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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, January 23, 1884, Image 3

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iT : C of Sidney froa lae Voieaiira, a
la from b r'raciCO. aio. II. I.
. -'Pu.kf-oai Yalparai-o. sad Haw bark
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L rte tMt: r the Eiia, cmtcio. aad ike
t-?"i" ' ?zr3 tot w iraed-co, aad tat: Era
f rfiTX ZuUEdaUdu Irrt fran !u VriB'
ll i-nk U Katiiah mall, c the mt tail. The
ub4 ret taa rnidtto m the l t pro.
-n r S4 S1. Cu.' steamer Clly ef Klo de Jaavlro
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-O AUb'oi Xorr, fraa aa Krmn
C Haw Alau. MUter, fraea Mi Iran
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Ms City of t-ydaty. Urutao. tee e F
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VmmIs In Port.
H I T. CUboyalk. lrUtesraBdl
Am fck SmiUi, Crowley
Am brlr llftwd.Tterot7
An bile "J a a A Kal&TBbors, Guodman
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O Alanrda, 3 CO
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UepetX Pf r X b C ty of jdr hfb7. Cotner
Ihvr&arrd brdMj filt Jab ad, 4 M p Tvcrtvrd
AkUim flux Jm a a tllwrtiaiTtU AatlUnd'
r lot Ja tB,t5U pm: rrcrWrd 1Iom1b1b pilot Ja
Ut.laat SuMapajrotUEcnaBd ton freight
tm Uooolsla: SlcsbU 4 tMS J WBtm 4
rrv torn f rtW tnnlta.
Erwrt f i b AUnfdju Mr. ComJr. -bai.ctl from
irtlK-a Jan IHh.lnpw: dtcarzi pilot at
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adrfaU tnir. Jan IK1, : a ttpaiwdrx S
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'a !th, U boob. pK"d as EoslUh hark bound 1 t
rraadfr . 3 ra pa b art- bovsd U an rYajtetaco.
Lpa4 B hark atorriar U . arrtin) all! -tt a hi
ttar from pi lot to pi lot daja It boara.
rrcotL.r-pocT per Abrrratwita Catt Jam 14 A
fL carssfan)n'nhaadie etc.
FroaathtCo'tBlcs. per City vt bydnty, Jaa n S
pafi aaiac aadriea.
Tirta saa FraaclKO. per Jloprrtaa. Jaa il -A fall
tvp BnrhaadlM, provliiona, : borre. etc
rrwn aa Ftaar laco. ptt Alameda. Jan C2 A ml
caro c:k- atdte prod nee. etc
Tot ban Fra&ttecQt per Elia Jaa i;-ia a;ar.
aMtataea aa,ls,ea TalarJ at $ tt,Sl 21
ror Saa FranciKT'v per City of J-jdacT. Jaa tl
pks orarr 1IT bacha oaaaaaa. c oetel learei, ulr
rroaalheCoIoalr,perCttrf rdev. Jaa a -Sir
VfcapmaB, XliaChapaaaa, Xr Jrffrry.
Frm Xaot aad Hawaii, per ruaic Jaa I1 1 II pod,
11 Johaaca, W t JUx
t'm KaaaL per Jaa Maker. Jaa It J B McKeaiic.
Jade J Kakina aod pcb.
r ba Fnadfco, per ElUJaa 17-Ueo frnlth
Frota Kladward rort. per Klaaa, Jaa If J 11 Ma by.
Capl pellcer. J HowelU H AUes. l lVter, t Arnold.
UraWfwdi.J Friaka, J It Key worth. Mtaa I) Iowaett,
II 11 Wilcox. E 11 Uoodfworth. W 11 nailer. XV V Hot
acr, T Campbell, C rwhaaaa, fe aad est Id.
Frwta llaJud I'ortt, per LILeHLc, Jaa Ifl J Kt
cenh, r ' Xakce. it XcUteaa. '
Front Xaal per tebua, Jaa lur MaeXiatoih, Vt
Froai Kaaat. per Iwalaal, Jra 9-Mrt LVraar, & W
W.kox. Xra U alten. Xt fjt, J b prater aad If c, L
From baa Fraerirro, per Heaperlaa. Jaa J Lo .
J C Toonpaoa, u Livmeti.
ror KahcTn'.pfKIUifa Hoi, Jm St-Sli S Ubed,
X Ulnne 11 C CiarLr, f Mahlmrr
For ftaa Fraaciseo, per City of Sydney. Jan SI -CLas
Farfifaix, ft KitKt, Jt Lewera, tf and i chlldrea, A
Ml hft, UlUadmaba.C Jobbett. Xl L Bfirt.
J F Hartfrld. Xra E W I'cterwn. Mr lYrart. J Mha.
J 11 WjHtaat.UKXoAU
From SaaTYaaclKO, per Alameda, Jaa -Hn II A
rtratln aad daartter, It U Ajav, A Korel, 11 Xae
krabaw. E F Berhwlih. CUrearc SUe fat lane aud wifp,
J RUwyrr.J K ltadietrioB, Thouaa fumminr. E F
t'ato:ene.. Woodward, J WUaoa aad wtfr, Capl J T
Wrtrat and wife. Max Tambte. J K Forler. II J laarl.
Edn haiherUsd, J Chalner. 4ieo Chalanera, Xia
Asa Napier. 11 E BUaeoa. L leterMa,A W Kanf
mama, Joha follirao. I Forreat, J Coflioa, T Clark. IE
Wrlrat, A ( Oeorrr. C Olten, T XcCunna. Y Wrlrhi.
tlUcacoaaBdeoB, Mlaa X Urlmr, K I Urladtll, A
Ratfctoo, Xra Formt, Yi Korera, I Chrirpinl. lad
la HoBolala.a the 19th tad
Etlart. adapter..
to thelfeDf Xax
LOWREV STVKKS Ib Hoaolalo, oq Jaaaan
17th, at Fort btrvet Cbnrcb. by lie J A Crazau, Mr.
J. LAWBBTtfXlaaCaEaaiK L Ma.
tr-Uaklaad, Cat. paper pleaao ropy.
tiBEEN DO CAS la Honolulu Jaoiury Slat, ai
tho re-ldm'-e of Xra. Uobtemo, by Be. A. MactJa
tofc, Mr, acax A, Ijxiex to Xita Aaxix JI. Docak.
Abowt the Proposed Emigration from
Emus Gizrmv In roox Uu issue I find a in on?
"Note, that axnnebodr thinks to stArt an emicra
tion from harden to llawaii. Ikint; a man who
Inowa a f5od deel alxmt the Swedcfl and their ways.
1 rboold like to bay a few words a boot that.
lie uyt, "Alxmt 40,0ft) mm women and chil
dren lea re Sweden yearly- for America- There
mbs erery jrobability of the emigration continn
inc for wmt yeir to come." So it is, Sweden is
a hard country to lire in. It is hard to Ret work,
and when a nun cti any it is for a poor pay.
CuojieqaenUr a bis lot es to America where a
man oxn para tartly gets cood wages. Hat now
cornea the sentence in which X am not of the same
opinion as the honored writer:
"If a part could be persuaded to go to Hawaii, it
trvld U rrV, as the most of them are very cood
people and are rfywi.rfy Utter fitted for work
than those who emigrate to the Islands from Nor
way. That tie Swedes generally are a cood set of peo
ple, cannot be denied, but why they should be w-
dltrJ'y better fitted for work than Norwectans, I
cannot (e The bvedea and Norwegians lire un
der about the same Laws, and are educated in the
name way Iitc in the aaine way, bare the same re
quisites to life.
lie says farther: The Norwegian and German
emigration has not prored a sooaesa." And why?
Tbe main trouble is the Germans aad Norwegians
cannot stand the press of tbe contract system, it
linrts their feelings of liberty and therefore they
try to kick. The Swedes are like them, but bet
ter if treated well, but ten times won if not treat
ed very weU. A man v hodoes not know them would
hardly belwre bow much mischief a Swede can do
tf not aausned4 know it from experience. A wise
man in France used to say every time he heard of
a crime: V eel Ufemmer tat in Denmark and
Norway they say: "Where is the Swede," and the
fact it in most crimes in Norway and Denmark a
Swede has a finger, Does any one feel like try
ing a new Tentore from Sweden
Yours truly, Uooroaou.
ArriTal of the Raaboljnyk.
HJ.KL eloop-of war J.-.i.-(yi.t, Captain lid
tebrandt, am red in port here oa the 17th instant,
40 days from Valparaiao. Tbe Tessel is one of the
late additions to the ItussianNary, is a composite
built screw steamer of I3TO tons burthen and has
engine f 50 horse power, bbe carries a battery
of 11 guns of various calibre and hu a comple
ment of 1& men. Captain llUtcbrandt has been
specially coemmuaioceu to call at this port and pre
sent to His Majesty a decoration of the order of
St. Alexander Newsky, set in diamonds, the mis
sion being acoomplubed on tbe 71st instant. The
osnal salatcs were fired by the man-of-war and re
sponded to by the water battery, on armil of tbe
vessel in the harbor. She will remain in port here
about three weels and at the end of that time will
ad for Japan. Kolloaing is a list of the officers
of the vesael:
Cspt3" He .i brand
'-vfiiv l3.--rc bewail ixr
talffTrky, ForUDoaa, Yaawk aad Ilrt u
Sat9lij Qlctr- Betas.
JrU t imta IraaoS,
- W KinjineiT KederoC
Taard JCmftmecr -Von Kreeiily
xryr- carton a a.
irfuJet f Q.trr -KaJtkanoC.
JttrUkwmewSXiljnC, IraaoS, SiepaaoeT. Reieaeff,
Kanea.cffBaa WiTaer.
A Diagram fal Affair
An affair extremely charade ru tic of the eitstirg;
atate of things, reeently occortd in Waimea, KaaxL
A naure woman of good reputation and the mother
of aeTcral healthy children, upon remonstrating
wita a leprous brother, who had entered her boose
white intoxicated and began to has and kit her
cfaldrrn, u -nolenUy Banolted by him. The
wjeaan g huitAad came to the rescue, and as soon
aa she could tear herself away she fled in her ter
ror to the river and Utcmrtedtotwua to the other
bank for safety. The fratncidU brother again
pursued herr and mrufcing her in the middle of
tb river, tned to force her head under the water,
and in all probability would have drowned the
woman had not the hatband tod others again res
coed her. She aooaafter went to the deputy sher
iff, who is alM the government candidate fur the
Legulatore, and asked to ha re her brother arrested,
as he had tn addition to his aAiaalts, threatened
her life, but the deputy sheriff took no notice of it.
The woman then wrote to the Circuit Jadga an
ceownt of the affair, who forwarded the letter to
the shertff. and the latter immediately sent an
officer to Waimea to take out a warrant and arrest
the man. But when the officer went for the war
rant the deputy sheriff stopped the proceedings
Baying- Wait; after election is over we will ar
rttii8." Thus the rauirr cloud at Ut report.
rrobably before this the sheriff of Kauai with
s usual energy and decision has compelled his
nana deputy to perform bis duty, or has dis
charged bun.
The brig Hmzmrd was raided oa last evening bv
rV,T joung ladies aod gectleoen and one of
the ladies qmlty surprised Captain Tierney by la
fornuag hun that they had come their to enjoy a
eoctal oancebytte moon.1 The worthy Cap,
made things aa pleasant as poa-uble for the merry
party and the comet bad sunk low ia the west
before the festivities ended.
At the reception given the KussiUn ofncrs yes
terday at IoUni ralace,danngthe prtseataUon of
the i decnratKai bf Captem HiU-bran.iL.a Wx m
t the Premier very much dvpleej-cd His aLapwty.
The -rxrecrdeor " setkc also crnw up. and the
I'remMaopinaon wasmer-nded. -Would that I
had tMrved my God with half the zeaL etc"'
Hop Bitten have mtored to sobriety and health
perfect reels from intemperance. IVruje all ad.
Pastor Croan prraeoe reTiral wrfawi Ihii
evening at toe t on street church.
New IZibljons. Ladies and Rent's SHlk Hira-re.
Satin CumtA, Straw and Heaver Hats in all shades
at irTi&s, J. t iMieiL
UU Excellency the Governor of (Hhu has been
confined to hi residence during the past week by
a mrrere aitaca ox gout.
The "national ticket ia weakening, one of It
cotupocent particles is anxious to get his name on
ua ajrot vi ue inueprnar&t raauiuaics.
Mr. J. HAckfeltL of Mesara. Hack ft J A. Cn
left bv the steamer Cit eS .Wr foratsitto
hn rtUtivrft and friends in (rcrmany. Ib rwevt
Purser J. V. C Comfort, of the P. M. S.S. t'.ly
t tfarv, has as usual supplied the G urm with
full files of late Australian newspaper. Thanks.
There was a fair attendance at the practice
meeting of the members of the Amateur Musical
Society, at the Hall of the Y .M. C. A, on the l&h
instant. "
Post-master General Whitney has added to the
staff of the Ixt OSce employees, Mr. William
Johnson, an old resident well and favorably
The mission services under the direction vt l.rr.
Father IVrachard, S. J- at the lloman Catholie
cathedral will be continued dunnc the rest of thta
.. - - . - K J
JL nurse aiutcuou w u civ-m vaua uwi
fnht last Saturday morning and bulled along
Cjoeen street, liesuit a smashed express but no
otter damage.
The verandahs of tbe Sailor's Home are now
being strengthened bv the Buhctitution of new
strong posts for the old ant-eaten ones which hare
so long been in position.
The Sandav afternoon serviced at the Y.il.C
Hall were very well attended oa the 3Hh iust.
uev. j . a. ixuzaa preaccru tne sermoa on tee oc
casion, taking for his subject, "This Year Also.'
The stock and fixtnres of the Honolulu llc&lan-
tantwere sold nndsr the hammer yesterday by
uuaoai x arae. xo-iay tue ninuwr restaBraxi
stock and fixtures will be sold by the same gentle
man. The ItTerios of the coachman and fuotmaa of
the royal house of Kalakaua are again changed and
the nernle f avuntes now appear in all the glory of
scarlet knee breeches and lacings, and w hue stock
ings. Among the in who left by the eteaiaor
were Mr. and Mrs. lEobert lowers and famUe. Mr.
J. Uackfeld, and Mr. C ForuoAox. The laUer
nroceedi to aaa t rancioo to arrange lor nu
rrirt't ISmidt
Voters should remember to tako their tax re
ceipts with them to the polls. Last election sev
eral good votes were loM ti-causo of forgetf ulness
in this important matter by the voters. IMk up
your tax receipts.
Tho lUt of names of "qualified'' voters are now
displayed and such residents as are entitled to the
Privilege of depositing their ballots oa the Cth of
ebruary should be sore thai their names appear
in proper form on the official exhibit.
Election news from all parts of tho inlands u
very favorable to the "Independent candidates.
The independent men who get in mean business
and one of the f oremodt pieces of business wll be
to remove the incubus that has been brooding
upon Hawaii
Seventy-eight decoratious of tho order of tho
1 loyal Crown of Hawaii were gazetted oa the ud
instant. Among ths recipicnti tbe names of CUui
Spreckels, Adolph preca!. John D. bprcckcls
Augusta Sprecktl l'aul Neumann and John
Hack are noticeable.
11 err Uandmann's petformanco at the Mu&ic
Hall ncttW him the neat sum of ? l,-- He did not
forget the services rendered him by tho amateurs,
to whom he left tokens of his regard for their as
sistance, one of the ladies rcceivuig a necklace aud
locket valued at Jf 100.
The decoration of the order of St. Alexander of
Nawskv. received bv His Maiestv from the Em
peror of Itu&sia, is described as being a very hand
some one and valued at between $G,UA) and $7fiW.
It is in the ahape of a fire-pointed star and con
tains several hundred diamonds beautifully set.
Tho P. M.S. S. City f Syley arrived tn purl,
from the Colonies at 3 a. m. on the 21st instant.
and sailed at 11 a. m. the borne date for San l'rau
cisco. Among the passengers who vent forward
were Mus Riudet, Herr lundmann, and Mr. C.
The Oceanic S. S. Alt me J a arrived in port at
115)0 a. m. oa the !d insu, bringing a number of
rwvmlii well known in the nommnnttr. as rvissrn-
gers. From the vcMel's report it will be learned
that the steamer li Jttr, with 250 Chinese pas
sengers for this port, was passed oa the I Cth int
On TtidMiliv the d inst the croadul mmlition
of the water front by island steamers alone, shaved
most plainly the proportions to which the mter
iiland tralfic has grown. More wharf-room ia
required and should be one of the chief subjects
for tho consideration of the Minister of the Interior.
New turnstiles of more modem construction
than the old ones (still in nsei have been placi-d
at the sides of Emma So a are. and afford easv
means of exit to people leaving the grounds. Now
it we trees were iiitumcu, n nvuiu auu n mua
more to the comfort of promenaders within tho
The Board of Management of the lioyal Hawai
ian Agricultural Society held a meeting at the
rooms of the Untish Club on the 17th iust., aud
arranged to have the next "show" on the 13th and
11th of tbe coming June. The location at which
the show will be held his not been settled on a.
The secret service force of the Gizerrz have
been endeavoring for dome time past to obtain a
copy of the report of the Hoyal Counnisionr
who were appointed over a year ago to report on
the condition of the police force. After thorough
investigation the report is rendered that the lloyal
comtnirtsion have never reported.
Mr. J. M. Poepoe, who has been a student for
some time past in the law office of CoL John lias-
set and latter! v editor of tbe native literarv I
journal Ao 7Im1 A'si, was admitted to prac
tice in all the Courts of the Kingdom as "Attorney,
counsellor, solicitor and proctor," on the 16th
in t-, by His Honor tbe Chief Justice.
February Cth, the day on which the "great ma
jority" will have an or port unity to cast their votes
for their representatives to the Legislature of 1681,
is approaching. The somnolent! attitude of the
Government party is only on the surface, the wires
are being manipulated meanwhile, and it is hoped
that the friends of the Independent party will soon j
rise to tne occasion. i
The mission services held during the past week
at the lloman Catholic cathedral, under the aus
pices of Itev. Father Houchard, S. J. of San Fran
cisco, have created great interest among the mem
bers of that faith in the community, and the
cathedral has been crowded nightly. The reverend
gentleman's lectures during the period hare been j
most instructive ana inieresimg.
The express drivers who congregate in a drove
at the close of each performance at the Music
11 all, are Decerning soinewuat ox a nuisance, their
loud talk and wrangling great Iv disturbing such
people as are seated near the door. If a few of
those drivers who leave their horses unattended
were arm ted, the effect might be beneficial to the
One of the many equipages which were seen on
the street during the stay of the steamer City f
Syimetf in port here on the 21st insL, attracted the
attention of a late arrival, who inquired: "Have
you a circus company in Honolulu?" "Oh, yes!
said a bystander, "and that is tbe carriage of the
principal clownP The Klmt within hearing,
There is no reason why any prospective Govern
ment financial difficulties should trouble the mem-
bers of the present iliniftrv. all of them bcine-m
familiar with debt in one form or another, that it
would surprise not only themselves Iwt their
friend to know that they were clear of that incu
bus. Even in tbe mtdut of life they are all in debt.
. ily the 0. S. S. Stirijm, to arrive at this port
from San Francisco oa the 1st of February, there
is expected a troupe of artists who will occupy the
boards of the new Music Hall for a short season,
and during their stay will probably present to the
public, gems from the various comic operas which
have delighted San Franciscans.
The rooms of Fort street School were scenes of
almost inextricable confoion on the morning of
tbeTldt msU, desks books, aad other paraphernalia
of the school having been moved about and mixed
up by some mischievous persons on the night of
the 5Xh. Tbe usual calm of the worthy principal
was considerably ruffled, and the culprits may well
beware his wrath if they are captured.
The strong trade wind prevalent daring Monday
made the weather quite cool and pleasant. In the
evenia?. the clear atmosDhere ctve the star-
spangled heavens a better opportunity to display
the reflections of tbe many beautiful constella
tions now in view at an early hour above the ho
rizon. The comet, high in tbe west, was plainly
vLuhle, and was the cynosure for many eyes.
Although everybody was officially informed that
the mail steamer Citg Srteg would leave at 10
a. m. sharp, thu preventing the continuation of
correspondence to Eistern friends jet the usual
delay occurred, and it was past II before the vessel
nnauy leit inewnari, ineextranour coma cave
been utilised bv the rust office bad the areata in
formed the officials of the delay.
The officers and trustees of the Honolulu Library
and Heading Hoom Association have issued a cir
cular calling the attention of the general public
vo tue oriucuuusx r 10 use piace rany m
Mav i in aid of its buildinc fund. A mliattnc
committee "will very shortlv canvass the town,
and will be hapTT to receive any articles that may
U (leareu to oe aouaieu. sin. taien x . aaams is
the secretary of the committee.
The new owners of the Music Hall should at
once take steps to remedy the bad acoustic proper
ties of the building. Much of the sense of the
beaulif ul passages in -iianuev nomeo ana J o
bet,' and "Merchant of Venice, was loot to the
"'Wrwr present daring their perfotTaasces, by
the almost unintelligible jumble ia which the
words reached the auditorium; and the players
were prof ewiocals and good elocutionists.
The band concert at Emma Square on the even
ing of the Slst inst, although poorly attended,
was quite a treat to thoe present, the pieces on
the programme consisting of selections from
lleethoven, Sappe, Donizetti, Lecocq and Sullivan.
Mr. David Kahuloi (1) ia tbe absence of Herr
Berger, acted as conductor, and performed his
part in a creditable manner. E jinmt it may
be well to menttoa that the above named leader
ts the first native Hawaiian who has filled the
A light and airy little account of the coronation,
prettily illustrated by Belle Osborne (Mrs, Strosg
has been published ia Z.ywff for January,
lite descriptsons are vivacious and ia moat rases
accurate, though the sketch of the "ttretty little
princess strewed their path with flowers1' u said
to be incorrect, for she did not strew flower, but
was her little telf on her dignity. The sketches of
-natives are good and waKSWtiva of the Uopacs. the
"gorgeous noiosn Deing peauj tj- '
as pleasant jaad'liru'ht a little article as could be
written of a foolish subject, It Is tobe hoped that
t wm i iutjuwvv py (HUCrs.
lLbrloa have been quite fiequent of late
wneciidly from unprotected reeadVnce, and the
rohce Bccrctslterl unable ia capture tbe thieve.
Lxtely the residence of Mrs. K. Morgan, on
Hcretania street, was entered, and clothing and
other aruclea to the Tal ne of f30 was stolen. Com
plaint was msde. bat Hip Van Winkle counselled
pntieccc The cored tng ntgnt, entry was agaic
rtade in the fame residence, and a large looking
cUas stolen. Complaint was again made, but the
losers are iuu wiicoui tnetr property.
i At the Kraacii Hospital for lepers, a portion of
the bnilduu occupied by the iloman Catholic
Siter of Chanty, has bees act apart for the rur
poe of religious worship, and on the 71st Inst, the
portion utilized by tbe histers In their services,
was forruallv consecrated and dedicated by lit.
.. iw tiriuikuiHwniswi vj aiaers oyiveo-
ter, Damicn. Clement and Leooor, the aojourning
Father Bouchard also being preaeciL The sanctu
ary is specially dedicAted to the honor of St.
ify u.jt.2i.Swjrna, lately arrived inSvd
ney, N. S. W from a nine months trip among the
Soeth Sea i4ands.it is fearned that the master of
a acnooaer :stry j5 aad deserted the vns4 at
SAndvich I aland. New Hfbridos group. Theonlv
other people on board the achooner, a mate and
cttok were unable to navicate theveraeL Thrn.in.
ot-var afterwards called into Itavannah Harbor
and there learned that the mieting captain (FhU
Iij had taltn pxtug in a achooner for Hono
lulu, itas ne aniveu, or u neoneoi tne Julia
There were fine rains on Maul last week. The
crops everywhere are looking well. All tho mills
A riBe association has been formed in Wailuku.
Ihe young men of this enterprising village intend
to nave some tun aa wtu as wore.
The WaQnkurwoUe areawakeninc to tho iranor-
tance of having means to protect property from
fire. An effort 13 being made to get a fire-engine.
The ED-called hospital erected at Wailuku by the
Government has yet to tcmonstrate its influences.
The manner in which tho building is placed with
tho whole front exposed to the trade winds is objec-
The thingo at Wailuku ia the matter of opium
deaGnrr and camblinc. is marked. Since John
Kichaidtioawas forced to resign and Mr. H. Tread-
way was appointed deputy-snenlT in bis place, evil
ooers nave icarueu w respect tue law, air. ircaa
way ia proving himself to be an efficient officer.
Electioneering at Wailuku is being carried on
with nergT by both parties. The Government
ewdidates are vising run) freely to influence voles,
and it his its effect with many of the weak. The
"son-iu-lwivM exerciaed hi special inflacnee
at LAuma in xavor or tne trovernment canui
dat. Mr. George llfchardon has done the same
at n auuku.
At Paia, Mr. E. M. WaUh, Manager of the laia
l'lvaUtion, Is about to close an important road
loadicg from Makawao to the Tata railroad station.
The road is on the property of the plantation, and
tea pmale road, llesidenta of Makawao com
plain of the Minister of Interior. If the Govern
ment does not provide a road, then most serums
inconveniences wui result io an rcsiumg in Aia
kawao. The neglect of the Government is inexcusable.
At Wailuku the other day there was wailing for
the tacless don Main bv toe police. DogswitH'
out tags were seixed and killed. The law autho
rizing the destruction of docs for which taxes have
not been pud, is a good law, but should bo cn-
lorceu wita uiscretion. uomrnaiuis were maue at
Wailuku that the sheriff would not accept tbe
taxm offered by tho owners of the dogs. It would
seem to be only fair that the taxes should be ao
ceptcu in suca cases, ana tue uog spareu.
H await.
Htldhaa hardly seen duller times then the pre
Kiihaia Mill has a?alu blown its whistle an
nouncing the tact, that it ii ready for workagatn.
Most of tho sugar mills in Hilo hnvo commenced
grinding for the season And are doing good work.
Kohala is rejoicing ia fine weather with enough
rata lor an purpose ana not eaouga to imcriere
with work, so planters are for once pleaded.
Mr. Tho. Hay widen ha engaged with Mctni.
Wilder & Co.. as their nnnt for Kohala. He un
derstands tho business and will dcnbtle do well
for his employer-.
The cine of the Kohala Plantation, took fire on
Saturday night, but Mr. Chapin with his usual
energy, assisted by hf very able foreman, noon
got it under control, so that no loss will be sus
Mr. II. Morten wi. the watchful And energetic
cuAtom-house guard at Kohala, made a haul this
week of a large quantity of opium, landed at
jianukona, irom one oi our inter-isianu steamers.
The fair for the benefit of the Enclish Church
held tn Thompson's Hall at Kaiopihi proved a
great sucect, clearing about six hundred dollars,
including vhat wits sold before the fair, making
about enough to clear all debt from tho church
that has just been erected.
Travellers through Kohala aro delighted with
the cheery appearance of tho Government school
and floral decked grounds at Inakca. The school
is in first class trim and is managed ia a very
thorough manner bv Mr. E. N. Dyer and his ladr
assistants. There scenis to be hope still for
young Hawaii."
On Suoddv hut. the horxo attached to a carriaco
containing Mr. and Mrs. Benton, became fright
ened and unmanageable, and overturned tho vehi
cle, throwing tbe occupants to the ground, severely
injuring noiu. mey are uomg wen at pr cm,
but such severe shocks may- leave permanent
Dr. Thomnaon. itf abjut to build on a very do-
nimble piece oi property, lately secured by him in
Maaapaii, wnere lie can ue nearer uis cane indus
tries: of that locality and at the same time bo
more conveniently located for the dutcharce of his
duties as Government physician, as roost of tho
natives not engaged oa plantations, reside in that
part of the district
A wiilion was handed about bv Mr. Cornelius
Bond last week asking that Dr. Bond be appointed
Government phyieiaa, in place of Dr. Thorn pwn,
who, Mr. Bond fcaid, intended to resign. Now it
U said that he had no Authority for his statement
and those that -signed have notified Dr. Thomp
son of the facts of the oasa and given him per
mission to make it known, but tho doctor says ho
will take no notice of it.
The Waiakea Mill Co. have made marked
chances in their mill, they have put in what is
called the "double efftct" which is a pair of
vacuum pans, the jaico in one of tueni being
boiled by tho waste steam from the other It alno
enables them to do sway with the use of coal
altogether. The grinding being done with rtcam
from this one boiler that supplies the whole boil
ing and working power of the establishment.
Supreme Court of the Hawaiian Islands.
I a Equity.
W. M. Gidsos it al Commission tits or CaoTi
Ikfufr the Chwtt7hr0iiH of CMnmetthr Jhl.
I The bill alleges in subctanoe that His Majesty
Kamenameha IV died, intestate, November SOth
IBrtS, ledvingas his solo heirs at law his widow
Queen Emma and his father M. Kcknanaoa who
died intestate leaving his son Kamebameha V and
his daughter, said iiotn tveeiiKoiani, as ms ucirs,
and that Kamehameha V thereaf tex died intestate
leaving the plaintiff B. Keelikolani as his heir at
law and that by the statutes of this Kingdom tbe
plaintiffs are entitled, share and Outre alike, to
tbe private estate of Kamehameha IV,
? That Kamehameha IV was seized and pos
sessed in his lifetime, in hU private capacity. In
fee ample, of all that parcel of land situated on
Merchant Street in Honolulu, (describing it) be
ing 1'art 1 of Award of tbe Land Commission
No. 1060G to Kamehameha III, which said pre
mises were devied to Kamehameha IV by will of
hameharoeha 111, duly admitted to probate.
3 That His MajMty Kamehameha IV by a re
corded deedeonveVedto William Webster, his con
fidential secretary, the land above described to
enable Mr. Webster to raise money upon mortgage
for the use of His Majesty and that the several
mortgages wmeu were uius roaae nave long since
been paid and discharged,
i That nn the 5th of October 1?CC the then
Commissioners of Crown Lands procured Bobert
Moffitt tbe executor of tbe will of Wm. Webster,
to execute an Instrument declaring that said Web
ster held tbe premises above described, together
with many other parcels of land as trustee of Ka
mehameha IV In order to raise money upon roor
tgago of the same which had been paid, and con
veying all the right, title and interest of tbe said
Webster in the said premises to the Commis
sioners of Crown Lands.
That said Commissioners thereupon took pos
se&uon of the premises and they and their succes
sors have ever since received and collected the
rents therefrom.
5 That many of the other lands mentioned in
tho last mentioned deed were a portion of the
Hoyal Domain and the said premmea were in
cluded in the said iuvlrument by mistake and that
so far aa the Commissioners have acquired any
title to the premises by virtue of the said instru
ment it was as trustees for the heirs of Kameha
meha IV.
That the Conuiussioners elaim that the premues
comprized portions of the Koyal Domain or Crown
Lands and that the heirs of Kamehameha IV have
no title therein, but that the contrary is the
G That the plaintiff are unacquainted wita bus
mess and have !.- dene rid on A rents for tbe mana-
cement of their affairs and that they have bat re
cently been Informed that said premises were part
of the private estate of Kamehameha IV but, on
the contrary, have been oft a informed by the
Com mis si oners of Crown Lands that tbe said pre
mises com prized a portion oi tue itoyai uomain
and that cider the deciaion of the Supreme Court
in tbe matter f tbe estate of Kamehameha IV
they were entitled to no portion thereof.
Tkm bill nrava that defendants mav be decreed
to hold the premises, as did William Webster in
his lifetime, upon trust for the heirs of Kameha
meha IV and that defendants be ordered to con
vey all their right, title and interest in and to the
said premises to the plaintiffs and that they nny
be put in possession of tbe same and that defen
dants be ordered to account for the rents and pro
fits etc.
The answer of the Respondent, admits the al
legations ia the first paragraph but denies tbe
lK-al rncetoxLin that the Dlaintiffs are entitled.
share and share alike, to the private estate of
Kamenamuia i .
As to the second paragraph, re pendants deny
thai VBinehaiaeha IV died seised in his private
capacity of the premises ia the complaint des
cribed, bet admit that he was seized of a part of
the said land, aeecrining tne same oy asctea uu
bounds, and the plaintiffs thereupon disclaimed
title i& so much of the premise described in their
coupUict as was conveyed by Kamehameha IV
to the Minister of the Interior, and it was coo
ceded that portion disclaimed represent the dif
ference between the land described in the com
plaint and that admitted in the answer.
The third paragraph of the bill is admitted, and
and also the fourth, except as to the extent of the
P7"55. . , .1. ,
lae niul BOl miiu laiiuiaiiua 4S uti
admitted nor denied. And the respondent say that
B. Keelikolani oa tbe 33ih Sept 18, by deed of
that dAte far a valcatle corKJderatwn paid her by
ClausSpreckelSr conveyed and quitclaimed to him
all the lands therein mentioned, and a copy of the
deed is annexed to the answer. That at the time
of the execution and delivery of the deed, the land.
the subject of this suit, was eamocly called,
known and reputed to be a Crown land, or was
derived by said heclikolant as heir tu her father
and brother aforesaid. That bv deed dated Am
lllh, lS2,CUu Spreckels conveved to ths de-
icaaws as suca exanmtsstoners all his estate in
the said premises. And that the respondent claims
to hold the prrttturs against both the complainants
by virtue of an Act of the Legislature of January
Srd, IMS, entitled an Act to relieve the Koyal
domain from enimhranccs and to render the
same inalienable.
The ewnplainanl Keelikolani died on the Nth
May, island a H. Bishop and K. W, Merer,
executors ct her will, make this suggestion, on the
th tvtober, and ask that the suit be continued.
I will confine rayflclt to a brief statement cf the
conclusions reached bv me tn this case.
L The land in question, comprising the prembes
formerly known as "Honolulu Hale, used as
the government offices for many years, is not ia
the list of Undi reserved by Kamehameha III. for
himself and his successor but was awarded to
him by the Land Ckmraissroa urua applicatioo
and evidence taken,
11. It was, therefore, tho private land of Kame-
uamen iu.t ana wns nnsuecteu by t&e instru
ment of reservation of March S, 1S and the Act
of h June, IMS, confirming the same, and came
to Kamehameha IV. as private land.
III. Ira the des.tb of KarochAmeha IV. in
testate, land of this character would descend not
to the successor to the throne, but to the heirs at
law of tha King, who are now represented by the
IV. But Kamehameha IV. had. in his lifetime,
conveved this land to William Webster by deed
dated 18th March. 1TS and Mr. Webstrr had
raised money for His Majfttty by a mortgage upon
this land. The mortgage presented how. it was
released, upon payment of the amount secured, by
the administrators of the ewtateof Kamehameha
V, On the -Vh October, Iv Mr. Webster being
then decoAsed. the executor of his will, B. Moffitt,
rtleasedthe premise to tho then Commissioners
of Crown Lands, This was ineffectual to convey
the legs! title which W. Webster had, for this was
in his devisee. But tho title outstanding in another
person is not in cor. trove rY here. 1 ne covnmis-
Moners of Crown Lands take nothing by the
eaeeotors. release.
VI. So far thta, the Complainants are entitled
to relief a against the Crown Commissioners who
are la possession under claim of title. But there
is urged in avoidance of Keelikolani' claim her
conveyance to Claus Sprockets, the interest con
veyed being now held by respondent. Does this
deed includa the premises in controversy? By it
Keelikolani conveys for a valuable consideration
tociaus ?prcckcj n ana singular tne several
ljid4 reserved by His Majesty Karaehameba IV
to be hi owu private property and mentioned and
specified and declared by a certain Act passed on
the 7th June, 14t and commonly known as Crown
Lands, together with all rights, easements and ap
purtenances to the said lands or any, or either of
them belonging "and all my estate, ncht, title and
interest bath at law and in equity of, in and to the.
said lands and of all the other nwrfa rwmJ
co&nl, know a or reputed to be CiVrs Iint or la
bepait, parcel or member thereof, and whether
beloncim: to me or to which I mar be now en-
titled, either as heir to His said Majesty Kameha-
mena tue xinru.or toiueir ute Aiaiesties t ameua
meha the IV, Kamehamena the , my father His
Highness the Uto M. Kcknanaoa, or in any other
manner or light whatsoever.
The language Above used. Is broad enough to
cover the land in qucstiou, for it was commonly
called, known and reputed to be "Crown land.
and such land Keelikolani conveys her rights in
to Mr. Snreckels, whether entitled to them as heir
of Kamenamena ill. i or v or oi hekuanaoa.
1 he evidence is that all the land ahich Kamsha
meha IV had. whether in the reserved list of IS18.
or lands which came to him in any other way were
treated by Wefedcr as Crown Lauds, and that the
premises in unpaie were uiaen possession oi oy
Gov. Dominrs as Crown Lands after the Act of
lCl passed, and it has eer sinoo been leased and
treated as such. Queen Emma herself says she
did not know it was not urown tana until recent
ly so informed.
The general rule is clear as to construction of
deeds that tbe meaning and intention of the par
ties themselves should be ascertained if possible
from the instrument and from the whole instru
ment, 2 G rcenlcars Cruise, p. S9S, U.
Another important rule of construction is that
'Where the land are first described generally,
and afterwards a particular desert pt ion is added,
that shall restrain the general words."
2 Green leaf a Cruise, r. at.
It i immaterial whether tho particular descrip
tion toiiows or precedes too general worus.
Where there is a particular recital in a deed
and general words of release are afterwards in
serted, the generality of the word) shall bo nualt.
fird by the recital." 2 Greenlears Cruise, p. 304.
" General words shall be aptly restrained accord
ing to the subject matter or person to which they
refer." Brooms Igal Maxims, p. 301,
l'othier snys: "However general the terms may
bo in which an Acreemeat is conceived, it onlv
comprises those things respecting which it Appears
tne contracting panics proposed io contract and
not others which thev nover thought of. 1 l'ottu
j lis leauiui; mine is t. dtatintui vuw-
rer's K. 9. decided bv Lord Mansfield in 1771. See
also L roan vs. Clarke, Mass.,kV. Willis vs.
Ferris, 5 Johnson, SK, 345. The question In every
case is, what was intended to be conveyed r
But this land was net Crowu land in the sense
that it descended to tho successors of the throne,
and it was not affected by this limitation. Did
Keelikolani intend to convey anything but her
soTunsed claim to the Crown land f I think not.
She was not bound by the mistake into which not
only she but her co-complainant aud many others
iiad fallen in supposing mat tne una in question
was in the reserved list and entailed, as ft were, to
the Sovereigns of Hawaii. But it mav bo objected
that she had no valid claim to the Crown lands
for they passed to the heir and bucccssor to the
throne, which sho was not, and not to the heir at
law. And so the laud in disputo And other lands
under the same title, coming to her by dttwnt
throuch Kamehameha IV. and M. Kekuanaoa and
Kamehameha V. were the only lands of which she
had title to convey, Tho answer is obvious, her
intention, gathered from tho deed as a whole, was
to convey to Mr. Spreckels her interest and claim,
w hethcr valid or invalid, to the Crown lauds and
not tn etinvev all nronertv inherited bv her from
her father or her rovai half-brother. To hold that
this deed, by force of tho language employed, in
cludes a piece of Land which came to Keelikolani
by Inheritance from Kekuanaoa, who inherited it
from KamehamehA IV- who owned it as nrirate
estate, merely because it had been called and re
puted to bo "Crowu land would compel me to
bold that it includes land derived by Keelikolani
from Kekuanaoa, which camo to him by inherit
ance from Victoria Kamamalu or from any other
source, provided it had been known or called
(w bother erroneously or not is immaterial) "Crown
As I have said, this land was not Crown land.
descendible to tho next king, but tho property of
the Kmc as Alexander Liholiho. and Keelikolani
did not intend to convey any such land to Mr.
ii. imi it is orgou iimi mo aci oi i.-ui to re
lieve the Hoyal domain, etc, cast tho duty upon
tho administrator of Kamehameha IV, to exhaust
all tbe privato lands of Kamehameha IV. before
drawing the money appropriated by the Legisla
ture for the payment of his debts and as tbe ad
ministrator did not sell this land, supposing it to
be Crown land, the heirs of Kamehameha IV. are
now estopped to claim the land, for if the admin
istrator had dono his duty ho would have sold it.
But the grant of tbo Legislature was for the
benefit of the reigning Sovereign and I cannot see
how the heirs of the private estate of the King are
bound on any equitable doctrine to surrender it
for a constucraion wuicn did not more to them
from the respondents
The equitable lien which the government may
hae nran the land bv virtue of its crant to Ka
mehameha V having relieved it of a mortgage is
another question but the government Is not un-
P leaded nor does it noid possesion oi tue premises.
Upon a careful review of tbe whole case. I am of
tho opinion that the complainants are entitled to
the relief prayed for.
a. imns judd,
Chief Justice and Chancellor.
A.S.Hartwcll. W. B. Castle and F. M. Hatch.
for l'lffs E. 1'reston, for Defts
Honolulu, January vv, ixt.
Art! tic
Car local artists having both kindly extended
an invitation to & member of the Gizette Btaff to
take a view of their pictures a representative ac
cordingly drooped round.
air. siroug uaa tue tniy true piauio in tue piace;
, . a room specially bum and ugntod for the pur
pose of painting, Tho room is thoroughly suit
able and affords excellent opportunity far display
ing a large collection of drawings and paintings
This gentleman has some splendid coast scenes
one of a lonely eaaoe on the reef, Is especially
worthy of notice. A targe work, "sunset in the
tropics, giving an "afterglow effect is striking:
the composition is good, the lines of mountains
and trees running in happy contrast. On the walls
are a number of academy sketches bv Mrs Strong,
these are very good,as also are tV "black and
white sketches of Mr. Strong, being prepared for
one of the American magazines Portraits are
also to be seen. Miss Moore, Mr. Moore, Master
Lewer and Mr. Spencer of tbe "blond and Napo
leonic features as our contemporary hath it. But
why waste time on description. Mr. St rone's stu
dio will for the future bo open to the public every
Wednesday and Friday, wbeu he will be glad to
see as many of his friends as feel interested in
artistic work in Honolulu.
Mr. rurneaux. when interviewed, proved to be
at work, not so much upon his pictures but having
laid them aside for the moment, to be engaged
upon getting up a guide book of the islands which
is to be handsomely illustrated. The letter press
of which a sarcpla was shown, wilj be bright and
readable, and when dealing wita routes to the vol
cano and the great mountains of Hawaii will be
extremely valuable, as no one is probably more
familiar with the wants of a tourist than Mr, Fur.
neaux, who has spent months wandering and
sketching in all part of the islands A portion of
the illustrations is to be in color, and will Include
views of this city, of the scenery on the various
islands specimens of curious fish and a few ad
vertisements Two to three thousand copies of
this work are to be distributed gratis on the At
lantic Coast,, It will thus serve as a general advsr
tisement for attracting visitors to our shores
Though busied with his writing, Mr. Furneaux
has not neglected his favorite art. as a fine study.
life size, of the native banana will show; the draw
ing is excellent and tbe fore-shorteninc of one of
the leaves camtah The picture of Diamond Head
which this artist exhibited some months ago, has
been much improved, the eky effect being very
leasing now. A fee; smaller pictures have also
been painted, but since the last visit it is evident
that tbe "Guide." has occupied much of Mr. Fur
Beasx: time. We wuh him every success with it.
li boob the ttrttitoB nf Kan ale K llrewer. itrartair
for aa order for tbe crtatinietloa of a fence between
the Aaapaaa of hallos an lb III of Kaekpsls. at
Karlepala. Kootaap'tko Uabn, or tbe Sthday of frbrs
ar,,A. 1 r o'clock. 1.000 411 perteas inter
eied ibto are hot: ft -a u be prrtrpt at sane tints
Bad plare.
tfsaaarr -J-
Oisvedt II.UM U Jl'DD.
w. k. ru.
Fescr loauaUitosio for tin IHttrtct of Koolsapcke.
Oat .
Time rX-ille
Mail 're Comp'y.
PUK SAX nuscmv:
ZcnOa " " Vrc
c!iyolfrjr ' " "
civ' trt
Fxa "AiAiitDX,
Mowc ow, Jan. -To-dsy thirtj-eeven em rendu
atodeats were arrested for the murder of Colonel
Naw Tobk, Jan.?. Conv Island suffered bsrri
blv from last night gale. The residents were bp
all night dreading a tidal wave that might sub
merge the place. The water flooded the meadows
The taw is estimated between fO0,U and f MWJ
lurwrxiN, Jan. 9. -'Thine-V Gordna writes that
Egypt mutt abandon the provinces of Darfourand
Kordof an, but should retain posarsshvt of Eastern
Sedan, as if El 11 ah d i b aUowcd to establish
mmseu tners toe evacuation Dy uypt wpum be
disaatrona. W ita Arabs on both ahtew of the Bed
Sea all woeU be likely to catehthalafrctioa of
reoetiion aoa me wnoie MMcrn question ' wtmhi
be mtntsL Gordvin considers the choice of Nn
bar laahaaa IVtme minuter a most Jadicioci one.
The Forte has been infortued bv the Cnited
States govcrnmrnt that the existing treaty of
core roe rce between the two countric most, for the
present, remain in force because notice of its
termination by Turkey waa. not given at the proper
Taus, January 20th, 1 he official report of the
Twwwee of the French at the capture of Soalav state
that four o&cers were killed and 11 seriously and
U slightly wounded Seventy-seven men were
aiueu asu u wpunuoa.
HoxoioNu, Jsnaaryll. TheChiaeeaBth-nittes
have blockaded the Canton riwr between the city
and tbe Boguv forts leaving only a aavigabte
passage isj lect wue. . can is issued lor recrutu
tor tue iniuese army, uiinese troops, arvembark
tag tor Hainan.
St. IVrxxsaran, January II. The rsJice have
seized documents shdwlng that a revolutionary
league exist among the students at Moscow. All
officisls at the Oalsehlna lalaean under strict
eitutnJ. 'I he police, nre unable to obtain a due to
the wbereabouts of tho Nihilist Jablonsky, the
principal oiurucirr 01 vount suueiaia,
Ixw Avoilks January ll.J. & McCue to-day
recovered posscasiou of hi trick mate Gvpsjr,
which had been attached as the prors-rtv ot the
Toe Uayton Mazepin troupe which went to piece
iu uiu cny aoont tour wrea ago.
Ioodon, January 11. U U re lotted thai owing
hi reaisu inresM luogarnsiia at o lOuvor UastlC
has been ordered to be ready to turn oat at a mo
ment's notice,
Cairo. Januarv IE Tho MinUfrvof War hsa
drafted a statement regarding the evacuation ot
Soudan, showing that there Aro 2U men and H
guns in Soudan, The removal to Khartoum of the
ammunition stored at Kasaala would require 4000
camels or ftW It the material on tho Abyvuntan
frontier was ald to bo removed, it will also be
necessary to maae a journey by tho river, which
would take three months and reoaire 1300 boats.
New Tori, Jan, 11 CaLlo dispAtchrv VX4 the
ItHlOWing gWWlK
'I he Qawa will not open Parliament la
Commlsaioners wttl agaiu bo employed. Count
Ullechanisat work ou a bust of Marv An.!rrtn.
which, when completed, will Itccomo the property
itf the lnnceAs of Wales The Queen's new book
is a sort of tnbuto to John Brown, giving the his
tory of his life ami tbe reasons for his gradual rise
in roaal favor. The Queen's only favorites now
are the Dowager Duchess of Athol, the Dowager
Duchess of Boxburgh and lady Ely. The Queen
it about to present a portrait of hcnclf, painted
by lnncess Beatrice, to the National Portrait
trallery. Tennyson was seduced into the folly ot
accepting the peerage by tho representations of
cct sons. . sensation nee ncea caused by toe uc-
ioest of no low a sum than Cuo,ax) by a wealthy
oadon ladv to IVpo Lm Mil. Connt Herbert
Von Biamarck, Counselor ot the German Embassy
ai rvnguuiu, nvs oeen iransierred to tne ueruian
Lrabassy at St. reterHburg. The Count leaves
London in a wesk.
Beslin. Jan. 12th. Tho 7XU,ut iublihesa
decree ot the Emperor of China, urging energetic
resisianco 10 tne aggresMioa 01 r rancc.
Ice in New York llav floated nn Etst liiver ou
Sunday and formed under the Brooklyn Bridge
maaing a complete unase between the two cities,
the first time since 1STG.
TheBa-wian ltudget for 1A1 estimates a de
fic.t of 40tsftt! roubles which the Government pro-
1mc s 10 wTcr uy new taxes.
Lonpos, January 12th. When the. Egyptians
evacuate Khartoum and adjacent cities, uis esti
mated that ll.ftW Christians and Europeans will
itut tic urn- 10 jiiMciu lanaiicism, unless Uiey can
te Immediately transnorteil to Upper Egypt. It
is thoucht the Government will send a ttotilii nn
tbeNiIe to assist their escape, hopes of which are
vcrr sieuuer.
Ionduv. January 12th. St veral shocks of earth
quake occurred yesterday at the towns of Lingua
gtoisa and Castiglione, SicUt.
Hr. l'rTua&rjBa, January 12th. The Czar and
the royal family have gone to Amtohkoff l'alace.
Ctiso, Jan. 12 A suddoa chaago Is noted la tho
retitiona of the Khedive and the Sultan. The 1st
tens manifesting a more friendly feeling toward
thf Khedive,
Ka Your. Jan. 12 Mike Cioarv has istnM a
cuiuenge 10 any man in .raenca tongntwith
hard gloves Marquis of Queensbury rules for
UXX a sids His backer has deposited t0 for
tea with llichard K.Fox.
rtiitaPET-rnu. Jan. 12 The Unrest Iron ahfn
bislt ia this country was launched to-dfty by tho
Autncan suiivouiiuiag jompauy j tmmandcr
Otrringe's.) The ship wai christened Chut e ,
roRosTo (OnD. Jan. 12. The Uaifr Ottawa
speclfd says: The statement published iu the Unf
tal States that the Canadian government iscom-
nnnicating with Earl Granville, in respect tp Ar-
raufcriurms tor h ushis oi nrgouaiious 01 a recip
recat treat v betaucn Canada and the ITniti-d
S.ates iuclading a settlement vt the Canadian
fishery question, is untrue, so far as the Canadian
government is concerned. It Is true, however,
list certain largo interests ia tho United States
a.e endeavoring tu procure a reciprocal treaty
far their benefit, without rcgud to the general
LoXDOX. Januarv 13. Karl Stifatlinr. In aa.
evpting the l'res tdeucyof the lnternatinaal Arb.
tratioa Teaoe Society, says: "Desptu my advauc
fng years I cannot incur the responsibility of re
1 using io accept me 1 resiliency 01 nn association
the object of which is so noblv and so tiuly Chris
tian. l'asfXMX, January 13. Men continao to arrive
by every vessel for tho canal company. The num
ber now employed exceeds 11,000. '1 he dry season
kas set in, and it is hoped that much progress will
be mado this year in tho work.
Beilis, January 13. ThS Iterhner '.wf, refer
mg to tbo transfer of Count Herbert Von Bismarck
from the German Embasiy at londonto that at
St. Petersburg, says : 1 he transfer is convincing
evidence of the good relations between Germany
and Hussia, and a gratifying augury of the tmdis
tarbable and continued friendship between tho
YtKVSi, January IX It isstated that China has
definitely decided not to recall her troops from
Bacninh, where a decisive battle is ei pec tod soon.
KniBTOUM, January 13. It is reported th it the
rebels have s-icked and bo rued Helonan. rl hey are
now marching iu great force against Unf ax, on the
east bank of the Bluo NUo, and Musiliuiia, on the
west bank There are small garrisons at those
Washi-moton January 13. H U expected that a
considerable portion of tho present week will to
devoted by the Senate to the consideration of the
Mexican Beciprocity Treaty. The proposition has
been made in executive session that the discussion
take place with opea doors and many senators
expressed themsleves la its favor, but precedents
with one exception, aro against such a course, and
it is uncertain what decision wilt be reached.
Cairo, January 13. The Government has re
ceived advices from Saakim that an ngreemcnt
has been effected with several hitherto hostile
chiefs oa tbe road from Suakim to Berber and
Khaitouraby which it is hoped tbo evacuation ot
Soudan will bo facilitated. It is intended to dis
patch Abdul-Kader, Minister of War, to Khar
toum to supervise the evacuation. It has been cc
cided to retain Saakim in Egypt.
El Mahdi demand 2000 ramson for five cons
and tour priests whom he holds in captivity. The
Austrian Consul asks the merchants here to sub
scribe the amount.
rIhe 7w states that sinoo the arrival of the
French expedition in Tocquln Catholic mis
sionaries have been subjected to renewed perBccu
tion in the southern province of China. A furious
mob in the prorinco ot Quan-Soa destroyed the
bouse of Vcre Fernet, who was arrested and
maltreated receiving several blows from the flat
of a sword. He was also threatened with death.
The Chinese demand a ransom, of 7000 francs for
hts release. It la probable, however, that Fernet
will be taken to Canton. Other misaioaariea were
also arrested at tho instigation of the mandarins
who have ceased to respect the treaties
New Yoftxt Jan, II. In a sermon yesterday
Boecber saidi I believe In the Tnntyt-not that I
understand it. 1 have been a very foolish man in
many things I hare never been such a fool as to
say thatl understand the interior nature of God.
I believe that Christ is divine, and that there is no
jealousy between Father and Son and Spirit, but I
don't understand the mystery.
Dcxu, Jan 11. Both the Orange and the Na
tionalists meetings announced to take place at tbe
Black Lyon Hotel, Doyle, yesterday, were prohib
ited by tbe government.
It8ir, Jn, 11. LiFoBKPaq .CtioeafrnlnUlfr
to tiermany, in an interview, said ho thought Mar
quis Tseng displayed, had taste in alluding in his
letter, recently puhlished, to the former French
defeat. U long Pao considered war Letwuju
France and China inevitable, and that It has al
ready bp gun.
Cap, Janll. -A Khart-ram dispatch says Tho
people on both sides of tbe Jhue Nile have declared
for El Mahdi, All communication with tiennar U
stopped, hteamers sent to convey troops aud des
patches to Sennar returned after proceeding a
short distance. It is said that no,OjQ rebels hold
Hahfeb, oq the line ot tbe telegraph along the
White Nile.
Jfru' egdcrTfTsrmrnfs,
j . wot. iji.'A'
... Tra SAy.
Obo, Can Apply It; .
T . Wednesday, January 23d,
st use raciiic
lliilthev Paint
irC Jdi trli.iemtnl.
Ham of Pabolel. Uakawao. itanl. hariaz letl ny
bed aa4 bos rd wllboqt Jaai provocatios. I hereby la
form all pen a tbat I will cot be aafwerablo far say
debt aae may contract arirr this date WOM; HAM
Pal, Jau ir.b. ii- r u
Mortgagee's Notice of Foreclosure & of Sale,
JL er of aale eoBtaisH ia a rcrtata aaertrarr made W
aid foreckMare will tell at mailt ann. hi tbu
room of E r AdaraafalleaolBla MOSDAV.tkelnh
day ef Fehnury. 15M, at 12 n of aM day. tbepread
aea Iu said ajort ja aa below rpecIEed
rmber partlcaiara can be hie of W 1c Cartas At
tornry-it Law. bAMCEL il. IlAilOS, atanrasea.
Preroliea 10 be aokt are sltaaled la Iaa, Kaae.
Iitand ef Oski. aad coutlata of a larsv parcel f S&e
rfce laad well watered aad bow arsder ealrrvation. aaert
paniurry aeacrnteu aa .vpaaa 1 c u. r. itj.
Mortgagee! Notice of Intention to Pcreclose
and of Sale.
tx AcccmnAXci: ivitii aiujh-
X er ef tale roataised la a rrrtala atortzafe u4e by
ft. Kaboobalakala. of KraHa IUa4 of Laaal. to A.J.
Cartwrfcbt Adntnistrator of tbr rstale of U.TT. Ilott,
dee res dated May ITlb. 1, recorded m Itbet TS, oa
folloc 12. 11 aad 1 L Natl ts be by gives tbfll aW
wortsireolateoda l for lo-e -aid air teaff for con
ditiva broken, to wis tbe Boe-r-ayw t of tatemt e
cBred bv M mactra , aad spue, aaad foredoaa will
elt at petite aoetioo si ibr talrrraufa of Lyoa A
LcvrT la IIob otan, latsad of OahB. oa 3JOMJAT. tbe
Stb day of febra ary rat. at It M. of said day, tee
ptxraiw-j a deacrlbes ia aafd aaorTn as beWw iMd
f ed. Kartatr parUcvlart caa be ba4 of J. X. Veaaae
rau .triors -at Law a. J CAKTWIUGIIT,
Pm&ifea 10 b mM v ial of rMtoTef!A,
altaate at WaUra Ewa, ItUa4 of OtbsCitfed KVa
Nelaaao and Wf-kaaflia. are Saer .toavryed to 9.
KahocbaUhala by heteal and Kaaeao w,bydel
dated h of September , tJ aad r erded la ItberSt.
follor 301 Tb above Laad U a'l aae eaKrvstles
SBdleabyUaeiabiTorazoc4rcatl aad baa a
Cas prlsf f water apca It, W ;t
WH1TTIKR, FUlXMit (','
San Francisco, Cal. ,
Vi'w wilt Mlt it&Mn.n iV. pnmlw.
Tno Larsr DwflHic Honf. ami
P t Ji l u.s , tit t. iiJtti.il.. 1
ofthoBet. Purest Mnterlata. HUTSaay, Jail. JlUl
Vionecr While Lcaa. OxMe or ZInr.
Purr l.lnrril OH, (irnulnr Colors
CmkMih win 1 ST1CONH OHrtI0X ft
Tho Bost Indln Rubbor.
.1 1., Oi X
W. tiaaraateelblaLeadtoW A STRlCTtT TlTlK
.trrtCLK, rtKKt'ARIHXTEUrLKAV ImiaiMlla
Pl'KK KKFINKll LINSKKU OIL. aad It ta aoM aab
feet to Chemkal AaalitU aad UniO" rtpr Trat
la eaa Fraaelfc e, arrive kere rreah.aid raa be K
Ulned proiBOtly aad la ewsnmte at waaled.
ia r rrsanrva i croneiaieai, ia iaav ibb nl n waica
H t Kroeed laaot voakedlatoth wood of tb packa
rr , and rmm arattl la fnrili nf-rnkt.. I.
IS biKR ilKOL'Xn tbaa aay Mb- Is tbia Market. (
Tlbft, aad la wilboat aa eoaal
tttaptptanits30lb,li"Mbiad 3) Ib kr . la
RS lb aad O tb tla pall, aad la -aiall tin from I io
K lb ear a.
ArBlarnlv la foaatanil Kim ! vtMk w ia.
Viholraal llonae la Honotaja. to wboa. w cordially
reromaiead tBteedlBC bayrra, .Vansfactared oaly by
(oTtndrTvotXVblte ILeaitaBd Vaaafactama nf Mlard
ralst, C(vW, Varnlha, Xv bite ziac, and Import
era of rreacb aid IWlflaa iedow tjtara,
fat Saa rraaclaeo, fallforala t j
MortptRttfi Notice of Fomlosureiinfl of Sale !
X ev of aal eontalaetl la a rertala aiortgagi' mad bs-!
P rah la. Kalefthanaaait otbna to A J Cart. H-fcT t. I
teeoflbc Holt Kftate, dated tbaSM dav of oveeiner I
tJ. reeoeded ta Itber ;t par W SU ta hrrebr
ttven tbat ald norteare uneoda to foreclo-c aaltl (
stortcasre , fw eoadilloa broken, aad apoa said rrr J
Cloaara wlllaell at vabllcaactioa at tbe aal.rucai of E
P.Xdamala ttoaolala.on MONDAY th. Uth da f
Kebreary, 11, at J M. of aahl dav, tbf pfrtataes d- !
ertbed ia MM ufctftfate below apeclflvd.
Farther rarlkalaraeaa bt had of W It l"Ui . Ai I
toraeytUw A.J CAHT ltllUIT. Mortaar-.
iTemlaea to b- aold are Itaated (a KuaaU. faUftJ of ,
Hawaii, aad are aetfortb aod derrtbedtBlt 1 iran 1
convevlae portloaa of Aaaa aad Nikaallablo and
eoatala Aereaof very flae Land in ;t
MortCTVrc Aotlcc or Forrrlonn A. of Sale
TX.vccouDAM'invrni a iow-
X er of tale eontalBed la a rrrtala morteasr taade by
Kalanka akoakoo to A J CaM w ileal Traatoe of the
Holt Katale. dated tbe Ittb ilavofMareh nvmU
In Itber 73, pt US. Nmlee la hereby ftlvea that aald
mortra (atemtato foreeloae aaM nortEfe,M cob
d it Ion broken, and apoa sard forerJoaarr alii aetl at
pa one anriina ins iiiMruni or h r .eaana ta ll
aolnla,on MUN1A . the lllh day of rVbrsary. 1-M, ai
li SI. nf il.t dar. th iwmI AvriUrf l
fare aa below afeclfieU.
farther partlcaiara eaa be had of W K laalle A:
forney at-Uw, A. J. VAIlTAv KlUltT, Xortgajre'-
Prvmlae- lobe sold are altoaled la Klklbale, Huno
lata, and roaalat of 12 Itu of an aera beta: ae Uwr I
M brlBclni la a good real aad l s rood tartmeai 1
for that anrpo. IVrinlaeji are a part of th aaat et-
i"na ia iu i-.3.iwio haannitt ana kaniaa an KaoWii i
tal. l .X ;
Mortgage -tlcf of Force lonrr X of Sale
x ACconn.YXci: with a vow.
X ive-t aalerontalBetllBBcertala Btorisacti audi by
iKeklpltoKBoBdiUlyalffaeduCa.tl A t'oehe,
dated the (Uh dar nf Jaa Birr n..lnl l UK.,
M, pija n. 'NoiKCl. hrrebyrtT that aatd MOTSn-
K intend to fotvcloat Mid unrtajcr, furiondltiob
kro, and npoo aahl foretlopare fll mi pabttc
anetlon at ihr Mtearoomor E 1 Adaaaa in llnuntala.on
NOMlW.the lllh day of Febtwary, Wt, at 12 M. f
aald day. the ptomtaea drcrlbM la ittt morlcrare aa
below petlfled.
KlHW ttarllrntarK , h 1 .! .,9 W t It
lornry-al-Law L'AhTLK COOKE.
.aaignoe or iBe ortgare
Premlaea toSe .nMirr aliBaiedf I'kuU. k.uMkr
lllaudof Oaha. aod contain 2 and 1-10 km. b1m the
aaneprrmlaetronveyrdtoKeklpI ly Kaholeboa and
"i" viaiii i u unv arar niaoaw s
ana v;
Dry Goods, and Clothing,
And. Groceries
Jc5tcolxy" 'Watolios
M risit.s
"Viii nnl 1..iiioi-i
One Set DonMr llmc, romplrlr.
LMlMAllTtT imx
Salmon ! Salmon !
L'lim- TCol Niilimn:
a i tsr.iii.Mi: i or pi.tiki
On Tuesday, Fob. 5th
At tr aJraifl.. i M a a, Ua abawt Lot
rm. ff mtmii ef ift.
Th- alm I la txX rVr aiMi a ivrw rr4
wiUbBflten oaapprevvw pap.
Blacksmith's Notice
'rni; indkiwigniiu wtnui
L Bteat reaaeetfa'r Uforai hla fitB4- aa4 ia oai
deaUef ibe IHaad l aal,thaiaf iiad f a
Karnpt.t that hr ha aUbiUh4 a lUakata
KaharBI, whrr (a fpare4 to do alt kr4 SWt
atrtalainotkla Ik- Latnl Myk rbahls bt r
KKSrc fin frc. brrrloforr im m him, W
woaht Bale fn a wili.MMr of h mm mer Trm
foct tbe place, Kahulat Man
1 tSKIt - IHH.TI
Mai'slial's Sale.
By viuti k or a wniT or kx
agatlMB, aa4 trm a tb Kqwh a wrk W tb
tUwaniB NVj-4 la abash K II TVaeba !
aanl ItMrrf aeM-t dofeadaBi foe taooaaa of ptl v.to
1 have brl4 bihmi m4 'hall fmwm ta tat at poMW
aavUaaalta I roai Ht(aB4 HaSa.Mi rrbaarr
lite IHk. t-Ai, at IS bom, ail Ibottxit, Ma a4 teaa
eat ot tba aaU It. t'. Wk4o la aad tat tla- frra
ilracrlbed property, via
All that ptocc ev panrl mi law. mktmU at Wb ha.
ra lbof BM ra aW.asTaMwo MS wmi
Ibryal Pateal 5To. TrM. L. f VlfftS loal Kstaabi
aau toaveye. wiki.?
IB Bf ! Bte H
rWan i
Mies SIT. St5 bb4 TH. aa mhi iwdsaa.
in irT .i auu r,ai a mr pn iiaajiaj
w t;
baTaakaaibi aaal I
rn. ar-4i
General Insurance Com'py.
For 5ea, Hirer and Land transport
. .cenrr at Honolulu for the Hawaltao lalaaidm.
Ihe nndmlrned U prepaietl to accent rlaka an! a at
circ.nn iiainunra. .nmninuiif. rwraiia1
on ine mott ravuraoie irrni
HiiHolnl. J.. mil. twe
s. n um t:i.i..
ji ru t-v tn raik mnr .
IWIM. It I .
A. l-OTTAUE. u ,im.l ....W mm Ml
lava, fot a fa I a I taw try
iof soMTrr (1 Y. ai
Itare MteaTaerj.
I5ej Promptly Adjusted and Payable herr.
to a i a a rtrev.
Agfttt fnf th. lUwUw IiLotb
XI that AOraailt to a TtOWrrnf ul mtitalana U a
certain morl-are deed dated the tfa day of October.
wife, of llonokaa, Hamakoa,of theleUadof Hawaii '
to J Mott H mil h. Edwin fl Hall aa.1 Nfw. tu .
traatera voder the will of ltaaMha.late deoaacd, hWh
aald mortrs la er record la the Hawaiian ItejUtrj of
deeds, In liber T", pafv-a 21 1 and J1J, aad fm a breach I
ui conuuion oi asm raorczas urm, ajl l&c property
ennveyed ly pbM mortra-t deed.wllt.after three week
from Ihla dale, be advertlied for ealr at pnbHc aoctlnu
'PHI. ANN UAIa.M 1 HIT IN; Or Til I.
TION wltt bo b4 ai th AraaaM, mm Mt
JB 3MbV at 1 1 arasC b Urn mm
it x tur iwubv
Morts;4;re Am faded Atl.r f Ferrt.
nrr aod ef Sale.
JL mt 4 !
a aaalala ai ta a lailaaw
fUrdas aanl Xaaaaj tfa.i t.
dated Ike ink 4ay of .Varek. rV.
ttSSI ri
Jaa nary kl. 1JL
sAsrouH n iMir.E
31KY S. l AUKKlC.
t13l TretMof th. I.imani.. K-i-
Lost or Stolen
L. abmt Iho laal ef fbraarr t, a i.. II
bramld'tt IT I wM pav a r aa:U f . I
m riu none io ra a. i aaiiuau,
tt It TO. It OK t IMURI 1
ii, par ITS aotle 1 her by that atSai nwain i
latenJ lor b aU bmm. fW aaaalSlaw
brohra aad npow asl4 " l1 hi a w4ll a4I a anhHi
Brt.nt at thf -BW-moat f Kf AoOaaa in W i lita.
aS'iMl W.lhr Itthdar "f r-aar rt .1 rjt.tw
U'Uti .' -nt ! 'fee prrti, ,. . ,'iHrtt u a4 anrl
a- ! . I-rli.-d
UrlU-r i'ir 1 Sf rn V- Ifl if Mt R ,V 4
I 1 ii j ai Ljt IttnttL r TKI K e-
t ' n ul at .H.t4rd m U-lrrti -til.
t I -T . ...la .f Ba ' ft -
a l K'H ' with 1 l 1 , , ...k.
. . I ( V .t. 1 1
, a i' 1 n i 1 4- Vm
01)0 CUAlltS,
c 1
! i
or Every TJescnptlon
105 & 107 FORT STREET,
Island Orders will Receive I'rompt and
" Careful Atteri'tioVu
Veiaesiay. Ja. ME.
A .V .MI
a. P.
A 1 1. HHWIaK
Aline ef FrtA
1 r AB1.S.
wiar a .
Saturday. Java.
Certain Hboss
with tc sritai iratam. V"
. P. tlt W mmmt
At IW a.., ... flltMr n.
'i -..... wtu iTaiiiM. x-
On Saturday, Jaa. Mtk,
TiieEntin litiiisrhold Forrtrtam
Bed-lounge, RockinR Chairs
1 FianoforteJsaieft melee
Ta.- i III . -bm "SmhSZ
atk fb a 'rm im4 w ait
A No Small I olWtm sf rU.
II fKVBt,in.ia
Nos. I2S and I3Q Fore Straat,
m. a
Complutc Carriage
lacksmlth Shop.
Paint Shop and
Family Carrixgas X
Drays and Trucks
Breaking Carta.
Pkiatatloa Wasnaa.
Haad Quia. Etc Etc
fill is im? ai nm tmmu wm
tr Am AU ft'k Ci" "
d..h r.t tA pi ?
w h. pact.
c;i,yckk:hjki. wtr
An Elegant Preparation
Softening tho Skin.
Removing Sun-burn, Be.
BcaMix. swrrH en.
Maile Colon
For taac Tailat I
la Fully' Equal to Farina or arry
othor Imaorted, aMT f
Yen Mark Lsnrr ii Priee.
BW frtrMtE as
llCTSO-. SMfYIf M. crx.
m aawiirH tyr nw r Ttm-eir
Wariptsu ai Afeaofe
Will L.v. Hon.tuFu a Sn rn.lw
Ontn. nt.nrftStn.r lKnm
'mm' mf .p,fr . N- mm k. '
Imy p, 11 . mm 1 1 1 1.-. .i 1 m mm ' r
mta . 1. I sm jn 11 j mmmmm M
InM. ii. 1 f.
T I. ' . ..I Willi
acfcM mi'mmmlt Umj r tUB.
4m. mt mmm . mmmmmr -mr
M. "11. 'fJ "
a . arata a
" lje;i a
Tho Ihwaiina Bark "KAI.rT
Has Jut Arrived
J....I '.1 w .ra . .am W
TT. Ha o aTo 1 d. a Co.
Paints aKf Pa4rt .
"' 1 1 ri 1
mt9. Uses.
cmali. ni-vrx-. israwN .tut?

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