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with the bistorj atid traditions of SamqTho
Island of Toluila !iaa bntnereat.nameor
a:-s4;i.vuiiuiua: ..
notnll WinojDonlor.
I uAorl 1 1 tho ,AriU ourrtnomuno i
No, 71 Kng Slmt, Honolulu, II. I., I
Su)) Lenient, Jan, 5tli, 1886.
Gloves were known in England so long
bo as tbo tonth century, for a company
erf German plovers, who carried on a trade
between their own country and Germany,
solicited the protection of King JEthelred
11, by presenting him with five pairs of
One of the earliest uses of gloves was to
prelect the wrist, upon which lords and
faJies carnal their favorite hawk when
ihoy role oaasutnmar morn to catch a
Iieron or a crane. Waen the Kirl of Ox
ford returned from Itily he brought with
htm "gloves, sweste bagger a perfumed
leather jerkin, and other pleasant things."
In order to make lits court with Q leen
KHziboth ho presantod her Majesty "with
a pair of perfumed gloves, trimmed only
Wiui i our villus, or ruses, oi cuioruu mi a..
The Qaeen took such pleasure in thoe
gloves that sho was piston! with them
upon her handt, and for many years after
ilwas called 'the Eiri of Oxford's per
fame." I suppose most of my readers
are familiar with Lgigh Hunts pleasant
little poem about King Francis and the
lions, and how tho king reproved the van
ity and heartlessness of vabdUdamt mm
tiT'iri, who Hang her glove into the arena
in order to make her lover go and fetch it.
Bit here is a story of Shakespeare and the
MudtHiQieen that is perhaps less gene
rally known. Q.ioon Elizabeth is said to
have been the wearer of gloves of a very
costly description. Shakespeare was once
acting in her presence the part of a king
or his own makicg; and so careful -was
La of the illusion of the scene that he for
fpt all other things besidos. Tho Virgin
Q leen resolved to put him to the proof,
and as the mimic king passed before her.
he dropped one of her gloves. Shake
cpjms, faithful subject as wall as actor,
immediately paused, and with the words
that, although bent on this high embassy,
ret btoop we to pick up our cousin's glove,"
Iij pmsaatel it to the real queen, then
pised on. D'lsraol talks of glove money"
and dafines it as money given to servants
to bay gloves," bat Dr Djran gives it an
other signification, and tells at the earns
timiaffistorv of Hjnry VILTs chan
ollor, SirTnomi MDre. "Gloves," says
the Dj;tor, "wens pjpalar Nj-v Yeir's
gifts, or somatimss 'glove money in place
of them; occasioaally thnso gloves carried
irld pieces in them. Vfaen Sir Thomas
Aljre was Climcellor he deodel a case in
favour of Mrs. Croaker, against lord
Araudil: the former on the folio wm,
No Year's Diy gratefully presented the
iad. with a mir ot cloves with fort? an
gals in them (CD.) "It wjatd In aiirnt
manners," sud the Chancellor, "to
forsake a genttewojaans uow year's gift,
aad 1 acjpl the glove. Taa UUj you
will betow eUawhsre." Tile king and his
favoarite Wolsloy, when ther mid3 that
migaiticent display on the Field of the
Cloth of Gjld, wore gloves lined with
white silk and most beautifully ornament
ed with embroidery and precious stones. In
each mare historical gossip as this one
is nt expected to follow exact chron.
logical order, and I may ba excused
if I tro back from Hanry VIII to the
fir tea alb century. Elward,sonof Richard,
Dakeof York, was one of the cruelest
usurpers that ever disgraced a throne.
Not content with robbing Hjnry VI of his
kingdom, he insulted and inardered every
msmber of the royal family upon whom
ha coald lay hauls. His reception of the
high-spirited young El ward, is a stain
tipoa his charactertbat nothing can efface.
After the battle of Tewkesbury, the young
prince El ward was brought into the king's
presence, who asked him how he dared to
oma into his kingdom inarms! Heboldly
reohed: "Icame to recover my father's
kingdom," upon which Eiwardstruck him
in the face with his gauntlet, and the
Dikes Clarence and Gloucester, with their
Attendants instautlv fell upon him with
their swords and killed him." Was ever
knightly jjlove put to so ignoble a use be
fore or since! Bat the glove was not
always used merely as & hand covering or
a fashionable adornment. They were
nude an important part of grave cerem
nials, as in the case of investitures, or in
conferring diirmties. or on other great and
solemn occasions. D'Israeli gives a short
account of a ceremony in which a glove
plays & remarkable part. Ha says "The
uuiurvauaia januin was uputu ui u
crown and his life bv the nsurDer. Main-
froy. When, having ascended the scaffold,
da injure! prince lamenting his hard fate,
assarted his right to the crown, and, as a
token of investiture, threw his glove among
th 3 crowd; entreating it might be conveyed
to so-neof his relations, who would revenge
his death, it was taken np by a knight,
and bron jht to Paler, King of Arragon,
who in virtus of this glove was afterward
exowaei at Palermo." Ihave seen a very
b ji a Ufa I and striking picture of this inci
daaL I am not sure whether the ceremony
of challenging by the glove at the corona
tion of English sovereigns is yet obsolete,
but it was iu practice until very lately, and
when a judge holds a session which con
cludes' without anyone receiving a sentence
of death it is the custom that the sheriff
should present his lordship with a pair of
white gloves. It is said that gloves were
once an important item in the attire of
bishops, and that those ecclesiastical gloves
were most gorgeously adorned with gold
thread and valuable jewels. There is a
ceremony in which gloves are given as a
price for a test of bravery on a lady's part.
Should a lady find a gentleman, a yoang
and cornel y fellow of course, lying asleep
in his chair or the grass, she has only to
stoop over him and impress upon his fore
head, the gentleat, lightest, tenderest kiss,
ana sue may, n sue dare, claim as a guer
don a pair of gloves. Outgo Witaeu.
Wait Molaasea a a Fertilizer.
Waste luoltases bn heretofore been a vexation
and nn anuoy-tnee to mill owners and th -ir neich-
uorc, it jw ii ceiru 01 u n is oxq a senoai
qa'-rttion. If turned iuto the alrevn, the wttr
was poiaonea, una me nix pouuiea, ana 11 auoea
to ran oat on thegruaad it bvOima a naiiuceia
more wt;4 thta oa-. We knu of oue plantation
where ih raUs forme i qait a ULe, tbo ojjr
frooj niueb mi (Hroeptibte fur milca, and
tliv uftirnuw fniiD it iuto Ibe not killed ltne nam
bf m at Ch. TLd noiM.Qc U oue familur to every
oUautiou uiavzer. aJ acbetp auJ profitable
uiinoicetna2 nd Ol tne wste iojuvw will
tbtfre! re be wcl&in jl br theua. Saab a loetbod
la proviiuJ by Lbe receatlv piteated fertiliz-r, la-
veuia uy ur. u. irtmt ol bprtfcseianilts lit
wii. Dr. Martiu it explored as a Qbecnm at top
plantatiou, auj after a na'iibvr of experiment bs
acodJeJ iu tamiuit oat a soi f eriiliirr f rom
waite iuol iise4. 1'ue eoinpjauJ look-i libe dirty
eiuJ. is dry and frve from dit!irtable ordor.
i&e coiuioueDtsn( tne cota(oQna areaeiouows:
it oxk nuxoasn tat, mi weioht;
MoU-e 23 50
Se iCJr4l)ud.., 64." O
bUc.eJ lime.... 11 5J
Tlie pro3Mof mill 112 ia as fallows:
Tbeaaud it Qntt ui&ueJ tUroazb a nireasreen.
andoirefully tuiieJ Ub tbd lum io a boiatr
In mixture to be keit m ojastint motion by
atirria wbde the injlisoi M nJJJ in a am ill
tr?am pina ttir iaia a aieve or terfortted pipe.
lue uiixmaouird lor to toad 14 iJJDiaaJi.
rbBint-tiWaeaotrefaLlr ujiiei wilihtrdu ia
aboat of to jo liiuaui. After laixiuz. toe com
pjauJ oojtiliuia IUJ piru, by wtjjbt( a folluvs:
Lime 4iu
1'wUtti ll
hJ ... l&l
Crluic -.ell S3 711
lbM(I(rIc Acid 1.19
SalpOartC Acd 4 M
Caion&e QM
urnlc uer. 14 19
Wter t 4.31
10J W
Tha Taitiuro U nit oaty RDlUifisd. bat appears
iu ia torui 01 a ao rrdj mi. 1101 luuie to no-
coaie lid lid ur wet f u in i air. G iraf at antlyms
wi in-- vm Jit sjii 3reoKeiriiie6ai4 muiQe
eleindutiojitiiad iu ton feruliiir are bitare
rea lirJ Kr tu cattlf tlioa nf e4.il?.
ueid tae i.ieiJdJtU aiv iat-u of cetttns rid
of tbe .uoUiioa. m.kiiiu( tbe pidt ia fivjar of
t je Zrtilizor are. ta it tbi m Ua-W4 e uoibio.
iuj taa otajr iarsJieau .trdoisij; nasiilM
iibjf ur cipiuure ujismiuy UreqiireJ: by re
toraia tb in tl ttn Vi tba it t 1 tre p trt of tie
tasrjuju ttseu rrjai tt are raiwruo: tne ler-
tilujr ne-d not b pltciJ in Ua farro atUutlme
of oUntla. waeu Limi aaJinsa are acarort. bat
3ta bj .ipjxijl tttbe yoixz cae afterwArJ. it
Otst3 so njfl ta il it wiu iua doa amoa tbe
Mre an! more attealioa to fertilizers is being
pui tif oat pitutera. and tbi ne bome-in ule
fertilizer dirMi iTtijitioa and trUl tt tbeir
QAUJd . Mtkty itHdird.
Sacar Protpeots-
makioc. And even in tbeir ease tbe disclosure of ,
aome new cbvinioal tratb. or tbe Himplifying of !
aou.6 hitherto difficult or costly stagA of the pro-ot-Bs
of minaftctarc, may in a eiugie inBtiutopaet
the most elaborate 0 ilcolUiom, tntn tbe most per
fect and eipeu&he tuicbiuery into old irou,"
aud u leuaut tbe iuot arduoni-lf-acqalrtrd iri
eiiCA io tbe laaiber-lolt of the pat. Tbe discovery
of alizarin, tbe colon ring priuciple of tbe madder
root, among tbe endlese series of prod acts derived
from tfce deoompomtion and reoom position of tbe
oomttitoent of oo4t tar. ba muminly expunged
iue mtiauer (-taut yrttoit ttnctortn irom aiuoug
tbe cultivated crops of Europe. It no longer para
to evolve by Ubonooi cultivation a eabHtauce pro
curable bv oertaiu deSmttt chemical reactious, iu
ontliniled qaauty, from tbe cuenpe-tt and ruuet
abundant of aoorces. Whether it ill ever be pus.
Klbletocre-itepareaagir uctharost tbe learned
Cvdl it iu a kiaitUr way by cUemi&tl Byulbeaitf,
rem-tius to be provtJ. But tbe disouvery litely
nud at Lyoits, in France, of a method of convtrt
luUffturoM or i;r4pe-ugar iuto atccb iroee by tub
application of electricity cerUliily appears to tnd
iu wai uireciiou. uiuooa 14 the resou 01 me
action of dilate nolpbuno acid on eUrcb. orouany
form of vegetable Dure, each m s.tdul, cotlou
W40t rsi& tb.t luctpaole ofoouveniou iuto
eUrca by the s line reageut. It is even now mana
factored in euonuuos qut&Uties for the nsn of
bree aud Uiullers, atid the po ition it will
cldliu a a prouiiueut boaroe ot $cchurva or cr
bUlliuu eug.tr will be mainly dc-paudeut on the
cost of the new converting pro;. The applic
ation of electricity t the rtstiuing of raw sugar,
a in tbe now American prooet4, has so far stood
ui eoouumc itui. QQuoid the ijyons pruce,
Uuwd ou tb samen-ttor-tl fuFCo. Druve. ou eiteud-
edtn.U, to piv" io tbe coiuiuercul e.BO that
is, prove cheaper thau tbe extraction of tbe sugar
utarIIy formed iu the itug-tr cuie the Utter will
lose tbe pre-eujineooe it bis hitherto oujoeU as
the bet and cheapest sooroe of tbe universal
sweetener; and at tbe ame time an enormons im
petoi will be given to tbe cultivation of wheat,
maize, me oommuu anil Hut ivh( nut ito. tbe saco
palm, uandioc root, and other starcb-jieldiug
piAULa aii oer the world.
I iitvc J i'nt it r.rr.i v i:r an 1 nvole of a zx c 1 s b
Pipes and Cigar Holders
Selected EpecUl!y for me by J. T. WATERHOtfSE,
Warranted to bo of Finest Quality
im enablt-d t offer ihene CUotce Tine and Uoldete
AT ii:hY i.iiW laiV.alibert1diiconnt
bein; given to tbe tde. TbU together wllb
a Choice Selectlou of CIi-amN
Cigarettes and Tobacco!
pltce for parcbarlug Ihle cl.. of Uowle.
MAECHANT'S, 78 Fort Street,
Jait arrived. Old J adit and DarbanTofcnrco for npee
Tcmperanoe Gain In a Cent my.
Tbe second Saady evening in Noyember. the
end of a century's temperauoe work was celebrated
by a onion leiuperanoeiueriiQKiu rort-L. Uuurch.
Amons the iateresttuc pipers read on tbe occasion
waa cue by M r. Crozau. the subject beiuji tbe tem
perance stiiix during a hundred jean. Nothing
coqIj be more encouranin to a temperance
worker tbui the iucreise m temperance sentiment
and practice, as shown in Mr. Orazin'a addresi,
danus tbe century jast closed. If one's imp-tlieaoe
(itthe over the appirent tirdine-wuf the proyrehS
ol teiotvrance, let mm remetuoer me Rains al
ready rn tde and lake cjart-je.
lVrhps Jitw Euuland tody isthamont temper
atepliteeiu tbe civiltZdd wurlJ, and yet as Mr,
Crnxin shows nMb century opened there on a
DtMioIe wbos4 very iuiu intern of tbe cogael were of
ten drunken, soiuelimc even celebrating tbe o-m
mauioa hea in au. intoiicnted cooduion, and
who deicous kept tbe bars where tbe liquor was
mdd, and Mere tbeiroan best cuHtomera. r-d y
the case it rare indfvd where the mini-tier of any
Frotratant churcb, except of tbe EjiiscopHl and
UolUuiiucbarohea.laduUeseven in wine. I am
not tryiuc to m ike oat a eiae which tho strictest
fActa woalJ not Drove, bat Mr. Cruz in mi?bt have
coue forttier and ajidwbatl kno to be trne of
the loTnsoC my own suteand thinK it ia true ot
all tbe &m liter towna aud vilUges of Naw Ea&Ianil,
viz: that if a minister were knon to indulge iu
auvthiut; atronuer than ruild older, as a Iwveraire,
he wjald have no influence whatever in luorals
and reliffion. even if be were allowed to reUin bis
otSoe. Mr. Cruz in tell oaat tbo bt-Rinuinzof tbe
century women were oiten aeea on tuentreettn
toiicated. I can siythat dannc a residence ot
twenty years in New EicUnd. put of which was
speut in a ton of 23.UXJ iuhbiwots, I never saw
bat one woman nader tbe iuflaeace of liquor and
she was a low Irib wtua in. Inste.-d of deicojs
and charcb officials keeping tbe birs ta-day, tbe
liqa r bu-uneM is baiisbed almxt eiclosively to
hi foreign papal ition. in America, Instead of
Iteing a redpectabla ba'iaesi, it t-t to-dy disgrace
fot and puts tboee who follow it oaUtde of Rood
Mr. Cmiia t?tl o thtt one cannot take np an
American newip i per without proving tbat tbe tern
peraoee qaestijn has come into Amenctn politics,
aod oomo to atay. Aad it looks as tboO(jh America
was to be riJ of the liqoor traQic, as she was of
slavery, almmt against ber will or wishes.
A reform like tbst of temperaoce, most, in tbe
nit a re of thine, be eomptraiively alow, bat that
reiorkble profrretH b btvu made noooe can
deny. Tbe fa tire promise even Kreaterand more
rapiJ proitreas thin tbe put can show. Never
were then so many making tbe temperance reform
a life work as now. &meof tbeee are mother
wbosa iom are in danger from liqa ir. and some
are wives who- bosbauds baT been rained by
drink, and sisters tr)ing to save others from the
fate wbtcb baa overtaken tbeir brothers. And they
are determined, and persUteut, without a shadow
of diicoaragement concerning tbe revolt of tbeir
libors. They are working foradefiuileend.wbicb
when it cornea, after high licne. and local option
and other expedients which will lead to it will be
the entire sappretuioa of tbe manufacture of in
toxic toU. The liqaor interest of tbe United
State represents lullion of dollars, bat with tbe
moraj ngntaiionxiiesiaeox tne temperance re-
Tb.9 fjlliin? article frjm tae QtttntUnitr
sa'etUa a traij of thoabt which it mj wa-tt
alamingt sair c iue groerd. If wht is tat-
Kfeue. cjaies to ptss we aaoaia nare i caange
our sttiple. Tbe writer S4ys!
Itcinat, be doabted tatt, quite aptrt from
tareia o?t lactone th soir tajuurv is cater
ing ou acjar;Muf develop nent wntca will becnti
ou. and xutv itrove duuiroa-t to thosj wa-are
couteut to porme their tr-tditiual old method and
ignore the fast acco.uuUtinj rrsalts of modern in
xtiix ition. Until ab at tbe middle of the present
csuiary uie uoptcu eagir iaaiiry was eernLiai
ly naproreftdva. XtjiUag in ejcuemuiht be aaii
to emanate the one traibliaoa improvement oo
Lbe Ditriircbal ooen Din avteiu. Hat tbe ures-
are indaced by tne subsidised beet industry has
cntu 'd all tbt. Tne nnfur coantenuiCM cien
to tbe 1 UWr, indefeuaible as it ia on economic and
com itercitl croauda. liJts pot caati mdl-oueraon
their mUle, and pronwud tbidiMiMjuJ adop- former- hl n tcllt o fiDA, derU
Hon of converting the rw utaterial into sugar,1
tbe majority of which improvements nave beeu at
tended with a proireauve cheapening of tbe ct
of pro J action. Without the improvement it is
d fabtfnl whether the troioU scuariadastry could
niTehsldttoaatall; wbetner, apart from the
dituy product of Hemi-civilued dark race, a single
poaad ot refUed or even tolerably white sugar
wuuld at undent be manufactured inside the
tropic. Aud still tbe inventions for ecouocaiaing
laboar ia oal uvaUod, barvraling. and luanof cture
come pounac in by dozsas, and tbe ever preeeat
laboar diificutty promises ia time to find its solu
tion ia tne widely facreasdd application of
machinery to 0Krationa in the a4J as
wU as at tbe mill. The bulky nature
of the mite rial has hitherto neceistated tbe
lavish employment of cheap an 4k tiled laboar,
bat there caa be no meohuucU re&eoa why tbe
cad sboakl not be calUvated, trained, cot, loaded,
and unloaded by steam power .any more than there
UiualnsttbeemDlsymdnt of mtctiinery for an-
aiogTQ operatloa on on tbe gigantic wbeu-farms
of toe prairie Statss of tbe Uoioo. Bat it will be
only those who an alike discerning to estimate
aad quick to adapt the f reab discoveries and iurun
tioos that are coatinoAlly cropicgap In the domUQ
of acch iroloy who can hope to eoatmue reaping
in tho f autre tven a moiety of the iroiU thtt was
wont to attach of old to tea bosiaau of ear-
Merschaum Pipes!
Cigar Holders
OFncK 3 Mmbint Street. Honolnln, n. I.
Artistic Signs a Specialty
?. O. BoxJlo. lODSc
Visiting san Francisco
Hawaiian Papers on File
at Tnz orncE or the
S. F. Merchant.
errs per. Peal, Ilk, Dlrectorler tsd l&rormatlea cm
Editor A Fraviietar
rut "S-r.lbnkaat
Of Confidence.
AVCD'C SaipariUaisaTOciIlcInetuat.
H T l.n O iluriu; ik-ariy 40 J car. Iu all
parts of tbe orld, has i rocd Us ctU
ocj u-tj tliclhtlilttodalunuitcLuowD
tO lilcdk'dl MiciltC.
fjvnuiuo Honduras tripaitlU) U in
Iu.ie,aUil 111 (--ouiTif jrc iiliancid br
the extract of Vdlow thnk uin bl'tU
litui-u His IaduL-t of IVtaiuiu aud
I roti, aud ntlirr pot nit itin ilk tiK
:q your blood iihu-d by U nitii uu nts
w of l lie iFjfMtive nntl ninnLiirfiiue
llom? i it taliitnl hv bcrofiiltt? or
doci it contain I he hjWu of 3kmiry
orCantiriouH I)i-cac?
TiiC lea Jiu pfiyoUbiii of Hie ITnttfd
int sutc. who know (lie roiuiartltfon
or AvEit'4 SiusirAuiLiJi, fay that
nollilitf tle co pooil fr tin! tirifir
tion of the blood Uwilliittlbc ratine of
nui V ,!ie uc ' tTractlj" I It
vin 1-1 oH-.iI)lo for a jicmm who tut
corruptcJ blooil Io atuiitfotiml Itoallh
ainl prevent tnmsmt-fim of the ilo
fctmcitvc taint to intent r.
TLinDniinUI V fthcrmovpllon
SnUnliUunLY of lbe hum imivt
lirclu la not only tlie rcnioml of cor
ruption from tbe blood, but It fiirMi
mcnt and I lie fctrcuUiuiin of tli
ltal oritt.
Rn IKDI C wWnmc. all over fha
.LIAdLC. vorkl. totifr that this
work Ii lctter nccomplilieil by A ven's
Siiwipauilua tbau by tuy other
ni nnn that U romiplM UirmtsTi Ut
uLUuLI pae S made i-ims uml blood
weakened tliroui diuilnutiotl of tbo
red corpu-cles h matlc strong by
AyerM Sarsipjiiuu..
PHRirVlMS ll,c l:M tn,X Xmiua?
rUnlrTiria up the jmihi iriulre
tlm. in erlm -ar, butN-wfit wlil
be drt-Ived fnm Hie ue of AYKtfa
viwipikiua more speedily lUa
from apytbln cl-e.
3i;nintiirr forvthleli liif rflVct sre
M&UliilNt: fal-rlr chimed, it slain-
danl in tbn market, undf rnunv namca.
Init the onlv preparation thatliasntood
thcttnf itme.aml proved wortliyot
tbe world's confidence, is
flyer's Sarsaparilla,
Dr. J. C. Ayer 4 Co., Lowell, Mas.
SoUhjitl.lnnsM,: rrlnl;
61 Nuuanu Street,
Zc to netlf r tbeir ca-tonitn aad tbe public wwlrjL
thattbey bave moved It ifat atxrve rmnnodUvr ere
pro-f premUev. (lately eccvpled by Ooo Kim),
where they bav now for Sale, some ef the
Finest Goods to be Found in Honolulu
Xmbrtciaj: ejl fn&tt r
Silks, Satins, Dress Goods, Eto
Broadcloths, Cassimerea,
TTTSEDft, ETC. Saluble far GeBOenea"! Wear.
Curled ea. Bode Uke nperrleiea .f
A Gn Pit .d Sttl.raftSoa Oaarsateed. IM 1

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