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P. M.S.S.Co.'s Time Table for 1883.
ir.j'J . . .rckllk-nTt3tc. York., r.jjj
Salt s"s XMrkit'ioauiiu.- J51,
CHjtTV. .!UjrA.rl..
Xtrtnlta .. - .JljCtJJl?
CUT Inrlltt -IV -wiru.
wry sew -txc IT ArrUa
ecft. Vat Ur Itlaa4 tradt a Vc mlU as uaca Im
jmU tamhaaU wtta WBjtaadnlITee
lhir tt t rail nan. na p
ecca t? Ut ah.; t wHlti atcMwr
-Vt . R. BUip Bid KUaMAUM ta ; W e-
ta,-anry withdraw! f tLi'l
cvaa.. k.TC ah W delay U tact.- rX
aatrary -( and rk wraiatx Mpcrienc. th"
.ryrthw lecair; hat ryrlceJ the he-
ltilK MM trace J
r... iai-t.ilaB a hrV o:inKt
d rcrttat a trU ntit
the -H and fee;- "d n?"
t.,: a fUtrm an etffe.
TV. a-pcrts l w. cwUtrf Uftawin
cgrw . . BCTI.ritadltI It-V Alatyaad
a V r-maria, pr DaktA u4 Ut-
h.ndV AVraa ft" Glaas-r . .
4.r4. tk. la tn lastlara kv lb A O
I-r:a rlliBTS aad W UKow.tto
A. It W ft fM w afaMat tliv Tti MI Tillfllnf
Mr 11 W AImt. FrMfliaa. from b P
Z a trrm P4ku. WratA. tram rwi Tbikm
crv lliw tmr KJUf Hoc r. from
iinvoVnl EJMTkntL from L'sIIm
Am I k Luik Kan&AU. IWixaa. fn IW Gn
Ji3 Ua itm-C RBUbop. Cmfw. fcnit
lUw Imt Klvrs 11 cm, Sarv. tor a crmlte
A an ira Er, Tlk.aiAa, fi 3 "
T Am r: Untl lrvta. Tumi, for i
Uw fcUUV- XUVrr. (or S 1'
Am J A I'arVrz. Ooodntn. fr T
-Xn VtM W U Mcjtt. Hm. t r
Veaael In Pert.
IIBXD Xittjic. Uwsrtl.
I UcUnui, Wll
Am beta nrapcrlaa, VlBilas.
Act ai. II W AIM', rtmt
Am Vc Xoraiax Mar. Bray
Am at? Uop. irplrtar , , t
tier bi. Umua&a. lUawa. fa ditiv
Am bk L-lr lrrr- Uia
AM aala EH.
Am im DaAffia. Wtd
Am bk. L Xanaali. Bnxn
Br p. Afcnaaua. Cbpman
fac a Fraac ,c, prr KaUVaaa. Ja SJC3 K
azar 3W) IW ric. T.Ctt tU M4at,3U Iktwf
In Dri Val OAi'
rcf a rraaritro. prr Wai l lrwia.JtB SI-14TLTS
;V -ar SU CTm fckdrt, S,w Iba dry hMrt.
?,ri" lb am Un, V.tt) lb Ullow. SK back basae
at IXan Val J'ltfil-
ror aa Fr9clco, tJ A 1'aIVraVmrr. Ja Tt
EI iba aarar, .Au iWrie. lt.vniba woot.H)bJ
a-mrcae,4 bsi bfttl JaT. 13) b&cfaa aaaatLa; Dm
rr aa rrucuc. rr En, Jaa A Laadcrrrva A
,ff, r JicKnaxy j W Yeanc
IX tjdarr prt AaHralta, J8 -F L. J Fart7,
U K LafaUtf
Far Wit 4 ward fort, per Lrbaa. Jaa O lr T T
"r TJ!IamrB.FLlli,JUJrffrn.XUalan4.
u' u IM.er. Nr r4aam. J GV. U Cell. K Call
htrvorU. If A S chUdrrm T Lit4rj, O Laadisaaa.
Xra R.arrqc. L Aa.
ra racl- prrWG Xiwia. Ja t5 J X Da
Ma tnLMlttrr.l HiiUMlM Aeplrr. ' llrim.
V BUa Dr UUiao, W Bomll. X cf, Xn V WanL
t im Mlmar-ia. pr Mottr Mar. JintS Rrr A S
IlMittn and 1f KnbW KrWifwa. Ue tad 3 call
ForKatal,T.?aMalc Jaa S&Uor Kaaaa, U A
Xacfic XlFt I arcrtSfC U Ttlcrnab.
For bB Fraaf ica- Pt Kalataaa. Jan SfrWHtlaM L
latere JE( 7 I BUVr, 3ln Batn
Fr Eciraa. lc? 3toaltor. Jaa 9tCaariv Leva
l"wr 8a Fraacln, wiJ.V KaJkabanf Jn JT -W D
DatT aad wilr, J T luvwa.
Fnw lUwa i tad XaaU p Inalaal. Jib S7-Js3 J
t, lifter - WUlarsweU. WOAtwatrr. Xrt C Jlrtn
r t. i j,?i 'wB. HFTijtor, L U Mate, wife aad
XrLcteLntt', and aboat ) devk.
Frcm 3Cael sad V.'.okat. jxt V okoili. Jan t7 ? dk
Tntm XiU as i nwii, per Lcbaa, Jaa S-Mlea W1V
be el St Ccr-rtT, M?ah Dtinoa. J frttvplebees, Annie
Xcasa WIIPowtI1 SfUaClaik. V U Cianatas?,
' iw-- Xr Ward, G Ward. 3r Ilaatbers. Jtaty
Ward, W Jot- aieo and a somber dxV.
"CllNAtK BRA5UTlBtbi tiqr.Jaa23d.br Ir
b l Danpr- J II m acx to 3tlM Duu BmaifpT.
BATTtSTA riRBY la tai cit Jia ritL
I HOWELL -AIki. ee beard tbt bark II W Almj-.
Jaa Etlh. afcoajsnptltm. Mr Joav W l'iwiu. afr-d
riii He tmTe a widw and atixfcirekof frirnd
to dtp'sre t.t aaamelj rad.
Rtiirm of tha "Morning Star. j
Hat MUkxLLr brig jr-Hf 7r. CapUu 1
Iaauli Braj Brrired la jvrt here oa the SSth insL, !
34dtj from X'oaa. Captain llraj lrmc as j
rTB&Kttfrs Kct. A. N Uocston and wife: ncd Kt. ;
&. W Kekurwa, wile and three children. The J
Xcm i tcr MJled from this port on the 13th of
Jane, 1-2, and has therefore been engaged Eerea
raoalhs and aix di; is making the roond tnp. 1
CapUia Bray rexrta that, after teannj; tbia tort
he rrooreded dirtct to the Gilbert Gronp, arritioc
at lapttoea Jatjtth: Twted Naaocti, Apomaraa,
MaUaa Uarekt, A paling and BctantarL Jclr
th aukd for Kcsaie hiTins on board Iter. A. C.
Walivpand the Gilbett I aland train icg bchooL
Sailed from Knsais Aoiist Sd. and called en
note to fbnape. at Plnselop and Mocil anchorisc
at I'ocApe on Asnst Tth. lietorned nnia to
and smred at Xaai eptember lth. Sailed
aain from theoce for the Marshall bland oa the
Iwh September, tiring Dr. fense and farailr on
board. Called at Namenck, Ebon, Jaltut,Mtlle.
Aroo. Mejoro, Maloep and aaio at Kbon and
JaJoiL At Mejcro placed teachers at each end cf
the Uoon and took from thence the laet lUvaiian
Uiauocarj and his family.
October Sth we sailed for Ebon and Knsaie and
arnred at the latter purt on the liHh October, har
ixtc finUbed the miamocary wcrk in the Marshall
Uroap in thirtj-foar days, tamtj of which on
accoont of the faTorable winds, hid been spent at
anchor. Sen. 1st we left vin for Makil, where
we took pasdencers for ronape amriiy; there on
the 7th. Here we took on board Ker. K. Doarte
and oce teacher and oa the 11th Norerober we
sailed for the Monlock and 11 &k inlands. Arrived
at Loeap November Kth. and called en route at
Nizu, ("man, Wola, Fefan, L'tct, Xaxnotock,
Latonorand batoan. bailed afain for laaapef
learmjr the MorUuck group December Zd, and ar
nred at oar point of destination on December 12,
hartnc accomplished our work amonc the Mort
lock and K&k taUnds in the remarkable time of
one month and one day. On December Tin six
months and two days since leanng Honolulu we
atm bode fartwell to lonape boond for Hono
loln. all the work connected with the miuiona bar.
inz been success ally accomplished and finished
and we boond home three months ahead of our
expected time.
During our absence we bare risiiM twesty-fire
difcrest foUnds, and tailed a total distance of
l&nules We nare dropped anchor fifty times
donnc tbe voyage and hare made boat Voyacec
amounting to seren hundred and one miles. Ad-
vene c&rrents bare been no less than nsoal bnt so
wcnaoallT f rea and f aTcrabu Lars been the winds
that the enrrents prored a small obstacle. We
crowed the meridian on the 5th of January in
fafrtada dep; T7 sun. X, wind strong, westerly,
and wtichbcvjcsfctt to within 2U0 mileaj of the
island Of Oahn. From thmea to rrrt. a maaiire
vf six days we hTe erpenrnced liht soctherty
winds and x-Ieasant weather,, arziTing In Hocoreln
harbor on the Zth insC
-On the 23d of January- in laiitnde 2f deg. 53 do.
X, luncitnde 157 dec. 3t mm. W, cpuke and
boarded bar ken tine Capt. New hill, boend
from Honolola L lVjrt Townsend and obtained
lbs first papers and news since lea Tins Honolulu,
eeren months before.
odune definite u at pre&ent known recording
Ibe fctare zaortments of the Mrmmf tr bat the
prubability that abe wiQ again return to tbe
tooth at an early day.
ArriTal af tiia Lnwaflm."
The C S. S. JUclvMMM,CapUin llenry iliM
ouormanding, am Ted in port here on the SUt
insL. I- days from CalZio. The Lclnm is a
second rate aioop of war, Vt tjanage and carries
a compkment of 35 oCcers and Vi men and an
armament of 9 gens. FoUowtng is a lt&t cf the
ocxxra oc toe resMti :
-aetata ComauaaUa- lleary Wtlnm.
i. wV Cocuaanar O C ffwlnit. L Kiarlej.
Ueatenaala- J W CarU. J II C Cama. il t Fkk
Uaater J XRopcx.
t aiet Eartare J t A Zhrler.
Firuttrr W W eodbaS.
Mucoa- 4. l Wbite.
tAtat. 3Urtae-S Xerrvr.
rat At Ensiaeer Kt E Tewrr.
rt Ant Samoa A C HrfiarrT.
3(i4nipMffn-L Kamaay. FJ 3ton. F L Cwatla.
U XOTfU. 4 A aUMhaO.
Aet TTaeer Ibeter
Cadet Eaitneers Wd. 9autk
raymaater'a CwikW 3C Loar.
BoaUwai Patrick Hale
Gcnstf-E. X XcDoasbi
Carpenter P T Ward.
ailnaker--Jeia W:',oo
JiaocT TOWX.
Tbe January Term of the Soprrra Cvcrt a
ended on the 2M inst.
Jodge Datilaoa was m raanger oa tbe bctne.
It. C, 7iW to the Coast.
Irmx4trr General KaretA rremts a tonrt
imnrored arrxejance since hi retara from
abroad. .
Ker. G. H. Smith, pastor of tbe Foreign Church
at Konala, has resigned on accoant ot coo tinned
III neaitn.
HI Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs
is rrpcrted to hare been confined to tie bed since
tee rrcrpuaa.
Tr rain-fall at tbmudeoc vl J. K. "Wilder,
Eaq. Nnnann YaUer, for the manthof January,
was twua incnra.
Jirary rain squalls visited thia city on tbe after
noon of tbe h and early morning of tbe 9th
in. ma gonmcny.
Tbe American bark Litf Grwe. CapUin Hughe,
at prefect in port, has changed ber rtgistcr from
American to ttawaiun.
Mr. Hart well na resigned tbe place of Yice
XYtsUcnt of the llanters Gomrany. Mr. IV C.
Jones was choMn m nts puce.
Tbe wrecked schooner was sold at Adams
ancttoa rooms on the Xh for the sum of $GZS.
Air. lccu urown was i pcrcnar.
We learn, with rrgrrt, that Uw Eiceilencr Got.
Domini is scflexing from an attack of ar-ifrfft.
compelling bis con&neroent to cu room.
Admiral Lyon of ILB.M.S, $mftrrt, accom-
ronied by a equadron of U. Ik M. crui-tcr Is ex
pected to arriTe bere nfttr tbe coronation.
We bate received, by coertesy ot Uis Excellency
John H lUub, Minister of the Interior, a copy of
tc Lngiun version oi toe resaa ljwi or i
Tbe "Grand Army of tbe Jlepubbc' bare de
clined tbe intiution to tike part in tbe prucrsskin
on the occasion oi tee corona: wo or nia iiajesiy,
Tbe Japanrw Embavy attended receptions
given bv U. It. H. tbe Princess Likeliks and 11. H.
H. ItuceM LUiuokalani at their residence on the
Tbe monthly meeting of the Teachers'' Awkia-
tion wiU be beld next Friday at 1 M. at Fort
Street School.
During the week the U. S. fc. LacL and
II. Ik M.S Iiimt bare arrived in rori The V.
iL S. Wmtkmtftt and French imnboat Limr are
daily expected. mmt
Ity advertbement in another column it will be
been that the ran of ?2000 Is wanted by tbe
agents to repair the ship now in our
The recommencement of tbe musical labors of
tV. -..-nfM (.. lmttmir ATnmt $Lintv will
take place this evening of theSndinst, (Friday)
at the Music Mall.
His Excellency Kollin il. Daggett the American
Minister Iteaident ti sited the V. S. S. LoeXamiMaa
on the t!6 inst. and was received vtth the customary
salQte and honors-
Mr. J. O. Carter, the only accredited agent of
the Japaneee Empire in thU Kingdom, was not
present at any of the reception ptren to the Jap
anese Embassadors.
The debris from tbe wreck of tbe Xiyira is
prominent along the reef bordering the Quaran
tine CTouuds. A larre raece of the wreck i yet
cloae to tbe channel.
Holahula'a were we hear going on in fine style
lat HatordaTt a glance at the penal code ahows ns
that such exhibitions are Ulezu and can be visited
with penalties. Yerbuxn sap.
The KanmikapUi Church have voUd to dismiss
their pastor. Rev. Mr. Kaaea, giving him an allow
ance of f30O per year. Ibey have also voted to
invite Mr. Henry WaUrhonso to be their acting
Xew time-table of the Kapalama and KalLhi,
lnnahnn anil Vakikl and of the NnCJUlU roateJ BS
travePMSil h- TVwUV rannibasea have lust been
published for gratuitous distribution by Messrs.
J. M. Oat, jr. 4 Co.
Last Sunday was utilized by the military de
partment of the Hawaiian Kingdom, in giving and
receiving instructions for proper evolutions daring
the coming coronation. Wonder if oar Japanese
visitors were present ai me tmj-mimy owpiay.
The new building for the T. M. C A. on the
corner of Hotel and Atakaa htreets Es now roofed
in, Work will immediately be commenced on the
interior decorations and will be rapidly pushed :
Cap. Cba. H. Tierncy sailed in tbe II. tT.iler
for San Francisco. He goea on a visit to bis f n-nds
in the east, and after relating bis adventures
among the -Arn.JUfW will return again to
ller, George Wallace delivered an interesting
and atrwripg lecture at the rooms of the Honolulu
Library and Fa iding Association on tbe evening
of the Jd inst. Thcwe present were highly pleased
and interested.
Flags on the Government buildings, Consular
offices, and on numerous private residence were
displayed at half .tout ottbc -5th inst-, in respect
to tbe memory of the deceaMHl Hon. FJiaha H.
Allen, H. H. MV MinUter at Washington.
Tbe process of cooking accounts, to which allu
sion was made a week or so ago, still cues on. The
roads and bridges are. so it i said, to bear a por
tion of the expense of tbe Palace Aviary. So it
coe on: there will be a tirettv shoving up some
of these days.
The Honolulu Athletic Association will hold a
meeting in the new building of tke AsaoOAtiocon
Fort street, on the evening of tbe 2d proximo. Tbe
business ot the evening will be to bear and act on
the reports of the Treasurer and Secretary and an
election of officer.
Tbe band concert at Emma Square on last Sat
onlay afternoon was very well attended, and the
programme presented was a most enjoyable mu
sical treat. The Japanese Embassadors and seve
ral members of the Itoyal Family were present
daring the afternoon.
Preparations for iUaminatious are progressing
and Messrs! J. W Maguire and John Nott have
taken time by the forelock and prepared a large
number of gaylj colored and waterproof lanterns,
suitable for decorating hoovs or grounds during
the coronation festivities. Lanterns can be ob
tained at Mr. Nott a store on Kaahumano street.
Traffic, both by steam and sail, between this and
the other islands has again been hindered daring
the past week by the weather. Tbe absence of the
C. . Bhkp and the A'lXavaa Ifm in search of the
steamer r-, and tbe temporary- withdrawal of
the Ltltlilv, has also aided in lessening the chances
of communication with and the receipt ot news
from the other islands.
Tbe social of tbe Ladies Henevoknt Society
which was to have been beld at the Conrrecaticual
Church on Fort street, has been postponed for one
montc. t ue cause beinc tne nncertaintr attaenreg
to the fate of several of tbe members of the organ
ization and woo are snrrposea passengers on cne
xaissxng steamer &cr.
Messrs. J. M. Oat, jr. i Co- present calendars
of their awn establishment and of the Burlington
and Ohio railroads to their customers and tne
general public, and Messrs. Itobertson t Co. offer
likewise a calendar for gratuitous distribution
amonc their fnends and twtrona. Like the mak
ing of books, of calendars there seems to be " no
The following officers represent Algeroba Lodge
IAO.G.T for the neat three months. . C.T-, J. Ik
Atherton; W.V.T-, Mrs. Hoyt i F.W.GT., Amasa
Pratt ;W.S James Jordan, "W.T, J no. Cook;
w.K-S r rank fJodinT r ALUs it. iioisieT:
"W.OjG- H. Enievstaa. Mis Nellie J odd was ap
pointed editresd of the Lodge newspaper, the .I b-
The usual weekly literary' and musical enter-
tainrnent was given by the members of Algeroba
Lodge LO.G.T. on the evening ot the 9th tnsunt,
and the following programme was presented:
Vvnlifn J. S'ntl and T. A. Good arm :
reading, Mr.Ama Pratt: cornet solo, B-McLean.
vocai asen. aiua al. dwmxs, junat xtucunnu,
rxentnctUe, J arces i oroan ; vocal soio, ir. w . n.
I. itagulre.
The tartik which has been uudergotng repairs
for the last f ortzught, was successf ally returned to
hv natural element Uat Saturday. 1 hree minutes
after 11 P. M. the shapely craft com roe nerd de-
tceriuing tne ways. in l miuaiai aua u
CoaU&g oa the water. A friend who took the time
says that the vessel was four mantes from tbe
moment ber atein touched the water, till ber bow
was fairly afloat-
Mr. Wray Taylor's tenth free organ recital at
St, Andrew's Pro Cathedral, was given on the
evening of tbaSd inst. and added to by meal
sotoa - l&e I'aims,- ana "an ana, wj
Michaels, tbe latter aria being accompanied by a
mmt nblirato bv Mr. Uichaela. Tbe attendance
was large and was highly pleased with the can'
cer in which the vanoos numbers on tbe pro
gramme were performed.
Arrival af H. B At. S. MaU&i.
IL B. it S. Xmii't am red in port oa Monday,
Jan. Hh. 32 davs from CaJUo, baring aaild from
thecoa Dec 23d, I dajs af rfr the Lfkmtm. Fa
Torable weather wa encountered on tbe voyage,
tbe wtnds betnc tnostlv XE trades, sea smooih.
TLa Mti is a oomrnote screw reaeei of 1137
tone, 112) kucsB-powtr, carries an armament of C
ga-a and a eomf acrrrt of IS men. Sbewaacora
nuasjjned at Drrenport on tbe 10th of May. IfbT,
aiad will proljarJy rvmain in port hre until the lt
ef Marcb. Foilowingis a list of cencers of the
CaMataedapFrrietick Edwar
UewtraaaU U V HeadTMa. at L Las- C H Iiare
?taX MrgcaaTtatax O baXraa
ry-aaiUr-Altred De Dcnae
Caief Eajia i ei C tw:t Mallrraa
Ami Faymaatcr J W B Drhfar
Eajmeer--Gea Xlbeww
GauarF S Eoasd
Caryeater Ja Feaia
A great icprevtcjest has been made in the rood
iaj-tg to the esplariadc. Tbe roadway- baa bees
thoroagbJy x&aradaxziaed and now presecls a ooca
fcrtbi dztre foe cirmgea gcaca lo auber of tbe
ateaaa-ip wbarrea, Tbe waataof ipasaaLgeri
have also not bean selected, for sidewalk now
rcna down to tbe tract ot the Cestocn Hccsa
b-Arg We bebT this additional coovecieccs
is dsa to the rnvmnm d Mr. iieadrr. It wHl not
be pmgfblg to take the foot-path aloe? the espian
ada on amain of tbe turcbrr wbieb has to be
landed rre bet it win be run aksg cce of the
tsrasta before rancbtng the CBStom Ho&se, and
wl ecabi pedestrians to rench, the tSkeWx dry
no trouble in assigulnfi tbem aiieeorasea wkieh
will In m wise Interfere with island traAe. Tbe
WAe CVwa-errM Jitnrtimr has iupabeedtew
'Water was sJrnck at tbe arteaitn weU which la
being sunk at the Palace grounds by Messrs.
McOandhwa and Braden, at SoWk cat tbe mornlns
of tbe TTih raat-at a depth of 730 feet. At r r
m. on tbe aaroe date an iDcreesed flow was strnek
at a total depth of 7G0 feet tbe water rising tuUy
six inches above the top of an X Iron pipe. Very
bttle obatrnction has been encountered daring tbe
amkingof the well, the nod bring moatjy of a
clayey den prion. The stetra whistle which
annousced the ttnkv of water, both on the morn-
mc ana evening, senx many people wanoertng oa
v uvTTw io roos, ior we fver.
Tbe . brought along a large wheel front
the Xaalebu MUL which waa damaged, it Is now
wine nanus oi in iron moras.
Two men, lrvicg at or near Naaleha plantation
were aumraoned for having more than one mm of
liquor in tU possession. They ware found guilty,
fined and sentenced to 6 days Imprtwmmeat,
Kohala is to have a new telephone line, running
independent of the R.B. This line will connect
with each xuill and plantation, and S G. Wilder
Co. s store. Front the progreea sow going on.
vMMM iMj mxxi eapeci o oecoiBe a cilj.
Kohala is enjoying splendid weather. Tbe coon
try looks green and bright after the late heavy
nuns. All the mill are runnine. Tbe Union miu
got up steam Ttteaday week to begin the first crop
of tbe year. Hind s mill is steadily grinding
Tbe news of the non -arrival of the .j has
caused great anxiety throughout the bdand as so
many have fnends on board. Apart from such
feelings, Kohala muse the arrival ot the veawel, as
the two principal store are depending upon her
for a large stock of goods. The arrival of the
iiwui witn news is anxiously looked lor.
Messrs. Kmnersly Itros. found two large cannon
balls in their cane the other day. Each weighed
lbs, and appeared very old and rusty. Common
rumor creuiis mem u in gunaoz tne icrry
after Captain Cook's death. A far more probable
theory is thai some vessel, dnrtng the bud a) years,
pasing along tbe coast of Hawaii, finding the
snore uesrnea nns nreu at some nve trunk.
The tansic lovers of Kohala enjoyed a rare treat
on Tbaradar cveninc. ItM. in the share of a Mo-
skaL given bv Mr. Yarndlev. of Hoooralo, He
was aieu oy ine. louowingperaona: n.A.fiing,
Mrs. E C. Hood. Mrs. Dr. Tbomreon. Miss M.
Taylor, Mrs. W. J. Thorn peon. The affair was
well attended and went oil splendidly. Mr. Yarndly
Is by far the beat musician tbe Kohala public ha re
had the pleasure ot meeting, and they wtsh htei
sncceas wherever he goes. After the programme
was finished, the floor was cleared for a dance.
All were delighted with the affair. The Prof,
leaves on Saturday for Honolulu. The Kaiopthi
uau, w nere wis entertainment was given, proveu
a very suitable place, as it always doe.
Another murder is reported. On this occasion
at Han a. It appears that two Xew Hebrides men
had a auarrri, and one brained the other with a
club. Subsequently the murderer very nearly sue
secured and brought before the magistrate.
Lait week a amuggler was caught at Kaholat by
the Castom House officiala. Tbe man mid a bail
of and departed. Tbe main part of tbe con-
ndcatea opium waa m an iron Bate, aoree oi
Maufs bravest police were detailed to guard the
contraband drug. It was in the store-bouse at
Kabul ui and tho&e three brave men paraded the
bench keeping their foxy eyes on the eaptored
chest. They bore up unflinchingly against the
hot sun. They labored faithfully to preserve that
safe Inviolate, All through that hot afternoon
and on into the mcht tbev cuarded tbe container
ot the baleful drug. Alas for weary humanity !
At midnight tnev ail aiamoered and slept and
some relation of the owner ot the prize came in
and carried off the chest ot iron and no one knows
where they hare laid it.
A native at Grove Ranch rather, the worse ot
liquor, riding through the plantation and slinging
a revolver lxely fired it into the horse's ear. In
stead of bearing an echo, horse and rider rolled
over, but the Kanaka had tbe beat of it as he waa
able to walk home whereas the quadruped, the
friend of man, wm left to bleach his bone on the
plantation. Let the makers of the Free Liquor
Law read Uabakuk 2. 15-16, those verses apply
to them. They read thus Woe unto him that
gtveth his neighbor drink, that pattest the bottle
to him. and maketh him drunken also, that thou
inarcst look on their nakedness ! Thoa art filled
with shame for glory : drink thoa abw, and do
inyneii aiao oc uncovered : ine cup oi ine ixiru a
rurht band shall be turned unto thee. ''MMe.
fprwimf alxif lw M Ibtf f ey.
Weather permitting than will be a contest a
itgeon shooting this afternoon at K alibi, between
fr F Terrell and Mr. J. Smvtbe. The cocdllloCS
are ten birds each, Mr. Smythe giving two birds to
hta eciveient, -5 vards me. tO vards boudarv.
from traps, for a purse of folk Another match
between weU known good shots is also expected to
come off at the same time and place. Shooting
wiu commence at i p.m.
The osscxcessful cxuue of the Ktt Htm is
r criterwaa bv which to indre of the homhaKneas
of anv rvaene cf tbe Smtx. The coarse of the
Aibrmm snows tnai ner cruise was oxuv maoa so
cover a certain exxenx ox wmicrj ana in ataxia
tbe last direction in which, tbe $z might have
drifted or sailed to if disabled. It wold not be
xerr siTDtimtiT if news was broocbt bv the next
arrival from tbe Coast that tax m had returned
to San Francisco or was in tow of the CS.8.
The mail for Sen Franewjo per trigastin IT.
G. Inn cWdatthe Post Office all p. m-, and
the vessel rernaitved at tke wharf until 5 p. m, a
djffeTence of four hours which could have bees
taken advantage of by correspondents bad tber
known of the delay. Strarge that agents and
captains of veaHe4 cacnot crxne cloner to the rrob
abia time of departsra. Messrs. Scbaefer k Co.
are notable xn this coonection with tbe prompti
tude with which they despatch their remeia at the
Th PtKtric CsmmnxM Jittrtimr says that it
fears the vie-eiace of so many men-of-war in port
frnrpe. th coronatioa aliocy will somewhat tax
the powers of the harbor-master to find proper an
cfcoace, and yet allow sstfiewnt room for tbe ordi
xtary island traSa. We are aorry to see Jfcot oar
cocaemporary wo belmle oar port- Why, ta the
old whaling times there osed to be SO wbaSeabips
anchored in Hanolctg harbor- and half a dozen
xnexvef-wax to boot. The item mast have bees
wntten by some tyro who knew nctbirg ejther of
tbe barbur or cf hu history. Certainly not mere
kban half a dozen war-brpa are axpectcd, if that,
and we feel coc&lent that CapC FaBer hat
Pastor Crnxana Sunday Sexaaom.
viSTxo : BACinosa.'
A large audience was in attendance at Fort St.
Church on Sunday morning. The opening service
were impressive, and in the prayer an earnest pe
tition was offered for the safety ot the Stz, Mr.
Cruzan cbose as his text 1 Tim-, 1:19, Holding
faith and a good conscience," etc and after an
explanatory mtrodnctrve spoke substantially as
Tbe average of conjcientionsneas. and eourace
to follow conscience, is far below tbe New Testa
ment standard Many able men in the pulpit bold
that In this respect the Church is come backward
that the power of Christianity to restrain, guide
and ufptre men is constantly growing leas, i oo
not beUeve this. Chnstianitv now holds the heart
of the world with a firmer grasp than ever before.
The world is coming higher in the scale of being,
and the Cross Is the great lever under it. Bat the
dalles-eyed observer must see this lack of consci
entiousness. There are indications of weakness,
and among them : 1. There has been within a few
years a striking list of professed Christians who
have become defaulters and thieves. Men who
have spent their Uvea in teaching others to be hon
est have stolen trust funds. 2. As a result tbe.e is
a tendency to make financial integrity not only the
chief of virtues, but the substitute for all virtues,
X There is a decreasing reverence for the moral
law in its entirety. Certain rim. such as intem-
Serance and frand, were never more severely con
emned. Hot men
- Compound for alas tkey are Inclined tv
By danntot taoe they hare no Mind to."
4. There is an increasinxT disposition to a2irm
that the moral laws that are binding hare no pen
alties for the wrong-doer' at least none to hurt.
e are asked to reverence a method of Dtnne gov
ernment in which there is nothing to fear from
God becaase of sin, bat which consists mainly in
efforts to coax men to be holy. Dr. Ilartoe, of
ifOBion, says tnai -some preacners strive so nard
to make God the father of flagrant sinners that
they make him a grand-father, who really strives
with bon-bons to bribe men to be good I A. There
is also a tendency among Christians, growing oat
of oar latter-day, high-pTemure revivals, to base re
ligion on feeling instead of principle. All such
religion i ?i must of necessity be a poor, weak, er
ratic, back-boneless thing. 6. And at the final re
sult, of which all these facts mentioned are causes.
paltry takes the place of primtipit, as tbe govern
ing mociTB in mens utcs. n neu njancy is coam-
toned by power; when sin, like Dives, is clothed
t purple and fine linen ; when the current sets
strongly away from rtghteoosuewi, then religious
moUosks say, What's the nseTT They ask, "What
u expedient: uanng more for popularity, or lor
bread and butter, than for right, swfcv goTems.
Like Judas they sell their master for thirty pieces
of silver 1
.Wear arproacbing a criL in which, if the
Church is weak, it men who profess to love the
right and to govern their lives by it, do not stand
braveiy oy ine ngnt, inen oar mosx precious in
terests mast pensh. What is tbe great need of
the Church, that she may stand bravely in her
Ktrenethl 1. The enthronement of conscience.
Simple loyalty to the truth in all things. Let the
question, - n nat is ngnt : ne tne test witn
which yon try everything. 2. Coarage to follow
canzcience whenever It leads. "Ye are the salt of
the Earth, said Christ, That is, Christians are
to be in society and tbe state a preserving power.
Bat what if the salt shall low its power C If
ever there was a time when strong, brave, virtouus
men and women were needed, it is now. If the
tide ot drunkenness and immorality, and sins of
all kinds which come in their train, is stayed, the
Church ot God mast stand as a great, living
brrak-watef, e must stand by the right. We
mul maintain and Ttractice the simnte virtnes
ana graces oi we luhuu religion ai an uaxaros.
Whea the God Jew Jews saw tbe boldnem of Peter
and John, thev felt its rower, and knew its source:
"They took knowledge of them that they had
been with Jesus.' bach Is alwavs tbe result
where Christians hare the courage to follow con
science, dexying tne consequence.
An Unsnccesafol Crwise
AtlliU a. m. on Sanday, of the SHh inst, a
telephonic communication from Waimanalo an
nounced that tbe steamer A7m B m was passing
at a distance rwf to Honotala. As this steamer
was one oi the earliest dtspaicnea oi we reuei ves
sels in searcn tx tne Mr, punus i merest was ex
rated in ber retarn. and much conjecture was In
dolged in regarding the news abe would bring, and
as a consequence, srom ine time or ner coming
tctil her ultimate amval in port here tbe central
ofSce was besieged with questions regarding ber
jocauoQ ana time ca ner proaautc arnraa. tn toe
inwuinn of the A'tZjaee Ham off Waikikl crowd
of people oommenced to gather on the wharves to
await her coming into port, eager to be informed
of the Kocct-aa of the search after the missing Skz.
Tbe yachts St&tUm and AJi met tbe itwining
steamer at tne spar hoot ana accompanied ner in.
As soon as the steamer entered the harbor a Ga-
xxttx reTxesentatrre boarded ber and waa the first
to team tnai we eearcn oao pees imsm.ie-uai, no
trace of the misaing veasel having been disecrered.
fjapc oears, ot ma a u nas zorntaned a
report, aeaompaniea ny a cnarr or we courses
taken, the latter nrrnaml bv chief rdficer Brownell
assisted by Parser Smith, and which depicts the
route taken by the ATtfewea Hm from tbe time of
her dVpart&re to her return. Looking at this chart
ti is seen that the steamer after leavtnff Honoiaba
passed out of the channel bet wren Oahu and Mo
tokai, coastir akxig the cortheast ibore of Mok-
tau. Teaching out occainnciiiy irom tne coast, ud
Thursday, tbe 3th, the ATaaM spoke the
American schooner .!, Ckpt. MeColioo2h, off
Maui, and learned f men him the prevailing winds
and weather which the .t had encoomered dar
ing ber voyage from San Francieco, After tearing
the Jaae ine steamer stood oat to sea, and at, 13
tnidntrht oa TbOTBUUv ehA&md her eonst unin.
steeringia for Cape Leleiwi oat the coast of Ha
waii, From thence; tbe A'Aroea tamed on her
cocrse and stood north to T 30,kctadel35"daB
wnich point she reached Saturday noon and then
turned for Honolulu, standing inshore cccask
ally, and nnauy arriving m port at tne time above
rarntWied. Herewith is the report of Capt. Sean:
Left Honolcla WednesdaT sBornins. Jan. Ztth.
li8X ai 1 o'cUick. Searched along the weather sides
of McJokai, Maai and Hawaii, wvrkiag off and on
from within five mdesof ahore to thirty miles off
abort- Proceeded sooth a far asla, 37 10, as
tar east a W ST, and then made a doe north
crjcr5etokar50,laX,tJ U,tben tvarth-weat
t3la.la,3,Utr D, tbea wokir a zigzag
course to Bonolola. Distance run during our ab
seoce. 3 mites. Spoke Ibe scbooner Ja of
Maci. Saw nothing of tbe The first three
days strong eaaterlv traces last day light eoclb
eriy wind, Arrrred back in Honolnl harbor at
a. pm-rfanaary jsu.
Sa-arTaers far the "Swam.
The steamer C . 5Ua aaHed at 12 o'clock
m. on tbe 2ih iaU, in search of the miwrug
Oceanic steam ip Smez. Tbe carries
twenty-fiva days coal and as amount of extra pent
visioss, and to easeof nat meeting with tbe Uu
wiHirocettdtoSasTraAciieOt Tb teaaaex JT3-
oat auwa on nsj lapnuar t imwcq te
caae urand but sbe wiB stape leer cowne saon to
ISooAward. The critftaitet IT, (? Irwfm Mai
bark A.tafcr , both of wlich veaaeJaiaMcnthe
tristAatrWSwFTiacw also aait lo tbe
Southward ef tbeir ussal couiata and tbe Jee
r.IKA, which sailed on tb rihw ate
keep a lookout tot a rkw of thomlir stsamer.
Many report have been extant daring tb week
pat relating ta the arriral of the .f r at ditfwsrt
ports ox in lilandi none of which annapptty,
hav been -verified and the aniWt of thoa who
hart retatkau and friends cq board the mlsadsc
Ttesel, b daily pro wing more iatecunv Arepre-
vtaurwoi to vtkirTTT accocapaniea toe steamer
C Jg. fni a, and we hope to be enabled to gt- a
report describing the lloding and safe reecu of all
on poaru tne anxiocsrj looxed ror Wf.
Prof. Hltcheoclia Irtwr.
The first of the series of lectare proposed to be
given by Prof. Hitchcock, under the auspices ot
the Y. M. C A. was delivered at the Lyceum, Kt
ann street, on tbe evening of the 36lh hut. and to
a large audience. Mr, Amasa Pratt, President of
the T. M. a A. mtrtWloccd Prof, nitchcock and
that gentleman spoke aubatantially as folkrea,
taktnc for his subiect the " Falls of Xiarars,"
Tbe Niacara Kirer bi only X mile Song, con
necting aJBte rne ana untano aiong ua cuoad
art between tbe United State and Canada. Ilia
of enormous dimensions, however, 10CMWXOO0 tons
of water pour over the precipice every boor, to the
average depth of 100 feet above the surface ot the
stream Deneaia. to toe oottom or tn river it may
be as much more. Looking down upon it as from
a balloon, we can the whole counw of the
stream, with its rapidA. ahirlpool and quiet flow,
and we find the country to be an elevated plateau,
nearly ftX) feet above the ocean. Tbe edge ot the
platmn it tbe highest portion f tt, as it atop
From Lake Erie, above, near Buffalo, it is 52
mue to tne rail. ingw ot ice gorge or canon
below the Falls to Lewiston. i 7 mile. From
Lewis; on to Lake Ontario, it Is 6.S mile. Total 3S
Idevation of Lake Erie, 573 feet above the ocean.
From the Lake to the lUpid 13 fret descent.
luiptdi UA-ruue long - i
Cataract 1S4
iVsccnt in the coive lft)
Lake Ontario is it feet above the ocean and
SJS teet Iwlow Lake Erie.
Tb Fall is divided kr Goat Island, rfvtnx what
I called the American Fall urmi tb east. 1200
feet wide and l&t feet deep, and the Canadian or
Horanhte Fall, TtOD feet wide and US fret deep.
The river l 3 milea wide, at y miles above the
Falls, and 400 feet at tbe Whirlpool, midway In
the gorge. The river has therefore been gaining
in width from the month of tb gorge to tb Fall,
Tbe edge ot the plateau has been called the KU
gara escarpment. It is a precipice facing Lake
IraUrxi, and may be traced as roach as 2W mile
through New York and Canada.
Now we can understand what has been don at
Niagara. With a plateau inclined to the Booth tt
i 4nuv thr nut have baea at first a lak be
hind it. The waters from the vanoua river in
tVnnsvIvania, Ohio. Indiana and Canada would
nu ap we oasin to its very cage, ai iewiston
there would seem to be a alight depreasion where
the water would begin to run. Presently the rock
would disappear and the gorge begin to be ex
cava ted, then cuenrnenced the gradual falling of
the water over the cliff, pounding, hammering the
rocks below and waacinc out the prdverised
material into the lower late. The common opin
ion ta that the Falls had an existence aa diMinct as
to-day when the wearing acuoo. commenced, and
toat toe cataract nas gradually cot ita way back
fornereral miles at the rate of one foot annuallT.
thus reqairinc a period of about 35,000 years for
its accomplishment. As fart as the Falls receded
the great lake would become drainedtor the cliff
is SM feet high white the preeent cataract only 1C0,
It seems a very simple matter to accept this gener
al conclusion but there an several facta going to
show a great many steps in this progress. First,
we have to consider that the existence of a catar
act in a canon is an exception to the usual method
of erosion. Yoa have heard ot the lmmentte
canons of the western United State of hundreds
of milea of coree. but no cataracts lika Niaxrara.
The descent w greater and yet Niagara has hardly
its "doable in any part of the world. A river
will naturally wear a uniform channel In a plateau
country, ii ine roeic vanes in rnaracter men tne
gorge will wear faster in the soft Tiace. If the
softer rock is found at we lower part of the river
there may be a cataract where the hard rock joins
That is the case at the present Niagara. Tb
rtvinir limeHtone is omte hard and tbe shale
beneath is very soft, and the rate of excavation of
the top jost balance tbe poondmg of the soft
shale beneath, and thus the recession is utufonu
at present.
Another peculiarity is shown by the existence of
the whirlpool. The river changes lU course
abruptly at this potntand it is very much narrower
below. Tbe water is very swift, and anv floating
object may ruah with railroad speed around it for
days before passing out below. The residents fear
the Whirlpool as much aa they do the rapids, and
will not venture so much at to put hand or foot
into the water at either locality for fear of being
drawn in. On scratinixing the walls of the Whirl
pool we find a part or it composed of sand and
gravel, and on looking farther discover the outline
of an ancient gorge filled up with earth running to
St. David's, a distance ot Uirrmilcs. I under
stand this ancient gorge corresponds in width with
the wider part of the chasm above the W hirlpool.
Here is an additional fact in the history ot Niagara,
and it indicates the former discharge of the waters
at St. David's instead ot at Lewiston, and it ex-
piaioa me uiigia oi we wmripoot.
The lecturer next described a wonderful ancient
channel across the Dlatean in Canada, discovered
only recently bv lVof eanor Spencer, and presented
the theory that Lakes Erie and Huron did not ex
ist then; that this ancient Niagara river flowed
through these two lakes and joined Lake Ontario
at its extreme western angle. The latter lake may
have been a river also. The period must have
preceded the time ot the SL David's channel, be
cause the nature of the material filling the more
rsin ravine was introduced oy ice giaceert ox
the lee are. while the sand in tha latter ma tn
have been silted in after the ice Ltd dwippeered.
Professor Hitchcock concluded his lecture by
aaying that the periods indicated by thestndyof
Niagara rocks included a total span of 561,000
Tears and that even tboe figures do not attempt
to even approximate to the truth, but to imprea.
upon our minds we fact that geology require us
to believe in the vitanetti tb mm, Coring an
tmmeuse period of time previous to the age of man.
un toe evening oi me unn inst. rror. uitencock
gave the second lector in the coarse rhonainp as
his subject the M Ice Age. A large audience waa
present whom even the rainy and unrjeasant
weather could not prevent from being present at
the literary treat Presented. Prof. Hitchcock went
to Hawaii yesterday, and the next lecture in the
course will not be given until early in March.
Police Court -Bichertozt, Jndge
Tbe following is from the record of the Police
Magistrate of cases tried before hira during the
two weeks, ending January 27th.
JavcaAT 15th Kaope and Kanakaole. charged
with affray; pleaded gntlty and were fined five dol
lars each and costst Kanaoe, charged with the
larceny of aboat fifty dollars, the property of Jaa.
I. Dowse tt, pleaded guilty; prisoner is serving out
a sentence for burvlary and an additionM year of
bard labor and a fine of twenty-five dollars waa
added to his previous "cntence.
JaxcaiT Ibth II. Turbvt and Abe Mahamau
charged with affray, were found guilty and fined
l each and cots. Keauannl, whose jealousy in
duced hira to strike and injure his wife, was found
guilty of assault and battery and sentenced to pay
a fine of $10 and oasts and to famish bonds to
keeDtne Peace, n Uawson ami Annta ha noli
charged with adultery were found guilty Dawson
nneu eu ana oosih, and Annie sentenced to z
month hard labor.
Jixtjabt 15th. Nailima ebarced with assanlt
and battery on his wife, was found guilty and sen
tenced to pay a fine of $3) and costs. Appealed.
Chaa. Duncan and Ana, t w were charged with the
larceny ot a silk drew and some feather leis from
Airs, rjnma xseckiey. irancan, not guilty, and dis
charged: Ana. cuiltv. fiued 'A) and costs and lm-
pnsonment at hard labor for one year. Appealed.
laxcasT im. woun . itncat, urtma ana dis
orderly; guilty, and fined $5 and costs, J. Y.
Wangenhiem on testimony of Dr. Uagan was ad
judged insane and committed to the Insane Hon
JlVClLV "Otb. Thoa. MoiWrm t,(mmwv nf
Dr. Fitch was adjudged insane and committed to
jtjrcaaa m. ainnc loo. assault and batterv.
adjudged guilty and fined 30 and cost. Kaai,
itauama and Kamekona, the three native con
cerned in the infliction fit Injuries on a fellow na
tive Paeola, and from which the said Paeota died;
at the Queens Hoopi tab were arraigned and charg
ed with manalaacnter. after a heanm? were com
mitted for trial at the Supreme Court, April Term.
atacisT-ou. An om, a uworuetir person waa
repremaoded and fined f L20 emta. Ah Sing charg
ed with an aggravated assault, waa fined fjO and
costs. Kaailiati, iw charged with tbe larceny of
a dr?, earrings and gold ring, the property of
one Kamanoj wj was found guilty and sentenced
wa luuutu-, iiupriwrnmen a. ua.ru laoov ana nnea i
flO and costs.
laxvaaT run. a. G- uevoii. carmmr oeadiT
weapons, was fined ( 1, and costs.
jasDiavtn. m. Jones, a sailor off the lltr
mmmm was sentenced to 10 days imprisonment at
bard labor for assault on a shipmate. Tim Lock
charged with obtaining money under false pre
lenes from a brother Chinese, was found guilty
and sentenced to sixty days imprisonment at hard
JlSXlBT 27th. H. L Jane, msualt and t.tier-
oq Joe, Alexander, fined $7 and coats.
During the two weeks there were 30 cases of
drunks registered, 8 foreigners and 15 native, the
moat ot woota loneiieu bait, audg tHCkeston
has commenced the leying of heavier fines oa those
wbo make their second appearance before hhn
charged with the crime of draukeunem and with a
saJatary effect.
Palace Receptions.
The member of,the Japanet Embasay conaist
Ingof His Excellency Sagi Magaardcicro, Roo
IstDbAhi Masakata, Hon. Miebinorf H Nagasaki,
and Hon, K. K, Kakiwachl were pr ented to His
Majesty at tbe Palace, at noon on the 37th inst
ills Excelkncy Magob Ichiro, presented an awto
craph letter to Hts Majesty from the Emperor of
Japan, conveying CTprrsaions ot good will and
amity and relating to the deputing cf the present
Fbaaty aa bb (the Emperor's) rrpmenutrres
at tbe approaching coronation. The Japaaesa
.Embassador also read an addre of biv own on the
occasion. f
At noua His MaSestr received Hi Peeabaev
Bollxn 1L Daggett, V.K M mister Kcsiderd, wbo
m torn presented to His MaJestT thfbe4c
officers oi the U. S. S. Larlwrsa'ae: CaptaioSeaw'
Wilson, Lieut Commander D. C Woodrow.LJew-
tenants J. H. C fJomn, H. Y. Tickbocna, Chief En
gineer J.Q. A. Zieder, Paymutrr W. W. Wood-
After the departure of tbe American Minister
Besident and ofScers of the L1tm His Ua
Jestv received His ExceUencr John- M. KaoenA.
Envoy EitraordniAry and Plenipotentiary to
Japan, and Hon. J. L. Kaulokoo, fcVcretary to the
nawanauaegvtioa at japan.
ImKenoriam Go- W. Pasc.
Ala regular meeting of the Hawaiian Lodge No.
2,LaaF,beld January 2d, fft, the 1 oBow-
ing reaohitiooA were adopted ;
Wazaxa. Ilka pteased aa alVwt-e and iatcrvta
btc pmldcacc t rvMove trr-a iB;n aa oar tore
and mpected Bretker. Gaocsa W, Pavcos, berae away
aj ta huk. m unu ctt ih irscs mb irwirm lac
aaoadTariWakeied aaaw.
Vxaazaa, Oar drnartrd Brotlrr paaie ad tb t-
ay bis Many vbtse. kit kindly bwsrtn-. Ha nvriabl
actieaa. we a place ta tbe beartf ef 1 tnai knew biau
Wnzzzaa. tlsr BratVer waa ewr a &dart sad
aSerUoa&t tea, a Icrrar arorker aad eateCMed frfra-d
ef kltl reHew ana, ankoQarrd aad ntef al aseMb-r ot
oar order, and wbna ereseaca will be Htaaed ra e
Candle meavMKlalcatlmiaf, a4 la all tke goed
ww r as ei war oracr. rjcTTTore se rv
Satmieni. ' Tbat we extcaad ar beartfeff AnaaaiSiT ta
kU aaetser. ta kla dt-er btaiktTt. la ibeir anHc
tbm and mat a tomr U tV rehrtii W erbrxu
JEimrea, Taat caeve rtroattaaa e leoarpetateq ra
tka Mlawiea at taw V aealla-a atf tkia Ln&rw net thai
eaptes et ta b f aratabed fa p"lllrka fa rb
aXTT acuva arwrj r.
aWWff) erVtata,
irrem ikt AaewM w71W. Jam. . MM
W received by thai Uat eteatnr thoegbra fror
dbbihu of wftu-aed qeaeftj in America,
pAtrUdrnA ta ber, the King, the race, awl tb
land. Tb thlac which give tb gTeatrrt feel
ieof jJo9ry ta that oar Ktng la aord,and
that hts name is drawn through the tiuvn ef de
traction and that h ra mad eminent ta a bad
Tflaanner. It would do perhaps it tb Kings nam
naareen ten out, and tee uorvrnmeni uom bad
been ttigrttttiaed, for them are wry different
ItaHhts t a reeaon why w ahouU aak,why
ahould Uit manner of thought b eicHed? This
W the ran, the miter corrupOon of our Govern
ment at tb pretent time.
We eaa aasert by way of eomMrison, that sine
uar ant vmxom o ioa wrooe iner oaa aot reea
any tnca reviling lantraag used at this.
If on ooroadera attentrvely th drift of the
arewmfnt of tbi vowr.rrnl rnrn Af w Ynrb
tb Her-W, it win b clrty aeen that th Let
tat&r and th Cabinet are aim drawn throwgh th
niU. For when tb pgan" Legialatur was
eCuraeed ta making ita waatcfnl atwtmnrtatbwia. tba
aauusters gave no warning voice eairmg upcawem
to eeoBomle. Tbev cava them tb vin an.t Ut
thi Legtdature, upon which they bad a boid,do
ia piaa u.
W can ce that th majority of th native
members of th Legislator were men not accna.
tomed to deaheg with important quest ions of
Omnxaent, they had not iwviovdy br-n wont
to act on their own reapcaiMbUity, and ware not
intimately acquainted with affair. The majority
of them were novice, and raer bcnbatie ipecchi
fiers, bnt without brain. Tbe red ot then, thoa
who had a degree of tote Uigence were time server
waiting i or an omc mat nugut oe gtven them
wbeo they returned to tb backwoods, or In eon
atdentbm of beini? aurtnlied with a rorti.vi f r-4
h0 they tema ined m Honolulu. That ii not
inewayurai reaiiy wwe people act, Toeir flmt
work la to tnoair what is beat foe t A1 t
b a Um erreT or to act justlyl Tb on wbo
w iwuo josuy u looo wnoae nam is rrs
crant and of whom It i aakl that "ha rma b.t
to life, And those who choos time serving, at
they who hav a bad reputation of whom tt is mid
they are "heedless of death."
Tb legislature adjourned, and the carrying out
of the appropriations devolved upon the Cabinet.
in prodigality and wastetulne of th Cabinet is
aimilar to that of tbe legislature, only greater.
Then t a great aupplicatloo rained by th peo
pl to thi cabinet, but they heed It not. They
carrv ott the eimmmenL now an tha Twfiwnla ti
doing a good thing for themelvea, now on the
principle of helping along their favonte. and
now oo we nan ot anuiting tnetr eye and ears
The ar the feat ores of a foolUh goTtrnmeut
which It coins to disaster aa did Ei-vnc-
Tbertfore. while Hawaii is aim atriTino ami
cApable of being cured. If the skilled physiam be
found, in the name ot oar nation, which has been
put to shame by thorn dreadful words, we pray
that Gibson and his colleague be put out from
the government ot our land and from the car ot
our natton.
Omr Kilo Letter.
Htxo, January $th, lKO.
Eprrua Gi-attkj Tfaesteamer fAie the apol
ogy for the UUiiit arrived this inorning at a
quarter to one o clock, when, all honest person
should be In bed enjoying that tranquil rest which
eomea of Jigbl suppers and an easy conscience.
But it is a bad hour to await at our "model post
office for your mail, and then examine your corres
pondence and papers, and write replies. And then
when the the litue craft came to anchor and oar
people turned out to erect fnm1 hr ik mh
or get their letters at the Post office, the cold moun
tain air from the snows of Manna he, made wrap
or overcoat very comfirtable
a uv uiy weawer ior ine last tnre weeks has
almost pcodacd drouth in Hilo. We have bad
but one or two light showers, and those during the
night, for twentv davs. Tba air f el. emTa..
balmy irade winds by dr, the land breeze from
iuua rve uy nmtm mating Llanketa neceeaary
to induce sleep, without dream ot Polar expedi
tion. Those Persons who have regarded Hilo aa
the ninj and moist center of the Islands, would
b forced to Chanm their nrtnHw if thav wm
her now. In the midst of dust, clear, doodle
skiea, and an atmosphere pure and buoyant.
On Tuesday last there w as a meeting of X. some
say 40 persona in the Court House, t appoint del
egate to attend to the coronation exhibition.
There were no foreign residents present except two
government efficers. andsat least one third of the
IT,'---' "wMMa, vio Ku'vnuufui umciau.
Fiiteea delegates were appointed to represent the
people of the Hilo district, and two of these only
were foreigners. Tha meetinc. m hih.,
and many speeches weievoada for and against the
coronation project, and the general opinion termed
to prevail that, like the Indian's gun. it would
cost more than It would come to. That the next
regulative AaaemWy would be called upon to ap
propriate about enough to make 200,C-.U as the
toUI cost of an absurd vanity, ltat 1 supputw it
is too late to back out now, and the game has to
be played Oat.
The pUnUUons are flourishing, the mills grind
ing and everything exhibits rro-nerity.
Pigeon Shoo tina; at Kalibi.
Another sweepstake pigeon shoot took place at
Kahhl on the 31th intM and although not quite a
well attended as on the first occasion, vet the
uteres manifested, by even the abaent ones, wa
nwe apparent, and the shooting was better. Capt.
A. B. Haylev and Mr. F. TnrreH were the first to
try their skill aa marksmen, entering into cora-
Sjtion by shooting at three birds each, won by
Pt, Haylev by a score of two killed to Mr. Tor.
relra one. aweeratake idwtini ihn mm.
menced, the following being the contestants and
score; Mr. Capt. Hayley filled the position ot
scorer and Mr. Frank Godfrey that ot referee.
Total Bird, Killed. Missed. Sweep Won.
nayley w .n.. .to,. .. i
XOflMrratl. .. ,n. . J...... ..l, . . . ...0
Cart. Hayley. ..3. . 1 o
ftM. lrer... .13.. . .10. .3.
.. A tbew. Jl 9 5 t
r, Turin. . . . tt, ... a. s,. u
Srnytb.. .. T. .. 3 1
Carter 2. . . 1 ..i o
aW - ta c ii t
At the CODelnsion of tba eJi.Winc a inaLli waa
arranged between Messrs. Smyth and Tamil tor
fSO a side, which will take place at the grounds in
Kalmi this afternoon. There is also a strong
probability that a tnai ot skill will take plaew at
the same time and place between Mr. J.N. Hay
ley, Mr. W. Unger and Mr. Chat, Wilson. At
previoualy noted, the rules by which the shooting
conducted ate most excellent and tend greatly
to th pleasure of tbe occasion, tending as they do
to avoid the occurrence of accidents. A number
of the fair sex are expected to be present at the
shoot this afternoon.
Attempted, Murder.
At 5-30 o'clock on th afternoon of the I2Hh inai.
a telephonic communication from Judge McCulIy
to Deputy Marshal Dayton informed him that an
attempt at murder bad been committed by a na
tive, the victim being a woman wbo resided near
the Church at Waikiki. Marshal Dayton immedi
ately dispatched Captains Fehlber and Mehrtcns,
accompanied by Dr. Brodie to the place designa
ted. On arriving, the officer learned that a na
tive man named Papa while laboring under the
effects of gin and jealousy, had inflicted several
dangerous wound on the body of a native woman
named Kepola, the wife ot bis brother-in-law, and
had in tact attempted to end, then and there, her
earthly existence. The woman wa lying in a pool
of blood, and inspection revealed the fact that the
wmuu-oc noruervr nau inntcted, witn tne large
blade ot a pocket-knife, about fifteen stabs and
cuts on his victim, the most dangerous being on
the right aide of the neck clone to the jugular vein,
and on the left side of the head. Her hands were
also badly cut, indicating a struggle and attempt
to wrest the deadly weapon from th hands of ber
assailant. The woman was very weak from lo
ot blood and Dr. Brodie rendered her immediate
assistance. Papa had gone to his residence after
the cutting, riad changed hi clothe, giyen th
knife with which the deed was committed, to hi
grandson, and had started toward the city. A
wurc wi.Tf urn, anu arrested rum, and n waa
brought to the Police Station by Captain Fehlber.
At last accounts the woman was improving and her
condition was not deemed as dangerous as at first
Highway Rohberry,
Last evening, between 'J and 10 o'clock a man-
of-war'-man named William C Johnson. lately
paid off, was brought to the lolice Station, beinc
under the influence of liquor, by a Uad hearted
citizen, and placed there for safe keeping. Inves
tigation showed that the pocket of the pantaloons
ot tbe ex-aikr had been cut, or torn out, and in
quiry revealed tbe fact tdat the man had been
attacked by three foot-pads who had knocked him
down, garroted him with a towel or piece of bagging
uu iuih-u uun oi uaiween aaj ana JU in
gold. Captain Mehrten,who was oa watch im
mediately instituted a search for the perpetrator
of' the deed, and at midnight had three inspected
partie safe in the lockup, Johnson i badly bruis
ed about the body, hia face cut, and th choking
he received, painfully evident to him. Hi nether
garment was in rags, the robbers in their haste to
obtain th core ted apod having literally parted it
f frail riaw; ( ari-u " Wa i.lu.ui.
aproacbing the civilualfcra ot other cities.
Difflolntion of Partnerihip.
io it tats aay ai-cormz. 4 . Oat, Jr.
HonoUla. JannaryStV lg.
Hoisting Engine & Boiler
IX fiOOD orii:k.
W t (iBEEX
paoaB sen ob.
tub muunus dbkvibeb
wi at a js. ra a t tn, rtn. ta:
1 Bar Rm brat B- I W! V.r V lib.
3bTV.Vra4 pecar: 9 IW Save, brand vtry Met; 1
-rai-a tsarf, brxxa r; i wmt vary &(.
- , , A. B, kUirKUC, Tent Hitter ,
--! 4aa.Mat.MBa. MS 1
I. O. T.
Xo. 1. 1, o. i. T, u, b(mf4 lUt .jwrtal
. u ar m w
TaOtia. C. 8. HittT. DrviIT OntA Lclr.
its. rkxA bovrnzx. t: .
ix THr comsE
Will be BeliTered at the Library
Ke&s, Fort Street,
On Tucy Even;. Feb. S,
iit-aUfa ef meat
A. lVllT.Taffa k fig
- ---w -m M.aW WM W WWIJ
Wo. 5 WtTtTAJfTT STlUUrr, HOWt-WXtT,
Agents for the 'Superior' Store
jjw.j lfS
W B?ES?I aj
Wf:-: f Mk
tie jiD-Tnucnn run.
Mentsatue Raneje,
rORXKD A (.-O-rvKT-HRJHir IXDKB Til tkx xixt; or
-jj aan.
WEmnmxr, jmjl mm
AI K mm It3 ail-. MM,
vrrurr ct:
Tkrs4T. rhaaumj 1.
a nAr 3wald'iw WBwaaaHii
sit 6O0M, curtwnm
Jno. A. Palmer, Elmer H, Ttiacher.
nosoicit'. 11. I, J.ociiiT m, tsu.
The above Firm will open for Business, ABOUT FEB. 1st,
At No. 113 Fort St., Near Hotel St
"Witii js. mn x.ino ox
Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles & Fancy Goods
They will also Manufacture
Telephone No. 297.
Has teduced. Rates
For Hulling and Dressing Hawaiian Paddy
A Yield of 70 lbs. MerchantableSics from
lOO lbs, Iffo. 1 Gleam Paddy
San Francisco and Other Markets in tho U. S., not onlj: tlie imfcrence, bot
BETTER RATES than tho Product of the Hawaiian Mills which, as a rale. U
delivered at those Market? in a more or less STAIKBD AND ULLAGE
Consignments of Paddy Solicited,
AGENT IN HONOLULU, Proprietor India Ric Mill. San Fran.
Who will xoak liberal Advance oa ConaiTuuenU of laiUj tu Saa Fzaucoa aaisat
ceasBxaBd4aelratrlvIewaltaruT aad aarW, a
well as tae coM ltat rrua Olaateml Head I tne wia-
I ih U.lnttnl by J C GLADE, U
urrea at i-kivate salk
His Handsome Residence,!
This Property is in the Healthiest i
Part of the City. j
Its facilities for dralnat are vntrtt, raaraatrcf ar
I dctt vj pfitcx irvnMwa ireaa ataiana. iat mrau9
im a '
nae XwiaUln,
The Sain Hont U Larirr ami Com-
AM. .
Ilcrt and cold watrt la laid o In la Balk Knaai.fi i
Both storte. Gaa It alW UW m. lta t tSXf Hikta.
lara tke whole boe. with Clvzaat Chaa4vHn la
the prlaclpal roma
.a iar mm nan iu -o ivaav a urn I ar lor a
nialBZ Rona, Slttla Kmmbl, HalL Mo-ita ttnm. I
Children's XHalx Konsn. EUU Rooaa. Tw MriMa,
Ctoart. faatrr.Tw Hiore-roewn aa4 Kltcaea. ttKh-4 j
to th Mala KaiMiax, hat aaaer a arparat rrmf. '
imuc accost, boot, ik if natjirairit
(airway tnmt the hall, ar Twa Larz DLraa.Tv';
ai. It rood itac Wdrorraia. Vrada Hom, Balk
Kooaa aa4 i'loxt. Th Xata Ho la ahuaitTil-rt
front aad ti ln drpth. Th kitchen Is to!-!!;
aiTar a i"la t'oakro- Kaare wltk hot rain
attachm eat
Oa th tvoaadf ar TwaLu, with Vvra4a. aa4
a wU hallt KUbk, alia accMOaudatkMi fv Um
hrt B carrl? and tar ramaa fur a-nraah
Thfriaala !! halMtac tvr tha achl
Tba- Lot is S3 J4d ftrrvt aad aWrai XM tt L-
uaarnrrcx,cuiiax aa area or l acrr.
it ranara ooinac iiaiia
year. Affijlm
MM, rffni M
II; the Snrz I am In Krrript,
At the CaHf o-rma Fwwlwe Cs.'s Stare ,
or a ixvoi' a or
Upright Pianos!
XrUrWkj Carl Bmkk,
BMr. 3t. X.
limwriti ran an a
IM applicalw to Jar. Adaaao. A ivrua af tar pa,
thatw aaoaCT can rtavala a Mortfe fv t tw
X. r ADAMS Aact't
Tit mm ruk
Have Now Been
la Ft. sad m r -
Have Given Perfect Satisfaction
Wr tan ftavM mm4 mt
t4 aJi aarra4 tka - !W
iri !
o 7 o
ar Maaf Mtartnl V ! ah-f -
wt drat iaChai m 9
Or Thrv Instrument.
Are now in Use
Csmttse al tk latest aj lt
TttatXttmOU Ul i. w (tan JMn,
Ajv av Jat
ev.Tyrj ricn iuwmuji r ait.iqr
BefTCWtfx MATT I A taUT Uv
rraac(a, A fr (a fi
HolUster cfc Oo-,
y aaaa H. and Car Ttirt A !Taat U gat
Married Oaaak "Wanted I
JHuMCwk. a I .A Btnirii. w
rfak Tha vfal4 Uatraai
3EL I. Ja-X
jinn eitAiw.-.
Liae f lfiaaa. fJa t
Afcwrwe.iit.i.,.wi mm tm
VaIM TjkiitiL
waa m naa mbv
I CUmMmc:
Ahav tttaaal
t rrJit to the TiV. Om-
SEsaixciof ifauj.rcant
or ITUDAT, . - im. ita
trMvnxma. a
The l'rior, Mma, Wiac '
and Kltrkra Varaitaw, rial
fTaiaatna BvaM awl aay T)rh
fiBrv -Chaarfw,si
1 WaitaaadCais
j.ryti I I I
AucHoh aBVi
U w 1, !3mfH,
The ?remie ia Waiala. OaJca.
OeropirJ bj ta. WaUIu Fnul
Vm fWAta. mt i .in i.L i,, i" m. E-,
a, avua t-r
TkHrav j. lakaar la
AlBM.M'i I n, M
rxuixcuaT stuiuL c
FiirnitTire Sml-m
Oa Wea7.rvat
u u u ra
m. r a:ipv
E. O. Hail Jr; Soil
Hall's Steel Plows
arts. "Mltal.. tmir
- awiMB Can
fww ; r -r
SII.TI.il rLATW X AJW- & tail MR
sutnt hivnot tumr turn
r4XUAna-it..awaHSiiw& tt
E Jl 38wrJL 3MK
mwssjar .wt a tr-v-a.;
a 1 fa iw.i,AMi r mm
a mm. 1 " ,arws- jm -
t ww waBlaaawM. wm.
im Iiiiih iw. K
MLtwaifa.v mmmtvKrun,
aa iar
way iaw aw &iaa ana. a cia.
j.,.m. - . . m- 9mTmmmmt
Kmc. - - a"

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