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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, January 07, 1885, Image 3

Image and text provided by University of Hawaii at Manoa; Honolulu, HI

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Jn 1lMZoUndI,Wfbb.f. frouiMD FmbcIku
-AHthlnMnrm Ktoff, Cartrr, f rom HonffWon?
Ambltne W II l.mood, Houdlrtt, from Krmn
Prt 31 -Ois AUrnrdn. Mcr, from laicl:o
Jib 1 I'JIM!rlitidi, W'ebbrr, fuf ibc Cotonl f
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Am tL. AbbttCinrt-. I'mdlrtOD
Am hline MlVlUl. Cutler
Am bttnp lXworcry. rfrrimau
Nor bk lirrdo, C'hrUtcBtm
1U br Jmrle Walker, HolUod
Am bktnc W II lMntond. Houdlrtl
I'reM btn 1'ranclxo. kt W II IJlmond, Jao 4-Full
arpoof mrrcliandifCTiiroTU.tini, liteHtwk tic.
't an FrancIto. irr Alameda, Irt3I Carco of
rnar. rtce. batana, nt canr, kidr, nxlc, clc,
noiarptk tiIqc, torcin iuc
rr ao Frtnclfco. I Eartki, Jan hx
NCit. If ba ricf. cmptj carboy . tuLal value,
From Kaat-l, val Walariaf, prrC It lUtboji. Jid !!-Ih-
Ilrrbcrt. J Iowcr, N Italbcrt, Ury.
For MrioVaL itt Motolil. Dec 3I-F II Hay acldco.
For rcrl TmoMnd. per KliklUt I)cc31-L Hloom,
M hmlli. iff and chlkl, E Kvi L T Dabl, II Mttnildt,
K kiihreber. wife sad child. F FwVt.
ForManUndlUwal!.irWUHall. Jan S-N1 F
X L'bartb, Ilr? U XeKentl, W Mnller, tl C Wacfar
laar Mr N C Ualrj. t' N Makee, W'm 11 Kins.
or Mb FranciKo. per Alameda, Dec SI II Erebr.
J V WarfirW, F andentrrrc, T II Unrt, T W Iancbea
ler. J Eneo. M anto, -Mr N L Field and dansblrr. M
llrreablat. II Eo-lrbracbt, Mark Tborappon, Utt oodf .
TKollff, J Farn -worth. Mrs J H button aod dmtbtcr.
Urn m A brrliLau. U Kendall. A T Eraiii. 11 llnnel.
II U (iratift. II VelsBtl, A Direr. A Muw. Sir A I'ow-
" II Mil", v ?IQIL3. jiou a I aikci
Frnm kahnlm and -aajr port, l-er UkHike, Jan 5 II
II II lTlncr-f UliooValiBl.Jllrlrlnbe. AIrrinc,Jlrs
TorbrU3lrIIaUeai)dT.ire,MrJC Kint, A nf.
.Mrt J Kalama. t K Kane. Mr M IWerbttr. W K
ley, Jad-e M' Kaal. Mr U'efuB. W L HoloVabl. U T
1-rletaa and wife, Vrotbcr Sheppard, W de Coeta. F II
Haftelden, Her Father Dantiro.
From Hawaii and Hani, per Kiaaa.Jau 3 -Capt E IV
itovuiaf , api Kami, i neo il uanea ana on4 i aw i
bpencer, J K Kanlla U I) aval, Wtl, J Dot turn, W
II Danlelfl. Decker, C K Kcmpster, 11 b bmylbe, :
Makee-JaaDriebt-KevU Watnorricbt. J Ulc-wn, Mn
ft G W iUef , Mra Clarif lima, 11 Heave.
Fre-m Kanal.per IMaater, Jan 4 -Mr J C Ward and
Mn, Mrt McUryde. Wi.i llclindc. Col Z baldlos, ii
MQndon.t'aptFUrant,Il WTFnrTla, C Dertlemaan.
Fmm KaoaL per Jaa Make, Jan 3 Major Wronsb
loa.Mr WeljhU
For San Frand-eo. per Enreka, Jau 3 Capl t D
Kttrl.lIiaB Dora.
Ft KanaUperC K fiUhon. Jan 3 E Atnatcr and
r-rU.-. L W Uo Ic. 11 V Uaruea.
From Pan Franclrco. per W H Dimond, Jan IV Col ft
Norrla, E C Draai. Jaa iUttble, C Mcbolaa. J 11 Iter.
For Manl, per Llkellke, Jan 4-11 on S U Wilder. E I
MchoU, It Catun. lion ll kathclanl and wife. Mra M
DonnefL A eerinr. MU HooplUWC Crook, b W
Kan, MUfM t il).
Tor Foreign Stm tec first ra.
HU Albaad College opened on MontlJir.
The Government pattie school le-ojn to-daj.
No feaxof di
Taro Flour.
b from eating roi made from
Socar is comratDciD to arrlre f reelj from wind
ward porta.
2Ieun Bisbop & Co are barins tLc lUtA UailJ
Ior jointed. t -
Itct. J. VTa.nvti-:ht baa bn on a mil to Maui,
rnil mttrued bj the A'.
Tbo Supreme Coart, January term, ootuurnocO
baskincas on tbe Hb Inst.
The 2anUh bark r-?jJ vilX iHtAaXAj sail or
HcmbolJt, to load laiober.
Iietrrnehment is in order jast now, and all are
becimmg to feel tbe piDcli.
InsUUatlon at Harraony Lude I. O. O. F.
Monday and Tocmlay evenings.
Tbe Kim arrived early on S-itnrday, celtiuj;
op to I be wharf at 10-30 a. rn.
Mc&va U. W. Macf attano &. Co. are no tbe local
agent of Wells Fnrco & Co,
Mr, llampsiia will conUnoc her evanRcliUic
labors throahoat Uio woek,
ilonsJnlesTaTcrneir.awcUlaioan im Fran
euoo artist, is on a viiit to thu city.
Onloers Mc-hrtcna signalled his rclnru to dnty
by tbe immediate capture ol two sellers of uriora
Tbe btlne WU.tJimom arrived in port here
from S.LD Francisco, on tbe &Lb insu, 21 days pa
sage. .
TLeO.S.S. Mt vo ii doe hero from &in Fran
cisco on the fib insL, bnngini; mail and news
date to the Und inst;
MtMsrs R F. Ehlers -t Co. dealers in dry guods,
dtios btuine3 on Fort street m this city made an
asslsnoicnt on tbe 5ih inst,
A blrDng northwest wind commenced to bluw uu
the afternoon ot the 1th Inst., and ha continued
to date. The weather of nights is cool.
Col. Noma, well Vnoun as a persistent traveller
between this city and Han l,ranci,cot arnved in
lon nero again ouiuenuinsu. per m .u.imoMi.
jaJ.ro llicktrtoa Las had Hcrcral Urro nadicnecs
daring the iist week, interesting cases coming np
beiorc nis uonor, unt wuicu were specuy oi scuie-meut.
Thu 7V orocTainmB of events for occar-
rencoon tbe 1st uwu, uas, as usual, oaty tmasi
uary tu characto and the performances cro
prcK-mru ouiy on pnptr.
The 1. M. H. S. Zfsl&mtitt, arrived in iturt her
on the 1st. lueL, and sailed again for the Culonics
on the same date. Newt and mail dates to the
2Kb nit. were received.
Mortuary Report Tor December. lbS4.
Fndcr 1 I 6 7 .. sC C7T W "jAbnu 1
tto. 6 3 Jl ; .1 ..j I' 4 S'ActWeol 1
M.. iwi 1 ..i.l! I ..(Abeeat 1
W U. 0 I t S . ' . - 2 .. Appoplexy,. 1
9M, . r S. l if CvnvttUtonv. 1
l r i ' s i cottMptB. i
3-- 1,.. .. I'.. J l.JCrosp 1
B i 1' . I , j't j ajDIaVe Heart. S
? i ... i ' i i!rpyj i
W I S! a . J l S juDjMlery. .. T
t 1 1 Diarrbaea ... 1
zi7Tt si a! i! ; ilauciaHtj.... s
Exbaartlott. 1
Fcrcr. 3
Cmpartlt Mtmtklf Jftrlaktj. Lept. exhB.. 1
lOJd Ace..... B
raraljHs.... 2
9gi"neamonrt . 1
4iL'nknotrn.-. 1
leel, !eathi
DtIC. dralh.......
Iee I-, death..
Iee ISM. dealha
c !, death ......
IeeX'M, deaths.
lrc deatba.
ZHtA If rrrrfr JUara.
Ti I A I ' BJ S 10 11 i: IS ovUlde.
i( i' 1 T ;1 'i7lT7"g'iTJ.iii
titt, ibetc abort 3 were rtfldeatt.
Jobs IL Dbovs, Aceat Ikurd of Health.
A Gay Wedding.
Oa Saturday evening a reception was given at
ihr reaideneeof Mr. C. Af.m thonmiim iinr
IiImi marriaxre of Miss NaneT Afnn-r tn Mr.
mi jucMoc.er. iw toouuuj aa periormcu oy lue
iliev.J. A. Crnzan at 70, in the presence of tbe
vnuei iamuj. iwn to arrive ai e.
and from tnat time uu naii pan nixwi a constant
ilreua of weuiners saiuiea toe nappy pair. The
mie was uresseu in wmw wie win neing
nverrfd with CnnnrM of lace. At SIJ30 tovoet
tervrd and the ceremony of catting tbe bride's
jV. wj rrA ihmn"h Tli renast wasaaamn
Eaoas oaa and ample lattice, was done to it by tbe
i and wer laid cat in tbe room adjointnc the
brawing-ruonu Among them may be mentioned
a nmr tea and eoo es sexnee, a enina amnir aer
w cases of forks and spoons; several dress salts.
Lets, table ornament- silver nankin rimrs and
pnraber of pieces of iewelrT and other appro-
Hate pfU. Of tbe ueats we can rive no com
Let li, bet prominent wsre II. II. 11. Kmma the
neen Dowaccr. Honor tbe Chief Justice, the Hon,
. S. Qecborn. the Atmnu-Jeneral anJ ilr.
peumann and a large number of our most fore-
aost citueus. uanag tbe erenicg the Hawaiian
and EUyed selections of music. Tbe Girrm
risbes ererr barDtness and alonirlife to the eIv
vr&axneu cuapie.
A timelT nse of lion Hitters will kpenavfenl
r lamuy in roonsi neaitn a year wiiu out utue cost.
I ftead aareriuenKst.
Two Urco sized zhuks ere aeen Sunday after
noon in tbe vicimtt of the boathuuseof tto Alyrtle
Club, evidently looking for some of theM)itlo
boys, but they were all absent.
To-dav Jlr. E. I. Adams mil oiler, at tLu rul-
denco ot Jaiuts Kcao, lung street, hapaUma, op
portunities to purchase household furniture at low
prices. The sale commences at 10 o'clock.
The lratnc room held bv Oaeea KapiuLini
on Ler birthday tbe 31st nit, was largely attended
by ladies and children who took advantage of the
orcasmu to tender their alohas to llcr Majesty.
Sen naders ronnd on New Year's niomiuz. mik
ing tbe echoes ring, and banishing sleep from the
householders eje. Serenades are a nuisance and
should In presented with the Order of the water
Messrs Lions and Lciev will more into tbo pro
mises lately occupied by Messrs W. U. Irwin & Co.
at an early date. The spacious storage room in
their new quarters will greatly facilitate their business.
Governor Dominis. and Cantain Jackson of tbe
Survey Department, left for Waialot yesterday
where it is proposed to arntngo lights ro vessels
can reach the anehorago at night. No lighthonso
lsjti erectca on uarotr a I'oiut.
1'hotouraDbs taken in the throe baud re tb mrt of
a second, is the latest inprovement in that art. An
old llonolalaan, Mr. Charles M. Kobertson, has
taken op the amusement and sends his fneuds
some very pretty views of a trip in Scotland.
GeorceVoct. a well known barber of thiscitv.
will make his anicarance before Jadire llickerton
to-day, on a charge of obtaining a diamond ring
under false pretences; the ring is claimed by
Tboiais Oiley, one of tbo employes at tbe Hono
lulu Iron Work.
The law office of W. U. Castle. Ei, i now situ
ated in the building formerly occupied by J. W.
Kobcrtson A. Co., known as llonolulu Hale, One
half of the ground floor is occupied by Mr. Castle,
tbe other portion beins intended for n by the
iosi umca autuoniies.
The Oceanic Go's steamer AhmeJu. sailed for
San Francisco on tho 31st nit. Among the KUtsen-
gers uo went lorwara was tne nr. ltenry Ijc
lay Edperjy who had registered white in fluoo
luluaaMt. II. C. Kvans. He left behiud him an
nnaid board bill.
Tbe American shlo bloru Kihu. Cantain Carter.
arrived oil the port on the afternoon of the 4tb
inst., (j days from Hong Kong, bound to Victoria
It. C. Tbe Captafn rcorts having encounted very
heavy weather cn roote. After refitting, the storm
Kiug will sail for the CoaL
Messrs Lvons and LcvevoffiriaU-dAttbaauetfon'
sale held in the store of the Temple of Fashion,
Fort street, on the cveuingof lbe&thiut, sud suc
ceeded admirably iii depleting the stock of gocnlj
on hand. Oa the evening of the 10th inst there
will be another sale at tbo name place.
Considerable change has lttelv been mads m tbe
engineer's department of the Wilder Steamship Co.;
Mr. I- W. Tucker resumes active duty as chief en
gineer of the Km, Mr. Johnson goes ns engineer
of tbe rflrf72-e and Mr. Farm worth retires from
the position of engineer of the A tlaum Hon.
List FndiT. Januarv iud. was the birthdsv of
Queen Kmma. This popular lady was visited by a
large number of her friends, native and foreign,
during the day. Her residence ot the corner of
Nuuannand lleretania streets, presented a lively
appearance owing to tho number of people coming
and going.
Three more trials of tbe Harden Hand Grenade
have been friven bv Mesar. M vers and Eckel at
each of which the public, being invited, were pres
ent in great crowds and tbe sncoesaf ul manner in
wincn the Grenade acted as an "Lneray to Fire
won hearty applause. ' ho orders have been so
numerous of late that the Agents are commencing
to donbt their abilities to fill them.
Tho son of DeeuW Davton. wLilo tiiavinc in tho
yard of tbe Police Station, on tbe afternoon of
the Cth inst, was bitten on tho ngnt tbigb, severe
ly, by one of tho many dogs that are harbored in
that locality. The little sufferer was immediate
tv attended to bv l;r. Trousseau and. unless inflam
mation sets in, tbo condition of the lad is not con
sidered dangerous.
1 he bttter class of People in the cjmmunitv ap
prove of tbe action of the complainant in tho late
lottery drawing, and endorso tbe action of Mar
shal Soper in making tbe arrests. An honest and
icaricss omccr mat endeavors to carry out me law
ininartiallr cannot but receive tbe commendation
of right-minded people. Tbo Hat of holders of
tickets nr me scueme presents many names oi
those w bo signed petitions against tbo Lottery
Thddrawing will probably be finished at an
early date and winners will receivo the prizes
Marshal Soner. after settling the bminisscon-
ijcctcd with ht raid on tbo lottcrv drawing on the
3rd inst., paid a visit accompanied by officer
juenricns, to tut umnese i neater, in searcuoi
opium and gamblers. Quito a flatter amongst the
large audience was perceptible on their entrance,
but ike party proceeded immediately upward to
the lodging rooms and commenced their search.
After a thorough overhauling of tho ruinous dens,
occupying nearly two hours, the Marshal captured
i wo opium una empty, and retired sausned il
that place for the nonce was in a highly moral
The band concert at Emma Square oa the cvbl
ing of the Uh inst was well attended, the follow
ing musical gems bciag given away gratuitously:
Orerinre "Rom I Ida and Constance1 Merrrbeer
Gavotte "Imperial1' Fant
Cavallna "JtelUarlo Donteill
IEeminlceoee or Uclll&r .Godfrey
Medley Tleaant Menorlet" HfTer
Walts "Laura" Vlllockcr
Tlie mill at Kukaiau lately buUtforMessrsT.il.
DaTies A Co. was started for the flr&t time on New
,enrs day and worked successfully.
X chineso restaurant at Paaukao was broken into
on the 1st inst, and robbed ot a safe containing
S-GOO. The safe was afterward found, busted, the
com nvm er.
The Gstctte'a Hllo Letter
Guzettr The New Year opens in owd
liilo style with tu here, plenty of rain, a little
rend, and general good spirits and some very
bad ditto somewhere, judging from the drunks
seen about tne streets eany lots morning.
Tbe sontncrlT blow continued here until aboct
the 23th. nil. when tbe wind died away and the
clouds settled down and distilled iu that soft, mat
ter of fact way so characteristic of liilo; and
thourh the rain has not come down as beavilv aa
it sometimes does a record of about five inches for
tbe lat tnree days stands as tne opening score of
the season.
Sunday last the mountains were clear almost
all day and many persons noted the peculiar
scenic effects on "Manna Kea" The mountain
was in shadow, overhung with heavy grey clouds
with a bnght rift directly over the highest peaks.
Through this break the sunlight fell upon the
freshly nowoveredpeaKSwttnwonueriui euect
the remainder of the mountain being in deer sha
dow. Heavy leaden clonds were continually
scurrying across and over the mountain and dis
appearing until three o'clock they set tlafl down and
covered the mountain im at times the sunlight
streamed down the sides of the mountain lighting
it np so tnat tne reuiisn dost douda, rising irora
the open con dry. could be plainly seen, and tell
inc of the ravers cale that was there blowin.
The mountain has been shut in since and the
clouds have, in effect, settled down onon Ililo.
The Wainakn MilL Mr. Scott manager, has be
cun grinding. The double effect, a new addition
improves ine working capacity rnncn.
The liilo ladies :nve a hot laach and an ic?
cream festival at the Court House this New Year's
day. tbe table bcins thrown open to the patronage
of tbe pablic at 1 2 JO, noon.
No further indications of submarine volcanic
eruptions! ? have excited us of late. It is hinted
thai the late excitement rec ardin tha strance
phenomenon outsido our n&rbor was the result of
a oiinryr, sncuas several of oar old-time l-m--rums
say they have noticed at rare intervals in tbe
early morning light and which threw the sea into
Ligh ratists apparently, but which subsided oa
tbe ann's gaining a higher altitude, Ibe smoke
effect may; have been the cause liken m of this
atmospheric disturbance and the ready imagina
tion of an excited observer would naturally tuve
rnagnineoit, n e yet ve on in lanaea, aecanty.
Review of Events in 1 884.
1st. BnOftU changes from morning to evening
paper Jjwerf sails for San rraodsco; Eastern
tourits back again Mortuary llecord for March
shows a total of 13 deaths, o( which 34 were Ha
waiian U.O. Crabbe appointed sta! ion -keeper.
rod Tbe whirligig thrown open to the public
Exports for quarter shows increase of sugar,
?nddv. bananas oo and betel leaves, in value
OOO-l-nncess Likehke leaves for Maui.
3rd. MotL&eiders in aintnai leicrrtone to.
meet Kaui makes first escape from prison gang
Schooners Kmirmifnmi and Gt. Skill collide off
4tb. irench corvette AtrvwrfeH arrives from Ia
Pas, Mexico.
Mb. uenutv auenft of .North honaia, removed
for malfeasance in office.
fith. Palm Sundav Deaths of Miss Louise Gnl-
lixaon and llev. John D. Sessions.
ih. Anni term oi auoreme Uourt commences
Ilirthday of Princess iNnnaikalani Meeting of
Hawaiian Humane Society, called, no quorum.
mil Meamer .vtpf man arrive irora aan r ran-
dtco, bringing 73.U0O of new Hawaiian coinage,
quarters and dimes Port Surveyor Morrill cap
tures iu tins opium on tne Martmm iwo new
steam fire cncine arrive for Honolulu Fire De-!
part mcnt Julius H. Smith made a denizen.
9Ul Stockholders in Haw'n ltell Telephone Co.
meet Flag half-masted on Hritiaa Consulate in
tncmorr of Prince I.onold's death Sherman's
circus ret cms from Maui False alarm of fire
Feat of laasorer commences ieorce rracht
dies at Watobinn Maui.
lom. Inter-Ialand H.A.UO. iuv dividend 1
M.S. S. .Imtte arrives from Hong Kong; GOO Chi
newt for llonolulu Mutual Telephone Co meet.
llth. liood Fndav 1. M. 7. t. Jo ston takinc
passengers or freicht between San FraneLco and
Honolulu 1'. M. S. S.. I ntltc sails for San Fran
cisco Kaui makes second escape from prison gang.
irtn. Trial oi new eiam urc engines satisrac-
13th. Easier Sunday 11.11. M.S. CimWimm ar-i
rives from Coqairobo Chile.
ltih. Steamer nrrivea fmm the Colonies and
sails for the Coast Kaui recaptured IL 11. M. S.
CoMtae sails for Esqutmault It. C.
lith. Symphonv Club rive benefit to J. W.
Yarndtey at Y. 31. C A. Hall Marinxta ais for
San FrandKW ;Princess IJkelike goes as a passenger.
iitn. iiaer nteamiutp ui, pay uiviuena
Large fial,37.ilbrt, caught off Diamond Head. ,
17th. Annual meetin? l.ai. u. a. rjiiertaiii.
mcnt by tbe Mokae Club Oriental Hell Tel. Co
vs. E. 1. Adams case, tried in the bupreue Court,
verdict in favor of plaintiffs Messrs. C Alee and
Goo Kim accredited as commercial agents at Ho
nolulu for empire of China.
1Mb. t-j.uaiistJO, uimiicuj ueciare uivioenu.
10th. Attempted robbcrv at Love-joy A: Co
Slight earthquake in Honolulu.
luiu. Hawaiian damage ka uecidre uiiueuu
Fire at Hopper'a mill.
I'lst. Zealand kt nmvcu from Stn Frauci-co: 11.
Gncvo Esq the sole passenger for Honolulu Zm
lattJia wis for the South Continued fall of
sugar News received of Mrs. Hobert Sterling's
death at Ashford Kent March 'th Floods at
2nd. AhitMfiU arrives from oan rrancixco
Grove Uanch G, pay, dividend Speciil meeting
of Honolulu I title", signatures to roll call F. L.
Clarke one of the boutn Aea envoys arrives men
Afterglow very brilliant.
run. acmwner a nptowni rrnorteu as ims-inc.
JZAk. Heavy rams ou Hawaii.
ltth. Oneninn of the Legislative Amiably of
1RSI-N1 Sbirman circnsfrom Hilo Stoainrr C.
IUUp sent in search of schooner Kaihltthi.
Stu. bales oi iionoiuiu itaie ana mner ianu uy
K P. Adams.
ytu. lno V. ti. lhfior returns with schooner
'Mh. Judges of Supremo Court don gowns. C
lLHockland ret ires from editorebipof tho tMtet in.
laL AlttiMnhi sails for Sin Francisco nt 3 p.m.
tHi'lif HntrniiaH published.
2nd. Annual parade of the Honolulu Fire Dc
pirtmrnt PaU Plantation paysdiridcnd.
Jib. Maaln Horns ( wl dies from effect of over
docs of lindanum administered by Frank Metealf.
tjtu. ine nanu mves tuc six-uunoreatu concert
at Emma Square,
i tn. rtcuooner tttHtrni oigri coea nauoro ni
fth. C. It. lfuckland leave lor ami rancisco
Steamer Mnriiomt arrives Fair in aid of Honolulu
lurary, opeusnsius l..urt.unu.
1Kb. The new stamped envelopes for tho Gov
ernment received.
10th. Ileport of Minister oi foreign Anairs pub
lished B. F. Holies dies Honoruln Iron norks
close at noon on Saturdays.
lltli. News received oi tne acollinc matcn be
tween Edward Tnckett and William 1 teach, tbo
latter winning by a length The Marquis and
Marchioness of Normanby pass through Stror.
iHntrHiHt arrives anu sins
13th. J. S. Webb and Geo. W. Parker, made
1Mb. O. b. S. Mtnint satis at a p. m tjalico
ball at Music Hall.
IGth. r irst othcers oi Honolulu l.uies commis
sionedAssembly adjourn four diys Steamer
Minioi leaves i,i.uni tor nan t ranenwo.
iMu. itvof ytrit arrives and sans.
19th. Duly Kiel published Quarantine of ani
mals North Hilo.
LMtb. Mrs. Alfred lindens dies nt Hllo.
21st. Dottle and lot Nor1 west Iocs picked up nt
Zl'J. l'rosneetns Citv of farts bleamsum tjtim-
pany issued Ma malt arrives from San Francisco
with 100,000 Hawaiian coin II. IL H. Princess
IJkelike arrives back from San rrancisco Col.
Iankea. II. F. Poor and Consul Irwin arrive from
Japan McKcnney'a Hawaiian Directory published
Awncion uay j. u. ivimoru uies.
iivrueitoat uiuu timid new nouse itank
Charter bi 11 introduced in Lerilaturc Irfcislature
adjourns in honor of Queen Victoria's birthday.
tthvTJueon VictortVs birthday Hark Htmijio
arrives from Australia with coal.
Titli. Uev. II. Macey preaches at rort st.chnrcb.
27 th. UritUh Henevolcnt Society ball at Music
Hall Oceanics and Married Mcu, base ball, 3T 11.
LTili. Gas bill, and Nabtiidy bill for O. S. S. Co.
prescuted in Legislature.
30th. American Memorial Day Post Geo. De
Long G. , IE. cemme inorate by decorating graves.
yist. liae uiu soison opens, maton came be
tween Married Men nod Occam cs Hoard of Im
migration request applications for Japenese More
burglaries Hart Hro3. palce entered.
Nrf,lUmpv)n'i Mission.
Theooenme services of the ladv evangelist Mrs.
Hampson took place at Kawaiahso church on tbe
morning of the 4th inst. The following account
is supplied by tne liHiiett.
Mrs. Hampton the evangelist, who is celebrated
for successful work in her native country England
and in Australia and New Zealand began her pub
lic mission in Honolulu yesterday, holding two
services in Kawaiahao Church. At 11 o'clock the
bodv of the church was filled with people, in
cluding a goodly number of tbe natives whose
place of worship it is. and the galleries ncooraoda-
tea ine overnow. airs, jiampsou gavo out ine
opcninchvmn "Come re that love the Ixird.
Pastor Oggel delivered a prayer, and Mrs. Hamp
son re jui, w uu i repressiveness ine sevenin oi aiat
tbew. Pastor Cruzan mada announcements re
lative to the mission, and then further devotional
excercises including prayer by the evangelist, led
on to ine sermon.
Mrs. Hamoson selected as her text the 9th verse
of tbo Cth chapter of Galatians, lle not weary in
weil-Uodng. ior in one season ye snail reap it ye
faint not A creater oratorical effort than the
discourse could not often hive been heard in this
city. In the main it constituted a magnificent
panegyric upon Christianity as tba only genuine
civilizing and elevating agency in tbe world. It
vividly ;held np as an example to be avoided tbe
course of professing Christians who were not con
cerned beyond tneir own salvation, i ne preaciier
urced with remarkable force the value of the
Apostle's advice, showing by striking Illustrations
that cood deeds Meld a certain barvest. even
though it mav not anusar in the lifetime of tbe
doer. They had in the text work, not words; do-
ins. noi an inc. ono was very lrcprefuive at me
close, in pointing out the hollowness of what goes
for success in the world. Looking down over the
Dlatforro. as if into the crave of one of tbe world a
greatest kings and warriors, she enquired in gra
nule terms it those dust ana asnei were success,
and then with burning eloquence depicted the an
tithesis of an eternal crown and sceptre for those
wno aevoiej tneir mortal uvea to weiidoms.
The usual closing choral services were then
sung and the large audience retired seemingly
deeply impressed with the effective sermon.
Ibe evening serviees, which commenced at 7.30
o'clock, were attended by a larger congregation
and the sermon was no leu powerful, the speaker
gaining' the sympathy of her audience from tbe
start and holding their attention to the cIoe.
Meetings will be addressed by Mrs. Hamptiou
every evening during toe tout tuts week at unit
nast seven, in Kawaiahao Church, and a praie;
meeting will be held in connection with the mis
sion at noon crerv dav in the JJetbel estrv.
Mrs. UampMon carries force cf character and
earnestness in her countenance, is possessed of
histrionic abilities that would give ber a high
position in any profession where such aro at a
premium, and witbal seems to have tbe natural
orator's indefinable rower over an audience. The
service which she is engaged in deserve a cons
tant attention on the part of the public and every
opportunity U offered to hear this gifted speaker
at Kawaianaounurcn.
Marshal Soper Scores Again.
On tbe evening of tbe 3rd inst, when the crowd
that had eitbeml to wituesa the exhibition of the
Harden Hand Grenade opposite the Fashion Sta
bles uad dispersed, tne presence oi aiarsnai noper
was noticed in tbe vicinity of the Astor House
Billiard I looms, kept by Charles McCarthy and
known to be a favorible resort of the young
"bloods' of the dir. 1 ne fact that a lottery was
to be drawn at that establishment the same even
ing, (there seemingly been no secret about the
matter the statement being made openly that
an authority had given a tacit consent to the
sale of tickets) made the movements of tbe
Marshal a cause for curiosity on the part of a
GizzTTE representative, who, for over an hour saw
tbe Marshal hover around and about the place, in
plain sight. At aboct 3 o'clock officer Fehlbeher
joined the Marshal and after a short conversation
they separated. Later on officers Fehlbeher and
Menrten arrived and at a signal from Marshal
Soptr tbe party made entrance to tbe rear of the
establishment, entering, and capturing three per
son one of whom stated that the game in progress
tram Lottery. The rest of the people that crowd
ed the small room waited for no order to go, but
made flicht for doors and windows beinc, as officer
.Heartens expressed it, as badly scared a a lot of
Chinamen. The three persons arrested were, with
the boxes and tickets captured, taken to tbe Station
tionse ana, aiierwaras reieaseu on oau. aiarsnai
Soper expressed regret at having being compelled
to make the raid, but excused himself from inter
f ering on account of tbe absence, out of town, of
his deputy.
On the 5th inst. the parties charged with "run.
ning a lottery' were brought before Judge Dicker
ton and pleaded not cuilty. Tbe Attorney Gene
ral appeared for the crown and aid, iasnbsttnee
that, to make a long story short and not wate the
time of the Court he would say that, he did not
consider that the prosecution had enough evidence
to convict, being unable to show that any money
was won or lost.
Tbe Attorney General referring to Marshal So
per said: I believe yon have so such evidence,
Marshal Soptr: "No, only tbe parchase of tick
eU the payment of money for which I can prove by
witnesses ,
Tbe Attorney Gensral; lour Honor that is all
we can prove, thai tickets were sold, that a draw
ing took place, bat we cannot show that any
money was won or lost, as is necessary to convict'
under Section 1 of Chapter XXXIX of the Penal
Judge Bickerton said that tc would rd that It
was necessary to show that force money was won
or lost,
Hon. Edward Preston the counol for the de
fendants asked the court to discharge his clients.
Th Attorn nnr1 Ms dcftfr tO
enter a eW rw4 and the request being acceded to
the defend ml s were allowed their liberty
Tfce Teach cn In CennelL
Following 1 a cby of tho resolaliao adopted
at a meeting of Ihe Teacher's Awciat.cn held In
this city on the 30th nil:
On Toesdiy list the following resolutions were
adopted at tbe Teachers' Association: ;
AeWmf, That arrangements be made for the i
publication of occasional papers on tbe theory and !
nraetiee of leaehinp; that thee panels 1
can be published without expense to the Teacher's
AsMjeiation. I
Wbereav This Iusiitnt IUhtm that creat edu
cational benefit is derived from the gathering of
teachers in conference, therefore be it
J?oiW, Tnat we request the Hoard of Educa
tion to draft an adequate law to present to the
next Legialature, providing for the holding of
Teachers' Institute on the several idands, these
institutes to be so planned as to reach all teacher.
ftootoo. That this institato appoint a commit
tee to prepare or compile, as they may deem best,
a primer on morals for ne in our schools, the
same to be reported at tbe next annual meeting.
KttoJrtii, Tb.lt we cordiilly aprrove of the action
of the Hoard of Education in securing thu pre
paration of an English-Hawaiitn dictionary, and
would respectfully recommend that it be pot to
Press as speedily as possible, preferably in San
raneHco, where there are facilities for such work
not to bo fonnd in Honlalu.
.VWm, 'That In order to give the needed basis
of authoritative facia for public information and
for progressive work, the lloard of Education be;
requested to publish faller statistical statements,
ginug age and health stttislics of the pupils aver
age daily attendance, the number of day Given
by teachers to tin work of the school and cot per
capita in both the English and Hawaiian schools.
That this Association desires to put
upon record its high appreciation ot the munificent
bequest of tho late Mrs. C 1L Kishop for tbe edu
cation of boys and girls in these islands, and the
earnest wih of this Association that the Trustees
to bo appointed shall so graft these Jvamcuamena
Schools on tbe present public fchool system that
they shall be a privilege, not a chanty; the pupils
in these schools to be selected from the most pro
raiting in the other schools of the Kingdom.
The L'nw on Gamine.
Wc reprint n few Sections of the earning law.
civing tbe ameudmcnt to Sections 2,3, and 4, which
was passed in 1870. Every person is supposed to
know tbo laws of tbe country under which he
lives, unfortunately few do thoroughly understand
them, henoe tbe trouble of tbe other evening.
The following is an extract from Chapter XXXIX,
oi tne I'enai uouc :
. whoever by rlavins at cards, or any other
game, wins or loses any sum of rooney or thing of
value is guilty of gaming.
2. Whoever is guilty of gaming shall be pun
ished by fine, not exceeding one hundred dollars,
and by imprisonment at hard labor, not exceeding
sixty dtys.
5. Whoever shall byplatingatoardsorauyotker
game, or by betting on the sides or bands of such
as do play, loso any sum oi money, orining ot
vnlne, and shall pay or deliver the same or any
nirt thereof, miv sue for and recover the money
or value of the thing so lost and paid or delivered,
irotu the winner itiervoi.
C In case tho person so losinc such money or
any thing of value shall not within three months
SrosQto wild effect and without unreasonable
f4.y for such money or other thing of value, it
auau be lawmi ior any constable or otuer otneer
or nerson to sue for and recover, treble tho value
of such money or other thing, 'with full costs of
suit, tbe one halt of which snail go to tne person
so prosecuting, and the other halt to tbe govern
ment, for the use ot common schools.
Tho Anglican Chnrch Chronicle.
Ilio Magazine keens welt on to the mirk. There
is a pleasnnt and seasonable greeting from tbo
rxuiors, wmcn is loiioweu uy somo remnrasou
"hard times and economy." wherein it is some
what sarcastically shown that it is a sorry busi
nras to curtail expenses by beginning at tbe Lord 'a
House, Tho neat article Is one ou "evolotion'
and is a comment ou tho papars recently published
by Professor Scott and Mr. Castle. The remain
ing part ot the number is occupied with church
new a. at home and abroad. This had evidently
been carefully selected and is presented to tbe
reader in acripiorm. i no correspondence col
umn contains two letters, the latter suggesting
that tho services rut cut be somewhat curtailed in
length, and pointing out whero some time at least
might lie saved, ine riooationai rrciiou is not
as foil as if should ho. but perhaps beinc holiday
time, that Section should have a rest as well as the
A Christmas Number,
Tho Hojti Ih out with a very handsome Christ
mas number. TLo title nare is bricht with the
celebrated picture, ndvtrtincraent ot Peruvian Uit-
icrs, wuue iuo tast pago uas a uesign snowinc
Diamond Head, an O. S. Co.'s steamer in mid
ocean, and tho Golden Gate. Within the covers
luero is much of interest, pictorlil nnd typograph
ical. The principal picture is a largo view of tbe
crater of Kilauea, by Jules lavcrnier; it Is highly
effective. Then there nro Christ mat designs, grave
anu gay; aud a nnmoer oi uaniornia sseienes. in
the letter press will be found an account ot Kilauea,
an amusing skit by Din O'Conuel, two by Kobert
C lingers, and a poem by Annie Ijake Townsend,
entitled the "Journalists Wooing, a subject which
this lady bad an opportunity of sketching from
real me. inewnoio nuraoer is goou, ana iar ex
cels anything in this lino, yet done in Sin Fran
cisco. Rainfall At PnpAlkon.
Through the kin J huh of Mossrs. Hitchcock A
Co. we are enabled to cive the rainfall as kept by
tnem at tneir plantation nt rapiiKou, lino, Ha
waii. Month. lucbrn.
Jann.iry S.W
February 1 7
Marth 1.
April i!.U
May 17 .T6
Jane I
July .11 55
Ansnt ,l,7i
brptember UkOT
ciober ..... .IV
November M
December IV0
Tola I..
... ..IIB.M
Riinfall nt Kaaipu Ranch Mnnoa Valley-
Jan nary 4.1 July 113
rebrnary ST'Annft .1
Marth ! J! September.-.. ......... 4 !
April T.l October
Mar 32 November S'
Jnue 5. December......... 4.8
Total for Ibe year ....73
lloalel rainfall in 21 honra, March ilM Ys
Average rainfall per month 0 0
The Chinese arrested last week by Marshal So
rter and remanded, romo op for trial to-day in the
ronce uoori.
To produce real genuine sleep and child-like re
pose an nignt, take a iiiuo nop itinera on reiinn:
Look for rdrerlisement.
"nu 3bvrrtisrmmta.
Mortgagees Notice of Intention to Foreclose
ana oi saie.
X er el aale contained In a certain mnrtjraire made by
Kalapa of Kahaoa, Iftland of Oaho, to S 11 lole, dated
Kth day of April. lSit, recorded In ILe office of the
and atjned to 1 Mclnemyby SB Pole by deed of
pinmcn i. iaien .prii hd, ls'vt, ana recoraea in
liber TV. on folios 4lt-, and by M Mclncrny to II A
Wtdemanu. TntMee by dtctl of ai"lciimcnt, dated 2Kb
darof December. ISi-L recorded In liber Sj. folio 2? 9.
Notice U hereby civen that aald aiatnee Intenda to
foreclone iaid mortcire. for condition broken, acd up
on aald foreclovnre wfit tell at peblic anctton. at the
balearooma of Lyont X Leiry, m llonelaln. I land of
uann,on jui.uai , me sna uay or reornary.iNU, at
12 M of said day. ihe prcmleea as described In said
Biortc'Se aa below ipecIQed.
Farther particulars can be had of J M Moaaairat,
AuorncTiiMn. n, .. i nir.JtA.. irnetee,
Asilfpieeof Mortsager
Honolnln, annaiy Tlh. IM.
laatoa, Uahn. and contain an area ot S.03 acrca, being
.tpana t oi j.oyai t aicni rtnicana iuu 10 untkaa
and the same nremUea that weie ennrertd to I hit nM
Kalapa by Hamaualan w and Kaawa her hntband, by
iiocro-t. on lot low anu ioia
Jlortpas'ecV olircof Intention to Forccloc
ana oi naif.
tx accoki)axci;avitii a row-
X er ef sate contalnM In a certain mortgage made by
Kaptko of Waiklkl. Ittand of Oaha, to M Mclnerny,
dated 17th day of Jalj.lSti, recorded In the nfflee of
the l!e?iitrarof Conveyancea. In liber S3, on folios 271
3. and aarlgbed to 11 A Wldemann of Honolnln, fa Mid
Inland of Uahn. Trnatee, by aald M Mclnerny by deed
of al?TiBirat. dated the TKk of December L and
j-rcortlrtl" iu liber W. folioa 2C79. Notice Is hereby
cireo mat rain assnmee intends to roreciote aid mm-
Cce. forcondltioa broken, and npon aald fvrecloanre
win reu at pnnnc aociioa, at tne ."aierooms or i.ypns
Ji I-etey In Honolnln, tland of Oaha, on MONDAY,
the S&d day of February, I'M, at li XI of aald day, the
prenitaci at deeeiibed In raid mort fa at below apecl
Oed. Farther partlcnUro can be bad of J M Montarrat,
Atiorney si ijiw, ii, a. iiik.na, ixattee.
Ariljnee ot Mortjra.
Honolnln, Ja&nary 7th, ltC.
TbenremiPcatobefoldara rltnaied at rahoa. Wal-
kikl. beta? the land known as "KaBkahokn" and a
portiou of llojal Patent lsd4 to J Kahal and by bin de
vlred in Kaplko by bit laetwlll dated Anjrntt dTth.PCI.
and contain inx an area of 4 Kwpw Acres. Said land la
nnapie tot me enitieation or nee iva
Mortgagee's .Nollcc of Intention to Korrcloc
nnd or hale
er of sale eofltalned In a certain mortcase mad by
KaalhapBBef Honolnln. Inland of Oaha, lo W II Wof
tm.daled I?th day of Deeeinber, ISO, recorded In the
times of the Keplatrarof Cenveraaee. In liber Kken
folios tlO-i:, aod smIcbM by W II Wnltera tn M D
Mostamt by deed of aMlfnment dated tbe Sth of Jen
nary. IC Notice ia hereby dren that aald atlrce
intend to foreclose atd raortae for condition broken
andponaldforetlADreilleIl at public snctlon,
at the taleroomj of Lyon Jfc Levey lo ItoBolnta, m
MONDAY tht Sod day of Frbrnary, I-M, at W m ef
said day, the premise as deveribed tn Mid mortgage as
below apeclSed.
fnrthw panlcalars eaa be had of J M MonMrrat,
Attorney st Uw. M. D. MONSAKRAT,
AftlzBeeof Mortcaffe.
Honolnln. Jansary 7th.
Theprcnisesleberoldaro altaaled at raboa, Wal
kill, and contain an area of Tl-Iu of an acre and are a
portion of tne III Alaa of Paboa. L C Award S?l and
ibe witae premiM'a that were conveyed to Kaaibapaa
by Richard Nalopi by deed dated Ibe iSh ot December
1 and rreorded la liber S3 en folio iM, tott.
tuition Gaits.
Westphalia Hams
A.t Auction,
On Wednesday, Jan. 7
At IS o'clock Boon, at the Men- ef
E. Hoffschlaeger & Co.
On a Credit U the Trade
E. r. ADAMS. Anctlowm.
Land at Kalihi, Oahu.
tlfncci of Ibe Kftate of Alona, t will tell
at imDiic Auction.
On Saturday, Jan. 17
At li o'clock noon, at 5Sarooni?,
For account ot llotioboa, bo porchaed the land at
acuvn ARfi anu naa latim 10 pay
for tame.
That Certain Lot No. 4
Dcin a partot KUMUKL'KUI SBdeunUlnln" an
area ot a boot W-JW of aa acre, with the
Buildings & Improvements thereon.
E. r. ADMJ. Aullontrr.
OCtor For Solo
Ex Eeoent Arrivals :
Wcatpkalla Hani.
iiiteaev ihtt, in jw a pta ,
yaperlof Claret a aa Chilean,
Latonr, LaSlte, Mrdoc.
Ot Cka. Farre, Carte Itlaaehe.Le Una Frrre
A Co., Carte dOr.
Bet hledam Gin. la atone sad cUi;
imitate oi an aioas
Saperlor Port and Sberry,
Matara Wine. Madeira.
rVnedtcUn. Maraeqnlae,
Cnraeao, Oranse niller.
Crrraeda lraltar.Crradi"aco,
U. I. , 3 and Uallont.
Al-Bf.t lVrtl.nJ Onuiit, t ftrtm in Jt U.fmj,
liimt Mr. I t-iMint jwB n irr. .i smiif rruiri
lrleM,!ii!-,r, lUceknd l'..r. riaaiM of
WfrrtM Mllrn. rr iVU SALE HV
2Cctu Itiucrtistnitntfl.
Ridge House,
nMii: uxin:ri(iXi:i) uv.ut, to
X Inform Ihe rnbllc Ibit his mrll Inown Ilnno. .It
axtril t.o mile, from KraUkrkn. Itar. t an rlmtlon
of feet, is aciln roily lo rerrlTn vliltor,.
Uor... .ill b r.aily.t tti laodms for tho.bo
onlrr thrm. 1IVTI1 llUt'SK In connection .ith tht
Board 07 por WooU.
' " A. A. TODD.
Detail Hap of Honolulu !
Streets, Lanes, Stores, Dwellings, Blocks,
Hydrants, Lamp-posts, Water
Mains, 4c. Ac.
Useful to all Business Men.
Compiled and Dran tr V. V. II0XSARKAT.
MB ST2EKT culilni; ,ix room. lonclo.
eire. fmndt.rel, Far T.nhrr ptrtlen-
larae.i.lre.1 J. EK. JB.
At th oOce.r Inter-IrU&d Mean Ns,lc,lln C
1034 On Ue XrpUaaile.
Second-hand Vacuum Pan
WATER PIPE-Slip Joint and Flanged.
Portable Steel Track & Cane Cars.
OM.a VACL'IH lAXrompIetetUhairtnmp.
1,300 irirrOK IMXllMJl'JtHMH ITKIt
aii"M ro. II iron, r-anehed, bent, and packed
in miunmiini iiiiw: iarnieuri niminn pipe.
ISO FF.KTOr 1 1-1411 WATIIlt IIIK In el-M
aeciionsniteiiiin ntnjra and Don. Thin pipe
Is rhlted and can Iked, niad-s of Mlorh Iron and
I) capable of aaBtatnlti: a pressure ofZMlbi. per
ono n:irrir l-ouTAiii i:srt:i:i. rmi K.ji.
into cane, .un iteel elrepera. Al-o ten llsht
MI"I I"! HI IOO IC I,, .am,
o.m: mi. 3 MiM-iiti.ii. ri:i.t) t tTtiMj
.lAii liiti.'iiii.'.fi .-lA-'lll.',, almo.lncrr.
KC-Appljrto TUEO. II. IIAVISJtfo .
' llonoltla, or to
lll. Laopahochoe. llaniil.
Bcxj. F. brz evs. Tecs, i Job. 31. Iiibbexs, btc'x
Gso. n . Tiioirvoa. fcrrr or Aoaxaia. -
Nubilities -".yV lS38i3J3i3
Total Snrplu 5 274,015 01
The attention of the public is called to a New
reatr In Life Iutnmnce adopted by this Com
pany; the Isenln-of Endowment Tollctea for prcclne-
ly the sam; premium heictoforc chafeed for i hole Life
Policies. These policies participate In the Annual
dmrilntton of anrplna, and are subject to the Masta
chniett nen-forfcltnre Law,
Caik earrrnder and paid up Ininrance values endors
ed on ererr nollrr.
I'ampiit explanatory thu New l'eatnre may le
had on applleitlon at Compjny's Offlce.
iosTorri(i5 t?(iL"Ai:i:, iiostox,
And abaolottly Xun-Vorfclubli aftn-TuoVayment.
Example for Non-Forfcltnre Plant
Icpnred ae to ycr ".V year Kndwment Plan fot
Cab bnrr. V'lV. Pd-tip Int.
4ih "
Tilt '
ffth "
IHh -a
iv ,
3th "
i to
Ml S5
l.tbi t
1,1 73
l.fiTG 115
l.ltll 63
2,117 ill
2.115 U
3.-.tn ai
3J1T5 31
4.6PI TU
i, mo
3 JH1
1,1 faj
1 ,21
3. HI
The aecondand nb-cinrnl premlntna are likely to
ue reuncru oj inrrrnfiny annuii wnrioivni ty twr-
Tit HI.
IV .ppltcatlona canb had of, and full information
win wo s;iTtrn uj iuu .x-iitr
Oder For Sale ex Recent Arrivals:
Of Joseph 1'errler A. Co.n Cbalona,
Carte Anrent. Ifoozy Jlonssenz,
Uraud Via Slooswai,
C irte lUanche roetl. dor..
Of Cfcaa. Kaire, Keima.
Carte Itlanche. Dry.
Im ltntrn Frcres,
Superior Brandies:
Of Go stave. ClanJon, Cosnac
Mi Formoot A Oa, Cojmac "
OlarJ Dapuis A. Co Gotiac,
A. Gondin A Uu.. Coirnac.
J. F. ObcvUle, Cognac
Best Scheidam Gin:
In btone ant Glass,
Key IlranJ. Anchor IlrinJ, Cnrwn Brand,
Or J. T. Ifcneker ScheiJuu.
Fine Port Wines:
Sherry, Madeira,
.JiaiBgA, iina.cror,
ISupertor Tabid Cl-treti.
Fine Liqueurs:
Of Marie llrixanl i Itoger, llnleQX, tacb aa
ltenedictiDe. Uriqain,
Crcrne de I'ralinwn (inlleea, a la vanilla,
Creme do Caeao, Chrmra a la yamlta,
Orange Ibtlera, CaracAo,
Strasburpp Beer, pts. Sc. qts.
Xnera Habuia.1 aod bfatrrjoU.
Office Ueera from ? t ff. 1 te t. Ptt Oflce Cox XXX
ccOrdert may be kft at the raetbeoa Mabha.-a
(103 ly,,
llm ICE at AK tow HATCH a. aar other eotnpaar
JOHN K. WILDER. Saperiatcadeiif.
Hooolaln. Nov. I.e. 11
Ntn wrtistnimts.
Co-Partnership Notice.
nmv. i'NHKitsHJNKi), hko to
A ctrentleethatthe7haTfoeme4aCirrtnmhIp
at Knanoata, Kilt. I.Und f Stall, for th. Wpoe. ,4
?t.rallajr and tarrjlnff n a eeneral Alerc.atlUi
bo, (nr.. to Be Mjle4 th, - KOAlm lJ RANCH Ctv
lILI II. 1
Koaaonhi, Kila.Mtl, Dn It IVL nil n
Clmtion Pairs.
To the Honolulu Public
Beef. "7"o.l.
tloaranteri! to keep longer after delivery than t'KEM!
.tt i, -ii i t i t t.. t h..t r. ... .r
Metropolitan Market,
Un Kins MreeL Mrat for talo all ilar.
City Market,
Va Nnnanu StreeL
Jotel Street Market,
Un llotct Mtect
Eureka Mirket
At tbe klfb Market
Hawaiian Mirkot.
On Maanakea Street.
Chinese Market,
Un Meek Mreet. Beef and Turk
e Thanktn-1hT bile for bad rv.-r- I -"licit a
conttnnancenr inc fame. .....
orriCE iiocHs
WT . 8 to 10; St. 4i 7 to 8. a
lies to call Ibe attention of th" rnbltctu
their eitcoalve and varied
liberal Discount Made to
Cash Purchasers I
The Stork 1 ConioeiI in art n, folio..
Extension Top Carriages,
Open Buggies, Canopy-Top Phxtons,
Park Phstons, 2-Wheclcd Brakes,
Express Wagons, Grocer Wagons,
Democrat Wagons !
Mule Carts, Ox Carts, Cane Carts,
Hand Carts and Canal Barrows.
Honolnln. pee lh, Iwt tow I.
otcl Street Market,
Thank a th. Tnblle for their Uad patronage fur the
year Is!, and hope to merit a eontlnaaacv ef the
Mm, dnrUtt the ycatltt. KJm
X 1X(1 nndrr the nrn name of A. W. t'Hrce at'a,
i, diaeolvcd by matnal content Iec. 3lh. The
Uliaolntlon to take effect Jan. lit IwC. Th bvolneM
of the late firm will be continued by A. W. I'Mrt
nndcrlheoMfinn nama who aowea ibe lUMUtitm
antt to whom all demanda a?alnt tbe late fim ! be
preaented, and to whom all debta dn the Htm mmn be
paid. A. W. l'EIKCB.
1 I. I". TETKItsoX.
Honolnln, Oet. JAk.rML
Real Estate for Sale!
Bj 1.T0R3 & LEVEY.
Regularash Sale
On Thnrsday, Jan. 8th
At T alearrae-w-, eoenr a4 Qerem a4rrl
Mreeta, etll e M at artl
Dry Goods & Clothing
nrkr, (a Diwii aa4 !1UV
Ono 4-Scatcd Covered Carriage,
Aa4 lore Set
Tu ih lvr-t rrrMifew talely axentpted. ay
Mrtfrf W U Irwlat A Cv
Cor. Queen and Fort Sts.
I.TU . j, tKf ET. Wi
Xtro irtttisontnts.
Real Estate For Sale!
lk, num mrrKKUT tm
UP LAND WITH llflttt?H
TbercM. .ItaaW a LELKU. 1105lLCU . tfc rr
etlyt-f JAMC KBM.I.MJ
Ml r . t -la W fM rrWM Klant atawCaawl III
feet ! the teat. anJ (eel m 4Mh,an4 Cher U
tht mMMn4 DwHt.r t 1.mm U
flte rooma. kltchw and dlnlty r . thm ll to
owl order, and Haw earnr Jti pee an.
paiaWnenthI.aBdlaadfaMe. IM wm (etuwl
m the Ul day ol f-H'-We. A. H. 11, IW tlMWTiB, f
At ytara. and U mM !! and U M be aaM ttV
)rct t aM Iseared Nr Ji,n. Ur r-Mcy
PnuaTajan , .-m.
LOT 3-1 IU frt lat haift:aal allWt K
tlepih. and ha Nt It a tnm wv II m, eMahrtay mm
real t pec KKala, a4 b4 !. The I1a m
la xmI repair. d bat tbeavytwra adfek and Hi f
IM, ial IW wtmait mmmvm, n--m
Uaared for JT3. ih pry
LOT . 4-IIa Matprr llama mm IB
rUI IWt. and aWl Ut la Ul feel ! Mtlb aa4 EM
oc the fltj a lptiln Jane r. I
I.ir 3. a -la a ! T innaaa. lataaa . tmw
bUHl U W frwH U deavta. a4 m Mtfc, at4 to
mot rented. UaawpaTleff the iWij eaHrto a
tiiiim: i.tirt tui. iriCMnM
and there are tw rm4wj h tbe mmtw feiM
Tbrv will Hr- ankl Mfurateei Mkewtolto
aittd Utn th r !M4 IM are well feairnl 'rach M
the titt. wl th- -ante t- fe .laaple.
puna r in ina, mrw'J " lmm iniaw
nl.a nt ihe aald Lna ran ba re. at4 fntfcr !
titm aa be b4d,al b! nB- r btbfi X ('. . RaV
fcfeat M
fawwr Ib
II'Mitilnln lW.wb.rH.I-Wl
Furniture Salt!
On Wetaeeiay, Jumxj 7
USt .43 W art, raw
TJpholsterea Farkr let,
t4 taanj. On, rafcu l.iv W
WWat. I'ewe TtfUav
nut k wiumiminr
K i hoi. t MlkerT aad W "Bf.
. r.ouvl-a,
Satarday, Jamuxy 1?
At 13 .- wm, a alunmiwi f K T lWl Tt.
m arta ""r""
l.aT Ummtmm.lmi m
BmbA, M hff mm oat daia)MBtj
am awa ffiinanaaa tftaen. r tt
tJ T - mmL mm m mmm iim Lrik
-TataVWjlwa fnwaeai t ! lai
f lrwae ytm mw4 nyt oe m i, h.
. .
Crown ILandai!
Monday, JaaHaxy 18ik
Buildings and Improitittiita Ttcrm. wi
-La. 1 .aajm.aM. miiiiI .
amw. a? . ma. iwjwiui j a. 11
u vt. n mo. .
a at w i., i
wBve. nwBla aai Bjvn Jtananim B. rnTa
A tJZ!Sm)WmmTm M
aana- aya 4 thy & fcn I Mf
1 UMiRUaiM.tHbJak)1MH Mi
Lotto MM Ba 1 m
The Great California
Positivo DoatH
t i. m e. a. Mm M gmi I ll
l L--j Jte. r ii
ttm tun, mm M tm mm MtiMi
nTri 1 ' " ailwi ii .
laatwf efl vaawaaw anT BBftnapee
tar- tm ffcftW i ! i aa b Hhm V K
Jt w
a r. tft". ' r
1) Attorney from the heir of the late (JKOIWE
l'KACIIT of Kan, Hawaii, I ahall offer fur -ale at 1'nV
llc Anctton, at li o'clock booh, on
Tuesday, January 20
A. D. lSU,on thi prrml, tbe follmriiu; leMrlbed
rinperty )th tbr llnltdlns th-reo.
TO WIT -Norihweilfrootin- fott Mreet. MVt feet,
ihtnce rannlnz Nvrtbeaat vt feet, thenca botbat
tl feet, thence onthel 37 fert, Ue aanae belc cb
prtArd of a piece or parcel of land orlrteally aiaatce lo
hlbttpaa by I toy a I Patent No. ttt, and there atom tally
deaenbed aa Apana 2; and alto and adIHleally a
Flics, Fleas, Cockroaches, Chicken
Lice, Etc,
To Human Belnjr anl AnnIa
In tlio IIoiin'c, (anlrnt Cunmatorjr
or iVarrntom.
piece or parcel of land coureyeil by a certaio deed fi
n KckaaaoatoklbIra.reordullB Liber t. pca
IK and 156 and bargained, and oM nnto Edwin Jonea
aforesaid, by ilry saaan Joneaand Joba U Jb of
Ihalna. Man!, by the deed of con re a ace dated the
ftth day of October, A. D. .fit. and recorded In the Kea
llryof Deed la aald Hoonloln. to Ik 0. o pai
tTe. And aald properly -old by Edwin Jeoea aaxl hb
alfe to (eor lracht.aa per deed rerrrded la Liber
I'ayea t?4 and ZO.
The aald premlaea are leaded Tdc b term ot firr yeaia
from tbe Ith day of March. 19M. al a mnothlr reaul of
thtny-ofle31)do1lir, payable aaoothly. wd the ft
U paid Bp to Jan nary Uh, 1"C Tbe oaM prraiie.
are la etN order and a vcty de4rable bxatlo
The terra of aabi are caoh and tbr deed at th- '
penteof porchaier.
Ally lo fact of tbe bite heirs of the late Ororxc l"tbt
(rr Tor farther partien'ar apply to
Xtl IIESUVr IIKDDEUIIw .pM tnrrn hi frientlf
and the pablic--eeraliy,thath ha opened a
Depot at No. 77 King St.,
nK Tns sale or
Feed for Fowls, Etc.,
la Larze and fmali Qfjaatltlr a r--ilied
Itr Telephone Wo, P
The Buhach rnsufflator,
Far Illalrlkntlnx the Rah'th.
IU mh-I IU I'.e, , IIm.1.1..
The Fountain !
AcUolltluR X3ocIcle.
1QO 37ox-t Stroot
Cold Drinks foryoung & old
Suoerior Ginacr Beer. : 10c ser bottle
Donnolty's Root Beef, : 10c per battle.
Donnolly's Spruce Beer. : 10c per bottle
TV Dmi nr. ill' m4 .4 m4 iiaili.l
toeer.ze k Tney .WW. 4 mf W thjA
.kle. r4re l.-n Ml a. HrriWM 4.m
joij lat liniMi, HI lelU ae r.welrf tMtt at
.Itbom frndmtlmt f 4hi,.,te.. est.
Candies ! Candies 1
freak dally, rtbaol ifKllo of tmftd Ca a
uni a i eima-ataa
liiltf in th' aaarkn
XI T in. Mi UtH
Smoko! Smokol Smokol
mg nod
wtii- Of
My MaaiUa are tbe hi la Umto ai
rnaraalf Aaaitcaa). I1imim Uwmxitn rm
lMMaonud tlao lar ht4 Iknl
MtttaklnxTotWc ritMilMtla; AH 'art!
trar-tUr at th- t-n BUIa
Robert Donnolly.
Stamped Envelopes
1.1. I.A aad IB l ent cao b orrhae4 nVlho
rftottce n ay iianmy ffooa oe tm a Amtt4
Kneeiopea I'ero mUlof the ef lafaoda a
raorar them trim to wJ r-i
prd foraizai reply carda.
arface . ao oailW
j. w. i iino ley. qro- WOOBL
J. W. HINGrLEY fc CO.,
JStanxxTnotixroirm of
Smoking & Chewing Tobacco
Attn Smoltors' Vx-tlolos.
Kxtra liiallty Havana, t'cnniy Iranla, Connretlent, Sanila, Snmalra. Ati'l
Dutch I.rar Toliatro For .Sale.
Cigars made to order from any Desired Leaf Tobacc.
rar Order from the otWr ..laada eotK- ted aod wLi rKe peH otItom. -9M
tm ! CarapVcir llrr-proer Vxfc rort Mreet aa4 79 Hotel ut Umvfam, B, L U
Real Estate!
I mm m'4 . I w Pou Waoaw .
Monday, January I9k
tasa. a tJ .
aj.m.1Mtl , , imL
TH ll)i tmt M'rr.r-, a Litnr it
naa. .ItltUI m , M
mmm .
Kmmwf t--rt Ml, mmmm
mt LttlMM 111 1
LtiHtum i.
TW wi ii. i mt liat a a.. -
.m, m In mnjn,pM
Ik Kin 1. 1 rf ii.arin.t. mm Mm, .
wa. mi- , ttmmrmm)
. m
tv Ik , ii t at a a a. a , m. .atwt
n-mt rw w m i imiu i
a. w
A w i. ii Im rtrtin w Mnnv . . .
ft. Al I 1 1 t T tl.HLInfcnjt x m
t i n. aw
kjax 1mmrv.
m. K1-m mm,
iwt mmi i nil mm) a ar
lrewtT tmt m
a. r imn VW
Mortaee'aj '
Notice of SdUe
t awi..,.ey rm initn. t
naai I4mm i miib toai B-wiK 1V
lnanitoo mWmm BO SnaOawl "JOWaa OanWnVtfnMrt Mananajat
' fea-a4 fen mu M aenftto Jtmcmmrm
a. I am
Cert-abt Parcel Imi
tttatato a LaTU- inrvaaCCXT fated
tl aa i
taaka mimftXAM. ST m m fmmm mm mmmm
aaaoW oa mm o lo naMal a W4
heU-f temt atfcHaafla tanwi gfSb 1aJa
Oeaao X mm SI - naatJi mmm m ibb
kaa3 Bay , a toai t m KM ha
AMI AUo a mSU ho baumiM ML f
TV- - Mm m 1 .mil mt Mi Md MjWanWl
iMmii attaaanrWMii mm timet
mmm (W Bmo Tmmtmn mt W t 1
a e taTara-e pia-to

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