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IfevrAilalloaolala dorlnc ib 'ck c-t l'rtyer, nd
:r3k.dtT lawme plrlt of ChrlttUn lore and nil
.Ba no- cd in him, will be loar Bd fondly irmeo-
-red by ttw bo ritw i&d hrard hlru
Pb1c-ca oo& to Libsc b took ap ltii order mod
fjcty tLe word to which he had co&rccrttod hi lire
Ut ac for Mmrelf at oacc tbe confidncr and fftkn
of tbooe t whom be bad come to mlotMcr. For both
Bfttnral pifli and ChrltKaa rracri rate bint rpccltl
(.ttuJlcailon for rxnrUlnr a decided personal ic80'
once ob the mind and heart of other.
Is hi early youth la the WeMeni Mates, be catered
,&to tbe ejcer, pscblar fptrit of American life and 1b
sl'tBtlone. Eat he aUo early felt prompted to t htm
rf lor tb ml aUtry of tbe Ootpel At the Colics and
latheTbeolo-leaeniinarT. be wa acme ib Chrit
tlaa nk for other' 1 ratios. Ib bi brief mlnlrtrrUl
labori in the Wet.-m Matee.be had ibe pleatnre of
leadicc eorea of ronls to tbe One ay. Traih and Life
for rrcry bumaa beiBC- Eat the cermt of puimtrary
diteaae. the mult t oter-work and expotBre, had
beBB to develop, and be wit adrleed by phytic Ian to
rtk a warmer climate. He bad preached for abont alz
moatbi o&Jytotbe people at Liboe and Kuloa, aKeroa
lEC In &D&day rerricca at the two place, wbea, Ib
J cue lat, a beuorrbae from the lnBjr waned faim of
ibe poMlb.Hty of Ion of health, If not of life 1 tbe
adnte cf phyfldasv.be vent tolVftimeatoretvlrea
drier atmoephcre than tbe aea-breeaec of liboe, where
the paraonace nbleb tbe people bad f urnlebed for hint.
Here be lingered alon;.TQiur rradoally weaker and
weaker, till toaday rooralnc abont S o'clock he entered
the beavesly real. In tbe midttof a dreachiap ctorm
the body wat broc-tt to Liboe, where Kevt. iUcbter
and llanatke coudncted admirably appropriate f aneral
eer yleee, Hiiwmalc were interred In tbelaaUlybnrlaJ
Crmtndof V II. Wee. Eo.
The baracleraad teocbinca orbi life Cud fitting
predion jntbe flna) racr whlrb bv dictated the
dav before he died, and which u read at bit f aneral:
" My dear brethren and frlcadt. my dally prayer to God
bat been for each and rrerr one of yoa, that yoor
hwartamaybetUledwiihthe litre r.f Jesue. Ob.pree
,mt lore' which cWeni that peacewblch 4wtb 1
'indentaudlnc, If roydear Heavenly Fatbcrtb 11 awn
Eakemetallimaelf. I pray that by my death I may
peak to yen with creater (tower thaa 1 coold with any
tituta worda. Once more. I beseech you, to lie aura
l&lt yea are laying &p fr youraelvea treafcnree la
hraiea Oh! be, eure that too are at prac- with our
Re-riew of tbe Session Lawa of 1H82.
Clmti. 22. Any bnililing liereaf ter lo be built in
tbe aty vt Honolulu, within tbe limits named bo
lav, (except Ooremtuent sbttls on tbe wharf j
"chill Lave the external walla and roof thueof
constructed ol brick, fctone, cement, iron, or otbir
Cro-iroo! material: viz: the line bounded by tho
water f runt andKI feet easterly should be nrfteih)
from tbe building on the Cwa side of Jsrroana
Jtret to the makai side of King SL, thence ou
King St. to a point tO feet easterly from the Wai
kiki side of Fort tit, thence to the water front, and
also on all land uow or Lrf(r rvoliMj
Vai of Qaetn tit. in Waikahalulx
Chan. a. Anditinff Act and to regulate the receipt
custody and ib&ae of public moneys provides thnt
iery person in llonolula havinf the receipt or dis
qureemcnt of public moneys shnll pay weekly, and
every eucb person out of lionolulu bhaJl pay month
Jt or at Koch times aa may be appointed, into the
finance Office, all public moneys collected or re
cetved by him with voucher signed by Lira de
bcribuis the oerrioes for which sicu Bams were
collected, aUo to transmit to the Auditor General
not later than the 10th day after the end of each
month a sworn return upon such forms as laiy be
required by the Auditor General. And making It
obligatory upon the Auditor General to reiort to
the Minister of Financo any officer who faiU to
pay oer all money collected by him or who fails
to male re turns in the f ornrvrefcaited Lu the sched
ule, and proriduic that until such failure shall
ha to bun made good all Hilary or money due snch
officer hhall bo withheld. Also prondius that
monthly statements bo made in advance by the
Minister of Finance of all moneys required for the
mouth, in the form prescribed by schedule, w hich
statement if comet to be countcnosced by the
Auditor Genera and payments thereof ter to ex
ceed the amount Kt forth in such instrument and
previous ones. Orcr payments made by reason of
error in the account of any officer to be surcharged
La such ulLcer. Cash fthoet" to lit bent daily to
Auditor's office, by the Minister of Finance show
ing receiiU and disbursements of Li office. The
Minister of Finance to publish in some ntwppatwr
each qoatttr a sUteuicnl in detail of the receipts
and expenditures on account of the public scrnce,
with comparative statement of such receipts dar
ing the oompo tiding quarter of the previous year,
alsu a birailar onnnul statement, Auditor General
tc be appointed by tbe King in FriTT Gouucal, on
tho nomination of the Minister of Finance, and
hold office daring good behavior. He may be sus
pended by the King with the advice of bis Cabinet
Council, and removed by him upon the address of
the Legislature, The Auditor to take oath of
office, and not engage many other emploTmenL
In case of illnetM. suspension or absence a deputy
may be appointed by the King villi the advice of
his Cabinet.
Tho Auditor to examine the returns of all offi
cers and charge to each office all sums which
he has failed to collect, and all sums not duly paid
in by hiin undfr the proper Lead of leceints. No
payments to be made by the Minister of Finance,
except for the civil list, permanent settlements,
and salaries, unless the accounts have been pren
ouidy countersigned by the Auditor-General,
The Auditor to call for explanations and addi
Uonal vouchers, and disallow all sums not duly
credited and paid in, or which hare been disbursed
in cxceKS, or not daly vouched and authorized. Any
uffioLX niav aincal f rom the disallowine nr mr.
charge of the Auditor to one of the Judges of the
Supreme Court of Chambers.
ho sum fcball be allowed to hare been duly re
ceived or paid without a written voucher. A judge
4 the Supreme Court may, tn rise of lam of vouch
er, or satisfactory evidence, order the sura to bo
allowed or disallowed.
Tbe Auditor to report to tho Legislature upon
the annual statement of tho Minb-ter of Finanre.
And report in every case in which the forms rre
senbeduy this Act have cot been adopted. lie
snail uave power to compel we attendance ox any
oCcer and produce his books and accounts, and to
examine such officer under oath. Acr officer fail.
iug to attend or to answer, lo be IiiLle to a penally
of not less than twenty-fire or more than one hun
dred dollars on conviction before any Police or
iriAina. Atagisinue. Any puwu wiuuuy and cor
ruptly giving false evidence before the Auditor,
guilty of perjury in the second degree.
The Minister of Finance and Auditor mar nule
regulations not inconsistent with the Act, and lay
them before the Igudature within fourteen days
after it meets. The law to go into effect November
Chan. 21. An Act to fix the nav of Jurors. In.
creasing the pay of jurors from one dollar per
day, for attendance, to "two dollars per day; and
from fifty cents for each verdict relumed to one
uouar i or sncn vcruicu
Chan. 25. AineaJini; the Statute relxtine la
Auctioneers' Licences. Providing for granting
uf Auction Licenses to suitable renona. eiwnt
snhjecta of conn trie with which there are no
treaties. The price of an Auctioneer 'a License
HI Honolulu to be five hundred dollars per
iiucm, ana noi jess man one-uaii oi one
per cent tor each sale made, and for the trtber
district the price to be such per centage as the
Minister of the Interior shall deem reasonable, not
to exceed one per cent. Lery auctioneer to give a
bond for a faithful accounting and conforming to
the laws relating to auctioneers. The bond for
iionotuia lo oe iLree thousand dollars; for all oth
er districts fire hundred dollars.
Ckap-IK. Amending Sections 913 and Ifc2 of the
Cml Code, by ahichthejustioesof the Supreme
Court arc deprived of ail control . f the appointing
mmI pay of lhilrkt J entices.
Chan.V7. IYoviding for licensing dairies for the
bale of milk in Honolulu, and for the appointment
uf an Inspector of Milk from the Agent of the
Hoard oi utaitn, with power to wnnacale adulter-
aicu nius: anu prodccnte me auaiteraier. i enai
ty for such offense, from fire to twenty-five dol
lars: license fee twenlv-ve dollars a rear.
Chap. re. Amending Section 1113 of the Civil
Code so tbAt a deserter from contract service "fiiall
be corcptUed to fcrve the remainder of the time
for Uch ha originally contraetcxr' ir.stead uf an
additional time "Hot to exceed doable the time of
nu ausence, as lormerly.
Chap.il. Autboriziag a natioual loan sot cx
cot ding $?,CXXVD) for public Improvements, speci
fied, at not more than S rer rmf. Kuids nni tts.
bio to be issued for from five to twenty-fire years,
lids Ad to continue, in force for thm Taar.
Chap. 00. Froviding for the tnnsfer of snch
minors in anv reformatorT school whose TnHw-sr
is subversive of the didciplins of tbe school, to the
public gaol, with or without hard labor, for terms
riot exceeding the unexpired remainder of their
lime of commitment to tbe reformatorv ecnoolf
and further providing for their final dtsccargo for
ku oecavior or xneir return to tee monastery
The marine railway has been full of business
daring the past week the steamers Iultt and AV
to9 ioand bark; fowr Laving been haoied cp.
It 6U4rocra Bere deftned and some sght repairs
laae 'to tho copper oa the nulls and they were
wwut room xoxuie iitrrrr.
ahoct tows.
Query "Who ever heard a Taller dog called a
Mr. Adams holds a large credit sale to
morrow, iLnryuay.
Morning prayers will begin at SL Andrew's Iro-
vaiacarai on next auruxay at iv-j a. k.
Hjs Majesty has conferred the Order of Kalakaua
upon me commanae rs oi ine war vessels in port.
The well-known running mare, Itomping Girl,'
was sold at auction by Mr. Adams on the LMh tnft.
for the rum of $570.
A neat picket fence replaces the old board one
in front of the grounds of the Anglican Fro-Cathe
dral on ifereiania
The Is Mi It carried away a very heavy mail on
tier last up trip, yioAaibiy an nvaiancne oi valen
tines for the other islands.
Saturday afternoon the 7mi takes place at the
Falace and Invitations have been received brmany
of our native friends to be present, in Jm.
Tho absence of the Princess Liliuokalani and
Prmccfas Likelike from the State dinner was food
for much comment both on tho evening of tbeoc
casion and sinoe.
Valentin 'a dav nasm-d ouietty but little trade
being noticable in the line of the better sort of
valentines although the juvenile element and
youthfal "old boys' indulged in the "comics,' to
a fair extent.
Ihc Gizrrrx account in twiunhlet form of the
coronation ceremonies and incidents adjunct
thereto, exhausted two editions and at this date
even the cry is still for more.
It is with nleaiture that the amuarmrtt of Gov.
Dommis is again noticed, bis ailment having left
him for a sufficient length of time to allow bun to
walk around a little and see his friends.
The army are not well cp to artillery practice.
When the jalute in honor of thennveilinr of the
Kamehameha statue was fired, the seventh and
nineteenth guns were followed by a long pause.
Mr. Georee W. Stewart, the late bub-editor of
the Satanta Prrs$. left for San Francisco in the
on the Eth inst. Quite a number of friends
were present at the last moment to bid turn lo
The U. S. XirlwiniMM did noble dutv on the
occasion of the coronation, firing three rounds of
salutes, moraine. noon and evenmc. of twentr-one
-guns each. The guns wero well served, the time
oeing excellent.
Mr. Cecil Drown has withdrawn liis name f ruto
the committeo havinrr charm of the coronation
bor&e-troL It is thought that tho race will be de
vout or interest, no entries having yet been made,
to our knowledge.
UammeririE and eariicnter work roinr on all
Sunday at the Palace, and we are vupposed to
bate a Sunday, which is enforced occasionally on
nniortunate Lhinamen who moves a few bags of
rice out of the rain.
The boat races take ilace to-morrow. As nuite
a number of yachts have entered and as an oppor
tunity will bo given to tet the speed of the King's
new yacht a crowd ol spectators is expected. '1 he
prize money offered is too meagre to mention.
A change in the Ministry was made on the lTtth
inaL, Hon. J. M. Kapena. the Postmaster-General,
succeeding His Excellency btmon K. Kaai, as Min
ister of Finance. Hon. 11. M. Whitney is to suc
ceed Hon. Mr. Kapena as Postmaster-General.
After leavin? the nresence of the Kamehameha
statue, on the lltb insL, His Maje&tv. accompa
nied by Col's laukca and Herd, visited the liar
racks and conferred decorations of the Order of
Kapiolani on Home of tbe soldiers and band boys.
The Tort Surveyor at KahuluL Mr. Gcorco
Board man. on information received from this city.
captured 1.3H tins of opium in tche barrels of
salmon which had been landed from the J't-ttiaix.
The police here have captured one Chinaman who
is the supposed importer.
Meffers. Ilruce Cartwright. II. ll.Macfarlanenud
1L M. Itenson now comprise the firm known as tho
Union feed Company. In a circular just issued by
them they call attention to their ability to furnish
Eatronswith everything pertaining to thegencrM
ay, grain and feed business.
He Hhfhness Huth Keelikolani. Hon, Mrs. C.
11. Hiebop andMifrlcftby thefKwfffjtrsestcrday.
A large crowd of natives were on the wharf to see
these deservedly popular ladies depart. There was
considerable enthusiasm displayed as the noble
pair drove on to the wharf and went on board tho
The Lit ft it aailod on Wednesday of lost week
instead of on luewlay as usual, carrying a large
number of passengers and quite a cargo of freight.
'1 his delay was a great relief to buRtneos men and
the community generally, and if Wednesday were
made the regular sailing day it would bo a benefit
to the public.
Since the couinletiou of the "crowning." iwot-
lionement has been the order of the day regarding
the succeeding events. First tho "unreding of the
statue1 was postponed, then the "illuminations and
fireworks, then the "hon racing,' and lastly tho
"comic opera has been postponed to a more pro
pitious occasion.
InueliwasFtiread at the Government House
and the Ministers Gibson. lreston, Kaai, and Hush
with the members of the Diplomatic and Consular
Corps, members of the House of Nobles and com
manders of tho men-of-war satiated the cravings
of good appetites after tbe unveiling of the statue
of Kamehameha.
Messrs. Palmer Jt Thatcher have commenced tho
manufacture of aerated waters, such as ginger ale, 1
raJa waiM.aaritsnirilla. and also cider which ttiev
are now preparea to rurni lu tteoiml quantities
to patrons, n iui meir usual luuuguu uiub, lury
remembered the printers in this office for which
we return thanks.
Dr. X. Ik Emerson has purchased the grounds
of tho Woialua Seminary, at Waialua, O-ihu. con-
suung or about 25 acres, ior tue sum oi
The discontinuance of the botninary which had
been for many years under the management of
Miss Mary Green, was the reason for the sale of
the property.
The bteamer Charle TvttMtttd JIwL balled from
this tort for Uonrkom; on the 13lh inst- taking a
number of passengers from here. There is a strong
probability that the Jlool will be followed at an
varly date by the Madras or Thm-uhiU either from
J'ortutna or oan t ranciaco anu tn nre to iiong--ong.
Whv is not the water trough ou the Waikiki
road mended? it u&ud to be a great convenience to
eiprefcb drivers and others t ho had to take their
horses out for that long ride. At tho present mo
ment it has one side completel) broken down: out
of motives of humanity a few dollars should be
Fpent In putting it in order; hundreds enough liavo
been wasted in all conscience.
A very enjoyable dinner was given uu board the
j last 'lhursdav. bv the deservedly popular
Captain Dodd. A number of our prominent gen
tlemen were nresent to do honor to the hospitality
of tho genial liost, and full justice was done to the
very excellent owner wuicn was put ueiore iuem.
Toasts and speeches, cme and gay, occupied a
cons derable time after the removal of the cloth.
The ,tabn' stick used at the coronation cere
monies was a narwhal tusk presented to His Maj
esty by Captain A, N. Tripp. The Captain prized
this tusk of the sea unicorn very highly, baring
MbUU 11 iruiu a lib cvt luuuu uu vwiiwj ociuic, tu
the Arctic Ocean, whither it must have drifted
through the unknown north-west passage from
tho coast of Greenland where only is the narwhal
OaUidenf tbe places mentioned in the account
of the illuminations, the town in general, was as
uara as general, even ine gas lamps wmcn u&unuy
lend their nickering rays to distinguish the pans
from other obstructions, were tmlightcd. Tbe
Pantheon, tbe ltoyal, the Km pi re and Commercial
saloons, as also Hart brothers, displayed brilliant
lights, but it was thought they were accommodtt
in? their customers.
The bodv of KailL a native who had been miss
ing from his home for several days, was found at
the bridge that crosses the Iwakaina stream, dis
trict of Mahukona, Hawaii, on the afternoon of
tbe 1 th inst. The inangled condition of the body
has ltd to the belief that deceased committed sui
cide by jumping from one of the high cliff a into the
stream in which his body was found.
The business formerly conducted by Messrs. T
K. Foster A Co has been transferred to the "Inter
Island Steam Navigation Company, of which
company the following gentlemen are the officers:
President, T. II. Foster; vice-president. W. P. God
frey; secretarr, John Inn. jr.; treasurer, William
Foster; auditor, G.N. Wilcox. Tbe firm of T. 1L
Foster A Co. will be continued as an independent
The IT His Majesty's yacht, was buccess
f ully launched by Mr, Thos. Sirenson on the after
noon of the iClh inst. Time was, when a vesel
launched on a Fndav was recardedasonlockv and
it is a wonder that the " TiVr," who has an omen
fLxm attached to its staff, did not notice the "rart
ing of the waters' at the time of the launch, or
me more remarRauie immiui iud wu, vu vj !
ahao Church.
On the night of the 'coronation inanimations,
every express wagon as magnificently lighted up
with two lam., and the national ships in harbor
were simplv gorgeous with the usual lanterns at the
foreyard arm. I be sight reminded ns of tho Neva
trben UrTandtr II was crowned. Everv hoc in
the city of St. Petersburg was a blaze of light, and
the grand river was a vision of fairy land, with its
The daily and vreekly papers issued during the
past week have severely commented on the condi
tion of the streets and the manner of work done
thereon by the Road Suptrvisor. Tbe IYotJcs'
Line of OmmbnseA were withdrawn, temporarily
from the Falama and Kali hi route and the course
of tbe lleretania street line changed for a lime to
King street The present lload Supervisor has
had opportunity enough to show his ability in
making good roads, but the result of rainstorms
displays ins weakness.
Tn cnif all that mav be said to the contrary.
we positively know as far as his own words are to
be believed that the Premier regrets the absence
of a number of prominent citizens from his pet
coronation scheme: tbe fact is that Mr. Gibson
has never fairly realized that there is a strong
minority here, who are neither to be bought by
nonors, or puce or buj iuiu use w buwi u.w
and women there are xnanv in Honolulu, and they
form the backbone contingent which Is going to
put in a saving clause lor wnai is irsiy eneie ana
worn out.
The pilots and harbor master have been holding
a consultation regarding certain low tides which
were noticeable lately, and after mature delibera
tion Captain Mac advanced as his opinion that
the moon had nothing to do with the low tides
noticed, but, if the Emit and IIerm were only
hauled up somewhere out of the way, where their
pumps could not be continually sucking water out
of the harbor, why, he thought there would most
probably be a fuller course of tides. This opinion
was concurred in bv those present and the meeting
The Christmas Lottery r was drawnon the eve
ning of the 10th insL, at Messrs. Ljoa - Levy's
auction rooms on Qaeen street. A Isrre at tendance
of people interested was noticeable, and the draw
ing was conaucted in a peneeuy sausxACSory man
ner, and with the following results: 1st pnze. No.
VOL l S. Pratt: 2d nrue. No. 79. L Uelnernv: 3d
prize. No. 173, Phil. Atkinson; 4th prize. No. en,
James I. Dowsett, jr.; 5lh prize. No. 52, W. James
Smith-GUi prize. No. 15, James Hayj Tth prize.
No. 3e7, Thomas Straw; Pth prize, No. 14, Mrs.
1 he editor of a nrominent Indiana ivirvr lhas
vx-rsonaLlTexolaims: Ouroomnliracnts toSt. Jacob:
we have tried the celebrated St. Jacob's Oil on our
'illuminations and4-rheumatic foot and experienced great relief there-
from. The Saint is a public benefactor.
Ueimenschneide- Sin prize. No. ,W.H.Cora-
Hifl MaTMtT th Klnr Bjwt .Mtl .;.
Colonels Iaukea and Hoyd. visited the men-or-war
in port on tbe afternoon of tbe 17th inst, and was
received with royal salutes and manned yards.
Captain Edwards of 11.1I.M8.Mh placed a
launch rolled by twelve sturdy " hearts of oak at
His Majesty's disposal which was used during the
entire round of viota. The LaetwKwnjHi, )r--tit,Li0ir
and Afwl were dressed from bul
warks to truck with Hags and presented an inter-
-uug signs 10 ine many spectators who thronged
at the twat-tandrag watcning thej saluting evolu-
The Pixir JJrrrwerhasgonein for fostering
superstition. Its writers say that "remarkable
freakiof nature were obervablebyalL' We ought
to have bad a fuller aeooont of these wonders. Was
there not a pig with six legs: a rnonstroos goose
ecc? are we to hare a phoenix on Lanai? Wehavs
alreadr had one comet, "importing change of times
ana states. ine -nignts nave neen unruly, pro
phesying with accents ternble," However the
earth has not done its duty.it has not been "fev
erish nor "did it shake.' This was a monstrous
shame; let ns hope it will do something handsome
before the coronation festivities are quite over. It
la rather hard to put down all this nonsense to the
er leaning to old women tales than the modern
native, who is somewhat of a hcentie. The head
of the nation has read and 6tudied the works of Dar
win. Huxley, and others and must laugh heartily
at the manner in which the "marvels' are treated.
The P. C J. of the 13th, (by the way 13 is a cabal
iidifi number, there is deen meaninc in this i mar
be quoted as a remarkable instance of the hold su
perstition nas on ine unman mina.
Mr. Strong, the artist, has fitted up a little gab
lery of his pictures, next door to Williams & Co.
Our citizens will now have an ormortunitv of
dropping in and seeing his work for themselves.
There is a fine finished painting of natives dash
ing uown ine ueacu, dragging tneir canoeo, uavuig
iust sighted a school of fish; a pretty distance of
tarber's Point and a part of tthe Waianae moun
tains, adds very much to tbe beauty of the picture.
We also saw a number of spirited sketches of
Fcencry around the city; Fisherman's Point, the
Nnuanu stream near Alekoki, the foot of lunrh-
bowk A variety of plaques, ornament the walla,
marine views, fruits, flowers, studies of heads, one
of these, a native girl, is by Mrs. Strong. In ad-
uiuuu iuo ntu uaic uu vpviiuuikj ui ser
ine Mr. Slrons'a skill as a portrait naintcr. a
number of his iortraits being on view. We hope
that when the public has had an opportunity ol
actually Feeing Mr. Strong's work it will not stop
merely at admiration, but that it will go a step
further and give him orders. Artistic talent which
is devoting itself to the reproduction of our beauti
ful scenery should meet with encouragement from
our moneyed men. We understand that Messrs.
miliams & Co. win ute oruers ior nz. strong.
1 law in.
m. -; .). tin., i. nniAM.v;nr.
needed repairs, painting, etc
Sundav. Februarv 11th. was a decidedly rainy day
even for Uilo. So severe was tbe storm that the
little foreign church was not opened for service
and scarcely a person could be seen in the streets.
Whtnarv lTihCoron&tion dav was observed
at Hilo in a very quiet manner. The Government
flag was thrown to the breeze, but aside from this
there was no demonstration whatever. Everybody
in the little town attended to his own business as
usual. A ball was proposed for the evening but
tbe fair ones declining, it was indefinitely postponed.
Cbint-w New Year nassed off as usual at Hilo.
The fire crackers made their usual din, morning,
noon and night, and in fact most of the time be
ta eon. Chinese servants were not to be found and
ladies were obliged to do their own work. Liquor
llowed freely, yet but few Chinese were found un
der its Influence. It made sad havoc with quite a
number of both the native and foreign population.
Weather on this inland has been quite blustering
during the past week.
The Portrrueo concerned tu the row at Kealia
Plantation have been fined in various sums varying
from to $..
The Kid weather caused a noor attendance at
church last Sunday, and as a consequence Itev.
Mr. Wainwright's sermon lacked Its usual vigor.
Herrtes here are hich in nrice: oldnlucV that
vnnlii ditvrrara tbe nonnd in Honolulu brin here
as high as r and J0; anything nt all good $73
lO 1UU.
Mr. J. Thomas, an emnlove at Kaitaa Mill, fell
from his horse and sustained, besides tho shock.
some severe body bruises, compelling him to lie
dormant tor a few days.
Comnlaiut is made reeardinc the manner of de
livery of the mails on this island. Several instan
ces hae occurred of tho mail tor Kapaa having
been delayed at Lihue for forty-eight hours before
delivery. "This should not be.
The Quickest relief under the sun for rheuma
tism, is St. Jacob ' Oil.
The Late EHaha IT. Allen.
'I Ik htartlinir and trairic death of tho late Ha
waiian M inister ltesident, nt the Presidential Man
sion in Washington, in tho midst of one of the
mnut brilliant nssemblares of American and for
eign officials ever seen at the national capital
uas already urawnzonn irouiiue press uere anu
abroad notices full of deserved eulogy of tho de
ceased statesman. ,It was my. good fortune to
have known Mr. Allen quite intimately, and to
hae enjoyed many free and instructive oouversa-
lions WUU uiin, uu puiiuciu mm uiucr iuiua,iucii
the opinion of a man of his large experience and
lilxml views was valuable to a conductor of tho
press. On several occasions of political excite
ment, when it appeared doubtful what was the
proper course to pursue, 1 was always cordially
received uy mm, anu ioddu mm a uqc anu i aim
fnl adviser and friend. condemninc what he dis
approved, and advising what he thought just and
right. He was gifted with more than ordinary
refinement and culture qualities that made him
a genial companion, whither among friends or
strangers, anu auiuirauiv (piajiueu mm ior me
high offices and diplomatic positiqu which he so
lonr? occunied. Almost from the dav ho landed
here ho snowed great interest in tbe prosperity
and advancement of Hawaii, and particularly in
the development of onr commeroe and prodac
kons, at times inventing in whaling business,
sheep husbandry and sugar plantations. It is
nearly thirty years sinoo he first began lo advocate
a reciprocity convention with the United States,
and it is chiefly in reference to his efforts in this
connection, that I have undertaken this sketch.
lie arrived nere in marco, imu, on me bars.
Ma rtii. uhich made the remarkably short itassage
of ten days at that date the shortest on record,
and held the office of American Consul till super
ceded by lenj. F. Angtll in lSThl, when be was
appoint Hawaiian Minister of Finance, succeed
ing Dr. J add in that office. Very soon after en
tering bervice ui iuu iiawuiuiu uuiiiiiuimi, uo
took an active interest in tho subject of reciprocity
with the United States, and some of tbe articles
which appeared in tho local papers of that time,
on this subject, were prompted by him. In
he went to Washington, partly with the object of
securing such a treaty, but failed to cnlit the
American Government in the proposition. In
l&l, ho went again on a similar mission, with the
same result public sentimeut in America as well
as here not having been sufficiently educated re
garding the advantages of such conventions, w hich
are now absorbing so much nt tent ion abroad.
In l73-4, be again visited Washington, and bad
interviews with Hamilton Fish, then Secretary of
State, and also with President Grant, and found
that both favored commercial treaties wtta their
neighbors. 1 distinctly remember, on his return,
how full he was of the treaty scheme, and how
confident that it could be obtained. We had fre
quent interesting conversations about it, discuss
ing what was the best way to bring it up, so as to
mule it successful. Ihadalwaysapprovedatreaty,
and needed no urging to again advocate a measure
which promised to do so much for Hawaii nei; and
when 1 heard from his lips the result of his con
versations with President Grant and Secretary
Fish, 1 felt equally confident with him that the
time had cores when it might be again tried with
a fair pro pec t of success.
line day auoui mis uau iicti, no came into
my office, and said, in his usual free and familiar
way: See here. M r. w,, l want to see you again
about this treaty business. Well, Judge, what's
up now?" "Nhy, I've been thinking that if we
can only induce the King and Queen lo go to
nasuiugiDu, auu imi imuuvut unu it, it win
help along our treaty wonderfully. "Now, that
has been just my idea nl-w," I answered, " but I
have doubts as to whether it can be accomplished,
and if practicable, whether it is wise to publicly
advocate it," We then talked the matter over,
and some objections were spoken of, such as the
expense of a royal embassy, the Queen not being
able to speak English, Ac. Bat it was decided
that tbe King's visit to America should be advo
cated, and the next Gazette, of which I was ed
itor, spoke of it. However, the plan was not well
received at firt, but the more it was talked about,
the more important it appeared as necessary to
the success of the undertaking.
The Cabinet did not at first favor the project;
but it was decided to call a Privy Council and con
sider the matter. If my memory serves me rightly,
out of twenty-five or more members present, only
Jndga Allen, Mr. Harris and myself favored it,
whilo others brought up various objections. I
never knew a person to labor with more earnest
ness than did Judgo Allen at this meeting de
termined, as it were, to carry his point, and carry
it he did, every objection having been removed,
and the ways and means pledged; the Minister of
Foreign Affairs (Mr. W. L. Green,), at the cloe,
moving the adoption of the resolution, which
jtatmA mi)iiKf, recomraendrng His Majesty to
make the proposed visiL Prom that day, the
Cabinet, which had all along favored reciprocity,
earnestly endorsed the TOoTtowd roval emliv.
which proved to successful, and which, more than
an vt Ling else, helped to secure tbe treaty.
Probably one of the last letters which Mr. Allen
wrote to these Islands, dated only a few days be-
lore ins oeain, was Buurcfeea to me, naving uecn
Twonrnted bv the receint of mv report on the re
sults of the redproatv treaty, read before the
Planters Company, in October last. As his letter
pos-esscs special interest at this time, permit me
w quote puttiua ui u:
Washington, Dec. 4, lw ' Your
able statement ought to convince our opponents of
toe Ruvausagpe oi wo i rati v io me. commerca" ana
producing Interest of the United States. It is a
marked feature in the working of the treaty, that
it has given great advantages to navigation and
the ship build im? interest. 1 received last week a
letter from Messrs. Craxcp & Go- the great ship
builders in I tiladclphia, giving tne a description
or two steamers which they are now building for
the rooborom San Francisco to Honolulu. They
are tons each, cost $."-00,000 each, and will
have a speed ol nitecn knots per hour, and are ex
ttected to be finished in June.
" There is no country wbera a treaty of reciproc
ity can be xorde by the United State no advantag
eously as with Hawaii, for tbe reason that we pro
duce what the United States does not, except in a
small amount, nan itly, sugar; while the United
States mancfactnxrs and produces what Hawaii
does not. Therefore, it is simply a barter trade,
and causes no competition in either country. Ton
have very ably presented this view of the subject
In your report,
Ton and I caa never cease in onr devotion to
the treaty. I have devoted more Ubor and anx
ious boors to it than to any otl.- snbject in my
long life. I well remember, and 2 doubt not you
do when I returned from Washington with the
assurance from Mr. Fish, that he was in favor "of
reciprooitr treaties with his ceigtbors, that is, of
the United States; and the Sandwich Islands were
among theca that we held that corryirsaxion in
your nffce most encouraging to each other. I think
J- Mr. Harris said a friendly word for the treaty!
oat 1 doni remember another eocxwiragirig word
from anyone; but, on the contrary, many said "yon
have tried for many years, and have been nnsnc
cesfui, now what the m of trying againT I
don't remember an encouraging word at that time
frosa planter or merchant. 1 presented the ease to
the King and Cabinet. 1 gave them tbe assurance
of Mr. rish,and I well remember that I said,
w may fail; it w& do, the cost is but small; and
if we succeed, it will save tbe nation from bank
ruptcy, and prevent its return to a mere calling
place for reswls, and ever, these are diminishing,
M From the date of that Privy Council to which
Si refer, the King and Cabinet were true and
thf uL and we were richt in TtM-wnnw.rximff and
urging the visit of the King. He made a happy
innuw irapreeeaon wnerever cewenx
In America. We no doubt deserve a better reward
than we shall ever receive, for the part taken at
that time in behalf of the treaty, stilL we will be
happy in the reflection that our favorite measure
has saved a people from poverty and has advanced
it new prosperity."
I am very truly your, Eusru H. Alixx.
To Mr. Allen and Mr. H. A, P. Carter belong the
chief credit of securing the Treaty, and that, too,
at a time when almost every one had lost faith in
any farther efforts that might be tnade,andnoorie
could be found willing to risk a dollar in its be
htlf. It seems unfortunate for Hawailaninteresta
that his life could not have been prolonged to as
sist in obtaining the best terms possible for us in
any changes that may be made tn its renewal: but
doubtlesH a successor will be found to fill his place,
who will inherit his ardent seal and special quali
fications. Put Hawaii haa lost, in his death, one
of her best friends and statesmen, who for thirty
years devoted himself, with great success, to secur
ing for her an honorable place In the family of
nations, and who, as our representative at Wash-
lUKtuu, uau iour open prominent, respected and
beloved bv all Who knew him ihrnr- r
Put after all. Is there not something beautiful,
though mournful, about his death scene It was so
mara-u m its extraordinary surroundings its
time, tho first day of the new year-its place, the
Presidential Marihinn nt h S merit t It.-.Mm
when the nation had, as it were, assembled nnbid-
ucn spectators oi tue etaming event its manner,
so sudden, so painless, so beautiful: Were it left
to mortals to choose the manner of their departure
to the spirit realm who would cot wish that his
own might be as sudden, calm and peaceful as
turn, ui our menu uisnn n. Alien.
Kac, Hiwi.ii, Feb. lssk
H. M. W-mKT.
Pastor Crux an 'a Sunday Sermon.
A very large audience was in attendance at Fort
Street Church last Sunday evening. Mr. Crnran
preached the first of a acnes of sermons on " The
Home." ULsthemowas "MarriAPM. TT. t
chewen was Hebrews 13:4, "Marriage is honorable
in alt. Mr. Cruzan spoke as follows:
The Hible commends marriage. Even In Para
dise God said that it was M not good for man to be
alone." Throughout the Old Testrment marriage
a ivnrmincM ns iuo winom Biaie OI man, IO le
unmarried was regarded by the Jews as a calamit
and a disgrace. The highest earthly destiny of 1
woman was to be tho mistress of a fanulv and th
mother of children, llachelors were at a "discount
The head of a family was the king among meil
In the New Testament the teaching is the samd
The Utter judgment and practice of the worl(
since the creation of man accords with the text
that Marriage is honorable in all.' Hut it is net
honorable in all to marrv. Nay; it is tho plait
duty of some not to marry There are some con
raon &cnse limitations to the wmrni unniimttini
of this text. There are thousands who, on tla
dw4u ucuui aiuuv, buuuiu uwrr marry, aner)
are other thousands whose moral natures ore s
diseased that they should never marry. Dip th
soul in seas of ink, says Joseph Cook, -'and t
ceases to be really marriageable. There shoull
be such a degree of physical, mental, and morrl
health in those who stand at tho marriage altar,
so that tho off spring from their union should not
lie a brood of physical, mental, and moral crippled
Nature never violates her laws. Imbecility nevei
reproduces strength and beauty. As well expect
to gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles.!
Continual suffering and premature death, or worsi
still, a hereditary tendency to sin to strong, thai
it Is alinobt irresisttbletbese are the birth-right
of thousands of poor unfortunate children bronchi
Into tho world every year, only to burden it, 3
curse it.
This whole question of marrisgo is treated to
lightly. The most important day, theTmost sol
emn day, the diy most heavily freighted witi
earthly and eternal destiny, is the wedding di
"For better or for worse, till death do us part 17
Search our language through and you cannot fird
ten more solemn, deep-meaning words. "Ear
la oarth, dust to dost ! " are cheerful, restful, con
partd with them. For. at thegrnve, if the lt'e
was a constant pain, it is ended so far a earth ts
concerned. At the marrisgo altar, if it is "fir
worse," the life-long pain nas just begun. Ami
yet how rccklcsiJy and thoughtlesHly young pcopK
and older reonlo who should know hfttr. meh it.
to marriago 1
i no marriages oi tue latter day can beputm'o
fire classes: 1. The icnorant and the lhonpbiiva.
2. The selfish and the sordid: 3. The vain and lib
ambitious; 4. llielustfatandthebase; 5. Thetruit
marriages, where love is tho "strait-gait," and the
"narrow wayM which leads to wedded joy. Stand
at themarnaee altar, let there bo snvatfifrmnffv
than love, you sin against God, your own soul and
your own pence; um most oi nil yon sin against
the soul and the peace of tbe one who stands by
vour side, ,
A few hints in regard to marriages. 1. Never
marry Irat for love but see that yon lovo only that
which is worthy. It is said that love is blind, and
me large numoeroi taiso marriages would ueem
to justify the assertion. Lovo can lo controlled.
Never fhould there bo such keen, clear stoht a a
when making the life choice. 2. ltemeraber that
blood will tell: tliat like becets like. A t nst man.
or son of a fast man, is poor timber out of which
to make a good husband. It U the daughter of a
good mother who makes the best wife. 3. Marry
your equal. Lovo there may bo between nnequals,
but there can be no lasting sympathy or congeni-
uwt v nBKn. "iiuuui l uiwi UiauifU Ilia a
1Tnlilft drSf. 4. Hemrmhor flint vnn Mnnnl lira
on love; you will need Somethlnc more tmho tn-
iiai. ine itauanprooeru is imioi sense: "He
fore vou marrv have where to tarrv." 5.1tonnt
unequally yoked w Uu unbelievers. Let tho young
vanmiau uewnre uuw ue piignts iaiinwitnono
who is living "without God and without hope.
Native Press,
tt'rom ib i JtiKttit i'ai AUif, Fib. 1", lva.
The coronation is now accomDlihed. and if this
new ceremony shall become a means of uniting the
minds or the nation then it will have been of
It is beyond controversy that since this cabinet
has been in tho highest seats of our government to
the present time there has been no general feeling
of agreement among the people approving of them
as fit for their offices. Therefore in order to smooth
down and pacify the ngitatcd mind of tbe people,
in the name of tho nation we pray that they ('the
ministers) may bo put out without delay, bo that
this new ceremony may have its proper effect, and
that tho numerous petitions from one end of the
land to the other may le answered.
Let it please the King lo take this prayer into
serious consideration, and let him choose persons
who ore trusted nt home and respected abroad. It
is nseless for ns to repeat here the reasons for this
petition, because the whole land throughout its
length and breadth is well acquainted with the
causes of complaint of the nation.
Tbe Government cannot cleanse its skirts by
merely patching np the rents in this cabinet, ft
seems to us well nigh an impossibility, and so
doubtless it seems to the toanywite and thought
ful ones, to patch np this old garment with new
cloth. Therefore to answer our petition let the old
cauiuci oe removeu an a wnoie.
One of the great difficulties withournoliticaat
tho present time of enlightenment, is the lack of
two distinct political parties, as Is the case with
the governments of England, France, the United
Stated and others.
If we wero to distinguish and suitably name the
two parties existing here, they might bo termed
as follows: tho bread-and-butter (huopihmeaai)
party, and the independent (kuokoal party.
Washington's Birthday Entertainment.
The Sid of February, to-morrow, Thursday, Is
tbe anniversary of the birthday of him, who wis
" first In war. hrst In rwace and first in th lana
of his countrymen, The patriot io Amcricm I
ladies of the Congregational Church on Fort street '
desiring to appropriately notice this anniversary
birthday of America's first President, Georcs
asuingion, nave uecueu to giro one or tueir er
joyablo socials at the church, on tho evening of '
the 22d, and will present tbe following programme 1
Solo and Chorus. ' lied White and IHue, Solo br ,
W. W. Hall; Piano duett. Messrs. J. F. Ilrown ant
C. Scarborough! Address, Pastor J. A. Cmzan; flat
tie Hymn of the lie public, Solo, Mrs. J.E.Han
ford: Solo, Lovely Spring, Miss Sara Kind
Heading, "The Soldiers Iteprieve. Mrs. I- 1.
Adams; &olo, " Viva 1 America,1 Mrs. J. E. Har
ford; Reading. " The Execution or olonet Isaas
Hayne,Mrs. Wra. Hopper; Solo and Chorus. "The
Star Spangled lUnner, ' Solo by Mrs. J, A. Cruzai;
full chorus, " America,' Tho public are invitee.
4fr- $iktfistmtnts,
Ujr Jdi'trfixcmtnts
Champagne Cider Manufactory,
llTITlltl KTMVCT I?V--T T-T -
Tbi llf alib Invljrnrattaa Iterr r la for tale at alt tke
Lead mi aioees In tbe City
Order" fmaj thr Oth rr It-lands Promptly AtUnltlto.
Notice of Incorporation.
Xv tbatai a inrvtinshebt la Itoaolala. on tbe 3Kb
day of Febrnarr l&ft, of mbwrnhcr lo the stock e! tbe
lnter-Iland Meant Navigation Cempaay, (II ml t el ) It
vil voted t secept a charter of Incorporation rrjilei
to them ami their aM oclat?, by the Mi&Wter orttt In
lerlftT, by and with the ctnent ef the King. In Wry
Council, abler tbe eerporatr name and style of th In-
irr-iatasa atejm AaxiratHMi votnpany, on the Tab day
of February. ISO. and that ibe corporation naderUM
charter thereap.iB nrsanlaedliself aad elected tbe Jol-
T n-FOSTEn-Preildent,
W. It. CiODKRKY. lce-PreiIdf ii,
J ENA.Jb.. SecTrtary,
U N.WILCOX. Auditor.
Nonet, i Urxitn clrn that, partaatttotketenaiof
aid charter, no ttocVtoWer vhall lodivldnaUy be tldtle
for the debt of th' corporation, beyond the am mat
which hs!1 be dae Bpon the thtrc or ehares btl or
nwnni cy Dioisrir 4. ecreUry.
I f 1
IS SOW PREr.vr.KD TO attexd to
All Kinds of Mason Work.
Setting Eangcs, Bakers' Ovens and
all kinds Cooking Apparatus.
CniMNEYS, rOCSD.VTIO.S, Xx.. iiiilt
OrScn tlinld M ldrft4 1.
W Cire Oct.
Co-Partnership Xotlcc.
vwur, rom ri aeaa. iiaaiuaave ronned a
v pmnnerDip io rarry o a rwca nrm si noBoSobaa,
Jfljih Kara. Hawaii, nBder the Ira name of OKEEN
VELLCURX. IIcBefceaB. N. Ksea. Hawaii. Jib, as. 'So. OH
General MrrcaBtUr? A Conintton A pent.
VAS'42?,!Vm TreijMtt tad Xtaarer
wwiiM,.iiuis, irrsCTrr ana Jecrrury
Bew.CnAS. ItBlSnOP. IIov II a. r CARTER.
. fmy
As we are Making a Change in our
Business, we Request
Te SHtlf thf Smf Within Thlrtj
Hay from Datf.
u . , . v .vT- FOSTER i Co.
lVorderof ihe AdmlaUtratorof tbe Etat- of PE
TEkO WAHAKANE. Uteof Uilo. Haaii, the BndeT-
4U mil Vil m i none .'ibcuoq.
At 10 ;
. ra. in Hilo. nt Sales
The Personal Effects
Harrowi, iin, plekaxea, YoLe, Train Cbalni.
Ux Bowi, Med. Male Collar. Moew. Cronblt,
awa,(.an Knlre, Pack Saddle. SCaooen,CKKk.
Mlvcr Watch. AI ftboat 1 Acre of Urowlnj Taro
Tables, UeiMeaiN, CliPsts, A.c.
Korfnrl&prn4rttr.lar.. imliliiW An.tln rtltln.
JUminlrtntor. Hoaolnla, or tbe nndmlpietl, at 111).,
mil sWmxAoT
me ravonwasirrtcaa cara
kl). C. MURRAY,
Will have QuickDispatch for the abovePort
riri;ai or paiie, apply to
F. A. bCIIAEFER Jt CO.. Asrut.
Tbe AI .Vajrrlcan Brlzantlne
Willhave Quick Dispatch for the above Port
v. . ,
vi l.rtxcIIJ io
,'i .M O. IRWIN Jt CoAffnli
J. D. Spreckels,
WUl have quick dispatch for the above port.
9 VM O. 1HWIX A CO. Areata
-.jv The rtne Ainirlrau
ffiSScliooiioi -tVIVIVvV.
Will have Quick Dispatch for above Fort
For Freight or rwj:., rp)r to
9H Vt O. IRW1X i CO. Acrata.
Estate of Oliixnsr ypa.
lunkmpt, I .ill Sell it mbllc Ajctlo.
AtlOa.m at Sales Itontu.
lWIonIn to taltl EeUtr AUo Yalnabh
GOLD Jewelry
E r ADAM" Am Him. .
tTmler fareelnnr Af tnftrtt . h, ilin ctlitn ..f U
C9-e dated Slarch 10th. lfc!. wade by Ahnna and Ataoa
lo eald Woujt Leong A Co- recorded In tbe KeUlry of
Pretli. Jlenolnlo, In Hon Tt, pj;-c tti, ji and 3t I
will veil at rablic Anrllon.
On Satiu-day, March 10
At 15 o'clock noon, ftw) ialca Hik i.
All tbe Uljcht, Title and InNreet of ald .Uana aad
Ahana In and (o the tVHowtn?
Ckjrisifirnees' Notice.
J ntnr rea4y to dlcaarcr ra rjro- CBlBee1l
plfe call at tbe Ore ef th sad-r5ed. tKj frrlraX
BcdircetTt f dera.
N Si.
Aret ShtrrAberaasa."
Premises .
- -AM)- -
lit- Leaie of J Kupao to Akana and Ahuna. March
Land at Kaluanui, Kcolauloa,Oahu
belot; Apina 1. Roral Pat.Bt No (77
Knleana Hela SlCt
ftt -Leae of J Kb pan t Ahana and Ahtiaa Pec Sift.
i i,or .VI.1.-111AT
Land at Kiiluaimi. Koolauloa, Oaltu,
belo Aiam S. ltoyal Patent Xo. 477
Knleana llelabliL
SJ-Lea or K Miknlo to Akana, Feb 2lih. of all
the rbare,rlsht, title ami Interett of S Maknln of.la
and to tbe Aaopaaa of Kalooanl, Koolaaloa, OahB.
lh Leaie of Kartamair ah4 to Ahnna. Oct. ISth. 11. of
all the Land e-f hapimawaho at Kalntnot, KooUnlna,
Oaha, recorded la KecVtry f Deed, llmiftfalo. la
HookTS, ft;n 2 and
Mb Leart of J N'aene, Malta nd S Kanilohe tn Ahnna
dtnl An?. 31. tSSI, of all that land Mtnatr at Kalaanni.
rvoonuioa, ukito. rnniaininc aooai . l aere' rreoraa
la ru-?1try of Decdi la Hook ti. ptri 3 ted TX
tth There will be sold at ic oame tlm and place
Worklue Oxen, lloren, .ric nllnrnl Imple
ment, HouvpM. liar lllce A raiMj.
B.Pnr fiirifiM Mnlntlin unntw n
WTmlns, Kaq.. Altornev for murtjratcex. or
1. AI) tttt, A ut l r.
MHsical InstniBirnt Maker!
9 ma
WsUM0.lr-pmfe.Nt l.fono I ptroo. tird ifce
t.VtbltaeU ot the lUwii.. Klsedoo. tbKltnre.p.ra
to tuaeroM rrqints. d . runun ol Beta
wort if he e do.
II. 1U Kctcnulnrd to KrcoiijiiitnrrlUtHl
bJ IVrll-anown !nlnr
..4 . litcl. bu ahaerto Afforded ro rasfh .all.
fiction tohIMtroat. Iltll.aderUlet.
.hkb B.T.. f or tke ltt mr, tn Vited bj
Frofened bat L'aeutlTnl TflBtre . .d
Motlc tB.ll osec wore not u&efl Ib tft. ttosie. (
HOB.ls!f,---B!tc "P tbe Portor. No "1 III. bouo l.
"TwTo Ouro.lVo Pay."
Ml la
la titier English or Hawaiian; i
Load Bed Cert fiocorde eeBrtBrd for Title, trt Lend or
W Order. Utt 1U r. T-CTarra. M aid Jlet
tl.t .ftrm, .III mtj-e proem anmiloa, Kl Bt
,jfcr gimfistmtfs.
Fireworks ! J Fireiorkt!
Tho undersigned desires to Inform the public that
ho has been appoint?.
For T. 33. Wooster dts Co.'s.
Manufacture of Fireworks
""b . AJt-
-iVt Scxn Franclsoo,
lo recira ORDERS f.w but 0
to filled at tho LOWEST
A ad -.ill b (dowa to recira OIIDEK5 far bb, JwCTrU.i at Um hm .bk. vrtt
Partlf. dfIrlni mill iortmf ntn for jprrbl tnvlix t nler a StO fu. Mil lti,
9t0 I!o, and M on, nMrh nlll 1 proapllj farwanle.
SKY ROCKETS, ,lb ,1b, U!x. 3U, lib, Tltl COLOnED aVNDLES, UutUac tan, vbic
HEMKJL.IS, all aura ; plain or red, nhites blat . jirU. tn Um air b red. Uai aad U
ship Liairrs ai rockets, floweb lvra. twanoi-s wirExui.
floatine baJloon wllh colored ltottn. FLOtLVL TOilll SHELLS, nn .I-rtie tard.
JiOM AN CANDLES, all aim : BATTEUt LS. tag al an Oration .f SI! fr.t-
Mottoes, Letters ami Local Designs Manufctnred lo l)n!er.
als o
Bomb Shells from 4 to 12 inches in diameter, with
Mortars for firing the same.
iSpectil Orders or DedKna will tw filled from th. Factorr br Saluiiij' YrntU
First Invoice 2Dxx 3VEtJi"clt 1st
E. P. AJDA.MS, Vtrent.
Hunulttlo, FcbroArT 1M, 13 " 9t3 m
Hns Recolved per "Australia," a Beautiful Lot of
Plushes, Silks, Satins, Moires,
Surahs, Laces, and Trimmings,
Especially Imported
Will WI2 IKXK1 I'lUS II IV !
A.. M. MELLIS', No. lOL Poi't Stxeet.
We Have Just Received Per Aberaman,
From ESn.sln.ia.cl.
Pianos, Organs, Guitars,
Harmonium., Flute nfes, Accordtonf, Harmonica. Drnma. dtc
OltO.VSS FOI! THE 1 AIILOU-Eter, Kind of HuuUl Mowial !araM atmi. a. ).
OI1QANS 1-011 TUB CHAl'EL Tin Uit Mtt of M H.uM..rtn.
From Boston,
An Immense Slock Wisiirsfc IliMlriiom FHrnitiire
Ag ents for the 'Superior' Stove
I. ..,,!.
mTBrJTJI.Ci) f
O JuRMtD V 1 L l'Vlti NEK-'-Utl' I MH.i: TIIK VtRW t
Sip nod: Jno. A. Palmer, Elmor H. Thachor.
HONOI l I.I 11 I UM m . u -
Ilie aliove Firm will open for Business, AIMll'T FED. 1st,
At No. 113 Port St.. Near Hotel St.
With. JS. TPxiXL TLtlxxo ol
Patent JVJeclicmes,
Toilet Articles & Fancy Goods
They will also Manufacture
Telephone isro.
M rt
To Planters & Investors. '
1 Trr rtDfltrtifr In VntT.c rtatttlai. i .
ooch knowIM- of Tropical Acrksltarr, talodlM
IUcc, will bf rlad to mt wtta nra one aboatu iaint
nr arttlnl lo bad ivltaalc tn tfer cral "f ttk rf iV
ahnrr prrxlticia. Will Intc-t capital inatovpaar r '
nn flrhl maiurmit.
I'or f&rtLfi' tnft matltrti. 9tn.tr lo ihr atnnYr OF
f.lh, lf53 tbe taHflwIite Wlr'Ti w rlrrtH tm fbr nt
SCAtLO. . iTMMrtt
HOX S !! CA"TtE Trafi
411ATHEHTO.N. . -5itar
CM COOKE . .. Atfrtv
J. B ATnEIETO"5, t R (.
llw..tela. rebnu u? th. jq. HI Im
Id the Proprietors of Sugar Mills.
-A ARTIAs.tB.lmlrBe4UpeeM(u Cn
tract tot balWax Ut Air farucn .HV gmt
pstdit aerordlBc vt th. ntt Jdemrtie prttfU.
.BkJ.Vara,tli.3(esa,,dirrct frettlh. SMprferest
Ibx more Steaet th.. . It la 4rte4. effwnBW Vn
ratnBtohjrcte.rlz- tB. Mrlar.t ral aa4 Laker
E- OAKLET, ni Hmm Itw
1 T aotata jMbllc aad ikon mldeat n f. oWr
Ulaode. IBJt . will cosilaM ta Vaelar.. 1 t&.
xrmorr msTity a.oavcAxrr,
at tbe M staai. ft&4 traft by . ttrtct atttl b Ut.
waau of on earteeaere to Merit a fair .bare of tMtrw
are. St win V er alat token oa baad a' airtlsv.
a fa!) toex ol all llirf. it nil)
n. a. ntjwj.
tt it BsicrcAgritii.iiT
Pf 8
bee. dar ar?oat laeeatorof lb Eitataofai
J KOtE, deceaml. aad raarCUa a bl laiBe bl
dres. all oerfoai karros clalmt aalart eald ..t.u
areberebraoUd.dtotjrattblaM wttboot delay
afd wltbt. fir SKmlb. r.r tb dat. bmrf or tber
.111 Ve forerer bamd. lad alt ptntu IbdVHH u
Hi, e.tet. i. Ku.e wmw.
e. X. rclMttTK
fixator oj tV Vin at X 1. Rw. tmttU.
!!WB la. rtbraatr tt, trt. .M tav
Holllstcr efc Co-,
.aaa.ot aad Lmi tmt A Sfrjrbaat eC
w r 1 n arnvtywi , t
Celifwr-klnti mi
IVrawB CbITSUhb.
jfljJftrw-at Cnw Ma
BTtaipw. ,1,, Hi iitlwTT?..-
Terms .T
K. r. AbA.i.iiarw.
Ati i iniwir abac's
Harness S&o$r
TiwrTtaHrav., w,
- - TBSf -
Saddles, '.
RWetrn. f Xr. T. IJ. tiat.-lwm. V,
ON M0XDAY, Jeu 3tk,
Ti:iTttt:n nn: rAiTtrv nc
X O. AaeaU e tbe KrWA Vr iMttSX.tr
will b Tr.jtwb Uf aar -wanaaM by la.
IDS iaTOt.SbJj-JtbertarM.'
Marblctop Centre Table. Le'isf.
CLASS, and
1 Home. Boj-xy 8ai' m "
Valuable Books.
Horses & Carriages.
Wednesday. February 2S
HH L mm ...... ,,. ,
B, Q.tial.Btiti..Wta,w C.IIwawiiw
"BESSIE" and "HtTTIC.'
tie- INK fJHlMhW.b
Saddle Horse Naam.
t 2-Soatcd Carriajce,
I Ptweton.
Sots Singta Hamro,
On "Wednesday. Mar. 7,
IT Hl UKMUiM F. OS Jl Dl x
large Handsome Mirror.
- "ami,
.rax-rl rvm. Bt,
Variety of Fine Plated Ware-
w V nt vi
Walnut and Xoa iedstaswk
Hair MattrnNt,
Sprirtfi MattresM.
Walnut Bur.au,
Tablo LIrrv,
Bted Umn,
Toilet riarrtttwr.
Mirrors, Vaavhatamf.
Commotfc, Irort TaM.
Veranda Chairs.
Common Smnmm Mhmlm
Chinese Flower Pom ar i
1 Union fesXaiis.lMttfc$ft;
Will Leat. CO.rSaira (m.M-b
. 3-JSf ft SHi am tihr
W-IJf wf JWrfe.
mm ix ns.

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