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Tin- xrtian of 3l8TbaI SorwT in pnttinR
a Mop to th iffl or lottery which was to
bTf lu M tbf othrr ermine VfcrTe
reramttbition. do not think that (tie
pitlan. who fur diwiUlile object ,-ot
np the lottery, for a moment con5lereJ
that they TerelireVingthelmr; laws have
often winle.1 at, anil nllowpil to
remain a a dead letter that it wan no won
der that they did not realize that what
tber were dofnp wa UlepaL and wc fym
ltkee with them for their tronble. o
WLrr-r with the ;8rf." that the affair of
tiatnnlay nicht may lw expectetl to hare
a wboleonie euect m more ways man
ene. it iia I loo lonj; tue nranicr
to condone the iim tliat one race lsi Riren
to. It damning precisely similar fins in
another race. We wonld liVe to fee the
Marshal etrile bisher, and pnt a stop to
th" pamlJing which is earned on. on by
no xseam a lirfit Kale, not by Chinie,
list Itv JLnglo-Saion!. One oi two lessons
wonlj b raffioent
will smrive the present depression in the
latter indnstry and rise to more solid suc
cess when they hare finally distributed
their cygs instead of keeping them all in
one basket.
We hope onr ritixen are enjoying the
condition of the roncls jat at present.
They are really charming, and considering
the amount of money that has lieen voted
out of the tax payers' pockets to pay for
thera, the ul tax layers must lie thor
oughly natisfied We recommend anyone
who wwild thomnghly enjoy a drive to
take a tum on King street and if he snr
viveil tliat to try Pnncbbowl rtreet, which
is a morass, or School street which is fall
of large jnt falls. We have U-en in places
where the roads are lnd. but we think we
bare never lwen in a city where they are
o systematically neglected as here. Some
times tlie excne is maae mat onr cumau;
is againt the ntails that the rains injure
them. We have no difficulties to tight
arainst milar to tho-e countries which
have to contend again-i the destructive
isrwers oi frost and fnow. Uurstrwlsare
a witive digrace to a civilized town. .Vll
owners of carriages are directly injnrcd
by tie condit ion of them, f or the wear and
tear on these vehicles is greatly increastsl:
the iedetrian is injured in the extra
etraiu upon his Imots and when lioth car
riage folk and iiedetrians think what they
have just paid out in taxes, theymu-t
really tie delightnl at the (.mail value they
receive for their dollars.
Tnx Hawaiian Government seem to lie
mighty leisurely over the Mflrv matter,
but from an article in the official organ it
eeems that they are not asleep, and that
the care of draughting a reply has lieen
handed over to the most able oi tue Jlin
iters. There is to be no answering the
nclv nnetion-. "inconsiderately.'' So far
the ftovernment are in the right: with
euch a weighty thing liefore them, it lio
iMMves them to take the greatest care lest
anotber false fteplie added to tho al
ready taken. It is to lie hoil however,
that "they will not delay too long and wear
out the iatience of the Government which
i nppoTtmg tue claims oi tue Mmimr.
As to the claim made bv the oriran. of
"patriotic conduct" on the part of tlio Ha
waiian Jlmi-ters, inilicwoni-01 tuor-asi-crn
prophet it is "lwsh." Tlieir motives
may have been well intention's!, but the
affair was condncted in a mot blundering
manner, and far from Iieinir 'patriotic
conduct,' it was Hilnudt-ringcondnct1 of
the CTosest kind. In the end the jikjai
landed her iiasM'ncers, as she had asked
to do m the hrst instance, and w lien landed
ther wTe far more dangerous to the health
of the community, and fnr more care was
required to eaTe the country from an epi
demic, than would baie lieen at first. No
1 letter evidence of this can be put in than
the opinion of the Port Physician, Doctor
J nnisean. tlad lus advice IH-en lollowetl.
the Mmlnr matter would never have as
sumed the prujiortions it has.
Tnx French war in China Fecms to have
arrived at a state when the least said is
soncst mended, from a French point of
view. The French have evidently got an
affair on their hands which is harder to
manage than they supposed. An intelli
gent Chinese gentleman speaking of the
war tho other day, said the days when
China was willing to pay a high price for
the purpose of avoiding a war, are passed.
In the days of the Taeping rebellion it was
unavoidable, but now that tho Empire is
at peace internallv, he considered it in an
almost impregnable position. "Let the
t rench take a portion oi our sea uoaro,
paid he, " what can they do with it? they
cannot maiitain themselves there for long,
it is too expensive and will bring them no
A letter recently received from Paris,
has this view of the question: "The Chi
nesc have no reason to complain of the
debates in the Chamber upon tho war It
has been establishes! that they were not
responsible fer the Lengson blnnder, that
by their publishing the text of the Tient
sin Treaty in the Jnnal Of.ctal of Pekin
was an earnest to seal tieace and the offer
of three and a half millions of francs for
tho Lengson slaughtering was not unrea
sonable." It is a sort of winte elepuant
that Jlons. Ferry has pnt on tho hands of
the French nation, and how to get ont of
tho broil in the liest way is vihatthornlers
of that nation arc puzzling their brains
over. Hence the lack of news.
TnocGH we have enough misery here in
Hawaii, hen we go below the surface and
see th terrible distress caused by leprosy,
yet we may consider ourselves blessed
aljve many of tho-e lands which are our
snperiors in wealth and population. Take
thi picture from New ork a6 given by
ui i rifivhf. j ue nignt alluded to is uv-cenilsSOth.
TW TrA mjhi Al tbc Svw streM station 30
iea ih 1 wurnen were luucru, ind nntotirr were
lml swt, trr being no roota lor turni. At
tto Ktixsbrtu slreM station tbe room for tue Iodc
er was Ittmtftl. At the Oak at Fret itUtion tin mr
w tarnrtf awn,, f be wrfvtm in cnaoia rmtnnc
toemvd ta w,ijle in lile sardine rstber tbsn
tare iLMn imi lalo ine uiiier nijrut. i ninj Ho
me and ninetr men were eleemns there at ten
n'dwlu of all sorts and Linds some re"iiectbly
dreaded an! airneljese racs arsrcelT coretej tbelr
eblerlnc timlM. tin all fares was that hunted
kink wfaieli tild that lbs rrim wolf of tiorrrlT,
tianeer and ain wa follow inc their fuotteps nijnt
A jirivate letter from Liverpool sjteaks
I "a rrf-at deal oi tustress tuis winter.
ami the writer thinks tho depth of misery
has not bt-en reached, "llnsiness is so
Imd that there are immense numbers of
iieople out of employment and although
evervthimr is very cheait, what is tho use
if iieotile have no monev to buy with." Tho
eaiue letter states tliat on tue east coast ox
Kngland they are worse off than around
LivTj"iL In all the lioanl schools they
are giving the children dinners and inany
of them M nothing else to eat!
IV predion is coming upon tia rapidly,
ami there will Im doubtless discomfort in
many a modest household here before tho
present crisis isover, but we thank Heaven,
fervently, that the want and miser which
comes elewhere is unknown here, and can
hardly by any combination of circum
stances come alamt. Truly in this is Ha
wail Mesed.
tm take pari. An Immetiae
jih IhhI kem ereelMl la front f Kaalmmaav
Qliili la Wwa.lfeLft. and m prrfarei
tarK. 1W aleaner afalW- IwoQEbl an of
UHfMaMMraaaalleaeaera fnwa MokAal annitwr-iwawlaaatiwia-alatirT
cam la whale UaUa. The
ft IT la i'iK.la Hie KbaJl t ma liana and 11a
ffW Hie erJeaw of UaikB, lkau and Makawao
wMM-aiwelna. 11 ta Iteaaflit tbere were 1JW
Uauctwa api were WaslJnl fur lie the rratdeats
fwafaLa. Ssjmm partara entertauied A) and 2
aswall eaww 1 ttewr tinan n. loeetaUalhNl liecaa
a rta m rV ll) and csmtinoed w:
vtaa a rwaerltom was talen ap to defraj- ex.
Igm mm ii la KN- rewwh rtfj. llde&llr llls-rallt waa
tweawsW XUe a? all rlawva threa in I reelf
'lMllM"r- - xajMd ta -par vS atl tudalxed.
aa 3ta anatatnationa rf xiie dereat arlanla
tat -twear IHSHUli aaa-ttiletaerita were frj
all ilailatj la the eatxamttee anvanied to aoree.
ifJfaaJ aaad eajuar eumaj-rrs were rere acreraUv
aiiwliiwini laate the pruaUtDje wuh wturheaeh
eesaww awswerr tbe wscmwi propiainded. lliee
1 laaaajlai iillini nanilliii I n an 1 1 1 1 anil lln ii
eawj w nwrwtnaa warm Bnan. Saae f the acbnola
iaaaateaVawI rWleus from the lale-naUanal
lioa aewwawaaad were welt tawled.
11-awTaliad fallowed thru-wan plan wfatadr and
aawal aayiatiw ta-iwupt and well drilled the
I uiaiill wewad not deride that any cn sdaaa
tbr iiB. ItlslbeDrauKwiiif Ibewnt.
S laSi' ilU xkmw an uaiu anwwrvd lo
TwaelerM and eclaaars were re.
ina-haMy wait dreed and the dl-wdae wa iim
laal mml la ! I Ima I a ifl i it TIk pravMere of the
Ii i aVwis the V wmjtatalatewca nf the eiwuniaai
hv. "twwaadwwwl Xaahaaiana t'hiLrch bad wade
wawwJaalcadabaah ef tl Mwrra whieh were aiane.
laewe wwre few! In Unel.a. ntMHern laics, axal
wnWtt bamaa aaT w sswaasjned at the feast so
taf..lii iiat i thai all liaj entttogpt to eal. ll.K.
i.XalBoLalaw si 4a ttfTUad I rota lloawlala tw at.
ileatd, auad ra?etbia- wath a rwlatv f Hawaiian
feoaea craeed tlae daw- dance the wbulrdae. lu
aawwwutc awiecteana Isn racii vt the school
anaavaiin-nrlncatMtaseallathebatb wtuchwaf
SilWai t rrawrteaa.
We ran aay tliat "SYw 1 ear IHj a -was kept in
Xtsilaka ia araoa enliiteJ riiirciia raaa.
wiefl. Tliere warre arrra IsalilMtti ca,e4a f ra
It 1 1 Lai and taaasty f rout the dlSVrrlU wuiasea m
.'Taaan. CarneaT theta weasoojed the wadmaoe with
m Happr 3ear aear aadtbe writer for hinewU and
for tar awdirmr nsaro ano beartU, a -Hap,
"Sew lear to tlaeaa andtiop that taejtrray all
fawe a Baslr La rem a annre omnd rennaan aa
3aw Tver' l-wai. latOTTrt, JiKn
"attaLw. Jan. -aa.
WrKlalej- Urew-tlntC
TW -ataatancton cwrrrataaadent of the f 7rcreW
JailarwTaUngtnaAexdleaa aOfWalier xb, enrals
-aa (aOaara aat tae lawtnar at the L'nlted NtateafVaa.
Hajar "aklunleT. ltaintuireWlert to the
Wawl laawaas, wwa em thrSoor wdil and rereiredtb
cirwwTal&laUtara ucLla Ira-iad Ihe LandahaatBca
1 - 1 ij
ana-aavaiai. the aweanbera saT both rsdrieal paruea
HSir"r"' aaw, aelb, XaraaWaB aif f HArt." It
will la lana iiilniial that he was wnaeated daiics
"tar latter pszt nf the laat wewaon wf the Hosae on
awxrerr partiaan crowxats. wndjTarlur on that
iwiwiiiai iwaili the praxlicrjoe in arordi acbatastt.
aj HiaX "Vaamxaujawtaoaiwicns La will rrlnra
wMy art as aanxxont TOO la the face of tlm
ijerrlx fn?rec it" i imc rrrjrt.
The silver question remains in M
Hut there can lie no doubt of the ultimato
result: the silver will have to come down to
its bullion "value or a large iKjrtion of it
will have to lie sent out of the country. In
the United States the amount of silver is
alamt per capita, and as has been
iiointed out by one of the ablest trado
journals it is an "unwelcome commodity
which the people with great unanimity
ami constancy continne to reject." Here
in Hawaii with a iiopnlatiou of say 7o,000
people and a million JialaLaua dollars, the
amount of silver is alsrat $13 per capita.
No country can stand such an amount of
this coin. It is easy to see that even now
the drain has commenced on the gold and
it is not difficult to predict that in a given
time.it the Government keeps delayin-r
action in the matter, there will lie none
left, and exchange will ran tip to any fig
ure under 20 per cent that theholders may
choo to ask.
All delays are dangerous, but delay in
such an affair is fatal, While tho Gov
ernment is playing fast and loose with the
question the fabric of financial prosperity,
is la-ing underminisl. and is likely to come
crashing about our ears. In this view of
the situation we are but voicing the opin
ions of the liest financial men here. If the
trovernment do not act for themselves, the
silver queation will find its own solution:
gold will go, prices will advance and great
misfortune and discomfort will fall on
those members of the community who are
least able to liear it, namely the mechanics
and those who have to live upon wages or
small salaries.
Tar year has commenced with anythin!
bnt a pleasant aspect. Hetrenchment is
the order of tho day and every one begins
to feel the pressure. Men who heretofore
have been sanguine, begin to take a very
gloomy view of the future and prophesy
many evil things that will liefall us soon.
It is liest, however, to look at the bright
eide of the medal, rather than the dull one.
If disaster does come upon the country, it
may reel under the blow for a moment, but
-so have that confidence in its natural re
sources, and in the energy of the men who
are doing their ntmot to develop them,
that recovery will lie quick, More than
ever should our agricnllurista now look
out for fresh crops and not stake all. as
lias been in the past, upon one staple
sugar. The reward fromthisinduttrvh.is
been so hamlsome, the fortunes realized
from it have lieen so quickly made that it
is do wronucx tuat it iias engroasea uie cap
ital, the time and the brains of the com
munity. But the days of sugar lying as
handsome a profit as formerly, seem to be
numbered, and nothing is left but to turn
to something else. Because sugar ceases
to pay are our fertile valleys and plains to
relapse into their pristine luxuriance of
fern and brush wood, yielding little or
not lung (or the use of man! W c do not
think so. We believe, for instance, that
there is a future for us. in fruit cul
ture. We hope a great deal from Ilamie
cultivation, and we look forward to our
being able to rase some of our own needed
supplies, for which at present we are en
tirely dependent on the Coast. The islands
survived the loss of the whaling industry
and have thriven well upon sugar, they
Da. X. B. Eveksox contributes a very
readable Hawaiian Legend, or. more prop
erly a folk-story of tho fabulous order, to
tue JIatriHiajk Aimahae ana .innvw, just
issued by Mr. T. G. Thrum. While tho
Jiwirfe iq rhnrnrterislie of the earlv legends
of tho group, it is to be regretted that it
has been so shaied as to seriously distort
tho history oi the islands, and set at deii
ance tho accepted chronological lino of the
Jungs ol Ualiu.
Tn the stnrv Kanlii rebels against Kaku
hihowa, the King of Oaliu, and is finally
conqnerd, and then Kakuhihewa resigns
the Kingdom to tho vntttlrd hero of the
tale, Kalelealnaka. All this is a perversion
of history. Xo such king as tho latter
ever ruled over Oalin. Kakuhehewa was
ono of tho most distinguished and in
teUiirent of tho earlv sovereigns of Oahu.
The island wasnnited under his reign, and
his court was noted for its brilliancy. He
was contemporaneous with tho chivalric
Lonoikamakahiki, king of Hawaii, and was
visited by tho latter after tho difficulty
with his Queen had driven him into exile.
Ho lived to an old age, and was duly snc
cceded nv nis son.
As for tho rebel Kaulii. who is made to
marry the two daughters of Kakuhihewa,
he wits the great grandson of that sove
reign, and was also distinguished as one
of tho most warlike and encrcetic ol tue
early Oahuan Kings. Tho Government
Ol luu i:iauu ll IIUII,-,, lUluvl Iim Uln",
and it is not improbable that he extended
his foreign conquests to a portion of tho
island of Kauai. He lived to an extrcmo
old age, and when ho died the trusted
custodian of his bones pounded them to
flonr, mixed tho mass with invited
the chiefs to n feast, and thus nnnrned
the bones of his royal master in a hun
ilred living sepulchres.
This story is well known, and such nn
neccessary perversions of history as are
found in the leirend nnder notice are cal
culated to mislead thoso who aro seeking
to unravel the snarl of early Hawaiian
The table of the principal exports of the
Hawaiian Islands for tho year ending De
cember 31st, l&W, is published in our com
mercial column, lho hirures standing:
$7TrlQSJ32, against 7,'J21,727.11, or a
gain of ?."3,181.71. Considering that some
portion of the goods may havo been in
voiced too high, at least by some firms, and
tho stnallness of tho apparent advance in
tho value of our exports, tho chances aro
tliat the cxiwrts havo really fallen lielow
tho value of tho former year. Yet if we
look at tho amount of our trreat staplo
which has been turned out, them has been
n largo increase: 11.273 tons of sugar over
and abovo what wc produced last year is
no mean increase. Had prices been any
way favorable, in spito of tho decrease in
paddy and nee, instead oi such a paltry
increase ns S53.1SL7L there would havo
1 uui, jm incnuwint . wiuil lf a-onsiniy-
froin one hall to tureo quarters ol a mil
lion ol dollars: tnodiUerenco iielween pay
ing no dividend as has been tho caso with
some plantations, and making a handsome
To form some idea of tho lo-s entailed
by the present depression, let us como
down from the treneral to the particular:
n rougli estimate lias uecu giieu oi iuu
loss on tho country at large. It will bo
probably more easy to realizo if wo take a
couple of samplo plantations. On one
which wo have information of tho differ
ence in the price of suirar has rnado a dif
ference in tho returns of S&U000. On an
other the difference has lieen $50,000. In
tho latter instance, the plantation, after a
year's work paid its expenses, and left just
M,U"W to bo divided among tno stocK
holders. Tho plantation is n rrood sized
ono and has cost between 500,000 and
JGOO,000 to start. The return on tho money
invested has been about .OOG or three fifths
of ono per cent. It is plain to every one
that at such returns sugar cannot long bo
irofitably cultivated. This year tho loss
las come upon tho capitalist: tho laborer
nuu tue nmzau tins rvceitisi ins iuu ikij :
but such a stato of thinss cannot continue,
nnd the waces of tho laboring classes will
fail, and this by no action.of planters and
capitalists, but bv the national cause of
capital going ont of tho business and so
contracting iuu amount oi laour requireo,
ize how great is their responsibility Lep
rosy has been used as n political engine,
both by the President of tho Board of
Health, and wc are told, by the King him
self. It is said and as far as it has been
possible for our researches to go, we have
lOllOWOU up me cviueuin. it is sum, mm
fne Hie alre of riminfT nonnlaritr lho law
of segregation which stands on our statute
book has been defied, and wo must say we
believe tho statement to be true. Last
Satnrday we learned of a leprous China
man who was offering money to bo allowed
to stay out tlireo months longer scventy
fivo dollars was the sum mentioned. His
efforts were unavailing, we are told, and he
was sent to Kakaako. Good. Whence did
ho get lho idea that by means oi bribery ho
could save himself I That is a matter to
which at pre-ent we can givo no accurate
solution, any more than wc can givo one
to the conduct of anotlier son oi tno
Flowery Kingdom who wanted to get gold
from tho Custom House at tho timo that
exchango was so high. His demand was
refused, naturally, but ho dropped a re
mark that ho could tret it at -tho Foreign
Office. Enauirr at tho Treasury Depart
incnt shows that tho Foreign Office did
draw considerabe gold at that time, but it
was to save exchango in paying onr envoys
Wo throw asido tho suspicions which two
such statements by these Chinese would
naturally call up in tho minds of thinking
men. Wo will frankly say that wo don't
believo tliat tlie v.uinaman at tlie uustom
Hons had any tangible ground for what
he stated. A hat, however, must bo tho
estimato these men pnt upon tho Gov
erntnent of this country? Tho Chinese
are a shrewd people, and they can sco as
quickly, aye, nnd more quickly than most
peoplo into the motives of thoscih author
lty over thera. AVo regard tho offer made
bv that miserable Chinaman as simply
tho result of study on his part. 'Peoplo
are let ofF said he. Arguing by his lights
and with a knowledgo of the venality of
Eastern officials, ho could seo but one rea
son why thev wero let eo. and he mado his
liltlo oner, lie did not understand mat
motives other than money could influence
officials. Wo know Iictter, we know 'hat
the motives of this mistaken leniency havo
been dictited purely by a hunger for pop
ularity. But seo to what a position tho
nation has been brought On tho ono
hand charged with a corrupting inflnence
upon all who come hero: on tho other bo
lieved to 1 ready to contimio corrupting
for tho payment of money, it is timo mat
wo should "reform it altogether." Let
our authorities do their duty in the mat
tor of leprosy, and unpopular as they are.
Tcnal and corrupt as wo believe them to
be, thev will cam for themselves credit
and will condone for many of their sins.
Tho stitoments of Jndgo Davidson were
hichly colored ceneralitics, wc wish the
Government had given ns tho power to
brand them as downnglit falsehoods.
The sweeping denunciation of Hawaii
by 3Ir. Davidson is ono of those half truths
which is so hard to meet As Tennyson
puts it:
"A lie which is half a Irolh is ever the blackest of
A lie which U all a lie msv lie met and foastl oat-ncht.
Hot a lie which is part a trnth is a hirder matter
to fichu"
That leprosy is ono of tho crealest evils
that this unfortunate nation is suffering
from cannot bo denied. That it claims its
victims from young and old alike cannot
be denied: but that the casual stranger
coming into our midst is likely to contract
the disease, as long as he does notwilfnlly
run into ilnnger, does not court tlie disease
by immoral conduct is absolutely absurd.
There is no fear of Leprosy to tuosewho
behave themselves properly, sleep in de
cent houses, mingle not too familiarly with
thoso who may havo tho disease. Leprosy
as far as we know, is not a diseaso liko
small pox or cholera, to lc caught by the
mere contact, or tho mere fact of lieing in
the room with tho unfortunate sufferer.
Wc may safely say that no passing stranger,
that no visitor, save of his own immorality,
has carried from here tho seeds of this
disease in his system. We seo so many
wuo nave attended to and mingled Willi
lepers passing scot tree, and our cxion
enco extends over a period of seventeen
years, tuat we leei mat mere is no neces
sity for such a statement as Jiultro David
son made; no good ground for an argu
mcnt on tho premises as ho suited it
On the other hand wo who live here, who
have our children to bring up and educate
here, have a clear right to demand that all
chance of such talk as Judge Davidson
indulged in should be removed. If the
Government had but done their duty, ii
thev had showed in any shape or manner
. i , . . . , i . ,
itieir ui?-iiv to assist iuu cuuuuuuuy, micu
charges could not be brought, and we
should not be under Uionecessity ol held
ingthis halt truth. In tho present state
of medical knowledge of this disease, one
thing, and ono only, gives perfect safety
to a community. That thing is strict seg
regation. Were segregation thoroughly
carried out, we might have given tho lie
direct to me statement maae in oan dose.
As matters now stand ue cannot do so.
The Board of Health is criminally lax in
this matter. It is a question to bo grap
pled with in no dilletantio fashion, it is one
to be met and fought with ungloved hands.
Neither words nor phrases can explain it
away. Leprosy is here. Leprosy is made
a handle by vihich the good name of this
country is made to stink in the nostrils of
every ono who hears of Hawaii nei. It is
the duty of those who arc in chta-geof the
Government of this country to so meet
tho question that there can be no trouble
for those in charge of the public press of
this country to refute an accusation such
as that of J udge Davidson. On the heads
of those who pretend to administer our
affairs lies the blame in this matter.
Unfortunately the men at the head of
affairs do not know their duty, do not real
Tiie Knuxror of German recent I r subjected
himself to the thoaiht-KR(linfi" power of fatnart
Cumberland, liis Majesty thought of tbc
rear oi dm coronnuon ns runt; oi rnmsin, anu
Mr. camber. and wrote it at tue nrit imen.pt.
How oon will onr cinchona trees be ready we
ondf-r? The Drico of nnininc is mine rsDidlv
nnd there is quite an excitement in the drag trade.
The Kc Yorfc 7WtffMe says the rise is not dae to
pccnlatire purchase, bat to n falling off in sup
ply, ii me trees m uavaii wereomy ieaay, now
won u ue .1 nne iiroo 10 nni meir usric on mo mt-
Glaxcixo oyer a child's boot the other div en
titled n.e dreadfal cotuin" we were snnried
to find Rlletton in one of the conversations to tho
Rconrce of Ientwr on these Hlanda. Frit her I).ira-
ienit great twlf sacrifice is highly praied and the
rctnnrk mado that by "isolating the lepers, it is
boned to stamn ont the disease." (joroinc ncros.4
tots in inch n form caTe one rather a shock.
There was a time when these islamlswere associat
ed in the child mind with the death of a cclebra
ed navigator. Now they are beng associated with
nureaa aiscase onia 10 ncavcn we coaiu reiaic
the statement!
Tdeee is nothin" like a rleardefinition. Evola
tion is rightly termed "a change from nn indefinite
incoherent homogeneity to a definite coherent het
erogenlty, throngh oontinnoos differentiations and
integrations." For the benefit of the moderately
edncated, CUautlei Jtmrnal translates the above
into, "tvoiotion u a cuanga irora no-nowiu on-talk-aboatable
alMiLenens to a dorae-howish and
in-ceneral talL-abontable not-at-all-likenesn. bv
continioaB something-ebeiGcations nnd stiet-to-gttherations."
To all of which wo modestly call
the attention of Mr. Castle when neit he writes
Wfran the BObjectof evolntion.
F. Gebicit A Co- in their circalar of November
23. reported the fines r market as showing a better
tone early in the week, bat tlifc improvement was
not 01 long do ration, as tue market relapsed, into
dullness, with prices rolimr the sanie as the pro
ceeding week. In cane sugars Demarara crj suls
suowea a angm improvement, wuu increasea
sales, bnt nnces at the close of the week showed
preceeuing twk. aii ouer Rons were not mncn
inqoired for. In tha market for beet-root snsar
prices gradually advanced, an active demand pre
vailing in me, earner part of tbe wtck, iuia
good condition did not last long, and price re
ceded, closing lower thin tbe nrevion? week The
prices for unstoved goods advanced early in the
weeK. ddi recoueu ana cioteu at tiie proceed in
week a prices.
Loud Texnibox has been no idle man since bis
elevation to the peerage as the followlug extract
mill shew, as no great interval bis clupsed since
he published his last play, lie hat aHo written
Fome short poems, onoofTihich appeared in the
nizLTTe of last week. An exchange says ; Lord
Tennyson's new drama, " 1 horn as a Heckct," which
baa appeared, is dedicated to Karl Kelbornc, Lord
High Chancellor. In the preface tho poet 8aysthe
work fs not intended in its prnfteut form tomrtt
the exigencies of the modern theater. The drama
is too long for acting. The two principal scenes
are a visit of Queen Eleanor to ltosamund and the
murder of a IteckeL Koiamnnd is Enmmoned to
choose death by poison or stabbing,' and rejects
both. The Queen is theu about to rtnb her. when
a ItecLrt appears upon the scene in time to prevent
the deed, lie upbraids Ihe Queen and advises her
to retire to a cement. Jiosamaiid is filled with
gratitude for her rescue, and attempts to rescue
Jtecket front the men who are sworn to murder
bim. After a Jtecket had been murdered itosa-
mund if found kneeling over his corpse in a catbe-
1 Jeadst e fxrs has the followin lelative to tLe
Itritisb Shipping industry. It says that: In a Ice-
iuid at Xaatrrfniui rtt'niij aji.n.aiiiiiucia in con
trastincthe British mercantile marine with that
of other countries stated that one-third of the
tonnage ol tue world was nnd. r ti e Jlntiu Hag,
the English having doubted their tonnae within
the lata twenty) ears. The French had doubled
their slm five rear, but he did not think nc-
land need have fear of French competition, though
nnder their I want v sv-teni thev wero makmr cood
progress. The English commerce had held its
own and employed IW.OOO seamen, U0.O00 mater
nnu ai,wu ocruneii omccrs. iueimcccisol Unttsh
commerce was due ton variety of cause, the one
being the predominance of its naval "j-ower. If
tlie working of this great mercantile machinery be
forced into other gronves parsed from the hand, of
those by which it bad attained its present great
ness nnd efficiency, or te hampered by official
clogging or red taneism. as had been the caso with
America. Holland, Spain an J France, then let
.Uagiand prepare tor mat decline wuicu sometimes
v-emeu tue ioreuouing 01 many 01 ner wise men.
Hetboucht the improvement of Khionim? should
be left to the improving ftptrit of tho age rather
man permit micrierence wit 11 tee luventtve genius
01 tue nation oy too muca government supervi
sion through hard nnd fust rules of construction.
McStarey, a prominent carriage manufacturer
ol iwiiuiguam, England, ma series of useful hict
on their preservation, savs tint a carriage should be
kept in an air-tight coach-house, with a moderate
amount 01 iigut, otherwise tue colors will be des
troyed. There p hould be no communication between
the stable and the cor.ch-housc. Themanureheap
w i'u ruuuiu JiaiHj ue krnb at inr nvray as possioie.
Ammonia cracks varnish, and fade the colors both
of painting and lining. A carriage should never,
nnder any circumstances, be put away dirty. In
washing a carriage, keep ont of the sun. and have
the lever end of the 'ita.-tt.n rovrrivl with lcnlhpp.
Vw plenty of water, which apply (where practicable-,
with a hose or syringe, taking care that the
watrr Uaii.t driven into tbe body to the injur) nf
the lining. When forced water it not attainable,
use for the body a Urge, soft sponge. This, when
Maturated, squeeze over the rrinels. and by the
flow down of the water the dirt will soften and
harmlessly run nil; then finish with a soft chamois
leather and oil ilk hanJLerchler. The fume re
marks apply to tbe underworks and wheel, except
that when ihemod is well soaked. & aoft mop,
free frnra auy hard substance in the head, may be
nsod. Never use a "spoke bruh" which, in con
junction with the grit from the road, acts like
.tand-piperon the varnish, scratching it, and of
course removing all gloss. Never allow water to
dry itself on the Caunage, as it invariably leaves
stains. Ho careful to greao the bearings of the
fore carriage so as to allow it to turn freely. Ex.
mine a carriage occasionally, and whenever a
bolt or slip appears to be getting looje. tighten it
up with a wrench, and always lute littte repairs
done at once. Never drai out or back a carnage
into a coach-hoc with the bonnes attached, as
more accidents occur from this than from any
other cause.
wiiHnincrtassnf nrly a million and a quart- !
er gallons over 13S3, It follows, therefore, that '
we muit be dependent upon foreign countries for
tbe bulk of our sugar, and should the demand In
crease in the mdm ratio ia this and subaequent
years a in ine pv, a very tenons economic ques
tion is riK- on the batis of international ex-
rhf.nr-fiA. This ii obvioui from tha faet that mr
chief sources of supply are countries which buy
tctt utile in mam irom us. it loiiows, there
fore, that sound policy would suggest changes iu
this respect beneficial to this country. In other
word, the preference should be given to countries
which take American manufactures in exchango
for their own raw products. This U the policy
which England has success fullyparsi led. It ad
mits free of duty all raw products of manufacture
thus creating a market for these, and simulta
nNmslj alfo a demand for English manufactures.
n nere b nuu-uiouuiiicauiiag roonirj kui iu raw
products Itbere also will it buy its supply of ma
nufactured articles, H will not tie its money in
the mouth of its sack and earrv it to some other
country to spend it. This policy i what has giv
en Great Hntain, the manufacturing and trading
supremacv among ue nations. lAnn power pre
vents tbe Umted States from challenging Hnush
manufactures in tbe open marketa of tbe world,
but a new departure, looking to the same end, has
been made by the negotiation of commercial
treaties which will increase foreign purchases con
siderably. It ii not the purponeof this article to
discuss the policy of commercial treaties: their
drift in thh cae is only alluded to. and that drift
is dearly in the aiircuou or tree trade, under the
miv of commercial reciprocitr. with sugar-pro
ducing oountne.
We bare had ample experience ol the working
of the Hawaiian treaty to be able to estimate pret
ty accurately now ine Mexican and bpnni"ti
Indian treaties are likely to work, in 1S75, tho
vear before tho Hawaiian treat v went into effect,
our total trade with that country was $ 1,S),1V5
hich was about an average of the eeven previous
.tars. In ISS. seven foil vears under thn treat v.
tbe trade had increased to (12,01 IJBS. Mil this
was not alL The San Francisco AffrrJUnf shows
that about $.tW0,000 were expended in this coun
try on account 01 Hawaiian planters and trauo in
thebuildineandeauimiincot wood and iron sail
strain vessels and tho manufacture of iron pipes
lor irrigation in tne loiana. 1 no iron vessels were
built at rhiladelphia, by Cramp A Son; tho
wooden ones w-ere built and equipped on the
Pacific coast. A sngat refinerv at San Franci-o,
costing considerably over I.OiO.OiO. likewise re
united from tho Hawaiian treaty. These aro alt
rrnrudactive investments entirelv outsiJe com
mercial exchanges, and man bo credited to the
treatr. About m.U-0.000 of Amencnn capital has
also been invested in the inland i, although it U to
be regretted that tue Hawaiian ?ugar uompany
wis not a soccers. Itut tue tauil I lei entireir
with the manacentent. It follows, therefore, that
a similar treaty with Mexico and Spanish Wert
indies tiuouiu create a uenianu lor tue pnNiucis 01
American labor, and thus develop new and im
portant channel of profit to American labor nnd
capital. That England anticipates this i appir-
eut irom ner anxiety to negoiiaie a similar ircaiv
in favor of her Went Indian possessions, which
would otherwise be cut off from a market. Tins
will more fully appear if the condition of tbe
Euroiauansui-arsunnlv be considered.
lue consumption 01 canenugnr in Europe 1 or
the three vears ended March 31. re-inectivelv, nc
cording 10 nrnrCaur, an English authoritvon tho
subject. was,iulS$l, 2,m tons; 19S2, 2 llV. tons;
isj, zm tons and tue total mock in tue cuiei
markets of Europe on March 31, lNS3,was TfH ton.
Itut on tho 17th of Mar, 1-t, the Imports of sucar
by England to date exceeded thtne of 1SS3 by
4u.i tons, w line uie uenverie-; snoweu a uecreaso 01
3,701 tons. Tho fctocl( iu the I.ritih markets nn
Aiay 17 vi imn year was nim tons, against -i i,
Gil tons in 1SS3 and 217,7tr tons in 1SS This ac
cumulation of sugar in England, and the largo
production of beet sugar on tho European conti
nent, sufficiently account for tho depren-ed state
of the eucar market. "The consumption on the
European continent is estimated at about 2,T00,tt)
tons of sugar in lf$t-Si, and there Is a vinble pro
duct of beet sugar this season of 2T.'W."ilCX)0 tons, so
that cane sugar win not nave mncn sale lucre, 11
nnv. this season. Germany will have a surplus of
about S00.000 ton?. Hot the area of sugar-cane
cultivation U rapidly extending in the South Paci
fic New South Wales and Queensland mado M,
871 tons of cane sugar this Reason, the Australian
con samp; ion being aDout uutuuu tons per annum.
Fiji is turning out large quantities of cane sugar,
and plantations Are projected in Samoa. It is
evident from these considerations that the price of
sugar will decline, although consumption may in
creaio propoitionately. The consumption per head
in the United States and Australia i-t about 70
pounds per annum. Mr. Gladstone anticipates
that the consumption of sugar In England will vet
reacn iu pounas per ueau ns society auvanccs.
aSTtu) Ivltiwrtiscintnts.
Heads of Families!
stove: coal
Of tin h st utility, which wr offiT fur tale at
Wholesale and Retail.
The Sucv Trade.
The following letter appeared in tbe latest num
ber of Bratlttrtrt' and it well worth the while of
the perusal of all thoe interested in the Sagar
The consumption of sugar ner capita of popula
tion is greater In tho United States than in any
other country of the world. It is largely used aa
an article of food, and in a variety of ways in
manufactures. One would naturally expect that
this country, from it& vast extent of territory
available for sugar-raising, would be comparatively
self -Kostaining, but such is not the fact. The home
supply ia not a very important factor in the case.
Louisiana is the great eugar-growing section, acd
its average vjcld per annum tn tbe past three yeara
has been 2i33US,a32 pound . Boctsurar is an in
significant item, the Alrarado factory in California
being the only ona now ia operation in the coun
try. Professor W. II. Wfley, Chemist of the Na
tional Department ol Agriculture, states in his tut
report that the outlook is more hopeful for the
sugar beet than for sorghum, although the depart
ment is horWnl of the final sacccss of bo'h. It is
veil to cherish hope, but the promise of Mcees
in this department is exceedingly remote. The
) ield ft Borghum sugar this year will not exceed
l.UOG0 pounds, and of eyrup about 30,000,000
The total importation last fiscal ear was 2,733,
tlfs W7 pounds, of which I2iIi8,G. 1 pounds cane
from Hawaii on tbe free list, Thiswasanin
create over the imports of 1S5 of GlSiD.1,773
Xauods, or nearly five years Hawaiian supply and
two ami half years LousUna supply in the
pat4 year we likewise imported 34J2S,G4t gallons
mousses, of which 163,31 gallons came from Ha-
Sorghum Sugar.
At the Fourth Annual Convention of Fruit
Growers, held lately at San Jose California, Dr.
v. uauuen 01 axa jrranciico dj special request
gave his views on tbe manufacture of Sorghum.
Dr. Hidden: Sir, Chairman and gentlemen of
the Convention: Sncar makim? in tho United
States is destined to bo one of the leading indus
tries and its profit when properly managed will be
greater than any of the leading staple crop now
grown in the country. In the btate of California
we have not only the climate and soil for the culti
vation of tho finar cane, in certain sections, espe
cially Southern California, but in the whole state,
the soil and climate is better adapted for tho culti
vation of the sorghum than i a any Stato of the
Union: but the creat drawback to the raisineof
the Borghum in the nU ha-t not only teen for the
wnu.ui ci.irucD iniia cumuii) aim 1110 uuw-
lcdccof the making of bujarnr sirup from the
aame, but owing to the large importations f raw
sugar from other countries ainouutiug to hundred
of millions of dollars annually. Of course the
consumption of sugar and Evrup is large, and the
question has of ten como to me. "Why should wo
import into this country a commodity lu such
common use, when wo have a climate and soil not
only capable of producing suthcienl for home con
sumption but for exportation, if necessary r Then,
again, it i an industry which can bo made profita
ble, Tbe cultivation of sorghum and tho prodnc
tion of suzar. therefore, though still in an expert
mental stage, is receiving great attcntiou, sud I
trust the timo U not far distant when each and
everv owner of a small farm will be so situated
lat Uai fan mil raily roaluoo, lut inmufiictaro nt
11 small coat, all the sugar be need, enongh and to
fpare, especially in the State of California, for it
is well known that nnd land capable of producing
corn or wheat will produce sorghum. Then the
question conies, what vanety of sorghum Ubest,
nnd that which contains the most saccharine mat
ter. I can only say, when Gen. 1 Dao was at tho
head of the Iicptrtment of Agnculturo at Wath
ington, D. Xf lie gave tbe subject of sugar syrup
a lhoroagh invcstimtion. and tho result wai nuitt
suflicicnt to extablioh tho fact that both sugar and
roolaises of a superior quality dwelt to a largo de
giro in the sorghum plant, and as a consequence a
new departure has been taken; and to-day sagar
and molassei of a very superior quality, having a
groat commercial value, iinn ctablished fuel, and
will warrant thecmp'.oymeDt of energy and capital.
I shall not enter into any detail of each variety
imported into tin countrvl but will I onto others.
who have devoted more tune than 1 have to its
cult a re, to immrl information on that subiect.
My nbj'-ct in spunking to-night H fimpl? to slate
a tact mat sugar aca syrup can o, mauuiacturcd
from tbe sorghum plant, and tho process is ho
simple tint nnvone who is interested iu the wel
fare of a State, and subsUIs upon the productions
of tho soil, ought not to pay a duty on any article
that so witty of culture And so profitable to the
prouueer. ivcn tuose wuo no not wi-n to manu
facture the buznr. certainlv can make the by run:
nnd in all fruit proving districts, where it is well
knonn so much is wasted for want of a market
profitable for its sale. With tho cnltuntion of tho
sorghum nnd the manufacture of the syrup, all
fruits that am now wasted could bo made into
preserves and would nlwava find a ready market
ana csiawisu an ituiu-try mat would give employ
ment to everv hona.hoId in the rural dutrii-tn-
Frora experiment. I luade when In Georgia, in
the manufacture of Bugar from tho sorghum
plint, I found it necetmry first to filter the juice
aa prcadcd from the cane, and by oxidization du
ring the filter-! ion, by the action of certain gasca,
to neutralize tho aciJa and pemhable matter
which all cane juices contain, takiug cam not to
have it exposed to the air as eiposuro destroys its
crytlallizablc properties to a great extent. Hence,
it ront lo conveyed from the prets to the filter
and be in an enclosed or hermetically pealed re
ceiver; from there it can ba run into the. evapora
tor and then reduced into tbe form of syrup or
sugar, as suits the fancy of the raanuNctorer. Of
course there are many improvements in the means
employed aa regards evaporators, but at somo fu
ture period I intend to practically demonstrate be
fore this Convention of fruit grow era, tho process
by which all vegetable juices can be decolorized
and clarified, especially that of the sorghum plant
so that tbe Eyrup and sngir obtained therefrom
can be made light in color and retain all Its sac
charine properties and be far sweeter than the re
fined Bugars of the present day. The necessity of
importing raw sugnr for tho purpose of refining
it ana selling 11 at a great prout, will soon be
thing of the past, I front.
Spcrial iXotircs.
JUt an OGIee ever Iefrt.Brhop Jt Co Hank, corner
Vrrtbsnt and Kaihnmatu Mand mill be bappyto
attend to any lia.ftlne cntrnfted to hit care. PK13 Cm
Ilavati oOtce with Mcr, nuiiopJt 10, corner of .Mer
chant and Kiifanmat.ii btreet, and he will be pleased
tn itten'1 lo any bniilne entrust ed to him, 1X1 Cm
HONOLULU, Aag. 2ht!i( HSM.
Agent Macneade Si urban Safes. I
Dcau mb: 1 Uke great pleaxnre In rtillnt- thit the
'Mj.cxEH.c.aa: Urbik Sirs 1 parchaved from yoa, and
which went Ibroa-h the Ute dUantroat Are Id my
torr.eatne est Ia mr entire cat I traction. I opened
mii- huicuu mr ivaiuiniUDDinq luanu SIJ IIS CCHUCIIII
in iwrirci conuiiion xonri Trolr,
P A. nus..
Xtw vlliifrti5fmnits.
X tin Hawaii withe to meet llh a canalile rain s a
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Telephone yo. IS;
So. -tj Kin? .Strrrl.
Messrs. S. F. Graham & Go.
'iLe tr Iu aanonncln- to their old friends
an.' PiUoaa that they hare
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Inter-Island S.N. Co
VOLCANO xi ltETUKX, ran tw hsd at h
lIotioTnliwllinUMeeftVe W U t Xt-l-
landed at rnaa!a, thence by Kalltwd i TabaU.
whereIlwetandWr'itllbeli.ittenNnc. ,
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diyn, ettns 1 days t v)U th Vo-ene.
TIUKr. it v;it uie. nn. -
Hone, liablr, Hoard lad Lodffin?. " f
civ tor Mnner iwriicnwrnrni"'":
lnler-lsland S. N. Co., Honolulu,
Or 10 J, F J 11HV Vixxo Hnrs t"IJ
Steamship Company
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t7 IlajraiitlKmlilttlrvmltoanTpiitor Hie citf.
S. F,
Tfln'tKMie Xo. IN?
No. sSKInsMrwt.
If joa are !ck, HOI ntlTEIIS ntll)
i-nrefy old itnre In nn Hoc Ton eil
nmin wbrn atl rle tall.
H jimi arc coniparatlrelyitrll. Imt feel
the nerd of a crand ten Ic and ulliimlant,
rcver rent cay till you are midc a new
bcln j by use of
Ifyou arccoetlveor djrpeptie. or ate
faffiT.ns from mr other of thcnnnif ron
diveaaeaor thcntomachorbovelii.lt I
yonrown ficltlf yon remain III, for
are a Mrrrclsn remedy in all vnch cm-
If yon are mating away lth any form
or Kidney lHi-ea-'e, itop tempt In; Death
this Biomcut, and torn for a care tn
If yoa are sick with that terrible pick
nmn non nes, von w ill find a "Halm
la tilleadlji the n or
If yon arc a frequenter, or arerldentof
a ml urn tic district, barricade your pjt
tem atralnkt the ecourse ef all cnimtrle
malarial, epidemic, Llllou and Inter
mittent few -by the Ue of
It yoa hae ronzh, pimply, or sallow
pVln, bad breath, pains and ached, arid
reel mlnerable pnerally, HOP ntrrEIt
will cive yon fair pki, rich blood, the
9 weetcst breath, hsatlJi and comfort.
In hnrt, they core AI.I-DUeane of
the btomach. Bowel. I!IodL Mrer.
Nertrn, Kidneys. Ac, and
IU be paid for a case they will not cure
or help, or for anythin Impure or Inju
re" found la them.
That poor, bedridden, fnralld wife,
mtcr, mother or dinshter, can be made
the picture of health by a few bottle of
Hop I.lttcri, costing but a trifle.
Will yon let them suffer 7
Cleanse, Purify and Enrich the
Blood with
lion Bitter.
And you will have no rlcknefs or f oflVrlns r doctors
piiiv 10 pay.
!! lyr
lutt bt
"ri:. if. i.osi: & mi:. 11 mipi.t.i:ii
.lL hare tbl day been actborlied to n onr Arm
11. II ALht bLIF E Lt).
tun 31
TiinnK wii.1. itcMtii.n at ri iu
lie anctlon at tbe tiOVEUNMEXT
rol'M at KOII0LALO, at IS M.
&.ATVUHAY. Jlfiurr 11th. the rnllowlii
Cednote. vblte iMton forebemd. botb bind fivt
hite. brand risht 6.
1W tt A. B. KAJtrStT. Teoad ifaitr
Notice to the Public !
ANY OXi; 1)1.31 ROUS OF
tbe owner ef a valuable work, entitled
"Fifty Years in tho Church of Rome,'
Can become one by tbe tbtcr.ptlo& of Five Dollarf.
Money vhoaM be st In Iteriitmd letter or by Port
U3ke Ordiv. payable U " Kev. Charles Cblafany. M.
Anne. Kanlakee Co.. Illlanif, C. . A.
cr The boo, will be a larre octavo of TU0 paret
bandfomcly btnnd. Tbree-foerlb of it If 1redy
finUbed, 10O It
DIARIES, 1885!
J. M. OAT, JR&Co.'s.
(N)-iai(m'rliii Notice.
vroTiei: ni:iti:nv givi:x
Ibit Jaroea u Holt. Jr. and Joau ITnalle bare tbla
dar cnlerru Into ctvpartnertnip lor ine mnrOtt or
rvm? on a central ranehlnar and atoek talain? ln.l
at alalna, Oahn, under toe .nrm name or Holt A
Hrodle. J.tSlKS Ii. IIOI.T, JH,
Walalnl. Dec. 1Mb. lWj. ldlj
IIS and 1420 Market St Sn Frnnclaeo,
l'arlor Orchertrone, Mant;l )rthottninc,Clrlona.
Ac. Alo Mole Arcnl for Mathnt-hek and Meln
ty may IMinim forllm Hawaiian lulitndg. t
I'trtBMEXbottHoinrr Folk Saxe)are breeders
vnii imponera 01 eteiit tar ety or viioiua'OHBitrn do
men He lire atocL. We have made lliUnnrtiiithml
nesa for the past rtitHTEEX tears t baie Import oil 15
vmr inaus imm mc ca-irm nnu .uiuuio ciaies 10 Cali
fornia. (Home ufl.ee. Lick House, ian FranrUeo.) We
are alo dealers In ttratte AMaAU,epecla1ly heep
and mtlch rows. Wo always sell at Vrty reasonable
lty lho M,Ufl" tprcckrts,' rrritwl nine head ol
breeding cattle, and w'll.ltt ni veeki eteral rrates
of breediuji lterkshlre pis and ho We ttpectto
remain nerc lwoorinree moiitbs or mora for health
and "climale"ln thciH,antlra wtllrecilTe onli-r
for any breed family or strain, of anon BniEDivado-
meftlc animals. NTirAcrn-i (J rji nx ste k n Office
nn it. uiine, i-.sq , ,o.3l tort Mrc-t, Ilonolulo,
im) i kti.ii j: iionan I'otK ake.
at otic 1; is m:i:i
lhat the undersized has been a i pointed Admin-
Utralorviith the Will aanezet, of tho Kptateot Itobert
r- Miia-ani. nieoi aaknmacii', liamaivna. 111 wall, tie
eeatMil: all ix-rson. harin- rlatma tmlmi tK l.l
Kelalaarn notified that theymmt preent the same
wui. uimnt nnu nitn ice iroHT luucners to IOC HH
derlmed. w Ithln six (SI moulh from ih i1.ua r thi
notice, or Iheywill be forever barred; and all persons
owlnj the said Estate arc rencUd to make Immediate
payment to the undersigned, ItUKL'S A. LYMAN.
AdmlnlMrator with the Will annexed of the Estate of
raauhan. llamukny llairall, Dec 11. 1581. J0i Ii
The Enemy of Fire. The
Harden Hand Grenade.
Omn or the Afiixr at i
Detuoit. MiciiMarSTth. 1VL f
tjETtxauv-Ua the nisht of May Mh, I had oeca
slon to ase the Ilaiden Hand Grenade Fire Kill nzul ti
ers, with Alilch my boat -a at sttppllod, and found it dUl
K. :tas, Master SlrH Arctic,
(lEMTEVEX.-My Hlfr.afttr licltlDj Ihr oil Hove,
was called toan .llitrpan of the house. When he ic
titrned she fonnd the floor covernl with bnrnln? nil ml
flrenndenray. bhe quickly applied one of y onr
I I m "" -nanmiq aiHIDBl IDIIIIIIIJ taCU-
, , , .V. Bektost.
tolicibla Iron orks, cor Fulton & Jefferson tl
IER hin. We take pleasure In Informles yon of the
rood work done by joor Hand Grenades at out factory
In AUmejla yesterday. A fire caught upon the shin-le
rootofaUrRe frame sttneture andbnrned forlorn. ly,
and lor a time endangered our entire works. The Are
waa barnlnzoTer about one hundred feetof surface
wa-cuen, ana in men ill bfln on
.c hi.iu.-ji. h u iac ETeniaes mQa nan to Co m
three Rizhta of stairs to thd top or the bnildlns.wt.lcl
la sixty teet high, and .- difficulty In calnln
arreitaj tothe fire on aecnnnt of the rteernes of lb
roii ana the absence of cleats, which ceca.toned con-
rmniwreurwj. "Bfoinc men Teaenea tbe Ore thei
IneUntly exllncnhhed It by the use of your Han
(irrnidf . although the shlnzlca were wrll burned. W
Route and Time Table.
KING, Commander.
mil Writ 1! n.not nlii rarh TvrAtr at 1 P. M.. 1m La-
balna, .Maalaea. Mikenk Mihnkona Kawaihar Lan-
)ahoeho and Hllo. Leave Illln Thursdays a vm,
touch In- at the same ports on return. arrtvli-V. irk
Saturdays at SF.M.
IAtisKNitF.lt TIUIN from NlullI will leave each
Friday at l r. M., toeonnrtt wna ine Klnaa at .iiaan
The Kin aw WILL TOUCH at Ifonokal and laahaa
on dote trijt tat rai-enrs. If a signal Is made from
IfT" Meimer Kfnan will not take heavy frrlsht for
laaupahoehoe.- U-hl frelfht and paekases only. All
heay freight for the abnre port will be taken by the
LaTDna iim Muara lion.
LORENZEN, Commander.
Iaret Ilonotntn ererr Mondarat I I. 51. fnr Kin-
nakakal. Kahulul. Keanae emy mhrr week; IlnelA,
liana, hi pa hut and Nan Itetnrnlnir will stop at tbe
I or mans inn pnenjTii oniy.
WEISBARTH, Commander,
f.rre Itonnlnln each MondiT. at 3 I. M. for Fain-
bun. Kohnlalele Ookala. Kukaiau. llonohlna. Laona-
horho, Hakalanand Unomea. Krtcrntn;nuiarrive
DSCK eacn paioniay.
MCDONALD, Commander.
W 111 leare Ilonolnln once each week ft,r same porta
at ine wnns
McCRECOR. Commandor.
Leavra Honolulu rich Wednesdiv. for KaanakakaL
Kamaloo, Fnkoo, Moanul, Hilawa, Wailao, Felrkuan
and kaiaupapa, retnrnin- each Monday evening.
cirThe ComDinv will not be reniMinslble for any
frelcht or package unless rerclpted for, nor for iier
socal base unless plainly marked. Not responsible
for money or Jewelry unkus pheeil In charge of the
All iMMslble care will be taken of Live !tock. bat the
(.nnininr win nvnirnmr unj rin "i mrwirni.
hAM'L. 11. WILD ETt, I'resWent;
. 11. iwt, ecrriary.
OFFICE Corner Fort and tjueen Mreers,
Honolnlo. Sept. It. ist. IWi
Steamer "W.G.HALL"
riATK1, t'ommanilrr.
Leaves lloiinlulii Tor .Maalnon, Konn
nnd Kan, nn
Cctml Jh'tftisnncnla
Tiik .rrsTicKs ov the sit.
riiKSK IvrRT Im rtlt daj arMalnl
n. w. t. rcsTis
Cktl ef la.Clrtalt Oart fer ta. fori a Jadlclal fim.
till.Tica Fraok nlaJl mli.nl. w
iryraentart. wiLbua ruaTKR, vVrt
ll.aarahi.Jaa. I.I. ISO. tari..
Xortgagtc's Notirt of Intention to i'ortdeM
aim vi uaic,
L er of sale eentalned la a cerUla mortsa-e made w
1a lb In. alUs II Aktat of Ht to. IsUad or IUwiii U
Kin Chew, alias II Atona, dited tTth day r OctetM-T
l-l. mwdrd In the office of the Reslstnr ef Coa:
aners.ln liber J7. on follfn 042. notiee ! .JJl
fiven that said nwrtcscr Inlet il to rceeckw
mortise for rondliloa Woken, and at- mm! rZ
doire wilt sell at pnbllc ainloa, at the store ef ill
It. I-Vl. tm ..lal rtllA T.l.a.,4 r.t II IL o
HAY. thw Jlst day of Janciry. lC at al f mm h
tbv Ins and etbrr inoyeny aadewrribed la tald m
tunherpartkalirscanbc had nt J 3fofi,T
AUwiey-at Liw. KIN CHEW MorreeV
iioneiaia, sit ieeetnter,
The folVmln la the mnrlftt hnrnrrtti. t . .
la'e of ptera.M and tmihtiars thereoa itaatML
Frvnt street in safd Hllo, rivca by .Wat Akaa tm B
Akaut, alUs llo chin, datad the Tli of Apnk Iia.
hoe. o-lnc the nne iand,Bj upen the pmalw.
lrard from Ihcsald Aa Akan
a shnwcars. I bis ire rrarkrrs t i.xfaehew.lVt
Termlcvlll I b peaaat etl. bs t nin.-s e Medldae,
nxssnnoi- ns v aiaie saace, 1 bi t hincse cibbt-v
baoat.9b3xeforChtarMnf-dkrtn -m. a t-i
roll tin!. dox tins loNrrs. (dot nn salmva.w
tins, I larje MraK s small Chlm r 3 utrron. 1
rlixk, 3 table. doa Chlneve bonla, o 1 2 4s d
No.t: lilaiito. .Va S: I -W UiMn ikon 1 nli
cotton cloth, I rolls calico, t dox shirts, doxuftlte
andrrhlrts. 2 dox towels, I tr tnaers (brMMkkHkk 1
Chlnre nedlclae kntfr, t CalaeseMrdlcla hxlrr I
boat (Ironk 1 dot Chinese bat, i (fit feats, a teapots' 1
doa pr wblte ho. 4 doa Chinese bols.l sUv ric
pkes- .idopksJ'ncwnot. 1dt haadherchtfs.
i S Chinese fftk thread, l dox hxi toys mu
Sui'itiiMK co u iit or tiikIia.
wailin Iland la Frobat. ta the atitirr ml
tbe Kmh of ROREirr I'HEHYRE JAMUTf. Ute r
LUerpool, EnjUod. drrd- frderapfotaUat time
for Frobate ef Will and iHrrcunc in li ilea' lota t4 mw.
of tbe sane.
A document, parponinx 1 br an itlcrlrtl tvr ml
th Ia Will and Tetumrnt nnd t'odkll af ttabm
Cheshyr Jaalon, deceased, havmr the I9ih day al
recetnbev. A. D. l-t, beea prrseatej to saht rreal
Court, and a petition for the probata thereof, and fx
the Issuance of letters trUmfBtry to Theephilaa II.
It Is hrrehr ordered, thai WIEDXESaAY. th lb it
day of January, A. I. t"W,tlO o'clock a. m-.f saM
dty, at tbe Court Room of said Coart, at AUUUal
line, ia saia iinaoiaia or, ana tne same t. airy ap
pointed the time for prmlnc said Will and hemrins said
application, when and where aay person latrreatrd
mar aooear ltd contest the raid Will, aad tbe vraatlae
of Letters Testamentary
it is run ner oruerea, un noiicr isert gmm ny
publication, for three succihive wreka, la tha IU.
ntHtliMrm.aaewspaper printed, and pahrtvhed la
lmted llonolain. It. 1.. uecetnTxr. inm.
Attest: Justice of the Supreaic Court.
Htnai tami. Drpmy Clerk mil
Tuesday. January 11 -
Frldav. Januarv
.M on day. Febmarvi.
Wednesday, February It ,
Mondiy, February si
Tuesday. March 3 ,
M on day, 5! arc h it
Arrhini; at Honolulu on
at lp
at Ip
at In
....at Ip
...al I p m
...at I p m
..at 1pm
...at I p m
Tuesday, Ja n nary JU
Friday, Jannary
t-undar, February
Thursday, Kebrnary 11 ,
haturday, February 23.. . ,...,
Toe-Hlay, March IU
r"rtdsy,.Maah5l... . ...
Sunday. March J
atl b
.. .at 3 p m
....at 3 p in
....it .(Dm
. ..at 5pm
....at3p m
,..ai ! p m
Steamer "PLANTER'
UAMEROS. Commandtr.
UavcamrjTURSDAV.atS ji.m., for Xlallialll,
Kotoa. Elrcla aail Walmra. Kc-rarnlnr. frarra Naarltl-
atlt rry hATt'KlrAY cvrnlnsi arrl.tos KhL a.rry
Steamer "IWALANI'
FREEMAN, Commander.
Lea res Honolulu for llamoa, Kukulhaclc,
and 1'aauhau, pn
Wednesday, January 7
Friday. January It
Tncsitay. January 27 ..... .... , ....
Friday, Febrnary 6.....
Tuesday, Febrnary 17
Friday, February ?7 ,
Tacuday. March 19 ,
Friday, March -W
Arrtrlnsat llonolain on
Wednesday, January 1 1 .
Mtnrdav. Janaarv it
Wednesday, February I
!atnrday, Febrnary II
Wedeesday, February S3
Saturday, March 7
Wednenday, March 13 . . . .
Mturday. Marth 7
It 4 p M
...at 4 p as
...at I p m
it 4pm
.it t pm
....at I pm
,...at I p m
...at 1 pm
.atl a m
...its a m
....its a m
. ..it a m
....at a m
..at nam
Stmr. C. R. BISHOP,
MAUAULEY, Commander.
Learea Honolulu every SATVTWAY noon for Walanae.
Hanalcl, Kllanea and llanamaali. Hrlurn ln leaves
llinilel every Wednesdav at3n. m.. touchla? at Wat-
anae every Ihursdiy mornlnj. arrivln back the same
erenade savea the bnlldtn-from total
riee send ni ia additional supply Im-
Orders i-hnnid be idil rosed to Z. K. Myers, Mana
per California Troduee and Provision Co , Hotel Street.
Honolulu, II. I. 10 Hu.
WEIR Commander.
Iavea Ilonolnln rverr Fit In IV at 9 m fn. ir.i..
tua and Kanaa. Usturnlnir -Ira re KatMa r Vnn.
day at 1 p. m.. toochlu; at Walalua rrrry Tuesday
uiniiiiX,.iliiui, nvkimriuiciua
PCK t0
Tax Collector's Notice.
rpiK tax coi.inxnoii ron ii i no
X has opened an oflice in the Court House at II 1L
for the purpose of collectin; taxe. aud will be at the
officr Thursday. November Jth, Friday November 21st,
andSalnrday, Nonrnber 2M; Monday, forenoon No
vember 21th. at faufcaa I'lanutlon. Monday noon a I the
office of K. U. Hltcbeoek. Tapaikon; Tuesday morn
In. November .5th. at Maea-r'a office Uaomta I'lant
aliou: Tuesday afl-vnoon at 1'epet-keo I'lanUtlon;
W ednesday evenlni; and Thursday morn In,-, Nor ember
arth.al Hakalaa t'lanUtlon, Thursday noon Novem
ber 7lh. at Houomu I'lanUtlon; Friday, November
2"ih, and Saturday. Norcmbertnth. at L)d-?atea office
atLaupahoehoe-andJudje li K. IVs midence, and
Monday, December 8th, at offlee la Hllo. and after thai
date will retails la Hllo for Ihe purpoc- of collect nz
Fcrsooswho are lUbk- to tixulon are hereby re
quested to pay the same b'forr the ISlh day of Decem
ber, or they are Habl to pay (KT) ten per cent, more
aceordtac to law TAXCOLLECTOK.
The old Law jpne into effect December IL
IL A. LYMAN Tax Collector, Hllo.
lloniemberSM-WL 77i
pacific hail sTtAMSHip company
For San Francisco.
tiii: hri.i:.snin xr.niMiii-
lilll?T. )IJ1 A.NDLK.
On or abost Hocd&j Jan. 18,
iKRuon.v, ooi.iAsnr.ii,
On or about January 24th, 1885,
Tor Fre;ht aed pasaaxe, apply to
iarja n iucxFULtAto..ief.
U-it ttr iblpmeul per H tenia er rnis nwn
e5trrdF I rfrnl brcr. In the l'lreproM
flarci.sf nenr ihe Nleamrr W barf.
The Aceats here are no" prepared to
cr OFFICKof the Cam pin), foot of Kllanea Mreet
near inv s o am.
Honolulu. January a. 10tl
Established 1840.
Two Sailings Every Week
roic i.ivi:itiooi.i
.FViwtjVe York everv M'tdnttdoy,
r rom action erery bftlnntiy
fni.iit. . ait), ami 8IOO ;ii
taccordlnz to AccommodaUoo,
MrtrsEf. - ..- .,,.sa "ur rvcy
Good ceomaiodatloas can always be secured o
nllcallnto WILLIAMS IHMONU Jt CO..
8aa KnnHtfr.
instate street, Boston,
Cow 11 a j Green, New York
QotlcetoFassenrers from Anstralla, IV cw Zealaad
and Ilonolnln The Canard LlaeaSorda more than usual
Utilities to Ihroa-h p?searr from Traar-Faclfle
rcn.ine irraacarj oi us iiiiazs preciuainzailDOsi
Irillty of delay In Kiw York. "
nrGood accommwditloni always reserved.
I'WV It Bowl! a- Green. Sew York.
Cood Property Security, Stocks,
oonai, tic Appiy to
ornCE- Corner Fort and Xerehist l5tm,
I"-' HoaoLtxc. II. I. Si
rrIK jranEiisiG3na auk ikk-
Chartered Bank of India, AtutrmlU ud
Calna, Hoiurkonc.
BlStlur .fc CO. Jtr
thaaeateat ttyl. call at GAZETTEOmcE.
JL M Judicial Circuit of the IUnaiUa Klrlm
K.LAKAU.,nytheiiraceI tied. rite llaaUa
Islands, htxa
TnJXU. II. rElLEM.Mamhalor Thr Klard,
or his Deputy la tha 3d Judicial Clrcait. - (taiiTiao:
Yon are hrtrby rommaaded to innoa T. 9. FICK
AIID Defendant, tn case he shall tie written answer
it itta twenty day a tier semce aerrrr. i t aad
tpear oeiorvine uircuu voanii lae ffrpiemorr Term
lloue. Valohlan, la the Island of Hawaii, en TlU'Ks
IAY,the 4th day of September ant. illv eloeh a.
toshowranse woylheclalmof EMMA IL FICKAKD.
1-uiaiiB.sQoq'a not oe aw arum n"f pursuant to tae
tenor of her annexed, prtiliao.
And hate yon then there this nt. with fall return
of jour prneeedlnsatbereoa.
(eal) af oar Supreme Court, thu Sad dar r
May, A.D.
M , Ditiit roaran. Clerk r Cirrnlt Coart.
To which Summons the Xarhal mad the follewta-
llarlntr tnadedill!entseareb fattt.a.ithLti mmiHBi
T. f. llckard, he la not to he fonnd la the KlatrdiMn.
1 do herer.y return the ummoaa not mnl this ita
oay oi uecemoer, iw u
r.u. ii. sui'LU, jiaraal
Iherehreertlmhat the wtiktn and (HMniBu .
true atd faithful copy of th" ot1;1d1 .ummoaa Uae4
la the llhcl for Divorce Emma R. Firbard t. T. I.
I1ckard,andalsoof the Marshals return thrtvtn, and
that la the meantime, an attested copy of tar alt
summons be prtated as pretlhd by tne SUtae. re
qulriaz the said respondeni to answer at tht said Srp
I ember term.
In witness whereof. I haw bcrennto eel my
hind this 11th day of December. A. D.IKM.
toil 6t Clerk 3d Judicial Circuit Cwntt. ItawalL
tx TiiKcnicuiT ronrrorTiiK
X 3d Jadlrifl Circuit of the HawatUn Kingdom.
KAL.KAUA. br tha Grace nf t,oduf the I Una i tan
I stand. Kn:
TJ. II. SOI'EIL Em-Sarsha f 'h- Kla-das.
hl Deputy UatBTtso-
Yon ar hereby eommaaded t uainoa FETE IT
VALENTINE,Dcfendantincasehr itbail Sir artttra
answer witnin twenty nays atler setMce nereor t be
and appear before the ald Circuit Court at the ISnseas
ber Terra ihereof. to be fcolden al the Conit Koom nf the
Court Houe. Walmca. la the Island of IlawalLnn
Thurday, the&th day of November nest. at ttf o'clock,
mtosbowcaasewhythe claim of AKAN A VALES
TINE w. Ilantltr should sot ba awarded hvrprsa
mi in tue itiiui ui ner inmiiii x-.i.ion.
And hare yja then there this Writ niib 'ull return
of your procerdln-s thereon.
Seat of the I Chlf J tire nf Oar kinrrm I'miS
Supreme Conrtt this SIt day of October. A. D. tt
Clerk of Circuit Court.
To which summons the Marshal made the faUowias
return i
Havine made dillrcnt aeareh for thr within nintim-
et reter Valrnttne, aad aa he caanot be foand la
lata Mnrilom l hereby retarn the sum mom net wrrtl
I herchr cenlfr that the within nd forv-uJa? Ui
true and faithful copy of the original tumm-we taxl
In tho libel for dlrurce Akin Valentine t. FeUr
Valeallne. and also of the Marshal return thereto, aad
that la Ihe meantime an attrird copy of tha said
summons be printed ta the A'toioa and Ilawartas
Gaiittk for six (aituccraslTe weeks as ifeecribet by
tbe Matate, rr)ufHaa the said respandmt lo answer
at said term.
In witness whereof 1 harr h n unto s t my hand tV
rtthdnyof Norrmber. A.l. lL
liKX fit Clerk Third Judicial Circuit l art IUwi
Guardian's Sale of Heal Estate !
Ll that be vlriue of am ni-ilr I n al Kv fT,lf Jutwaa
J odd, at Chambers, on the 19th day of DeerMber A. I.
11, 1 will sell at Fnbllc AncUoa. on SATl'KDAV
Janaary ITtb, .. D. two, at IS o'clock anon at Alikolaat
Hale, llonolain, all the risht. titk and lMret mt
Itobert McLean, minor, la and t all that certain ptce.
or parcel of laud allnated en School btrrct In Uonolaln
aforesaid, and more particularly described n follow,
lo wit: Comment t air on ci.ool Mreet at a pviat Ti
feet distance from the corner of tarrie K. Godfrey a
piece on ihe Mania corner of Xanana aad School
streets and adjoin tar the property of Am one Georz
d Can ha. tbe bunntUry ran alonr ttf property mi
said Cuaha la a nocthatrrIy dlrectioa 1U fret, thence
In a south-easter ty illrectlud alons ppperty of saM
Cunbaarj feet. Ihcace alonj; property of W. E. FoeUr
la a S south westerly direction tai feet, thr-tcs south'
easterly along property of said Fostei fl feet a la.
thence aluns property tKlonatajr to Cnrrir E. U"ltnj
in n ot..a-wesieriy atreciion. reel n in. to sc1mmH
Street In a westerly direction lo point nt connaenc--meat,
brln? the same premlres conTeyed Id said Minwr
by deed of Kobcrl Gray, dated SepUaaber i;th. IiU,
aad recorded with Hawaliaa ieltrrr Dc.-d Ibwk
lt, paea 1-11. $S and itti.
Said premises will be inild at th. up r prie r Ss
ThonsandlMla. UUBEICT GRAY,
fiuardlaa of Itobert McLean.
Ilonolnln, II. I. Dec. tth. ltl. Pm tt
cation Issued out of the Saprease Cnnrt la fasor
of Kan ihe w. et al. inalalllT. asainst D. Kaaht. LMrn
dint.for tbe sum or fn.73, 1 has- le ted upon and
shall offer for sale in front uf Allhilam Hal at li
o'clock noon of
Saturday, the 24th day ot January, 1B85, 1
to the bUbeft bidder for cash all thr right title and
Interest of the said D. Kaahi la aad to all Uat piece or
parcel or Land known at Taukoa. allnated In llonolain
aina. Island of Oahu, a will mart- fellj appear In Roy
al luteal No. YJ. nnlesa said jadnent, interest,
ro-ti and my ezpensea are preeionsly paid.
Deeds at eipease of pare hater.
IVT For farther pantcaUrs apple toW A Kiaaar
. JNO. IL sOrEXL Manhal
Jlunolalu. Dec 17th. lis I, Vi 'A
Notice ol Temporary Administrator.
X b-rn daly appointed Administrator of th Estate
of the latn Franklin IL Endcra M. D.. of Wallah n.
deceased, (by Hon. A. Foraaudt, Ci rrU Jndei, calls
upon atl perona Indebted to said stair to aaatve lm
medlale paytnenl to Ihe nadcraizned. and all persons
hirlnc claims azalast said esUU are rraeoted to pre
seat the same with proper vuuehers whether eecnml by
mort-a-e or othrfwUa lo mi al my oSlo in ike Court
House. Wallaka, wltt, I a si month from dair or be
forevrr barred. THO W EVERETT
Temp. Admr. Est Fraokitn 11 Erden M. D.
Wallnka. Maat, December Sth twt MO t
AilniItiNtrators N'oticr.
X tic that h haa been duly appolaled Adntlalsfi
tor with ihe wilt attached, of thr EUf of CAIT
THUM S S FENCE It, late of IIUo, IsUad ot Hawaii
deceased. All persona having aay rUtaa against the
said estate aro notified that they nasi prr-nt tbe sanr
daiyTnifd,audwlthproir eouchera to W under
si-ned wllhla six months from the dt- .f uu nolk
or they will he forrrer barred aad alt persona wwms
the said estate are requeued u makr immediate pei
meat to tbe sadef stoned. i KlTTRKlMiK
-dr. Ei.Tlo peu r fclfb Hin.iiirbe4.
Hllo, Hawaii, Oct. 3rd. 1H na
No. 92 King Street.
Once more lOtlclU ih patron z- mml - ipport u -sC
who for twenty yr, knw aad
dealt with kirn
Plain Talk Pays Always
Fmahasfornuuyyt-ar- w..rk-i ! awl endeavored
to pleas every class of thecoma natty from th hlglKst
la the bad down to the hamblet nf the wotklV
cUstes, aad he can say thatdarin? that t.m be f "
made sa enemy or lest a entoBer ..h. ka
put his hand to the fhrw. aad t a. --)! able awA
lnr to Clre honest wotk. Cood nMtrrUl. and fair r
for money as ever yet was done la th- Hawaiian!
Single & Double Harness
Express Harness,
Plantation Harness,
Whips, (Spurs,
Chamois, Spongos,
Brushes, and
Everything Requisite for the Stable.
a rctt use or
English & Sydney Saddles,
SMJ Ctou,, BUaltlr, e.. ,),,,, ,uxk.
-WUtk,ka,,ot,r)tk,cmta igge

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