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Daiuaiian fecftc.
It lw i...t nxx'tin" of the Cabinet
Vranri th- fmnMT proposed nrffolntion
tint n IVrOs ! "-nt to tlie Knropean
rntei apaiiist anj l.nrorwan lower
l-mrr dm In Minex tb.' (iillwrL Mort-
locke and oUwr Sontli Sea I-Jani. withont
fir-4 obUimnp Uh consent ol Uie llowai
ian Gowrat. The ret-olntion did not
lirendL hot -. postponed nntil more
infomatMC coold be oUained npon tlie
sabjvet. ThfJatm irliirli -iled for the
South Sea o-twfll Ui retnrn time
exjHTed lalioren.. if- "id lis""- lieen
ptwnoeo: ymn a nnmwr ijartiiuu
fags, the master and tie Government
r-nt Kith a second hand uniform apiece
Are eorauiittl to a -l'olicy of .Vnneia-
i Expels JB toS.
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posTorncE notkx
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fc 1 1 111 JMOl till II m liar KitWI WW Wit M
ifcaiilH; 1M tlr lullniay estOKl a
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ii i i f- mt aft tVMl 44rINV- tfcr ItfWiMS
VwWJ-wnaf fcnw mi MHktel tv-' pmt t m
HlaaMlirllWM(MHM( til wwnii
M MM MR lM Mj fHlMfrr aarl lf1 OT
W j i 1 1 nl V hiii mi ii m Kaw4
taAaNf St HvaaaSalfiM'iV flHt aT iaaa VlHHI
W- I mun aoirtait. aMki. '-ultr.
haWiW-a twawaawlwr1 f J1
taHNHtHf !. MMHV - MV. MW tttr
UtaaaM! JavaHMfT WllPWWiMI-aTWhtli ptU "
rfa fc h liili i
WnMaTflMl WByta fc r ni
Off MNBtll i b rHMie aaf iV fWI
Mhm rmm w, nri act m wi '
"far tWtf TMg taJl1lal: ltlWT M Wt W
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m ar 4m ft Mi nJ mu
fcMI 4hv VVMVT ACaM. INW f4frajrttt sJl
mmM fa alair f M am m r mi f
fma. W ... .i ..J WW Mr. tlcT r
MH 4r a4 ti l Ml fr - tlif
ll i ii a Mat i !! ipl
- 1T I ll ill m iiimiiiii Acai
rf I itjliia mi. nij f tfcrliwftii
mr ii iu tr a
n a II I ifear.ArF MI kKV
i M t fl-a-r liigiti ii a at Wnl itw
iiniiil .!. Mi I
u tii ii aw y a yrw
BfWliiil.. wnKwa H7 mail hag:.
9 r m I I fkii 1 1 ! W ammM mm ml ami lr-
mama JJ r Maa tipM-
,IUatilHTiili n.ai IViaadv
ii i ifi i aia ww wrtw mta ai IKit ta
wfcytaMliiiiiaiaW i lialmn at mwav I nam
1 1 lavn ! taiim i a. tat rai
i i awr at rkiiar Hi
I I ai. at airllj ar i tlm. Inwi r lln
MmnrwacT or ftscamx
Imwiu JLac VV Pi
Orr W hi. gtoB Oaa mllii II in. fa amf
i ,. scar aMnvyoT uu u
aiai.mt hImii wiiiiiiii m ifcf Tiinn . tar
a- MWrtw wf rtnan.
I l rtarffmit pat anaam
taux xotice.
ajiyijr lUlw 4 wl ik mi4 st
on or before June 30th,
amaamamaai ItWvi Tnrtlivr dmIm
- C m-U.a,iV Vim Tart.
Vl.- tkr iBt'-nol
IJgiw i4xrm.? la lccaya Jtarrrturi ap
iir a. rMcr e kluWnnk ww Aaiakl tbr cap.
txxa a ILr Ctrtnaa Vaxk Canimi i, tAiJ to be lb
! "w. W om&i IXr. Koci a laembn uf the
tJLC i Ttm fmo wtodilU Koct irtert,
a Tng iimTi4..'nl Iw the jiro: asttioritiec,
11 lull UcamamSfittnsratia&.lhxltbaAa'nr'-
at piiiiiax crt aocnsatiaof oc the
awaantr K ilm ul uiliiiilefl taia, vjUkmu malL'
BBC faaam
4nM tnaa lac
aw aavl f or v
orJered cm
fof aocf!DliuaaUke tie-
I m& Uacaace ia the TCeaoc
V ln-,idcnt of the Hoard i.f
HeaiNh, has taken an appsl f rom the de
0100 of th niei tiosucero lue j;nr
eaML WHlmnt an AttorTiev-Geneml to
adffce witli Ii- ii flonnderinjj about and
trrttiBi? limi"-lf depr into the mire.
Ilia IlIlli'iUIJili'U LUUIVI L mil iiuiuii ui
.iwi .i,t nMinn or jrenmition of rilaa.
A a rw-Mi't infriincof the biT, at which.
a a matlT of form, be tras hvited to lie
ii . jiit- Lk attfdl ami Ujun nimceii
rrtrsfwcnoof-ly forwafd repanlless of pro
IjriKv or IWtte MM OI lue 3n-mm i oi
the liar prefcunt Jiowed their head in
MortirieaUon while he paraded himself.
ad m after their forlnarance re
sbwned tlrwn from protestim, and he
had jKiomed hit. fU he again took the
Aear and lionred mi an ad Irons in Uie
Hawaiian i&nga&pe.
Aiid now, in defiance of the decision of
the tataDcellor. with no Attoraey-General
to goto, and in the iInto of the private
jcpanm wnom ur empioyeii to conanct
Urn tml. he whh1n. and iinblidy claims
that a oondosion han not lieen arrive.1 at,
lmoanw the ctw is f-tili pending.
rot oulv it. the miliuc enffenn? loss
from the wastinrT of fnntis under the ad
nuustration of ttus man, inu tin' puunc
service i- a-mg brought into contempt.
He cam. not bow rnncn Ills jiajesty is
taaaearMl and degraded by him. nor how
xraeii the hkrb othces of irovemment an
jmkstitnied. so iunf; as he can feed his
fgnigiouh vanity.
Tux kiss of the Waiawa JJridirt- at Kwn,
iot ofilv represent s' mucJi money irono.
bet it illustrate Uie rccuess manner in
isliidi the iml.lir fund arc stient-
inihe nrst place no image was neeaea
si that tilace. Jiiulents in tuat.neigli-
tafhood. and traelers wlio witre ac
nmintMl Willi tin. ldrnlit. almost witLntlt
seeption witi- surpnHsi when work was
Imgan npon it Every impartial engineer
who Knew ol the circumstances predictetl
that the hrst trusliet woulu carry it away
The first freshet came, anil it was not a
Weil one either, and the bridge went.
lhe idaec selected for tue structure was
the most nnfavoralile. the bridge was of
an enietisivi' type, and the abuttments
not sumeienuy uret. ine
wKek floatinc down to thi- sea is another
wontiment of culpable mismanagement of
the inutile fumls unuer the Unison
There is anothi-r bndgi- at Waimalu, on
this Island, and one at Honokawai, on
Mast, erected under similar circumstances
to the aiawa bridge nile none ol
lhe lrridffes were needed, the nnblic
nwns in the neishborhoods of each of
tbnn did. ami do, require attention very
BmctL A moiety ol money paid the con
tractor for these liridges, would, if jndi
cwasiv exjiendiJ. have placed the roads
ia thoe districts in good order, but dis
iMrrmng money for labor on roads doi-s
not afford opjiortuiuty for profits to tb'
fried. of -I and my colleagues
It is tiresome and sickening to lie ob
litfed so frHfini-ntly to publish statements
of the mal administration of Mr. Gibson
and his mll.agns. but develoiiementji are
constantly lieing madi' which demand cen
wire and condemnation The pnblic must
lie informed as far as liossible of the dis
position of tli. jiublic fnnds. and of the
fsrttdan ol gmemment allairs.
Tint r.i tells lis thai a number of
bisters of Charity are coming to nurse in
omx hospitals The incry is, where are
the hospitals ' Tlie Queen's Hospital
neMts none, and with the exception of the
JiaKaafco di'inn tni-n- is no other the
least lepirdature appntpriRted $50,U00, for
IKiefictius. imi noni' nave LHcn erected
Jhe cry of tlif sick, and tue urgent re
quest of tihysicians. have risen from iven
linim hit uosintai arroiumoiiauous anu
they hate 1msh promise.1. but none have
been Mult.
Monev has Uvu laMshiH on arms and
solitary follj ; on the ridiculous mounted
cosialHtlar . on l-ridge andbnildingcon
tracts eiveti to family connections: and
childish nilrassr'f. abroad; but the sick
aed dving hav liten neirb-cted.
lint lue dear lTemier bellionght him
how pleasantly it would make a larin re
licions IkxIv in the community feel, to
sefect Sisters of Charity from among
their naudier So with much parade a
worthy priest was ent abroad, and now
it is heralded that thi Sisters are com in
to nurse in our hospitals. For shame on
this weak old man. who for office and to
save himself would sacrifice even tiling
J ' t ' i:
. 1 l . vvuain. uu.u, ju?Lll, lJUSLT
tntioBal government, all alike are insismi
fieant when tlie question of his office is
m any manner mvolvvd.
He smtrlit o8Bce long and with afronv
nothing switvis! him from his chi-nshed
tionxtee. ills foml uopes have been real
laed, and now to retain his weakening
hold lie resort s t . means w hich put to blush
eren th- cxMdients of tho liast. Bat the
H"ictch' I iK-fon. the eye& of all
bred, dissapiiointod. transparent hytio
crite he still clutches his commission and
turns his wandering eye and distracted
brain, wiktly from one straw to another.
and litindly hoH"s somehow to hold on to
his office. Let him struggle on. ho mav
retain his place a little longer, and enjoy
the grim iw-asiuv wluch the bare fact mav
I in up. lmt the sweet reward which he had
hoifd lor will still be as far away as ever.
The confidence. .teeui and approval of
woruiv peo'vie wm never be uis.
Tut manner in which business bi'fore
the Pnvy Council has been condnctoil of
late lias caused mncu comment.
There have been no great nuestions. or
iMionc emergencies tor them to consider.
lt there has lxvn an unusual amount of
besmesr, such as the consideration of ap
jdications for charters of incorporation
which have awaited their action.
It is the dnty of the Jlinistor of the
Interior to submit all such amplications to
tue vxmncii ioruieir auenuon. it is only
by the consent cf tho King in I"rivy Conn
ni uiai lie can gram, cuaners.
lHnng the past trie or six months
large number of applications for charters
have been filed, but only a portion of
them have been acted ujion. And some of
the more recent hae received attention
while others filed months earlier have re
mained untouched.
It is the duty of the Kinir to call meet
ings of tlie Council whenever ministers
signify that there are matters waiting
their consideration, and then to proceed
to dispose of the business in a prompt
and reasonable manner.
Heretofore it has been a practice on tho
presentation to the Council of a petition
or a cuaner 10 reitx u wim uie accoin
jiauying certificates to a committee for
investigation, and on the reiiort of the
committee to take action, or, it the papers
haie been first submitted to the Attorney
General, and lie states that they arc in
uue lorm anu no unusual powers are
asked for. to approve them. And the ap-
luwtiuous wi uti.t'1! iii omer ana uiS'
But ivcmiUy. rales and precedents seem
to lave lieen diTegardiil. and instead of
me; nod and -order mere Has been confns-
ion and disorder Ministers havo nre-
sentl recent applications which have
lieen taken np and acted upon, while
others on file for months have been passed
uy. ravonusm. men. lias been cnarged.
In some cases charters for incomoratior
in which those high in authority have
taken stock seetned to have been especial
jy lavored. ine name of His ilniest
appears among the stock-holdors of some
of tne fortunate conrarauons.
His JIajcsty cannot afford to allow
any ol the n&urs of his Council of
State to be so conducted as to rive
even the appearance of partialitv.
"Cnder the former Sovereigns of this
Kingdom the business of the Council has
been conducted with dignity ; the endea
vor has lieen to do justice wrthont fear or
Every time that His Majesty permits
any detrarture from the courr e of justice
and fair dealing in the administration of
government he suffers a loss. The
strength of his throne lies in the faith
and good will of his people, and he can
not afford in any way to weaken that
Tor new Board of Education is gazetted
and does not compare favorably with that
which was summarily dismised a few
months ago. A enrsory examination of
the qualifications of the various members
of the Board as re-constituted, gives a re
sult eminently unsatisfactory to parents
whose children are of the school age.
"President Jlr. Gibson, of course, no
lioard can lie a lioard. no committee a
committee, no council a councik without
this ever present meddler. Of Mr. Gib
son's personal requirements no one -wishes
to speak disrespectfully, but it might lie
pertinent to ask if it be advisable that a
Board of Education with all its officers,
lie made simply political tools in the
hands of this or "of any other man. That
this is the case no one can question, the
events of the last few months answer to
alisolute demonstration.
Dr. John Mott Smith is an educated,
able man. and an efficient pnblic servant
whenever be is at uis post At present
however, and for n long time past he has
lieen nbent from the kingdom, and can
not jiossibly fulfill the duties of a member
of a board ic Honolulu, and a Hawaiian
official at 'Washington at one and the same
time, therefore tile re-appearance of his
name amongst the members of the board
can only be looked npon as maintaining
a practical vacancy, and so strengthen tne
hands of the President in any vagary.
which political exigencies may seem to
demand Of Messrs. Kapena and Kini
makn it is only necessary to say that
neither is in the remotest degree qualified
to share in the direction of any edaca
tional establishment, any more than either
is fitted to control the financial allairs of
mercantile house, and yet kapena is
titular chief of thi1 1 mance7 o fthe King
dom, and is now to lie called on to decide
on questions of which he is as ignorant
as no is Ol inuney niauers. ivmimaui in
assist in tho decision of matters affecting
tho education of the children and youths
of the kingdom would be ludicrous were
it not so senons. mere are parents ol
school children here who would be glad to
lunm lint linritntivplv what are lln- oualifica
tions of these two gentlemen for the posts
to which it tileases the king to appoint
them. Moreover these two. as well as
their fellow members ari' otherwise paid
servants of tho government, that is of the
Crown. Mr. AValker is an able man who
has a family of the school age. and wen
he independent might lie a useful memlier
of an educational lioard. but be too is a
salaried official.
To take the Board then. Ww. we. find
all are jiaid government employes, one.
nerhans the ablest of them all, is an ab
tenter, one nn absolutely uneducated man.
one a men toot and the majority of the
group dejiendent on His Majesty's plea
bure for their incomes, this is only an
illustration of the way things are now
worked here, an absortion of all power.
every sort of appointment is being cen
tralized. brought together in one focus
tho Crown We hae seen the sort of
Qualification rciinired of the offical to
whose care the burning plague sjiot of
leprosy is reunited, now we see by what
hands the rthUnitioii of our children is to
be controlled And the King will haw'
it so.
post which can only be efficiently filled bv
a man ox special qnaiincauons, ui sumiu
professional legal training, is this, that
questions may arise as to tho legality of
acts done in the name of an Attorney-
General who does not exist Certainly
viewed by the light of the provisions of
the Constitution there is plenty of room
for such questions.
The continuous expense for the services
of a legal adviser to the legal adviser of
the Crown is a matter to which probably
the present fraction of a Ministry is in
different, not so the taxpayers of this
somewhat Constitutional Kingdom,- ;
Titt nci Jiirntinn tit a v-rv intf rrstinf? commnni-
cation from the Iter. E-Baler of liilo, on the
the cr-tAt e&rttiqoalei! and Tolawic outbreaks of
lNVi. is uMvoid&blj postponed.
the advAnUge-11 of the Jams Furnace. In the
ame issue is a reproJnction of the Giiett'h Ha
vana corresponilent's tf-tter on " Sugar nutations
on the Island of Cuba." The Oirmr is a widely
areolaUd paper and is not -generallT relegated to
tue -waste mskcl
A uttq from the ftnecial corresnondeat of the
HteMtnler. dated Tort Moresbv. New Guinea.
pives the namea and -Railing directions for no less
than thirty eicht harbors or anchorages on the SE
coast of that island, all explored and more 'or less
accurately described. Of these, Port llttport is
reported to be one of the finest harbors in the
Southern Hemisphere, with a good entrance in all
Reasons and anchorage anjwnere.
ItEOiBDixo tne present difficulties which the
trade dollar " has cot into in the United States
ait reported m late ioreign paper, the Antrim
Hrgtrlti wales inai "Asmsumi u. iTeasurer
Acton, franUy advises the public to hold onto
their trade dollars from the new that the next
Congress roust redeem them, ue rajs tne stand
ard dollar is a bigger fraud than the trade dollar,
an the latter contains four hundred and twent
craiD- nhiie two nan -dollars weign out mree
hundred and eichtT-five and eight -tenths grain.
The standard dollar, he My, ia actually ocly
worth ciguty-nTe cenw."
It is rerortod on verv croud authority that
certain personage not wholly unknown in this
C1IV. unt hi nn-MUii iiluuui iumuio uictuo ui ouu"
ttistencc is wandering about through wme of the
outl.ing districts of Hawaii and Slam feeling the
political pulse of the electors and pretending to
expre&H Tenement indignation with the present
ad nin 1st ration of public affairs. Now, if the Tre
iuier canonly catch this fellow tripping, expressing
his political sentiment a little too strongly, or if
he can unmask, the ecret employer of this incen
diary, wnat n master atroke 01 roucy, wnat
fcplendid display of loyalty would le achieved 1
IxfoeuatiiiK has been received it the Forcicn
Office that Embassador lankea with his secretary
J'oor. had visiieu v tenna ana iKigraue, ana tue
Hawaiian envoy had been well received. The
KusMau II mister of Foreign Affairs had presented,
by order of the Emperor, to CoL laikea a decora
tion of the Order of bL titinislats, of the firet
class, and to Hecretary Poor a decoration of the
urueroi au.inneoi tne oru ciass. iou laukea
prcttcnted to the King of Sema the Grand Cross
of the 1 Loyal Order of Kamehamtha 1-, aooora
panied by an autograph letter from b ing Kalakana
and a decoration of the Order of Kaniolani for
the Queen of Serria. The embassy was at Vienna
again on d aiy tn
Tiix office of Governor of cither of tlie
If lands of Hawaii. Maui or Kauai, is one
of importance. A jndicions -governor
nhidin" on the inland t -wluch lie is
amiointed miffLt lJecomi1 a most useful
olhcer of government,, and "exerci-M? an
extensive benenaal mnnence.
l'erliaiw no one word can so fully
emlain tlie cause of much of the inefli
cioncT of government ollicers on tlie
otuer islands as trrfumrmbiiitt inere is
a larse number of officers who are to a
great extent under the suervision of the
governor. Among tnem are tue tax
assessors and collectorsi. road suiemsors
and iound masters. The sheriffs, con
stables--and district judges receive their
commissions from the governors. And. if
he chose, the governor could exert much
influence over the postmasters and the
It is an honorable office and the incnm
ln-nt should be one whoso approval or
disapproval would be significant. Exer
cising a vriio supervision a greater degree
of accountability would attach to all the
ubordinate olhcers. An absence of iiro
xr fenHrvision vril ineiitably produce
axness and inemcienoj' amoDg suuordi
nates. And when stich a state exists too
much blame cannot xs phictnl on the
Hie Governor of Kauai i- at his iwst.
and is believed to Ik possessed of a desire
to govern his island veil. His qualifica
tions are not all that could lc wislied. and
he does not accomplish as much as he
mignt, hut in the main ivauai is well
governed. Hat on Hawaii and Maui the
incumbents do not pretend to reside on
their respective islands, and tho duties
are performed mainlv by actimr-irovernors
These acting governors cannot have the
authority which pertains to the office.
They jerform the delegated duties as best
they can. but it too often upicars to be in
a penunrion manner.
The office of governor is a Inch office.
and its dignity and uniwrtance should Ik
maintained, Uie incumbent should 1'
man of intelligence and energy; one who
honors the office by his presenco and
inspires uis subordinates with respect.
The vigilant jet resjectf id supervision of
and insure eiuciencv.
The visit of such a man to the school
would be hailed as a memorable m ent
and a high compliment ; his freauent
inspection of the various branches of the
island gou-rnment would tend to raise
standard of public service now unknown.
There is iust cause for complaint of the
culpable manner in which tho duties of
The omcers or governor (with the ex
ception of Kauai) aro performed.
Ii ist week it was pointed out by th
Gazette that fulh three months had
then elajised without any appointment
having leen made to fill the post of
Attorney-General, vacated by tho resiima
uonoi mo Jion. ivi. I'restou. J iie place
is Ftill vacant, not d intrriut. but simply
vacant The 1-Temier went out of his
"way to tell us that no offer had been made
to any miaMed lawyer in the Kinrdom
max merero many such is a tact as well
known, as that the existing stop-gap is an
unni instrument lor even that post, or
n.-. : i.. f i
paraizoti and even tne constitutional com
pleteness oi the Government laid one'
to question by the persistent -refusal to
apjwiut to a JGnislerinl office, without
any assimablc reason for such action.
Amongot tho evils which havo accrued
from the vacancy ol the Attorney-Gene
ralsllin and the meomnetenen nf "tlm nn
tcnsible admimstrator, first let us refer to
the jnrtro muddle, aptly so termed by
the organ. The Madrai arrived durinir the
incumbency of Mr. Preston; the natural,
common so use" course of eenhi was mn
verted into a muddle by the panic of the
Board of Health, backed by the obstinate
ignorance and perversity of its President,
wno preiernng nis own notions to the
legal knowledtro of his constitutional ad
viser has, so far as is yet ascertainable re-
FUited in a considerable iinnecessary ex
pense to the country. As our readers will
see elsewhere in this issue, the Premier of
the Kingdom and President of things in
general, chose lor consultation with jlr.
Preston the critical moment when the
former knew, but the latter did not know,
that the resignation of the Attorney
General was accepted and had become an
accomplished f act.
Xow take the case of the double homi.
cide at liilo. as to the full merits of the
case, the relative reMwnsibUitv. or cnlna
bihty of the slayer or slain, no opinion
based upon thorough investigation can
now or ever be expressed. Tho -t.ro-
liminary examination by the local justice
resulted in a committal for trial by that
officer. Accordingly the accused is sent
up to the capital, public feeling is keenly
aroused and fair trial by jury confidently
anticipated, when the prowquP of a
layman stops proceetlings, the slain men
having been buried, the slayer is set at
large, and a wenderingr community asks,
fruitlessly of course, why is this t The
answer must be, because there is
Here there is muddle unon mnddle in
the course of three short months-all because
i-c -a. v-u-v l urtsi-SLS m UOUUUIlg Iu UiaUtlTS
m wui uv jnows nouung and witu
wmcn ue nas no busmcss to interfere.
A still more serious view of the mis-
cluet which has been and isljein"1 nwvim-
plished by keeping vacant a Ministerial
i Marin AlatMilnrd of Queensland has a long
e in its issue of the 25th of May setting forth
Hon to build a bnd?e . First cet vonr vole.
ratified HeDresentative. faithful adherent Ac
aow lei me mauer rest tor a year or so, men Hen a
for in-t contractorr keep dirk, or you may have a
whole lot of bothering buildera'. would-be tender
ers or what not ; let pet contractor build bridge,
aay across a ford, low banks, no abutments, shaky
approaches, narrow roadway, low crowned head
ing, lora rmpassauio once or twice a .ear ny
reason of freshet Bridge stands, say. three
months, not used because passengers prefer to
wade their animals across the ford and give them
a drink. First f rebhet comes down, banks wash
out bridge falls in (mm,. Now charter two
horses, mount thereon two Ministers, experts in
finance, edaeation-adininistration, Axx, and.in the
same degree in tngineenng and bndge building.
bid tUem gallon aown to Uie lord (late bridge),
welcome thtir cheering reiwrt. the bridire is onlv
gone a few score rods down stream and most of its
material avauabie lor auomer joo. rwonu :
trurnjeU, over this episode of the Am Atmr
A Sin Fiukcxsoo naner savs that in conseonence
of heavy withdrawals of whalebone for export, the
stock in first hands on the 15th ult, vas reduced
to nonnds. ol wnicn 1U.UUU mnnds were
Arctic, 0X0 pounds iSonth Sea and 4000 inlands
Northwest In addition there are proHably 13,000
pounds in second or cutters1 hands, 'these fig-ares
include ll.UOO pounds South Sea rvceivxl this sea
son, and there will not be over 4000 mure of this
kind to come forward. It will thus be seen that
the total supply in first and second hards availa
ble until the arrivaj. of the Arctic fleet ii only 37,
000. The price of Arctic advanced from $210
May 1. to 75 May 4, in the Boston mirket. On
the 1st of Juue the price was and on the 7lh
of June it wasyaJiO. uunng the first week in
J one the manufactured article sold at M.50. and
in the course of the second week it was advanced
to $5.25. These high prices are causing- a larger
consumption of substitutes iu the form of horn,
pcarances the Arctic fleet will report no more
none inan last year.
TniiE n as a meeting of the Privt Council lait
Thursday. The charters of the Aiden Drying
uoinpany. ana me Jiuiuai leiepuone -uompany
-a ere nossed. The latter had some modifications.
which -were in substance as follows; Underground
communications to be used in citv of Honolulu, if
practicable: failing that cables shall be used, if
poNsiuie. io me exclusion oi wires wiuiin nait a
mile of the Bell Tower, If upon application or
complaint by tue Attornev-oenerai ueiora any
court of competent jurisdiction, the court shall
ruie inai ine -wires aie a nuisance, ana ii wiuim
the time specified bv the .court. sAid nuisance is
not abated, the charter shall be void. The charter
of the Tug Boat Company was referred to a com
mittee, the document not specifying -whether the
company would hare a tug strong enough to drag
a whale-boat or a sardine tin. A large amount of
business which is waiting for the action of the
Pnry Council was not brought forward: who is re
sponsible for this does not clearly appear, but
grave biame rests on some one, wno is retarding
some of the business entei prizes of the country.
Tnr .Vffritrv Standard of June 15lh has the fol
lowing sensible remarks on the Bubject of Uniform
Crops: Each estate should be fully developed,
and be made to yield all it -safely can, and the
superintendent ought not to be satisfied with any
thing short of the best paying results, but in striv
ing for this his calculations should cover a period
of years. I-arge profits for one year, or two years,
or three 3 ears, succeeded by small crops with little
or no profits, is unsound. Comprehensive plans
taking m the area of available land, the capacity
of the works, the labor supply, and all other con
siderations involved should be made, and then
be followed by intelligent and persistent effort
l'erhaiH there is too much of a tendency to look
merely to the prospects of the "next crop, ' and
let the future take care of itself. Climatic in
fluences may have something to do with the lack
of canng for the future which is sometimes manl
iest in our business operations, lhese islands
may well be proud of the planters, and their suc
cesses; as a class they are ever ready to investigate
any proposed improvements, either in methods or
machinery, and to adopt any which prove valua
ble, but there is still room for improvement and
mach to be learned. Experience has taught this
leAson of the wisdom of measuring the best work
ing canacity of tho plantation, and then working
to that capacity; iiu exceeding and not falling
short of it
Tina vhnlA ffir h ptmImI mnsiderable feeliniT
aroonc the Cbin(-ie class, and at one time looked
likely to result in some high-binding performance;
now the excitement has subsided.
Rev. Mr. Forces' Sunday- Serin on.
11ft. A. O. Forbes nreached at Fort St. Church
last Sunday evening, on X Mrdrrrr' Eree.
taking for his text Genesis ivS: "Am I my brother's
keeper 1 Following is a condensed report of the
reverena speaser s sermon:
We read m the -rarer the lone list of crimes
committed, robberies, thefts, murder, defalca
tions in omces ot trust una tne quesiion arises,
who is responsible I We find on cartful scrutiny
that the very great majority of them all are con
nected with fast habiu and loose living. And some
how, through it all, np looms drink, drinking sa
loons and drinking companions. We read again of
casualties involving the loss of property or life, or
botn, ana we nna a very large numDer 01 loem m
tnbntable to the use of strong drink. Again the
question arises, who is responsible ? And the gen
eral answer is, "Oh, intoxicating liquor is resin-
Kitiie lor an ims loss ana miserv. -ra 1 my
brother's keeper V Let men regulate their lives
properly and keep sober, ana they win avoia
trouble and ruin. This is like the answer of Cain
when, red-handed from the murder of his brother,
God questioned him aobut that brother I know
not. Am I inv brother's keener I"
All responsibUity personal, it is not tne
honor nor the mere saloon, however decorated
and attractive, that is responsible. It is the roan
behind it all who is responsible. And yet men will
make any exense to shift the responsibility. .n
intoxicated man mounts a fiery steed and is thrown
and killed, and forthwith the poor steed is held
it sponsible for his death. Another drops dead in
the street in the midst of a drunken spree, and
it is called heart disease or some other disease.
And so on through the list. 1 ne biame is put any
where but where it belongs, and the truth is cot
rMl nn hv anv name but the richt one.
Yoo are not only your own keeper, but yon are
your brother's keeper, so far as your actions, yonr
words, your example, may affect his welfare. But
the immediate actor is not the only responsible
one. llesponsibihty is a chain of many links. 1 he
maxim holds true in morals as in law, the par
taker is as bad as the thief." The accessory to a
crime is guilty as well as the principal. Human
laws can deal only with immediate matters of fact
Thev reach only that which comes to Tiew. But
ih taws of Divine Government reach every link
in the chain, and will trace back the responsibility
to unseen and often onsupectcd source-.
What responsibility do you owe to those around
1. in an inaiTiacai lKiini 01 virw vou own vuur
fellow men the inspiring word in their times of de-
ires&ion and discouragement, ion owe tnem tne
lolnim? hand in their times of need. But with the
word and the deed vou owe thera still more the
sympathy of Chiistian love. Let yonr heart go
with your hand and your words.
2. In a social point of view yon owe to those
aroandiou the example of an npnght life, a united
and nnyieldmg opposition to all evil, and the col-
3. lnabUhine9Dointot view, vou owe to tour
fellow men the subordination of cam to richt
principle. Let them see that yon aVhor all sharp
dealing and so-called tricks of trade just as much
as you do the open theft or the pickpocket Vou
OWO lUtm BTUvmT wmwiicu xiw juauue. iuu
mraman maxim, "business 14 business. ' as cen
rrnllv used to excuse hard dealing, is both wicked
and false. So also the maxim, " Be just before
you are generous." It should read, ""lie jurat and
4 in a national point 01 -view, you one uoavy
responsibilities. ou as representatives of the
Christian civilization of the Anclo-Saxon race her.
cnm in contact on the one hand with the cen tie
msnpntible Hawaiian race, the aborimnes of the
sou, just emergeu iruiu uuiukuimu, uiu un iuc
other, with the yet heathen races of the bouth
racific, and the vast millions of China, as also
with t he mom civilized Portuguese from the islands
of the Atlantic. These are all your brethren. The
day has gone by when .men refused to acknowledge
human beings of a different color or language
from themselves as their brethren. You owe it to
all ther&e as well as to vourselves to do vour nart
in conversing the national life. You owe it to
them to tvke a square stand for the promotion of
national virtue. Yoo owe it to them to set your
faces as a flint against intemperance, immorality,
and evil of every form, whether in the hovel or tin
the throne. Yon are each a part of the Nation by
yoar very residence nere, uy your business inter
ests, by 5 our family interests. You cannot throw
on me responsiuimy uj bhjjuk iui juunrw noi
lr-f-tl citizens here. No matter where vour techni
cal citizenship may be, your practical citizenship
is here, and it is your duty as well as your right to
make it felt for" the true welfare of the Hawaiian
Nation as including so many uiflerent nationau
ties. Yon owe it to them to use vour utmost ef
forts to purify the -sources of government, and to
rectify uad government, ana 10 sustain every non
tuL effort of the officials to execute richteous laws.
You owe it to this nation to let yonr voice be
beard witn no uncertain sounu against arunken
nftsfi and corruption and beastliness, iu hich
places as well as low, and to nse your best efforts
to avert tue rum wuicu lurcmcua mv uauouAi me.
Thank God that some newspapers in this com
munity have taken a bold and manly stand for
righteous government and good morals, and are
nobly battling for the right Thank God that we
yet have a free press. Bat von cannot throw off
Tour individual responsibility upon the rrcas.
Are y ou doing all that you can to keep your hands
ciear 01 ue uiuuu ui iuiuiium we jvu -en
deavoring 10 suieia loureeu ueuinu iue tit tout it 1
Arrival of the TJ, S. S. toFensAcola
The l . -S. S. Vrnmnrttia. Captain H. Krbin, ar
rived in port here on the morning of the 19th inst-
3$jiays from Callao having left the latter port on
Julv 12th. The distance traveled has been made
under sail, excepting within the region of the
Equator where the doldrums are prevalent , there
steam -a as used to assist the vessel's progress.
Pleasant weather with light trades was experi
enced. Following is a list of the officers of the
vessel -
Chief En sin err- G Y
rymfter k rirkt
Sui-firon L B IUldwln, jr
(. hipUin J K Leuli
Enfims-O W pc-nfi-Md. 1' II He-th
Lieut Marlnre-J A Turner
I'art Ami Engine"'!' It Hsrvey, L W Woonter
Im Ail NurrwMt i I" LuitimJch
Naral CdrU-F II Conrnl. A McAIHMcr.T C fritce,
J liltmUn. A I. Key, I l Jlcu
Hot tt wttn J lUrditij;
U bo tier -T I' Venrtle
Cr?cnter h N Wttcrhopup
Mllmk(r A A srrrn
The Vwwiroti will nrobablv remain here about
ten days, nnd then proceed to Yokohama, Hong
kong And other Asiatic poits for the purpose of
receiving on board U. S. Naval officers whose
cruises have expired and convey them to Hampton
iioad". a.
An Interesting; Interview.
In conseauencc ot certain statements ninoaniii?
in the editorial columns of tlp .idrrrtirer reflect-
ung upon mo train 01 statements which had ap
peared m the Gazktte, relative to the Fremicr
President and the "Madras muddle."' the .aporter
of the Gazttte called upon Hon. Edward Treston
r-x-Attornev (-eneral. and bc-rced leave to intemcw
him. Mr. Preston kindly intermitted the perform
ance of his legal business and answered tho ques
tions put, as iouows :
Ituirrrii. "Did Tdr. Gibson, as President of
the Board of Health, consult you with regard to
the XaittVB r"
Mr. 1 bestos. He did not- until the haturday
l'.th .May) previous to my resignation of the pota
tion of Attornev General. He orcasionallT men
tioned the matter in casual conversations when
ve met in the hallways of the Government build
ing, out ne never consulted mo ntfietau. except
that he came to mv house on the 10th of Ann!
af U r dinner and paid he, had received a letter from
the Captain of the Midru. stating that lie would
comein in the morning under any circumstances.
1 toiu mm tuat 11 ineuipuun broke tne quaran
tine and did as he threatened, he would be iustificd
in sending n shot (cross his bows. That was the
substance 01 our conversation. At one meeting of
the Board of Health a resolution was passed that
theChiefaTuntice&ndlshould be consulted. On
tho Saturday above alluded to I was asked to be
prebent by Mr. Gibson. My advice was however,
not asked, and 1 was requested to withdraw and
the members of the Board of Health consulted by
ItEroBTEiu l)id you then consider the MnJrn
to be In quarantine f "
Mn. I'ezstos. M I understood from Mr. Gibson
that she was."
HxpoKTzn. How about tho Captain's Health
Certificate 7" " t
Mb. Paestox. "Mr. Gibson told me that he had
given a false certificate. But when I saw it for
the fin-t time in court, I saw that it was not fab."
Ketobtxil Were the ran-daliana nf th iu.ir.1
of Health of 1RS0. pointed out to you by the Secre-
Mb. PhestoS. "Moat decided! r. noL"
Ketoeteb. -Did yoa inform Mr. Gibaon that
mere were regulations such as those of ISM r'
Me. l-axoK. m I did tell him there were such
Ketohteu. M Did Mr Gibson seem to know of
their existence V
Mc Fbxston.--"No! As to my presence at the
ui-A-iuiK vi iu uoara 1 wouia state, lurtlier -ua
returning home that day (May 12th I received
from Mr. Gibson a communication, written with
his hand, dated May 11th informing me that my
resignation had been accepted. So that in fact I
was not Attorney General when muted to attend
tue meeting 01 me uoaru, ana JUr. tiibson knew
it, though he did not inform me till afterwards."
in the language of oar cor. tempo r&xy " the re
porter tnanitea me gentleman for his kindness
and then withdrew, cogitating on the Yallibilitv of
Popes, Primates, Premiers and Presidents.
Troubles of a Tenor.
The chief tenor singer and delineator of "female
character at the Chinee theatre In thi ntr. Mr
Ah Chuck, and who receives a salary or Xw for
six months services, (not f 7000 per year as errone
ouslv stated in other papers) has been the recipi
ent lately, of several scurrilous anonymous letters
which had the effect of souring his disposition and
arousing his ire, and he swore vengeance on the
l"-i iKuawt ia. uv 0 c ut-muftn. mm.
On tho afternoon of the ICth inst a Chinese lad
called and presented Ah Chuck with a letter in
the well known obnoxious hand-wntin!?. Ah thnrV
immediately pounced upon the unlucky messenger
iuiu wim vue ilssiswmicb ui a iuiow actor, An HOOK,
committed a most savage assault inflicting inju
ries on the boy which, at first, were deemed would
result fatally. In the evening Capt Mehrtena was
informed that the boy was in a dying condition.
And he immediately posted off to the theatre and
arrented Ah Chuck And Ah Hook. On the 17th
tust the two actcrs were brought before Judge
Wilcox, snd the boy not being Able to appear, they
were remanded nntil this morning for trial; Lau
bsir g Hied at $100 eac which was quickly f urnLhed.
In tne meantime steps were taken to disMTfT the
writer of the missives. And he was found in the
person of a half-craxT Chinese named Ah Yaackf
Special $Jotittst
FURNISHED ROOMSN'est aadco-rUy Fur
iiUIi-mI Room csn be bid bran early tppllratlon at
(1.-.. NO. 4 GAItDEN LANE.
American Waltham Watches
A-ruW Twv Uold Med-lt. The only meditc snsrd-
1 Tui W-tclie. Melboarue Intcmitloml EmibltloD
Throiil) Gold Medal; alvo, three tpccUl and four
firiI pnxe, Sydney, HfT.
Thr Gold Medal, Paris, Four First I'riae Med
l. I'hiUJclpbla, lb'6.
Tbr ntrqaalrd soccers of there Celebrated Watches
jiMHlacrd a host of northlcis Imttatiom. Bayers
will olt-srrrp Hip Trade Mirk. "Waltham, Mzt.,
graved oifllie plate of all Grnnlnc Waltham Watches.
Gold cases are FUmpcd A. W. Co., 19k... or Ilk.,; and
are f laiui't-u America n iicu company,
j' -
" eF01t SAN PEANC1SC0.
The American Uarkentlne
fS. "isajsiN-o-Et-ir,"
Will have Quick Dispatch for aboTe Port
For Tn leht and Itutct Arp'J '
H 11 11ACKFKU1 .rrni'.
"We Desire to Call the Attcntionof
the Public to tho
or our
Oceanic Steamship Comp'y
Mariposa, sia
11UWAKD, Loramander.
U llUrriTe it thU Tort on September 3rd, and mm Mil
for San Francl-co, on w about
rAS-SENGBRS mav ll
vance by spplylnc t the
MEHCIIANDISE Intended for rfhlpment y ini line
in iw. m-r.irrt frM of tonf In the Company ew
Wareheae.anit recelpU iued for sinw- '""T""
on MerchandiM ttored in the Aarchonn. will be at
cmuerriik. . ,.,.,.. .
Acenta t. S, S.'fo,
New Goods
Are Now on Exhibition
Table Centre Piece,
in Torn not and dolil. with narian aiTMrtf r
and fhell plateau, for Bowcru and fruit , veiv richly
nrRamnttrd tn cnld This Ttlece hi taken the Klrr-t
rrlxeatali Enrtian bihibluona finer thf year I?i
Pair of Magnificent Vases
Iteirmlnced from old Sovres models, granted
to Mr. Daniell (of the well-known firm of
Messrs. IE. DanicN A Co London.)
by His Imperial Majesty Napoleon III. They are
of rose aventurine tint, surmounted with exotio
birds of most brilliant und beautiful plnmac. And
elaborately and richly finished in cold ornamenta
tion, with elegantly carved pedastals, with marblo
tops anu crimson pnni us.
A Beautiful Lino of Genuine ltronzo Goods, care
fullr selected from tho Iteht Stocks iu I'air.
among which arc somo icry superb groups of
t igurcs, .nimais. etc
A Few Veiy Pine French
Cloclis. in Bronze and
1) lT C5 1 O J S
1111; riNir
French and iklfast I .awns, of most uraceful and
dclictte patterns, ery huitablo to tuo
-sAnti nf onr lidv Customers.
Medium nnd Fancy rrint-4, in the newest designs;
Twilled Cretonnes and r-wueenr',
Turki-h Towels, of the finest quality, in all sizes;
A tine Assortment oi lAUiea anu blisses
llosierv. iu Cotton:
A Iarpo Assortment of Gents Underwear, com-
pntsinc mo rinesi raw-n ucrino unuu
shirts and Drawers. ItalbriGKan.
India Gauze, L'tA, Etc.
L I 1ST E 1ST S!
Wo hare n lirge Vnriely ol Linen, cfiniprisiufi:
90 Inch Shooting,
40 Inch Pillow Linon,
Damask Linen Cloths
t ndcnakrathepnrcoaeand(hlpmcnt of aliklndaof
ritlh and Continents) -cmkIh, except Ardent tplrll.
and ullllfshid to rnrelTe Ordrrf.it rates cilbcr free on
board si tbippia-i: port in Europe, oruclivrrra vx ulp
(tint 1th duty for hoycr'-f account) at llouoinlu. hath
Order- may be accomuanird by rrinlltancc. payable
n London or J?an KrancUco. or he n ill draw at &J dayp
tight asalnttconflrmrd credit from Honolulu Ilankrri,
or otberwijc to vail the convenience of bnyrra.
ME&n. WM. O.inWIS & CO Honolala
HON.J.S. WALKER, Hwnolala.
THE AGRA RANK, (Limited), London.
VIO lv
fctv dvtrtisttuent.
Mixed Beady for Use. Any
One Can Apply It.
Use the Pacific
IS libber Paint
San Francisco, Cal.
For b; the Importing House, of nonololn. I'ol
up ia Ii lb Un, i jr.ll. en. .nil 1 & 2 lb ti...
It irill not CHALK. TEEL or CRAWL. It I, Ma do
of tho Best.nd purost Materials,
l'ioiieer Wliitc Lead. Oxitle of Zinc,
Pure LiiKcod Oil, Uciuiine Colors
Cmblard itl. a STRONG SOLUTION of
The Best India Rubber.
WfGaaraKirtt.Uladtob A STRICTLY PURE
rL'KE KEF1NED LINSED OIL. and It la old f-b-ject
to Chemical Analria and the DIo-t Pipe Tcct.
fa Saa FiincitKo. arrives here Frrh. and ran be "ob
tained proispUr and In q nan title if wanted.
UfKrefhiw It Economical. In that the Oil In which
ItUfmnndiaDOtsoaLedtntothewoodof the parka
. and coMerj-aentlx the formation of-akiaa" la
IS- FINER (i ROUND than anr othrr In ibt MarVrt:
TIES, and Is wrthont an rquL
Itt'pTimpinSjlb.Wib.lWIbatad-r-O lb kcrit; In
12t lb and 2 lb tin pa'l, and la f mall tint from 1 to
10 tb each.
A Foil Supply U CoD'UnJj- Krpt la Stock by the
Wtolreale iIohmv in Ilonolala. to bom ire cordially
recommrnd Intending boyrr. Mannfactared only Vj
C-mrodmnr While Lnd and Man nf act aim of Mixed
rainu. Colore, Varnibr. hit- Xlnc, and Import
ers of French and Gellan Window Ula-t,
San Franeinco. California. It
from thi Ktnedon nr ton. T IE Lneaa, will
act for ne In all liiBM tranartlmia nndrr fall
J power of aHomey. GEO. LUCAS.
UVUUIU11-, "ij IBM. uqa .m
rl Wll IV lT im. . TilP Tl .
raplcy ot the Sla.ie li.si A.tZfi?'' if;
dfrel that i
3Itu c Hall .
Jherrof.for three con-wUve wV, t...lnW-3,
Gairtte ncwopaper ' ," nr
'n.l1ln-AM i. .
AIHoUnt Hair. Ilonnlnti. Km t. .i". "?' ttmJZ
CTwlltorf to ipprar and prove raid cSm 4
ny Order of thcCoort.
have their namea booked In ad-
office orinejisenr
;in Lady Lampson,
Will have Quick Dispatch for the above Port
For frelRht or putlfffi apply 10
n V BREWER ijrOAsrntl,
Will have Quick Dispatch for above port.
For frriubt or paepts ipplj lo
Sre W.M O. IUWIN.tCo.. Aernt,
It ATE IS , Commander.
Will Sail From
Friday.. ..AnslT.alMpmt
Satarday Jnl) TnVrilnrwUjr - -2-
-.. a .w .in .1H SsiuMt.. SrM
Satnrday...-' .Jljf WlofIV jfi
WrdneMlay AnS SjSatorday bcptSS
Satnrday Aug li
.ititm: at it.tiit
.Inl-H -tfiamlTLtirsdiT A Off 3". at 6 m
..Inlyl9, atftarahnndaT - .SrptS. t m
i-it at it a nt Thnrmlav. . Sfnt . at (t s m
a.atna tn.bnndaj ..Septa, attain
. Ann It, at o a nt
Sunday .
July UlThnifdaj
.July SI MoncLiT....
.Ana S! Thursday.
..Adr It' Monday
...Stpt U
Friday Jnly M Jrlday
Tuesday July SI i Tuesday. - -
Friday And 31 Friday. -
Tuvfday Aiiff II (Tneadiy
Altl.l-tJMl AT IIO.NOMII.H i
.July It Naturda .
. July 25 Wednefdiy
. .An? 4 Salnrday...
. AojtJ Wtpdneeday
Sept It
. -?rp
A u-35
Mrpt 3
.Sept 26
Stmr. C. R. BISHOP
CAMERON tmoiandrr.
I.c;ivi'h Honolulu on .Homl.lji fur Knna
ItFtnrnliiz, Louies Kauai Krnl.i).
MrDONALI). Commander.
LeatpH Honolulu on Tliurila,- for Kttna
lErtiirntuir Loinr- Kana! on Tne(l.i)v
cr OFFICE of th Company, foot of Kltanm Strtt
nrar ing i- .11 p ra n pari. Wi3U tl
t 3IAM Lit.
Tbcbo nro llio Finest that havo betn yet Imirorted
to ibis jiarket, and naro been Manmnc
tared Specially to Our Order
In Irtltud.
DF"DQ.cy Ooods.
Oar lines coobist of the followiae
Jewel Itoxes. Chandeliers, Gandelabras.
Cicar Stands. Tablo Ornaments In great variety,
Valises, lteticnlen In Itnssia and Morocco.
MaHqo and Field Glasses of the beet Loudon
Writlne Desks with rsecrtt comiartiueut,
Ho-aer vases, Paper Knives And Weichts,
Fancv IiiksUnda. Fancy Tables.
Ladies llags and llaskcts of all patterns, beau-
uinuy iinca in finn anu naun,
I'hotosrapU Fnunos, in Flash and Leather.
Embroidered, Lacc-Foather and Kicbly Hand
A very large iutoice of Marcos Ward A Oo's
Celebrated Portrait Albums
Specially in an -fact mod for this market to contain
'Iheso Albania Lcioff the finest ever vet imported
iMHRuoin, are wen wormy oi insitoction.
A Fine Assortment of
Music Boxes,
Picnic Baskets,
Flower Bowls,
Dnplcx Ianij)3. Sec
We bee I mvite inspection of onr very fine
assortment Of Stationirr. in fanrv Iititm. mnl.in.
ior the finest Note and Letter Paper, suitable for
Inter-island and Foreign correspondence ; each
packet containing Envelopes and paper to match.
Cai'pots, JFt-Txgrs, Etc.
We are now showing a very fine assortment of
the very Latest Styles and Patterns, in Brussels,
Axrainster. etc
-A UrKO rarietj of tho very Choicest Article! of
China and Glassware of the most Tarial descrip
tion! as follows :
Dinner and
Tea Sets,
Mvamrr Llkrllke mil ct Honolulu eath Tucuday
i r. m loacnmE ai -uanaina, aiaaiara nay, Jianena,
Mahukoni. Katvaltiar. LacnahtichM and Illlu
Ketunilni: will touch at all the above port-i, arn-rlnjc
ti-yo rrlll ir lni.n-a:r Mncy
tnrll1rTv rsfnia In AMti uMnala Pamii
and -we particularly Call the attention to the traveling
ptbllc to the nrcesvlty of baring Itanraeeand Frclsht
plainly marked, the Mrararr will not berciponsible
for anynniuarked Itacsase, or for Freight or IreelA
Freight Mono Dae on Demand.
In all cares or freiztt fortnrtlri.it reanoniiblr
unknown, the freight money -Kill be due in adranee.
IMCKA4iN of I.K.CnitS nntl UI51.S Jl 1 NT
For the parly whom they are for, or plainly Matci
the receipt to whom they ar conti-nrd.
All demands for damage or loss must be made within
In no way liable for Ion or accident! to live stock.
fl-Hack PrlTfrt, Hoy a, and fdcli like, will not b
llo-nedon loard the httameron arrit-l. nntl) after the
pa-nrnjrerf navte own lantird.
For San Francisco.
Till; M'M .Mim Ml.-iJIIIIll
((lit It, I'oiitmniitlrr.
On or about Monday Ang. 27.
nn; sii.i:mmi nri:A)isiin-
I A t. It Tl .1 .1 , l UjinA X II til.
On or about September 2d, 1883,
For Fre'Kbt and raasaf r, ftpHr In
Wile II IIACICFKLtisttO .Ac-nta.;
jMMl-i lor .-Hnipnieiii itrr Mrmutr tmii hom
be fitoretl. Free ol linrirr. In l he I lrerooi
The Agtuta here arc now prepare.! to
Inp Tickets to San Fraiirhco.mil lUliirn
FOR 8l2."i THE KOUMl Tit IF.
Established 1840.
Two bailings Every Week
roit i.ivr.itiMioi,
From -NVw I'ork every Wcdnesituv.
From Uoslon every Sxlurd, iy
StO, nntl 91011 4. fit
nbl ii..--
Arcordins to Accommodation
Wieemge t'urr-riiry
lioodecommodatlrmi can alwaya W Mcared onao.
(A U-ltlf Itlu 'lllllAVT. a. f . m"
,... T.... an Francfteo
af Ao bb-d.HLn,
OT State Sim-t, Cotton.
VERS OX II. imon-K Jt f-n
4 Bowline Ureen, Nw Vork
Nntlee to l'lifcnrfn from Anal rail V-w 7.i..
mud HonoluluThe CnnardLlBcaSonlamniT than uauaj
facilities to tbrou-h pas---n from Trant I'aclflc
Khi' t freqaewy t ft -alircst pretlndlnx atl j-o-.l.
rT"Uood aceommod-uioni alwaya re-errrd
T i nowllnztireea. New York
WaUele. ,? M.lolo
waloll. Jnlla
Walehn. tflKK Walmaln.
Gan. Slrcel s&Si, Kalrma.
and Mam,
rlU-Ka llh WML Ban. OBce -Co..r oil).
aoiXaaano Street..
Administrator Wottct.
u.MJKiiSiGXEI) ii
araln.l the ..Id tuu , ti 'mni Tia,
thentie.tM,wltlila .UairotaTfrerJ M. S."
I AX 1. p. KANOA
imlal.tnttnrof the E.ut. ot l.ue ic" 11. j
Mnmala. KaaalAinniVnS K a,,,Jt
Aimnistrator'! HotiM. "
'Pill. l-TfHKnsiGXvn u,,
XVMnai.polatM ailnlaUtr.tor of a, imaiivP
Kl.oa. late of .Mit.w.o. drr. v. 1
nlxen to all perron, hi.lur cUln. aiatirt i"-!
rsiaie. 10 pTr.en. me un. Hal; aotneaticateAim?
proper roacherr. betber .reared by reorii.S'2.'''
I.e. lo tb. aailmlmn! llbta .UaiiltKS?
.i.i.hMA. th..nik.A.MU i--tai rn.
ion. Indebted to tbe Mill e.ute an aouird I,? "
mmtniaie nartneat to lb. .m( . .
V..hnni.nn Mn.1 lt.n.1.1. ml raW
late berrof. or the. xlll be forrm UrreJ. .Ij?i
.to lb. aaderdraed a
uonoinia. .ncp.t ... iyM.
Mortgagees' Notice of Intention torDrteW
1 thatpurananttoa po-r ot U, tonui.i
by E. It. Mikalcmi of Ilonolala, Oakiuto T 1
wrtcht of the same place, of record 1 tht tfflct J
1U1 and AM and for tb br-raeh or
mortice deed contalnrd that alla-ad tnnLMfv,5'?
tenemenla and brredlumtfnta lu laid bwJ,'t
contained and deaenbed will after thfc tint imtbTT:
law le tftUl at pnbltc aactlon oa accoaat of th? wa
of th rondltlona a tentabeforc nenUontd.
The propOTT in oald mortrase de-KTib-d
uatf at Kankahokia. Kapalama. Uonotalu atiTn72
more particularly deccribed 4a EotHit-i(
Knlrana UelaT6.M and conululas aa Itta tk i
acre, and alo the prpperty iltaatt at ntd Kaiw!
and more partlcnlarly deacribed (a RTfi) pitZTv1
Kuteina Heln tlM and contalsnt m Irrl Sih.
erw. A. J. caIitoriciit'
irreir Drown, Atfy forMortnL.
Daietl 1 lonolnla. ABgnttth.l-a. R
Mort-?a gees' Notice of Intention to rortclatt
X" K s IIKH1.HY t-l-E.XTIl VTrr.
inant to a nower uf sail rm.tlatt i. .
mortsare dc! dated tembrr isth. 15.A aiTV
Hflrsa llalalnkahl and KapaU hrr hBtband HtnJL
tain, Iiland of Oaba, toThomaa Cammlat of tlt n
plactf. of record In the ofllce of tb Resiitni rJ?
ance a. tn l.ibrr !". on pas 4, i and t and foe WitiL
the condition In ald mortxase deed conUlafd tiu?!
and rlBnlar the landa, lencmcntt and hrrftiTh.T.
In aaid mortae drrd contain nt and demiwr
after the time limited by law, be told atpablie urtw
on account of the breach ot the condition ukniS
befOro mentioned.
The Property la aaid mortjifft dcjcribrd bda.
ateathcwaloand Anwalotlmn, la Ilonolala atny
and more particularly de-cribed In llOya) pufatta
ir.i, Ku loana llela UJUand conUlnlnC aa am
Cecil ItrowB. Atfy. for itrnvei,
Datrtl llooolnla. A 0,011 glh. IMP. "t
Marshals' Sale.
i n viutlm; ov a avieitof ke.
1 Cl'TION lftuid from the Sacr-mc r--t.
KinrtomacaIn-LY MN XOl In faror of tn ir
NAN rortheinmor $1 l.57-luuthi. (Serratm til
dred and beventy Four and Firty-Seten tnu; I Z
levied npou and thall expose for ial at Ita'cWk IZ
at Alttolanl Hale, on
all thf 'rlzht. title and Intrrrat or the said tj sti Si
In the Ann of K onr Hop Wal Co., Mtaaled la Of 9
trlct of Kanrohe. Koolan.i tUnd of Oaho. the ua In,
AIo,all his right tltl" and lntemt fa to. a a
follow I n; Lcaea ot Lands nsed for said rUBUikm.ni
(1 Laa from Hnllhee. dated April -SDd,n,
Aitina 1 of lto-ral Patent 1SK. lera.-ati) trv-a N
lit. at $11 per annum. Recorded liber O, Uf
(? Lease from E. 1. Ilallhce. dated Jute luti, M
rSV Lrane frum P.. V itntihe or Rnral Vimi n t
mdatetl February 13lh, I3T7. Term - yean tM
March 1st, 1373, at $-0 per anu urn, with privtle-n u
year more, snbject to the aboTenrrms and eracasu.
llVLeaee from E. r. Hnlihre . dated April 13U, ML
(3-Lease from Kaanwaealna of A pan a 3 at Kilt
fflll. Terms 10 Trar- from May lit, 13 at -13 m
annum, and recotuea liber W, folio 4M.
-T6V Leie from J K. Kaollknnf Knlnna !... u
November 1 Ith, 1S.7. Ttrma-10 years from Xvmn
lt,lTT. at $10 per annnm, and recorded llbrriLMi
(T Lease from C.Cj Harris of I 3-IOacRs.lwlit
portion of Ulalna of Keaahata, Kanrohe. daied X
iliL I7T. Term-10 yeara from May It, 1577 ltd it
corded liber 4 . folio til.
S)-Lcafl from J. W, Kauuana ot Royal ratntSBL
dated April SM, fTS. Terms 3 jtara from April 14,
1877, at J15 per annum, recorded liber 6J, folio In.
(9-Lea e from E. V. Makaualnof Apana1.f Imi
latf nt SGS, ( patches) dateil October Slat, 1I7B.T(tbi
3 years from January 1st, fO. at ill per aetia. n
corded liber 65, folio
(10 Lease from Nahlna. dated May IWth, 11.
m Iaso from Malama, dated May 9lh, IS9L
itSK U-aso from Ah Lnl, dated March Slit, trv.
(l.l)Lraie from Kananrha Kanlaa, dated DotmVi
$79. Terms ID years from January 1st, iHup
per annum, and recorded liber 83, foJio Wi,
U fwrasr irim nui, Aanuniliraiw esUIfl Ct 4
ivaauapa, uiieu ovemner, isu.
(13) -Lease from Ah Lolan, dated Jansary Slit, ft.
!-Leaso from Lalo KalaUlnaof Royal raUil 3St.
dated April Stb, 1377, at 13 per anuan, with irtitlert
of 3 years more snbjeet to tho aama terns ana toa-L
Hons, and recorded liber K. folio M
1JV Lease from J. Kimana of A nana S of
Patent ISU4. dated April 2ih. 1377. Ttrms-3 jm
from January lst,U7at 10 per aaaum, and rernrtw
liber 63, folhn IK 3. with the prlvllecc of 3 yean Mc
npon the same terms and condition.
(1-) Leae from Kaanwaealna of Kalcana SHI, Lid
uciooer i?. 8, icrnis a years from Jiaurrlit
ISt, at a per annum, with privlle- ol 5 yean mm
xtixtn the same terms and conditions, aad rcror-M la
liber 63, folio t!3.
13)-Leaae from W. Jackson, dated Jaaaary IKk
17. for 3 years, at iJ per month, with priitlesa ti
years inore, npon tte same tenna and condltla,ii
recorded liber . folios tT2-3.
g)) Lease from Kaueahea. dated bepteaber L
iBTt, for Ave years, at $-3 per annum, with prlvilet t!
3 year more, npon the same tenna and condttloas, ia
recorded to liber 64, folloa -2t9.
(SD-Lease from Anadirea, dated November 15, BT
Leaie from J. K. Kaala, dated October Ith, BT
(S-Leae from Keklpl, dated November Itia. 1PI
5 1-La from Kahoopal and Kuumoa.
(25) Lease from Knpa and Krkoe. dated "at.tV
25th, 1S7S.
And also, all houses erected on said bud and stW
Improvements. Ail cattle and stock of every 114 ul
also, all crowing eropa that may t on aald lands atlat
date or sale. The sam beln-c abject to a ctT-ui
mortsare to the Kwong Man Yuen Co., for th ita af
J4,aw (Twenty-Sir Ilandred Dollars), unless talJ Jsip
ment. Interest and eipen-es if sale are- pmltQ
aatUlled. W C FARKE, MaraU.
Ilonolnla, AngnstDth. 90. . xa
waiian IhLANDS. In tha matter of the Euk
mptcyof UOON KEE, aliaa A 1 It' N A, of 1Uui.I--mI
ofManl. Before Mr. Juttlce Aastla. Order of kean-f
on naeftion of alle-ed hankrnptcy.
Whereas an order has this day been tssned to Ike Jr
shaltotakep-M-iession of the property of WooaKc
alias Ahuna,of liana. Maul, and to pat Us toaaflJI
houses, store bouses, effects, booka and papers asitv
lock and seal, ou the petition f . Srllz aaiJ.f
Hackteld, allrsin; the aaid Wooa Kca allu Aataata
be their debtor to tfatf amount ot ovcreae Umm
dollars, and praying that for certain statutory raioa
In said petition namei he be adjudzed a baalrspt.
Now. therefore It U ordered that 14 SCt ef
THURSDAY morain-.the S34 day ot Aunt A. R
18K3. at Chamber, at Alllotant Hale, before Ur JuUm.
AnMln.be tha time and (lace for hearlvz thi n-i
petition and deciding the question of baaknW
nld Woon Kee alias Abana If disputed. aa tkt
notice hereof be ctven by puhlUhUj this erdabc
three iBccessl-te week in the Hawa-tux Gutm
new-paper, -and that a copy hereof and of aal-i petitioa
be served on said Woon Kee alias Ahsna with a iua
mona to attend at aald heartke
Wltntsa nr hand and the seal of the Supreme Csvt
at said Honolulu this Tih day of Antra) A. V. VM.
A. F. JL'DO. ,
Attest Chief Justice of the Seprent Csait
Htsur 8mi,Dcputy Clark.
LNIlS. In Prntu,!. laUad W
Oahn, Hawaiian Island-r, ts
In the matter of the Estate of HENRY
late of Ilonolala. deceaacd. Order apbolatlBjftlBC
probate of Will and dlreetUj publication of aoti
the same
A document purportlnc to be the latt Will aad tna
menl of Henry 8. fewtston, deceased, havlat ea U
day or An suit. A. I. 1W3, been p tries ud to said fr
bate Court, and a petition for the probate thete-LaH
for the Issuance of letters tetUmentary to JokaB.
Drown, W. lu Seal tod Henry S. win too. harli-f
filed by John H. Brown
It Is hereby ordered that THURSDAY the TA 47
AuBtt, A. Ii. Ira, t 0 o'clock a. m.. ef said
the Conrt Room of aald Contt. at Alllolaat Ilale
Honolala be. and the same Is, here by appointed u
tlmt for provtnz said 111 and heartaa said appiixat!
when and where any person laterestetl nur appear aw
contrat the said Will, and the rantlnjr of letters testa
mentary It Is farther orderid, that notice thereof be rftfi B
publication for three snccesslxr wc-cka la the flaaiia
uaietle. abd Kuokoa. newspapers prtated aa fY
llsbed In HonotttlB.
Dted Ilonolala. II. I . Aurust 3d. 1S83.
A. F. JCHl,
Allrrt. Chief Jastlce Saprema l aart
HaXKT Smith. Depaty Clerk. tW 3
kJ WAIIAN ISLKNDb. In Probate.
Adrainittratrix'i Notice.
been appoiatrd Admhilatritrix of U lautt t
Lit SIMPSON Utff Kfttna Kau!. deceaMS,
testate; notice Is hereby slvrn to all pen
JV. T n? O H. JT 33 "ST AT X AW,
3- Honotttla. H I. ' 1-
DLltIX; MY AHSKXt-r. ninu
Ibl. Klasdom 31, II p.c, .1,1 aet for tne aaie. fill
uo.o..?A5u!?s.,.,,,, J-"T"i'E,ig7,
claims aainst the aame. to present sach cUlB4itf
na-uriiiira.ra wiia ine Tout tiers iDrrrior ----
the BBderstrn-nl at the law ofllte at W. R. Cast.' a
HoboIbU within aU month from tha date hereof.
they will be forrr.r barred . all persons owlM w
tate are reunemrd to make Immediate payBKatstuff'
Ditd Honolulu. Jaly Cth.
y-7 It AdmlaUtritrtx EaUta A. 8ia?.
1- the Hawaiian Klntrdom. ... ,
KALAKAUA. by the Urac of to.I of th II"-
Islands. Kpro. . .
ToUILLIAMC l'AKKE.Esq. ManhalolthfiB?
dom, or Hta Deputy, UitntKu; ,,IM
Yoo are hereby commanded to tna'B.-B
FRIEL BROWN. Defendant la case he "WJ
written aaawcr within twenty days after ter i
to be and appear before the &eprem Coert at tW
Term thereof, to be bolden al the Coert S .af
Court House. Ilonolala, la the Island of Osia. "
MONDAY, the aidavof Jaly box. at Wa iU
to show -MUsewhytho-aalmofNlEKAEIIA"
FUlntifl- ahonhl not be awarded her pwMnl
tenor of her annexed petition.
And have y- then there thla Writ, wUh fall
"''"''rriTfi". a. rnsan rro
I bealoftb. ICblef Ja.tlcoof ftaroayreaM";"
I rtupremeL'onrtlat llonol.lo. III. txk W"-
A.I1.I5K1. . . .
Iluarr Sirra. Depafjt -It
Dae aad dilljeat uarcb tatla: e ud ' !
Itbla n.tlo.ed VlUUn Kriel Ennra i "
lo.oe foaad In tbla Klnjdom. .... tra
I do Lerebr retara tb .ssiBiooa aot .ervd -
daj of Jaae. A. D. 1-Wl ,
(Slrraed) W. C
Ilavailaa I.Iaadf.1
I.taod of D.i. J . . ,
I bereb. eertlfr tbat the wllbla and tvrtm -true
and taltbfol copy ot tie Urliiaal "i 5
lo Ibe libel for dlTorre, Aaal EtUt .". ul
Frlel Browa. and alio of Ha. Mir.tI". rrtr. J
Coart,atlb.JolrTeTiUlertf.A.I. C3- .-"Vc
lb. uie coatlnved u the next October let f. y
aad that la the meantime, a. angled ropT"
Bnmmon, be printed a. pre.rrHed Ij ta lTrTa
qalrlos th. revpoadeot to anawrt at ..id Oaa
i Seal of th l.rt -j hiod and 1 ,,
'S,premUortfprtm.Cmirt at Iloajlal. '
i.T of J.It. A. U. I"SL .
nSSKT silTU, Dtll ffTr
vx ct Actni--"

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