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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, August 22, 1883, Image 3

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rrk the rlmllnrtp At U(t Writ lap ttill beitnj; Dnllrti
t;. Th adretit or the C 8 h reaaco)a villi probably
brlrtalen tnsde, locally, tn retail line-, a rt-artlon
rases rdrd by '1" proprietor of oar nuinrroar retail
ub.fehinenl. l ommeirlnny, bo-lne.t It very Bat;
i (id el movement in our tuple prud-.ru tendlnc to
tk Time ban; heavy on oar roercbaBt hioid.
ruirlnr the crV !.. Ibe trade tale of mltH.ellanoaa
--1- Mwr- II IlacLfrld Ito, orcopicd the altcn
a iarrr ttamberof Chine, who Vowfat falrlv
an-i paid aatttfactory price. XirttnitTt & Co
i,,,' siMb5rptIfilakrrranHantefpoodt,a.-
-ib. thr prnrral public an opportntiitjtotoyef their
tock "( jrood-, tae". trimming, rtr, at rmniieratire
in r
The arrival for thr conetet of the US! Penea-
tU. from lallao. and thr tern Lena Dmitry from
tlamboldt, with lumber Thr drpartarrt, wero the Em
-raid nd l.err, for fort Townteod, In ballaat, acd
tv Otwrry, with a light cai o of dowr-tlc prodnet..
- an FnnOico.
! try of New York U dar from the 4 oTonlra n
the 21 tb IBM and the Narlpofa and Anclralia will ha
both dnc from Ma Fnncto on thr Sd prox
A-.. !' 1 t Pttaco4. Erbrii from C'allau
KX 1 Am bktae PlKorrn IVrrinian. for I
Ara bt, Etnt raid, for I'on Tovtirrnd
Veaela in Port.
I S b I-toraiola. Erbeii
Ad lk fcrvi-rt . Hindt-
An trrn Lena few mm-v
rr bk Canopat, chnatm i r
Atabktnr WUlMmund IIon.it. (
Ambk Ilrtper. ICyd. r
fir bit Lad) LamptoT. IIii-i
Am bk Etelnnn Jcnk-
For Mn Franc) two prr Dlprorrry. As;
ropar.StSI pkr nr
pkr rffrct
domreUc ali
Kor W"lsdard I'ortf . prr Ubelilr. Anc 15Col Clan
Sprrckrli and family. Mrc lint-lit, Capt Jarkf-on. B Lee
F U bltney, J IXracon. !n t Ieacon, II Carr, ! tirrpo
my. Xn totbrf, CMrorhlrm, V Ikrarn. Air J Lfley,
IVhbAnrae, A Lons. O fecbaarW, )I Ilatdwln. II Net
irr J Wllliamt, 11 Lrnu
Vor Kaoat, prr Ikrr,Auffi: -lien 11 M Mbimry.O
JhoItx, J UranU 31 lea Johnwn.
For an Franclfco, prr Diovrrr. Ann K R Tllant'
M Mcbolf J Frank.
For 31 at and Hawaii, per Inalant. Anc 17-11 K II
IHoccea Ukrlike. II R II Piintean KainlaLi, 11 r C T
WardandTchlldrrs. Mif Itamrr. Mr J W ItnbertMn,
A TJltklnMn, wn and daughter C bylra. W (iifljnl.
Jl HctCroKtc K A Bislinbn, l'arkrr Cumtnino.
From Maol and Molokal.prr Lebna, Ac? 17 G Farl
From Kaoal, prrC RT'ltbop Anc 1 J W Koloa and
wife Mf Kahlbaom, Mi Menk F lUchtrr. Hon K
Tkr it WAlapai, h W Wilroa 11 Ktrr and wife.
Mr Andrena, Arrbbanm E Conact.
From Kabnlnl. prr Kllanra Hod, A tic I-Nr Tot
man. Coast Mrlrkland. A II I onrtnrv Edmund, L
Akana, V It feral. C JIopp I! W ICawainni and wife.
From TTlndward I'ortn. prt Likrllkr. Anc 19 E B
IVck. C Wakrman. C Enlbrrs. W H M ood, ilf '
Anvtln, lion It strrlln?. -Vif moIz. J A ilioon. J A
i onr t ljt9tr, W II Aldnch, Itrr h Gmtry, J K Ka
Main&t h IeIrrnr. W Rnal, II Darby. lUrv C Damon
and wifr, t V IIatlnp. t It bcarboronj;h, J F Drown.
LAThnrrlou D McKrazir. Dr F It Endrr. A IIarnr,
LobrnMrln. 1 Uornrr jr. J J Dronn. MiefW
Ladd, St In- kraloba, Mr ' Mi'ton
ForMolokai i-.t Mokoin, Au.' 1 Dr Of-o L Fitch.
For Lahatnl. prr KUauaa lion. Au3iMic L Kin
nry. Hon J W kalna, wifr and tx , I' McCnfhn Ka
nonoloa and wllr
For Maul and Jlolokai. pi r U tiua An,: J- J I. K
wife and POH, J t Garrrtt, J drunwald.
For Kauai, prr I It Dibop. Anc SJ-IIow II Kur
and wifr fc E Conrad Carrou. J W Alapai, Mif I.
Kahelanasna. Mm L hepkr. Ikfrch-rrink V V
Ilornrr Jt. AJhrvrrill
In thlt- ctty on i
Kaalnn a tot-
Ifith lnit, to ItH Wlf( of J F.
KAWAINt'I-EDMONN At Eart Mam Mminanr
AamftlTlh imb 11 T ll Ituur Demaxin "
KawAlsn of Ilonolnlu i Mi IIecket E EiioNr of
Malta to Man
DI SN -At IIllo Hawaii on Urdi-dar Anc I'tb
afirrallrrrrirplUtts, ili Maj in n
LISIIMAN A( Maikiki uakn Utt. it
T'iLLlAS ItokEBT Infant poii if Wil'iatti -n.i M.inn
litbman, ard - moulbi and ." day
Honololu Stock and Bond Exchange.
Sr-talon, Monday. Anc. 20th. 1SS3.
I I' ... "
Sneavr Stoclta:
Haiku bnrar Co
Kobala frocar C-o
ThrrrtLrrilJe Plant Co.
Haw Arriculttiral Co..
Makrc boar Co.....
V atmanalo bnrar Co.
Honokaa t-orar Co
(J i w prr rbarc paid npt
The Koloa fencar to.. .
Ookalafrn-ar Co.
Walhre fenar Co J
racfit Sucz Mill ... .
Kllanca fenirar Co. ..
Ultra hasiT Co
tirove Ranch Co
Walanae Co
Lntn MID Co
T3U per ibart paid up)
Mar Mill Co
Eaat Mant PUirutlon Co.
Onomta bnirar Co ...
Paokaa So-ar Co
Itedprodty frarar Co....
Ianahoebor fenrar Co...
Hamakna Mill Co.. .. ..
Uaikapa bnrarCo
iiaiava nj:arLo. .
Uonomaoxar Co j
Railroad Stocka: '
Hawaiian RR Co
Kahslai JUllroad Co
Telephone Stock:
Haw Bell Triph Co
Haw Trlrp Co. (Maui)
kanal Telephone Co
HlloiIIitiiT ATCo..
Jtfiacellavneona Stock
Honolcln Inm Wkt Co...
C Brewer A Comrntlle..
Inter laland b. X. Co
F.art Manl Mock Co rncL.;
E U Hall A bon.- (Um'td.l
tUAiU3 tJoTEn-mtsET-15
prr cmt Pond I
6 ' free f m iim Tax 1
9 " ' Onomra Dond.
T " " IUwn Arr-ito 1
i abarr Koloa bocar Co. . 17i
: tharra Mar Mill Co.a
rA.De?.?on,SreJlidewalk now orntBnt ib-
r 1.'femCTC'.v"'JWi& due Lerp
The Musical lU!l Mociation hat ben declared
BHwiHicww a col very merry one
The police Mem to hare forRotton that there is
re.rJ of 100 offered for Hron. Whs not
The Mrmnii
iatbwOTeiacommended'tathe carefol i?53
of Oazettb readers.
Hon. J. H. Walker and the Minister of Finance
were appointed ns members of the Hoard of Edu
cation, on the 15th insL
The time was trulv "out of mhi" m ,,.
ernmenl boildind in the 15th lnht., the hands on
The Honsehold Troops and members of the
InnccsOa-n and Kinga Guard have been drilled
id tarcct practice daring the put week.
The Hanoi al a dAnMnn rinh hni n,;.. ...
terFrflchorean porposes at the residence of Utu
""j " va me eTenmc 01 me lwh tnst.
The Hteamer ilolvlu tnnk- tmtiine,i,.i.AK..,1
rle afflicted with leprosy, to Molokai from the
Itranch Hoepital in this city, on the creams of
the 18th lntL
The Ker J. K I-nH rh.; - .. - K
Flagship VWd, will preach at the moraine
w-mee at bL Andrews Cathedral on Sunday next,
fxmce commencee at 11 a, m.
The storm prevalent, on th iiih ine an.i .t,a
threatenmo asDect of th ... inth v.
deumed the UlhL from her refinlar sailing day
until the afternoon nf th lr.th
A Chmaman. who haabcen in th. iiu.
;al traffic cf liquor, eellinj; without a licen.se, was
capmivu ou ine iytn mst., and on the LWlh. JoJce
.aw uui.u U11U T-'"-' 1UU
1U.1l-M lfifli ITnnAlninr. V.lI.r-.II
17; Kakiacka, 11. Kakiacks bo disgusted that thev
chance their name to "Amity," and will play the
Tictors another game next Saturday.
Ibe Kohala buirar ComnanT have cWArJf th
annual diridend, payable on tbe25tb met, this
time of -27 pr share. Since 1874 this corporation
una uui jt tuuttivu OH RI1UUJU UlTIUenO.
The ischooxier .Vrr 'ou. remarkable on aoeonnt
of being thb first vessel in the coasting trade owned
bv Chinese, has been reehnstened and aim it nns
called the "Jtainbow" and is owned by Tortupiese.
The social riven bv Alisn Ur(7 Uet Fndav
tTeninR, at the Kindergarten school on Nunaun
street, was quite enjoyable and the programme of
exercises gone throngh, entertained a large audi
The absent Hand is often thoocht of dnrinpth
prcTailing pleasant moonlight evenings and the
stillness in Emma Square, is remarked by those
who were wont to be present at the afternoon
Emma street is now being sornlied with lareer
water dupply pipes; the three inch supply pines on
the Ewa side having been taken up, and their
place supplied with six inch ones. A much needed
ASrnmor is current that the Premier is mnch
displeased with one of the editorials published in
the Jlairttu Pat Atnajxx its last issue, and the pros
pects seem good for another libel suit. It is well
known who will win.
A new arrival m the shape of a sloon boat
brought to port on the Lena Sirasey, is attracting
the attention of captains in the "mosquito fleet,"
the newcomer's record being reported to be quite
good, both " on and ofP the wind
Mr. P. C.Jones. Jr.. continues his self imnoscd
task of teachiuc book-keeninc Lo-vomu? men antl
boys at the rooms of the V. M. C. A. This gentle
man illustrates in a practical manner nis desire to
asfi-t the young men in this community.
On the fourth race of this issue will be found.
in foil, the address given bv Mrs Hash llastie. on
the subject of Temperance, at the Y. M. C A. ball
an me evening oi me lain insi ; it is wen wortb
ienisal by not only temperate bat also mtemrt-
erate people.
leaders of the BensAtionaUrrW tir are treated
in this ibsue of the Uiutte, to an rw of the
manner in which they are imported upon by the
plagarized matter which appears m the columns
of that er.-paper. Wonder if the "Dreamy Drug
wan "suggesiear -
On Sunday last the Sacrament of llolv Hantism
was ndmimsUred to an adult Chinamnn. b the
Kev. G. Wallace at fit. Andrew's nro-Catbodral.
The candidate is a merchant of Sydney, N. S. W.,
and itt on his way to the Coast whence lie proposes
to return to Sydney.
The credit sale which Messrs. UackTeld A: Co..
ordered to take place during the past week has
been quite successful, the entire amount of goods
sold being in close proximity to $70,000. The
attendance has been fair and the prices obtained
were regarded as good.
As the IMtitkt was naRsim? the bell buov of thi
port last Wednesday afternoon, she was hailed by
the incoming II'. . Heed, but not stopping, the
jcted was put about and followed after lier. Capt
King finally hove to, and supplied the information
desired, relating to a boat, by the i;?ef captain.
The luanaceinent of the Hawaiian Hotel has
again been changed and now the authority and
responsibility of 'running' the establishment is
vested in Mr. Geo. C Fawsctt who Las had ex
tended experience in the noted Palmer House in
Chicago and the Haldwin Hotel in San Francisco.
The itolice officers Akana and Akiona who were
charged some time since with conspiracy, m ac-
tned and acqaitted, hare turned the tables on the
parties who were the prosecutors in the case, the
latter now being under arrest and charged with
The politicians are commcncinc to lav their
wires already for the Legislative Session of 1P4
and a Palace attache is now canrassmg for the
Mimical Assistance of the police, ice "bhepnerd"
has an advance agent looking after recalcitrant
members of his flock.
An Opium Raid and a Plagalriftm-
On the Afternoon of the 18th tnstant Captain
Mehrtens (accompanied by an .(rfre.-rwi editor)
while taking a walk around and amongst the
;WrM of the city had his attention attracted by
the strong smell of opium prevalent, in one of the
by-ways through which he was cautiously treading
bis way. and investigating the cause, he came up
on to Chine in a room indulging in the enjoy
ment of the illicit pleasures produced by the in
halation of the forbidden drug, ltoth were taken
into custody by him and in company with pipes
and opium were conveyed to the Police Station.
On the 20th instant the two smokers, who gave
the names oi Ah Chin and Ah You were brought
before 3 udge Wilcox and remanded for trial.
In oonnection with the above event the follow
ing case of literary thieving u apparent in the
columns of the sensational v, tti , viz
From Fmt 11; From the Rati '. .
Werllw. May 12th. 1S&3. i AdrtrlMt August J0.
Describing an opium 1S83. Dehcribingan
oen in Jew i or k i opium tten in uonoiaia
City: 1 11. 1.:
A door f addenly opened. froddrnlt opctun- the
fceoe which i door, il dtMJoed a feenr
more than realized any j which more than realized
preconcrlnd idea f a Chi-1 any preconceived idea of a
arte ppiBm uen, onrumr j .ainrec opiaaiuen. nc-
Krlplioo. or a dtrardrred I drMrriptfon.or a dlrordrred
imicinaiion imactnaiion
One pale hafi of ran ,
Ilsht, rntrring thronch a eriiz or tuk o.m ti iit
amall window, dimly u
laminvd a narrow room
the walla of which were
decorated In a aeml-barba-rie
manner w itb vaaet . rul-j
orrd prtntf. mirror and Chi
nrpe lnKriptlona. Alone1
one aldr of itl apartment
extended to biuad i he
1 rt. or dirana. the upper
about rlxJcet iboit the
Coot, the lower lra than
iwofrethlrh. TL ese w rre
cAvrrrd wiih bamboo mat
tlnr. and oa Ibe aide next
to the wall rre proviiled
with alow rldre or pillow
fer upon thoe "bnL"
ihe rplnm-amokrr red i ore
3hllrt iahaHnsthc droaay
Jamea, and prrfaart vainly
oartlDS ihoe Inxnriat
Janruort of which DeQnin
cy wrote. Aprcnltar, ale
kr&tn; odor pervaded the
Asrryva haviof adapted
a tall of bine rmoke and
down Into the farther end
nfthedrn. Ther reclined
four or five yoong women,
of good aprarance,thoagh
ratbrr Aathlly drcrrd,
each holding over the oic
kerlnr Came of a lamp the
riamty. namooo opinni'
nine. All of the no-
fortBaaterrcatnrea reemed
more or Ie nndrr thr epell
of the Jntoxicatln fnmea.
Jlln'pne or to inaunter
5 the eye were eled, and
' the Cashed face wore a
Thr myttertoas rtooao, I alckenin; rnr-le of the
4k firktt-iiiririom-luir i nine an eontribnted
.the barbaric color on the 'make the acene a weird
"walla, thr tranrrllke an. . and tmrtrefalieoae. which
pranncf of thr amokm, fagclnatrd even wtile It
One rule abaft of ton
light, entrrlnz thronh a
final window, dimly il
lamlnrd a tiarrow room.
the walla of which were
decorated In a xml bar
baric manner with colored
Ttrinla and Cblnete
acriptiona Along onr rldr
oi utitapanmrnirxirnacti
a broad rhrlf. or divan
about two feet a boot thr
Boor. This waa coirrrd
with bamboo matting, and
on the lde next to the
wail waa provided a low
rldre or pillow for npou
mi oodi. me oninic
tmoker reclinea wbllt tn
halinirthe drowsv famea
A itrcnliar. alckrnlnsodor
pervaded the place
jai ryci uiTiiriuiiuiu
themarlvra to the glim
mrrin? datk. wt urrred
throuzh a tail of blue
tmokr and dowa into the
Tortbrr end or tne an
There vt-tnd two China
men both of w hom teemed
more or leaa nnder the
apell of the Intoxicating
fomca, the ryra of one
were ctoaed and hla Bathed
face wrre a vacant dreamy
mile a he felt hla war
acrosa tne room.
Th myfteriou gloom,
the filckrringoplom-lamp,
the barbaric color on thr
want, the trancrllke ap
pearance oi me inukCTt,
and the deathly atlltccaa,
.and the deathly -attitaref.
wcarvx orokrn save vraic-
thtteene awrirdandlm.
prcnlveoor, which fawi-j
DAlrd craai while It dl.
ratted the unatxntamrd
The old .Chinaman mat
trred ominoalv ma thr
artlpt began darhfaz ofl a
roagh akctch oa a piece of
looae paper; and uking
owe mart rnrrry o! the1
drn. wt went oat from th
gkartir floors aa4 reeking
atmosphere Into the row
rtranrVty-liriniant light of
diegnatrd th anaccntto-
The eld Chinaman mat'
tered omtnosklv a there-
Dortrr bee an dathlne off a
tew notea on a niece of
loor paper: ana. lacing
one more t&rvev of the
den, we went oet from the
ghaatly gloom and re-klag
atmorKierv Into thr now
tracer It brilliant light of
fnoud o3rehrr at the Mi-
tlnn House mingling araln
with that civilized half of
day. and In fire minntea the world which knows
mingling again with that!
lrUized half rthr world
w hlch k&ow noUn or coold 4
ever dream tow the othrr .
six months ago j satisfactory arrangements were
made and on the 13th the UetH sailed again f or Hilo
ice captain of the fchooner JTtttie Xtrrill. got
hiruself thoroughly "disliked "on account of his
talk and actions to the ship carpenters working on
board the vessel, on the afternoon of the 15th insU
that the workmen gathered np their tools and
" 'tB-tii reioMDg io return uniii tne
Christian, captain, would promise to "keep his
mouth fchut This be had done At last accounts
ano wora is again in progrww.
The stearoer VolrJn took fifty-one more lepers
from the Hranch Hospital on .Saturday afternoon
Is ft, bound for MolokaL This completes a total
of one hnttdred sent in the last two weeks. On
this last occasion, as well as on the former, only
ia .uajvsij iup xv.uk M presem, me great sag
gester and others of the ministry being conspicu
ous by their absence. Deputy Alanhal Davton
and steward Van Gleoon assisted the unfortunate
Ieopie in their transit from shore to steamer.
Another raid waq made on nninm imnlcrt nn
the evening ol the iVth Inst by CapUm Mehrtens
mju uis ueuienant rwanoma, tne two making a
descent on a honse on King street and capturing
two Chinese in the act of smoking the drug. Three
I'MBj qoAnmy oi eookeu opium, tne lamps, as
well as the rtnaonera wer tub on tn ( h I'nliM
Sution and on the 2lst wero brought before Jodge
Wilcox and remanded for trial This police
captain is earning his salary, what are the others
The general public who hare the time to spare
vantage than by visiting the Y. M. a A. Hall on
next Saturday evening and enjoy the pleasures of
a trip around the world, without change of cars,
fcleamhoats. loss of baggage or other of the draw
backs to which a traveller is usually subject Em
fwiqe Mrs. Hugh Hastie will describe the points
of interest. Mr. Yamdley will favor witn his
violin solos and an accomplished pianist, Miss
Otto, will regale the audience with choice
Hie tinectal nolie riflWr rrm at a ftalare rf
$IO per month is engaged solely to look after the
express wagons has been rather neglectful of his
duties lately, judging from the confusion which
now exists among carriages on the arrival of our
inte. -island steAmtrs, and also the number of
boys who are allowed to hare charere of warons.
On the ISth inst, although Wond was on duty,
Captain Mehrtens was himself compelled to arrest
three different parties for non-compliance with
express regulations
The Temperance Meetim? held m the vestrv of
the Bethel, on the evening of Saturday last, was
larg:Iy attended by both foreigners and natives,
Mr. P. C. Jones, Jr., conducted the services, and in
the course, of his remarks said, that some stringent
measures should be adopted to stay the raging
hand of king alcohol. Mr. W. S. Brash spoke in
Hawaiian, and imparted to those present, words of
encouragement to continue on in the noble and
grand cause of temperance, for they might, some
day, become shining lights in the midst of their
own race. Many sympathetic and heartfelt so i-
ments were exprcwed by the visitors.
Thieicrr from tne vessels in the harbor is again
prevalent, reports reaching this office that the !
bark IJ$,Motf, and schooners lltfprr and Ijtua j
String have all been raided on during the past
week and clothes, monev and other articles of
talne stolen therefrom. If U'e police force is
incompetent to protect the vessels from these
periodical raids of theives we would suggest to
the Marshal, or Harbor Master, that; each captain
lie contftUetl to supply a night watchman from
among the crew and thus prevent the occurrence
of acts which reflect most nncreditably on the
police force management.
'Ibe long looked for catamaran which the mem
bers of the Myrtle boat club had fashioned and
built, made its appearance in the waters of the
harbor last Saturday afternoon. The craft sailed
fairly well, for n while, but the canvas which had
been used instead of board, for covering the
sides, allowed the water to soak through and with
in two hours after launching, the catamaran was
anchored in n sinking condition off the club boat,
bouse. The boys are to be oommended for their
energy and perievcrcnce in completing the work
and it i hoped that the experience gained will aid
them to build more successfully on their next
At midnicht on the 15th inft- a wearv and foot
sore individual arrived on the corner occupied bv 1
the Pantheon and looked vainly for the usually
uuiqniious expressman, rsone in sigui ana he una
about made up his mind to craft to his lodging
when a well known Jehu come walking along ; a
conversation ensued, a two-wheeled dray standing
in the roadway was brought forward by the Jehu, '
the w and f s i got in and he was hauled to his re
sidence. '1 he Jehu explained the reason for his
action by stating that be was a member of the Hu
mane Society iwid did not wish to bo so cruel as
to wake his horse up after it had got to sleep.
The tint which allowed Mr. Atkinson the privi
lege of withdrawing from his position as principal
of Port t-treel school had no sooner been promul
gated than many of the parents who had children
under Ins charge, withdrew them also from the
school and tendered Mr. Atkinson their sympathy
and assistance if he would ebtablish a private
school. From the inducements offered, Mr. Atkin
son has decided to open a school on the 1st of
September, at the rooms formerly occupied and
known as SL Alban's College, and" pi rents who
may desire to place their children under his in
struction .are referred to Mr. Atkinson's advertise
ment which appears in another column.
On the fvrmm? of the 17th inst.. Captains Mehr
tens and Fehlbehr made a descent opou a bouse
on King street, notorious for being the headquar
ters of dealers in opium, hut failed to make any
arrests or capture any opium, the precautions
Liken by the dealers, in locating themselves be
hind strongly barred doors, being sufficient to
warn them of the officer! presence before gaining
entrance A bearch of the premises was however
made and a shoot connecting an upper story closet
with a privy vault was found to have been the
means used to facilitate tho disappearance of the
loruiaueu urug.tno scales ana otuer parapuernaua
used in the opium traffic being in plain sight but
unobtainable. The officers retired after thankim?
the proprietor for hla courteous troatment and
evidenced their intention of calling soon again.
Messrs. Dillinchain V Co.. acents for the Hark-
ness Fire Kxtinguisher Company of New York,
have laU'lv distributed a number of pamphlets
calling attention to the claims of the apparatus
and the improved Zapfle fire extinguishing com-
ponna wnicn nave Docome ceieorateu tnrougu tne
marvelous and meritorious service which they
hare rendered in extimTUishtnf; fire. One of the
chief reasons to recommend the appartus for use
wan KIN tv una tnese raacmnes are inraiuauie.
I'he list of references presented contains names of
well known houses tn New York all testifying to
ineaiuo oi me nnrkness apparaia? aau cooi-
pounu as a nre eiesiroyer.
so the captain says, but that there are from three
to four of the crew thrown on board at the last
moment dead drunt.
Wailakn mill is having two more boilers g;t on
the J arris Patent plan, Mr. Itailey considers
them a success and is perfectly satisfied with their
performance; next season there will be three in
operation on this plantation.
The road between Maalaea and Wailakn has
been much improved, since last year. The drivers
no longer race in the rwkless manner that used to
obtain, and the drive can now be performed with-
uui tun luiiuiwrui u ui(,tii ureatLiBK necks,
Dr. Knders went o Honolulu by the LiMilv to
see after the final arrangements for his charter
for the Alden Fruit Drying Company. The works
of the company are rapidly approaching comnle-
non; ana some nue I rail has already been emeu.
The latest thintr in Prnrbltant nrirM i -T0 for a
horse to go to the top of Hafeakala. Tourists
ocware ana mate arrangements before hand. An
agent in Htmolula might make arrangements for
travellers, ice idea is onereu io some oi tne posa
ing yonng fellows.
From Kabul ai it is learned that, on the evening
oi ico iim insx.tinenoiaoiesot vtauaau, aiata
wao. Paia and Kahalai. met at the Y. M. C A.
rooms at the latter plt Consul Hopke in the
chair, to appoint a committee of three to wait on
Col. C Spreckels and ascertain his views in regard
to esiaDiisnmg a rare course and agricultural
grounds at Kannlui. In case it meets with his ap
proval an association will be formed nnder the
name oi the ".Haul Agricultural Association." The
grounds m icw arc the best for the purpose cn
me IN'". weiuK iuiu jevcia iree irom uasi, wna
a sea orecze mowing nintn-tenths or the time.
Aged, n Qnarter of a Century.
The banking-house of Hishon Co. was twentv-
five years old on the 17th insL Its original partners
were Messrs. Charles It. llnhop and W. A. Aldrich.
In September. 1 $06, Mr. Aldrich sold his interest
to Mr. W. C. lUIston, then the president of the
uaua oi uaiiiornia. Jir. msnnn uecomiiur sole
Jartnerinthc following year. In May, 1375, Mr.
ohn II. Paty was admitted to partnership, and,
in September. 1M, 31 r Samuel M. Damon was
also admitted. 'I ho bank opened August 18, 1ST8.
The clerks have been as follows, with service
dating from the Tears following their names:
John II. Paty. 1SXI; II. M.Stillman, ISM; James
Jiassev, i?w; iienry n. Jicuougnuy, ifw; S.M.
Damon, 1870: II. F. Poor, 1874; 11. F. Holies, Jr
1876: F. W. Macfarlane. 1S77: L. O. Neamtth. 1S7S-
C.A. Hrown, 1S7S: G. II, Hishon. 1578: John M.
Dowsett, 1S79: A. M. Itobinson, 1S8U: Charles J.
Dee ring, ltvsO; George II. Wilboit 1830: E. It.
Adanrs. 1n: A. II. Pioher. 1SS3: Charles Hnatarv.
1S83; A. I). Calrert, liySk Messrs. StfUman, Mao
f artane, Ilrown, Dowsett, Deenng, Fisher.Hualace.
and Calvert, are still in the service of the bank.
Kalana has been from the beginning, with short
intervals of absence, the porter of the bank and
the bank bnildmg. The first office of Bishop A
Co. was in the east corner of the Makeo Block,
where ther occumed a room about 16x12. until, bv
a gradual absorption, the business required the
uie of one-half of the lower floor of the block.
The establishment moved into its present hand
some quarters in May, 1873, It had bat three cor
respondents at the start, but has now agents in
many of the principal parts of the world, the last
one being ltothchllds in London. SatmrtUg Prrta.
CAllD .
aomt time past been engaged on a work detcrfn
ttre of thl Kingdom. It politica and aocletr, would
rrrprctf oily Ibankhia many rrlrnds on the vartona la
lind for their kludncea In fnrnUhlng mnch valuable
Information and would remind those who have renrr-
oaily oBrrrd to forward him biographical nutter, that
nc eirprna entirety upon ineir proncrea iavtn to com
nlrte his (ketches and will br claceed nnder anretal
ebligaliona if the promlocdartlelrabearnt tobltn aoon.
v.i it V. UAItOX.
William B. McAllister,
ErT" Particular Attention paid to restoration android
I(rl)ing n gum) work al reasonable charge to gain
lh connaeucutof the pulilh VTl 3m
Mr. Atkinson intends
At tti. old School room I'anna Valley
Every arraiigemrnl n- now brtnp made for (the
Comfort and Convenience of the Pupils
rT ArTMt ATI ON foi Adnilition, information aa
toCnunx of Mudir- Ac ian br made to IK. A. T
A l K10N al Ilia Kralttenee or at the
Barrels Granulated Sugar,
Barrels Confectioner 8 1 Al oagar,
Boxes Cube Sugar, 25 lbs.
Boxes Drv Granulated Suerar. IW lbs.
Boxes Powdered Sugar, 30 lbs.
Cases Cube Sagar, 100 lbs.
California Syrup, X barrels;
California by run, 1 gallon tins;
Cases Maple Syrup,
Case Honey.
Boxes Japan Tea, Very Choice, fi lbs;
itoxeswapan lea, t ery cnoice, d ids.
loxes Fine Japan Tea, 5 lb.
Japan Tea, 1, H and lb. papers,
Itoxcs Finest Young Hyson,
Botes Knglih Urrakrast Tea,
Boies Mixed Tea,
Boxes Comet Tea,
Boxes Oolong Tea,
Boxes Scented Orange Pekoe,
Chests Tea, $ Heach, Fine (Qahty;
Chests Tea, 3! "each,' for Plantation Use;
Chocolate Memer,
Chocolate do Sante,
Chocolate, German;
Frv's Chocolate. 1 lb. naner:
Baker's Chocolate, aweet and plain;
t ry s cuocaate bucks,
Epp's Uomceopathio Cocoa,
Moore's Cocoa and Milk.
Moore's Coffee and Milk,
Schweitzer's Cocoatena.
tTa5xxLs.T ellies.tfcc
Hatty's Nabob lickles,
Crosse & BlackwelPs sjtortcd Pickles,
ltaspberry Jam, 2 lb. tins
' ' Strawberry Jam, "
' Black CurntJtllv, M
" Bed Currant Jelly, "
u Bed Currant Jelly.ini"
M M Hlk Currant Jelly,HIM
Crosse & Blackwell's
Orange Marmalade,
Crosse & BlackwelPs Cairs Foot Jelly,
" Minco Meat,
" Assorted Sauces.
" Genuine Mustard, 4 lb tin
M M East India Curry,
" Kast India Chutney,
" White Wtne Vinegar,
" " Celery Seed,
" Celery Salt,
" " Anchovy Paste, in tins;
" " Bloater Paste, m tins;
Mor ton'sEnglish PieFruits
CnlifornlA Frnlta;
Cases Peaches,
Cases 1 cars,
Cases Grapes,
Cases Apncobt,
Cases Jams,
Cases Jellies,
Cases Dried Apples,
Case Aldeu Annie.
Alden Peaches and Pears, in packets;
L'lunis ana .ppies.
Boxes California Prunes,
1 he f nends of Mr. W. A. Kinney will be grati
fied to learn that he is convalescent. He has been
most dangerously ill for a week past. He was
taken first with fever, which was followed by
bowel disorder of a virulent type ind although
still very weak, it is hoped that imminent danger
is passed.
MrS. Both disnlarson the door of bis t-tore a
letter from Mr S. G. Wilder bearing date of July
IGih from Cramp's Shipyard, Philadelphia, in
cheaper than there, orders a new suit and fur
nishes the information that he will return to Ho
nolulu by Sept. 1st
Residents m the snuare bounded br Alakea.
Punchbowl. Queen and Beretania Streets are now
supplied with artesian well water. The redaction
tu the force of the flow is quite noticable and
would be consequently a great drawback to house
holders in case of fire, no medium height being
attainable by water through the garden hose.
The British bk. Georar. of Maitland, commanded
by Captain Grant, arnrcd off port, and anchored,
on the afternoon of the 12th inst. The Grorqr is
from ictoria B. C. is laden with lumber and is
bound for Shanghai ; the vessel called in here to
bare some repairs made to one of the pumps,
hicii oaring been done sue conunueu on ucr voy
Ihe bark Emerald sailed from this port for
Pncet Sound, in ballast, on the 15th inst. In pass
ing the Ilttptr, the outgoing vessel was saluted by
the dipping of tho colors and the kindly action
was responded toby Capt. Gatter. So rarely hare
these courtesies been exchanged between captains
that the act is well worthy of noto when occurring.
Parties who dnnnc the prevent warm weather
desire to enjoy the pleasures of a season of rest
ana enjoyment on tne otner iMxnas snouiu pay n
visit to the Ridge Uoue, South Kona, Hawaii, or
to Mr. it. 1. isaney at junkawau jiaui, wucre tuey
will find comfortable rooms lovely sccenery and
all the adjuncts necessary to make n vacation
Onrediinr-in.chief is now baskinc in the licht
of the day god's beams on Maui and enjoying
"oceans oi uignty. il ucouiaoniy no arracgea
tn PTM't him with a connle of slocirini? matches, a
brace of libel salts, and half dozen threatening
letters on his arrival uacK, no wouiu most proba
bly be constrained to believe that business had
been quite lively during his absence.
Four drivers of carriages wero arrested on
Saturday evening by officer Wood, at the Chinese
theatre, lor allowing tueir venicics to nana on tue
iHffWn side of the road, instead of being on the
malm side as the law directs. The regulations in
this regard hare been disobeyed for a long time
back and the sndacn zeal was most prooaoiy pro
duotd by a bint from headquarters.
The members of the mounted constabulary nre
fast obtaining a reputation for drumknmess,
rowdyism and blasphemy, no less than ten of
thnwi "caalrv police1 baring been brought be
fore the Police Court last week. The officers of
lhnnroanizAtion must feel nroud of the com
pauionship, and the taxpayers feel pleased that
The residents in and around tho environs of the
Fort Street Chnreh hare, within the past few moon-
licbtrvemniH. been treated to music that arou&es
the anger of the neighbors the nightly concerts
of cats being but a poor comparison, and the,mel-
hnaous " strains oi tue-woaia-no cornet piayer
reminding one of the braying of "4000 males upon
& baitie-neia."
Mr ft. fVrwin Ken von. editor of the ItalUttt
of this city, Las received from the hands cf the
i'rcsident oi tne itoara oi xuaunuoii nu
m,nt us teaehrr in the Government school at Wal
ahole, district of Koolanpoko, Oahu, and will pro
bably leare the editorial tripod for the purpose of
taking his new position on or about the 1st of
Mr A T Atkinson the manacinc editor of the
Gazette, takes a well-earned holiday of a couple
of weeks having left this city for Maul. Lanai and
way stations, on the Ittnlamt last Friday. The
time will not be altogether engaged in indulgence
in rforr far nieite. as visit will be paid to planta
tions and other indostriesind information gleaned
will be placed bciore tne rcaoers oi una paper in
the sweet imvpty.
A native known by th? name of Jack,'w aged
about fifty years and whose face and figure waa
well known to hahitMt$ of the remarket, dropped
dead in that locality on the afternoon of the leth
inst. Dr. Brodie was called but the man was far
beyond reach of all earthly assistance. Coronox
Davton inrestigaied the matter and there being
no "suspicions circumstances, connected with the
man a decease, aeemeu an mquc uifjcwanjr,
The steamer If. II. Herd, arrived in port on the
afternoon of the 15th inst in dis.tres, having been
afh irfn, .fllonomD. HllO. USWaU Ul Which
she lost one anchor and chain and part of another
anchor and was cororeea wnwiw .un.,i..1.,.
; tu.r. ml -at elated. On the 16th inst
aTSv. herce 4 Co., attached the vessel for debt,
money .dae on supplies famished when the .fire
Taa compelled to seek shelter here some five or
Another runaway occurred on the morning of the
ISth instant, in this instance the Iiery steed being
attached to an express wagon owned by a native
and who had allowed a boy to take charge of the
horse and wagon while be went to solicit passen
gers from the incoming Kilauta 7om, The horse
started from Brewer's Wharf, and with the car
riage attached dashed up Nauanu, along King and
np ran street couiuing wuu an ageu native
woman, at the janciion of Fort and Hotel street,
knocking her down end injurying her so badly
that Captain Mehrtens who was quickly on the
spot, had her conveyed to the hospital. Tho horse
was stopped without farther damage occurring and
the driver arrested for non-compliance with the
regulations for express drivers.
A Mr. Carson has been traveling about m Ha
waii and Maui, and correspondents state that he
has represented himself to different persons as an
agent of the San Francisco Bulletin, of the .Snfw-
ita rr.i. ana oi the uazettte. me i-iim uas
nuhlished its own disclaimer, the Gazette now
disclaims any connection with the gentleman's
procecuings. iiuuuHuinu ,ui duiuo iiiuc iu mi.
Gibson's employ, and there is every reason to
licltere that he still is. A card in yesterday's
l'.tAdrtUMt states that he has been for some
time engaged on n work "desenptire of the Ha
waiian Kingdom, its politics and society." Had
it stated that he is seeking political information
tor .Mr. uibson, il roigut nave been more nearly
correct, .
Bv. S.C. Damon preached in the foreign church
it ondriignrd baa been instrnctrd by 15 T
Alexander, Eici, of Haiku, to aril at Auction.
On Wednesday, Aug. 29th,
Cominrnclnc m 1 o'clock a m, rharp.
The Entire Household Furniture
mi primus a irrv full nMortmral ir Drtlrable
Article., acli aa
Parlor, Bedroom and
Kitchen Fumituie.
Saddles, Horses, Oxen.
Mi- For particular, are Toklrra .
i -t Auctioneer.
Mortgagee's Notice of Foreclosure and of
IS ACCeiltlltNfl. Wiril A I'OHKIt OV
tMle contained in a errtatn mortirare made bv Man-
nrlatotirorgi t William- dated the Zitt day of Ang
nal IS... Notic n lierebv riven that raid mortgagee
intrndi1 to foreeioaii paid mortra?e for condition
broken, and npon ratJ forrclosnrr will aril at public
auction at th" flalerooni f E. I' Adam- in Honolulu,
on Monday, the? 1th li.iy of September lSl. at UMof
aaid day, the iirrmtnea drtcrlbed la aald mortgage aa
Further parti mlar- tan b had of W IE. Caitte, At
torney at Law. t C WILLIAM!), Mortgagee.
1'rctnlM'tt to be iolil ar- Mlnatcd in nalmaanan,
Kallna. Uabn. and camnntie 1. arret of line rlre and
kalo land. el forth in I. C A yKlfi, to Kahawaiolaa.
at Hilo on Sunday August 12th.
Tho Fmm't ( laitdiua went to Papaikoa anchor
age on Aug. 16th to discharge her freight for tLe
Hitchcock l'lantatton ana take in sugar lor nan
Francisco. She will sail for the coast probably
about AngastZkl.
Thtt dftiliciitiou of the new lloman Catholic
Chnrt-h irjimrA of tht UoU Gkwi i will take place
at Honuapo, Kan, Hawaih on Sunday, September
9th inst., at 10 o'clock a. ni. A number of clergy
will bo present at the ceremonies, wnicn win ue oi
the usual solemn and impressive character.
A race took place on Saturday, v. nu Augnst
11th, in Hilo bay between boats owned by Dr.
Wfltinorn nnd bv Jndfre Lvman. Cant Matson
sailed th Doctor's boat, with the help of one of
his sailors ami Judge i.yman ana his son sauca
thnr own boat. lienor! hath it that the race was
"nip and tuck,' both boats showing good sailing
qualities, ihe Doctor s boat cowever come tna
lecur a uwj.
A Severs storm of rain and wind accompanied
with tivW linbtninef swent on Hilo durine Mon
day night, Aug. 13th. It was at its height be-
trx-n midnight ana - o ciock a, mn ana was men
rarfrjp fnnoo&lv. 1 he onlv damage done however
was the levelling of numerous banana trees.
Along the coast the storm is reported as exceeding
any previously known. Damage was done to
landings by the sea and roacu lumber was lost.
Thu fctcamer II'. . .W left Hilo on Mondav.
s.ixl, August 13th. with a cargo of lumber, etc, for
the plantations scattered along the Hilo and
llamakoa coasts. She landed Iter freight for
llakalan on Moudav. Aurust loth, and left that
place daring tho afternoon for Honahinu, off
which place she was wen between the hours of six
and seven that evening. It was reported thai she
artriiorfcd on mis place, vei tuis renort la oouuteu
by a few. The storm of Monday night came on
very suddenly and almost with the first gust of
wind a terrible ware like a tidal wave swpt in
upon the bluff and landing, such as was nerer
seen at Honahinu before, coming orer the bluff,
full sixty feet in height. So seven was the storm
that the natives lift their bouses, feanng lest they
might be blown down. The Rd after parting two
chains attempted to reach lino but waa nnaiiy
compelled, to ran for Honolulu. She arrived here
August ISth, and sulcd again for Hawaii, August
rjtn, uu. unmy
Maui is supplying Hawaii with atmi, a large
quantity was shipped last week per lavfant.
John BicharcUon has retired from WaHuku and
consoles himself in the shades of lacalna.
The Indian I is hanne a handsome stateroom
fitted np on deck, (his will be of great convenience
to la-iy passengers. -
Cactain IUU of the steamer rfufaiM Is deserved
It rkOTJular as a commander: he is verr attentive to
hi passengers, and a better officer never trod a
dcck i
Mr. V.. F. Mossman will sell the entire furniture
of the residence of Mr. b. r. Alexander at uaiku,
emthe2&hinsi. A lunch will be provided for
an present at tee sue.
Some good rains have fallen during the past two
days, iut the water supply is inadequate to the
drain upon It, and the Waihee district is really
sunenng tor water.
There was an exhibition of magic lantern views
nt Kahnlci. on the evenim? of the lClh insL. at the
warehouse of Capt, Uobroo, adjoining the Y, M. C
Thf ivar lLinot law tells verr badlv on the sea.'
faring population. Hardly a steamer lea yea port
Mortgagee's Notice of Foreclosure and of Sale
.x a (-mm .m i: ii ii a 1'unr.R ir
aate contained in a certain mortgage made by Nan-
ia ana ue
of Jnlv.
lereby glvrn that tab! inortgageeintcndi toforrclore
day of Joly, IS I, reconled In Liber TO, pare lui, notlc
it nereoy C'vrn inai aam inongaKreinicnni loiorrciore
'aid inorigagi fur oniUtlon broken, and npon aabl
forecrotan mil aril at noblic auction at thr aalra tnnm
of El'Adama on Monday, brjit. lSriI,at U ta. of
said day. the premises dercrlbed In aafd mortiragaa
iriow aprcioru runner parucniari ran nouadoin
ai rt mur-irt, .eir;ee oi ,wonragre
rrrmitCB w oe win arr rnuaieii on i,uma street.
tilning an area of TMOu of an acre, making a beautiful
TeMoencr i iirre i onr pnoi noner npon me piarr.
Mortgagee's Notice of Foreclosure and of SaleH
! Attuitiuti: ririi a imiivkk or
1 iie contained Id a certain mortsaire madr bv J. IT.
and ll. W . Kaw atnui to Larwh Way, datd the .'nri day
hrrcbv cfven that aaid mortcaeee Vntrnda to foreclose
aald mortgage, for condition broken, and npoa ald
forrcloaure w ill fell al public anciion at thn aalrrooro
ofK P Adami In Honolnln. on Mondav, the 24th day
of M btrmbrr IbSl at U M of aald day, the premiers dr.
Farther partlcpUra can be had of V. K. Cattle, At
torney al Law. LA Itl Mil WAY. Mortgagee.
rremUta tobeaold are At Waikikt. Waiana.Uahn.
and contlt t of abont It acre of a (ilendid rice and kalo
land bow nnder cultivation and hating nnrh aled water
priviirgci lincperieci ii m
Mortgagee's Notice of foreclosure and of Sale
I a .teoitiAri; vtiTii a I'iiht.k or
Sale contained In a certain moruari mad hT Jo.
1 aai io it imam unn, uaieu inc iin uit oi MMT 1W.
rrcorJed In liber S5 naire 16V Notice la hereby eivtii
that raid mortgagee Intemli to furecloae aald mortgage,
for condition broken, and npen aaid forrclotnre will
aril at pnblic anctlon at the ilr rooma of E. P. Adamt
In llonolnll.on Monday the tlth day of heptrmber
i.mn.ji oi rmn liar, me prrmirra ueKrioea in
(aid mortrage aa below perilled
Knrtbrr Parlirnlara ran be had of W It. Cattle. At-
torncy at Law. WILLIAM DEAN, Mortgagee,
rrrmltea to butuldarv: b floated in liana. Nasi,
eomprmng iwo nne irac;a oi n o-iu acrra anu i i i
acrra ooin in naais u. i a.
Morgagce's Notice of Foreclosure and of Sale
I AtHiiunsn; niTii a imuikk or
Mlecoatalnrd in k errtain moiirairc made bv J W
Aunl ao. recorded In Liber TS. ta 41?. notice la
nrreoy gtrn tuar faia mongagee lntrnns to loreeiore,
ald tuortease for condition broken, and nnon aald fore-
ciocnre win ten ai pnnuc auciinn ai aaica room or r. i'
Auama. on Jionaar. eoi :i. isu. n ii in. oi a air.
the premium dncribed in said mortgage as below apee
tflcd. r'urther partlrnlara ran be had of W It Caatle,
AttoWr at lav A J CAITO IIIOHT. Mortratree.
i-rrmiaea w v aom ir i w arres, at aiKiki,or
the Lanalilo Cf-tatc, aobl to raid MikaaoWbydred dated
r i-tj mix laauu, aiiv, acica in nuni,
Hawaii, of good aoil and n't for ealttvstlon In coffee, Ac,
and with rood cropa now thereon. 97151
In AMoiamt i; Mini a power or
alc contained In a certain morlzare made bv Kra
Siaka and Inhl to Mr C O. Andrewa, dated the 19th
ar of ADrll Tt7V. recorded In liber 60. nasre SIS. Notice
la hereby siren that laid mortgagee Intends to fore
close aald mortgago, for condition broken, and upon
raid foreclosure will at 11 at pabllc anctlon at the aalca-
room or t, i' .aaamain uonoiaia. on .Monday tne situ
day of September rfl,tt UM., of aald day. the preml-
? uctoiu in saiu nonriR aa oetow rprcmeu.
Farther particular can be had of W. iL Cat?e, Al
torarr at Law. MtCS. V.. R AMIMEWS Vnrtnrrr.
PrcmUe to bt rold an Mtnatrd at Ilarna, on Katt-
ai, ana conaiat or nfr acres ot ine una, miiy
saio lano. act iono in jtoyai i"BirnibRn. v.i ot
Attoruoy, Solicitor, cfao.,
OFFICE -I-l Kaahumana Street,
X Henolnla, II I.
Situation Wanted.
15 Y AX KXrKniKNCKlll'KIthOX
J Mt ht'UAU rtOILEBoa a Plantation. Good refrr-
c-ncra girrn. aa to ability. AddNai "SIGA11 DOILER.
roatoAce Cox 133. Ilonolnln. V 1m
JLthla Kingdom my brothrr. Mr 3 V tto)me,ll!act
ior me BBorr ion Doner oi auorney. II. !-'-
X. be appolsladaaflgnreaof C AKANA, by dred
of uilnuciil daltd Acg k Sd.lLLrrebr glva notice
that a,i claim againtt tn- tllt. of aald C. A!
na'tbe Dret- ni dtbtba tnd tnIttHl-lthtaiaixnia
froai tUlr.or lb unt wl.i b forever barred; and all
peraona owfngo aa.d i are ro-ird to make
ItHHIVTiiai,. pajmHi. 4 r 1 1 At. IV r M
It Aisaeea C Aktaa.
Received a Supply of Fresh Groceries
ri.it Iatk Aitm v ax :
Casea SDccqtaah,Caaea Suear 1'ea... Cs. Asarastis,
Gaacsbmnt; lfeang. unscs loraaiots,
Caaca Lima Iloan,, U(ja White Ilana,
ltaj-t ItrJ Ikana, llaca Green l'as,
Uoies Split Teas, ltas.TablolCioe.
Bags 33uckwh.eat.
Baca lire Meal, H.t lira Flour,
llacallominy, llacaOraham Fltrar
liaea Cracked Wheat, 1&rs Corn Meal,
llaca Arena, llac Oltmeal,
ltoiea Corn Starch, ltoxes Farina,
Boxes Pearl Hajley. lloxea I'earl Saco,
Itoxea ataccaroui, iioxea , crmiccui,
Tins Scotch Oatmeal, Boxes Sea Moss Farina,
Itobinwn a Patent Groat and Barter.
" eat India Arrowroot, Bag, Fia,
Golden Gate Flonr. niloK,,! np
California Saloon Bread, Cala. Soda Crackers
California Medium Bread.
Tins Wine. Milk Kt. riHb.M v:. v. a
.xaat. Crackers, Ginser and JennrLiDd Cakes.
Huntley & Palmer's Ratifias
llnnllr 4 Talraer's Slaccaroona.
Hnntley 4 Palmer's Milk Biacnils,
Mackenzie's Albert Biscuits.
J? no -visions
Eastern Hams, Breakfast Bacon,
aaes Codtsh, Cases California Cbtesc,
mJ? - '.J?1' Smon Belliea.
Kecs Corned Beef, hess California Butter.
ctS cn,'cSi!Ser?
i 7? X- iuupie, jjddj a lis t ret.
Cases Cambridge Sausap,
Cases Sansac Meat, Cases Chirped Beer.
Cases Salmon Trout,
Cases Blue Point Oysters
s nTRWeSr Dm",Um'
Cajea l'arker Hocm ISocm,'
uaa Findon Haddock, Caaea Kordinea. ,.t
Cases larmouth Bloaters. 1 n
Casea Kipoem II.mn
Casea ltoast Beef, 2 lb. tins:
Cases ltoast Chicken, Casea Trine,
Cases Soup and BoulliD, 6 lb. ins;
Canes (airbank'a Lard. Cases Cala. Lara.
caaea Morton's SaUd Oil. Cases French ( Jlires
Cases ereiieh Cn... l(..t. os.i
SW Vin'sa'. Demijohn VlneSr.
iftli?il?.V'I"wlr' I'i'0"i Sngar Lemon,
Dr. Collm Broirn's tsienei GijiRer,
Cases Lea & Perrln's Sauce
Cases IlnrseM' Ex. .inchories,
Cases Jtaapberry Vinegar,
Cases lUsnberrr Strap,
Burnett's rlarorinj; rjsences.
Cox's Gelatine, Cases Coleman's Mustard,
Cases Ground Pepper, Cases Ground Ginger,
;r uuuinc. iioxea raole ltalalns.
f Jew C"nrrants,Tins Orangn & Lcraoi i l-eel.
CARD OMAN SEEDS, 7 lb. tins;
Jars Smyrna Fics, Jars French Prunes.
Cases r rench Teas, Cases French Mtubroom,
VHviini VAjnrvvij ues DI1U dlUlU) AlSSeS,
Cases Somebody's Lacjr?ie,
CasCT Salad DreMing, Omm Staffed Pen",
Cases Tobaseo, Hars Soft Shelled Almonda,
IUgs Enclish Walnuts, Cases Wax Candles.
Cases Coach Caudles,
ltoxes White Castile Soap, Caes HI no Sunn,
ltoxes Island Soap. ltoxes Itrown Windsor Soap
luira aviiei ocrap,
Wellington Knife Polish, lUth llricks.
Cases beidletz l'owders,
1 try ant t May's Safety Matches,
Urvant Jt Mavs Wax Matches.
Iloxes Silicon, ltoxes S&polU,
ltottles Day A Martin's lUAckinc,
Tins Mason's ltlackinc. Cases Stove 1'oliih,
Casks Wasbini Sla, Cases Salt in ;tt Jars.
Casks Hostnn lairy Salt,
Downers Kerosene Oil
Hemp, Hip and Canary Seed,
An Assortment of Qaruen Seeds
Fine Old Kona Coffee, Roasted & Ground
Cs.XntmeB,71bUn;Cs. Clove3, 7lb tlnjCs, Cassia, 71b tin; Cs. lHmento, 7 lb tin; Cs. Mace, 7 lb tin.
OIlOUND IIEHHS Tins Sage, Thyme, Marjoram, Savory and I'arsley, Caraway Seeds.
For Sale by H. May & Co., 59 Port Street, Honolulu.
104 ar"ox-t; sx.
N. B. Millinery and Dress-making Establish
ment on the Premises.
Of Value to the Public
Express .iac3.
ham oi't:.M:n a a(ji.mv mit
Cttstom Honsc llrolrrasc, lirat Kslale
Transactions, Kninlojnirnt Sort ice and
Central Ilnlne,
St. 19 and tl Mrtrhant Street
IRal Documents of Krery Description Drawn t'r.
,njtuinff in tue n ay or itusinesa uareiui
ly and Promptly Attended to.
P. O. BOX 4.H.
rim; L'.Mir.nMu.ti:ii u u i.fl ni:r nr-
ly artpotnteil Admlnltratrlx of the Eatate f A.
W Rn.b.lateof Hiinolalo, Jrc'tl-.tiatlcn ! berrby ftft-a
to all prrauna to present their claim acalatt tbe estate
of aatil A, W llab,ilaly a atb en tlra ted. betbrar
cornl by tnortsige or othrrwl-e, to Alrx. J. CartwrtcBt,
at bla office on Ktahnraana ttreet, within li month,
from the date hereof, or thry will be forrvrr barred,
and all teraon lodrbtrd to aald ritate are hereby rr
nnrtted lo make Imnrdlate paymmt thereof, to ibe
aald Alex. J l'artrt;ht. CAHOI.INE P. llL'SH,
Admlnlatratnx KtUte A. W. liaib, drcraard.
Hated Ilonol aid, Asgnu 13th. lass. iC09t
voTitnis iu:nciiv.iv : ro ai.mi:k,
1. iDDi. that at a merlin 7 held on the ISth dav o
Anst.it. irai, of abacribera to tbe itock of Ihe Iloaeua
bnsar lu., It waa voted to accept a Charter of Ibcm-po
ration jrraated to thrm and thlr and ucee !, aadtr
the corporate tame and alylt of the HOXOMU UUAtt
COoathelWhOavor AoffOt,t'te?, aad that lb eor
poratloa, sadrr aald lhartrr. thereupon orrialaed
ttaelf and elected tbe followloj named offlcrr of tbe
Company, via:
W M Candle -.IraaIdrBt
1 V Jonea, Jr hrcrttary and Treatarrr
J O Carter , . ..... .Vnditor
M Klrchoffand Ueo J Rot Director
Notice la farther Riven, that poraaaat to tha tertoa of
aald Cbartrr, "no tockholdrr aball Indlvldaally be
liable for tbe debta of tbe corpmatloa beyoad tb
amount which halt be doe apon tho fhare or nhan
held or owned by blmarlf."
TU p. C. Ja, Hee II H Cm
not in: !
ann: ui)i:nsi(ixi:n ii.vvixi;
. been do'y appointed Administrator of the etatr of
11EKYEY . niT.NtV, lieof Ilunolnlo, decraard.
notice ia brreby clrcn to all prrroni to preacnt tbelr
ctalmasralnntberttateot aald Ilervey . Whit Dry.
dnly authenticated, whether recured by znortsraj or
othrrwlie, to Alfx, J. Carlr!(;bt. at hl offlcr ou Kia-
Daman nnri, iiunoiBiB, iiuirnm, wnnin six moniaa
from tba date"brrcof. or they will be forrvrr t-arred:
and all peraona Indebted to cafd ratatr are hereby re-
IarUrd to make Immediate payment thereof to tbe aald
.. J, Carta-rljthi.
Admlnletratoroflbe Ertatc of II. E Mhltnry. dee'd
Honolala,Aeattll, ll, 0Tn
notTce. "
Nutice is iii.rtr,fiv.n kvtoali. i-i;h.
sona that at a meetlos held on the 11th day of
Aa'rntt, IW, of nbcrlbert to tbe Stock of tbe II ALA
WA 8COAK COMPANY, it waa voted ta accrvt a
Charter of Incorporation crautrd to tfcem and taelr
ajtociatrs and anccrasors andrr tbe corporate lama
aad itylo of the Halawa Snj-ar Company oa the 1Mb
day of Anxnt, IW, and that the rnrporatloit nnder
aafd cbartrr thrreapoa ornnlrd itself and elected tbe
following oncers of tbe Company, tlx
Henry May Prealdrat
P. C. Jones Jr Trra.Brrr
J.O.Carter .Sreretary
(leo. J. Rota And! tor
J. II. Paty and C P. Adama Director
Notice ta further given that pnraaant to tbe tmat of
aald charter No ttotk-hotder ihall be liable for tfc
debt of the enrporatlon beyond tbe amooat which may
be dac npon tbe abar brbt or owned by hlmaelf."
TU it J. o. CAICTEtt. fcrcreUry
that neither the ft DUin Do, the Arrnt. Df th.
IferaaaTljrk 'CANOrt'V chnatlnzt JUasler. .ill
be re,Hm,lhIe for ssy dfbu rontneted kty the crew of
aid Te,el .llbool their bitten order
Sts at . HACKFEUJ . CO AgeaU.
to.,1, 2 Lrt.lttl-.M ll Ti: It'll Kill lor
Tbe Girls' Boarding School for the Iilmd
of Hawaii, in North Eohala,
are ta arrive.
bit" The above named Seminary .111 therefore W
KK Ol-KMEIM) TIIUBeUAY. thetsth.t themmLH
ar:iT? and all Mend, arc cordially Invited U beta.
th.tr daashter, for entrance, on the day above ,peev
Bel. (W9 St) l-tlt OUDL'it.
D lit I. mi sir TirinoRknv ABfci;.rr.
rrc.mlhUKlnrdtea.yr CIIA5 HtSTACE will
act for me la all maltera of bqlnet nnder a fail powrr
ofatlnrnry. It. V DOtLKS,
V&m Ivf Bullet A Co.
icace from thl, Klnedom. JUL W. r TOLtB.
will h,ve charreef the K.ln rf Mexri Ilea di
Co.. rtlne aDddulrit 31erchaat".
niAXK tmows.
Ilonolala. Anga.t rd. !, wa
IV the Share holder, of the KUAIIEA sl'UAK
UOMfANY. held at floaolnla on tbe sth Aktsm, 1VB,
MR. M.V UOUNKB.a, elected I-mldea, vice 11
v. Schmidt mined. II. V. ULADK, hvereury
Honolaln, Angast Tib, l'ea. 3S It
Information Wanted.
X the .bereabosta ef IIE5RV WIIITXOKK GKle
F1T1I, .ho arrived here per Hondara. UtrV. Htnvtm,
In Jasaary la.t. and not heard from viae. the.. Aar
Information will be welcome aad 1, aaxtauly lookrd
for by the father of tbe above Cty lafermatt.. ea.
be left St T1U (Jt-VICE. VJt St
Board and Booms, on Maui.
A gentlnn.n and hi. wife, or I.. Udive.ca. be ae
ramodated. ltr For term,, apply ta Rnbrt urine at
ll.wauas G.xarTB OlSce, or to II B. DA I LET.
Maka.ao. Slanl, July 13th. !. V Im
Dl'ltl'(i JIY TKMI'tHtAUY AI
aence from this Kincdeea. JIB. J X. CRAIG,
who auiated me darinz tba early part of tbe year, aad
who has been for .even year. 1. thceSesand ,'
clated with one el tba leAdta; Deuuu of !aa Vraacl.
cn, .III lake charje of my practice ,aa!l bold
m,Mlf reepoaiibl. far tile felthfel exrratioa f all
operation, perfonard ia my ofllee dartnx my ibmcr
K! It. i. X. WJI ITS ET. M. U V. O. S.
By 1.YONS fc lVEVrr.
Thursday, Aug'. 23,
at 14 a. m. at !aJe Room, wnibe at aacttaa
Dry Goods,
r "
Sacks Sugar, Flour & Cases Garlic
1 Open Buggy,
1 Top Buggy,
Saddle and Bridle
One Double Family Carriage
hitii luiri.iMiri tur.
JL ever, that the nadmlinird wlilUxa Portraitatn
1 any ty or vlewi to ordrr la lb beat aiylcaf tbe
XBolalaAtbMlcAaTatl4miaBoworRprtbawa -bat It la Idln roaalp which taj
of m.-rabrra rrery day ibnndaya exctptrdl at p. ta.
jNoniaaya ana innrraay- "r auie' anu inratuva,
Wrdaradaya, Friday and Sat-rdaya for entlr men In
tTBctioaq win be jnven oca r rvalue b tbe vik-a
branchra of rjmnaitica.
W tf S. B. DOLE, Preildent. :
Pbotorrapble Art. aad on tbe moat Craaoaable Trrma
iiia nun roaaipwaicn iaj f ws u not try to
r iLTTaic aimi.Ta waa ana wilt be w.mnr io itrj
eTi-rroo' who can b taurU. and at-rcr tie ayoaa
Cor. Fort and KinsrSts.
Utairra toiafomh. mnM.. MnMb md
tb patxlc se&na.ir t hr h nm
Reduced the Prices of Photographs,
Which for Style QaalUy and Plai-b ranaMb1
exctllrd, from Lorart to Life alar t mry
fTjl A ?pid1d .laaorimrat mt
in SMC Satin, r.aah, LraLhrr Ar . nf tb ium
Mjlea, Ao a Largr t tHlrcttrta nt
Valcaae. Lava Hew..
acar Xllla aad PMatalM.,.
. . Ora. mt He.aOaee.
Ia Aacieat and modem t astamee.
Ho. 87 Fort Street, Opposlt. E. O. BaJI
fV A Son's, gta
True to the Test !
Macncalc fit Urban Safes.
j3L QTFttX.
C. O. BEBOCn, Ei.. Act
at , 'e t i . -
UvMUU. H. 1 t
Dsab Sib
the No. 3 VlriMl.r ITHe Si.a.i. TW .
some yesr, ef. ha, Urch tbeTUM Sr.
ofla,tnlahtt.ny enite. .aaaesavw. I pc.c. tW
,ame o. the cemMaulto. (tip.. eta baeaet. baeeaw
In perfect eesrifvb. TfMeaTery Trvay,"
rle.olal. It I . Jane 3Hh. Irwa.
A Assortment of Utoe1 Jlli Of If-
liraleil tKF.S lon.tanllj hand.
XI 1m G.n i. Xi'ux n... Mt liUed
. iUSIr to I4utiin 1 ii uTi ill Hi Itlillil ft
PltTOl JJ BVVrry prnKHI ovaTtllDl- any
ahall within thr time ptewribed tn .wen mmtte m alW
place meatloard by blaa la -wrh rtmiem, a iliiiiim t
wrttlae miimm by tht ttvaa Mktatf taw mmmm.
t.ji tarn mnrrimnmm, mmimn mmm mmwmm mt Bm tmmi
aad neraitaal nrobrrtv toloaaritk ta
ctsdic moB;adraa.lu-v4 with aa mmm r M
company or tar rmu M rry It. sl fmmk
airwrcv. ov or waxa aaca yaraan aoa taw a " Ml tmm
toty ar fmtrmi om. the tri day Jaty tW Imaaidlili
ii 'Vi aii aanmr. lavrnmnraaeia. ia4 itiKi i
dearra f the fmrmmm tm wbnat i
era or char in owlac
UL-Ot aft anlath. Mt th aaaa.ni , u te
UUIIab wbK4i w-n tw tb fomUn, wmtatrm r
trol of aacb tmmm mm law nt day mt Jaly
IV.- Of lh Bkaawea ar ait a-tmwa oa taw H Iraa awy
of Jaly. to wbtck altaaaeai -ball ba mmmi a tfcatmaa
tton that tb J tit rla alTaiiatntaM
r ri. n..TfaXw
VMt Tax rnmr fvr thr mrtr1 Wnaalala
Oceanic Steamship Company
fpiiK xi:w vaisi:iuus.K! hi-'
JL the tl. S X. to. ar. ... eemiplrteA ieia
lateade4me.blffa.Mil b, at Kb. abeM m9 .fit
be received frn- of .Svcave. .,4 m.iit- bm4 Sw cm.
laearaac. . mT.na.41. .hilr Tn Wmi.".
at ..acre n.k
WM. C. IRWIN 4. CO.,
5 Agnl O. S. 3. Co
Per Discovery,
Cro-wia 3Ploxxx !
In 'inartrr and f barr-i
he Best for Family & Baking Purposes
JET. HoclcJolcl cfc Co.
Hotel Street Market,
By E. r. ABAXS.
On Friday, AmfpaBt 10
At I. .. It . .lvle. turn.
Dry Goods,
And Line Fresk 6ierifW
X . Alt aw. amra-
1 ha" iwtTd i-c"-m tmm at Watam
K-V- -aVr ac - - Amtnmm,
At lI.eJmA ni.mie, j aliimiiBBja.
TT! frr t ' ma. SI vga
nis jaanasome j&
t w earn. ai Ihmt XUM (Us,
TW nmm K.rmi M . oVmaJivil, tmemea. mta
we JXtwx aa4 m rarva mmt aretai mmisal
A Semst's Berets miUa Tar. TT I 1 I l
1. wyam aw f lemma . ' JbtXa
A Co-ich Haue. StxMs Stills
for Three Hores.
The Iter by e H t .
Also, -will be Sold iaMMat4tly
atier ue asore Sale,
One House and Iot
TV- Lt r I --.) tK.wt. k tmmm awn m aaa
attttas tt ai -r I'i MA
C r AalV larws
Pvraai . mm jmtmt mt wt Jtmm. A '
d tahaailp Mi
af v.rrBa I
wbttd. tmS Y1tTxW
Tm 1 m mmtmt11mmmt
at public mm
September 1st. 1SS3
AT 11 era IXK 1.ITI ...
Oaita anW K. K WlUTyBT, Kma.
Kaa, Mb'ya, ammr t.in,t w
;Aoat-.;SgIoai, ejaimi k. ta I.s.ijub.
CUm. ajmH a X. OTIBKriX bV.
itrlr J. R. Um in HsaMka. Kirui.
Hawaii, see ibspssIii. b. avWwi AC ivu
csrtl bj MnHLg. rWtt.ara.aA we!
IlwcWGU. , I
' 1
Hawa5.aw traadattibBl 41llJnM
aeeyend bj MweVi.'wi a. Vkasea
a rusiam, a. aajra ts,n
ti. 0r .f Sa.'v SMaTEJfBKil h
Icaa.aa .
. . .
""ma, MiSBpa eamayam wnuaca.
pKe.ii.aat aw aw f njtefonij.
Jt CIA, 1
Tin: fN"ii:iLSH.xi:i win i.i
X ma.t vevclfalry Beatfy 'S' pWK rbM h.
bebl oat Mr fjjm a tateret la ta. .Mrv. Mceb-t aa-1
thji bei. t..r.ii a i, ' . ra . , it, aw..
That tb. Metfeei Aarjevkv
J.X LOWOBt Xttvtcw.
l'a-itur fur Uorr, !
now savBareel l. ube a fbravt4 .wbr .4
ar t ioos cash.
a. r tnaifc.. iM
KW.hr, Jot, tftn, laM.
On Monday, Sept. 24
a e - . wf - - , it - ,
T ValHahk Tracts fUi
At Koolau, Island of Kauai,
Known asWest Waiakalua.
us .
- w rtan , fin mn
Waiakalua Contains aa Area of
332 4O-10O Acres. Titlst
Tee Simple.
If llrtl. adjeais rg.t.t.he-. Cavxtaiw. aai
in.. WM nauwLaVn. ,
Fine Cane Limd-
"rU"',, . ' , .1", ...
el r Ua rv.
ASJ - laja;
1I baa rreeBUv tVaeasi la m aVtd af T mtrm Mitr.
will, fta Maa'-aavea araaa i no ara aaarar aa4 aa abaa I
daaca af nd water Tbi. u eoaiaaVifd aa tbe
paustu la tac Mataasa fmt tummf l
appiy tm .w. iftaaaaa a . j my m.
la MaaaOHa. Vaialsa. Oai
jam tfe
BLK nrr mtWMmWfM Xm.mmm mm Um. mt
aana. aa (b- wtadf-l Mhr af Ow MMl a)
Moioaai. frhlaawaat mm taw La4 ta a Uraa tm m
Kt.hlaf Klibt la tb Fted shiraaaWaL. Aat
tata iaa pa-isr- aaa mnmm mmm
ytTar i. -: i tb-- mj
rntoftlK way, and aster wwi tii.t isrene otherwise
than ia a nroper suaacr XI. nrt Uttea taxwelp, bat
comrtaad eeeforyo.rv.tr- there la always tr..tde.te
aeury. (llm II. L. CHASE.
'Umileel UmvUuy).
t a mkctixi; ok tiik stock.
L bdere frf ta. XLAHL'Lri SUILBtaA CaMC
ST b14 at KabM. XmI SM. vMB. taw
Mlo. las aaaaml cen wm eer v4 1. 1
fne year ee BB.nl (Sv race-
Taoml IL IleAe....
wBliara II. Ceiley
VTilliama flmisb..
wiLLiajc o ..mi.
Kabaiai M'ai Jaly (.. VS. sw It
raeav aa. it,
German remedy
Til V lltf 1 nrrcfmT
i'S.Tj'i N "' ' ' . ' & rtecA.
S.rrsy,. -y ' tfmtt Mm
S"r- 7 near, "lL
TuJk. ,r wawaf ifciAf F-t
jee. ,
- m -ww
mpb.M iiii.li w iv l.we., a aa
"mMmss. i, wftmB.
BwSmrsllvMrn a t i,
aard mm IbJambwa-f bt Jarrt mm lar 3eb Jdaatv
ary lav-t. trv tbe TWIaiafrv af taa Itarhr, aasVw Oa ka-ia
of tbi Klr4oaa. far a Una aaw CTHtt
7 araaer. iai i m warm i
tent of -aM PatraL
AgnU mt tmm Jmti TmrmmtmCm
Uoartiai tmmrwmty i H.
UosolaXn JaIyAb t-tt
frnm-t tf
nv.irai,i, -jtva.
M 1 rms. tuw Wfia
Mr. E. ff. WAN,
AtlarvMT eT tm. Si m , Cevma wT ZXtm
XlavcBSxa aswt etaW tiajiifna i ailisMvl
f C.ItlWmaav K S. A.'
v r .rrtll MTSaa. ST. Wan :
waxes, jgmmscmi t
Oii,f. Tt -rnc - vecrrr or
sea vM,.wee4ny. tvmm . - t m it fwrne i -ea
net- 'wrwev seat. JtU. . erlLjMk-vr
ei .itvrnaix

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