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p. M. S.S. Co.'s Tl"ie Table for 1883.
ron. iacko. .nucounnr -Ttrr
. -. - i . . - , . 1 . . . n . .Jan SI
City ct
city er t
aoxoLvEvTjAxrjuii ' si. is
BBJnw-dBrinsielk,iM not JlpUyl the
riM.T nottA the trai In tsrleoi Iine.
.rwrira, bz mart prono A alowa ittribaUWe
vailed, TmratIi)enTnri''',llcr-,l!Und eoroiriunicat.ot.
BdalwlhcUUnm Intnittlof tbe Ocrmir Ma
Wp ." brt t"WtMU,bt" yc
Con.TJ.cruaI.jr bulfcc U lo dull nd tlir prefMU
profprcte do kttb to petnl lo any rp- In
trade In the wmfvf frdshtt wnill Hie proali ncc or
wort Mttled rath r.
Tht Hirinli Tor the wrl wl-i t-r lb ttt
"or .lb Iraber lronrtTowmd,udlhrIMe&
aiitralla, from FrafltIco
Thf dfiitorf- "f ttc cibari f" "
FriDdicoud Amcll. from Iwl Townid,tIif former
uHas a cars o dm tie TOdt valued at JW1'.
The rale b' M C Urwt A Co of ct-
ral mfnJitBdlrt l-ird off falrl well, the TTr
cln tl.frtory TMia Xr E. I' Adlll wll
tbe entire fnnlun rf JnS DavldMnTa rrMfrocc.
Helw lit hr found Ntfon Williams. Jliimmd i LVa
JtotitBiyClrcsl r Letter
bs Fiuftisto, January lMli 163.
Oar iatt drleee were dated Dec 16th,TrrCity of
T.?..' nartntfp tn the urirM of
reflnnL There tun beeo a tUjht decline In Mic1Ia,tbe
enrara i
RICE -la firmer locally, qootaUe C'lSc; toc ua
Lund moderate
I ImtwYU for iw2, KXt.CH ptss; for 18sl.TK.0 pKft.
LUCK -golden late bakers' Extra 5.2J. Color
ado f I.
OAT-te15m. mtN-SJperton
BARLElOood fc-d$I30. II A -Comprr wd hU
Choice wild oat U l'reerd JlSi it ton.
WOOL Fall In rood ujply. hoathern ana ban
Joaqnin Northern ltS"c.
CI1AKTER- Iron held at -Kw. UTicat rrmalnlnc In
tie b tat c
PKFAirrUJlEJv-Iri, Am brie W Irwin; 27
bVtue W U Uimood, KaLalol; Jan 9, Am tt II W Alloy
rilOJ JJErAirrVKES Jan;t7, Am tktac Ean-La,
Am bktne 1 C Ford, Am bri- J 1 hprrckels and Haw
brtcromarr Kkholol,
be! or now t.7l, Cuba remain about l he eame,
lyT (or W per cent. Tbe fintaaleof the tktand
a shipped to New York via Cape Horn Is reported
cm the barta of TV for W per cent.
Jan S-OerhL Herman, llanvca, from train ll!rr
an. m t.irtn Vrmttnr. knarLe. from llnmboldt .
22 Am bk Lily Grace,!! nsbc , II day from Qullo
SJ- rMtS Aotralta.7ulioh. from San Iran
Jan 19 Am bk Calbailrn, IInbtard, for an Tran
SI Am limine ,mini. ,tnHui '" -
ri TMhS AoKUalia. To! lob, for Colonte
Haw ecb Jolla. Holland, for ew Hebrides
Veaaela in Port- .
Br bk Lorh Lee. JmVlna
Am btp HopclreiMilnns)
Am brt-IVm U Irwin, Tnrner
Am bk J A i'alkeobcrg. Uoodman
Am bstue W JI Meyer, Howe
Am lern Era, Wikman
Am bktne Monitor, ewball
iter bk Hermann, Hansen. In dlftrcc
Am bk Lily trace, llarfara
Haw bk halakaoa, Jlillrr
lieport of rM Anrtralla, Carrtll comm. -Discharged
ban FranclKO pilot Ifith Jannary, at 425 p. m.
Eiperlencedflrit part moderate westerly wind and line
weather and laturly Itpbt variable wind, moderate
fm. and doll weather, cisbted Man! Sid January, at
From ban Krandeco, rwr Australia, Jan 23- VIS l'L;
enl mdae
For ban Kraiiciaeo, iter Calbarleo. Jan VJ -T7M liai
ucr. S7.1MS bar rtre pwj niacniuery. rae
ammonia. Dom Yal
rert nnce the occunenc, awaitine the result of
Parole's injuries, and they will bow be charted
with And tried fox znanshitiKhter.
I "mm San Franeirco. ler Anfttralla. Jan 21 V. A
Jone L C lltniman, J I on j SI Kipmi, lion J 1. Kaa
tskoM, II V Trance, Mir bevaiice, C E U itltame,
Cohen C Wllttcbcork. MraToler. MIm Toler, SIra
W T Callinrbam, C F Eatttnan. U L Matliera, N
OblandL, J li Wot ler. A W Kirkland, V T KeynoMf,
HLDoJcr bu-13Iarobrlilchin, JbtUbl. aj;aH.
Kaklwncfal, K ftort, L Knntze, h A Thnnlon. It T
I'ola, Mlit XWalkert V Allen, and 35 tterra-e;
In tiani,Hiifot the Colon lee.
From 31ac1 and nkkat. per MoLoltl. Jan U-Mr A
From Kabolo), pr KlUnea Hon, Jan 3WJ ltaltral.
laUev. and alfoul atdrcl
From Kaoa). ler C Iirirhoit. Jau St III Ex tioe 1
rlea. L Abllorn, A Hanncbrre. Nite Dlckw-n. J
ixrwrry and avont It) deck.
From Mind ward l'ori. irr Ltbtia. Jac 21 W Mc-
ForNolokai and Maui, perMokolil, Jan2S-Abont3U
From Kanal, per J i Makce, Jan IT- J L ICichardaou,
PuITIi ! Iimh A 1) (Urrtl TThrr f. Iff
For 3Iaul and Uanalt.pcr )alanl. Jan I3-Jamee
nHinina mhi. jum jueinere mn z t unarm, t.
From JIiol and Hawaii, ikt Iwalanl, Jan IT A 1'
FrirKatiat per Jaa Kakee, Jan 1 Jnde KKaklna,
Ilrrtlf-nuin. C l.reenneld. It Uakalnl. and :i) dn-k.
For ban Franclcco, per Callnrien. JanlC-L bTicb-
IIOIHXbON AHIONG In thla rlly, on the 2uth
ul ai ine rrriunre oi idc uriaecrooiu narrnia
LJIibaftrecl.bTtbeUev. II. II. Tarker. HasnT-ltowx-
fKJK to Miw Ickii Auioxo. No Carda.
TEKARI NKliEAIn thl dir. on the 1Mb Intt..
by the Her, II. liinfrbam.
in uiia cut, on lue ma iueiu .hit.
Oeubie Eimtb Jvuo, mfeof C II Jobnron, ard
31 year.
LAtVLOK In OtUa, OnUrto, Canada. Janaarylf,
Mr. Mbti5 LawLuR, mother of Joun 31. and Vr. Vm
Anocr Towif.
On Monday momiDR, tbe 2lM insU tho lucimry
toodiod TO'
Another prwixxt of a pigeon shooting match at
Kalihl thin afternoon. Time 1 p. m.
Uy the kindness of Marshal Parke papers for
warded by lion. II. V, Seyerancc hare bctn rc-
cetTeu uy oa.
The Saturday afternoon band coLCcrt at Emma
bquare was not as well attended as the excellence
of the music ueHerreu.
The usnal monthly social and literary entertain
ment of the Ladies Benerolent Society of tbe Con
jTCRaUonal Chnrch, Tort Street, will be held la
the basement of the Chnrch to-morrow, (Thursday j
evening. All are inTitcd to attend, strangers es
pecially. The first page of the London GrajJik will be a
perfect wind-fall for the Coronation Committee,
True the central sketch represents a scene rather
more decent and more beantifnl than the coming
Ilntag, but f ketches Nos. 7, 9, 10 rosy and ought
to be utilized.
Mcwrs. J. T. Waterhouse A Co. lure had iron
rings inserted in the curbstone fronting the Fort
fctrvit ttore and carriages can now be left with
safety, after beiog hitched and intending custom
era can haie a better variety of goods offered to
their inpcction, by a walk inside.
The fine schooner .'nm .-owned by Mr. Henry
Macfarlane, is ashore atM'aianae. CapLMaey,
who had command, is reported to have ran tbe
vessel on a sand bank there to nave her from the
effects of contact with tbe rocks of the reef, the
rtrong wind and heavy swell preventing him from
putting to sea.
Among the passengers who arrived by the A -fmM
we notice the names,, of several karaaainas.
lrincipal among them are Comal Severance and
Miss Severance, Mr. and Miss Toler, and Mr. L. A.
There ton.
In this israe is published an essay of Hon. A.
Francis Jodd, read before the V. M. C. A. tn the
evening oi lue ictu inst.
Inter island traffic, both by steam and anil has
been considerably interfered with by the wiud and
The invitations of the Hand JKyS to the corona -
Tho newly elected officers of Geo, Uc Long IVt,
'. A. lt were dulv inbtallcd at tbe rooms of the
Awoaaiion on mo evening oi lue .w iuiv.
Tht regular monthly meeting of the MUbion
hildrena bucietv was held on last Saturday ovin
ia view of an npproaciiiuc dividend the bhar
The usual annual parade of tho Fire Di-part-
Departinent will take a place in the procosiou on
uie oi t eoruary.
From information received from Mr. J. M. Oat,
9 learn that the German steamer JVTwr
The old Transit of Venus house, .nco the resi'
e of Captain Mint, has been fitted up for the
Aion of the Japanese Euvoys. The arrange-
a are saiu to be tery goou inuccu.
E. 1 Adams will bell to-day at tho rcsi-
Jedcc Davidson the entire furniture and
nines on tho TitmiiPfK. lkinraiiiK will nu
port i rum vuau,ax&iviiic L. i, acMtwir,
aran una m.vu uiuuiu UHI1L lur Ken. uc
3 Band gave a moonlight concert on the even-
of tho lPth tntL. si Emma Sunart ami iIih
tioeable. i he concert was the 0CMh in number
i rnunxTvinirp.
Acting rostmaster General Fctcrson, slates that
r a quarter of a ton. tic o.(j1 letters, wcigiung
iouu in weigni oi 4mi ids. s oz.
auc Mir is uuw nearly ci'Ti'erw nuu vuv
rrubabilitiea arc that she will be lowered from the
again ixacea un ner route to winawaru. t ast tioic
is icokea lor on me next rouna trip.
A boat for police nws is a requisite necessity to
aid In the capture of opinm smogglersandtopro
the aid of a boat would be of more service than six
men stationed as they now are on shore.
Frof. C 1L Hitchcock the expected ki en tine
ecturer was among the am rals by the Artraii.
i vj vaae passage on toe missing ?f2.
l'aeole, the. native who received injuries about
e bead daring a drunken row which took place
wit on ice r. JJ s. s. wnarf, tbe occurrence ox
lion was reported at the time, died at the Uosxn-
f the injonr reodred. The nartiea concerned in
irowfuiree oiner natives, nave been umie r ar-.i
The Voet Ofllce attaches, headed by Acting
I'ohtmaster General r-terson, decorated the pri
vate office of their hupcrior, 1 Wmaster General
Kapena, in an elaborate manner with wreaths,
flowtrs and ferns, previous to his arrival, and tbe
comfortable and cost appearance of the place was
greatly increased by thexe floral tributes.
Another business enterprise called Mr. IL J.
Agncw to the Coast per last mail steamer, thu
time he is going to purchase a large stock, of nay
and grain, and to perfect arrangements by vhich
he can be kept constantly supplied. On his return
he will open np the Enterprise Feed Co-," having
as a location a suitable site in the neighborhood
of the Esplanade.
The improvements to the lower end of Fort IsL,
towards the water, are gradually worked mmi.
On Saturday Mr. Emerson (assisted by Mr. Wall)
from the Government Survey office, was engaged
in staking off tbe grade of the road bed. Tbe side
walk in front of the Custom House is being
planked over, a much needed and very detorable
Mr. J, V. Vangenhiern, proprietor of the Eagle
Aipl Cider Factory on Beretanla street, has been
adjudged insane and is now under the care of
Superintendent Wright at the Insane Hospital.
Overwork is bnppotcd to have assisted in his
mental prostration and a reason of rest and
quiet is hoped will have a salutary effect on Mr.
Wangenbiem'a brain power.
The old Globe Hotel premises and the Hackfeld
Eternises on Fort street have peon purchased by
r. James Campbell for the sum of f 21,000. rirca.
We understand that Mr. Campbell intends erect
ing a number of new stores, as soon as the present
leases run out, the longcbt lease is for a period of
two years. This gentleman is certainly making a
number of very excellent improvements in our
The Amateur Musical Society will re-commence
its regular weekly practices on Friday next at the
Music HalL Arrangements hate been made to
select a number of attractive choruses, and a con
cert will bo given in a few weeks, if the members
of the Society will only be prompt in the attend
ance. Members are therefore requested to bo on
bandandhhow a goodtuusUr at 1 30 p. m. on the
day named.
Judge Davidson leaes for the Coast per the next
steamer, the present precarious condition of his
health making it prudent for him to soek a change
of climate. Mr. Davidson daring his residence
among the community has made many warm
friends w ho will Icara with regret his intention to
depart from hence. We wish the genial gentle
man a tom rvf'vf, and hope that tbe trip will give
him the needed good health desired.
The fence enclosing the grounds of the Congre
gational Church on Fort Street, has been removed
from the imonZii side, and the grounds thrown
open for the purpobe of aUowiug the carriages of
members of the congregation to enter thereon and
free tbe street traffic from hindrance. A stout and
well fastened hitching rail ha been placed along
this side of the edifice, and offers both accommo
dation and Kccunty to the owners of carnages and
norses. i ue cnancc is a crcai accommodation lo
the travelling public
Messrs. J. W.ltobcrtaon&Ca.haie arranged a
method bv which the ccneral public can now be
informed of the exact hour of noon. A'polewith
movable ball has been Placed on the old observa
tory on their building, and the ball is hoisted into
position a few minutes before tho noon boor. Ob
servations at the Durvt-y umce establish tho cor
rect time, which is telepuoned to Messrs. llobertson
& Co. and tho ball is dropped. A handy and useful
noon mark, and shows the progressive spirit of the
Tho Government Schools are all exceptionally
full : Fort St. School has JUTi un its rolls, the Itoval
School 575, and the Mililani School 112. The sys
tem of grading which was introduced last year
nafl woraeu very nacctixauuj; mere win doubt
less haro to bo some hhent alterations and
modifications made after midsummer, but on the
whole the main and broad lines on which tho
svKtcni was framed proves to be thoroughly good.
Of ootinw tbe full reulu cannot be seen for three
Hon.J. M. Kapena, LLMs. Envoy Extraor
dinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Japan and
Hon. J.L. Kaulukou. Secretary, accompanied by
His Ex. 31. Sogi, Vice Minister of li. J. M's,
Household, now commissioned as Envoy Extraor
dinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to attend the
coronation, with M. Ishibashi, Secretary of Lega
tion, Hon. Michouori S. Nagasaki, Secretary of
the Imnerial Household, Professor K. Sugi of
Tokio TJnivcrhitv and F. Kskicnelii as Attarlirs.
arrived in this city on the Attttntli from San
r ran cisco.
The Hand Concert on Monday evening was
largely attended. A capital programme had been
arranged by Mr. Berger, which was highly appre
ciated by the audience The most striking pieces
wlio ii Miaramrtiio auu uie selections irom i rart
atn and Hoccirck-. The Hand hao had hard work
lately, tbey have given 7 concerts in a fortnight,
and this has drawn somewhat on their rrjtrrtoirr :
it does credit to the Hand master and his boys that
they have been able to present such a vanely of
music daring this time.
It Las been stated in the columns of contempo
raries that Dr. Stangenwald did not find the same
poison in the bodies of the cat and dog ns that
vuuu uie unuy ui uie viu name, jtAiu4ut,
poisoned by some nukuown person at Kaiuoihili on
me win oi tjctoocr jast, tor wnicu a natiro woman,
Hana. was tried and acouitted at the SuDrcme
Court donnu the nast nast week. Dr.StaniTenwald
distinctly ntated that he had found this same A-
null) BlljbUUlUC, UUl IUUUU 1U 1UO UUUiOU blOIUttCU
but bkewibo in the vis cera of the dg and also in
ice remains oi tue cat.
Two of the crew of the bark Hermann engaged in
a dig ante on board with the cook of the vessel and
one of them to add more force to his remarks
struck the cook in the face with a maul, cutting
his nose and cheek. The other member of the
crew poked a revolver under the nce of tho as-
sauiiea man, ana aesuea to learn iromnunuuo
was sati&ncd or if he had anv objections to make.
CnpL Fred Hansen the master of the vessel came
upon the scene and had the culprits placed in
irons and afterwards had them trausf erred to tho
Police Station where tbev await trial on a charce
oi assauiu
The htearncr AVmm Hot sailed at 2 o'clock this
morning to assist in the search of the missing iwr.
She carries coal encash for a week. Captain Ho
brou sends the elathuowuexpeiiw:inthis
matter ue nas acicu witu uis usual nromntiimie.
and we trust that long ere the week is out, cither
his vessel or the C. II. Jiitj will gather tidings of
the overdue steamer. We are told that the Cap
tain of the C. . lluhvti has been supplied with a
chart of the coarse of tho AtttttvUti, on which is
luaifcou iuu ire ailing wiuus;,ut win guiuoms
course mainly by this information.
A number of building lots adjoining Kapiolani
Park will shortly be offered for sale by the Trus
tees of the Lunalilo estate. There are in all SO lots.
varvinr from to A nemt. Mr. J. namnltell
has comruenoed bonng an artesian well, which it
is noncet win bo able lo supply all the lots witu
pure fresh water. When the lots are put up at
auction there will be a good opportunity for por
chaung a dseirable position for a private residence.
A plan of this portion of the Lunalilo estate, exe
cuted vi ry clearly and neatly by Mr. M. D. Mon-
Barrni, can oe seen at oince oi air. a. i. uoic.
The interest of holders of tickets in the M Grand
Lottery," which nudcr the charge of Messrs. J.W.
1 tuning and M. Mclncrny, was hoped to have been
ho far advanced in tho sale uf tickets as to allow
the nronrietors to declare a drawirurdnrino the
past holidays, the interest of said holders of tick
ets will undoubtedly be enlisted in the manner in
wuicutiie prizes wm be distributed on the Satur
day evening preceding the proposed Coronation
day, viz: February 10th, on which date the drawing
is proposed to take place, at Messrs. Lyon &
Levels auction rooms, Queen street. A few tick
ets are yet to be disposed of and may be obtained
of the proprietors, at their places of business.
Apropos of tlitac Coronation Cards of invitation,
a ury good story is going about just now, for the
truth of which we will not vouch, somewhat to the
following effect: One of our militarv heroes whow
legitimate occupation is rather slack just now, was
employed as a messenger to distribute a number
of invitations, it was steamer day, and the brae
soioier m ins innocence, uiovcu nis packet toa
croun oi passencers. ana was at ouceonereua
good price for one as a curiosity; disciplined virtue
faded for once, and the transaction was effected,
the soldier pocketed his cash and the passenger
his card another offer, another sale and another
and another. The simnle Hawaiian made a rood
Auing oi it, ana sunury loyal citizens are wonOer-
ing wuy uiey arc Wltnoui invitations;
Jemeg Xalre finally towed ns to an anchorage off
the harbor. The lUrvnnn is owned by Mr. W.
SchicI of Lima, Fern, J. Fosa &. Co. agents at
CaJlao, and has now, on board about 840,000 feet
of lumber. The vessel was built at FreerorL.
Maine, in IK, is L30G tons register, and was
formerly named the Umelt Too, and was engaged
in the guano trade. Divers will examin the hnt.
torn of the vessel and after repairs have been
made the vessel will proceed on her voyage.
From the evening of the 16th Inst, until noon
of thlSth. the wind blew strnno fmm th &vniK
and West and all weather indications seemed to
point to the forthcoming of a regular Iw. Dur
ing the prevalance of the high wind the sea at the
entrance to the harbor was breaking all the way
across from the spar buoy to the spot on which
tbe Xiayara lay imbeJdea. During the night of
the 17th the storm seemed to have reached its
height and the heavy sea rent asunder the wreck
of tbe .Yfosrn carrying the after portion of the
vessel in shore off the Quarantine grounds and
moving the forward portion some two, hundred
feet closer in to tbe entrance and about one hun
dred feet mamln of the barrel buoy. At noon on
the 18th there was not a breath or wind but the
sky to the southard and westward was dark and
Finding that it will be impossible to fill his bird
cage or aviary withwell dressed people, the Prem
ier is evidently seeking in the highways and hedges
for the maimed, tbe bald and the blind. An article
last Thursdav Tirofefises to enliehten our small
public on the dress that is to be en rryU on the
Auspicious 11th. The tcist of the invitations is that
people should come dress clothes, seedy clothes,
fine clothes, borrowed clothes, or even no clothes
at all, only come. It wilt be highly satisfactory
to somebody Invited to the MAmphi-theatre oppo
site the entrance, (by the way, in order to follow
out strictly the letter of the invitation, the guests
will have to stand on one another's shoulders!) it
will 1 highly satisfactory, we repeat, for the lady,
after the or her husband has spent a considerable
sum rnrcoronation finery, to find herself with an
intelligent, but somewhat uninitiated boat-boy as
her coraianion during tbe ceremony. She is ure
to go home in a tantrum or else in a condition of
haughty disdain.
When you with rheumatism groan,
Or with neuralgia labor;
He sure to nso St. Jacob's Oil,
And then go tell your neighbor.
Hi win.
A detachment of New Hebrides laborers have
arrived at Ookala; the manager of that plants
lion speaks well of their physique and considers
that they will make excellent hands. This seems
to be tho verdict all round.
Serious complaint is made of the number of
native Uawaiians who are leaving tho settlements
or villages in Hawaii and coming down to settle
in Honolulu. A manager writes that he con
siders this due to the new liquor law : as there aro
no licenses In Hawaii, and as liquor can bo freely
obtained in Honolulu, the temptation is too
strong to be resisted, they leave their little kule
anas and start for gin. Two places are mentioned
as having been almost deserted of native inhabi
tants, where a few years ago there were from SO to
40 families.
Mr. P. Kikoo is now happy in the rtosscssiou of
a son and heir, born to his wife on the lth inst.
Tue residents at Huelo are not favored with
steady and regular communication by steamer and
complaints are numerous.
A new mail carrier is now engaged at Huelo, Mr.
E. Keddcn. and it is believed that the complaints
regarding the delivery will be less than formerly.
No developments in regard to the Maui murder.
The crime ii shrouded In raystery.and H will prob
ably never bo known who was the vilhau who com
mitted the deed.
No case can be made oat against the man who
was scitected of bavins het fire to Mr. Bailey's
cane. Maui is unfortunate in not being able to
nave her crimes detectea.
Wailuka was visited by a heavy wiud from the
S. W., accompanied with very heavy rain squalls,
on Wednesday and Thursday (17lh and 18th inets.)
No damages nave been as yet reported.
The schooner Vrinct went ashore at Uaelo on
the Oth inst. The cargo of the vessel had been
discharged, and tho captain seeing that bad weath
er was coming on, attempted to get out to bca.
His efforts proved futile, so he anchored, and him
flf and crow went ashore. During the night the
lines parted and the next morning the 10tn) tbe
1'rtMrr was good only for firewood. No blame is
attached to the captain, he having done his best
under the circumstances.
A musical and literary entertainment was given
al the rooms of Algcroba Lodge I. O. G. T. on the
evening of the 22nd inst- to an audience com nosed
entirely of members of the organization. The
Tirograiumo presented by tho chairman of the
Entertainment Committee, Mr. Chas. Garrett,
was well arranged and included the following
events : Vocal solo. Mr. Chas. Ikrrill ; recitation,
" lUenzfs Address, Mr. Chas. Miller : vocal solo,
i cauuui txi mo viu Duugs. airs, frank ooa
frey ; reading, Mx. James Nott, Jr.; vocal solo,
MLft Alone." Mr. Jaihos T. White : ta:t,
"Hamite Anecdotes." Mr. T. A.Goodwin. Tins
organization is rapidly increasing in numbers, and
iron ue uucren uten vy ue memocrb uie per
maaencT of the Lodge seems fully established.
CapL Fred. Hansen of the bark Utnan makes
the following report: Sailed from Victoria, B. (X,
Nov. 2), for Valparaiso, Chile. Off Cape Flattery,
in latitude 17 N longitude 123 W encountered a
gale of wind from the S. E. with heavy sea, vessel
rolling and pitching very heavily. On the fourth
day afterward found that the vessel was leaking
badlv. In 17 N 117 W experienced another cale
and found that the water in the vessel was Increas
ing: Kept off for San Francisco, but the water
increasing rapidly, turned about and ran for Ho
nolulu. Threw about O,0G0 feet of the lumber on
deck overboard to liyhten the vessel. Off these
islands (Hawaii) einenenetd stronr S. E. senilis
with heaTj N. E. sweLL Atrired off Vaimanab
ana rent ouni in xar assistance, ice steamer
these Islands received its first assistance and im
pulse from within this Association and it has
continued to be a hopeful feature of oar work and
a prominent subject anon which no funds are ex
pended. With the growth of this work however.
it is not uuncuit to see tnat ice tune is near wnen,
in order to its ereater effidenev and aln lest It
absorb too much of our force ana financial means
it must be relinqnished and somebody whom
legitimate work it is.
Many members of Our Association are doing a
noble work among the native Hawaiian, but it
would not be advisable to add this to the list of
our standing objects, of work and appoint thereon
regular committees, lest we find this too great a
work for ns and the object of our Association be
lost sight of. So also this is not distinctively a
Temperance Society though teaching and enjoin
ing temperance always ; and wisdom will dictate
that all efforts toward compelling the execution of
the law on the subject or agitation having in view
political reform or temperance legislation must be
euiooiDei societies.
It is well occasionallv to take our bearines and
determine our position as accurately as we can,
test our cueruoeu abbocihiiou ion lis ijramtuj
and we find ourselves roaminn over fields so wide
and with objects so diverse that no results will be
produced, and our Association, like that of New
Albion, become Spread out so tbin as to soak in
nna disappear.
United, concentrated efforts to reach the young
men of Honolulu And to bring them within the in
fluences of the Gospel of Jesus Chist is the ulti
mate object of for which we are banded together.
As expressed in the preamble to our Article of Or
ganization, our aim is the MreJigious, mental,
social and physical improvement of ourselves and
others. Let us not lose sight of this. The field
is before ns, and the promise is great. Let us ad
dress ourselves to the work, trusting to ,God to
'. M. C A--General Business, and nn
Essay from Jndge. Jndd.
The regular monthly meeting of the Yoang Men's
Christian Association was held in the vestry of the
Ikthel church on the 18th inst. Mr. Amasa Pratt,
tho President of the organization, in the chair.
The attendance was larger than usual, and includ
ed a number of visitors. After prayer by the Itev.
S. C. Damon, the minutes of last meeting were read
and approved, licports of various committees were
received and acted on. Two applicants for mem
bership, Peter Hansen and A. Holster, were ballot
ed for and duly elected. Hon. A. F. Judd then
read tho following essay on "The Aims and
Objects of the V. M. a A.1
The I'rri't'ltNt and MttnUrnvf the Yonty Men's
i'Jithtittn Atmctathi ttf JIoitoliilH.
Hxnuues : I have been asked to prepare a
short eKsay on the object and aims of this Associa
tion, or rather What is our legitimate work in
this com mnnity ?
A distinctive peculiarity of this institution Is
that it is nH1rn9mialivni1 Our constitution re
quires as a requisite for active membership that
the applicant be a member of mmt evangelical
church. Happily in these islands we hear but
little sectarian or denominational instructions,
but in other countries when the church of Chrut
has not the apparent unity we see here, this feat
ure of Y. L C. As. contributes largely to its
success. I hopo that tho time is near when we
may bae the active co-operation with us of all
evangelical Christians in Honolulu mid especially
mat more oi our ureiuren oi mo aiikuvau muu
will join our ranks.
Another marked feature of this institution
everywhere is that its work is done by laqmtn. It
is not antagonistic to the church, and it should be
its greatest supporter, and as its ultimate object
is the bringing of young men to a saving knowl
edge of Christ Jesus this institution, if success
ful, must bo a feeder to the church, and it has
been well called its "Training School. If wo
detected any tendency among its members towards
exalting this Association to a position higher thau
tho Church of Christ or any spirit other than that
of the truest loyalty to that best of all, (because
divinely ordained) institution we should hay let
it dissolve immediately. Hut we find as human
society is constituted that all who are within
reach of the gospel, Rrc not "hearers of the word.
The church stands open here as in all lands, but
the majority do not enter its doors. In order theu
n inrrpnnn the n trpressiva do wer of the church
these associations have been formed and their
hihtory for the past twenty years abundantly
proves their value in this respect. Our work,
therefore, in Honolulu should be that of drawing
unconverted men to Christ and His Church and
incidentally aud as a result of Christian activity
the development of a spiritual life among our own
memuers. am mis result is noi w w reacut.-u ni
nnn. Thfi vonnp man ordinarilv must be at
trarted. inflneneed and persuaded before he is
ewnvrrted. His feet must be drawn willingly to
the House of God and until he is ready to go Uie
first work ii to give his mind, his social instincts
and bis tastes, something intrinsically attractive,
which will feed his better nature and draw him
away from sin and then, the ground of his heart
made fallow and the seed being planted, faith in
the efficacy of the Holy Spirit makes us believe
thit then his heart may be changed.
To mrticularize, there must be social methods
and agencies employed to draw young men from
scenes of dissipation and evil. As a place, where
these may be rrovided.our building is being erected.
Here roust be a reading-room, made pleasant and
accessible; also where the best newspapers can be
found, and letters written. We hope oar parlor
will provo to be an attractive place for young men
to meet lor conversation aua inenuiy intercourse.
With a well equipped Gymnasium, and occasional
lectures, readings, concerts, and other entertain
ments in the Hall above, our hope is thit the inno
cent recreation there provided may draw young
men to this snot. Here too prayer meetings may
be held and Bible classes meet, and religious ser
vices be conducted to which some may be willing
to go who do not go to cnurcn services, uui mis
work to be done, raising the walls of our building
is a small part of the work before us. A glance at
the standing objects provided lor in our ixtnstl
tinn Khnwtt that the nrotectors of this" Association
havo high aims and wide views. I give them, not
in their published order, and classify as follows :
First wort outside tue wans oi our Jissoaaiion
building: Offering hospitality to btrangers, visit
ing prisons, uospitAia anu snipping, vuuiauon oi
the sick, destitute and afflicted, including the sick
nmnnr niir own memltcrshin: furnishinc cmplov-
tnent, distributing reading matter, presumably to
the inmates of prisons and hospitals, and to those
on board of idups and to the sick.
Second. t otic inside tne wans oi an Association
llailding entertainments which fairly include
Lectures, Headings. Concerts, and other improv
ing recreations; Libraries and (those in our build
inrr mnct: he intiindedl lteadinff ltooms: and
Third Work which may properly be done both
within and without our Association rooms. Public
preaching, either in our Hall or in other parts of
the town, not in the churches. Prayer-meetings
the same. Sunday Schools probably most of this
work is intended to be done in connection with tbe
regularly organized schools; but if classes can be
gathered together, for whom there is no room in
inn f hnTrh fMinnav ncooMLiDtn esi&DUSK mem
iu our building at convenient hours. Classes for
instruction: These are doubtless intended to give
opportunitv for the formation of classes for spec
ial instruction evenings from among those who
are toe eld or too poor to attend the regular schools
of the cit. Here is an opportunity for instruction
in book-ping in the sciences and in tbe lan
guages. A class In Hawaiian might soon be started
for those who desire this qualification for positions
on plantations, or in government employ, or
wherever Hawaiians are to be dealt with and
lastly, such other lines of Christian work as the
AIiWCUIUUU LUBJp uviu uwo uuk.,
To this must be added the work upon which
earii member of the Association is appointed a
committee bv virtue of his membership, of setting
a consistent example as a Christian and of put-
tuigxortniersonaienorisiowarus reclaiming tue
wandering. Kathcr than extend this list, I fear it
lnlr srmni nver ton wide a domain, and ex
perience may show that we shall accomplish more
tracted list of subjects. M e cannot undertake the
uuiMMifit of relhnous affairs in this com
munity. The subjects of our works are the young
men of our race in Honolulu, and to secure fei
social, moral and religious welfare should our
efforts be directed. . ...
I am much impressed with a series of articles in
the Centttry May: hy Kev. Washington Gladden.
Chan. IX describes the method bv which the Y. M,
C A. of New Albion came to its death by
spreading out itself so thin that it finally soaked
in and di&anrteared. While not agreeing with
the article in tbe idea that tbe church can best do
tbe work of tha V. M. C. A. it has given me
rnuch food for reflection. Ours b not a mission
ary organization distinctively. This field of both
Foreign and Home Missions is well occupied by
the Tiatrxiin iVianl and the subsidiarr organiza
tion of the Hawaiian 1 isson Children's Society
ynd Womana Board of Missions. It is quite true
mat tared ijarisuaa wort oroona; iue vumcw ui
Hy the arrival of the P. M.S.S. Jfvf in
this port on the 23d InsL, we havo received foreign
newspaper dates to the ICth inst. Herewith we
present a condensed summary of the latest news
from all parts of the world:
Hon. Lltsha Allen. Hawaiian Minister at Wash
ington is dead. I
Leon Garabetta is dead.
Hon. W. P. Gladstone is seriously Indisposed, j
New YortK. Januarv 3d. The Herat savs edi
torially: The telegraph brings'us from San'Fran
cisco,nt somewhat too frequent intervals of late,
accounts of the splendors of the coming corona
tion of King Kalakana, We are sarprised that
American and other foreign residents of the isl
ands havo not long ago tired of thee absurdities
and extravagance of this ridiculous King. Those
island rulers who were of pure native blood, re
tained tho character of tbe chiefs of their people,
and this role was not without dignity and for a
useful purpose. Kalakana inherits direct from his
lamer a tendency to extravagance, me pomp ana
fuss of which makes him not ruler but a tiresome i
and costly nuisance. We Advise American resi-1
dents on the islands to take him in hand before
he has time to ruin tho material interests and ,
bring distress ou tho native population whom he j
is misusing, liko the shallow demagogue that he is. I
The resources of the Sandwich Islands are ex
tremely limited, and Kalakana Is daily wasting
them. Not long Ago he tried to raise a public loan
of $2,000,000. I ortunately for the interests of for
eign residents and natives alike, he found no one
so looiisn as to lend tms sum upon me security ot
a country w hich will be bankrupt if the reciprocity
treatv is not continued, and whose present debf of
a ouarter of a million is more than it can renav
oat of its income in one hundred years without op
pressive taxation.
It is time foreign residents of the islands, and
particularly Americans, who make up the greater
number, should pnt an end to Kalakaua's waste
fulness. They have influence and force enough to
change whenever they want to do so. They may
think it injudicious to go so far as that, but they
owe it to their own manhood and to the security
and the future prospects of tbe islands to force
him to stop his wasteful and ridiculous course,
and if he will play at King to do so with some sort
of sense and moderation. Matters have gone so
far on the islands within tho last year or two that
tbey have attracted the attention of our own Gov
ernment, We should like to know that a powerful
American war ship were ordered to be constantly
in the harbor of Honolulu for the protection of
our own people on the island, and not only for
that, tbe Captain of the ship ought to have orders
to give his countenance and assistance to any step
which the misconduct of Kalakana may cause tbe
foreign residents to take at any moment for their
own protection, even if they should go so far as to
expel Kalakana from the so-called palace, and set
up n useful, sensible government of their own.
They will havo to do this before long, and there
are Americans of brains and energy enough In the
islands to do this useful and necessary work,
which is demanded for the safety of the native ns
well as of the foreign population.
IIk&un. Januarv 12. Tho Emperor William, at
his own instance, has increased his contribution
from the Imperial Fund towards tho relief of the
distressed by tbe floods. The Emperor said in
making the increase, that it was intolerable to
think that hundreds were shivering from cold and
Hunger wuue ue was sitting m a warm room.
The Oceanic steamer Suet sailed from San Fran
cisco January 9th, for Honolulu with a cargo
vaioea at out ?a,ow anu a inn list oi passen
The whall House at Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
was burned to the ground January 9th ; over 100
lives were lost.
It is stated that tho Czar has stened a decree
disolving all secret societies in Hussia.
Telegrams from Vtadivostock report a move
ment by China against Corea possible.
Ou board the CHv of ltruttel. reported lost at
the month of tho Mersev. there weraOSti letters
from Kan Francisco, bearing date of December 21,
1NS2. She had also New York mails of December
28, 1W2.
Fresh placards, denouncing tho Emneror of
Austria, havo been affixed to the Italian Consulate.
The Austrian Government has seized two des
patches sent to a Vienna newspaper and sent from
Dlsastcrons floods in German v. manv people
rendered homeless. Great destitution is reported
anu ahsiHiancu is ueiu given vj luo cuii-rur auu
Cabinet Ministers.
Arabi Pasha and his fellow-exiles havo arrived
at Colombo, Cej Ion.
There aro several steamers overdue at ft ew l ork.
One, the arrival of which is watched for with
much interest, is the Pa row iff, bcanmr. Mme.
Alt the eveninfT naiiera nt Paris published a
rumor ou January lltli of tho death of the Km
peror of Germany, but the Conn-it r la $ir was
the oidy one which affirmed the rumor to be true.
Hava's agency received tbe news, but has hesitated
to send it to tho pipers without confirmation.
Darin? a Performance at n circus in Heruicheff.
Hussian Poland, a fire broke out. and before tho
spectators could er.cn po the whole structure was
ablaze. Three hundred persons perished in tbe
Tho estimated loss by the floods In Germany will
reach cVKXl.OUO marks. Tho total number of lives
losst by tho Hoods in the vicinity of Jjuuwlguavcn
la CBlllUAieU Bb 101LYUI1C.
The funeral of the Hawaiian Minister Allen
occurred at 11augor,Me., Saturday, January Gth.
intense cold.
Tho Mavor of New York has been ordered to
show cause- why a writ of mandamus should not
issue commanding him to issue and grant a license
to Salmi Morse for the production of the Passion
i lay.
The Senate of California met Januarv 9th. after
two previous ineffectual efforts to secure a quorum.
A permanent organization was effected by the
election of the Democratic caucus nominees, as
President, it It. P. Del Vane; Secretary,
Edxin F. Smith : Assistants, J. J. McCarthy and
A. r. Vogelsang; Scrgeant-at-Aarms, F.G. Mcsick;
Assistant, J. II. nydnor ; Minute Clerk, A. A. Tay
lor ; Assistant, It. G. Falk ; Journal Clerk, Wm'. J.
McGee; Engroshing Clerk, Geo. F. Tuttle; Post
mistress, airs. . u. uaviu.
Resolutions were adopted allowinc the tempora
ry officers one week's pay ; also appointing George
jiucauer uuu uiuuiu ouiuau vjhiom?cjjvio j
aiso, man uamer, ai. u. jicuann.
The Hawaiian Treaty.
Washington, Jan. 3rd. The House Committee
on Foreign Affairs, it is expected, will take final
action on the bill pending before them since the
early part of last session, abrogating tho Hawaiian
llcciprocitv Treatv. at their meeting on Friday
next. There have been several more petitions re
ceived from St. Louis and other places, asking for
the repeal of tbe sugar clause of the treaty, even if
the other parts were allowed to stand. It will be
remembered that the Committee found itself
equally divided at its meeting held before Christ
mas. Governor Ortb, the absent member, has
since died. Much depends, therefore, on whom
Speaker Keifer will appoint to nil the vacancy in
the Committee. Williams of Wisconsin, Cliairman
of tbe Committee, does not know whet Her he will
be able to be at tho next meeting, mount of Geor
gia, who fought hardest Against the treaty, is ab
sent at home, but it is thought he will return by
urag to me ueatn oi .Minister Alien, it is saia
the Hawaiian legation had requested the House
uommmeoon toreign ah airs u postpone nnai
action on the bills and iouit resolutions respect
ing the report of the treaty between Hawaii and
the United States. Should the legation make a
formal renuest. the Committee will not take, as
was proposed, its final action next Friday, but will
defer action until the Hawaiian Government can
substitute a representative In place of Allen. He
The House Committee on Foreign Affairs has had.
since their introduction and reference List session,
three bills and one joint resolution on the subject.
ins urns are substantially toe same in their pur
noses. Two or those are to terminate the con
vention or treaty of Jane 3, 1875, with tbe realm of
iits-jiajesty, Aing oi tue iiawauan islands, ana
iue omet urn ii wt pruviue lor me collection ui mo
daties imposed by law on alt sugars Imported from
the Islands above the cride of sucar known in
1573, in tho markets of San Francisco and Port
land, as Sandwich Island sugar. The House joint
resolution before the Committee has reference to
the establishment of a customs union treaty with
tbe Government of the Hawaiian Islands. It re
quests the President to open negotiations looking
ia iuc uiuiaiiuu ui n cuaiums uuiuu wiui iiawsu
by which the customs tariff of the United States
shall be applied in those Islands on all goods com
ing from co entries other than the United States.
While a majority of the Committee oppose rescind
ing tho treaty entirely, they will vote to give the
reauircd twelve man tha' notice to suspend com
mercial relations. A joint resolution and bill for
me same purpose nave oeen ior some ume uciore
me oenate txraimittee on t oreign iteiations.
Wjuaasaiwr, Januarys. The Senate to-day in
an indirect way expressed itself on the question of
abrogation of the Hawaiian Treatv bv referring in
the finance Committee Morrdl's resolution abro-
Sung the treaty, by a vote of 31 to 20. In moving
e reference of hi3 resoluiton to the Committee
of Finance, Morrill said: At the time of the ne
gotiation of the treaty tbe importation of sugar
from the Hawaiian Islands was quite small, but
under the treaty it went on increasing from year
to year, until in 1882 the amount imported would
yield, under the tariff, doty to the amount of
oHt,00l while the whole amount of our exports
to the Islands was 37000. Therefore, if vn
had given the Hawaiian Government all our ex
ports ana f nwuu additional, we s&ocid De as well
off as we are under the treaty. The intention of
Congress had been defeated bv the Importation of
grades of sugar not designed to be admitted under
the treaty. Muscovado, brown, and that known
as Sandwich Island sugar were those intended
to be admitted, but by the In trod action of the cen
trifugal process of manufacture these sugars, as
they coma here, were even toa Uv refined, some of
them being as high as No. 16, Dutch standard.
The production is constantly increasing, and the
benefits of the treaty are being received, not by
nativ Hawaiian, but by specula tors who have
gone there since the negotiation of the treaty, and
wbo do not even employ native, bsl import their
laborers from China and Japan. The argument
in favor of xuamtaining the treaty that it gives
the United Btates a foothold on the Hawaiian Isl
andshe thought of little weight. He did not favor
the Idea of ever attempting to establish a sort of
"Jingo" empire In the Pacific In case of wax the
Hawaiian Islands would go to the Power having
the strongest naval force, and our having a foot
hold would make no difference.
Frwm (A ytte Tort
Vfknimcrmx. Jan. Al. It i expected thai the
sub-committee of the House Committee on For
eign A ffairs will jirepare & bill to afford the relief
asked by the sugar interests of the United States,
by providing for a duty on certain grades of Ha
waiian sugar, without abrogating the treaty en
tirely. There Is, however, a strong teutiment in
tha committee in favor of abrogation.
The sugar lobby is vigoroody at work, but bow
even the sugar lobby can modify a treaty without
the consent of both of the contraetini parties is
not yet apparent. Any law enacted by Congress
iu wnuic wim a wa ltsisi mj; urniy wooiu,ot coarse,
be invalid and void, inasmuch as. next in order
after the Federal Constitution, a treaty Is the su
preme taw ot the tana. uen, in iivi, tne nouse
of Itepresentatires, on the motion of Mr. Edward
Livingston and;by a vote of 61 to 38, requested
President Washington lo send to that body the in
structions from the State Department on which
the Jay treaty with Great ltntain was negotiated,
the President politely informed tho Houc that the
President and Senate constituted the treaty mak
ing power ; that the Jay treaty bad been ratified
by the Senatej that the assent of the House was
not necessary to tbe validity of a treaty; and,
finally, that it is essential to the due administra
tion of the Government that the boundaries fixed
by the Constitution between tbe different depart
ments should be preserved. For all these reasons
President Washington said that Ma jast regard to
the Constitution and the duty of my office' for
bade him to comply with the request of tbe House.
In the matter of tbe Sandwich Islands treaty it
would obviously bo verv inconvenient as well aa
silly for the House to advice the abrogation of a
treaty which tho President is convinced should net
bo abrogated. Congress has neither the power
nor the right to compel tbe President to abrogate
a treaty. As this Sandwich Islands treaty relates
to tho revenue, the House has a right respectfully
to invite the lresident to give the I loose his views,
if President Arthur has any views on the subject,
he may in certain circumstances refuse to give to
the House.
The Sandwich Islands treaty U a reciprocity
treaty under which, in consideration of the admis
si on into those islands of a large Ut of American
products free of duty, the United States promise
to admit Sandwich Island sugars free of duty Into
our ports.
If any average ltepublican member of Congress,
not being, interested in the sugar lobby, will con
sult any good atlas and tee how plainly tho thirteen
Islands of the Kingdom of Hawaii lie in tho track
of Hritish commerce between the Isthmus of Cen
tral America and China, and wilt then consider
what is going on In Downing street in London
about those islands, perhaps he will peroclvo that
there is something in our diplomatic relations with
the King of the Hawaiian Islands, quite as im
portant as the sugar lobby. The imports into
those islands now amount to more than fire millions
of dollars a year.
It may be worth while, too, for tho House Com
mittee on Foreign Affairs to cousider the fact that
our Government has invited Mexico to send com
missioners to Washington to negotiate a reciprocity
ireaiy. aii xico naa acccpicu mo inviiatlou, ana
the President has appointed cx-Prcsident Grant
and Mr. Trcscot as his negotiators. Diplomatic
relations between Mexico and Great liritain have
been suspended eer since lfc7. The imports into
Mexico are now over thirty millions of dollars in
value, tho chief of these being woollens, cottons,
linens and silks, all of them Articles for which the
manaf acturers of the United States need a market.
The chief exports from Mexico aro drags, sugar,
silver, indigo, tobacco, coffee And hides. Is there
no ltepublican member of Congress who has eyes
to see what these things means;
New Yobx. Jan. 10th. The Triton cditorialIv
says : If the there were no other reasons for throw
ing the Hawaiian Heciprocity Treaty into tbe
waste basket the moment it expires, the corruption
and frauds growing out of tho Clans Spreckeht
sngar interests would be sufficient. Tho Treaty
amounts simply to a charter granted to Clans
Spreckels to charge what he chooses for sugar, and
control the American interests in the Sandwich
Islands in such a manner that Clans Snrcckcla'in
teref shall not be endangered, though, the treaty
was concluded under the supposition and assur
ance that it would furnish cheap sugar to Califor
nia and promote the interests of Americans in the
Islands. The editorial also further asserts that
bpreckels has choked off overland competition by
bnbing tbe Central Pacific 1 tail road to put up
rates on sugar shipped from tho East, and says
for its infamous part in the corrupt bargain with
Lviaus oprecaeis, mo wmroi racinu rtauroau ougm
to be severely punished, and to brine Claus Spreck
els to terms, the treaty ought to be abrogated.
The least that can be be done is to throw it to the
dogs when it expires, and giro California n chance
to get sugnr as cheap as other people.
We perceive by one of our Massachusetts, U. S.
- exchanges thatDr. Lorenzo Waite, of West-
field, an eminent physician of Berkshire Co of
that state, strongly indorses St. Jacob's UiL With
it he cured a caso of sciatica that had resisted all
regular professional treatment, and that had in
xact been aoanuoneu as lncuraoie.
The Missing Steamer.
The Oceanic steamship Sues, Capt. Dodd, is
reported by our San Francisco exchange as having
sailed from that port on tho 9th inaL Fears aro
therefore entertained for the safety of tbe vessel
and pAssengers ou board a large number ot whom
are intimately connected socially and In business
reIationswith residents in this community. No
list ot passengers is obtainable but tho supposi
tion amongst their friends is that Mr. and Mrs. 8.
M.Damon, Mr. W.U. hrailb, Airs. Atberton and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Do La Vergne, Mrs. A. W.
Hush. II. F. Poor, and S. Sehc are amonrst thorn
on board. It Is to be hoped that tho vessel has
been only temporarily stopped on ncr voyage ana
that at any moment her arrival off the harbor will
be telephoned.
to tii a cracvE.
Messrs. Foster Jk Co. have been applied to by
friends of thoso people w ho aro supiioscd to be
passengers on board the mihhiugstcamer,and that
firm have withdrawn tho steamer C, it. liitlmp
from her Kanai route, discharged all the freight
that had been taken on board, havo supplied tbe
vessel with coal and provisions for a ten days trip
and she will sail at 10 o'clock thU rooming in
search of tho missing vessel.
Later information has been received that II. 11.
M.'s CommiHsioucr, Major J. Hay Wodehousu, on
behalf of the Hritish Government, has agreed to
join with the Government of this Kingdom and
the friends of tho expected passengers in defray
ing the expenses incurred, and the lU-tkvpxtill pro
coedlm a search voysgo across tho Pacific to the
port of San Francisco. On leaving here tho I'iVA
win taae a man ior mo exmsi.
a. BNOLiiro cd.,
Agents for the Superior' Stove
Jno. A. Palmer. : : : : W. W. Kllbourn.
The above Firm will open for Business, nbonl January 25th.
At No. 113 Fort St.. Near Hotel St.
-writJbL JS. F-vULX Lino ol
!Pateiit Medicines,
Toilet Articles & Fancy Goods
They will also Manufacture
Telepliono INTO. 297.
91 TtW
Relieved Distress.
The Honduras bark Hermann, Capt Hansen.
arrived off Waimanalo. this island, on the morn
ing of tbe lLh inst, and the captain immediately
sent a boat on shore with the information that the
vessel was laden with lumber, was 4'J days out
from Victoria, It. d, had experienced a hurricane
lit 1st 17.1031X., lung. IZiSJoVf. and in which
tbe vessel sprung a leak, 'iho crew wcro ex
hausted from couhtant dntv at the nunioa and
Captain Hanson desired ashistance to reach tho
port of Honolula, At IS:I5 Mr. John Cammlngs
telephoned tbe above information to Messrs. F. A.
Schaefer & Co. and that firm being unable to
obtain the services of the nbcleas and unorna
mental Government tag l'thf word was sent to
Messrs. Foster A Co. In 15 minutes thereafter the
steamer Jatnet JtUrr.tJain. MclJouald commander
was on her way out the harbor to the assistance
of the distressed vessel, a notable Instance of the
celerity with which our inland steamer owners
respond to calU for aid. CapL McDonald came
alongside tho distressed vessel oft Coco Head and
having carried out a crew of auxiliaries, placed
theru on board the l!crmuHt they relieving the
fatigued crew, then making fabt, towed tho vessel
toward Honolulu harbor arriving off the entrance
in saieiy, wucro uy uireciioua oi mo puoi me
Hermann, dropped anchor, tho Jamt- Male- arriv
ing back in iort again at HSJ0 p. iu. Credit is
due to Messrs. Foster & Co. for sending a steamer
almost ready to laavo on her reimlar route thus
delaying their own business, and credit is also due
to uapiain .aicLonaiu wuo so sacces&iuuy accoru
plishrd his mission. It may be interesting to
mention that Capt. McDonald s instructions were
to stay by the vessel if the weather was such that
ho amid not tow her, and if such had been the
case the J tritium, uapu nates would nave been
sent to render additional assistance.
Licentloniness and Drunkenness
Editob Giztttk: History repeals itself. It tells
us that there was fiddling while Home was born-
inc. Is there any analogy between this fact and
tbe preparations now being made fer the grand
fiddling to take place next month?
We are not expecting any literal conflagration
on that day. but a more dreadful tiro is gradually
consuming the life of this people. Licentiousness
ana urnnxenness, 11 not cneckea win soon uesuoy
the nation. The paramount effort of this govern.
ment now should be to raise the standard ot mor
ality; the enaction of laws for the suppression of
drnnkennesa and other vices, rather than st-end
their resources in invoity. donah was sent to
warn the Mnevites of imnendine doom for their
sins. The King heeded the warning. He aroso
Irom nis throne, covered nimseii witu sactciotn
and sent forth a decree, "let man and beast be cov
ered with sackcloth, and every one turn from his
evil ways.' This is a time when sackcloth is more
appropriate man royai roues oi ermine.
gut(hn ;ths.
Byl7s. PRATT" & Co,
After this Date
Eegular Eoom Sale
in r . riun tv.. akih
rPIIK K1XK UKSIDfcXCi:, . !)
ftr Appljto A. A. MOSTAJIO,
g I'botomph Cilery, cor. Tort and Kl.g at.
a rTKi: this datk i willxot
XJl. be rcfpomlble for debt contracted against the
AJiit-ia. ie.b nuKhs wiinmii a wiiucn "Jrart
from wuilam McKay, w. e. rvsTCK, rroprletot.
IlooolalB. J angary 6th, lt VSt la
SteeX IL alls
Railways !
15 ft lengths; 14 lbs. to the yard
iatt reeetvnl per "Duk of Aberreo, "
from UrcipooL
t-ABly to VT L. ORE EX. or
tm WWS AjlU'(Ii.Fir-tr'C
3?rfr Idctrlistmrnfs.
Ah avwry PrarrtpMow t
m cosntAcrrD tok.
Sole anta to tbe UUm4 tr ia
Montague Range,
chcvuxs ih mas oi tmitinw
Has 3FLo cl vlc o cl Ratos
For Hulling and Dressing Hawaiian Paddy
TO -
A Yield of 70lSs. lYIcr chant able Rice from
100 lbs. Mo. 1 Clean Paddy
San Francisco and Other Markets iu tlio U. S., not only the preference, hat
BETTER RATES than tho Product of the Hawaiian Mill which, at a rule, m
delivered al thoso Market in a woro or le. STAINED AND ULLAGBP
Consignments of Paddy Solicited,
AGENT IN HONOLULU, Proprietor India Rica Mill, San Fran.
Wtip will nuke literal Ailraucvfl on Cuiuicntucul. of faddy to Sui Ftamwa v a m.
E. O. Hall & Son 1)1 V
i:i.i us im
Hall'sSteelPlows -
At the California hirniture uo.s More,
Cnttln from 2 to IS Incbt mad foi lb-m
ibeMotlno Plow Co.
nr n i 'Uui e or
vvi ii u v. til V. iixlij mm m I ana. i a
" uinEMM'S'Upnght Pianos!
of every di-wlptlon medd on th Mud j
.11 kind
LTJIimCATTN'a OlLS-bcist stock In tlw rarlt,
KEltOSENE OIlr-Doirncr'i!, Noonday IdutMl:
SOLID SILVElt WAKE from the Oorhim Co.
rOWDEllS dl kinds from Civl. l'owdtr Work.:
A Splendid Atnortmentt
LEATHER Of All IU-criitlon;
HT Oal Good, arc f tbr bt.t quality ttr h.rirr.hl
for cash, arvalwaya new. KorpankaUr., ..rrrrrov
ntomrr. aod I'UltXIlS 1. OUR VH DESCRIPTIVE
ClTllOGUE.llcl re lll d aaj our apo. .pli
cation, or call an4 examlh.oaf Pplradkl Mn of Uvnd.
Kin; MlecU, IlonoUla.
llaae citalnntlt- n ban.I,
Iiarso Quantitloa
.Mannrattnrrd hj I'jrl Rot Bi(h.
Hrrdf, and f'rnrt
;Mrr. . 1.
Tl "in" RUB
Havo Now Been
In ai FraM.' ami is rjviy . .
Have tiiven l'erfecl Satisfaction
IU can nufHrHllj r irwnrn4 them an
and iM fjarraat OWm H ff
arr naaafactafM m m Xk wh-tr fcv
Of Tlioj- InitrtitiidU-i
Are now in Use
Combine all the latest and Sest
Hay and Grain
oi all kind. whkJi we offer to pmrcliaT at U
Lowest market rates
Oar Stock l fcBCwed Vj ccfc arm
from take CoL
nctne pbcpabeu
to CS-rlTicX Goto. lxi
of all kind, at aaj tine
Pacific Mutual Life losarance Company,
State InTMtmcnt Ininrancc Company,
or CAtrrosstA.
rXoorerr Telephone, tbe Simplot. Beat,
HonoUla. Jan. Jd. IOJ
r.lat U'tallbE Aetna.
tzr.fe A rra.gr want
tr Tarr P.. EtlrMnlrBtfT fVan BrltHnawr
and 4aa af Tw.H ( I a. Er.a..w of Tnach
an4 1 r AtmmUm af nnwl
V pr. ,u: MATTlllAt t-KAT tt .ftan
rrancM Ani 'or kr UIEHITES
. W'OKtnl lo All th. Xlrical Wt a.
raraMkTkrK M?!r4!4 lartrannt.
it m Kssrs urn
. Inhnar rcwarrnrd tanaaa. lanodlaa Trnf
aunt U Mr. Joiln nu. ai-
Urd Wjrlt. trufpU la dnnrw nnjat . - - U tai
WTiS'Hi'JTaa 9ay
off AccerxT wrivjurrrax
AIWA, Wta.aM.atojUrrtMt
IS TXKT as rougpr
ilUanMi Kaya. Wtj.p Cwtaaa iy c mm wfr
I Vm TMfl tUtK Br a4 ratmm :
kMtlM Black. ttMMI VaMMwlH.
frtlnwa, llMltta CHntrii. wiiw
H MJ.Wrt. tta.ua. IHMnM.1.
Canm uta anwKww.iu wm.
nahPT n4 ysw.wn. It.fi 'f iMtu
3tnt 4Tn. Want naa.
UniamMO' btylmaam
Larsf Koa OfHcf TW, W Wit-
nut Booaratr, Mhr Chair
and TlMe.
a. r a n vn- awravs.
Thursday. Jaavtux S.
11 1. .1. . eattM .
Tymrssr goods:
it PAaT l Tli "t
Amoskcag Denims.
Amoskeag Tickiaf.
Fine Silk KAndknrciiefe.
ai iln U'naly. 9a.hi.an tanw
A4m tnHilala.. Mn. nrnnnnn a tnaa a nwn.iL,
'Ullifc n . C naaii. anrf WV nan in.
-in nn4 ai,...J -ay.. - miaiini iraim
Line ofFineCala.Manket3
rT- Wfc M artlrta - Mfc IMtMk
Linen Dress Geeds, Prints.
Ien's, Bojs", and Toaths Clottaf.
Line of Fresk Groceries I
Sacks of Brawn Sugars.
A Small Lot of Furniture.
tt-n. n. na wianaa nana. IJ ana.
A Small Lot I'ltcks n Jlrw
I llrake. ltim- X rtaato.
Thursday. Pebruary 1 5
111 u ..n.in. .. n. al
tirv uu ti:v.
a;, r. aeAjax anfn
Auction Sale
a i n nr. ni Baaaaa. XM na Minx
The Fremites in Waialua. Oaho,
OrriipltMt hjr thf Vtitm Frnili
t ' maaaaai4 n. tM a- nan Am.
TTilh lh RaiUlaaa Iiwm. Ttlhr Tntrt
rw Pwtw lafcanannlin nany n. I. M. tnn.
it IN Jv .TinaMn4ta.
Previous to the Arrival
n TM
Just JLrriveti I
3UNX pon malxo
Lisiht I'orlabto Railway Rais
Mrarxat Mnl iUILv'tt tan. ( tan- nari.
IMaVinuill. - Mninitl .m
nan. innwnt" a- . natonnra. .
njnmtt - an naina n nn m
tm rnrtnnr na.rir.lana mnnan nn
t (. ar
'. at KAnriAknVanf
i.-oit sale:
i-t4 Wk. JtJtt
mm hiiuw case,
8Pt Htl 80J3nBIBJ3f aKHaMP
Att n mmirn
An.- I. 'nnnwfflnr4n rTMwoni.n.B4.afr, wm
r. . ?)t.ltS . Jfc-MWn,
ucu r tntrLUrootta. w
Sav - nkrXlar
TVntljrti' XV" AHK1TVCK it
lM. .IT '--.Itwn-r

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