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Tor nearly at an end is 1882. in four
dav more we shall be ready to ray
" Eiac out Ibe old, rirc in the new."
TV hall all be wishing one another a
Happy New Year; we shall al more or
I wondering what is bef ore ns in
the lot arc, speculating as lo the raccre
and Lapjanrss and throwing ont of the
calculation the tinrnVaant element oi
failure which s often mars the best laid
Jans of men. Somehow, no matter how
hard hasWn a man's eijierience,thc Xcw
Year a! war presents a rosy line to him;
that alienation of all the ills that nesh is
heir to. Hope, brightens the prospect of
the coming year. We hope that such
wib and aspirations may be realized not
far individuals only, lint for the whole of
r bttJo nation collectively tipectuating
en Uw latum, uowercr. is nanny as proni
afcjeasrtodying the past: itdoesnotcome
am n c lone. then, with the last issue of
ifee Glbttl for 1S82 to make some slight
review of the year, to pick up a few of the
raKest points and pnt them together in
TW -rear which is now closing, has not
been a tery erentf nl one. either at home
or abroad. Daring the course or lbbl far
aore rtriking occurrences happened, but
it m after all the quiet and uneventful
jvtr? which tend most to give happiness
to mankind. We may at once write down
the year as one of great commercial pros
perky: almost every branch of indnstry
has pushed forward: the greatest increase
of coon being in the product of our
preat staple: tins has we believe lully
mehed th- estimate given in the Gazette
of lest year, tiz: GWM) tns : we are informed
that rtitfeties in the hands of the Flanters'
Labor and Sapply Go, figure niwn a crop
of 6y) for the year 1883. We give be
low a taUe of exports for the first nine
nonths of the preent year. They show
as iecreae of JlJ571.121.C2 upon tlie simi
Ik periotl of 1881
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MIHHt allt.Uai X w.IIral
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i. aaaaa. ipm r i i wife .n i fHt
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ajw aalaae vaaaaaMaic. Ux. Fard. ku aA-
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taaai ia yajai I ad awiiwBaim
aaa ia lav taaatl f aar XKawje. It at
ua ataaTaaaai ad u. all W atkbe I hate
F a aagl ln ai ao a teUMBU netv
o aar Ui at a hrtaw caafl aau Baattrr valae.
-aaa- Hi a aiiill. ttaar taM Irlta .it na.
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L4a niared.tne Mter bow no
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r em laard. nd inal no
aaaaavaaaancaUMitK. Atlotba
was aa to Imt bat
arm alan a Ajr uMtrT WbatwUwanl
lataamwi tw alifc InJ at miil More
a aiattHfal. In bau at
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taa. ami I
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Kdazd. and noaouaend'
atoa aiiiili J wittnLbuOi
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1 Aaarfd naardo? baa Lorn eotnsattoi ml the
tsmcixoi JlantatioB. On tltmUv tne wife of
Kx rwazfmz.tmat of tbt band, and daoj&lcr ot
BtmBaBaidmadeoloZ MTU. u acut by
taw warijft to tvj iwortnons at the Kabnlci
wnwe. Abrjat 9 voB.beTboriwitafociid wmcder
nor abous aod taixu bonx. Ibe budr was locnd
aai aVoonraaay aflznaooB at a abort daOanoe trom
rawrr No. 4. lWbladBB3aabxdtn.WRsUbniiMEd
oadowMbactacB: aear tbrbudj weielovsd two
wiwian, una ac ownunsr uora mea so rosmui
sbrMookr aa boMd and but were anrVrng on
Ibom On IsKTadt I on inqnnit waft heii and a
Consulate, left in April for Cuba, and was
replaced liy Count Dc Louvierea. The
Portuguese government has established a
paid Consulate during the year, the post
of Consul being filled by Sr. Canavaro.
The appointment oi a i auhti
wr lia been of creat advantage, and
has facilitated legal business with the
Chinese considerably; we are still without
a Caucasian Interpreter, howeTer, and we
trust that another Legislature may see the
necessity of appropriating funds for such
an officer
rrentjs have been sent abroad to facili
tate immigration: Mr. Carter negotiated a
treatv with Portugal, and later in the year
Col. G-eo. W. Mac: arlane proceeded to the
eamc country to make further arrange
ments with regard to immigrants. Three
ships have arrived, but the supply of labor
is not equal to the demand. The appoint
ment of an Inspector General of Immi
grants has been a step in the right direc
tion: Hon.A.S. Cleghom.inthicapacity,
has visited all the islands of the group,
and reports of his tours have been pub
lished. These reports have been of value
when answering the "slavery" calumnies
which have been published in the A F.
Clrtmtrle and other papers.
14 quarter
ad fjc&ner
ad wnarter -
lt quarter
Sdejuner -aaajaarter-
- - U2SLM
TouU ruwaiian IaTd 9mo JT.1'I0.TO
loUllUwaiUnliiI'dsSnro'ril t,(J31 5J!1
Oar Treatv interests have, of course.
occBpied a large share of public atten
tion; and care has been taken to have
them riroierly looked after in ashington,
The appointment of Dr. J. Mott Smith, to
assist in the Legation at Washington, and
to tpeeially look nf ter Kugar matters, was
very jatuaoa. ai uie pren?nt wnuni
Treaty matters seem to be regarded in :
laosraUe liglit
loHUcallv there are heavy clouds on tho
bunion, wit ont oi cvu comeui good, lor
a more nowerf ul ontiosition has lwen called
forth than has lieen teen in Hawaii for
year, and a keener interest in all
qwestions of tho day is taken by tho pub
lic in general, than has obtained before.
Early in the year election matters occupied
iabbc attention both here and on the other
Khsds- In Honolulu Mr Gibson was
elected ly a large majority, the other
meailiers being natives: as news came in
from the other islands it was found that
only three white men had been elected to
the Legislature, the gentleman already
mentioned and Messrs. Itice and F. Brown.
The Legislature was oiienod liv His
Majesty, on April iZhh, ana within a few
weeks the Green-Carter Ministry resiCTed.
There had not leen sufficient time given
to criticise the action of that Ministry;
reeHMjers were making Uiemseltes ac-
eainled with the details of the various
reports, and Uie tune lor askinir auesuons
had hardly arrived. Their resignations
were announced May 19th, and between
that and May 23d the present Ministry
was lormed consisting oi Jlebsrs. uiuson.
Bash. Kaai and Preston. The session
lasted days and was prorogued August
iiu. hit Nuiejii leaiure oi uie session
was the Atirropriation Bill; this was
celled to the uniirwedented amonnt of
SS,rayrG.&6, while the income of the
nation wras only estimated at Sl.780.080.44
In order to meet the deficiency tho Ministry
lttvught in a loan bill which was passed:
uie omy ouier important measures were
the tax bill, auditor biU, the passport law
ana ine liquor Dill.
The results of such a large mniropria'
tion are still in the future, but they cannot
lie anything but disastrous to Hawaii.
Provision has leen made for spendinc
money upon every siiecies of. folly, and
uie jiinistry seem uenton spending lor
lollies iirst. and attending to necessities
The working of the liauor law is beiuir
watched with anxious interest by all true
friends of the Hawaiian race: it is sad to
ray that the results so far are bad, that
mere is more drunkenness than formerly,
and that money which used to be spent by
natives in the support of their families is
lmng diverted to the grog shops. Upon
the closing of the Legislature, the oppo
sition watched keenly the action of the
Ministry, the matter of n coronation was
at once combated lmth in our columns, and
those of the Sttfurny Vru. It is evident
however, that in spite oi solid argument.
w auuiiiiiuii. iiuiciue, uie curunauon will
I e earned out.
After giving ample time for the Board
of Health to commence a vigorous policy,
the j in of the country has had to severely
criticise the inaction of that Board, and
uirougnom uie land leeling lias become
very strong on this point Leprosy, nn
fortunately, still continues in our midst.
and the authorities have been criminally
negligent in not attempting to cone with
the disease.
The year, politically, closes with u
Ministry in office which is not onlv
totally at variance with the moat solid in
terests of this country, but which has also
lot Uie large native support which it once
A very important movement during the
roar in. lwu.n il.A f ...... !.
lUmntr8 Labor anil. Supply Coinpanr.
x-ariv io -j annary iwiiarauoiis were xuftae
far oriiifup the platers together. On
jaiuru orui uiis xunnentiaJ body oi men
met, with the result of f onninir the Coin-
ivmy. ineorpomted under a charter dated
March 2Tkl Slanv valuable papers were
rwul and a considerable sum of money
put at the dUposal of tho Trustees
F llin (Vmuianr (rr fiiT-tt,aw-Twr af. ..1.:la
" Ia'' v i,u "'""p wvmt-vu'.
The iwiptsent Cabinet thwarted a whemc
for trying to obtain Japanese labor, by
pi the planters. Since then Sir Kapena,
ua iath trm on uroTprniiiPiiT. mwinni.
with no further result than that of getting
i-w peuy japanee omaais to attend tue
coronation. A vewel, however, has been
wnt to the New Hebrides, and thit is
aiuJoM uailr eix?ct?d to return.
The lirbt annua! meetinp of the Com
imny anw held October IGth. Thn Tnis-
tec Ueport strongly condemned the action
of the Government, an addre&h which was
well received, was delivered by Captain
Miftt, this aLo made some tere strict
tins upon the action of the Cabinet As
more time had been available, more ex
hacu-tive papers were read, and one bv tho
veteran journalist, ilr. H. M. AVhitnev. on
lledprocity, is a most masterly putting of
that important and vital matter. Before
Hrrarating, a committee of the planters
voiiru uu uie iuug a liu prescnicu a mem
oriid tirotestinir axrainst the manner in
which the Cabinet were administering the
affairs of this country. The whole plant
ins interest is thoroughly at variance
wiui iiit preseni oaumet.
During the year there have been some
changes in our Consular and diplomatic
body. In March His Ex. M. XagasaH,
accompanied by two other Japanese gen
tlemen visited the Islands, the object be-
u. tu -ovpAui uiu ii was impossiuie as
S-eeent to carny out the proposed treatv.
oring the last months of the year, Mr.
Qnpf Diplomatic Agent from Norway,
$-rnt some time in oTnmin.nj the condi
tion of Norwegian laborers. Gen. Cornlr.
hL J who had for five years represented tho
Aiwwtfof tsfcfaaij United States GorktuneCreidgned his
- . i uoHoaa snu was repiacoa fy me xion. xu
llmmkm m oiEaraio how yoa ciojiit rbccm&-1 xnroeit wno amvea r ere ACgxrsi ioul
wt. jcob' Oil. 1 Mon. Katard. the Cliancelier the French
Considerable dissatisfaction hasl)een ex
iresfied in some districts as" to the manner
in which tho taxes have been assessed. In
Ililo a vigorous protest has been made
against the Assessor. These over-assessments
haTc been made in consequence of
men Iwing appointe who have no prorier
knowledge of values: the blame lies with
iue appointing iwtvit.
A new line of .steamers has been added-
civinc us increased facilities for commu
nication with the Coast At present the
Oceanic Steamship Co. are using only one
vessel the ; we may loolc for two fine
Fieamers, specially coiimxucm.u iur im
trade, alxmt the middle of next vear.
The coasttnc steam fleet has received no
additions hut one is shortly to be made
by Messrs. Foster V Co. A new entcr-
. 1 V ...Ml 1 -P a. 1 i 41.
prise, w uicn win ue oi treat vaiue wj iub
local bhipping, and will also render the
Iort sjec.ally advantageous to vessels
needing repairs, is. Sir. Wilder's Dfarine
It ad war. wmcii is rapidly approacning
jincu lmprovemeni nas ieen maae in
tho apiwarancp of the citv and its environs
by the erection of many brick or concrete
edifices: among then? are the Lunalilo
Home, the new Gazette building, the
Beaver Block, besides a number of priTato
residences. The Hotel has passed into the
hands of Dr. McGrew. who has expended
a Ianre amount oi capital upon improve
ments, interior and exterior. In February
IL it ltuth Jveeukolani occupied Her new
mansion on Emma street, giving at the
tune a enes of entertainments ns a iionso
Joumahstic entomnse has been active:
two daily papers appear now, the Jtullftin
and daily P. C. X Two new monthlies
have made their appearance ih9riantmr
and the Anglican Vhvtrh Cw.i. the Ga
zette has iteen enlarged and tlie aaivraay
Prtu has started in nn office of its own.
In the wav of amusements we were
visit! in .Tnnr- bv th Mendelssohn Ouin
tetto Club, which" afforded our lovers of
music the chance of hearing some of the
very bett playiuff that has ever been exe
cuted lefore a Honolulu audience- The
formation of an Amateur Dramatic Society
has also added n good deal to the gaiety of
tlie place, lour pertormances under lue
auspices of the ociety having been riven
during the year The Loan Exhibition
held in May proved that Honolulu was
not destitute of articles of taste, value or
The year abroad has not been marked by
any eo important events. The great event
of the year in the Great Republic has
been the fall elections which resulted in a
great victory for tlie Democratic party.
What the result of Mich a sudden chance
in public opinion may be remains to be
- ti . u i" i : i: i
been. xue iiuempwu Hbsassiuauuii ui
r T.:.t. -i n J i 1.1
proved to nave no iwlitical sigmncance.
Absassination. however, has been rife in
Ireland, and a thn 11 of horror ran through
every country at the news of the Phoenix
Park murders. Nihilism still holds up its
head in Itussia, and tlie "uncrowned
Czar teems fo put off his coronation.
paruy lurougii iear oi me resuu; wnue
Socialism seems rampant in France and
Germany The Egyptian war, successfully
brought to n close by the military skill of
Sir Garnet Wolsely, has opened up a
series of diplomatic complications which
will need some considerable unraveling
dunnrrtho commc vear.
among the most noted men oi the year,
whobc career has closed, the name oi uan
baldi, the patriot-soldier of Italy, is one
that will ever b remembered, and which
will have a lofty place in the history of the
Death has claimed two of our pioneers
one the Rev. Louis Maigret, Bishop of
Arathea, a prelate who had watched over
and fostered the interest of the Roman
Catholic religion, in these islands, with
earnestness and yet with tact, which won
nun the esteem oi all denominations.
The other, the Rev. Titus Coan, a veteran
mi Sb 10 nary, who had passed through all
the hardships, and they were temble, of
tho early missionary davs. ho died full of
years beloved and honored by a large
circle oi mends.
Our wwrrf is necessarily imperfect, we
nave out culled some ot the mcst promin
ent events As we close the record we
may be thankf td that the year just past,
has brought no very great ills, has been so
fairly fruitful in blessings. There has
been. haipily, no dark page like that of
the smallpox epidemic in 1881, The health
record is irood.
The outlook for 1883, however, is not so
bright ns we could wish it, Ijesides the po
litical danirers which we have already
pointed out, the profpect of increased
tuiiif, cuumxi uy unub is one oi uie spec
tres of the future.
But though we must look forward and
guard ngainst these things, we must hoie
for the best and come what may along,
iiccepi ii oraveiy:
Come wealth or want, come cood or ill.
Let young anil old accept their part.
And bow before the awf of w 111;
And bear it with an honest heart.
Therefore with every hope for tho future
and every thankf ulnesH for the past we
say a iiArrr evi ear to all.
ble are among the very foremost of the
Boston merchants: they applied them
selves to their task in a Fpint of fairness
and impartiality. Mr. E. P. Bond, a gen
tleman who has done much to further the
treaty interests of this country, arranged
for Mr. P. C. Jones to have an interview
with the committee. JIr. Jones explained
fully our position, our labor system, and
the rate at which we sold our sugar in
San Francisco. One main point which
seemed to be a stumbling block, was that
the committee were under tho impression
that Mr. Spreckels landed our sugars 3
cntfl a pound cheaper than could be done
in New York. "When this point was
cleared up. and it was shown that Mr.
Spreckels did no such thing, a favorable
impression was created. Subsequently
Messrs. H. A- P- Carter and P. 0. Jones
had another meeting with the committee.
when island matters were considered
more in detail; the committee expressed
themselves as being at last in lull posses
sion of facts, many of which they had
been ignorant of or had not fully under
stood, and promised to hand in a report
favorable to tho ireaty.
The fact that the new treatv with
Mexico is beintr favorably considered in
the states, also tells well in our xavor.
3Ir. Leopold Morse, recently elected to
Cncress from Boston, has stated that in
his opinion the Reciprocity Treaty will not
be interfered with.
This intelliirence will be hichly satis
factory to our planters and merchants, and
not only to them bnt to every individual
in the community- for every one directly
or incurecuy is lnierv&ieti in uiu
IsroRMATiox. which reaches us from tho
Coast wivs that the Loan is not finding
that ready acceptance which was 'fondly
exiected by those astute financiers who
nut it in me nanus oi -ir. j.ncooaiu in
stead of Col. Spreckels. It is to bo hoped,
that this backwardness in getting their
lnnn taken nn will not induce our finan-
riors in nrrftit tlpnrpeiated coinairo in lieu
of U. S. gold; that they will not allow their
fcrip to be parted with for silver, five cent
mclcels or cats and dogs, it musi ue Kept
in mi ml that nnr loan mi cut be floated
with ease if anything but gold was asked
tor; uui ii aiso jbum in: ivfit, iu uuuu iu-v
the Hawaiian Letrislature never contem
plated the borrowing of anything elt but
Vir hear that a vessel has been chartered for the
pcrpofre of brincinc l'ortocueso immigrants ; flbe
will shorlly start for this port. It is said that im
migration prospects are Rood.
The planters in Jamaica, encouraged by the suc
cess of the experiments eondncted at the llotanical
Gardens. Kin rat on. Layp. in a measure, ceased to
deTot their whole energies to the production of
sugar. 'i nej nave now iccun to introuoce cmcnona
with crcAt profit, and they have lately dono much
to make vanilla, cocoa, nnd other indigenous
plants of commercial value.
The following account of the Hawaiian Crown
we clip from the A fta: The robes and royal diadem
will bo nsed at the coming Coronation of the Kin,'
and Qoeen. They arc modeled after those of
Knssia, and the crown to be worn bythe King Is
larger than that of his consort. They are nearly
oval and each is ornamented with a cross at the
apex, and brilliantly atodded with diamonds and
mher precious stones, and on either side are gold
kalo leaven. The King's sceptre is composed of
silver imam wnn coio ine royai roues are pnr
pie wnn an ermine uoruer.
Attzxtios is called to the fact that the Sonth
Sea Islanders who are preparing to return to their
native isles, are lavinc in a stock of fire arms. In
view of the difficulties which hare occurred in the
South lacine, it might be just as well, if it is within
the power of our authorities to prevent, as far ns
possible, a too liberal supply of finch articles. If
onr raemorr serves us a retrolauon was issued bv
the Governor of Fiji a short time ago, ordering
tnat no ere arms snouia oa usea as iraae- o;
vessels. How the English Government mar recari
tbe supplying of South Sea Wanders with hre arms
remains io vc teen.
CovriaiKTs have time and again been made
about the goats on lunchbol, and the valleys
behind. Goats are infinitely more deitrncthe
than horses or cattle. The latter have all been
taken off the covemment lands about Honolulu,
while the wretched croats are allowed to roam about
at will, destroying the young trees faster than
nature ur an. ciuict, can lucui iu Knjvv. n
aeems as if it were omte in the nower of the Mm
istex of Interior to order these nests off the Gov-
ernnieni tanas, nt unuersianu uiai n is uie
intention of the Agricultural society to bring this
matter ouurr tuo uoucv vi mc juiuuivi.
Xo "iiarty concerned TXTsonally as
sured the editor of this journal, that the
statement which had been published with
reference to Mons. Feer's informing his
government that Mr. Carter diplomatic
functions had ceased and Sir. Gibson's de
nial that he had given Mons. Feer any
reason to forward such information, was
untrue. A "party concerned" saw our ro-
rjorier, and in course of conversation con
firmed all - that we published. The infor
mation of the P. C. J. upon this point is
entirely wrong.
matter, the Premier very cleverly avoids
the main point, a favorite method of fight
ing. As our cxitcmporary, the Prtt$ very
justly save, how is it, if there is nothing
in this affair, that Mr. Gibson has had to
enter into so elaborate an explanation to
the King The btory as we told it in these
columns, was fnt; wo gave it upon excel
lent authority? the Adcertwr writers have
never answered the real charge made.
Since writimr the above, we have seen
Mr. Carter and he informs us that the
Minister of Foreign Affairs in Pans dis
tinctly stated that Mons, Feer had re
ported to his government that Mr. Carter'
powers had ceased. Mr. Gibson's dispatch
to the King denying that he had given
Jlons. I eer any such information is docu
mentary evidence here. There will now
be an opportunity to clear up the whole
matter, and we shall await an explanation
with tome interest. At all events the Ha
waiian Government and its representatives
in tho Derson of Mr. Carter lias been ex
posed io an indignity which was as un
necessary as it was undeserved. "Yhoe
was the blunder?
Coronation, and especially the means by which
the expenses could be lessened to the Government,
but I think he has made a great mistake In tack
ing on lo an event of public rejoicing, the subject
of leprosj. There will be plenty of time after the
Loro nation to hik over ana wnie aoou. tarn
melancholy affair. In the mean time let ns fall
back on a very old saying "let the dead bury the
ow. Mr. lditor. 1 wtHh to sav a few words to
you, as a public journalist : yon have not exactly
done what you ought to have done in the premi
ses. Allow me to remind yon that it is not only
your dot j to criticise the movements of the gov
ernment, but when an occasion occurs when yon
can endorse their action you oucht to come oat
DOiaivana ssstain ineir news, inii wuuia lau
Erreatlv to vour rablio rr rotation as a neonle'i
Dome icw wpcils bru were appearcu an tvnicie
in the Premier's journal, stating that there would
be quite a revenue derived from the extra sale of
I regret this article has created a false impres
sion abroad. As it would seem from a letter in a
local journal, from San Francisco, that they are
under the impression that gloves are all that are
necccssary to constitute a full dress suit. I think
when this overture was made about the revenue
from gloves, you ought to hare seen at a glance,
that it was intended as a feeler to ascertain
whether the public would go in for a self-supporting
Coronation. Yon ought at once to have lent
your valuable aid to the furtherance of this idea,
BUggesiea wing to carry out mis poini. ion not
hanngcxaRped this self-sapporting ides pardon
me if I state yon have missed a glorious opportuni
ty of makini? vourself famous.
Yon, Mr. Lditor, as an educated man, and no
uouiH mnarfcacuy weu versea in anciem ana com
carativelv ancient historv. oucht to have riven ns
and the Government an idea how these things
were managed in the days of Ortwr How, on the
occasion of the great carnivals, these always took
place aiter asuccessiui campaign in some netga
bor's vineyard, when they brought back immense
spoils and eminent captives, so that these carni
vals were naid for bv the sooils cathered In war.
and the ransoms paid for eminent captives. The
i.uiunu vuizeus proper iiau not to pay one cent.
Bet it Is not necesManr for you to co back so
xar. Boiufl lony ouu years ago, in a small room
in London, a few eminent crentleman orranirpcJ
memieivea inio acomraiiiee io carry out inur a
patriotic nscfol and benevolent enterprise. The
meeting must nave been an unit, for tne resolu
tions tiassed without one dissentim voice riz i
"That every member who went out to gather up
me muuen ircaBures ot tne ear in, at ancient monu
ments, etc- should my their own expenses and that
they were especially privileged to pay the postage
on their letters, and the frieght on all discoveries
tuey maae ana sent to neaaQuarters."
ow, could not something of this Lind have
been nmiea by you to tne Government after they
ifpole about the revenue on gloves.
li tne foregoing idea naa been suggested at the
proper time, I have no doubt it would have been
acted, upon;- the result would have been a net
irunt io ine nation oi tne increased amount of
;uty on gloves, in consequence of the Coronation.
And von mhrhthave further stAtAdthAnnmt.nr
of llAwaiians, say about thirty-fire thousand all
told, that would receive the distinguished visitors.
and all under the sway of onr Majesty the King.
x uis wotuu we uou oi not nave suggested to t none in
vited a uesire to pay tueir own expenses.
a.otho luwimx or roanos unrm.
AccoEDDfo to the figures of the Statistician of the
New York Chamber of Commerce, the consumption
ot sugar m uie uuiicu ouiw- umuix iuc j nti xoc4,
was 11 per cent, larger than.for the previous year,
amoununt? to yis.ouu tons, acuinst oji.uuu in lcou.
and 743,000 in 1879. Adding to this the sugars made
from molasses and maple, the consumption reach
es a grand total of 1,0UU,000 tons. IS'ew York, as the
chief distributing point of the trade, received dar
ing me vear ia,uuu ions as against tu.uuu tons in
1879, and it distributed to home consumers 63,009
against 568,000 tons in liW). Of the total iniporta
tions into the States, which reached the amount of
778.000, New York received .10,000 tons, or nearly
3 per ctni. .
As instsnce of the sun's rays being concentrated
with dangerous effect took place at the Town Hall.
Melbourne, lately, and proved pretty conclusive lv
bow some fires, the oricin of which is nn known.
may have been caused. On the previous evening
a glass water-botue, paruy zuiea, was leit on a
window-sill in one of the underground offices, and
in the morning the euu's rays were concentrated
by moans of it to a focus on the lop of a desk,
which they quickly set alight. Fortunately, the
daughter of Mr. McDonald, the Mnvor's orderlv.
was present, and catching a glimpse of what was
so quietly transpiring, she at once removed tho
source of danger, and thus averted what might
nave been a serious injury.
The Native Press.
From the "KuoLo,,, Pec. S3, IS-.
Whit Wboxq have thxt Dose ?
There have come to our ears complaints made
by Hom regarding matters that have been com
mentedupon in the newspapers daring the last
few days, concerning the statas of the Government
and some of Its officers. There has lieen much
contention, and to look at some of oar newspa
pers one would judge that their anger had waxed
hot, and they pelt their" adversaries with insult
ing epithets. Itage and mere abuse are profitless.
This paper does not intend to allow its columns to
be used for mere abuse and fault-finding. Hut in
the discussion of all questions pertaining to the
welfare of the land and the people the Kuolwi will
not i an to express lis opinions as townat win ben-
ent the people and promote order throughout the
country, irar iontauuiion gives to ail tue right
to discuss publicly and to publish their thoughts.
Tux news of the 'Treaty received by this
mail is extremely favorable, and is, as it
were, a very pleasant Christmas present to
the Islands. From private sources we
learn that the anti-monopoly league got
up a strong protest against the Treaty,
reprinting a number of the Chronicle arti
cles, and others founded on them. The
National Board of Trade and Transporta
tion were waited upon, and they appointed
a committee of Uire to investigate the
matter. The three gentlemen selected,
Messrs. Hamilton Hill, Penny and Kem-
This is a right which everv one possesses.
uue oi tne inquiries uiai we now near asKou by
some is this : What wrong hare these govern
ment officers done that they should be opposed T
The question seems to be intended to apply to
wnat naa uern puuusueu in tue newmaners con
cerning the Ministry. Some thoughtful teople,
who love the ancient inhabitants of the land anil
have regard for their government, sormifaed before
the men were appointed Ministers that the Gov
ernment would not be well administered in their
hands, for reasons then evident, lias this fear
been realized, or hare the anticipations of these
mend been uisapnoinicu I Jet ns look caimiv
4UIV4 UIKpiVD1.UlUll.riJ (lb IU13 1UCAUUU, UUb W 1111 pei-
sanai incnmination. imt wim a leeiing oi anec
tionate regard for the government of our maternal
lanu, yet witaoui a time-semng ppmu
Six months have passed since the present ad
ministration came into power, and what results do
we see?
1. All work connected with the health of the
people is conducted in the same slack manner ; yet
at the same time the expenses of the Board of
Health are greatly Increased, and far exceed thus?
oi tee preceding penou. Ana uiu increase is not
merelv fur the benefit of the diseased, but also for
other purposes. This is not seemly for the bead
of onr government, because he has loudlr vaunted
his love for the people, and his promise that the.
of his speeches some people have believed in, him.
2. These men have muled the King regarding
the coronation, and regarding what will take place
is conn? to be a verv exDensive affair and the cur
zena will have to nav the bills. The Kintrs of lis-
wad have been honored in previous reigns, no one
will deny their dignity. And how is it that these
leaders of the government think it best after Jva-
lakana has retimed for ten Tears to ixrform the
ceremony of crowning him, with enormous exptnse
lowed to waste itself in revelry during ten long
holidavs. This will not irovb a blessing to the
people. The Cabinet hare counselled badly in this
X True Hawaiians, and heart that love Hawaii,
are brougut to auame by reason oi the drunken
nesss now prevalent on Oahu. This blessinc ia i
gift from the hands of the Ministry ; for they were
the ones who adrlaed the King to approve the bill
"ttinfP rum free : ther did not advise him to with
hold his signature to the bill. They have let loose
this flood of ruin upon the land which was previ
ously held in check by the power of the former
Kings, ont of consideration for the welfare and
saiety ox tneir suDiecxa. row roomers ana chil
dren are crvins for hue re r. and wives are watch
ing at the doors ot the grog shops of Honolulu for
their husbands, to bee of them a dime with which
to muchase food for the family. This is prubablv
the first time that such a state of things has been
seen in rionoiuiu. inu is tne wort oi our minis
ters, aided by Uie last leguuture. Hawaii is strick
en bv her fnends.
These are some of the reasons why the country
U UIA M fM IU1UH UW 4U1D U4 I UC7a3 ,""lfrBi
The A(m has no desire to malign, or indnlce
empty fault fintpg in these strictures. We are in
& bad way. The compass of the farmer Captains
has been cut aside. The safe course, along which
the wise leaders ot old led the people in past time
has been forsaken, and here we are at the mercy
of a raging tide Smart indeed are these puople
with their beguilements ; some of us have been
cared by them. How are thn readers of the A'.
Anctner Hawaiian of Foreign Birth on the
East Man, December Vih, IKE.
Lrrroa Gucttx .Seeing that in your issue of
the 7th iast-, yoa were land enough to give space
in .your valuable journal fur remarks on the ap
proaching Coronation, front "a Hawaiian ot
foreign birth being in the same bott. 1 would
ask a similar Indulgence.
I have read with a great deal of interest the let
ter over the signature of A Hawaiian of foreign
birth,' -and endorse most ot the remarks about the
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appointed adralnletrator of tbe 'E.ute of
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X been
herebj given lo all jtenonc aarlnz claim, aalnat tbe
uld eitati to prrtcnt the Mme, iclj ntbcntlcited,
with Ute prcw Toncbrn. whether fetnred or otbet.
wlK-totbanndrrtlssedwIlbln all month) from tbe
datehereor, or thejr will be forerer barred. Allpereoni
owinj the aald ntate are rnneited to make Immediate
AamInI.tratoe of tk. E.ltle of John Mors, deeeued.
..".'"r" 7S.ll
AL'STIN, of ITonolalo deceased, Inlcilate. Before 3. r.
J of tire As i tin
Unreaaincananiincine pernio oi l nariei T. Cb
lickof Honolaltt, tlleiln: that Wm.L.lt. Autla. of
irAnnlnlat Oibt. died inteitalt at IIon&rwla.tMt t, m
day of December A.D. lAtt, nd Pjraytaf that letter
of admi&tilratioa to tatd CharleaT.OaHek.
Itliorderrrt tnai liititsuAi, ue jwa aay or r an
warr. A. D. lan. at 10 o'ctock a. m. or tald day. b and
hereby la appointed for hearts? aald petitlea befort U
aald aTa.tlce, In the Court lloora of thtt Cowrt, at Boso
laln, at which time and place tl! pertymj coDcerned
may appear and .how tan;c, if aay they Hare, why taM
petition hoM not b (mated, and that tall order be
pnblished la the Enrjlrh, lanrua for three bccw1tt
wrekaln the Hawaiian (aieUen newspaper 1b Uo
And It li farther ordered that aald Charles T. (.alkV
beappilnted1cinporary administrator of raid Kitate
natill farther order lime In.
Patrt lioaoiim, n. ureemoer rwn, A. D. ISH.
Atteft: D. KaFTrr, Jutieeof Sopremo Coort.
twpniy t-iera, SR7 St
SurnEJtE couut of thk ha
WAIIAX INLANDS, in th nutter or tat Bint.
mptcT of rXTEB LA K KIN.
Whereas Irter Larkla hai iled hli petltlem before
me praytn? to be adjaded a Bankrupt and aw vrder
dated iwembrr Ineunt was iMned to lb X art hat
of the Hawaiian tilandtto Ukeposaeailon of Ua laid
debtor." property and to pat hi atore bonm, tonausr
faaa.ei, effect!, book tad ptpenandfr tork and aeaC
"Sow therefore. It la ordered that MONDAY. Janaary
&th.ltSt,ttmy Chambera hatt be the time and place
of hrarinsanddecldias oa aald petition aad that dae
pnoncaiiun m s,uxu aicicvi rrqairra py law iot
three weeks la the Iliwimw Gumi.
tIJ.rJ. II. AVSTiy,
Attwt Jno. E. Baesixih
ClCtk Of llV SluhflM Ciwei
Honololn. Pccewbrf SH, isft. xjy at
Orders filled promptly, and frelcbt taken at tna Ion rat
ratee. Apply to Charlea Hrwrr .t Co No. 37 Kllby
trret, Boctou, or to V. ltKE.t UK A (Urf
7ii zm ijnefn bu. Honolulu.
U WA1IAN ISLANDS. In Prnhatf. I. il..
of the EaUtv of CI1AS. W1NO, .ateoMfonolaln.de
ceated. At Cbasibrri, before Jtutlce McCally.
On reading and fllin; the petition and aeronnU of A.
VT. rtn and J. Flabrr, Erccntorn of th Will of
Charlra Wlnr, lato of Iforolaln, drcrartl, whrreis
they a.k to b allowed SSSl, and chtire themterrev
with IJ 33, and aak that the fame may be examined
and approved, and that a final order may be made of
diftri ballon of the property irmtlnlnjln their handi
V i .. . na aiacnarsmc mem
and their inrrtlca from all rnrther repoilbuly aa
a ucb.
It li ordered, that WEDNESDAY. JAN. Wth, 1883, at
10 a. m? before the laid Jttrke.at thtmben.la tha
Court llonse, at llonolnln.be aad th tame U hereby
Vi1"Vri " auj"uu or neanas laid peU
ioM and accoQDt. and that all Mnn.i i.t.io...
thtn and there appearand thow caiiM.lt any they hare,
why the tame bhoald not b rranted, and nay preaent
eTtdrnceaatowboare tmtltled to the aald proprty.
And that thli order. In the EcfilUh lansnase.be pnb-
titncu in inn iiiKiuia uaxrtaB newppaper prime a ana
pablithedln llonolntn. for three inceeralTn nctkapr
Tiena to tbe time therein appointed for aald t carta..
uatrq a i nonoiam. ii. im, 1MB,
L. McC'ULLY, Jnatlce of the Sapreme Conrt.
Attet: Jx.E.PannaD.CWk. 93131
In iTobate. In the Ei tale of JOHN PARK KB. of
iiuva aiwi ta, tacveavvu.
un rcaams anu nunc ine puuon or Eiita ratter,
llnrlnr that John Parker of Walakp- mi llawatr
dinl Intcatate. at llllo. on or abont the 3d day of Dec
... mj. ia. buw iiiiu aua.in.rr vi aannniluaiitm
iaane to eald Ellra Parker.
It la ordered that FRIDAY, the 19th day of Jaanary.
A. D. lHI,at 10 o'clock a. ra.ia tha Court llonae, at
Illlo. Hawaii, v and la appointed aa th tlneaad place
for hearing said petition and any objection! that may
be offered thereto F. S. LYMAN.
Hllo. Hawaii. Dee, llth, iKg. atwaJ
t 7IAhTi:it.
Steamer Llkellke willlearc Honolnln each Tuesday
at r. x., tmicninz at Manama, Jitaitea nay, jiaKcna,
uiaaknna. kiwi nir. ucrunnrno ana iiiui.
ltetarnlns 111 touch at all tbe above port, arrnin;
it tionoiuiu racn ennuay a. x.
For San Francisco.
Tin: m-i.i:mii NTC.an.iui'
4'UltIl. Coiuiiiniitler.
Cn or about Monday Jan, 15.
tiiu si'i.r.Mini sTi:.m!iiiir
TI I.I.OII. lUM3IAMli:it.
On or about Saturday, Jan. 20th
For Kre'jlit and Pa-nase, apply to
TSi lc It- HiUKFKLD A CO., Actttta.
fliHtfU tor Milimteitl ner IHtemncr cnu now
be Htorrl. free- ul Cltnrse. In the Flriirool
Wn rehouse urnr ine nieniner lannri
The Ascnte here are now prepared to
Issue Ticlets to S.m Francico and Ileturn
Oceanic Steam Ship Comp'y
., r
g-jjy STEAMER " SUEZ,"
Will Learu Snu Francisco for Hono
I ill 11 the '.I tli clay ol" each muiitli,
Itelurpin Irotn Ilonolnlo un tbe II I V
of cacb nioatli.
Saa rranclcoA;riita. I. II. SI'ltKCKELS .t llliuj.
.Kt jiaraci street.
Ilonolnla AgeiiU. W. U. IRWIN t Up. !
Established 1840.
Two Sailings Every Week
ron i.ivi.itiooi,.
Prom J?eo York every HW'i(dV.
from uosion ttery aaturiUiy.
rnblii ..v.-.. ..w 8WO, nuil 01Ut Oulil
Accordlnc to Accommodation.
htrerK 2S tiirreiiry
Good accunimodatlon can alwaja be r reared onap-
..11...1.. ii'iii iivi. liiirtv-Ti - I'll.
ban FrancfwCo,
yjaiaicBueci, ioeion,
1 Howling Gteen, New Yot
Notice to rafaentrent from Anklralia. New Zealand
and Honololn Tbe Canard Line t&orda mors than ninal
racllillcs to lliroucu itaest-npcrs irom lrana-racinc
porta, tne ircrinenry ot nn "auinj;i irecinuin an nosri.
fff" Good accommudi.tiont always teerrfd.
0 ly 4 Bowling Ureen, New Y01
Wollele, rS Malolo
WalolL y& fc Jnlla
Walehn. jft'T Watmaln.
anil aTftw,
r'LAtl Iteit with While Ball. Office Cotnrrortaeei.
f$K c Grower &. Co. Agents.
and liberal cah advancra made on ahlpment bytbta
ne. TBU ly c. 11 HE WE H i CO,
Horses, Cattle
Tbe Aaizncc'a of tbe Ettale of DAVID CR0WSING-
llUKU, a lianvmpl, will tell at rnblic Auction,
at tbe front entrance of ALIIOLAN1
AT 12 O'CLOCK 00..
Tbe nndli-lilrtl half I ntereat nf lh .aid Hnvl.t Crnytn'
insbnr In the partnernblp of Crewcr Jt Crownln;borc-
Acreaof Land In Makawao. more or leif . beld la
fee aimple, of which ICQ Acrta are Ingrowing
4000 A err I held by Itate from tlje llganj of Education,
bavlnz 26 yeaxa to run.
21V Acret byleaae from the Ilanalitit Government,
uannzaoonivyean loran.
9000 Acrcf. more or lest. ImmkI frntn V If Ali-n.
der,ita a cattle tun, baring with prirlleja of
13 Acre, more or leu, Jeated from A. C. Corn, ba.
iniyeari to ran.
31 Acre In imall piece.
Also, The Following Stock
2100 CATTLE, bore or leca "
II HOUSES, more or leal
IO MULES, more or lea.
a DOXKEYS, more or leu .
15 UiCaru. 3 Jlale Citta. 1 Hone Cart with FIowe,
Blaekamlthi TcolJ, Carpeotert TooU, B&tchera Toolt,
Iloea, Shoeelj, Azea. Sawa-Chnrnf, I'ana, Iroa Vale,
One Managers House
ito Cook Uonee ni SuMe:
18 Laborers Quarters,
3 Store Houses.
One Blacksmith i-Carpenters Shop
Ana oloer lemi peiuloln-ii a Moek Raaeh
and Sncu Eiuu.
W Farther partlcnllr, can he obtained from
. .. . . J. O. CASTE C.
lor tbe Artlgneei of 1. Crownlnsbgrr. tra tl
Vilii Vn a t u rt t f t. . ii-j . .
JieTjMtroi that the will ee then only cm WEDSEa
DAfS and KBIDAVR of each weV ntli I IttrtK
aa.J. JH, ai.i.l.l,
Na, IOIr-LTrtIftL
In Itobate. In tha Eitatenf TIT PS rni. nt itiij.
Hawaii, deceaeed.
A docntnent pnrportlnc to b tbe Ut Will tnd tf .la
ment of TituaCtan. decra-ed, bartns on tfa 14tb day
ot December A. D. IMC been presented to ald rrobau
Court, tnd t petition for tbe probate tbercof. tnd for
lemancc oi irncra levianieniarr ana r adminUlratlon
to Ljdla It. Coan, and Mmnel L Coan.
II la hereby ordered that FIT I DA V, the 234 day of
February, A.D. 1SU3. it 3 o'clock p. in. at the Coart
House. In Hllo, Hawaii, be. and tbeiantela brrtby
appointed tntinie forprorlnx aald Will and bean a r
aid application, when and where, any perMn Inter
ested may appear andeontett tha aald WIIL aad the
trantlnjr of lettera testamentary and of admlnltrition.
Hllo. HawaH.Dee. llth. IWa. '
J. been appointed Administrator of the Kitatt f
I'KELOWoUlA KANE late of Hllo, Hawaii, detailed,
notice la hereby ciien to all peruaa haTinx elaiaa
acalntt the aald Eatata to present tha am dniy aatk.
enticated with tba proper voncbera. whether tKnrrd or
otherwisr. to the undersItTnel within six monthafrom
the date hereof or they will be forever barred. All per-
runs vim. .uu hiu all mionir-. IO mill
Immediate payment to the nnderalrned.
Admlmitrator Estate of Tekrlo Wanakane
Honolnln. lhvember. 3a, IStt.
tVOFFlCEKaahnmann gtrt.
JlLABSHAL'S notice.
filed with Ilia Excellency JNO. E. DCS1I. Minis
ter or tne Interior, of orer fifty residents, tax-part" of
th ritir nf llnnnlnln th. al.Vaa l.C. ..IJ
city of Honolnln, ibonld be widened from llotelMfeet
io neen nireei, ana tne ttia pciuion naiinsbaen
filed with Hon A. Francis Jndd, Chief Jnatlce and
Chancellor of to Klnzdom, and directing me to som
man a Jnrr fiotn amou? the lent cot era nf irm.re.nln
of six persons to decide upon th propriety of widen! a c
.nia.c sutu, iu iiir; vtij ui iieiDwiam. jtrajra lor
according to the tenor of a petition of the tu-payeri of
IbaDUtnctof Honolnln. r
Xow therefore. I hate drtwn the following aimed
penonsto act. Tin
aa said Jurors to consider the propriety of wldenin
tbe ..id Street and to meet Ills Exeelleocy the Minis
of tlM Interior at Aliiolsnl Hale, on FRIDAY, th Xh
day of Decembtr, A. D. lf3..atS o'clock p.m.. and
then and there proceed with His Excellency the Minis
ter ot the Interior, to aald Alakea street, and then and
there decide is to the propriety of wldenta? said SlrtH
and repot t to Ills Excellency tne Minister of the Inter
ior their proceed loja thereon. C. PARKE.
om -a jaarsnai.
lrirriTio-N having been
. filed with 111a Escellenev JNO. E. BL'SilL. Mint.
ter nf the Interior, of Ower flftr residents, lax-payeri of
th City of Iltrfiolula. that Merchant Street In the raid
City of Honolnln. ihonld be widened, and the laid peti
tion havlnzbecn filed with the Hon. A, Franc la Jndd,
Chief Jtutlce aud Chancellor nf the Kingdom, and
dlrectln? me to ammon tJnry from tmon the Irnl
voters of Honolnln of six persona to decide npon the
propriety of widening Merchant Street In the city of
Honolulu, as prayed for according to the tenor of a
irtttlun of tbe tax parera for tbe District of Honolnln.
Now therefore. 1 Lave drawn thn followfn? named
persona lo act, rlxi
8, E. EI SI I Or, J. I. DOWbETT.
a said Jurors to consider the propriety of widening
the said Street, and to inert His Excellency the Minis
ter or the Interior at Atliolanl Hale.on WEDNESDAY,
tbe nth day of December, A.D. Uf, at 3 o'clock r
and then and ther proceed with the Minister ot lbs
Interior lo said Merchant Street tnd then and thcrt
decide aa to the propriety ot widening said street, and
io rrpor. iu mo unifier oi m interior ineir proctea
ittca therevn W. C. PARIvE,
tfw a ManbaL
ISLANDS. In tha matter ot tbe Bank
rnptcy of THOMAS II. DUROESS n TOlnnlary
Tbomat II. D'ircesa harln- coma before the lion
Uenj. 11. Austin Justice of thn Supreme t'onrt, tapro
Tided In SccUon INU of the Cirlt Code. It was this day
ordered by tha tald J miles that THURSDAY, the Sfth
day of December Inst at 10 o'clock a. at the Court
Room of the Supreme Court be tha time and place to
hear and decide the question of Bankruptcy, and thtt
notice of inch hearing be published In tha H Hawaiian
Oaictte" for til persona therein concerned to appear
and show cause if any there be. why the said Tbomat
u. ourscii saouiu nut onuec:arra Danainpu
Dj order uf the Court.
Honolnln. Dec. 4th. lifts.
Depniy Clerk.
Adminijtrator'i Notice.
-L Notice that he hti been appointed AdmlnMrstor
with the Will annexed of the Estate of JOHN JONES,
lata of Kallua, Hawaii, deceased. All persona haling
any claims tfalmt laid estate whether teenred by
mortise or otherwise, are notified to preaent them
duly verified to me within six months front this dale or
they will be forerer barred; all person t Indebted to
said estate are requested to make f mined late payment
it. -.U EN.
Honolnln, December 5-th, 19SA. 331
'run uki.ow- xameu l'Kitsoxts
X are relocated to call al tbe Clerk' Office Sipreme
L'oett cnenioatb from date ard take cnttaeAppolat.
men! from tbe rrobate L'onrt. a. Admlaljtratora or
(taarduoe at mentioned oppoaite tbeu refpecltrc
name and to file tbe bond aa required by la Co&rt.
JRJI11I Adialn'.lr. EiUte of WnDrt.'dc
v i- itawiin itawuna
SWKaabolet Jt Kalanlko
J ob a JIc Keacne '
NneJa X Ilarrr VnIte
Kabl "
I V Green
O B KaUnkane
J 1" Gren M
ele Milkal ir
Mr JI E Mailh
Uoaa Nakapalo w "
Alrred Dolron H
Kahnmoa w '
II t Crabb.
Wra 11 Jarrett
W Pnaa
Hon A Tornandrr "
'n Kabawall Collina -
t Kn Gnardla
i W C Jonee
1 W ralaale
D Cbaln
Kalana w '
irablnealll w
UTld Malo "
Ky order of tbe CoarL
HoioUio. Dee. 1Mb. no.
H Pale '
M ilakalli "
Jlalekaw '
Ubeoki -Makaaabelebele
lloraeae "
VUlkal -II
bailM "
Uke w
1 1 Mron "
. Kanbi '
Tboinaa Meek
Wm Jarrett "
Kalo t KaUea "
Daniel PoaaUkl '
Paban ralnera
Kaba&aml H ,
Eaele Eapah
h L Kjpabaksla
Wahlnealll i Klmollo
LlllT Crab.
Label w
cklUren of K1K0
1). K. PTTE.
PepntT Clerk.
Commissioners Sale !
Br tlrtne of an order f Sale iaiaed W tb lie.. A
Fraacl Jdd Ibe nnderl?ed will aell at PabUe AK
tlon, t 12 o'clock noon, on
Tuesday, Jan. 2nd, 1882,
Tbe rollraln; propertr belo;l.; to tlie E.ute
'. L. MOEIIOXlM deceaaed, (Itnated la
Ulnaao encloved area of oSAete. AadlivblazBJ.
lnatpaceofSMAcreaieaward. -
Ulnlnz aa lr.tlo.ed area of lsi-iwkj Aerelo3tkM
with ta prlrllese tbereanto belocsinz.
TEIUI8 OF 8ALE-2S per cent on tall of Ike rU J
mer, tbe balance wben deed are readj; otkeraUe II
S per cent will be forfeited.
Co" For farlket Information raqnlr ot tbesndeo
arned. who will ebow chart, Ac.
Commluloner to II Ibe real eetlte of W'.I. Jloelr"
deceated. -
F. S. PRATT at' CO,
Asctloaeer aad General Cc-Btaifliea Xcrcaaata
Beater Block, tyncea Strrel, HonolaIa,II. I.
Special alteiitioB slru IoUe!llIt;ea,'
'.tal Property.
nl gyAdranceamadeoBConllgaaieata.'tta J.
Assignees' Sale !
dolni baalaewat Fanoo, BlloJIIawalI.lti rug
an aialmment ofallLU property to tb andrriliw?
to 11 Jl. UIicococa..w., f - . , M
eald Leo On. are mlei to ead In taelr acco"v-
. .. ' ,1 tlltrbnrt. wtlht. V 90.U
froWiutYarreof. : x JiVUS!
1111.. Soe. 71b-!! ragai Atiaa.
J. Hr.B.lr.JIEIXS.oX-Jlol.kal.a or Ajat.e
Hon. II. A. Wlderaann.rlsned.a KI1HSOrjSI.
HonofnlSor.lStb ISO. ma

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