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Sjainuian (gazette.
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. th.s time tita Portosncse objected to
5o:scncunnt "raccaialioii they were in
lie rjjjLt. for leproy was in tbe countrj
ami tlx- BoarJ of Health ought to hare
bad -mracient vaccine matter on liana.
The -wiDiUtion'1 of the city was com
laeaetJ about Nov. 1st- A gang of men
w iat on to rar-e the streets, that was
all. Ibey have been scraping ever since
to tfce annoyance of onr citizens, and to a
tt-if liar of tbe alisolato absnrdirv of onr
Xothimr of anv moment has been done
by tbe ISoard of Health dnring the last
jw. Certain institutions sncb as tho
Qonea'a 1 lospital, the Hospital at Wailntn,
Junrbeev n oondacted, bat that is no
tfcaalce u tin- Itoanl. The individuals
kavo ehai-e havo made those places
n of re-4. to tbe Mck. Tho Board of
Health nan neglected their dnty. In
slanting leave to lepers thej have, or
rattKT th IVvHlent has (for he seldom
onaasaHs his coUeagnes or slaves,) done a
gnr-nms wrong, a wrong which nothing
Can tain oat. iiefore-leavingthiSEnbject
attention nrast be called to n frightful
eriaM committed at the leper -settlement
oa Moioksi. A leiier, who without proper
warning sad hts children torn away Irom
boa stabbed and killed two olnaals who
ui eat-aced in removing the children.
Tbe trafartnnate man has been punished
(t( wrtli ii-aprisonmeiit. He was already a
pTwowt in Ins leper liomc. llie man
aaauntted a crime, bat the moral punish-
laiwt. the penishment of conscience must
met in the I'resident of the Hoard of
Haahli. It was his carelessness his well
lawKs-iiM-xrurv- whkh broughialiontthe
The Hoard of Health has a poor
lor IN50.
Thf i-olice call for attention next. This
Ki baa largv-ly confined itself to making
oprasi raids. The oats kins of the town
Imbc left f-FBcticall-f unprotected. It is
not the fault of the Marnhol that things
aa titer are: lie has not enough men to
pat-rot tbe town, and much of his help is
ifniurail Tbe law allows such a premium
io& of HHHi -Ftzures thai every niemtier
o-e force puis his whole heart into tho
p-taing bnaaef-s, leaving the protection of
Hat -it is not enlr in Honolulu that
nnttrs mtt lieeii unsatisfactory, tlie coun
try di--4nrts have told thesamestoiy. Hilo
atstnel nas Miller --a very largely lrom rob-
i-ones. aa-l lianlly an onender is brought
to justice.
The district courts havo not presented a
good -record. iany in luc year, three nn
factanaie Chinamen were fined for n-mov
ing tbeir riee on a Sunday in June, a
tiufalicr of South Sea Islanders wcro tinixl
for playing skipping rope on bunday. A
aaoal nagrant oae-e was that of Mr. Gerke,
aa Aaaencan cHiien, which occurred about
a muetti aco. lie was not r-ermitted to
atM-al. ia rtoiirl, be was not allowed to have
toe Us-tuooay again-- him translated into
r.agltsti. i le was sentenced to six months
umeoL Un appeal the charge
him was dismissed, but we fail to
hear that the stujml jndgo has bene. The
whole lteroDof-l of lhoM otmrls nn-rht
W bttchangod.-
The chauce in the ttaaui lines calliu"lit
Hoaohila mu-t lie n-ckonwl one of tho
e-nvte of tbe year. The original contract
aawng ran out in ot ember, behave now
tbe zMimn4t and -l-M-fr-wi'i touching here
on their rosle from Sydney to San Fran
cn-oa, while thelfri--, .11-fHAi-t and Jara-
lake Hie same route, calhn" at Auck
land. How long the rivalry between tho
two oomi-auHs will be continued is lirDb-
L In the matter of convenience.
HoB-aktta wiffers as we get either a feast
or a (amine, llie rival steamers havo a
jntaasaat knack of coming all in a lump.
The bi-monthly service has been jicrformed
by tbe Si. I'ml. a very inferior boat, and
j once we nave had to resort to a sailing ves
I itel to carry the mail.
The grant nt-f;.jf. liquor licenses on the
utlmr JahuidN which was carrieil out in
March last, met with a vigorous protest
from WwluVit- Two petitions wcro drawn
f aad Buameously signed by both uatites
and foreipimr-s but without effect, and
Wailuks in couimou with Hilo and several
other Hace now powsscs a licenso. The
iceap&ancc cane however, has liecn vig
oreaaly advocaUxI A special advocate
has been sent round the islands, and in
the columns of the Guxtte and other
juomals. a number of articles havo aiv
aaar- v aabstacUaily
iilarr to fa
jr laam-t at ob will
aaCMt laabbrwoti-s
tme mtmrr. loa, acta
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Kcnaal of the
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of akSaerT Mb I ran
ai Manahetanur
9m Ab UMBt Lam-ikse An
a an' I i Bain aa far a King, ceriainlv.
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i eaary -iulHet tbe
I lnili rail at pan;- have
15- w--au am n n -k--
at oak lor UoUtt
mmg fraiy bm-I by
Ia tbe iMci-datoi-e
aaa-iaiaH- aaiiiti aa wln-ch are now ag
anam-r abr cuaatn iB prohaUy k- net at
a- if mi tbe tnil iaiiarti atiiu
jaan Tbr emnmtm bmw beldnao
CniBal mi nmi- IW an saMan-i
Am ta aataaalt;
atMaana- ijaace Xo
aaaaMk Ivaa
alaaMMaaair '
awn a pmm
tin- M-ooawl. b4d id a
In inn. drank
f tbe ia i iiilna fialuii .and ope
anl tnaa tbe efcrb- of iL
w Tiaaiiii, i Caaaalate
an iai i an i araat bari
Sum ii lial It-nihtin base
lows aaotfaaw of the
-jB-j-at a-nwawira cf tbe-aaf lneimrta
iif itta-iii Jl-na iaaaaese mulaf-utiact
IWAaaaaMLakl great namivrf of
Oaae-w Tbarr ba-. lea Uoahle ai set
aat aaaBtatooa mb tWJa-aoeM-.tboagfa
f tbe ilii h-li 1 1 bm ntf. Mie
-m, bar ben -ipoinUid
tbe ar.
Hi ek-ais and "-- of
- not tna-tion-d.
k il i lial ft-nillhn base not U-ea mm
fm-9m iTinpne t naaxaar tea
aafBaiabawal of Ibe Jaaat i n in
mamvm. I mam ija Saroi a visunMM itrot-at
aw W SSSm 4afiieri. no refased to
wajiii ii -awar iibHiimHj Te taaltor is
VeVla raw wtenahotnil troa-bie
S-wHicie -re a tads-ark aiainst
tbe Aaaaw. aaa at tsplesasgtoheu-that
zwiwtimifat far. The total 1
aT nhkv uiar Hbe year aanng Dec. 31. was
SS aol-tbe taiat ta of Obinwoalr
na TiXS. AJSi to ibex- Ua Jafcnese
ana-aroSn-w total at Xi3 initio- m
ii -t aiA lo kre-f -BT imnuf-mlits it is
-naeatK xnaia ner xtieoi iocue inaace-
-meat to arEa-r- Saoh iod acecw-lils were
j-f-H-po-M-8 in Tbe be--er-a4 law which was
jo lm IjegBtatiire. bat the Govern
etnsta-uW lafledte carry oat the law. Vn
aa 3a li J . ssdotbpjt-luive
ts!tM a -w-iiHniTatiop Miieme which is
il-4y fc tr -raecefnl-
T!h Boated of Hrshh hove at lecpth i
tvlitWieel a ltssK' forl--TC-!nldri-ri. (This
ak-k-xhkif wrlad 1 liira persisi-sty ad--aoisaVid
an the Guerre by both Dr. Hyde
xuc. tlir Editor. ScLttrm-d through the
yw-ao Z4-8i iteare are rtia-ay apjn-al-( for
sxas ixF&tsZiBB inosroolsmns. TLe in
2uaiox ia -aun-nd Xm Queen Sardtiani.
nd w31 doahelena -do much good. The
lercr-e-T -qToesUaD hu. cot been sgiUiod.
laS-iae -canor there, eating into the
hct--uI ti-E-itia--.and there M-crns little
HiaTTpe-Bf l---gcg-t-lM-cked. TJienctios
rf SholVaca ct tie Board of Health in
4-nsg -pa-Ma. la wc2 knaw-n lejwrs to live-
xa ory. cspeaally in Uie esse ol jgirl
mim aa a jrostitcte, in -caused
xhsa ste -coomiesi. it ent a shnildcr
TLeaegloa rf the"lkKrd to hive vac
exx? nn-l- cm Lxnd when o wrje mtro
"npoE Kites She r-axaUra Jfarm snived with
anunsmsa xad -RsaS pox Fortizniitolv
&Kja. iceaadiot of Dt Trocswaa
tffwiyJ4-da--c-y-pM!a2l---tf the disrexse. Had
Ik TxvaaKSxPs adtioe been taken Tears
eared, chiefly snpplioil by tho AVomen's
insuan iemerane Lmon
In relmiary the rexort of Mr. Young of
the 8acOL----s of the maceration machinery
m tne anuva mill caiie-i practical atten
tion to tbe subject, and since then the nia-ehitK-ry
n-quisite for the process has been
ordeml for a numlierof iilantations.show-
iag how awake our planters aro to tho
newssity ot using all machinery which
will obtain the best and most economical
iwaite. The sugar crop of tho season will
come ap to about SOXkA) tons. Small fruit
cultivation lias received marked attention
and oar banana crop is now quite a factor
ui we oan j rauci'-a' marvel, l uero havo
ak-o Iwen exortations of sugar enne, but
this has lieen lnervly in tho way of cjperi
tuent The Ldand stock farms are being iin
ivoved and both caUle and horses nro bo
pnmng to show the U-ncGt of the recent
llie weather has been extraorilinarily
favorKlilo for agricidtural enterprise. Tho
rains have len copious, tho cane is in
good condition and the iastures aro rich.
Tiiere have lieon heavy storms, notably
in July and the early part of December.
Considerable damage was then done to
cane, and a number of bridges and build
ings were washed away, and a few lives
were lost by flood and shipwreck.
Dosincss has been dull What with low
lnce for sugar, currency troubles and
lack of confidence in our Government,
what ought to have been a prsperous year
has not been so.
The most important commercial move,
ha been the establishment of a rival sugar
reanery in San 1-Vancisco. A number of
ar -plantations have contracted to supply
the new refinery with suirar. and some of
onr leading men are shareholders in tho
new venture. There seems every prospect
of the venture succeeding and tlio Islands
will ultimately benefit by tho competition.
Municiial government has occupied tho
public attention considerably during the
yw, and will probably become a feature
in the next Iiegislatnro, thcro is no doubt
that Honolulu, ns at present managol is
nut managed at alL
The death of Judcw Austin left a vacancy
on the bench, this has been ably filled by
the appointment of Mr. l'rostou. Tho ap
(oinUnent gave general satisfaction, and
it is nniveifally felt that the best fitted
man has been secured.
The Islands have been fully advertised.
Sometimes well, sometimes badlv. Hawaii
was represented at tho exhibitions at Xew
Orleans and Iouisville. Thanks to Dr. J.
-MoU Smiths effort-, our exhibits were
well iJacoJ, and much valuable informa
tion was'given to tho Southern planters by
him. Louisiana ieoplo understand ns
1-etter than tLey did, and Dr. Jlott Smith
has been the man who has made them.
On the other hand we are being
poshed into anything but an enviable no
toriety by sending n commissioner abroad
to offer to take the Caroline and ilicrone
sian Islands under our protection. It is
in sncb thingsihat the vanity of the Min
ister of foreign Affairs outruns his wit.
The census was taken at the close of
last year and the results were published
in the early part of this: the results are
generally n-gardod as inaccurate, and a
-cries of articles from the pen of Mr. Mar
ques, published in the Gxrxrrx demon
i-tralod how inaccurate they were. The
lopalation was put at 8QJ378, of which
only 40,014 were natives, just a little less
than half. Since then the Asiatic popula
tion has largely increased as will be seen
by reference to another section in this ar
ticle. Travj-lling facilities have been increased
andiho Wilder Steainshin Comuanv havo
opened up a route via Keanhou by which
a visit can ue pain to tne volcano ana re
torn within a week. This is a great attrac
tion to tourists. The old route "ria Kan by
the Inter-Island Steamshin Comnanv is
dill open. Tho Hawaiian steam fleet is
pott active, and Mondays and Tuesdays
are truly busy days. Additions have been
made during the year and there is now
hardly a spot not r-eaclicd by steamer.
Hefore dosimr so slight & review as we
havo given, there is always one melancholy
doty to perform, always the roll of many
a public man or noted woman to inscribe
on the sombre roll of death, where all onr
names will find a place some day The
first to go to rest was Mrs. Lowell Smith,
a veteran missionary who came here in
1833. Dr. Damon followed. He had been
forty-two years Seaman's Chaplain at tho
Itethel, and was known all over tho world,
'.'apt J. JL Oat, A. TJnna. a well known
planter, Thomas Cummins, one of onr
oldest residents, who had celebrated tho
jnbilec of his arrival in the Islands several
years ago. Kmma. Queen Dowager, widow
of Kamebamaha IV. Julius Richardson,
manager of Waianae plantation, Jndgo
Austin, Second Associate Justice of the
Supremo Court. Col. John Husi-ell. a well
known lawyer, Paul Kanoa, ex-Governor
of Kauai, and a member of the House of
Xobles, Joseph Tilden, manager of the
Hawaiian Hotel, and at one time secretary
of tho Stock Board in San Francisco and
Mrs. S. J. Lyman, another veteran mission
ary, whoso reminiscences were the delight
of all who visited Hilo.
And so wo havo skimmed over the year,
darkness and shadow, sorrow and joy, fail
ure and success havo come to all of us, will
como to all of ns in the future as they havo
dono in tho past. However bad his past
year has been, man always hopes for tho
future; every cloud has its silver lining,
and to quote one more well worn proverb,
"it is always darkest lief ore dawn." Com
mercially and politically, Hawaii has had
a dark time. Let us hope that the dawn
is coming on, and that next year tho words
which jnst now falter on the pen, may bo
written boldly and decisively, that tho
wish uttered in January, 18SG, of a Hutt
Xew Yeik may bo answered clear and
heartily by all on Dec. 18SC, by tho words
I havo had a iixrrr ad n:osmors nu!
AsoTHEn case where a coroner's iurv
"should have been called has just occurmL
At n political meeting tree gin was sup
plied, an unfortunate native, Kalakoa, at
tended, got drunk, wandered away, was
taken up, lodced in a tolice cell and there
died. Dr. A ebb, government physician
in cuargo oi Xjcper Hospital, mado nn au
topsy and stated that deceased was suffer
ing from organic diseaso which caused
death. True. Hut if that man had not
been made drunk, ho might havo lived
many weeks, perhaps years. A coroner's
jury should have been called and tho case
investigated. Who supplied him with tho
liquor, when ho must havo been already
drunk? That man's name should b?
branded as infamous. There is an ugly
story current, which may or may not bo
true, that tho man had been struck and
was seen with his face covered with blood.
Tho report of a Coroner's jury would have
disposed of this story effectually. As it is
no ono can tell what is true. We havo
pointed out ngainand again tho sham of
tho coroner system on theso Islands, n o
must remember that no one knows who
locked tho door of Jlr.Tildcn's room, when
he was burnt to death: that Kahunas are
often justly supposed to bo the causo of
death of men and women, but yet no in
quests aro held. If tho unfortunate na-
iivo wuoin wo aro speaking oi naa been
found with a dasher in heart, and another
man near him with blood stained hands,
there might havo been an inquest, liut
under less patent circumstances never. It
would give some of tho polico trouble to
investigate, and keep tho coroner out of
bed perha-
tVe have said reT-eateJlr. and we sav it for the
list time, that the Orrosition newspapers are pro
voking cnp'tAsaut rejoinders. Wo have no desire
to recall tbe imsdoin---l of iiartt Administrations,
but if this political caupaicn is to le ran opon tbe
lines heretofore pnrEoed br the Opposition, we
shall he foroed to refer topnbllcdocniacDla,-ffliich
tell n tale br uo means llaltenn-l to tbe parties in
volt ed, hat vluch do not in tbe least reifect injnr
ioaslj opon the present Government. It U for
tho-, who mar snSer by tbe resnr-rection of tbeir
boned acts to consider whether they can Afford to
have tbem stripped of their cerements and exam
ined by the light of raason and trnth. for oar
own part we have no desire to do so. At tbe same
time we shall not shrink from p-iblic del-, how
ever unpleasant, it it should be necessary to defeat
tho Aspirations of a party of cant And b, poena--.
.Gortntmtut Otya, Iter, S3,
To this statement wo will fling down
tho gauntlet Let tho present Govern
mcnt bring forward their charges ttriatim,
ns wo havo brought forward ours against
them. Instead of vaguo generalities, lot
us havoaef. Wo havo given many facts,
but wo havo many mora that wo can bring
forward; and somo aro of a character to
smash tho reputation and honor of mem
bers of tho Cabinet forever. AVo aro how
ever, quite, ready to light tho fight out on
this lasis if tho Government bo desires.
Among past administrations wo would
especially call attention to that of tho Hon.
S. G. Wilder, 1878-80; and we would like
to comparo thoso two years with tho past
two. When Mr. Wilder went out of olEco
thero was 38,880.41 in tho Treasury and
tho public debt only exceeded this sum by
S50.U00. Tho country was rjracticallv
out of debt, business was brisk. Public
improvements had been made and no debt
Tho Plains would now havo had hardly
a house upon them, had it not been for
Mr. Wilder, who planned and built the res
ervoirs that now supply them with water.
Tho marino railway would never havo been
built had not ilr.W ilder unshod it thronn-h.
Tho ireat opponent of tho t-chemo being
Mr. Gibson, tho present Minister of For-
t.-iii .-mains, i.very ciuzen Knows oi tno
advantago of that great work. Had Mr.
Wilder remained in offico the Pali lload
would have been finished: the plans were
ready, and Mr. Gibson has been f ouryears
in pfiico and not a thing has been done.
txistly surveys and lavish salaries havo
been raid for tho Water Works of Hono
lulu since Mr. Gibson has como into offico
but tho very samo reservoirs which Mr.
Wilder added, supply tho town. Tho on! v
thing that has been dono is to sell more
water than tho snpply warrants and thus
to rob all those who pay their dues.
Tho G o vemment onran has had tho impu
denco to credit Mr. Gibson with originate
ing tho Portuguese Immigration. If Mr.
Wilder did anythinir. he certainly initiated
Hit, not Mr. Gibson.
Between tho years 1878 and 1SS0. we
never remember that tho King's or tho
national honor was dragged in the dust
by! because it was carefully euarded.
Tho King was then not the tool of ndesign
ing and selfish knave, bnt was instead
served by an honest man, who had the in
terests of both King and country at heart
Look on the other sido of the picture.
At tho present timo tho public debt has
neon increased lrom almost n to about
Sl.079.000. The public improvements havo
been microscopical. Tho improved water
nuiuuiuDuii u wvtuii; uusmuss is ,ery,
very dull, in spite of a good sugar crop;
tho reason beimr that confidence is want
ing; the King has lieen degraded into Mr.
Gibson's electioneering agent Fancy
(Jucou Victoria electioneering for a favor
ite Minister, or even such an unmitigated
blackguard as George IV stumping tho
country to save an nnpopular servant
Yet this is what Mr. Gibson has forced or
cajoled King Kalakaua into doing. Had
the man no shame when ho wb-bedled tho
King into making this tourt Echo an
swers no! Ho has drairEred his own honor
into the dust, has lost every vestage of it,
and ho wishes to drag his King into like
'ri. f-:i,. ,. .. . . .- i i -
utusuu m 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 iiuauuu jjya mni-u
a deep wound into tho country, a wound
it will tako years to recover from. Thero
is great dancer ahead. It is nearer than
many think, and to avert it there is only
ono means. Put tho Government into good
hands. Let this visionary man who now
rules all disappear, and in his place let us
havo a man who will dovoto his brains to
tho benefit of tho country and not of him
self. Such a man can be found and tho
King knows it Why does ho not put his
hand on him.
Thev had a T-nf-t-iin--' nf Tjmii ihn nthr ilav
down on ronchbowl street four hnnilred of them!
Good cracioos ! four bandied no, only threo hun
dred and ninetv-nine m-m-. far lha killMl nn no.
not that, he just went off and died of his own ac
cord out of fpite, to turn the scale in his district !
ijei us ace one lanalor every Xoor and & half polled
votes cood! Soldier and hoopflimeaais, cicht
hundre-i ; paid lnnas, four hundred ; total, twele
hundred : result, creat triumnh of tbe novermnent
candidates, verdict of a prond and hf.ppy ministry
M-.appott(dbyalovinandloy&lporipia!'1 Tears,
embraoca, tableau ! Damn the sore-heads!
M'e oncfat to be trulr cTatefal to this Adminis
tration. Who elae conld nrrxJunr auuib nii-lnr ?
Un St-ndar their loyal candidate posinc on tbe
stand in Kawaiabao church, ""-ppy Sunday School
aonss of praise ; on Monday tun-in- vitriol cia or
something else down the throats of the eager
people who were msbi-ig and'crowdl'n-t to support
this patriotic and aeU-aacnfcini: Ad ministration,
-rem-ukiu-: aa he did so, that he was ai i angel f alien
from heaven to cive liquor to the a anaka. And
look at this other view 1 Hayselden, a pietni-eof
innocence, childlike and bland, stanching by Sees
no f-in,tUcs cone, never pays for any , don't know
u iiiii cecs none uruna, sees no or unaen men,
don't know tbem: didnll-ire a drink ti j any body;
learca them all, soon goes tome.
Alter the "disastmns fa-ltm- 11 r iAcJ the
Opposition- the other night at the ArxccTj, where
they failed utterly, at a meeting called in the tnter
et of tne Government to iwim-nt. a Go- emmem
Uelit, it ii very (-ratifying to be able to note a
magnificent success on the part or tbe same Gov
ernment. They had a meeting down on ranch
boat street at wbieh that pesky Opposition was
left out. KerertbeIesatli"SnektinK" f. C A.)
were all there apparently, and sacked to seen ad
vantage that tbe meeeing closed in a profound
silence, so far as Any opposing voices were eon-cerne-1,
broken only by an oee-asional snore of con
lent from the thoroughly aattsfied people ((00 or
morel who were tying abott. Testing safetv under
tbe protection of this avneOo-rernaient. This was
truly avery KlorioasBOeor-fis. TOnamraous support
of tbe Administration ! I jet Mosca' heart now rest
By the way, somebody wants to know if the sys
tem of employing from a quarter to a third of the
able-bodied voters of a district as lanas, by means
of which the Government sits quietly and never
thinks of interfering with the electors, but takes
the unbiased result as evidence of magnificent
support has anything to do with that extrsoi-di-nary
item cf rd,G 3 in the indemnity bill of
last session which the ministry coald not explain
bat got indemnitv for on thi-i theory, as set forth
in the hill Tbo Minister of Finance shall render
a detailed accoont of expenditure at its next f es---ion.,
We opj the foUowinf Article, onon tbe climate
of the Ial-uulj, by Mr. Cattle, from tbe .Y. 2.
EcetefftUst ot Not. 2Gth wilti tbe oditon notice to
hn larce bodj of fntellicont conetitaenls, we may
add tb St tbe testimony of travellers bo bare t.s
ited the lftlantla has uniformly been very antiftfao
tory as to its climate and accnery. ,
About the Pacific Climate
Some rrjonlhn tunce Vint rliome for Invalids1
by IV- Howe, a issued bv the lntnaniV. and as
they hate of late been brchfiht ratber prominent
ly before the rniblio by tbo tmU of tbeir K.nc 10
Washington as the caesi of the UrtAt Urpoblic,
and tbe reaproaty treaty more rcccntl negotiat
ed. I think yonr readers will be i mere ted In hear
inc more about tbem.
The climatic condition of a country Is Ixrtt'do
termioed by lis meteorology, and I eeud herewith
a table, shorn inc tbe aTerace rata of the thermome
ter and barometer, wilh the direction of the wind
and quantity of ram-fall for each month of the
year for a period of clrtnears, compiled from
records kept by Daniel Smith. Ksq., of this place;
and I vill add a few additional remarks about the
,Tbey lie 2090 miles about weat-t-tonthwest from
San Francisco, and the paaace is made by steam
er in scTto days- From Fiji their direction is
about northeast, at a distance of 2712 lailes, from
Sydney 1311 mites, and from AucU.iud 3?J milt,
A Rtean.er runs regularly from Sydney via Auck
land, IS". Z. and llodloln to San Frane.co once
in fiur tks, and twice a month from S.n Franc
isco to Honolulu. The uholo distance rnu by
this route is about 7(XX) miles. aLd time rt-q aired
about thirty da. The route from tbe Klaiida to
San Francisco is petha;M smoother than any wlhcr
ocean route of like length, and free always from
the extremes of beat or cold, which bys-ca and
land are often tbe caaie ortnuch discjnafort to
llie inlands are evidently of volcanic origin, are
all mountainous, rising on Hawaii to the height
ot nearly 11,000 feet, and abound iu fcenery of
Alpine grandeur, wbicli is hardly surpass,, If
equalled, arjya here, and have the largest actiTe
volcano known. Thefiemay all be visited by the
lovers of nature, with vary tew of the discom
forts, fstiguland pent which attend the explorer
of similar t-oenerj tn other parts of the world, and
they are well worth all their exploration will ct
in money, time and strength, to the naturalist,
sightseer, or health-seeker.
In addition to the tabulat information about
temperature and climate, I quote Dr. J add in llie
Hawaiian Spectator: 'The temperature of tlio
islands is remarkably evrn and mild. t
Tbo common range of the thermometer is 12 ptr
diem. The greatest degree of heat 1
ha.e noticed in the shade at Honolulu in the but
ten years, is 88' Fahrenheit, and tho coldest Jib.
The northeast trade winds blow full
three-fourths of the daja. It is usoally a wind 1 1
considerable strength (occasionally n galo), and
coming poro from tho sea, has n healthful ib
fluenco in dnrinj off all offending exhalations
and f rectus the islands from erery sort of miasm.
The warmest part of tho reason is the summer,
and 11 is then that the cooling trade wind bloat
moht oustiutly. There are no hurricane, at tb-j
islands, no beasts of prey, no serpents, nud no
noxious insects except centipedes and scorpions,
and the wounds from these, which are rare, are
not bcrions as in other countries, being about
equal in the pain and incou enienco to those caused
by tho stins uf tlio honey l".
Tbero is n good hotel in Honolulu, at which tbe
prioe for transient boarders is three dollars a day;
for permanent boarders something less is charged
about $CU a month. Hoard can bo obtained at
respectable boarding-bouses at from ten to fifteen
dollars a week.
Altogether I know of no place in which to seek
for health, rest from wearing care, recreation, or
grand natural scenery, than in the Hawaiian Is
lands. Tho table and remarks quoted -from Dr. Judd in
TUt Sftatorthid covering a period of twenty-one
years, chow most conclusively tho great uniformity
of temperature, and freedom fromhe excessive
storms and hurricanes to which most tropical
countries are subject.
1 repeat that as a health resort, a place of rett
from care, and for observation of the grand and
Gublime in nature, few places present the attrac
tions of the Sandwich or Hawaiian Islands.
Daring tbe eleven sears covered by the observa
tions in the table, with rain and storm, wind from
west -southwest, the lowest range of the barometer
has been 29" 3$ ; the highest range, with the wind
from north to northeast, has been :W a". In fine
weather, in latitude 21 with the thermometer at
80, the barometer wilt mark about 30.03.
Ibe single exception to the temperature indi
cated, so far aa known, was the Winter of lbtl
and 16575, during which the thermometer on several
occasions fell to Cff at six in the morning in ex
posed situations, and on Jan..", 1S75, tofi2 whilst
Cul. Tupuaan' (the head of tbe Hritisb Transit of
Venus Expedition) thermometer at the Trant.it of
Venus Station, of about tbe samo altitude, a little
nearer the Bea, suspended on a post with grass be
neath, marked U3X
In confirmation of my remarks about climate, I
beg to qnoto from W. Laird Macgregor lit the
HawiniN Gazette of Jane 23, 1S7G, a raott intelli
gent Scotch gentleman, who bad tried moit of the
celebrated sinitanams of the world. Jle says:
Leaving linsbane in June, Sydney in July, the
depth of an Australian Winter, farmed at Hono
lulu in tbe height of Sammer (end of July), and
have spent some three months .n that city. Dur
ing that time, 1 have kept an accurate register of
tbe variations of temperaturg at 7 A. 21., 3 1. AL,
and 10 1. M. ; the result being that the highest da
temperature in my apartment has been tO the
lowest night 70', the extreme and only occasional
variation being 10", tbe average 5'.
My rooms looked to tbe writ, ns the French
ay "giving on to a balcony ten feet wide, which
shades tbem from the eon; they arc twelve feet
above the level of the ground, about twenty five
feet above sea level,
"It ia this slight variation, this imperceptible
gliding of the day temperature into that of night,
of night into that of day, wbiob constitutes tbo
great value of this climate.
Daring the past five ears, whether on the
shores of the Med iter reancan or b.inksof the Xilc,
I have always been obliged to carry a coat or
plaid to protect myself against change of temper
ature, even in going from one room to another;
and havo led tho life of a recluse, unable to vi-sit
or receive company, to go to church or to any
place of amusement, for fear of a draught or chill.
Here, from the day of landing, I have discarded
overcoats and wraps, and such is tbe equable nt
tare of tbe climate that lam able to drive out in
an open carnage at any hour of tho day or evening
without wearing any extra wrap to protect no
from the night air.
"Hut tbe benefit or this equable temperature is
felt in anctber and perhaps more uupurt uit way
one most important to persons eaiTering from dis
eassof tbechet or circulation,
"Voacanhvo and sleep almost wholly in tbo
open air with impunity; to do so at the Mediter
ranean health resorts, or in Egypt would produce
colds and fatal complications. Here, glass win
dows are seldom or never used, French folding
shutters, fitted with Venetian blinds, taking tbeir
place, affording the noodfal privacy and protec
tion, but freely admitting the air.
MXlie consequence is that by night or by dy the
cool refreshing northeast trade wind circulates
through every room, passage, and corridor of ev
ery house in the place, affording to invalids a con
stant supply of oxygen, so m-oery for the pro
per aeration of thvir blood.
"About 10 a.m. the northeast trado sets in, and
continued until U p.m. From that hour, and until
10 a.m. next day, ibe evenings and uigbtsare quite
calm. The average number of d-iys during tbe
year when this health-giving wind blows is 273.
On tbe remaining days, tho south wind takes its
place, or tbe atiowphcro is calm.
"The force of tbo wind seldom or never exceeds
-t or 5 of tho Admiralty standard that is, what is
generally kuo n as a modcralo breeze. A gnle ot
wind is unknown.11
Mr. Maegregor's remarks apply only to Hono
lulu, which lies on the sea, little above its Iciel;
but quite a variety of climate may bo found on the
different islands at different altitudes. A steamer
leaves Honolulu every week for HiKiand Keauhou,
the neareat ports to the Great Volcano Kiiauca,
on tbe island of Hawaii, teaching at Maui, upon
which is situated the magnificent crater of Halea.
kala, nsing to the height of over 10-OW feet, and
commanding a grand prospect in clear weather.
To visit these, the tourist need three or four
wfTt-ks, though to tsitnadmonaltyMatma Ioa
and MaunakeaKta and other Maud celebrities,
two or three months wilt not be tr much. To
visit the Great Volcano only, spending there two
days only one week is now required, all the way
except fourteen miles by steamer, and tho road
over the fourteen miles is an easy one.
Jftteoroykat talU tf ttrrtfoB JI&totuI$t. lm
tomitt Smith, Eiq from two to .. from :l l-f.,
and fro lv2lol!l.mc!miirf-roTpruigtlfTefrart
2 tl
Tsnssry..G8.T 774 ZZ.7
February.. 6 H) 17.7
Nsrctt TO 'fJ 21.5
April TU.7 t.T
Slay 7S-X 61
Jaur 77.3 JX33
July -73 lt -tl
fcf pteruber 77
October. . Tfi
November, 'ii
DecFmber. 73
7S.7 23.7
81 I IT
7$ 9
At 9 -1(3
a.m. rji.
30.OM anon
X)IWm .") 0J7
3UOW7 30K37
311U1 91.057
ao.rru h.o)
aittjO ai.o
33.17 31.033
ai.n?) aajuzt
31.0U 3J.tX7
3)DK) 3U.UUJ
JU.Otll 2Xi23
30 055
3&4 IX
The figures in the respective colamns opposite
the month mark average of that month for the
whole eleven years. For the same month for any
single year there would moit likely be some varia
tion. " i
Dr Ax-nine's Removal.
It will be a matter of surprise to tbe community
to bear that Dr. A ruing has been dismissed. He
has been carrying a series of experiments and Las
just succeed ta in discovering the proper "soil" in
vbich to cultivate tho LaetiJli of leprosy. This vol
a great advance towards a thorough understand
ing of the disease. To carry on theim experiments
would redound to the credit of 11a wau in every
quarter of the globe. But tbe President of the
Board of Health wanted to buy science as be buys
tape. Dr. Arcing not having completed his inves
tigations, forwarded a report to the Hoard setting
forth bis methedf of work, and giving some of hia
results. It was a report of unfinished work. This
did not satisfy the I'resident, because he wanted
at once to make a splurge abroad, lis called for
Dr. Arnlng private notes and for copies of his
photographs and easts, (the whole of which have
been made at Dr, A mine's private expense, he
paring the salary oi his assistant and also for the
chsmicals ai.d pliiter of Paris.) As these are for
fntcre use in scientific publications, Dr. Amine
very properly refnsed to supply them. These are
the notes which he has come here to get, and are as
much his own properly as a University Professor's
notes are- The latter can ia England be protected
bylaw. On rrfuMl to hand over Us notes Dr.
Arning was dismissed. Tbe excuse given was re
trenchment. The Hoard of Health were not con
sulted In the matter at all. One member only
learned of the Board's action from Dr.Arninghim
self. The dimissal Is the roero spite of an ultra
vnia man. A most promising vavant & gentle
man of the highest cultivation, a gentleman
with a reputation in Germany and who bas every
likelihood Of having world wide Teputation bas
been reraovnl for what? lVcas-e be would not
pander to what Mr.Gibson wanted. We have only
to add that tbe tone of tbe letters of tbe Secretary
of tbe Hoard of Health were juot insulting. Itis
a disgraceful piece ot business for the Hoard and
each Individual member should be ashamed of
Special Tctirrs.
Hat sa offltre with Mrrr. IlUhop A Co.,cncr of Mrr
chant aud Kaatintaana Mreeta. and he win I Hf-Mi-d
loatiendloaoybtieiBetseairavied tealm. HN1 Cm
Has an OS.ce over Mm-n-BUhop Co,1 lUnk, corner.
Merchant and Kaafaitnatu St., and will be hippy to
attend to any bailee, s entneUM to bit tare, lit-ft Cm
TUTS PAPER kept xm tllcat C C DAKK
Advmulnc Agency CI and 65 Urrchant'e Kxebantre,
sn Kraoci , c4 . wbcre cantrsctt frr ndTermlng
can be made for it, iota
TURNISHETJ ROOMS Veal and rofctiy For
nltbtnl Itoomti rn 1m bd bv an -rsrtj appliratlatn at
a iw
71 M
tlltM llU
A it 10
$ OS lthl
AltO) KM
M ll U
Vb lMl
175 lUt
ft 15
jXciu orrtisnurnts.
cWporation stocks
rHl'i Ire Co
Uaft-allta CirHce M7. Co...
E. O. Hall Sen
iDter-lvliod S. X.Co.
IMl Telephone..
Hawaiian Arrtcnttarm.) Co
M lldrr StnsTiih1p C.
C Itrewer-JtCe
Uoodlawn Dairy
Waltnkn sugar Co.
Watmanalo .. .
star Mill
li A,
as MfTthitt StrreU
To Investors !
Valuable Real Estate,
Business Centre of Honolulu,
For Sale by Private Contract
The initlt'rsiijnctl Ittirc mriml in-
slriiclions Jrum
Messrs, G. W. MACFARLANE& Co.,
To offer f, v Sale nl
Public Auction,
AI our Salesrooms on
MONDAY, JAN. 25, 1886,
AI 12 o'clock Aowh,
TJic ichole of thai ralimllc city pro
peilij, known as the Hoolh folate, ex
cepting onlg I lie comer lot oicneil by
Mr. James Olds, containing in all
20,990 sfjuurc Jat, together icith
houses, lores and buildings thereto
This is Ihc nioiyl comport and de
sirable piece of properly ccer offered
for sale in Honolulu. Its main
frontages arc 70 fat :'i inches on Xiiu
und Street, and 93 Jret 0 inches on
Hotel Street. The rear front of the
proper! 'g extends from Xyiiaim Street,
luck of Messrs. Cattle i( Cooke's fine
brick tea rehouse anil store, 172 fed
11 inchex to Hose Lane, the side front
4ige along, the line J the l'obinson
lof to lolil Street, being 142 feel 3
iin lies.
. The value of this and llie adjoining
property might be greatly enhanced
by carrying Hose Lane straight
through to Hold Street. Access is
hud to Hotel and Ximiiiiu Streets
from the rear and centre of the estate,
h lanes long in use on the property
Situated in the heart of the retail
business quarter oj the city, and hav
ing a large area of available space
unoccupied, this property holds out
unusual inducements to capitalists as
a permanent investment. The jre
scnt annual income is $lf00, or 10
per rent, on $l",000 ; but as the leases
expire shortly the rental might he in
creased to $6,000 a gear trillion! ex
penditure for repairs or additions to
buildings. Tf the estate irere sold as
a irhole, however, bg judicious and
inexpensive improvements which a
practical eye would sagged, even this
large prospective income might be
very considerably added to.
The Xmiauii street frontage is oc
cupied bg a row of two-storg build
ings, the tipper slory being used as
dwellings, and the Itrd floor as stores,
which are altragsin occupation. I'rs
liitiranls and retail stores siniilarlg
occupy the frontage on Hotel street.
The old international Hotel is in
the centre of the properly and goes
with the premises. II is used as a
restaurant and lodging house and
pays handsomely.
Another advantage oj this Jine pro
perty as tin invcxtnutii ix:ils excellent
sanitary condition. It, is, un Ihc
highest tort ion of I he. city makai oj
llcretania street, and is therefore
easily drained. ,
The property, if not . disposal of
before dale oj sale, will be first put up
as a irhole in one lot. Failing a
satisfactory purchaser tre shall then
put it up in lots for which purjme il
has been subdivided into sixteen lots,
uspcrplan annexed. Weshullqffer
these lots at the followiny upset prices,
Lint No. 1, l,Si"l
" 2, 1,810
" 3, l.Cftl
" ,1, 1,(500
" 6, .
" ,-.. 1,5(J
" T, S..VW
" S,
And upon the following favorable
One-Third Cash,
IMance in 1,2, and? years, with
interest at 7 per cent, -seeureil bg
We solicit au examination of this
property, and confidently recommend
the investment as a permanent paying
0if, ttilh greater contingencies for
advancement than almost any other
kind of property.
JE1. P.ATfl H-T5 s CO.
WXnili $ ,.'00
'JU 10, ...... 3,730
" II, 3,750
" 12, 2,750
" 13 & H, 11,000
" 15, 1,500
" 10, 1,500
Ktiu 3&tfcrtiscmcnts.
The Victory of Electricity
tMt. atll HVlM-tat t 1 - t(M-a at -- dirCtl
ton it met a lamp for genm! deneottc nee. The reason
wny lata proDitm naa tin now not ee-rn porvrti, i inn
none of U Inventor coald rid themlrea of the Idea
otra llcbllnc. and that all have adhrrrd to the va
ten or product uc the Ktetlrtclly In some central place,
or by larce machinery, tnctrad of nrt laving down the
principle that n Lamp ahleh hostd ever bfenmecen--rrally
h if ft and popnlar, mnt be portaM-, like tn Ut!
Vamp, and contain the etnrralAf of KlKtilelty In
nwir.... la the foot of tne Lamp.
The Norman Electriet Llcht I'o. faa at laotanreeed-nl
la completely milling thla Ideal or Electric Llcht toe.
and there ia nodonbi that lata mont Important Inven
tion - 111 brine about a compter revolntlon In all
branches of llrhtinc-
ur Electric Lamp iwW. utttkrr VtMmrf Cd
tn nor any expenvlve outlay, and ia n-Hihir cnnpH
caird. UMcre,abl in manipulation ; all that la ntr-ra-Mry
l to rrlttl it evt-ry font or ave dr with acid. r
tol qfttektimf wU mt eHtp ea 0tt-(i cent per
ItoarV, and tt baa twfor the latie r the lmmrne advan-ta-t
of neither prodaelne h-rat, amoke nor carbonic
acid, owlnlt to which Ihe air ia not Impnrrd. and re
tuatoi at the im drcree of trmp-fi-atare It la fn
tfacr. ah-Milntelv tnoderona, and does not nred tn be
kindled by match, or otbemlie, bat tmp!y by tarntnc
thelrry thuaarvf-ifn? altHamgtr of Jt r, expWlen or
tatrocatiou.na to the raeor ire., tt ibe key la left open ;
and tt mart be eoncrded that tfatt adrtntace atona la
Invaluable. It la tarthrr preferable to any known
kind of lighting for the following reott(:
(1. It manipulation la to tlraple that aay child ran
ii.) Thai the Lamp U portable, and tan be removed
llko mnj L-mn. i roo anv ptawc in inmarr.
(J.) That It neither reqnlrra Ibe dUacreeable txlnfi
r ihewitk.orthee.rafllnpof thecvllndtr. at In the
cape or Ull utmpa.
il That tha lipht nrndared ta a aoft ami moat ataa-Av
ene; that It never flicker, and the flame, thoach brine
equal la power of Mth.tn tora-,can be regained lo
ta.) That rrjr Aangtr QtJIri i aftaoarer xrrl-frf,
ae the heht will rxtlnculah Immediately. It branvac
cldent th-5 Ea- antrou'ndlni; the burner thou Id bo
((Li That ll will barn, even In the: atroneeat wind.
completely nnaQrcted, thna beine Invalnablo for lltnm
atlona, light Ing ot garden, corridor, etc.
Thla lamp li eontroctfd for the prevent ia three
tllOVrcnl itiea
.t. Simall fit- llelsW of comnMe Unp.l Incttea;
wnthU abont & poand, for llchtlnfooiw. cellar,
rtorago hooe?. powder marailnn (or fimtlar plare
wrhero cxpli"Wet are kept), warhea, Ulatnlnatlon.
rarden. mln or any olhet lodnttrial parpoae. IMte.
Ir Lamp delivered free to any part of the wertd.
It. Medtam aire- Serve all domettf e prpoea IW
Hchtlsff roorna, hof. cte. Thi lamp la rterwitly
decorated, and nit rrnovabte whit cronnd -Ulaea
Price, per Lamp tlnclnlr- f itront Toot and tilob-e
richly and eterantlT conairectedV XI. dellvemt
free to any tan of the world,
C Urand tie fnr Parlor, Hall, Saloon, pnblie Hat Id
lor, Ac- The Lamp ctrea a mot hrtlltant and ateady
HcnU h large renoveabl while tllobe, derorated
tnovt tavtcfnllr. and theworkmanahlpla bmh arrt-elta
and elecact. Pnee -1.1. -
root Lamp In either Hroaae, Japanete, Fatcnre or
Silver Oilde.
.ny apetrlal alar or deaign watte to order. Ktlitnatrt
All Latupa are ready for immediate ne, and will bo
aentwaeenrelj packed la alrong wod hoi, with
printed direct for ne a iantlty of c hem teal
aaftlclrnt for tevrral month.' lighting, and one extra
Iturner foralte A. and two for aitra IL and V Tbe
necefary chemical ran be pnrrhaied la any Prnj
tore, in even the amallel village.
Every Lamp ) accompanied by a written guarantee
for ono year, and will be exchangrd.or money re fn a d-d
If tha aame ahoxld not lve complete att faction.
Unallorden rW lx Lmpa and above, a dtvcennt of
lx ter Cfnt.wlll be allowed. 5o orders from abroad
ttlleil. nnleia accompanied by a remittance to river lha
amount, or Brat-cUaa refcrencea on a New York or
Philadelphia hnne.
The beat method of fending money I by draft on
New York, which can bo procured at any Banker, and
everywhere, of cncloae the amennt In Hank note, gold
cmna, or p1ag nampt of any conn try ot the world.
All order, tne amalltt, aa well aa the mot Impor
taut, will receive tho vame part ten tar attention, and
w ill be forw anted w 1 1 ttont delar
;tor Elcctrie Lamp are protected by law, and
alt Imitation and tafrlngrmenta will be rrcfecuttu.
Aint Salesmen on ComroIalon,nnJ Voviz
aisiieesror oor t)iais wartteil everywhere. No
gpec.il knowlnlsot,rc.i,iut mi aim).
.V fortune, to be maJe by nctfro persons.
Nos. 113 and 115 Fort Street, Honolulu,
Drug's, Chemicals,
Patent Medicines,
Trusses, Etc., Etc
Univorsally Acknowledged to bo tho Bost.
Boreicke & Schreck's Homoeopathic Medicines
Maile Cologne, Maile Cologne
The Deliglitful Hawaiian Cologne.
Prlco List Furnished on Application. hw
I-r.td.nt and .Mui-:rr. StTrtl.ry sdiI TiTUDrer
tiler-fetors to Ulll!n;Tim A Co., sail atnofl Noll,
Fort Strcot, : : Honolulu, H. I.
Chandeliers & Library Lamps
Silver IPJLittocl Ware
New Invoice of Carriage Whips, &c
Have Just Received a Large Invoice of Furniture
Confuting of Tarlor and Ik-droom beta, lurcanf,r-betanda, Wardrobra, Sideboard!. FIncle and
Double HcuBtcada, Jfnrker", Chair, Louti (;, Eitcnalon and Cntir Table (lartre and
iinall) Hard Aboft Wood; AT UB1MCOCK IKICES. "l
IdFnrnUnror-flM.lreda.nd removed at abort notice. No trouble to ehow Goods, or answer nnct-t'ona ir Irttcr
from the other Islandd. 1'Icase call and examine oor Ooodi before pnrchaiing eUewhcre. 1"J71 6mo
Piano and Organ Tuning" and Repairing a Speciality.
UTTartlea on the other Ulandu will yleaac common kale wltli M'ral. Dow Jfc Co., who will attend to all order.
By Latest Arrivals
AM Kill f.M.i: IIV
At No. U Merchant Street,
California Wines in Cases
and Cask, rata et Claret, Malaga. UnKitrt.
Hock, Uatcdcl, Daixundr, Angelica;
St Louis Lager Beer, pts. and qts
Fredericksbsrg Beer, pts. and qts.,
St Pauli Beer, pts. and qU,
Hcblard's Porter, pti. and qts.
Tennents' Porter,pts.fS; qts.
(iui-rn. n Porter, pinta and qnarla; Vcrmoalli,
rrptloc Wine Hitlers, Orans nittera,
t'IN'lN SIllvltKV, a very desirable article;
lifj and bacet Mierry
Gin in White & Black Bottles & Jugs
All Brand or
Whiskies and Brandies!
Lltinenra, Jamaica and Hedford Kara,
CaTGoodj for f ale In fcond or Daty rald.-5n
Brown cfc Co.,
nsE and snniT hekciiants.
WO I I Mireb.nl Sliett. I mo
The Hawaiian Almanac
X 2 tli Year of Issue
Is now Ready for Delivery
Thla rusdard anthoritr on tlatWtlcal and zeneral
Informatloai relating to Hawaii will be found m coat
prrBenalveandlnleretlnsAf any or tt predeceiora.
Ittirovei a hand book for borne cte and a compendlam
of Information for friend and ecqalreri abroad.
MIIUE-30 Cmta each, or brmall to any rettat
Colon Colony, CraU eack. Itemltlasce by P. O.
Uoney Order. Addreta T- C. THRUM,
''w rnbll.hrr. Honolnls.
Cigar&Tobacco Emporium
CimpbcU's Block, Slftchant Stmt,
Uooolsla, II. I.
THE CKXTEAL ka. bm opened for tt-! ac-n-b-tJ--nerth.lorersortIittb-i1e--T.rtl
cl eot tbewt-ed. I
LlOlIli aad "TOBACCO, and ban nil niectsl
rS!2S"?t faI"rte--s from abroad. Troth- to,
a llbjral .bare of patropsit, I remsln. rt-inetlfsllr,
Chat-tared Bank of India, Australia and
CUsa. &oncko-t J
,ss BI6B0P A CO.
Just Received Joseph e. wiseman
General Business Agent
tESTADLtsllED l;i.)
Campbell Block, Honolulu, H. I.
Real Estate Agent,
Employment Agent,
Wilder's Steamship Agent,
U.S. Great Burlington
Rail Road Agent.
Custom House Broker
Money Broker, 4
Manager Royal Opera Honse,
Fire and Life Insurance Agent.
tST TixirtaU or othtra abroad deilrin- lni of
Principal Tolfita of latert on tbe lravaliai lalanda
or Corloa rrom the bemth tea Ialanda. can obtain In
formation ot bave tbclr wantt iapplll at Iteaaonabla
Ratoi. Vtia ly
Pilsener Beer
Muller's Lagerbier
Just Landed ex C. R. Bishop,
tXT And Kor Sale In (inantttlea to Bntt by
imti In
Just the Tiling for tfasceratlon Mill
tS-AppIj for particular., cte., to
,. . t. M. tVBOATE.
"g-':i- IJap.h.ho..ni-rill.
mI rtbrtrtisnnrntj
I v. 1 1 r. i I 1 1 . 1 I I -T ...
JWJ-Ij. Estate ot It CEOELC5vl5
flrfVliiliV aftt at., J"
,1i S.H5
A ..i, 1 i. l "T" I9 err.
o.,ki.u.,iu..'K; "H?'PH,(V
rt t Ii. KM. ..! . J"!"" WM
lie. latrmtnl sr. anrbr aotlSM Hu!LP W h!
Lahatna, D 2 1
walla l.ta-kst. t.,L.H... llr III
-7 ' - MTMrm a-j"
ftaim itriorv tne. t taylltanitm
AM Itl-rtnan- mtPrtd it,
crrnuon oo tWfM to boM tbe Itl.rfi 1-1- X, i
inttm iioaoiaiB, iw 9tb
Atlwt- TMef Jaatlw of it 'SS,.
Wnd dav of XotraVr. A 11 i- r,!.aB.
a i !. w mVLr "V.: w.
In the iW Ueem of Ula t art
Iwtr Btlft a).A-v ar . - . a . . ' ? to.
w 11. --m 111 nn-a rew mnm. in. mil it , , j t . -
In l Knelt l.r.c.r. tot tliv. .oL, f"i
mtm lleaolals. II. 1 . Ore luv t-w
Atte.1; CMfJ.,u,ri,W
llt.at S.-T1-. U-rrat. ik .J!
1st of ATixmx v:-s or -riS
- - - - ......
siit..--i u A.m. .
. W. X.krloa.....
J Kso.r.
Jons, kspaa
ii. J. nvu
Z. K.ks.1
J. K.I. h
II. II. MltcHor-tk
K. tl. Illtrkt-ock
J. K. Kuaiaiia...
1). W. KUf-MOkl.. ..
M. Kf-.hth(.
Til". Tlno.tt.
Ml. K.hlsa....
i. I". tl-trn
V W 11.11
iVclfltro.. ..'.'.'
t . it. u.iti.
J. W.Kslaa
". U llolnkahlkl .
J.l. Klako-
I u . .
. j. n nuins.....
U A.Th.i-il--a
W. A. Most.
. M Adifi-i-1
millsm rctt-r.. .
rs.l Nt-.rn.na
M. Tho-apM--.. ......
A. I. rttrrM
Jins. A.t(n
A. K...
J. M. K...kiM...
V V. A.hford
A. U. ktallk.
J. A. .Mscoo-i
. K. Kin.
.t-Uw f-nm tkl. Up.-! k." Ih
mi, n. iriu piflic tr-vort Iti. .i-b( fr
!tn' -al
--- iv
am t-e
"an ir
."-nits nr
- r u ye;
-'aniiirr 11 let
- -fiiurrM-a
..Aim. 1 1
f. ki-iii-itMi
J.r. 1 t.t
J..i. trt
-li,lin uci
Jl.-r.5V TO
r- hi-iiit i - to
Hi s :-r
t.ni i-. -1
.1 il i .1 PO
iiijr tr-,
'I m
J11- . . r-
ll- Wl
Jtl '
v I I m ' i. lt
., h t t4
h. r tst
V tf-ufk
lt a.1.
-rk l1Imu
I Nrond Jndklal DUtrtcl Hmvaiuti lxrfo u
the EUtoorW.C. JuXE.s,.,M - nl i.r, i U
ITobate. "
un ivatllbs and lna tht jMiiimn fttm l Kta
l h-i
Tiry. Adulnlctrator nf the KiUt r IV
of iloKi, Maul, drcraacd, inxlnj tint 'n
may be approved and he dtMrbarKcU tr w '
It tl ordered thai WEDNESDVY Ti w.
at9 rn., ittbe Court Iloni-in Lahm 1 t
time and plaeo for bearing ai,l ptin , . ,
Jertlona thai may bmadr thereto a- ' i
trmttd are heirby nottflcd to ati. u.
AUb nutx INUKE
i m irt Jn
Ihiina, lVc. l'-lb. li
3Ior1fra?rc.4olirt;orintrtit!onto lorrclr
"Wotick is iii:ui:nv
JA partnant to a por of aair 1 t-nt tn, i s) ui
morta-f deed, dated lh- lttK day nr I. - r D
IS.-', madp by KHUklhl, of llnnuluiu I. I ' Oxaa.
loll. I'. Wood, of ovth K..hala I1hi, ..i,
In theoflrcof tbr llptftrar f loin. t-i H n Umn
Tt, fn piceaTiaadtv, and a.-n.. v, i mi. - U -ht,
avalntnent, dated Jnut-r'ad. ft, am) ri .r'-it . Libu
the aatd nortse deotl cooUinr.1. i
payment thereof, all and -m.-niar "i
rcribed In aald tuortfas I .1 i ,
limited bylawbr told at tmb' 1 uu u
The properly lo be mid uml. r -m! ,
aitaatM ai kconenU, llonlii.'i ah ,
mMiOwi; Itelnxapiirt-uf lartl -If-.-
1-atrQlXo.ira.befnc the Land ...m 1
Tarke, Mar hat of the Hawaiian UI
d-y of January. 15TI, by flc.l ( t.riliil 1
pa-ra 3 and tm th Mb iU f Ma 1 h
WW l kv W i rM
fc k TH Sl"tllNl 1 ... i .r raWl(
II. WEBBER. t ...,., ,1 ,
Will li-sue for tlio alioTe I'ort on or
almut January li, LSSfi.
Tbe Well known and Vannlr n St.
UIlOL'tili. ( oun 11 It .
A V ill Irate for the alwnc I'ort on or
about January ISSli.
ttrrot FrefsM or iM-taa. aj.fi '
HOT II. UA-LKFEf.D n.. A fl
Xoticc to OriNlHors.
C. ?Inattle Eut-r run K.r... " u
lata. Oahn. are hereby notIB -i i- ;-t fit iv -tif
the nnderIned AdrnlaUtrai'ir .r -aid d 'f d - E
tatedaly Vfyifled and with prop, r votfth -ahUi r
cored or nnaeecred. within an muntbfl ( m tfi iU
or they will be forever barr- d sit p rn
eute. ar reioeted to taak im dit i'ayr
Claims may be handed u John t ' tnm i u
He of Lweri t'ookr, tn n'-ri-.m'. fi a
eeive them for the AdmlniKiratof
Pated llonolaln. lectmtKr Vnh 1-w
r r R"t
Admlnlltratora of th E-ut- "I Va ii k
AV. A. WoirtKO. Attoriir 1
Notice to Creditors.
arainst the EaUte ..r J M pH.l,E '
llonolnla, Uafca, arr hereby nntit I t 1 r-
ismetotbt ttadmlSB-d AdwniWr i'-t tr iV
oexetL or tald deteaaeds r-tti ! . y - u
proper voochert. hetbr r.ar -t '
in Ht in on tha from th- dat Iit ' 1 "
forever bsrrttL All p.rMB- m
qaetted to make Immediate layni
luted llvaolala. 1Ab "-"
w - i-Ai h y
imrj It Admr. Wtll inwi- d of ' St
AilmiiiitralorV Notice I
ben duly appointed 'bribe Hob. A t - r'
t: Irt nit Jodrn of Maul. II. lo Admlalatrat '
deeaed. kervbyralla npon all peraoB' In
aid Eatate to make lami-diatr payment t. tr
peraona bavins elatmi aealast nald i-utewlie '
coivd by mvttr or o4nrrwl Atm i-fqiet
at the mat tu me at the Conrt 1Iop tft W
dalyvertflwl within Ixminthafram tbr dat -
notice or be fortver barred.
Admr. Eatatr or Edward Catcfct-iur d
U'aHnka. Maal, IXt. tOth, l5 15 v
2 Surburban Cottages
-L ta?e hitherto oeroplrd by the owr Ja- IU.
Hh aire iWwer aad trait ffardca aubi'-
SECOND The two- tory Cflillzr tw tma -of
the abovr. lately oeeopled by U UUATIU
bavin; tardea, stable, eu Kent, abool A
-BotbrrenlM are connoted wttbtb - t
tervtee. Apply ta 11TK 5 BBOS
Iffiff yarew E
Tin: roLi.owiXG riaiuxo
1 HinttTft inialrd fa the Pearl H 1 'r t Ea
Ifland of Osba. la from tbU Au- u
to Uw : ta of Aalole. HomaiUia. ' 1 ia
rondorxiu , . WIE.
Jfov.5tlb,IV5. vmm
received per Amy T.f-
Stamped Envelopes
Hocnr. mi. " ,
rt lluttai. 1 ". Tw tr W ;-
il raesla J tke stamp.. l-n SUM ."-
woS fiw.7!2SeT2,Va. CTa
. ij at-a. ""-

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