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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, January 24, 1883, Image 2

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Zxpsruu is January, 1863.
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lie. 1t. Tiartimnrt Xbennartton of tbe
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ir fact ZiUla altciv lmlr ticnln, a litaie
gaiuaiian fecftc.
Tax community wen- vLocVfl to lioar,
upon tho arrivnl of tlie steamer yertonlaj'.
of the Eti(U?n death of His Ex. Eusm II.
Atixs, IlAtraiian Slinister at AVasliington.
wlifleattenilinfjapnMicrPOeption at the
"White Honse on Xew Year's Bay. Jmlgo
Allen ttbs a man of large experience in
pnWic affairs, and for more than a gener
ation has talren a prominent part in mat
ters pertaining to the Hawaiian Government-
After herring in the American
Congress he came to llonolnln as Ameri
can Commissioner, and was afterwards
commissioned as Chief Justice, of the
Hawaiian Snpretne Conrt, which he held
nntil some time in the year 1S77. when he
resigned for the important position of
Hawaiian Minister at Washington. Up to
the time of his death he was in active at
tendance npon the duties of this mission.
At the time our Itednmcity Treaty was
under disension in the American Con
grewi, Sir Allen had a temjwrarj- commis
rion as Araliassador to A ashington, and
with Mr. H A. 1' Carter, who was asso
ciated with him, did ranch toward the
final success of the treaty which has lieen
m) ranch to the Hawaiian Islands.
His death leaves a vacancy which cannot
lie easily filled.
"e nm-st give unqualified praise to the
IVmniiT and his colleagues for the man.
ner in which they at one responded to
the proposition of the British representa
five that they khonld share on hehalf of
their respective governments in the ex
pen-e of sending a search vessel after the
Asnnai from Washington are to the
effect that the House Committee on For
eign Relations have reported adversely on
the resolution to abrogate the Treaty. In
the Senate the matter had lx-en taken
from the Committee on I'oreign Relations,
at their request, and relemxl to the Cora
mittee on r i nance.
Da. J. Mutt Smith is settled in Wash
ington and report that he is working
hard for treaty matters: from all indica
Uons there is plenty of work to be done
and all who know him, will appreciate
how thoroughly he will throw himself into
the wvjrk. 13y the 6udden death of Judge
Allen, much responsibility will be thrown
njion his shoulders; we trust that his ex
ertions will 1m apjirecialed by the powers
that lie as much as they are by so large n
numiter ol jmvato citizens.
I'tosi the remarks that apjear in some
of the most influential pajxTs abroad, it
will lie seen that the Coronation folly
which has lieen so strongly opposed by the
most influential people here, is meeting
with no greater approval elsewhere. There
is no doubt now that this absurd farce,
this silly whim, has surely undermined
tho respect in which this government was
wont to lie held. The Kimr. unred on bv
his present foolish advisers has struck a
tenons Mow at the prestige of the king
dom, that in lb 1 4 lie swore to uphold.
Oh! how in the future tho Hawaiian ieo-
ple will wish that they had held firm to
Tnx Aim is a powerful bhip built for tho
I'eninsnlar and Oriental" company
company as well known in the Eastern as
the Cunard in the Western Oceans, for
ships well biult, well found and well
officered. The Cfjfcw, the tourist ship,
will lie rememliered here was another of
thoP.&O. fleet
The probabilities are that the machinery
of the Si has liroken down and that sho
is left dejiendenl on her canvass, she i1
letter provided in this resiect tlian fhi
.IwbviM or her sistershin. With n fresl
tirecze on her anarter sho lniirht make 4
t 5 knots. As to her i iresent wherealiouts
if she broke down within, sav the first
llum ol iier voyage, sue woulit probably,
if with Southerly or AVesterlr winiK try
far the Coast and would almost certainly
fall in with the Portland or l'nnama
steamers. If the accident occurred when
half way or more on her voyage and with
a trade wind, she is in the neiirhlmrhood
of these islands.
in ciiucr case ueiUier provisions or
water can cive out. as she has condensiu'
apiiaratns, and a treat iiart of her cnriro
consists of jirori-ions.
inn relatives or those on board the
t umstiiecessarilv lieserionslvnlnnnrtl.
but all prolobiUUes le;ul us to bone that
a long jiassagc will lie the worst their
mentis will nave to endure.
The rescue of the Imut the vessel
which was sighbl last Tliursday morning.
calls for a fewn-marks npon the ndtan
lagi winch this port offers to vessel
distress. In the first place our telephonic
communication to the other side of the
Island enabled tho lioat to communicate
instantly with Messrs. Schaefer & Co.
That firm acted witti great prom)titnde
and negotiating with Messrs. Foster & Co,
again through the telephone, arranged for
the prompt dispatch of the steamer Jmtt
ifK within an hour of the arrival of the
boat at Waimanalo the rescuing a essel had
started. The exin-nse was. we are in
formed, verv liirht Vthen nmitnn.1
what it would have lieen at nny jiort along
the Pacific Coast In lnanr" niacin the
steam tugs would most iiroliably have put
iu b t-iatm ior salvage, and el en liere. Juul
not Messrs. Schaefer k Co. acted with
thorough promptitude, a similar claim
micht have lieen made. Finally Mr. S.
G. Wilder's Marine Railway will enable
me Tcssei 10 lie s)eedily repaired should
it lie found needful to put her on the ways.
.uioKtmer in tne matter of the Jlmxm
the Port of Honolulu can "score one."
A most extraordinary document was set
forth in .English, translated from tho I'm
Jio of Jan. 13th, in a supplement bv our
contemporary the Satnrihtg Vmt in its last
Internal evidence at once proclaims tho
authorship of this precious production.
Only one head in the Kingdom could, or
at least wxmld, conceive, and only one
hand write snch a proclamation.
Mere blatant bombast in manner, mere
brazen begging in matter, cajoling to the
natives, and sycophancy to the Crown, go
hand in hand
O lieonle of Hawaii? whnf T.tJ
chosen one takes you for! In one part of
n.4nfc; cuuijmsiuun eitiier mo com
jioser or the comjiositor has lost the run of
his tironouns (e. s. "let loval hrarts
testify, each one according to its ability'
"when if Olien 9nr wnpitins wf
btianng hands," fancy the concoctors of
uus loolery ojemng tlttr gift-bearing
nanus. .o: misevntenUy ought tostand,
jw oijen jr hands! And then from this
grandiloquence wo suddenly descend to
mo veriest ixhmv ol uusmess "that all per
soils outside of Honolulu may fully under
stuid about this tribute Kivinir" no com-
imlsion Hi! V Tlltlintlst -n nf Imtilr
days "has been set apart" uwheL
.i. . i . , ... ,, .
ujtijvijHiu! .Hsu his suan send onenngs
and tributes"!
The hat will K held ml to ,wmln
1T..11 -1 i, , . . 1
jiuuuiuiu hi. luiouicr uaie -nine ttays
after the pcriK-tration of the central follv.
Further on we becin to see why tho an.
Jiointment of District Judges was made to
leinnd solely on the Governors of Tslmuls
new daty is laid ntion them, thny nn
intttei (italics onrsl to Into llm lim.l in
these proceedings! whUeit is resolved it
would be wise and seemly to nmaaimi
(italics ours) the people of each electoral
district, to assemble and choose
fifteen delegates to come to the corona
tion," and tlies dclerates are In 1 in
stnicted not to "coxne with any political
plans in view." And now O "people, O
Hawaii, beware how yon touch on politics,
in other words, do not presume to criticise
the action of the Ministry
your superior- -do we not live in a consti
nmcmally governed country t
Is the framer of this itlrairdltv cneli n
lnlhird s to imarine that the fnreiim
repassentatives will be delndcd into re
porang to their rcsjicctiTe governments,
n Astonishixsr ceruur. wimpfliinr inlv. I
proad of, and that noouicr nation I)enesth 1
the sun is so proud of its King as Hawaii" t
and does he imagine that mning his
nonsense to the native tongue will prevent
it being read wherever the English papers
of this city are read throughout the
Senate and Congress of the United States
for instance? . .
Truly, from lieginning to end, this ia
the mot offensive piece of mean servility
on the one hand, and gross impertinence
on the other, that this coronation-pigeon
has yet called forth. The fabled ostrich
has stack Ids head m the sand, bnt the
dust raised by his awkward struggles only
serves to reveal his ungainly limbs.
And now, 0 Hawaii! the last paragraph
may stand, only leaving to each reader the
choice of the most forcible snbstitnte for
the word "magnified."
God save the King! from such friends.
Hebe and there the littleness, which so
largely goes to make np the mass of man
kind, is continually cropping up. Some
one said the other day, ''oli, yon will see,
Honolulu has ever lieen the same, all the
people who talk of keeping away from the
coronation ceremony will certainly go.
Honolulu is celebrated for that kind of
thing." The reply was made that this
was somew hat a sweeping assertion. And
it was nndonbtedly far too. sweeping,
there are those in our midst who would
scorn after once shewing their disapproba
tion, to so far eat their own words as to lie
S resent at n ceremony they had con
emned: there are others who though
never having expressed an opinion, yet
feel such a contempt for the stupid show
in their hearts, that they will absent them
selves. Those who stay away, and they
assuredly will lie a very considerable and
at the same time a very influential body,
place themselves in a very strong position.
This coronation folly, this burlesque of the
ceremonies of other nations hallowed by
long nsage into dignity, this silly fancy
bred in the brain of a vain, self seeking,
fawning man, a man who has lieen an
apostate from the faith of his fathers,
lions of the government whose protection
he was only too tlad to claim years ago
this absurdity, we say, is going to cost
this conntry largely in excess of the sum
of money appropriated. It is well known
that the'King's credit has leen pledged
already for goods and work which are re
quired, it has not lieen denied that one
gentleman in tms city nas advanced ine
sum of S15.O00 to relieve the coronation
necessities. This is only a leginning: as
gnests arrive f nrniture and plate will have
to bo bonghu great expenses will liaye to
lie incurred, lanre sums of money will lie
wasted and frittered away for want of
projier supervision: individuals may lie
enriched, lint the nation will nave to pay.
Ihen it is that those who have not onij
opposed the Coronation, but havo rigidly
kept away from its empty shows, and
glitter, will lie in a jwsition to criticise,
and criticise keenly, the action of all who
nave lieen connected witu Uus expen
sive and useless folly. Tho pockets of
our merchants, are irointr to be squeezed
in the future, as surely as the henroosts of
the poor kanaka are being made to pay
toll m tlie snapeot a4iw in the pres
cut Tho answer to those who have at
tended the ceremony will lie, 'yon have
danced, tnerelore you intist iiav tne piper.
Xo such answer can be returned to those
who have kept rigidly aloof; they will
have a right to demantf explanations and
they will lie able to do so with clean
The self styled "Palace party" will no
doubt watch as keenly for the preseneo of
thoso who uiay feel weak enough to yield
to tho temptations either of fear of losing
place, or to the still more ignoble one of
mere curiosity, those opponents who 30
will lose snmiort on either side, when thev
complain afterwards they will be twitted
hi tne 1 alacc lmrty with havmff acqui
esced by their presence, and they will, lie
comnlelely distrusted by that solid nhalanx
which has kept up and will coptinue to
teep up mo opposition, 'ine leenngs
with which such weak kneed brethren will
attend the ceremony of February 12th are
ccru-uniy not to im envied.
" We hear too much of leprosy," say the
"wobbling" Cabinet. Xo wonder! tho
qnestion is not one to lie laid aside by
few line phrases, it is not one to lie treated
with silent .contempt; the anxiety on the
part of those ieople who desire to protect
theinsehes from the dread disease is
growing hourly more alarming; there are
many signs about Honolulu that the
matter has taken deep holtl npon the
minds of the most unthinking. Men are
lieginning to fear themselves, to consider
if by any means this horrible taint has
got into their systems. Especially is this
the case with the careless livers, those who
played fast and loose, and who now dread
me consequences in tho shape of a us
ease which is far more horrible than nny
tuing mat can lie imagined, me con
sciousness that idl that is human isin-adn
ally departing from him, that his form and
features nro growing alike repulsive to
himself and his friends, that ho is slowlv
but surely going to rot away, to fall into
ins grave piecemeal, as it were, must lie
inexprcssiby horrible to the leper; must
be frightful in contemplation to those w ho
have exposed themselves to contagion or
inoculation or whatever name tho doctors
like to give to the process of commnnicat
ing the disease.
Tho Saluriinu Pmi very pertinently
alludes to uioso wno would naio the silo
ject dropped, who wonld desire to white
wash tho outer lrart of our sennlchre and
laliel it "clean," while within it is full of
lestenng sores and rotten Ixines. The
dnty of those who are in charge of tho
public press of this country is to Mieak
out on this matter. Letters complaining
of the present condition of affairs have
lieen pnbhshed. and havo passed unheeded.
It was not so long ago, that ""a mother"
published n seallnn'- protest on this sub
ject The offices of at least two papers
u w- uj uiiiv uit-ii ivsievu Willi cur
resiiondence upon leprosy: there is not a
district on the islands that has not in some
way or other conveyed its apprehension
on this score.
Like all weak irovernments. the present
Cabinet rush from one extreme to the
other. A while since the leprous nnfortn-
nates wero allowed to mingle at will with
the rest of the population: a leper was
eating ice cream at a social festival.
When the opiiontion newspapers took the
question up and shewed how frightful tho
miiiuuun 01 niiuirs was, aiier uue notice
to me diseased, the Ministry have com
menced a perfect raid, and are dragging
ueiuiv me puysicians n munuer 01 people
who have no leprosy whatever. Of course
the unfortunates are dismissed, bnt think
of what their feelings mnst be during tho
:. . 1 1. .... 11 ? . 1 i- ?,,
JUWl ttu IR-Uliril llil' -uresL ilU'l 'UsinssAl!
How far does this effort extend thouch!
merely to Honolulu: wo havo no account
from the Board of their doing anything
on tho other islands, and yet some places
fairly -reek" with leprosy. If any good
guuiB v w uuui, it r ure lusianip out
the disease our work mnst bo thoronch.
There mnst be no confining the efforts to
arrest lepers to Honolulu; the arrests
should be made throughout the group and
snonid uc none now; to arrest in one dis
trict and not in another, is simply to in
vite tho leper to chancre his auarters.
Almin. if it is advisable in tinvo n braneli
hospital in Honolulu, where lepers may
oe kept, as it were on pronation, tlie cov
ernment ought at least to have a sufficient
guard around it to make it really service
able. The physician does his work, bnt
ne cannot DO OXPeettHl to iln sontinels'
duty. It is the duty of tho government
to supply him with proper means to guard
his premises: no such assistance is given,
and the conseqnence is obvious. The
friends of lepers, snpposed to be segre
cnted, visit their afllicted relative lhov
sit down close to the fence, tho usual pipe
smoking takes xilace, and in defiance of
warning and 01 common sense, the pine is
passed from the leprous to the healUiy
mouth, contact is constantly obtained, and
we havo heard of lepers actually escaninir
during tho night, spending tho night in
town and returning in the morning. The
sanction of tho Crown and of the Minister
of the Interior have been used to allow
some of those undoubted lepers to return
to their homes and minelp with their
Half measures are thlnrc nf tln Twst.
tho leprosy question has become so im
portant that it wwf be dealt with. Every
mother who loves her offspring dreads to
see one of them, through some unavoid
able chance, contract the disease. Every
father in the land feels, anxious when he
sees his sons erowinir to manhood and
knows that amid the temptations they
will necessarily be exposed to, lurks the I
venomous snake leprosy. The newspapers
have done ttrir duty in exposing the con
dition of iiffiurs, the public will, in time,
no doubt do their duty liy meeting to
gether and urging upon the Board action,
not only in Honolulu, but throughout tho
entire grtmp.
We haTO now had the new liquor law in
force hero for three months and a half, or
rather nearly four months, and can liegin
to form some idea of how it is going to
tell on onr native population. The law
Jtvas certainly a child of the present Min
istry, and whatever evil orgood is the out
come of it, assuredly must rest on their
'Opinions as to the advisability of the
law were very freely expressed before it
was passed in the Legislature, and at that
time it seemed to many people that tho
law as it then stood, bore rather hardly on
the native population. It seemed to the
foreigners who came to these shores as a
hard thing that in such a matter there
should be a race distinction. Moreover,
not one man in a hundred understood how
tho restrictive law had come about; tho
ninety-nine always considered that the re
striction had come through tho Mission
aries. This was was natural, but it was
not tme! The Missionaries had no power
to pass the restrictive law at the time. It
was done liy tho old chiefs. That race of
hereditary Rulers, saw clearly what inroads
liquor was maVinij on the natives, and of
their own free will they alistaincd from it
themselves and passed a law preventing
every one else of their own race from par
taking. Since the passage of that tabn in
1830 every Hawaiian Monarch has steadily
refused to sign a liquor bill, till in 18S2
tne present law was signed by lung rnla
We have onlv to look at what has lieen
the policy of England in snch matters to
see now unwise it was for the present
Monarch )o sign that bill. A glance at
UntiMi uolnmma will reveal that among
the aboriginal trilies liquor is strictly in
terdicted: heavy penalties are laid on tnose
who carry liquor to me Indians or
who mannfacture it in illicit stills: and
these penalties are. rigidly enforced: on
several occasions, schooners trading with
the Indians have lieen convicted of sup
plying liquor, and havo lieen confiscated.
mere is no domit mat me new liquor law
when first proposed last session, had many
friends which it no loncer possesses.
Many who thought the prohibitive law
was the work of the Missionaries certainly
favored it: a larger number thought that
it was impossible, to cany out mo old law
strictly, that bv lumlr nr hi- rrnnV. tho m.
fives did obtain liquor, and that it wonld
no 1 letter to nave a statute wuicn could
not lw so easily broken: still another sec
tion considered it in the light of an ex
periment, that it woidd lx well to make.
When the law was read and passed, to
most 01 tnose classes it seemed tnoronghly
Well, now it has lieen tried, and it can
not be said to work well. It is difficult to
arrive at nny exact statistics as to the
amount of drunkenness now; tho police
records will not give them, for a very largo
percentage of drunken people are not ar
rested at all: but to any observer, who has
lived some years on these islands, it is pa
tent that the increase is large. One has
only to watch the roads leading to tho
outskirts of the city, to notice what n
change has come over the habits of tho
people. At one time it was considered
quite safe for ladies to walk from ono
house to another after dark, unescorted.
Now, with tho amount of drunken people
to be met with, it is no longer advisable or
safe. A drunken man passing a number
of ladies and children the other day, com
mitted an act of cross indecency: :the fcl
low ought to have been arrested but in
mo first place there was no policeman in
that jiarf of tho road, and in the bocond.
no lady would havo liked to havo appear
ed to complain ncainsl him. Such a case.
never happened before in our memory of
this place.
But thero are other sources from which
we may learn how much tho new law lr
affecting the native race. From enquiries
which have been instituted, it is verv cvi
dent that far less money is spent by tlie
natives for the necessaries of life, than was
the caso Iiefore October 1st. 18S2. Atone
coffee saloon, where a largo number of
native men and women used to go f or a clip
of coffee and food, tho numbers havo de
creased to almost mand the receipts havo
dropped about $100 ri month; another cof
fee saloon, at which probably a syil larger
number of native customers wero wont to
get their refreshment, claims that tho re
ceipts have decreased lietween $8 and ?10
a day. A billiard room, which was largely
freqnented, and used to keep ojion quite
late, where the natne used to play his
game, sit round and iinnx an occasional
glass of soda water, is nowquite deserted
and has to closo at 7 p. in. A butcher
who Used to snnnlv a Inrt'e nafiio connex
ion with iecf, says his sales have fallen off
to tne amount of one bullock a day. Go
ing round the Fish market it was found
mat JUonday, which was fonnerly a busy
day, was now quite dull and that Satur
day the once celebrated day, when such
crowds were to lie seen, presents 110 longer
tho busy siirht that it ibd formerly. The
fish sellers themselves complained that
their sales had fallen off, this was espe
cially the caso with salt fish. Beforo Oc
tober 1st, a good day- wonld yield S50 to
?ou; now tin exceptionally good day was a
take of $30 to $35. At ten o'clock on a
Satnrday morning it was a common thing
to have 25 in the drawer, and the drawer
was pniied ont to snow that on tins Hatur
day, Jan. 20th, 18S3 there were only a fow
stray dollars, not more than C or Ii. Tlie
small dry coals retailers mako like com
plaints. To what does all this point' why
to the fact that the native is sjiending a
large part of tho income which he cams
npon liquor, and in order to do that is
stinting liimself in those small luxuries of
life which ho ned to cmov without dctn
ment to liis health, and stinting his family
in real necessities.
Can this be goodt Total als.tainers and
tho advocates of moderate drinking must
be agreed for once: lioth jmrties must
agree that it is bad. AVhat with tho demon
of disease on ono side, in tho shape of
leprosy, pulmonary complaints, and tho
tienion 01 dnnK on me other, the Hawaiian
is in evil case. Those who have allowed
the disease demon to take such 11 hold
havo lieen severely criticized and con
demned of late: it is timo also to pass
strons censure on those who not only
advocated the liqnor bill in the House bnt
afterwards gave their advico to tho King
to Him iiis siE-naiiire to iu iracrired uown
by two such fell fiends the life of Hawaii
as a nation of pure Hawaiian blood, can
not be long; Hawaiians who havo patriot
ism in their bosoms (and snch men mnst
be very, numerous, for what man, worthy
of tho name, does not lovo his country!),
snch Hawaiians should follow the example
of tho old chiefs, cited in an early part of
uiis mui-ie, mm putting away mo cursed
thine' With n firm hand, deprive tliemselvfis
of a luxury perhaps, bnt save a remnant
of their raco to see the dawn of the 20th
century. As surely as the nresent con
dition of affairs lasts, so surely is tho
course of Hawaiians downwards going on
with accelerated Fpeed. A heavy crime,
far blacker than murder, rests on the
shoulders of those who have so helped
the nation to self destruction. It is not
difficult for any one to place the live
chief offenders: three of them are men
whoso blood should have led them to do
all in their power for their own nationality.
There arc minor offenders also, who will
in time fall under the lash of criticism,
but the worst condemnation must fall on
the five indicated, and thoso five may be
enarged witn tno debauching and the de
struction of the native race.
Id York hIsexte&&iT0 vineranl and orchard, and
will exclude from his premises all Cfcir-eflc labor.
Tax BATinga bank fcich fas been fur some
yean established la Mauritius haa been Increasing
in faTor with tbe small depositors, aa the fouow
iBR fig-ores rcoy:
Ycr. Dporilor. Year. Depositors.
IS.. . 11.741 rsi ....L-.w
1E . 1.TM t 1SW 1ISI
11 .....HJIS
The obiect of the bank ia not to make monev.bnt
to inculcate habita of thrift and order among the
popnlation. bv inducing them to lav by for a rainy
day. The cost of working the bank falls npon the
covernmeni: no aooDt in lime the institution will
become self attDrjortinc'. A nost office sarincs
bank here wonld have iindonbtedly considerable
lnnoenco npon tne naDtts 01 oar larjortng ana
roarer classes. This schema was eiren no when
the present Ministry came Into o&ce; there is no
uonbt rral mat tt was one of practical aunty.
While oar fire deputtcect is tiLiri meAsares
to make itaclf xsore efficient by tbe introd taction
of nev steam engines, vould it not be veil to Intro
dnce at least one of " Hayes' Extension Ladders
and Track,' vblcn are bo highly spoken of in tbe
eastern American dtiea, kere tbey are being rap
iuij uiuuuuceu, ana snperoeaiag me via siyies.
ItecentlT CoL Shaw. Chief of the London Fire Uri-
Cade, Vas bo taken rUh this improrement, while
on a Tisit to tbe United State, that he ordered
eereral for Lou don.
It wonld appear from the foUoving item that
Got. Stanford, the railroad King of California,
who is largely interested in vineyard, ia a
thorough-going prohibitionist: He has offered to
DTLTCh&M the entire tWi tt Vina TJiTim (vmntr.
on these conditions: The GoTernor Till bay all
the 'real estate and ImproremenU thereon for a
nominal team say one dollar and iro mediately
sen and recoxmy the same property to the owners,
provided that he (Stanford) is allowed o insert a
clause in his deeds that no intoxicating liquors
shall erer be sold in the ton of Tina. The uor.
ernor will farther obligate himself to botlda fine
two-story school house, large enough in which, to
educate all the children of the town. Ue will far
ther Rgree to import one fontdred German families i
The following extract from the Rtmimietmet of
Lady Bloomfitld, at one time Maid of Honor to
Qaeen Victoria, will give some idea of the manner
ia which Windsor Cattle Is kept np. Jost think
that Hawaii is trying to ape snch real magnifi
cence, nnd does not the epithet Brvrnmagtm most
pertinently apply ?
I could scarcely have imagined snch a display
of gold plate, which is by far the largpt collection
in tbe world, and is rained, X am told, at above
two millions sterling. Some of the enra executed
by llem-emito Cellini are lovely. I think I admired
tme of the china eren more than the plate, espe
cially ono wrriceoi rwrres ami oneoi oia mcisea.
The kitchen was a enrions nichtenooph: and I
coold not help reflecting how little I thought, in
eating my simple dinner every day, of the prepara
tion ana expense w hich attends what comes as a
matter of coarse. The fire was more like Xebo-
chadnezzarVbarning fiery furnace than anything
else I can think of; andlnough there Is now no
company at Windsor, there were at least fifteen or
twenty large joints of meat roasting. Charles
M array told me that last year they fed at dinner a
hundred and thirteen thotmnd people, I sounds
perfectly incredible; bnt every day a correct list
is kept of tne number of months fed; nnd this
does not include the ball suppers, Ac, 4 bnt
iDert-iy umnent.
Tne Mfielny StiJ"rrf gives the folloaing
account of the cullivalion of the Aloe in the Isl
and of Mauritius, it seems as if this might be pro-
stably looked after by our small cultivators here;
Tbe kind grown is that known to botanints by
the name of Ftmreroya (Jifatt. It is better
known elsewhere as the YuciaM or M Adams
Needle of Jamaica. The beauty of this plant is
that it crows tcithmt mt timt ion. thAt is to sav.
once planted it requires no looking After to clean
u eic, nnu it win continue to give leaves for a
number of years before it requires renewal.
Dnftjgbt has no effect on it, and it is of the hardiest
poikle growth, and grows beantifullv in and land
that has lieen thrown out of cane cultivation, on
account of drought. The machinery used for the
extraction of the fibre has been ranch improved of
late; there is still, however room for improvement,
in this line. Tho fibre manufactured, sells readily
in London at from $210 to $2theton. An acre
giTes about JK tons, but this will go to 2 tons la
ter on when t-etter machinery is used. The won
der is how such a valuable plant, the worth of
which has long been known, has not been turned
to account long ago."
Tbe yield haa increased from 8 tons in 1371 to
7 tons in 1SW: the latter netted $131,000 in Lon
don. It looks tempting, won't some one try an ex
periment? This might be something for onr Agri
cultural Society to make enquiries about.
Is a recent article emanating from the Hartford
Steam Itoiler lacpcction and Insurance Companv,
there arc some very sensible facts respecting causes
that conduce to boiler explosions, which will be of
interest to all who are using machinery here. We
hear that some 150 or 200 boilers are now being
used in our various industries. The writer re
marks that tbe tendency to employ cheap and irre-
mnjLLiiuic iucu ra r 11111 rr-i a cuuiriDUira largely uj
the occurrence of accidents with Bteam boilers.
This is a fact that cannot be too strongly placed
before users of steam. Such economy is of the
penny wise and pound foolish' order, as many
have found to their cost when too late. Intelligent
service at good wages is cheaper in the end than
ignorant service as a gift. Another active factor
mentioned is the dangerous practice that prevails
with manufacturers at times when business is
pressing and orders are crowding them, of working
their boilers up to their full capacity and more.
lUBousui tun, practice arc aeiuom eHumaicu bi
their proper magnitude, and to the senous Btrain
Inn and wsakenina of boilers from this canse manv
disastrous explosions may be traced, directly or
indirectly. The extensive experience of the Hart
ford company confirms these opinions in the most
unqualified manner, as the following declaration
will testify: "Experience teaches us that nine
tenths of tho boiler explosions in tho country are
aimuuiauio 10 carelessness on mo part 01 engi
neers, or to tho cupidity and avarice of the owners.
who, to save tbe expense of additional boiler power
will order their boilers to be run at exceisive and
dangerous pressures.
Death of Hon. EHiha H- Allen.
The Hawaiian Minister, Hon. ElUha II. Allen,
while attending a reception at tbe White House,
Washington, on January 1st, after being present
ed to the President, nnd while on the way to the
anie-room, was seizeu witn.an attack-or vertigo,
succeeded bv snasms. He was nronmtlv attended
by physicians, but shortlv afterward died in one of
the ante-rooms of tbe Ttvxecutire Mansion. Upon
the announcement of Mr. Allen's death the recep
tion ended. The IVesident was much affected by
tha 'death of the Minister. The announcement of
Mr. Allen's death followed so quickly upon the
first report of his illness that the two were almost
rimoltaneous. A gentleman who was present de
scribes tbe scene as nffecting, the President being
romed to tears. Mr. Allen was a native of Massa-
The Hon. lllirtlia H. Allen. Minister of the Sand
wich Islands, whose sudden death in Washington,
January 1st, is announced above, was the dean
of tbe diplomatic corps of the Hawaiian Islands,
near this government, almost thirteen years, hav
ing lieen accredited January 14, 1S70. He was
born in New Salem, Mass., January 28, 1804. He
received a liberal education, and w bile still young
remoTed to Maine, which was then receiving a
large emigration from Massachusetts. He studied
law, was admitted to tbe bar, and, at the sugges
tion of his father, began practice in Itangor. from
S; to 1841 he was a member of the Maine house
of representatives, !eing sneaker in 1H38. Klccted
as a w hig to t he twenty-seventh Congress he served
irora Aiay.,1, iu, loaiarcu 4, jManii tailed of
an election for a second term, beint? defeated bv
Hannibal Hamlin, who ran on th-s Democratic
ticket. Mr, Allen was again a member of the
Maine legislature in 1K10, and removed to Itoston
the next year. In 1840 he was a member of tho
Massachusetts house of representatives nnd sub
sequently was appointed United State? Consul at
Honoluln, liecnimng a resident of tho Sandwich
Islands. He subsequently entered into tbe ser
vice of that government, and returned to this
countrv as a special envoy of the Sandwich Isl
ands, during Mr. Fillmore's administration, when
it was feared that the French government was
contemplating seizing those islands. He visited
the United States again in 1ST.G as an envoy, and
in iw neas appointed umei Justice and t uan
cellor of tbe Hawaiian Islands, semm? in thai ra
pacity till lHf4. He was npnointed Hawaiian Min
ister to Washington in 1870, and held tho office
continuously till his death. He had taken great
imercsi in tuo movement now going on to nhro
gr.te the reciprocity treaty letween the United
btates and the Hawaiian Islands, and had shown
great nctivity, notwithstanding his advanced age,
in combating the arguments of those who wished
the treaty cancelled. He was well known in Itos
ton, and enjoyed a large circle of acquaintances in
Washington. He was a man of extremely polite
and courteous manners, and his death will be
grt'tted by all who knew him.
ObKequle of Minister Alleu-
The funeral of the late Hawaiian Minister, sir.
Klisha H. Allen, took place this morning from All
Souls Church. Tbe bodr as not removed to lli
church until juit before the commencement of the
ceremonies. The President and members of tbe
i;aii net were seated in the second and third pews.
ujuiiun iijurv I.-. Hfvtii. ior me uipioTuniic corps.
All the foreign legations were represented, manv
of tbe members accompanied by ladies. All tbe
ladies were attired in black. Tlie members of both
the Senate and House committees on foreign af
fairs were nresent in a body. The J ostices of ihe
Supreme Court, Senators and llepresenta tires in
Congress and other officials were aasitmed to seats
in tbe body of tbe Church. Tho ladiesof the Cab
inet were to tbe ngut of the main aisle. The re
mains wero met at the door or the Cburcb and.
wore carried down the aisle, followed by tbe usl
ers, Messrs, Chew. Iliehardson, Macomb and Paine,
and the honorary pall-beaivrs, Mr. Stephen Pres.
ton, Ariatochie liey. Count Iwenhaupt, Viscount
das NougcrrisSjScnor Don Francisco lterca. Hon.
Mr. West and Cheng Tsao Ju, the Chinese Minis
ter. The casket was carried by six young men and
placed in front of the pulpit. Ur. Frederick Allen
walked with his sister, Miss Allen, and followed by
ir VHcliti Alii i w.a r-:-A rtt. Unt.i.
- vu, 41 ilKUU, (Mil kJIklllU.
The order of the service was a read in f? bv Dr.
Sbippcn, the singing of the hymn No. 776, The
Lnchrymosa from Mozart, and the benediction.
The-cortege then proceeded to the llaltimore and
Potomac depot in the follow tng order: Band, mili
tary escort of four companies of tbe 2d artillery,
hearse, carriages containing pall-bearers, members
t-i mo iNiuiij', i runiueni auu memucra 01 uie isao
inet and Diplomatic Corps.
The nlaeo of final Interment ha nnt fit-fi
nitely settled, but tbe remains will be temporarily
placed in the vault at Mount Auburn cemetery,
near Hoston. The entire details of the- funeral
were ODder the charge of Mr. Sevelion Urown, of
the State department. HAm7f0M Ereiu 7or.
Dr. Thacber
IarrtarnvI from &U rrofcs.lonal lour of KaL
and my now be rtmnd.it hi Tental Kooin. Itrewrr'i
Block. Fort SUbcre he will be pleated to meet all
Ihoee in need of Mr profraiionil vervtcer. 911
rarT.lthed Room en Suite. A neat and cor rarlor.
Mills Room sluiced Room can be hid br a 'early
fpltcatlon. at OX.) ISO. 4 HARDEN LANE.
American Waltham Watches
Awarded Twv Gold Medals, Thecnilymedalasaanl-
ed f or Wstchee, Melbourne International Exhibition,
The only Gold Medal: alo, three petial and four
tnX pniea, Sydney, 1S7.
ITS IMA Medal. Paria. IsO. Foot Flrl IMu VrJ.
tit. PMladelphla, IS7G.
The BUeqnalerl anccert of theae Celebrated Watchrt
haa prodocrd a hoc t of worthier Imitation. Bnym
will observe tbe Trade Mark, MWaltbau, Ui- rn
rniTed oath plate of all Uennlse Walttum Waicbet.
Jrold eaiei are itamped a. w, ltw. or ilk., and
Mtrertaae are ftararn-d American Watch Company,
Walttiam,llii. Strrllnj, ff ly
Vndertakea the pnrcaae and tklpaicat ef aliklnda of
IlrUUa and Continental rood, except Ardent fpiriU.
and will becbid to receive Orders, at rates either free en
board at thlppiRfi portla Knropc, or delivered ex ahln
(bnt with dnty for boyet'a account) at llonotaln. Snch
Orders may m necompanledbyreialtUncer, payable
In LMiJon m San KranclKo: or ht will draw at sudavt
sfhtasmtutt confinned credlu rroailloiiolaloIUakrra,
rt otbemite, to fait the convenience of fcsyvrv.
MESSRS. WM. (I. lEWtS jfe CO., Ilffaolstn.
HOX. 3. H. WJLLKKR. Honelaln.
THK AGRA BASK.fLfTattedk Lvadea.
Jfrr 3dvtTtistmtnts,
Dissolution of Partnership.
retires fntm the Ann or KOBEUT OKIEYE
Co., which ! now composed of Ruhekt Unrrva ajro
AukiAC T. Arsn-ov.
lionorain.tf an. u. tg. ji h it. unittfisio.
Lv that tbe nndert1ned has pntrbaed alt of tbe
property, leaea and effect of the SUIONWTRICE
fLANTATIOX In Wriklki, Othn; all debts dne by
said company rnnetbepald by them aa tbe purchaser
takes a clean title and baa fMwelou,
PatedJtnnary Sd. ISO. Sll St
c: o xv t xv. o t o n. fa .
Plan an4 Eatlmatrt Farnffhed for Werkt of Con
8 Ctrl' Enslneerlnsand Snrveylnx Office, 19 and
Tl Merchant 5treet, above J. W Robert f-on A Co'.
1 P. O. DPI UU ly
O oxa.-vroyzvxLOOX".
AU. KINDS OP LEOAL AntrTIJf09 carernlly done
in either English or Hawaiian; lo,
COPTINt! and tran slating.
tT Order left with Mr. T.O. Tbrnm.M and 28 Mer-
chant Street, will receive prompt attention. 911 6t
htld Jannarr llh. lNCI. the fntltwin OArm tpi
-mru "i am- wisuiug jrnr-
A- S. Cleghnrn.... ..PreBldent,
Dr.J. S Redrew ...Mceditto,
II. R Marfarlane . ..Secretary,
Cecil Itrown. . ...Treatnrer.
j St 11. R MACFARLANE, See'y K. P. A.
Musical Instriiinciit Maker!
W.aM mo,! mprlfnllr lnfnmi patron anil the
Inhabitant nt the llaralfan Kingdom, thatlnrceponae
to nmvrons rennet. anl a gnannlre of as mnch
Hi- lla Drtcrnilnnl to l!c-rnmnienccllb)li
ami WelMiiiunn lluInen
and which haa hitherto afforded so much fatU
faction to bta patrons. H- will undertake to
which have, for tbe lat year, been handled by
iTOfwed but L'nklllfnl Tuner: ami
MilcfhalI once mnrerin- tonerally In the home of
Honolulu," tiny np tbe Doctor, No. 7". lilt motto Is
time Mrs. A. M. MELLIS I compelled tonotirr
her natrons that the w1tl see them oulr on WEDNE&-
DAYS and FRIDAYS of each week nntil further
nonce MUX, A. M. .HELLIt,
tfO . No. 101 Fort Mrtrt.
Xjl this Company, held at tho office or Messrs. C
Ilrefter V Co., on the IGth int., the following officers
Hon. C, It Illehop. President
Hon, II. A. V. Carter Vice-President
P. C. Jones. Jr . Treaaurrr
J. O. Carter Secretary
Tlios. May .Anditor
Ter Order J. O. CARTER, Secy.
llonolnln. Jan. IGlb, lfC 910 it
XI against the Estate of M. J. ROSE. Ucccaecd. wt 1
ptcase present tbem to the uuderttgnett; and all per
ton Indebted to tbe above rsiau. nlll pleaae aetllc
tlielracconnta bypivmentto F. A. fcUHAEr-ElU
llonolnln. Jan. Iltfi. 13-3. 9W 3t
Married Couple "Wanted !
A Married Couple. Also, A MIEI'IIEUD, mar
rieu or eiosic. .ppij io
Via H Kona. Hawaii.
Co- Lart nci3li Ip Xotlce.
niiis rnm of t.ee iioi & co.,
X dolus buslnesa at Wilnkn, Man), aa Retail istore
heepers, Furniture Dealers, AcJCcls composed of
iam lbiii, Aana, anu uiiin- -iow: an reauunir in
lukn. LEE 1101' i CO.
WailuVu.Mltd. Dec lb,lN-i. VT7 31
a. rsrm'w book.
A Book for the Parlor Table.
A Itook of Interest to all Header.
Eminently a Itook of tbe Times.
Devott-d to the Adrocary of Total Abstinence
and boclal Reform.
Edited and compiled by D. M. CROWLEY, late or
the Qntr mlaml and Lecturer to the Urand
lm1o I II 11 T Svmlpr. KPI
$50,000 IN BONDS
For JStalo.
the RondA ot the OXOMEA SCOAtt C'OMPAXT
at a rate that will jrlvc the porehaser nine per cent, per
annum, free of Government Tax. Tbe Capital btock of
ihe Company ia fJfi.MM; and the flbole amount or
iurade la liM"t,ln soma of ym, dated Nov. 1st. lttt
pavable J In one year, $,Uiiu In two years. $-3.Uii
In three veara and Jii.uiu in four years from dale, with
Coupons attached at " per cent., lalllndnehilf carlr,
all eiiond by ilio Uret and only mortgage on the whole
Tironertv of the Conmnnv. Aiiv fnrther Inrnrnittlnn
rTuiredrecardinzthc Roiids or the srenrity. Mill Io
fiirnUbeil by 8. I AUSTIN, Eso. at Onomea; C.
ItKEWER &. Co.. Honotnln ; or by u.
'j-w ii uisuur ac uu.
II. II ci clsJTolci c3 Co.,
Notify tbi. Irarelinz public that they are now
prepared to It sue paisen?er TICKETS
llj the above magnificent Steamcri at
SCI II. 1IACKFELU A CO., .titnta.
BADE il!t.
German remedy
Xcnruljia, Sciatica, Lvmbaijo,l!ai tcltc
doraicis of the West, (ioul, IJuinsi,
Sore Throat, Siccllimji, and
Sjran, Hums and Scabh,
General Bodily
Tooth, Ear and Headache, Fruited Fut
ami Jwrs, and all other
Paint and Aches.
o reparation on earth equal r. Jama. OiLfta a
l-nlalla but the eoiuparetln-lr trifling outlay or 30) et.
anil eTerr one ooerinir with lialh can hare thear. am
. ttrrr. tlmpt and t heap External Remedy,
l-nlalla but the coiunaratlretr Iriflins outlar ol
anil erery one rooerlni: with lialh can hare cheap
pcaitlrc jiroof of ita claim,
Ilirectlona In Elcren Lancucea.
ItKlllmore, Mil , l', h. a,
HolUster cfc Co.,
91 1 Me Arrala (or the Hawallaa Iilanila.
jSGi BKTIIEL Stbset. Rarwatv KING a1tV
VV asn MEltCHAST Bra.
A rom the pnbllc, that, harln" rnlaixrdmy premise,
and. In Introdnetnc Menm AStwer. with aa extra
sire atotk of Sfaehliicrj- atttl Toota, I am now
prvparea 10 itiena to
Repairing and Constructing Machinery,
Stock and Gun Smithing
Will rvctlve jTompt attention and dispatch,
Thanktnir the imblft for nat favora. it ttr hitlri
attention to bnilaess. I horve io merit a literal hr nr
patronare la the future. Reapectfally,
llenolaln. J.a. 1,1. 1K1 cjja im
,.oo in Trxs,
.FxtTjaie lie
Biii.i-Bi re.
fw dreitiitmrqls.
3 Dump Cam- lVagrons,
2 l-lforsc Dnmp Carts,
3 Sets i-3liiU Harness,
Ait iti Good. Orclor
Will be Sold Cbeapfor Casli
Kohala. llairat!
Tiik uxnKi:sioxi: havincs
On Kins and Nnnann Streets. Honolulu.
will carry on the same on his own account under tlie
tiade name or
G-llto ort Wallor
as from January let,
911 lm (JILBrHtT J. WALLER.
The foixowixg auk the
name of the members of the firm of Tal Wo A Co.
Mioc Mann fart urea, carrjinif on bnlne at No. 33
,nuina cirrri, iiunomia;
Nan On Ton;, Pan Francisco. Cat.
qn On Ton;, of Honololn. Oaha.
Lnen; Huns Chonj
Younc Lean Tay,
Lnm Cbonn;. " " "
Nan Don, -Chan
anl, "
Yee Too,
Tal Wo,
r2t TAI WO Jt CO.
January 9tb. at the office of Hackfcid Co, Hono
miH,ine jouowinj cincrrs wero oniy iecico:
II. W.Schmidt lreldent
1L A. Macfle, Jr nce-Preldciat
J. F. J lack ft Id Treasurer
II. P. II lade secretary
It. W. T. rairls Anditor
II. F. GLADE, Secretary.
Honolulu, January 9tb, lud. WS
the ritoritiEToa of the
Hellevins that there fa uncnltivateil L.IND. on
ttc Line of the Hawaiian Railroad
In the District of Kohala,
that war ni:
Profitably planted in Cane,
Is prepared to reccIepryporItloni fur bavin
Canr kj tirown.
Ground at his Mill.
Kohala, Hawaii, Dec. 1&I 3
arc retiueetcd to call at the Cleik'a Office boprcme
Court within cue mouth from date aid takeout the Ap
pointment from the 1'robata Court, aa Admlulatratora or
liuardlaus aa mentioned cppovltc their respective
uakauva nu u uie me wuni a innimi oj i uk voari.
J IE Mllld Adiuiu tr. Estate of
sWKaaholcl A Kalanlkn "
John McKca:me
NnelaX Harry White '
J I' Greeu
( Tt Kalaukaue
J 1" Green
MeleMalkalw -
Mr M E Smlih
HoaaNakapalan w
Kahnmua w
Wm II Jarrett
W Tuaa
Ron A Fornaudcr "
Wm Kahawall Collin
J Kna tiuardla
J W laUuoIe .
D Chain
Kaluna w -Wahlnealit
II UCrabbe
Maualkl 11
David Malo
Dy order of the Court.
Honolnlu, Dec. lUh, lJ.
i Dart. dc
4 uawnns
I'ule -M
Makalii -Maleka
Makanithrlrhete "
Malkal "
D Smith -Lote
w "
J J Duiron "
Kauhl "
Thoma Meek
Wm Jarrett "
Kalo & Kataua "
Daniel TohaUhl -
Taban minors
Emelc Kapali
S L Kaprthnknla
WahlntaUl KtnioJlo
Lilly Crabbe
La he la w
children or KaKn
Depnly Clerk.
lamlii.lrmUdliyJ V. ULAUE. E.i. to
His Handsome Residence,
t'OUXKl: OFJL'DK A l.II.lll.V M.
This Property is in the Healthiest
Part of tho City.
lis faculties for dralnace are perfect, cuarauteelug
thereby perfect Treedeni rrom malaria. The location
rommaiiuaauciiniruMiewotiuecltr and harbor, at
well as tbe coastline from Diamond Head to th Wala-
nae Jiouniaina.
Tho Main Jlouo N Larso anil Com
... . AND
Hot and cold water la laid on In tbe Rath lCooms.ln
both stories. Gaa la also laid on, with over fifty light.
the tmuclnal rooma.
On the main door will he found a Larce Iarlor and
Dining Room, hittln- lUom, Hall, Moaqulto Room,
Children's Dlnln- Room, IUth Room, Two Bedroom,
Closet. Pantry, Two fciore-rooms and Kitchen, attached
to the Main Rnlldin?. but under a separate roof.
On tbe second floor, which Is reached byaconvenlent
Room and Closet. The Maiu Home I about Vu feet
front and Mi feet depth. Tbe Kitchen Is convenlentlv
arranged, with a Finn Cooklu; Rane, with hot water
Uu the rronnds are Two Cottage, wllh Veranda, and
- VH... aiita d.vuuiiuuuaiiona i or inrcv
ws and eatrfajea, and three rooma for nervantr.
ii uniiuint ior ibc t.aa Machine.
The Lot l 35a on Judd blrcctand about 5S0 feet ua LI-
nun sirrii, cvinaiiiinsan area oi -i acres.
Cf, Iart ea df-lrln- In rl.it fri- IM.u..i. .... .1.. ...
upon application to Mr. Adams. A uortlon or the nor-
i tnurlsax? lor oue ot two
chase money can remain
years. Apply to
E. T ADAMS. Aucfr
HolUster db Co.,
Xnnann St, and Cor Fort Merchant it 932
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
FORT VntEET. Hcoolnlu. H. 1
Fmh Grarertra. mnA Irn,(iUna nf atii llnj. m 1.4
d reeelTed regularly from Eorope and American
. ev'r ,nc ,,r"r" maraei rates
"""i" ociiTereo to an parts ot tne city Tree or chare,
nr Island orders solicited, and prompt attention
UI be given to the same. C7 iy
ROLLERS Thick ta.tlo,, .lib
Spur-Wheels & Pinions Complete.
Averyining in perfect order.
Verj powerral for It, alae. haTlas groand rne for
,w ton, r jir li lea monlka.
CaT- Apply t. CASTLE & CwiKE. oe lo
TO fala. ll.al.
A Ni) Alii, rAimiM t-ttiikis iv
XX llenna.. alaar otti, lalandl la Ikellnnn
In Want of Employoes
Will nl..M nil lV.1. w.l. .
raed, bo win do all la tteli twei lo 111 their crten
' ' - - ..... ..... ,-""tii-3 an lur it t-jTsen
f. 0. JOSER.lr.
Supremo Court-Jamwy Trm.lmST
The Fall Court. 1th theawoval mt
the Bar, proTun!?rI taV followrsis; JtEW JKXt af
Court, belnv RULE 35. .a
In all Equity eaea the rttaTa day. iiaiiii
o aed by Connsel, shall not Ve nsafweal m faW 4aa
for hrarlnx. but the day for hearing aH. a.tuClaV
el expraasly a-ree npon IU W then atsetl y Mi.
Hon of the Conrt,
tfymder ottheCovrti
13l ClnfcSagrme Coatt,-
K.J .ii.. i.m. ia luaKraMcr. ia
maueroi 1. 1 j ala .v. aiia l-ju i.riiJ a
nanmsL jsoure ol meeting far (kMM if (..
.aouc ia uiiTUT sivra
tors who have proved their claim anbast the rrtili if
the said Lnm Kre ban alias Cam Chan, will rw beH a
the Clerk'a Office of the Supreme Conrt, In HtaalalL
on THURSDAY, thelUh day of Fe-hrnary latL
10 o'clock a, ra. Tor the purpose of eUctrnc anineet'
of said bankreptV estate. IX JC. FYFE.
. . . , , tiKBoTemeCort,
Honolala, January 23d, I5KX. Jt
WaiMII IIUO"', ava.ilivj- in V BBaiiCT wt
tbe Bankruptcy of CHU-NG FAA.
Notice la hereby clten that a aeetlnc r Utt CnMl
ors, who bare proved debts aalast the estate of Caw
Faa. a Raskrnpt, to the amount of $19) or mora. hi b
held at the office of tho Clerk of the Saprraie Covm.!
Honolulu. OX THURSDAY. FEB. 8th. at 10 a. aatw
inv pwrpoM vi rtecunc vri utt iai w jMnraM
Estate, pursuant to the Statute.
!M13t D. K. FY"X. Drpaly Ctrrtu
WAHAX1SLA5D9. In the matter of tilt San-,
rantcy of PET If R LAKKIM.
lvter Larklp. of Uonolola. havln? bren au
adjudicated Bankrnpt at a hearing before Mr. Jattc
Ansttn. tt was this day ordered; that nlco b stvn i
the creditors of the said Frier Larkla, to prrteat tbetr
claims and prove their debut and that dna pahHcatapai
be made thereof, for three consecatlve wee k?,ta thalLv
waltan Gaiclte."
Now therefore notice Is hereby rlvea that THTTBS
DAY. the Kh dayM Frbrairr.V. D.1?L at Wo'tW-ra
a. m. at the Conrt Room of Alllolaat Hale. Unaoialw.
be the time and plaee for air snch credltonta) appear
and prove said claim.
Ry tbe Court. D. K. FTFE, Dennfy Clerk.
Dated Honolulu, Jin. Ifth, tWL to a'
WAIIAX ISL.XDS. In Prolate. IiUid of
Oahn, Hawaiian IsUnda. a. Ia the ranter of th
Estate of M YKOS J. RO E, deceased. Crdrrappotat
iot time for probate of Will and directing pnbJhiaUe
of notice ef the same.
A document, purport In c to be the last Will and
testament of Myron J. Rom. deceased, havtnreai lb
litth day of January A. D. 1S&L been presented to taM
Probate Court, and a petition for tbe probate thereof,
and for the Issuance of letters testamentary to F". A.
Scharrer, hartnj; been Bled by K. A. Schaefer.
It la herebr ordered, that FRIDAY, Ue Second day
or February, A. D. !, at lt o'cloct a. m- of aaitt tjay,
at the Court Room of saht Conrt, at AtlioUal Hale, ra
Honolulu be, and the same Is. hereby appointed tho
time for prorlne said Will and aearias said applica
tion, when anT where any perMia Interested may
appear and contest thaid Will, and Uie aTmatia? r
lriter Tesiamvnlary.
It Is farther ordered, that notice thereof be t;Iva by
rmbllcatlon, for three sncceslve week la the " Ha a
ian Gazrtte " and Knokoa," news paper printed tad
pnbllshed In Ilonolula.
Dated llonolnln, II. I., January 10th,
A.F. JUDD, Chief Jnstlee Saprcme Court.
Attest D. K. Frrr,
DepntyClerk Sapreme Conrt. IMtm
WAlUXISLASt). In rroUte.-Ia the mattrr
of the Estate of WILLIAM JARRETT, late of Heto
lulu, deceased. At Chambers, before Mr. Jnstlee Mc
On rradln-and fiRur the petition and accownttef
William II. Jarrett, administrator of tne estate af
William Jarrett. late of aald Ilonolula, deceaaed,
wherein he aska to bo allowed SliXZl, and charrva
himself with U.tttli. and asks that the same maybe
examined and approved, and that a final order may be
made of distribution of the property rrmalninir lnhta
hand to the persona thereto entitled, and dUcnarslBf
and his u re ties front all further re pons I blllty aa men.
It Is ordered, that WEDNESDAY. FEU. 11th, 180. at
,i) a. iu before the said Jot tier, at Clumbers, la Ihw
CocrtIlone. at llonolnln, be and the same la hereby
appointed aa the time and place for bearlns; aaid peti
tfon and accounts, and that all persona Interested may
then and there appearand show cause, if any they hare,
whrlbesameahouldnbtberTantrO, sad may pmcat
evidence aa to who are entitled to tbe tatd property.
And that this ordrr. In the EnglUh language, he pub
lished tn the Hawaiian Gaxette newspaper printed and
published In Honolulu, for three sncresalve weeks pre
vious to the time therein appointed tor said I carina.
Dated at Honolulu. II. I Jan. Sib. t-Wl.
L. McCL'LLY. Justice of the Supreme Conrt.
Attest D. K. Fxra, .jg' -Wk Supreme Conrt.
In the Eatate or ISSAC lOLU DAVIS, of Wat
mea, Hawaii, deceased.
On rvadlnz and HI log the petition of Loalsa K.
Davis, allesins that lasac Yuan Davis of Watmra.
Hawaii, died Intestate on or about the lbth day of Jane
A.D.lvtL and praying that letters or administration
ssue to her.
It Is ordered that THURSDAY, the d day of Febru
ary A. D. It, at I o'clock n. ni-.tn tbe Court llonae,
at Iltlo, Han all. Is appointed aa the time and place for
hearing said petition and any objections that may be
offered thereto, and all persons Interested In said Es
tate are hereby notified to attend. F. is. LYMAN.
Clrcntt Jmhre,3d Judicial Diattict. II. I.
Ullo, Hawaii. Dec Win. t
Nos. 56 & 58 Queen Sts.
,rxt lliiiir,lo;.Ma-onlc Hall,
New Goods
Stmr. Suez
l'lciicit Farlor Siiils,
Prima Nora Keilrooni Sols,
(Jiiito a New Style;
Jn-i:il.e Thins- for 1'lanUttani:
Woven Wire Mattresses,
Hair & Spring1 do.,
Curly Hair do..
Hair and Feather Pillows,
Sheets, and
Pillow Cases,
Excelsioi and Straw Mat
tresses, and
. . or
The Lowest Prices !
Agent for the Hawaiian Islands.
At Bailey's & Co.'s Croat
IO C'EIW Store
Holiday Ciootls !
UsefUl Articles
To selkct mow.
Orders from the Other Itbutds
Are Respeotfnlijr aoMoHod.

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