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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, December 26, 1883, Image 3

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--t-rkrtil tjariar tbe w-rfc j-nnHilBc bc .n.
.a tort eT many lcter-ULand Teatela Uden wita ear--wreir
tup pmiitt thaa afiordlaz te ttara
4eired aaalmal for llUc atilar Tfc fa-
nmtMkRUtt departara 'rota city waa
rtttet KtNu rfUtM
ta hU with a hrbi wr. bat ih Zeaiaseu b.ch in
lheJrd lal wok ' (w f4 nf
AUnU Wi nH at lie lit Jaaaary jjjort
MtMb'7 bTCrro r like ccat
Tae a ac tion sales mktl dart tip the ?T
bust tiae beta extmaetj 4all foi i i tB f
sTatrivsh else lait wUiswfJtattWM
Tt.wti WTrr Fallen bor. Uin- !.
ta steanert AIumU fram F.BfJ-Jn
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pr awl Aaate Lann " d
Ta It MSAotU'iwuibwtbotDh"
tae 3a wpoM sbtJaTi.botatraci feaa mattKO.
O - IS- Alert. Barclay, Iwm M Iraaclfc
rt-Am fctue Ulacarery. Perrtsaaa. Irra e- F
fl-Aa fcttac J A KlkrVrr. o4amaa. fr
:f!U:S AUanU, Mwrr, from Fra
S-Ah Ulnre. Jeast. f ran M rran
31- rXS5ZMa,Wfbl'tt froai Cele
De T Get kk Ckri4ae. Wiefanx, lor Earefca
1 An HI U wattawc. O'&laoaa, far Pi Tw'i
SI AH lern Anal Lare. Lree. ffac It Ta-wVt
ZV-rNss ZeaUBdi. "W fVbrr, fwMa r
VeU In Port.
A bk Spartan, Crottlry
Sr bk llrmry Jim. Latolmorf
Art bk D t Jlrnr. I'sdmaod
An bn- IlunL,Tlrry
An bt IirprrT. frrrtiBUi
An bltae Jut A ra!fcbmrE. Oodoio
V h AUaMi, Mart
An bk KiviMre. Jk
Rrpott .f O.ss AUn4a. Narr .ona, from ban
rttciM"-SillI:l5k.ota.l0pw.'Hlb nw toa
Full t dan l Uckt MrtkMlj vlads ttk tMftl5
writs. Uetic E to K viada wllh inally atbr:
ia-tSthwitaatomjNKeorrTat, Ktk at 3p to vw
a. o-r bark Uadin t tke eatta ard . atoppvd for plkM
AtltJlpn. tiaar f paaeafr, dy ad bor
Dc SI-4carr)
From a Krcic, Mr 1)Imit.
atMrird Larra of mctthanditc, rrwrin jb, etc
Tram ?a Frasclc, er Jaae A Falkrabarc- E(
rail car TnRal merckaadUe. pioTitmar, rtc
I'ron baa Fnatico,pw Alaneda. DectS Vali ra
Si m.'c b4k. prodacc. apfti-. etc
KfOtn Kaaal aad Walaaa. fvt Ja JIaV.tr, Drc t" J
L UlckArdaom. t limteraaa, II ElcamaWL
rrenIkama.petNttleMCTrit!.lfca-r U Har
cadra, U' It ial Xr K.rt.wxl
V'roa ati Frsnclaco pet Dl-coTi-r X)cr -T J
Caanbcn. X Todhoatcr. A An out. J Marpaj. T Fox.
X Orrtra
FrlttToaamd pwC U WkUn .Itc i -S W
liacknaa aad wife
Fttr aad IlaaaU pn f.-mu-r I .1-11 K
Cooke, 11 UTreadwaj
FnrSdaalaad 1 x-r LikrUkr. IVcSl -SIrVida
aad i ckUdrrs. Mr Yolu, I"aal Icabrn:
For Kabalai. per Kilaaaa lltm, Dn Sin S Uwj.
C ilk, T W Hebron, A Slaorr
ForMaataad Moaokai.pt Lrbaa, 1-Wir Aatd
tcJ wife. Mr Mens aad arifp. U lr.ti-, J Urn At J
Fiwa Saa Vraaciaco pa Alaneda. th H-Vr A W
M. II A Farnrlw. J W Eradler and witr, II Atlra. '
II Rldce.TNrotd.(rtll Mnwi. Dr JUWkitarjr,
1fr tad totu W b W rar, C M Walton ad mlt . Itt
laat. Gillian. Aadrvw. Alpaoaaaa. Janc, Ir J Jirrv
otc.3tia BrwHr.JaOaT.treaad-naat, b 4 W
hawm, M X Tartar aad wlfr. Xr It Moorr and
daarktrr. Capt r"laac, II Orotbrr. W J MrConndl.
F LaTam. F Klorpprr, Chaa Mlon Geo lt-. Ja
Kmfcak. A Vmroo, -Vi. Mar? Ma let. 34tt C Wrlla. 1'
s Lowvlt Jom Mlva. Jeka raa. t. I tckradt. 31
lkHaaa. L Bnni, A Jofcatone. II L lUaatkard. Cha
A a I, T K MOVrtl. Mr A Daalar. v'm RramBcld. F
Badtard Jaka Calkoaa A Fratarttw. II W tiraom, O
J Oaliaa, II Talbot, J M1,AJ Uopprr, aal foar
t'rcmi Saa Fraarlvco, per J A Falkrabaif Drr ;i R
lUnitlM. J I Xarphr. r Uatlomi. J lUk-j. Faal
Jie, 21 llsly
fron KaaalaadAValasar. prr Ialaal I K-V U
T rarrif. Mr Jokaraa. Mr Jtrjcr. K Ktw, F lad.
Jlr BarcaardL
Fmn Kakalai. prr KlUaca Uoa Ih-c ii-ilrt i C
IWrdnaaut-aptOat aadtlr. MraCall?. ilr W a-arf ,
J 11 Malliac, M IX4a. J AadrtMD, Itrother Joka
Frraii haa Fraartaca. pet Ktaiaor. 1 a .
'nlfl. r E T t'aaaTon, t tnitk. s- F Klrbr, Jokn
Hratoa. A Bw.W Wasaer, A Witcbwar. I" Trhf .
V Mrkbaaa. Xn Mtbtmaa
Fron tbe Colonic, pet ZraUndla I S3 II M Mr
latjrrcllra 3cKar. iUMi' Brrrr,. PTrt. J P
IltrrpaUt, Mr Webttrt aad tit)d, Uerr Baadmaaa
3difCoaodt, C LobeU; 17 caMa. 11 atetrxsr hi tramit
far Ma FraBcJco.
FmXaataadIUwait,pr KtBan,I-HoL so
M il&cr, Z K Mwm, A Webtior. J Nawabl. J It Kob
rt"a, J N Urlxbt. T Ftddlrr. 31 Furbct N t
t ilTaac . Thfo II lanes, II i' FUdtr. C Ketapaktv. C
rukaati. J 11 McLean, U llatbottle. W R U-Tmrf. O
Aadrea aad wife, F FllaaUox ajid wife, H IWrtI-uan.
JIXcKeaale.J A3I(w, Xra H Rdrrr. MUaUaUl
VraMltCUMMmaadchUdO WFiltpo A Voea: V
Ueaber;. J UaauLa aad wife.
For Ualaaar aad Kaaai, per Jaa Slakee IWe 22 Mn
ArJackoa.CkaNcwiaae,CCoBradi.J 1 Rlcfasnl
aoa, Mr &cblaetT, O S Wlk-as, C Uertleman.
fror FtaaHira. iwf ImUdiIU. lVr a-Oal li W
MaefarTiae.tl Ea-Uac. l'Leenaaa,! K Knapaler 1
deeed wtV.A Kntrbt.II EJchwood. W Carroll J
I aland, l L Cabb. J J Kudj, J U'finea. i Cklaamra
. r.. .1 M-r vmWiiln" Ike lIlMral tvactioes rt
Bortrd to by HolokahAi rendered joJTDit
arkinst bim for the amtnt 200 cUiischI. An
il which the canrccosU-frt will be mor f aUy re
MHwir.it iiidi dsnchtcr bora ta ber. on
the name froa Sn Frajseivn to th rrt, on
board the JfcmeJa anO the Chrwtmaa present is
fcichlj prized by the bin? latter. n unioeoe
is biehristioed -AlanW" and Captain Morae
and Parser Cotton bop to be present as apoowrm.
rr nr san Jaw Cal and l1resitlent of the
Sute Medical lVaaid California, was a pasacn
rrr by the UUmU. Tte Doctor tiaitfd the inlands
a boat f ocr years Age- and made a valuable report
on hit return bocne to the Hoard. The doctor on
his present top will the island, indaninc
Ttut riri4 w a naiira newarutier. cxmtroUed if
mi nwnd hT the lrrmie and iu colcmns are
open to thoe vtill hifber in authority. A Tirclent
tains certain pecnli v characteristic which rhow
thu the wnier i of higher ertato than, the
roortn." "
lVctmafifer-Geceral Mtutner fonrards bythis
mail to other post-office in Tarioos parts of world
the CoropUinent of the employees of ttmltono
lela lVt-ofLce-" to the shape of a neatly arranged
Christmas and New Year's card which was htho
Crapbed to the ordrr of the Gizzttx by Schmidt
of &an Francisoo
r,mi,lfrmc the toason and also the fact that
certain subjects of Hi Majesty are under com pi i
ment to Ilia Mtlesty ITabaht Somdetch ltira
Ivamendr lacao unmaaiungoooa ruow, it is
ipposable that a namoer ox presenis werorrceiT
t bt the Kinc ot Sum on the occasion of his last
birthday, which fell on the 10th insk
a an aJJiUon to the deiKert on tne tables of the
editorial stall of tbe Gazxtt. Meswra. S. J. Levey
A Co. kindly forwarded to this office, on the day
before Chmunas, several Ram pies of Marmalade,
made by Mr. Edward P. Adam, of W right's Cal
ifornia, and .the verdict of those who partook of
the treat wa fioou? iry aome ana be convince!
Uaite a number of old residents returned to
thu city by the nd eon ot the pro
fessional crnileman will be roost cladlv welcomed
back. Mpecially Vt. lirodif, and Ur. J.M.Vhit
nev. Amorc the rc5t were noticed the names of
and wife, and Mr. H. A. Parmalee.
OniU a t-ruwd visited the new seaaide retreaL
mMwd on tbt- 'JZlh instant, bv llonif ace Nolte. and
ail camera rre treated to a snnerb loneh. The
poidarity f the place will depend entirely on the
means 01 tr&nsu wucct &uu nceu u( u wrii it
cslated Ncu-'s enstomen will be ttmerons.
The ma- ic lantern exhibition is proclaimed a
nuisance by business men on Kurt street, who
state that, 'rtLnnesaisinjared by the blockadmc
of the aide walks by the rabble, compelling proba
ble cnstomi rs to take to the mad of the street or
C a lone way round. Why do not the police keep
the walks clear T What ' the Marshal doinc ?
Ooite a number of the newlv Sum ordered cen-
tletnen havr taken a crcat interval in cwirraphy
lately, protMbly to find the location and sur
rounding of llankok. lhctare, in the near future
thenewroyi steam yacht voyaging optheMei
.arn wttu a ioaa 01 ananown menu 01 01a
what s hi" name llis Sihmee Majesty,
11 err lUudminn. who has iust concluded a verv
sneceasfel tour in the Colonic, has decided to
stay In Ilunolalafora ncason, and will jHTfonn
at the- Mokic Hall. This talented actor will be
rapported !y Miss Louise lloacdet and Mr. Charted
Lobbett. Jhroo performances will be Riven, the
initial on taking place this evening, when Hamlet
will be nudercd.
Mr. Adee. the special cunimisloncr from the
"nitM Mtea. who came accredited to American
Minister I laggttt with papers relative to the agree
ment said to cxint between the Government and
the Occam? Steamship Co, has completed hi
mission, received his answer (believed to be most
nnsatifactirv) and returned per Z1ata, on
the 2!d ins . to the United States.
Th IT. s A Xtrt had a rasaanrer to N'airaAaki.
itmii. FjiKira J. A. Iternadeaa. UJ5- who will
proceed from that port to the empire or Corea
where be will spend some time in the study of the
fan and ffcww of that portion of the vorld The
ctntlemen goes thither in the interests ot tbe
Smithsonian Institute of Washington, to which
insutntio: his reports will be lorwawea.
The W irltincmen's Union will hold a special
meeting, this evening for the purpose) of the elec
tion ot officers for the new term. They bavo con
cluded V drop the attempt to revolutionize
fueiety bore and propose instead to endeavor to
ioiiow in ine pain uiu oui vj uia iw....v,wiu
teach boti. yoang and old idea knowledge in use-
loi uranr'-es 01 siuuy. uoou.
So the HivercLm and neoiile of ltaUritan have
sent their (JaAa.or as the Arlrrrttttr says, their
.1 WW, to UawuL This should at once be recipro
cated. W 0 can readily spare a loafer lir two, more
in I act. a aozen loaiers to tne eiranie anu ignoraub
llntanta uuul no nremium chsrmd. and warranted
nptottu vuo pie already sent ; it will be a loafer
at par. How is that for par,? or rather grand par
uioson '
It i cut a treat to be enabled to obtain chops.
beefsteaks or other meabi frenh from the hands of
the butcher at any hoar ot tne uv, wpeciiuy
when tl.it cat has made an unexpected ratd on
what b id already Ucn placed in store, and the
public liave now an orportumty of patronizing
nra tue 01a siyic ui iuiuk,
this nt-w departure fron
rETEIlds -MOVN-AtiymKib. Msat No
Jlt Aa-nira 1. rTKBo. Eaaon of U.T. P-ter
Km, Ki., ot tbi citj . t Vi Nim tlBwn, of Ply-
bCOTT At hia reiWfBce in thu city, oa tbe Strd
ltaL (no rbeamaUni of tbe aorta. II. A- f--U,
a4 39 yrara.
The tree-trimmers should be set to work. Look
to this Mr. Superintendent of Public streets.
The Honolulu Athletic Association i not dead,
it only eSeeprth in the embrace of its weblikc sec
Their Majesties attended Divine service at the
Anglican uaineorai 00 sue morning 01 tne hd,
Oibu Ludre Knirhts ot PvthiSA. meet this even
ing and election of officers for the ensuing term is
Ifam-r and the band are harov. the new uni
forms having arrived, and tUsg, oh ! "like the
papar on tne wan."
The Fuppoxed would-be robber, was arraigned
in tne l once tjocrt on me atui insu ana cnargea
witb assaut. pieauca guuiy.ana, on tne -via urn.,
was fined f 10 and costs.
CoL Clans Srreckels did not arrive, as was ex
PrctL bT the AlayJi. but information was re-
orirrd that he wocld probably come here by tbe
Afa-rtjuute, tine on tne asi January.
Nothing was seen in the newspapers during tbe
past week relative to the 21st ot December being
the ahorteat day in the year; yet, like the eclipew
n po nappenea an tne rame.
Hon. J. 1. Dowsett and S. J. Leey hare been
appointed assignee ot the bankrupt estate of 1L
on OeQiaffen A. Co formerly the proprietors of
tne ueimonioo rectaurant.
There will be a concert at the Y. M. C A. Hall
the evening of the Hh instant 1 the amount
left over expense will be applied to tbe purchase
01 a piano lor ixmuiou ojllege.
The vice of the older cities are commeccinc to
make their appearance here in this city, the latest
addition being turkey raffles n at drinking
saloons, w nat u lue Aiarsnai aotng.
1L K E. W bailey and W. A. Swan have success
fully cbtained the prenx of M liev" having panned
tonr eumiuuoa aura irn uoiy uruvnru, pnesvs
at Sl Andrrw'a Cathedral, on the 2U int
llMtographj, elegantly framed, of the 1 loyal
i'armlv wvre c5ered at auction at one of the even
ing kks lately bet only one of the lot, that of
Her Majesty Queen Kaptolanl, even obtained &
Tho "cobweb" of the Titer hxs become booie-
what exLtangted in a constitutional network daring
tbe past week, probably caused by the influence of
gutaea freezes irominovicxniiy ot toe uovtrn-
rnent noose.
It is said that a trade U going on about a Crown
Minister's uniform. The great question in the
Attomey-Generlat mind is, whether a second-hand
aunformwiU serve him, or if he had better Lave
anew one.
Only vlTOAW more of the coin armed per
.tiaawMe, ana tbe prwDects aeem good lor tne
balance of the half -million coming by the next
steamer. Won't the ins hate to go out with all
mat cow in tne 1 reaeury.
The work on tbe new boiKHDg of the Honolulu
Library Association tru been, stopped, cntil after
the holidays: nreumaUv for want ot funds.
Dive ahonld not forget a Christmas offering to tbe
corepiffuoa 01 wis gooa wora.
To-dav there will be a meeting of the Board of
TTUfttev of the Honolulu Library Association, at
the Ijbrirv 1 looms, for the parrx ot orrnizin
comnutteea to take charge of the various depart
ments ot the next xair.
X portion of the live stock of the Ztmlaitiki.
two bcllockJL. was sold to a local batcher, then
tact being snficient call for meat on accuant ot
tbe small number of pajteengers. to warrant the
carrying 01 the animals tartcer than tnia port.
J aires Jadd. McCaUv and Austin heard banco
caaes on the ZSXh in&L. and then as full bench
heard the appeal of the Minister of Finance, in
the Hawaiian rwnd Case, on the Zlst tnst, Unthe
Snd the Giixtte charter case came cp before
The auction sale were well attended on Satur
day and Monday eveninr and purcha.er3 were
kfcKm, Bargain were olered by both cnibu
of the hammer, Ellis, and Levey: and their
labors have earned them a respite for the rrctent
The Caggins placed around the fronts of th
new uarcpoeu Duiuung on tne corner 01 t ort and
Jierccant streets ana to oe csea as stofwuks, is
bion to the redeftrian. N ocld that there vu
few more public srinted citizens tike Jame
Mr. George Lace the tax-collector ot Honolulu
ha been besieged with, applicants for his mato
graph danug the past week. Autograph banters
have to pay pretty dear for his signature daring
ufSce hours, especially if ther have been any
lengtaoc unuinxne connuy.
TJv oommand of His Maiestv. tie Itcval Ha
wauaxi Ikind woke the echoes round and about the
rettdeocei-f Dr. McGrew, senior, on the morning
of the Si th, instant, the occasion being the post
evHebratioaoLthe worthy doctoibirthdaT. which
aad anoirersanced the day prxnoc-i.
A Casa wfeu4t 1? tbf atif!-. n'4 in fi-r
reflects vrrv duerlitabtv nmn W L. Hoiotahiki
einbcr of the bar, cune cp befort Jude
"ie i-ouee unrt on ine rum insiani
WldUDOf aicn-n'i lt I.. W 1 V,n.
KQ-. for a native dient. I iut. fhidnerr and ai.
raost ctoil thinnj: wa proven by tlaaxi young
Uwytr for the prosecution, and odfio Kickrrton
the boats of the a'hh could not unload the freight
al that rY$Ht nn Thnnalav IVo. 15th and LVth. and
were obliged to land everything at Walakra. It is
1 V OOpeU lUAl IDI OOOUUK UVWWUre - ut uuc
anfrunt annnmrialian NO that COOd wharf can
be built in a suitable and af e place, at Hilo, for
the use of the K and all other vwsels eoroing
A Trr uprera aiuth alorm. or hwwt rornmeneed
Ujwing at UUom Friday nighu Dee, 14th. It
wit the severest blow known at Hilo for years and
some say, that wa m fait there. lUnana crorcs
were laid risk, and trees stripped and fearfully torn
and mangled. Shingles, ridgepole, and iron roof-
Icvm lilnwn from manv hooae and the tlicht
was a aWplea one to wry many, who lay awake
eipecung Uieir. roots wooiu oe eameu oa or taeir
house tilown away. Flume on all the plantations
were blown down and much other damage done.
na ng a visit to the Hotel street marten kept
by Mr George Gray.
Aruoiic the mssenrers who went forward in the
Zeh i from this aty is noticed the name of
San Francisco to commonicate with Mr. Hoff rtung
relativ" to lrtagaee iramigratlon ; Mr. I. K.
Foster ho will nrobablv purchase a steamer.
and Mrs. F. P. Hasting, who goes to attend the
beiide of her mother. Mrs, Makec, reperted to be
very ill
rhe Mate Hoard of Examiners, of California
counted the monev in the Mate Treasury recently
and found that the amount on hand was 76 cents
in exce of the amount called for by tee control
lers books; tbe counting involving a sum 01
2.111 o 7ZL bAt a Phenomenal occurrence
would be the counting of the coin in the Hawaiian
Treasury and how valuable would be tne iniorma-
tion mauve to me agrmeeenis 01 casu aoa uookk
Mr H A. Seiott. a well known and nntrersallv
eieemed resident of this aty, died at his residence
on lleretania Street, on the evening ot the JSrd
inst. lhe deceased had been employed as book
keeper in tbe firm of Wilder Coand although a
mart r to rheumatic pains he bore his sufferings
with truly Christian fortitude. The flags on many
vesel-t in the harbor were halt-masted, in nvpect
to hi- memory, on the day of his funeral the 21th
who stated that he was a clerk to Mr.
11 iteimenschnetder of this city was arrested on
the 19th inst, on suspicion of being an agent of a
foreign firm for whom he was selling goods here
without a license. The arrested party produced
evidence that he was employed as at first stated
and wa consequently found not guilty of the
charge and discharged from custody. Several
gentlemen were prepareu tooaer inumonj, out
tney cia not.
1 mnmMmmt in arricnltural implement have
occupied the time and attention of Messrs Dilling
ham A f Vl. for some vears past and they feel Justly
proud in presenting to the planting public and
pAtruns OI cusoaiiuxy bucic awri-4 iitjuun-u iuuw,
a new lot of which have been just recceived by
them and are now being set up at their Fort Street
atnr. iianters snouid inspect inese wows, manv
of which are now in use and have been reported
on as working most satisiaciomy
The trcnlar month! v meetinc of the Y. M". C A.
was held at their hall on the evening ot the 20th
inst. lie ports were received from the liauuinc
lOmmiliee rviaure to tuo luvKtcsa ut iuc ui vni
the new rooms to be fitted up tor class meetings.
On motion of Ilev. A. O. Forbes a rote of thanks
was pased to the ladies and others who had as
sisted in bringing the late Fair to such a succc
f al isaae. Hat little other business was transacted
and that of an unimportant nature, and toe meet
ing adjourned.
The first to occupy one of the new store in the
Campbell Block was the well known ot tician,
vairfimaker and Jeweller. Mr. A, Kraft, who has
changed his place ot bnsines to that location.
In addition 10 nis iormer sioca Jir. uraii uas au
dftl a l-t assortment of musical instruments.
walking canes, cunos from the island of the
Southern Seas, and presents a beautiful display of
diamonds and otrer r redoes stones ana leweirv.
11 ta former natrons ana new customers wm nna
a obliging as everin his new quarters, opposite
tne uirrrn omce.
SI rs. Wallace Academic School for Toanc La
dies closed cpon Dec 14th for a recess of two
week. Cpon Monday, Dec 3lst studies will be
resumed. This school offers excellent advantage
tor thorough instruction under experienced teacn
inc. ltemdea dav scholars four boardinz dupU;
have been received. Two are from Hawaii, on
fmm Kanai and one from waikici. four more
can be accommodated. TLi is a most excellent
opportunity tor families upon the Ldands who wish
to place their daughters where they will receive
proper care and training in every respect. In-
Sttine shoald be addressed to Mrs. Wallace, core
Lev. Geo. Wallace, 130 Xanana Avenue, Honolulu.
nmarsla have been the order of Ihedavlatelv
an.l imoti? them must be chronicled that of Mr.
Wiseman, the popular agent, who ha so long
occur led an otfioe in the Gazette Hlock. Mr.
Wiseman now occupies one ot the sew offices in
the Campbell Ulock, opposite the Gixstts oce,
and in con joncuon with Mr. Geo. W. Ashley., welt
known In bnsiness circle in this community, the
Mir have brancxedout more 1 oil v into tne busi
ness of real estate agent, custom Louse brokers
rcerai emPlCTment. tmrcna&m? ana ratiwav
acents. The new firm are the only agents for
W ell, Fargo A Co. in the country and they are
also apecial agent for several wall established
life and fire in&nrance companies. They hope to
please all customer and promise a strict attention
to all matters placed in their hand. Tbe firm
has spared neimer pains or money in me nxtcre
and furniture of their new office, in which is a
large sized new sale ana omce cuanaeiiers, botn
made expressly to their order in the east. The
Interior fittings by Mr. George Lucas are of white
cedar, including railings, oesas, a neat consulta
tion room, etc
several candidate are In the field, meetings are
Azdocc the ravace of the Lmma on Mini, which
coutuicea till sanuay me ma, me xouowing raaj
be mentioned: One side of the roof of the larce
native church, on the hill, at Makawao, wa
Uown 01, ana tne interior 01 cocrte nooaeu. a ce
Haiku sugar mill wa partly unroofed. One
veranda ot the East Manx Seminary was lifted and
the rare trough blown away. 3 he eat Maui
nictation lotfrv feet of trashihed. The Hue-
lb plantation lost six or seven thousand, in flamed
destroyed, hiving many high one. The bifi der
rick of the artesian welL beinc dag at Kahotui
was prostrated. Large aaxubcr of evergreen tna
were proitraXed. is the ground, of Sonny&lde, and
in other grounds. The Eacalypta and Pride of
India tree, were blown down in great numbers,
blocking the road, till cutaway. Many trees
were twisted off, half way up, and road were fil
led with their branche. The south aid of every
hoose. not well protected by tree, was fixxied,
and tltvrdnr anartment ofl. that side had t be
vacated. It is many years since Maoi witnessed
scchav storm. The rain faXL in fireitjr, was
about seven incne.
The saxu1 ha so filled in under and about the
wharf at HOo owing to the recent stormsr-ttat
Report for Mr. Searle.
It is nndcisbx-d. sold the reporter, that Tour
Commissioner's report that there have been no
liaouv in ioa nuiDinrHiniiua vi lud tnij.
"That is true" said Mr. Searle. "The sugar im
ported since the treaty are the same substantially
in oho imported peiore me treaty.
'Therelsnofrandlnthe administration of the
Ltf.lv nor in the treatT itself, both Government
Intended to make a treaty of reciprocity and had
nothing to hide open faced houenty wa exhibited
by the Commissioner of both Governments and
the debate In Congress before the signing of the
treaty showed also honesty of purpose.
"Vjbai t the condition ot affair in the
-Commercially there is great prosperity. The
treatT is & bon&nxA, It ha insulted much Ameri
can pluck knd perseverance into the hitherto stog
ith business of the Island. More has been done
since the treaty, indicating pennanent prosperity
than wa doue the previoo SO years. Yet the
treaty in its operations ha been quite reciprocal.
Oar free trade with the Ialanda has kept pace with
the Hawaiian development, upon & superficial
view, it looks a though the Islands has the best
end of the bargain, and prrbapa they have; bat
indirectly we itaT reaped tne greater anare -our
shipyard, merchant marine, sailors, commerce,
school, college and in many other ways, tribute
has been paid to as by Hawaii, and oar long list
ot free article was allowed to enter Hawaii in
most tifrt , whue as in the com of sngar
we only allow them to send n interior grade free
by .which I think we do a wrong, not only to the
Inland planters but also to American consumers
by placing a middle man (the refiner) between
them with full power of dictation, both ns to what
one Nn,f receive for his produce and tbe other
ft 11 pay 1 or tne same.
"With alt this great nro-writy, 1 eappoie eaim
estate and good sugar land are among tho iropo.
aibihties to obtain only at fabulous prices f quite
the contrary r-
Tbero nre good sugar estates now for sale at
comparatiTely low figure. And a many sugar
estates nre owned by the joint stock companies
stock of most of them can be purchased almost
every d at fair figure. Many planters cavort
th Imimff , after having followed 11 A
few years. -All is not gold that glitter
even among scgar planters ot the Hawaiian 11
ands and very tew nre now willing to embark, in
the baiiaee after close investigation, as tho hun
dreds of acre of nch virgin sugar lands now un
used tally attest, and such lands can be rented for
from $1 to $15 per acre.
uat co you unuersiauu was me oojeci or tne
United Slates in entering into such a treaty?
As an experiment on a small scale to attest the
effect of a reciprocity, and to creato a dominant
lias the treaty bout np American tnflaence
there :
I think it his. as before tbe treaty all national
ities stood upon an equal footing both before the
law aud in the minds of the people, now it is dtff
1 rent, all elats are exceptionally friendly to
America. The people will give their influence and
their money, to have the treaty renewed, and this
feeling is not confined to American bora subjects.
Daring the treaty they hare have had 11 foretaste
ot American energy and thrift, and they want
moroof it which tdiows clearly the dominant in
fluence in the raind-i of the people, which ha
Crown np since the treaty. It is true the treaty
linn not sent many Americans to the Inlands, thev
have too good a country where they are, to go off
iu a wild gooHo chase bo quickly.
Yet the treaty has made many friend among
the people living" there, which before the treaty
did not care any more for America than they did
lor oiner countries.
thus American inilacuco has been built up and
A men can friends created without natural born
Americans going there to lire, thev are friends to
America because America ha done more for them
than any other country. Of course it is stlfitdmets
that prompts their friendship, but then selfishness
guides the actions ot moot men. And I suppose
both Government were actuated by pettish motive
in miking the treaty.
mends and luuaence are created oft by mend-
act wiinout money ana itnout price.
"When the French invaded Mexico the United
Sute made lasting friends of Mexico, that had
before been bitter enemies by simply warning
trance, tun cracourtging aiexico and 1111s moral
infiuenco mven to Mexico created friends and
ended that French invasion. So Me see friends
and tnflaence are created by wise Is s, lleciproci
ty. Kind and Friendly acts, etc, even better than
Rending American citizens abroad to live. S in
mis respect at least, m rrrufy sm not i-rem a
llaa there not been a larce accession of Chinese
and Fortugnee since the treaty F"
1 liere has, uie planter import Uietu U10 same
a they do horse and mule and for the same par
posj. u: for servants and laborers.
Are mere uot tears tuat me is 1 anas may become
Portuguese or a Chinese colony t
About the same there are of luaUnc a horse
colony of It, on account ot the great number ot
uorses ana nimos uit planters ana otners nre ira
rut-tint? into this country.
i e see ue planters got a part 01 mcir maenmc
ry in Karopo notwithsu-uiding the treaty I
I tHave European nuinnfacturer uavo in a
few cases, given the planter better .bargains after
paying daiy, man untied states manaiactarer
nave done ana paiunouuiy. in mis matter tne
I'm ted State manufacturers were not enternns-
mc Lnouch. had thev thev been on the cmund as
tne ncotcu urn was, mey woniu unuouuieuij uave
bad tne preference.
sbouid tee treaty t acrocatear'
"No. Ererv nrrunient arced for its adoption
bold good for its continuance, and the further
argument now exists, vu: The time fed for its
continuance has proved too short to work out the
fall experiment ot reciprocity, so a to snow ciear
lv it advantaces. and much of the dominant in-
rfaence that has grown cp in oar favor daring the
treaty would naturally be abrogated with the
treatr. Acain. a an honest difference ot opinion
now exists, ns to which country has comparatively
received the most benefit under the treaty, all
things considered, 1 tnink 11 but joxi to me ex
nHraentaa well as to all concerned, to continue
the treaty, al least another seven years, by the end
of that time many things now smoky would be
como clear. Hat little damage to the United States
could possibly arise by a tree trade wim 1
coon try containing so small a number of nnskfll-
fi Timdncersa Hawaii nossesse.
annio more oe auv mouiucaiiouot tue ireaiT :
If it is meddled wivii at all. I think it shoald be
an improved reciprocity, if more liberty was
aliaweJ on both sides, several other necessary ar
ticles of American manufacture, could be allowed
to enter the Islands free without injury to them,
and all grades of c nre fined sugars without re
gard to color or quality could be admitted to the
United Mates free without any injury, in fact it
would be an advantage to tne united state, a
mil an to tlie Island nl&ntera. It would enable tbe
planters to improve the quality of their sugars so
that much of it could be sold in the open market,
li w-hir-h mean there would be competition both
among seller and buyers, and sugar merchants
could get mucn 01 tneir supplies 01 goou unreuneu
grades in the open market, from first hand, with
out being comixlled to buy all grades of sugar
from reuners at mucn nigner ngores.
1 his u w hat Mr. Searle mignt nave said.
AnteChrUtmas Service
Pastos CbuzisV ChkisTmas Adduss.
The evoninr services at Fort Street Church on
the 3U insu wore well attended by an audience
deeply interested in the exrrcises connected wrth
the ante-Chmtmu celebration. The exercises
were opened by a voluntary oa ids organ by Myron
H. Joues, followed by the singing ot the Gloria "
tiv ilia cboir. liev. . li. dierriii reau a nuini,
and Mr. Starker and the choir intoned an anthem.
The Pas tor read a leanon for the occasion from
tbe New Testament, followed by a nyron sung
by tbe choir. I no otrier exercise coni5ieu 01 a
nrarer bv Itv. VT. O. Mem It 1 responsc.br the
choir; doable quartette by the lady members of
the choir ; hymn, by choir and congregation ;
nhn.it ma addrcsa bv the natori daet.br Mrs.
ilanfora ana Air. ciarkey; me closing ueneuio
tion bT the pastor, and the recetvional orcan ex-
erae by Mr. Jones. Following is the address
delivered by twsior iruzan on tne occasion;
I thank-IVJ for the anrTa salutation at Iietft
lfhm. to the world asit lav asleep under the
silent stars ! Y ell was it that the new line ot
communication, opening between heaven and
earth, shoald be line melodious with song. Kido
at mirht alone Kim street when a to sweeps
harnstrriched over von. thev will rain down soft
mnaic while they bear swift measagca through the
gloom. Ytnaiwonoer mat jieavena joy at tne
Advent swept aii me invisible earmwaxu lines oi
f I! iva. and in sweet seraphic sod? the M Glad
tidings" vuiceJ itself in the dull ears of men. For
nare wax neaTenij crou-a kuiucu iuuo vu
which lb world's destiny wa to b swung of
whieh the anrrel saw. in iart at least, the atupen-
doo meaning. In tbe Norse mjthology the great
Tree of Ages, 1 gdraaii, blossoms but once in many
a ivntnr? : and what a bloasom waa here the
sweet Ha be in the manger at Hethlehem.
The world, too nad crown nne lor nu ccminc-
The old reltgions, worn out by corruption, were
trenibling in blear-eyed decrrptitade, and tottering
to their final fall. The machinery of cod, and
oracles, and prodigies, wa creaking neaviiy, witn
force almost spent. iwo lusman sootn-sayera,
savs Cicero. cn hardly meet in the street with-
out Ltuchinc each other in the face.1 Tbe farce
was aboQt played oat ; the curtain wa about to
be rung down. The nations, broken-hearted, had
confessed their helplessness, and, a Tacitus de
clared, were awaiting some new messenger from
Heaven.' Filling the firmament with the splen
did pageantry of gods and goddesses, like children
blowing gorgeous uouyira into uiii,wtj mu
seen the bubble burst and leave them desolate.
Meanwhile the 1 lorn an despotism, a tremendous
iron-toothed barrow, had been tearing down the
ndgos raised by the boundaries of the nations
each one a barrier against the new Gospel, and
nnwtittngly preparing me neid,w&icn 1 me worio,
for the Christian husbandmen to sew where they
would. The chosen people of God, too, set at tho
mdfiKtone in the Homan forum, sending out di-
venrixm line of inteUranoe and tnflacnoo over the
world, bad been, in meirrdanttngcd'sTnagogn
m evTy city 01 me ikonian inipue, uiuuuuk ven
ter and more wisely than they knew.
Aad now, 13 me tonnes 01 time, ne some
osVief Why I No thoughtful person can bend,
witu in anepceraa. over me uuim a uuugcr'
r rdle. withoct Iearsin some hel nf ul len.
t. And first, for the borne. Home, saeh a we
bave -it. i the nrodnct of the Chritun relicion.
It is true, the family relation wa honored under
tbe lodiis inspire, in 11 better uays. ict uu
tenderness, the Ive, tho blending of two live in
one. the rmsband and the wife, no lancer twain
but one flesh, and one in spirit too, t peculiarly
Christian. Yon find it now her to-day, except in
Christian Heathenism, Mohajntaedanisni,
Hrahnucism, none of the have evsr given their
follower a home, where oneness and love roles,
and where tha wife 1 the equal, not the alava of
tLa haLanJ. It is meet that voa carUnd roar
haene next Tnesdty with Christmas wreAtha, and
that you ban the star and the cross in your win
dow! d or it was that first Christmas which made
TOUT h Une A ptKAltHIIti-
" 2. Bat mere than thi The lUbe of Belhleheni
anzictiih- Infracy. Before tb Advent very
light estimate waapnt npon a child's life. They
were destroyed without mercy. Sickly infants
true K&oUrlj exposed to death. Bat at but, like
the old tirophet in the Shunemito's chamber. Dir.
imty stretched itself cpon the body of the child!
Now wherever Christianity comes not only has a
child the nght to live, bet it La wrapped about it
pftrantallove. ftndwatchfalness. Now the cradle
is aserrd. Ia tbe innocent slumber ot her child
the true mother is reminded of the aleepiwi Hab
of Bethlehem. When the night come and the
little one 1 h-isUed to rest, faith bring around iu
cradle, the angelic guards. Now, we know, for
tourist has said it, "Of aueh is tbe Kingdom of
3k This sacrest another lesson t W are told
that the central thought of (rod in His coming was
that u He might save His people from their imC
This was the thought which emptied Heaven and
made the vktcs over Ibthlehera Tfdolent with song
thvt first Cziristmas Eve. 1 do not ask you to
look world-wide to see how much the nineteen
centuries since have accomplished In it fulfill,
meet, I ask that yon look within your own souls.
How far has this promise been fulfilled in von?
in wnat respect nave yon oven cieansru 1 mi
habit ha been weakened that should be eradi
cated ? What right tendency ta been lifted np
that before wa thrown down? What sriritaal
element ha been made regnant in your nature I
How far has the promise that Christ should bring
great joy and hope to the world been fulfilled in
It is a good time t review oar iiperiences. In
the Lrtcyre, in Paris, tou nn stand and look
through e-pen door into one, apartment, and an
other, and another, till the eyo 1 lost in the dim
perspective. ThewalUaro hoedwithrich treasures
ot art. I set open tbiCbrstmaday a a door,
and bUyoalook back through all the Christmas
days of your life: what have the years brought
yoa ot Ooda treason- F Has the pierced hand of
esua humi within vonr soul the riches of ilia
grace? Has he saved on from yoor sins Z How
much has 111s oonupv dne tor you r
4. w find ITirist in a ra mwr, boMUSo "there
was no room for Him m tho inn. Thero wa no
room for Him anywhere. None in His native
country they must flee onto Egypt from the rsgo
of Herod; nono in Samaria they would not receive
him into the city Nazareth they led him to the
cliff to borl him dovra; none in Usdara they
cared inoro for their swine thtn for Him, and
ivayed Hint to depart ; none in lVrva "Get thee
oat hence, or Herod will kill thee T none in human
nous " he had not where to lay his head1 none
in which to pray He canst go into tho mountains
for that . .one in the hearts ot His countrrmt-n
for they sought to kill Him, and length succeeded.
Ana uit nas been tne trouuie in au age, ine
ortd has nevrr had M room for Him. Have vou
treated blm any better? Is your heart already full?
tvtry capacity, tvery uewre oi soui ana mina
full? Nay, nay! There are angels still in tbe
ntrl Look on and vou will catch the son?, and
the shining of the robe. The Star still shine in
ineuenvens net or so ongniiy as now. rouow it
enitenuy, ana it it 111 guiae you, as 11 uia 100
rise Men. to the Saviour, Au like the Wise Men.
bring your choicest gifts not of gold, or spice,
but that which is moro precious, your lore, aye
yourself, and lay all at His feet. Then will this be
indeed a "Merry, joyous Christmas I "
Dr Ruth's Canine
Do. M. L, Hctii,
Deab Sib: On behalf ot tho Committee of
Arrangements fur the celebration of the Fourth
of July, and through them in behalf of tho citizens
of Honolulu, we tender to 1 on our thanks for the
fine oration delivered by you at the Hawaiian
iiotci on mo nuove ocoasiou.
As a uiouiento of our esteem fur vou. and of
the 1t.1t rio tic feehrtc which the baipv celebration
of tbe good old "Glorious Fourth' has drawn out
1 rem au classes resident nere, attrioatabie in a
Urgo degree to your patriotic address, wo have
premred and bee roa to Accept a cane of one of
our choicest Ha waitau ttoods, taken from a tree
that grew near tne spot wbero UAptaln cook was
Owinutotho hastened departure of the KWr.
tho artisan will be unablo to finish tho gift in time
to hand to vou with this : nud it will be forwarded
by CapUiu Erben, of tho U. S. S. Ktjr.
Muewver uuiy miycauyouio co,mektuaest
IlnAiii of all Americans in Honolulu w ill follow
lsnuig you ana your snip a pioasani voyage,
0 remain, sincerlv yours.
in. J.t. AictiKxw, uaatrman,
II. M. WiirrstT,
4. It. Mousiix,
J,Smossos, Jb.,
J. E. WistuiN, Secretary.
U. S. S. Essex,
N ao. ISAM. Japan. November 8th. lct.
(trvn-kiirs: Br tho courteev of (Tnrttain llenrv
Erben. II. S. N.. commandim? tho U. S.S.1Vnm-
cof, and commander A. 11. McCormicL, command.
log the t.s,n. Jisr i , 1 am la receipt ot the beau
tifal aad valuable gift Kent mo bv the American
resident of the Hawaiian Islands. The letter
timcnt therein expressed are most heartily rcciiw
roomeu oy tut ouicvrx ot tne t wr ana ny rayscii.
The slay of our little ship at your enchanting
idand was so replete with pleasure; jour hospitality
was so cenerous. and vour welcome no heartv thst
we would indeed be inttratc did we forget rt or you.
.nu apart irom mu grower siac, mere was n spou
tAuutv and affection nboot roar crcetinc thst
especially delightful to us who had w long been
separated from corapnnionship witli those of our
own nationality And blood.
We hope that in tho near future Iho nearer the
better o may once more meet you All; that wo
may once more Knwp yonr friendly hands, and
once wore enjoy the luxury of Association with a
society, which although isolated, preserves in the
extreme us ircKuueas, 11s purity, ana it soui.
j no tact mat mo wood 01 wuicn mo cane was
made was cut from A tree that crew near the snot
where thocelebrated Captain Cook lost hUlife,does
to a certain extent enuauco 11s vaiue; but aitnougu
the connection is interesting, the beauty of the
cano nreat, its workmanship exaafsite. And its in
trinsic vaiue iiirpp. 1 sum vaiae 11 lor nono 01
these, but for thu kindly feeling that prompted
opanying It is m nattering that I hare not
s in w men to reply, ana can only nay, me sen-
you to give it mo, And because it isAnouveuier,not
only of an occasion which reflects tho greatest
nonor ou tne .menoan resiaentsj i tne itswauin
Islands, but a M Bed letter day of ray life. With
the heartiest wlsho for the prosperity and happi
ness of each And every American residing in the
Hawaiian Kingdom, aud with the hope that the
fortuno of each may flourish, and Again with
tnauKs tor your spienuio gnu 1 am, ueniicmen,;
iuosi binccreiy nnu laiioinuy yours,
Commander Edwarus to the dignity of a Knight ot
tbe said Order.
The action of the Admir dtv in declrniac to Per
mil Commander Edward to arc pt this very que
tkmable honor, which he couki n t writ or himself
decline, will bo generally Approved of throughout
to service, ana serve 10 teacn n juajrwj
that even (be is not considered quite good
enough to decorate n imusn avaI titneer.
I think the above remark are very potnted and
possibly too severe, but on referring to the dnte
id error, tcere is consoiauon, as it waa uwm be
fore the receipt of the celebrated ;
r -i on ifisooMs. avitii y.vr.D.
llutttr llmk.wttb . Utxr tiiii ul of (taod. for
rrvtlnnm and root.-' w.r ami .HI t!-iimt to ,c
at. old frtrBd, and tho pablti crnrraH. wt Cm
host or Stolen
"iriiOM VAAllUV,
abont ike Ui of Sman 14. a irr llm
bnndded TP. 1 will p 5 r .-far 1 r the return
of Mid boric to nav at 1 i"h 1
lr3 t TAJ l 11R I AVBKIA
An Elegant Preparation
Softonlnp tho Skin,
Removing Sun-burn, &c.
Maile Coloa'ne
For the Toilet !
Is Fully Equal to Farina or any
othor Importod, and Is
Very Much Lower in IVice.
er rnEr.MtEn oxly i.y
Jrir gdettKstmmts,
Mixed Ready for Use. Any
One Can Apply It,
Use the latifie
llulilier Faint
WniniEK, FUIXER : Co.'
San Francisco, Cal.
up 1. IS ttaa. . ral fB an-1 I Jt . !h .ia
Iln,rtlMIlLK.rrEI. nt( RAWL II u Mart. 1
of tho Dojt"i Purost Materials.
1'loneor IVhitc I.cart. OxWf of Zinc,'
I'nrC LinoetMl Oil, Connine Colors
Coubhl' .U a STRuu Vii.l TION )
Tho Best India Rubber. ;
V. ilun.lt. tal. Lratl la h. V fTMCTLY Pl'TlE
lfBKMKrtSKIUV3KIiI)II,ail I. M i
jwt iinBPaUal .aaIT.i. anil ihi nto. 1-ro. TV,l '
. Saa Fr.Mr.nk arrlm aw. Fnrak. ... aa hr ob- I
WTO't """" . t. T..,., .- I nr.... fi.l
rn.iMifMKminH.illwiitimHnK. un XTUnilUCS ilut I. ulCI tfOIOlr.
lintyoxs KKsiDixu ox Tin:
L other ItUnd. and wlahlns m remii mwiv-y to the
Vniletl Male, by postal ilonv-Ufdi ra. will and blank
arr'lealloaa at any Hawaiian Moot Order I'tni-Oftci ,
which tber fan nil wtt, depositing tHr smonnt t b
mttted ana the fee Ith the roelnsster, and. taVlas hi
reeeir-t for the tame.
It Land Po"trttaater will tend alt rnrh hi1U alion W
tho tieneral Vn l-Oaee. llonotatn, where a Monty
tinier lll be immedUtelj itaaed aad ciupatcbi-d by
nr nri ntsii id tne pany ia me voiiru Msie iowbok.
the enter 1 payable, aeeerdtaa; te the direction xlven
iicaiieo. .vtwey-uptera i
In the a r plica, lea. Mftaay-Oprera
liviaetn HAaoMmwiii Be ae.iv
It U ood 1 mn aoaaed lain tae weed of tea pawka-
r, ana rurwn-niiy ta rerauiuw i "aie a
r4deL i
IS nKK IlIEOrNU than aav otlwr la ihi Market .
lllSUrCKtUBwBOnY . .V-BR1NU I Rum I
Tl KS. sad Is wltftat aa eqaal
. i put np in w is. .w 'a. iw in anti sjh in Kefi. m I
ttH lb awd O lb tla ra'l. nd 'n -mall Hn etnn I t
to IW each '
.V Fall tMpply it t'oaata&Jr Kepi Iu itxk b ta
Wholeaale IImhi la llawelal. t wbeea we eerdta) y
reevrnwend Inlendlnc Vayer. .V ana far tw red -r.i St j
v'iwToteraor"hltLeadaad Vannfartar. r Af Allied '
Paint. Color, Vantlhe. Mktle JElar, And Import
rn ol Kreseh and tlrbrlan Wlndnn Ulaam
937 faa Franc! k. Cahfix-nU It
w7h. page,
lloiioliilii f&M58B. Carriage
Nos. 128 and 130 Fort Stroot, 1
vUp.it, !h I'ai Itt. .u
II. i..'nln tl 1 I
to the applicants.
leu 5
Api'ltcatlona for Money -Ordrr cm the Ualled State
nay be made at any time, bat so Unlerswtll be ral te
San Kranelrro ittT the departvre f the IJaaaeWa'a
mall, on tha 1ft day of January, HM, and after tbit
date by ciery traiuet mail
Fees Charged for 2tfoneyOrt3ers
On order not exeeediac $A,
JO a
0 m
1 ui
IWrr 41. and net exeetdina SHI. .
Otrr Ito, and not exrcedlnc.
oer si md not tj.ceed.nr s
Orrril.andnoteiceedtni; a
Oter , and not ejrtrdinc
e Not more than thn unl . i-r rath U
haned te any en party f"r n ti ttnn" toiii'sie
Jaree tiy the same mall
" No Munfj-Ortli'M tan fc. i--uril. fur Hie present,
en any other ranirv than iV t nMtd Ma. - tun It W
the Intention to extend tin w m i" E'i-o)-. nnt-sn
trie, at aoon aa pracucab
Itonelala. limbi r SMh, l.t '1 tjr
Jan. 5th, 1884,
At 10 o'clock a. iu.,
Entire Stock of His HAIKU
Saturday, JatuKii)' 5tli, 1881
G. S. l.UTti. Sarveon IL S. Nav.
John S. MeOrcevr. Em .. M. Chairmaa of the
Geu'l Oomraitteo.ll. M. Whitney. i:i J. 1 1. Mor
rill, IImi-, J- Si moused, Jr Kq J. 11. VieiQ&n
rjq., oecreixry, anu tne Anienaui residents oi
iioooioiQ, Hawaiian tfiana.
The KoToa Germ ana.
ITriTOR QiUTTC : Some of the German lalmrer
t the Koloa HanUtioa who have been in llono.
lain rwvntly have dona creM injastico to Sir.
Anton Cropp, the manacer of the plantation, in
tneir representations oi nn ireatraent or mem. i
ice impression nas been songut to be made that ;
Mr. Crorn l a crml and inhnraan Luk master :
carrjiachia roalifinity so far as to canse women
ana caiwren m mner inat no ua nrpiecicu toe
nekt and brooRlit soroo to the erpe of starvation.
Ht. Crorn Ins not eonirnt tottefenu hitnacli in
the public print from tlivso falae chaise, and I
do not now write at hi instigation. Hot letters
rect-hed lnstveek from Koloa from rar father.
Dr.J. W.mith. aoa my brother Dr. J. K. Smith.
folly confirm the fitatenient of the case as I
hare understood them, that I deem it a public
dotv to malo thee facts known.
Sly father and brother reside at Koloa, and as
physicians have had Iho medical treatment of the
hick of the Korea It intation and have the best op
portunity ot any persons not cngactd on tbe
plantation to know of tho circumstances ; more
over, toy brother has about forty of tho same class
of Germans men. women and children, in his em
ploy, at rtoion, ana nas naa most particular atten
tion catted to their wants and complaint.
My father write, tinder date of DecSlsti 44 1
think Mr. Cropp has been uncostly censured I
beliere ue na always treated tne uermans fairly
and has been kind to the sick children and
My brother writes under same date : I think
it mifiht bow til to correct in the OitcTTc the ira
prcasion whtcu is prevalent in llonolola thst Mr.
Cropp lis leen unkind and cruel to the families
of tbe rebellions Germans, and mentioning the
eharco made that "the Germans had bccccd
Mr. Cropp on thur kaee tor milk for their babie,
and be would not giro tbem any,' he adds ; " Mr.
Cropp has really been ery sua to tne women and
children and has Riven them all tho milk he has to
snare, so that he doe not have milk more than
once a day on hi own table, and often has Riven
it all away to mem ana uau none tor nn own cot
fee even. I knew this long aco. and I know that
he has often circa them vino and champagne for
tha sick, and ha hid quantities of soaps made for
them, often in hi own kitchen. This he did
lfore thev made so mnok trouble, and since then
even, he has furnished milk for them when it was
neccsftarv. bat be sxv ho ha not felt so much like
doing it as before, rhero has been so much un
deserved sympathy shown for the Germans np
t rr that anm Af thvir lirwt Anolii tn Kit rfn(.l "
IwoQldadd,Mr. Kditor, that when the discon
tented German came to uonoinm and were tried,
first before the Tolice Court, and afterwards on
appeal before theChiefJostice, the tnal occupied
f oar days in each oocrt, and every detail ot their
comDlamt wa idly beard, and both courts ass
tained Mr. Cropp. and Rave judgment against the
The trouble novo. tn have teen initiated bv
so-called socialists, and cvil-dispoed persons of
iLfeir number. jitspeewnuy.
1! mololn. Pec. 2ith, 1883.
The Situation
Enrroa OAzmt. SolicinB Tour rcniatks on tho
lremitr5's contmuallv actiac without tha advice of
hi colleague on the many different Hoard of
which he i a persistent tnemher, I thought per
bap that you aud the public did not know that be
post as a martyr in a select circle, in that he
Lear the odium of the people for having ousted
the lata Hoard of Kdocation, whereas be bad no-
thim? to do with it. on the eontrarv. advised to re
tain them. Knowing this I am sure that you will
fall on hut neck and weep with bun inaympathv.
ere all hi actions rerftct unce be ha been in
olCce, it n no rcasun that be should be retained a
nets conoemnea uy ice record or raswnoieiiie.
He should not Lave been appointed to any position
ot authority except over those of hi own stamp,
who could nut jasUy canplsin. Uia life has been
prtttv well kept tn unnt, and the public are capa
ble of judging a to tbe suitability of hi being in
of Hawaii nei is a fact
unnecessary to state.
I bit he i capable of twutins natives fbicuor
low around hu finger, to suit his wbims, has been
pretty well prom: vide ftbef4rtrd Saint of La
nat and other paprrt.
tie ua been seen to tonary anu lawn on tne rung,
ki-sins thu mji band on bended knee. When
on who wa once American doea these thine
be does tbem for a purpoa, and it is the opinion
of the writer thit h pwrpote- will be exposed
aoon Ihxn be reexons on. Hi apjiointrDent ba
iniured both the hum aud countrv. Never was an
Hawaiian Kisg q stiktin ol by bu mbjtct, and
that the wastry has been bankrupt in alt but the
ions, u.rrHu ioe iir-inrer a is-xuinaiioiiB, on
becu demonstrated ton obwioalv to need rerwit-
ijic Hi icipcdence ia appointins and ataminc
iacompet nt men in office, is only equalled by his
impudence in drsoiNsinc grutlemen tn whom the
people implicitly trust. 'It Is singularly fortunate.
mat tne ca-rceuor t ueyotui ms control or we
would have the tioprcme IWnch filled with his par
aaite. I llaak I au justified in exprcticg the worst
puibl revolts from bis naving been, put in o-
tuonty iiaoix
HawalLaa Ordarw-
Eiitok Gi."TTi- la ui fcitide or. .! ,t date of tbe
"ih Jons last, in tha Army And Navy Gmttr
anaiawautnectoeoisauxaiie ccor ice ioi
Aa already a(.amced 11k 31 was at Utrao
lala during toe eorrjcatiOQ ot Kra Kalakau. and
a.; uummander twnrd w.j the senior aval ooi-
ow prescct. hi ' ' ilsjesty conferred on that
oficer the Oram ot the Order of Kilakasa,' raising
linpleincnls, Etc.
This Isala wlU affbnl pan h i
obtain flarfalna.
in than if to
Saturday Eveu'g. Dec. 29
AT THE - -
Y. M. C. A. Hall
Orertnre- Callth of Bacdad
llesotnla yBlphony t lab
MaleQaartette-llnnUnaa'a Farvwell .MeadeNndln
Trio-r Una, Clarinet aad Yrola Monti
Ml tame, lettra. Ktan and ntintur
tone Tbe Filar ot Ordera (trey M.le.0
jtr. jcvanaej
riano Sl -Oavette Capen
mi uavne.
Hondo Two rianw hopin
.Mta vaiiieana .ntaa iitrper
. a. wilt Ljaiar iniom
iiica narieuc- vvjft Aatin . ieOTnMt 0 .
3JIa llanford, Mrs. Crwaas, 3Ire. Proan Jt Mr Jodd.
Daet Mane aud Violin ftecnhain
3IIM vsaiieaaa r. iimitr.
.t CasapaDa
Prnceed for Ihe pare ha of n
Lea rtejrell-
I aticuirr
alnort open at t. eitti rtalnaui ctntoraev
. oVlack.
ADMISSION 1. Tkkeis Iu bt st Ifie book
Hotei. .
Second appeaaiaaci hi ill- cuj j( bi wli kvin
.isnoit'il Ufth' C. h Til HEDIENSE
la Sbak .jM-if - !-. ! .'I
DET i.-IVX L E T-!
Tc. for nane c inr'i i with '.Li Mrjiu, fw
The Happy Pair'
la hkh lac IVj'ol.i COMEDIAN
Mr. Charles Lobbett
Will appi'-u- Tin- Company will appear
Br iro.vj Jt u.vet.
i S H S 1 IYE
THUlfflWLT, MR. JTtkv
Thursday, Dec. 27th.
Dry Goods and Cfothir.,
Furnitnrc, Glassware, Xtc
Sacks Sugnr, Onions & Potatoes.
: Jill. LEVST M .
Honseliold Pnrnituro
Dry Caede,
Faway Wwee-
ALice of Tresk
Rn..er-f ! MA'
MX RH re
On Friday, Dec. 28th
Saturday, Dec 2tHau
AT I. on UM H. i n.
IQNEER WHITE LEAD ! ; Tl1LEllt'ro llouscliold Fiirnituro
ix rET i- rvuiuw- Ml
llamUomr Tarlor !et.
One Cranil I'lano,
MarMto Vmttr TMe.
Tkn. ll jai vtiim-i.
Hair I Wk IM
MalWiaar Wai
llBKMa aaatJ
Cnwkery aad ilaaaawseii
I iinti t4re Kitrkn I
One Fine Carriage Horse,
a ti 1 1
Lndu mt ttK" ! S '
Pal). It V
tl.it... ul-
Satiu'day, Jan. 19,noxt
l n pm th f4V nv peer'
1 iUTo. ihi Mahai -f
ina the F.tl tt' t cbMii prem
A(v a.l.l ud ritatftH tt. tS
ra f rt r' 1 p
Pi If. (i
2 -MpT iu Iho atirvav! lle -f I Ut
area f li !. I p re'" I
pt-rfeit thrd" t rpewe of i" '
To frhi perUf nlar . t.i 4tc l
rWM -r K'lnrauost
UlLtSA UlC1,.ta'l
Tlie Toiudsts Rctroat,
At Hasnapa, Kaa, KawaU.
The Uro ami VatuabiV
Saturday JeceaaVer Z9
Handsome Sinner Sets,
Complete Carriage
Blacksmith Shop,
Pnlnt Shop and
Trimming Shop,
Family Carriages 1
Expresses, j
Drays and Trucks
Breaking Carts,
Plantation Wagons,
Hand Carts, Etc., Etc.
tV Anil All Work Gnarantradl
Tne ilml alti-ntlon .'.in It KlrAIH WOHK nr
IW" HaHa? W. I. hft.ln-- .iu th. 1m .
aaaatiwof Tear., raqpl.,taa .oa- hat la uh.1 .alliral
ol MKtta.rv.amla.rai oar. Al M VTSUAL. I can
MtKtrjr liaanatc all -mrr. leatla ta, HannrarMr
ttr Olv m a call tofarr l.iTrta.lnr l.'.hrr. '
Don't Forget the Pine. !
it ai 1 rVirt l .i.pt-llr I,w . s-.fc'-.i
fs Proprietor.
ice cnEiv zvr '.
oi. rum nir imi uriiKK.. mmnnu
uiium i l i '.ih; i .hum riTM-awM .ma
. m-lalhw. mM:. Mai I t at TH aWTKBjrr
1 Ta. rln
r. la.W4a.IW WH H.
Cut Glass Ware
HAMHMi .ln .ST15& tt'tn.
Srw lttwt :
Goods Suitable fee Sevr Ytai
i tlif a... t. -i- aiiai
A tn. . U IM4 -T IW ai.u..lfca -Wr.r
.JimiKi r.
i.i. i'KiiS()Xt.ovriNu uoKn
V m Catll" - rTMi4atl-t. la. Will. .ami
a - u- I 73k rikVa w.i.a.i.aaa.!.
Wtelajl.m. a.lH, Kllaaia ...Hai. mm una.
MUM u fgf ia.
MWMry I.L HH. aW aar .
aaU UW altar laM W.
tvlaw Aad rrtaT ilMwavaa aaafesste aaS
M torn asMaatrtac at saarffsat saw W aj af aa M
Bia1t" " ls
-vtxt tii:tk.mi'oilvky ah
J sSMo'S't. Irwta SaMssi raawi-raa.
WrV.dta4wtDorl i.,wHiS)i J
tra. tm t W. iMWfl 4 .
I mil !.,-.. 'bk! .. tt IwM Ik SmiIi -tm
tar lakday tf UtCMatba I. ifc tafaw
tlie aloe f U nuiM
M). it wa ted tw acvt4 m'
traailed t. them aad tttt
natter thr -trpMBie n
HtlKKI A STtM'St aA5 U
.Ut f U.rU-r !, mi tmt U
aid eaartef tfe rw twvaalaed
rirllawlatr MaVer th t. oapn i
"- - . .
Trtaarr t1ry R mi
tr-.ry t.i-l tiliii J S)
4 - .'4ti.
'hul.i no'
t.i tV- JeSU
bKtt mmj
,,,-,1 ht hi
. IW it. at ii a aSwr-
K. A. IIAUT 11 A .llfT
l.m4 from baa laclm. and ha. .prni
Creani Saloon
Tlie ELITE);
IX connection w n a
rut: AsniK itot si: Ur-.r uw.
rennrateil MTlli: IUM.M1 lAn.tlltH '
uniTnmd rniaiH.hni nt-. ar n ttir lm
tiyiMtn IURT PKus lr
It b4
and th- lr
A.M oriit K -
Feitilizers in Quantities ta Suit.
v,' f.m . a - l -Teaai
Vnney CiSoods ol Mverv Iloscriiitioii
A Choice Assortment of Majolica Ware
Just Receivetl by tho "Boll Rock."
fc- Presents for Ladies and Presents for Gentlemen
Presents for Everybody can be Obtained from
t)S il T
. r ,., i
Pared Laws!
it.rvA.im. naa
Lease for 5 Years
.a.f IMI '
i- dfe., fcw. aa.
ornCUS. JEW Eli K z.
Beafer Mtrncal isssnRats.
nu Ntna m nn iwrw
Musical Instrnments.
II ir mrs
T.iinia .
ito Iaaa-a mly
ti aa .
Al wwsl aaaaev
u fea aa. mmi Ma t
St fc- MrM of
- M.ta
M SW Im -r T
t SB vl tm-i - t
t re a
MHrt( ,
rwHr MH
11 I Sfc I N 9
a awaaaa. a trnm! am
m pmmtmr sat rr w
Ullertaat aei fc j tmH mm W I
Hop Bitter.
The Purest and Beat
.mm. Bseln. M..r. mmt 1. lm ll.n.
tm m nWliliiii iiiWii -
M m mm mm 4 r t
Ik. kr - '
DerrsiberSilh ihh. aad Juvavr 1-1
Kntlre Cliau;e of l'rograiiimc at
Kadi Performance.
m-T PrW. a. a.aai TirkT. fwr "air t MoiVrtwo
ll'i'i. lloori upen a: T--.I. rformacc maareKri
at R. wm
Music ! Music;
;oxs cavi. ox Tin: piaxo
.1 IV...illr Ritr tl Tf.hr' or rar.la mr.
HnltliKe. kj UR A. ALTMAN tol; lria Hew
Yaca.ta4atr,at. IS auaa Mret. Wt.ee. IihI
p.m. rrltA M. Mel".' rnrtMriti Slt.i-. Iwt.rea
.n.l IT (V!nck X lai
1J I
COTTAOE. at prwent .-cijl4 iy Vr. Kert
Lever. itsat! vi Vchtmj. .ii"crl a 'bort AsUac
fl of Xaaaaa. Ampit: artooaattSsiUM, iseMrfe;
ent-bore. fe a r- "in l fatally Tar tatl part lea !r.
Saeawftr HtlltEUT UUAV.as Mcbva Cfwtlbat. 2a.
t4 Xaaana Mreat. ftfl
Oaartrr aad Hi If
fT7 3Ut "J
SlKni.M. IS
CEUtt-i aa4 IVKn-d i.nrfi. -a A- Vrt
anil t'rall.. For Vale Vi
jt :
Fresh Millinery,
Feathers, Flowers,
T5 -
mm mm ft m Wntlr
hop Birrcu staCTJuntowe.
M.r..r.aw AmMtm. K.a , M- C
STa.aa.a. t.. I. at. Aatfia. a. Faw.
air wm
r wuwnt t'liii
c. c.
. atr Hit m m WWHtK
ON MONDAY, DEC. 3d, 1883.!
; Wtwmkltpk. C . m
t tvnpta Tt the

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