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sst ucxrs is nr-nrs
Thebe is onlv one Folntion to onr jnone
iMrv tmniiaW fiv& our l"-t financifr.
TW mhtioD is toM in a very few words.
San rnnmco oar commercial metropo
lis: w oagbt to n tb coin which is car
rfat in Sn I'nuwiMX); as long as we do
act do sao lonrrwill we have tremble with
ottr nrbiin7' The Kslatana half dollar
it osir a litHe worse than other coins
orcolatjon: what is needed is a radical
eituige in the enrrener, not dxtiatArJt, as
oor pwnt ealrinet propose, bnt upwards
to a goM u.
Snvr nfR&ti fT that the action of
Knut. Dole. Smith and Castle has been
rko -TeiTt bkrw that the credit ol th
eoantrv ha over sustained- They are
wrong"; the credit of the country has been
iaaaHl not by these gentlemen, who
etett in t-tnrt accornance Willi incur legal
riarlttK. lint it has almost U-en mined by
cabinet which, to irop its falling fortunes,
w willing to commit any illegal act rather
Hmn f it hoM on the power which
it mittM! The Hawaiian Government
OBsht not to need bolstering np by lllc-
samy. Nant th- ex mormon nusmanager
cam teeti his Mt in no other way. Dis
aw tbe corraiit 3Imiter and his iail.'
tmi tite credit of the coontry will soon
7'hu citv oat?ht to have rome voice
tbe afpoi&tiiient of thool tchers. Onr
jaotaNtr inrls are growing iiji. and man' of
have been trainni as teachers, yet
ae l'lMwteut of the itoanl of lxlnca
ttm fi&ds it HnnieBt to wnd Urmd for
Vaaotvn- artten a hii?h salary is to lie dis
fH9wd(ff. This was uie case in l-'ort Street
SfaWol laieiv A vacancy occurred, and it
has l"m lemtiorarily filled bv Miss Ahit
jtw. Mi Inland girl. The President of thi
Daanl sent to the Unib-d States and im
laafied a Mi. Winter to suj,iersede the
lshuBd girl. We haw the teatimony of
tke priuciixil of Iort Street School that
not ly was Hiss Whitney admirably
Med lor uie imuim, bnt that she was. in
) oiiaiiion, lietter than many v-onng la-
tlies wiio are anniing cousideralile salari
HMt4ioi the imhhc uouM like an
nR)Hl is. hy Miss Whitney. who lielongs
to tbe iilace. who lias lin born anil in
real nrmson' liml here, is laid on tho
Htelf i uiaLe room lor a stranger.
1 Oivrgf IIL' n-ign the Honse of
Cola tip amted and imprisoned one of
ks BWfnliers. John AV'ilLes on a " general
warrant : the courts of law declared formal
moTMits Ultigal. and releaMsl Wilkes, tlins
wr noing awl reversing the action of the
Huaie of Common' in its dealings with
Mte af lib own luemliers
Is ji wholly unknown that in the United
as wuntrj rotate !gislauires have
loured ItiUs wliieh. after receiving tho sig
nature of the (iovemor of that State, have
liwsn runiiiic'I nneonstitntioual by the
acuiMne unn
StHrh a prepusieroas iiosition as that
Mad ttown m the ministerial leader of yes
lFriay was lit-ver yt-t assumed by the
lillh4r of any constitutional monarchy.
Tke jwlges aiv in the first instance ni
ioitttid by the Crown, and to render them
itaa?Miitsudefit. can only lie removed, by im
lieaAinant. To say that the judges cannot
la-uaKiosee upon the action of the ministry
for tbe tbae beinc is to da awav with their
hadiciai aeihority. and with tho reixmsi
bility f tbe ministers But iierhaps this
is wbat is tit-sired At all events it is but
a cratawr attempt at (strengthening the al
ready loo autocratic power of tie Crown
The iropood sale bv the Government
of SSWitlOO f 0. S. gold" liaying bonds for
silwer hnH dollars would involve, to be
Mir, a loss to the Treasury, that is to the
lu -layers, ol only about SMUO-tXX), or about
2lt per cent- Mow par. the value or two V.
S. alT half dollars lieing about 80 cents
id i o goia coin ims may auect prop
1 1 tmts only a few dollar each on an
wwv liut f UHifMO could be u.-ed. one
wobm say. to some Jolic advantage. It
is in fart a portion of the premium which
we omnirj uas to pay tor its jiresent cab-11
But a danger far greater than this lurked
in Ae scheme. If bucc-ssfnl and unro
laaLed. it meant that Hawaiian securities
coedd be sold by a Hawaiian Government
JWtt VOSsJsw ffl.oa Jnwrt4 lJjejg-vrjje
o-editors to be again t-entoff mthont
mwb- pf. But they can afford to wait
mum raiey can lie lnuil acconUng to law,
as tbey sureh will lie
C-rtainly no one can denv that tho fault
war ine imnt lac of f nnds in the Treas
orj is noi wiui those who prefer to ha
uovKiuuon m me law. Iho remedy
not in Iimaking the law. 1ml in li.rin.
uhh at tbe head of aff-tirs
y iwmviuu t-j i m u ami piaco uie na
Maav i-oims ai ImT.
Thi action of the Government in i.riW
UK 1NK1 Itavmellla, to lie mm n nf II. rs,.
fca li xise is Ul advised and siiiteful. It
.- ui auwseo. ior iue goiu law of 1S70 hav
c own snaifii4leil lor mum , ..-i.- 1 ..
tbe eotfsent of Um Gou-rnment and tl
exunmnnrty. in, sudden enforcement r.m
llt i-rodaee inconvenience Tlio Knr
rnaenl shoahl have ghen timelv notice
oi ns imonuon. in onter that gold coin t.i
meet tbe demand-, of the law mnl.l Iw,
irom oan r nmoiseo. It is spitef id
for tbe decision of Uie court, Uiat Go em
rnent lonis cannot legally lm sold for less
than itar. t. . the amonnt whidi (1... f.
vt tbe buttds calls for, cannot bo remedied
by a predistons plunge, in the direction of
wjwvance oi uie legal tender law. The
thawing of golil into the Treasury cannot
jaw any additional value to the" 200,000
Hawaiian half d.iUnrt. h.t-
wbere in Hunolnln. nor bringthem np to
te v-alne of r S. gold lliis act of the
.'iratsiry most napimy UUistrales the ro
anavnV BUade bv a mvnl Tf,,r in iiA.n
- t'OV'Tunient was U-ing
, yu, anu noI T lt8 neaiL
Man? donbt whether it will be'possible to
arp i . ft gokt in circulation with tho
jn-M-nt law. wbich allows sih er to 1 10 nsod
in ute lavnieni of all rr n v.i,nnn
ana unaer. am in certain large propor
. anjoams over uus. Jheir
ior sucu view is. that this gives too
much u.lm-DH-ul for wber. and that if
le xrue. tlie Militw mnj ,-..l,,nll..
rfrive tbe gukl ouL accordiiig" to tho rule o'f
tuwi-vvnuiiiy.inaian lnlenor monev
IBianalilr jtrtie b i
., , , .' 1 iiwufj UUL Ol
un- cin-uwHoo- vtc areinclme.1 to this
iTj-w oorsTes. although we hope that the
silierin circulation m.v nit i
e-ecially for Hs larB- uh on all tho'
aaniauons. at nay rate until tie next
lpfclbare can reduce tho amoimt for
which surer is toiaW (n ,lll,.
. -. ........... mm
inen. wwu our sugars selling for gold ii
uiii'vnia. gokt will come to ns as v e need
n. ami as much as we need will stay here.
". liaaa-a" aJ. km taa.
- '"Tm vrv ani btf aad
r?'r-'J-1-y "laiikiid. II ! leeir
jrtoaSaiarXt TU a! wtmn
T!tala?t ??5at? taiTilataiaB. g aAieti
via iun.--l.ai la. mmMt mt obIt lata,
. aa ajxUc fon-isan mat aim alOr aaeftit
mmmjrmaxxi aat ami Mmt tnakfal
w1'liaa-'iiiS3aTrl!M lear "f.nnlr lrwk
".rlV- " naanr -airmt
Va-Vsr btan ttal tor al lkaI
ew tic Irtsa tat aiii ito ha, i
Ticmaa aroasrltania. taaa ae loan ta Jamea Vcwalc
"5"a -al Inrai liSi
mgmiSrria-lxxBatna4rrils rem
a-aaavsc W nraasu araia fial
' wn. aai jiaa ea&atl
rfaaal aaat .arcjalM. "n -
jailat; aaara: ..a' nm -aajM-Qc at ssirord lr
'MJfBTRB: al a-ozmae and iaazact arifla citat
a4.-i!iam3Mia(anitTtel2atialSa aoclh
ajsa. laa- Sr oaat aai naa ana awe dc oar i
aaaSaaam iMtgt la-acm atal naui.
Amonjr the nrominent onM,t nr n.
wec since our last issue, must bo reckoned
the two writs of mandamus issued by the
?uiaraoc unn.
Ill tbe matterof lit. Hivmr ; ....l..
lie said that Uie Minister of Interior is
vraaiixjau) to no jus Uuty, m a manner in
which tbe present inenmlient nf (l.n nn;.
ms well as his predecessor refused to do it.
M-f-ras to te a novelty m the annals
ooosuinuonai government that A, an
aaajuacauiu a, sm-oner ol the exisUng
lion-try. shall bo treated differenUy from
"i"uv jwrciy on uio ground of
p.uiticai opinions
If. said the Triumvirate, tho applicant
vi or any umer form ol icpu
mate arjiicaUon be a jartisan on onr side,
or even as neutral, he shall have his right,
but if he be an opponent, he has no right
m our eves, and hall la denieil that
wnicu in- lauiuiiy claims.
It is a uisgracc which has never before
heea incurred by a ministry in this King
dom, that jt should be cojittisnrj) to do
its duty.
Favoritism, nepotism we all know has
t-een uiidi-uiseJly carried on by Uiis Ad-nunt-tratKin.
sinecures have beck created
in order that the incumbent may ue his
time for the frathcrance of a Ministers
nnvatc affairs, but that . -r;:i i
H".15 l.r only one Minister,
fcaouH use his powers to block justice,
iisbrtirecn one subject and anoUicr, is an
abuse too great to be toleratej, so great
inueeilas to rit-v-,v."t-.t., -
lurfiest official guardian of our rights, by
whom this pitifnl, j-occant Ministry is
xiKvusrcr to lo its -Jutv.
Vnder the recent regime wo have soon
BUe officers of blameless character dismiss
cUtami their posts and others of whom
nothing is known but their dependency
tmd utter saWrviency put in their places,
but these were mere matters of depart-1
ment, mere detail it may be said, hut in
tic matter of ref using, or what is tho same
thing.neglecting fo bring a Unafiit charter
before the rrivy Council, tho action of the
Ministry is absolutely and indefensibly
nnconstitntional, totally illegitimate.
It may well bo a subject of congratula
tion then, that Uiere yet remains a power
untainted by hopes or fears of this or any
other Ministry, that can say. Wc cosriusn
that rcsncr he pose!
Is former years there used to bo quite a
trade between Fortland and other ports of
Oregon, and to ns there has not seemed to
bo any good reason for the entire cessation
of direct trade with that State.
For several years past, there was and
has been, EUgar hero not contracted for by
the refiners, which was and is for sale to
whomsoever desires. Wo have also rice,
salt bananas, etc, which onr northern
friends want, and they havo many things
which we want Somo of their products,
such as apples, oats, salmon, etc- como to
ns now no San Francisco, and were there
a vessel coming direct hay, potatoes, bran,
flour, etc- of which the consumption is
large for so small a community as ours
could be brought hero profitably. Onr
old timo friends in Oregon, who used to
have vessels in the trade, may 1k more
competent to indgo of tho advantages of
direct trade than we arc, and wo would
snggest to them an investigation of tho
subject Of course some of onr sugars,
both raw and refined, and rice, now go to
Oregon na San Francisco.
These thoughts havo been suggested by
tho receipt of tho ninth annual lteport of
the Portland, Oregon, Hoard of Trade. It
is a comprehensive document extending to
103 closely printed pages, and contains
three valuable reports; those ol the rresi
dent Secretary and Assistant Secretary,
These reports deal with a great variety ol
subjects outside of trade matters, pure and
simple: as the taxation of Mortgages, tho
Public Schools, New Hotels, City Passen
ger ltailways. City Dredger, tho Post
umce, jieiooroiogisi, s oonimary. ew
Bridges, etc. These gentlemen aroovi
dcnUy alive to their duties as merchants
and citizens and Ireely discuss matters
which tend to tho progress and advance
ment of their State i lien sucu an in
tcrest is shown by such men, it is no won
der that a state liecoincs groat and pros
porous, the views cxpressod by mem
such an authoritative manner aro tab
up by many of tho community and in timo
react upon the Legislature. It would lo
well if onr business men hero had an op
iwrtunity of speaking to the public inliwo
manner. Uieir opinions would have still
more weight than they have at jiresent
Oar planters now speak as a liodv and
- - i , -T-it l ill...
meir voice is aumoniauve. we mvu u ua.e
voici- from our merchants.
Ono paragraph in the report deals with
the Hawaiian Islands, it is as louows: A
long and caref nlly prepared communica
tion from Hon. J. Mott Smitli. Coinmis
sioner of the Hawaiian Government was
read, explaining the necessity that existed
for the erection of a sugar refinery here,
if our merchants wished to renew their
trade with Uie Sandwich Islands. After
an animated discussion Uie matter was re
ferred to a commit! ceo of seven."
The result of tho deliberaUons of this
committee will bo watched with interest
by our planters here.
Tue recent case brought in Uie Supremo
Court to test tho validity of an issno of
$130,000 of Government Bonds, under tho
.Loan Act of lc& does not allect in any
way the currency of Uie Kingdom. Silver
half dollars or dollars can still pass cm-
rent as they havo heretofore passed, for
any amount as long ns Uie bank and tho
treasury agree with the merchants in re
ceiving silver instead ot u. o. gold.
No question was raised in Court as to
tlie requirement of the legal tender Act
which makes Uie V. S. gold dollar tho
standard of money in tins Kingdom, su
ver coins being legal tender under that
Act only for small debts and for certain
proportions of larger debts.
The real t-oints of that case are. how
ever, so vitally important Uiat they ought
to bo thoroughly understood. Tho case
involved first, tho quesUon whether the
receipt of 200,000 silver half dollars, each
worth a litUo over 33 cents in V. S. gold,
in exchango for an issno of $130,000 of Uie
Hawaiian Government bonds was an issue
of such bonds "below par." and therefore
within Uie prohibition of tho Loan Act.
which declares that they shall not be
suodl-elow par.
iiayable in U. S. irold coin or its nonivn.
lent" The court held that unless the
uonds are issued for tho full amount so.
cured by them, they are issued lielow par.
lyuunmg u similar decision mado ly UI
ouprenio vxmix ol Jew lork in a caso
uroiight many years ago against tho Stole
of Illinois, on certain bonds of tho latter
State which had boon sold in such a way
that tlie interest upon them was mado to
commence running some 108 days before
uiey were paid lor. In tho caso of the
Illinois bonds tho method followed in dis
lKfe-ing of thcni ennsed n 1
oi aooui t ia,uuu. in tho case in our S
promo court upon tho proposed issno of
vl30,000 for half ilnllnr. if ic v-.n,l.l
that there would havo been a loss of somo
In other words, our mrf. 1ms ! Ha ,-i
oi imuiuaiiius t-impiy required tho Alinis
tor of r inanco to do what tlin st.ntnl ,
quires, namely, to issno 11,,. n..,nn,nni
bonds only at par.
it is diuicult to see m what in-inner ihn
country can 1h embarrassed bv such n .In
cision. Tho Loan Act, as observed by tho
Chief Justice, authorizes Uio borrowing of
money only for certain
and not f or current exionscs. If tho
i.iw-vua VIUH..JU1111-III. uas uoen unable to
place Hawaiian bonds at par, it is not lie
causo of any want of credit which Uie
nauon can ouiain ; DM bocauso the gen
Ucmen who havo been iinderfnl-in i .l.
minister tho Government have not boon
nuie 10 ouiain uio eonndenco of tho mon
eyed men of Uio country.
Tho second point which this caso has
brought out is perhaps vastlv n-.w-n i,
jwrtant than tho first, and Uiat is. Unit it
is tho right of Uio tax-payers and citizens
of this country to apply to tho courts to
prevent illegal nimlicitinn of f i.n ,,i.;.
funds. Tho Chief Justice in making hi
rnlim on thn first of ib nl.,-.. ,,:i.
had tho words of tho st-itntn liefnm l,;m
whichhe was bound to follow, ami nlcn ),
oniy lnmaai precedent which was cited.
On tho second point, as wo underst-ind.
uiw tusuuuiusueii ronn-ei nri m bn-w,..
ment cited four cases, but tho great pro-
l-vFiii-i.iui--u ui nuuiunucs 10 mo contran
including tho hiirh anthoritv nf 11m Tl 6
Suprano Court, which wero cited by tho
i ........... vviiwwj dvi iui in in
Uio opinion ot tho court, Uio law of that
portion of tho case.
it Will bo seen Hint tl.n ntlinrx ll.r,
1. - 1 .1 : j . ... " : .
uim uouiing io uo, as inumateil by
lun-ono conciobions ' ol Uio Clupf Jtu
ucc, for tlioy veto ui-on iwints -nliiclj, so
discussed hero.
Until this PAW slinll linvf. lnn .1.1.1
by Uie full court on appeal, wo reserve
immiT cummem Uon it
Auothrr Government Secret-
Xut long aco oar nmiiiblfl bat ratlii-ra-A9in,;n.iA.i
coatcniror-y the J: C. .IJnrl.Wt thonsbt fit to
acenM the Oimn of liATins m.iJo use of a docn.
ment saiil to have been "coaTtvciT from aj-overn-tnent
ouioe. W'e are in mwacinn nr iu Mn,.-t.
laincr uicn, lojauebj internal evi
dence teems u bare been composod an a roncL
draft of a Fpcech from Uie Throne to be delivered
on the occaaion of the opening of the LeRMalivo
The naner i... lf f.. n- , .. , -
nu ...c jirsi paragrapn ii appears to
waau up uoring uio reicn ol the Tri
umvirate, vrhtch we all know luted from the rem i-.
nation of llr. rrcaton to the arnoint-nrnt of IfJ
V-'fni?-?' ' " 'rom -Ull5' "Ul 10 -December
15th, 18S3.
"Witliont fartbw remark wts cite tlits contents of
consideniblo proportion of th time sine 5w last
ion I hate found fcj trial tnat Uio ctraJoct of
my coTtrnment by thrcts iUniotcrs inscaa or f cmr
as rjcscnlxxl bj the ConsUtnUon, iacmincntlr
satisfactory to me. J
jay ijirctuar isoie lo the three Great Powers rro
testmc arminst forthr minfiiTitiAn . ... i.
Mi duly accmlitca KerenUUTM. whohae
been apatcheil.to Japan, Aloeow, London. 1 W
Bdcrade. iladnd, Calcatta. Ubbon, TimboctoS
and other capitals of creat and fnendly rovers.
JteprescnUtiTca wiU be called on to Tote cunsider
able Bams of money (United States cold or its
cqniTalentJ in addition to the ordinary rote for
'lVrcliAso of leoonuions, to enable me to requite
the Kencroetty of Foreign Jwcw fur their bonn-
tCons bcstoval of dimrntion n tnvae.tr
official. iaT
ticn of the three Icadms joomals of the so
cailea oppowtion hare been rrosccritcd for libel
The results hate not affected the cxm tenor nf mw
away. J
mi noerai arpropnAtioa of the last Legislature
for the nirpovr of raising and maintamincan
"Armed Force has lWn nlr i-
fnlly Mttsficd with the results. j
TnzTariona 15ord of Health, Education, Im
mlcraUon. etc, bate been frencentlr dismiissnL I
reconEtrocted, remodeled, chanired in -whole or in ;
part according to my pleaenre for the time beinjr.
Thx CiEEfrr itself has been altered, reduced,
completed, and as well as the so-called heads of
departmentis has been from time to time trans
mned, reconstructed, varied, chanced, appointed,
disappointed, reappointed accordins to the Tary
ins; exigencies of my cocTeiiienoe,bnt always with a
Tiew to the firmness of rule only to be obtained by
concentration of power as expressed in the wora
Iirc sums were Toted by the late Legislature
for the purpose of road-ma Vine ad bndt?e-bni!d-inc,
ana X bare no doubt bnt that you will rfadly
derote still larger snms for the same purpose in
the coming period, as the necessity is prater now
than formerly
A photograph of the Coronation Bungalow will
be presented to each loyal llepresentativo at the
close of the session,
I earnest t pray, etc.
I now declare, etc
A Tripartite Chinese Aitoclatton.
An article appeared in the JintMim of this city,
on tbe 17th instant, headed "The Triad bociety"
and which referred to the existence in this city of
a secret organization composed of Chinese, the
chief objects of which were the protection of its ta
bling, smuggling and the organization ot labor
strikes. The article seemed at the first glanco to
be somewhat sensational is character bat, a
Guettl reporter has made inquiries, and, after
much trouble, more than it tooV to obtain inform
ation of the "Protest" or "Report of tho Mounted
I'olice," has obtained the following; reliable In
formation rslatire to this dangerous organization.
The Nim Uop Hoi or "United Three" is an or
ganization composed of three other organisations,
the Hop Hong CotbeTse Knng Tang Ox, and
the Tung Hcng Co.. and has headquarters in
China, with branches in San Francisco, ttrazil,
Java, and in this ctty. The objects of the organ
izatitn are to afford protection to its meinbeu
whenever they may get in trouble with the laws of
tbe countrr that they may be residing in. to render
aid and assistance to gamblers and smugglers, of
which tbe nssodUiocsaremosUycmipofandto
atd in creating and maintaining political disturb
ances. On thi latter account a jVnown Member of
the tiara Hop Hoi Gx, if found in China, is decap
itatcd without recourse to law. In this country
there are but two of the three branches, tho Tso
Kung Tunc, or as it is specially called here the
Too Loung Sai Co., and the Tuug Hung Co- the
former being largely coruroaed of l'miti men, the
latter of HaLka men, the totnl member-drip of
which is 8000, the Too Loung Sai hating LMUO and
the Tong Hung G0U0 members.
iue members oi tucsetsccrci organizations arc
nut tnrougti a course ol initiation and are bound
by oatLs taken in most approved Uontucun clue.
They havo secret signs, pass wcrds, grips, etc, and
even mampnlato tho hieroglyphics of the Chiueee
language in a manner nndert.tsnd.ible only by fel
low members. Their hatred or bad will is msch
feared by tho respectable Chinese who would
suffer much before "ginnc away" any of the
actions of tho known members, that might come
to their notice. Tlie head man or the Honolulu
branch of tho Sam Hop Hoi Ox, is reported to be
at present in Hawaii, and the chiefs of the other
two are residents of this city, but none of their
names could be learned with any accuracy. Two
native police officers of this kingdom are reported
to be members of tho organization, as also a Chinese-Hawaiian,
also a pojice-officer, and who is re-
Sjrted lo be a shining light, on account of his
overnmcntal position, in the Too Loung Sai Co.
A white man who epeaLs the Funti dialect well is
also reported to be a member.
The locations of the association rooms aro well
hnowmbut the locks and bars with which they aro
proviJed defy the entrance of thotto Yintors who
may bo "not wanted." The rooms of tho Foo
Loung Sai Co., are situated on King street in tho
rear of the building formerly occupied by Mrs.
Thrum, and formerly a bairdiuc honse, Fen
the beads of the police department arc cognizant
of the impregnability of this fortress of gamblers
and smugglers, no approach being obtainable
without warning the occupants. The other asso
ciation, the Tung llungCois having a structure
built, for the uses of tbe society near the
corner of Herclania and Mannakca Btret is,
and which, when completed, will afford another
refuge to these dangerous outcasts from rc5ict
ablo Chinese socie y.
A farther inquiry is underway and farther in
formation relative to the work of the societies with
the names of their ostensible local leaders will bo
attempted to bo obtained.
lialmy sleep, cood digestion, rich blood, elastic
step and cheerfulness in Hop Hitters. Read and
ffjJ'fm JJfltt'ces.
For San Francisco.
Tb Fa.ve-r.le A merlrao Bars
EEMiT, Jlaiter.
Will have Quick Dispatch for the above port
For FrctsM or paeeage, apply to
Steamship Company
Wilt lcve Honolulu each Tnceday at -I P. fvr La
fc iitu Mulin. MsVrns.Mahnkon Kswiihir. Ltep
tioehot md llllo, Amvlne t lllfo eirly ThnrMfty
mprninr-1. Will Irate llllo t-ith Thnrwlay t noon:
lUahnkona ch Fridy at 4 P. M.i Kawtihie at 1 A. M.
of SatanUr Makena a 6 A. M-; Mialawi atT:"jA. Xn
and Labafna at J0 A. M wachinj IIoboIbIq each
zinnia afternoon.
rAfbtNCEK TRAIN from Mnlll will leave nch
Fridav at 1 to concert Mth the Klnaa at Maho
kona Th Klnan WILL TOUCH at Honokaia and laanbaa
on doicntrii for 1'affengerf, if a elgnal i made from
ZV bteamet Ktnao will not take bravr frclcht for
Lanpaliofboe - Uclit frrlrhl and parkacra onlr. All
Steamer Likelike 5
: date at S
Will Leave llouolola oiron thr folloirlr;
ThoTwlaT Dec SOThnrpday. Jan 31
Monday, Itv llMondav, Frb 11
Thnrwlay, Jan lit TLnrftfay. Peb 21
Monday, Jan .SlI.MonJjtj, .Mirth 3
TaVin freight for Ibalna, Maalaea, Makrna, Mabn
kona, Kawnihar, Paanban. Honokaia, Koholalrle,
(Hikata, Mnnaboehoc, Ilakalan, Utiomra. PaaLaa,
Papal koa, Wainaku ana llllo. CrtarnlnsoilItonch at
all the abovi portf
All llvt Mock from Kawalhae binft be rhlpprd by the
Will leave Ilonolnlo each Monday at & 1', M. for Kan
uakakai, 1'nkoo, llnelo, Hana, Makaalae, Klpahnla and
no. and at Keanac every iher week.
Heiurulnc IH loneh at Laha.na, PnVoo and Kanna
kakai.rcacbinirllonolntnl'ridavr M.
3irtiiti:;oit, : I -.iM.Mi;it,
WtlJ Icivt Houolnlararh Monday P.M.. for the nind
nurd ride of UaliB. Will c by y ot Walalna. brn
evcr tsnlllrlent indncement oBvTTf, returning cherry
Friday I. M
Or Tin Company will not be rcppnnlble for any
frrichl or luitkaer- onleis rerelpted for, nor for ler
fonal baszage nnlcf plalntr marked. Not rerponMble
for money or Jev.elry o it ten placed In clinrge ot tbe
All iMwalblv care 111 le taken of Live Slock, but the
1 om i-nny III not ancume any rffk of aecldent.
i-AM L. li. WILDKB, lTeHdent,
h. It I.OiE, Seereury.
OFFICE corner Fort and Oneen fctreete.
llonolula, Dec, 111, ltS. 7
FURNISHED ROOMS Neat and cot-ily Fur
niched Roomr can be had by an early application at
(335) 3CO. 1 GARDEN LNE.
American Waltham Watches
Awarded Two Gold Jledaltj. Theonlj medaleanard-
edforWa'chet, Mclbonrnt International Exbib.lloii
Tbrouly Uold Medal; aUo, three sneclal and funt
firisi pntet. hjdnry, lTj.
The Gotd Medal, l'arU.l Foor First I'rlze .Mc
al-. I'hiladelphla. 1S76.
The nneqnaled jruceeM of there Celebrated Walchet
ht produced a bot of worthier Imitation, llriycra
nlllubaervc the Trade Mark, "Waltham, Ma-i," eu
jjraTed on the plate or at) Genuine Waltham Watchea
Gold cafcrare tlaraped A. W. Co., lMc. or Ilk.,; and
finer case are fiamped .vmencan Watch Company,
lif Molrec of all rhadet are to be bad at
A. JI. M1XMS , iui Kurl SI.
- i.uik T:
tier The Latert Xovdtlea yon will find at
A. 3f.7IIXT.1V. 101 l rt SI,
e An eudlerr variety Lac-FIckn-to Ih bad at
IX; A?t..MlXI.IV,Il lortM
S fcmr.PL A.2STTER
HATE, Coalnandrr.
Will IE mt licular Tor Koiist nntl Knu
Loati-h llunuliilii l I ii.in.oii
Tucwlay, Od! 'JITmfdaT. Xo
Friday. Orl i. 19 Pridajr, Nov
TooHda.lct..4.s 3 Toi-adar. I
Friday, Nor....- Dll'rldaj, Ihx
JL. Cr OI Ilfrmtl aial I..--. . " " .
Oonsistlng- of
Xiaces, Embroideries.
Trimmings. Tidies,
Satchels. Fans,
Ghildrens' Dresses
Beaver Hats,
Feathers and
Just Received ex " Mariposa,"
And Now Opened For Inspection at
N. B.--Store Open till 8 P. M. During: the Folidays.
Carriage Manufacturing Gomp'y.
Successor, to GIDEON WEST. I
CsirrisigcM, Wagons
limit and Kepairctl in Hrst-Cl.iAs Stylo and Durable Manner.
ami Carts
Cano Wagons,
Haa Also on Hand For Sale,
Carriage cfc
Ox Carts,
Dclircny Wagons
Dump C.rts.
A Complete Assortment
Wagon HVE-TtGi-icxls
- or linon 1 IMMl AMI M'l'KltlOK nl AI.lTV .
KrulaT. Orl
I Tncwlay. IN'ov
Friday, Nov
ho at Honolulu on
...iRTufiiday. "ov
...CK Krlilar, IVc
... fiiTnri-ilay, Dec
...16! Friday, Icc
rjer.MI aia-l
W- For a comrortablr or wtll flttfnK Vmtl. K. lo
and eolerf of IIoalrr to bi found at
a. Jt. .ii i:i.i.iv, iu i run m.
A l. Jli:i..is .iu K.rl M.
CASIUEOX. Commandir,
Kauai. Ecturninc-, Leaves Nawiliwili everv
i C- J T. ; -
Sr"' .Siirrrliscmritls.
Honolulu Sailor Homo Sociofv.
niKEMAN Cutnmaitilrt.
Wllil. lIKUKral) AT Tin: OVVICV 7 a? "onom"; " CI7 ilinrstlay, at 3 p. m.
. ' . lieaal.l. Mllon' Homo. Til URMIA Y. "'1'
Jr. J T W atrrboDK- Jr. J A Alhcrton, V It
iukwh to co oot in i-vj E O Ha1). J I. (ilad, n
J . --v... a. .. "-Vr, K Ja CCUII'ICr UVU
inrxock, a
aa & Kilauca. Retnrninir. 1ava
atwauai every jucnciay, at 4 p, ra, and touch
ing: at waianac both way?.
Stmr. C. R. BISHOP,
Corporation Notice-
DAVIS. I'onimandrr,
AT,251' ' HKUKKY ;IVj:x to Leaves Honolulu Every Tncsilav at4n m
11 pron that at aac-t nclirld in llonolnin r tr i . , --.,ijr "wuuy, i a p. zn
ti., l-ab'dTr f i)ftrmb,,. iVt iho.."rtSi. ii for Koknihadc, HcnoKaa and Paauhau. Re-
tBrniae, arrives at Honolulu everv Sunday
viwiiiiiq -r .
r-jV. .v .pcir aociN and nrcifr
??AttA?rC!ir5li. :" ndatyt of the I'L'LM.O!
MM charlrr tbcrronon orranlzed tlelf and rlcctcd Uie
rollowlneofflcfraof ibe Com nan
e CotDpany
KratirU Sru.ii.
..UorrtTD W. Staefarlane
1cc-IVfldrnl. ..
Henry ILMacfarlanc
-fcccrcUrr aod Aadllor JnhB itAhhinl
liable for tbe debt, of ibo corporatton bryoad U
moani Mch may lx due um th nharf or obarra
btld or owntd by blmtclf. JOHN KOIlItlNN.
cr WW'K of tbe Comraay. foot of Klt.inf. sirrri
L1Isiripssi and AIjiiikmIj
Will Loavo Honolulu A. Snn PMnt...
ontno IstandlESthof EnchMonth
I.IMLNUI.KS may l.arc Ihrlrnanira WL1 In ad
itXi in T"Fr,,;r,lllJ''earobrrbr notlnnl thai
lh,, .III W,llwodj30rKa,ia, ot b.K.VFltEE k
r,foXrh.r.T.ICi,C,,V.W;."l '"n;' Lril'- ' 3- r"l to
' -i-uj a emmrrattimin-H
MEl:ci!Amc i-,.-j-. , ... ..
...Y , I .III li ni..i.r V1 , Ji. . . ,nipro,ni ojr this lino
kaadalal H aVta,i . . i?--l W,Y .;r.-. V:..'"."' lomnanj-a :
aa rtromptly
I.ttrr not prepaid will not be roi-tirnii
It I the Intention toprovlddinmc Mxtrl Iltxca Jar
l.TAVi: JtKKX lI!l'lAin'n -v-i
XJL . dUtrlbytrd throoRh the Cltr at th fo'llowlrE
OnTclcphonrrvoIc, ncartbp Klnc-t-trcti Habk-f, UK-o
w . ...t.uu,.v ivii-,ai iriimbcc 10 J.ciornia.dry Reboot,
At thr fcavt eornrr of I.I liha and cbool trcc;
Aitbe .North cornor of Xur.at.ti and Jndit Mrtcle
At tbo South eornrr of XnnaDn and Nrhonl f t--i-
f i u"Bt.h cwnrr .f Xan tl It ere tan, a rirrxu
... ,..v Helium, ui uooi na r.mma ircru
Un iTrrtanla. onixMalti Vlmma ai.i
il It6 """ of BertUnli and t-lt
At thf KanLrnmrr r Tlmhia. sun... i . . .
Al tL.'bonth eornrr of 1 'no alio a and ItrrrtanU atrttia
inrno imin mil DC t lfl ru lnlc
- grpt - S. Co.
fmint within two or thire miles of the Toft-oBlc.")
for aan Francisco.
iiik APi.i:.Mnn MJunsmi-
Ami lh. Mlrulli Moan,,!,!,,
Music ! Music
I J&soxs givi:x x Tin: imaxo
O-l at IonMj intra, at T,achcr-. or ropIPa oa n
ItraMrae... hr JI Its. A. ALTMAX 1.1,1, fA.m iii
1 0TK. lOOn rt at AO IS Kirima Nrr,.f . " j ,
P-V1; Vr,tfViI 1,HI-J"rtMrrtMr. Mama
HolidavGonds j afeKaS1-
imii I riir unanilllll rnn .... -
ummnnrt that by hie arrivals thai
hatr vccriretJ Imyr additions to their
block of Goods, amoni irltich arc
want anictts adajitcil to thv Holiday
Cn or about Monday Dec 23
Season. J t. rojuiAsntn.
tonlrLT'1' -f 7m'"1 a"a"i0" -cSSlSr 29, 1883'
to thr laiye raruty of vr. tc . iuckfklii ctj.. a.,v
lioo.l. Iiir Miliiuiriil prrMramrr ran
Thfl Agrnta here are mow prrnarrd in
IucT.rkcl tnNin FrancIfoanJ Krlnriu
I'i.I C1J" TIIH iwilla a,. .
Establlahod ISIO.
Isnints and ClmniMieniA
flics. rwu oauings Jivery Week.
Fine Silver Plated Ware
In the latest desiins. of irhirh I,
nmsiiinnnits hare jlist 'Uvn rceeivctl.
Durum the Holidays these yoods icill
vr tuia ill
A- cry Low li-ieesi !
Theil alsit hare a line assortment nt
rti i t ., ' v
jauie L iillcrii,
J ire-pi-ooj ,eircl Jiaxes,
itcfnyeratois f- Ice Chests,
nd mami Nam
lm fort Strop t.
Pacific Navigation ComV.
ri noidoj, ol ' lh. PACIFIC XAVIOATIOXCO.,hoH
in Honolnla. th. !! v-., .... ..
w.-,- -i. ' " ".itcr ineiaToraitoii. and ua rol
Mains offlcora anrro rlmod for th, tmn of on. .ran
roic i.ivi:iciooi.
fVom Xcx 1'ori- crery irnaniZny,
rrom uouon ertry Sat unlay.
I'aala .
.9,0. anil S1DO l.-.IH
S-WSS froddtnt
..fcocrotary and Tnxnm
V L WiloT
ll atoraoero..
r, the terras of th. Charterer Ineornoration.
'rTk b"lI'Th11 IndMdoallj be liable for the
. . . . ..
rwa tie ahare or Hares held or owned bj him."
According to Accommodation.
""""' 82 Currrnri
Good ceommodationa ran almra b arrant on an.
nlleatlato WJLUAJIS DIMOXU Jt Co"
S3 sute street, Boston,
vebxon- u. nnovrx i co
4 Bowlln- Green, Sear York
""J Jlonolnln-The Canard UneaSordl tnorethln n-nal
a VI1 Itcna twral bn-lncjit? of the
rarJittla to Ihroarb pa-rn-m from Tran.racifir
roi lip p;
rGood accommodation.- bTwat rrryJ
All Sorts of forcoil Mtl mllwi.lilrt Mntrriftl krnt in kUvJc for tho tnulo. such su IfOllSlvSHOES.
jtcij i iiAiiv. tjuuA.c.ijCaS. AAiitjUiiUTs, t .111111, ronnu nnu Fqaarc.
wliools OVIei'd.o x o Orclor
a i-trco mock, oi onunuaanu.viju. nun jnicninnuju.uii.wAAijc.- oi mi sum.
Hatipff n Slnnofactnrinf Depart ment onreelves, o nr lttcr acquainted with ttw wants of tho
Irfttle, and tre ahnll endiTor to make a upecinlty of keeping EVEUY111IM1 on lund oseil fur bmKHi.f
a Wnfjon or lUrrii.ce ns heretofore j there has been a prcat want of Stock in our line, iQJwiKUfwWo to
ISO Tons Itcsl lllacksiiiilhs9 Coal
Two-Wheel Brakes, Manufactured in our own Factory, 25 per Cent
934 Cheaper thnn Imported Brakes.
lieonre njrder and SlahoV nS3ifPVm a'
Intend, to 'ml l&'?ii
brohra. and npon aakl t2!5t J" eaSStt?
anrtlonatlbe Mle.roomo7? p tT?a.l?2P
oa OSUAr.taSrtejr JiaW ii" tiiiT
noon ofaaldda. ,k.VrLv! '?,T7.. ?.." "I
rreml lar. to b. u .iriFiJi S2S-
Ltliha atreet ta lloo.i. TS?.? "'ifaT- .
premlaea.ha,ln. a troauV rta fLI 014 liZ
HU a depth or a boat W fSL " M
TlUafeeilmnle. Mntal.l,, , i'Jaa
ij iua iiundt i. ftiliu-if .v1111 Ha.
Katate of BU JUA II. AlKSSw. i a
th. Estate of Kll.h. II. xSrLSS il aS1 "5 Z
de,,ad.herei. niuh?.l)ZL!Ftt!
nnnshlmaadhta umi. , ..'.--'"Ta. t,
albtlttr aa anch admlal.tni. ,Kner r
It is ordend. that WKDSXlrjiT .
Ixa ! o-elock .aC.b.filv.31 af
Ja-tle, .1 Chamber I, IlicSfeSla,
bo and the sameherebr la anrati".?!
,bu.e for hearlnz v&li2Z ilS' t2
all persona Inteeertod mlj ttea and a
sboacmse if an, thej hare, axha Uam2.2!T
be Eranten, and , preient erliietaa uit
tilled lo tho aald propwr. A ad v,i ,Vu
Encli.li lancnacb. p.Ml.he4 In iS n??- e
;m newspaper priated au paalhuVd tV TP"
for three sneeesslre weeks preiaTmli. ! J,
apnointnl fw aai.l hrarlne f"" the tlaa,
Datrdat Honolnla. 11. 1, tllalldarlw , .
rit-a.-Ht l!! JUDD re
Attest n.-r.ra.rrl.S'cV'
Mortgairee,j Kotice otJomiotatxjrr
that laid mortjitea Uleids tl !r
' for conLu.a broken, aaa Tu
,11 s,ll at pn!,,rt aaetKai.1 1. SfN
a la llonoloi., oa SOXDAr.alatrT;
" aaisaji , . -' a, .1 A 4 aa. mi .VallaaV amT laa ffc J . J
Krthed la said mortiran aa below spsJ'!"
J-nrther pjticnlara can be had of rr,w ,.
Premlsea lo b sail us altaaud at J.kit?!S
TWhon atre. 1. s4iac to Oaha Lulwl rA"-"- ""
Ins KllKtha of an acrc-
Mortiragee's Sotice of Fortdonre sd Sila
tx AcconnAxcnnxiiATiv'
S- er or sal. contained I. a rrrula mort ,
II C thelloo to .Mrs c 11 AaVSSS.'Si's'f
isu. reeordod U lttSJS
iahepebr eitea that said 7 . . "tXe
loee said niortasze. tor coadliua h ..T J
-VRS.C 11 tXTiaii'r'-
The proH-rtj n be sold . in-lsu of SIesjesn?Sti
s. s slwated I. Kohals. Ua.alLat Ilala.u Pnt
1-11 Hook to IIC Sheldon ree. lib i,pctjv
J! kllam t. II c (.healoa ree lib tiV pI4V
is, suuttinri suaaieu on said arrailM
S.U., ..th a fall art .1 BWkanUl.'lSlTO
l,. rtc Thi whole compel sls..n;
best busineaa sunda aad oatsi. t. . r1 1"
"V!12 nK,r,,- ' eoadliila t.teCaVT.
J ,"r;l?r"'T will. soil a pabU, aacti..i liTJ
w la Honolnla, oa Jlondar thVnu
IS at IS atara of saat da"li2
lias, aa below netlied, '
calara can W had of vr risu, i,
room of
dajr of danaarj. lNi,
sr. iu saiu moria;
ynrthrr partica
I I . f. ... I. LUluTUT, ihla dl,lBmi.kS..:
MAttY PAKKEU UaTiasSru1,
UU- n the plaee of Hon Edw.a O lIajTdiIi
'. . oi imsvees Bow . on.late- a
Saaford IL ri.lc. w un, . sui,7ajjiri SC
iijussroi mi i-oori, -
la S1"T- lTr Chrrt.
Honolnla. IVc 5th, ISO,
To Iba Clerk of the M.frrme Coon Gaims.
Bj virtue ot the ramcr seated ta me hr the Mai w
lion oi me iu viiue. 1 berrbj order a SaerJal rim
of the Saiwrme lonrt, for th, heanai .1 i.VSliS
eo only, to be held In ll.molnla, on TnCUKoir tt.
a-lh dar of Ieeemhee. A tl .. l-i."-."-.
And job arc hereby dircu-il lo make tail oral
. . . . , '' d Iha Seal la. h.
I'ULl tierma Conrt of tha HanatUa Iilaadka
llonolala. this th da. Pec, .A D. ISO
A. r,lAMl JubD,
t-aj-Tduatlct HapreasoCMfl
Wa. rtwTia. Clerk.
Pianos, from i 75 to f 800.
Organs from HO to J250.
GoiLirs from SI to $100.
Acccnlians from to $20,
Violins from $5 to 50.
Flutes from 2 to 2C.
l'lagolcttB from SI to $8.
Clarionclts from j8 to $50.
Mntic Doles from 1.50 to $125
llaiijos from 3.50 lo $20.
Tnmbonrincs from $2 to $10.
Concertinas from $2.50 to $20.
Jtnsio Haks from g5 to 25.
Hnrmonicas from 25 cents to 8.
Onitar, Violin nntl Danjo Strings from 5
cenla lo fl oacli.
Violin, Danjo ami Cello Uritlcos.
Heiwirs for nil kinas Mnsionl Instruments.
Furniture in Parlor Sets,
Consisting of 7 Piooes, Ranging in Price
From $90 to $200.
Txnn: cir.cuiT conn ofthe
X 3d Judicial CIk.II of the UawaiUa ElnraVaL
I.Und Ktai' "t C" " """aa
To WILLIAM C r.fRKJt E, Marsha) . I the I
dom, or hla llepntT In th. ii Jadlctal "Stall. oS?
.IU J.".1"'? lj ""nnundiHl lo summon 1. E. SIUl
MER Defendant, la case he ahall fj. wrltte,
within t.eaty .dajs after aerrtcc hereof, to W sslu
pea, before tho i Circuit Coart at tha STUmbfii
thereof, to be holdinat the Coott Ttooas of lael'ias,
'. ,u'", ' aall.o. TITCks.
I)A . the nth dar or September neat, at o'ehVh aTsT
to show cam hj the claim of ELLEN .A. MltMl)
1-lalnllff. ahoakl not he aasrded hct pamsat ta u,
tenor of annexed petition
And hare jon then thrntthl- snir wllh failretara
or roar tawrsaallnsa thereon.
Wrraaaa. 1IO.V. A. ntAM Is JU11D, chltf Jssik,
of one Sapn-mc Coarl, this lHh dar of Jnlr AD B
(blgnetl) Uaain l-oarta.
Clerk of CtrcaltCeeri.
T. whtca aaatntoaa the Marshal made lb. .-ii
Iretarnt' ha,lt made dlrient search, to, lis attar
nsaatimed J. E. bhemmer he Is aol to h. foaad la Lhsa
llonolala. A.,, IT,h.P.-..
And It antieail.e Im. lb, mmrm .s ,K. w v . . .. .
ife r"iW",1 cld "t I" loand haslar wfl Its
I KlarnoM. the ease wis admnraid nr i- is. v..
TT"s"5 ,"" 1 ''" V 'Wal Chrsti
to be kehl at llllo, on th. Island of llsasli..!. B. -..
and that la the meantime an attested cow, et tha
moaa be isaMlthed la tha llawalUa ad Barns. Is.
K.iw-s io, s,a iwrt.-i, tim -a. aad that Ua last ask.
lirallon be not less than iw'.nts- daj-a before the li.-
-Sf.jSSj1? "' "r 1lhta and f areeolar a s
I . ao'i taiiniBi mjtj urth, or r na! Ndbm, . .
In the libel for Wr.lrce. Ellei X "kamnvrTri
bkem.r and also ol the Marshals setVratLesisJsi
KT;.M,S,',I" "Wbed brlhaaTataT.slS
I Ii lW 'ae aald Ma, Tern
iur'Sl",'$""L 1 "a nerennw arlasliad
Ibis atd da, of .N.it,mber. A. u 1WM.
x. cie,kMJ.dici.rcs,';a.?is,'...
I Jlii.v: sir v.tpr tul
tTtaa: leoan. ua.
VtV'&,uVm,,"' aaanaa IirtJI.
to aliw ctair whj tk rtalm of Sapt It 5!
And hare son ihn ik. m. tci,
oi ro.rpredtthe,-eV.. "'"'""
OJJ Parlor Chairs from $10 to $50 cacli.
Kalian Rockers for ckilJrcn anil adults.
Uining Oak Chairs $1,75 to $2.50.
Douglas Oflico Chairs from $2 lo S.
High Chairs from $1,50 to $S.
GrecKn Chairs from $1.25 to $2.
AVootl Scat Chairs from 75 cents lo $1.
CENTER TABLES Ebonv. Ebonv nnrt Pinch Unin..f
ixuiii iiuiiiui.
and Walnut Marble-Top from $9.50 to $75.
Wardrobes from $1G,50 to $25.
Uining Tables from $1.25 to $..50ner foot
in Abb anil 'Walnut.
Ucdroom Sets from $36 to 175.
Writing DosVs from $5.50 to $50.
SiJd Hoards from $10 to S100.
Slirrors from S1.50 lo $75, ranging i b,r0
irom oriu to lUiyo iitclios.
Water Colors from S1.50 lo $70,
Steel Kngravings from S2 to S50.
iVulolynes from $1 lo SC.
Colored ritotographs from $3 loStO.
Chromos A colored Lithographs 50cts to 10
Every Stylo and Siio of Iicluro Frames
from 10 cents to S100.
Window and DoorCornicos from $2 to ?50.
Hanging Baskets from 50 cents lo $3.
li i wth dar of Jam
Uixm itini
Clerk of clrrallvsen
T which summons th. u...s .i . . ....,.
(btcaed W. C rASKE.
ihi illirfCyK" " f"" VlrSkal thai
!?,' JT'r?,n,t not be fmiid haslar left u
?, 1flV?.i1,J.cff" " mjoiniril mi U Ih.liT Trra
beM at ii TK ,V 'f "1 11 -"adlcial ClntalLt. as
iklTl! l,.1'1-,.," Island of Hawaii. A. RITlisI
JAoitr.T".? f." f "led copr of, the radnoa
J" SSSwiSLi? iiie "" and iimllih liarsst-
of uM Tern ""I" ntrdraUfmalhalrstdij
"" .""' ' f"nol I"
1!S riT -"J'oflheMar.lalMtherrl
" Meantime, an attested copTaf sd
ll?JE X W ff1"1 prwrribed bj the aUlrKr,
1 1) 'j,JJrr,P,", aaswrr al tha said iaj
siilirjV. v wheeof, I har, kereaat. art la, hand
aid day of Nonmber, A. I), l-scl. '
an. a, ... , .. "AXIEt rOSTIlt
"'" 1-lerltThUdJ.dlclal CI rtat Coart nsi
Admiiiiatratrix't Hotlea t fisvlitiiri.
.1. tire that She haa this da hiss annotated Ida!.
l'olcs and Kings from U2.50 to slfi r-.iri,
Jiraekcls from 2o conU lo $18, in Walnut,
ttuony. LOonvA- (iolil. Aal, n Lm. v t.-
II i m-n.. ... . ' " ' ' ""rainaol the E-lsl, of Robert Iirelii, ol RoaolalE
1 -t t. . rauios, nun omokcr's Tnlilca from I 5!";; A" parson, ladsbtert. toMidntataanr
arms any culms scale. t said estate whether secarm
-, otoerwise an aotniMI la present las
same dale Viriied in th, ..rf.,.iMKf .im, s.
irons inio oat, o the) will tie foresee banra
Adminislniinx.itlheElut- olllobenlMe.dc
Ilonolnlo Nor 3Blh. I-eo ?TI'
$2.50 to $25.
llook Shelves, from $2.50 to $11.
Kasels from 25 cents to $7.80.
Artist's Kasels from $1,50 lo $2.
Work Haslets from S2.50 to $20.
Xmas, New Year's, Easter and Birthday Cards,
From 5 Cents to $12 Each.
Every Style and Price in Toys
Dolls, Games, Haso Hall Goods,
croquet sets, icn.rtns, -Mnbks,
:" Toy ristols, Paper Caps, Dressing Cat.es,
Toilet Sets, Vasos, Japanese Tea Sets,
Moslach Cops and Saucers,
Parian, Hronic. Clav. and Pl.i,lrr"V,,
Stcamboals, Steam Hnginra, Noah's Arks,
'c, tl., .Cc, Ac., Ac
Orders From the other
Prompt and Careful Attention.
Islands -will Receive
ust Arrived From Europe,
oLCll AS
Dry and Fancy Goods,
Hardware, Groceries,
Liquors, &c, &c,, &c,
r J'orparticolara applj to
-tSTcioliLlolci efts Co.
tiro im)
Tl. D si aiHt Jto-t ropnlai
Toy over jsjLci&o
tWhltiahe,-, r,ieni. Martli Sit. 1.)
This Unique Invention
The Art of Drivinsr Horses
ml Ilpaitfcfnl fixnriff
Thi- loy I- u trap cwnUrivart of pair of
lOarara In rmmi.lrld- h.n. .k!,k . a. wUA h tl
rhi, -nalHnjt Ikfrhlld lodrirranrt eatdf kti mnU
": ir at laovca ibt wrrr iiTiar -
The fMntlal feal.M. nf ....W l.-ufint. t
! hrinxlnc thr hoi-- In frot.t nf lh. rlslltL bm tWy
rr alwajm k-pt ami aiv not drasd hrtl4a
toy; Hp. trondctrvl prrrrcthm ai4 nlimc "
To phr hornr in children fT, 6t0kU tU
THE LITTI.B JWKCY oaaa ikrir mortji"
hon aad rfi rvr nAnri- ti rtrtana tfS
rt lb Pricf akrr! fw It to the rota ad
I than atlirffi ihr oMcr
J. T. Waterhouse,
the Stock-holders ef the Inter lslaad Mean,
aij-.jtting ok
ration Conroanr, held oa the Mh Instant, It area loeed
mlnereaseihel.-a)ltal stock. One llnndrrd Thon..TJ
Dollars, matin; the total Capital Mock of the Coin.
nanrvFonr Hundred Thousand Dollars, and al-o that
SHI. to. II. UcLEAV ... elied Tsa.l.J? e.i "?
eijlred term, rice Hr. VT. Feter reslcned.
ESi, JJU SeereU.
For Sale !
A Lot of Land Skideate 0U
200 ft. wldoby300ft. doop, ln Tins of 5 Callflhf..
Sltnatcd on makal aid. of IVretania s-tr ,. , ,h,
. .:.,- nearuMrealdenrt oi
Mr. IVoni: Qnl. Water laid on.
Stable and Out-Buildings I
Al on the premise
Tree, aad Floaers are aosr 1-Uated
are well laid oat
and Orcand.
f.nl- UK bASOa:
CI11-L.VX 4 ro -
aolTed, E. II. Ilall "s5'!' ,r"-'-"i
snrnln; all liabilities: - , , T"
Ilonolal..KoT3,h.lc E-'
The ttcast LinMCATIMM
.Mm- i-i:i:n:nitLi nr zimt.
Sugar Mills and Island SteaiHers-
oa- ion mm: hi
IEJ-. STaclxjEoia. cto Co.
oi ai -
ess and as-
-n St
I a"I
hbiii lanaeraoiicc tii... o. Li.-,.
a.nt. Water
llonolala, itajltb. 1WI.
h. Ilo-jra for IrrltaUM srin he JhaWJ
ir froia.t7.Sa maal frooa Js.oi'
atjltra ssat-AcV -iiliifrl TTffi -UA- . .ifliJt
-t;B' al ' iVt-Hjaaahai- ,?te.aSaaasllsaan''

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