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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, February 14, 1883, Image 2

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Ir m Rmuinir to read the extracts from
American papers on the f nliject of annex
ation nhieh the Premier's P. C. .Utertitir
lavs More its muteis together with its
diatribes again t the Opposition Press for
pnblishing the foreign ratracts which
dilate upon the King's condnct in general,
and hit unrwjmlarity aliroad as well a at
Ma. Htsct .V. P. Chette has gone to
AVashington, as Minirtrr ltesident, to snc-
ceed the late Jndge .Ulen. Ur. Smito.
who wxs sent there to ai"t concerning
the treat v. holds a temporary appointment
as Charge d'Affaires lmt he may remain
to a-ist Mr. Carter
Tlienlxeenf Hawaiian Ministerat Wash-
tnwim 7c in fifiTtfrmlitA nnn. Xlltll H saIatv
of SC,000 and a Secretarr who salary is
Si50 a year. Sir. Carter was in Wash
ington in lS754i as joint uonimiisioner
with Mr Allen in negotiating the present
Treaty. The knowledge of the facts and
rnrrmn5taiiee attending that negotiation
wiU no donht be useful.
Since his retnm from alnngtonm
lf.Tr Via lice iwiAn unmnnl in ihn Kerriee
of the Hawaiian GoTemment as Minister
of Foreign Affairs, but most of the time as
its diplomatic representative abroad.
A vest graceful act was doneonMonduy
by His Majesty. Col. Tnpnian, a dis
tinguished savant, who right years ago
spent many month on ther-p. islands as
Chief Astronomer of the Transit of onus
Party of 1871. passed through in the
Zmbirttui. He has lately been in charge of
the Transit of Venus Party in N'ew Zea
land. The Colonel called on His Majesty
after the Coronation ceremony; was most
cordially received, and on parting was in.
vested with the order of Kalataua. It
was a most graceful act, the Colonel has
in his scientific writings, embalmed the
name of Honolulu, and many of its most
nminent citircns m a history that will
, as long as the. English language lasts;
a more wortuy or proper snuject lor decor
ation conl (1 not have been found, it was
an honor to the Colonel to 1k decorated, it
is an honor to the Order to have so dis-
tingnised a man as a member. Conferring
orders npon men of such calibre adds
dignity to the Crown and to the nation,
and we must give unqualified praise to
the tact andj'arei'rai're of the King, which
prompted him at a moment's notice to
knell n mark of honor to so distinguished
a stranger. AVerc all orders and honors
itestowed with like discrimination the Ha
waiian decorations would lo held in very
tugn estimation.
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Owr HLU letter.
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onralrteta and road, f UKaraalaai lart to en
prrmdr and onasdeaS tbe unerriu of llaaaiif
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tbe hum t&alissl and artlatic manner, nlendld
4ictoywi luuLrd lortn Irout the valla, atai every
Hons aaarrantro ao aa to cUdden tbe rjt and to
aaaaM. Jdra. law laM,ureani inmaczufintnt atrle
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aaulr tbe yocne to a juxt. and it mai Irr up
riemnlj emilUK boar of O, when all kft wub
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seneraOt. 1 adS add Mas, f or the bencdl of tbe
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laLrj, wine, rem, ale and beer in abraduce,
t not ana vt tlx manr csesU nbQnted Ibe least
aajiof cTtiUtntion
Tbe IwririraTi bark EmtndJ. Capt Oattcxar.
ntat in tbe harbor jeatmlay afternoon. S3 dan
turn IVst Townsad. Tbe arpearanoe of tbe
WMaT.abovancabeaTj list to port. caraudlncmirT
and lirffcamtKm waa obtained tbat tbe"AcrwU
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KaaaraB.uirrzoiesacr hnrtm. m.
faawabcatad arrrra local Carman!
SrncH is silver, silence is golden! and
following that old adage to the letter the
worthy lVeniier has for the la-t few weeks
refrained from uttering a word on the
charge which Messrs. l'ih'po and Xawahi
have brought against him. Letters have
been pnbUshed ovit loth those gentle
men's names stating in set terms that the
statement of Mr. Pili'iio, was true. In that
statement it was charged that Mr. Gibson
approached lhox- gentlemen with propo
sals which were nothing short of regicide.
HowU it that the Attorney General can al
low snch statements to iass unchallenged?
If Sir. Gibson has lieen maligned in this
matter he should lie cleared, if ho is not
maligned, he is indeed a traitor, and more
than that, a grossly deceitful man, for
he was trying to sting the bosom that had
nourish ii him. To iiass this matter by
in the manner that Mr. Gibson does, has li
very ugly look; to the outside world it
seems as if Iim had no defence to offer, as
if he hopMil the subject would wear itself
out and moreover, as if he considered,
under the rii-cnmsfances. that the least
raid was the soonest mended. Unless the
Premier leaves the country before the
next session of the Lenslatnre he will
undoubtedly hear of it again in a manner
by no means agreeable to him, and he has
ceased to have that solid lincking which he
used to liavo when leader of the onposi
. : ii. i i 1 1 ,
.uiw uuunjipy x remier
1 1 C1A1WI ...-n -n.1 Annm vmld
Ik- got into tlie country before February
LclOt JCXVJ, UUl 11 will tnae a lerj inucii
longer time to get only an $8,000 dredge. 1
1 v, r fWl VmlntEV in t eteh ft few .1th
grade 'Japanese officials can go all the
. . T 1 1 1- t,4:i1a mvJl
H ill M) ' ajKUl IUIU Mrtta, will, l, l ijuw
deal longer to get the dredge. This is
only one more instance of how incapably
ibo" imtmii Pjilnnet have carried on the
business of the country: let us hope a
change will come.
The -Blatant Coronationists"' have had
their day, it were charitable to hope that
they enjoyed it. The consistently right
eous Opposition will have theirs, and may
the Palace Party enjoy that also, at latest
when the bills have to be paid. Their
denunciations and criticisms'' have not
proved utterly of non-effect and will prove
more effective every day as the people
awake to the co-t of this worse than nse
lass display.
Space and time forbid that in this arti
cle shonld lie elaliorated an exhaustive ex
hibition of the evils wrought on this peo
ple by the present Ministry, first, in their
efforts to obtain power, and next in their
use of that power when acquired. The
Premier who climbed into his place by
unwearied repetitions of his devotion to
theKinc and native people, has rewarded
tne former uy exchanging mecnaracier oi
docile sycophant for that of exacting
domineer, and the latter by letting loose
liquor and leprosy throughout the islands.
up wuo preienupu lowra lemoua lur uiv
native race led the way in the first great
alienation of Crown Lands.
As to foreign affairs more particularly, do
we not remember the difficulty with our
envoy in Paris, and was there not on tho
Coronation day a Minister appointed to
onrmost important loreum posi awaiuoK
his credentials until after the show? On
the same day, were there not three ocean
steamers at tho wharves, their business
retarded and everything out of gear on
account of tlie snow? our main street
made temnoraril v passable for foot passen
gers, though plentifully besplashed by the
galloping marshals, while the merely busi
ness streets were impassable for mud and
sludge, and this for the show? And the
show what was it? Tho feeble explana
tions and lame apologies of the Premier's
paper proved of none effect in collecting
ausemecs, trie lniroaucuon 01 me uoys
from the Ref ormatory,araongst the schools,
or the invitation ol one lodge to tne mem
bers of another failed to swell the proces
sion, the solitary Special Envoy failed to
redeem the bombastic brag about the
hosts of distinguished foreign officials
not even one special correspondent of the
foreign press came, for the purpose, al
though it does seem that the significant
notice that invitation cards need not be
presented at tho entrance succeeded in
tilling the ampitheatre somehow and
then the crowninir act of all. how was it
received? f Avid i7oi. One oversight at
least our astute 1 Tenner was guilty or, lie
did not remember the value of n well
organised clacque, a feeble shuffling of feet,
a few hesitating raps of umbrella points
were the only indications of applause, the
dn7urr were neither numerous nor hearty,
in fact a failure.
In fact the spectators of tho crowning
of the dread King may be easily divided
into threo classes, viz. officials bound in
duty to be present, mere sightseers who
wanted to sec so unique a show, and others
who went to show off their finery and
criticise that of their neighbors.
Thank heavens this is over, possibly
without any immediate results worse than
a few score colds in the head from wet feet
and a few score extra cases at the police
AVhat dhUaic may next lie invented for
wasting public money, who can bay. Of
the past, this may be said, the nine months'
administration of this Cabinet has been
an entire failure, its epitaph will soon
be written thus, rAiLrsc
War is it that the lmilding and other
contracts are no longer asigned by tender?
At one time it was a common thing to see
in the newsjiapers "Tenders required";
this especially marked the Wilder admin-
ihtration, now snch a thing is rarely if
ever seen. There are very ngly whispers
about; by and bye the whispers will lie-
couie a roar, such dealings have nothing
to do with the "disappointed political sore
heads"' that the Premier's organ is so fond
of alluding to, but they are creating a
wiae spreaii uisconient among n most in
fluential and important class of our com
munity, viz: themastermechanics. These
men complain, with justice, that the pub-
work gets into the hands of a favored
few j tome even go to the length of saying
a rrwif few. There is no doubt that in
some instances work has lieen done as well
and at least 23 per cent, cheaper than the
"ring would do it, when the Minister of
Interior has been forced through Ten'
shame, to go outside and get it done. We
would recommend an investigation
into the manner in which this branch
branch of the executive has lxen carried
on: and to compare the rates paid, with
uie remuar market rales, it is to lie iinrmi
that the attention we have called to the
condition of affairs may have a proper
effect npon the Ministry; we speak in be-
nau 01 a class 01 men wuo are truly tho
lune and sinew of the country, the master
carpenters ana irauaers.
Xow that the Coronation is over, the cry
for activity in matters connected with
works of public utility will be louder than
ever: even that very small section of our
commumty that was too frightened to ex
press its opinion against that lamentable
folly, and so kept quiet until the show was
over, will now heartly join ubdemanding
that the present incumbents of office
should et vigorously to work, and do
something for the good of the people
at large. Tho-e who have uniformly and
consistently condemned the Coronation
can go a good deal further; they not only
can demand that works of public utility
should be vigorously pushed forward, but
they can condemn the present Cabinet as
lieing ntterly unworthy of the slightest
confidence tithcr by the people or the
King. However that is a matter which wc
will refer to later: at tho present moment
we wish to call attention to one very prom
inent matter which has been very seriously
negieciea lor many years past, ana which,
as things now are can brook no delav.
A good harbor is a most vital thing to
uie prospeniy ot the country: a good har
bor can be as easily injured" by the care
lessness or neglect of man, as any other
gilt which nature has given to him, and
which he ought to keep in order. Xature
nas smrnuea Honolulu with a very toler
able harbor, it is not macnificont in ex
tent like the harbor of San Francisco,
Sydney or Millford. Irat it answers our
needs very well, and we should do every
thing by art. in order to make it more
enicteni. luis we have not done. Though
the part through which tho river runs is
still doep, kept clear, wc presume by the
current, around the wharves it is nndoubt-
Uy silting up. ear Foster &Co's wharf,
where some years aeo there used to be 20
foot of water there are now barely 14 feet.
Xear the harbor buoy there are only 19
foet Tho other day a large Tessel, the
ZTrnwraa, in spite of all the efforts ot the
Harbor Master, and all the earn that lm
took, could not lie brought nearer than 100
foot from tho wharf t tho expense thus en
tailed on the owners was very considerable.
Dredging; operations should have been
commenced long ago: the reply of the
Ministerial fugleman may bo that the Gov
ernment cannot orcogu the harbor with
their hands, and that at the present
meni there is no lredffe. Tho reply of
4J ir:- Ari -a- "It .
thotuA thev ma-at a iriipwrist lain Aa-v
have ordered a drode, they gave their at-
Mit-iuu uim ui uju expesaimra 01 -money
for a ooronatioxi foil v. thrv ilfmtp? th
full sireiiirtli of what little powers ihpv
possess to tho bolstering up of that folly.
tw uiuiucj ami uie jnteresu Ol me
merrrmtiTo ccainxumty-in xtoway is this
mora patent thro in UiU matter of tbe bar-
Waikixt. and the conpaztT, as vboirn in tbe ac
companying diarjam:
Ditjsg the Legislative session of 1682,
two items which met with great opposition
from tho Conservative side of the house,
were passed. Both items were strongly
supported by the Ministry and especially
by Mr. Gibson, the Premier; these were
$10,000 for the Coronation and 520,000 for
the entertainment of foreign'ofBcial guests
and incidentals. Ten thousand dollars of
this money can and has lieen disbursed for
Coronation expenses; every dollar and
considerably more has been used Tip: as
to the actual expenditure of this sum
there can be very little comment. Having
been voted. Ministers had a IyoI right to
use it as to its advisability it is quite
another thing, Ministers are not bound to
spend every appropriation: for instance
that celebrated Chinese steamer snbsidy,
thonch voted in 1880 was never used. But
upon the expenditure of that 520,000, there
will be and is a good deal to be said. At
the time that vote was passed, tho Premier
was dazzling the king and tha Legislature
with visions ol numerous titled personages
who would come to his W show.
There were to be deputations from the
United States, Europe, Japan, China, Siam,
Burmah and the Isles of the Sea. Had
those golden visions ever been realized
the 820,000 which was voted, would have
been by no means adequate to the proper en
tertainment ol these distinguished guests
a ', who fortunately have never become
guests in . The public will no doubt
keenly, scrutinize the manner in which the
$10,000 has been expended, it will want
to see that everything has been done in
as economical manner as possible: but it
will require a surplus to lie handed over
rrom the vote lor tne entertainment oi
foreign official guests and incidentals. All
the Premier's despatch writing, including
those very nmnsinz documents in the
Foreign Office, London, all his scheming
and weii-nign irauauient use oi public
money, (for tho expense of Mr Kapena's
trip to Japan, though charged to the Im
migration fund, had no more to do actually
with immigration than it had to do with
Choctaw Indians! all the brazen statements
put forth in the Premier's well paid organ,
have resulted in what? in bringing to
these shores Jf Japanese centlcmen of
very moderate rank, in mating them very
uncomfortable by the isolated position they
have been placed in, and further in caus
ing them considerable annoyance and en
gendering ill feeling between them and
our Court for tho manner in which they
have been treated.
In the accounts which the present Cab
inet will have to render some day, and that
day is uy no means so tar distant, there
may appear an item, "To entertaining five
Japanese gentlemen and incidentals, $20,
000." Xow we certainly hope that those
much to be pitied gentlemen received a
proper entertainment, that they lacked
nothing of the luxuries of life: but even
entertainim; them on a liberal scale, and
further allowing handsomely for inciden
tals it is quite impossible that $20,000
couiu nave tieen spent, a very uoerai
allowance would be $1,000 a week, which
would come up to $o.000 for the period of
their stay. There will then bo $15,000 left
to pay back to the public treasury.
it is quite probable tbat some astute
member of the Cabinet thought when the
Appropriation Bill was passed that the
insertion ol me word -incidentals" alter
foreign official gnests, would leave an op
nortnnitv for nsinir a nortion of thf
S1U.U00 for other purposes, lie reading
oi tne item, however, quite sums out that
hope. "The entertainment of foreign
ofheial guests and incidentals," incidentals
oi whatT the Coronation 7 Oh no! inci
dentals pertaining to the entertainment of
Foreign official gnests." The present
Ministry struck out (he clause allowing
them to transfer; if any money out of the
ei,tju has oeen spent lor any other pur
pose than tho entertainment of the said
guests, the Ministers are ftnounlt) liable
for the misuse of the fund, and whether
in office or out could Be forced to pay up
to the country out of their private means.
This it is that the country intends to look
sharply into, the ITemier has had his fun,
unless lie has very carefully curtailed
his expenses, he it is who will have to pay
the piper for the music
Tbe foUoTinc is a lit of tboea prisons? par
doned by the King. The data! refer to too year In
trbich tbs mm ffcre sentgriCTi -Igw, Kixi, larceny,
ITi years 1S79, Kekoa, larceny, 4 years USGL Ki
halemaQan.UrcenT.3 veara l&Si. Georce Biha.
larceny, IS nxH4 B. Martimiz, larceny, g mm;
Ah Cbee, upiain, 0 moa.; All ml Kftnrmil, deadly
a-Mi.it, ij.i.ip'1 -infl.i; n. r.i,;.nrv,Ti
raent. 3 Tears: Kvlxa. laroenv. rears: Im Cbomff.
larceny, IS xaos. 1882, Jobn Aj, larceny 6 tsc&;
ltila, larceny, 1 year; J. NUa, larceny, lyear;
1U Mot Hone. dmfllTTig, 2 yean; X. G. Dahlia,
1 arceny, 1 yean Joe Castillo, larceny; 1 yean Pedro
raid Joe Mrninez. larccsiv. ce va&r each? Hooxla-
1 tic Iatceej, raos.: Iuno Ana, larceny, 1 jaan
O.B.Kalanaxae, adultery: Ah Tin, barfriarr, 9
sdb iron. AajiuaBiiaain, imattu.
Kalakaua's Coronation
Accomplished !
MouJaj the llth insL the tlT set ifart for tbe
Corona tion of His Majesty has come and Rone and
with U the cares and fear of those most anxious
recardinc the f nil accomrJishinent of the crown
in follr. The day preceedini. rain poured in
torrents and aeeined to presage ill for the presence
of a large audience. On the morning of the 12th
the skim cleared, the ron s bright face gleamed
above tbe horizon and Although the sUea were
cloodj and streets nroddj. tbe weather was pro-
pitionfl. At sunrise salutes were fired by the water
battery at the foot of Richard Street and a large
gang of priftoners were engaged strewing rushes
along King street, the route to be taken by tbe
procession. Tbe towers of the Palace were gaily
dressed with flag and banners as was also the
Gareminent House and the war and merchant
remels in the harbor. From all tbe consular flag
staffs flags were displayed, and tbe city from
ward must hTe presented & rery fluttering appear
ance, m
the ritocEsaios.
The first item arranged officially on the pro
gramme for the day was tbe procession, and tbe
various bodies to compose which were ordered to
form on King street at 9-30 a. m. Hon. J. A. Cam
mina was the Grand Marshal of the day asbkted
by Mr. Charles Lacas, Clarence Macfarlane, ?apu
Tripp, John Colbourn and Harry Whitney, lue
Firo Department was promptly on hand at the
hour set, bat a wait for nearly a half an hour
after tbe time for starting became necessary, be
fore the Grand Marshal gave the sum.il "for ard.'
The procession morcd in the following order:
Police under CaptAins Tell and Fcblbebr.
I loyal Hawaiian Band,
ltoyal Cadets.
Members Fire Department, without Apparatcw.
Industrial N&ool Band.
Teachers and Childn-n Public and Pri rate -School.
Members of Mormon Church.
Secret and Benevolent Societies.
Free Masons.
Island Delegates.
The jirocesfjon was almost entirely composed of
people from the rants of tbe native iiopulatioh
some of the foreign societies in the ranis being
represented by two or three members only. The
total n amber ot people who took part in the pro
cession including tbe school children, was GX) and
was seven minutes in passing a given point. The
Btieetsvhicb had been strewn with rushes in the
morning were wet and muddy, and the mud soon
appeared upon tbe upper side of the rushes and
served to bedraggle tbe dresses and underclothing
of the many native ladies and chiMrrn who walked
in the procession adding greatly to their discom
fort, The route traversed as short, being only
from the Bethel to tbe Palace along Kins street,
and did not take bat a short time for the procession
after starting to reach its point of destination.
The members of tbe Legislatare, Officers of tbe
Government, the Clergy of tho several Churches,
and the public generally, who had received cards
of invitation to witness the ceremony were seated
in the building into which tbe Pavilion, where the
final act of coronation as to t&Lc place, extended,
designated as an Amphitheater. This Am pint ea
ter or Grand Stand was semi-octagon m shape and
ocupied a space covering over 300 feet of ground.
The interior was filled with fifteen rows of seats
extending around the building and afforded seat
ing capacity for 3J00 adult people. Decides the
facilities offered in the building, tenrows of chairs
had been provided for tbtfvacant spaa acnm the
interior betnetu the facades and which was flour
ed entirely across, affording further accommoda
tions for 2000 more people. Entrance was obtained
from the lEichards street or northwest side, and a
passage through the center of the building allowed
free egn-ss to tbe Palace Gates on the wwU The
roof of the btrncture was supported by thirty-six
posts, and was 20 feet in height in front, and 1C
feet in height at the back, thus allowing an unob
structed riew of the Pavilion to all the spectators
present. The upper port of the facade of tbis
building aa arched in form and ornamented by
a succession of small heraldic shields, emblematic
of the Tarious countries on the globe, and the
shields were surmoonted by flags also indicative of
tbe nationality displaced on the shields. 1 he front
of this so-called amphitheater waa thirty feet from
thfi sides ot the Pavilion, thus lying near enough
to enable the assembled multitude to see and hear
all connected with the ceremonies.
the nviLiox.
In tbe pavilion the aogust ceremonial of tbe
coronation was to take place. Tbis building was
octagon in shape, and approached to orientalism
in style and finish. The roof of the pavilion was
14 feet in height, surmounted by a dome, also oc
tagon in anapc ana supported oyeignt reeaed col
umns. Placed eaui-distant. restinir on coved but.
treiues. The dome of tbe building was,-as before
stated, also octagon in shape, and was ornamented
on each of the eight sides with colored shields dis
playing tbe coats-af-armsof one of each of the eight
great nations ox tne woria, America occupying toe
ccuunj pusauuo, urea. jnuun io ngui oi centre,
Germanv to left of centre, the others on tho pan
elled fronts prepared on the remaining five sides.
Flags of tbe different nations surmounted tbe
shields the whole being surrounded with wreaths
and circles of the native leaves. The ceiling of
tneoomewas ncmy ornamented ana displayed
the artistic taste of a master in frescoing. 'I he
central piece on the reilmg was a representation of
tbe Hawaiian coat-of-arms in tinted colors, sur
rounded bv a curtain of cauze. the edces of which
were draped, and drooped gracefully from the
jointure of dome and supporting columns. The
octagon shape of the dome gave to the interior
eignt stues, eacn oi wnicn was ornamented witn a
drawn panel, each panel bearing the name of a
King of Hawaii, the name of the present sovereign
beinK also apparent. The name f each soveresgn
was painted in golden letters, surrounded by
wreaths of ferns, and each surmounted with a
golden crown, the whole presenting an elaborate
appearance, surmounting tne dome was an oc
tagonal shaped cupola bearingalofta upcar shaped
Entrance is obtained to the pavilion from the
Palace stoou bv means of a planked Dossace which
bridges the distance between, also patterned after
Eastern or Oriental style and ornamented by two
elegantly turned am)horat or jars, which displayed
on their sides figures of nereides in the abandon
ment of the kla. The entire cost of the two
structures is in the neighorhood of 9,000, and the
ftuDstanuai manner in wnicn tncy nave been nam
renects creait on tne constructors.
Tbe troops were posted all along in front of the
Palace Walls on each side of the steps, and sainted
as the Foreign Diplomatic and Consular Officials
arrived, seated on tee yeranaa was ins
cellencr It. M. Daccett. U. S. Minister lEesident,
His Excellency J. H. WodtJiouso, Her Bntlanic
Majesty's Commissioner and Consul General, lira,
and Miss Wodehouse, Mons. Feer, Commissioner
of tbe French Jlepublic, Mrs. and MUses Feer,
Count De Louner, Cbancelier of the French
Legation, Countess De Lou vie r. ConsuU F. A.
Scbaefer, Italy. J. IL Paty, )krlgiura,D.A.Mc
Kinley, United States, A. Unna, Denmark, ll. W.
Laine, and Mrs. Laine, Mexico, J. C Glade, Ger
roanT. Vice Consuls Thoo. 11. Da vies and Mrs.
Davied, Great 13 ri tain, W, PfiugerandMrs,Pfla-
gcr. xtussia. mere were omy tnree ladies present
in the consular circle. On the town sido of the
entranoa sat His Excellency the I 'remier and Mrs.
F. H. Uayeelden, His Excellency the Minister of
Finance, His Excellency the Minister of Interior
and Mrs. J. E. Hash, His Excclluicy theAttcrnty
General and Mrs. Preston, Hon. J. S. Walker and
Mrs. Walker, His Lordship the ttishop of Olba,
Got. P. P. Kano, Hon. J. Al. Kapena, Mrs. Ka
pena and daughter, HoelC U.liinhopandMibS
CI reborn, Hon. S. N. Castle, Hon. IL A. P. Carter
ana Miss Carter, His Exctlkncy the Japanese Am
bassador and suite, Hou. Godfrey lihodes and
Airs, xuiodes, xion. is. ii. Austin and siu Austin,
Hon. P. Kanoa. Mrs. C Ii. Wilson. Cant. Havlev
and Mrs. Hav ley and many others. OatheWai
kiki aida sat CaDtain H. Wilson of the U. S. K.
Lael-aicaMfi, Captain Edwards of 11. Ii. M. S. Ma-
tint, utptain raarson oi tne u.a.o. wathttsttt
and Captain C&ateauminois of the French Corvette
Limttr. The line and staff officers of tbe war ves
sels above mentioned also occupied seats on this
veranda. The Pavilion and Ampliilh(aler,luoked
Tury tawdry, with a lot of little cheap flags, idiow
ins Terr plainly the effects of Sunday a heavy rain
which had also washed the white off the boards of
tbe Amphitheater, making it more bke a stable
than ever. Tbe Amphitheater was well filled, very
largcij iui USMIE&. vri uie lureigaierrj present it
was noticeable that Terv few of the Ut of onr rit-
tiens could be seen, uive tho&e who ara In govcrn-
meni employ. ne eaect looainx xrom uie i'aiace
veranda, was anything but impressive. At half
past eleven twenty-four large Kahilis were brought
ant of the Palace and stationed on each aide uf th a
bridge oounecUng tbe Palace with the Pavilion.
rax both, rnocissxox.
About a halt an hour later the Uoyal Procca&ion
issued from tne i'aiace in tne following order:
Marshal of the Hooaehoald, Hon. J. M. Kapena.
Marshal of the Kingdom, Hon, W. C Parke.
Chaplain of the Household, llev. A. Mackintosh.
The Honorable President of tbe Legislative As
sembly, Hun. bodirey unodue.
Tbe Chancellor. Hon. A. Francis J add.
Princesses of tne Wood and Consorts.
Bearer of the King3 Jewels and Decorations.
Bearer of the Sceptre,
Bearer of the Sword of State, Col. Iaukea.
Bearer ot the Crowns, Col. J. H. Boyd.
Bearer of the 1 lobes.
Bearer of tbe Palaoa.
Bearer of the Puloulou.
Bearer of tbe Torch of Iwikauikaua.
Bearer of the Kahili of Fib.
The King's Chaniheriain
Theix Majesties the King and Queen.
Bearers of Hex Majesty's Train.
Ladies in Waiting to the Household,
Aides de Camp.
Tii fiTMnni of tbe Frinoesses was the little
Kaialani, dressed very prettily in li&ht bloc corded
idly- trimmed with lace, pale blue ribbons in her
dark hair. She was followed by Miss Barnes, her
governess, and had on each bide kahili bearers ;
Tbe Vahiiif were whito and bad excessively hand
some stems of native woods, next came tne ina
ffw T4k"l nan. A, S. Qfghorn. The Prin
cess was dressed in brocaded white satin trimmed
ith rwH and feathers. Sarah Btfrnhardt doves.
scarlet satin shoes. The Prinoeed lihnotaUni
and His Ex. Govexnox Domisls followed. The
Princess dress waa of gold brocade, the frost part
of white satin embroidered with gold, and a heavy
cxixason Telvtt train ; tha head-dress was of deli
cate white feathers tipped with pearls and gold
loaves. Then followed the King and Queen, the
former bare-headetL in a white military uniform
ith J Jr. (wMMAnt- Ytnrin? on hu breast a nrofu-
toon of native and foreign orders. Her Majesty
wore a white satin skirt richly isiubroidered in gold,
and a Hn"" crimson and black velvet train
iriicmed with ermine, also richly embroidered
with onLl- Th Oiuen vore a diadem and looked
Terr dignified. The King looked ill at ease llieir
Majesties took their poauan in front of two crim
son and gold chairs in tbe parittoi. and facing
1. tilt Majesty-.
. IlnXaWy.
5. MftiYfail of the ItotLSfhold Hon. J. M. Kipi-Bi.
. siaraniioitiie Kingdom II on, w. v. lime.
& Chaplain of the Hocfehold Rev, A, Macklnto-h.
S. PreidentoItheLeffiatnre-rion, Godfrey Rhodet
T. Chancellor lion. A. FraneU J odd.
f. rnncetLlllnokaljnl and Governor Domlnlt.
P. Prineeee Uktllke and Hon. A. S. I'leghorn.
10. IMncea KaiaUot and Nia Barnffi.
11. IWrer of Klnf Jewelf-CoL J. II. Koyd.
12. Bearer of Sword or Mate Cot. C. T. lantra.
IS. Karer of Royal mantle Gcvrrne Krkanllke
11. Bearer of the Crown Kawanauako.
15. Dearer of the riljoa Knhlo.
After their Majestiefthad thus taVcn their places
tne cnoir sang tne louowinc antnem. tne locauon
of tbe singers and the rarroondings greatly mar
ring tne euect oi tne really good voices :
That Vfay band ha)l lead oarchwn Chief and Kins.
incsp. v uoui loc rorpwe oi nia me ana mie
Let the Ile lneirae in wnlf and Jot.
send bealtns nnto the People of th Kin?.
It wealth aod thrift come flowln from afar.
Let the nations rejoice In tbe freedom of the Uie.
And peace and cowl will forever blets the land.
And the glory for all ajrs evermore. Amen."
After a f inf are of trumpets, tbe Marshal of tbe
Household, in a Tery loud voice and with ridicu
lous emphasis and declamation, proclaimed the
style and titles of the King. The manner in which
this waa delivered mined altogether tha effect of
tbe scene. The following is the text of what he
Princes, Nobles, Heprcsentatives, and People of
Hawaii assembled I here proclaim unto you that
uavio, xaamea, ivamanaiaapuo, juauinuani, .a
loiaehuokalanL LuraialanL Kalakamr. the Kine.
Generalistiimo. Ke Alii Kara. Hoano. Ka wela. Ka
moe, Ka Ikiihaipuhilaninuu, Wohi Kuakahili, Ha
ku o ka Poni ana 1 Moi, Hakn o ka Ohiako a me
ka 1 alaoa l'ae, Kukuiaikeawakea, Kama Aln Ha
nauoiut Atua,
Grandmaster of the Uoyal order of Kamebamcha
Grand Master of the Koyal Order of Kalakana,
Grand Master of tbe Hoval Order of KaDiolanl.
Grand Master of the lloyal Order of the Croa-n of
Knight of the Order of Francis Joseph of Austria,
tvnignt oi tne uraer oi at. iazanis ana ou Jiau
nee of Italr.
Knight of tbe Order of the lied Eagle of Prussia,
iuucui ui loo uiuer oi mnneonw oi uennuik.
Knigbtof the Imperial Order of tbe Chrysanthe-
mam oi Japan,
Knight of the Order of tbe Crown of Siam.
Knight of the Order of Su Michael and St. George
oi r.ngiana,
Knicht of the Order of Leonold of Belcrinm.
Knight of the Order of Vasa of Sweden and Kor-
Knight of the Order of the Conception of Portugal,
Knight of the Order of the Lion of the Nether-
Knight of the Order of Liberator of Venzuela and
Bolivia, rretadent of the Privr Council of State.
the Son of tbo Alii Kapaakea, and the Alii Keoho
kalole, is the rightful oocopant 'of tbe Hawaiian
Throne, and Sovereign Chief of the Hawaiian
Islands and their dependencies, aa heretofore
claimed by hU predecessors, chosen by the Nobles
and Keprescntatives of the Kingdom, and tbat you
render unto His Majesty all fealty and loyal obedi
ence unaer ma laws ot uie itcaim.
Princess Poomaikclani then advanced and pre
sented His Majesty a Puloulou and a Palaoa borne
upon a cushion, ke Kukuiomoiokauikaua and tho
Kahili of tbe King Pili as symbols of ancient ta-
preraccuieiutncv, wmcu being accepted uy J lis
juajesiy were piaccu utsiuo iub iiirune anu re
mained there dorinc the cercmonv.
Tbe Chancellor then advanced, and standing be
fore the King said: Sire, is Yoar Majesty willing to
rroinrm yoar previous oaui i
The Kim reDlied. ' I am willinc."
Tbe King then left hla throne and advanced
towards tbe Chancellor, raising hU right hand and
Kin" of the Hawaiian Islands, havinc on the U'lh
day of February, A. D. 1974, in conformity with
the Ttrovisions of the Constitution of the Kinmlom.
been duly elected by tbe Legislative Assembly of
tne Hawaiian imouus in tne .Legislature ox tuo
Kimdom assembled to the throne of Hawaii, and
having on the following day taken the oath pre-
Hcniwd or Article :h oi uie uonsutuuon. do nereov
of my own grace and motion solemnly reaffirm the
same, and I do hereby solemnly swear in tbe
presence oi Aimicutv tiod to maintain tne (joniu
tution of the Kingdom whole and inviolate, and to
govern in couiormity luerewiui.' i ne tung men
signed the oath and returned to tbe throne.
The Chancellor then placed tbe sword in tho
Kino's hand and said: "lteceivethis Kinclr sword
as the ensign of Justice and Mercy. 'Ibe King
recertcu tue aworu, passeu it ohcjc to uie uuancei
lor, who passed it to tbe Noble in charge of it, and
he was ordered by the Chancellor to unsheath it.
and he t ben unsheathing the sword carried it naked
dunnr lue rest ol tne ccremonr.
Prince Kekaulike then advanced with the
Ilovol Mantle and nlaced it in the hands
of tbe Chancellor, who placed it on tbe King's
suouiuers. iue riaanc oi una icaiuercioait or
mantle on the s boulders of tbe King was the most
ececuve pan oi tne certmouv, and tue cioaK loou-
ed graceful over the King's military uniform. In
placing the cloak the Chancellor said: "lteeeive
tbis ancient If oval Mantle of your predecesnors as
tue tjifiigu oi inowieuge and vt isuom."
Tbe Chance llor then put tbe Itiug on tbe fourth
nnger oi iiis juajesiys ngnt uano and said:
Keceivo this lting, the Ensign of Kingly Dig-nitv.
Ibe Chancellor then delivered the Sceotre to
the King and said: "lteeeive tbe Hoyal Sceptre,
tbe Ensign of Kingly Power and Justice.' Ibeir
Jiaiestie tnen became seated.
Prince Kawananakoa then advanced with the
Crowns, the cnoir singing tue following Uyron:
Almighty Father I n e do hrlng
Gold tad ceiii for the Kinjr;
Tare cold for the true Chief,
The aympol of tmc Love.
Gema of tbe hidden mine,
(learning forth a glory;
The clorj of nnfoFdlng leles.
That grow la wealth and peace
That come to crown I heir King,
The heir of the farthect ajt
Cboeen bjrTfaee,AImlhty Father
To whom tbe honor and the glory.
The Kmc rose and tbe Honorable Godfrey
Hhode President of tbe Legislative Assembly
took the King's Crown and raised it up before the
people and placed it ra the hands of tbe Chancel
lor, saying: " I present tbis Crown to tbe rightful
King of these Islands, approved by Acts of the leg
islative Assembly in tbe Legislature of tbe King
dom assembled of tbe years 1880 and 1882." 'I he
Chancellor then placed it in the King's hands say
ing: " lteeeive this Crown of pure gold to adorn
tue uign station wncreinuiou oast been nlaced.'
The King then takincup the Crown by tbe centre
ornament wim one nand Placed it on nisown Lend.
and taking up tbe other Crown in the same way be
placed it on the head of tba Qaeen. This act was
altogether marred by tbe rather undignified way
in which the crowns were taken up by the King.
In coronations where the King crowns himself it
1a usual for the monarch to take both hands and
in a solemn manner to hold tbe crown high in
iiuuk, aa tug irwucui ui iuu ueuuuaiure Qia ID
this case, but by taking hold of the small button
or ornament at tue ton. tne cnect was rather mm.
ical than otherwise. On crowning the Qaeen tbe
King said : " I place this Crown upon your head to
snareitne nonors or my inrone."
A prayer was then offered by tbe Household
l iiapiaw, iter. a. jiiacuniosn, aa loiiows :
Almightv Father, who crownest thv faithful ser.
vantavttth mercy and loving kindness, look down
upon these thy Servants. Kj. toxica and Kino-
u$i,tho now in lowly devotion bow their heads
to Thy Divine Majesty; and as Thou dost this day
set crowns of pure gold uixm their heads, so enrich
theis royal hearts with Iby Heavenly Grace, and
crown tbem with all princely virtues which may
adora the high frlations wherein thou hast placed
them, and Thine the honor and tbe glory for ever
anu ever,. w.
115 ALL":
'1 heir Majesties then resumed their places upon
tho Throne, at the conclcsion, and Kignals from
tue raiace towers announced tne event, and a rov-
.1 malma-if rnini vna fn.m (I, .. W.4A lttl..
lunchbowl, and tbe war ships in the harbor, the
saints from ibe Ji being especially noticeable
in lit) rettoiianoe.
The Choir then sang Jaa following Anthem:
Cry out O Irlcs, with Jot I
With load rounding prater,
I'ato tbe A J mighty Father
Who gave anion to the I ilea
Who gave them places on hih
Amou;; tbe mighty of the earlh
Yt ho hath led oar Chief aud Klnx
Alooi tbettatha of tbe world,
And led Hint to a Throne
i i !-et Bp by Thee, O God'
lathe hcarta of hl Tvortle.
-TT OBI U lalfa with Joy,
. Vuh knd Bonndintr pralte,
Unto Thee, Almighty Father '
For all agee. evermore.
J men.
The Coronation Certmouv ha vine thus bten
completed, the King and Qaeen, attended as be
fore, retired to tho Grand Hall where they disrob
ed. Following was tbe form of Procession leaving
too i bvijioo:
Marshal of the Household.
Marshal of the Kingdom.
Chaplain of the Hon Heboid.
Tlie Honorable Pretodent of the Legislative As-
Tho Chancellor of tbe Kingdom.
Tho Governess of Hawaii.
Princesses of the Blood and their Consorts.
Dearer of tlie Palaoa.
Bearer of the Pulouloa.
Bearer of tbe Torch of Inikauikaui.
Hearer or the Kahili of Pili.
Bearer of tbe Jewels and Decorations.
Bearer of the Sceptre.
Bearer of the Crowns.
The King's Cambcrlain.
Bearer of the Sword of State.
Their Majesties tbe King and Queen.
Bearers of Her Majesty's Train
Kahili Bearers.
Ladies in Waiting to the House hold.
Aides de Camp
1 "here was a small attempt at a cheer at one mo
ment but it was not tasen up. ine wnoie anair
was viewed with profound silence, except from the
guns, band, and one ancient voice which indplged
in a mh.
It was understood that there would be a recep
tion after the ceremony, but after tbe visitors wait,
ing sometime it was announced that the Queen
would not receive, so tha ladies did not enter the
throne room. The official and other gentlemen
were presented and the King withdrew, and the re
maining guests departed, many thinking bow un
easy must rest the head with such a crown.
Tho Treaty,
Hosoixiu, January 25, 1883,
Editos Girrrrt: I have read with interest the
report of the Congressional Tariff Commission up
on the subject of eugit, published in the Hmniien
ttasttti ot the 3d instant.
It is very decidedly protective of tba refining
interest, and correspondingly adverse to the sugar
growing and manufacturing interests seeking the
Cnited States markets from beyond its uridic- I
tion. !
The Committee recommend a specific duty to be
levied according to the value of the sugar, as per
Polari scope or analysis, on and below all sugars,
including No. 13 Dutch Standard. These sugar?,
on account of their dark color, are cot in demand
for consumption, and only made so by being re
finedupon lbee the Commission recommend a
redaction of tbe present duty of HO 70-100 per cent,
bat for these there U no customer bat the refiner.
The seller has not the benefit of competitors, but
must sell for what his customer is inclined to give,
who has the facilities for refining them and put
ting tbem into competition with rogars introduced
at a much higher rate of doty; for ttcoMiii, above
No. 13, the Committee rccoramend a higher rate of
doty to be imposed wwwV? fo th ewr. without
regira to tue ininntio xsiae. sugar is saleable
for consumption over the counter upon its color,
and not its valoe. If tbe customer finds the arti
cle offered handsome and sweet ho asks no ques
tions a boat tbe Jirtt of sweetness, and most like
ly neither he or the grocer knowanythingabout it.
iwtn oi tuese classifications protect tne renning
interest and ara adverse to the introducer flret,
there being but one class of buyers of a perishable
article which must bo sold, the seller must accept
the buyer's terms. Avourf, the increase of doty
and change from intrinsic value to color enables
him to prepare and plaro in market his mo.e
cheaply bought article than his corapctitarwbo
has paid the higher doty can do. I do not discuss
the policy of this system as a state policy, but it is
evidently probating to the refining interests and
adverse to foreign interests and adverse to the for
eign prodnoe. 'I hrongb tbe courtesy of the United
States Consul, 1 have also read the argument of
Mr. Brown for tbe abrogation of tho Treaty, and
am miiy aware or me strong itueot opposition
which is now setting against it.
Mr. Brown makes statements that have been
disproved time after time, and seems to have no
States officials at this end are collading in coun
tenancing fraud. If he supposes that everybody
can bo bought, and has learned this lesson of hu
man nature in bis duties as special agent of tbe
treasary, he has been very unfortunate in the class
of officials with whom his duties have broucbt
bim in contact, ibere are both united states and
Hawaiian officials that are not to be boaaht, and
there are merchants and planters both here and in
the United States whose truth and intecntr would
never perpetrate or connive at the frauds charged
on mem by Air. itrown. ue denies tnat tne ante
treaty sogars in tbo San Francisco market, known
as Hawaiitn sogars, were as good as since the
treaty. Insert that, with tbe exception of 1867,
1SG3 and 1?G, they were, by my own personal ob
servation and by the testimony of tho United
States Custom House records, collated by a man
of unimoeachable truth. Ibe sucara in the ex
cepted years were chiefly contracted to the old San
FraDclsco refinery, and not !o exceed No. 12 Dutch
standard in color. To bring them down to this
color la many cases they nad to be bouea witn
molasses. Bat throuch all tbe Team, with this ex
ception, sugars were better iu color before than
since the treaty, by the general observation of
those who handled them here, sustained by the
United States Custom House records.
He asserts tbat vacuum pans and centrifugals
were not in general use before the treaty. Hera
again he U mistaken. Centrifugals were invented
here, and for tbe last 25 or TO years I have known
of no plantation drawing their sugars in any other
way, and vaouam pans were introduced into the
larger plantations generally before the treaty.
Upon Kanpakuea, Onoruea, lido, Kohala, Lahaina,
Wailuku, Waikapa, Waibee, Oroe ltanch. East
Maui, Haiku, Koloa, Lihue, Princevilla and Kau,
comprising about all the large plantations. At
that time draining by centnfagals was the only
method, and I think no other method of finishing
except by tbe vacuum pan was practiced .by the
Kam- Tint neither of thefts methods of boiline or
draining are refinery processes, any more than the
liming and skimming of the open train n ith the old
slow method of drainage. Boiling in the vaccum
San does not iliminato impurities any more than it
oes in the open train. Neither does the rapid
separation of the molasses from the grained sugar,
tbe solid from the fluid, any more than the old
slow method. The only thing ubich can be con
strued as having any approach ton-fining U the
addition of lime or houio defecating substance to
which the grosser impurities attach themselves
and ara removed bv akimminc: but all this is done
hfjore tbe joico goes into tlie pin, and whether
imuned in tuo vacuum pan or open tram.
It i done bv the farmer to his marie ioice bv
adding eggs, milk, or something withsimilarprop
crties. It removes the grosser impurities but he
know s nothing of technical renning. lto has never
heard that it must be filtered through tenor fif
teen feet of pulverized Animal charcoal to remove
the coloring matter, and other processes to make
it white as it comes to as in the form of loaf,
crushed or granalated sugar. 'Ibere havo been no
abuses or frauds of tbe kind set forth by Mr.
Brown, the government and planters nave non
estly aimed to fulfill its provisions. A committee
of the Legislatare of 1S80 could find no case of the
kind; Iwa chairman of that committee and fully
believe what I write.
Tho commercial benefits of tbe treaty, too, are
mo trial but not eaual. If the sugar consumer
realized all tbe benefit, what would tbe Hawaiian
Government get in return for relinquishing duties
on nearly alt good, tbo growth and product of the
United States? If the planter could get no more
for his sugar, when be could scarcely make expen
ses before, what object could the treaty bo to him
with increasing expenses? Bat ho did expect to
get more for bis sugar, at least a part of the da ties
saved, and he has sold to the refiners on tbe Man
ila standard generally, tbe purchasers allowing for
the duties In the pnoo. The Government has re
couped itself for its relinquished duties by its
growing commerce and increased activity in all its
indastr.es. Whilst tho United Statea has reaped
its reward by a five fold exportation of its products
to tho islands. And a corresponding increase ot its
For ID shins in 187C the treatv being in onvra
tion tbo last third of tbe year, it has forlSPJnear-
jy jr). me roiiowin? inuieoniy caTern i?u nuu
but tne increase nas goue Btcaauy on.
175. IStfO.
Animals t 1 J Si, S3
Clothing, bate, boots, etc 1T6.188 R6,IS9
Palldlng materials , 2!,V W.287
Floor,.. , W.WT IW.RS
Fl-h - 17.591 35,257
Furnltore 27,7 73.WS
lralnand feed iis
Groceries and provision! W,4' S79.79I
AtrlCQltnraltooU,bardnareetc 105S m,o&
Lumber -
leather H.6!! 57.S86
Talnta and oils 03,549 W.7W
Saddlery, earrla-re materials, etc. ii,cs
Tobacco and elaars.... 57,1 ioa,in
I have no later table- at hand, but probably the
amounts would be much greater, and this repre
sents only San Tranciwo. A line each from Bos
ton ana iew iotk ot noout turee vessels a year
via Capo Uotn from each port, represents only a
pan ot tne commerce irom me east; large naanu
tiea of nooda ara sent lir rail and fathoms via San
Francisco, and The Eastern States markets have
shared largely In the growing trade.
Tlie benefits of this treaty nave been mutual be
yond expectation, though, perhaps not equal, both
nartiea have been benefitted bv it. in its commer
cial aspects only. These only have been consider
ed ana neituer your room or raj nme win nuaw
me to add more at present, tours truiy,
P.S. I wish to add a few words. BtJiHwjavqttr
was nrst applied by tue teniitans totnecruae
sugar brought from Egypt several hundred years
ago it was practiced in Antwerp more than three
hundred years ago and was tbence introduced into
England. The rurawt jxih was invented in Eng
land by Howard in 1812 long after sugar was re
fined. Its advantage is that it evaporated at low
temperature. U takes place when tbe atmospheric
fireseure is removed at 115 and upward, and as
ong as boiling at ft higher temperature darkens
the sugar, the vacuum pan sugar is usually lighter
in color tuan tuat ooueu in tue open tram, ice
vacuum pan since its invention nas oeen nsea gen'
erally by refineries, and In later years has been in
troduced noon most lanro plantations where no
refining takes place. Ibe best and the worst sugar
may be, and is evaporated ana nnisneu in it. it
has no process of eliminating impurities any more
than tbe onen train and forms no rart of tbe re
fining process which ia dona by filtration, the ad
dition of blood or other Hie constituent subbtance.
to which tuo foreign substances adnere ana aro
skimmed off or filtered out and the same is true
of tbe centrifugal. They are valuable improve
ments in evaporating anu uraining, out navo no
refinini? finalities, and both of these methods of
manufacture were used in manof acturing the sugai s
anown ns aanawicu isiana augurs ueioretne
treatyand by tho United Stales Custom House
records tue w noio Tirouuct averagea a tiguier coior.
or higher by tbe Datcb Standard, than since, ex
cept a part of tho years 1C7 and lSSi and the
whole of 1S03 when the tilantations were under
contract to the San Francisco Refiners for their
sugars not above No. 12 Dutch Standard. I think
tho planters generally regard Mr, Sprockets as
having dealt fairly with them. Ho puys tbem tbe
price at which Manila sugar could be placed in
San Francisco, freight paid, be adding the duties
in tbe price paid to tbe planter. In his letter to
the Chicago frO-une Mr. Spreckels says the price
paid by the consumer has been less since than be
fore the treaty, and ho appeals to tbe trade and
market record in verification ot the fact, I do not
doubt the correctness of bis statement. But if tbe
recommendation of the Conrressitinal Tariff Com-
mistion is adopted the consumers will be placed
in tho power of tbo-refiners, as no outsido party
could compete with them. The consumers could
only Le sayea irom exorbitant prices uy tneir
comDetition with each other, or tbtir moral con-
ECiousnesswhich cannot often be relied upon
tnat it is wrong to sen tor more.
The treaty continuing as it fs, stimulates trade
andindnstry both in the United States and here,
and is a source of inutuil and creat benefits to
both the planter here and producer in the United
The refineries east and in California mav com-
pete with each other, but they will do that under
any circumstances, treaty or no treaty, and pricu
to consumers will not ue iiaeiyioueanecteu ex
cept by sharp competition, but tbe quickened in
dustries of both parties stimulated by it will be, as
.mt).lBfnr,tfv,lh SUIT
For Hongkong Direct.
The Al Dritl;!i Iron Stanrr
Jfew doe From at Frantleco.
Thursday, Teb. 15, 1 o'clock F. M.
For Freleht or paire. ar-ply to
A correspondent from Maui speaks of children
of 10 aad 12 being drunk. The same fact has been
noticed here. Last Friday night a boy of about 12
appeared on Xauanu Road, far gone in liquor.
Tith a bottle of gin sucking out ox his pocket.
Tbe police should take cognizance of such matters.
Tbe boy should have been arrested, but that is the
last thing our worthy force think of doing ao long
as the drunken manor boy hat a dark akin; but
let a vhite man take too much and Dear on the
streets, half a dozen wbidtlea are blown, the tayr-
lMB"m oi uie taw appear aa iuicut as uko wi a
liogsbead of Jamaica sugar and the unfortunate
victim of ardent spirits to incontinently walked o9
to anoear before Judge Uielrtfoal GloriooaJv
free and js&ep&fcBt country.
jjav Advertisements
To Planters & Investors.
jean experience la Coffee Plan tin- and a tbor
osffh knoirledfe of Tropical Aricnltnre, Incladlnr
Enpax, Tea, Cinchona, Cocoa, reppT, Cardamoea ana
Bice, will be glad to meetntlb tome one abosttolnveit
or aettled In land tollable fa the growth of either ef tbe
above product. Win invent capital Inat'ompacyuBder
For farther Information, apply to the ED1TO& OF
T11I5 PAPER til
the KUI1ALA SUGAR COMPANY, held February
bin, afac i jironiuj vmcvn trerr rifxieu ior mc m-
IB1D5 j
HON S N CAbTLB -Treaaortr
J B ATHERTON Secretary
CMCOOKE..-- ....Auditor
3. K. ATnERTOS, Secy K. S. Co.
nonolglc Fabntary 13th. IBsa. OHlia
To the Proprietors of Sugar MiNs.
ARTISANS, thv nndenlmt la ttrenired la Con.
tract for bnlldinr, not Air Fsrnfcec (wllh rrral dla
psteb) accordlas to the moat bclennae priadplea
which burn tht AIeja direct from the Itollen creat
ine more Meant tkms wkvn It l dried, eSctticj; para
mount object. via: .the m rim; of Fmet aad Labor.
HACKFELD .t Co, Areola
Tka I'.rarila Jt .aran Mara.
kb. C.3IUKKAY,
JKNKf, M-ltr,
Will have Quick Dispatch for the abovePort
For Krrlsht or J'"ir. apply to
II r. A. SCHAEt-EK A CO.. Arral'.
The Al Ameiiean Brtjranllne
HOWAKtl. Mjfl r
WillhaTe Quick Dispatch fortheahOTePort
For frrfcht or paj use, apply I.
911 WM.O lltWIX&C... Agralt.
Ait T,IE rxvT CL,rrE" BBln
J. D. Spreckels,
Will have quick dispatch for the above port.
roc rrr ism or pa.sjso. apply to
ll W.M G. IRW1X i CO. Arfnte.
The rlar Amfricaa
iSclioonci VIVIV A.
Will have Quick Dispatch for above Fort
For lrtlaht or Pimm,, apply to
W O. IltWIX i CO. Hzmf
Charles Brewer &. Co.'s
tM "Martha Davis,"
Will Positively Sail from Hoston for
this Port 0N.IUXK loth.
Orders alien prompt. r. and f r-lcit taken al tbe Low
extltatea Apply toChAs UK EWE It Jc Co. N, ST
Kllhy Mreet, i(oton. ortf
OHSrn C UltKUEK ACo, lfncet.1 Hoae4aIn
matter ot the Eantmptey ef FETBR laAWaTTav ,
'otlce (t hereby ctwa thst a neetrax C th rrM
ten who nave proved deSta ajrslatt the tmH rvWT
klB,tolbeaiwnntt $10 or nw, W heitL
the Clerk'a Offlee et the 9epmae Coon. - - m
ON TnVRSOAr. the riRSTPAY OT if ari"?r
10 o'clock, a. m. to the rnrp" t eNrttaf mtttZl
of raid bnkrpta ertate. D. K. TYTlZ
wpniv ,ktk: vnpmae Com
Ilonolnln. rebmary lh; 11. '
J CIAL CIRCUIT. Uawailtn TiUndii 1. TsLt..'
AtChanberlef'ThLoealCliTBlt Jndw. 1
matter of th ESTATE Or AUQCST t6Shrr LI
ol ItanaleU Kasat, deceaaed. '.at
vra reaoineaaa hub- im rruua an4 accala
Mri. Mazy Ana Conrad I aad crank Bin. Adwwl
tratora of the ErUte ot Aaratt Ccmradt, hu ef BbZL
lei, KaaaU deeeated, wherein they ask to V tomm5
M3V. and ehanre theiBrelre KJtl&JO. a4 ku2
the atme may be examined aad approved, aad ttat
final order naj be mad of dlrtrlboliTS of tha ViiaT.1
remalntoc la their hands to tbe perms thmutKiZ
ed, and dleharrlDff then and lietr emtlea froaTc
fanhermponvlbtUtraflaneBi AdailaUtratAr. K
11 Is nrdered. that ATVRDT.thmhdrofXM4l
A. 1'. Itn, at ten o'clock A. Mbe.'ore tk ufd JraS
at Charabrni, In thCort Iton,at Kolrm. b an4aM
fame here bv la appofnte4a tho time ud nfeemA.
heario-fald Petition aad Aeeoata,ad that all w
tons tBtereted may thea aad tber appear a! afl,
canae. if any they nave, why theaata s&Mhl aoika,
rranted, and rajrre.ent rrldenee at t who artrnT
titled to the Hid peopenr. Aad that tali order, ta th
Enrllsh and HawatUa lanxnaces bo pnbltahed miT
ttvfJj fa the Hawaiian ti ajtctto aad Knokoa iewM.
pern printed aad pa Willed la lloaolalo. for lhrr twts
eenlveweeka trivloQStothe tlma therefa anwiarW
foraaldheariaf:. ft-wi
Dated at Knloa, II I thi lat day or rV X tt. rt
944 Ctrtalt J ad re room. Jodklal Clitait
WA1IAN1SLASD. U Probt-U Ue au
ofthe Estate of C T DILLINGHAM. detead tiZ
Ute. Order to how am on apj. Heatf of IHwdUv
for order of sJe of real ertate.
On reading and ftllnx the pettttoii ef It. Y.
hatnandMn. L tfilllnrbam tbe dmlnlYtralonof
the yroperty of C. T IllUlnsnan, prajtns for as rdT
of aie of certain ml eptate beleanK t W ',4
deceased aad vettlns forth renal a lrral rraroat w
nch real etate vbooid be sold.
It It berebf ordered, that the next of ktaof tattcM
ward and alt peroBa Interfiled In the said nutcn.
pear before thU Conrt on THITRSDAT the tlt it
rebrnarv, A. D. 18S0. at 10cloka. n. at th Covt
Room of thla Conrt, la Hooolaln. then aa tber U
how eante why aa order shonld not W cranted for th
ra!of tech estate.
And It Is farther ordered, that a eepy of tils order W
Cabined at Hl one week beforn the aaht day f
earl nr. la th ltawamx Oams: aewypoper Mb
ll.he.tlB vald Ilonolala. 1 r r
Iate4Honolaln. II. I.. Ftbrnarv &1,
Altert D, K. Ftt. Jim fee of ?apre m C-oer.
Depnty Clerk. M3 31
tiivie; table.'
bteamer LILeliLe will leave lluolola ach Toe5lay
at 4 r. 31., tonchlnsat Lahaina. Maalaea llav, NaLena,
.Mannkona. ivawainae. UGp.itnruofl ana 11 110.
Ketnrntnt; Mill touch at alt tbe abov tortv, arnvln;
at Honolulu each anday a. m.
t'mlll for lnnse .Money
Me ihI(ItvW rtfn toottra xrronatn for Pafaffn.
and we particularly tall the attention to the traveling
public to the nrcesetty of having lujraeand Fntjrht
filalnty market); tbe Meamrr will not Ve reponsible
or any nnmarked Hna-e, or for r'relsht or 1 'a reels.
nniesa iteripieti tor
Freight Money Dee on Demand.
In all caeea or frrlshl for parties nnt re ponlble, or
nuaiiwviH, inc iiriui inoarj win uc uucmiuiiqcr.
lMC'KAIil-S of l.IUt'OHSniid WIMCHMl?T
ii. 1-1. v.i.-i.i .n mtt;i.
For the party whom thevarcfor, or plainly -lated li
the rrctlpt to whom they are cuUFlsueu.
Alldemauil9fnriUiuacprloiemji'tb( niadi within
In noway liable for loss oraecIdcut tollvv tH.k.
fttrllack Driver. Itoyt, and -oeli ULr. will not be
allowed on board the Steamer on arrirrfl. an til after tbe
paveencera have iktii laoutil
For San Francisco.
tiii: mi.i.m)ii vri: vji.siiir
ii:aiiiiou.n. ioiMAM)i:it.
Will leive Honolulu for ssn fricisco
On or about Monaay March 12.
4lttl. Cotuiiinniter.
On or about February 18th. 1883
VorFre"fbt and Passaf apply tn
H Sc. II. HACKFELD A f O.. At uts.
(MmmK tor .Milnmetit per strninrr en it haw
bentnretl, Frrenl t tinnre. In Hie l'lreiro(
narriionie iirnr iir nirninrr 11 iinri.
Tho Agents here are now pn pared to
lf'Mic Tickets to Sdn Fmntl?ni ami lletnrit,
Oceanic Steam Ship Comp'y
VII1 Leave Sim Frnncisco For Hutiu
lulu the !Kh day or each nioutli,
Kftnrmnj; from llonolnlii on tbi 2?it lk Y
of caca month.
Sn FriTKicoA;tnls. 1 II. MPItKCKELS Jt CKO.
.Market Mrvcl
llonolnla Agytl. W U. HIWINACo. tm
Established 1840.
Two Sailings Every Week
I'm: i.ivi:iuooi.:
From .Vew York every Wtdntulay,
From Boston ere rv
erf ry Snlimlny,
fcio, nuil Ho Uoltt
Accordln: to Accommodation.
Hlffrogo. as fnrrriir.
(Jood Accommodation, can alwajra 1 arrorrtl on ao
pllcatloato WILLIAMS UIMONU Co..
,. an Franclaco.
lrj blate Slrvc t. Iloston.
VEI1NOS 11. liHOWS m
i Cowllne Green, New York
Notice to I'ai-nsfr- from Aoatralla, NVw Zralaad
and llonolnla The Canard Line allorda more than nana!
fadlltii-a to throo','h pafKensrert from Traoa-facIIle
Liii ' 3 ,mlntfnf7 01 V atnpa itrrxloutnL' an poe.L
J v uci.j iu im..
tJ (lood accommiAtloua alaar tcsi-rrrd.
If 4IoUoOri'en. NwYirk
Wailelo, fin Malolo
WalolL jf W Jnlla
Wal.hn, Mfc Walmaln.
Cn. Slecol Kalona,
aod Maha.
ru.t- ItM.ltlimilellall one l irair..foeia
anasnana strcctfi I
ADX innr.
German remedy
Xeumbjta, Sciatica, LumlatjofVacla(Jte
Soreness of the Vhtt, Gout, Quinsy.
Sore Throat, SiceUingj and
Sprains, Burns and Scald,
General Bodily
Tooth, Bar and HcadadiC, Frosted Ftet
and Ears, and all other
Bains and AcJtes.
"Sa Prenantion oa eanb eonal Ur Imn'i fi.. ...
aft, r. tlMpU and Utap External ileroedr. a trial
eaUUa bot tbe cotnparatlTclr irlalaz oailaj of 30 ctau
ani ewoiie aBffrrtne 1Uipala cm bn clean and
pciltire proof of 11a claim.
Direction! la Clcren Lasreacef
Baltimore HiL. V. tt. A,
HoUister 9c Co.,
1 Areata ferthe HavulfM. Maa4r.
Hawmiiaat Klnrdom. KalabMa, by tbe Urac
to4, of tbe HawaLUa laUaalfl, Kinr ToWlUlant
rarke. Manbai of tk Klordon, rr bia Dvparjv
ttreetlnr- Yon aro bertbv eommaadrtl to !
ALKXAM-EKJ-fAKTWUlOWT. it Defea4aat. ia
eave be ahall file written anrwrrwUbtH iwratr dm
after perrice herer to be aad appear before ues.
preme Oart at tbe January terra ibertof, to b boldea
at tbe Court Room of tie Conrt Hove, IIoaoh.Ia.ta
tbe lilted of Oabn, oa .MONDAY, tbe in day of Ju,
air next, at 1 o clock a. in hrm um kr ta
claim of THERESA CAUTW"lUOHT, riataUf &M
not dv iraru acr 'ihubi 10 law irnvr nrT tt
aexetl petttloa.
Ana na yon tnea taerc tut m i tau mara of
yonr proceedloira tberroa.
GE "linen, uoe. ..in-.Ai,i9 w i vu Laief
(L a Jotiee of onr ynprrno ConrU at TJonolala,
tbi atb day of JanaarT, A. D. 1983.
Jbo. E. Bituiaw Clerk.
To n bleb cammoc tbe 3( art bat made tba foUowtar
retain: IlaTtn; made diligent aarcb foe tha wtttla
mentioned Alrxaader J. Lartwrlzbt, Jr- 1 hereby n
tnntthtaanmmona not aerred aa A am aaabio la tad
tbe aald Alexander J. Cartwrtrhr. Jr. ta thla Klarde
(Mftted) W C PAKKE, Xanbal
Itoaoinla, Janaary Mb, 1W.
llawallaa Iitaad-. ")
Uabo. J
I hereby certify tbattbr mtthln aad fonota? u $
traeamlfaltbtalropyof tbeortlaavl anaiBwa usard
la tbe Libel for PUore. Tbereaa Cartwrlsbt ta. Aej.
nailer J. Cattwrltbt. Jr , an4alfof th itanbari rw
torn thereto; aad tbat by reaaooof id tanaxTt
rtlnrn. tbe Court, at the Janiury Termtfcmof, A Dl
lX did ordrr tho rate epatlaaed to tbo next AprU
Term. A. IX lsX, and that In the meantime aa altvatol
copT of aald ivammnna be printed a Prescribed by tbt
butne. reonlrins the raid mpendeat fo answer at tat
aald April Term.
Iu witaeia whereof 1 fcava bcrtrasa
ret my band this M say of lebnajr
.V. D. 1 "Wt.
6t ' tletk; Snpreatt twrl
SL'L'ltllMK COiritT ur THK Ha
waiian islands. larroUte la'aodefuaba
llawnllan Ittand-. .- In ra Ettatc of 3CAST
UKEt:Nfdceaed. Ikfotn Mr. Jn-tica XeCa3yv
Onler appoinltni; time for Pnint- of Ulllaaddi
m-tinjj pobllratlon of notice.
Wherea a doenmeat partnrtlaz to be a daly aataea
tlcated copy of the lat VHI aad trtUmeat of Man
tlreen. widow late irf Olreston. Atnoadibars tatlt
t'oonty of Uloaceiter. Enlaad. deceased, and alas f
the proof, probate and RMer of raid Will at U p)K
of domicile of raid .Maty Orceo. In tho KesUtryaflka
1 fro hate DirUlon efthe Illb Conrt of Joctkc atMtd
Olreilon, batlaj on tbe 77th day of Jaaaary .1. D. I95
beeoprTaeotedtoMldrrobatrt'oortof the UawalUi
lsttnil and a petition forth Ftobate thereof hnvtac
been filed by Vlllam L. Ureta of Hoaolala latbc
Illacd ofOaan. praying that letter of adutnUtratJO
with the Will annexed be iMOt-d to tbe W W lltUat L
It ta therefore ordered that SATURDAY th ITU. daj
of I'cbroary A. D. la. at lu o'clock a, as. at tha Conf
Kimmof saldLonrtatMldUataolala. baaad theaaaM
la hereby appointed the time for prmlaa aald W in aad
hearlat aald application when aad where asy perroa
tnlcrtsttd may appear and coateal tbe aaaae.
It la fntther ortlered that notice thereof be trea. of
pabllcatloa for three coatecstlre weckala the lit
iiai tUxtrra. newspaper printed aad pnbLiU ba
said lloianiala.
DafMlloonlntn.il I Jan. STlh, ISM.
(8lsaed L.VWUENCE SliClLLT
Attest. JnatK of tha aprem toaxt
E. lUaaAap. Clerk. C 3t
iitcnr couiix or tue ua-
WAI1AX 1J-L.VND!.. Third JwttVi.t Tn.rrirt t.
I'robate. ltand of Hawaii. Iliaillaa Itlad.a.a
In tbe matter M ihm Eutr of CllAKLKt If ALL Urf
North Kona. Hawaii, deceased
A Uaxnmrnt. pnrportla to be tbr tail Will aaf
testament of t hnrtr Hall ileeraed. bartos oa the I
(lav of Deeetubrp A. 1) !Me. loi, MVBrnt.m m.w
1-roltati- Conrt, and a petition forth proboieiaert m
uu im inn iiBin oi uctirr levraiiteaiary ia Hi
aab Hal) bstLn- been filed by 11. L. sheldua.
It 1 herebjr ordered, that WEDNESDAY tbeS-t
day of Kebraary, A. D ISO, at IU o cluck a, tru, c
day, attbeCoait Uvom of uld Conrt. itkiuutS
Kohala, ia the Iland of Hawaii, be, aad the aaaee k
hereby appointed the time for provln-aald Will aad
hearts;: "id application when nad wher any penoa
Interested may appear and eoatel tb aldwf,t.aa4
the rrantlas of Uttcra teaUmentary
It I farther ordered that nolle thereof it xWea H
pnbltcatloo, for three tncceaalre week lata?rrti.
im OnztUr. a a "wt pa per printed and pnbiithfd
Dated N Kohala, HawaiL Jan. JKb, IftO.
cii.rLks r. ii art,
Jaitlce ofthaClrcalt Conrt
Third JoaitUl Dutrt -
WA1IAN ISLANDS. Ia tb matter of th Vaafc
raptey of LCM KEE 8A3I alUi CfM CUCN
Lnm Kec Sam alias Cam Chan, ot Hoaolala, haitat
been thU dar adjodlcnted Dank.rBpt nt a hearlas beftn
Mr. Jntttce McCalty, it wa this tU ordered that aatit
be zUen to the creditor of the aald Lam ke Sam ta
preaent their claim aod pro tv their debu aad thai dar
publication be made thereof, for tare conrerat
weeka, In the " lUnaittin Uaxette "
N'ow therefor notle 1 hereby rites that THURS
DAY, tba IJth day of February A. D. IJ. at o'ektek
a. xn. at tha Conrt Room of AIHoIaai If ale. HooataJa,
be tba time aad place for all tncherrditora tatpu
aad prore uld claim.
1(7 the Conrt. D. K. 1YFE Depaty CktL.
Dated Hoaolala, Jan. lHh.a'eg. u 51
Very Desirable Property !
a s t
Homestead altoate la Naoaaa Valley Ileaaaat c
tance from town, commaadtns fin view of the
town acd harbor Climate dallghlfaL
Main House Contains Six Koom-,
CutUsrc adjoinlmr, - lare Ktmrn-s
lAboat feet -t
1 2-Story Building !
1 Carriage House, Sorraata Roo.
Stallsfor two Horse. Chicken
Hoaae, Wood Shed.
There u a wrell of lh port.1 drlnUnz water aiU
food I oree Iimp. aod water laid froai the Uovuaaieat
Water Work,
The plait i. ta fiat ordre, KtU rcrod allh
Fruit and Ornamental ITrecs,
and adorned with Deaatlfal rwwer
a. Anyone wfrhlnz to parchaee aaieaaa.tIlo.it at
a reatonanle price, call at thi oOca .r
S Kort at,. I1Q..1.I., H
?S5 R ETHEL T.rr. DxTwasa KINO jtku
T WOULD 1 1 Kis 1 YXTVY U It
X form the pnblie. Ikt. harlo? tuLxrzrft aj prcmUei,
and. ta Introdaetair Ateaim Iwwer. wlu.aftnts--lv
"totk of -Ineli lurry aad TmI, I iaw
prepared to attend tw
Repaiiing and Constructing Machfflerj,
Stock and Gun Smithing
A fll'lIII-tLTT.
Wllr. .t- pr-tapi aL'--at.oaasdCUtpX(.B.
ThxnVlD- lh linWllc for Data I favor. md bv atn
attention tobalne-, I hop to nurlta libera) atir
pairoaas' tn'aemi.r' ui.-tpet.uuiy
Htm.lula t m lit Wl
MHsiciil lnstraMeRt Maker!
-omcc -
Wtv,ldniot ret jveetfoJlT lufcrw tl p-Uooa aad
laLablbaU of tbe Hawaiian Ktazdoan. that In mFf
to naoeroaa naevta. and a raanatev of aa arat
VI aa hi U HO.
He Hat Drtf nnlned to RorwetrcHLi W
and Wtll-aoonit Bsataw
aad wtltn aaa Utaat. adrded a. aiaca uSlt
faction tatla patrons. Ktatllan4eruata
mat ivLTmc sFMTwm t Tma mmH
wlldi Ut,, f the ta.t rear, Irat U&i '
. rreieuea MtLaauiralTimereTaaa .
Bulala. mac ap tae IK:ur, Xo. ., inamaa!
' a au a. sm " -

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