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MBrUitwriiincbtiaDta..a.len titj tvt, the
wf talrCT of ft bearf storm welch Utl wllhont In
jTBtt(m from the Jih to the Jttn instt. tendril to
Iffurd inf njwa increase in uasinrfi lncencrai
4ir ef trade abd which, was natsrallj to b rjf-ctI
A tat ffHko of the jot. XtatMea the dollce In
iwral trtic. bn-lnrri cmmnertUllT til )o tnXeml
frova the lt weatner jJirvaiect, frw tcmc U arrmni
frm vlnlntd and muiT of thiwe without ramies cil
ntr chief prntfntt. The steamer Klnaa was one of the
J he wkIi that rrtnnjfd to port wuhoat brinjrinj: an.
Mt and i tonwinte the O. S. K Mariposa sailed
CMtiwiro nuav nuicr carj;o luau was
An frml of ttfntku usual InrorUnce occurred
4rte-tBCverlcsn4reUtireKtbe $no.-M Hawaiian
rota hroorht hither by tat Marlnoa and for which it
tu fatended by the "jwrert that be" to exchange
Gorramrar C per tral Ifotid. On the r-rrscntailoti of
pltf, bjmSn; to tne IntmdM tracrfcr aa beln;
if yrt aadlMcrW. AiaW pnVtheOoTeniiariit
Mw4emodlhc paymeutof Tijter cent, of ca-lomt
inn ant. uin in i 0. a wruuc iDtmara at
retaliatory aad la tmIut nlart. the UoTeroment
tint complyiuj ltcll with the Java la relation to the
naraaral ra an cub.
ThrarTtrahtflaria-themKk from forrljrn ltire been
it The dt-TMtrtarc consist of the Maritwa at J Cal
harlea both for MaKraBclKO. aed the unman bark
aiaxatlaa for 31 extra.
Hie O. b. bAlanedalf dae here from baa Francisco
the SJd taut, with date to th 13th lost., and the
2aiaaiTU t like fr-tm the Uftloatef the nex day,
s-n, pToamaiy hiisi; imnraiaieiy lor zaa rrancirco.
Dec Ifi OSS MaripOra, Howard, for ban Francisco
17 AabkCaibarlea, llpbbard, foran Fran
17 Ovr bk. Jtfaaatlao, bauder, for Mexico
Veaaeli In Fort
An W srartjo, Cnw tie j
Br bk Henry James, Latlimore
Irrr bk Christine
Am bk D C 31 array, Underwood
Am brtr JUxard.Titrofy
Am tern A ante Larscn, Larvra
Aa bk C O Wbittnure. Calhoun
fr73''fesr."ozr. 3J19 bottil bananas. 40Uba;i rice, jss
moi rrif n aider, I cafe macLinery. 1 caeoraDcr,
tt bit CetH learn 1 bx tarn. ISM bar Paddy, 15 bod Is
dry hide. 6 bndl kheejnkint 3 bndis OaUkln,
pajTSjacrcJiiB oiee.
For S-nn FrauelwA. per Calbaiien, lrecmber 1 -liX2
bam vnrar. SJO bbla molafea. Kit har- rirr
.'ji-bac" cnflet.ll bbl aalmon, s bblidh 1 bbl gin 190
For Kanal, per Jaa SIkcc, Dee 1 l-D D BaMfria.
From Windward Port, per Klaaa, Dec C
r.rlf, .MiiJ'rkc.tilirike,Ji Deacov.0 Dnvall,
if V Rratrtti, E A ItarchardL, Wlfenner, Rer II F E
WbaUcy.TJ Lynch, Xni M T. Netoa.SchlidreB and
ForbaaFranciKO.ner iIariroa.Decl 11 V Wood
A lloffaan-. Sirs bherwcll, IK Graham, A C Dowctt.
t." W Mnddard, II Kcye, U Merlin- and nfr. D Wort
(aann.J Uorke, J ilnrphy J II Ilarnea, S D Tooaer anrt
wife, II Nrtier, F X Holier. E J Xitboll. T It Footer
aad wire, W Lladhop, J Kollle. r A Doody. G Fandorf.
JToi,C Uarria.
tfrma Canal, pw Iwalanl. Dec IT G S Wilcox. Olto
ielrt-. wil Iliee, t IT 1) well, O Irrtnr, 3llllahn
JiiM r- rams, j uuon, iMnaia. ana Yj urck
For Uamakoa. per I It IlUhop Dec 171. A Thnr
ton, rani Jarmt. 3IU A Klckard, and 13 drck.
To tlandtala. Der. fth. to the nlfe of Darid tilmpMn
a vonv ian rranciaco paper ptea e copj.
JaUaaoIala. Dec 13b. to the wife of F. 11. Power.
a ran.
In Uonolala. ltoccmbcr 1Mb, to tbi wife of JI Hy
man, a Hn.
In -Conolnln. Drcimbcr 11th, to ihi wffi uf A. IVt
aaadez, a ton.
. OTUIEN-WILbOX-ln Honolulu, December h,
by the KfT. Alex. Slackintofb. Taoaaa U'IIbien to
Jiwa uxctc iLfov. Troy. r. 1 . iiajiei plcae copy
b II AW la Uonolala, December lAh. of heart dt-
eaae. Euwaao bnaw. tnlrd nn or thr late jold snaw,
aed yeara and 1U months
WOODS-NAlhiiretdetcc,raahoe, Kwhala lUoch.
Hawaii, on bnnday, the Vth Ineust Jame Woodc,
rro years.
TIm inJeprudeut ticket" is matting with much
fa tot amoDC naUre Toters.
l'aul Neamaun Esq has been apiwmUxi to the
post ti on of Attoraey-OcncraL
Tbc ccneral public hare probably croatly blessed
the condition of the etretls and sidewalk, dnrinj;
tbe lato Btnrm.
Attention in directed to the location of tho IctUr
boxes in the city, ns itr J'ust Office notice m an
other eolomn.
A Christmas trne will bo pivn to the jmpila of
the KL Andrew's tianday School on the ereniru of
Decembw Oi.
Tbc barorotler. at noon on thn 13th dunnj; ths
rreralence of the Imi storm indicated 1D.00 and
roae afterward.
M'hat is to be done relative to tht bnticin" in of
t1m'Vsrrto contrary to the rules of the Itoard of
HeULb uTtbins 1
M r. A. UoffnnnA of London, after transacting
hiajnunlcration Lmsinewt here, left by tho Sfari.
tMi on banday last.
. A Ruml many thousand dollar will be rcqmnil
to be espcDdou in placing the sea vail in ax good
condition as it wa before the lrn.
Vt. l'arker the Kocrctary of the lkmrd of Health
has been appointed to nil the dntim of Tort
Ibysician rtre Dr. Troassean resigned.
Ilia Maiesty is reportod to have forwarded to
England a a order for a steam yacht, the estimated
coat of which is ctren at i.7100 or $37,500.
Tree triraainc fa mot4 nccts&ry, the oTerbang
tnc branches in many parts of th city being nn
oomfoctablejD pedeatnanSf especially at night.
lffy- a I
"The children attending the Goreninicnt Schools,
will commence their Christinas and New Year's
racatkms on the 21 6 1 just, ending January 9th,
The President of the Humane Society lias issued
areolars inviting citizens to join the organization
and it w to be hoped that Ma appeal trill bo effec
tual. Col. George Macfarlane was decorated on the
erening of the ltth in.sU, with the insignia of a
Knight Commander of one of the Orders of the
King of Kiam.
The road Saprrrisor Mr. T. Lloyd is continually
making improvements to tho roads in the district
of Koolaupoko and bat little growling is heard in
con sequence.
Kancobe bridge is now finished, cement founda
tions having been put in, and all the approaches
UUieaded. Two new bridges hare been put in
place at lieeia.
A. Kaulia is the Government candidate for the
Legislature for the district of Koolanpoko. Last
year's representative intends to try his fortune in
the capital city.
The remains of tho late lion. J. Moananli were
boned from his lata residence, on the 12th inst,
andwtra followed to toe grave by a largo con
course of mourning friends.
Great damage has been done in Koolau, by the
utorm of last week. The Episcopal Church at
Kaneofae has been destroyed and the cane through
out the district considerably injured.
A fine portrait of the late Mr. E. O- Hall is on
'exhibition at Williams & Cos. It is the work of
iljK JtajMel man , who has enlarged it from a pho
Wra pbrtai.cn in Kome four years ago.
Col. John KnsAcll, tho well known criminal law
yer has decided to place his fate in the hands of
the Totera of Honolulu and hopes to be returned
as a candidate to the next Legislature.
. Tbr cane fields In and around Kaueobe aro re
ported i to be purple with flower and everything
seems favorable for tho coming crop. Some cane
of Mr. H. Parker's is especially fine."
Judge Uartwell has again got into harness, re
suming the practice of his profession, and has
opened an office in the rooms formerly occupied
by the V. 8. Consul, over Hishop & Co.s bank.
The fair held in the Hall of the V. M. a A in
aid of the Association, on the evening of the 12th
inst, resulted quite encoiASf ol In adding to the
funds of the organization, nearly $800 bang netted.
Kawaiahao Church looks very well after its re
cent repairs and thorough painting. A capital
platform has been put up. it is by far the largest
permanent platform in any of our public buildings.
Tbe edge of lbs P. M. S. S. wharf was somewhat
chafed by the barks 2luilan and CattariaH dor
the storm of the 13th, they Ijing broadside to and
the brxry soa coming in the harbor causing them
to roll considerably.
The Amateur Dramatic Society will most proba
bly giro a. performance in the last week of the
month'. Tbe yirocramme will include a comedy
and a farce, and several new faces ill be seen
among the players.
Tbe vice-president CroIcy) of the Working
men's Union considered the advice of the Gazette
to "leave polities to voter," so good that ho re
signed from tbe committee on "Legislative Candi
dates' and advised his fellow associates to place
only voters on such committees.
Me&tfa. Benson, Smith Co, are putting up a
cologne of their own manufacture, they have
copyrighted the label which reads "Made Cologne.
This u a new departure in home manufacture.
The bottles are suitable for Christmas presents.
The Chamber of Commerce met on Monday,
when the coinage of this country and questions
of exchange were discussed. No resolutions were ;
adopted, but the Chamber will meet again to-day
and will probably agree upon a plan of action.
Notwithstanding the prevalence of the strong
wind from the southward accompanied with occa
sional rain showers, the Hand, on the evening of
the ltth insU gave a concert at tho Palace grounds,
the occasion bang a dinner given by His Majesty to
Mr. Hoftnung.
Mr. and Mrs. Stirling left by the Mari).
Tbe former has three mouths leave of absence.
He will aocompMiy Mrs. Stirling to England and
return almost immediatelv. It is to be hoped
that the change to a colder climato will hare a
Uneficial effect on Mrs. Stirling's health.
. That sPWMD north of cannon, which was
ordered in Europe some time since is now on its
way Lithar on board the KoU. Of course it Is
needless to My that it has net been juld for, and
that Uus will be another of those nice little bill
Inch the country will have the pleasure of paying.
TToom who were absent from the sale of furniture
held at the wurerooms of the California Furniture
Company on the 12th inst, under the auspice of
Mr. Adams, Mr. EUis presiding, missed the oppor
tunity to obtain many good bargains. So also the
absentees from the morning sale of Meiers Lyons
& Levey, held at their rooms on the 12th inst,
Tbe trustees of the Queen's Hospital held the
regular semi-annual meeting on tbe ISUi instant.
Hon. S. G. Wilder was elected to fill the position
made vacant on the Hoard by the death of E. O.
Halt It was decided to hold m abeyance the rro
po&itioa to build a special ward for foreign female
paUenta. The report of Dr. McKibbin tbe resi
dent physician shows that tie number of patients
at present under treatment is CS. During the
iUMm iu"o uavo own uo admissions;
iiu nave uccn umcuargca ana it nave died.
-t F9u .J Macfarlane gave a party at his
ukui iwiucuic, ut uuuuioi air. a, ltonnung
which was largely attended, and a pleasant and
enjoyable evening was the result. Tte Colonel
aiso Bccompaaies air. uonnung aa far as San Fran-
As Christmas Day falls on a Tnmdar, the Ktmmn
will not sail till the following day. Wednesday,
December 20th. The sailing day for the next
week will also be altered from Tuesday, January
1st to Wednesdar, January 2nd. Mr. S. G. Wilder
ucucrer in EiTins 1111 employees a rjOllOAy.
The clofiinrr examinationa cml Tnrfiit nf t)
first term of the year 18H3-i, of Kawaiahao Semin
ary, were commenced in the school-room of the
institution yesterday and lasted from 0 a,m. till I
p.m. To-day the examination will bo continued
and rhetorical exercises will be given from II till
L Friends of the institution are invited to
Stephen Langherne Desha was married last
Wednesday to Hattie Kamaka. ThwnlAmf tntA
nlace in Kawaiahao Church. Itev. it it. iart-r
nu u. iiyueomciaiing. Alter the ceremony a
recenuon was given in tne nail of the i-amfie si 1.
Bionary Institute, at which Mr. Desha is a student.
A cumuer 01 menus assembled to wish the young
The AVorklncmcn's Union held their remlar
flWkiy roeeung on tne evening 01 ineilininsu,
and decided that the election of officers should
take place on the 20th inst. Mr. Daniclewiez re
signed entirely from tbe Society. A debate night
was set for January 3d, ISSi on which occasion
the subject of M Tbe best method of petting rid nf
the Chinese so as to give other laborers a chance
on the island win be argued.
The O. S. S. Ztirinota was delared in iiart hpre
fmn, th i,ih ftt, ;:: t
noon of the ICth. tbe nrevailimr Im nrevntint?
the arrival of expected freight. She Bailed at noon
of the latter date for San Francisco, the outgoing
passengers being bade adieu by quite a crowd of
tmiucuh kuu uau, iiuin luisumuing (lie ram, hb-
Beisuicu vo wimcsn mc oepanure.
SL Alban's Collere. elofied nn FVi.biT thn 11th
The term ha been an exceptionally successful
one, and Mr. Atkinson feels gratified at tbe gene
rous support that he has received from his many
friends. Examinations were held during tho last
week and tbe pupils acquitted themselves remark
ably well. The new term will commence on Mon
day, January 7th, 1SS1. Pupil desiring to enter
anouiu give eariy nouce 10 tne mncipai.
The contracts which manv amncies of snir
Planters, in this eitv. have entered into with CoL
Glaus Spreckcls, compels the shipment of sugar
from this port in Ate vessels. As a consequence
uessrs. uacmeia cl uo. nave oeen maae tne acenta
of everal vessels which were lormcrly held by
roercnanis, wno, unaer tne existing state 01 tilings
cannot find freights. Monopoly is regarded o
the curse of California. Can it be a blMsin? to
iiawau 1
Ooite a crowd of nmnV Afwrnhlnl on thr 1. M
S. h. wharf on last Saturday afternoon the osten
sible object of the gathering being to view tbe
steamer Knn, Capt, King, make the passage of
me oar, nicu was breaking irora reel to reel.
The noble steamer, guided by tbe ste:l nerved
Captain took the first breaker iust bevond the
Fpar buoy and the sudden sheer of the vessel
auoweu a sironc nnaertow 10 contena with. xmv
and speedily however the bar was crossed and in
passing tne lighthouse the vessel and captain
were noarciiy cneerea.
A telephone messaire from a ladr residing on
Heretania Etrcet near Fort street, on tho evemnc
of the ICth instant, requestmg police assihtance to
quiet a disorderly gang of f oriegn conviriahsts,
was answered from the Station and two captains
01 ponce ana me oincers lormea a rcnei squao
and proceeded to tbe place. Arriving there an
entrance having been obtained to the room where
the shouting proceeded from, one of the captain's
mildly reproved the quartette of haotet, and then
in a niajetttia manner he and his ro-fitix took a
na:K trace zor tue station, rso arrests.
Tho Planters1 Labor and Sarmlv Co. htld ft
meeting on the 11th insL, and tbe members dis
cussed tbe labor Question, relative to tbe continu
ance of the importation of any more South Sea
Islanders, at present. Portuguese immigration
was regarded as beneficial to tho country and Mr.
A. HoSnung who was present at tho meeting, by
invitation, gave the assembled planters his views
on the Eubjvct. No action further than a declara
tion of intention to obtain tbe opinion of planters
generally on tbe labor subject, was token, after
wmcn tne meeting adjourned.
Captain King, commander of the new stoarau-
a ittftH mci wun a severe acciacni just previous to
the boat leaving this port for windwardonthollth
inst. He was slandinc near the windlass, on which
a line was being hove in; a portion of an iron pin
him senseless and cuttinc auito a trash from which
the blood flowed freely. Medical assistance was
at once obtained and it was at first thought that
Captain King was too severely injured to go in
oommand. However, he quickly recovered, and,
although in great pain, declared his intention to
Slav on dctv. and did co in command of the vessel
on the up trip. His escape was a narrow one, from
wnat migut nave been a most Bcnous lojury
Jud?e IL F. Hickcrton has received news from
Mr. and Mrs. McWayne, both old residents and
well known in this community, and it will be a
pleasure to his friends to know that tbe gentle
man has passed a most successful examination as
a medical student, and is now A. McWayne,M.p.
He immediately received an appointment as as
sistant physician at Ward's Island, New York, hut,
Mrs. MeW rtyne not being permitted to reside on
the island, Dr. MeWayne declined that appoint
ment, accent in? instead one to the Cumberland
street Hospital at Hrouklrn, N.Y where he is now
located. It is said to be Dr. McWayne's intention
to continue his practice there for a few years,
after which ho will return again to Honolulu,
wnere ne win ne giaoiy wcicomea.
When anything went wrong lately with tho
papers at tho Government House, it m raid to be
very amusing to watch the many titled Premier
hunt through his pockets. "Want tho copy of
that indictment." says he ! "Oh yes ! here tt is,'
and he dives into tbe left hand pocket: a bundle
of papers produced. "Hother, that is the Hoard
of Health pocket. The right hand pocket is for
tho Foreign Office papers; the coat-tail pockets
contain the Hoard of Education documents and
only after a long hunt is it that tho many titled
one finds out that the document in question is
pigeonholed, say in the I'.C.A . ofacc. Hard on
official documents this.
The Premier when he came into office roraa rked
to one of his friends that he did not care for pub
lic oninion. "What is public opinion in this
country ? " said he. Since he has been in office
nc nas oegun to mint tnat mere is sometuing in
it. lost Fndar showed him that there was not
only a public opinion but that the law and tbc
public opinion in nis case were at one. ine man
who is so manv tbinirs to the King, from boot
licker upwards " JGSt bw beginning to find oat
that there is a solid phalanx in this country which
means to hare its ngbtsind that a public opinion,
which may have been dormant, can be aroused in
our community as easily as in any other.
Havaiians and foreigners agree upon the utter
venality, and total want of either honor or hon
esty in tbe present o dittaut Premier of Hawaii.
Screams of a lady mdistress roused the occu
nants of the Hotel at an early hour on tbe morning
of the ICth inst., and an investigation as to the
cause revealed, that, the lady who had uttered
the scream had had an Interview with a real rob
ber, who, she says, made an attempt to capture
some diamonds which were in a bag and hanging
to her neck. A thorough search was made for the
reported intruder but anavailiug, and now there is
f 100 offered by Dr. McGrew.Mr. Graham, andG.
assett, for information that may lead to tbe ar
rest and conviction of the unknown party. Since
writing the above the case was given into the hands
of Captain Mehrtcns, who, to the surprise of the
proprietors of the hotel, arreted the night clerk,
one Joseph Young, who has made a confession that
he was the man in tbe room, but not there to com
mit robbery.
1 he steam chimney at the Union mill has been
blown down.
Ilia bark Lizzie HareMl. Capt. Jtarmnan. sail
ed from Hilo, on Monday. Dec 10th, in ballast for
Fort TownRend. Mrs. Kelly -and children took
passage on the bark.
E. Kckoa." so a correspondent writes, seems t
be throwing mud pretty freely at the Hoard of Tax
Appeals ol liilo for daring to decide against him
but Hilo people know E, Kekoa pretty well.
Dnrinc the whole of last week a heavy tuna cale
blew, with heavy squalls of rain. The Kumh was
unable to call at Mahukona, or Kawatbae and pas
sengers had to get on board at Niulii.
The Police of Hilo surprised and captured
tor ni,(T of Chinese at Amauula. Hilo,
on Sunday, Dec. 9th, smoking opium and gamb
ling. Opium and gambling utensils and China
men were all locked up.
Inl nf native from the New Hebrides, rect-nl-
ly arrived and at work at Ookala Plantation,
stole a couple of canoes on Saturday nigkt,Drc
Sth, and left for parts unknown, probably with
the intention of going home. One canoe load
reached Hakalau but tne otner nas not ueen ncaai
ir1.m.niiA wna tried in the Police Court, it
Hilo on Tuesday, Dec 11th, for stealing ?o7 from
Mr. L. E. Swain, on the morning of N.ov. 22nd.
He was found guilty and sentenced to one years
hard labor for the Goremment and a fine of $$7
the amount stolen. Twenty-six dollars was re
turned to Mr. Swain by the thief, the balanee
having been squandered. j
i,1f met ivn i- in on Thursday last.
during the Iwo gale, tbe trash houses of the Ko
hala plantation took nre, presumably from a spark
from the chimney, and with two laborers' boa mw
below them, were all burned to the ground. The
trash houses were four in number, and each 2)
feet or more in length, filled largely with trahtt.
The mill had been grinding but a few days, and
the loss of those houses fall of fuel is a serious
item. Had the mill building not been sided and
roofed with iron, it would probably have takon
fire from the intense heat, although the fire was
100 feet distant, and the wind took the flames in n
direction away from the mill.
Hilo tax payers have not quite got done with Z.
Kekoa, the tax assessor. In a great many cases
here appeals were token and judgment rendered
in favor of the appeUent, no notice has been token
of it by E. Kekoa, and taxes have to be paid with
out the iust reduction. Not only has he left their
amounts on the tax books, after having beai
ordered by the Court of appeals to tote them off,
but in some cases he has altered the books, adding
thereto various sums as Lis fancy, or perhaps per
Bonal ppiw. til dictated. Inm. cine f lJXXl Lzs
hecn added to tbe ,alntioa on a small plantation,
after the booka hd Ijeen examined by the owner
ind micicer. Sach is tie lrrort.-Keloa claims
that tne amoonta art all deJocted from the turn
total-bat they are not dedorted from the cparato
aSounts. HoViatnitforanaawurr Iteead
is not yet.
The cale has done considerable damaceat Uhne,
MTcral houses bare been Mown down, one beinc
carried one hundred feet down a bant Asreat1
Slot the cine has been laid BU. but as.lt is ojl
twilled it will recover. Trd is the hoariest fjale
on tho island eince 1573
other pUnUtions in like manner. Ine force of the
wind was verv great. Nothimr likB it Ka orrnrrpJ
for some yean. All the gulches aro in a flood.
Wind abated xm tho morning of December 11th
uo itaxu u ilwusi nay roae out tne Rorrn
A CauteCelebre-
Tiat Las already proved a "celebrated case
as far as it has gone at this wnting, is tbe petition
signed by Messrs. S. H. Dole, W. O. Smith and W.
IE. Castle, which was presented and heard before
lhs Honor Chief Justice Jedd on the 13th instant.
Tbe court room wu crowded with repreacn tat ires
of the mercantile and planting interests of the
country, and Her Hritannie Majesty's Commia
bivucj, am mc uoosui ior l'ortugni were also pre
fect; till the spectators seemed deeply interested
in the arguments of counsel, and the decision of
oce j uaa was erven amidst breathless silence.
juesRTs. rieumaniL, lreton, and Whiting ap
peared for the Minister of Finance and A. S.
uanweu, r-sq tor me petitioner.
In a petition of W,K Castle, S. a Dole and
W.O.Smith, for writ of Mandamus against
His Ex. John M. Kapcaa, Minister of Finance.
The petition t the undersigned, petitioners
shows; That your petitioners are taxpayers.
atizens and resident nf Tlnnnlnln fn lhA Iclan.1
of Oahu and such retidauU, citizens and taxpayers
vuumiuj iuuuctiwj nuu ouuceracu in tne
several matters and things hereinafter stated and
set forth.
That your petitioners are Informed and believe
and ro aver in their information and belief that
His Excellency John M.Kapena. the Minister of
Finance, defendant hereto, haa rannd in ISa
prepared and ts now about to tone certain coupon
bonds of the Hawaiian Government to the amount
01 uae linn area and Thirty Thousand Dollars
bearing interest navable semi-annuallr at the rata
of six per cent, per annum, the said bonds being
V . "- ivijauio, pnocipai ana mieret in
Lnited States POld en:n nr ( Mininlint
And your petitioners further aver that the bonds
aforesaid purport to bt Issued under and by au
thcnlyof the provisions of aa act entitled "An
Act to a&borixe n national loan and to define to
wnai uses men loan shall be devoted, approved
on the fifth dav of Anmnt. A. TV 1SS "
uaa, mo uu akiiitiaiergixiiuuicB is aooui 10
issue said bonds below par and to receive therefor
silver coins of less than equivalent value in United
. i K cours iuas is 10 say ior surer coins
nhichare onlr about ciehtv-twn r nf nf th
uuiwu utaun kmu vuui,
lliatitis the dutv of the said Minister of Fi.
nance to issue said bonds only at par and upon
receipt of their equivalent value in United States
gold coin.
inatltisthenchtof vour netitionam. sji nnli
taxpayers as aforesaid, that there be no misapplica
tion of the public moneys; whereas the isaue ot
the aforesaid bond for less than par as aforesaid
would operate as a misapplication of tbe public
viij,iu iucicuj ujuro iuc Viiuoners aa C1U
Kens and Uxnavers. and that br reason of sneh
issue of the bondi aforesaid at lesrt than par as
aforesaid the public cood and administration of
jqsuco woui a mmer.
Ana your petitioners further aver that thev hare
requested the said Minister of Finance not to
iMuo mm oonusat jess man par asaioresaid, nut
that ho refuses and neglects to comply with such
their reasonable request.
Wherefore your petitioners pray that a writ of
mandamus do issue out of this Honorable Court
requiring the said Minister of Finance to accept
for such bonds only United States gold coin or
its equivalent and not to accent therefor tlm ftilrpr
coins aforesaid, and not to issue such bonds, ex
cept for tho par value in United States gold coin
or its equivalent and for such further and ap
propriate relief as justice and reason require and
.u uut uouur buau bteui meci.
And your petitioners will ever pray,
William IL Castle,
Hy S. It. DoLr,
Sanfocd B. Dole,
Wiluim O. Smith.
In a ixlltion of Vt. IE. Cistle. S. 11. Dol and W.
w.smun, ior writ of Mandamus against His
IV T..I,- M tr n:: . . .
"iiu ji. ivAjN.ua, jiJuibiiT oi finance.
The respondent hnrrin motrs Uia fYmrt in ilmi-
the application of tho petitioners and vacato the
writ issued because thanetitionfnr anid writ nn1
application therefor is mado by said petitioners
and petitioners have neither nor any of them have
any personal or direct interest in the act to bo
restrained and this respondent is a public officer
W. A. Wirrrnco,
Paul Neoiixs,
Attorneys for lCespondent.
Mr. Nenmniin. .1 rrm fwl in snrmnrl nf Ilia mntinn
that tho animus of tho petitioncn was not good,'
When llieir molivK Wrn rallirrmlttiAil than ns.
riotic Waiting until the tlevcutii hour, when it was
ccnerally known long ago that n contract for these
oonusnaa been inaue, hnowed a desire to embar
rasa he Government. (TonnRnl mti fnr .h
view that individual tax-payers cannot institute
such proceedings to prevent illegal action by a
GoTcrnrucm oflicer, and spoke of tbe injury to tho
national credit if this writ were allowed. The
bonds were not at first taken nith eagerness, and
this was tho only way to issue them.
air. jianweu argnoa Vontin tnat if there was
animus, or wrong rnotiro, this was the first he had
heard of it That he had never heard until ses-
teruav of the contract, refprrrd In. Imt bn
been informed that an agent of llarmgawas last
year employed by tbe Govt rument to place these
bonds, and was about to do so when tho business
was taken out of his hands. Ha did not take no
sombre a view as did counsel for the Ministry,
4i uiuau uuiius oc iruiacu omy at par, as
the Statute renniren. If thn mntfTYinlAfl netmn
of the Minister would not stand judicial investi
gation, let it be known. If the tax-payers of the
country have the right to appear in court to de
mand that no illegal unoe of bonds be made, why
should they not do so ? He cited the mandamus
fidi Of 18i 6. the dBctcinnH nf fhn KnnromA f!nnrt
of the United States, Connectlcntt, and Now Harop-
tuuu, wmuauu aiiiuucjKii jorimua ana (jooiey
on taxation (referring to the decision of other
courts; to the effect that auch remedy exists for
tax-payera. If not such remedy, there is none,
and the Constitution is powerless, which declare
that "Ministers are resixuibiblo.
The court dVnled the motion Lodiftmia. (hn rwti.
tion ruling that by the authority of the Supreme
Court of tho United States, and by the great pre
ponderance of authorities, the petitioners had a
right to anncar in court. Mr. Neumann Mir!
that the respondent took no exception to this
ruling, and ho thereupon filed the following
nre hettbs.
And now comes Jobn M. Kntwna and mabna
this hia answer and return to the above entitled
cause nnd savs:
1 hat the writ of llandamna should not ijmtia )m.
cauio the matters aqd things set forth. in the peti
tion are insufficient in laand that there is no
neciectol UUtvontbo nart of tbatiltfenilant ad
forth in said petition, becauso that said petition
does not show a demand to perform a duty re
quired of liim by law; V
ana me respondent fort tier answering says that
ho is about to issue Hawaiian Government Ikm.U
to the amount, and at tbe interest stated in tbe
pennon unuer ana in accordance with tbe provis
ions of an Act entitled An Act to Authorize a Na
tional Loan, and to Dt fine to what Uses such Loan
shall be Devoted." approved on thcStbday of Aug
Denies that he is about to issue said bond!
low par but avers that he is about to issue said
bonds at pAr and in accordance with the provis
ions of said Act last above mentioned.
lijuies tnat it ma dutv a.s such SI mutter nf Fi
nance to issue the said bonds onlv nnon retv int nf
equivalent value in United States gold coin, but
avers that Lis doty in this respect is fully set
forth In said act as follows;.
Section I. ice Minister of finance under the
direction of the King in Cabinet Council is hereby
authorized to borrow on the credit of the Hawaiian
Government from time to time, dunni? the period
of three years af Ur the passage of this Act, such
tnnu not exceeding in the, hole the sum of $2,
000,(30 for the purposes iu tho Act hereinafter set
may cause coupon bonds to be issued from time
to time for such amount each as ha mar deem
advisable, such bonds to be issued at not less than
par, and to bear interest not exceeding six per
cent per annum, payable 8emi-annnally,,r
Ana me iiesponueni avers mat ne nan in ail re
spects conformed to the provisions of said Act, and
that said bonds are to be issued at oar in accord
ance with such provisions of said Act.
aiiu denies tnat ne is about, or tntenas to, or
will issue said bonds mentioned in the petition or
any bonds below par or to receive or accept there-
lor coins oi less value man me equivalent o( tbe
lawful money of tho Kingdom of the Hawaiian Is
lands as U provided in the Act aforesaid.
And tbe attendant iurtnersavs tnat the demand
made upon him is in the words following:
Honolulu. 12th December. 1SS3.
To lit' Kr. Jmik M, KaptMitt Minuter of wce;
ueic mk. i no underpinned, citizens and tax
payers of ttie Hawaiian Kingdom, respectfully re
quest that you do not issue Hawaiian Government
1 kinds at lea than par, but only for United Stiles
gold or its equivalent,
itespcciiuiiy yours,
Sakfobd It Dole,
- i W. O. Suixn,
.And avert! thai bv this law this defendant can
not comply with such demand and further denies
that he has ever refused to comply with any law
ful demand as his dutv in respect to tho issuance
of said bonds under said Act of 1882.
Wherefore tho respondent nrars that the appli
cation of the petitioner herein be denied, that the
writ heretofore issued herein be vacated, that tho
esnondent bo hence dismisaod without delar. and
icocr costs aud disbursements herein incurred
from the petitioner.
jdwabd i-kxstov,
W. A. Whtttko,
Paul Ncrv axx.
Attorneys for llcspondcnt.
Dulv bubsenbcd and sworn to bv John M.Ka
pena, 51 mister of Finance.
Air. ii an weir men mod exceptions to tne ie
turn, and argued that .it failed to raise an
issue of law on which tbe court could decide tbe
case. Ino only question now was whether the
bonds would be issued ot jxtr if sold for certain
silver coins as alleged in the petition. This aver
ment must be admitted or denied by the return.
Mr. Preston argued fontra. that the arcrment
about filver dollars was immaterial, and there-
foronecd net be denied. Air. Hart well in reply
Rdd that this was the only fact which was of any
importance and until it was settled, the case could
not be heard.
Tbe Court ruled that the return' was bad for the
reason named, whereupon the counsel for the re
poadent amended this return, by inserting an
a varment that he intended to accept fur the bonds,
" silver coin in half dollar pieces of equal weight
and fineness with United States silver coins ot the
same value and lawful money of the Government
of the Hawaiian Inlands."
Mr. Uartwell Cling a demurrer to this amended
return, the argument was at once token up on the
main question, viz.: whether tho ifwiing of tbe
bonds for such coins was a compliance with
the statute that they be "not iwued below par."
Counsel cited a case from New York, holding that
certain atato bonds which were so issued that the
btato lost same 13,000 on the interest, were not
issued "at par.' and that theso words meant that
the bonds would be aold for the name value in
which they were payable. The currency Act and
the coinage Act were not in question, silver could
still pa corrant for all Ibis case has to do with
the matter, but if these silver coins are worth only
a little over 23 cenU la . United Slates gold, there
would not be an issue at ror,
Mr. Preston argued for the amended return,
that me statute requirement, to isme the bonds
onlyxdai rnrtalueant that they be sold for the cur
rent cmu of the kingdom,
orxxiux or tbe cbakccxlob.
W. ItCvsTLE. W.O.Sirmi asd S. IE. Pole, vs.
His rt.-rtjrr J. M. Kircu H. H. M a
Mcrisrr& or Fccaxck.
, , ;.i.'n- JM. rtttiioH for m trritpf
Mi i 'h 'ft '(it th m iti-n tm qttnah $bt
it! f ilk (O-iifnUiat the petitioners, as citi
zen ud :axrr spt hare the right to sue out this
writ. They have, as tixpavers, the right to en
deavor to prevent a public officer from doing what
Is an injury to the public ood. There are au
thorities on both sides of the question, bot the
current seems to be in favor of the right aed
especially the case of Crampton v. Zabriskie, cited
in 101 U.S. OK). This is a case decided in 1S79 by
the Supreme Court of the United State, and
air.fjusuce ritiu tor me uoun says: kji me
right of resident taxpayers to invoke the inter,
position of a Court of Equity to prevent the illegal
creation of a debt which they in common with
other property holders of tbe county may other
wise be compelled to pay, there is at this day no
pc nous question,"
To denv this right to a taxpayer would be to
say that there is no remedy and no way by which
a Minister of the Crown can be prevented from
doing an illegal act Impeachment is too rfiadowy
and nn certain to be thought of as an adequate
remedy. If only the Attorney General can promote
such a matter, the answer Is that there has been
no Attorney General Fince May last and it would
be idle to expect an Attorney General who is one
oi me vamnet to commence proceedings against
his own colleague,
A Minister is responsible to the King for his
acts and ho is alo responsible to the peorle for the
faithful discharge of hu duties. The respondent's
motion to oua&h. which is more properly a de
murrer, ts ovemuea.
uiKssirvr ox xirc cask.
Havinrr riven this matter considerable studr and
Attention and having arrived at a clear and decid
ed opinion upon the question involved, I give my
decision now, knowing also that delay would be
injurious to tne respondent.
1 remark here that tho petitioners are not
amenable to criticism for having brought this
action so late. They could have no standing In
Court until tho act complained of was about to ba
committed, and if proceedings had been com
menced months ago it could bo well answered that
the application was premature and the respondent
was not about to act in tho manner alleged.
Moreover, if tbe act complained of is illegal at
an, it was 8!) at me inception ana continues so
throughout and it loses none of its illegality by
lapse of time.
I remark here that the abilitr of the corernment
to borrow money under tbe Loin Act ot 192 does
not affect tbe vitality or existence of the govern
ment The authontv was riven bv this act to
uurruw money ior certain specinc pnrpones name a
ui me act anu uy zecuoa no part oi me money
(thus raided) shall, on any pretence, be paid,
used or applied, dircctlvorindirectlr. either tem
porarily or otherwise to or for any public use or
purpose otner man ttie purposes respectively to
which tho same is hereby directed to bo applied.
I presume the Legislature felt that the ordinary
resources of the government would be sufficient
for its ordinarv expenditures and so have not
aumorizea me borrowing or money lor its or
dinarv expenditures.
So my decision in this case cannot affect the lifi
or credit of the government.
Whether the bonds of the government have or
have not been difficult of sale is foreign to this
issue, itmey nave not been eagerly twugut ior,
possibly it is because the interest, being only six
per cent is too low, being three per cent, lower
than the legal rate or interest
The authoritv of the Minister of Financo in tbe
premises is to be found within the four corners of
this Act
Section 1 authorizes the Minister of Finance
under the direction of the King in Cabinet Council
to borrow on tbe credit of the Hawaiian Govern
ment during a period of the three years, sums of
money not exceeding two Minion uoiiars, ana
the bonds to be issued therefor, are (1st) to be
issued mt not tt tfwn par, (2d) they are to bear
interest n-jt exceeding six per cent, (3d) they are
to bo exempt from government taxes, (4 th) they
are to bo redeemable in not less than fire nor mora
than twenty-firo years and 5thi they are payable
principal and interest in Vnitttl Slates golJ coin or
id fqttiralfnt. The bonds must be issued in exact
compliance with tho law. They munt be issued,
savs the Act, at not less than par. What is parr
All tbe lexicographers say that par is exact
equivalence without discount or premium, that
u, mere must no received lor thepo bonds tbe
exact equivalent of tbe sum secured to be paid by
them. They are to bo paid In Vailed State aoM
coin or Us njiiirateitt and this must therefore be
received ior tnem.
If a promissory noto calls for payment of J&00
sterling, the pir value would bo 12300 sterling and
nothing lets. Now, if tho Minister of Finance
prupot'ea to dispose of these bonds for anything
lesa than their lace in United State pold no in nr
iu equivalent, it is a violation of tbe law. It mat
ters not if the silver half dollars which the res
pondent proposes to tako for tho bonds be current
as money in this realm. Theltw says mot dis
tinctly that the bonds must not bo sold for less
than par.and as Uie ailver half dollars are far less
in intrinsic valuathaft their face value in United
ota.es gold coin, to sell tho bonds thus is selling
them for lean thaiiJwr.
The law of this kincdom makes United States
gold tho stand-ird of valuo and legal tender. This
ltw must bo administered by the Court even if the
community and the gorernn.ent by common con
sent ignoro its existence. No law is a dead letter
to the Court. I may here say that the Act of 1880
providing ior a national uoinage, auinonzcsme
Minister of Finance, "to purchase gold and silver
bullion with any moneyi trArWi may from time to
time le m tht Treasury and to cause to be coined
therefrom cold and wlver coins" of eoual woioht
and fineness with United States gold and silver
coins of the stnio denominations. '1 hat is, foreign
coin already in circulation might thus be changed
into Hawaiian coin and this the Legislature
thought would not probably disturb the currency
very seriously. Silver Is a commodity fluctuating
iu value and It has bot-rt declining in value for
some years and tho standard halt dollar of the
United States ia by the latest quotations not worth
in United States cold much raoro than 40 cents,
ltcing of tho oninion that tho bonds are proposed
to be issutd bv the respondent for leas than nar. I
grant the writ of mandamus.
I ought to say further that the 70lh Article of
tho Constitution requires tho Supreme Court to
giro its opinion to the King and the Cabinet 'upon
important questions of law and upon solemn occa
sions." And the Justices of the Supreme Court
aro alwai s ready to ciro their oninions to the Gov.
ernmcnt when important steps aro contemplated.
In this instance tbe opinion of the Court was not
.A.S. Hartwf.ll for the atitioncrs'Mn)sni.Na.
mann, Whiting and Preston forrtwpondent
HnnnMn lWnmWll
ItespondcnbV counsel noted appeal to tho fall
A Three Days Storm nnd the Rcsnlta
On last Wednesday evening tho wind, w hich had
been quite variable for a few days, worked around
to the southward and the balmy breeze from that
quarter prevailed until nearly midnight. At tbe
latter hour the strength of tbe wind increased, the
barometer falling from 3020 to 2D-J0 , the sudden
ness of the, depression causing old sailors to keep
a f harp lookout to windward,' nnd by 1.20 a. ra. on
the 13th, the wind was blowing strong, creating
quite a swell in the harbor, and breakers being
visible on the bar. The blow continued with but
little chance in the form of the wind, except an
occasional squill, during one of which, on the
nigm oi mo inn, me steamer i.firfite abed sur
rendered and flattened out. until the midnight of
12th inst, when a final heaty rain squall accom
panied with vivid lightning and loud thunder
Gremed to proclaim the exit of tho storm sprites
that had held hich revel for thff nrr codinc fortv-
eight hoars.
i ne aamago in tho ei ly proper, as far as repotted
is mostly confined to tbe waterfront; there the
raraces of the hicb- Lide-L which wers prevalent
during tho continuance of the storm, being appar
ent m undermined whams and washed out
breakwaters, especially noticeable in the spaces
between the 1. M. S. S. wharf and tbn Intfr.1Inn.l
S. N. Co.s wharf. At ttie rear of tbe P. M. S. S.
Co. s wharf tho made ground has been gradually
washed away until now deep holes and extended
cracks are found where previonRly was seemingly
uaru grounu. jus jiajestys boat nouso nad toe
southwest veranda w?shcd awav. and. at one time
on Saturday morning, Iho whole structure seemed
Bunny, me boats, and tumisuingsot ibis royal
resort were removed to a more safe place, but the
building managed to weather tho storm. '1 he lsnd
inc'at the Imraisration depot is one hundred feet
hborter than beforo the storm, and the outhouses
and fences of tho depot are damaged.
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I ri.IIV.XecSI,atI8 a m. at !erwm. Kfr
van rat m tnj utm imuu, rarBiiarv.
Toy. Jewelry, Top-Bajcrj aad Fiattlr IIarr
t NTrnuiT.TXXatTp.at!talemwm, 9pcUl
cair oi a.irzaat wwt .anuaaa umkuji
, LTOSM 'A LKTXT. Aatlmeer.
aXsXa.ij9 Pay,
Sparkling Moselle & Hock, Fort
Wine, Sherry. Etc., Etc
nnmni i co I'lnivrnvicrp'
jV I-wLaHj rliUliriU t jiaiiiSl wUTw.iini.jtrMt.riwiUErfB
i in MnJi oa
Slnelr Double and Treble, tn Amt" Eli'
7rTli" Wednesday, Dec. 19th
Expected to Arrive Soon! , . a-.,
Wines and JuicLuors
A Fa!1 Assortmfnt of
glass -wa-iar: :
Of crery decrlptlun Also i!c w'ltiiiTa i't
Dinner Services. &c
Ex " Henry James,"
umpiiMi; -i hawpatfri' iiark.i m Mosri r
Ilocfe r.rt nd Shi-mr tt '! Ttfbay Htina-
Jtc At !nlu" i i ll.iij.ii-
Lamps and Cliandeliers j E"y Ilill S&l
Special Notice Wednesday, December 19
,i .pa ai - -uji i Larc I Hlertl.
The t'oderttsiied, Frprleor of lk t j m
jpxoisrymn. New CrOOaS !
nan Dixfa -
Picture, .Majolica Ware, llronie.i
nrTil Statuary,
Di'!rr to lnrarmbi. patron, a&.l tliu public firnoi
ally that notwtlhtlndlnc the rtvrnt dltron.
it. in; it is Ki:t:-i r:i
On a much more extenslrasealq natch, la ow tn fall
operaiion, aid wairawin iw in complete wotaiac r
ordet by an early arrtral of n w Machtnerr and Tovib.
iic nas rvceiTea per Aiaateaa a larjtc in
Choice Ciiiidio.
Sugar Toys & Ornaments
He will alto havo on bind loo I'd I .Mis ot tt,. so
Mien cai.i.i:i roit
Ofhliownmaanfactiin aa.l a larv a.t m'
ins nnj iioJir.-Ji.ini;
Pure Candles,
Fresh Chocolate Creams.
Rlchlr ornam ntid. and la ai-aln tirrtir. il tin
order for hia eo well imwn rich aud fin fl i I
Wedding- Cake, ,
Ornamented In the Mt Arli-:ii Mjlr '
Of the fiotaat Qvatitlci Will be sold at 30 ct rnr 3
Mth lar.flT iscreasnlfarUhlr i..- r-r- i.p....,i
Ijaln to snpnlj hi- en-tomm Uh I'nre and Whole
some Confectionery f bt own nwnnfactura-.
Tbanklnfrlhetinblir for their Ubt r .1 iatronB7e (before
the tire) and sollcltloff a innlimiancf of Hn umr in Ihe
minrr i rr uespecuniir
jp. Ecomsr.
TKLBVnO.VK So 71. 'M ,t..
Aad a Lam Vaatj mt w Pwi (.
XaM. aa. SawT Wa tilrt.. will b. .
arlViaMHmbaia.tWMn mMt n
aln. aetal armaaMdanoM win H. MH.
Oawb 0 rlr am daj .f -a.
Tax Collector's Notice.
Dlatrict of Hilo', Hawaii, 1883.
X am hercbr notlilcd that ibx unJr.ini iti -.. 1
mencethoL'ofjectlun of Tatefur the cnrreiit Trar at
his ofllCB np-sUIr In th.- Jarr IUmm of the .Inrrru I
raent Hoa, THURSDAY Nori-mber tMh. lt .tnd
will collect Taxes through North Hilo hni th
weather and watet la strTO will allow htm to rn
in coalvrmllr with Hrcibm or thr b wTaxIw.
ill persons sublet t to taxation art- traulml in mtk
rarment of tb same to him on nr befnr- th 1Mb dav
of IeinbT,rvt,or they will become Ilabl to an ad ,
dltlonal Ten per Cent, added thrrrto
it. .v l.1 jiA.i, Tax-.' oner tor into
Sorrmbcr 15th. IN!. o ii '
- ..w
Friday, - Dec. 21st
at !"i. in aI iac- R. -m m b- i i ana".-!
Dry Goods and Clothing,
Furniture, Toys, Jewelry, Ac
ITU'S I Et '.1 1
Indir instrociiOaia rro iii-l K t fmw :h Iloniw
able Board ( Kdaralloa. it aba.ll er f.t ai
Pnbltc A action, at wit J"lrf.r.m m Jrn street a
Ilonolnln. tm
Saturday, Jan. 10, next
.VI Ti a, tb TtBtm I ms frc ( Laa4. rta
1 L1T a aaaUl ib- T b4 ml
ll rtl-Tet aca-Ml pmMMiss taw dvw.a
rrly iU and rst'ttdfMC tn th. tr'-asa aUlniata' aa
area of . r Jtnmr J.-t I i-r Tltw
1 LOT tbe aortb w-"i -id of Lmba it
above thp rrailM- ef Mr t K Wllilaas. tuvla: a
frontajre f 1 lrt osi thr -t i aawl rntaiaa
area ot II imfci sf n . r-' 1 wrt ortrr $m fitV
Ii:rfel tWds at ripest-? of tutrlta-i
tar For further parties la r 'in"'" a' 'b 6V 11
I.l B.unl f RdnratlM
L11I.VSA U1 CT,Aa,li.
Br r. r. asixi.
On Friday, De. Slt
Christmas GoodiH
That Will X
S. r. aUW. km
Underwritars Sfe
re amnt ot IhmEI nr
At tt o'elMll . l t H-inifcha IM
Jt laBK'
TV fwlbswha rrr damaawd awTDsi wff 4
rrtaiiB rroaa lrtt r, Prp yyra. ea
pat'e Im Frp Tw Wt
te rb Irrm PI im - k
cr. AIW X1
fowler's Patent Tramway,
11 ioaud Rail. II i i .! II.,
With Patent Steel Sleepers
- Will bi .oU to ' - i . en am ,-
The Tourists' Retreat,
At HonTuapo, Kasw HawaII.
riioi uisr.s am oTiir.ttH. imnnu
1 to vi'it the Voleajso wtHti'l rUM-rta ,tmm
mMatlon ?addl Its.Ac. at THE NKTIVKAT
Tb? rllaaalr al lloooapo ta am ttM Islaasl tar
lovalldf A In vbrw I ba4 1 ik wrMSMHitc
r. lMctadlaf tk VoIcsm tami la- Um
M J 1 MllTnil-
AM iMiKsoxsowxiNfi noi:i
or latt l-t ai rnaalax at Imr ran tbe Mini sjaM
named Laad via !- ti. Pttaa WatalaiaaaM.
WiaikaUibi, Katt.i. KiUara aal R.Halwau, at
nnttfteil to ri" tin -ai
.Tjt,nar I-( atxl aai
aM I a tui .ftcr ihJt ltt
I i U nl futi'ifT -t I
i ij fr n hi'tiiz " huh!
1 .!. 'I . T - r-
uml trtaraiaMlaa
4r.t with acvoodisue
ir. .irKlly aenbtb
r ami kMooaaM
r tbr aajaVrMzwd
OS UAA io orv Ari i:w
ra mm
9i wdmm
FiincyCnootls of Every llescriplion
A Choice Assortment of Majolica Ware,
Just Received by the "Bell Rock."
Presents for Ladies and Presents for Gentlemen.
Presents for Everybody can be Obtained from
6. W. IrlACFARLAWE & Co.
- OF
Ircsh Millinery,
JPca tilers, Piowers,
Hats, &c.5 &c.?
ON MONDAY, DEC. 3d, 1883.
Evening Se&!
at - " . Lock r x yt
Thursday, Se. 26th.
Furniture Go's
Store. QHeea Street.
Oil Paintlnxs,
Fino Chroma,
Ebony Ware.
MlrTors, 3 rek rrts.
. a.
Xmas Novelties I
c. r. .,. a-.
Lease of Pacldoclc
Jas fas baits, at "-tadbir Jltwasaas.
On Saturday, BMaaaai
U Ii C . rfc M a HrNHM. I t
A Lease for 5 Years
19 and 92-I00ths Acrca of Land
rr rwee? a-t MS- . JH
Zhlers &c Co, Port SU
JbT T1ISI R TrtK, m-
Satunlav Evening iHt 224
i k. tea mm
u r latw.a.nr.
Christmas Eve
Monday, Dec. 24th
- .t ' .Mr .
Cut Glassy Worv.
H.M!lN(i & ST'-Sn L.tSP.
a M- Nr
Saturday, Dec 28th.
V rj aa mr mwmjhn
Valuable Parc La mi
pa.. I 4 a -I WaS
Tho Larsa and Va!uaal&
I MN ISaSrnrt t r rValt aWSHtoaati
Satnnlaj, Jwiiiirl8Sl
Lease for 5 Tears
a.W-i. a
i...WDm; - iint t. a Ja. a-
. . t u.aA i .M.
nr rv. i. . r. .
German Preserrtw,
Brown Cabtaajce. Haaaangs
.OMMmzna jaatai.
luminous? Aancrss.
t-arrt taftamt mf tUmmm'f tilia a .
i - i - - - i - nnuun
Ed. Hofockl- k. fa.
Tk ousd. iHem k vrrti
1. mm j ii in i a. ,afwa .ta. it m
tata.af.wa. aa' i aw m ' a mmt
BtockSr Oars.
SMAT.L C-Uvnii. V"!! I
fVaa. - m. a

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