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as for ecnie lime, finallj tcai'asbtrp dtra-i , NOTAIIT Xu liTiIC,
; hole lo me debtor, and received in reply i AftntMUMaeiaDTieocraew"rcBiiiic
ui caru. containing tiie ibhwhj: viaii-1
Agent to take Acknowleacmeata to Con i
. . timet for Labor.
KS laterior Office. HoaalaTa.
, w unstana lops
Wiling in Bhtck and Whit Mai
Hawaiian Gazette Supplement, Feb, 7, 1883.
The Athlete in Council.
Tb rrgiar annual meeting of th Honolulu ident, E, M. Daggett, Mons. Henri Feer, Commi-
AtLtse Awwctatioa m held in their hill oa sio&er of Franc. Hon. A. F, J odd. Chancellor of
r -rt street on the ermine of the Si tnrt. The the Kingdom, Cardain H. Wilson, U. S. S. Lek-
erjij-rartf tLeevrmngwasUkeocpbyaineet- CapUia CntMiinoirFrench gunboat
bore mentioned, 11. B, Ms Commissioner. Major ! Cnfptrr nf trip Stpinmhin " Suez nineteenth round, Mr. Cnser Bceminaly beinj; In
J. XUy Wodeboose. U. F-American Mmwter ltk. 5 aaIelJ 01 lIie aiearasiuP OUez. Tery form Rn RCC1(jental dliCharceof hisenn
on the first inning having disconcerted mm ana
GUd Tiding, the feeling sticking to him through all his round.
1 uniiF jl na inner ill (Hir itmi muutuu wren iiimruii
The fmcoTU.itT at large, eveO sine the news of indndine Dr. J. S. McGrew, Mr. Geo. Lucas, Mr.
lha .Umrtor f the from San FranciSCO WiMer. C.int.Tnna Cant- llavler. Mr.C B.
? - - umuu mm vijvu iui , 11. jQjvi, uoo 11. A. i . uarter, lion. J. rs al- ceming ner iai or wuereaoouis anu cti mwiu- ( inning, ana several oiners. r ouowing is umj score .
utrar-rr-, a of general btu4ne.S. U. Dole, ker. His Excellency the Premier toasted thEm- . ing vessel hiu been beseiffeJ bj anxiooa inqoirera. t'nrer.. 0 0 0.1 1,0,0.1.0,0,1.0. J. 0,0, 0,0.0,-
113. r f tie rrejdent a, in the Chair. tre- pror of Jpn," responded to in a very diplomatic On the 2d int- the bark Hrrt Opt, Mclntjre lUjirj.. .0, 1,1, 1. 1, 1, 1, 1. 1,1,0.0,0. 1,0,1, 1,1,0 IS
rji S eth read the foUowinfi report of the j spe-h in Japmese br UU ETcellener the Japan- 1 arrived in port from Nanaima and the first new' Attheconclnrioncf the match twosweenataUs
- m ImluuaJrtr. icUnmthl hr Hnn U Viiuiti mhui hor rhrfnl asnect was area OT Cant. i . , V.. u i- Ci.i
-, ? ... v ciu-atolate tneir fellov menae of 1 bassador of u the Kimj and Eor&l Family and all
'a fcc-Uja raid tbeoiilTea on the fact that , the cratlemen pmyin." Ihe Band under the
ixtCrst uieetinc is held ta their own i dirrcuon of Prof. Berjrer dispersed sweet ranuc,
- - - tk uapuwd on the Dirrcura baa th only eemmc pleina feAtnre of the oocjuiud.
rron Uian etther tbey or Uxw The AJtrrttwrr in cunnection mith ihi affair
- 1 . j i. em tifwm, m tnej ieei umvi- 1 make
c 7 . l t j rerxrdtd after oiauj asxiettea br the ! wwWu
1 th Ataoclatton a irTmuHUai m already v c, n-ith-r ih f-t
c ) uEift equipped, tuat to rateretrt in the - -
tzz j wLich at one Hm zlacfed appears to Our W adlnLn Letter.
r v n-rri nd that tbooch not holU out .
: j.-ajtith A&uaaUoo w in a fairij ood , htkc. tebinary 3,
C -j s v-,- u -a. It nrper t j add that thu
-5 j : j cL t'.cI'TaHc oar pxdtwn 1 in a
Mdntyre to the pilot, who in tarn qnictly trans- , . T . w- , T f ,
furred the good nm to shore. t.""JT SI were won by Mr. Chaa. II. WUm with the Rood
tLe Err. stated that on the 19th of J annarr he Qf MX gM MUed oat o( MTen fiml bU
mo and that she had aignalled to him Tut back, t
alicht accident to machinery.' He to nnaUe to
Rainfall for January.
Iheto- 1 makes twu inkntateaients one that the dinner was Ttspond haTing Itft hi fcunals at thporton his I Herewith preented the amoont of f all of rain
by the j jMr and another that Hon. J. E. Bosh and Hon. tast trip. The then was under both sul and j noted at J. II. Wood's ranch. Xnnauu Valley, for
team and a boot VAt miles I rota an xranciscu ; tDe month ut January. Mr. Hinder, wlio nas
for which port she vas maVing good headwar. , noted the diilj fall has kindly sappliedthefollow
The arma! of the C. S. X lcnff on the SJ inj staUtics:
tnt. was thA signal for another Mid by toe anxtona
- J c jt'.cj.'Taik vf oar ptwanon 1 id a , 7 v-- , , the"smoke of a steamer coins in, naa Deenaeen
aw v tLe Ulral riaimrr m wheh I I'tiun foUoued br an mUrmiUrtH do. n fall of ; n,,y,'miI nf .J. lTWa.arfr when that
c ) t, l.etneo who were not meraWr of raia.-trangers iirrmnc. stcck fast tn tr f lasuc , VM OQt of tiw Golden Gate. But
1 j rtpocdd to our apfal for lc- , Tn:t,t f and remarks m -elect Anglo- t jj-rt crtifyina and latest news
- s.JCza. ioo. which. Wiirted out. wrreanyihmcbnicom- ; m brvQcbt tj' rl br tm thh m.t. bj CpL
CcearIyrrtoftbeyerwhiliaa.d I a2?tV?r 10 lh! rnr ui, UcU rrf Une j. a rtrlW. who reports
, r. b for an appropnaie arte for the "m the Depaiynff. mad man of many appomt- ! t"Al lbi hAdarrired in Sm Francisco on the
tDiretoXsomepainatopro- )- uAabiunU. hare long cewd to wun- .tTreed to repair her propel
. t . race ot-door gK o J TarUs l5",0IW'tuD I which diSLed when fou?dTS frJm port.
isetotbr apal tb CoTern- f" tLf10 f Neanaprdttt.of the3Sd insUwereaJsoreceited
r.-i in the MaUklIT,wiTeyedl Xff, V?? rr the J. D. mrtcM and which confirm Cap!.
Jt-titt itroond and made other improve- j Vsu ?fl lK0,d Pi of Jb butementTand al-o cneys the addition!
1: &.-uie UaeplaciBC in Kroona anoer - w u. , m(omJnUoo it mwoald again sail lor
the AM.iaianB Mh4 t th di-v Todancof aU glUTel Mid nwd-tnaking material, . I ul: ."1 .7,. ni, ohn doe
Jsaaary 1
Miniver of the Intenor. the uaaiUr OIJ. 1 , I "tr "H to lwa 1 here at out the etc in, iiereral of oar residents
rti is .y KMtted ad tbeir detotion i fJW -IJ ,1 Wwra reeMges from thetn. The
1 Vi - -.ajdic in it enamcter. It will tben- . wc Jeeun; w now ranning in
. .Mybefonirfdertrable forth Awocta- " directwn. tbw wooden pathway, which
c . tzlieiLsefftirUurtfaepMsit.tleaXto W or j not rtai ..won.
- U. CJmnaaniiBkUrctiTe and enewcr- ce has eou.e laa: for the loot of that
oU- tic exereuts f r whieii it preaento a UILwJ , aPP pmn: eon-
1 trotjj an K&fortonate reatoms otheer ' help 1$ the
,am u now ttaad stth the free- i irtiat he has lost hw haUet and the Marshal's
t c sci e-3JJ0L ThMVxue&diwre ! """T "uur-
uails which were oc board of the 5rr and des
Uoed for this port would not be allowed to be
tniwferred on board the SyrrrM by the Sn
Francisco Fosanaater. Capt. Fnes U the man of
the boar and ererjbody feels feels pleased to
.hat kM haiul and nuirratulate him on being the.
bearer of anch -gUJ tidwes." Beiow we gire the
. jj debt, bu thrrf are sercral 10
zl Jf v tie oultecaed. Socae of taee are
- -m latvn 1:1 tw tbm whole anaoant Bvce
t vt iLt tautttioQ free of debt 1 nuM!.
l.'.iI t fmi nu doabt that tne required
-vj l tfenrt'd by perxvenuf; doit. Ihe
-:it ivec tn the Oynasicm m Ueecm
. -t .. '; a vu-aos of Ii.K) after aU exxwnas
- . d 'as su thuruoefcty essayed by ail
t-- P'n: inai xovtt cn oe no oot an
-cc .vtiUou wootd namac- ererb.dj and
c t U ; . same time weloonae addrtaaaia to the
It s luooaae.
c Ln.:u..ta tne Iirtotor oWire beartilr to
i .-vJ. j who ao kindly ftssited the 00
1 w s a of the entertainment rrlerrd to and
jcu tluJ pnmgnof good thxag cootn
sc u.ccu lo the ptewe of the eveaonc
i .JU Uirecws, S. B. Duu-
Zi- it W Schmidt the Tra- of UAxHa
t. hu report, as folk as :
axj. Kcfowt roa rata mi, Fo.
liirx-J- x
. nFees S0
A-i . doe , 4ft)
VjcrrWdcea 3300
lcjftcnpuons -s)tu
! ii. n rs lS-OCU
i" jceeda -4 VoMtncal I'erforaaancM K3 00
it-cd of Ball IWW
In PL Jod. mmmi to haw not hM idU t PIr extract:
donne the wetk, bet a cannot obtain a h of the I " ororrrsiTx sreixm.
cwaes. tL wet daT a bold and tirate njbne offieer Th rraiwnam Ckrurim aars : When four
not a name one be it rtrowmU-red. wmmwod ' dajs not on hervoyag to the Sandaich lalacds
the road, bavu4 in low Ctmuuuan, fabed in ! tne Brit. S. S. Wr, hioh left here on the 9.h ion
a cruel looajnc uuuinr. by a float rope, attached
-I lUt Lysenaa $S, Armory 25 $ S) 00
At.TerUM4net.u and feutaoiM-ry SI 5
;cr t.Kae4 Urod w ailiki 3!
lUa, Estate 1I6&J
Ir.tiaj: ExpeQveis 476
ticizu: pa ymenU 00 acooont f SCS(a)
to both wrists, furring his pacvon foot through tbej
was comfortably teated on bi nVrr charger- This
anfoctnnate was Loked and lucked op on a
charve of lanoi amoking. and dealt witti accord
ing w law yesterday. As I MippuM the oi&cer
obeyed hta Menor uiatmcuons, .1 must be tak
e fur granted that tLu ceontry's manners are
t-wi tno( of tne oarK ag
apropoa of ifce cnarge ut lorgery against a peb-
had two bladas of her propeller broken by its
frtnkinga pai float on tne water. Ihe ecctdeol
nUoe 1U occorrtce tmmedtately felt by the jar to
the machinery and tee rnfaeed speed of the
e-4. be, iMiwerer, contineed on her way cntil
the followiugdav, and then torned her bow to
inl wtn i-Vancisao asain. Fate seemed to be
against the ship, 'or on toe mom day, shortly after
she bad aUtted on her return to this port, sue was
stmck by a pale, and taie of her top gallant-mast
and topsail yards wer earned away. Ntven daya
... nulinA i liia mt f mm the ruwn!
be onWr. detailed for trial bv inrv. manr remarks 1 BMiiMouMd .n tnakinff ibis mrlfrom tne notnl
are made, taoa of them being to the effect that 1 vbere she tnrned bark, ller reduced rate of eied
m the face tf the boUneas of the accoed at his ivcooanted tot this. Ordinarily her speed RTeragea
daily rod on the allay ruttd, and faith T oily attend . H knots an boar bat ber damaged oondition onlr
edby msattrand legal atrii-er and cbilds gnar-1 eii knots were made. The pecuniary loss ai.l
dian. the gorennnt can se that there is little or not be great for the damaged propeller, bat con
no charge to auswer, and at any rale not a ffi- J htcVrabie expend will be entailed before she can
oent one to caoe a Misrenaion fromofiice until ! tvtuitmI Hr rcn ia ta-iiu nartlr dlcbareed
it iimiuble acquittaL at one of the Sea-wall sheds to enable ber to
in ija&ren nutters i):. uane. sometime past pas- dock and replace the broken screw wun tne eura
tor of the Union Foretm Church here. sirnies his I nn. that ch. Mrn
intention of reeigniag las put whenountement to j cargots general and was consigned t W.
bk congregation, lie has labored hard and faith- Q. I rain &. Co. by John D. Spreckets. She will
f uMy tn this dinnci, his manly excruoca in the ' uti tor Honolola on or a boot the 31st tnfL.
causcof teeaperance. haTen is behered benblgb- , We have been kindly permitted to copy the
1 vwwrrww wiw iiuwm iiuu uauua XOIIOainC iroQlK IVIie Mliec
.... .91
S 79
A 1-3)
5 1 i
C S3
7 aw
JtnBirrl" .42
X .10
ST .(W
Jt .
Total K.M
Balance, cash on hand;..
Father Alexander adornine taaQT a coat. Al-
tbonh loth to part with Dr. Lane, his forensic
abilities are deemng of being expanded in a
higher sphere, and wider scope than NVafluku.
&ay New Tork, Boston, Chicago or t'taladelphia.
The Natire Minister comrninds daily xmort in
bu native Chnrch, has a really good choir, is rery
eoergetic and already beloved and rrsprcted by all.
in angur maaing, au ux nuusexerpc rprecsei
are busy, secanudy with the happiest results. The 1 Inlands, a here as tbepresent wind would help us
AVailoku plantauua baa a fine show ft beanhfnl J toward Frisco. We all felt as if we could lift np
crystaU, bt coramend me to that of Mr. Parker , onr rotot-s in one heart rending cry, I think we all
Juacee s, sncs scgar direct xrom tne cectrua-
In connectiin with hia repcm Mr. Schmidt stal
ed that be tad not aUected any dues for the cxo
icf: year lcanse it sertoed that the does should
be raised to an amoont scSciect to ewer ranning
expenses. One of the snbBcnpUoa lists with a
number of name on it has never come to his hazbis
and aonears to have bven kHt. The life members
W tn. Aociaton consist of ThmMaWtie th. canine and feline ranues. in sclida,
Xing and Qcea Boo. C. K. Bihop, laa.ii. G. wilting the icdnstnoos people a happy and
Muder, Bon. H. A. P. Carter Sam Parker J H. vrwu Sew Year, I remain joars.
ratyr A. J CartaTight, H. G. SobJe. R F. Ddling- 3 Onsornu
II" Til, Ml 1 U. .
gal, so dean and goul looking ks ldom met
Oar edesual ropalation show gn of impa
tience for their New Year's holidays. Many well
to-do celestials wi!l slay at home and show their
nssal bo ratably to aU and snndry. Ere the great
day of the 12th arriTes, mont, if not all of them
wiuheawa, after a plentitndeof Nun frtu. Three
btar. Uoanng laon. Ctocken Brand, etc in Uqnids.
and PigjCiea, Bouiera, Drakes, Chinee Sasaagea
The Ci U f -Veie J'erl- arrived in S.in Fraocisco
January 2M, 7 days and 5 hoars from Ilonolaln.
The British steamer Cbaa.T. Hook am red in
San Fraiicwe January 3BJ, from Astoria. SLe
wocM take p i-eaaera and cargo from thence for
Hong Kong, toochit at Honolala ea Twate.
Would mil from Sin Francisco on cr a boat the
2Mb alt.
The iWiv sailed for Kahulai January 28d with
a cargo valued at f 151.
Gnttate Dore the famous French painter and
designer is dead.
Th wires were doxn between San Frtcctsco ami
the Cm on tbe 28th nit. and news was therefore
The Pueblo Oberrtory ob-erred a nv coieet
uetr Jnprter, Sunday, Jan. SDth, at 6.-10 p. jl
Ex-Empress Enaenie annoaneetthat sbelznsrcs
the repablie, and omies to Pari to diapltj aymptt
tfar with PrtAce Jerome.
The HmtM' Hamburg afveial says: Accord
tag to tbe latest in f omit a km, 115 Hrea were Iot in
tbe Gmbrit disaster. There were 412 paamw
and mnrty-foar oflioers aud crew on IkmrL Of
tbs ooJy fifty-six. so far, baTe been raacned.
JohnD. Spreckels is now in PbUadelphta. HU
presence there is accounted for froro tlie faet that
Cramp Sous are engaped Is building a fleet of
ima steamships for tbe Haxarian tVMnmeretal
Company. Tbe Teasels are being coastrnetad un
der tbe direction of Captain Steel, Superinten
dent of the Hawaiian Company's line. Two are
well ander way. lit Mariposa be launched
within fonr weeks, and the other probably to be
named the Alameda, will be Innncbed aboat April
1st. TbetwowiUcu.tIjOll01(Ul.
Among other theories of tbe cause of the Te-
nacnaiti acciueni is one inat tne irtin was inten
tionally started down tbe grade by tram pa, bo
intended robbing it, but who Uwt control vt the
Frje, in the Senate pi re notice of an amendment
to the sugar schedole providing in Hen of tbe pres
ent rates of duty of 2S per cent, ad valorem on mo
lases molds concentrated metada. Unk bottoms,
syrupof eagar.cane juice. ecntrated molas-e
and sugar above No. IS Do ten standard, and 3 per
cent ad valorem on all above thu standard; and
providing farther UrU thee rates shll Uke effect
on the naJMge of this bill and shall 1 collected
Shed Silent tears. Bat wretchedly a I felt about I an wru Ruoua as may l iu iu puuuc - wtm
ourelveH I felt worse aboot tbe great anxiety and 1 bonded warehouse at that time,
disappointment to you all in Honolula., Another u',1 '
cat- of anxiety was the health of lira. S. Damon. I j . 7Jr.f.V.m,.. f r
She was very ill indeed. Fortunately she is now i $Jea AartmStmtMS
doing welL On Toesday Jan. 16th Mrs. Damon t . -
gave birth to a boy: Mother and child were botfi 1 mi A ,-,.,4-
wU in spite of the hd weather and the absence j JL 11G Vjrl?GcVX O UlCGG&5
of all medical assistance. 1
Whit a hotter disainointiBeat It WHS to US one
and all, when within miles of Hoootula, hav
ing bad a wretched eoa-sick time try lug V keep
up courage, thinking there were only three mare
days to end are, to be told that we mat turn about
and go in the oppo;M direction. Ihe propeller
ii broken and could not not be mended in llono-
lala. There would be head winds if we kept on
oar coarse and it would take us weeks to re ca the
Schmidt. The Treaaarer did not consider the list
of life members doeed vet. lie was happy to re
port a balance of tQ cash on hi 31, wtich be
considered particularly favorable, as it was the
first tune since April d that there had been
any f and in the Treasurer hands. Mr. Schmidt
returned his thanks to Messrs. Berrfil, Ueweti and
Bolt for assistance rendered to him in the dunes
of his office.
Actwa was taken upon theieportsof the Direct
ors and Treasorer, and both were approved. A
vote of th'rt was given to Mr. Schmidt and to
tie turn ol u. xiackleia & tx, xor tne ajkusunce 1
rendered the Ast-ociiUao. 1
The election of officers for the resales term was r
then proceeded with, and revolted as follows ; '
Preodect, S. B. Dole; Vise Presjdect. Mrs. E. P.
Adams. F. Wuidenbcrc: Treasurer, C BoUe; Sec
retarv, J. S- M ebb; Directors, A. Kosa, Miss Hame
Pierre, Mia Clara Coney, Harrr Whitney, J. F.
Brown, Mrs. H. A- P. Carter, F. Macfarlane, Mr.
HertEog, Oareoce Macfarlan.
The members present then took cp the questioa
of increasing the xsocthly does and after a long
Pigeon Shooting at KaUhl. 1 "R A TT PV 4Ir fO
Tbe csual weekly shooting of pigeons took place ""
atKalihi on laat Wednesday afternoon, a goodly I BUftniilCTADC
number of snortsmen being present to narucinate ' r nOrnlh I Una
I in the mepttaka shooting. wbKh followed the 1 cf b!m Unre aad fiwrihlng stores to dlffert r(U.
1 principal event of the day, r.r. a match between , ha rreated a sreat deal cf ulk fa buiar,. circles aad
Mortaajy Report for January, 18 S3.
Bv the courtesv of CapUin J. H- Brown. Agent I Mersrs. Tnmll and Smyth for a pars of X). To trnvag the people Th- Bew idea wfakh the firm la-
f tV f Ifaalth ih,t, nTnrcrTitfcd K.r I CO lain tU6 Coin, air. DOJID was compeiiea 10 K1U t aremeaai nwnj 10 pp,
of the Board of ilealUu there is Pnt5f- 10 bird, to Mr. 1 amirs Jv the former being hsndj- hiacceeded so well that their barlaeks growa to
with the monthly report of deaths from vanous "J 1 m' . ' nTo r bi 1 t7 .1 1 " h prapottUm. They tomaced la a mw'
caoes occurring within the district of Honolulu. PP1 l? that catcnl on acoint ot bis mppM , xremotit Saw. Botoa. abiat fr rear. aro. atd are
greater oexwmy wim uieganai uieirapa. idb ( BOV dot it a btwiaeMof suinjtisj peraaaam. They
weather was quite suiUble, the bird. liIy, and ' ai8, PU)re-wo is Bwloa. oae la PhlUielpals,
the match between the contestant iwolted in the , oae la Baltlnore. 00 ta New Vock, otetn Btooklja.
defeat of Smyth by the following score: j oae la M. Loaia, oae ia Lyaa, Vass aa4 en ta Hodo-
TarrilL I1tii'o a 1 The iaala Siere fn Ewtcw U the laree six-story
.sayta o,l.w,i,.4. 1. . ValMiarSIS Waehlarton .Ueel It la30 feet deep sad
Sweepstake shooting was then indalged In by w feet wide, aoa is filled with erery coseetrsble Lind
the sportsnjen preaent- Mrs. Capt. Hayley acted r rod eonnecied with hoe-heefiBe. The flock la
as score r. Mr. Eldndge at th traps. The analysis b"i" fflBr hrr Ulars, WWbatrsls of rla war
of the shlrivshoouz at the doe showed that Mr. S2tiJ.'!:?itr hf, toalZ
Unger rrmadethe best record. kiUrng 6 birds JLif lL JjLZft? ZZ?
eonaecutively, Wodehouse S, and J. Dovaett jr. a.d u holldjv tlae more than ISO. Tha aetret of
I jnni, paimi A vo imnc lie laur in(
The increase in number of deaths over that shown
ia December la two, and consumption and fever
have claimed the most victims, although the ter
rible "unknown' has a credit of more than on
seTenth of the total somber. Following is the
: iS'irr: .
9U1- -.!.. ..,.. ..
11U..S1 1 s --
aiu.. f ..(.. .. .- 1
xi.. l 4 .. ..
CUflCTTlonfT u wu rnirij OKUNtOODOiNOH AT. j wto j .'11
G. Cutdo Kcfiyco, to iacnse tbe dae so 1 Er ' sai e x "i x
DacUu lb sun ta be coOected uotttUj. Ibe ; w 10. . 3! 1 V.....
bocrbeicc Ute, put 10 o'ciock, tbe nm4mc then iOftr..t. lj I -
CfiaM Dil
4lAcrldesu..M 1
-,Broacalu S
4 CoasaBtptita ?
ICaarcT. 1
-Co&vaUlMLS. 1
1 Dropsy I
I DiabctM X
1 t DyaeateiT,
i- Ks'st Be
Following is the score:
"Total Sweeps i
Girds. Killed, Wised. Woo. I
hat the people wast, sad they have facilities ta hey
e piv lot for rash, and eaa control maBBTictarrrt
Dinner to the Japan ea Enhaaay.
A nrivate nnw m riven bv His ExreUencr I
th Premier and His FTrWlencv the Attorney Gen- Jacaary. 19, deaths..
enL to the naembert of th Japaneae Embaary, i Jtaaary.iJ, deta.
Ui Eirelleocy Mr, Sstgi, Hon. Mr. Ialuhaahi. Hon. j
VL stNsxsS. Hon. F.Kakucti. at the Haww- Ifijjg: Sat deaifc.:
I rsrslysis t
Pearl tf WtrMfor JfeaU.
an Hotel on the evening of the f3d inat. GuUm f tbSJZ'.)
"(whuj aj oa ucucacj Me
ter of Fomn iffUira, cxspied a seat at the bead
of the table, Hon. John iL Kapena, late Envoy
Extraordinary of His Hawaiian Majesty to Japan,
being seated on his ngti. and F. A-Scfcacfcr Esq.
Dean of the Consular Corps, being awated on the
left. There wt pitsr beaades tbe canllemec
Carter .
H. W'thMM
pt Hayley.
. II
TarrlU 8
I. DowtetU. --t . 11
J. N. Ilayley .
stocks it bottom firares. The bvtiarM is bota whole
tale ltd mail sod Is slmMt exdailrely coafi&ed to
five, tea. aad tweaty five ceat foodf. They have lart
Sarcaaeed a Ji lot of hattos', coeiiitlsrof XUfXQ
oxea, aad hart riven oae order for thsprtsilax of
have a aiill.oa sheeuef mailc From these fscu It
will be readily sees that they csa tell maay Ulan at
tbe prices a bleh aitocUb Uiioi of bayers. Theae
who have aever vlvtted their ettabltthmeaU will find
e low aoa. From the 4Mtea Zaijr GfoW
Teul 4eaths aauiac cUy I
Jomm H. Baaww, Agcat Board of Eeath.
Cuatnoxaaxr Much.
On Friday the 3d inst. the shooting ground ,
which had been specially prepared for tbe occasion I
was the acene of a compeUtiv trial ot skill be- '
tween air. wuuam cnger oi urn city aim air. 4.
Norman Hayley, an English gentlemen who bor
the reputation of being an extremely good shot at
the trap. Bendesth collateral interest in the
nr'trh tbe competitors settled to tula of "cham
pion,' The weather was pleasant and 'tne herds
were Lively. The match waa candaded on the
Dixtoliition of Partaenuip.
Ja.. Co-, is this day dirselved. J. af. OiU Jr.
will settle It aAbr. W. L. tiKIEYE,
J. H. OAT. ia.
Hocalala. Jsaaary ga.l38E. ta U
be mBoaiWa for debt coatracted azalast the
ABTEMAJf ICS W0SK3 wtthoat a wriuea order
from WUnam McKay. W. E. FOSTER, Proprietor.
Hooolala. Jiaaary fth, ISO. m la
kebctt m

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