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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, March 07, 1883, Image 3

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City of New Tor
Crty of bydaey
City of New Tort
c1 y of rjydaey
City of New York
Haw Acrieounral Co
MakeesBcar Co
Uatmanalo bvgu Co
llonokaa MigarCo
The Koloa near Co
Ookal baar Co
Uaihee Sncar i n
lactftcbnsar Mill
Kilaoea hugarCo
IIHea hogar Co
rov lUnch Co
WalanaeCo w
Inion Mill Co
Olowaln Co
Star 31111 Co
Chyofew York JaatS Voetralia iufl
Zealtbdls - Febll Cltyrew lork Feb 18
VUTthjAoy VlarraU Zealandla Vartfals
April Cily of PydacT
iy Antirini
J and City of Newport JaneKl
ijs eaiaaaia 4WJS
jBlyCltfPydn7 Anfffc
An C Aa tralfn htptl
HeptStCiry eptS0
Oct Zenlatidia Oct
t W t ita of hydaey Not S5
Deel Aottralia Dm S3
nr7nTtheweekrMCf7T 1
B Uld to bfl cothror tfc J hit ahown tome ilni
- uhnrTdtLe OTeaert nuulllTilMlm rn
it in which islea ol riU wwt Of the year aa
euauUty iasntBii 7 1b til line of trade srclrea
41 opera Jobs her time of the year
tut apell oLT projrreaiincwell oowerer tk
bo1ne rood wetbr enabling the forwardlai of
la ahtpfi thatllae
kg Trrritnt and commercial circlet twiineat haa
In winnli uitv iui auriiaia iuhhieu nvt veins uwuj
nOway 01 eoaaUtlnr chiefly of whaler wbocar talns
-attire I
Atr to be noticeable In commercial rirclea
he arrlraladorine tbe Nk tMibt at the vlilm
I y a ca nsaaerer aiary noun anotner wnaier anp
ga uJd to be tbe Loot li now reported otalde tbe bk
MtiAr fmm Navwrasil with axta anal Pa Knot vrlth
1 amber from llambcMt
The deaanorei eooatit of tbc D C M array EarvlAT
D tfp retkela and J D Ford with domestic prod sett for
San Fruclaco Kevere la ballut and the abater1 Orra
i- Arrived
ab Si Am Meant Whaler Orica trnlac
Mir 2 Am Whaler asdercr McLane New Bedford
Am Schr Panonia Ilieeiit 11 ombaML
Am Whaler JUryA haaaa Barber ernlee
S Brbk Jabilee Dow ShewcaaUe IS b W
Ff b Am bV D C 3Iomy Jtuk ban Francisco
Am one tamta Kerry du rrancieco
Am btir J D hnreekela Frlea Han Pranrlo
Am Mil J I Ford Lc Ballltier an Franciaco
Am whaler Orca Conltea rralc
2 Am whaler 3Lary t batas Karker Arctic
VetaeU In Port
II B M b ilotinc darda
L M Lackawana Wllaoo
V H 8 WactoMtt 1 canon
Am whaler Waaderer JULaue
m achr I anonU llisslat
Or bk Jabilee Dow
Am be yornlnp Star liny
Am qjp uope ircpainn
Ijct bk UermaaB Haneen in dittreti
Am tera Dakota U eotd
Urlt ah Aberamaa Lbapmaa
Am hip Oettyibarc TtteobaM
An bk Emerald Gaiter
Am bk Foreat Queen
Am beta CoBineio Howard
romcrniK per whaler Orca March 1 oftlallaoil
From Itewcaatlc X 8 W per Jubilee March
ton di tun
From Uamboldt per lanonia JUarcb S Full load of
For ban Franciaco per J Ford UarcL l 1JW
pkc rice 7403 pkgi enjtar domeauc value suu
1 or FortlaBd Oregon ptr LHock March 1 SW FC
molattet domeitlc raloe 1 lift
For San FrancUco per J T Sprocket March 1
pkga iOr domcatic value ji 5a v
For San Francisco per Eureka irbniary
pkfTtcazr domeatic valne MSSSS
For Saa Franciaco per D C Murray February a
4 Ml pkp atifar SUbujkrariceSlpka molaaiet bc
coffee dorceatlcTBlae W2S30
From Windward Torta per UkeliLe March 4 IIou i
-v GWUderMra WMUt Martin h guencer II W bci
cranre W It Seat C IS Arnold V D Jialdwin c 1- Eat
F Itrmoldt JOllwon A I- CooWe HMorriaon
J u Gay J Met aire P Uutlr J Hind J w Thompson
J Ollmore Cummlng A F Dickson It T I oik
lorKanai per Makee March oI It Wain right
apt Oiant
FromLahalna per Nettle Men ll March -J Anld
C Bnchanaa
ItlCkAKD Ai llonokaa Hawaii Feb J9d from re
mlttant fever Nor Emma Euza yonnireet dauchter
of Klchard T and fcy Keahunai lUtkard Aged 2 m
Stock QnoUtloua for March 1882
rirMii bt WiluamO Simi
fclotk Broker No SH Merchant Mreet IIouoIdIq
naikn bu ar Co
Kobala fcojar Co
The rrtn erille I lant o
nallnkn bnarCo
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Nttr UU
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lili 9IU
9Ji iau
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1 iou muf
3U0 1J
leu KM
Fast Maal TUnUtion Co 2h
laomca bntarC nvu m 10
Tankaa bncar Co 1 Wt iu 10
reciprocity Snrar Co Rli 1 J
ItonoBlalron WkaCo 2txt jn
KaholBl Itallroad Co I- JQ
Haw Hell Tetph Co I1 10
HawTelrpCo Maul A 5
Kauai Telephone Co
C Brewer JE Co men tile 5 l UN
Inter Itlaodb V Co 3mm m au IS
Eaft Maal Mock Ca inch lo tu
Hawaiian Uovernmcnt
li per cent Bond- 5 Jloouundiug lar
t Jar
49kUontstanillnc lar
free fin Oor tax 1IW Under Act IV
iBomeaSnj Co liMKUlprcl frcefmOT lrf
Haw rlcultnral Co 3nuw prct ficcfmOT ParJi
Mortuary Report for Tehraary
Drom Capt J U Brown agent of the Hoard of
Health the mortuary record for Ihs month iiast
has been received and is herewith ptestnted lhis
report shons that the total deaths for tbo month
of xebruary exceed in number by two the deaths
reported in January and also suos again that
one seventh of tbo total number died fmm nn
known causes i ever and consumption claim the
largest number of victims and aside from the out
sido districts U ard 3 had the largest number of
deaths 1 olio ing is the report
SairS -E
gtCi ttf Dtrth
s js
1 rndeir 1 I 1 T
C 3to Will S
10tO JOi 2 2 4 4
it SOto aVl 1 1
I JO to 40 6i 1 4 8
1 oto win I 2 6
MbjW T 5 11 I
alto 70 5 W
l urer toi n b j
J ttjajj M j l l 2U 18
4 Atiumi 4
lAneoricm l
C ancer 0
1 Convalalont 2
2 Dropsy
5 DTMaitery S
4 Dis ae brain 1
5 DeWlHy b
r uaaauon i
Fever 6
Uemerhaffr i
Indigestion 1
CotnpuroUt JfoMtAf XoritWg joid Age 4
vv jal A
rebiaary 18 deaths Rneomaiim I
rebraary imi death i nknown
February ltl deathi JMoknce 1
Febrnary deatht
February 1883 death 4 a
Dtath nardtfor JfawU
1 4 6 71 W V1011 1713
Total deaths ouuide city limit I
Joa II Cbowx Acent Board of Health
The Bvtn Atletrtttft of February Jud gives tbe
following information
In connection with the discuasiou relative to
the policy of retaining tbe reciprocity treaty it
may be stated that serious proposals nave been
made to our government within a few months
looking to the acquisition of the ialanda as part of
our national domain The intimation that this
could be accomplished comes from soupjes which
leave no doubt that should the government express
such a desire no difficulty would be experienced
from the islanders The matter has tcen serious
ly considered but given up England France aitd
tne Lnited Mites guaranteed the independence of
Hawaii nearly forty years ago Any attempt at
acquisition would be met by a vigorous remon
trance from those powers The quiet considera
tion of this matter has caused the delay by tbe
F Mouse Committee in acting upon tbe treaty
l In view of recent annexation paragraphs which
have appeared in the Ministerial organ here tbe
tacft Cow wr M Adr r it would seem as if
the present Ministry were not ana ware of what was
going on Can it be possible that the patriotic
Fremier has been forwarding intimations that
annexation would meet with no difficulty from
the Wanders That tbe present course of Hawaii
an affairs is leading us directly to annexation can
not be dented by any one who carefully thinks ov
er our little problem but it were better for the
rrcmier that a millstone were alwut his neck and
he cast into the sea than that anything on his
pert should lead to such a result The fate of
Strafford who first served tbe people end then be
came soWtTient to the King hhoold be before his
eyes Aiose who play fast and loose with the an
gry see of popular feeling are always overwhelmed
by it
Life Insurance Companies
Life insurance companies are wont in advertis
ing themselves to tbe world and many find a field
hre for making themselves known Fraternal
Insurance organizations too are seeking their way
into the Iacinc last amongst which u the Knigbu
of Pythias Endowment ltank Nxtion NOJS
iniitituted n thu city by D S C David Dayton on
th Hth of frebruary last with the following
oSlotr Geo Williams 1rea John Cook ice
lresr Henry Smith bet and lira J ALalanet
Chap 1L it Webb Guide J D UoltGuajM and
1 Mclnemy sentinel Although a part of the
order of Knight of Pythias the Iank has its
own ritual and laws for its government subordi
nateonly to the bapreme Lodge of the World ell
those who are Knights in good standing are
privileged to telect one two or three claasee
f 1000 lieing the most a member can insure for
Bemg a fraternal organization with no stock
holders and no one to be ennched thereby there
is little danger of an attempt to defraud the family
of a deceased member To show the good the
fraternal insurance organizations are doing a few
figures may not be inappropriate From the time
of their organization up to the 1st of November
last the total amounts paid In the I niled Mates to
beneflaaries of deceased members of the different
societies are as fallows
Katgbta of Honor J2M 21
AacicBt Order I sited Votkme tHuUuoc
KyalArcaaam 180241 n
American Legion of Honor 14fiU3 SJ
Kaifhta of Fythlas 1V9QS
HV m the shade on batarda j at 3 p to Wind
IiRht Mctherlj
Onof llr ForneanVi lateat sketches in oil is
on exhibf tion at J M Oat Jr on Merchant 5L
The Laclvmn 1 eelett and itie were
Tinted by members ol th Ministrjon the morning
Dodd la eommencinc to get hi watering carts in
order for the coming wason Hope he will be lib
erally patronized
TfaeT MGA buldingon Hotel street haa
been pUmered inside and wiudowa are now bein
placed in position
The auction sales of Mr Adams hare been rery
vCl attended during the pat week noticeably so
that of tbe book sale of J CGladelx
Tbe Jelvfi took a number of lepers gathered
together from different places cai thi Ialand to
the settlement on Mololtai on the 3d ineL
The mortuary record as at present keU by Capt
Brown is stated to be a self in posed task no emul
omect being received for the service rendered
The regular monthly meeting of the Teachers
Association will be held next Friday at 2 IS 1 M
at tbe Fort r treet school honse A class exercise
will be given
Drivers of express carnages are all ordered to
wear ineir Dauges on we oquuuo ui uivii twi
Any infniicement of the rule isapttocaosetbo
loss of lictnse
A qnarturly meeting of the Board of Trustees of
the Queer licwnitai will be held at the rooms of
tbe dumber of Commerce at 11 A M to morrow
rhnrsday t
AnoUicT bnilding on J noann street below I T
Lcnchan A Oxs is being remodelled for a Cluces
restaurant making three of that nationality alone
withio one block
Th i Attornev General is now in the toils of the
calm and peaceful buepherd baxnt of Lanai and
is being led like a lamb to tbe slaughter of his
professional reputation
KttVfrnTflimIiImrN on the Eua side of Fort street
below Merchant street have been moved back on a
line with Messrs ilder A Ccs bnilding thus
giving a pxxl sidewalk
Pnnmu Titnrikalani held the tunal monthlv re
ception at her residence on the afternoon of tbe
laiinei inenana was la aiMnuduev uw i t
formed some choice EelocUons
The inter island race between tbe schooners
itltf Merrill and Ilalmlxila resulted in a vick rj
for the ttut It is now in order to haul the IMe
futi op on the Manni Railway
V new steam whistle has been added to the Ho
nolulu Planing Mills by Mr Geo Lucas the
pnetorand now announces in load and shrill notes
the boors of 7 12 1 and 5 oclock
Fulice Justice tticktrton entertained a large au
dience of curious ones on the 2nd lust tbe com
of Kawamni ra Farke Itex r Oneve and Lex r
Anld attracting considerable attention
The bapreme Court decision Queen Dowager
Emma vs C 1L Judd ct aL of the Crown Land
oommlfisioncrs was tneu oy tne uon uuge iic
Cnlly and not before the full bench M printed
ho wai the Minister last Friday who took too
much mn on board and as he was beinc taken
home said in a voice chocked with sobs 1 am a
tool Can it be that there is truth in the story
The lunbon prepnratorT school on tne Arm
strong premut a at the head of Kichaxd street
jiresentsa neat and orderly appearance both in
aide and out and reflects credit on the manage
The lUjir is now entirely reared and is rigged
as a barque instead of a ship as formerly bbe is
at present in mid Blreani but will shortly sail for
Pnget bound in ballast Cat t lenhallow in com
1 he guns of tbe C b b II wUmmH were brought
into use on the morning of the Gth inttt being en
gaged ia target practice bbell and solid thol
were ned and the marksmanship from a shore
new seemed to be fan
lhenbiM built br Mr boreusou for His Ma
joety the King and which for beauty and speed is
superior to anything of her size in this harbor Is
to be used as a nee drogher between this port and
wa l o w uat base nses Ac
The Hawaiian Guard Co A one of the volunteer
cortM of this city has found that the boast of heral
drd the pomp of power alike await the inevitable
hour and the name has been quietly withdrawn
from the list of existing corps es
1 lie anrtiun tule of all the household furniture
in the residence of Mr J C Glade on Judd street
takes place at 10 a at- to day under the auspices
of Mr Adams Dodd s omnibuses will afford a
means of transit to intending i urchascrs
II ILM b rifttM dnuralLons is now la
pected from the south bhe is reported to have
skilled cricketers and lawn tennis plajers crack
shots and good nders uuong her officers so that
her amvalwil be a boon to the fair sex
The Coronation Lottery was partly drawn on
the evening of the 5d insL but an informality
being disctnered by Mr Eckart before the com
pletion of the drawing he declared it void and
anomer urawing wui iaae place on me i w insu
A new street in in progress of construction to
open out tne property to wnicu access was nau oy
means of Fords Lane mitt umka of the first
bridge 1 his is an improvement long required as
a icansof entrance and exit to dwellers in that
Monsieur de Lnuvicrcs becrctarv to the Irencli
LSffation in this lungdoni expects to leave by the
next bie inier lor oyuney mi wue accompanies
him and it is with regret that Honolulu nocicty will
bid adieu to so polished a gentleman and so charm
ing lady
In this isbue e again publi diour block He
port its nonapiKaranoe for some time back being
caused I y the absence of the compiler Mr W O
bcuith this rt port will be as accurate as possible
and is intended to furnish reliable inforniation
relating to the movements in plantation and other
The Utrqae JiMtt armed in port on thet th
tnsL from Newcastle ladt n with coal While
about being docked she collided with the Otttf
ln carrying away the fort royal mast of the
latter vessel and injuring her on headgear
Tbe harbor master is reported as having charge of
the JtAiin at the time
rho poem of the Crowning of the Dread King
by Geo W btewart which originally ar peared in
the colmnns of the tvitHrdatlrti Las been pub
lished in a neat pamphlet of thirty two piges by
Mr Thran and a copy forwarded to this office
TbishttleforAiHV isa becoming companion to
Hawaiian erse previously publnJied by Mr
Thrum both being appropriate presents to friend
itio lohLinaster General H M Whitney Lnq
has examined tbe blanks already prepared for the
local money order system he finds that they aro
large and inconvenient It is his wish to model
our money orders upon those of Great Britain or
the Lnited States e know that those in nse in
the former country are quite small and require
very little clerical work
The Hawaiian Amateur Minstrels gave a it
formance at the Music Hall batnrday evening
which was well attended and was thorough en
loyable fhe matenrsdiplaedmoreconndence
-in tnetriHelToa and their position and in consequence
tne periorroanee went on smootu anu picnsuuiy
Ihe clotting tableaux of tbe afterpiece was well
A finely engraved calendar for 1n3 has been
presented us by Messrs Castle 4 Cooke agents for
the Sew England Mutual Life Insurance Co of
Boston 1 he months are represented by juveniles
twelve in number who pass onward from recep
tion by I ather Time to his final adieu 1 hi cat
endar is engraved by the American Hank Note Co
and is the most artistic specimen of calendar work
that we have received
The old buildings occcupied by Messrs Jloff
schlaeger S Co A i ltichardson A Co and fhos
G lhruni are to give way to the march of im
the occupants Laving moved out the
addings will all be torn down to be replaced by
a substantial and handsome block a prospective
sketch of which by Mr Isaac Moore tbe architect
is now on view in the window of J MOatJr Cos
store in the Gazette building
Prof UitcLoochsIectjre at the Honolulu Lyccnni
on tbe evening of tbe 5th instant was well at
attended by an audience who paid close attention
to the discourse and diagrams presented by the
lecturer in relation to the Carboniferous Period
The next lecture will be on Life in the Later Ge
ological it nods and will be delivered to morrow
evening ThursdsTf at the Lyceum The fifth
and probably the last lecture of the course will be
given on the 10th inst at the same place
W e are in receipt of a copy of the hqtabtr o
ztttr a trtt r ifldned under the auspices of the
able Life Assurance bociety of New ork and for
warded tons by A J Cartwnght Esq the Agent
of the Company in this city The magazine is
quite readable and also p esents one of btraoss
latest gAlopn 1 rom this organ of the company
we learn that the amount of business transacted
during the past year 13M exceeds the largest
busmen ever done by any other company in one
Mr Henry bmith the fourth clerk in the Interior
Department has been appointed to the position of
Deratv Clerk to the bonreme Court rwl K Iryfe
resigned W e congmtuUte Mr bmith on his ad
Tancement and also Mr Barnard the Chief Clerk
on having obtained such an cpngLt trustworthy
pains taking assistant Geo E Smithies advances
to Mr bmith s position in the Interior Department
and Henry w uld is appointed to fill Mr
bmithies place
rho weteranfiHome Vssoaation of Calif or
nia appeals for aid from all American residents on
the Hawaiian Islands towards assisting them in
accumulating a sum sufficient to enable them to
build a home at Napa California for all aged and
indigent soldiers who nerved in the Civil war
babeenptions may be forwarded to 1L W Laine
ommander of the Post of the Grand Army of the
lrfpnblic in this city t oL J S bpalding Kapaa
Kauai U C Williams Esq bpreckelsrule Maui
C Arnold Hilo Hawaii
At the regular meetinr of the Honolulu Library
and Iteadtng Ilomn Asscciation on Trriday evening
last Mr G H Barton was elected becretaryin
place of Mr G W btewart who has recently left
the country Tbe Constitution was amended so as
to provide for quarterly meetings of the bociety
Instead of monthly as heretofore The ITesideut
lce Iresident becretarT and Treasurer were then
added to the Building Committee which now con
sists of nine members viz Mcnsrs A J Cart
wnght A iiartwell A Marques T G Thrum
U 1 K HlrrsSllloleMMcottaL bmith
audG 1L Barton
Nearlv all of the drv roods establishments in
this catv have found occasion to chance their
places of business during the last year and follow
ing in this improvement in interior arrangements
it is noticed that Mr A M Mellis the proprietor
of the well known Honolulu Clothing Emporium
on Fort street has made changes in the interior
arrangements of his establishment which will
greatly add to the comfort of his numerous cus
tomers The store in its entirety has been on the
lower floor thrown into one large room enabling
him to display his stocks of silks satins shawls
dress goods shoes Ac mo e to Advantage A
suitable division for tbe fitting on of gentlemens
clothing has been made and customers are now
enabled to fit themselves at leurcre with desired
clothing The ground floor is entirely occupied
bvMr MelliaforthedisrUTof his goods in Udies
and gentlemens furnishing roo6trimniingset
ete and the Tratilation and light noticable must
be comfort to enstcxers The npper apartments
are occupied by Mrs Mellia in connection with
her dressmatinR and roillinery establishment and
are also light and airy This enlartrment neces
sitated as it was by increased business is a proof
of Mr Mellis enterprise and his constantly in
creases patronage
W dl Collins nha m Hosier while about half
seas over visited the Police station at a late hour
last Monday evening and was Tcry indignant and
iouu toictu ia urn ueaiuiuuDa at um muni at
the native captain on watch to allow a chum of his
who had been locked op liberty In the mean
time Captain Merhtens arrived and a glance showed
him that Collins bore out the description of a per
son wanted foT larceny of a watch A flashy
chain dangling from the rest of Collins suggested
the presence of a watch and Captain Merhtens
proposed to compare timepieces This being done
gave the officer an opportunity to identify tbe
watch by the numbers as the one stolen and al
most before he was fully aware of tbe fact Collins
waabenina tne uarson acnarceoliarcenramucQ
surprised and crestfallen individual
The Schooner Un Srlimamtr Cant Luce arrived
at ILUo on Thursday xcb22dl8 days from ban
Francisco with mulee for llakalan and general
assorUnentbf merchandise for llilo
Monday and Tuesday FebvTGth and7tn was
very rainy da js even for Hilo On Monday be
tween noon and 8 pm five inches fell All the
sugar nulls in and around Uilo are now grinding
and are working Urge quantities of sugar daily
A Celebrated Caa
In connection with the coronation of His Majesty
a series of AAt had been arranged for the even
ing of the 12th olL but the weather nut permitting
the performances did not take place until the th
Ihey were arranged by those in authority and
were brought to the Gtet4 office to be printed
their official character being a passport thit they
were couched in proper language as permission
had been obtained by the person who provided
the manuscript to cue the Itoyal coat-of-arms
After publication it was found that some of the
language wed was thought to be obscene and on a
complaint made by W 1L Castle Esq Mr IU
Gneve one of the propntors of the printing es
tablishment was brought before Jadc Bickerton
on tbe 2nd insL charged with the prtUg of tbe
objectionable matter
a o uanweii r sq appeared as counsel lor
Mr Gneve and to facilitate matters the Plea of
guilty was made with the extenuation that Mr
Gneve was ignorant of the matter contained
air uartweu said tnat tne manusennt in Question
had been plaoed in the hands of the foreman of
uw eeiaojisoiBcoi jir 4imriAiua iuwuuo
bv birth who had no seemed to find anythin of
an objectionable nature in it and it was printed as
ordered Tbe programme after being printed
passed from the control of his client and he had
no hand in the publishing of it He desired His
Honor to pass judgment but to have in view the
extenuating circumsiances su tmeve nemg to
tall v ignorant of the meanings of the objectionable
panied the complamt Judge Bickerton declined to
render laumueni nntu translations oi tne pro
gramme were made to enable him to judge of the
extent of the offence His Honor stated that
although be was acquainted with the Hawantn
language be did not consider himself competent
to decide upon the meaning of the words which
had been pointed out to him as objectionable
Mr Cautle the complainant and prosecutor
Attorney General Ireeton having declined to serve
stated that be bad read the programme of the
htiian as printed and having asked some Ilawau
ana the meaning of certain words that he did not
understand was told their objectionable nature
His knowledge waa obtained from hearsay and
not from actual acquaintance with the words
Judge Bickerton decided that an official trans
lation t huuld be f umihhed him before proceeding
farther and the case was adjourned until last
Monday on which day it was again taken up Mr
Uartwell appearing for Mr Gneve Mr l astle
Second Dai
Mr Hart well for his client withdrew the plea of
guilty which had been ireviouly made and
substituted a plea of not guilty and the follow
ing testimony waa taken
It Gneve The programme shown and entitled
lapa Kuhikuhi o na hula Poni Moi I recog
mz as having been printed at my establishment
1 did not then nor do I now know of my own knowl
edge the meaning of the words and phrases there
in contained I understood that tbr performances
were to take place at the Palace No one connec
ted with my establishment got up or assisted in
getting up the original manuscript Tbe raanu
script was brought to my office by Mr William
Auld and given to my foreman James Auld he
being the working foreman and having charge of
native jobs as be is a Hawaiian and understands
the Uncnace He did not seem to find anvthinc
objectionable in the maunsenpt I was not in at
me time me manuscnt came i naa no corner
Ration with William Auld he transacted his
business with James Auld I was afterwards told
it wti a list of Coronation hulas it waa to be
finished bv the 12th Coronation dar The loval
coat of arms was placed on the work by an order
from the Palace I understood by order of His
Majesty s Chamberlain C II Jodd Ihe first
proof taken did not have the on I
was led to suppose that I was printing this for use
in Coronation ceremonien It was distributed br
other panted I bad nothing to do with that I
wapdr cted to send my bill to Walter Murray Gib
son as the chairman of the Coronation committee
1 did nend it last inursuav ilv foreman has
gone to Maui I hear and lias not reumedjet to
m knowledge 1 had nothing todo with publish
tnj it I did n t circulate a copy of it
rone examined by Mr Castle My foreman
found nothing objectionable to my knowledge
then were no remirks made about it If there
had been anj thing unusual in the contents the
natives whom I employ would have been apt to
remark it Am not in the habit of having the
natore of native manusenpt explained to me
William Auld tebtificd I gava the manuscript
t James Auld after pnntu g first proof I took a
copy and asked termission to put the Itoyal coat of
arms on it Uu Majesty Chamberlain C II
JbdJ gave me permission to do so Obtained the
original manuscript from t is In la masters Did
uothavuau converse with Mr Gneve regarding
prm ing 1 read tbe first proof myself at my
office did not take the copy to the Chamber lam
after the programmes were all struck off they
were sent to the Chambcrbcn s office
A K Hartwell Esq for the defence argued that
his client bad no knowledge whatever of the
meanings contained in the document and thereby
established an absolute defence Whether the
court found that the programme contained obscene
lingu 4ie or not the question was did not Mr
Grieves ignorance of the nature of thejjublica
tion make him innocent What publisher in
the world would have done different from tbe
defendant The clerk of the Honolulu W ater
Works brings the manuscript to the native fore
man of the printing establishment and orders the
Erintmg Ihe foreman causes a proof to be read
y the tarty who brought tbe manusenpt A
change is made tho Ioyal coat of arms is added
by ixrmisKion of His Majesty s Chamberlain C
II J add By special direction the work when
done is f r warded to tbe Chamberlains office and
from then distributed As far as tbe defendant
wan concerned Mr Hartwell considered that he
waa entitled to an acquittal and he hoped the
court would consider that it was important to the
defmdant that he should be vindicated judicially
Mr W It Castle for the Crown said that from
the nature of the circumstances he considered that
Mr Grieve was responsible as proprietor of thees
latlitdimmt at which the d jcument waa pnnted
lucre wna no question but that the defendant
knew that the programmes were being printed the
only qucuon being how far a man carrying on
business u personally responsible for the acts of
bin employees or agtnts He did not charge Mr
Gneve with being cognizant of the obscene matter
contained in the document under adjudication as
htwas satisfied that Mr Gneve did not then nor
does now understand the natire as printed
Mr Hartwell said that the intent must be shown
before the defendant could be found guilty as
cnarcea a creaimany insianccsoccurwuere ter
sons are presumed guilty without tbe intent being
proven but in this case the intent should bo clearly
shown This was a question of how far it is tbe
dot of the propnttor of a pnntrag establishment
unients presented to him in foreign languages for
printing He thought that a cml action in the
case might be sust amed if any one was proved to
be slandered etc but not a criminal action Judge
uanweii asKed leave to me a unci on tne suoject
of latent and present autbonties which his
Honor allowed The case here rested and until
notice is given by the Court
Mr William aula charged with publishing the
document which Mr Gneve was charged with
frinting was also brought before his Honor at the
olice Court on the 2d and pleaded not
guilty V continuance waa had until the Sth inst
on which latter date John Basscl Efq the counsel
for the defendant asked for a farther continuance
until the Hh tnst Xbe request was granted by
Judge Bickerton the prosecution offering no ob
Review of the Session Lain of 1 882
Act 31 i ertihzers to be admitted duty free
Act 32 Amendment to the law regulating the
carrying of passengers and freight in licensed
vimcies tn Honolulu wnereby only tnose areai
lowed to dnve who hold a license under a ren
alty ot not less than five nor more than twenty
five dollars A like penalty upon the owner of
any vehicle dnven by an unlicensed driver
Any one desirous of obtaining a license can
do so by satisfying tbe Marshal or hi Deputy
that he is competent and obtaining a certificate to
that effect Presentation of the certificate and
pavment of one dollar to the Minister of the In
tenor entitles the holder to a license for one year
Any licensed owner or driver who shall violate
any authorized regulation made by the Minister
of the Interior is liable to a fine of not more than
twenty fire dollars
Act 33 is an important ctance in the labor law
It provides that no contract for labor hereafter
to be made shall be penally enforced if mere
than fifteen dollars is given on a contract for oce
year or more than twenty five dollars advance on
a contract for alongerpenodthanoneyear These
restrictions shall not apply to contracts made with
immigrants when large advances are required for
tbe payment of expenses incident to 1 heir intro
Act 34 Whereas new diaeaaes hare been Intro
duced by means of imported stock occaaionuig
much loss to the owners of stock the Minister of
the Interior is authorized and directed to establish
at ail ports of entry quarantine stations for ani
mals and to appoint three Inspectors of Ani
mala for Honolulu and one for each of the other
ports of entry such officers for the purposes of
thut act to possess all powers rights privileges and
immunities of customs and health officers and to
cause the quarantine station to be kept in proper
No animals nor anv food water or eflccts con
nected therewith shall be landed until tbe inspect
ing officer shall have inspected and passed the
same all live animals such as canary birds and
other small animals aa shall be BpeciaJjy exempted
by the inspecting officers shall be subject to be
Juarantined at expense of the owner or consignee
or not less than It days and for such longer period
as shall be deemed necessary by the inspecting
If anv animal l infected witn anv disease or
distemper dangerous to live stock it as well as
all food and effects connected therewith may tn
the discretion of the Minister of the Interior be
Live animals parsing between the different Ial
ands may be quarantined on good cause shown to
tee inepecomz oucer
The Minister of the Interior may by proclama
tion prohibit the introduction of animal from
any infected port or country
Animals fodder fittings or effects landed con
trary to the provisions hereof or removed from
quarantine until discharged shall be forfeited to
the GctTrxnmenU
Any person launs the provision of thu set
or who shall impede or refuse to allow the Inspect
ing officer to perform his doty it liable to impris
onment at hard labor for not over six months or
to a fine of not over five hundred dollars or both
and all such offences may be tred before any Po
lice or District Magistrate
Inspecting officer to receive one dollar per htod
for horses and cattle inspected fifty cents for each
sheep and ten cent for every other animal inspect
ed to uepaiaDy tue owner or consignee naa in
certain eases when the inspeetjoQ shall be espo
eully onerous an additional sum in the discretion
of the Minister of the Interior not to exceed fire
aoiiars a oay
One half of all fines and penalties to be paii to
tbe informer or prosecutor
The Inspecting officer shall receive such compen
sation as tne Jiicister oi tne interior may irons
just He may make sucnnecessairalaburernents
as are required for the execution of this act in
cluding payment tor animais ana property aes
The Minister of the Interior to make such rules
and regulations as shall be necessary for the
efficient carrying into effee of this act
Act Si The Postmaster General with the eon
sent of the Minister of tho Intenor is authorized
to establish a domestic and foreign Postal Money
order system to make rules and fix rates concern
ing same
Act 3C Indemnifies the Min ter of Finance in
the sum of 7777 paid the Heir Presumptive whilst
acting as Kegent
Act 37 lrovidea for more efficient protection
of Female Boarding Schools
Any person intruding without proper authority
upon the premises of any Female Boarding School
may be arrested bv any constable without any
warrant and may be punished before any Police
or Distnct Justice by fine not to exceed -XO or
by imprisonment at hard Labor not to exceed six
months bach offender may also be prosecuted
for any other offence committed on such premises
and also proceeded against civilly for damages
Act2f Lxtenda for six mouths the tune in
which foreign corporations may file the designs
tion required by the act of July 30 1979 Ihis ex
tended tune expired on the 7th of February lSX
Act S3 Amendment of the Postal Law author
izmg the Postmaster General to appoint postmas
ters and with the consent of the Minister of the
Intenor to fix their compensation
No hip arriving at any port where there Is a
rxwt office shall be cermitted to renort make entrr
or break balknnUl mail is deliveredjjprjrhich
the postmaster shall nav such mmfmonT as is
required by rules of the Universal Postal tnion
The Captain must make oath that he has complied
nerewiin before the collector ot customs and up
on failure to comply with the above provision
may do nneu not less man fiuu nor more man
fjA and in default of payment his vessel shall
ibe master or acent of any vessel about to leave
for anv foreicn nort shall ctve dna notice to tha
postmaster oi the day and hour of the intended
departure and shall make oath that such twice
ua uscu kicu u ivm mvufuik ciureoce tapers
Itencals bection IM of the Civil Code
Provides for a system of Legistration upon the
piymeni oi leu cents registration lee
Pofltoffice is not responsible for loss of an inter
bdand registered letter but shall pay 10 for every
registered letter which may be lost when sent in a
foreign mail
Bates of postage ou newspapers pamphlets al
manacs calendars corrected proofs handbillsnag
azincs maps sheet music occasional publications
not lounu posters and other publications not
bound designed primarily for advertising pur
pones or free circulation one cent for each lour
ounces or fraction thereof where such matter is
Bent to or received from any foreign country two
cecti on each two ounces or fraction thereof
Newspapcca published in the Hawaiian Islands
and mailed from the office of publication to sub
scribers free in inter island mails
Ihe Postmaster General with consent of the
King m 1 nvy Council is authorized to adopt aU
the present and any future rules and regulations
of the Universal Postal Lnion
Act 40 1 or the relief of the Board of Geneal
ogy of Hawaiian Chiefs appropnates such soma
as may be required not to exceed ten thousand
dollars to be paid by order of tbo Minister of the
Interior on the requisition of tbe Iresidont of tbe
Board of Genealogy
Act II Any officer authonzed to take acknowl
edgments who shall knowingly incorporate in the
certificate of acknowledgement any false or mis
leading statement as to the facts therein contained
to be punished by fine not to exceed f 100 or by
imprisonment at hard labor not to exceed two
months or both He shall also be liable for civil
act M Ao commercial traveler snail be licensed
to sell coods without first filmir with tbe Minister
of the Intenor a statement of the name line of
trade or manufacture and domicil of the house or
concern which be represents Lpon filing such a
certified statement and payment of fjrtlhe shall
be entitled to a license to sell gopds in Honolulu
for one Tear or upon the payment of f 2TO to sell
in any other part of tbe Kingdom
bach license shall not be nsed for the sale of the
goods of more tban one house or concern and is
not transit raiie
anv nerdon sellinu without a license ahall be
fined j00
Any person making a verified falte statement to
the Minister of the Intenor as herein nroviJed
shall be deemed guilty of perjury and puma ed
Rccoroingiy tu a font nutti
Pastor Craxan s Sunday Sermon
thk lioiix wrrii CinLDBXX u rr
The ideal home does not consist of two persona
uiy io is oioom naa iragrnnce mere are enn
dren They tell us that ch Idren are becoming
unpopular and give facts and figures to prove tbe
assertion that even in Puritan New England the
family is dying out The world needs a reyival of
the family to return to the Bible idea that to be a
devoted wife and self sacrificing mother is tbe
highest position a woman can attain that to be a
true husband and father is the acme of manly
Ihe quantity of children in a home is not of
so much importance as the quality The charac
ter of the children brought into a home depends
largely upon the character of the husband and tbe
wife and upon the home atmospber When
fatherhood and motherhood are turned to a heroic
key then ore heroes born Much of tbe mental
andejintuil as well as the physical character iv
tics of children are duo to inhentance fbere is
eocn a thing as virtue and moral excellence as
well as a strong ibyaiqne being hereditary The
Bible teaches and the world has lone recornized
the fact that ttu sins of tbe father are visited
upon the children unto the third and fourth gene
rations But this law has iu hopeful side the
strength the truthfulness and moral uprightness
of the talhera is also visited upon the children
Like begets like in mind and morals as well as
in body and feature What you would have your
children be yon mast be
Alter tne cniuren nave come into tlio nome
what are the reouiMtes that it ma v be a true home
1 Parental autuonly I here must be government
or anarchy Parental authority should be mild
but firm it must be firm that it may be mild
W asuingtons mother when asked how she trained
her boy into such grand manhood said I taught
him to obey me I here must be right teach
ing 1 caching of some kind there will be 1 arents
sometimes question When should tbe eddcatiou
of my child begin at seven years of age or later
orearlicir Education begins as soon as the child s
ejesoptn upon this world It goes on every instant
of time It goes on like time jon cannot stop it
Bight teaching is most broad and comprehensive
It includes right development of tbe bodyt the
mind and the morals 1 he means are nght pre
cept and nght examrle but the former will be
worse than lost without the latter Josh Billings
well says our child should see in you a con
Siant object lesson 5 In the true home there is
tbe moat exact truthfulness not the words only
but voice air action gesture every putting forth
should Ihi truthful Ihe true larent can use
Christ s language I am the truth not in its
full sense but vet ui a very important sense
lho true home is a house of prayer there are
few memones so powerful in after years as the
memones of the home altar borne of you can
irmti one over ine pain oi oo or w years anu re-
call the ve tones of father he
ry your a voice as
read the Bible and devoutly prayed sometimes he
prayed for you by name and the blessing of God
came upon you as he praj ed and comes upon you
now as you recall tboHo memones on may come
with its defiling and debasing powers but these
sacred memories lir gcr and many a tune the
father s hand though that father has been dead
many years leads tbe wandering boy bavk Like
another 1 rodigal to his lather s house A f am
llv ouchtto be a little Church the father shock
be its pastor conducting its daily worsLip and
leading tbe little band in the way of truth and
uoiy iuai nouso is iAt a true uome woicn uxe
Bethlehem s Inn has no room for Jesus
Tho Sellna
Tue new briR brlmu CdpUin I J Miller Iving
at present at borensou a wharf has been nsiteU
uunna me week try a number ot peopls versed in
tbe points ot marine architecture and has won
praue from comix tent judges for the staunchness
anu coraionaoie appearance nrwceble In toe ves
sel There aro several of the latest appliances hi
rificinc attachments primp etcvbch are well
worthy the attention of shipmasters noticeably
the hanks by which tbe mainsail is fitted to a trav
eller on tbe mas doing away with the ueof
hoops and thus saving the wear and tear of tie
mast Tbe pump are of the LivaT pattern can
be manipnlated by one man and dischary a Urge
amount of water at each stroke Tbe nre rigging
set op with turn screws another ibor saving
ranaement The vessel is 135 ft in length on the
water line St ft beam 13 t depth of hold is SSI
tons and has a displacement of 750 cubic tons
The cabins are ammgnl ta accomodate seven peo
ple comfortably Tbe mainmast of this veswi Isa
beaoUfol stick 35 feet in length the topmast S3
feet additional Tb Srhmi ras built for ber
owners Capt Miller Ci t Douglass and others by
iiatthew Turner of Sanlranciscoandhnncbcd
on tbe 22d of Janaury
bhe U a splendid sea boat and Captain Miller
says that the Spreckcl boats may leave him astern
In a light wind but the Uku can lrown them
out In a blow As a specimen of ber rate it may
besuted that Captain lhayerof tbe French Ko
rean entas certifies that she is one of the best
vessels latelv built on tho Coast and haa lieen
classed bv ns X30X1 for 12 years Captain Mil
ler the commander of the Sehaf will be
oereu in cosncciion wnn me trip oi tee linzont
with laborers from tbe Sooth Seas his wife ae
couipanyinK him on that perilous voyajie from
which tbe vevel returned with over one hundred
laborers for bpreckels plantation onManL At
that time considerable praise was awarded Mrs
Miller for the tune and care she had taken in ad
rancini tbe heathen cargo ia the ways and man
ners of a civilized Chrutain life many of the wo
men being able to become very useful in domestic
semce on their arrival Cantam Miller la inv
discharging the last of the nas cargo and the
ivbti uui buhjiuic vauaiiton iot inspecuon
The Natlva Press
From th Knofcoa 3farch i l-
Aecordnig to previous advertisement an immense
feast waa given last baturdayin thePalaceTard
and Tom Dick and liarrr wera invited If tha
loan had been the whole of the affair it would
have been all nght and we hod said nothing about
it Bat here comes the erU After tne feasting
was orer heathenish hulas beloocingto thepenod
of their nation i ancient days of darkness were
rauuuuoru ii seems as it tne wnoie periorm
aneee had been carefnllT armed beforehand with
the greatest forethought for there was a printed
and bound programme of tbe subjects of the
toelefl sung by the hula performers Abominable
subjects shameful expressions which cannot be
ottered by good people vile thoughts of the lewd
rat and grossest sort these were the performances
that were enacted last Saturday in the palace yard
before a multitude of people young ana old The
performance began at 3 o clock in the afternoon
and continued until near midnight The rtrct of
tne pnonnancesoi tnat evening was drunkenness
Numbers of necr ie were drunk and oat of tha
grew a distu bares each was the report made to
ns by those bo went to the place
ore ww u prc mm oi mriormancea to
dve fin Hawaii Ijmi thsecvLutii of anenluThtennd
nation If petformanae of this sort are made
tubus foreign nations will not see in them a rea
toa for esteeming u It is said that when eertaia
Hawaiians went to consider the character of the
penoxmancM they Unshed lor sname tnetr eyes
nuns down and they averted their faces saying
these thugs vonld do for our darkest age but
are not suitable for this period We have also
learned of a mother who took her little daughter
from a certain boardinc scltooi where she was a
scholar to amuse her by tbe eight of the perform
ances but when she saw what was being done by
the hnht dancers she immrdrrtely turned about
and took her child back to the school We cannot
restrain our praise for the others who hare raised
their Toicea in eondemnabtai of these deeds of
darkness They should be commended and their
good porpoae should be strengthened that they
may be enabled to stand fut in their good purpose
and that they may not relapse again into the dark
Bess of heathenism and into a bondage which is
worse than that of Egypt
JUett Jldirrfiseutcnfs
ffW w ft Utr4g CMi MnoUmt
ff Hootl JI t ly
aalaaawtllb sold at rwe aactloa la
LOA atlJM 4tTriAIiaiMar lni
1 Black Mare brand L 1 White Hoex brand S I Bay
nort white forehead braBd 1 While Mire brand
D 1 KoanIIore JrandS3
A B KAAtKlt round Maater
For Salo
At a Great Bargain
Well Rnllt Store Two Story Houm
DonzCabBataesof Mper month Cent 3
per Month A flrttxlasa opportaaity fat a man with a
fcmall Capital Half CaaS balance approved MHf three
and six month
Honsa and Land Agtat Merchant Street
guttton jcs
I have received UstrncUont from J C GLADL
4 to offer at Pehtlc A action
On Wednesday Mar 7
Al W o clock a m
New Ottoman Upholstered Chairs Chandeliers
Fine EnsTSvlas BeantlfI Inlaid Tables
Onyx Table Ebony Table Side Lamps
Large Handsome Mirrors
Matk btand Cronze Statuettes Lace Cartaln
Walnut Uookcaae ttalnntTab Smokers Table
Uaa Home Carved Chairs In preyed leather
armchair Carpets U rltio Desk ewlnf Table
White Dak Sideboard very handsome
White Oak Extension Dining Table
V bite Oak Din In Room Chair an I Bound Tables
Varietyof Fine Plated Ware
lu White Black Silver sod ltcd -complete
MoMpiitoNeis F Idins Chain- Chinese Lonnje
Walnut and Koa Bedsteads
leather TiUow Chlllr a U del id
Hair Mattresses
Spring Mattresses
Walnut Bureaus
TabI3 Linen
Bed Llnon
Tollot Furnlturo
Mirrors Washstands
Commodes Iron Tables
Voranda Chairs
Common Scnso Chairs
Chlnoso Flower PotsandlStands
Sewing Machine Wlrdrobe Towels
Men Sires Icr l t Kilter BatbTnt
Iron Feed Boxes LWD Uowtr
1 Union Gas Machine 100 Lights
Grmmtlc Ipparatae tep La I lire Tools etc
IDodcls Bussos
V HI I mi E 0 IMl Corner Tort St
al IIOA 1- Moii lie
Ujj of sal
t UitilH tne ir
On Friday March 9th
tllOt I niSMletllooiii
Line of Fresh Groceries
SUhS 0K WOWS SlliVlt
At II orloek M nt Nile Uoom
1 Bollock Carl Oj 1km bain and oke
Sewing Machine Parlor Organs
Wardrobe Chairs Etc Etc
E P AD IMS Asctr
Saturday Evening
uiucuioiii TSKE olock
t Boavor Bloolc
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Ebony and Gilt Music Stands
Music Racks
Wall Brackets
Assorted Placques tec kc
r AD1H1 tae lr
Bj order of the Aonlnn ev of Ihr EptatrofT II Bl R
0ESS aDankrapt I will sell at Aaction
ON MONDAY March 12th
at 10 a n ontheprenle at ike Carpenter Shop
Hotel irert aad at the llooee nearlr oppoi ltr the fk
lowing Articles
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aCan iealersIInr I Chair LoteorLnmber
I BatE j Teace rieketa n Diggers tfpade
Straw and Spring Mattresses
SBedatesd tTrtllowfl 11 heH J Koaoalut -Ceta
II Chain 5 Baal Bnreana 5 Lookleg Oiajne
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1 Hove C Table 3 Lamp I I ale I lose
I Starblete Table Chairs Jrlttben f Clock
Eweri sail Bait4 a Lot of
Crockeryware Knives and Forks
The Unexpired Leae or rreml es
Corner of Cnlos aad Hotel Slreou oecspted by T II
Bargei as a Lodrlae Hoste Th aam bavfagThre
Year la ran fron Xarcb tat 19W at a Eeatal el f W
E p ADAM Asctloaerr
ENfiLimi IX
For Hale yi
Sr rfririsrmrnx M jhctim Jfrfrx irif -I
New Goods New Goods
One Price Mechanics Bazaar
Cor Fort and Merchant Sts
Beg to notify their friends and the General Public that
c li x n i a
Just Received Ex Steamer Suez
T REMEMBER Tbo Pnco ia PLAINLY MARKED oa Bath Arirelo torn
irhich there i no deviation
-TO PtjnCUASEUS To tho amount of 30a or THREE PERCENT
DISCOUNT r No Boot Account Kept
Store open from 6 am to 8 pm Saturday Eveng till 9
Cor Port and Merchant Streets Honolulu
NO 113 FORT ST lI020LlTLiT U 1
We are now niannfu larirt a lirr t
Superior in quality and flavor to anvthlog ever lforo prm need in Una Kinnd m
OUE SODA WATER is Unrivaled
Oar Oiczcr Ale is equaled only by tbe imported Our cider wo uaatanlec to be maJe from
tbe pare juice of the apple Theeo deiciont drink are incieaeing m popularity and are takinc
the place of light wines for tablo ne Our extremely low price lfing them withn the reach
of alt
Soda Water per do oOc
Sarsapanlla 50c
Cider 50c
Ginger Ale 75c
Tbe patent wire stopper usej by us on all of our bottle does away with corks entire h
and for cleanliness nod case in opening n uneualed Oar bottlts aro branded
We delirer our cootla to hit part or the eitj ami ship to an part of tlws Island
TELErilOVE No 207
010 lALMhlt v TH VI Hhl riurniacMU
Per Aberaman
ta n ulrnr I by J ULADK It
From Liverpool His Handsome Residence
Pale Sheir in caara
C Irish Malt Whhkrjy best brands
rioe Scotch Whiskey Old
Superior Old Stock of Glen Oarer
and Glen Lossle
SrtTime TOines
cr Schloss Johan-
i x vi itTirorTw irx
1 lelbTlI r Jlkkerton mi 1
Uenolnlfl nnon tb flrt Imlffue uwl
CV1 UtS3
allce Jwstiee
lnt J
Infrorofli H rw ffle rue sam of one anBdreil
nrtr eeTfBdollaraandU111 mo TCV and
IaTor of Kamaaawal tnr Ihe inn of one haadred a ait
nicety Are tolUr aad T W if n lFt I have lerte1
npon ana Bnaii fxnoae iiir pair o lae algae atoaer
OXHEPfEsPAY AprlHih ailp at al the tMaltott
la tbefnll
Uoee lioaoiaia miHrainr aaaaed aroaerty tli
All the nfht title aad later la aad to a ret taln
f h pond knows aa kawlll with si I the ah In aald
pown belaf aaert to a rent of pis per
by leae dater Jai 4th lt fr an tbe Uialater
at tat bmb
Interior ta the aaMiamrakeaa slao t lata natchos at ehaae
il nan It asm am lawaj WTJKOa RH
barrela 1 lnzle harae lhorea a Iau the Mtd Jae
menu aad wj eipenea are pmioaalr patd
t PASfclT Manhat
a r riiK axxltaij Miim ov
V tb KOIKLSllni01IP1T aeMPefcmarr
Ub the f ilhrwlnc Omeera were elected fa Ibe en
alas rear
H C AtLE v PrealdeBt
10NKXATLE Treaaarer
3 ITHERTOX IteeyK 1 o
IoalaliiF bnur13ih IM Ml Im
As wc are Making a Change in our
Business we Request
T Sf tile Ihe Sine llhla Thirl j
lay from Date
fneral aercantile k Commit on
xi or trrxiM
PC JOfE B - - -
This Property is in the Healthiest
Fart of tho City
rwiunej a dellcatfal rfw nf the elt 4 bvW I
well d th eoaelllar rmra OtsSHWd llesfl 10 the Wat
sac XeaUlBS
TlioJtniii IIoiip Is larce loin
with ETriirioTrMrtt
I Hoa4eWwfawrl lalawlwlh Bath Hasp la
women e wlsrskcarilkmMrr5
tamch the what hem with niwawat Chaaariiirii
tk wrbMlaeJ tejoswa
I OathearalarlaaewillhetMra4 a Usga rarVsr
llNnlr fm Mttlai Itewa llil Jtaadk baa
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uae with hot
Two I ATaada abTi
a well nallt Stable with ttt three
haw aad cairlacea and thrt rooaiB far ervaete
There I alao a anas I balMtaa for tbr Maehiae
Th Lot it S3 m J add street and aboet atf fret tB Li
ma Kirett roaialning in area of I ar
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taphesttaa to Jir Adaan
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muin on Ttjraar or one or twf
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Very Desirable Property
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II rirad taale In Naitaaa a Iter
taaro fmai town e naaaadiaf baa etew ef the
tow aad harfcor Cnamate 4l1ttfaJ
3Iau House Contains Six Kooiih
otlare adjolnlnr 1 lare Ioom
t boat iX feat each
1 2 Story BuUding
1 Carriage Ilouse ScrranU Room
Stalls for two Horwea Chicken
Hon Wood Shed
rhetf a well 4f the onreat dr nklae water with s
aotf Force Pomp an I watt laid front tn Oaveraaamt
Water Work
Tat place i in lar ordrr wfil rorrrad alia
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
and adaraed wlU Bettfll Ftwwarf
f Aaraae aihisar tu psithaae a atosaaal Bafaa at
reaaoaaol prate call at taw eflea a
W tn 7 Part M ttaaaraln IT L
Co Partnership otie
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Iioaakoai i In Di
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BWawawawawawawawawawawawawa aawawwjwawawawabwaawamw
ai Kslaokskumi Kakavslt st Asctlosk
On Saturday March t7tHt
at M st Sales Room t wtfl eftr st actio
Tlie Tivo IiOTS
iinraumtliMtaturunn uui ai
SIM Strm s ntrt tarxlOD reel u4 eatajabtf
60000 Sqaare Feet nearly one
and one half Acres Also
That Certain Piece of Land
l KalMwll kra ulC Vwervw Rtmt
msiewtaUrrllt Hanoi K KuT Be4tM
Containing an Area of 53 100 of
an Acre
With the Buildings and
Til nuttr
Conslsttnsr of Two Cottasrea
and Outhouses
at Tar
IItiiInre of Y Lofwfnber E q
IH BerelM Mreel e ft W Cftwnv
0 SYTl ItllYl - - XA KCH 10th
lilark walniit Iarlor Set In raw
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Utni lArat Blukota C mwlHa kaai
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Lar Imael tx at aa sw aSMtataaat
ta saw Cow is aaoascaaaaa sas4assgt
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laHWBiUMlla IlllWUIalSII
DsMft llSMUr U m4v 1 P a
Will a li at raitn nciiea
On SaturdnyMarcli 10
t I i lock i 41 mr
All IS Rlfhl Till- 4J low i uf Ml AkSM asal
aaua H HHH l nliwis
Property -
Land at Kaluanui Koolauloa Oahu
sysl rMml x
y trderi In tf tr nt Pe
MrkIngOirnf Hun lHcaltnral nple
ur nt lion ll It tee k Iaddv
r rurihrt arilr alara ayadf a W Aaattia
W h lln K- i lit rft far Siiiajjstiai et
a rAhtnv taVlr
Abiiiiiistrators Salo-
In an nh aa w ilrr Miadr hi th Maw tm at
talln wtKr tr tar im
haU lie aadcnlvB all
trmleea al Ibe neWaare
Kak n r tot lrf
farther part Ira
ataratr that wit rlf
ran all
asw atl atoasw Ito
aell a pabtte aasihsa a
ibelaSeC T ftOLrSaV
HAM Ibe folioatoc v
r It U UHH t Mn
beaalifal boaie beartj f the talr T
II IK allaalr m Iattejr Avawaa aa4ak star
proaeriv of Dr H WMtae aa lWafakaw
B r btlUarfcaaa na law saalfc Maa sTlat
IGO ft Front nnd 225 ft Doop
VTHI reaet anH walr r laW na frnaa nsanall
C talaia ea rsv rMaitlrx bath
Kiieaea Tier mi- ro aa
oi aervariM aoaae rarnag
Dmim at maB
waaa tmmvr -
iwalfcTlaae i ilillaa
baaea ataila tm a
n wmrm ibbh rwaa Miaat law eaa
itallaiaMawrailaaartraow aaatlaaaaal
i war ta rra siaa
I troa MlBle Brdtal
I taaaaT 1 1 aaa Xlm
1 attack Waiaat wrk ra
Blaek Waiaat Caaa Heat t balr
l Uhwaa a Baake a
KcimTMb aaatlll law
I HaaalltaMavaaaebfraa
I KalMrftavfetalaarTabl -
sac it
AolMiNlnlarw taw Batata f
umn Mae i aiHasBrtat aatoa
n P at ttiri
nji rati at aax
By fiedr of A W rten In all
ON SATURDAY Mar 1 7th 4
sins at atr saw raa an uaa nasi Mtai wmm 9
Bat daaerflMri rraprttj
ifnaiaaaaaM I
ttK Baa 1 a
f app f W
K - tttAaWAaaO
n s
DFoar Salo
One 2 Story House
i ii T A KB if9 LASa
Artesian Water Supplied
jay- por jr a aplr in
a - g Pft x aaaaaaaJa
50000 IN BONDS
Tor Solo
th Bmmiot laeOXOVaU tSAaB CCflCPAMT
UM aartbaa f alaa par ran per
atr i Tex Tbr Caaai aaa -
tpaar awa aad tbe ahaar aaaaaa f
Makaw ra of t Oar mt
VOra1 j thtmtntiAfm
fae aad fl itn faar aaan fvsaa dasnVwaa
tnanebedurfwrBi tima aa a frH
4 by the teat aad wmlr ataraaare aa ttawtaa
ptaneny nt tha C aaay Any rarfaar aJaabr7La
iaaatia4recnrdlattho Bnada ae th fcnft aau V
S T L ACHTtS Eaa at Cfwaea L
BAC Hanmlnia ar by a
glanop co
paitaatstebarariTaaatArarnHaaahas tOLOGA AIJAOE IMTIVO1
nkaaalUaLadertnarsiaaaienf rRXO 1 U J not aaaaadl fteat aad ha paefact aijr
avUaia dr caj
M Int f J Kwjawi lo Asa asrf Alwau twt 11
imi or ALL THAT S fir
Iind at Kaluiniii lvtrolauloa Oalui Hi j
W I rt Makal- to Una Fefc MSb I CjC B VI
Hie Icht till a4 Is4bbmi T H May a J 1 ll
lib IaeorKaaaawwaawlvaJMHM OcUtSSk S m j
all its Laad of Kasaaaih al XsftNSMU Mb M SSSSM -J
WfhilaL la W r
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ui i iui h irmi a 1 1 km wmmm mt laattm
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