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EiKbrtion in ISol, was largfly owing to 1 nay be that not all of this material has
ha Trodrcsor- wwrman and foresight been nsl br the children. If not, why
Sax the death of the Prince, the Queen has it been charged to the appropriation t
ta I:Trd as prirale a He as is consistent j It is impossible in one article to do foil
TOh the dsties of herexalled station. Her I Justice to this report, bnt before closing
Majesty lopened the present Tarhamcnt in j ire must look at one more expenditure,
person! and sine then has assisted at sev This is the Email bill for medicines. .Ac
rmi thiI Jir rrMntioss. The Beit Tear, cordinr to the Minister's tables medicines
if ri be spared, will see her complete the , ive been supplied to every Island in the
Brueni twt ot Berrwgn. iaatmevineen iTonp, 10 me icneoi 3,iwjo. ic iiu
boweTer, that under the Head oi -Jiain
tenance of Hospitals," appears another
item of SLOlLli. mating a total of very
nearly 510.000. The President states in
his report that in this direction there has
been a large saving made, upon the ex
penses. Very evidently the matter was
mismanaged in tnepasi Dienniai penoa;
and the last biennial period was managed
bv the present Minister.
It is high time that a redaction imi made,
bat a considerable farther redaction might
be made. A proper way would be to call
fnr tenders from the various drunrists of
Hooolalti. ,Vi have not noticed anv such
-all That the account for medicine should
be reduced is really not wonderful. hen
one physician used iodide of potassium by
the ton and the Board has now swung
round to bomeopathicdoses,thedifference
in uie accounis is explainable.
The renort talen from a financial stand
point is a bad one. The few figures we
have quoted show this very emphatically.
We would have the public understand
this thoroughly. Reports have been cir
culated of difficulties in the Board of
Health accounts, and the showing that is
made only tends to strengthen those re
ports From a literary standpoint the
thing is so much gnsh, backboned by a
few questionable figures. Many of the
statements arc uctrae, or to put it mildly.
rarr misleading, .itus is me report wmcu
the President of the Board dares to put
before the world Every man who has a
bead on his shoulders will sec the object
of the report It is not to make Hawaii
well known: it is not to increase interest
in our Island Kingdom, but it is to make
the present President of the Board of
Health a reputation for industry and some
slight political foresight Tho country
has paid a good deal for this rubbish, it
had better begin and da something that
vnJJ give practical rctrenciimcnt.
This much vaunted report is thoroughly
unsatisfactory. It does not trivo informa
tion which would be useful, it docs give
information Which is practically worthless-
it is, moreover, a record oi roc la ess ex
travagance and financial incompetence
lie fco stared is the earnest hope, not
only ot her loyal subjects, but ot everyone
who rrjir wfl to law and order, progress
sad freedom, throughout the world.
Tex Legislature, as will be seen from
oar reports, is oat advancing the business
mi ihr country to any great extent. The
AnvopnatMG Bill comes up in regular
ana. bat very KuJe intelligent work can
lr dotae oa it until the Government pre
wt taw reports- These are doled out
Jeily, evidently with a view of getting
the aimubus to Tote appropriations before
tfcey kaow bow any of the money has been
opest deiag the past two years. It is
perfectly disgrace! al the manner in which
reports "are kept back from the members,
ask if the majority were sW-respecUng.
istead of being office holders, they would
svpead pUic business until they are
eofiyjnf armed upon the pointsof Gov
wmment iwlicy in the past.
The country u, in an unfortunate oondi
taac The peopk who ought to be its
maiiass. have thoroughly betrayed it
Tt aen in the Legislature, who are the
I ilili slaves of the present admimstra-
baD am is a large majority, and the rights
of the law ahtdtag and imiastnons may go
faaag It k only the rights of tho?e in
Tacmtwiacfc are bw considered From
developments which may appear is a pos
satwrity report of the Finance Com
aaaBre. it ww readily le learned what the
pnee i tkt tbe public pay for allowing
Ifctwulii'-j. to he cti&B&r -via&l&.
It i trsw tbt is to eipeoditonv h
tin iir vi lb0Btl dUrs more oriels
sot mIIj matt it, bat vhn over
ixe mmbIw at treto&s it is alwttrt.
m titbit el ihomsanA mm, wbec there i
tmet itittit even oa the faovaar
of GoTccnBwet tli-a-elves it is bifru
trap 2hst tbe bvbtBre sbooid fcbow it
itf to W traly a Lillore ainl not a
twaad of fl ti lesX toots, called tttber
i 5 th IttddiBr; on man. Svtcki ooo
4eet hzs cashed aore tlias hm oocstitn
teul 'dovBialL It may vet cauj-e it in
Hawaii. Tbe Minifxr hare a majority
v jB5Ullsl ol tbe Board of Health
BfKVt has at last been basiled totbe
miilni l et tbe IxcisktBre. Hie report
i rrtwff to mwtpen paee,
mA tbttt tirWr Vb as appadix of a many
aatcv. bat Uk m to le foUovrd br another
tfpmMx nhiiii vlA tax the patientce of
TW rvfart tbm. in its pres&t form, is
ise fvat satjject. teat ol
kxT. iwvfi tbat ligbt tbrown upon it
vtecai taw 9-cooad apjedix oaght, and no
amaataiirhiuiFMvfA lasace oftbe mwrt br a cvtmoos extract.
,l'!ftll'"fl "Jt mmtl i Ahr a few word native to tbe ripilanw
W -Kfetfb ba U ercied by the Health
a""9 j nlbwiUi-, tbe IVesident &f tbe Board
f, flf , I mb tyr mwra mfMt d-ciiM in the
tm car Okaaf
m jtflKSary nec&UK
ar Firoao the Xjqgttai
V aaar rwckrd ttae
t. ttWtoi iec tp Ger
ttaAwcWfcwiB tAMf
FrofMMf Andprwm. tbeWirirdoI the North.
hu cTen tbrw rntrtaianiciiti doriun the mtt
vfvt, tu nu tiincwa ennrara Kaairnra. ice
trtcLi rxhibtted art all well don and th l,Tofeor
it ahl; ftreoodrd by bit wife.
Tha firtl part of the enterUiumeot on Ttmrwlnj
micc coonsted oC tricks with cards, some of
f oar clobes of cold fish and a eic conUininc a
cmnary bird from an emptf cloth called forth load
ipplsaMi. An aaiomsioa proanora a capita
krtrh of tbe Kloc which, after betcc stccfd br
woreyr4tintbeaadieDewaspreenlod bt IYo-
lessor Anaersoa to ix. iw. ii. vav i nncc iuiao
ksUni. The cacarr bird tnck in which cice and
bird are made to disappear befors the eyes of the
aodieoce created surprise and wonder.
Tbe seooad rtart coosisted ot a mocK tunc in
which the dome of the sr4ntnaltsts were certain
Ij qui eqaalled. The fiddle wss pUyeJ, hands
aplred tt roach the opening of a cabinet and
when the cabinet was opened it was perfect!
empty. Jts a conclusion the rrofeoor ctre an
iuotrauoo ox uua msinjr ana iae ceieoratea
Indian basket tnck.
On StaruT tbe same nrocrsmtne was repeated.
An excellent honse creeted the rrofesxir. Another
pertormance will be ctren tut eTrmnt.
Memorial Day.
On the Sfth inst, the ceUbrition attendiut to
lh nrnrwr obwm&ce of Memonsl Dat he
held tn this oty nnder the aospices of Voi 45
urand Army ot xne liepQDitc, woo. wun an rseort
eoopoed oi au ine roianieer rami it oiamu
tioca of this citT. will march from their II eada oar
ten oa King street, at 3 o'clock p. cu preceded
hTthellawausn band, to the Naaann Crmeterr.
there to decorate the cttm of tbe Amencsn dead
and penorm tne tsemonai semom as iam aowa
in the moal of the order.
The Lcislatore bas agreed to adjourn tn respect
of the day and a nnmbrr of business houses will
be closed. Ua tne tremor oi tbe Ji'la. iiterarrex
erctvs appropriate to the occasion wilt be beldXt
t&e x. Ji. Kit A. uau, o wnica uie poonc arem-Tlted,
Racine at Kapiolani ParL.
The result of the racuc at Kapiolani rarkses.
terdsy was af follows:
unnninc race, porva itv, oar-ioria miie uasa,
Hon. Cecil brown's Ktkils, 1; lion. Sm Parker1
Sam. i. Kanniac race, pone mile dash, Mr.
IUmuU Z. Kannicc race, rcrse $150, three fourths
mile dash, lion. Cecil Brown's O.H.I; Mr. A.
Artfcur Getavar Uannini race, paru jkxl
CoLZ. S.Spaldmcs lWlleof Ktinat, 1; lion. Sim
rarker s.Msaz.
Annmbrrot reorie attended the races, amonr;
whom were llis Majesty, His HxceUency Gorernor
Domini. Ii. Ik M i tJorumiiuooer nd txjnsol-
General and others.
IksssB. m aafsar tvv-
saas m mam wter
iisjli si asiOassrs
sysasv- sBsMasjBssvMsf V eswicasie tbe trawrf
say sil sLwoSiHua on
the waapff ssMHdttova iS"e aw istasTBe!
r ac utcnor
n(S mm 'He do set eon
Mt svKrnsor a at
h wl. ti me Ai et tiaak
ar AhU fce created vtjtk
If the Mid
vtm T Ml it oapht
V 8W odorwsMr awn
W-aaWf a pay. aa to carry
a mmt aaae r
w aw- liaaw
fm aari af Dart; taae weir ipnt
aa, f j i awn paW Miwac Baleaawtion
at-tan iat ef CtaaVtaoets
at Parhameat
nasi to iigir taelnsb
TW mt mt ai iirln nipat
aa. e m
XaHui nlufc.afc.lai ai -ii'waniwii hwra
ado aVaai iaiw
II iH 1 1.
sVsgfe me f kW avtscdow. U t a wtistaetion
ifts4eitMt c-anaicrtusi tha B HHia prx
fS sv tanssse awKi.sMl to an Aprt-ciation of tLe
lawsssfawahh ssi ms ways; ku tbe roostrcetion
aaasjy asjasay L ?f ' by wtt cw to Ux- tJl ot dotting and more
'. i I av C Jwwr s e etiito I casH n rrcvd to tot becrasary vtkkrear-
IwMst. a&a rT a mere ceem aue io Mipt tbea
Mswrs srsth txrtethrwse w Ute cbAacvd rder. cr-
j rwrapr d condltssns t thus wbtchar
i tifMs, inn i a ms r pswe s reoeeor WeBiae zrom a nw ksiv or
mmm "Massra, awa aSKaanf m Ir We i essritansBB. larre t i wocrr r';ai ibUiSer
. k - t ' r X tbesr rJTacaI oooditMKi. and the sarrucod
-nas. sssw easE-i issaii sw fw18 on of thetx botDea. whseh was a marked feature
Sf-Wew r-tasm lMVWjrU0Cll &T , & Bawatsaa life. BnttI wuhin the last decade, or
S tfattt1 VCttUecsi ' vrser to tb acrartaea of Kmc KaMkass to tbe
v6di K wjeYjr tares of Hasran. In tbe tesporta&t matter of
maaij sasist i
IwW tssawi is asslssia nj aeattothe
I mm we ssavf urea i
it otsced. asid sasutarr reoatrrtswrmsor riothinc
to sswre stottia, and to otber respeet there ap-
faMfS t be every rvaMtiabSe Iwpe taat the cuodi
smi iu pmfsriei&r in9fvmea.uieineoiiQis
tb master UwT rndeacc will be happily pro
Mkce4 AssSkwsi la tbe Keport oa edacstioaal mat-Sa-rs.
iaj tajnuai band of lalxtrers is cortisll.v
fw-eMstrac kViaset difffsst Palbsand meaKQres
s- sotaSw the ssvms Vsrable eod. tbe bealtb of
tbe mXih " lav rscr f yoth is aidiar the
jpfenweiai in tncJsUcartHaC tbe laws of bealtb. and
it band ta basasl a4. aUKacude uf tbe ministers
aT SS iaCSiaB Sf atJ JeWMMmUOO. wfarie the labors
f tssatjlsfl Conns (adiea aid tbe to tn the cxer-
nw fkn-tjHB eaunt j , ldiac to health and
vara! ii-Ti Til'iit; o that I may repral the
hasw taas a rare s ticbtoh la Hs rnde oncnlti
vaieat ste. m iwalthy and a prolific io us abo
rwrnd etstei. is smC cms to be oTerooare by tbe
ncasa o ndin mm coaoeetcd with a radfcil cbaoc
aw Imesm 4 Itfea d tsnners Itroa.htabont b
sa- SraSMtasw f rswa a sissple swlGral life to that of
Xb nxiee arttSetal swtv of cftitaxsttva.
Hawan has tsew a lire psvportsoo of storJy.
Ks-ahay tAsMrea with msjkI, vU formed phys
saaea, svs we teara from the resMNts of officials of
tbe board ef Bdaeatraa. the m-dicl iaiction uf
eeaS't, as well ar by oommi oberration. Our
bee scawoU te-dsT are crowded wiib Ualin
eassdii n. Ttsv patriot at boow and tbe ptulan
taswswat abroad may tlsrrvfore rejoice to thiitk that
Hamaki a at last preMerved t be self a bltbj
sat extdartcc rvsa&aat af ac abieh&c race, that
ss prswsiis of CTewtb and increase, and io baild
ssp a aew and jwwjrrreMte Hawaiian nock to take
n part an Use sajAicbtexied and aTifased tfibt ID
tae Vss4d'a battle of hie.
Tho i &ot ooacbed in tbe &tyle of
rffiorU a usually giVen, it reads moro
)te a florid aewniaper article than aMin
isVruI atteraDce, bnt it reads prettih
rmtlreen& It is not written to give in
fonnaUoa to tbe Hooc, bat to make an ef
pet epos certain dashes of ioople abroad,
and tto doobt it will achieve its de&ired
le leper fettleineiit at ilolokai is barely
toacbed upon. No report from tbe re&i-
-talate&t of retxtpU and expenditures
winch shows that doring the past two
years $10$v2G2 have been disbursed. Of
this axaocnt lylSbdS bah diappoarud in
inodentals1" a very convenient word,
wbkb overs up a multitade of anexnlain
) ed t?xtefiditBre Why fboold "incident
aJ ran to iugn a ngnre as over ? i ,tJUT
tbifi item a tboroocb eiplanation
If Oterc'a a bole la a your cct
I n Jr ye trat It
A rhKi'vassanx ye UL.tn' notrs
Ami failh bs'U i-rrtl tl.
He President of the Board of Health, at a err
late dale, has prewatrd a portion ot the much
wanted Health Krport It is only a small portion
if the wLote bat I preame tne members ot the
LscsslatiTs body fret oontent when they cet small
t -ivor doled oat, as the Gorernment treat them,
.Lad tbe aooeo. it. 1 am satisfied, bnt 1 do not
tiutti tbe Goremment are wise. Some day a
tswsnber will and oat that tbe Hoise has been
kicked by the ministry. Unshed at in their steere,
and tbea the Honorable members will ret on their
ax. lotzr moutbers are rather thick skinned how
Ter and take a ficod bit of roosuc nP-
1 notice that liepreeentatire Kaulakon says the
VbAoefieaaTe in tnetrzaToruie quality oi not in
terferinc tn the politics of the land. As the lion
orabte member becomes better acquainted he will
find that tbe Anclo-saxon race carry with them in
their moTeaneats aroend tbe clobe the inherited
quality of demandm; their nj;bt( amount others
that of haTinj; a pood coTernment and of seeing
tbnt tne taeswiiicn t&eyare cumpeiieu to pay
LaU be expended for tbe tc.rpoe for which they
"were oouectcu as i axes, ocnooi i axes, etc
Wai&iueton Varasoar Smith has tieen looking
uer tne uoaru ot iteaitn accoanu. n . . e. bas
a larse tamilr and he Las taken mnch interest in
tbe Kapiolani Home. hat be can't nndrrstand
is bow tbe ten children and tbetr nurse or atten
dant can bare cot throngn 340 orth of milk in
foor months. W. V. S. bad expended jest t GO for
a family of IZ dnrinc the same period. 1 don't
like tbeie carjunc critics mtself. How are yon
s-xnc to make cp to the mt outers for their
labor, bow are von cotnc to ctre perks to tbe
MQb if there is not this kind of thine done.
you find a bi? steal lo for it. bnt littlo tbinrs lik
this sboold not be noticed It creates ill leelinR
mn makes ooice noiaers nncomtonaoie.
I heard one of the diplomats the other dj com-
phment the Minister of Foreign Affairs. After
oajviDilT readinctbe volamnons report hecentlf
mermnred e'ect mu Wcit. It was a lite way of
iQiimaunj; inai it was tne meanest aioa oi nnm
barf; 1 rather fancy that bis cTernmciit has
Deen troperiy cniibuneu on toe subject.
in- scraps oi conrersauon I hear make me
think tust son-in-law is doing pretty well,
beard one man who ousnt to know pot sonny
mora at 12,100 for Ivsi and J 15.1" JO for 16S5.
will say this for yon, if yon are some what behind
or groat people, yon are at least iiiwmi. i tmnk
averv nrettr firnre to par for the talent
which on-in-law evidently poesesMa. To keep him
yon to care to pay more. ur.
i a aaasie tar Lard
ZOccfe aa ai iwHml M tastOM
waiis fcn i Hal as a 'twry iial maora
Tar aa of Iiiwi a Uaroae
e awst aawMsaxscB il atpeo
ra It ismtarztgt to
If saaAtaaeV Govern
. coam tisflrr will be an
tebe msm7T. M Lord BcsbyV
aiiisjai n tkatf the aasea3 abedd
awsasmoV eeiss a afai i s-i'nt of l'arix&HXia!
It is-
asw tsaaa- Tawas uniisrtw i itt;
rjftei-wa as wfesck xaacy c
vm! fstsay wsac 4We8k mini
ui Jl u v mm fjawl ljmn Berby a Vh
rai.awa nisi irwatim aawr
Traaam iiaa i, i, Jkmi l
rfTisr'Hiis ISiiay
ae petwtef
"tbe Bsrastares)
csattbe sA-
aiiJiiaC fmeil hg" nam
Vise m
ndxaznrsja lsWC-aafi:
nH aa sfcmet ttssaV wntfc lite Idaxi6k
J taajxmia- taw istA u'wv. tV iaaotter
m taw eatwaW hw rtreived km
ahtPiaV Aa-atae"
1 e&gapeo' as tae adaaa1
lta afc easr aawr oae neat
ttrnr ata iniji n i ij apai oar people
aaMndMV Bnai aaob, to liie i
asivill as '
Bott yiiiTtci xal
ihoold lie aslvd in the Hoase.
liat tlie item given aloe is by no moans
ali that explanation can be asked for, and
it mipbt be better to pnt the matter in
tabalar form:
ranm MOMarr or uo or aum
Su4rv blnr aa vbjtmtta): $ -SS7 CI
lulnua. 7,191 3S
f-rarr klnt 7S
raTT trtnrfrtwTH and wprlag. i"
wit. 7S9 6i
Kodry 379 (Kf
4rT!&tar. JSUa3
tonr croceSTt .ai-piu.. 1.1ft 31
fccaArit. 233 S3
TaUIamoaBtofcaadriei. fiUSI C7
It mast be noted that where 'eundry"'
:ppbes are mectioned, there are larp;
iletss for the main necercarie of life
inch are d&ly set down.
Before learinp this rabject of the leper
tettlemesi ire isnst call attention to the
fact there is so report famished from Dr.
Webb. Dr. Goto or Dr.JLming. These
may appear in the appendix, bat as far as
isfonaatioa for the benefit of the House
is coBcerced it vroold have been better to
Lave bad the reports of these parti ctdar
Jasr 3. Har 3lMtn&. , i. vTli. -.
Jt Vasaaa. ,um..i W xty , L niu
m iijjti aa- aaiiui, m hn os Je
i if esr
aaapiiri 'Hit lujLeM AfeoaAraia Tte-
aaconnU for the
Orwt fiar saaataaer
laitewinemtw nmc
Looting over the accounts of the Kam
olaai Home, ire are mnch surprised at the
rpese incurred in so short a time. There
are in tne Home ten gins. wuo commenced
th 3 becaaKaGe4rEe ,555. Dtairc this Twriod of four months
aouuer KtW
ttwjfl u3
117 hi
as S3
900 U0
2xVa.aadmireM bur. ....
wtastss Ant av amar ac tbe C-rowm. zser dd
3PirwicKk aaasae ff crtxe ocod-ro
sf swCfT HL lata t&r vSfi slaccaiei;
aaw wxAt gg Sir Sortti cc Edsrard.
Ihibr ILrL c lie dtasii uf Ler xaide
wHSaat. Isnoaae Qaem sjC Gnwt Bntais
ma fcratod Ttr? ocrsmrsi vism the
ypsaiig ateiitw wga isjot ae znocxb jit
assftyirniil glixlT Xbe tune wrre J Total fSSCS
jaefit j3ue iirsC rvot IIeanx laH lr tHf total we hare cot taken into con
iasS pnci W ciaracuff tt tbe? Kosse scdeiatioa the expense of balldin tlie
sb? CnaaaagM, mn sbe yoc&p Qaeea liad a . Hooe aad loniishtn it in a fitting man
rTr mt. 'Sank JhHbre bcr. fcat &e aexn i aex Tfcis is the bare account of -what it
pnsfinE the aarMTim xndbecaiae 'wiiat ha&oofttoppoet Ccalittle girls far vr
sti.iwTTaii theiaoperiect 'sxtxa.
-anoasC af a OarjaTrirtrj? StnmCf a that . Xow; w-e hxxt always been in favor of
laaclasto jMcHcno. IxilblO the 1 tins Honie. Lonr: before the Prwident of
Qawm. aaiiaiiassi bet tasgaa -Ubcrt. Prince 1 the Board of Health made anr movement
SaxScsxcGotiia -srho w tsst ln xc this direction, the matter had been
. ausfl uieace- nxolod tnce coiatnes. netnoronrnly
believe in the necessaty of this Homi but
ir vonld hare it condnctcd on a Eome
Thst more economical basis than this.
nraTril.T- to the ftires of the President
al the Board of Health three children have
cost $3S5 each lor four jaonths. or consid
rrxMy crrer $1X00 a year. The coontry
rxay wrell loolr forward with anxietv when
it is informed that it is propose! to in
crease? the number of children to fifty.
There is a leak somewhere and the Legrs
latere will have an oprjortomty to look
into it Many a man raises a family of
children on what has been expended npon
& single child at the Kapiolani Home. It
IccwaedahrCoczt t St 3ck perked
-Xto' risaa sad rraamei.a cf t&e focx
Gs-xpcsw Im-aaae a mndel iuogt of a
Cons.lxits? it a Cfcrifcijcn boatrhoid
"ISsereat nacnr w5nc3i las crprthal
nnsltttFiSeC M-aaeoEL fe3 cpoa hrz
azaoC xsdaesx sjebaa, oc the 14ih Dec,
lsWstioifl siaeg. H axnccCoa
swan xacd g.rVnl; part ao yilay Sonesr
ttr 3Ssnooe ssd rt o remote from ofntxal
jemsj , BinT. 3e zd ln poaitaos aci
fsjariajiatjw w3-e2y assd wtaenrcb-
trxacrw id aJaj, xmsj toaoaaxn
ICtlanea Lesaoua to Scienoe-
Limtu Ci AZtTTt: CtETicm is the one word,
abirb, to toy apprebecsioo. bct describes tbe
utiucttt boUotn uf Uie 2tv I4.ke basm Kitaaea;
and ot ell craters in fact, completel adowa which
I liiT- ever been able to look; including Vcsqtids
ana .'acoum, or me source of tbe 1KU 1 now JJan-
otloa. -Uie utmost bottom of tbe first named
cnasm toe new lake basin. Kuaneat or thone ror-
XUms Of It not rUQCMJrxl from TMr hv rru-ilml anr.
face Lava or fallen debris, bcinc found to dwindle
oil into minute on Sees and crack; the snrfaco of
tbe bard basaltic roct, which ii cwmrtd and jiar
ud to form the orifices and cracks above referred
to, beta; Heavily and deeply ecanaed withal, as if
aetod on and eaten into hr a mwerf nt cnrmlnt.
Novtb ssrface scanficauon of the minutely
Scored rock condUnUn; tbe bottom and sides of
crater bums of volcanoes, cannot be held to prove
aaj iuioe iaoiv or tess tnan tne contact wun
tun avrraces or molten lava nt a white beat: jast
m.v ur tiiaaci, loroucTi wnico cbs uccn noaing a
troaia of molten lava, exhibits a similar tcannca-
tioot on account uf U bavinc been in contact
witn tae intensely iieated uqnid flowmc over it;
while tbe sides ani arched roof of tha Tiadnct
exhibit ftlazrd aorfaces, oa acconnt of their be tne
a wuucv vils me lnieaseiy tieatea air nmnc tne
efMcv ue4eeo uem ana toe nery sueara below.
Neither does tha minnte fifurannor tho rrwV
b-jttoms of the enter basins of volcanoes provs
anytbinc cot already, not admitted on all bands :
only it does toimt m the direction of the idea
(so it seems to tbe present writer), that tbe
deeper axd mora ultimate forces at work prodac
tni; volcanoes, are ca scons, perhaps even dynamic
Sj oooutaUfl ham an natoreitbat prtacte
or objects meettnj; tha view, the mind which ap.
prebends them, at one coei to rpeeuUUttg; an
effect which was undoubtedly wrought npon my
miad by the examination, 1, a whils since, of tha
Cigantically ho Dry -com bed bottom of the new lake
basin ( Kilaaea).
Jbc hardest roct can be scarified Ly the playinc
on it of a bhut of euper-beated air, quite as readily
by the mighty efferveaence close to, and the furi
ous msli past it, of super-heated lava. That just
befare the llalemanman reservoir of molten lava
where it was existent) wu a second reservoir of
toe same material, separated from tha first by a
fisMred and hone-COmbed rock- narttiinn. raniti.
t&tutfi tbe bottom" of the unner coQlalninc basin.
is possible, to be rare ; althoDgfa that which soems
altORether rnore likely is, that tbe reality uctmaUy
tel beneath every ruMt reservoir of molten
r is a reeerroir.reserToirs perhaps) of irit,ble
tt ; which, latent heat vinoally and actually
would ( upon findinj; at some une point even the
smallest decree of rehif enter at once npon the
proows of bwxwnirig. lutie by Uttle, iib!e heat
meiting the roc is and creating molten lava in the
oirib and on its surface, just as the development
of heat deeply within an iceberg xoald melt into
existence interior c&verns and viaducts filled with
fcUd rock, aubiected to pressure sufficiently
cnoimoca, is in a conoiuoa ot putentiol liquidity.
Heat is latent force, and force i nrejucra farr.
latent heat, : which, ceasing by the givinc way of
thlt to which it Li spitlitxi. become mwnt.hU hiit
just as heat passing into coefined steam comes out
as pressure, cot heat. Steam so treated, having
(mwww uarnasu parses out ueonnceol exit,
whue at a little distance from tha aanie orifim.
whrc the tension of prasnrc ii some shat relieved,
its rower to burn is something lemffic. And mo.
uon irrwiw oecomum xieat, and heat consumed
oecommg euurr mouon, or force tnat can be trans
latrdiuto motion l while prepare f fnrfmfnntinn.
ua4r endesvortnr to become motion, oontinooamlr
prevfnted from so becoming, tt is only what is to
oe retianieu as ii least poasioie, mat tne bard
erf rock, even pre5sed,hTdrosUticaly,byaforce
suSeteutly Titanic, or tbe subterranean depths of
ri m rr erucatij pressea py ice enormous SO
penncombtfut masses resting on them suddenly
relieved at some point ot tbe Atlantean losd weirh.
ixtz it down, shall, at the point where the rtlief
may 1 earned, rch off and upward, in the twink
ling of an eve. in the form iobably of inoandes
ccnt ess. mightily burning, scarifying and corrod
anc tbe basaltic crevices through which it suc
ceeds in eating its way.
Not the complex atd mysterious thing it actually
is, would this universe be, wtre the planner of it
human speculation instead of divine omniscience.
iliMrrvir. tbe population of reservoirs of invisible
itBwoii, as underlying tbe several volcanic orifices
ot earth, seems qnite as likely a eoppixition as
tb nuion of two reservoirs of molten lava, an
ntVcr and loaen and connected bypaa&age-vays,
lmu4 capillary for amallness. That heat is a
mie of motion, motion a form of hrst and press-on-
ratt-ttml lootim. and coming short, in form
only, of being newif motion, are all of them, well
known tacts, which can hardly fail of having
MXitt thing to do with tbe mystery enveloping the
origin of subterranean heat.
that the various lava streams, whi h hava
poarrd forth trod Manna Loa, profuse and fori
tu? at rt. and thereupon gradually diminishing;
m volume nd violence snul they ceased to flow
aliugttnrr, have behaved as they nalnraUy would
behave, wen they draining o3 large subterranean
rcMrvoirs of liquid fire, is doubtless true: while it
ts also true that the gradual casement of the strain
of sobterraxeaui tension, afforded by the fiasunng
and dipUceisent of portions ot tbe earth's crust,
the little by little leuing cp and off of that titan
ically preAed spring which the deeply interior
rocks of oar globe mast necessanly be, would da
v el ope precisely tbe same phenomena as thowe
resulung from the a!ov draining off of reservoirs
of liq.aid tre.
Incandescent meteors passing throogb tha at
mosphere are a case of heat developed by friction
or partially arrested motion in some form, the
best ef either sun, stars or earth can be produced,
is imppoasihle for us, ia our present condition of
knowledge to even surmize. Edwd. p. Batxx.
Opera House
Closing Nights of the Season!
VAT S3t AND Sra.
Flnt appearance of tbe WorM-reaowaed and only
Great Wizard ol the North
i -j-mopolluu Monarch ef Msztclsa. rbUoertier,
Sclmtltt asd TrsTtler,
prrfnnned brfare the Qarea ef Cc-Ued sad other
crowned fceadft, 1tltraird by eotty and elsboraie sp
parsia rtberd lorlhfr la thi exurme psrts ot both
llmUrfaeres, la a ties of 4 pmcrsmicea, cemprllc
The Newest and Most Wonderful
Mysteries !
Louisa Maude Anderson,
The Marvelous Clairvoyant,
Th. .inly one now llvtug, will tPa-trstt her rcaistLs
ole sift and appear la the frI atord
;- Uax lUa uow opea at th olUre of J. K- VIt-
Kecrve4caU $t W
lUkonv. . .... .. . T3
Nos. 113 and 115 Fort Street, Honolulu,
Pure Drugs. Chemicals
Toilet Articles, Trusses,
Etc, Etc., Etc.,
J. C, Aycr & Co.'s Preparations.
Boschce's German Syrup,
Green's August Flower,
Horsford's Acid Phosphate,
An Elocutioniita Entertaime nt.
Mr IvL. Kechanlson. an elocnlionikt of extra-
ordinry merit and ablity enteruined a lire aad
interested audience at tbe Hall of tne V. il.
C A. Assoetuion, on tbe evening of the th inU
rfnnz a reotal oi tne cctmesoi uicsecs a ell
known Christmas Carols entire and from memory,
as a first piece, followed by Longfellow's "llobert
ofSialy," and cuocladed by an eicoedincly hu
morous description of a train party now ltoood."
On the ereninc ot the ?tth insL. Mr. Locks cave a
recitation from the comedy of the "rivals,1' which
was regarded as tha acme of elocutionary art by
the larca nd fashionable audience present. The
next entertainment ot toe course vui ne given on
the th int
Tha Planters' Monthly
The I'Unttn' Jfrnfafvfor Mav is a cood num
ber and is particularly noticeable for tha number
ot valuable communications which ariar in Ui
columns. An arucle on the Lata improvements
in machinery at the Islands, ismosttntereoiinc
to suirar crowers. The Hilo llinten MeeunsH
contains some practical remarks oa the roads
which will hardlv be palauble totheMinutry.
There is a long communication on the subject of
tbe miner act ore of mm, wuicu m doubtless
turn the attention of sugar growers in this direc
tlon. It is the first practical article on tbe sub
ject that has appeared here. The figures invert
from tbe Kaiwilarulahi Mill are interesting. The
wnoie namtxr is a vatusoie one.
Scientific Visitor
Amonctherasseurcrs who arrived in the .tit
mtda was Prof. C II. Hitchcock, of Dartmouth
College, N. II. lie viMted these Islands a few
years since, and has now returned to continue bis
labors tn tbe line of geological and botanieal re
search, lie is accompanied by Mr. E. U Golick,
on of Dr. Gultck, formerly a missionary here.
Miss Lvdia W. bhttuck. for tbirtv-eicbt vears a
teacher at Mount llotjoke Seminary, Msrs is also
one of the party. Sbe is known as the best lady
notantei in tne uniiea ataies, ana oascoiue nere
to study the flora or tnese islands. Th party
win remain nere some icrre or lour monius.
Highway Robbery.
On Friday evening last a Chinaman returning
from Spreckrlsville to Wailuku where be had been
peddling bean curds was stopped in tbe sandhills
bv a native horseman and robbed of $40. The
kanaka in riding past caught tbe baiket and pole
in which the Chinaman earned his produce and
fee liog aboat tn the basket he caused a jlnsling of
silver and grabbed and made off with the bag.
Chinaman gave cha shooting "haul in." The
robber was recognised by some natives whom he
passed. A warrant for his arrest has been issued.
IXOJ will be paid for any case that American Co. 'a
nop inner win not cure or Help. Doubt not.
bee advertisement.
3Ttai Drfrttsnnrnts.
1776 ! I JULY 4 ! I 1886 !
Fireworks! Fireworks!
A Large and S pi end hi Asortmcut of Fire
work- Jrttat Hand from Ncu York,
At prices to suit the times
Many bodily ill resnlt from habitual constipa.
Uoa, and a line constitution may be broken and
mxneJ by simple neglect. There is no medicine
equal to A) era Fills ta correct the eriL and re
store the organs to natural, healthy, and regular
No one can. be sick if tha stomach, blood, liver
and kidneys are -wtlL American Co. a Hop Bit
ters kreps them "rciL Notice advertisement.
Proecnte the Swindler 1 1
If when you call for American Hop Hit-
ievs (net great tidy of Hops on the tehite
label tctA J)r. Ssoute name bloxcn m each
bottle) the vendor hands ont anything; hot
American Hon Bitters, rcfose it nnd shun
that vendor as you would a viper ; and if
he nas taken your money lor anything else
indict him for the frand, and see him for
damages for the Mvindlf, and wo wilt re
ward you liberally for the conviction.
" I have snfTercd.
With every disease imaginable for the
last three years. Uox
Druggist, T.J. Anderson, recommending
"Hop Uitters to me
I used two bottles !
Am entirely cared and heartily rccom
mend Hop Hitters to every one.
T. D. Walker, Bnckner. Mo.
CounterfcUInc- proves superiority.
"Although counterfeiting is ono of the
grcateEt crimes against tho business of any
country and id many cases
"Dcstrnctive of health and life!"
"It proves beyond a doubt the"
Of the article counterfeited:
As no nmorarricfewcTieun
t'rool of this is found in tbe great nnm
bcr in
"Australia England. France.
"Germany, India, Belgium, Canada and
the U. 5.
Of counterfeits of the great remedy,
"Hod Bitters,"
Whose name and merits are so welt
known the world over that it is a
"Shining mark and favorite prey
For counterfeiters ! ! !
Beware of all that does not have a green
cluster of hops on the white label.
Prosecute the Swindlers ! !
If wbea voa call for American Hop Blttrrs (in ffr
la-ie tlov on fie wU taUt aad Itr.Saule't nam
Mvk ia f bottUU the vendor hands cot anything bat
America Hop Bitters re fate It and than tbivendw
as yea voald a viper; and It he has UUn your aioncy
for ttiaf eUe (edict bin for tbe trasd and sae him
for dsmct Toe the twin die. sad we will psy yea Ub
etallr for tbf mntlrilon.
r rer aie by
lOKilr llOLUSTErt Jt CO . Honolals,
"Pioneer" Line
n.v k nr.cKivKU by the
Iron Ships Jupiter, Chilenaand other
Vessels Direct from London,
The Following Goods:
Sew Styles and Dcsigim ; Various Sixm.
TwilleJ n.l Sitipcd Conl Ujj:. 20i3';
Fine ynililv nice mc", :ui;
lleiian Filler lre lUzt. !2i3fi:
llcftsinn and llnrlap in Koll,
White's Portland Cemen
Jo1insonti INulIand Cement,
Square ami Arch lire llnck,
Lheriviol Uougli Salt,
Livcrnool lluck Slt.
llr.glisli llehing, 3 lu nin.wiJci
Ilclrelea ilcllinp, 3in wiJc;
Corrugated Iron Roofing
141b. willi lloltt, Visli rialea and
Iron llcilatcad,
Tea Kettles ami Sauce Paim,
Sheet Lead, , 3, 1 and OIK;
Tin 1'lates. SOxHin.:
Sheet .ine, Soz. and 9oz.;
Hubbuck's Genuine White Lead
Hntbuck'a Tale lioilcd I.iusce.1 Oil,
ltaic Linseed Oil and Turjiertine,
Fence Wire, Xo. 4, 5 and 6; Staples
for the name.
Saddles: Ladies' & Gents
Uridlee, Spurs, Etc., Itubber Coals and
Leggings, lied and Horre lllankcts,
Agents for nossage'
LYcro Irprrtistmrnts,
X Third adlnJWtrtt, 1IuiIUUm.
oarriiiiirsauatiaspumiv ".sUh.
at Admtswrttiw wiiW Tbs will ssamd r t 3
of Tbo. Spewcee t UlK lliwilt, SrtwT
that tH aeceawiv ts!4 had arprimC,ad tvJ
sSasteedrrbemsde ef d1trtttm of iW stmwW
remslalee ta his hisrfs, to the rettva tWni-U'
rrtim,saddtffbsiTtfih1wiakd ht tntttn fr
It It WfliTrt IBIWRII'M IS" in j af Sml
it 'ctoch a. ta.. at it Cean IImm i '
llawatt.be mat UettSM aad pUce for Warla!
pttttlow. ad sry ebvct.e thtt sssy be dffifrd ihfC
te, 4 all rerroaf mtrrrrtrd ta Mtd Xsuia are hcrrW
i.iTTn jaarc aa wotcii ininctn. Iv
lllln, Hawaii. Mv. I. m
rruEMK contT ok tiik m
mill! Ttlin.l. In PmHat. Iat lh aatt..
K.titP t MAllUK(Vor Ks:tht.ll,tsrB.iwa.a7
onmaiPfiM mums r-'' ' aaa M
:vhiirr.aiiTteE"Whni dW
.wtatthttUttmol AdiaWm.oa ialt,
It tt ertfira issi i ta ' a w af
. l. !V to a. ta,.bsa.l hby i aptaiWiL.,
partar W lxtHton rfWr ssid rtt r Jartw. t
tt R(wf et 1hl Coart, st nwtala, si witth Om
pUcc allrrMicwrrfidiaayspprat aad aW
m ir v tT bin. whT said tTtiilo kAu
be rrantcd.'sad that taU ordw tw pabttthrd t
Kaslthka41Uwsilsa lstnar-sfar ihf satuwC
WfAi ta th Miwam U ft trm CJ K.fttaw,
Tsjt la l!Miriak
Attrtti Ch:erJpUSsTfrwsCtn.
11T rrw v ir XI
watlsa Iiaada,-Ia rrwhato la the bSRnneti.
iat. Ordtr ta ahow rsa na spptieat) iw f Tttnm
sad Trmlrr for rfdtt of ni ef W etlt
u maioc saw tint, t i x i-va m natty .
'krtaTlvht. fatrr. rxrtnior sod tntatea et ts
wilt sad trtumrai f Eirms li:r rsalaa tr.
s:i bcoagtagT;
Pcllow's Syrup,
"Warner's Safo Cure,
Discovery, Hop
St. Jacob's Oil,
Barry's Tricopherous,
Burnett's Cocoaine,
Vaseline Preparations,
Colgate's Toilet Soaps,
Ricksecker's Skin Soap,
Hoyt's German Cologne,
Maile Cologne, Etc.,
BTJHACH, tho Groat Insect Destroyer.
Boreicke & Schreck's Homoeopathic Medicines
Tlio VLOUK o aro al present suppljinc is far superior lo any previously offerwl,
and can Iks made into
At I.tbs IIxi'ENsr Tihn Any OriiEn FihiNACcors PnKrBaTioNft.
Hilily rccommcmled by pliysicians as an invalusUo diet for persons saflcrinc from iliaorderc
atomacli or bowels, nt well nn a nutritious foot! for the healthy,
seS For Sale "by all Grocers. aEJ(r
M11KCTI0X5 FOR MAKIN'G POI: Talis the desired amoniit of Flour and mix tt- linn
with cold water, being sure there are no lumps- Contina this in n Inj; or clath and pUw in a
Icttle of boiling water, and let it continue to U.U 1 U to 2,'8 hours, acconlirig lo qoantity uieil,
caro being taken lo place a piece of perforated tin at tho bottom of tho leTllo to act as prevent
the cloth from burning'. When done' (tvhtle warm) stir with a stout spoon, adding a little
water uutil tho wtiolo is well mixed. Let this aland from nvo to six hours. Then add water
in small quantities, mixing thoroughly and Inoadiug until the desired consistency is obtained,
uing lo Us punty it tatc trora tnreo to lour tiays lo rwcomo ucnl or four, 1112
The Equitable Life Assurance Society
Fioci tho beginning, the Equitable has been tho pioneer In all reforms affecting the
tccnrilv, convenience, and advantage of policyholder. It was the first company to
issnc incontestable policies : tho first to mako Bach policies parablo immediate!?, instead
of after tho delay of a stipulated number of months: the first to simplify the policy
contract, and rcmorc from tho business technical and confusing complications; tho first
to apply tho Tontino principlo to lifo assurance ; the first to issue ix policy guaranteeing
tliepaymcnt of tho entire rwcrrennd a fuUflmre of tho accumulated profits to each
policy holder at the end of a stipulated period ; the first to introduce tho Scmf-Tontine
policy, itIiicu, in addition to nil tuo ultimato advantages secured nndcr the Tontine sys
tern, is " uon-forfeitine,1' and has a surrender value durine its earlier vears.
Daring the twenty-six years and a half of its history, it lias written $105,000,000
inure ui aurautu iuaa any oilier coiajviaj lUunug luc samo pcnou
No other company has approached tho Eqnitablo in tho success aclnovcd and sar-
plus accumulated, and tho results of management in tho past furnish the best guaranteo
lor tne ininre, io intending assorants.
Tlie Et Kfiacdj Erer DiKorrred,
For Dyspepsia, Indigestion
Aa4 all other disorders artfinf from
impxlrrtl Dictation.
S3T All Orders for the une lns tbe ether bla3d
liromptly attraded to. For le la lloeolala lj
Hollister & Co., Druggists
Artistic Signs a Specialty
r-r. o. Boi 310.
portunity from California.
Potatoes, Ouioiis,
Dread, Silmon, Pork,
Codfish, Cheese, Ktc. Etc
Canned Goods or all Description,
Horico Davis & Co.'s, "fiolden Gtc,"
"El Dorado," "Merchant," ami "Pacific"
Salinas Mill. "Drifted Snow" Flonr,
Stocklan Mill. "Crown" Flour.
A Fall Line of
California Groceries !
Of Every Description;
A Special Assortment ol
In Yariotu Widths atd Desizni
Pigs ! Pigs ! Pigs !
on tund mil offm ter Sale tt KrimMe
rncea awl la qaaauuef to rait.
Of F!it IjMlltf Errrf. 1.4 Mack GamBlted.
AIm iindtr whkb x ot the b.I tine. Milt lib.d.
OrJcn . f olitttfd from the tttoer !hs .ad ear.
will b ulra lo all Ultra promptly .tut i. x rotntirr tn
.AUrlT cBiionrn so. roBTV i.r Hie ariirrrjoi fiwk.
1 i r rr.jin -ictiuairn ten rzamlB iiork- If m iItroL
tt nr Buch o. taeWUkl bclovlbe Saear
"E. c mux,
tilt itc iiobii.. K. I.
Aet, .Iauii;ir,v, 1, lblsO , -
l.ialiilitio',' 1 per co'ntt Taliiatloh.(
Surplus ;
(Surplns on X. Y. Standard 11 per ccut. interest
S 17,495,329 40).
Xciv Asitiraiiro in. ISSo ,
OiitstaniHn? AssuranrCt ...
Total I'aitf I'olicy holders inlSS."
Uaitl rolicjlitiltlers slnco organization
Income .-i
S 00,353,387 .".0
."i2,G'.ll,H8 37
S 13,862,239 13
S 06,011,378 00
3.'i7,338,240 00
7,1 38,08 '.) 03
S8,ill,173 03
10,500,053 13
tST Insnranco issued on all approved plans.
111 Gtnerl Agnt for H.w.ll.n I.l.nd..
Druggists and Tobacconists
TELEPHONE 49 both companies TELEPHONE 49
Ginger Ale, Soda Water, Lemonade, &c
37 Hotel Street. Telephone 71, Mutual
KSSil g& ctral Jfercantlle k Commissian Ast,(,
Salmon Bellies, in 25 i nd SfllK. TTtt,
ttiTn. - ,
Salaoa Tips, ta 251b. Kitt, , LWvif&'fcfi-V -jEw-i d M..t
Codfiih. ia 251b. Kit j UENCT XAr-
Tt avbor an of Lxl .rri vaTk. ul Vsnt,i i
, "v. h. wloi4ur.
Trraiartr aad XttnUrj
ht ctt of Mli Ernni K e pots'ic ikmi i iw
AHITCAA Wl LAWAI, ia ift- t Kaiu.nl
l he Had YioanN.mK.XAI.HA IfeVkJ!;
Vallr. ltffBlvOB. and ' rwifc -mat v-J
rnMii y intk mi .'"iw atti i iy pM
It l BfTroj cmnro ai inr in aao m f w
taldrrrfBall jwrnt teimri4 la ti ati2
tate, appear brfw UtU loan Mtt DAT iWbM
day ot t A V. i ; . tuxi a. la utW
Cn Keen of Ula Conrt, in n"iwt.i r aaiw
ta afetm tarvwhT aa tmlrx itin.! at W fTaat
AMltlfanarronlTTrd ttat a.ti, uf
Itabllvbtilat Trt uttKiii. Kveka Wfan 4,
"llltilj VI nriinK, in ilKillii t a I am. IK,
IX BV rr-iramia I'M tFyi 1 II fi (ilfn DiHtTm
lMtr llMtala, II 1 . Naj rt. tM.
a r JtDt
x tiik burnhMi: coiut or
l. tat Hawaiian Mnr-inm
ea arr fcrriy tiwmxcvt aifam m K50
VifRMiXKiK aw tMltr ia iht i ,it of "t mm.
ro. Matt of VaHformta, vnr uf tht I o.ttt tttr t
Aanctica, ifimum, in a n ni a r'Hn
aaKT(iala nmtyd aTrt rr. arnf taW
a4 appat th bapmnr i omn at i Xat
Trfia ihrtroh la b Boldi n al 'he K ur Itr . ii.
l"art IIMM-. H(VDIra. In ih ttaa4 - taii tiS
MOMA, ta Mi u.m Apr" ant. UWu
n, to aw raatr whytH . n IDA t UK&
UtttraorM art aaatifrf pernor
And kaT yvai tnm tht-rt th w ti
ITM. VJ.v. n ji I'll n, t dtitiw
( wit ?prfmt iota ai iiwu a. ifct uu
itii l'T.ti 'n
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wtlMa tatalhart Knot M NordfcrT?M vrrH
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Hawaiian Jockev Club
JUNE llth AND 12th. 886
BrMfv HatE-llalf mile data, opra to alT
Ri-i ly lUra Mil dna, open to all borr trrtt
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lira or bcttrt; tn be owned aad drWra by ntmVm
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won by th tame ptrton twice the vecond trttt
to be at any futare A an sat Mettles , on- viX.tm.
open to ail tfcre-jtr-lda tealrd aomlaaitea
tacloalas a fe of $10, to be if at to tbe UrttaJ7
ihellawatun Jockey Clabon otbtforttp. a
tht 4lh day of Jane, final areepUncca uW
balance of ancepataVet on or twfortt p aa . tatke
lOtbof Jan. leond trial Cap ran fvt laityrat
Rotsita IUci On ulUdaab. ttf tot all Ilawaiut
brrd hcriea ; maldt at allowed S poanda.
ncaxixo Rick A wptake of $S addra, tlm
qaartti mil daah. open to all two-year-old Haf
tlaa-btedborwca. Cap tobo won. by aortt beatiC
tht S year okl record I
Rcsjiia Hici-One Bad ont-hallmllr Caah.ot-
Res s iso RacE-Mlle dark, open to all poale uf 1
htodt ot wader.
SECOND DAY, JUNE 12, 1886-
RcaxiKa Racb Tbretvqaarter nil datb, free h
Tnorrio Itacs Mile heaU. beit two io threr fp
all 11 awtt tan-bred horett
Rcxixo Rack-M He dt, f re for al! . wlaarr t Veal
wKurar-Koiii,"iii7'i. l ap to d ran t
la beaten st a reznlar meeting of tae Arte
Rcxiiii Race
-Mile 44th, free for all IlawalUn Vrf
TnoTTisa Pmo Rct-MHt fctit. beat troln ikret;
All fcortea blns a record or 3 Al or belter to t
Rrsno RanA aweepauko of 7i added, one U
ort mile, darn; fret for all thret-year
owned bymembera or lit Club. Tbe llyWH
ran foranatally.
rt, lllwIU Jtxlrf CltK.
Union Mill Company.
ntle of Ihlt Conpar litltl at its t.
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MtflroFIIollan. Axtno
F. 51. SWASZY, -frtT;
Hoaolala. Miy rah. ml a .
M1U Al'Af, OF KOI.OA, K-.UAl.
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I. numsaTEis.
Aulsamof Jl"l
nii!iBi..ii.1rin..i. nw a,
btn otr appolstni AdmtaLtntorof U SH!f
ot COSR.D XESKE. Iiuof ll.totn!., HinO.
votlf ti Brr.br Btrca W til prnoo. I. PJ
Uclr clolBtt Bcalatl ta r.ut of ..Ut Coontt W
d .1 J i.tkenltrilM, nhfhfr twotrd braMtrtrart'
tmrl.e;'to ii r. IlKBfeklat tb( oCcs of U U"
f.M A Co., (tomi strrrt. UoboIbIb, wltbla if I m"zj
froiatSit.Brrof.ortar7wlll bo forerrr bimd;
11 kihk l.debtrd to .aid utc aro berrj"
MntkelBtMrdloporBKBtthrrrortntb. '
j. r, iiAt.arti-'. ..
r. Cut. of Oar S te. ';
llBOlBlB.3ll7lb W.
Land Bonndarj Notice.
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towoardbin. X.rrrarU.B4Iiart
fcert-by clr to all wrtog. fatrrrrtwl "i.'i )Ti
mm of tbo Utc. aojolaloz. tbTl13pAJ-;
ntbdarof Job. mt, .U o'clock a. la tMJ!2
IIobm of KorU oiu.lI.mi. U tao tin. tod V'Jf.
Cosmlltioanol Boaala1ri

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