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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, September 30, 1885, Supplement, Image 2

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iv. itti taar r .nsrj at itooib i av ri v nwiun iiu mi r.fa. i ia-
Viliniiriii liVliMxit. iuIK.frcaUctSMSrJiK t tt. j fraMhi.ee. Fer a ,-ter-j
ai .rra I r a i-cj. aau na.
i i tsiv'.stm.xbts w ii
hmw Canrt r ta. llaanOinn llatnl
IEmMr. la RanajJaljr Tma
CUsrt StlTl.
Ae Cvoorfs Iv JLate Arrivals
Received by Castle & Cooke
cs-o xs
SfiitgWefir PfairtationsXountry Stores
H4i- ami,-, ilteel at tl Ware r-l llh
.tM I rrvay. iimNm Calirai tKr
1 1 1 1 1 i wh I Pa l-is? PLO W
- tfc - - a."-t M ka,. t.jfcj
- SMS .1 4. 4 t It n, lh (k.- 11 ..V t '
fW- ltk. - - 1-Wfr ' - . V-a tittm-
"in- . - f i asr " Fams m (-- . ; $ , s
. - - if- ft-t-j. ' luiHft. Malll tw
- ; ------- H"T" w ' v .
a M hm- w 3 rtM FeaKjra, iVv Ml teal m x
. wmk ai- " "In - nvk h V Mt
nuttu Jwiw - w iww tMto r w4 -wr ,IiMt
anmouHum fws jts-s rajas, aix &izes:
j.i.eat fat'Oftmoais in Shell Hardware
JE ; 33 JK."S" C3- O O
33 S
I WeefcrTHEPALACE. and Gnaran te
quality or price: also, THE
Tff&CAX. rol oil and above test:
V- Max rr ('. l'irlr )r-i-
-Tor i
T I to MtafkM & C.. mt SmhmI Nttt
Lxporicts 3mwmc. Aricultural Implements,
Zmtate. Oils, and Yarnislies.
Hoiiso JFx3Jm 1 sIt 1 it s Goods,
h"M, "Lampt naii CJuuxieliers, Kerosene Oil and
K. JHi .J-
d iio the VkwllmceBoc --
r'tnauw of as aci n w
' :n lb datnct at Wmha, iiJud
' list! '
Ii . njMMt b aUcptU to batv
: . mvrwl mtoin of Naw
i.t 1. bat trfm tiVcxidraKV at Mn
a it iii i to hv Wb made is
TL. k Clhm.Btc dimiwl Ik HU
-J.. proSBi. nuKimltr. " WcW o
fart vi ttw iSawtaS is t" wtimr fc
: Sir l K Castfe fihJ xftum&?
aisj ivatradmtBt: his tceriaKsr pio on
cnuial bMrui, bn occamcib
l- i-BMi lunas mwired any moor;
fa. .a; tkc plainttC on accoant of Ui (Hir
cv. mcoFT for tfar Uad m astWE.
Uki id that W had - nMuilrcuoB of
Srln riniiiar to ti udicv aboat thr knd.
"?r tar ataferit. the witiwss stat thai
trjm aa fsaauiutioc h& too&s be sdi
that the r-r oc th thai of Vebruar?
It? paadtoUw tkfiviavBt to par
1m iamrT os tor porch of Mtd t&sd
ibJ that dacaxxat the srvwl toajrasce
thr nataiawr oecwcair- to compkte tiw
iim hm jiw sad that at a tizse tub
Httl to mm! third o Tthraarr
XiSt and coot to the comnKssBt of the
kOit. m thr Tar or 1SS3 owl StIts
cazzte to the odkv of depofie&t and drpon
eat then ntqacetod him to uecste a ued
to iiJ Aadrs of the pretBiMM in anas
turn aai offwed to par him the pcrcbase
price thenof. aad that said Srlta replied
that h oaid do so. bt that he was cosubc
to U.mn m a few weeks with his wife and
thee ther woald atteod to it.
The defendaBt derues theee siatemeats.
But the statements to be correct,
do thvT nuke the caee aar better for the
plaisuP Wu ant-thin? &abwqaer.Uj
i- c- bt t&e plaintiff before the defesdaat
uach- tae uaproTeewBU totee iasti,saow
isg an isteatvw hr the plaintiff to ex
erase lu nsBt oc pareaaseT
Oc lookinfr at the agreeeient we find it
stated the Land in question contains
mset; (lire acreoaore or lets witaost lux
ther annptioi except that it k Htnated
at Kawaihapai in district of AVaadoa. aad
theprMe tit dollars per acre.
Tus agreecaeat was acknowledged bT
Mecdtan before Mr. Cattle on the 16th
dar of Jane lSti and it appears to the
Court that these words were then added
-land kaowa a the Rice land sold I t Bice
to Unhck. I aderncath is written seem-
tacbjras a awcaoraadam of inrtroctioas
"Tluak there are two piece.
la a eoateTaace from Gnliek to 3Ien-
doaea which h pot is eridence there is a
reference to a piece of land containing 45
acne said to haw been patented to W. 1L
Ktce br Urant 45S. aho to another piece
contain inp 1- acres part of land described
in Grant 353 to Xaboa. part of the lacd
(3 acresi hanng been told to other per.
Now it does not appear that asr steps
were la en io ascertain toe boundaries or
aereace of the land nor to aree or ascer
tain tne amoont of tbe purchase mooer
The matter was allowed to remain and
the statement of Mr.Catle to Srlra conld
oalr amoont to this "Andrews has in
s&aeted me to prepare a deed for him
wiH too sica it when readvP and so-
ttusr tartner was ttone. tn fact n woold
appear to Bate been forgotten altocether
b; tbe phuatiarf then attomej.
Cpoa a ctSaderation of the whole case
we are of the nraainn that the decision of
ta t ice (JIWBCeJiur was correct and ac-
' Willi lb rlklS.
ituoum ire t'1
FMwMciitt'.' i"
"At the rfe of the ( I .niff s CSMvawl
m akw te oa K4U le- VMjJ
Ike iilll t ted ike tVail e '"-" J
rut te a a teeaiet U h J'f''!
Smt MHt-ttM rfciMif hvi '"
oafcnei Vf tw. f" ' t 1
at M lll.r"' J .
aitwres, n the fet f tb."tl u? Ma
iit, aax " etntH-. '-" "V
atiw. were ifi: i ti..-rM taa,
. ' ... Am'.r lain u allowed T .
"It DUiMii. tWT. Bel kerrus WW!
J. .iJM M which tto I-!"""' '
cWim that ink rr kail t"" v
Tm Cvwt .auete4 the jar
rtMceaaeaa; .
llMal ( w line. '. c,"T"Wl
laWtW il bar.
Tbe decisioo appealed from is aSrated
wiut costs.
A decree will be signed on presentation
L. A. Thurston for ptaintiiT: A. S. Hart-
wvu ur ueteouain, ojTta.
noootoin. September IS. issk
opr.oi. Cort af tae Uawaiias TUIaiuls
IaBura. JaljT.nc 1SSS.
G. WrT u. IB. Km A. X Mosrura,
aM. C Jr-cCOf . J. iVotea. J.
nf UU Cmrt if JwU. C. J.
WSST. DO Tv & CO.,
last 9neivetf a Large Invoice of Furniture
PIANOS TljA'JfeSX) jaJ?i--ID n.-RT f T-F? T--!T
Tasiasr and Eepairing- a. Speciality.
Hefrepolitan Market
&SToy. -jiAss, u. s. a.
TvT-rais Street,
G J.VALLER. Preprietorj .......
- Iixnaa
flMEt HS
AalMfa"jaaiaraakal ktsOat
aat: wl-kgMaa.Mk...,,
m,JT''' 1 "T '
Jaaajaajaaaaaaj, ml !Ln rwaw au; V.
Suppboi m SfaKt ITeiice
-ana rr tmx .
Lowest Market Prices.
arVr Tv. rarawaaa.
Jndgment was rendered in faror of the
A. Montaao. garnishee, paid into Court
Jannarr 7. lbS-J, thesnmof seteatT-fiTe
dollars. On the 11th of FebroarrlfS
rurr was oecreai a uaBaTBpt, ami nis &s
sipnes & F. DSinchas and J. G. Snen-
cer. bow daim thts sam and the question
whtaber they or the phuatiff West is
enavKea to It.
We think that West is entitled to the
fond. It was paid into Court and might
m& anuunwB vj tiesi, ceiore
iMnkrantcr pnxeedinjs had been com
tneacal Lndoobtedly the original suit,
tf it had not terminated so far as Kerr
was concerned. wonM be snsre&led br
Khe proeeedinrs in tankruptcv Bat the
ranusnee nanncr pau ine xnwtnt at his
indebtedness to Kerr into Court and thus
discharred himself of all liahitite tn Kerr
the ftmdmnst be twatfdas West's, deorlr
u. n est uau. urawn tae oeposn, n.errs as
sfnaes ecold not recoterit from them.
The law shookl not pot him in asr worse
position merely becanse he had not tfaoastt
St to draw the money from the registry of
W. R. Castle for DOintiiT: S. B. Dole
I or Assaraees ox rterr.
norajtalii, heptemfcer 19th, 1SS.1
:aprm Casrt ef tile Hawaiian Tiltnrli-.
In Sauce. Jaij Term. l&S.
aro Xaaoz vs. C Ah Xrc isn Ah
JfcClll ..J tr.J.J.
aa Cmmri tr JU, C. J.
XmrU Ia-yaa-Fatfaitra Plu:
a asr ataawa fm Mwarn Ha far
"STos emlte
w aaa af I
. la-.
3-C"J f U UN
It Jagr is 5f ud 4jm
Cr lljaaai j -. " x J. 13 1 SB,fc " XJHH
( f .; J---.. , .w: -a-.
j aora. r. a; , . r
DJI MB. . ,
u raatt uisu
T. E. WALL, Hana;
rpnT m.AM rnu'Ait.vTiox
aKX-aeoaa. i
B ik)VY i r a-s a.
JHA. till T ffcftfayj
' HOLUSTEfi & Co.
- . taatoat vaarsa ciSca
We hare carefmBy eoasadered the eti
aw at thai ea$e aar! the art r
criarmat aad see bo reason whr the decree
of the Yin Caawflrii hoiilil be reTersed.
Tae limatif Mnawaai soazrht the rr-
A the sialuw.0 i sfaoatr that he
aota tae kanrl -rach was already leased.
The laacc inchake the parcel of land
aae mo aliases was sot ateaied to
We thinA the decrve shnnLi afSr,l
with costs.
W. R Castle for nlaintins: A K Kart-
well for defendants.
Hnnnlalit. SeptewAer 19th, l&x
Snpreme Cawrt af tn Hawaiian IiXaaji
In Lwitj. In Bajca.vJalj- Tana. 1SSS.
Sos Caoaa X Co. n. Thi HrTcmsox
lxurarma' Co.
JW ImM C. J. lUCmOt oaf I'mU J.
nia at an Qfi from the decision of
the iMBfWa-ir jKBssas? tbe pkiatilfs
1H for fsreeiDsttreof a morirare from C.
Atat A Co. to the pUintifii.
Upoa TBtdxBs- the pfeadinpi berein acd
the enrtinw tabea at the hearing and also.
aftviajuavsaxiaiats i3ed,weareof opuuon
that, far Eaasyreasoas besides those state!
hj- ate Chancellor, tbe UI1 ?hockl I dis-
The oecasiaB ol the CharceJlor is there
tore iff hi 1 aad the bill stands iiiasisse.1
wi4 casts of tins appeal.
A S. Hart well and C. Brows for plain
tifia. F. it. Hatch (P. Xeomann with hiin.
Septemiwr 21st 1S&.
Saprwaaa C.mftaf th Hawaiian Til.ait...
ItBtua. JaIrTarin.I&SS.
Tax Hawaiian BtTi Taunton Co. rs.
Tira KrrctL Thuhmi Co.
Jt J UrCmSf J. ajm iarlt Taarf w
mi. . jac mtmi ra Ac ifntm.
V i aetiam ie case tni5 at tLe Jnly
Tera. S,of thuCaert. The jarynrjiered
a territ for flajalHT asd Che cWeralast's cx
cet -aa arutc at the mil were on
i.r j t j cccaeat in Tacarkie
B ;iarU?osd efcoluu are incorporated
w.le, u-aecsafniearhaTishaea thrarchoat
ihe :..ws cf Hfrbotols.
planni? aHepis taat :te defendaai dar-
iwaive rwffa past has erected poles xad
ji Hoaalsia far tLe perpcaecf ita baai-t-T
bat to cegiieatly, careleaalj tod ca
"t:.;falij. tilt tliej hare coe tn coctact wills
tae plTr-rW. wira, aad hate utensed the
armtts of rJiimniT wirea, aad Lit, destra jed
lixzx inanhticc, and hare interfered with
t'.izuaSi wires, etc, aid defendant hsa wOI
fagy, mlirmcaly aid repeals espedallj
pratMei ne ftimttS c-. paa? had bam. Ha
awes la a roteaaNe a.acnrt, a. roc i i il
at aaaeriairitT Ul.s t ! h raai;
and rt taaeadnly atatmg its Kae at, tow
aad a bi;h thai tbry CeaM et U cnuxd.
"That tto defeadaat ceopaay was beam! a
coaalnict iu lie, ie tech laaaaer as net la Ha
taceatart with pliias aim, ec t beaa
iaterfcreace with the epenliea ptaiatiaTa
iastrasieair, ptwtided thtt it tack iaaerteceas
aad etatreeties be accidt, leatreraiy, aad
twt the tvoatt ef BuUlfalaees aad aecliawf,
the rttiatif coa(ay but rtvMrar eJ t actaal
dasars, eretided alto that the peihvtitcoaa
paBy saatt net hate ceatribated by aa want
ef ordiatry tail! aad rate ea their part.
"That tto rJaianff cmtfaay wmM he ea
titkd to tote t iattrraprwa by
coapaay id the epentKn ef itt '
"lie deteodaat dely exceab
several iatttnctie&a, aad aaea
daly allowed:
Ihe defesdaat asled the C
the jcry that the defeadaat w
tar daaat which ordiaaiy t
it" part ceaM sot hate ietteea
which lutractiea the Court
aad the defendant daly can
ictal, asd each eaMptiw was
TbeCeort iastrected tto
cot actitOiblo for the defeadi
take away tabscribers frwa
There was nectUeece tea
raahce ea the rart ef tke defe
ef the actt coeaplaieed cf by t
Tbe ettdeece en both ait
dueodaat uted tie best Biat
ttractiea t iu liaee, and
deace on the part e( the def
ef the interruption of tto idai
laatraareatt ere caated by t
screw, m wk iasttace, ef aa
ta aaether ieataace, aad by t
of aa aleteba tree ia aaelto.
"Tile defBdaBt witaee.
atoest care had bees taken c
defeadaat ta preteat its wire
with the pUi&tiirs wires.
"Pltistia'a etrdeace tend
dsrie- a Iar pan (er aiest'
prccedtsf tto date of the c .
bad been iaterrapted in it
feadast'e wirea beias ia o
tiTt wires; that Casatdy, r
teadeat, bad ipeet a lare p.
at his time ia eadeaTeria;
places ef ceaUct tad ia ret
that he had eetpleyed aa c
per tseath qq acceoat ef t!
iaterrsptiwM were caated ii
ceostrectioa ef defeadaat!
iaterroptioas bad drwaMii
"A Jaejer, tectetary as
feadaat campaBy, testiaed tl
te tarxrinUndeet Fratt w
aay expects, aay contact w
UtVaiian Belt Telephone C
TTideauDe, pretalent ef d
testied to the same effect.
"Pratt, arcriateadaat
paay, teetitd that he recei
these .tEsfmctiont to the
aad that the construction c
tented after that of a tel
Sao Fraacisco. exceptia; .
cisco system of wire w
also that he did his best ia
at to aTeid contact with pi
. "Bat he admitted on
rhat if defeodaat's poke w.
cf croetios piaiatifs wiret
daager ef ceetact front si
wordd be atoided.'
Bt tux Coca r: Tto
dtfeedaat it that tbe plaint
to establish telephone Ubo
Tee plaiatitri csarter
carporaticn with all the
ngnts asd tmatoaities Btet
cf the Session Laws ef ?
Act ler the eccoaragccienf
pony now incorporated, o
after tscorpcrated fer the
teHieoce by electricity
Act reads: The Kiaisti
hereby aathorixed s&d c
and atfew asy ceatpaay
aar fore: en country, or it
iacorpcrated ia this kia
coantry, for the transm
by electricity, to cesstru?
apen aad alee; the bighw
ITe tiisk the Act hreat
telephcee cempa&ies. e
teUience is trxesmitted I
has; npen petes, erected
streets are at preseat dee
system ef tektgraph, as
liaes. So far as ose ef
concerned, the ebstmctio
that telephone cespaate
By nteass ef a telegraph
ataiks visihfe to the eye
that iatetb'geace is traas
tearth of the wire, la a
eaables the soaad tf I
tnasautted aloe-; the wi
to know whether tele?)
asd in cse when the Act
tkcafh we teErre they
wise- tsade the Act I
iniproteaienU aad diaco
the researchea of seiecti
pazy tracsoHts iatelfift
tr icily, the law aHowi
and tae taspecska ef t
asd roads cf thu kierdi
The PritT Csnacil i
charter, cocstraed the i
ic to tefephece coepr
taea-a net toaad to I
the ceoatractioo placed
apea aaActef theLegi
the tme ceattractieo i
ttractioa by the Prity
rreat wetgat. Ia tae
LTarted States, the cent
fern interpretation of
aa cxscetlve departi&ea
aad a caseef doabtt
See Owe r. ImM
(155!.) Xacieraes dec
ta tbe aaaie esect, Ia
Wheataa, -10. it was ai
ef a deobtfal and aaibt
peraceeas eecitractict
carted apon te act tm
appointed te carry its p
entitled to great reset
fased te interfere with
it had beea acted apon
See also Atltu ti
WiH, 27:, 31, rnj,t j
S-t, Ihuttii Seta ts
Lmiitd ites tt Jusere
tTe feel fatlr failiSe
ti5t charter aatbomei
eget granted by the ac
II. Ine act aathera
the Minister te ''penal
pane ta co&stroct itt 1
hirhwayt aad pabfis
perautlen aad anoned
denced by the fact that
It I" net eatentiai that
.-a - wirea to ttot cy tke aipactce
ct , 1 ; t t itt. thet thealj tic aad that come
, c .t. ..htha lower wira aaJremtia to
Mr, s t-eapata npn ifc, rijhlt ef tto
lotBJt c -'taay. It t.,Jop. t-illfally
J. eenpilly tlaaugt OIBI4 l
It, it charted by tto Cvail, Ike
. wasnetaatlkioa.anditiUratboticn.
, a-T teaiporaty, awl bo cuatrtbvtoit
. r tto pallet plaintlS i, ,Ve n, actatl
,.t tuierad eenkl to recoTtred.
aeuadarstwj ai ttopretfl rtteea
jaiy awarded tto damages, a. alatcd
,x.p.mt defcodaat rtfe.ed Ie e
. wirea fia coaitrt with 4mtiiTs
r a loec and wNvajlJ tnr."
. n.UaetMi a.kel fee by aVIewltol al
. uarathip.tv M,Ht dtfewltat
i liable fer aay damage wbieb iliaiy
Vill ea ila patt cvU not tote (We.
.ud twentol," does not eipteat itt en-
.Ulity, Kit it, eten in tto cvnttractien -f
. Iwea.erdinaryeareaadtkillwais.el,
. it heea sheeld lie in centact and itw
. tto ceatataeicatiea ever plaiatiiTs
. i!iu tteuld to atrespait.
i ttcilliiai are overruled.
V Hatehferpliietia:A.S. Hutell fer
olala, Septeaaber 22, ls$S.
tttou for th AVatkaaep.
v katfaer borer tnei.tened with a tlreac
to ...jaetceticdtet potath will cut in.
du-iablerqehe eatily.
A patty at starch and caleride ef lice har.
dent qekhly, aad wrH la,t at a stepper of
holes ut aetata for Bteatka.
K r cemnattas every en to ccd cte eiaal
pai a ofttotUc. htts resiaaad catholic acid
i&Jtitral Ziwf.tmmls.
"Pioneer" Line
5o t, V;, -VWJJ
Arrival of the Iron Ships
"Ophelia," "Bordeaux,"
and " Clan Grant"
Have Received by tlieso Vessels
And other Lato Arrivals,
the Following-:
An Asst. of Dry Goods
voNsisriNu ix vaut or
ltorrooh.s Ijoae ttetto and iher brands ef
l'tilil., lianattto, fll rtii.iratMMMWaaaiana
Otntrol ttiiprttwtiMtnla.
a c.
3 0
(J ri
107. 109 t5 111 FREMONT STREET
J30.-1X IPl'tUXOiMOO.
Tinuxiii.v i:n i:Mit.i.s, wri 1:2a a 1. kmi ri; nii i.i xvi-.m
A SKal. J iilt It. tl v'tlwU, tlrali, Kn'.v..l ! K.. lil'"''' 1 ''e 1 ' 1 1 rtTtihf la,
i.v kwmiii.i.. ... vTiair.aV.'i.ii" i 'V. . . ' . "'tiuS
Jtllrn ltli, .1 KtanJii iif VrnkalUM Kin' Ihtn HV tttaiM4itI ltltl
i npwt
Is enabled to largely Reduce the Rates foi the Hulling Cleaning of Paty
I 111.' ltl.l.Ol K MMUM
Ut-NHaa-rll aOVvi),tlatf fn-ti' I
sf iwsptftl. l
.Ih I rwiTMnhtlllJ tntrn!t.
Tilt 'Mllrfltrtlli thW HMlpHr.La
..fVii iWM l in m4
AMnih IhK Itrllrr Kilr ti rt
MMMM Maata.aUaJ hB! I ti.-tl tMiMvvi.h
Ljiq lite Matthtcr'i 1xrB.I1.ir7n in the form 1
uie W3nxr wo (huud; tetcpMCe pott
&Ie lh Creu wucH b as taitriictjta
which tke Uta:r oristnr.n wbttM thirg
the treeu itre wwiW be oWl;J lo objfxx. m
III. The cfaue of the Gwjrt that the de
feadx5t coacciaT ws Locsd to cctj trzzt iu
line is lad. Buncer u cet tv He ia cc&Uct
ita iL plaikUi'T vife cr ta be taUrfcdng
with the crrtioa ef the plxiztitT i&jExh.
meat u eptcUllj ebiected ta br def.a2aet
We ihik: the Cocrt w r.rht. Thr chi rre
falUweJ lzicxllr fnm th eeriier Drt f Uu
cIUixs tht "thesgl. the priTiTam ruteti te
the p4 a in tig cotspuij wer cot etdcjrp, ret
it 111 bemi, ia the cociaxcctisa al m i&tt
ta xsike & rueaaAhre Be tvf tU pririlaM. ut
aklnj n sseceMATj' aaaixiU eV tps
tie TxrnU ici trreU,tct rutot bcoai to
taild rpeciiHj witli nfcretxw to the liaee cf
cce sr Dri cotacutiee which ctirht cevcae into
ex-itetare thereifier.' Tbe pIeis.teirooa.trta j
hu now a rifht to the ptxae c4 froasd it h
thu nuczztlj- takcx"
w e tsicc Uue isetrsctm vu oerrect. TU
vinsUfe which the tnt ecc?ier of the
itrtet -Uaitt for pcrpoee cf erecng- pcJcs u
ecrtislj CTjCduicnUe. It his the choice cf
pceitiaa oc what hxs bees crutej Uixnsd
whet it tx ukea asi oocspee tuaief its frea
ctitei ctuacC Icf&Uj be fTizltd ta a ichee
Xeat cccptvsy. JL esheeqeecil j fara! cor
porxiica Ulec iu charter with thu fcic-Iv3j
esd cut erect iu liaee with refertsce U the
eecpeacj ef the cospaaj hftUfrr the pre
ttcu frxachite ud Uka the ipece that it Uf;
encorzn'ed. If tfcie wet e eet the law. a itf-ri !
cr fourth csrgrtnee rdkt cliisx thAt it cctvli j
ia3MlanUia7IICS32lr isizzuciz tsctt
Seward A eerire of paaie. eome of then
connected with tbe heroic aad Ifsrodar; lore
ut Northern Khtropo.J wen; farniedfrQCiklhe
root i;" conqueet, v Mor of thee laeiiw
uiued a pceitloa -u proiial au.ee Oat
feewani, SHward acd tiwardj rtprvcnt the
chief of these.
Sioo Fnua Ciceler beieg iotrodoced iiw
to c.i;utMj at the time of the conqueet, in 1b
t-em uf Cecil. daeithterof WiHum I. 1
all the lulljde f tbe eve&ieentb cctitorr. ot
toe otner Rami, it is alwavt "si "sit
ItMt Ue 1 UtJ a iMcatlvxV life
Aad tui ao aisil to but?,
Bal lw 1 woo4 (XiB aavt; -slfr
iUn Drll. 1va:, cr Maqrv
Oar Sissous. Sreoa and Sissetsoca are ot
cuarte bat ihecfpriiag of this pretlr ippclla-
Slade Ocr Slide rtpresents the Me L
Sladee of the Uuudmi KolU. A Slde"
u a strip uf rreea vlxlxx within a wwdlitd
Spencer Our Speocers, abbreTiated from
"dispcocer," had an iaporunt charge thai
01 :ce oaucry or vpence. uumrer sajr:
Alt Ttaolcat a bottt ta the ijxnce.
St, John (pmncaoced e inch in) -From the
Aiol ef that name. Other names be-inuiot
witn t&e St. arc tutu derived.
Skinner Of the nwre general ts ma fact err
ot tilde we have numerou relics; indeed, we
are al ooce lalrodaceu into the tuidst of
throng of tradesLcen, the erj list cf which
proves tbe then import ant character ufih-
articJe 00 wb.cU tne pot their enerinee
sacb tuines as JtnIn Ie Tnnor' and
"Richard -e Skynnere.'
Sqire Oar Squiers, Squires, Srier
Swires carrr ns, a doe tbe tmw iuiDteta
enquire, 10 tne ..rue when tbe sons ol tnoer
tin; lit. bore, as the name implies, theii
Tavlor Frua Utlcr.
Tennjon A cotrcptton from Denis. frotT
which trati Deotstio. I cantavl but thibt
that Tcnivti tr TeaaTco is bat a corrnpttub
01 leeutmR.
Tbdickemj -Frum "ihacter," a thatcher.
Tillinaan At fcil tiattn vnnld issne fort I'
oar i Hirers. jvr Hillruan. to help cleave lie
TDretnl -Tbe wen who HVeT t ibe ckT
ol tle twn, in the -aUarfcs. There u an entn
s ti-bcrt Wuho4itj-tMwn," a njntewhicl.
Mr- -v. i- till iu ase in Camber Una
and Wcaituorc Uid. Tbe eipreaia to vitiif
the place tf rrstdence of J-ck at Towneil'
is till frrqarntlj bsrd in tl.e town ol Temple.
aeroj, in nttureidvna,
Cher A tucni-I anl amamr hi other da-
ties tbe usher Uf it the door of his lordV
Iewi, pdtrlueni.
Car baffart ta daore
Ia oeter cttanMr tie jo is fioore.
Villian Kw nitaJified to Vivian, Siflho.r
renent t'ortn for,th'e whe I or under miiar
able erfda were thcee nf ktiare or villiVn.
Wahlter Ie Knave, or Lambert Ie TiHien. r
Pbilip le Vjlajn are registered at the tiive of
which we are pekjn.
w. ami r.
Walker Walker, cUtciitrg aj it does an al.
most can vailed puiuon 10 tae tolls of oomcit-
clatare. remind o ot the earljr fashiun ot
treading oat the cloth before the JaDtatitr
of machinerj were brought tobear on the phase
01 tnetr craiL,
Webbe, WeUter, WeLber
Mj wife iu a webbe.
Aad wooUa clotlt ciatle.
Warren From the chase, and were oriin
ally foresters. We jet speak of rabbit-war
WiTTcocts. Wilcox, Wilcocisoa From WiU
Wright Carpenter. Chaucer airs:
lie ni swell 7wxt wrlitt, a carfieatrr.
Yates From Gte, trbich in tbe old provin
cial lonjae was vale. mia glad chere t
the ?ate and the original of thil came lire
bjr the gate er Atte x"te.
Yocnrer From beinr the Junior in the
fa nil v. A lanuce of turlj origin. With 1 hi
climes the tut taken I rum the great n amber (4
English sarnacatt. Oulj tlxe have been se
lected -which were more gece'ranv- known
throagboQt tLe coonjcnitj.
Orielra ei "P. K."
In t.ie Iangaage of the Choctaw Indians one
of tbe most trequenttj recon:ng ezpresaions
is the emphatic eke, with and rmauaa or
denial U cvodo-ied. This nke (pnifhoanctd
with truog accent ef the last sjlUble) is ooe
of the taUtitates of the ccpolaure verb to be,
-which is wasting ia ChxUw. Oke as pro
Dooocrd ta Choctaw r Las exactlj the same
oo&d as the alphabetic proouQcialioo of the
letters 0. ia Knglish.
The tneacing of the ezpnaiioo. as Dearly a
it can be coovej.i in Eengltsb, is: That is
. trne;' "tbat is all ao." a few ezaoples, on!
of toaay that tuight l-ciLed.willfllaatraie this.
"The Ch--ctaw Indian U a gvud fellow, " is ex
pressed it as; iIaLUk,apt hema Qtahta acbok
taal. eke. in which hittalv apt homa means
"Indian' (literally .uatt-bMlTred,) achekuali
taeass "good and dee is the cope! a tire ex
pression, i so." In the Rev. Qms By
tngtoo's Choctaw New Te Lament the tint sen
tence, Matthew t. 13; -Ve are the salt of tbe
earth, ii: gci ia boppt hockechia bcke,
literally: "the eartli iu salt ye, that is in."
To Geo. Andrew Jclvoc is attributed the
iatrodactioQ ot thet CbccUw word iota oar
ArrgUvAmericas speech. Before the war of
IS12, in voyage up and down the Mississippi
aad in tiiiigexpeditincts overland troca Kaab
Tille, Tennw ta Kaichex, Mim throogfa the
Cbcctaw-caikc; be was brocjtt ia freqaect
ctxiroaiucauoa with the Cbocuws,
Gen. Jackson, as everybody knows, waa
Vrurtetoihe ustcVijtnd esergetie'
-itcthods of assertion Hearing this emphatic
te so frequently xtitertd bvihoVlitctawteh?
tW, he learned the meaning coaveyed by it U
llsO Ctioctaw mind and appropriated it, oat of
1 nod, to his o n purpcc. Farn Um it passed
wver to the tunttitnde. Thisaccoanlof the or.
tgia of 0. K. has been currtnt in tba South for
u-nr yers. If hot true, it U to say the least.
No one who ha ever read an autograph let
erof Gen. Jackson's, will easily credit the
"tory that he was in the habit, when he w as
.'resident rf tho United States, cf indorsing, tu
iuaj- Mute appttcaiions to office, with lte
. tiers 0. uteder tho belief that tbe were
ie proper initial for 'all correct," Jackson
was no scholar, bat he was not a grwly ig
nurant of Euluh orthography a lo fall lutoa
JjQjercf that sort, lie nuy Iu-o endorsed
iicuniccta with tho letters 0, K. a a jocular
yu.bul of his favorite Choctaw cxpressio'u.
lbe story that these letters were sen usly in.
ended by him as au abbreviation of "all sor
ecV was probably, as George Bancroft sag
rests, an a pesteriori invention cf tbe enemy
u wit, the Whigs du ring the hot political
contests ol the days of tbe roaring .0s.
That the abbreviation 0. K. was coined bv
J-ckseu himself and used by 1dm long years
before it passed into current slabg finds carious
-vt firm lion ia an extract trom tbe eart reu
rd of Sumner county, Teoiu, quoted by lr-
vti in his "isite mi Jacksoo, to! 1. p. 130:
-October 6, Andrew Jackson Ewj.
.ruvedtv bill of sale Iruoa llneti McGarv t
Gopr Masosker, fjr a necro nun, whicU wk
0. K.M A common Westctu mistake," ad Js
Mi.T-rton, "forO. RU, which tueana Ordered
Hcorded, Deuce perhaps the jyinjc 0. K.
1 11 not more uttly that the U. K. vf tin.
euiry ws augesied bv Jckon bimelf. as a
oriel way of saving, alter the Cho.taw- fasbion,
tat mo ciaim ou oven icguiij uaue oui.
A tutriccrt JI tiuiae if History,
Tricks In the StaM.
Ainoiig .lie tricks ur rather liabiU ac-
qairea Dy norses in tho bUmc, re&ung' one
noe npon the other hoof, lyinL; in tho
ranCTay, rolling in the stall, ana kickanir
lire amontiio .-vrf t i ?
the horse, if suddenly- atariied, -irnt -t
v4.uk " xvaunr loot uown saadeniy,
often seriously injuring tho coronet. Tho
icuitTuj a a uuoi covering tne part ltke.y
to be injured. Linrr in the rrminvar mav
oe prevented by placing a bale or rote be-
juiu me uorse. prevenung turn iromoack
tag up. Standing in tho gangway may be
prevented by the same means. The most
feasible plan is to keep the skin of the
horse free from swpAt nml Air ntti'Vi in
dace itching; and also to allow tho animal
to roil in soft ground when sweaty and
tired. A roomy stall, with sides standing
s! acting np to the perpendicular walls,
will also prerent this, but a box-stall will
oe the best preventive. Severe strains of
the loins, even fraetnrns nf ihn Mn 1w-mrs
and other disabnirios. an nfi-im tho mn1t
of rolliniT in the stall. Lvint- in (U stnll
at tne extreme length of the halter, re-
auiu m sixains ana sprains in ttio attempt
to rise.
Kickinir is one of th wnrsf xin in
which a horse can become addicted. IT
the habit is not inveterate it is cured by
uauging a sacK weu stalled witii bay so it
may strike the animal in the rtlxmnd
from the lack. Let him lnVt-thi
dummy until he is tired. Then he is apt
to quit for ever. A horso that kicks from
beimr touched bv the whiffltiw or ntiir
substance touching him should be im
mediately taken out of the Tehiele and al
lowjd to tick until ho becomes tired. Tho
whiffletree should bo naddMi sn its Tint tn
seriously injure him. It may then bo
lowerea so as to touch his heels when ho
mores. When he ceases to kicfc h f
generally cured entirely. Tho remedy
may seem severe, bnt a kicking horso is
worthless, because always most dangerous.
In lieu of the whiffletree a sack stuffed
with hay may be suspended so it will
touch his heels in the stable. Tint
firmed kicker should bo sold to work in a
heary team where he cannot do mnrh in.
jury. Ckicajt Tribuiu.
The frilled shark caurht in JananesA
waters last year, and by some persons
thought to be the tea serj.ent itself, has at
last found its place in scientific classifica
tion. It is a tiring representative of the
fossil cladodonti, and is tho "oldest liring
type of Tertebrate animals."
iSciieul Cttaxvtisrmtnts.
X tatMn ttePhaitrv ata tit pttllela crawal
laainttattaetMt.UDil.aaiariaic.i wi'rai'v
llMattla. Tor tie jpt attljtlae SJlla, t.
s.i. I....I M J V...I.KI. s.b.L..M. nf tat tliMl
aad tail b. H.utlac la aa.Irtt Ut Mtl crtlU tu.
tatt rutalauoMa. will pat alia a imt i
i,.t tL m.tnl. Bnila,. laid I Mtl trrlllltvt
airtat ot time, taj.llt. af.idtt. cite til ta.lrartk'a
t.ioaawatlclol rtniiim a.t ia aa .ar-pitn.airu
Tae a.tmtctfl .lit ti.lt Ha pUauttaa. irsoett
U taaitte larwaip't. iitth i.
llaaelala. Aara.I. IvC. Ktltai
or x7Kfe -uiwxxjaz mYJWXin
No, 'ISO Broadway, Now York.
Imsv la)Klo oaall tahl TUaa, avawoe alca
aretob ti.mA tasarDrwJirartart'v.cot.ulaias tf'
tern not rrt ta a la MAtr cxipBk. atailar lo tl
ecBtrwtantfKeir.tyor lb tVLICV UULUKKS.
Tkt CotapaarBiarbeikXttreaUnt ta l1wt ta
okw a. ia iiaWiaiB. fvrsBi: iriona. nr .mi
trasoa wvll as but olhrr. it now tnBMls thi
UrsTKvetrlTbaviDevsitna bj aaj eae conpaay la
a "wkj. l ouor are nu.
AcU, IV. 31,11..
$ &,iu.a5.
t?,Sn,9 l
Mrplaa M
Sarpla. New Yerkualard f 44 pre
ctni. latrmt (Urcrtba tbst of aa
oilier UCoK' -
New Atttitiacr.wTliUn ia twi.OnfW
tkaa laatof aByptbcrcoBtpaBj
Tout OalsUailliix .raace
lcrvaot rTenlBBt tacowe..... .......
Iacrx ot sorplaa -Lecal SUadar4--
W,tSUlT It
ao.aw.tii t
ToUl amoait twltl rollcv HoMcra miacm
tae otTsatsatloa et the oclctr. M.vTi.M
Coutoatod Clvlxuei-K'ouc
Tbe boclrtr lr9 a plain asd (impl rootr-cl t
Atiuraace. five frvnt bartl-Doat aad l hole at condi
tio Uv-tjKI ErAHLi; lad t .N CO.STETAHLt
intr torre jearv.
All lolll a fMMa a tby bcvm tBCoUUbl
are raiabl 1UMEOI M-LYimb th-rrinl of tail.
tarrx proof of deatb. aad Haai tke delay of slati
o ata.j d-,--i Wh Mt,tr coaapaBl.
T For pamphlet or rait partteiltn, apply to
W JtEr. J. CAKTWK1UUT. Ageat.
The Great California
Positive Doatli
Jlies, Fleas, Cockroaches, Chicker;
Lice, Etc
jb: a rmles s
To Human Belnjra and Animals.
In the Houe, Canlen, ConerTatory
or WarerooDi.
rnrral Uujrrtisrnitnts.
Visiting San Francisco
Hawaiian Papers on File
S. F. Merchant.
irPisfr.PM, T.V T;. i i . ..
ata4. .......ra
Editor & Proprletar
"S. T. Kercnnat
The Buhach Insufflator,
Fer Distrlbnliar the Ilnhach.
!Mll.B ivcxn.
Iiajaait in Fart mreet, llan.l.ln,
I- 10 Uke ltwi to order la bt itjlc at lie Pkota
Art tad ea tie matt rrtfoatstc irrnt coa.Uttat with
rt .ark.
,"- I'U'1 v,,, ltc A. L. Smllat. r.rt SI
tf taMtn K.lscsarrM.Jtrtl..4atheaiia Jtaa
CS'iMS.VTV '2. fa" " Cl ru Cen.tnltr
C. BBEWER CftllPiw
UBolal.rbrBarjHiea. VM
Saddle & Harmsi
92 King Street, Honoluk
tWxi lreml4 hi ld FHrndt and lSttoavti Beta,
lata aatt lbe llawatUn It land, tbat aotvttbttaiCiit
tat drftraaloa of Tnde and all tbt aaioyitttat
rUKAiMVlAlltTKU ltAKE! aid XaUiVa,
Wotb, be If tllt ab to ispply to bit cattu
First-Class Hand ma4e
UmarattrM to tine atltfacUoo, at a fair Maamih.
lite H oaly tb Dot .MatrrtaH ta
Gold, Silver, Nickel and Rubber MotHsfafj
AadLTfry.ttltUMJ- b KxrnietdWertara.
adfi bl IVrt pail SopcrfUlo,
ta ordfrlajj tb aboT narattt tb airaju at tat
boraeraboat IhP Bk aad rlrtb boa)d btmtuh
arc rnttrc aatltrictloa aa to fit aad darabUfty.
oe" It ar article di act pic tb bortt K 1U3
b .rplcrd ty n ott or ta tah rcttrafd.
Sydney Saddlos I
Eipexlall? taldf to Rlt tbe I.tiada.
lXsbl rtair. Sptlnc Hart aad "try taprtfrcmnt,
md all Jatldki rfatThaird of bltawill be mul
within Mx montba fir of ebarc. tttdrvtmN't
'onu riaatcr. Tramttrr and otbera tbat
Cart. Wagon and Plow Hamss
Mtd brrcaltb brttrr Worbauataii M
Caa br? tap
Material an
bin any t bine tbit can b Importnl fmn Ua Com.
In ordrrlnc to mar a good at, arad tlit et taia
Whips. Spurs, Sponges. Chamlos, fata
Itratbr aad rrtry arcratary for SUilt
alaji oa baad.
arVaii b tell b will Arrant aa nprtriftd.Bi 1
Vla(U rTOBW tU CaU Itin UrrprrCB. U aTUTX
twai '
Savings Bank
The Undersigned will Receive Mew; it
their Savings Bank upon the
Following Terms:
Oa inn of FWc Uaadmt Dollar or tiJrr. fmn
Pto, tby will pay laterett at tbo rat f Flrt t
ceat per aaaas., from data ef rrtcrpt. oa all vawt U
ball bar rcnatard ott dtpolt atc atalba,oi b
ba ot drpo.lt Ihrtc lnoBtbt altbcltat ot auiiat
apthr jratIyaoinU. Noiatmat will b totfttli.
oa rnctlons of Dollara or for fnctwaa of aaioita.
No tatemt will be allowed oa aaoaey wtab&an
wltbto tbrec Btoalb rron date ot drpotlt,
TblrtytUri notice mnt begtmiat tb Baal afu
lateatloa to wlhtlraw aay money, and lia lpo5lart
fa a-book ma it bo prodaced at tb tarn tine
Xotaoacy will b paid except apoa tbe DrafleflW
Dtpoeltor. acrenpanled bv tb proper rait-boot.
Oa tbe first day of September of eacb year, tit
coasta will b taide a p. and latere t oa aU ti
baU bars rcnalae) on depotlt tbree matbceawr
tbat date form part of tbe principal.
Sana ot mvi tbaa flro Uaadml DotUx U b
raelred, rabrnt to pUJ agreement.
Tbe Baak will b cpea etery day la tbe amk trr.
bBBdayiaad Ilolldjy
Thistle Dew Whiskey
W rejowlfntlp isaa u. .t . .j ha
pa&lie -rarrally tbat we bare ba
For the ibare CeUbritrd TJraud .1 Itll.t I)
Henry W. Smith & Co.,
,Wt caa canadcatlr ott Ul. WklftiT w a
A Pure and Unadulterated Article,
At4 ejtil ir M lajxrlor ta tar Waulr?
iftd for ak la tlbr KlardM.
MJa Aitat. Ili.HU. tr.
Aiiiinixtijo ntaitcm caam jut
ly dact tttat Uttcttt usee.
Backets, Lime, Wash Boards,
Cases Chairs, Cotton Watte,
Cases Yd low Metal Sheathing.
Kgs. Vdlew M. Sheathing Nails,
BUs. Twice, Bales Duck,
Hide Poison, Linseed Oils,
Cases Tnrpentine, Cases of
i BbU. Jlintral Paint,
Hantsoth Bockers,
BookCaaes, As&oried,
Er lection Top Carnages,
Cases Carled Hah-,
Drama Casaiic Soda,
Visiting San Francisco
cai rraD the
Hawaiian Papers on File
AT TBE omi t r THE
S. F. Merchant.
ca-par. Feat. Itt, Dirrtttrtt, aaa tararaulla. n
t.. f
Uitar A Praprittar
I '&F.laKnazt
On a .ac aw rale.,,,. .r wi.h I, naw la fan
ni 1. fra,ki, waruac areer.
Ha It ur Fnpaml tn Manntactarn
Choicest Pixre Candies
Aal .(! aiaar, ta.' aa kaaa ki, IVIIam
tKKsn nana
Vanilla Chocolate Creams,
Cocanat Cncilics,
Kich Sugar, In bars;
Saj-ar Roasted Almonda
CREAM CANDIES, great variety;
Soft Marsh-Mallows,
Cum Drops, and
Cum Fruit Bon Bons
Of alltVM-nitMa, XI. nm-Vrl, rirrh saa
panCMfceua.. . 4 w io c-mt- per read.
la ai mzx tj.,. ri i,
tO tfc' M1 MT
" ityi
MINCE PIES always fresh
Home - Made Mince Meat
F'ltSslauiaCtab corse at
"7 KcctfaBx.
rntScsl Coaf ecttoatt A rwj Cna,
TXtuftz"' 7' r-o-soxso.ih
a,ff -ajr vm, v V
AT nOJJLlSftK &(Vs
HAY AND GRAIN! Heads of Families!
Messrs. S. F. Graham & Co. ,u
tTuist; HeceiverJ. - ..i.
AfitEsntOTor .. . , ,
Choice Hay and Grain "nE WOOD. CHIRCtW
wnicnTfiETorrEBATTJiE --
Lowest MarkAt d STOVS
nuiCOi i
w ,a aett aaiity , w lit w
Wholesale and Kctait
E-Tf.. BV a ,
""' -"iartri.ri.eel..
T!-. Ji. S- KIoi Sr.M.
AP "Ped Envelopes
r-tl; f: ."l" i'f taa W MVurJ a
JttJ7 t. "a W parclunl at tka
ari 1 ,i - v ri w vial
KI Isi17?. "ta" ri
Vtfcrt 1 .laaS r.a
'ftslofttcet; alfltMa.4iJc
" Orttn If iscttfaftr taHtttVS.
. u -i r S
Tttkaaaa.. m
Untircm.. i-roukimxi'. "S
1 at, EifrflUm,!, lactic tl It.

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