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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, January 05, 1886, Image 4

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gmuaiian azdte.
Supreme Court ofth Hawallu IilusdB-
In Bunco, uctowr lerm. isoo
W. II. Ricabd vs. Amoxio iCorTA.
(An aDpel from tLe District Court of lUina-
kn, Uftwaii, cntcrttiiwd y the Saprcme Court
bf oonscnt. J
rrronE nr, c. Jn hoccxxt asd rsaxoir, j. .
OjfHfMi ?Jte Curt jr JCDD,
It i agTMiI tliat ll.o following are tlie essen
tial facta of this case:
"That paid defendant came lo thia caiiotry
coder a contract with the Board of Imroigra
tion. by which be acrecd to work nuder the
direction of said Hoard for the term cf three
years, counting from the time of Lis arrival
and commencement oi service, inacaciena
ant waa directed tu work, by said Board, for
Ihe plaintiff. That said senice be ran Septem-
WrVlh, A. D 1&2. That after the Olh day
of September, A. D, 1665, defendant stopped
working, ana piaintiu ciaimea iuai aeienaani
wac bound to make up eighty-nine and one
fourth data which U ie acreed were not worked.
out of the tweniy.Bix working days of each
month dariD eaid term.
The opinion of the Court is aeked upon the
followitig questions of law:
"I Pan Ilm ilrfpfHlant he now com tilled to
make tip the n amber of days which he failed
lo work, if socli Uilare was wiiuaion ins part
and without Itcal excasc, and if the cumber
of days lost da ring each month was regularly
inauo up at me ea ot eacu moniu, ana agreed
to by defendant as correct in number.
2. Can defendant be compelled to make up
time lost cm account of his sickness?
2. Can defendant be compelled to make up
legal holidays, occurring during the twenty-
six working days of etecu momhri
i. Can lLo defendant 1 compelled under
the contract to complete nine hundred and
thirty-six days work after the expiration of
three years, no reason being assigned by em
ployer or employee for the failure lo work
eighty-nine and one-fourth days, and defend
ant having during the three years regularly
teitdercd hi a w ork, except on the days missed?
S. Does the contract, by its terms call for
nine hundred and thirty-six daj s w ork or does
it end at the lapoe of three years from its cotn
tneucciucnt if iki desertion has taken place?
The contract which we are to construe is ss
This agreement entered into this day
ol in tho year of oar Lord , bv and
between Augusta U Silva iloreira, einsle.
of age, agent, Portuguese, resident of this city,
aclingduly aullionzed by Abraham Honunng,
married of age, English, mcrchaut, living in
tho city of Loudon, as acent for the Board of
Immigration, a Bureau of the Government of
the Kingdom of Hawaii, in the Island of St
Michaels, Azores, as shown by original pow er
of attorney of the first part, and the parly
whose name is hereto utibscribed, of the second
WITNESSETH. That whereas tho party
of tho second part is desirous of emigrating to
tho Hawaiian Islands, there lobe employed as
au agricultural laborer under the direction of
the said Board of Immigration: now, therefore,
in consideration of a passage lo the Hawaiian
Islands on board the steamship llansa, and a
further undertaking by the party of the first
part that tho said Board of Immigration will
pay, or cause to be paid, to the party of the
second part wares at the rate uf nine dollars
per month, with board and lodging for himself
i i :i j i ,
siiu vmiurco unucr twelve years oi age, lur
each and ctery month of twenty-six days ser
vice, faithfully performed, daring the exist
ence of this agreement (a day's service to be
ten hourB in the field and twelve boors in the
sugar house): such wages to be paid at the
end of each calendar month, reckoning from
the date of the commencement of such service
after arrival at Honolulu. And in considera
tion of a further undertaking on the part of
me pariy ci tne ursi pan, to secure llio party
c-f the second part full protection under the
Hawaiian law, as folly, as the same is enjoyed
by the native born subjects of tho Kingdom,
and likewise in case of sickness that he shall
be supplied wiih proper medical itteudance,
and that the said children shall be properly
instructed iu ihe public schools, the said party
of the second part will duly und faithfully
pet form such lawful aod proer labor as he
may be duected lo perforin under the auspices
of the said Board of Immigration, for Ihe terra
of thice leara counting from the day on which
he shall commence such service, after arrival
iu the Kingdom of Hawaii, it being always
understood that the contracted party shall not
work on Sundays nor on any holiday recog
nized by tho Government, and that his services
shall net be transferred without his consent;
and the party of the first part, in consideration
cf the agreement hereinbefore expressed, as
being entered into by the party of the second
pan, ncrcoy agrees to me same and under
takes that the said Board of Immigration will
pay, or cause to be paid, the wages hereinbe
fore set forth, aud will keen and uerform. or
cause to be kept and informed all the other
stipulations hereinbefore set forth. Iu testi
mony whereof clc."
BT THE COUliT. What is the term of ser
vice for which the laborer en rased under this
contract Is it for threo years, I. e. from tth
of September, 18S2, to 0th of September, 1865?
or is it for thirty-six months of twenty-six
days each, in all nine hundred and thirty-six
daj s? Wo think that the lamruatrQ of the con
tract suuicicDUy answers this question. The,
iiuieu iransiauon oi tne couiract reads that,
"the said party of the second nart will dnlr
and faithfully ierfomi such lawful and proper
iaior as no may be directed to perform, under
Ihe auspices of the Board of Immiirration for
and during the space of three years next suc
ceeding tho date of the commencement of such
service after arrival in tho Hawaiian King
dom' Another and more literal translation
of this part of the contract appears in the copy
quoted inJull in tho earlier part of this de
cision. The terra of this contract then is three
years, commencing from the day on which the
laborer begins to work. The time when this
contract ends is made'cerlaio by the statement
when the term is to begin. Three years from
a given date would exnire when three calendar
3 ears hate elapsed aiDco this date. This is
tiiviumiu. kuv i-vucirucuou vi leases aim an
oilier contracts and wo aeo no reason wljy it
should not trr'r to a labor contract. If the
lauorcr arieea to labor durmr all ILa time
covered hj a term or three jeare, no time lic
ing stated when tho labor was to begin, and it
apteariDE ny Uie uliole arreemcnt that the
contract was for the Itcrformatice of threa reara
oi laoor oi ji uas aci:. witiioutrelerenco lo
tho time orcr which this labor was lobe
epread, oar decision might be different. Hut
nere ino laborer ijas not so agreed in terms.
He agrees to labor on sach wording davs as
will occur dorioc ll.o three calendar rears
succeeding a date capable of beiDg made cer
tain, i. e. me nay ol Ins beginning 111a scmce.
Much stress is laid in argument npon the
clause mat tne Jioaru oi Immigration contract.
"to pay wages at tho rate ol nine dollars per
mouth with board and lodging ftr himself and
children under twelvcy ears of age, for each and
every month of twenty-six days service, faith
folly jicrformed, doling the existence of this
acreeuicnt." It is to be noticed that this lan
guage (c ery month of t cnty-sii days of fait h-
iui eervicej la ocfecnplive ot toe term lor winch
fine dollars of wages is to be paid by the em
ployer, and is not repeated ii Ihe descriplign
of Ihe term of vcrvice contracted for by Ihe
laborci. Tho contract further save. Msnch
wages to be paid at the end of each calendar
month reckoning from the date of the coln-
niencement or such service after arrival in Ho
nolulu." We lake it to mean that there shall
Le at the end of each calendar month a settle.
mem mado with each laboror. Payment of
wage is not iu lie poaiponctl. u ages however
small in amount are not lo bo suffered to be in
ariears, aud iu icckining the amouut ofsucli
wages to be thu paid monthly, twenty-sixdays
cf labor is to be compensated with nine dollars.
and any less number of days with a propor-
iionaiei less atuonni ol nionev. I Ins secures
lo the laborer taclve stated limes Der annum.
when his employer must settle with him and
pay him whatever wages may be due. We
think it would be unwarrantable to transfer the
language employed for the sole purpose of
making clear the amount of wages lo be paid,
and the limes of payment lo another part of
tho contract, iu onlcr lo define the quantum of
labor whii.h tho employee is to fnllfil.
Itiaargacd that as each year consists of
llii ce liunurea ami eixly-nve days, from which
deduct fifiy-two Suuda,313 dayaof work
xcmain, upon which the laborer agrees lo work
auo tnereiore a year's work will not be fulfilled
unless 313 das of actnal labor have been
executed. But a day is but a subdivision of
time, and u could be argued with equal co
gency thai as each day consists of say ten
working Lours, therefore a day's work would
not be performed if only nine and a half hours
aork was fulfilled. An hour might be still
further subdivided into minatcs and seconds,
and each delinquency tacked on to ihe term.
Bnlwe do net think that any such detailed
account of time was contemplated by the con
tract, ine laborer is bound by this contract
to present himself, ready lo perform such labor
as be may be directed during twenty-six work
ing days of each month, and to work ten hours
a day in the field, aud it in the mill, twelve
hours lo entitle him to the fnll waces of nine
doll.rs, unless prevented by sickness or other
vaiu excuses. e think that it was contem
plated when the contract was made that the
laborer, as a human beinr, might be ill at some
time during the conlinnanco of the contract
The cruploicr engages "to supply him with
proper medical attendance in case of sickness."
It seems to be conceded that the laborer ia to
be lodged asd fed during sickness. Whether
w ag;s are to be paid to him daring sickness
is not raised in this case. Bnt as the laborer
can only receive nine dollars when twenty-six
days of labor have been performed, we pre
sume that be could not claim wages while un
able to work on account cf sickness. But as
we have above said, when the calendar years
have expired which end the terra contracted
for, tho days lost through sickness cannot be
lacked on to the term, to be worked out there
after. Cases of hardship might occur to the
employer as when, as suggested by counsel
for plaintiff, a man might contract for one
year's service npon an agreement in form
similar to the one we are 'considering, aud be
ill cleT.n and a half months. But it would be
a csserof greater hardship to tho laborer, if,
after snch a long illness, he would have lo
work an additional year after his contract had
expired. So also Sundays and holidays rec
ognized by the Government, upon which days
the laborer is specially exempted from labor
and consequently for which he receives no
wages, are not to be taken account of and ad
ded to the lerm of three rears, and allcrwards
discharged in labor. If this could be done the
privilege of not working on those special uaya
would amount to nothing to the laborer, and
so far as he was concerned, it would be value
less to have thia exemnlion mentioned in the
contract, for Sundays and Government holi
days stand in this contract, on Ihe same foot
ing, and if the laborer can be required to make
up the days of lsbor lost to tho employer by
Sundays and holidays, it would Ik no privilege
to the laborer.
This leads us to the last point to be consid
ered, namely the penal remedies which the er
ployer has under our laws, against the laborer.
By the labor law s as they now exist. Sec. 1119
Compiled Laws, if the person bound lo service,
wiliuuy absents uimseu irotu suco scmce,
without leave from his master, he roar bo ap
prehended by Ihe warrantor a police or dis
trict justice, and restored to his master and
compelled to serve tho remainder of the time
for which be originally contracted. By the
original law (IS59) the laborer conld be com
pelled to serve not to exceed doublo the time
of his absence. The Act of 1882 only author
izes a sentence to make up the time lost by
the absence of lbs laborer. By Sec. 1120, it
the person bound to scrvico refuses to serve
when ordered by tho magistrate lo do so, or
refuses to work according to hi contract, lie
mav be committed to prison to remain at bard
labor until he conseuta to serve according to
law. It he, after having returned to service
pursuant to a magistrate's order, again wil
fully absents himself without leave, "ho is
liable to a fine not to exceed S3 for ihe first
offence, and not to exceed $10 for every sub
sequent oflence. A wilful absence wo suppose
- ... . - , i i V
I n quo wiuitiut auuiticu. wii.c. u " ,
iflbe laborer is unable from illncs lo piecnt
himself for work, or if though present at the
place of labor, he is from illness, unable to
work, ho ia not derelict, his absenco fruin
work is not willful, and he caunut be com
pelled to make up ihe lime ol absence lo his
master. If the weather be such that it would
b detrimental to the health of the laborer to
work out oi doors, or so that it wonld not be
profitable to tho master to proceed with out
door work, his absence from work would not
bo willful, and though lie receives no pay for
the dsys thus lost, he cannot be compelled by
the judgment of a magistrate to make up this
But the case is put to us of a willful absence
from woik without leave of the master, for
which no arrest is made aud no adjudication
of a magistrate obtained, but the servant
agrees that his absence waa without legal ex
cuse and the number of days so lost in each
month is regularly entered up at the end ot
each month and agreed orally by the scrvent
as correct. The agreement to make up this
lost lime is implied, wo presume, from the
laborer's assent that the number of days lost
is correct in number. Can this agreement be
enforced? We think not. It is a new agree
ment. It is not in writing and docs not con
form to tho statute in other respects. By
virtue of this now oral agreement to inako up
lost time the servant is not compellable by the
magistrate to serve. The written contract be
fore us does not contain such a stipulation.
His liability to service must flow, if at all,
from the original contract. We aro ol the
opinion that if a laborer who has absented
himself from work wilfully and without leave,
returns again to his master's service and no
notice is takeu of it and the master does nut
obtain an adjudication that the absence was
without legal excuse and a sentence that the
Iol lime must be worked out, he cannot after
the contract has expired, compel the laborer
to work out such arrears. The master must
be considered in law as having waived the
It becomes ncccsoary to review former deci
sions of this Court which are cited by plain
tiffs counsel as decisive of this case. These
are Wood vs. llool'ma 3 llawn. 102 (1809.)
Wooil vs. Alia, 3 Hawn. 418 (1673.) In the
first case tho master claimed that a judgment
to the effect that tho servant should work
eight months penal time was not satisfied by
the Bervant continuing iu his masters service
for eight months, he having worked ouly 113
days during this period aud not the full score
of 208 dsys. But the case was decided against
tho master on the ground that he had on his
part Tailed to fulfil I the contract as to payment
of wages. Remarks or the majority or tho
Court that the judgment was not illegal though
it imposed a term or service beyond ono year
after the end ol the original term or service,
were not necessary lo the decision or Ihe case
and must be treated as ooifcr dicta.
The second case. Here tho servant had
contracted to serve five years, but when about
baU ol the time had expired, he was sentenced
ror a crime to be imprisoned at hard labor for
fivo years. This seutence he had served and
his master claimed his services ror the re
mainder or the original term of the contract
under tho law as it then stood which authoriz
ed a magistrate, ii the person bound toservice
had wilfully absented himself from such
service, lo impose an additional term of labor
not exceeding double the timo of absence, but
such additioual term of service shall not ex
tend hi ond one year after the original lerm
of service. The majority or the Court held
that the lapse or time duriug the imprison
ment was not a bar to tho penal enforcement
or the contract it it result froin the servants
own act. Much ol.tbe reasoning of the ina-
ioritr of the Court is against the view taken
by us in tne case beiore us. liul mat case
was upon the construction of a statute now re
pealed the latter part of Sec. 1119 or the Civil
Code, which authorized the imposing of an
additional term of service in caso the original
term had not been fulfilled by the servant.
That questiou docs not arise in the case le
fore us. Here we are to construe the con
tract itself, not Ihe staluto which is invoked
in its aid.
The judgment of Ihe lower Court ordering
the defendant back to plaintiff's service is re
versed and judgment is now ordered for tho
F. M. Hatch lor plaintiff; P. Neumann for
Honolulu, December 21th, 1S3S.
The IfOniaiana Lottery.
Few people Lave any idea of the thous
ands of dollars which are being taken from
California weekly by this wretched swin
dle. It is denounced in New Orleans as a
despicable fraud, it is forbidden by tho
United States to transact its business
through the mails, in fchort, it is an out-and-out
cold-blooded swindle, entrapping
those who need tho money for their backs
or their stomachs, robbing children of their
shoes in short, grinding the face of por
erty by diverting scanty earnings to the
pocxeis oi tnose wnoconunci tne attair.
A square lottery is so bad in its influence
and effects that it is hard to find words to
fitly characterize it, but this blot npon tho
good name of Xew Orleans is declared by
residents ot tnat city and by the local
press to bo an uninitigatea client, not pay
m? the nremiums it announces, not draw
ing fairly, bnt is demoralizing the city and
the State by robbing its jksot, moving the
people from industry to illusion, that its
private promoters may be enriched.
One of the methods of management
wiucu uiaa.es uju irauu inure specious is
the parading of names well known through
out the country as responsibility for its
management, when they really havo noli
ing to do with it except lease out their
names to act as a poultice upon popular
credulity. This aspect of the institution is
brought out clearly in a dispatch which
was received irom x'lmadeipma on a re
cent occasion, as follows :
"The Timet in a leader says : General
Beauregard, who, with General Early,
barters his name and a few hours' work
ea A month to a certain lottery company
for a very large salary, rises to explain in
response to an editorial in the lima of
XoTember 26, reminding Generals Beaure
gard and Early that the grand prize of
$150,000 of the drawing of December 18,
1ES1, although published as drawn by
ticket io. torn, part ol wnicn bcket was
sold in San Francisco, was not drawn at
all and was never paid. General Beaure
gard admits that his name is used with
that of Genearl Early to testify to the
drawings, out he disclaimed responsibilt
ty for the foot-note added by his employ
ers, giving the location of the supposed
drawer. The excuse of the foot-note is a
discreditable quibble. If Beauregard and
Early were determined to maintain their
self-respect, they would, have ended the
foot-note fraud lonir airo. No information
of .the fraud would not nave reached the
public at all, but for the fact that a suit in
San Francisco compelled the manager of
uie swuiaie to lesuxy to we aula in couru
And ret the pooplo dodge tho police in
San Francisco for the purposo of empty
ing their pockets into tho hands of tho
agents ol uiis gigantic swindle tnueco,
being robbed must be rather a pleasant
sort of sensation.- -raetfc Uaral Jrr.
Critical Periods or x.lfe.
From tho airo of fortr to that of sixty.
a man who properly Tegulales himself may
be considered in tho prinio of life. His
matured strength of constitution renders
him impervious to tho attacks of disease,
and all functions aro in tho highest order.
Having gone a year or two past sixty,
however, lie arrives at a critical period of
existence ; the river of death flows before
him, and he remains at n stamlstilL But
athwart this river is a viaduct, called
The Turn of Life." which, if crossed in
safetv, leads to tho valley "Old Age,"
round which tho river winds, and then
flows beyond, without a boat or causeway
to affect its passage. The bridgo is, how
over, constituted of I ragilo materials, and
it depends upon how it is trodden whether
it bends or breaks. Gout apoplexy nnd
other bad characters are also in tho vicin
ity to waylay the traveler nnd thrust him
from the pass ; Wit let mm gird up ms
loins, provide himself with perfect com
posure. To -quote a motnpbor, tho "turn
of life" has a turn cither into prolonged
walk or into tno CTavo. luo system and
power having reached their utmost expan
sion, now begin cither to closo like flowers
at sunset or break down at once, uno
injudicious stimulant u sinclo fatal ex
citement, may force it beyond its strength,
while a careful snpply of props and
withdrawal ol all mat lends to lorce n
plant, will sustain it in boauty nnd vigor
unui mgui uas nearly sei iu. wwi jjwi.
Carious Word and Letter.
It is curious lo observe what a btrange
connection a certain letter of tho alphabet
has sometimes with tho career of a person.
Students of biography will bo able to re
call many examples; spaco can only be
iound nere tor a low oi tuo most promi
nent among them.
Charles I was married in Canterbury
Cathedral; ho was continually at variance
with tho House of Commons, and finally
got embroiled in n Civil war; his greatest
enemies wero Coko and Oliver Cromwell.
Charles was mado prisoner in Carisbrook
Castle, and was condemned to death by
tho Commissioners apiwmled by t lie ilouso
of Commons.
Arthur "Wollcsley showed his great abili
ties in war; he was created first Dako of
Wellington; ho fought and won tho glor
uiosbattloof Waterloo; and finally breath
ed Ins last at aimer Castle.
Princess Charlotte, daughter of George
IV and his consort Queen Caroline, was
married to Princo Leoiwldof Saxo Coburg
at Carlton House. Her town residence
was Camclford House, and her country
sea Claremont Tho owner of tho first
Lord Camclford, was killed in a duel, and
the late owner of tho second, Lord Olive,
died by his own hand. Tho Princess was
attended, during licr last illness, by a
woman named Croft
Napoleon Bonaparte was educated at
Brienno; ho received his first wound from
a Bayonet thrust and ho married Jose
phine, the widow of tho Vicomto Beau
harnais. After tho battlo of Waterloo ho
was taken, as a prisoner, to St Helena on
board tho Bellerophon. YVhilo tho dis
tinguished oxilo was waiting for tho com
pletion of tho preparations at Longwood
for his reception, ho lived at tho "Briars,"
a house belonging to a Mr. Balcombo.
Vhilo wo aro speaking of fho great Napo
leon, we may notice tho curious coinci
dence that if tho letters v o t a bo struck
out of tho words "Revolution Franr;aise,"
the remaining letters, properly placed,
will Epcll tho words "Dn corse lo finira."
ine letter Amust bo particularly lraugnt
with unpleasant forebodings to tho Bntish
Chancellor of the Exchequer. Heavy calls
havo been mado on tho national finnnccs
on account of tho Abyssinian war, an Ash
antee war, a Bussian advance, into Arme
nia, nn Afghan war, tho Boer rising in
South Africa, and tho rebellion of Arnbi
in Egypt AVe may also add to this list
the American Alabama claim.
Alliteration, tho dictionaries tell usj is
"tho beginning of two or rnoro consecutive
words with tho samo letter." A couple of
hundred years ago this alliteration was a
practice frequently madauso of by authors.
It was supposed to convey a grateful sound
to the ear, and was therefore oftea em
ployed for book titles as a means of at
tracting attention. Hero aro a few of tho
most amusing, mostly chosen from Puritan
litcraturo: Sonio Fino Biskets, Baked in
tho Oven of Charity, Carefully Conserved
for tho Chickens of the Cluirch, tho Spar
rows of tho Spirit, and tho Sweet Swallows
of Salvation;" "Seven Sobs of a Sorrow
f ul Soul for Sin; or, Tho Seven Peniten
tial P.-alms of the Princely Prophet
David;" "A Delicate Diet for Daintio
Drunkards;" "A Planto of Pleasure nnd a
Grove of Graces;" nnd, lastly, tho political
pamphlet entitled. "The Staircerinir State
of Scots Statesmen, by Sir John Scot of
Scots tarvet"
A curious piece ot alliterative poetry is
preserved in Johnson's Dictionary. It is
by me icn ot mo celebrated ur. v ains.
and has for its subject Ihe manufacture of
twine. Ono day the doctor was talking
with a French centleman. who claimed
many superiorities for his languago over
iuub ul ins ineuu, uuu uy w ay ui example
of one of the points ot discussion produced
tuo loilowing verso:
d un tardier, tarda
ea corde. carder, trota eorda II accorde
Mala at aa dca cordons da la corde diecordc.
Le cordon discordant alt ditcorder la corde.
Dr. AVallis determined not only not to bo
beaten, but to surpass him. Ho therefore
composed threo verses, treating of tho
same subject and in the samo way as that
chosen by the Frenchman, The verses
Wlien a Iwli u-r a twri.Ltn? w III lwl.1 Mm a tirl.t.
For the twitting bis twist he three times doth untnl.t;
The twloe that ontwUtelh nnUl.teth the tit. '
I'otwlftius Ihe taiae that uiitwielelu between.
He twines with his twistei the two In a Iwlae,
The twl.t liarlns twisted the twines or the twiae,
lie twbtetti the twine he had twitted la twain.
The twine that In twistln; before in the taiae.
As twlnee-were nntwisled, be now doth untwine.
Twist the twain Intertwisting a twine more between,
Uetwlsteth bis twister, msLlns twi.t uf the twine.
I shall bring this rambling article to an
end by callim; attention to the fact that
the 6nihx on has boon attached to many of
England's great names, snch as Itoger
Bacon and N ewton, two groat philosophers ;
lien jonnson, i rancis liacon. .Hilton, Ad
dison, Thomson and poet, Dr. Johnson,
uiubon, isyron, isulwcr iiytton, anil 1 en
nyson all writers. Clarendon and Palm
erston were famed as statesmen; Nelson
and nelhntrton wero rcspectivolv Eng
land's two greatest captains one on the
waves and tne otner on land. Uimcii
tntrol lirrtrtiscmmts.
(fSnicral Jliiwrtisrinrnts.
Saddle & Harness
92 King Street, Honolulu
Bejs to remind his eld Frit-nd and fati-ons in Itono
lalasndtbelUwAUtB Itvlknds. I hut notwllhtuadmir
the deprejtlon or Trade nd ill Ihe aonuTBOcct lbt
Ihvconaamtrli! torabmltto bribe tmrodactioa of
First-Cls Sand made
Gianateetl torlie lalUfelii..,t m Fair reranntmlf e
Msv vai ms- ikcvi Miieriait) in
r.U r'l at- r . n . .
uuiu, ouver, wcKeiano KUDDer Mountings
And Ery Article ia Made bj Experienced Wtnlmen
under hie VertotSl kepcrrff loo.
Io ordfTiap tbe ibote Harocr Ibe nraiare of the
.r s"i utrtav. ana pirm aaoaia be ful to IU'
are entire .all. fiction ai to fit and dotiWllrr.
MiranrarticIedoeanoteasetbeliitTer it 'tall
be rrpUeed by new tTMda or tbe csah ret o rued.
Sycinoy Saddles
EipetfallT made to asit the lalaadi.
Double Plate, frprio' Eara and erery Inprorement.
iad all Saddles nnrchased of bin will be reataffed
wilbih eix nonuii Tree or chat?- Iledeslrea to In
form Plan ten. Team iter and o&en that
Cart, Wagon and Plow Harness
Can be aapplied herewith better Workmanship and
Material and jraarantftd to en atcr affliction
than, nrthtBc that ran be import, from the Cml
Ia ordetins lo lecore a toad fit, mCnd elxe or aniniat.
Whips, Spurs, Sponges, Chamios, Combs
Brtwbei and erery Bereary for Stable
arWfcai be aeJU be will warrant aa represented, and
vold sooner love a vie than mlsreprtrtct a article
. -4tt ExpediUouaij Ezrcsted a; th Gazette OS c
Pioneer" Line
Arrival of the Iron Ships
"Ophelia," "Bordeaux,"
and " Clan Grant."
Have Received by these Vessels
And other Lato Arrivals,
the Following :
An Asst. of Dry Goods
HorrocL.s Lane Cloths and other brands or
White Cotton, Unbleached Cottons
Prints now styles, fast colors ;
Illeached and lfrown Cottons, 8 to 10 quarter ;
lirown Iinen Drills, White Linen Pack,
Crown Canrats lilk A Cld French Merinos, all
Grades; Waterproof Tweeds, Grey, Blue ngd
Mixed Flannel
matins, dim judmhi, i civet,
Union and Cotton Listtdott, Linen nnd Cotton
Handkerchiefs, White nnd Colored Shirts.
" Merino Undershirts and Drawers,
Lad.e Underwear, Linen and Cotton Towels,
All qualities and styles ; Victoria Lawns,
White Moleskin, Cheek Moleskin,
I rait. Lace Edgings and Insertions,
Brooks 100 yd. Spool Cotton, Coat 4ft) yd-,
.Spool Cotton, Ticking, Ulae Denims,
Mosqmto Netting, IKtiuch;
Rubber Coats & Leggings
Bed Blankets,
All Size?, Weights, Qualities and Colors ;
Velvet & Tapestryv
Rugs and Mats,
Merchant Canvas !
Filter Press Bags 22 x 36
We male this ono of oar Specialties and
havo a Fall Stock of
Sugar, Rice & Coal Bags
Which wo are sellinz at Bottom Tricqft.
3 c2 3 :ipiy Twine
3, C, and 7 yard ;
Li Ira Hoary, Assorted Widths;
Ladies' & Gent's Saddles
A ciHuplcte lino nhich e are selling
Cheaper than Ever.
Iron Bedsteads,
Galvanized Buckets,
Tea Kettles & Sauee Pans
Assorted Sizes ; do Fry Vans,
Butcher Knives, Knives & Forks,
Tin Plate, Sheet Lead,
Galvanized Water Pipe, I to 2 in.
WHITE LEAD, various qualities;
21Gaae,C,7.8andO XL Lengths; Gal.
Screws and Washers, Gal v. J.idginR,
Yellow Sheathing Metal, and Nails
Annealed Fence Wire, Fence Staples,
Wire l'lant Guards and Arches,
Wilh Tish nates, Bolls ami Spiles,
Portland Comont,
Flro Clay, Firo Bricks,
Both Square and arch ;
Lump Rock Salt,
Fishery Salt,
English Boltine.
:i lo 12 inch TriJths;
Art ooumaiE.iw ur
Worcestershire Sanoe, Frnits, Janis,Creatn Tartar,
Soda, Spices, Etc, Etc., Ktc.
25T" We hate also jnst received nn asst. of j;
Anions them
Bleached & Brown Cottons
27 to 30 inches wido ;
Fancy Prints, lilne Denims,
Canton Flannels, Men's. Women's ami
Child reus Hoots and Shoes, sizes and
styles adapted to this mured;
shelf 'hardware:
Plantation and Mechanics' Tools
Portotolo Eiii5iiios
1 II r and 6 II I'
Tostod. Oliain.
Corsage's Soap, two qualities, in boxes of 2( liars
and CO Bars;
Best Welsh Steam Coal
10S8 Ac, Ac
The Fisher Cider Company
Atr now prepared lo fori. ill. Urn
Celebrated Champagne Ciderat short Notice
Arid In QnatitfUri lo Suit
All ordmwill meet prompt attrition by aJdrstDs
ine riaer Lldcr Coiui40jr,
51. T. DON NELL, Jlsnnger.
;fMomt Telephone 3.W. J0h j
SOU PrannlHor.
'phi: jxuia Kic.:Miivr.!. ai-ii:u as yiiaissoi- imiactic vi rvfvn,
JL but,!, and ultaiartrCanarltalirm,. -!., 1 ,...-. , ' ? ". X 11. - I, lAPlpj,
. - iTrnnetfti
Is enabled to largely Reduce the Rates for the Hulling & Cleaning of Padt
""'l" Till: )I.T AI.VT ;! sir MIII'l'lV.l IMIII1 TlSl laiM-ru,
AMI HAllSIl IT IBIMII AT Till. raiMwii miii
nn: iiii.i.ouiMi v in: xinriat
sued to KIo'-bur M-Jarrl nn th!nh J...-
117 Uf t. br the Minister or the Ittteriot, under the Uwi
t this Klocdom, for a Oti and. CaoeTrarb Contumtiir
PQrnare.ihla Is to warn all peraena again'!, n Inf ring
urn. 01 sue aaia I aieni.
,. AcentiorthJaiTtaFBniaceCo
I'rr J. O. Carte a. Set.
UopoiBlB.Febnianri IMS. iwa
nirral dtmcrtisrmtnts.
OTDiA rice aiiixs
(0 lM
ioeen aid Edinburgh Sit.
TolopHoxio 1713.
Ilud order solicited.
' " -"K-htisk ,.;. IT
Dealers In Ccncral Merchandise,
Hfc K) Kiag Street, noaalnla, n. 1.
Tba Kohalaf.nrCo. 1L Balslaad, orWalalaa
TheHalkaSorarC. riaouiloo.
TI",A,,2."'1"i! B11- A. It. Smith t Co.. Ko-
ia.I1ataUoas. I... KaaaL
DSm'. 5??- , JI.Arexanasr.lialU,
Tae Hitcaeoes: Jt Co.. Vast.
i?e 'a Lire lasaraace Comrsav, or llosloa
J?t,C!;.U aa.factart.z Co, or Bostoi. "1"""
ii.W';!' ratralCealrifii-al Hacainea,
fbe New York and IlnnAtaln r..tM t ,
Tbt Jlertaaota' Llae, Uoaolala aad Saa Francisco. v
vri coi i Ulbb ..SinferaUnofactarietCompaaj, and
tl MlOTIOTa'SewioMacalis. lr
l.t -MiM-rlorlij si Wan at lb San "raatlsco
'-Inil-Snalnirlii lliejl.1,1 of MrrcbsntaMfl Rtc.
or a t percent.
.Iril-Snalui; 111 lttr. lot Halllncaail Clcanlat
llli-t'rehn mul l:aennr la Unslltrof
.Illi-t'iilrurmlt 111111 4'lennllne. of rackacea
am -l-rwrl.iahllll t.lttaul,
.Ih-Knllrrl'reslota from "Miip mell. s
fw eooiptelaM of la clronrrt Elts
.... ttw"lli swareareo
AMI Hihriio Ilellrr It.lr. It .last. r0B.
ataoda orer Island I !eaad rartlcalsrtr la
1-s'l.m ,lnrheta.
General Commission Merchant anil Proprietor or tb.
INDIA RICE MILLS. San rrancl.c Cl.
At the Old Stand. No. 8 Kaahuinaiiu Street,
PLUMBING, in all its branches;
Artesian Well Pipe, all sizes:
UncloSsiiii, Metl.-ill ion, Kichmoiul, TipTop, l'.ilacc. Horn, May,0)ntotit OranU lrize.
New Kivnl.UiKr, Derby, Wren, Dolly, Ojpsy, iiutn, raiLsey,A Atmy ItaoRetvMafinaChArter.Itnck,
Sawrior.Mngiiet, OscgoU, Alrueda lhiwe,Cli.irtet Oik, Niinhle, IqwocmImuI Unantlry Ktore, C
O.ilvniilzeil Iron nuU Copper Hoilern t-r ltanjies, Granite Iron Ware, Nickel Hated and ITain ;
Galvanized Iron Wator Pipe, all sizes and laid on at
lowest Hates; Cast Iron and X.ead Soil Pipe,
House FUarnisMng1 Goods, ail kinds;
i;uimi;i; husk-all size.s and gkadks;
Lift and Force rumps, CUtem l'umtifl, OalTanizcd Iron. Sheet Copper, Sheet Iad,
Tead 1'ipo, Tin I'late, Water Clowtn, Marble Slabs and Howls, Knameled Wash IStandf,
Chandeliers, Lamps, Lanterns
Per BarkMfl.RTHfl.D AVIS
Fntiklin Slovo Coal in Casks,
A llbls. Crnsbcil Sngar.
Cases Frazcr's Axlo GrsMsc,
Cases Hoc Handles,
llhls. No. 1 Koin,
Cases Wiiccltarrowa
liny Cutters, Flax Tacking,
i Ilbls. ViIuiinglon Tar,
Wilmiufjtoii Pitch,
Hales Navy Oakum,
Cs. Ux. Iiard Oil,
Grindstonci', Safes,
IIUb. Dairy Salt, Cement,
1 J ank 2 inch Ox Bows,
Cs. Axo nnil Pick Handles,
Canal Harrows, Kgs. Nails,
Bbls. Kx. Primrr Pork.
Cumberland Coal in -Bulk
ilanila Conlagc, Sisal Cordage,
Oak Inimbcr, Wbito Wood do,
Walnut Lumber, Ash Lnmbcr,
Eastern Wbito Pino Iinmbcr,
ncfrigcratorj, Cs. Tin Tomatoes,
Electric and Downers Kerosene Oil
Ketchup nnd Cod Fish Balls,
Cases Ciam Chowder,
Fish Chowder aud Gherkins,
Cases Sausago Meat,
Cs. Huckin's Tomato Soup,
Cs. do Jlock Turtle Soup.
Cases llnckm'a Ox Tail Soup,
Buckets, Litno, Wash Boards,
Cases Chairs, Cotton Waste,
Cases Yellow Metal Sheathing,
Kgs. Yellow M. Sheathing Nails,
- Bbls. Twine, Bales Duck,
Hide Poison, Linseed Oils,
Cases Turpentine, Cases ol
i Bbls. Mineral Paint,
Mammoth Rockers,
Book Cases, Assorted,
Bitension Top Carriages,
Cases Curled Hair,
Drums Caustic Sods,
)Inurelurers and Dealers I
l.eleo. Kins; Street., lloolol.
nMto as4Qai Tallow masted. (Men lefts
C Sl'eet.wlH meet wits, prompl.t
No. 120 Broadway, Now York.
IctQfa rohcics on alt ib-tu i i'lm-. arooar hkl.
aro to found many ow tlrparlnrr cnnuialnc fta
torta not yet tn oa iu other cum pan It--, amlat to tt
crrofortandat-eirtlyof the illLUV Ht'LUEKS
ThU Company may tw aafetj taiinl ia- l.uar ia
moat of the Important lafnraoce rrrm, aad for tal
rfanoaiawrU aa mnj othera. It auw tranaacU tar
lan;tt yearly baMna dona tj anr w cowpaay la
Ihe world. Policies arc both.
frarplna '
bnrplui. New York MimJird of t- per
cent. Interest flarffrtbaa that or any
other Int. Co)
New Attiatance, rtttea ta 1S4, (lar rv
than that of any othr cotnpaay
Total iratftandlas Aliaraaer.. .
Increase ot !"re mfom Idcohuc
Increase of borptat Lacs) Standard .
Ibtreateof At tela
Total amenntpaM Potter IIoMrra -tnr
Ihevrcanlzaitonof the Soctvir,
.1 T3.T3S ' 1
I.WLSri 91
i.tnn 3t
KI fCt, w
Ooutoatocl ClniuiM INJorxo
The Society tnaea a tttain ati( aim pie roctractof
Aisaranca. froa from hafjMaonr and tec halo,! cotvdi
tloa. .O.N-la'EITABLK and 1 MONTE STABLE
a tier thret yfirt-
All Policies as tvooa aa Ihrj b uinriiirDutMUbii'
arc Payabls IMMEDIATELY npon the rerelpt ff aatt
factory proofi of death, aad without the detay of IxtT
or ninety daji. nana) with ether ompan ie-
rSrorpamphW or fell parit' r.iai- an y t
Saving's Bank
The Undersigned will Receive Money at
their Savings Bank;tuponItheE
Following Terms :
On imna of Fire Hamlrftl Doilara ot nader, fruta ote
pertoa, they Wilt pay tntert at th- rate of Ktve
cent, per ananm, fr.m data of receipt, on mil muni that
shall have remalaed on dtponit three month. tr tvaf
bera oc drp-ls.lt thrct aaoailb . ib time Malta
np th yearly neewnaU. Notatereat will bjcetatej
on 'ractioaa of Dollars or foe fratttans of a tnvata.
Notntereit will b alkiwe-1 oa Brave nithdrawn
with in three months from data ml deposit.
Thirty dayi notice tnist be tvea al the flaah of aa
tatentloa (O Mrttbdraw ay maey , and the Depoeftor'r
Pass-booL, ml h- prodtieeU at th atae i) me
Tfomoaey will bepatil except apon the Draft of the
depositor, aceoupaaleit or the profer raas-book.
Un the fir-t iUy offectmber ofmch year, the -cooata
will be made up. and imrrtt m all eaaia that
hit) bars rerailsed on deport thrv month r mote
and OnpaM, will be creittl to the depositor, aad from
that date form fsrtof tlu pnntlpal.
Coma of m.ire than Five Unbdrr-d Pultara will K
reeetred. abjeri io ieelal treaieat
The hank K open ry diy la tht wvk exeep.
tfandaya and Holidays
liMTSra DISHOP Jt to
61 Nuuanu Street,
t to notlf i their catim r- aad the ptiWIc neraJry.
thai they bare ovrn-d t the abo tunaiodiovs f rt
prtrf premises. lalelj orcapjd by to Rim),
where Uwy havo now for Sale, swav f tba
Finest Goods to be Found in HefrOlirfH
CatbraclBK aU rrvl- .(
Silks, Satins, Dress Coods, Etc
aLso-A mi. usz or
Broadcloths, Cassimeres,
TWEEDS. ETC. SeHabl. fee Cealleaaem'a Wear.
Carried OT. .irtee ."'.! at a
A Clri rt S.J Mlitotolissrialeat WS
Ridge House,
X, nnratu' .ist
satea t.o atiies 1 1 '-' ,r
Ilier-a will bs rraJrat lae UaAaxM Jif"!?
oritV tb.ei. BTU llOCSE ( toaatltra !
Board V por w S
JWSat " A. A. TO DO.

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