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Tin lirranr lii-m in the the conntrv
tlistricts, in thr nriptWiriwiil of planta
tions, mill l onr way ol sowing ino Tnnci
anrl leaping tlw whinrinL
V can saW v ray that not otm of tho
wbo aj-rx-atrj'tlifio licrnsos -would -Kill-ip"c
mv tbem Rintl upon or ailjoining
a plantation of tlwir own. Opening a
liquor saloon a an aJjnnct to a pUctstion.
rrra jf it were onJer the planter's control,
i Kle t" V-reprT of a isanagerie opening
lb cages' for hi lions, tigers and hvenas
to ma among the andienee, in order to
pre the poor bea.s a fair chanee.
Tee J. C. .a"tv. proposes now to dis-es-
the CHrrency question on principle,
ontUBg personal alms. This is right
It HBteztanate in l-eginning with the
prepoteron eharge that the entire intel
Bgeaee sf the pr in the Eatem States is
a4idiied by the lwl gold men to write
down fflTer-
Tfeas is Kte aeensing the Chamler of
Cosmerre here of conspiring with Bihop
V Gu. and the lawyers and Fort Street
Ctwrch to overthrow the Government by
eaKftg for enf orcement of the gold law
By all mean difcns the qnet-tion on
The etitkm from Waifakn which is pnl
Kxiied in oar i-or of tolay shows how
ivry s&VBg the feeKng among the jwple
of that dtriet is. They feel that an ont
rage ha ! jilacetl upon them and they
nprefei thew f eeJings in the proper con
ttuwwwal way Saeh a petition mibt be
beanlandnin4ieattendlto. Ithas lm
htHml f Hir treMmt administration to
mrn a Kt tw to any representations
wiortenr Thi-. matter admits of no snch
tii-fctiBg Manner, for from hat we know
of tlae popslation of that district, they
mean to carry their uint and the ministry
will le well lvwl to listen to the Toice
f geMle reewnstraiice.
Tfce SjiBtendent of the Water
Vwks Mr. Wfl-son, has done good work
Hi fi&ling the springs at Kaesa falls.
We hare had a highly paid official in Mr
BeedfT. who has snrrered and banned,
ha it a ii to propo- and
earry wt a scheme which going to give
ilia hate n4ief, and that is what was
waaied for the moment. After all onr
asm people nBderstand oar country lest :
iaghlr priced San Franciscans may do a
god deal in the doHtls. lint it takes a man
of eip-rieare in island tvjpnapby and
rliimtr to t4l what ehonhi be done irac
Vtmti . The present CabiBet lost a good
aaM who tmdersvsid these matters when
Am persi,rtl5 snnW! Mr Stirling.
He kaiew mure practically of oar needs
iww t snf"4v thftii than even a
ileew wan i- hkrlv toleaminthreevears
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U ATtR xotice:
Bct Sor the immense prodnct of the
Aui'lifili silver mines, there wonld le no
asare tlnaand fur the silver coin in the
Uaihsl States than there is in Kngland.
It is eoBstanllv anraml in America, and
( kte k is argaed here, that a silver car
ney s tin money tor tne ixr, wuue a
;sM eTiency is solely for the lienefit of
If the inciple of a poor man's money
is mrreet. w hv can it not bo iashel alitUe
farther, and allow dehu to be paid not in
Srt rest doHars, bat in half iloUars. and
have dose with it T
Does any one eiixTt to ubtaiu any more
saHer than gold dollars for his exports to
OatiferiMa " Is there nay one who prefers
to take silver rather than gold?
kVT any one deny that gold is les. van
able in Tabic than is silver?
When the?? qncstions are fairly met
aad amd, we are ready to go on with
the yoH argument
Ir will 1k many a long ilay tiefore the
ersbt the Hawaiian iovtmment can
be restored. The rejHidiation of its gold
loads wtsnM lie irecisey as easy, it would
l? Bo le a wrong, than is its rrpndiaSon
f its obligation to nrleem itsont--tandiBg
rerttfeates (over SIM with Fnited States
gwM. The harm is more widespread which
resets from refusing gold to the nnmer
s buMers of gold certificates than wonld
resak from insisting that the few bond
holders should take their inv in silver or
ik at all
As it Ls every one who is in debt must,
ttales his debtor release him from the
legal obligation to pay in gold, pay at least
ten per cent with which to buy legal ten
der for bis delits? If this is the premium
within four months since the gold law
ttk effect, it is not unlikely to lie 15 to 'JO
per cent within the coming year.
Ne Ministerial declaration, no amount
of soihistry tc of personal abuse of gold
admoates can keep down the premium.
The more the effort is made to keep silver
afloat, either in coin or in certificates, the
mere will its cold valne depreciate.
Meanwhile, investments are rarely made.
new enterprises are not tuougm ot, busi
tie& grows duller, and money is steadily
leaving the country.
How can it lie otherwise, when it Ls de
mMwtratnl that the Government holds it
self Buder no obligation to redeem its gold
certificate as required by law, when no
ne can lie sure whether he may not have
to pay in gold and be j wid in tfl cent sih er
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aw taaai r tsjvcIcsL II a at
aba! tW Urf aock erf ftnvn
rsa aaar aaarivta anaM aa-rj. prwas doaa lor
a ytmr mc- ibal a dtaaaT hi Mvai
a,aajaaravar aM ataatlla raarar iaarmt
I aa aam s tats a rwaauai a vas la
ftl latrar dau aaaiQ void tar tees than
I waSa faawlara awawnl M rrvraa.
a.liilm to laaal tbaarascar. TfaM.
wa.. aaaaaaaWaahaar auade tLrtr CTup at a
W aaa m aajnj itaavur ae islenaa ta pay. i
awal anr Win, aa ciaalLaT ItIj ctirtaUr.
"IT1 Ami' laaai aaxar Czvaa aaarLK awol hixn
moaa aanra etsaL aetwtsSmaXallcs: tba faaaTf
ta-aaa at last aau fcy aa ataacc.
n laaaaat aag riaalact. wta CTBSa fclT alraadr
In a 1 1 fin L ztmt laaav Ua-5 krr Imc vwluB,
laaa fcar afBaara. tajt M titav asaMe n aeMDC
aatbreawv Ha pnee aa SCV tferovctMnt tba
aocr ma aw aapaalla cViavansj. and now lbs
aaSaaane taa latxai psae la ocr vboia ewestrj.
aataaaac pnaa ana laaai nadasa. ana t (it
iSk Uad(nc7 win be
aaof tj& a caSa acaibcv of saar plarJ
ataataiaiaiai.aiaaiaxaDf raTVallmg
rT. liorr usl afi awa UXr cuairar andde.
mi ao raMb aWal lai an rapadlx devajitbc
aaapar aaaVaacrr thai at wiB eamftiiTat ao tnoca al-
m caaitaBae to ta cms
TW Cajatta'a KH lattaa
a3aaGaSaTra.-TbclBacsartataqoclc tbc Japa
aaav at I Co la? Imaiai., t& tLf la tbal It
taaa aUlaatr laatacvd tba amfta ta? tba taaalalMaa
aabaam to a aaorc Traaiaiabae baau; yrt rruaa
a an 1 naai rasiora ox iraewe aLeaa
a4 llaiu. Tif-r am ao tal nr.lir.ITT
ZVtEbana as, bad sol mi anonrfe-
f mi traaa ptaUUUaai tbal tbtrr u a
arwas vaal a aacasnaa ajaamc Ibraa- Utm ill Ita in
aaaataaTaMoiMin law at awiata pU&UUcai on tbc
Taa bait B2mri aaOa an Ibe 30b (or Sao Fras
TBaBoambacmzcootKliloKf of escazfroaB Waia
aaa. aaat tbc Lacpabwbae feacu- Oa. Ibe Jmi
oaibioftibcZtbarttbaearraoOSO taea rromtbe
n i aunt bale cslbrrmca of tbe H3a people
Tln'an eaaiajrcbr eaaanxca, in aprle of aaerj cruo.
aiomalaa aaaiajltf arg raaa. baft isaaW tbe Ooraal
aoirajf i.nKCUrcvjiia tattle impraaipta
aaaJamuiiaiUai oooanooal bep"
aoe anj jaeaaazt para of our UU&J hit, eren
TbirTirb'trT raTfiWfftm firailimu anlTiri ta eon-
Hl(aa rasa bas auraoS. Good foalaa, arr what
Ib asaaa aaaUi aeed, a4 tber bare at laat been
laSBaandaTa7eaJa far Kbaanb aary larcety on
aaaSCv ewotfrifana. Tim -rjooevr fears, the dea-pMsa-rc
nm, Ibe aiial'il'Wan it aod that bust
aamjitaiH of, wtaaU oftea abaappoar were tba
I Ii wt aaaje pore oadaa-aatj before roaUarctbe
aajrjaaeaaaaaskof tbebraia. Avera SaraaparilU
SwTk&esaaslaubaBtbebioiai; axal tbos cooaa
vea ao boalra of bodf ajal ctattj of rjurat
We are neither a missionary nor the sou
f a missionary, and we object to the prac
tice which began in early days of Hawaii,
when saihirs and traders so generally
threw off all pretense of self restraint, of
classifying as 'niis.sionaries,"' all who be
lieve or profess to believe in purity of life
or motive.
It has come to this that every social,
rajtitieal. or bnsinessjreeliooter who comes
here la-gins straightway to declaim against
everything as truvionnrj- which inter
aises any restraint ujon his sensualism
or selfishness. To hear the talk of the Bo
hemian, or marauding class to which we
refer, one might think that there is no
sulnrrjess of living, no devotion to prind
)ile,rjoliatnaof corruption in government,
no regard for decency, no high ideal of
what i right no hungering or thirsting
for whatever things are lovely, true and
of gcaal rej-jrt, eicept with missionaries.
The ojtposition to Moreno as a Prime Viz
i.T. was by him ascribed to the same class.
It is "mis.sionaries'' who urge reform in
government who insist njan a sound cur
rency, who oppose monopoly and denounce
loltroonery. cowardice and toadyism in
public affairs.
Even Hawaiians have got so that they
call everything " mikineri,'' which does
not harmonize with licentiousness. It is
not alone the professedly irreligious, it is
also those who scoff Bt the notion that
principle governs or ought to goTcrn, who
regard every man as ptirchasable, who in
dalge themselves and listeners with enrses
against those "raissionaries."
Now we do not propose to discuss the
merits car demerits ot those worthy men
and women who undertook to introduce
Christianity to the Hawaiians. If they
made mistakes, were often greviously hu
man, it is equally true that, as a rule, they
were nnselhisUlj- devotod to their sacred
But it is childish to keep up this anath
ematiring of misonaries against all the
right-minded, decency-loving people in
these islands.
Exactlt upon what principle the selec
tion for clerks and employees of the Gov
ernment is made seems somewhat prob
lematical When the present Cabinet
came in. there was a great flourish of
trumpets about Hawaii for the Hawaiians.
A few foreign young men who ocenpied
government posts were dismissed- a case
in point being that of Major Purvis, who
then held a tiost in the Interior Depart
ment and their places were filled by Ha
waiians or half castes.
So far as this went there was not ntnch
to la said. Supposing an Hawaiian born
has equal ability with a foreigner he cer
tainly has a greaierclaim and should have
the vacant post Whenever we make ol
jection to an Hawaiian office holder, our
objections are not made on account of race,
but on account of gross incompetence.
The lixzmi has made no reflection upon
the appointment of CoL Iankea to the
Custom House, because in him it believes
there is the making of an able man. We
condemn Mr. Kapeaa, for incapacity, be
cause his incapacity is notorious, just as
we condemn the Alinister of Foreign Affairs
for venality and falsehood, because these
things are also plain; or as we condemn
Mr. Spreckels for his monopoly schemes
as being opposed to the true interests of
the community at large.
But a change has come over the spirit of
the dream. The Government positions
are sow co longer filled from the ranks of
native Hawaiians or of foreigners born
here. It is easier for a scoundrel who has
run off with five or six thousand dollars,
for a rascal who has swindled his friends,
to find bread and butter in Aliiolani Hale,
than it is for the sons of native or of old
It looks as if it was the intention ol tbe
-resent administration to "make this the
'lomcof the "dead beats" of San Francisco.
We have no hesitation in charging the
Cabinet with having in their employ men
who are under strong suspicion of dishon
esty. The Government service should be such
that not a breath can rest upon the repu
tation of those in their employ. When
men without character are employed what
kind of a service can the people expect'
Emploving those who are known here, the
public tare some guarantee, for it is harder
for a young man to go astray among his
own people, than it is when he is abroad.
Yon have the family influence upon him.
l'ick tip a waif and stray and what do von
ri'V! Occasionally you get a Phoenix, but
usually a thorough paced scoundrel. Ha
waii for the Hawaiians,' as far as the Min
istrv are concerned is & dead cry: they
have adopted the motto of 'Hawaii for
San Francisco" From the cxtraonlinary
snccess which several broken men of
that city have met with here, and the
cheerful amount of patronage they have
obtained, we may look forward to the ar
rival of a corps of -Clfri)ir if aJa.fnV
or to speak in plain English, an armyof
bums, tramps and downright thieves. The
policy of the present Cabinet is to invite
the invasion, and no doubt the good news
is spreading like wildfire.
Honest men are not wanted, thieves are
scarce here, the only thing left for the ad
ministration is to fall hack npon the ras
cals it can import
Thiee is something insidious in the rec
ommendation of the Adtfttifer that the
drainage of Honolulu should be made to go
on simnltaneouslv wit h the increased water
supply, or in otter words that the latter
be deferred until ways and means are
available for the former undertaking.
It is quite true that the city i in need
of loth water and drainage, but the im
provement of the water supply must take
First, it is the more pressing necessity,
and money has been voted for the purpose
by two successive Legislatures. During
the stagnation of such works as these, con
sequent on tho incumbency of the -various
Ministers who have held office in the In
terior and Finance departments for tho
last three years, until a few days ago little
had been done towards improving the water
supplv, bnt littering the road-side with
cosJy piping. Xow however, a plan has
been adopted which will keep the lower
Nr. nan u reservoir supplied, and release the
numerous households dependent on it
from the frequently increasing periods of
absolute water famine. After prolonged
gestation a scheme for enlarging the
storage of water has been indicated and
tenders called for. The proposed plan
appears practical and judicious, and might
be carriea out if honestly intended. The
bids for the whole or specified portions of
the work were to be in the Interior Otfico
by the 2Sth February, now fully a month
tvist As many as eight or nine bids have
tieeu lodged with the Minister of Interior
from contractors in this country, but the
work was also advertised in San Francisco,
for what reason does not clearly appear.
Xo award has hitherto been made known,
and meanwhile some scores of our ablest
mechanics have left the country The re
cent building works of Messrs. Campbell,
and Irwin & Co. being completed, and no
farther prospect of continuous work offer
ing, the men have necessarily taken them
selves and their abilities to a more prom
ising market It does not seem clear why
San Francisco was invited to compete, un
til it was proved that Honolulu mechanics
or Honolulu capital were insufficient
The Joss ot a hundred or a hundred and
fifty mechanics is a very serious loss to
this coantiy. and the delay occasioned by
waiting for foreign bids is another serious
loss. We need tie additional storage as
speedily as possible.
Meanwhile with regard to both storage
of water and sanitation of the city, iVm'a
measures might be easily and advantage
ously adopted. Water has even been
brought from the Kapena pool and stored
in the old reservoir with positive ndvan
tugenot only to tho consumers but to
those who will undertake to construct the
new reservoirs, but this by no means solves
the problem.
rt ith regard to the removal of decaying
animal and vegetable refuse a creat ad
vance might le made by the establishment
of a scientifically constructed furnace or
cremator! tun where cveyihing readily com
bustible should be-day by day- consumed,
this might be done at a small expense com
pared to the benefit to bo gained.
To thoroughly drain Honolulu would be
an enormously difficult, costly and time
consuming undertaking. Tbe whole city
and its suburbs are so little above the sea
level, that drainage by mere gravitation is
impracticable. The nse and fall of tide in
the harbor is so slight, that tho, tides sup
ply no scour, and if the drainage of the
city could convey the sewage into tie bar
bor- there it wonld remain- till it was
gradually silted up. Indeed this process is
now going on. The deposit of the Xuu
anu stream and the street gutters requiro
consuuji urvugiugi
TTnn- ,!... -.,-. ;.- ,l,n
nre of the city and suburbs, nothing but
an enormous system of pumping engine
could deal with it, and to render this effect
ive or even practicable, a large supplv ot
water must be provided beforehand. Hero
we are, with households frequently de
prived of water for merelv domestic nur
poses, with a lack of water whenever a fire
occurs in the wooden-built, shingle-roofeil
town, how then can we carry, for it must
be carried, and carried by water, tbe sewage
of 20,W0 people to a safe dittance.withan
almost tiueless harbor!
The idea put forward by the organ that
additional water supply must produce ad
ditional nnwholesomeness is absurd. Tho
water is tbe prime necessity.
But, over and above all this lies the dis
trust which is dominant with all sections
of the people as to the honesty of that
which is here called the Government In
other countries a corrupt or incapable
official is dismissed by pnblic opinion,
here, an incorrupt and capable official will
probably be dismissed for those very qual
ifications. The city cannot la drained without n
large expenditure of money, the money
would havo to bo raised by loan, nnd no
body will lend to this Government
For additional water supply and storago,
money has been liberally voted, let us sec
the fruits of this money before we are
asked for more.
"We dread this Government even when
offering a boon.
Last week the very limited time avail
able rendered it wholly impracticable to
render any justice to the extremely inter
esting and instructive lectnredeliveredby
Professor Wayland at the 1JL(XA. rooms
on Tuesday evening.
The subject was, to a Honolulu audience,
novel, and to many, of peculiar interest.
A delightfully plain unadorned descrip
tion of the scope, the power, the methods
of working of the British House of Com
mons, the parent, and to this day in many
rpects the exemplar of all national delib
erative bodies on the earth.
Having calmly and clearly discussed the
general characteristics of the Commons
House of Parliament, the Professor gave
a rapid though not careless sketch ot the
two men for so many years the leaders on
opposite sides, Mr. Gladstone and- Mr.
The lecturers sympathies wer mani
festly with the former, though his moder
ation and evident love of justice did not
suffer him to be positively nfljust yet there
were points made for one and" omitted
from the. other which if more equally dwelt
upon might have given a better idea of the
two great Statesman
On behalf of Mr. Gladstone were quota!
several important measures with which
that Minister's name is identified, as for
instance the Disestablishment of tho
Church in Ireland, the Irish Land Acts,
the Education bill, and the abolition of
purchase in the Army.
Mr. Gladstone began his public lite as a
high Tory and nncompromising upholder
of the vital importance of the union be
tween Church and State. He has since
then destroyed that Union as far as Ire
land is concerned, and talked of the same
process in England, as becoming ""within
the range of practical politics.
It is not intended here to discuss the
righteousness or wisdom of such measures
but only to point out that what is accepted
as the gradual development of enlightened
opinions conscientiously followed, in one
man's case, should not be interpreted as
conscienceless lack of principle in another.
Disraeli began as a radical, thence
tl I. . rf nnrt v which be callral
Ull Vl.i. ItT, . ... .... I , , "
Young England" to what is much the
same, an enligmenen, conservative pro-
B'rah regard to the Education Acta, it is
true that England was behind most other
countries in education by centralired gov
ernment, bnt it would seem absurd to sug
gest that general education in England
was behind that in Portugal. Spain. Italy,
Austria, Russia, or even France: and more
over the bunlen and neat 01 uie eusung
plan was borne by, and should bo credited
to Mr. Forsier rather than to Mr. Glad
stone. Withreganltotheabolitionof purchase,
it may or may not have been the abolition
of an" abuse. Opinions amongst the best
informed on tho subject differed so widely,
that Mr. Gladstone, unable to passhisbill
through Parliament discovered and fur
bished up an antique and almost forgotten
prerogative and decreed the abolition by
Royal Warrant Had this been done by a
"Tory" a good deal would have been heard
about reactionary or imperialist government
Ot the racifvinir effects of Mr. Glad
stone's Irish policy, which includes a
couple of stringent "coercion" Acts, every
mail brings us intelligence, from Phornix
park: or ine xower 01 jjonaon, or 11 esi-minster.
Fort v-four years aco. Jlacaulay des
cribed Gladstone's style of speaking, as
"rhetoric often good of its kind, which
darkens and perplexes the logia it should
illustrate." Again: "He has one gift most
dangerous to a speculator, a vast command
of a kind of language, gravo and majestic,
but of vague and uncertain import" Xo
description of Mr. Gladstone's spoochos
could be more apt at tne present oay.
Gladstone is the createst financier Eng
land has ever had. He is a whole-souled,
honest, supremely conscientious upright
man, a gentleman and n scholar in the
highest and best acceptation of the term.
His very failures are tho result of a deli
cacy and sensitiveness to an ideal ot ab
stract ngut and wrong, in maiu-rs 01
finance, education, reform of abuses, in
internal iiroirress. he is the greatest states
man of the age as an equivalent to for
eign statesmen with regard to foreign
affairs he is as great a failure.
lTofessor M ayiana sojuis jo ininK mat
a title, hobnobbing with Princes and am
bassadors was an objective point in the
vrahlie life of Disraeli. If this were so.
Low comes it that in a public life of forty
vears, a man of such infinite resource and
" ... , , 1
so unlettered ivy principle, suoum unm
passed thirty ot tnose years in mo -cold
shade of opposition!"
Disraeli entered the House of Commons
in 1S37 a poor man, intensely ambitions
and conscious of his powers. It was not
nntil 1S.V2 that he first held Cabinet nor
until 1S6S that he became Prime Minister.
Is this greedy, unprincipled selfseekingi
lie was seventvone years of ago when ho
aeeervtM for himself a tweragc previously
offered and declined. He needed rest
Xo man knew better than he, that a trans
fer from the Honse of Commons to the
Lords was a distinct loss of political
Ho needed rest, he was no longer eager
for power He had fairly earned nnd
wise'vused power. He had fought his
way through evil report ami good report,
from comparative poverty and insignifi
cance, to tho highest place and honor that
an Englishman can attain, and his worst
enemies cannot accuse him of misuse of
place and power.
His was a very singularly constituted
mind, he was equally proud of his Jewish
descent and of his English citirenshin.
he reverently worshipped the grand old
ideal of his ancestors, and was passion
ately jealous of England's placo among
There is no space now on which to re
capitulate many of Disraeli's legilativi
achievements. Tho Act for repression it
bribery at elections, for the equalizatioi
of poor-rates, the acquisition of tho tele
graphs for the Pot Office, the Refornj
bill 1S07, and tho purchase ot the Snci
Canal shares, may be mentioned.
Pmfrtcsor Wnvlnnd remarked nnon til
heritige left to Sir. Gladstone by his im
mediate predecessor: it mil-lit li) iertin
ently asked, that if Mr. Gladstone's ad-'
ministration lie near its close a seems to
bo probable, what sort of heritage it will
be, that i successors wiu come into.
As a result of a ooateet eitendinc oti r aeteral
years, tbe San Fraocisoo Hoard ot EdaMlion Lai
decidril that tbe position ot any female school
tracbtr who uunn becumea vacant. Another
role adopted by the boird abotiihei corporal
renishmrnt in crammer and primary schools ex.
cept by the principal, anJ lie if forbidden to chas
tise pnp.13 on me same uay lavi loeoaeiisci
committed. Tbe role aM proiid that no ernel
or nnniall punishment be allowed, and that there
be no corporal pantaumenl in high or evening
schools or npon iririi in any crauc.
Tne crit and back bone shown by the .Verf It and
7aaWaa crews last Saturday, ahoa-s that the
Anclo-haxon race, even brought cp iu a tropie
dime retain lis visor. 11 I no mean ll ol
endurance to row neailv four miles, part ot the
distance in broken water. To win aoch a race
was a tree triumph for the gentlemen who cem
ncksj the ilvtll crew, to loee it in audi a manner
was an honor to tbe eaafa'a crew. When two
boata have palled toor miles and have only a
length between Ibera at the end of a race, there is
realy very Utile to choone between tbem, a bad
suit, an error in steenng, or a dozen olbei acci
denta might luate the race co either way. As an
exhibition ot tho endurance and plod ot oar
yoang men, last rtaiarnay s display all tnorooghly
The tiMt prize by w very long "Way erer of-
irreu ior a literary performance win pe awarded
in l!r"S to the aaccessfal astbor of a simple
biography. riftyyearsago,GeneralArantchejefl,
the friend and confidenual adriaorof the Kraperor
Alexander 1, deposited in the imperial tiaatof
ltnssia the earn of StMXU rabies, which is lobe
allowed to acoamclate at interest n- U Drrembtr
1,1925, when the entire amoaur, principal and
interest, is to be handed over ti the aolhor of the
best work on tba life and trign of Alexander I.
Tbe M- 1'etersbarg Academy of Sciences will
aeaaeonine meniui me ainercxii performances
sent in, and aaard the prixf, which will by that
time amount to the enormona sum of 1.913J"00
rablea abont OOnjOXi. A tilth of the amoAt will
be deducted for tbe cost of printing tbe work.
Tbe remainder will go to the fortunate author,
and ao for once there will bo a literary man
a millionaire.
Down tke Home Stretch.
Coatrlbatrd by the W C T I .
Itaring men hare made this term familiar to tho
public as the name of the return half of the course,
over which tne racer sets back to the goal from
his farthest oatlnj;. It is that portion of the
whole distance which most severely tries tbe wind
and endurance, and where break-downs of tenesi
occur. Usually, he who reserved himself in going
oat is most apt to come back iu triumph.
There is a sense in which this phrase may fairly
bo applied to human life, as characterizing thoae
later rears which lead down and back from the
fartheat oat-post of mature middle life, toward
that second childhood which to those who live
long enoagb precedes and preludes tbe grave.
If threescore years and ten prolonged, by reason
of strength, to foawcore be the inspired estimate
ot the duration of human life, then between thirty,
five and forty.fire variously, according to tem
perament, constitution, and so on men turn
about, face their second infancy, and begin with
gradually increasing feeblrnesa to travel, to limp,
and finally to totter, "doarn the home stretch.'
Xow and then there stems to be neither luopuui
nor tottering, and men whose heads may' be like
the dmea oow for whiteness stride on erect and
stalwart with all their eaily robustness aboai
them, as if in defiance of Ihe law ot decrepitude.
Socb men wire blessed with "good coostitntiuoa
to start with, but that is geaeraUr the least part
i-f the explanation. Tney reserved lbemaelrrs in
their pte-maiuntr. Tbey habitnally lived in
close accordance with tbe laws of health and
strength in their young manhood arid early ripe
ness, and so bare developed, nursed and kent no.
wasted a vigor which aw rewards them With its
autumn ana wmier oi viraoocs content.
Now and then. onlr. is there aoch an one. for
!Le trral minority of rcwi and women ara
not otfdenl to lire slowly enough to lire out their
fall term. The youth of twenty, becomes for
example, an inci-agint smoker, and says it dorsnt
hart him. The yoang woman of the same age
turns mgnt into day with ooel aransetnenu,
and is sure that ahe is as well off at tbe jeara end
aa at iu beginning. It may seem so, and mar
aeem ao tor years. Bat a reckoning comes. Gene
ral Grant is not J It CI He naedtoaeemtotblak
be might safely amoke always, except wben be ate
and slept. Hat be has already reached the end of
that, and there is great fear lest bis health will
soon colUtMe altogether. Of tbe hundred who
commeoceaiiiewneo bedu.and who, bad they
taken dtcint care of Ibamaelves would be now on
the haute atretcb by hi aide, bow large and ud
is the. maiontr which bas been tnmUin? ii.to
Craves, many of which have long been graa.
In reaped of frthing doe tbe rhyme which
lavngf eUov voiced from Ihe old Sybilluie. oracle
come xnore true than of thi :
TaoezatbenriRaaf Goe grind stowlr yel laey criad
exreealag rmall.
TVoaxtl with patieacc lie ataad waitiaa. with exact
Every youthful erorss, which to a contempora
neous appearance earned its ill no further tbut
tbe next morninc headache, i anre tu be beard
from on tbe borne stretch, nuless. indeed, with
enoagb of ita kind, it has execsted "tTss of
death upon Ibe offender before tbe distance, pout
bad bean ruandasl. Because mienn against an
evil work 1 not executed, speeeddy, therefore
says tbe preacher of the old dispensation the
bean of the sons of men is folly aet in Ibem to do
evil. Tbey ignore altogether in their early days
tbe bomc atrttcb. Bat wben It is too late- and is
tbeir enf eeblmg frames tbey feel tbe mat and rot
lecneae lato which the Acs of their -youth bav
eeeded, vainly tbey envy those who hare been
content to lire always according to God law, and
found it brallb to their navel and marrow t,
tbeir bucea, and bavin? length of days a it
frmt and reward. Caaynj iaaa Kgf.
Forajptang apsjls.fita.diTrineafi. radratationand
low spiribs rely oil. Hop Hitters. Genuine made
by Amrrican Co. Bead notice.
InatvonlfU.ee -with tba ddn nP a nnmharnf
TObr-scriber wo rctli-.h In foil the lrm-uk-s ot Itt-ft-cw
Vr'tylmd BJWrn EDKtwTt two fiTVt fUtPS-
Tb lfrtim vu !iirTA f lis Y. M ft A
H1t anrl tniS -t.i!'-adt-d bv . lar nn.1irw--a. wHs.
UnraeO ith the lt-rcaest M trail cm nJ tin? crrat-
in lPC.orrr roramrocc-U OJ i-apprity; tm
aojiv-nc vre rtnncn in IjonJon, den rocs of
hrarinc iMwte. He sketch! tho three method
br which ftdmittUK-a could be (piine-i. The nam
bwof rTtpIwho ceold be c-com modi ted with
mts in th Spemker's cillery, nnd tbe strmnc rs
fftUerr, wm ttmnly hmltfj; the number ot
tKk-H i-wi-N w Urv, ndtbatse who rattred
hy ttn.bs Uektu tud to ttka ibe chance ot
bt iuc raw n the firrt sUIt. Tbe mrtlvx. of en
trance huftrtc been dtenbed, the speaker next
prcwOtsl to RiTe a ptctore of theH-jtw. U is
ta oblooR chamber, at one cod the Sraker'
conir. at the opposite end the " bat ot tho lloae,
within which none bot member, mar pass. On
theflcorot the How benches tor the members
vrantaTd pralWwith themdnof the build inc
Tim n .nw ,5c(?-w7ij irora me uat to we
SpMiket'a table. Another narrow pus-vtce called
the cnKway crosses the first tntlwnj thai dirid
be the ecats into toor croop.
Tke front bench to the nclit of theKi--kr i
.Ktrcpitd by the Min.ln for the time beinc ho
are numbers ot the lloaee. On tbe correnvodins
bench on tbeSr-caker-) left are the ex-minuters. or
Chif f ot the Oprwcrilion ; beyond these, no ntm-N-r
has any retted richt to any particular seat,
though by courtesy a few of the seniors or more
dLUncniahcd members are allowed to occa,y the
axme r4ace nninterrnptedly. The Imh members
tbe extreme radicals and janiors cenernllT sat on
tbal side of the crofupam-ufanbest trout the
KpM.er.or inthe .-.ngnageof the Honee, below
llie cancway.
Thre are no desks or facilities for writing, it is
a hall of debate, and no member has a chance of
temc iiKtenea ton lie attempted to road irora
tMniucTipt or eren to too freeh oe notes tnooch
tnbltiU) docsnientia, tal msy be
ooicd. The lecturer once mt Mr. Gladstone
tuaie a few notes on the back of an enrelope tie
!iok frvtn his pocket, ami this was alt the written
id he had fn makin a speech or over two hoars1
aration inrerlrto a formidable indictment of
Lis policy. He then toW of tbe mtVer' cnlranoe
n recntar pnvthn, and the ptlicero.-mV stento-
An naut oa urancrs 1 speaker . ' au siiAnis
avinfi to nncorer as ne (vtsseu.
ibe oru.nary Dmuneiw pr.cfNiarei as men ns
ewed. and rraoroe of the amniunc onestions that
ere pot and tbe odd n-sotabons proposed were
vt d wit. The rrrrvCT tires of the Hooe rere
nchtrd on. and it wa kbownthat since 1707 no
irereicn of Knclantl had u..rtM to mate the
oyal as.-tit to a lull. The peculiar 'onu.n
'rtneh nhrascolocr is rUlt kenU atssont Iteini?
it the word 1 rti-t r It iejr te rttt and diKnt
"ParhamenUry i-peal.in(; was Iheu touched on
Mid ihe awkwardness ot style alloded trv The
Ircrorer bowertrsaid there was no lackot do
qwnce. The manner of some ot the principal
spetLert was bnt fly devnbeJ, a,nd then tbe 1-ro-feFor
read the toUowins bloKraphieat kketehes
which struck all hearers aa toinc verr happily pot
Israeli was born in IxHiJon, Iec, n, and
after several nnnccefal attempts he entered IVr
liamnt in 1S57, at the ajje of 32. He was already
well known in society by h writincs (Vman
Gra was written when be was n,) by his eceen
tnciies of dress and demeanor and by hts conver
MtM. All theM i-arcnU-trities he imtrted intt.
tbe Sonse of Common. His first attempt at speak-
IOC tss an a a rau i ru una arousing janare. n was
lmp-Mvible to continue in the face of tbe shoots ot
lanfiiter and irontoal cheers with which he was re
ceind. His brief and indicnant protect ended
ith these words: fJUa. t tit 1m m tkt tii
W7f mm mrkcm vw kU Jmtrmt. Dnrlnt? this
ikessirci. acreral times, and darinj; aabscqoent ees.
Roni. irraaeniiy mi rote was neara in tne ltotte,
on aiy and all subject and on alt side. He nei
ther had nor arowed any political conTicUons.
Miorlj Itefore entennj Tarlument he wrote to a
frienl that Ms forte was weditroii.and many of his
pQbikhcd ntterancos were those ot an adTanced
Iiberd. He had not lone been fn rarliaine at be
fore t became well known tht be was ready to
aeorit office under Sir liobrt IVeL the leadrr of
the lory party. Cool, calcuUtnt, self-conUineil,
witntot tvision, wtinoni connctions, wiuioutcou
Hoencs adroit, atubtltoas aodacioas and bnj
head-d, far beyond hts years, he was waiting his
tw-fMAif-jr. In hfs own words: "The opportunity
in a popular assembly has sometimes more sue
coss than the weightiest efforts ot research and
Tie eacerly awaited opportunity came at last.
The manner of its coming, the tnstanlanroas also -rity
with which it was K-.n-d and its eoottoUing
? fleet npon Disraeli's potitical career juttify a mote
extended Allusion to the Incident. I will bo us
brief as nwnble.
Sir llobert reel had for sereral years becu coiu
in crsduatly to the conclusion that the corn laws
-mt-uaincbearrdutieilou bread-itnlla wriw nu.
Just and oppre-ttrc, and that the injustice and op
piTWvfl iwiv "nu liMri-M-uai- -wTieai tapon iue
lat-oriDR clitwen, Vor a time he tarored a srstem
alto and steady redaetiou'as the widest policy, but
the potato famine in Ireland msde the alternatire
repeal or statration, lYcl wis not tbe man to
hesitate for a moment, lie saw hU duty to the
nation mraroount to all nartr oblL-ationa. and
sank the politician In tbe itatnou His rery first
speech at tbe opening ot tbe aes-don of ISW was
nractioally a proclamatitm of hisconfer-dou to the
doctrine of free trade. When be clovd, the Tory
squint ..lerniiji F-wiiiri"! wiui amauroeni.
TheT were dazed. Their crest iMdrr had tnrned
hia back t-n all ther held dear. What ahonld thcT
UUi ii uvnu auuuiu au-cj twiu-i i a uric aaiciru
possiDmir uin, wanimca ne cuide.iDevrnu.ut
obey their better instincts and stand by their old
At this precise Instant, Disrsll sprarus to Us feet
and, on tbe spur of tbe moment, poured out a tor
rent of carefully prepared nersuual abuse of the
lnmt Minister. It was rery clever, r-fry raaliguant,
intensely narare, and, to tbooe who bad not taken
hts measure, seemtd to be sincere. At all events.
if was lumiiKNf vuipieu 10 aecompn-ui us ooject
and it siKcecded to a charm. He had ciren
roles to the indicnatioiiof the somewhat fat witted,
tos-bunttnc squires at whit, he taught them to
Miere, was an act of coldblooded treachery. He
aad done morv than aare them from a shameful
silence, or the sputtennc of impotent spite, lie'
Dad uiieuinem tome icreioi a iiraytu out reso-
Perhans no aiiicle sroeech bas erer had snch her.
manent political results. Tbe Rtraiitudeof tbe
Tones knew no bounds. Henceforward he was
their cnon clumpion, as he intended and desired
to be. Till the day ot his death, they followed his
leaoersnip wiin cnqne-nioninff obedience an J a
fidelity that nerer wavered. Their lovaltr eren
rarTired hi eop Jrttl of l;C7. when the extraor
dinary spectacle was printed of a conservative
corernment accepting, adrocatm and pasoine a
rtiorm vui more rauicai man ine previous iioerai
Miniatry had dred to propose, v John Hrighl bad
Ireamtd of as iK-wJble. '
luree leadinn members ot his Ctbmet had de-
terted him: suoceNS meant tbe nnconditioiul aar
sender of all the positions which the Torios hud
maintained with reference to the extension of the
right of euffrice, and yet D.r.u!i p?revend and
earried his pf-rty with him.
It was his second creat nctorr. won br audacitr.
nerve, presence of mind, pluck and an adroitness
of political manacement tallins tittle thort of pen
ins. And the triumph was purely personal. The
rreat bulk of tbe party stood by bini, not because
tney approreu ine raeisnre, DUt DCfrtuse they be
ItTtJ in the at n. There was no one ta LaY ht.
pWce. It was Disraeli or defeat. Tbey could bet
tT afford to chance fronton all tbe crt questions
of tbe day than to lose bis leadership, rarntmcnt
air history bas perhaps, nerer witnessed m per
fect a t-ubjneation ot tbe will of miy to the will
of, one. It was rirtUAlIy a' partnership, by the
terms of which be was to furnish the brains and
they were t fornnJi tbe rote. It proved to be a
partnership for life.
The culmination of this eventful career like a
charter out or Ara bun MatiU orthenlotof one
ot his own norels. was reached in tbe summer of
Vt3j wnen ne made nis tnnuinhal entry into Lon
don, on his return from ihe Iterlin Coupress. As
Larl Heaconsneld and Lnslind representative.
he had hob-nobbed with Kmnsrors and ci-osmhi
swords with llifsinsick. He had secured terms ap-
pufimj aaiwrmi; w aia ooai irj. iu an socruiUS,
hisJini?) policy bad been vindicated: be was tbe
idol of the popaiace and was supported by every
moniina newspaper fn London but one.
Two rears elarwed and broucht a ehnn??. Seen
in the sunlicht of a sound public jadfrneut, the
brilliant foreign policy meant a few n-teleag wars
with weaker nations and the boasted diplomacyof
Berlin signified that expensire plajthins. tbe 11
and of Cyprus. The clamour was (one. Hen had
been behind the stace, and had found the gold to
be tinsel, and the diamonds ruste.
The disdlusionment was absolute and entire.
Parliament was dissolved in tbe epnna ot lSw).
The new election brought in Mr. Glsdidonnwith a
majority of 120 at his bick. His inheritance was
a depleted treasury, hostile relations with sever.-.!
foreijju powers, and not a few burning questions
Br-stio policy clamonnr,foradjatment. A
record this for sii years of parlianienUry
acy. but not more barren of permanent
sdrantace, than any prerious portion of Hiiraeh's
public life if we except the reform- bill of 1W7
snd surely no careful, candid student of hiscarcer
will oonteod that this was anything more than a
elerer bit of political leiTerdemain.
1 A few month later hi nltem in thm lln-m .r
Lords was raeant forerer, and tbe tula of Heaooas-
fjeiu umprwia irora ue reeran n; enjlnna.
"Come like sludow m drpart
! Letme etose with the comment of n notuu
frindlr cntic
-uisraeu was not a nwx ciais man: his qualities
were not those of the world's heroes: he riossessed
tdent rather than cecius: be was a eagaaoiii pol.
iiewn, aim i oe at i-eir-ac:ranJizeaieat. not a wise
Itatesmaa build iuj his monument in end arias acts
t prablic sernce: and the study of bUcireri
f--ali--nIaitaHi In Aarrlm inantari.l. aa.
father than toeterate, toetimaUt,or to ennoble.
Itarn inIJrrTvI IW llri Ur i!u.ite,.Mi
kitfd at Oxford in 183L with tbe highest hoooM
the CniTemty coald confer- He entered 1'arlu
hient in and at unoo attached himself to the
potjtKS-U fortunes of Sir Itobert 1'eel, rtnderitiff
prompt, xaithfnl and oftra bnliiant serrics to the
Great Commoner. In 1S33, he was alluded ta hv
klacaular as a younj; man of unblemished char
acter and ot di-stinsnished TuliamenUry talents.
iua timing uwik ot uxxxneTauaavnijeuaing i ones
who accept relactantly and mutinously leader
whose experience is indiipensablt to them, but
whosn caAtiocj temper and moderate opinion -i tbey
abhor. But these "moderate opiooa-' of Sir
Bobert Peel, which, beina tnterpirted, mean the
growing element ot philanthropy infuacd into his
--auicuOTnL-sTcn not kmi opoa ilt. fil-ulstone,
xnd when the Tore leader arowwl f r-. t r-l uni.
nwau, bis younjj: lieutenant followed htm into
thai broader field wnieh U bonid only by the
Beads of bunanitr. From this moment d Oes his
craacat do. ateaoy emanapitloa from those hide
bonsd irntiaoal party tHd.tioowhicb bare held
captive so many nsim; politicians Uo were nude
tor beUer inincs.
With That diiereot amotion must Gladstone
and Disraeli bare battened to these words of Sir
Bobert Peel, as tor the Ut time be snrrendered
the seals of o-Eor: "lima that in the abodes of
cnose wnoae kk u is xoubor and earn tbeir d-ily
bread by the sweat of IhHr brow I shall b- re
aMSfabtuMl with eipeekms of cod will wben they
shall recruit their exhacsted strenath with abun
dant aad nnUxed food tbe aweeter, bemu-enj
luncer learenea wiu a asxise of injustice.
His tt spcb in the wiva of IMT, was in
beutT rMTTrOort Of the bill tr l-rn.rtriri-. r-Lt. iw-I
diabditics of tbe dews a niasure which srx rears
neiorre oe nau aunuy oppo-Mi. ine funeral ora
tion which he protn.xanceJ opon Peel in tin floats
of CfxnmoOT In IX0L wu memorabl fur it tmi.i
eloqiKOce, Us rlevmtasd MaUment and ita oVptfa of
-Bst it vas not till an bistnncal ermine. !a iKr.
lSi2, that be di-oLiyrd. U tbeir full rtvpMXrvrr,
thai pnwer of effeetire, nnprrmeditaled ipiidU.
that ?ft of in-rtanuneows toxical arr-Bfiement,
that rnaUTeHoCJ facuHy of unstudied reply, Vtx
ftrofonnd earnestness of moral trnvIcUonand that !
aexbautible affloeiic? of Unguice which hare !
St a raped him th pf-rifrt lHiMnt.t nrtlfHr I
of this ceeentKm, if not ot this cenrarr.
ins .mineoiaie anwconm on mis occasion waa i
Mr. Disraeli, who hanna Usted the nreetsof ofl.ee i
for ten too brW nAntr. tmi vmTwItptt In 4lfwt
hu portfolio to his refwwr, Mr. GUdrtoue- for
tuo t"s.ii oi xnis aeieai wts a iniremt aeieat.
And thus commenced, to quote from a recent 1
historian. "thi jmi kLOa
only..nw ", when at the close of the session '
of 176, Mr. Disraeli crossed the threshold of the ;
iiocoi commons for the last time, thencefor
ward to take his place amons the Peers as Lord
Dorin this time almratt nnrr nt a Mnlnt :
Mr.Ultd-itone held office as Chancellor of the
.xcnequer, or as prime Mrcitter for nearly seTen
teen years. AVhat is the record of his administra.
tion Ot pnblic affairs durinc this period? What
account can he render ot his stewardship?
Let ns dance hmtilv at some of tb letutint- ?tM
of lecisUuon which he has a rijrht to daim as ow.
tnR tneir success to his efforts: I will preserve in
tbemtin the chronolopjcal order, oraitttusdAtea.
The 'V)t f th ywrer rfrV etablihin(; for
all time the important principle that the Peers
cannot refn- their assent to a bill remit tine any
The Commercial Treaty between France and
England which has added rrentty to the wealth of
both countries and to the promotion of a rantuM
food understandinc.
Dm estiblishment of tbe Irish Church, a measure
which adJresetl itself most powerfully to his
sense of Jast.ee and which he preweil with a force
of arciiment and an intense enercy of impruvioned
ncr,."i aica iwni uowa au opposiiion ana carnea
it triumrhintly through both Hoa-Tara, although tbe
Peers, it theT had dared to defy public sentiment,
wonld undoubtedly have lorn the bill to shred.
The National Education Hill. In the ntter
absence of any general srstem ot popular ed-oca-tion,
Knclsnd was far behind every other ci mired
nation. With creat universities, which had no
rival a in the realm of higher learning, the intel
lectual advancement cf the poorer classes had
been shamefully neglected. And yet any eonceiT
able scheme for remedying this discracefnl con
dition of affairs was attended with difficulties
almost insurmountable bitter denominational
prejodicr,theeftcer antAgoniam of social factions,
tbe deep seited conviction, alrencthened by the
l-ractice ot centuriett, that education mot be pro
tided by private enterpnse and not by covrrn
mental support, the demand in some quarters that
education shonld be compulsory and in othe.-a
that it should be purely voluntary and finally tbe
perhtri not unnatural reluctsnce of the Establish
ed church to surrender aniota of itsoTersh-xdowini;
influence. Atainst these and nitny more not less
cmbaxrssstnj; obstacles the Government fotidit its
way. Dut here, as heretofore, CHi-pteoooi aroonjj
all and dojoin-itiDC all was the resistless eneruy
ot Mr. Gladstone. He wonld brook neither denial
nor delay, lie was wiHidj to conotde something
m one direction and to accept a lit.ht comprorai"e
in nuother, but the essential fMtures of tbe bill
mun iand. It was certainlr f.ir from beinj; a
a perfect piece of hvislation, but the new order of
things which he tntnxiocc-d was so YSnUy superior
to the form-s r iv-cinio that it must be pronounced a
most valuable educational reform.
The Irish 1-and Hill of ln-the inlrodoctton
and oprtiiu; wede to his more comprehensive
bill ot 1SI n hieh by secunni; the tenant acatnst
eviction so lone as he paid his rent and gmns
hira fair compensation for any substantia! Im
provements w hich he miihl hate mde during hia
tenancy, rerotutionited the former relttiona l
tween landlord and tenant and Introduced Jnto
their transactions tbe novel ctctmnl of Justice to
the lese.
Tbe abolition of the purcha-w ot .rmy Commis
sions rr moved by the ingenious device ot a Huyal
i arran.a weiuovi conceuej xo oe COnitttUttonai
au abuse which was imnairini the effectiveness
ot tho army, but was defended by the conserva
Uvea and nn orcuiml military anMocr&cy with a
pertinacity which might hsve caused senons nn
noyauce if reliance had Uvn pUeed ou the ordi
nary coarse ot ln:isltion.
Ihe lUUot Hill by substituting order and dcco
rum at elections in place ot thedisgracetul scenes
if xofosiiii and riot previously viitnessedat the
huntings and by enabling the elector to rut an fa
dependent becAavs nninsvcted vote has done
more to purity the polities ot England than any
n easure recorded In her legislative annals.
ity me i Diversity iew mil a radical chants
Was iulrodOCed into the ndminUlntltim .if th
great Univeriiiea of Oxford and Cambridge by
tocunng to all students without regard to tbetr re
ligious better admissiou on equal terms as to
stndy and honor. This reform, so lone wnt'
menace ny every principle ot Justice and fair play,
had been waiting, since its first introduction into
Parliament, neatlr forte vmm fn it tft-ini -t.mw-1.
ithoai dwelling upon the Trades Union Hill,
which removed some Lardsbipn of which workmen
bad complained with much reason, or theesub
lUhmentot the Ioca Government Iktard, invested
with Iiive aanitai-T iliiiyr-rit.n . 1. 1
Jurisdictnuiof the 1W Law system, aitd o.ultling
wnurw,u.iui iesa general
interest, 1 d-we the recital with the Treaty of
..1 !....." ,.! I . I I . U . 1.1.'.. . . 7
,. s. .,,wiu i .tiuiiraimn.
tl lib. the ratert.it faet nDfs.ntim. iht,
able ajjaitnient ot a rot aetjona intrrnMlonal
controtenr jou are ilMibllms ranilliar, II onlr
reuaina for i ta call roar attention to the rare
sens, of rqoitr, anJ tbo niRh qualitf of moral
coorace which assented t. the terms of the treatr,
anJ accepteJ the rejnltiof th tbitrMkn-reolta
mtvetTway so hnmillatini; to the prlJe ot tbe
Now be.ir;tn ratml that Mr, (iUJitone is detclcnl
to nlmoMt all the qualifioationsof a aoceessfnl r-artr
leaJer, thit be t too intenaelj In earnest to be
penoMlly ixipolar, auj that hii rulltioil folkiwlnc
l iuaJ up ot such arpirenllT Irreoonetlable ele
mrnu as old whUtt, moderate liberals llbrala,
htsh chnrchin-a, noa-oinf ormita, rajloah, rrpab-lio-insto
ev liothlni? nf lht miwh hA .i.ft..
eUMiSolio.t the Irtihlriou Ami then welch
ii uu iug mural irreatQess 01 the man Who by
the power of his nnrtht life. lh mtnirt .!
of hi motives, the brMdlh of his hnmiDily and
iiiilr.m i, ivmvi uia cuuriciions, entoreeu
by iMooin, lieeaose nnaelnsh elooenee, has
been able to fuse sncl a htternseneom mass Into
a COmtiACt rolltiCll On-anlzatkin. an.1 hellaatea.lr
support embody In completed lectslatlon measnres
of such cardinal Importance aa those I hare tndl-
A statesman with aoch a record, and 1 hareonly
inclnded the period dntlnc whlcH he and Disraeli
wero riTal In the Honse rtF PmmAa la t
discredited by the disasters of a caapjien which
vu.MiuvucTsj, or condemned because
the Irish Home ltale farttmi iIm k.w, in ki. i
' need, or blanld becan he prefen to reform
jwci'l wronsl in Lnelsnd rather thn proraote a
uiuuaui loiei-ja poucy wen anowtns that soch a
policy, to achiete eren a barren socceaa, means a
laree sUdJuir array an enormons national debt,
and a piralysi of the atu and enterprises of peace.
Stop ThleH
The followim; ettracu are tilen from the
t.iroKfr and Cull. If any one knows of the
whereabonu of the featire yooth who hu
furrs indictment against him, tbe Mm Francisco
polios mi-ht like to know. The ParaGraphs are
invcnbelow-aeepyonr eyes peeled ami oxer haul
the rwsettRer list.
aitcuuT'a rrcuunoxs.
A report has been made by the expert to the
finance Committee ottbe Hoard of Sapertliors
In the case of John A. ltelehfrt. rnmM. fn n..
ofaco of the City and Gonnty Attorney. The re
port corers ISSW, and shows that of the money
drawn by Keicbert from the nrtssnt necessitr fnnd.
the Tonchers show (43715 to be correct: $1,180 20
donbtlol and t3HS clearly frandalent. Sir.
w "aa Hunw n aiase ine amoont cood.
Reichert has tied to Honolulu. The Grand Jury
ha found twelro indictments for Grand larceny,
forgery and embezzlement. Oil.
BEicncsT'B Turrrs.
The defalcation of John A. ltelchert was the
Sriocipal topio ot couTersation in the mnniclpal
epartraents yesterday, bnt there were no new
developemenU, eicepl that the report of Lanren
l-Crano to the sjaperTi!Wn WJW maje pnblic.
showins that abont JiO) poritirely, and I1JU
probably, had been stolen by lteicbert in the' last
two years dnrins which be held his position, and
which is as far as Mr. Crane's examination extend
ed. Itissaid that Iteiehert !ft tnr IlnnAnn .1
three -eel's ago and baa written to his wife to
Xrtu Jllmtrtisfiiifiita.
(Late felolar aad rriieman Cllalcal !or:tiy and
."aedlclae, kine Colleee. lxiadoo.1
111 Fort Mrrel, llonolala.
Office Hours 9-12 a.m. 2-5 p.m. 7-8 p.m.
A Safeguard.
The tatil npUiiy with vtlilch sllzht
Colds and Coughs firmirntlv devtlrip
into the rarct mabdie of tbe throat
and lunp, U ft eon-Mcratlon n hWh i-honld
impel ccrr prudent pern to keep at
hand, as a liotKehohl rcmedr, a bottle of
othIrcr ei-c trlres mkIi Immeiliaie n fief
andnorkiM Hire a cure inallatTertioos
of I hit ela-i. That eminent phrieian.
IVof. F. SvfcvtxtTr of tbe Msinc iledlcai
cchool, llninatvick, 31 c, nrs:
VsMiMlMdrnce hu prodo-d no thrr st
Jj njx-ctorant m rrwd Arxa'n Cataivr
IICTOSlL. Ills Inrilruble tor dtfwunof lfc
tbro&t aod laora."
Tlie same opinion I-i rxprwed bv the
vvell-knownI)r,L.-J.Addi-oD,of tlicage,
"l kave new LxmA, in tblm.QTe ff-ri of
coatlnaoe MoJjr asd pntrdos cf nlklBc. u;
tnrrAnUoti of to rrtal value u Aiu'i CarstT
PrcTanAL, (or tmtiatnl of dialW Cf ,tl
IlirMt and tarns. Jt DtX o&jj IrrnL. up cul4.
aad cam frercre coorB". fctat la toon rffr-rtj-vi-tb-ui
anrihior rl-a la nOertsa; area tba mm
-Ttouf bronchbrd aod pulzaarj trviloc:"
Cherry Pectorat
1 not a new etalmant for popular eonu
dence. lait a medicine xrlikh U tolay
sarin- tbe Hies of Ibe third ertieratlon
who bare come Into being since It wsi
first offered to Ibe pnblic.
There Is not a IrausrhoM In xthtcb this
fnralnabtc remedy has once been In.
trodacol xvhere Its nss has erer been
abandoned, and there I not a person
who bas erer pircn It a proper trial
for any throat or lun dL-ne raxep
trbfc of cure, who has not been made
well br It.
la rmmbcrless faancr. ruml obstinate
ca-os of chronk ItronchltU, Imysitls,
and eren acute I'nenmonia, and has
saved many patient in the earlier rtarca
ot Pulmonary Consumption. It Is a
mrdidnc that only requires to be taken In
raull doaes, b plexont to the t arte, and b
tssjdol in etery bouie where there are
ehiklrMi. there Is nothlns to rood as
mcnt of Cramp and AYhoopIng Coach.
These are an plain farts whldi ran be
mW Inr anybodr. and ihoold be rr-lnmbm-1
by crerybody.
Ayer's Cherry Pecttiril
Dr. J. o. Ayer & Co, IxrweU, kcaea.
Sold by all dmjfsts.
"T -srte Aeeals for tke Hawaitaa tilaads.
A - iin(Bmixrji!i caatM seat.
ly alia, i .Vim, Olce. aawax-
Sptrinl Xotifts
lloxmrtr Jjaaary -t"t- '3-
.tja Vtrtlt A fifcla ..
Drxa Siti It 1 with mat pteainre that I M ar
leitlavfay to la nre-prsf eaitltlei of year tr frs.
I had a small slarle flr xseaeria x vim aie in
tail Bteals terrtWe ro asdeaepeelaetae Methl
xaeralae, foaad til ceatewt-eo.iUllai ef biwki.
psperf, and aionej to the anoaat of 31.nro-Ia perfect
I am SO wf.l MUlltUHUn Ti,i,, n, "...
soother o. S Mfelt oncv.
""'JTiii. x.-m-rr.
tOM tlrrmsals Marhtl
m -or. r. ALLEN.
nil aa office wllh Mrors. n.W aef Vrt.
chaat aad Kaahamaaa Mrrrtf. and h will h "d-aae
to attend ta any hailarel entralted to bun lrt sa
Hai an OOce oter 51 Kirs. Ill-hop X l"o.- Paaa. corset
Merchant and Kalhamana 9U . nd altlhe hippr"
attend to sny bntaes enlmtcd lo his lire W3 Cm
riJRNISHED ROOMS X" aad city rar
nUhed RiWMn can he had by an early arrllratlan at
no. i ti.nniN g,
Inter-Island S.N. Co
Tmiocou Ticiorrs to tu:
OLCASO Ai.l.KTtIKX. ran kot twlaxJ at
ffleeef the tBtTIUtnt !..N.IX To-ttri-ta rr1ir
iiottoiaia prr lime u or ii - v tt. ualiu. iu m
Hnd-M at r naiad, thente hr Kaitroad to Tskala.
vrherr tlovfet ant lialtlfa alll be ta aitradane?.
Hr this resie. Torlt ran mske tbe rosnd ttlp la?
day", rlvtns 4 dar 1 vlU the Volcano.
HCKKr X:K TI1K ROVMI TKir, lDCtn-llaj;
ll(Xi-a. (inlde, IVoant d Lorlinr, "SO.
er For tarthrt pirttcaUn eaqslre st the etWte of
tnter-lsland S. N. Co., Honolulu,
Or lo J. rJOKliOf. VmcilIi.fC tOJ2
Steamship Company
KING, Conunnndor.
XU leave Uomd-ala each TnoJat st t T M . La
hl. MaaUra. Mskrns, NattsVnaa kavrataie, tAS
-paho-rW aad tllto. Lrsve Htlo Thwrnta.a at nooa.
itMMhln- at th name mrts ea mam, trtvtn( back
r.-!KXtlKn TKXIN ttrom XIs.il will h-sve esrh
Wy st llVMstlocoitn-rttwtlhUfl Klnaa it Msha
Tae hlnsta U ll.t IMUnt st 1l..n.-Vu snt NhIiii
en ttot-rn tpl p. for t-atttti-frr. It a stsnst i made Iron,
the there.
LORENZEN, Commnndor.
lave-allonnl-alaemr Motdijit 4 1 M. fir Ksa
BaVaVat. Kahalat, Kranae evrty ether e1.; IUeK
lUss, KtpahaU and ltrratnt tlt tep St the
ahive rortt sntvl&B hsca 9sliMx mot-alp ?,
lYt taslls sad r'" T'
DAVIESt Commnndor.
Will ) reralatlv 1x 1-aishsa, KoknUlf lr,tKtaU.
KsksUa, ttonf-hltnStLaapahort.ee, llskals snd Una
WEISBARTH, Commnndor,
Will l-sve recnlnlr f ssm rHtt st the ttsS.Lehns.
McCREGOR, Commnndor.
1 lla-BAlala MrK UVI.m.Isi fn tkra.i.L aL al
Kkmattv PoVrvrv, Mruttaol, tUw, Wallsn. Ilektaa
nn naiaapapa, mnniinc irxjn Tiia(" ( jtanj m, m.
for Lahalna, Lfsves Lshalna yalnnlav for hl-w, i-r-nalala-r
-over anday. arrltln-j at llonnlalm MomUy
"The Company mil not l rrpinlble re any
r trlght oc ptkare teeelptf-d ftr, bt for i-r
toea! batca-re aake r-lalnlv markrJ. Xnt irtp-vntlbl-
for mHry or Jewelry aala placed In chtrc ! the
tAll pilt)tcareKllH-e taken ot Live Mock. bt th
vuraiwanj- niu w avanie any mi. oi arciaeai.
lMX. U. WILD Kit, rre-Mt;
, B, HUSK. !-eerfUTr.
Ot'l'lOK -Corner Port snd Qneen Strretc
HothiHU. Srpt, HI, 1W. liMJ
For San Francisco.
Till: M'l.r.MHI) asTK.nHllir
IIIII.NT, KIJtl1A.Mll.lt.
On or abont Uonday April 12,
nn; sfi.o 11 in in: tiisitii'
nr. ttiiiiii.. tii-iri.tMii.it,
On or arjout April 18tH, 1885,
For rr-p-fUi anu raisart-t apply in
1W1I c It HlCKKKI.Ull.,ascU.
(IihmU Inr Miltiniul rtrSlraiurr rna now
toe Ntoretl, "rer ot Charter, I m She l'lre-trl
Fireworks !
I,th "Jff -4th
I lb. Rockets, Colored;
21b. Rockets, Assorted;
21b. Meteor Rockets,
6 Star Roman Candles
ttipl Llghti. Triaatla IVIittL
tirruu sale nr
m.- E. P. ADAMS.
61 Nuuanu Street,
HI to Jlf . thtlr ca.tinacn and tha public rtumllj
that thrr hare mortd to lh- above evmmndloa. f re.
proof prrnltr., (latelr occaplnt tr " Kim),
here thry h.ra now fw gale, some ot the
Finest Goods to be Found in Honolulu
Emlracle- all jndu of
8llk8, Satins, Dress Coods, Etc
Broadcloths, Cassimeres,
TWEED!., ETC. Saltahl. for Geallone.-. ttTear.
Carrie, oa, osder the aaperrliloa of a
first-class cyrmt and fitter
.a wa t ii aaa g.tl.fatlUm CaaraateiJ. ion j
-'. aad the :oodwtllrnr i.i... .V.
rjUIHt; IlaitDWAKE CO.(Ualted.l Tinilt UrZ
" Ps, aaa 10 reipectratlT M kit for
ihefaiMthnreaitoin fiwlaea-TicatrVa lawaltk
dt.T.Tsrii, "aaaeuuj tatrre-ted, orders ad
Ua?rtlwSi. i'.l'T'v"" f'PUltUai.ii
-JJJ , wtl. te,h. peese.. mifinggjggfl
Wl,'7 -ttar ea-iiomera aad the tsl,llc in
tt?'i?2.M? ! nil" rtik i. jHTll
.odraoplrtella. ol U,,-! ' "" "rj foil
lr?r' "" " lnwe.t JIrttl r.ri,
Wait . PACirrr it,f?:t.Cp-'
mtanunAliU I. II.
. Arlministrafni-'u v.i..
Sllanr. late .f noaS.Yafo.ha i'z ""a
so., aarla m rlTli.. . , hl' ceeraied. All per,
MIM thai tlS n.,?!-idl;.,i U" Iat. m
aod with TilV 9nV' '" "ae dalTeritnl
Jl-JSaL?. ?-"?f Cia'i:.,raS5l.r5 1
iataT " " "Bee.-sa.ho-.aaa lrt.Ho.
CIkcuit court, TiuRiinnl?
cUtPletrlel niwlt UUa-it 1 thtu. iJ
;teref mesi"r Am,r itui.ntaaU -i2
ltetat-. r-iora Ja4c trmxm. '
. .I i aBJ flHav Sm MUtMa f t M
Ibe A-IatlaUUiW et (ke EMate ar Abm, ( nfr
lljlit.a1ftefeil.lttiiW.js tktl kM fcwlS
tMsti b fxamioraMdiriwweMdtaeitB
iwerty le -pa-e4 1 ! UtW ttetetax 3
It U mrJnr that rKlDA V, Ik lt Jit f 3laJjuff
tattOotlncH. m. la ibe Veaut Il- M ni
Ilawi.'. be awl fcerehj pptie4 , IW awt 3
rUee far teaxKng aVJ ketittew; , -l MrMmtaZ:
AH mjt l.JM r,V?, .'i"-
HIlA. H.wll. Xafeli 8-K.k l-SS. vSVa.
I rr-waaiir. tat -N-t-ltter M
nMMAt.ANE,et niKUaW
r-r JCral iVute,
Ike KtUI M I I t fc-u n .1
sif-rs-ti.-Ht. llnlrff In hvw t
tml l.lralAa- hr na-als-l- nt (atrl
Wkltfar. Adailallnittfrf tie E-Ule 4 lrTmlr
rvtTA vrahakaaa, drtM-r-fxl. eajjax rer n artarr ar
ale cf ett. real nla!t l-":tic l iTrJ!i
tltaala U llll aad IUpui a. lUmll, nm amiw
fo-rth crrlala JV-ral m wr rtta tea) rftiM
It i aervVy avdered. tkat llv nelr tf taUMav
era ed aad all per-ma UtffelJ la taa atd muT
arprwrnr 11.1a L'fwartXUUAT tfeaSTlAd
Abrll. A. 1. l.st at 10 o'ctock a. aa- at iu .11
Rrania of thi L'orL la l!asTrlaa llto-K saaii IV 1"?
how riae whj aa erder vkeald a-x be naatrd t
Ief tc: .
And It if rarlaer arden!, taat thU cdaeaaL
tlfkrd at Ieat tkret aaceetwl-ie brfwa taa
day of kt-artar.t" ! II - Uaarrra a4l Km2
nrwrpap-n .abltaaI ta aatd IlaMlale. "
lla-fcT Smi. Jtitieeaf 9iprtaiCM.
IVi-aty Clerk. VUtl
3riMlEMi: COURT OF T1IR iii!
O wallaa Ilaad-la) Profct. la IW ailttf -ti ta.
KaUt-ot CI1ARLC1 11. ALKX.MtK .f XtWl7
Maal. drceit, lal-Lalr. Uttr CkVf
OmreadiacaHt lla tfce l-.11lr at ( lleWc
Alpxa-adrr. of UakaaA. MaaL mlriar tmt 71
rhark II Alexadr dlnl lattMai at Sao. XmI
raljtCaniri1a,eai iae5tk dar ' TtUnvj i h
1 and l-rajtat taai letlerf 4 AdmiatatratiB aadtf
jraardUa-alp nf ib eron ai-t preverty af ta aiiaw
chlldrrarialdt'ktrlea II Ux&i mUVnM
UtaordeinttkalTI1lI?UAV the St day f AavtL
A.I.WH:o-,n.ki.M beaadkeraltaaMhotiw
for beitriaf aald MUtloi. Iwfore th aid tlii JnLJZT
ta the Court ItMai of M CoqtL at lla-aa.ua. m
(ii:ta line aad Mac- all y,tntm tvtriT ..
pear aad thtm raaae. It .itUrrUti j tVa
thoald not be craated. aad taat tala mW b raUi-siMi
la tk Eactlik laatma-re for laree aaecttlt rvi a
aiea urawii-a, ii i , .-i-jaira .aa, a ii, ii
A V J I U13
Altm TklrJaattcaSamMta,Mt
1AM llttsai SatTM.Pti.atj i.lttL x
The Great California
Positivo 3Dotttn
Flics, Fleas, Cockroaches, Chlckcs
Ltcc, Etc
jo. ti jt-4. j.vx. i i t-i ?r tri
To Human Ilclnrra and Animals.
In Hits House, (inrtlon, I'nnspmtorj
or Vnrcrnoiiii.
The Buhanh Incnlflntnr
for lll.trlhnlln- tho llnlort. 1
MII.K All i:TW,
Iia .ml 11-1 r.rl ir..t, ll..lal,'
Diti. r. Sn-itt. rata. , Jy. JI t.i&t- '
tlio. W. Thobi-dok. rT i.r A .tnit
ToUlSnrplna- S 314,01. 01
Th atteatlon of the pabllc U t Xat
Tea tnr ta Life Iti-am.net adorti.--4 . i
pany; tke lm alas of Eadowaieat Potti if?
tjr the aam premlam brtctofore chared ton.
IDllclef. Tkeve pollelea 1-aiilclps.tn .a ta t en
dlitrlUtlcm ef iarptB.a-.J are fab. i . 3L-1
taswtta aeafotffltoTT Law. J 1
t'aib tarrrndrr aad paid ap ta mrau a
ed oa fTfij petlty. f
rampklcU cxplaaateej of tan y.w JVaut- tae,
had OD aenllcnlltm at Cnmnan , 1
And abtolatelr Xoa-rorfetUbi- afl - Tw r
Eumpl. for Non-Forfoltur. Plan
tseaml 3jirt ?1 year EaiK-m r
Sii. !
annual. a-ttxaiiuai azixMI,
C".h Sorr. V
At tbe end at the 2d Tear nam
5th -
Ilh -Sih
Ih '
t"h -
3Hh -
i.ui :
-,15 VI
-.ii-. a
"Can IV
lo r.
1.2" '
fin. j
hvT ApP.Ia aa be had ef anu Cl -
will ba sHvra bj the Afreala. j
Frank Geii
Importer f Dealers;
AXD- la, l
DEainrp-now), or
Ladies', Misses1, Gent
asd ronns' nn )
Boots & Shoet
Hi. rcKHTYrJ ta th. ,i- ...... i '
"; . a laioiee ol aew f ,ooda 1. hra
-"Ell-O-tA. aial.!at his Stock a.a of la -
Taee rise (iyl ill fa. uUitMr
. , . . MT,i.a wciiif aaa "
.iH.- unaH aad Shoo nac Jl a A
him a call rg j.uoat.lo u .how lsl 5,
XI that at a roemtos hiU la IloaoJai. f Ti
ti!v!i.mh -"iSi"he aVeriW.. -S
a. aa.aua- runuiia-i iitaiiaa If rnca a waaaai -
-.-r. ss-a-i wuiitTU I DCOTTbalTaLllCia milM 7-
"-i..iji, riV.-.T.4TlU. tJJI r A
- wl JAaamrr. IK. at-aii tVa.1 a-iial afP"
eketed the tollmwltz oCcerT
PretHrat.. HTt-i?
Vtce-11r.ldeat. J X
aa. vial which any bedae apva tbeahae
Ridge Hous
Tin: uxi)EnsiGHD ur.(j3 ;
j. i.iona tha rottUIiut his welt-haowa
Bated ton ailw r.u, v .i.v-. p.. '
ot l,u rest. Is ajala leadj to recalls ttttun- J
Horoes will be resdrai in. Uadial ",Za
rdej theaa. aUTH HOCSE ta eooall-
Board 7 per '0jb.
WMoai a. A. T"'

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