe arucle waa
bbelloaa fr . Tbe eoanaH atated that he dnl
Xilkvmryla-A Readlatt Reem Jkaaootatian.
At tha rrjjnUt rneetlnjt of ihe aboTe aaaotitfcai
cn Satarday erenlna lt, Ur. Chat. T DHUnft
hira waa elected Secretary ta pKn of Mr. Maroon,
who waa compelled to reaigu ta conacqneoce cf
remoTal to MaaU It wnt roteil on recommend,
tion of the IkvxtyX of Office ra, that a fotn eihibilkfti
bonld be held bndet the atttpice and for the
betieSt of the AaaorJation, and MesanuS. D. Dole, A.
J. Cartwrtsht. F. W. Damon, Itee. Dr. Hyde and
Dr. C T. ltodcera were reoveated to art aa com
mittee of arranretneata. The eommitte were
aathortred to add to their namberanteh peraons
aatbeymichl aelect, either ladiea or cenllemen,
AtoanexhiUtlon iaanev featare la tbe Hands
bat it (a believed that a collection of works of art,
enrioa and Ine a w ran be rot together ta Hono
lata, which will aatonfab. not only atrattcrra bat
old rr-Knra a welt It the intention of the
cuninuttr Ui borrow from trerj one who will
lend, anjtblnn which la beantiraC cartoca or rare
and to bare theae artklea arranged and displayed
in atoch a manner as will make an tntcrrstuif and
attractive exhibit ion.
Dec 30. Foar men wwre killed In a colliery tx
ploaion In FeaylTannia,
11. U Kidde Ibcrcer, I'eadlnster Candidat has
been elected to th United btatea Senate.
Cfaonc Taao J a, the new ChlneM Mlntrter had
reached Omaha, en-mate for M'sshincton.
The story of Jeff Darin stealing the $2,000,000 Is
Ireland remained In her cbronte condition of
rrotetinfi aeainal the IndCborl with cold farmer
tor treat faat,
Mintater Hamlin presented fala eredentiala to
Kint Alfonso, Tnnkinc a a(vcb on the (wcaaion in
which be ripreaved the fnendly feeling which ex
hied between the United baJea and Jutu AUuno
Tbe klanaioa Honae relief fund for diatreesed
Iriah ladies amonnta to .0lUV
Alfred Aylward, formerly connected wllh the
maaencbt hjcVona with their cocta wnJ other ! not oicakler l-roof of malice waa irqairrd, bat i Fcniana. now rVcretary to Jonbert the Rier otn-
wi: bout attaroinc tee rot ox 1 deemed the pawtcttion ana cirruuuoa or an an- ; mander, ia to lecture in England on behalf of the
truthful article waa in itIt tnaltctona. Mr. Hart'
wrll reqnexted the Court for time to file a brief.
taU, for the precaution tf the docament.
IHt. tt--ofiKvrof the ateamer Jer i7oW. 1 ; "JLT' t'T.? wVi21!?"" 51
. " . i . i . l. . . ' iw iima uuurn, uaiMiiK virnunj uimt
w bronct.t far rut.urr .na ircnmlit. i
imni;i tin- tmtiiuu iuijii.iiarni ium lue pj.
racul of mU of Coon.
MosniT, Jnnrj 9th,
uuioEn.rcu ktau
Hi. entire 1aj was ukt-c np in the trill ct nn
n p;-" I caw, lTVn m cnidQ o 4Hie jaci,aii, i
TJ Nr. Te.r teemtw. Mired to be rmmed ' k, p-TOitlxJ to -rrr .t Kalca". lull.
- . 1 ::i
: : :
with tw.rv. jS-j : ; . i
neat, 5. : 5. : r- i :
S : S : :
3 ,
eenM. nicbt M nwde t)Jeoss br tbe bcts 1 mshllT leztfrvectnl Nifuee ctornl acjleacet.
rrxsrusc Irou KSe IeUTja, .Hera be:d -n tucw 1
,5af .
if llPffl ; tliH
, rir. 1. J5 s :
m. t : : n
s , ek Uw.
Tbe Amittr Tyramatic SorietT held aYeheoml
: j xn the New Mjc Hall lat Satarday aftemoxieu
' j We inay abortly expert to see and bear theee
rest W two on the bordO Somethinr: to eo
; j liTec the doll CTtcinc boara ia in proapect at all i
t etenta.
ZjanTburadty asxtcen cectlcroea (!) increaard
tbe reamnea of the State by paying Caea, earvinc
in araocni, UJ coa-rqBroee'oJ bsTtsc tadalfed teo
lreWy xn "Dick TtrlVr ruT. There
otart hare brett ewne:hinr ra the air. Onede
knnent tried to prove thr bat tailed.
Notice, to Italian Subjects.
tV(UlT or lTilT.
11Mtal, reembet Sltb, HSI.
Ia cenfermlty wlta laitroeUcn received frma Ilia
Ilatlia Maety UveraaieBt, I hereby reqarvt all
old OUroracHall baildinc TV- taain bniUinz ' Vaikane Hai, newly elected to the pjMUou, tu ' ItaTlaa abJects, bo areee three IUndo taelit
Mr. J. T. "VVatrrbooae has been imrrorinc hi
propertTOf kale; aa awi be bad tfcoroarbly re- ' 'm,M Intrnliary 4ndce. and nwliiu; the,
xwtated tbe Lnnmi tamed his aUeatioo to tbe ; ! ,Mb "I lYfjM,t f .
oMTwtif. rr. bete tbe .ihlete. of tbe ; J be oU officer, of the Amwiko. K. K 4
ury, t-.tatratultln tb! CcaiBlite thevunr
1 ?T9 ox icrBi.iTr. mma iim ra.
foi U F. A. J-CKAEVER, Ctiiul Of lulj.
ntr xn!X eieiri. Tbe radler huflJmc which I !"t,D' KJi ,rTJ?,'?r " rii,1"?'J',J ? !
h. for m rair re.n borne tbe cn of - VHer i e a "i''-i-i. ut " utiroa- 1 . K
Sebcnl- b..heen"rened to tbe ler. .od nei Ml. After the rcnienw by cl had been Tl,lrr il.t eerT.oVi.l .bo.tr.!.
fccDdiafoinencraefif erertioc vhiehl .e under- rmented, Ul lloovr ctuttved tbe jurr, UUBK I.T!l&fT. Ueollt. Eeetto.1.1 oool t. 0.
SSaDI S ST7 .'wneT3tn: , thU Shoe hl been rIe elejtei then be , LU tn b. .b., .V.t . ttree C!
i-r tbe reaueoent of Mi Srh Kmc. Hono- f enUtled to nil be reqoiieJ. mod that the Uetl- e.rlr.
lull neej. . chool of tht. trad. Be tbe bee, on I J be .Jv.KeJ rnrred Uut tb.t the prorertT v stone s loirr-l.d Exr,tf ... I. r'.ukll.kfj
n t-iated. tbe rit.kj jarpiw for tich tbe 1 S ia the wmjl the c,.pnj bdii- Jwe Us. P.hlle.4 1. e,pecUllit. KmMrj.
bn.T&ac-.. erected cm, u, Ttkht. Tbe -ord. tbeir wt..lfllMd.pp.ir.totl.er. Mr. lle, S".t.
. , . 1 v runxuel for tbe delcfldlkt. exeepted tocertAln ru. 1 .rM
1' iVX inaoftheCwhwer. tted, and tt Jy j U eTVS coay t-talp tkroajh
Aacwrtnniry,. fli-- tbe-Cnh" time, of the hx!iw: fleet. , rtliml to their nxn a.1 405 roc, rrtcriuas at 40 .J'y..yi:'.,.. "ipiaroaca as
Tbe lit of voters is somewhat smaller thia
K'.P ' Mr, "Wat, rhoc ud ahile a-je.that raaay a with an nnanxmocs Terdtct foratuUfl.
dr, and oo?etine for -rer. Jaja rcn-incoTrr I rcrinn, jiscjlSt turn,
a tixwand Wlara ro bad fc-n Uken across -rve firrt -eas- eal!e.l IfcU dar waa one of eiect-
the ti. will 1 rtepn at the Police Cixirt-room on
Janaary I3th and "3Xt. VoScrs shocld look out J
that their names are down.
The Tteritioo. for widealac Merchant alreet j
has been presented to the Minister of the laitrxc; j
ti t v oextoped uut n am te reanT mm &;w
retailers thor.
i fradsnt. W. 11. CaOJev Iwj aporan-d fur the
! r4a!nnff.A.S.HartwllE oappeanncfordefend-
ant. The coccael for p aitiUfl, after piscine one
antneas oa the t-tand wweon tinned thecae,tbe
The report of a murder in Haiaakua, which
on. Merchant asrret ia one of onr Tcincjeal I rsaoe down br tbe WW5f lt week, proert to be teUT eliCJted not bexaj: of a cbarcter to war-
-jt--i;B.iT-, w . a eorapiete xa&noariaa. jar. ranev canjeoownoy tint frin her rrooredULC'
nam xt the peuUoa be cranted. I this tamer. and nates that there ta not Ibe alicbt- . T nnt cji rt U
T .. . . . r ... ,. . . e4 focndation f.r therrr-wt. Xt oroi hare pot
J.Hamci.aowsa charred with comxtetyia j ,.w throcch araall tctl which occurred on
thea:ien:rtorobVr.l!opperVfqife.halteend Cbxistmaf Ere; do calive w etyed ia this.
caarreti. um crvxnoe acaxn aim otic jucao , -
e .
.iibjtLLL IJI i!
Sl;U-i , 31ere re four nd it
ISEJi-IFSC Ki ; - i thi. letter. uuis '
5-J , rr H- rertcf.Uie ibeu
iSr -l i&2 1 ; - end Vi lh Mctua if
ect. The fee re. bo-were r. have their ere croa i The thirrr who committed the bcrrlanrs at
aocpe ace ri" aM aje wor tier ui tnecx?": cerritr- i nfitv )'- nm-ht. ar.1 ihinrtnf thiwmr
- t xaexta raaj t expected towanw Saturday. Ukea by them ha been recorwrd. The- bcrcUra
prorexo te atnoai wjw wnocare oeen enaceu
The neit cafe wa nbtooneof etect nenu plaintia
Kalrokeboi. defendant 1). Kahaau. Mearv J.
Kirwl and J. I. Kaulckoa, forplaintilf, Mr. J. M.
XN.Tid9oa far defendant. Ihii a as we ro to
prea x atill in trial.
Bamortai lmittljrra.,a Correapondenc
Jrir tgldi'trjisrmniti.
aad NoUry rcbUc.
Attradf all tbe Court, of the
Kingdom. ly
josx raaiLrm.
N. Naaiaa MrrcL,
Tlnxmitha and Plamberv Dealers la Store,
KaareK Tta, Shaet Iron ud Copper Ware, keep roa
etaaity no feaed a fall areeeimeat of Tlawaie, Iralran
Lied Iron aadLead If pe. India ltabber Uoe, Jtc-,
Ci ilM TTl avt,) 14 flap 1 a trWW
Loki ottc the rotinc lit, h arpeart a if the j R. AHna todriw.'tia dnt.nr,- tCw i : . rr Ur-e. cnailvr of eommnmcations . TO WHO 31 IT MAY CONCERN" !
creat asrecrth of the elector lay in tbe letter K. yewr.and hoc une has brrn ducHy in the j addrrveed toHUMjatT, and tu tue, while on the I
Kcree qsaxvr ciaunu. anoer , laxuaro aioona, tiexiou iinie me uoya care trpaneaaue wu. i ne majority ox ojcmuu-
Tni rAst currsit B10
J. D. Spreckels,
f nt, Ceramalrr.
WiU hT8 Oulck DUptteh for tbe aboTePeit
Tnt Frrlcct or f.tlt.irril t
rns M nr.tTii'n iwrk
Lndy Lnmpson,
WiU hire quick ditch Set 1otb pert.
iw fteltH or puHte, .nU t
T T! C. HBKWKR iCO . Aset
FisHeries !
Tm tjinr.iioaEn abb urEciAiXY
pttplred lo
Htghcst Urado of Cotton Nettings,
Nets and Seines to Order,
Corrrlng rvar; aneelea of FWh. larce sad itaall,
of Die raelac Oeeaa.
Cotton is Ugbtcrthin Heap, mere Bumble
&nd ltu Expeciive.
7n.TeraallT ued la the United States.
American Not and Solno Co.,
I ly Boatoau
Co-putnenhip Notice.
'pite co-rAUTXiiusinr ni:nr
X tttr rxUtlat belmeea OTn aa 1 W. II. lar
vtK fftrlne pnrtM"e et rirrrlac a as PlaaUar ta
ttteplttilrt of llantkaa. llawilU aod re taeBiwenf
CLTroBieeae Jt Iarrta hi teea dtAtred bj natnat
ceaoent frew at at elobet Ut, 19SJ.
r.v. II. rsirta er Iiaauaaa. ana ar..Ni nn
of Kicalde. xtUnti, barla: parckaaed Ik lateren of
LTreu.eaalatkeUteanu. hare entered lata part
aerklp frosi saua cateaaee tke atile aad aam af
W. H. PCRVis a CO. pod will tarry oa tke tsftaett
a-aminr ail tat Hibtllt.e of tkc M am.
S4i Tost w. it. runrtttxeq
m titit Trnv ntjairtaitix imnn.
j-ar EADen anaaa Arease wkereea la erected a
JCi. . no.teniufnablr UeHenee. aftaateea lUaere
ot Veaollfnl raltf raie4 oIl. akeaaater la trephal Fralt
and fMher relt Tree. telbf alia all ia4rra ia.
proeraieata. MaWe Carrta n Serraata Uema
aad Mher onj-tuwt-e, water tkroackoat. rtara f
aaperlorqaaHiy aathe prnnUea forfoar tlccea tae
year areand.
Tke ewair offer thl tta Ttotaeatead for SIa la
coavecaeoce e-f Wtlntkc Klaxorm
Apply or Addre U. K(JELKE
45at lloaoiala. II. I.
To Close CeMrgitiMBtn,
Uea d CetW. HeAi arffl JMh,
Ttrnad MKt nite" lim, De- .
I.MrtioM.tseMUt.1 eC;"T reee..
lU..teNl Mltt vri ekht.
A I4I4 Ami. ol Ax.it.tter, Hnueto Jk tTnt
Oaariaots s DELxxsaa
ef New..JlI..lCe.lislKUe , -
Stair & Border Carpets
A sntll l.nk. et Dea.UrU Hr.rxBri'nM
Silk Curtains and Draaary.
to M. 1. pl.ee f rekll Deen, Um&St
IPXxxo C3-Xtv-vcraX"0 !
Tela.. Ea;nll Klae MMlM aad lire.. Self.
tUle. Cecil. Mil.;
Ucke.4 CMetr4 ra.a.
lUMk..lt.' Att. ..4 TWe..
lm iIIUHiri la. Llateel rat.
lle.tW.He Lea4. Ilae. Vtek a4 M Int.
Drat AaawM race tflie. es . 5 4 1 ; At-. Jc
T- P. AttAIU. Aanrtr.
ON FRIDAY, January 13th,
At 10 A.JI.alkaleal
Dry Goods,
and Groceries.
A AF!m'Tl PI".'fll.lrUlrL"ail
too, 130 filet Drrad, JO c.tr sola
50 cs. asstd. Crackers and Cakes,
per J. D. Spreckela.
fT For S!e 1
re and a rurter under the
.5arKlu td beUer at-
they wast their eiactuc to .
beeti notarvd for their tmrelurihtT and havw been
looked npou with BffpeMQ. ibeir absence from
Utlo will not be recretted.
a fS5
: c- i ; ; t Intnry ai:tin darinc their uw oa duty.
- ' : : j Xi ndate- wbenrjren. ao aL3ucnhed the- jj!k
I : ? I J , that they oblataeO Maraha I'arke'a ani
lapuix itUM lae pouce no na prrxaui.ee toe
: TTa mkW hi a- T- f r.a I m-r wv IT- tVji nL4 Iim
t? lntx:T-e fcitXin rfarinr Ttxir wi drtfT. Thm
i There were up arda of forty Gilbert 2 and '
abcart Kawsuhaoon Scndarlaat. Gov-
Kaaos. rvarted tbna out aod scexsed mcb :
tajved ati the ncisber of Liiil scbteea wfctch had .
h IWa added to the realm. It xcawy f tbe older j
i " pe7e bare diol. the aairrrrora bar iocreaaed and j
Ttetiaaiexp ifaeieceaatf(p $a.i5. aad iiroOer -otn fcaa Caere fvtrwxrd at a tarkira::;
rr tee er XSel, the aw- ta -crallfjias. W-lax three avrr wvH stalTed l!TnaaarethowatWbit-
jissr.aftt , XeT Jt Kcertma'e. which ahow the celestial ekllL
aa Kawaae 3a. Ve r-r f tat Traiee te i jr nrpjaej cues which we mraUaceu Xat
XaJ LfLaTe. Xf I, r. 6iai
llKei tara Pn ej i
..w. ... -a- aekUatti:
rRr-4 were, e e-red aiaJ? aaiU-acaeej. tW
taliAwiar a tae K4 f Ua. -eU. tke paRka-er.
njaM aeetseaaMN.au. in-aaw eo
-r t .Ta:ee r re iw pn-aie. cues wucn we toemaaoeu xaat i sjruLi
WiatrrMtnljrfliai. wtk. baa been put into Jc-a hand; trparne-! Febrwrj Tjr".'"ijer
' r TrT lT" "wCiaadwTDcched tot x.. .Z..--jajCB
tM4 - - Mein Gos, iJ Mcl5er ta an rrtih friend.
Ta- aasawaae!. aa. U rwaa. naai ceeiamia . T- hrst tern nxwie here : where lu reboraen.
Tke AkrJLi ef KfVUlala, la IHtsBalUee- , tile . youahoOd LaTe heard him tbe other day.
taimiKC acre. rrecle, t X. Kfawft. fee J L- Ach to, yah, das la exit, bawl haw! jwihetyoar
irv . fefer
Ta Akapataa of tlala. la XasvapaK. Xtet. ' -1 . .
cwiaiMarraaMaerra. laereerb r taatk Keejlte-1 JLbce Gates the crlrbrated occsir opera sdrr ia
UAVarfUP-ka,iaKiPakaIa, Xaat.oa. xraxSed by the xt down eaznex. SKeUuse
lJ rlSr m 'and orxtxiOTarrairr
Tke I tula Paala. taainta, lUwiH, rocrxTH tnade f or a pert imance at tbe ewXusac UxU.
a .s Pai-a.et .... t 3iiOate trxre.- wiih no caeapanT, depvodic
ie UKa. Ma-n i wk;, , noj a j ynppxvixa iixcoKSUe, nexsnexsao-
W atiu C Vl
Tfce Uva.ea ? faa. ta WaikiU. Oaha. ceatc rt ST-KO
TV Laa f tw.it t Lap aad RiwWeiat. lIM1
Oaka.rewtc tJ'w mrirr-.
encpjaaed by an exoaHent tenor Air.
An. attetcpt was tnvje last Friday nit to eater
i !. fa TTaixtaL oka. ctntr. X aVM) , l!r. Waterboue'a ltvwer siorr. Tbe wocld-be
a-ms ilk. .
A l raa. a XtM etreaai. TTaOiM. Oaka,
rat;. 1 am-. W aart M i01-
l j. pane-, a " ' V r
PrU er aa-r af as acre, to J. teae, fTSS.
,.r laataaaa'Kaaabka.ta Wsjkial.ika.r ii.H
err. m Acta, tme tCi.
rr Kaaa ?tre aa sr.tt.lki. Henkala. tee 5 i.
t9-4 at ied. Ct. S aore. ta
aUaaaraaaave. as suo
bLrcixrs had knocked away aorn of the bnck
wort aroond the -jC. but xt waa eo kuac that it
panned too tcai7h a nwt to rrack. Thee repeated
attempt at barlary ehoad make oar pohce par
taneUriy ct:e. hy are not the c-ysftibrea tsp
p&d with dark lasterns 2
X eery aaaorssfu! Kew Yet featiral. took place
ia Hdo, oa Monday, January .hid. The day
was line and a ' ferce usiebrr of laith
fevreimer and natro were in attendance. Tables
were spread in the upper ball ef tbe Court-Hocae
which was deocratea far tbe oocm30C. Meats of
all kiada, rake, cofee and ice-creni caiJe,
faip-eAwn. Jtc. alc, were drptwed of rspodrr.
tric.cc in a Mttffactory sum for the tieatary of
tbe ladan. w bo crlerUKik the enterprise,
AKwt two huaired and twvsly-&e dollar
if were iahzed after rnyrac exproi-? which
wia lie expended xa repairs now cotsc on epoc tha
parsonae-; of the Foreua ebareh d kith.
The f o3wry: table, awr&s the axaouat of rain
that haa la&ea at H&o dunnc the year 23SX, has
been ukea from the daily record of therainuace
as kept and kindly furnished by Dr. Wetnaorc.
iMirj. . xarera.
Jaacary. . StJaV - .... 9 -a
NfWfaUf ... tJt
tTOrt.larr . 4JKJ
Wat 4L.NrvcatrT .
J sae m.IrcElfT.. ,..X5
fo3 7S5
ToCal far tat alx saaslkt. (Total fee la ft rxcetfca.
Total fee the year 1T1.H0 irchea or II feet 6. MO
Strce; winds oa Maui 1 w week.
The iaree was just ecteriuc Eahahl harbor
when the Retainer left.
icxiyua were ot raa uao. , nrRinitx iiaTlMJ nr.tT. xirKfrrw nE-
Hoaolulu,Jan..,lS. t.. AAxsraoso. j j' ieiB- la the IRTSTALDINISG KOOMS in
me letter ia printed below Terlmtio, merely j Peae brtac taem to sit e!4 Reuaraatow !ianlay
omitunc names. The OUony of Victoria mnt be j reuNnwrea 5 .ad P. V, aad I f"i
eonptxnietitrd cpoa its edaeatiocal pruapecta if 71 b. u. wwmm.
thl i a -ciaeo of wht t pari, teweber ran do. i TC'OTTPT
Uawaii urx ia, far behind thra. 'ioe Mter is dated AO-C.
f rota a aabarb of ilHlwarne, and appear to be fT w Vl".?1! VTHI V
aice.thoccbt at fit .ichtit s-eed a hmx. j "J
It rtotntu DJ ue ii cjau irora uf viomev, focbMaVa tu. tbe prexl. the collect! or tarw,-.
oranr-s etc nti wr limit know a xa W tIAM.
11 I .M I antt K at. a t-.lill ah t. oa tha Ivlaadot
Oaka. Oat Lana, ANirA,(ch.1wtn pmaeente aa aae
-ahnivt-oTaretwttlB-talaw. CONCBEK Jt CO,
UoQOlaiw. Jia 10th, I-. rT tm
Oflee of t . Ilrew-T uo. Taar-oay, 'in'
at TO a tlocK A. 31. -J. u. v.viii.ii.
Korember 2nd. lL
To His Eeyal Hkhnw Rim: Kolaki.
Kmc of the Sandwich IUnd.
May it pleav, Tiar Uajetr, that there ate six.
yooxu; ixj.v( Vaeioria wtwaTewtftrfnTtoiand
aettle m the Ialand a&d marry tbe daQchtera of
the Xatrrf- aceordin? to Tucr wi.h. We heat
that a liberal Grant of Land and a kich position
la Cocrt. will be ifferrd to that who are wQIinc
HsrtgagcVi Notice of Intention to
11 taal per-aaat to a power of rat cemtatsed In a
ei-flttr. wwlrare deed dated March a.t, niatle by
wile, 01
f I He
iter ef
leaxe Meltv-xne. Wo all bare a Trade in oar , KSy"Stlsla XalSS? M co
karri a roenf t cb)ioDeJ bekrw and iboalilhn ' tBF4, tkat all aad aieralar. tfcr Und. i-am-ni. and
applkcation be favourably Concidered we feel 1 hereailstneat la nM wnrtrtj d-ed cnatalaetl aad
f ullr coahdeot of beinc able t dicharre the I described. wtU after tke time limited hy Law, V- aoU at
to and thetr PWt p-tkl if this be tax Will 1 Room X. frt-ra and Korea! BHrr. kl w
toot UajraiT, ki&dly ad tax puace order, t , H-aeisJa, UUad at Oaks to d. Ctwricht
xue and aa a m tie orders we will r.. JT1 Ve.f.',hA,K,fl
The CeeweW sailed frorr Kahuhsi on Sucday
laat. with a e2 caroof -ttcr for Saa Fraacitoa.
Tt LtlrlH brcocit s larze cc-xber of raares
frees Hawaii last week for llrVs Brothers. Tbee 1
cectlesaea are escaped ia breeding aad traisiag
bcax-s. at Alakawao.
rutiea and Laws of the country to Joar satif ao
uoa alM are win try oar bet f teacn icr a
UToa our Trades and Karopean Uabita.
We hare tbe Honor to be
Tottr Maeety
Obedi-at herTants.
F1eae turn aw."
(oa the next pV come tke fotlowio.)
I far&tsh below the of Yoan Men who are
wiHznc to co and eule accordi&e t. yuar wiidi
alo we bekos to the Charcb of England Church.
Kame. Ape. OcrararJ-c.
Is Carpenter and Paptl Teacher.
13 Caipcntar aad rapil Teacher.
1 Careater and Tapil Teacher.
19 Carprnter end lrp-r.
13 Carpeaterand Bikrr.
in CrpeiitT and Grocer,
TVaAe address Tasaace orders to me.
What Oar rrtenda Say of Us.
Our people are acu5Sosed to hare the most
ridicaloas acoxata circulated about tbem and
( 4 -Eri rc-r Me-. li-we. Crooi eweat
SAtc lm J I rrc- fraea a F
J la a l rttw-Heasree,em T
-w fca L laap-. arrta. ii-aa
An fcatae KfaUtat. Cwtaer. fra fet ta-sX0e f
IV M. teek. frvaa .Vtron
Air. Uma, of KxpaLsts,bas been ia WaScka
for tbe lt f-eUjt ia Kwreh of carpeuters; b-at
found theia scarce. He ha ererr reaon to be
r . . e a .- . t 110X001
aaiawr-CTc. paaawaon. - tlf fcjllr5 wn when com to Ttrt the
ThereracVdrHcf wet weather seercs lobe
orer. and al! are a tbaxkf ul new fee the ersssatiea
of tbe ram a tbey ww for tt to coo. Vlr.
Ht-fsjci's rain caue xt Makawao u rrp.rted to
OurxscM.toTS were iTjoiced to hear the hand
acataWx Tbursiay it placed at tbe HoteL mi
can .Saturday n&nt Sqware. Saaarnew reeces
wrrer-.TTc: to-tJharJea L. rre-: t, recorded alart irtr itxhes cf rain faa ia a
" - . wri. xucredrbCe short reriod.
aad rici, up xww nrusc with farxlrtT. w e may coo- ,
Cratxkue jelm on t-axi ooe of the bess j Theracet Wailapnea Moodzr, January 2d,
bzi ia ti 1-abc. 1 jgj, rtAO.partfoaca icurert
Tbe pcblx- tcWfo! tbechy opes-d ca Moo-f toalL Tbe txul diappoirtxcect of xriplaced
. ,w . . coeaidetsce waa caSAerrrd in tbe lose-r. Tbe rt
my with a Xca aaeadaner-; tfcr reelect of a rrk.v. rwrwr.rw w.
; otSTS fteaSeS;sSoaS : .5? JZ - inx
EearWr teed hool xa to be curAwirr y cr.lr noc. , . . teoi tothe aiirrua leatherof
the a-addle breakxa, tos rider waa rusnis him
PaWIe ActtMi es accoaatoftkc breach et tkecoodl
tio a Beretabfffore nenttoneq.
The property ia iid anttrare de-crlbed beinc
ffteiledaTKalaahtee, llaaotsla, iHha. aear the re(.
deaor of E. h.Canha, Eaqcontalafseaa are of Ka.00
acre. A.J.C'AETWr.lGHT.
H en rare.
Cecil Bfowa Atto-aT f"r MKtriree.
Dated llesoltls, Jaaaary lltk, g5? t
jS.. DIAS,
In porter aad Dealer la
No. 75 Kla; nearly oap. ltkl SL. Iletolnla, It. L
Engllsh and American Wines,
Spirits, Ales, Boor. Ac.
Coatiastry oa aaad. ItUad Order ioi cited
trSJ3KettembeTtheyaaiber.7a Klc; M-aa tp
Plumbers & Gas fitters,
lsUiui. Iter ceoerallr raui.ee to eel tbe accounts
. about ua, th f ollowias, bowerer, which ta dipped
from the A-car Istlrr, d i-ol pa le the hove into thm
t atn aiMiyexiae.e.et ns ijocux nooiy on
J TLr tTaer RrL Jtase.
a Aau.kesra.te Ftaaetroa Tbr TxXm hale a kciT terra lTcr- tiT3
TOCTg..,oeCJaec.uJT. ' aiuJexiaetnaboa AfcctaaiMottb 1-saeecee
I AiTeienaeaCaa3KlortierCT-KiSTear.! Al. t3c tJ r: rted tt uaa
ro Xe C.lle. per IciXr Mrpr. In -l?JJ te
eM a. . we
FaMt . fe4 per J It Sjeerl
e..sW.IAeearm.XT;.i..aaJU TT
! A rare!, nrceed CaleaSu lor tbe prr-KiS tot, ! Aire mk w !oi:k "
. . " . . . .. - raa SoetoliebeTTektieewneL llieUst
Ite twl.UrfoactrilrrAr.T.G.Tirra:a: coolerf ai .kj eVweJe Knb race.
fcb4e.re. 1.HXttie
1 l raaCKcaelT r?x la color, am ieoxs veo.
krX ju(-Mt Tee e3Ucjocat o ruarisarioa ts 'vausKd oo l Maucn reopie care xa rr3a to to
m eisaj. saecaro. nxaue.Tieaip;aaxyuaa. ir; . peoad of toe eiezcpiarr Dacser ia 3ca ft
Uielateuoa.v.um.ipctao3aiTy-rresi- j i,r cum. treat; tieria(i bo &nrtnsre
et . tbe Qoeen'. UoRataL Tbe tioc C C ) of aar catzre. In tbe ertsiir a di ara crea
EnsptuMMItu posuoa as scno as . be Ueoiaie.lol aiMOerietT.aaM puei
Tin. Sheet Iron and Copper Ware.
Erep Cua.tutlf e. fcaad a perloc AMfortscct ef
Tin Ware.
Galvanized Iron
and Lead Pipe.
tLe hizirtuxned.
oer ideiatb matter of the CAramcl attacks.
Here is tbe iieou
"A few jears ro a comp!et amy of the landa
iiiiLeSaidaichkaudswasniaoe,and Hwaaap
porDooed aoMic the people. Tbe re were aboat
eiity thocsaad niuires. and about etht th-arrl
aUobnet.uwereratotbefamUars which made
p this 4xte thuosaatd. Tb Uods were t!d tn
perp-teity by tbe-a; f amiliee-they cuuld B--t part
wita the title foreaer. Tbe pTrct Kia was a
derkiaonevf the (J-rremcKat Oi5o--s, aud was
elected by a ppalr T4e. tbr crowa paed tokim
aedbxaLeira torerer. Ibe Etrjix-d. fc-elJ a con
Uvllic icSoere ia theelectioc,and it ia said that
Oaeen lcma was tlefkawd mud the eJerUun earned
by arts well koan to thxxe wJw sadereand the
wWki&f of eaWtiTs iattitarjoas. The EaHb i
then eUoiled tbe trade of tha laUxala. ice . ui koniT rmer to ibe
saar latereata, tiov so Itrce tbtre. were then but
imperfectly dcTeopL fbe bicb defies on scfrar 1 TT' yv '-
rtere, ana tot c. aca nsia v ira&fnauwi
Cortoration lYotlcc !
mHF. AX1AI. JIKKTIMi or tiu: m.
row, Jaosary 5th, at the OSce of Sle- II. Iljckfeld A
Co. S. P. DOLE, berretary.
ITaRAlala. Jin -Jttt. l3 "
run TuuHtit .aniKi:n ri.TPK-
b-. lUleMarewellmx'rtedaadalBdlalaraea-.
Hrkt yeare old a4 -oaad. Ala t tao-aar
.U - old half-breed Clyde ware colt. rrofBT ef
aid mare. The above de-iraVie Uk U1 be Mtld at
Laaoahoraee naataiioo. iTee i nit .-nirtv.
laarvaboehoa riaatalloa.
baspahoehoe. Ttee tt. X5St. tl tt
I lrl vlll (aa nrrlnt aa diria DT iWrf from
tVel.'utid.. byCbaUa XCa, Krata of laada may be
llnaolala. Deee-fcee TtJulU
I c.i M.e.1 n.tttailoii will be held atlheOXce
ofC. ItrewrrACo. oa Muaday. JaaaaryWik, IV, at
WoVlock A. M. T. C. JOMv-5. Jr,
Hoove iu ronm. ceracnea hiuora, nia u""-,
4'k.irk ... iia. iirr ra ch- ictecr. an
coo4erdr;ik farnitaMlfreqalred. Apply ta
ye. U Rkharf 5U bet Merthaal and Qaeea ta. 3t
Celluloid Trusses,
A sjtecUlfj.
Warriated ot to E.'t' EreaV! rr WnrOatl
All (tyle aa. "Irr. at
For Sale, cx Sir Lancelot,
Slra Tr tj IL nACKFELD A Co.
iss iiKimvs sciioor. nr.T.
HE-OrES Jibuti sib. 1
I ail IWn mi Mrri ..
ini.iiKN u.ti: rmi family, ttti
T IIRAIm. r.lUUUl Ac. Ac AD a. a4 frrik
I f7 1 It U MLI. Ul
,t E0LLEJ Jt CO.
rirncanun i m j.n.niXEi.
Cra-hri 5rir la Cirrel.. IHj Orj..1tte4 5octr ia
I.jrr.1.. ror mi. ay w a wllt. m
Ttual Jldrerlisemtnti.
toriMtuMK counr or Tin: n.v
! O WA1I.O' I.Uedv la la lat E.au
wohil 4 ta rathe la eracr.1, tAU b.
o isMetarcilsie. OatOKM iDot telp berac arocad Cre Horn, aw ail auast it. Ibeileth-'
ch feefcn of debsbt to eee to. Atisjoairse. frota tbucnntrr eere tier, in !
H ft i-7 -p. mm xt
, . i .j - v", , t. . i -. - w col AlLxltne. (rota duciantrr eere toere in v u aj m a. a.
... - " . u-,.... . sueraacr aad rccivuu a uececseaoor ot .t f.. .rnl iteMniiuinnl eiimt.
rirl''UiwMnwiuC Jns-, iw. . toe eoctsoeoow ot toeoatiTe. m oeai recsproetty
loaw ;..r fSiO. ne. hall, oa tbe r List Tnlir. e foShr if tbe crelsl reaJt U ibis pute . A il to .iih u Cait-J Sttte. was tooxcnl, tbe arrneoo
I or rr At Jit t-ra1S ir. di: of U pr l ter. r-rr rue ee be Vice , . oi:j re a aU to attebd lor lcA here lo acrtliun li.Aiai brnri fro trt-ie w
Shtbtun. J.Valwiv,tcA ' Gret kxubueee Geo. V itmi : E. ywii."P.-i ; ! aautmaooa. TbK.a uoccbtedlj bare a to-J oerRomebr tbe prnrrctof m,-Jns tbe Enriib,
r -r rc Sp- J l-If" ' Cm. Loras, Swieoa ; F. ; TVx. E. b amn- wiijcilt. ecnliuea. OarJ and tbe pr3pe of beceSuias tbe people of tbe
cr. ' i WaB. S. -. H. Seaitb, C.'t ; I. U. PaSec K. ' oTepoo4e.l rewrts -nor ianwelr better riouTbeiEsk.rie.areno.Kleawaae.
Feraa Dniw r Earrla. i.a -Si.eK ii. ! e W.: & AU 'H'Lasias. laSan.: E. A. Hart.&d " K ttu te rUaaXica buU tirf MjnCTlt TVer leaswl a o p-xtton tbe net aajar
.CT.'LBJIk. nee. & tad. luuu. Do-. 1 in.; C BtS,G. of V. : J. 1. Ens G. of F. ; ja i ei(yl:.a,i!-.iil.tlian that tbrr J-rocU . u-.js from tbeee i..., -colt it !... tnUords
r e rrureboa. pee ESa. Jaa XX ft. Sir lrpe.1 xere brotuiS Iroco 'Kiiaiie oa orc;r reTrt.-r r ItIbM.!uiirpaed(ac-
P 3 J-erf-e-e-. fceoa. baaaa. sjJ.TTdlSocecf etsfacomateaer. r- OJatr""- r5 " itw
I vnexaaaerr adrazicec Kasevf tbe &aese :
PASSESGXILS. , en Terr nici aarsM. bad ccrs At".
xarca a.en were tbcro."'
ro- i
,rAua.JAat-i x r-eciv-i tatte teen renxTvea xrsaa any lecher nxx a '
J VaArr. wtsr aa 4 taiitUrav r ! eA-ore cf crasUoisaUEr their rtlataooa xd
trteads bet xt xa ad x xhxaV how xaary xsy
Late been coctandaaled already.
rse Aa fraatieoa.-
' It AVf E 1
I a na. .'aaOaVJ T Itts.
'-ma Sew Caaa, pes Tm2 Wc Jaa 3tfc--Johr
lo-u Frasce. per rrrLa. a a T rt.ftricl
The New Tear wx csterrd in with a rrzth
desred caar in the weaiber. The J Jftrr
A Lra?e ia tetnr fcsdt acrews the Xans
r-K a Iaai9rw.xwrjrlieeaei Ju X A ( slreaiB. tartwrea theSeeocd BHile ard Alfloli.
-wa-c 1 r- VTailBcr. U itcA. U J . r ku.nrrrmci ni.
, , , -,- 1 xrfcbraieciof frv atbV rinal&eatadd
rt;W-.pef Krrrrr..Jta-J X aUaa. wxfl U aaaahae f ocf taaxjrr.
Tar Saa Fraimt. per JXa. a jtw Lae. a oa w f ia a crw3aect aix nS for t5ccr-
xr bo xc romd tbe h of jrcsrbiwl. Ihr
! work, which ia rjearry eorspJeted, ss been per-
r xocxaec tacrery cy praKta aaicc
Cansre- tW X VlaWx--
f it at a nocaiaal rmt. io tbict ialaixr aa low
aa Xtr cect per acre, h trry be Itada in
the world, and whxh they ;w cab-let to the
ssrtr pUnttra at trota ten to fifteen d-i(lars per
acre, tlwir leases froia the natiee nsially ran
rasrttO veaara. The lelaxds are sw-anains with
pt-ople. Tkere are aa many Chinat-u there as
there are xa the United JSaus. There are ttiny
5? iT3 ?SrZ tr laidJrd d?an to alseoa nothinc, and
tiK. and retsrned ajata on tbe Rb. tahag faffO AxDeriwns mra ia Ibeir UraA Tbe tvatiTea are f ret
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IV o "vsr Goods
Kill A. KRAFT.
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Staghonnd and Eureka. For Sale bj-
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LEGION OF HONOR i UyOACO. aadlhCT wi!Iedeaeor to loerlt ta-araod
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By elder at tb. Aiilsaeea of tl E.ul. at XX. CBAAZ
Photograpliic Stock &
E. r. AD.l)l. Aartl.
By Order of W X- GSEKZ. Traio far
Eatate of EOOTTl.
On tho Premises, Nuuanu. Street,
Sfcck of Liquors and Flxlirrs
In Saloon of Empire Haw, Consist.
In? r p-
I Uret lUn, Irlb Wal,ty. Ilea Wlae. n.ady.
Ah aad rwin. Uepaaead. tlraackl Ale. yrp
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lae fcrt Ujf Jaaatry. X. U IStS. aatt prajlor that
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of IlPBoIalo. It la fbriUrM ilut Tl El) . the iUm day
oJArAItV. A. 1 iiW aid hetetty )t appeal-
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I'mD B. of tal Coart. al llaaalala. al whUh tlato
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rDSled.it4taal taiaanier a- paaiifam isib- cazn.a
Ucsaarc for three orrelr awli la tho " Ilawariaa
t.aiettr."aaew,poperUIIoaolaJa- Aad It la farther
ordeted that tetapswarj- Ictlera ef adalaiftxatloa a
to Ihefs
Daied llcsalarB, . I -a winatrr A jj its.
A.rK!ii jrw.
Alte.l: Chief Jatlee of the eapteiac CaarrL
V. Ha. TepaiyCI-t lopeeaael'aoel. Wat
ON FRIDAY, January .3th,
at 12 o'clfica free.. SI 9!e. Ream .M b. wrid,
for ac.ea.t af .boa u awy ceaeera.
The Following GooJs, Uaaiagni aa
Voyage of Importation,
Ex Ship Mr LanreUt, from Llrerj ot. tlst
AOia leid. in. l n. in. ve-, srt. 3. jh. t.
JTL nl. ,l-n ! Kax. AU al Mate Sa
.ill bexffmd.
25,000 MCii: axu coal d.u;s,i.x i;ih)B
X. r. Alum. Pc
On Satnrdajr, January iSth, ISS'i,
it tl a'cKt tana al Mm Km,
X Will OSer for Sat at Pallia Awettoaa.
Thai terraia pere or arrrM4t at KaAhW'Oahw
olift aH ra rnwr sow
heea sppBiated. hy tht aprrae Coart. Trae
tun ada.taliratfr or iae eeiaie m is utr nun aa
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ej tuiHe-ile. u. aa-tc raat-aUat- payiweai to the
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Eftalfi ef Taesaa XeeV. decraaed.
lltAfloJila. Jale tath J5
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ahoat JJ vard oaka of lb to at raL.oae XaV aVa
kr'a oewlwroaUalsraaam5efra ar.
Half ofibe IsadUta KaaapoUh. of whea Iheeo
are alx. Th-re a a sew hoa)e aeoo the pioiTia, f
Utalw-I ParUe. Wiw-.. t Pioior r aa. Kllth-a
kl Paatr Theea ! ajaoa arsa- roftthaw Uow aad
Chkkra Yant. a Ptz ta.
A good "Well with Torcc Pranp.
fay Deeda at rarchaeera" ezpoaa.
t. ! A01, Aaatr.
CotTeo Plantation t
- THUf.Mi aniiiart. rrraw itta m
aflB rm aesr Ht ta eel. aVt-t T
t acrx. IUaJnb-arlaj CaW trlW
from d.r alw am hodria taaaa-, aad a
taetlaiea-rhartL rtlce $TJ" aa-t?y aos-ojaw If
de-fred. Wt'l ee'. aoy p-rttoe. of ltfm Ire aee-e .
Thtf t t forrrer poWVa eaa a rat mm emVraeaof
eree reaiirte of a piaorwoa email faraa.
r a,WI. fee Ml. by l WOIttil A rrx
I IO Montgomery St., San Franci3co, Offer Better lnducsmonta
to Purchasers of
rr-ATts-A.ttaralof Oorla Jerek7. f C.iiJ.e Dertja.. aad ef CK W JfAarrACTC!.
Sleeyaeatsad, AT Ultr fstllKlk.
y e hare the Largest, the Finest, the Cheapest Stock of Good In our Line
la CalleraU. All rnoit Baited la plala Jiart,. aad bat eee price.
aa- Ori r by oiau aurtnd pmaptly sal rsref .Br oa wan tern 1 1 ibutk Klecaoa, were
tMl SA1
- : IClTfa 1 ec!aT. AT SO0EEATX t tlCXS.
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