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to the
Action of tie Chamber of Commerce.
Tte follojtinj; correspondence rill explain iteelf : !
Hotoixut, IL L, January 11111,1852.
Sik At inwtfayt of the Chamber of Commerce,
ol Honolulu, held tah day, ye the nndenijrned
appointed & committee to address yonr Excel
IroCT, and to call your Attention to the attacks
wcid. bate been mad by tlie San Francisco
CArwwfc and other newspapers in the United
Statei upon the labor rrtern of -tbia errantry,
vbich is characterized as "ilaTery," or "peonage,"
cpon our planters, charcinR tbemVith cruelty and
oprrexfcion towardi their etaplovea; and upon oar
Toerehanta "bo are charged with violation of the
tern. of the lteciprocity Treaty, in that they ship
to the United State ni Hawaiian product, enjpir
xnd rice crown or manufactured fa other count ne.
Jn addition to them attacks many false Btaternenta
hare !"en made, which are doubtlessly intended to
create a prejudice KIni this coontry and injure
iurhief indnatnea.
We are directed to respectfully request Ifis
Majesty Government to instruct the Hawaiian
Jlmi-rter lUwidentat Waaliincton to inform the
.secretary or Mate of tbn United btatea, that if his
iirnmit attach any value whatever to the aiid
attacks and ttatrmenta. His Majesty's Uorernment
will cauiy nee an unnciiwa ueiu, nmcr vj me
United buteaofficiaUnow resident her,or through
thm twciaUT appointed for that Tinrpov. and
the members of the Chamber of Commerce pledge
themtelTts to Rive erery facility to and. investiga
tion, in order that it may be thorough und concia-
fjrr, ana l exrrciM uicu jaum-aci wtui nw juaci-
mra in the Kime fTtd.
We are f nrthermore antborized. by the Chamber
x (VjmmercotodenT emphaticallT that there is
nny system of slaTery" or "peonace in this
r n tie abused without beinc able to obtain full
nndKpeedy redrew, and abo to deny that there
USB ueeo any Tiuiauwa ui iuc itnua ui ukj jueci-.invit-
Your Kxcelfency is eo intimately acquainted with
11 e enijJoj era of labor, with the merchants, and
ith the laws and their practical workine. that
jnu muat lie fully aliro to the injoatice of the
chare? to which we bare briefly referred, and
which hare been so unfounded, eitraracant and
miiumi. that the ulantera and merchants have
hardly considered it neoosftary to contradict them,
and only the fear that continued adence might be
niiHnmlervUKd. haa led the Chamber of Commerce
to addmw this letter to jour Eicellf ncy. We ha to
the honor to remain your Excellency's most obedi
(Signed.) Cms. IL ISiFnor,
Sucuex. N. Cahtxx,
F. 31. Swixbct for
Tnxo. IL Da vies.
To Hia Excellency Willilm L. Green, 11. IL 11.
Slixuaier of rcrtin ah airs.
Dmmtxsrr or Foeeiox Amnn, l
HoiiOLTLr, January 14th.l&.
Jiff m. C 7. llitkOfr .V. JN. Cattle vntt T. II. Jkirte ,
Vmmm(7m thChmmlrf CMutrre.
Qtxtu&xx t1 hare the honor to acknowledge
the receipt of your oominunication dated the 11th
insuut, conreyinc the news of the Chamber of
Omimcrce, as to the means hich may be adopted
with reference to the attacks which have been
made by the San Franeuco CkromkU and other
newnpapcni upon the labor j stem of this country,
and upon tho plititers of these Islands, charcins
them with crntlty and oppression towards their
employers; and upon our nierchants who are
charj-od with Tiolatiou of the terms of the lled
proctty Treaty, in that they ship to tho United
f, u tea as Hawaiian products, sugar and rice crown
fir mnnfnctured in other roontnes.
The injustice and eitravajance of these charges
a sa notorious here that Ilia Majesty's Govern
ment have felt smnewnat as me planters ana roer--hn!
da. that tt was hardlT Deorsaary to contra-
diet tbem ; null in other countries, it will no doubt
tie adniable to refute them, and His il a jeer's
liiroy Extraordinary and Minister llenipotenliary
in Washincton, has already replied to several of
the statements when they appeared in publications
bich had any character for respectability.
His Mnjesty'a Goremment will grant erery
facility for the Investigation on the sjwt of any of
these oharces, and will so instruct its Uepreaenta
tlve at W lUhinfiton, althouch it cannot of course
oCiciaUy recopuzo any ioreicn omciai lnreKiijri
tioa. into matters which mainly concern our own
law and their proper aaoumsirauon.
With rex nect to the last and perham most ini
Tvirtjint charm, from at least an international
point of riew, namely that our inercliants hnd
Tiolatrdtbetermiof the Heciprocity Treaty with
4hI7nitMl States, this Gorernment had alreadr
t iken some action before the last steamer left for
5 -u rrancica, as you ill ooecrre uy uie enciosoi
CJpiefl of a note vnicii l aaaressea io uu r.xcei
M nimlx-.thfiTlniLedStJitesMinuterltefd
dent, dated the i 1th ulto and the reply of His
Exetllener dated 17th same. Ton -will observe
that His xcl!eccyTfi reply is very foil and must
be conclojure to cverr unprejudiced mind that no
breach of the Reciprocity Treaty in the' manner
suggested is potfHible, whilst we a11 know as a mat
ler of fact that no fraudulent shipments whatever
of foreign rice or suar from these Islands to tho
umtea outes are maue.
Copies of this correapondenco were banded to
His Excellency IL A. 1 Carter, His Majesty's
f'jiMf KitmnTtlinarr and Minister lleniootenti-
nry to His Majesty the Kin? of Portugal, and he
wus instrncted to remain a short time la Washinc
lon, end make snch use of the corrrsronu'ence.
mu Lined with bis personal assurances, as would
be most likely to accomplish Uie desired object of
matins uie crossly erroneous Biaiemenis uiui
tl Iihxi imUiithi-d.
X can hardly doubt that he will fucceed in doin
ao. Uis JUajesiy a uorernmeni win uoerr c-j
tinoetofumxdiiU lleprescntatives in Wash ins
tun with aaeh information, suzecstions and in-
Ktrnrtlrma aa maratmear bebt calculated to remove
the bad iropressiou these erroneous statements are
Jieety io moauae la lumu wuauiw, uu iu
Mlnint cn will-continue to luok for aHsisUucQ from
the Merchants and Planters of the Islands as
irrresented by the Chamber ol uummerce,
1 hare tho honor to remain, peiiUemen
Your most obedient, humble servant,
V. L. Glecx,
JiittUtrr e FertiyH Jffairt.
No. 'J2. DmaiKCST or Fobxiox Amies,
Hosoldlu. December, Hth, 11
JIu EtrtUenry Jtt M. Ctjft C S. Ximhtrr
Ki 1 hvf hnd nlaned in mr handt this morn
I iiC copy of the Ito!ton morning journal of Nor,
aiin Treatr." One itaracranh reads as folio s;
'Our Treasury authorities, from investigation
that they have made, have no doubt tint the
incrcnBe oi me exparw wi iw niu
soKars in that year, (1330) which reached an
"exorss of twenty millions oror th usual export
"came to the United States from China tUrooh
" the Sandwich Islands,
A. I iwlierfl thst rour Excellcncv has made
official enquiry as to whether foreign sugara hate
ever been imported into the Sandwich Islands and
iranuuiousiy suirpea io vuo uoiieu omwn m
Kaiula-irh IJanrt unrsni. 1 would respoctfullr
ak Your Kicollency to sUto whether in your
tpimou mis nas own uoue annugiurwuuuurtUCT
it tin Iteeinrodtr Treatv.
I take I hi opportunity to renew the aisurances
I have the uonur to ie
Your KxcellencTB
Most obdu humble servant,
(Signed) W, Ij. Gbces,
m Ji;iter of Fwti'j Jffairs.
Ko. 211. Lxninoy or ruz Uifrrm Snrrs ,
If AoLiTLn. 17th Decemlier. 11 i
Sm: I have the honor to acknowledge the
receipt of your Jo. 2. tuiej.liui wmeu tiuroou
no fault on yoarpinj uunoi reacu uaui i'
My correspondence with the Foreign Office will
f...w ihmi tH uttrntl.-iti f lhU Legation was carlv
chrccted to the possibility of frauds upon tho
United states revenue turougu me buiiHucuvt
Chineor other foreign rice or sugr to tho
United SUtes as Hawaiian products free by Treaty.
The subject has receircd vigilant attention both
at the Uiuted States Consulate and at this Lega
ti'jn, and the Hawaiian authorities have earnestly
co-operated. The State Department has received
accurate and fall information, parts of which may
be found In 1ST). Foreign ltelations, p. 5) ; 1$J.
do.p.tiOC; in Monthly Reports of Commercial
KeUtions No. IOl, Auguit, lfL p. 324 1 alaoia
CousuUr Iteports embodied in Commercial ltela
tions, each year since the Treaty.
Besides lhee, other nnnubliahed dupitches, not
pricier ftT reference here. .
You call my attention specifically to an article
inthelfewtou journal tif Nor. 12th la which itw
fititod that -Our (Uuitod States) Treasury autbor-
litem from incaUgations that they nide,bavo
no doubt that tho increase of tho Sandwich
laland sugars in that rear tPW wIllch reached
an excess of txentr mdlioni on the oal export,
enme tt ihsUmred States from China, thpjnah
the Sandwich Irfinds " r.nd you ask me to state
whether I btuere this is true.
In UnVeaM. I thinV thTtwtm.riiAii rr.;.
taken. The high character of the J on ml makes
proper xo giro reaaonn, as well as state that
which 1 believe to be the fact:
1. The natural Increase in the sugar production
of the Islands, stimulated by the Treaty, fully ac
counts for all the Increase, and a still farther in
ereaselnlSSltof the export.
2. There has been no public or priralo informa
tion of any considerable amount of Chinese angar
leaving China for these ports, or being brought
Into the Sandwich Islands no such quantity as
: million pounds, or anywhere near that, in all
mjc 3 eaxn iu sum sines UiG iTeAty went into ecect.
The total amount of Chin ess and all foreign sugar
brought fn the Stndaich Islands since the Treaty
went Into effect is reported to me from official
sources at 9,107 pounds, of the total value of $321.
3. No such fraud could hare been consummated
without the connivance pf all tho Hawaiian and
United States Consuls and Custom House officials
of former rt$ titne (so to speakhin addition to the
rmncipals on both sides of the water.
ine united Mates Consul has announced
that he will look upon any and all unrefined sugar
brought here from abroad as a prima ftl intend
ment of fraud, and" to be kept under strict surveil
lance until Recounted fnr.
&. .Every sugar planter nearly every resident
' ia uiumicu pcrwuniiT ana pcii-
niarilr in ne-inn lhat cnh fniTifl cfiall la mm.
mittedand that the Treaty, fso advantageous to
the Islands) be secured in its tenure by the ntraoat
G. The Chinese sugar rrould bo inferior, and
woold not bring Sandwich Jsland prices, or pass
for Sandwich laland mutat.
7. There is a Hawaiian Tariff of two and one-
nau(JX) cents per pound on alUoreign rice and
sucar extent the United Statea. It wnnlil be
cheaper to pay the United States duty, than to
pay the Hawaiian duty and the cost of tranship-
menx, repacking, and other legitimate expenses to
aay nothing of hush money.
ti. Kvery pound oftmgnr shipped from theso
IsLinds to the United States as Hawaiian product,
is required to be invoiced, to the name of the
Plantation proaucmgit, ana oy a recent regula
tion thee invoice are reouired to be separate and
separately sworn to; so that every pound of sugar
can be traced to the plantation 'upon which it is
alleged to hare been produced, and any fraudu
lent addition or substitution is liable to almost
certain discovery.
If, notwithstanding all these and other reasons,
there stilt remains some opportunity for fraud un
known to me. l win taceitasa treat iaror io ue
informed in the matter, from any quarter whatso
ever. I do not wish to be understood, in stating these
facta and reasons, as citner laroting or uuiaror
inf the Treatr. It is mr business tocommunI
cate' accurate information to the United States
Government, as to those matters in my charge.
The Gorernment cannot proceed intelligently in
any affair with distorted facts to go cpon. Some
facts may po for, and some bear against. I bare
nothing to do with that. It i my duty to commu
nicate all, for and against, with as much accuracy
as lie iu my power, regardless of preconceived
theories or xxrsoual wishes.
Renewing the assnranoos of my highest con-
Eiaerauoa anu respect, i am,
Yonr Excellency's
most obedient humble servant
(Signed) James M. Comlt,
17. S. Xinhter.
Ilia Excellency Wm.Ii. Green, Minister of For
eign AUAirs.
the roses rJiT.ini.isn i:i son A
Wo liavo tlieJIost Complete 31 a-cliinery,
to to found Tnt of Via Boct; NOQ&tilos, with &1I of
tar wtt fmproreturaU tLst arf Id ore at the Lift
For making a pure article
All atrrl!!!onr factor; W FILTERED. Morr-
oxn, e will Tint 1 tin4crold f2
A WORD "E'ess &rds-
X II. l'ATl
limneopatcic II
iafid, SC. Y.)
Sttwexi AUfcfl ar
eFe cf women i
to TO A. M3to&
). illU.KAKIt
And oetter able tCounscIlor
. n It the negotlatt
rs t-ClaSS Cait mattrn apperU
desci, Cemmlaaior
California snd
iCnmanu Tl'
(Corner Beale and Howard Sts.,
w. n. tATLOi, rreri. josspn boose, sip,'
Steamboat, Steamship, Land
ftlXtM VRSACIMor aH tlnflshntlt complete with
Holts of Wewl, Iran or Composite.
IItm.ARY r.M-IM-S coinponndfd when adTfs-
sn;.JI V.irM'nn.rirsei.aa4 Steam Tag con
itrncted with reference to the Trade In which th7
are to be employed. Speed, tonnage arid draft of
water gnsraatced.
XTJUM nftll,i:nv rartlcnUr attention gircn to
the quality of the. material and workmanship, and
none hat firt-ela9 work produced.
'HM:nT made after the moft approTsl plans.
AIM all Dniler Irou tVorV connected Uirro. Illu
tt ATKK ii VK. of Roller or frhect Iron, or any Mze,
made In unllahle lengths for connecting tojether, r
Sbecta rolled, pnnebed and parked for fhlpmrnt,
ready to he riveted on the ground.
II TWIT tl'MO Kl VKTI.:. BoIIrr Wortc and Wi
trr 11 pe 'tnadd by thl eftablbhinent. riveted by
II draii lie lUretlng XacauiTy, that qnallty of work
being far rnpettor to hand work.
Willi- M'OKIi. Ship and Steam Capstan, Meant
Winches, Air and ULrcnUtlng Tampa, made after the
nioft approred plans.
Vtiyt VS. Direct Aclla; Tamp, for Irrigation City
Waterworks parposcstbniltnlth the celebrated Iary
Valre Motion, superior to aay other pump.
A grit Li lor U'orthiiistoa'.S llnpiex A leu in
83G rnnipt. Iy '
P. A. COSTA, Proprietor.
Late CMf f Stf ward of Ptmr. " Lllrlite."
TLe Tablr Is tapplitl irltli ttie topt (lie Market ctlord.
tyrv.oals at ell hours of the day.T
. ws, i r
J INEb wil! becarried on daring mjaWjue from
lb-Irlard, br CuaUn Co. Ii-nU of Ijtid iuar 1"S
rtMlrctcd fiora Ibrm. r '
. ' ' A.CUKCHEE.
Ilcno.u.a, December 7th, JsSi. im
11 MiJsty State CaON A IXE C
np to t in readme on isnent Shinp
painter. late of Pliilad. ...
can pot onjncb. a Ilii'OT- the .
llonolnla t and. f crthcr'"' ' -h "tret
nnderlood that I will no., itjri
dent that nl-ht aappcii aiitiai.
my Carrtare that are ICOTJHSEI.C
fncaien any fraction brCmtHtMitb
Tl all partlea aeeln- jjre .f Fm bole
. iort from Dr.
Eose.s make-
TtK Jt CO.
comlnslocetatl-ht crlpfy pcl-) r
avoid an accident. I akBrxm vr
A JiI'T.falr.c;ood
nris Dtf'
.ondon, Homp
And will lart Tor rear If; WISEMAN
at lore only the Try H,
llavlen t ta.' IlE&f K.rf Empwr
lloatpa, and
AIr.ileapebearlnmtrt of tbc Klnr
of the trktnc work in
nuecteil witn
niTli drawn.
rd. Coromii
TbathaKcTer leen made
mer Lamcsk-naker aaltlt fipbedlSM. j
I employ ncoii.M.whitn-
And I mt I employ nnni-- nal.n
can be had la the Realm. 7 L,ear
to two pc jnt turned I x'ape.r ituJ
American Cnnl here. tel. Honolulu,
One turn oat may do n bj' 'J,
line aIiernon after 4 aasa.A.W
taore than Jall a mile. I MISSION 1
cream the Inrtre of tho.
the rich yold plate, and ierroof Rallfi
the dazxiin; raya of the ei1 J1
one. If be had liiedaome rTB TT
there as a cod mart L'olcln Line of
jroldfu chariot; in f aet, tlirpool and Lon
it had bren produced by tlain.
Imp; It Is t bandaomeWi, Illlo.
1 am also balldlnc aome viilo.
n.5ncar Mac
resscs and ict"-
. "1" il It
I alo vih to call jonr aixmcrct
Carriage . BDLEE,
That 1 have en band and i"! UI"
no on tbft av troni New " .
Tlx: pote, Kub.. FellocfWallan Almar
am comrtellcd tocharea JoJ an -all
prtrca u account or the vs. Thp Fort
tOrflw fnra mpou embrace Fi
Ulaud pcmplty attended i ltookis An
MToya and Fr
In ordering' -
From the other I.landt. forJtlllI3
lielrtuandlrnrjhorthe an . ,
au.en.nreanL fmaviharl,
t all Unit
Factory and P1J. tc
n. Stand SI Kin
IW'itr ELI.ES.
ralian Irlani
nc rsncn-siGJiaf, s
s : : : S
aciKTa is-
M. prepared to
Highest Uradc oi
Nets and Sen
Corcrlns'eTerrppecIraof Mi
o""' '"'"nUnEBn,,.
Cotton i lighter than Iiikok.
and less E-.i... ,,
UniTcraallr nvxl la t .j
American Net arGEI13!
w-ir jr.4 TES
o( Ilonolnli. and Hie I'uj "
will ehortljr remo.e to the jj4 lotmi
Wh-rc he will open a cicf aaiiia
I IX nil-
New G"'"'
IN 1118 LIp
CSTIr ad Deal
Plumbers & trr
Tin. Sheet Iroa and fork.
Keep Constantly on hand a tUinn v a
wdinthECTpt'citrert iiwomamenu of I Beaiors in (.enerai mercnanaise, jron dj
I r
in vvaro, MA
and ll0prlt
IE3- -2k.. ZDrke"
Inporterand IeJ L'uln
So.TS Kin- nearly opp. Ectli'"! .
English and Amor"
Spirits, AIoshJ-
CoaKtantl en h-til !' "OH
57 JfUcmfaibcr the Nu- ared to
JiVE Fltt)
forks Cc
AroitT, PA
inr ul Imi
aetxa. lla6fl,(0bcarjue Coffee i
'rare; ipo vorae nnnareda or

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