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IfldspsndEnt Ticket of Representatives
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VimnR firm AVaiiinirton injicato tht
ifcm will bo no durare id the Treat v. antl
n n-dactiuB of tlie Sagur Tariff this wt
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th I 'antic Mail btramslup
Tax Trestre of tfae I'laaten.' Company
a rrjnxar QQrtly meeting last weol.
ulaeL was foIK attealei A noticeable
filam in tar rMvosBi of tbe pretest
Tra-7-et k the Jarre number of maetical
jiViiiIii i iiwmj Tin in This is (31 The
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fartlwM wetinj: hot after all. what is
-wertii -timnrr i worth doing vreU. and no
ob can look so well as one's self to his
owe aSairs. Tkk too is making the Uom
;Miy wtet it oofAt to le and to meant
lo In, Bimrij a Plan ten' Company. The
Wineri. factors of the dantation arc
ara of large eijierience, bat it cannot be
ml too fihti(iiHy. that we thint tlie
ittfr. aiK jiersofially attend to each
aafurtatit affairs as are entro&ted to the
Koard of Trottee.
A ocvTUitAX gigninrr himself "Crow
qadl" bae lwi giving the public the len
ffi of kk news nion men and things and
after pitting hiaseif ont of his depth and
at m,wob Bwny matters jiolitical and
lavcwL be finaur pat what be thinks is
gtmadraai that will puzzle -the qnid
ee" of Hawaii, lie wants to know why
lr Kh bicb rate of exchange be
tunc bere and San Francisco, when so
low a rate is charged when drawing on
1 or -CrowqaiU's"' information we may
iy Aat hjr rights there shooW be a dis
cnaat of three per cent on exchange npon
Ljuedtm. cterBng exchauce on ban r ran
easeo betag low This comiiensates for
tufrh rate ol exchange on oan 1 ran
so. Uonseaoentlr the lireminm of ex
csaage on San Franciseo robs ns of our
nsooHBt en Ajonoon. l he iirobiem ieems
-T eaosgh when properly exiilained. Go
u.Cnniqml, and give the -quidnuncs
Mxaetlnsg harder next time.
Tax receat contempt of Court case seems
to lie a rate of "barking up the wrong
tree." most thoroughly. Jlr. hapena ilin
ister of Rsanee. according to well founded
report, wrote the article in the native
Bvwnaier, tbe AT, which reflects in a-
ciobmbiiMbs ami illegal way on melons
tier J add. for bis first oiiinion in the Man
da&aatvBond case. After the final otiin-
i was renilered. dismissing the Manila
is iwtition. Attorney Genera Neumann
2mm, that Lvons. formerly manarei of
the Xi lie panisbed for contempt of Court
for iabiistiing that article, liyons aj
Iarvd in Court, and said he knew nothing
of tbe article, ami as a tact was not man-
ape of tbe ftTrif when the article appeared.
maaaaoEa xus name suu apneami as eon or.
Tben fibe Attorney -General had John Shel
(ion summoned to bow cause why he.
John HbeMon should not be punished for
eoaUeiit. on the ground that he was fore
Bian. or somethinc of the sort, of the EttU.
Jobs showed that lie had nothing to do with
the pmneationJiaving left the paper when
tbe article aiweared. although he was on
the paper when the manuscript was
Muagbt to the othee. ihe uonrt there
oiion let sue Km go. anu. as uie theory
that aw isw must be responsible, and that
one else but l.vons came to the snrlace,
SaeJ tbe latter fifty dollars. No one re
garded it his business to expose the real
cmlprrL Lyons was not going to risk ob
loquy in court circles, and loss of business
by hiring a lawyer to make out a case
again tiie minister. Tbe Judges did not
reganl it as their amy to lie prosecutors.
The Attorney General was not to bo ex
ported toprosrente his colleegee. the Min
Kter of Fiaanee. And this time "the tax
payers" were silent.
Two disgraceful cases were reported
from Kauai last week. In one instance.
an asrorant for Legislative honors dared.
without fear of the law. to nroclaim him
self a leper and to urge that fact as a claim
upon tbe suffrages of the elector: in the
second a woman had come to her end un
der very suspkioBs drcumstances, through
we n&XHiraoris oi a couple oi auiunas
(native priests or medicine men.)
We had hoped that neither charge was
true, that our correspondent was mistaken,
but that hope was fallacious. Our corres
oadest affirms yet more strongly that the
tacts he stated are correct, and it is with
sorrow indeed that we have to acknowledge
that our doubts had no foundation.
lias this country sunk so low as this
that a man can go forward and hope
to get Totes because be is a leper Was
aavtbing so monstrous ever heard of t
vt here are the jKHiee oi ivauai that this
wretched fellow is not arrested T Mr.
Attorney-General bad better look to this.
Iir the last mail we have recen eu an ac
count of another case; surely it is high
time that some one in authority should in
terfere. In this last case a district judge
has refused to grant a warrant for the ar
rest of a man who had committed a grave
assault IBs reason being simply that he
is afraid to lose a vote, and he thinks that
by holding back, be may secure one.
Is this justice? Is it possible that such
iniquity can go on and mis country claim
to be well goTemedT The man, a leper,
had lassed the children ot his sister, she
objected, as anv mother would; what
mother foreign or native could liear to sec
her children slavered over by a loathsomo
leper and not rush forward to protect her
vomur. i ur wtuig wis eiy uaiurai act
the brother did his best to tail his sister
And a case like this is to be ignored till
the election is over ! The blood of every
man must boil when he reads the case.
The so-called "National ticket," which
when translated means " Palace Party
ticket." is in lad straits. In spite of Mr.
Kaulukou's swooping down upon meetings
where his room is more desirable than his
company; in spite of threats to individual
members of the jwlico force that their po
sitions will not be worth an hour's pur
chase unless they vote the way that they
are ordered: in stiito of influences of every
kind brought to Lear upon the voters, the
"Palace tarty" begin to feel somewhat
shaky. The Ministerial editor of the P. C
.1. smells slaughter from afar, and pre
diets the downfall of the Government
ticket as a whole, though he feels certain
of a part being returned. Another sign of
the times is the desire of Mr. Kaulnkou to
pet his name on a ticket along with that of
Mr J. O. Carter, hoping to catch stray
voters and float in on the wave of Mr.
Carter's popularity ; but that rooster
wouldn't tight worth a cent, and Mr. Kan
iukou will have to go to the ulls upon his
own merits, whatever they may lie.
There is something significant in all this.
Honolulu must necessarily be the strong
hold of such a government as we have.
It is here that the small armyof place hold
ers can influence the election. The 1 Vernier
by the dismissal of various ofccals who
had Airri to express views at variance with
his own. or who have shown the fallacy of
his method of government, has made it
dearly understood that no one, high or
low. over whose salary he has any control,
can speak against his wishes and hope to
retain any position under Government.
If then, in this district, where he is so
strong, the power over elections is
slipping away from him and his party,
what must it be in the outer districts? As
far as one can judge the signs of the
times, the tide is turning surely, and the
day of reckoning is at hand. Honololu
1 mnne ltc -11 nver the, ernnn. for the
country districts in most cases are far
more miter agains our presem imu
minisjrators than even the city opposition
are. It is not yet time to shout tat tUaii,
but a premonitory echo of that shout must
le ringing in the ears of thoe who have
been nsing the present rtgitM as a conven
ient stalking horse for feathering their
own nests. There is so much corruption
which has to be exposed, so many crooked
probably transactions to bo made straight,
ii . . r.i :n Vvilmw (io
uiai not uie wuuw m ..j - ... -
i r ti
next legislature.
t1' mtm'dn. Willi I I'rt IHKK.
ii c ... ; i -
ports before them there is surety a bad
inet will have to bear the brunt of the
storm, but we may rest assured mat me
venerauie i nimri uj ' - --------
or another, no matter how dishonorable,
to squirm out oi me posiuuu awi
his colleagues in the lurch. For the Inde
pendent party imngs iw ueaiui,
Tv rm- mtIv nart of the Year 1SSU, this
journal urgeJ the importance of resuming
the U. o. goia cuirency niucu vaisksa
nrior to the Act of ISTi making American
silver half-dollars the standard. The cur
rency Act of 1S7G was intended to restore
1i Void Rtandanl. and make TJ S. gold
coins at their nominal value the standard;
but the same Act made U.S. silver coins a
legal tender for their nominal value in
Savment of all debts not exceeding fifty
ollars. The effect of the law of 1S72
had been to remove most of the gold from
circulation, the Chinese especially having
acqiunu me uauit ui i-w ...0 i "--of
buying exchange. The merchants, ap
prehending that an enforcement of the
gold law of 1S7G would cause serious
trouble from the continued scarcity of
gold, agreed with the Government to ac
cept the American silver coins at their
nominal value, and other coins at their
values as fixed by the Privy Council.
To arguments that while oar exports,
which were payable in gold, were exceed
ing our imports, there was no difficulty in
making a gold currency, it was replied
that the excess of exports was only nomi
nal, owin to the fact that they were
largery over valued in our Custom House
invoices, and our exporters were owing
large sums aoroau tor inacuinery anu ma
terials for the new enterprises to which
the treaty gave rise; or, if not so indebted,
wero siiemlm or investing abroad a large
part oi their prohts. itus was no uoudi
1w fuel nnd wnnld have kent mi the pre
mium on exchange. It was also a fact
that the large amount of silver required
f m- transactions not exceeding fifty dollars
would have left unemployed a large
amount of gold, and that, as a conse
quence of such an excess of gold over
business requirements, the. tendency to
export gOlU llisicuu VI JU) my m- jivsvb-
Mrvnitps tn bnv exeliamre. would continue.
Silver answerwl all purposes of paving do
mestic debts, especially by the aid of the
silver certificates of deiosit, which dis
pensed with the use of largo amounts of
uulxy coin.
As" there was no occasion to export coin
in pavment of debts abroad, the main ob
jection to the silver currency was that
whenever a taiiure ot crops or a great laii
in the value of exports should come, the
ordinary metiod of buying exchange at
moderate rates to pay for an excess of im
ports, or to remit money abroad for any
purpose, would no longer suffice, but coin
would have to be exported in place of
sending exchange. This with a silver cur
rency below the gold par required by our
American creditors would mean great loss
and conseanent distress.
Apparently the only course was to ig
nore the sold law, the bant ot uisuop tc
Co, leaving in tho Treasury the principal
amount of U. S. gold in tho country to
stand in place of tho silver deposits and
for use at the Custom House, and to wait
until tjio Legislature should lessen the
sums for which sliver coins should lie jay
able, either to five or ten dollars, or as
some thought, to twenty dollars.
Still the business community felt ap
prehensive that even with such" reduction
of the amounts for which silver coins are
legal tender, tho efflux of gold would con
tinue as long as thovolnmoof silver in the
country continned as large as it is. It
was partly to prevent excessive influx of
silver that a duty of ten per cent was laid
on iU importation. There could have been
no other reason for restricting tho impor
tation of silver, than its inferior value as a
currencv. No one would dream of levy
ing duties on U. fa. gold coin imports.
A for better method of providing for a
redemption ot gold was given by the coin
aire act of 1SS0. which authorized the gov
emment to transmit the gold and silver
coins current here, to the United States,
and havo them re -coined into Hawaiian
gold and silver coins of values correspond
mgto the American coins. The coinage
Act allowed the proportions' of gold and
silver coins thus obtained to be fixed by
the government The proportion of gold
might thus have been increased, and tho
amount of silver coins now circulating
might have been decreased. The govern
mcnt in issuing its gold bonds tinder the
Loan Act of lbo"2 might also have further
increased tho volume of gold currency. A
reduction of tho amount of debts payable
in silver coin would then have found tho
country prepared forgold payments. Gold
coins of the denominations of one dollar.
two and a half, five, ten and twenty ol
lars would then have principally dono tho
worK now uono uy surer, anu mo entire
amount of gold and silver coin in the conn
try would be no larger than is requsite for
business purposes.
In view of tho possibilities thus afforded
the government, of placing tho national
currency on a basis which would have de
fied any disturbance from shrinkage of
our staple crops, or from loss of treaty ad
vantages, it is much to be regretted that
exactly the opposite course has been
adopted. Silver is brought herCj presum
ably without paying dnties, in large
amounts, with no diminution of tho silver
already out, and no increase of gold. As
long as mat volume ot silver is retained,
an enforced gold currency is impossible,
without causing great derangement of the
money market.
Tnx Platform of the Independent Party
at the coming election was clearly laid
down in the last issue of the Gazette.
Taken as a wholo it demands a govern-
with tho wishes and interests of tho great
mass of wealth producers, who provide the
national treasury with its funds, and who
amongst them mcludo tho whole number
of wage-pavers and wage-takers in the
country. That those primary functions
of a government be exercised, if not with
. . i - t. , 1 1 .
suuesmzmsuip ui u uig,u uiuer, at least
wiui nonestv ami impartiality.
Taken in detail, our platform as set forth
last week demands:
First that the Board of Health be so
constituted that its duties, the preserva
tionof the people from leprosy and other
contagious or intecuous diseases, and
the sanitary condition of towns, be its first
and only care, that tho machinery and
funds at its disposal be used, and used
effectually for these purposes, and for
no other least ot au tor manng pout
ical capital bv wrong doing.
Secondly, that the public funds bo eco
nomically administered. We hope to see
Representatives who will refuse to vote
large sums tor the collection, from "gen-
nlrnn1 Iwl-c" f r-ln inUnnl a
ten language, facts or fictions which may
remain unknown till me publication ol "a
book of the doings" of tho "Board of Gen
ealogy of Hawaiian Chiefs," whereas the
doings of the said Board are limited to the
drawing the money voted. That votes of
thousands of dollars for the purchase of
ordnance be refused. That it be taken for
granted that the new palaco be at least
finished and furnished, and that no more
money bo squandered or jobbed away
on this plea. That if money be granted
for the Pali or other road or for the
water supply of Honolulu, some result
may be perceptible of more practical
benefit than the beggarly array of
empty pipes which at present
disfigure Nnuann valley, ostentatiously
proclaiming themselves too large and too
cotly for usefulness. That such embassies
as the late one to Japan, and the present
ones to Europe, Asia and the South Seas,
be henceforth rendered impossible. That
tho Foreign Office lie so administered as
to avoid the frequent collision with friendly
States which has been a prominent fea
ture through the last two years. That
there be a real Minister of Finance, a man
proved capable of performing the duties
of his office by the experience of conduct
ing or sharing in the conduct of a business
in the Kingdom, and not a mere creature
to sign his name whenever ami wherever
he may be bidden to do so. xhat the an
dit of public accounts be genuine and in
telligible, so that a discrepancy of say
be not passed over in silence. That
the "business managers"' of private under
takings of a Minister bo not supported by
salaried sinecures paid from votes of pub
lic money. And that innumerable in
stances of roaladministration which might
bo quoted from the history of the last two
ears no summarily cnueu.
Third, that the government of the conn-
tnr K mndnetid according to the nrovis
ions of the Constitution. That we never
again see one man holding for a long pe
riod two of the most important posts in
the Cabinet, and for a shorter time hold
ing even three, and using this illegal power
unscrupulously to provide a job for a
friend or a stab for a foe.
Finally, the game as recently played
lietwecnUie Crown and the Ministry, tho
former pleading the responsibility of the
latter, and they in turn claiming shelter
from the presumed irresponsibility of the
Crown should bo brought to an end.
The Legislature should represent me
property and intelligence of the wholo na
tion. "fhe Ministers should bo as it were,
ilie mvmettalittt of the Representatives.
where these conditions are. impracticable
or unfulfilled the existing Ministy should
be replaced by -another. This the veriest
alphabet ol popular government uas not,
it seems, as yet reached thus far.
Tho Independent Party, as opposed to
tlm l'alaee Partv. is independent of all
hope or desire of gain, other than the
i - . r n .: i l1Am,;n
acuievvmeui oi uieii feieu viye., -v
to the country at large in a strong, able,
honest and popular government- The
1 aiace l arty arc welcome to an u suns
and initials thev can collect from Siam to
St Petersburg. The opposition's so far
independent oi personal jM.-c-uniiu &uui
that it can doubtless furnish men who will
servo the ennntrv well, though at tho cost
of certain inconvenience to themselves,
and possible detriment to their private
We lielieve that there are in this King
dom possible Ministers of Finance whose
names havo long been familiar to financiers
and merchants in San Francisco, in New
York and Liverpool, in Boston and Bre
men, and a man such as this should bo our
Minister of Finance. There are in this
Kingdom possiblo Ministers of Foreign
Affairs whoso names arc frequently in re
view m every Consulate wucneo wo uraw,
mid whither "wo consign tho commodities
which go to make up our foreign trado and
it is Irom Uleso men mat our r orcigu -mu
ister should bo chosen.
There aro men here who have dotted
this country with their own roads and
bridges, their flumes and railroads, their
mills and engine houses, their wells and
reservoirs, and from theso should bo chosen
our future Minister of Interior. For tho
tiostof Attornev-General. tho present in
cumbent or any of his predecessors might
stand on the platform, it might not lie ju
dicions to name names, here or elsewhere
of any individual member of the proles
sion. vet there can be no harm in entering
an emphatic protest against one personago
- who is not a member of tho legal or of
any other profession- ho has been through
manv adventures, has seen many niou and
cities, and has lately posed in Honolulu
under tho somewhat foreign-sounding cog
nomen of Interim him wo reject
These then arc our aspirations, our
hopes, not unmixed with fears, for are there
not autocracy and places, salaricb t" are
or in (k against us? However wo liopo
that such a Ministry may bo obtainab.o
from such a House of liepresentativos as
wo trust may be returned next month.
But it may bo said will not such a
change bo startling and radical! tho an
swer is, it must bo radical and may be
startling. To substitute snch men as wo
havo sketched lor moso wuo iiavo iioen re
cently in power, will bo n chanco indeed.
a surgical operation almost, but it should
and must be done, our great treaty imper
illed, our best friends suspicious our im
migration system hindered, our people
inrcaiened wiui uiro disease, mo applica
tion of brakes though of vital importance,
may at first be felt with a jerk. Wo shall
survive it, though the stroko uo alarm
ing to tho present drivers, tho Stato may
not bo shunted into nntocracy or left on
unrepaired roads.
This then wo say with Portia. "Tho law
allows it" and woliono to add "Tho conrt"
of public opinion, national feeling "awards
Kleetnrs ninv nnw KTinw wlint IS onrillat-
fonn. whereof we aro independent and
how wo liopo to carry out our wishes for
the welfare of everyone in this Kingdom.
Omstitotioa abnlwark of liberty, or a whitewashed
Utnd, behind which dmrotism works IU own mitt
It FTich an improbable thine ahoald happen a
that27 out of tho S reprewnutiTM aboald be in-
depesdrnl men, thereby constituting a working
m&Jonrr, inu ucnencrai uonsutniion proTaira
that any measure which they may undertake it
not anlr sabject to the Kinc'a veto, bet that, "it
he thai! ofttrf to the panainc ot each bill or reso
lution. Ho will return It tolhe LerfidatiTe Asaem
bly andsnchbUlorreaolQUonahan not be
bronchi forward thereafter daring the mum eft.
ion" and that "in case of anjr iliyrtml be
tween His Maierty and the LegUUtiTe Assembly,
"HU Majesty' is ciren the absolute power to dis
solve the Lrgtdatare. In other words, the Con
stitution says that the Kiis-ntirs and the Legisla
tire shall be preserred distinct, and then Gives the
uxecauve me power w say io uie ijecisiauve, yoa
m&T discuss this Question, bat not that and if the
members of the Legislature hare the temerity to
so much as talk about the forbidden subject, the
Executive can Immediately order Ihem home like
a lot of vhirrped children, and the people hare no
rlQt to complain, ana no means oi reuress oui 10
wait till another two years roll round, when they
may acain fio through the farce of electing rer-re-sentattTes.
When we consider this, ia connection with that
section ot the Constitution which says that tbe
King U 'sacred and inviolable- and in no way re
sponsible, what conclusion do we come to? What
If therefore tha Ext-cntire has not cone the foil
lencth which, the Const, tot ion vill aIIov, ve bATc
no cnaraatre that snch coarse Trill not be raroed
in tbe jotnre; urul irom tbe cuaracter ( tbe man
in raver it is more than probable that it any act
or coore allowed by the Constitution should re-
uonnu to his poraiun oeneov, u woaiu vm auopiru
without recaru to public welfare or public nenti-tnenL
It some of tbe Kmc appointees the noblr s, are
cood men, it ia n fortunate cirenmstanee. and Ii
beeaase ot their indiTidnal worth, andnotthrmxeh
any Yirtae ot the SThteni under which they are
appointetl. There are cocxi tnea amouc the nobles
inftpiteof, not by Tirtae ot the Constitution. It
it a circamstance which shows which war tbe
wind blown, that nlmot the only noble who hare
any independence are those who hold office by ap
pointment oi lonnex POTereicus.
The Constitntion protides a method of "amend
inc the Constitution which is on a par with tbe
rest of the noble document.
A proposed amendment roust paM a majority of
one iiecialatare, two thirds of tbe succeedtnj;
Ijei4iture and lie signed by tho Kin ere it be
romM law. That U to utT if lh tiMnk i)Mir k
chAncs ihcy must elect Zt ont of : representa-
utc-s laTDiauie ia 11 m ine nrsi ijKnsiaiure: in ine
second LccnUature not only all of the Kepresenta-
tire- ont eren oi ine vine arpotntees must Tote
for it, and, after this improbable result is achieved,
tne mere lacs ot iiisbacreaaiajesty s irrespont
ble bicnature renders all action null and void.
Tour years work cone tor naught, and no' redress
oiner man to ruminate on lbs beauties ot tb ton-
sutntional Monarcuv.
When vto oontemplate this is not the section
U-hi nil litVlKi-rM ihat IT-ir Vfnr rvinAnt M ferrr.
emment for the common cood: and not for the
profit or honor of any one man rather
thin, or it it a fine drawn sarcasm?
Tbk Enclish iiewsmners cite inlereliu? ac
counts of a series of experiments conducttsl by
the IVIcian Government in a new method of ren
dering soldiers' uniforms waterproof by meant of
liquid alumina. As the process is applicable to
any kind of clothing, it is of central interest.
The medical authorities, it is said, have satisfied
themselves that the process does not prevent the
perspiration from passim? off freely, and chemi
cal analysis shows that the iireparation used in
no way injures the materials or destroys their
Colors. QothiDgwbichwasBiibjectedtoiho pro
cess and then worn, altbouch rinsed and washed.
remained perfectly wftteiTroof. The ouly draw
back to tbe process tit uint u is ratuer expensive,
and to insure tbe desired result it must be con
docted on n large scale. A light cloth, perfectly
wateroroof. will be an immense tnin, and all
who have open air work in all kinds of weathers
woma welcome it.
The French nave in Anam a new illustration of
the fate oi peppet-ktnes. Taking advantage of
the death of Tndcc late in July, they dipntched
a fleet to bombard line and hastily concluded a
treaty with one ot tne claimants to tbe tnronc,
llephema became King by virtue ot the foreign
ironclads and mmboats present in the harbor.
and his rival took refuge in tbe mountains. The
French fleet sailed away, carrj ing the tidings that
the Anamese troops were to be withdrawn from
tbe frontier and that the invaders were at liberty
to occupy the delta and to control the nver routes
Ijarely elapsed, and now there is co longer a
French Kinc in Anam. Tbe fact that his preten
sions had been recognized by a European Power
was fatal to bis authority over his subjects. lie
has fallen a victim to a murderous conspiracy in
the interest either ot his rival or of the Chinese
mandarins. Tbe 1- rench fleet will again havo to
be dispatched to Hue and a new puppet-king be
set on uie inrone.
The sunset clow witnessed both Lere and in the
Lniteubutes uunng tne closing week oi .Novem
ber was bnlliantlv reproduced last week. Arnar-
entlv it is not a phenomenon due to local atmos-
ptienc conditions, ine gorgeous spectacle ras
watched on tbe same November evenings in
various parts of tbe world in England, France.'
Germany. Italy, Egypt and India. In Europe as
in the United btates the most remarkable sun
sets were those of November 17 and the fallowing
night, although the essential features of tho phe
nomenon were reproduced during tbo succeeding
four nicbts. In England this wonderful nfter-
glow attracted universal attention,being described
in numerous leiiers to ine newspapers ana ac
knowledged on all sides to be a unique spectacle.
The characteristic feature there, as here, was the
appearance of and immense illumination extend
ing from the central point where the sin had dis
appeared, well toward tbe zenith and continuing
for two and a halt hours without the peculiar
scintiuaung enccis oi tne Aurora uoreaii.
The Deficiencies of the Hawaiian Consti
tntion and their Effect.
By special request we republish the following,
which appeared lately in a supplement.
Daring past years, the Hawaiian Govcmhicnt
has been held nn as a model. The wisdom of her
rulers ia xlcctiii as advisers tLorwwbo had es
tablished reputation for honcstr. ability sad pat
riotism, had been such that the need of an organic
Uw.guarauieeingrigbuwasuot sovrtu appreci
ated, nor tbe evil effects of a deficient Constitution
felt u thi-r are at the present time.
people to wnom uie country belongs, nave aiMU
lately no voice in the election of tbo chief ruler,
In the Kinc was a nominal power, a ficurc Lend,
with the real power in the hands of the people,
this micht be oassed bv. but when we come to con
sider the power and responsibility, or rather I bo
immunity from responsibility which tho Constitu
tion gives to and exacts from the King it becomes
ot prime importance.
The King has absolute power to appoint as his
successor to the throne, anv person who comes un
der the head of an Alii, with the sole limitation
that such appointee snail not do insane, an idiot,
or a convict. He also has the power without lim
itation or control, to appoint and maintain in
office tbe Ministers who formulate and execute the
policy ot the Government nnd expend tbe money
that is supplied by the people. The tenure of office
of these Ministers is the will cf the King. No
qualifications, no restrictions are imposed by the
Constitution. The fact that every man, woman
and child in the country desires a certain Minister
to remain in office, or another to be removed, is a
matter entirely irrelevant and of no importance in
the eye ot the Constitution. The King's encurbed
will is law.
A ray of light seems to shine along the political
horizon when we read that taxes chall be levied
and appropriations made only with the consent nf
the Legislative As-emblv, i.e. the representative
of the people. This however, ia a snare and de
lcsion; a sugar coated pill which tastes well on
first acquaintance, bet which soon discloses iU
true inwijdness.
The Constitution states that the King is the
executive; that he is inviolable and sacred, and
that be ia not resDonf ible for hii acts. It also sars
that the executive and tbe legislative shall always
be preserveu oistinct, ana in tne same Dream in
vests the King. . e. the executive with the power
to control tne Ltegiatore. ine people are repre
sented in the Lecilalure bv twentT-eight repre
sentatives, each entitled to one vote. Tbe King is
represented in ths Legislature by twenty-tocr votes
through twenty so-called nobles and tbe four Min
isters, all appointed by him. i. r. although tbe
Constitution expressly states that the Legislative
and tbe execntive shall always be preserved dis
tmct, it gives the executive the power lo, at one
sweep, nullify twenty-four out of twenty eight
votes in the Legislative Assembly. The result of
thi is that if two rerresenUtivcs vote with the ap
pointees of the King, there is a tie, and if that
number is increased to three, tbo Tote of tbe people
u tn a minority ana once more tne win once
Kinc becomes law.
"When we consider this, does it appetr that the
prorition in thj Constitution which aeclart-s that
no money sn&u oe oravo irom me i.rrasnry wiui
rail th mtivnl nf lh' I-fftlitirft Aftsurnli!-. in a
substantial protection or an empty form1 Is the
tt tie adml-ued hart tutor Into partaet-
and that taetr baitnre-. herrmrtrr will be ton darted
nier the firm Btme of JVI5EXAX Jt ABM LEV.
Clenrvrucn. Lawrcrs. Editors. Hankers and
Ladies need lion Hitters dailv. for nerve force.
Head advertisement.
Siwjzl Joiiers.
Tbe undmlgncd bare formed a Co-rartnmblp
mtdrv the arm name of Sprockets A Co., tot
the purpose otrarTjlngoaaOeueralUanklDg and Ex
change r.imncss at Honolulu and ncu other places In
the IlawalUn hlnjdom a may be deemed advisable.
(Signed) CLACS MKECK1,L.,
F. r. LOW".
Ilonolnla, January Hth,18M.
Referring to the above we be to Inform the balnrs
public that w are prerwredto make Loan, Discount
Approved Notes and Pnrchavc Exchange at the ben
larrrnt JUtcs. Oar arrangements for spelling Ex
change on the principal point. In the United Mates,
Europe, China, Japan, and Australia are being made
and when perfected duo notice will be given. Ve
haU at?o be prrpared to receive Deposit! on open ac
count, tuiLi- Collection, and conduct a General Rank-
ing nnd Exchange Dualnr. sPK ECKELS A CO.
FURNISHED ROOMS at and coolly For
nltlied Ttoome can be had by an varlj application at
American Waltham Watches
Awarded Two Gold Medal. The only medal aHird-
ed for V'cht, Melbourne International Exhibition
Tlieenly Gold Medal alto, three pcclal and fuui
CnX prize, syduey, IS, J.
The OoldMedil, 1'arls, lt. Four Kim lrlie Med,
incuneqnai(Hiaceeaoi meso icieeraieu ,, aicnet
ha produced a hott of wort Mr Imitation, ltnyrrs
wlllohservelbcTrada Mark, "Witltham, Ma-,' en
craved onlhe plate vt all Genuine Waltham Watchen
GoldcaearetamncdA. W. Ctv, I"... r 111-,; and
iirer ca- aro Mampru American awn fompaoy,
apuam, mj. i-i crime, wi ij
4Jav Advertisements,
A .)ivini:xi) or 4 im:u siiaiik
j. a. jatto, pantiiriuiritMirrsriolueror the Hawa
iian aiitav .'nuniacinrring company, ai ineir crnce.
' 9ttt 1m HAWAIIAN t Alil.IAUE M'Ftl. CO.
Mortgagee's Notice of Intention to Foreclose
that purnantlnapieT of tale contained In a
Certain mnilfa-r ilenl. ditnl iho lAt hilar nf Jan 1-91
made by Alttert banter and aah K uattr hli wife, of
UoimlulH, to Nftnronl II Hole, trustee for the Krujrr
tnlcor, and for a breach of the condition of aaid mort
ga deed, all the property conveyed by t-ald mortcare
derd. will after turrv itL from tht date, bv adver-
utni roe taie by public auction.
Jauuarytd. IV? t.
W St Trntiff for Krnger minor.
Co-Partnership Notice.
vtotici: is iikukrv gito
Xl that the nndcrvlgurtl. hailn" pnrchaed Wong
Icons' Itior Plantailon at Kalnauut, Kootauloa, Hahn,
bare entered Into a co-part neihlp which for the pnr
poe of carrying on the bulnrs of Itlre l'lanier,
under the name of tbe Lun Chre i'lantatlon. The
principal ptacra of bnlnevs and residence of the raid
cn-iiariuerB oewgai ivaiuanni, Kontanioa, uana.
Dated Honolulu, January Slt, ll.
W 31 MUW MS.
Irish Damask !
For Hongkong Direct!
Tne P. 3L S. S Co. SptCBld Iron Slcatncr
Wilt Sail for ifonckrni:
On or About the 23d of January.
1jttih1 whm TtcVrts msy r .fcarrd.
Jt. llACKFSLD l-i. . AOTls.
Business Agents
In tho Hawaiian Kingdom.
Tin: ;xi;r vnxyi takk thk
rieaure In rtating to the KaMneM Community
.M.. mi a iiV iirBrriiiT, mil lafT oaTC BUeW IP
one of the Elegant Ground f1oor!a the
On Merchant Street. Honolnlm,
A"here they ulll conduct their Putne Kerrafler, and
be mot happy to tee. their patron and friend, feeling
at nrct that all bulne tranart toot will be eondncted
oj inem in every pamceiar .o tne bel or tnelr ability,
and on the moit reasonable bail.
We Have Just ReceiYed
A VERY fixj: AURTHENT of -
Irish Double Damask
Of all titi-s lo mil all tUn cf Dials; Tabln,
Willi apkinsto Match
Theso LINENS aro tha FINEST Erar
Imported to this Market, and ve Inrita
our Friends to (rive them an Inspection.
U you are t'ck, HOP !nTEI& will
urcly aid .Nature In making rem ri
again when all else fall.
If yon arccomparattTelywrll. but feel
the need of a grand tonic and stimulant,
never rct cay till you are made a new
being by uc of
If yoa arecoitivenr dyspeptic, or ate
faltering from any other of ihcoumtroua
dieaaof the otomach or bowels. It t
your own fault If you remain HI, for
arc a Mrtreigo remedy In all inch com
If yoa are watting away with any form
of Kidney riteae, atop tempting Death
thla moment, and torn for a cure lo
If yon are'tick with that terrible ick
nca 'rrTounei, yon will find a "Balm
In Gllead" la the ue of
If yoa are a frryjoei.ter.or a mldenlnf
a tnlaamaiic diitrict, liarricarte ytmr yv
I cm atralnet the rcourgc of all countries
matarlat, epidemic, billon and Inter'
mittent fever by the ne of
If yoa have ttrazk, pimply, fr aalkrw
akin, bad breath, palaa and ache, and
will trlie yon fair kln,rica blood, the
fweetrat breath, heallb and comfort.
In hort,they cure ALLI)ieaes of
the stomach. Bowel. Blood, Lifer.
rre. Kidney. Jtt, and
1II be paid for a cae they will not core
or help, or for anything impure or Injn
ron found In them.
That powr, beorldden. Invalid wife,
at ler, mother or dashter. can be made
tbe picture of health try a few bottle of
Hop Hitler, totting out a trifle.
"Will yon let them raffer I
Cleanse, Purify and Enrich tbe
Blood with
Hop Bitten,
And ym wihaTenoklBeCTffftTiadoctoc,
Wells, Fargo & Go,
Hanibal and St. Jo
City of London Fire Insurance Co.
House Brokers,
Money Brokers
Custom House
ftiT" Special attention in the follow tn? Department
It be our aim, and e Invite your careful pcruat.w.
Wella, Fareo &. Co..
We dellrer Letter. I'aekase. Parcel and Money a
over the World, aend order direct toonr ArentliL
we,tobe filled and returned. Milp throughout the
t'nlted State and Foreign t'ountriea MrKhandie,
Carlo. Ae from the kingdom. HT AUay aadvlte
your friend abroad to vend rarer!, factacr. lm
Krtant letter, and Money to you through WELL.,
UtUO ACo., whoe genclea are etahi.ihcd In all
large title on the globe. Wont consider the Kipenie
when vending throush na. a we will tiarantce von
atl tacllon In every partlenlar and hold ourwlvea rr-
poniQio in an onr nnnei taking.
Agent for tho HanlMe & St. Jos and
VheelEnad arc lhemot Comfortable and Inciting
Road going Kat. Touiiit will find the Scenery, the
Palace can, the station IleMaurant along iheae root
mort Inviting and erperlor.and Letter will be given
to all Traveler and Tonrlati going either a 11 or nd
cla paenger to the Principal Agent In San r'ran
cUco who will take pot 11 pain In making you ac
t;ualnted with Railway ontclaU ihrongh letter o that
your inp win or mwi enjoyanit v in rna.
Real Eat ate Agent a.
In all Dart of the Klnd,m. Sea re h Rfenr.l a mil at.
tend completely to every branch In Selling Ileal and
I.cacholtl Property. Our Office will contain map ot
an i n'iTiurs in m nm cnarge. n e make a ipeciauy
u ntuit, kc iiihj: i irmmi ia repair, i ay
inaarance. llwnerant lronerlr ahnntsl ricar In tnlitrl
thai wc will relieve them from giving their attention to
i miirriy, i;uaraneeinK at an umri to act Wlin care
for a nominal consideration for mlec In thl depart
ment. Room, Cottagea and Mantlon to let at all
limes on application io n.
Employment Amenta.
Wo Supply alt Kinds of
The Al Amerlran Brlgantlae
COC612.5. STaatrr.
Will have Quick Dispatch for above port.
For freight or paage apply to
-JViLV 1HVIXXC0. Arrwta.
SurnKMK coutcV of titk kT
the Katal of WILLt-lX U 3C. AVSTIX. tEZjf
Order to how cauve on andtcattoa tf 'TTi
foe order of uie of real c tat V,
UB rradlng and anng tft petition of Caarlea T aw
Bet, admrniitratoe of tha otate r Wmjiai L.V w"
Un. decred. praying for aa order tale T ruLj
real estate beloBflng to atd rtale tttaat la XjLZ?
ma, llfmolnln and Kamaaaawt, Wailaa, OaaoI'I
vetting forth certain legal nvmi why awd. rest rJiil
ihouW be aoW.
It I hereby ordered, that the meat efkta 4 tlw rata
decedent aad all pcraon Inlrmtrd In tb m rrr
appear before thl conrt on nil DAY. ta IftmtkZ:
etrcorsarr. A l. pel, at rOohvk a. MattaVceM
ihew raue why aa order kri!d net be grit ted for nT
aale of ach eautr:
And It la farther ordered, that a eofT nf Ufa eeW W
pabllfhcd at lcst thrm um4v) eaa thrfern
""-"J tm usv II SB ants illllTTI mmJ
fami iionoraii, II. L, Jia. iTth, IL
a. r Jena.
AUwU JlcfJtlr9iprniCrL
Ilasnv 5 arm. Pepntr Clerh. mat
The At Aiaerlran Parh:
Jl'CROSSLEY Captala.
IVill Lcare Tor the above I'ort on or
about FEB. 5th, 1SS4.
J 1'or l-n-I-fet sad IS.a.li..U... ..... ,i.m-
ilatluas, sp ply to
"1 C ASTLE A 11XIKK. Acmts
- For Salr kr
Rolh male and femal In at) the various branches of
inuueiry on mesc itianti.
Agents, riantrrs, and Merchant generally ihould
notify ns when vacauclea ealit aa we will furnUh no
help uch ai Clerk, bale men, Hook-kccpcr, Mechan
lea or lanorrra naleaa well rrramm rndetl 1ft ki.
Chlnec Sen ant and Female Servanta will be aup-
1'iir.i ,o laiuinr pnur nonce, iot kdks i nominal
commia'ion ia rxacieu.
Life and Fire Inanravnce Aeenta.
n a reel ll a uniy locau every man a attention (par
ticularly a man of family) to keep his Life lniomt for
the benefit of hi Family who ao often are dependant
upon his labors for their support. Voting men and
mechanics would find It the moat pleasant duty of
their lives to lake ont a Tollcy on the Tontine " prin
cipal a in a few year shoald they lire they will
have sufficient funds to encase In buines with a neat
capital to back them. We Invito you to call on ns w hen
w will lake pleasure In I Unit rating to you how benefi
clal It Is for yonr welfare to be Insured!
r,very man n no owns tTopeny snoum remember tnat
'Kir." that prim memen-rr often maLea tha rlrh nr
well-to-do, ptor and poverty stricken. Let this be a
warning to yon and call oo us at once and protect your
Custom House Brokers,
We have made special arraorementa wh'rebv we can
enter liooda at the Curiom House through rower of
Attorney and we call npon all merchants and Store
keeper to make ns their Agents at once. Our charges
for this work Is very ReaonabIe and we will Enter
(tooda, pay and diaehargv Freight and Umtr Dili, and
deliver your goods direct lo your place of II a fine In
prompt order. Merchants and More-keepers will find
this of great advantage to them In every way.
General Bnalneaa Agents.
Oar Ian? arasaintanec with thBnlnes C'oramantlv
1 welt known and we Invcrably keep Inviolate all buet
ne matters of a private natare. Baslneaa men who
will lntrut their commercial milter to aa may alway
feel safe in o doing. We ludy the interest of cmr
clUnta alall llmea and adrloe on all business topics
cart fully, bated on oar best judgment.
In the General Itaalnesa Department we attend to
everything In the Commercial line, snch a the follow
ing, via: Hooks and account kept and adjusted ac
curately, neatly and satisfactorily. Hills CcHlecreb
promptly, and proceedings taken against creditor
when compulsion required a SDccdy settlement; Legal
iters oi errry areenpnon, snca aa irru, iona,
.MoTtzae. Itllls or Sale, Leases. Wills. Partner Chip
Tapers. Ac drawn. ALSO Advtnlfements. Notice.
Articles.l'ommunlrationv and Correspondence written.
alsu- ii cm on am araiiea ana cngrnsvea, irran,
'ote, Hill of Exchange, Letter of Credit, and Bank
ing matter gen era I It attended to.
All Onlen From tne Various Islands
Tons will reeeire promptness. We can FarthaM at
nc axrn en .nirsn ivaiea ana macn more rra'onaoie
than von can. and we tnipect evervthlng before we
bttr and therefore 111 to yonr lotcrcst to send your
orders to ns as wc then become mponslble, and the
small commit ion you par ns Is less than what yonr
Surchascs amount to buying a von have been doing
lire l.
TAll correspondence to na we take pleasure io
answering without delay.
We Invite everyone to Intpect onr new and spsxtouaof
fices and a we have all onr apartment worklngnndcra
syrtcmatlc rule with polite asltaau, eetttral location
and special adyantagr for condactlng onr bnftnest we
feel that the community at large will be gratified la
knowing that snch a beneficial institution has been
established w here the want of all may be ttpplted by
Yonr Meet Obedient Servant.
"Wiseman & Ashley,
General Busiuoss Agents,
Canpln't Xw Block, Xmaaat tU Honolila.
Steamship Company
wallan IsUnd. tn the matter nf THOXJjt n
AALKKK.avolontary baaanpt. Nrc t tl
rcThearlRgrroof of tWlr tlaJm. Itefcier Mr. Jimw
ITkoma d. Walker of IloaoUia, kanag laJa dar Wn
diadrrd a KankraTrl at a fcearinr rfnr ik ii , "
ut- ) f1" d" '"at aoUr be given to the crW.tnr
of said baakrnpt to present their cUlm and prove iCh
debts, and that due pabllcation be aaada UereW
'hrre cynaecntlve wrrks tn tb Itawarus tiairrra
Z$t9r notice ia hereby t twn that XOXDtT
the m dav of February. A. a 14, at ! otWk aVn
Jl the Court Komu tn Alllelaal Hale, In said nenelnhL
" .TT ""apa piace re all nch cn-Ulors t arnear
and prove said claims,
i rairti nonsxara, Jaa. ink tVt-
Ja-ticr Aa-tln
Jamra w Robrrton of itoweratn. hv4i tvu j
been adjudged a bankrupt, at a hearing before n IU
dnsitre M was ordered that notice bo rJren tnifca
rred!t.wof said baakrnpt tspweit their cUrma m
rroTo thelt debta and that du pntttieatiwn be Mtjj,
r, 0. BOX Xli.
tB" P. S-Oar Chriftnus and New Year's Books
are ready and on application or by letter we nil! pre
sent or tend you one. 963
Mr. Wiseman and Mr. Aahley desire to thank the
public cenerally for their llberable patron are bestowed
puu larva wau aepsraicry conaacting natincss in
llonolsla a Oeneral Bastneea Agenu and they trust a
LIBERAL SHARE of patiofitge for tilt & Crsi In
mc laiaje. Ji
Thnmlay, lrc
Monday, Vet
Thursday, Jan.- . ..
Monday, Jan......... .
Kl.X., t i ttl?t H Mil. It,
Will leave llonnln.it .ar To -il al 1 1. M., tir L-
nattia, jstaalaea. Makena. VAnnktwa, Kawihae, La a pa
hoc hoe and 1 1 Ho. Amvtw? at Ilile early Thursday
morning. Will leave llllo each Thursday at nonn;
.Ma-iBkonararn rrinav ai a r n.. riawntuae ai i .a. w.
otsaturdav: MakmaCA M Vaasaea atT-W A M.
and Lahalaa at A M.. rrnchlng UuotnrQ each
Mtardar anrrnoon.
PASSEMIKU TKAIN frosn Nialll will leav etch
rnaay at ir m.. to connect with the Kntaa at Maha
ken a.
The Klnan WILL TOIM11 atllMMihalaaitd I'aaaban
on tfotrn frta for fawxrt. tt a signal I saade from
IV Steamet Khian will tint take heavy frrijrht for
Uupahoehoe - Llghi frrlghl and patcltaxe nntv. All
heavy freight for the above ptrtw.l be take by the
Steamer 1 Likelikk9
vii. m ii.Minr, t t t tmyiAMU it.
, th- M'.mles dales at &
2ftThrsl .T.in
11 Mondav. Feb. . .11
OiTnarrdar. reh
SliMonday. March
Taking freight for Lahalna, Maalaea, Makraa, Maha
kona. Kawaihae. laaahan, Uonokala. Koholalele,
ttokata, LaBpaboehor. llakalan. UiMnars. Iaakaa,
lapalkon, Walnakn and lltln Ko taming will touch at
all the above ports.
All live Stoik from Kawaihae mnst be rblpped by the
i.tnti;zi;, i t o.nt..Mi.ii,
Will leave llonolnln rarh Mondae at 1 P. M for Kan
nskakal, Pukon, HaWo, Kara, Makaatae.Kipahulu and
.mn, inn nnin vittj iinrr wrck.
Ketumlng will touch at Lahalna, Pnkoo and Kanna
kakal, rcachinr uonoiain nidav 1. M.
MrtiKi:(.oit. t t t'OMMAMll.lt,
Will leae llonolnln each Monday M . for the wind-
warasioeot ttann. h tu go oy way or nataina, when
ever snrnetent lndncomint ofitT?. returning every
rnuaj i . -n.
tm" The Company will not bo tenp.nelWt' foe any
onai Dazgage nnie"" piainiy market. ,ot rrsponainn
foe money or Jewelry unless placed In charge or th
All poslbI cam will be taken of Live Mock, but the
vompany win not a"nme any rifk or Brcmcni
SAM'L. . WILDER, I're-ldetit.
S. ll, RUSE, secretan
tFFlCE Carner IVrt and Oucen Street
t llowolulB, lrt. 10. iva
For San Francisco.
And the StplciKtltt Mrmiltfp
tiilirsr. f-..in.iii.ii.
On or about Monaniy Feb. IS
Till! M-l.i:l!ll STIIA.MSIIII'
n F.iuir.n. com.m tMn.i;,
On or about January 27, 1883
ror Kre'ght and l"asge, apply to
PKiac II. 1IACKFKLD A CO.. .Alrut-k
1am1 lor Milinnetil iter Meninrr rnn iin
be Ntornl, Free ol It n rare. In Hie I'lrr-proot
narrnonr near tnv nirnmrr i iinri.
Tho Agent here are now prvpand to
1mip Tickets to San rranchro ami Kclnm
F0U 812.1 THK K0V.MI TKIP.
Established 1840.
Sailings Every Week,
ron isiviutiMioi.:
MtwnAetc Tori crfrv Mednetdav.
From Boston erery &i tun fay
a.tO, mi 1 Isold
According to Accommodation.
Htcerwajc .' t2t t'nrrtney
Gooilccommodatlon can alwara be seenred on atv
tilieatinto WILLIAMS UIMOND.tCU.
aa Franeltro.
v-jMaieuircei, uosien,
VEIIXON II. unowx X CO..
4 Bowling Oreen, New York
Nolfee lo Paisentrera from Aualralla. New Zealand
and Honolulu t ne imnarti uneanora more man nuai
facilities to through passengers from Trans-raclSc
pert", the frequency of its sailing rrt lading all posl.
m my oi ueiay in .ew ioik.
tffooa accommooRi ions aiwaya reservea
VE11NON 11. 11 HOWS A. CO..
.My 4 Bowling Oreen. New York
Mortgagee's Notice of Foreclosure and of
tx ACConnAXci: with a row
L er of sale contained In a certain mortne made fer
Aplkl and Kaloaaole to A J Cartwrlght Tntotce of the
II Oil. Ciair, ihmh iac I au u unraiDTIi IT re
corded In liber TT, page 117. Notice la hereby giv a
that said mortgagee inltnn to foreclose said mongagr.
for condition broken, and upon said forrcloscre w-tll
sell at public auction at the salesroom of E I Adam In
llMfdnlti. on MONDAY, tho 11th dar Of KrbrurT. ISti.
at tt M.of said day, the premises described In mid
mortgage a oeiow aptxiBra.
Farther particular can bt had of WHCat, At
tnrney-at Law. A. l. CAUTU K1UIIT, Mertzagee.
i-rrm in id uc ram an iiiini in rvaaiara. rvrwiiaii
.oko, Oahu, andconlst of acres of Sue Kam or
Itlce La no. some anger cnniTanon vn
Ailmliiiitrator'.s Xolici-.
dnlrannointcd Admlnistratrr of thr t .ii
of Antone Manuel of Uoo'datn. deceoxt-d, w 1th tbe Will
annexed, notice 1 hereby rlvrn to all pcrona having
Claims agalnt the said estate tu present the same duly
aathentleatcd with tht. proper vonchert ntiether sc
cared by mortgage or otherw1e to the Hnderalgned
within six months from the date thereof or they will
be forever barred; and all person tndibted to said
rstalearenotlfleutotnak imrat-dlit paymtnt to the
undersigned. W t PAItKE,
Adm r estate or An inn o Manual w ith Will anaeied.
llenollla, Jan. m. 11 wt tai
weeks In tbe flawaaun
br rtvca that THrx.-
thereof for three coneeutW
lUitTTt nenseatyr.
Now therefora notice (a hereb
TV thn tttfc ,1a nt ).
a. m., at the Conrt Boom, tn AtlhJaal flaK ta anid
llonolnln. Is the time and place for all rtta err?!
oi'rir na prorv ainruims
imru uonoiern. ii. i., ainuarr rata, TVs.
HENRY sMITTI. Depariy CUrt,
jx cHAMiiKKs. nncriTJunoi'
1 aiJndtelal WmlctJIawallan Ista-d. U rW-fZ
In the matter of the Kafir t Jt iR x no a wnaa a
of KahutuLMauLdecewed.
On readlnc and tltng the beUtion ad Amy Unra
King, praying thla Court to riT that dltr1batr be
m k iwpmy.real and persona!. the Ut
John lUMrdman of kahuluL Maul. dfaaT!;
dtrtdee nnder th Will t the aatd deceeeeat.
i (- nunni raai w ilS KSlfAT, the 771 1 ty f
Febrwary, IJM. at t p, tn. m the Conrt 11 -it la Wallu-
Boanlman. deceased, tad any other peraona having an
lntereat In said estate, are herehe noiiled U aalu4.
Aim. rvit.'VAuaK.
. . . ClrcuUJfJJntl.IK.cR.l.
Uhatna.Jan. tth. W. fB fx
ciriMtiaMrc contT or thk iia-
O wallan tUnd. In Probate In th matter stU
E-Ilte of ATTUNE COSTA of llonolnln. iWrwat
lntetale. Before Mr. JiMlee MtCclly
vn n-aaitt? aan niinr tna peilROn ( tceta vsaria
(whlow) of llonolam. aileglag" that Antone Costa. af
llonojuln, died Intratate at said Honotaln, oav th tath
day of January. A U. IMi, leaving certain property la
aatd llonolnln. and praying that tellers of adtaltltiT.
tlon lsuc to her, t be said Ttrta Coeta,
It ordered that WEDNESDAY, the YH dav nf
Fcbruary.A 1 l I, at 13 et lock a, m be and hmbr
U appointed for hearing said petition helto the aatd
J a Iter, In the l onrt Room of thl Conrt, at rloBvrara,
at whkn lime and place all person concerned ntaj aa
pear aad show caaae.tf any they have, why the aae
should not be granted, and that this order bt pnbttiued
tu the EngHah language for three a ucrette week la
j nawaiu iaaarrn newspaper in iionoiun. Aad
It Is further ordered that tn the mcaattm said Seta
Costa be appointed temporary odmlnlrtratrta of aatd
Dated Honolulu. II. 1 , Jan. ?td. A. TL 1-C
Attest' Jaittrvat eaprrnte Caere
Ilrxny Snrm.tVpnty Clerk. wa
L Court have this day appointed JsetsW tttavra
r.HUir,oranBia,j(iai. viator tisc.rtuitcotnaf
the !ccond Jadktal Clrvntt. In place nt William O,
Atwater, Km . resigned. Mr. tlintn to hld said rroai
the M of Fvbrnary. A. r. W.
tTW 3t 1IEXRY SMITH. Drpaly Clerk.
IJ In me vested bv the Conttttatlna anal th SiaMa.
of thla Kingdom, and deeming tt essential ta t& pro
motion of jattce. I do hereb- order that the rerutat
term of the Fourth JadlclaH trcult to be he Id at S
wtlUIll, kaaaLon the first Tnrada f rebmarv. D,
o-tttst povirnea antii wau.iB!liar. U
ItthdayefMHiFebrnary.A. 1) PWi. atl0ocWk a. a.
unra my nana ana iae?eair u9a
taU preme Conrt of the Hawaiian Ulaada, tt
llenolulu. thl Ilth day Jan. A. ft !".
A rKACls Jl l'I.
Attest Chief Jn-tkn prrme Caaart,
IUiut Swmt. ivpnty Clerk m a
curuKMi: coukt oi thk ha.
O wallan Hlandf. In the mstter of the bnukruMrr
of AUVHIILVLD B.KEKR. lrder of lotiftW tni.
los for proof of claim.
I'pon the fiHng of the petition of ArthlhaM D, Kerr
of Honolulu declaring hfmelf a banhrupt'aad prarlar
to be adjudicated a such. It t ordered that MO A DAT.
Frbruary 11th. A I. at io n'cWk a. m-statr
Chamber In the Conrt Itoom. Itonotal. be the tie
and place for adjudicating raid baukrnptry tt It I div
pated and aire for eredttora of said baakrept to peeve
thrtrclalms. also that the Marshal take poeiof
atd petttlnnet property aad that IhU order be pnh-
i-uii a p a ss 1 1 . v nrr in iOT luwinit
0irm newspaper.
Dated HottoNlu. II. I. Jan V 1S4.
Attt.t J ait tee of the ipmnf CtHirL
lltHltT Surrw. lepaly Clerk. M
Proposals for Exchange Wanted
Oxjs kavyohkou r,oxiox, ix
snch amoantl u mav tv r, nirsxt far aettle
mcnt of balances du" to the ta tnl btatea I'ost-offlct
Department at Washington Po-ul MonoyOrderAr
count, during the y. ar PL Tenders may loctudr
eiinerot tneioiiowinz
The exchange to be famished at may be required by
the Money Order bntln? of this office. Tfae amount
wanted will be from five to ten thousand dollars per
uuartrr: and the period Included In the tender should
be from January to December, PWL
rot-office. Honolulu. Jan. th. 1H Trt tt
For Sale !
Tlx S-tallOTX
ToTmerly Owned by Silica Bron
He I; perfectly sound and kind . mteoa for eclllnr
want of ne rw AIlr tn
u ii. stulz. waitaea. Raon.
(Formerly with B. F. Bolle & Co t
Wholesale and Retail Grocer,
111 King Stxert, nadcr nantwtny HalL
Family, rianiatron. and Ship' SMre supplied at
short notice. New tioods by every steamer. Orders
from the other Islands faithfully executed.
J3C- TELEPBOyE .Yd. U. Wl ly
crruKMi: coukt or thk ha.
O wallan Island. In the matter of the toahmter
OtKLISlIAC MiCM)LI..-S 4tn of hearing re
proof nf claim
. n n grin( pi mr prinioq ot I,llfn V XCtUU
lesa or HonoluU, dx taring himself Insolvent aad Or
lac lo be adtwdred a KiaktaM. It la ntilaat tkai Vm
1A Y, the Mb. day of Febraary next, at my Chambers la
the Court Room, In llonolnln, at Id o'clock a, as . W
the time and place for adjudicating said bankmptcy it
di'poted, and alo for eredttora of aald baakrnpt t
while take poaehm of said petitioner's property,
and that thl order be published foe three awecswht
weeks In the II awatiau Utirrra newspaper
Dated llonolnln, 11. 1.. Jan. Mb, li
Chief Jnstlce apretne CmttI
tlel Htvav Sunn. Deputy Clerk. m Jt
Supkkmk cociit or thk iia
wtllan Iplandi. In Probate. -In the raattet f the
E.tateot JULIUS V WANUEMIE1M. 1st of non
lulu, deceased Before Chief Jastlce Jadd.
On reading and ftllng the pet! ilea and account f H
F llladedmlnliiratorof Ihteststeof dallu. V Wan
genhdm, late of Honolulu, dcceaixd. whrrtln be asks
to b allowed tf'.Tti, and charge himself with IJUlW.
and aks that the same mar he examined ansoyrorrd.
and that a final order may b audedischarglaghtni aad
hUsaretlra from all ranker rcspon-lbtllty a snch ad-
mlnUtrator. .
It 1 ordered, that TUESDAY. th 19th day of t'sh
mary A. D. I'M, at W o'clock A. XH before the said
Chief Josttce, at Ciahe, In the Court House, at
Honolulu, be aad tbe same brrrby 1 appointed aa tbe
time and place fv hearing said petition atd account,
and that all persona Interested may tb and there ap
peeraadthowcaase.tf anv they have, why tfce saate
bonld not be granted and lhat, this nrdtr. In
the EaglUh UDgnage. be bnbllthedln Utm-uul
Uaxktts newrpaper printed aad published la Ilonow
la. for three necealve week prevlona tothetlaaa
therein appelated for said hearing.
Date4atUonolulo,H.UthlslthdayorJan A D.1M.
Attest Justice of the Supcf Conn
Mortfjagcca' Notice of Iotenttoa to Ftrrcdote
and of Sale.
X er of sale coutalard In a certain asortgax Bade by
S. rattnhl of Kallhl, Island of Oaan.t X-i Casv
wrlghtadmlalatraloref the eUt ef K. W. Hail.
ceased, dated Ntr-embrrCtb fVT!. rccotdrd 1 Obcr ,
lonor ss-o-w. aoocv ii acreby given taai bjo
mortga-ee Intends to foreclose laid mortgage tat
ditlon broken, to wit, th4 nnn-payntenl of the latcrest
Secured by said mortgigr. and ap-m aaid foresjoante
will sell at public auction at the salesroom nf Lyons a,
Levey In Ilonolula I-tand of Oahsw on MOJTDiY the
Morigascc'n yotTce oTi'rfTirf Jk f
JL er of tare contained In a certain martras mada br
Eawaib- and Kathaaal to A J Cartnrl-iu TrnaU ff
the Holt EstaU-, dated the Uth day of evcmber.
recorded In liber TT, page ST. Sntlr la hereby fjv-o
that laid nongsgre latmde to force la-s sold nwrtgac;
ror conditio broken, and npon aM fneeeJonare wt
Tl at pnVIc action at the salesroom ml Z P Ada
Heuo'uia. on MOSDAY the Ilth day ad rbrmry.r
at It M of said day, is tremlfcs nrcrlwd In aM
m ortgage a balow spec Ued.
rnrthrr partkbUra can U bad. of W R Castk. A
toraey-at-Law. A. J CARTWBIG1TT, Mrrgax
premls ta bt twld are artuated near caanl "r
Ilonolulo. near the JureuHopltaJ; roetala '!
of an acre tn good olrr aad rendition, and ix
1 a boose lot. It uakea a good property to bM u
rent and ls free and ckar ot laenajbrance. X
In the Supreme Conrt of Bntdix Ceew
X of RDWAKD KELLY.deceaectl,and In the saaOf
of the Frtltlon vf MAhY tCOTT and the Trs tees Act,
By ordrvof this HonoratvU Conrt the bHrtaf W"J
Kelly. Uteof anata, BrtUb CoUashta.
about the ISb day of A prIL I"0. ar send
claim to James Charle Prevt, the Begtstmr
Court, or tn Metm. Davie A Wll-en. of tangly
Victoria. Altomej foe Ike petitioner. wUAAJZ
months from th date hereof, othemtse tie 2
be reaJlxed and the piocreds Urrrof paid tJf
petitioner, who claim to be solery eattUed thrmaw
Dated the KIN day of November. A. X. I.--Brordrr.
wU Fglttrsr Sapmae Conrt, BrtU4 Caias-"
waiting '
f engar
Vorei etn
ts F M
ateawaer s
A S -AmStic
tin n A
J last Jan
5aa rra
n, pwed
rrwna U
fait carxw
phxtaaisn Fr-wi !a
Wright ss
Ann ?Ub
Mann. Jn
Wrtb(. .
t lav. at F v
t nan J t
r riisr-
tak,Mr 9
wallan tplands. In Probate In the maUer of th
Kaiatc of K LCAflIlAOLK (k of Molokal. dvru-d,
intrsute Before Mr. Justice Anstln.
On reading and Sling tho tetttion aad acroaut t
Henry J. Hart or llonolnln, alleging that Kalnapthatde
(kf Kuprke, Motakal died intestate at raid Kipekt
on the Cth day or Novrmber. A. V. puts, and prajtux
ibat lettrra of administration t"uetosome salutte
It Is ordered that MONDAY, th 7th day et Jauaarv
A. . at Ma. m , be and hereby I appelated fr
hearing said petition before the Said Jastlce. In lh
Court Room of thl Court, at llooolalu, at whkh Hate
and place all person coneerned may appear aad hw
eautvftf any they have, why tld petition hld net
be granted, and that thla ordtr be pnbtlshsd In tl
Engllih and Hawaiian languagti for three ccrlrs
weeks n the Hawaii!! Uaxarrx aad A'eoton ret
paper In Honolulu.
Dated Honolulu, 11. 1.. January Sd. A D. l-t.
lUar Suim Justice of Supreme Conrt
Deputy Clerk. "UTJ
Suvkkmk corirr or thk ha
wallan Itlands. In Frobate. Ta the matter of the
Estate of JAM E! WOUl9 of Fnnhuo, NtPrtb -KetUla.
lland ot HawaiL deceased. Order appointing time
for probate of 111 and dl retting publication nf notUt
of the same. Before Chief JestlceJudd,
A document, purporting to be tht last will and letta
ment of Jamea ood, deceased, hating oa the 4th day
of January, A. D. 1M, been presented to said Frobate
Court, and a petition fut the probate thereof, aad for
Issuance of letters testamentary to The. H. Da lea,
Uodfrey Brown, Tho. R. Walher and Johablmnsonn
othrrwlae known a John Msgnlre harlng been filed bv
Theo II. Dartre. '
It I hereby ordered lhat FRIDAY, the Stb day T
January, A. D. 1-1, at 10 o'clock a. nt, of said day. at
the Court Room ot ald Conrt, at AIHoIaat Tlalcla
Honolulu, Island of Oaha, be, and the same Is. hereby
appointed the time for proving said Will and hearing
said application, when and where auyperson Interested
may appear and contest the said Will, and the granting
of letter testamentary.
It 1 farther tMered, that notice thereof be given by
publication, for three successive werks, la the Ilawa
lux tiaiiTTu. u newspaper printed aad published la
Dated Honolulu. II. I . J unary Tib, A D. I,
Atttst Jat.ce or the buprrmi Ctt
IUxut Snim. Deputy Clerk. m Si
NoUn, t
ttno froe
. kwwaae;
i I aianUl
IU nur
I tlroat Vmv
set tna ore
i Iras few
i akaM ee
ami wbart,
; fpinsoet a
IT) twpln aa
J daps fr
avsKiaJIy e
ami a I
eeaael in, i
of th
ZUh day of Frbtaerr. 1-54. at IS M. of mM day. th
premises a desctlbetl In laid mortgage a below ipso
fied. Further particulars can be had of J. M.Monar
rat. Attorney -. -Law A. J C A CTWIU G UT.
Honolulu Januarys. tM.
Premise to be sold consist of several valeabk frac
of laed more partlcalirly deacrlbed a follow. Land
nttuate at Kaluanpnla. fUUht, latend nf Uahu.betaf
A pan a of ltVtjal Patent No. a, are X IMC acree
Land situate U Meonalva, IaUnd of Onkn. nyal Fas
eat No, ItZ. and Land situate at Kama. Ishsod
Molokal, an-a T acres and TD s chains. Coyal rtrtt
.0. UF!.
. Pntaftt
Iran nawta
baiurn Uv
ertlnf al
C tbnPt
Ktt!4f III! laWSillf1 ! Wl

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