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H luh L-OOUiO ul Oil, Aaal. ,).- y ,
An advertiser ofTcreto'fiend an 'article 'free
ll-j mail on receipt of tmo dollar."- SocW
A pent to take AckcowleaRmenu to Labor Con tri.cu
Black. corner Queen and Kaatmmano
curm-i tvti aa Mug mi.
Agent to take Aclcnowledcmcnts to Con-
JT.J? TM for TaW.
so. 65 hotel street,
Tiling in Black ar
Hawaiian Gazette Supplement, January 17, 1883.
bills lb course of preparation by the House of Bep
resentative of the United States are in amount as
follows - For pension, $101,5,5,000. fortifications.
By the arrival of vessels froio San Francisco, f l-fteXO . navy. S3,4n.O . legislative, executive
theHM.c randJ.-.rUUry.datMbave m&tuT. fMASlZtti District of Columbia,
been received of Eastern papers , to the 2Cth inst. 775.149. The- inion, fortification and na w bill
e present a summary of the latest news cleaned wm be ready to report to the House immediately
from the files received :
1at Admiral Scbenck. U. S. N-, is dead.
Three San Francisco police officer hate been
arretted for being engaged in the theft of 1JDCTJ
lb of raw Bilk. One of them had been on the
f uroe ten months.
The e.enteenth annual dinner of the New Eng.
land Njcirtr, took place at rw 1 ork. Uec zz.
after New Year's Day.
Onr Hllo Letter.
lino, January 11th, 1SS3.
Editob Giimz: Since my last the Mary frlgt
end Ida SchmaHtr have Railed. The former on Saturday-last,
and the Utter on the Sth. with a clear
Bui little business will be transacted in Congress day and a fair breeze. Capt. Joe, Spencer left
onu) after the holiday. ' the port nnder full Rail. He expects a quick voy-
tamrjox Dec 23. The Queen. JVincess Beatrice J Ref.t Mttt thHr departure the beautiful bay of
anothe Duke end Duchess of hdinburgb viMted , Ililo, wasundMnrbed by a single vessel. A few
the Haidar Naval Hospital. Portsmouth, Iec iSd , fihins canoe onlv appeared like logs of driftwood
and conferral decoration on a number of wn tiu and falling on tbe gentle swell. Water St.
lKnt patient who took jart in the late war in wore R Sabbath appearance, and of business there
I ua
Lieutenant Uarber telegraphs from Yakonz that There was only one case in the Police Court that
be uw arrived there with tb bodie of De Long attracted any inieret.t A carpenter on one of the
and bi Ampaniona. I pUiatatlons put a " bead onoDeof the Portuguese
(.mettahashadarelapwandsoffereintsnsely. ' "borer, lie contended that he was justified, as
. ,. . J. v ti j the prowcBtor rated a piece of iron piping and
animal Donnill, Archbishop of Bordeaux is ( foU0, blm twlce iv he used his brawny
fiats, when be struck from the shoulder and made
Joan Thomson lloberUon, the oldest editor in the Portugners head and f ace look like an over-
ttrctmx. is death cron kc plant of the purple variety. The Police
Tw Pope hxs aliened LSai francs to the Dur- 1 Jn-tr t"'k a different view of the matter and
a-r of Wds for the poor in liome. j fiuetl the defendwit W with cost, which with the
Th liih.mof 1 derlin th decoration t . . . .V.' . v".
of the trou crown accorded by mteror Milium
ttMcaoM he wishes to keep aloof from all politics.
Pustraatiter Pearson of New York has received
him in all the round sum of $.V1 A pretty potxl
sum for nsins a man's muscle m tU defense.
In the Rood weatherthat rreTnils work continues
on the ttre-ts. and if we only bad a cood roller, m
isfcmiation that there were tavfd from the Utelv ' s .hort time we would nn mxr- mnAel hiphw.
burned mail on an Atlantic steamer 243 letter '1 he morninc of the 5th wa mo beautiful so like
from England for ban Francisco. earK priuc. after a recent shower, wit lithe sno
Id the matter of Sunday tradinc bv Hebrews, of Manna Ken shininc in the distance, that I took
Judce Arneux of New York holds that Jews and ' P my prn and scrihbled the following impromptu
umuie are aJise tutder tne constitutions. tines .
At Sl Louis, the number of bail dints e n-cted or
fot which iifruiits werecranled dormj: the vear
aa2JCl.atcoiftof f55aT.,tnW. nearly $1,WJ,000
tn excess of (b previous year.
A special to the New York Trthmnr intimates
that Lord Derbv'a ftccion to the British Minis
try u accepted" at home end abroad as a freh
pledge against a loo ec-r-tic policy in Egypt.
The Lanjrtrv-Lb'uchere qonrrel attracts much
nticnuon from English )cietv pAprrs. Vamity
f enters into elaborate details, deocnbini; the
qc&rrfi at prvnt length.
Per V M. S. S. Ctr f Xrr York from the Col
onies we are Mtpplied with colonial dates to Jann
arv tpt. tuid cablefirams to same date. Following
is a summary of the latest news by this convey
ance another fire bas occurred at Wfciteley's estab-tifctiRx-m
ts Loodun. This time the dainie done
is estimated at 10,000.
T- International Exhibition at Amsterdam is
to be t. ni..iv inaugurated ua May 111.
Shipbaddiui; upnresucrapidlTlnXew South
An international cricket mAtch toot place at
Sidney. Dec I'C-T. between the VicUuia and New
Nl'J) Wales clubs. 11UW0 people w ltnestd the
P-,y Jitch won by Victoria.
Sir Arthcr Gordm has declined to accept the
Grternurship of Jamaica which was recently of
fered to him.
The transit of Venus party, stationed in Sydney
And vicinity were only partially successful. In
Queensland equally Hoouy. In New Zealand both
the AniertcAu ana British parties obtained good
The steftnier Srw Csi-t. ilnntu en-
caced in the Cl-reuce river trade (N. S. W. ,
strnck on the bar at Graf ten, Dtc 27th, when a
h"avy mouu uaad ber a complete wrtck. About
i)7 j tple were drowned and missinc-
Owing to the inflammatory articles which nave
bev3 pcMifehed in the UmittJ Irrtmmd ncwiirr.
the plant has been confiscated by the authorities,
and the toKC of the paper stopped. It hua alo
been decided to prosecate the editor.
The Frrach Government has decided to send a
mall contingent to Touquin to report on the con
diUa of aflaira there previucs to the dispatch of
larper expedition. A force of 0mea will pro
ceed thfre forthwith with that object.
Arabt and his fellow rebel ftaUed Dec. 2Sth for
Cej.a lrtmns to their erobatkment the Khe
dive puUicy deurAded them from their rank in
pwnce of a Utk number of rpectators.
Tie man Wrstftate, who confessed to mrticipa-ti'-a
in the tounierof Lord Frederick Cavendish
IIiLn. JjtnB&rr eth. ttS
MomV blalif tint with rory bun.
t'srUsana huVmos,
While treinletii &th la nlabow fpnjt.
Tkroab canon far be(iw .
The mtMintatB zenhyr frmjant comet.
O'er flow err to It lo bay.
Ab4 llfhl wsvv. break to mnlc ofu
Of Ocean ruandeiay.
The iacene breath of morn breaibea eet.
Amour the Qnwerinc ercneo.
When fruu the harp-like hlperinj leaver,
Itie wild WrdK rinj; their Ke; ,
The Ch look up ihroufh ellU'rin; pray,
A shower of dUtnoua fall.
And a radiance like the wUe of lore,
Beam torinslj o'er all
Thccrefted bay ware irrmuUm?,
From Xokaola' Wle.
Vhrrr tali palm nod in tonelinef .
A welcome tu iah' vmlle;
The vf Haz round the ciirllne t-faore,
Louk lorth frni flowerloe tree.
Whore fraraace att rei dreamt of bHf t.
O'er tfce far bobtbrtB rest.
O'er nature's weird, wild melody,
1 bear tde voice of yin
And tlittMii the feavet acd bnddB flwrr.
I ee their waiy corlt.
And dark ey- bnhl with love weet Hfhl,
Look out with tinid clanee,
Fron rentle bnw and cktwlee rteek.
Where Mailrs and Mathr da&ce.
Rat where j on tnoL.e-ctond land loom,
O er Manna i dome.
The jelp uf liquid lava leap,
Krvui fiery ele faouie.
And tro the eeelhlnc uoaatala top,
Ya trac- her bo mnir path,
ft here revile a Eurnal Law.
Mir poaml her lata wrath.
T1t tnn with human life. We Hand
Aaild a vale uf fluver.
Where (ru nin;lj and dark ahead,
Aa-nlfof rain hrwert;
We know not when the lava tide,
Miall darkly oorbelia.
Th.razh -lifc hnld be oar Polar Mr.
With reason at the helm.
The weather continued calm and beautiful until
theeveniuof the&th. when a strung cortbweHt
Cle, without rain, commenced and bis continued
ontil the present time. Tmocoafcting achHiers
were obliged to take refucv in UUo bay, and are
now 1 vim; at anchor, tn company with the II", II.
Ertd. ' The Lthma had a roub time of it, and did
not arrive he re until several hours after the usual
tluut uf the Ultiilr.
wise damaged, to be told that it was onlv the in-
noctnt diversions of our Fort Street nrchins.
1 Peo Bono Publico.
Native Pit aa.
From the'-AKtfii" Jan
The Cobon4TION or the Kia.
No pjeat harm oould be found in the coronation
perhaps, for which preparations are being made
to take place on the 12tb of February if thin vere
merely to serve as an atsnsemenl for the Kins
and toend there without bringing a burden upon
the necks of the people.
The first burden that will rest upon us for this
business will be the los of onr reputation as a
wise coTernnient. We have enjoyed this blessing
in the past, tn the esteem of enlightened nations,
nnder the decent rule of the ministers of those
periods. We have been termed the wibe little
Our government has been distinguished, not for
its crrat extent of territory, not for its numerous
population, nor for its wealth, nor for its diplo
macy abroad, but for its uprightness for carryins
on its government justly without arrogance. Bat
what will hensible people in other lands think of
this coronation business taking place as it does
many years after the King ascended the throne,
while the country stands in great need of internal
improvements the government nevertheless ex
pends a great turn for a paegent which will make
no profitable retnrn, which will not improve the
minds of the people, nor be a blessing to the
Uojal family. A piece of business which will
brine upon as mocking and reproach from enlish
tened minds, and los of respect by the wh every
where, if they truly appreciate the nature of the
butane. It is perfectly evident al that the
dignitv of the throne will not be increas d m the
ej es of foreigners by this work. The stability of,
the throne will not be increased bv this perform
ance : and not one bleKiag ctn be mentioned
which will accrue to the government and the
people as a result thereof. The eipenses are great
and the burden of there expenses will come upwn
the people.
All thehc considerations have been discussed
before in the Kmokot, and perhaps it is nseless to
rehearse them. Perhaps some people when they
see tbe "coronation anthem1' in our next iuue
will mistakenly think we have changed ourniiods.
Not so the cnticil attitude of the Kiolon towards
tbe affair remains the same. This article is not
dictated by the spirit of bitterness
A Treaty Opponent.
The gentleman, a San FrancUoo Merchant who
is reported in the telegrams of the l?ih nlL to
have told a Washin&ton reporter that while be
mifht as a San Francisco Merchant ODie the
U. rid ho ... weraUi Irt-acht u. liu;ln.i, kWcl it b lol Coocrrw. Ed
t . . - .. . : ,J , , . t 2 tli.n .ml on to ntMt lb muxtmiontund itliu
s no fooatUHui .Lt,r for hu HjiooU. . the rfare brtw3 AUnticnd Pc-fic ntofi.
It nit Evnueouui vuo ooooniQ u u. oia tan
.... . i u me ctnuenuui vuo eaooonira 11 ue 01
.mm 01 ui i.t-nijne UMoanu 6. re l 1 ,aRSBt tht fpwh iiUv-V nd bT the Gmrr ..d
fT5 witr' f"cml 1-rofMot Mhi nd. (v.. Jf,rri..r. of S.o rriDci-oa. in 1ST9. lo
MGuliu CturTU-ton. tL. BnU0 offini ;IUU.U a. Kinc. th. illtuiltr. Ibe mi-
ao mcoujpinitJ him, ta Uo cifliwl. duuiU. tie ciUntrs and the people Boerllr ere
Count de WioiBpafea. tbe Austtw-llasuiiin ecaadkQl; tiiAhned and ctwdj .boned. Tlu,
AtobiuwAdor to the Italian Oioru. commttted ' (DtleEaAn.ie are iofriDed. is the oi)!j member
tiucide to-di; bj hhootioc hlmseUwilhareToWer j ct tke llonrd f.f TrnIefca of sbe S.-UJ Franct'O
Tue latest bulletin rrabliahed report that M. lioard of Trade ho Is openlj or aecretlj oppowJ
GambetU in a critical alate, and hi condition ' to the renewal of th Treat, and though tbe
iacianni;raTeanilelj to hu mejicil attendtnla Board baa eitrnded the mot ceuerooj help lo
Th. Ral tJ lubilui. ha Lvuied new shana ln hia pet acheme. the lraralnla CanaU hi
ii iS , fbon uTmeelf eqnaUj conciu..torv -.hen their
ti!T,tf I internum. ieTiereTOncemeU. Theeiplan-
TheSouaainthellhiiie alley are rapidly , llon cf tt,, gentleraan'a attitude to.arda the
tenoinc, and mnoh deMrocuon o? property i re- j Trwty and tie autar rennrry tnlereta of the
KdtaiK. ToerkwateraLaTereachedCaeland pifio Coa-t i that tome Uroe ao a. dapcte
orna.and both plan are now partially tub- lIa between hia firm and Mr. Spreclel. on a
orgwi. i paltry buiae trannactioa, in which aa we are
Sir Arthur Gordon retains fata eomnifinon aa , informed: be waa in the wrong.
Lord Htfih Comutfeiouer tj the Western Pacific
The C. S. Senate ha. pard a Ml remoruiK tbe 1 Th" DrWfol Catapult.
Cinl S. rrice from the aphere of poUtica. and m.k-' EtrTOI fjarxnx :-In pifsizc alons Fort Saeel
ins the apputntmenu permanent. irreapecUTe of ' . . , L. . . . . ..
party coiuidrrauona. th other day. a aumethuu whirred past rue etnk-
TLe Taeant carter baa been conferred on the tnc the fence with considerable force. On looking
DoVe of Graftoo. ' aronacL I oberted one or two children amusinc
.1 , lt . , i ttediMetrea with atone alincers in t.'e ahape cf
t&Oi'Su.rGeneral. hdTne Uremsratba, mch
Mr F S. De Cesare. a member of the Council r VUTthings are verv dangerons in the bands of
Malta, is at present oa a visit to Sydney, having efciidiea. neurtvas dangerous as a poisonous 5per
been deputed by Ue Government of Malta to as- in hands of a Cacmhal bl vcfrllow . and when
certain wtetler thoae colonic afford a fitting ppople' bead are made targeU of, it is getting to
field tor Malue eiLigranta, The population of Le more than a joke.
Malta u felt to be excvtauve. to that it is ueceasary jt WOold be very poor consolation indeed were
to provide Home outlet for the superabundance. aQ BEflWtunal man or woman on passing along to
The Department eaticiatea for the appropriation have an eye knocked out. or their front piece other-
Supreme Court.
Bex A"s. Xainoaelua. Selling liquors without a
license. Verdict not guilty.
Bex vs. Jim Crow. Opium in pttsseksiou. Ap
peal from Police Court. Verdict guilty and sen
tenced to 7 months imprtsonment at bard labor
andanne of $1C3.
Ilex vs. Ihann jr. Selling liquor without a
lie use. Appeal from Waialaa. Verdict nt euiety.
Hex vs. Keawe. Lirceny of $20. Verdict
guilty. Sentenced to hard labor for 2 years and
a fine of and costs.
Bex v. Kelekotua. Ijircenj of a niUrdc box.
Appeal from Police Court. erdict tmlty. Sen
tenced to 6 months bard labor and a fine of $15
and cost.
Hawaiian Jcht. Civil Cases.
Atohikea vs D. Beniamina. Ejectment. Ver
dict for defendant.
Loka v. D. K. Fyfe (admr). Asoumpsit. Jcrj
w ived). Judcment for defend int-
Hoe .s. Ahlo andHopu. L'jtctriie-t, Verdict
for defendants.
Fotiai JrsT. Ckiuccau
Bex vs. Ah Chin. Burglary on premises of W.
L. Green. Verdict guilty. Natitenoed to 9 months
imprisonment with bard lata..
Bex vs. Kelly and Graham. Larceny of $3V.
Committi'd at Ahuimaua. KooUopoka Verdict
not guilty.
HalaAUu vs Lepolm. Kvceptions argued and
case continued. KepUa et al vs. lluaikuhu. Case
eutioued to April term. II. Johntton vs. T, P.
Tisdale. Excepuoos argued fnd C-ise submitted.
Eli Kapeka vs. 0kala Sugar Co. Excepuous
argued and Crtse suboiitted.
'Jlie caw of Ahoi vs. Loo Chit Son. Arne.il
from Water Commissioners wag withdrawn as
also ice cat j. lcKegne vs. hanukn: tbe plain
tiff in the U4ca-e failed to appear. In the case
of W. I. B. Moehonoa vs. M. Gibson, Judge
Judd reodered a decuitoa that a new trial be
ordered. The ee Ilex vs. Uana. murder, will
be been! to-day (Wednesday and the ctse of
ite B,iwiuii cjiuiMKoguier ui ue oearu on
Divorce cases will be heard on next Saturday.
Police Coovt.
Following is a record of cases adjudicated on by
Judge BickertoQ during the week ending.Jan.13ih:
Jan. etb. Nabuina, charged with heedless driv
ing was reprimanded and discharged. Daniel.
charted with larceny of a horse, the property of a
native, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one
tesr's imprisonment at hard labor.
Jas. ilh. Two natives and three Sooth Sea Is-
; landers charged with being drunk, forfeited bail.
Jax. 10th. Kahuna, charged with practicing
1 medicine without a Jicenne, w fonnd guilty and
1 fined $-0 and costs ; the highest penally the law
i provide.
: Jax. Ilth. -T. A. Goodwin, charged with man
Slangbter in tbe third decree, by riding on a native
Kaaiweowen. and causing his deth ; examination
v aired and defendant committed for trial at the
January term of Supreme Court. Ah He, driving
without a license: guilty and fined $5andciKts
; Jax. 12th. ah Yingand Ah Fook, charged with
; importing opium into tbe Kingdcm rer J. A. i
Fmlkrmbrrg, were remanded nntil the UVtb hut. No 1
business done on Saturday, the 1 3th. !
u Twelve CAvra of drunkennex dunng tbr week.
Jaxvis' Patent Furnace.
Tbe following letter from a gentleman who has
psed the J arris Furnace, gives strong testimony in
tts favor.
Ixoo. Sue Hi r a el, IoiovDim5, Ctrsju
January 2Xh,lFS2,
Jabvxs Fcksace Co. Sirs : I have the pleasure
to inform yon that the furnace of the Jams vs
iem. set bv yon in this pltse. and which i working
iinoelS December lat pi4, gives all the results
1-y you offered; for today lam using aa fnrL
damp cane trash which will not suit rue as fuel
for the other furnaces of the old style. The Jarvis
furnace is giving me more steam with such fuel,
than tbe otber furnaces give with dry cane trash.
The incr ase f tbe qnattity of steam I cannot
tell yon accurately; bat I can assure yon that
when I work with the boiler which is set bv tin
Jarvis system. need foi the work of the place
one boiler less in 5, which are what we use in this
Sugar Houe. By which I calculate the increaso
ot steam to ue lo to tj per cent.
I remain yonrs respectfullv.
Michael Jobkmk asd Mounts.
Reception at Walkikl.
Her lioval Highness, Princes Ukelike received
a number of friends at her marine residence at
Waikiki. on Satnrdav afternoon, to retehratA her
32d birthday. The day was fine and astrollabout
tbe well arranged crounds around the bouse, was
a pleasant treat to tbe runny who enjoy, and ap
preciate tbe flowers and well ordered gardens.
Amongst the guests we noticed a number of well
dressed Indies who all wished Her Highness many
happy retnrns of the day. The Hawaiian band,
under the brilliant leadership of Mr. Borger play
vd a number of pleasant selections from operas
llellerlns that there ( nnroltiratrd LAND, on
the Line of the Hawaiian Railroad
In the District of Kohala,
th t nn
Profitably planted In Cane,
If prepared to receive proportions for having
Cane o Urosn.
Ground at his Mill.
Koha1a, Hawaii. Ilec. glh. ISi 93 3ra
I'nr .lrl nu nij m KcriiitiKlea't Art (',(
lacr, HlngMreet,
X s 3iT o w O p o n !
yj AefomraodaHon for a few boarding poplla.
Paaihou Preparatory School.
X LK(iE have pnrrhae4 Ibe Arrat.roii- Preutr-er. TS
Herevanla iree,! the h?rd of It 'rbf id rfret. The
hoo'e U now beln 3: ed end rarrtlh-d. rtd next Sep
tember the Pre-K rauKj Dri. i-dcp! be removed
iiom ppnahoi .o thU mo-e roaveol?rt loes.Ion. Pat
tbe ran..-j beifeve lb-1 e t e ewooTli KtuL-n to
form e i once a el fl o; , r who eiler the Irr.
biatorTDe.iartueMPes j-..r Mii LCLM-MOORE,
recently .row th Puttie ei"ol of Napa Connty. Cal,
s teacher of pecla.qa JIAc .Ion. a'tllltyaoi' experience
hf b.-en 3d. Ar-11e. ion for.'iml oa .o the
cb"HAe quarter. on.e oC.M.IITDE hf.-e.ary
o.'tbe Hi'rt toiia) Cotult-e The elf will eln
Jp t jt. Te -.rdW -III w inrin- Vi$un7.
In B' -orraby .droai-h Noi.h Amrnra.
Al' Ic . ..Oii-b IlivMon; .be Lli'eof L'hrit
rrmej .Se fir. L- o-.-i I. iorh .cjoi. r of lower
Si.dr iWfp;.lj for t-i'loo -o a Prlrr.-v Ilrpart-tr-ew
. ran s?r ii- . wli m- ,"omtlnil 'echer en
t . T-e Tre . row.e 10 fo.nUb a ihoron-h
cntaxl. -e.lllt Clin..f.i lnlroi .ion aad Irainlor.
and Were that hey oCrln thl Prenaialory School
what many parenia bar lojf delird for tbelr chll
dren. 9TT il
m iki:m)xs ixdi:ijtki) to
t II R 11. KITH KEKMKOMNt are; hereby re.
Jieted to tnrkelaDmeL'li .e i.-yiurrt of renta or other
ebtttntheriiit'IfBed r. ll K II re-tdenre. Kapa
Um.0.tir . 1L V. METER.
V il Agent for II. It. H. Rath KeellkoUnl.
1 earrl-lon br ihe aaderflrnefl a Aaetlnneer. acd
ComnilloT Vrrthrnta nnder ibe came of F. S. rratt
i. Co.. h. , thU day Veo diolred hj nntaal consent.
F. . Tret, will enntinne la the ba1ne.a and will pay
all debt conuactetl for bv ibe late arm.
L. 1, LEVEV.
Honolnln. Bge gglb. lfli VT St
TT a. w allan
IHKI'OltAT.l lM'. 30, Sfc0.
c R.ltinnp PcxMDexT
S. Q. H1LDSR. Vice ITimdixt
CO. DERUER. lcbxtart AanTczaacua
iitk iur mih iRi:itni:t ti si: if. nu
v v rent to the pablle for private pm only cn
pleteoat&U of Telephonic iDttnimeot o. aje Liaet
patten, ioctodliir lhelrbrtedBLiteT..t) jIt.
We will atmo farnlfh evtlm.tr. to ere p.tv. aTee
phoalc lli.es oa the other IL n" Tor "vn.'-rUr.,
a,ppiyto c o. ee roar.
931 gm Pee'y Ftiw i''j 1 1- i T ljioitef'o
foverinn Hoilrrs.Slfam IMjirs
Saves 25 per Cent, of Fuel
H tn Are.!..
Moehonua's Lands !
7 A rti reqaotcd to rooiBtn. ra:e with
D. K. FYeE,
9 Com ml salon er.

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