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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, May 25, 1886, Image 3

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t Jit A, Brmn. la the 71t mr of
Hi! u-rae4 a bora lawbort. Bkoda
L--itlI la Haatla ni tcatv.
a- -rt "Ned Bedlmd aad NuiacLrc papen
i,.aJBr Aattembtj meets for tmnueas
-- ?r A-aui-i &iHa froca here thu After-
r. iwini port at ( p. in.
u Mail S 2x Jtmrmrm, Captiia Jie,
. tt tti port from lb Cclosies en roote
The Assembly reconTpned at t.l
iromediatclT therenpon the President ap
pointed the following members as & com
mittee to have charge of the bills to facili
tate the recovery of rents, viz. ; The At
torney General, KepresentatiTCb Katilu
koo, UroTTO. Dole, Thurston.
The President mail n mm mnn iVt
from Poet Commander It. AV Laino of I
Tost 45 Grand Army of the Republic
tendering an invitation to members of the
Assembly to be present at the 'Decora
tion Dayn services tn hMil ,t VV Sit
Church on Sunday May 22. at the ceme
tery on the 25th and attheY.U C A. hall
on the evening of the latter date. Repre
sentative Dickey stated that the invitation
was intended to include the lady friends
of the members. On motion the receipt
of the communication was ordered to be 1
acknowledged by the Secretary.
Representative Krcra under suspension ,
of the rules presented a petition from j
Kamoiliili having the following prayers : i
1, that S7,0001o appropriated for the pur- j
j oi wiaemng ana improving me roaas
in that district from the junction of Bere
tania and lunahou streets ; 2, that the
sum of S20QLO00 1m nnnronriatd for the
purpose of crowning King Kalakaua as
Emperor of the Pariiic (sensation;) 3, that
Hawaiians be permitted to cultivate the
poppy plant ; 4, that the power of Su
preme Court Justices to appoint adminis
trators bo amended; 5, that the Minister
of Interior be requested to show how the
sum of 4,000, collected road tai, was ex
pended in the district; C, that Road Su
pervisor Hart be removed and that Sam.
Paniani be appointed to the position
(laughter)! 7, tnat Chinese bo prohibited
from marrying Hawaiian women unless
they first take the oath of allegiance; S,
that, when judgment is given against p
debtor and no property can be found to
satisfy the same then tie debtor may be
arretted and placed at work on the Go
vernment roads; V, that all konohild fi
sheries bo made for the public- Referred
to Committee on Miscellaneous Subjects.
neprescatauve ralonau (interrupting)
moved the Order of the Day."
The President declared the motion out
of order.
Renrcisentativo Keau continued, and
presented a petition from Moanalua, that,
the Board of Education establish an Eng
lish school in that district- To Committee
on Education.
The "Order of the Day" now bemr
tulsmv! thft Annmnriation Rill came nr for
consideration and the Assembly resolved
into Committee of the M hole. Hon A. b.
Cleghorn in the chair.
Representative Castlo that the Com-
xnitte recommend that items iu the At
torney General's department be passed
until the report of that Department was
beforo the Assembly. Approved.
Hon. J. S. "Walker moved that the com
mittee proceed to consider the items under
the head of Jndiciary Department, which
being carried, the following items were
paired as here printed:
. -ux from Sin Frandtco ta Nw York
cr.a, or $75 in cxua and 30 in strrsze.
tn nil orerUad art boct $CO and
lst cof&mny la soinj to be xormfrL
- even proapecs of ita boooicinc & aoeoeas.
ftcT nam Efres m araoac tb Lit of
Cf.wtt Umtlrmlim will be dan her froo
iscifeo m tt Xth tnat. with tnail and
t- lie 3Xb lust. Tb A $tratim will sil
i -c:oq oa the lt prox.
cm tA tt Norwrtrlin bark Jrlfarr.
pe) waa abandoned at con April 3rd
C 11 N". latitctSe 13S'wMt lcun-
- forward to Sin Francisco on the 22nd
i icrn H Born.
- cosescer of tta LeuUtorc, Kobert KaLt-
j ocoisiE qmta pofolkr amont Un?
aecoont of nil nrbamtr and willing
ccusstadAt. Captain &Ata3owIm s
-i.le for the btmors of cood fellowwhip
- - Brr Captain Van! sailed on
-s: f or San Francisco, carrying paxacn-
and a amall tsatl. Among tbo pawn
ca by the Tnsd waa Mus Emily Wall.
- j; weU Inovix and popolar manaqvr of
- z .ie" nnk.
tnemorial aermoa in honor of
patriot dni was preached by Pastor
Fort-ML Cbnrcb SandsT Teuns aab
' Mand of Colors. Tha church waa
"-fy deoratt?d, and the mtuio w ell suited
aiog- Geo W.PeLoocFoexUU.A.XW
j a thjdy.
..- of takinc the Teil waa performed
t.x in Honolulu yesterday. A yoanc
Jt was oocsecrated to becom a nim
'rJtr of the ?atcred Heart. Th cere-
was perf ormd by the Bishop of Olba,
j Fathers Leonore and Clement, was a
-Jie Muswnary Society of which Mr.
u Fresident. will oat a sate next
, ... in the Y. it. C A. IUIL Many
4 pretty articles will b offered at low
-e refreshments. Th Mle will bem
c No admission fee will be chanred.
-- ci to Kawaiahao Serainiry.
- was the CZth anniversary of the birth
ii itctona Qaen of l-'nCijn.lr and tbe
r rec Ttd appropriate- notice in ttaa aty as
O dtspUr of flairs npoa Goi tmtnect
-sil-i Cmuii. grenade to 11. B. M.
k -rtr Uodehooie, race at the Parkin
prnz-x) nd a concert at the Hotel croands
oniTcation since beinc ousted by
' r from the old and well krown edifice
earner 1 Bethel and Kins atreeu hare been
--mcc at the Lyceam on Nanino street
-z-Lsrd attendance, has beea noticeable.
im fcczday Iter. EL C Occel the pastor,
-ztS the carninffand ereninfi faerricea.
-j - - 3 rAVv KrssarctM is Um nacae of a
- a cr -.'X1) devoted to the inte reals of the Val-
-"L Bracance contains mo?h iaformation
t- the prodoctioo of the alley, the I mas
j be tatea op, the cost of etartinc a small
STtLer w.th pen sketches of Msa.Ua.Tn-
U-rced and Fraser. The xccocct of the
- croath cf the lttr ii truly irondertni.
Ian of the schools in the citT are in
- Post Commander Lane to coo tribute
tJt Decoration Dst. Tboeevho lire in
taa leave their contnbetsons at tbe Fot
-4c Harmooy HaU, Fort ttreeU Those litinc
A Beretania street can pet them in the
ticc will be in the rear of the column as
rr-cwds cp the valley next Saturday.
-r Ltocs sold, at bis andion rooms.
the 21th int the lands and beloncincs of
EUakala BAnch at Makawao. Maai. ooasut-
2 cr -wjJTi acre of land buu bead oi oatxie. s(-
cad of sheen, and 83 horse, to Mr E. BaQer
s 3 - sam of iOXOO the npset price. Also on
taae div 100 acres oi sncar and era ring land
tAir j as Uakawmo ard known as tbe Peleknnn
Eiii (xict, to Mr S.C Damon for zSO,
" cJ Mr. T. Iix:n Walker entertained a
-xr cf fneadi last Tuesday, MatSth. The
eL was a farewell party to Mr. and Mrs.
-r U, Davie. 11 was a thorocxn re onion of
-der residesU and was a very enjoyable affair,
wznsewas brillianUyiUnminaxed with Chinese
rj:rzx tLe trees bent their branches under the
frcix. Thronch the conrtesy of Governor
wjrm thm Hawaiian Band was cresent and
- rti a number of selectioci dsnc the ereninc.
Wder Steamship Co. hu jot published an
cr-tL - adTertisisz card in aid ot their constantly
rnim? ttnvmrnf and which has been much ad-
br ihafarardlew who have eo far been
:fld to new the proof copies. Tbe work is
Tsdoction on piper of scenes alone the route
tics 'y the steamers which carry ton nits to the
ren -i vtirh Afadarae Pele has under control. A
; 7 u at pre sect on view at the Csnipany's ofaoe.
iireci comer oi voeeo aum.
Grezt chAnes hare been made at the nee track,
e track U completely fenced in. The crand
Rkad has been lengthened forty feel, and is now
-ed into two eecuons. one to be charred 0 eta.
?i cne f L The Jockey Clnb hare erected a
T -'- t litile riabJioase. the nnoer mrt of which
J merred for the Kin;. Tbe J odce a stand is to
w eamd a few vards down tha track. There are
ea7 isnrovemenU vet to be effectefl, bat a be
has been mad, and in time the arras ce-
"nu wu be completed.
The astcfa rne of baseball, pUyed at the Be
CIs :a croands, oa the afternoon of the Sad
w, between nines of the Honolala and the
UvaiT dBbc, proTed to be qeiu an interestinj;
fe tc the larre comber of spectators present.
-Irtfzosrxnxdncs of the game were marked
l"f rxid pUy on both side th " Hawaiis,' rcoeiT
hovenr the ban's share of the applans, more,
tci, on accoast of their beiag rejrxrded aa the
"taker s!e than throcsh any rrrat bnUiaacy
c-?Ued. The cane were finally won by the
iizlatttB', with a score of 19 to 7. Whitney,
!hocse and Moore of the - Hooolnla and
JLiwcci, Desha and Acid of the Ha wans
procsinent for cood, plays, ,nei3inz ana
Flift Atociate Jsiuce..
ecoal Atsorlale Jaf Mce...
Clerk Scpreme Coart
Taana. t'toa-ar
hcttsd TJnctv Cltrr'k
laterpreter Sapreme aa4 Fw
10.IMI Ut
At this rwint the A tlome -General moved to In-
eert a new item " Iay of l'ortniraese Interpreters,"
oaiatwnai aoonntne was not preparra w say
jait thtQ, iadcinc that U codd be more definitely
ascertained later.
Benrrsentative Kean moTcd that the itein dto-
md Le xnadd to read Salarr of Interpreters'
itepresentauTe tutaiakoa jauceu ine iietn was
orthr of reference to a spvoal committee.
Ke preventative Kaonanuna was in favor of the
item bems inserted at fZfXXJ.
Chairman Jl-born nnaur. on pnuinc tbe qces-
tioo declared the vote in favor of reference to a
peeial committee, thai qnestion ueinA nrt pot
ana cameo.
Tne following items tas5eu :
circBit Jads. Jlaa;
(Ut traveliae cxpeaea S
Ctixait Jadse. HiloaadKaa . t.WiK
Ore nit Jadce. ko&ala. Kooa.
etc S 4hl
The last item in the above lut canted a slight
controrersy between the Bpresentativ from
UamAkna and North Kona, the representative
of ihe Tjeotile from the locality which was f nrv
poaeu to be Tisiteo oy tne omciai uesinnc uu. ioe
salary be set at 2,000 on account of the scanty ot
viita of the Jndc-a to the Kona district, whilst the
the representative from Hamakca desired that tbe
. i j . i.- j.
iiem pus as ,'iiuiru, sou urtiupu uw iwu uw
tnrl on nroocnt of the lack of criminal Droceed-
incs therein, calUnc it tho " Holy Land the
Eden of 11 a will, " etc On motion the item was
passed as above printed.
rolkt Justice. Lakalaa . . . IU
ltenresectatiTes Castle and Die Lev favored re
trenchment on this item tbe business transacted
did not warrant the payment of nch a salary.
Benrewitative Ahoio. Paehaole and 2be Minis
ter nf Foreifm Affairs were in favor of the item
passtne at tbe amount printed, which was finally
rolite Janice. WaUaka.. . .
This item was raised from the sum of 3.000 bv
a motion of Bepresentative Hayselden. a lEepre
sentatiTe from Honolala, withoal n demur on
the part of the Bepreenuti ves from Wailnku, and
paseea at xne aoove ncre.
DUtrkt Jain, Xorlh UUo . 1J '
lhrtrtrtJelre-5'iias nm
District Jadfe. wet Kaatf oae
tBeambeDt 1"' u
xcoDdPtairict JedreaTUt Kan
Diatricl Jsdc. Vorth Kona... lUUJ
The above item was placed in the bill at iljOW
bet BepreseaUtire Nahate considered that tt was
time to tall in line with tbe advance cnard and
moved tbe item be increased to fll'J which was
earned over a protest by i.ei. uickey.
Di.trict Jadre. lreth Kooa e W
loilce Jaicc Nona KobaU.
ntttiiet JaAz. saUl Kobats .
Ulitrict Jadre. llauakaa. . . iX0 W
The last iLem broairLt liep. Kannamano to the
front as a member oi tne mat nty in taror ot in
crease, forceiunc nis cmmenoAiory stana in
favor of retrenchment on tee auary of the cir
mit Jadr of KiJiala. on this occasion he favored
an increase from $100 as presented in the bill, to
jr.uJ as paswc
In th ronrsr of the artiirut:nt on thu nuetion
Bep. Tharatoa said tbat this question of increased
salaries was what was spitUae the life blood of the
nauoa. He bad ficored op the amount paid oat
as salaries to officials and i oend that it amounted
to IjOd770. leanne only $l,?U0,U.Oof therevenne
of the country for other purpose, sacb as the pay
mnt nf the national debt, the interest thereon and
other indebtedness. He remembered remarks
lately made by the Alinisterot rinaoce.wcen elec
tioneering on Molokai, who said, in defene uf the
Uinutry, tbat it was not the Ministry who wasted
the money, bat the Representatives who were sent
by the people, vnica latter wciaiea tne amonni
and manner in which money was to be expended
and the Ministry co aid onlr carrr oct their wishes,
itu. nthr Hat there seemed to exist a mania to
cat down, bat now efforts in that direction proved
abortive. xpreseniaue bujcu m
n tittinf a tmsteea of the monev of the
people, bat instead, seemed to consider it their
basinees to raise tae Baltnes of all friends and
the facts conneeted wkk th viit n tk
of Captain (afterwards Commodora. Jon in tha
U. &. Peacock in thm mf i-t. it Kaai.a.-
that the statement of this case founded onsnch
mieatx as was available to His Majesty Govern
meat here, which honorable members will find in
ppexKiu to tc j report to the Lcilatare (sppen.
pare 13). COOld be taatariaDv standM and
trencthened by tbe original doctuneDt in the ar
chives of Govern meat departments at Washington
were examined, and it waa especially with the
view of his assisting Mr. Carter in this task that
Daccett was appointed. The result of tbe con
ference with Mr. Carter wis, that as stated in my
report (report pace 15). it waa deemed desirable
in the mean time to take no action beyond a state
ment of tbe case on file in the Department of
State at Washington.
Air. iiarrettwas also reonested to aerertaln
the new taken by the Government ot the L'nitd
States of a proposal that had been made to His
Majesty's Government to admit the rice required
by Japanese labors. Imported from their own
country, free of doty. The Japanese are preju
diced in favor of their own noe, and the Govern
ment was disposed to accede to the reqoest, pro
vided that such a coarse involved no inf nnfietnent
ot IreatT obligations. Before Mr. Daggett reached
n aahinrton this matter was virtually settled and
tbe propoaal withdrawn, and Mr. Dacffett was not
therefore called vpon to take any steps in regard
In l
Statement received and laid on table for farther
coniide ration.
KeprtsentatiTe Castle offered a resolotioa that a
committee of seren be appointed to Tisit and in
stwet tbe Tarioas public baildiac.
Tbe Attomev-Ueneral amended by insertinc
and all Invitations that receive Government
aid." which, after some unimportant debate, war
Bepresentauve Keaa amended that, "all the
members viit the PabUo Institatioos and tbat the
Serjeant-at-arms be instructed to provide car-rill7es,,
This amendment caused Bermntattve Thors
ton to qoestiou if liepraentative Keau was not iir
terested with some carriage company. (Iiagbter.i
He alo sagcent to tbe mover of this last amend
ment that be was acam becoming expensive and
forgetting the interest of his poor constituents at
MtkikL (Laaghter.)
Tbe motion maktnc the number seven was
earned and later the IVeaident appointed Bepre-
aeniauve tiickey, luenaroson. naaaamano, Keaa,
Dole, Palohsa and tbe Minister ot Foreign Affrir.
lot Attomey-lreneral read for the nrst time a
bill relating to dntirt on sptritnoas Itqaor. To
seoona reading.
7he Attorner-Oenerai osered a resolution ttiat
hereafter a roll be called of members of the Assem
bly, every morning and tbe names of all absent
members be entered on the journal of the Assem
bly. Carried.
BcrresentatiTs Dole cave nouce ox intention to
introduce a bill to amend article 03 and G& ot the
Constitution, relating to the Supreme Coart.
On motion Hon. H. Kaihslani and llepreseata
tive Kaloa were each granted a week's leave of
The President announced as the special com-
toittee having charged of tbe new item of "Pay
IatrrreteiV a totlowa : jne Attoroey-ueoe-
ral. Bepresentauve KaolDkoo, Brown, Palonan
and Hon. J. H. x Mirtm. BpnenUtire Kauto
kjo was excused by reqos st and bis place filled by
rrsentauve l nurttoo.
preaentative Dickev offered a resolution that
the rinance Committee have leave to sit daring
sitting of the House.
ltppresenutive hoio rae to a poiut oi oruer,
the sue of tbe tuper on this resolution wis pre
sented was improper, as was also, that of the reso
lution presented by the Attorney-General, he
moveu an adjonrnment odiu moanu iuo mmuui
parsed at UxU.
ArrtRxooj session.
The Ak?emblr reconvened at 1:10 p. m. and
Representative Dickey immediately introJaced
again tbe revalution relative to the sitting of tbe
Finance Committee, which was passed unnoUced
: noon by the motion or adjournment, uarneo.
Representative Brown read for the first time a
bill to amend the act relating to bankruptcy.
rassed to econd reading.
lLnreMctative Amara read for the first time a
bill making kooohiki fiahnes free to the people.
lo seoond reading in oruer.
Kepresentauve iaebao.e rrau tor tne nrst time
lull to mnd chanter 7J of the Penal Code re
lating to the Bureau of Public Insulation. Re
ferred to Committee on Edacatioa.
Representative Dickey read tor tbe fint time a
bill to amend Section 77s of the Civil Code1 relat
ing to the qualifications for Representative. The
amendment provides that no person who for a
Tir rtrviajn to tis election has held roeution as
Judge of a Court of Record, District Justice, Tax
Assessor or iiecsor can ue kiu.ci iu mi as
pmenUUTe, To second re ding.
itepreseniauve nunwou avv nuucv vi .uicu
lion to introduce a bill for the relief of residents
at Makiki, Honolulu whose property had been
taken fornse by tbe Government in connection
with the Makiki reeervoir.
The Minuter of the Interior from tbe Printing
committee reported tbe following bills ready for
uisinoauon; i, aauioruuig quit wim um, u, iuq
Bishop ot Oiba; , to amend Section 10 of the
CmlCode relating to tbe property of married
people; 3, Relating to the tax on Chineae; 4, to
amend the law relating to cruelty to animals; ,
relating to the "ioecine ngnu oi me pro pie
IThantiarat ClvU Code-
Be pre entati ve Kauai notice of bill to amend
section isz oi uiapter m, :essioa aaws ix-., mac
inr ti thn . rtf arnnmons llouors.
lheurueroi tee uiy oeing moTrvi, tua uiu .
latin? to the Fire Limits of Honolulu came np on
third reading and was pasea as ioiiows:
sktms i 'mat nan or me uit oi uonotua
which is bounded as follows, to wit: By tbe water
front- be tha easterly side of Maunakea street.
extending from the water front to tbe south corner
of King street, tbence along tbe makai side
King street to a point intersecting tne eaieny oi
line, of Konia (formerly bmith) street where said
line extended; thence alon: the easterly nde of
Konla (formerly Smith) street to a point eighty
Cocrt kaa held its session daily at Hilo dor-i-ithepait
weekanda large calendar ha been
,-?tte4i i
'aire Prwr . V,.- ln JJ.rT tnhm hroncht
' i Cjort room daily on a tonnge owing to
. Jf CUmdims CipC Matsoo aafleJ
uta Hia co Honday May 17th for San Francisco
i f ii cargo of lagar, and 7 pOG
fci Taylor ail chili. Mrf.Lydgte, Mrs. Jack-
pecgrs ce the Kmm CfsWiM from Hilo
tranc-.too. reyv-e.
Tbeeaacof Efkna mn Ufnmtiu rurr at
d7. fAtHikon TtorsOay and occupied a3
jury broogfai to a verditt of ccilty
Mwinng tee lower cocru
WeddtBcmt Pala.
oTtheyIinat the genial MtCB.
of Uajitfa! w nain,, to Ura Waal a
fSij0 has lately arrived from Norway. The
CvTrr? -a,i receptksi was at the resiJace of
gneiMuiai. at Paia. The parties have many
testified ta their aleie by many col
Jfof ailTerware aad seen articles as a
5rfcng cut ia life will find useful.
Representative naaioaoa jaTorcu uie juuc?c,
asked because be did not think tbat a competent
officer could be obtained for lead.
Representative Kauhanc was not In favor of the
manner in which the people's money was being
wAivf isit. Um illustrated his objection by sav
ing this, like a cow tbat had a creat number of
calves who were continually calling for nourish
ment, the milk was apt to give oat ana au wonia
.lirta. a number of members nresent werced de
sirous of milkina the cow pretty dry. f Laughter
and applause.) Members eeemed to be willing to
giy out money caxt:iesij, vj mm vj vw
oome the torn of the last one and they would be
apt to "to get le." i,iiaugnter.i
RitnNHontitin Kacnamano aaii he consiJered.
according to his conscience, that tbe holder of the
nwrvvi &hui1J ohtain a. larce salary. The Assem
bly vera now considering tbe Department of the
j a.nnirv. una neuue mere nut. mu.iz ui mmt.
now (Laughter. When they the A&secibly) got
to that portion of the lull wnere uepaouc were
enutled to consideration he would not be found
wanting. When dicasAioa come apan tbe Road
Ac, ha would be there. tLaugtter.)
At 125 the Committee rose and Hon. A. S. Cleg
knn r--.rt.l the work accomnlished to tbe Presi
dent and Assembly, and asked leave to sit again.
The pemiMion ocsirea was granieu.
u.fu.a.iUrfim.Tit whii-h vm had a few ml
notes before B o'clock, the lresident of the Board
of Health presented tne prwiea repon oi um du
reaa, immediately after which the Asacmblj ad
joameu caul iu a. m. oeu uaj.
rifiirrTrjvTH niY.
Thtksdat. 3Iar 2tXh.
.1, . -r. nrwanf Kv nflTfr bv the
chapUin but it was 10 o'clock before tbe read
ins of the minutes was ended, the delay being
consequent upon ice , .
Alter being read, the minutes, after a few altera-
finni aar. innTATfd.
, -.Hit
from ndenU of N. Kona, crotn'Timg awtia
mrea, prarini that the tlectwa of 1. K. hahala u
BfpmcotaUT. of that district br annulled, offer
ina aa leaaona 1, Baud rtf aied to crteTotin;
pnnlirta to iiht old atn beeasw thy had
auted tttir itttotion to Tota for G. W. FJipo
Bacmottatire Nihale a opponent illla Koanl
did pre pntilicea U foorwen raartn hohad
tteirTOttawtracUirarftobecaatfor 'abae;3,
allovins U soqaalifiad persons to Tote zt. allow
ing boyi nndtr lejH Totizs mcl ito TMa. The rottj
out at th. riectioa for aoa!a 3X1, literal 30 Ut
?T7;MTn W. TO)-vi haJ lil wtich with
glddod aa claimed aroold hare plen him 133.
Bafrrml to Jodioarr Committee.
BtpreaenUliT. Eaoai a petrtioa from refldenu
of Waimea, Kauai, that the aamot be tp-
BepresentatiTe Exhale a ptUtkra from N. houA
that be appropnated for tne purpose oi n
prpriL: a certain read in that dtlnct. To Com
Bluet oa t.uMB ii.i.ii .
, . t.... f rnrvim A ffAira f n aoa-aer to
reaolEiiori ottni by Keprtseouara Dole tha pe
nooa day and paaed bj tie JLaaemUr, presented
. .tiint reUtiTt to the raiiiioa oi ILM. Dar-
nttU Waahir ctoc, a foil j.a :
Daiaed'bTthtHooje.onmoUooof th.Hon.S.R
ESe. rraaMtim; na to Inform tha AaaaaNjof
ton. and tha retnlt o aash mlaiop. I hare to aaj
that Mr. Dacsett waa appointed injnnelaataa
IU ilajestj J Special Commiaaiotier at Waataa
UeSpTraiTwithand asiit IIi Eieellencj
feet inauka of Hotel street; thence easterly a line
eighty feet manka and parallel with said Hotel
nrwt tit mint eichtv feet euterlv of the easter
ivlin nf Alakea KtreL and thence alone aline
eifibty feet easterly and parallel with said easterly
line oi A l a tea street so we water iruui, iudiuuiuk
alt of tha land now or hereafter to be reclaimed
within the said limit; also both sides ot Nunanu
and Port strveta, between Hotel and Beretania
streets to a di-tance ot eighty feet from each side,
shall be known as the fire limits of Honolala. On
all streets where one side only is within the fire
limits, the buildings on the opposite side (if not
fire-prnoii snail not exceeu one eiory ot uuiuver
IS frt in Leictt and the highest point, or ridge
pole, of the roof baU not be over 30 feet above the
street grade.
Srr-nnx " Kverv unujicc or fciruciare excep.
ir eloaeta or nnvies. bearaf ter built it bin tbe
fire limits cf Honolulu, shall have tbe external
walls thereof constructeu oi onck, stone, ooncreie,
iron nr nther annroved nre-rroof matenal. rrovid'
ed tbat if of iron tbe frame work shall also be ot
iron, and that rafters and mot timbers, if covered
with approved fire-proof material, may be of wood.
If any part of tbe interior of fire-proof buttling
khall be ceiled with fire-proof matenal or Utbed
and plastered. Tbe provisions of this Act shall
not apply to such sheds as have been or nuy be
hereafter erected by the Hawaiian irovernmem,
on tbe water frontage, for wharf accomtnodation.
Snrm n No wooden Duuame or siruciure
now erected within the fire limits of Honolulu
shall be altered, repaired or changed without pt-r-musion
in wnung, signed by tbe Minister ot the
Int.rtnr whieh nermit shall onlv be e ranted upon
an application in writing accompanied by parti
culars sufficient to indicate the nature and extent
ot alterations, repairs and changes contemplated.
and no men premission snail oe granieo wuen
such alteraUon, repair or change amounts to a re
newal of one-third or more of the original struc
inr atnd maeh rarmisaion shall become void un
less the work tor which it tl iwued is began within
ten davs and completed witntn ninety aays alter
tbe date of said permission.
Srcnos l. .no person owning or occupy iuk auy
buildmg fronting on any street, lane, alley or
place wimm m urc um.t w Muumuiu, hh w
sUuct or cause to be constructed or maintained,
mi awnini7. shade or balcony, except in accord-
idm with tha fallowing Droviuons : Soch awning.
.Vi... nr KjalmriT. h.ll b aeearely aaDDorted
on rought iron brackets built into the walls, and
shall be supported without potts, and shall be not
le than eleven feet above the line ot curb levels
of the sidewalk, and shall have a gutter formed to
carry off the water to the hue of the bu ilding, and
Irom tnence to luenreei guuer; ptw-.urw, tu.
no gutters will be required to be constructed on
cloth or canvas awnings or shades j also, provided,
that the height ot all moveable canvas or cloth
awnings or shades, hereafter constructed, shall
tiAi Ho Uf than aeven and a half feet above tbe
tin nf tha t-orh level or the sidewalk. "o awning.
Ahade or balcony shall extend beyond the lice of
tbe curb, ao awning, tuaue or oaicouy soau ue
inclosed to a greater height than tnrsa leei six
inches ; provided, that no awning, shade or bal
cony shall be erected on any building facing on
any streets, lane, alley or place which is thirty
feet or less in width ; and no awning, shade or
balcony shall be constmcted on the sides or rear
of any building within the fire limits unless there
u a a-Iar anaee of not IeM than thirty feet between
nrh haiidmf and the adjacent bondings and then
they shall be consiructea oi nre-prooi naMiiw.
n aitms anaii ue Diaoeuoa uie .rout, t c i a.uu
of any building higher than its blocking coarse or
nr wail, ana no sum raaae oi wooo. cmiu ui
doth shall exceed .three feet in height. All signs
west te securely ooiiea to me aHiuuuic up
which they are placed. No frame-work shall be
nlnJ abnva the roof of any bcildine and covered
with infiAmmable matenal, for signs or any other
Second rending of 4 An Act to amend Section 1,
Chapter 57, Penal Code, relating to Idle and Dis
orderly Persons and Vagrants. Bill read by
title and referred to J ndictary Committee,
Second reading of An Act aapplementary to
Art. m. Chapter If. ftvilCude, for the Prevention
of Smuggling. To Judiciary Commitlre.
Second reading of - An Act to amend Section
V.Citi1 Code, relating to the Board of Kdoea
tion, as amended by Chapter tl, lawi of lVtL"
Its object is to r.'modeltht dwtncu into which
tnelidands aredirided for taxation, educational
and judicial purposes, and t this end Hawaii has
uniricia, juaai, auiatutwie, iiuu aim niuwNiwf
uuibw; nauai anu .insa u. Aiier iu oui
s read it was, on motion of Rep. Castle referred
to Committee on Kdacxtioa.
At 4r3Jp. ra Bep, Castle moreU adjournmrut
untU Satorday mornins to, enable tbe yarioo 1
rommiitees to further tha work in hand. He
finally withdrew hi motion, and a motion of Rep,
Abolo to adjourn until 10 a. m. the next day pre
vailed, the Aoembly dkwatriug fr ttm at 4.30
1 ClOCk.
vtYcrmcxTn pat.
FsxbkT. MavIHt.
Tbe AsacrablTConrenedatlOa.tu. Pravtr bv
the Chi plain. In accordance with a rewolution of
previous aty. tne roil was caueu. ana oareir a
quorum answered to their name.
me minute oi thertrenon session were read
and approved.
i co loiiowing petition were men prevnieu :
nr itenreenutiTe lAiouttu. xrom iianaiei.
Kauai, tbat fiXU) be appropriated for a bridge at
lAtmahaa. To be considered with Appropriation
Bill. ANo, from the same place, that a leper and
general hospital be established at Kane, To
Sinitary Committee.
By Representative Dickey, from the llutrictof
Makawao; L That Chines marned to Hawaiian
women le not allowed to leave tbe country with
out first I'nmdmg their wires with a hoase, furni
ture end $000. That two Reprrsentativev be
pnoiuieu to iakawao, ,s iu no permanen.
settlement bo inaileuu foreigners, 4, Opposing a
fl0.ftO.0CO loan. To Finance Committee. 5,
Inat all prtmnera be enuDlaved on tbe roads in tbe
district in which tbey were convicted. To Judi
ciary Committee.
ut i;eprcsenuuTe Aausie ironi the diatnet oi
North Kona tbat be appropriated for n
boat landing at Keauhoo. To Committee on Fob
lie Lands.
Representattve N shale obtained an order to be
furnished with a copy ot a petition presented the
previous dy, praying tbat his election for the dw
tnct of North Kona be set aside.
1 ne Minister of Interior from tbe Printing Com
niittee, reported tbe following bills are printed ; 1
to regulate proceedings in bankruptcy; 2, to amend
section 77$ of the Civil Code ; 3, relating to Kono
hiki sea fihenn; t, to amend section 3 and 4,
chapter 73, of the Penal Code, relating to tbe Bu
reau of Public Instruction.
;enreentitive Brown from tbe Judiciary Coro-
raitlee reportei on petition praying tbat tbe
Anupuaa oi naimea do aooeu to tne Mistnct oi
Waialua. and reoommended tbat the petition be
hid on tbe table, to be considered with a bill on
tbe subject. Approved.
mo Jiuiisier oi inienor gave notice oi uia in
tention to introduce a bill to nculate the construc
tion of ba.l&Dg in the city of Honolala.
lUtnreentatire Kauhane oaered a resolution
that $500 be appropnated for furnishing a better
eunnlvof water at Waiobinu. libled for consi
deration with tbe Appropriation BUI.
lienresentative iauat reaa lor toe nrst ume a
bill relating to intern! taxeas. I'aMed to second
KepresentaUve Kauua care notice of a bill to
amend Section Chapter (0 of tbe Penal Code,
Repressntattve Paehaole offered a resolution
tbat $7.0UU be appropriated for improvements and
uwtouio raiasana onageson tne isianu oi
Mot Lai. Tabled for consideration with Appro
priation Bill.
itenreseatauve naunamano reaa xor tne nrst
time a bill to amend section 7s3 of the Civil Code,
relating to t lection districts. lat-ed to second
Kenresentaure icarston nskeu the Minister oi
Foreign Affairs as llreidectof Board ot Health
if there would be any farther report ot the Board
ot Health to contain Dr. Amine s report.
I ne Aiinihter or rorwin A n airs aaia. in answer
; tbe question, tbat a report of Dr. Arning's which
iad been addrefsed to tbe lreslJeut of tbe Board
of Health, and other correspondence, had been
pnnieu, ana wouia oe iaia oeiore toe .aeTnoiy.
ltiu report and all the correipondence was in
jcint more than a month ago, and tbe report was
tent tour, .rnmg ur correction, ine report ot
Dr. Amine would be contained in tbe report on
leprosy to be issued by tbe Board of Health, giving
romp.eie accouui aua niaiory o. toe uiseaite.
lenreentatl,e lhurston ouered a resolution
tbat tbe Minister ot tbe Interior te requested to
be lay before the Assembly at an early date a state
roent of tbe ruroea of the persons who have been
awarded claims against the Government on ac
count of oroperty taken for the use of tbe water
works at MaMkL Carried.
ilcprrsentatire Kauvi read for tbe first time n
bill relating to tbe licence of the sale of rpintuoua
inucn. to secona reading.
Renresentatire Palobau offeml are solution tbat
the serceant-at-arma be ordered to have carnages
ready at 1 o'clock on Saturday for tbe committee
of eeven to vwt tbe public institutions. A light
vote was given, on tnisresoiauon oeiugput, ana
the result was declared n in favor ot the resolu
tion, 'litis waa doubted by some ot tbe members
and before tbe president could put the question
the econd time, Reprevnlatire Brown objected
to tbe vole in Us entirety, as there had not been
two IhinH of tbe members voting, as required by
rule 43.
lEenreAcntativ Kaunamano called lor the Ave
and Nays on the wolation. The Attorney-He n-
erai onjecica to luisproceuure toe caiipeingou.
of order. He claimed that there had been a vote
and that tbe result had been announced by tbe
lresident. Therefore tbe only motion now in or
der would be to reconsider.
President Walker ruled tbat the vote as an
TJouuocd waa correct and la order.
Representative 11m an annealed from tbe deci-
won of tne chair but, on a vote being taken the
chair wni nnheltL
Representative Ricbardion now moved tbe Order
oi the nay, wuicn being carrieu, urougui up lor
consideration the items in the Department ot the
cdieiarv in the Anm-oprution mil. ine .asem-
blv resolved into Committee ot tbe Whole. Hon.A.
S. Cleghorn in ibo chair, and the following items
were passea as dcjow pnnica :
District Jodse, lloaoaala .... W-m,trktJod-e,
Alakawao. ... ,wm
An attempt at retrenchment wa-t made bv
motion ta ut tbe salary at $2,000 but the ellort
laueU, tne item being pajoeu as in iue diu.
he hour ot noon naTtng arrtreu adjournment
waa had until liw p, ra.
At l;IOn. the Committee acatn came to order
and there upon Bep, Kaulukou, moved tbat tbe
Committee rti and report prcgrr&s and a.k loave
.) sit a?ain. c-trned ana tae lorumme rose
linn. A. S. f .Iei?ham re nort in back to the Assem
bly tbe action taken. Report received and re
quest granted.
Representative Kauuamarm uid that, in the
laendim? matU-r relating to the contested aeut of
Rep. J. K. Nahale. that it woulJ be neceiMary ta
obtain witneMma from tbe diuriet of N. Kona and
a tbe .temr a. IfaU was leaving tbat nfter-
nonn the onnortunitv oQetrd lo 8Miu luoeWDnse
presenco were oesireu, nouce to auenu.
l lia Altomwv-oeQerai ocereu ice ioiiowuic ir
lotion- ''That tbe Committee on Judiciary be
authorized to tend tor documents and subpena
itnesses in tbe matter of lion. J. K. ft hair.
wboe election is ountitsieu,' utrrteu.
Iue Aeniblr now again resolved luto uommit-
iie nf the Whole, lltin. A. is. Clecborn in the cbair.
and proceeded with the conidertloo of items in
tbe Aprropnation lhlt tbe foltowina being ped
as nere pnnteai
DUtrlcl Jnde, lUni l.3tJ
Representative Richardson moved an increase
A di-fassion of some length now followed, en
tirely out ot order, and appertaining eomewhat to
the position oi memoers anu isiauicn iu ircnru
to their connection with newspapers, Rep. lole
ml the Minister of Foreign Affairs being the only
outtdf tbe speakers that disclaimed any connec
tion with tbe pre. The Hero passed as abore
1 ue louowiug iiems wre pAsaea as priaieu .
niitrict Jod-e, I-aeai i
liltrlct Jadre. Koelsapoko. . . if u
This item was increased from $100 as in tbe
Bill to $3.CUU as mscd. on motion ot Representa
tive naulukou.
Seetioni. No cornice, entati at ores, belt coaxes
or other ornamental projections of wood, shall be
placed on any fireproof building within tbe nre
limits of Honolulu. All exterior cornices, en
tablatures, belt courses, and other projections of
an ornamental character, shall be constructed of
some fireproof matenal ; if of iron to be riveted
together with rivets not more than 1 inches apart,
and hall be supported oa wroacnt-iron bracket,
built into the wall at a distance not to exceed i
feet apart , and in every instance the greatest
weLrtit of stone, iron cr other material of which
they shall be composed, shall be on tbe inside of
the wall on which they may rest, in the proportion
of 4 of wall to 2 cornice in weight ; allowance
most be made for tha excels ot leverage produced
by tbe projection of cornice beyond tbe face of
the wall ; all cornices shall be well secured to tbe
wall with iron alienors, independent of any
wood work, and in all eases the wall shall be
carried up to the planking of the roof ; and whan
tbe roof is dhow tee cornice, men tne wau snau
Im earned on to tha too of tha cornice or the block
ing ever tbe same, and aha D be coped with some
nreorooi material. All vooacn cornices or gutters
on nrrproof buildings that are now, or may here
after become snaaie. s&au be taken down ana re
constructed of acme fireproof matenal, upon an
order from the Minister of Interior.
Section 6. All opening in side or party walls
most be protected by iron, or Iron covered shutters
to be approved by the Minuter of Interior and all
sue or panjr or trust mstu rear vuu ot maj uauu-
ing i or more leei cigu auaiiDeouui up ana ex-
tenaM at least .jj xncnes aoove every point wi
tbe roof meets tbe wall, and such wall shall be
low than 13 inches in thickness.
Section.. Anv person violating any of the pro-
TUions of this Act shall be deemed guilty of mis
demeanor, and on conviction shall be mushed by
a nne ot not more man nve nunarea aouars ; ana
tbe continuance wc "ti-iimmf of such violation
after coovTction shall be deemed a new offense for
each, diy oa which the same is so cxntuaed or
nuuuuiiN. ana saau oe punisneu acuuuingiv.
Section li. It shall be the duty of the Fire Mar-
shal of Honolulu, the Marshal of the Kingdom,
bis Deputy, or any Police O Ocrr to report any m
fnncementof the provlskns of this Art to the
Minuter of Interior, who shall immediately take
necessary st-ps for the roeecation of the offender.
aecQons. au laws ami parts or laws &t in
conformity with this Act are hereby repealed.
Second reading of 'An Act to regulate tbe
Kindling of Fires in the City cf Honolala," Con-
Seeood rsadine of AnAsi to amend Section
Chapter 21, lesunn Laws of 1334, relating to the
Challenges of Juror. To FrrigroWsnient and to
third reading oa the 2Snd iaet.
Seeood reading of -An Act to Liocmw Pawn
brokers." Bill read by title and referred to Ju
aicaary -omm;iiee.
for the anniversanr of thebirtbtlyof licTMwt
Gracioos Majesty Victoria, Queen of Great Britain
and Ireland, and Era r reaa ot India. Carried,
lion. Godfrey Rhodes was, at bis request granted
leave of absence for tbe rest ot the session. In
asking for tbe favor tbe gentleman aaW that, hi
falling health necetuilaied a, charm to a cooler
climate. His Parliamentary life dates back to
1SS0, and from tbat time np tcr the prefect be had
never shirked his duties or a-krd for lea ye of ah.
lbe Minister of Interior presented the following
statement in answer to a remlution introdaced by
Jiep. Auurston;
MIn rtmlv In a fralritinm intrrxlnfrl St ihn ltfrri-
ble member from Molokai, "That the Minister of
the Interior be reqoeateU to lay before the Assem
bly a statement ot the names ot the persons who
have been awarded claims against the Government
on account of property taken for tbe ue of the
water work at Makiki. aistrtctof Honolulu, Oabu,
and the amount dne each with interest to date
hereof, I beg lave to submit the folio wing state
ment: The Appraisers filed tbeir report January
n, as follow, yfz: John hnack, flW Rev.
1L U. Wrker, f-VX; Queen Dowager Emma, $2JW;
Iavnd oflbu. 12rth Fatate of -Mr. Rihoo. ii'O:
MauLfitt; Kainoa,$3Sk M.nVvliHu efad AUpai,
ei.; ftto, ft .uoui (w, kw; j. nemng,
ToULf34;67U. By judgtuents of the Su
preme Court the following additions were made,
via: Apnl 10. ISO, Maui. 13; April 23, 1&U.J.
M. Hemng, 2,7ttk ToUL $2,1M3, Total judg
ments and awards now awaiting settlement Si?.-
On motion tbe statement was laid on the table
to be considered with abUI to be introdoced on the ;
Reprevntalito Keaa gave notice of a bill to im
pose a dutT on f emitters broach t from foreign
The Minister ot Interior gave notice of tbe fol
lowing bills: 1. To amend Articles of tho Civil
Code, relating to internal trade and commerce.
2. To regulate appraismentt uf road damAges. and
ae-wraents of betterments in tho opening, widen
ing and straightening of streets and highways. X '
'lo establish tbe gradem nnd a idtb of streets, side
walk a and bichwav iu tbe city of llooolulo- 4
Toextendtheterraof the Commissioners ot Hound-
anea. 5. To amend an Act entitled "An Act relit
ing to stamp dutiea,' approved September 27, l?7ti
Also, on suspension ot the rnlett, read a first time by
ita title, a bill to reralate the eon.trnetJaiu of hm Id.
ings in the city of Honolala. Oa suspension oi ,
tbe rales, tbe bill was read a second time be title
and referred to the Special Committee having
charge of the "Fire Limit bill.
Representative Keau read a first time a bill to
make a permanent settlement on the Hon. W. C.
Parke. The bill recited that Mr. Parke bad been
in the employ of the Government thirty- four years,
holding otSee during erverl reigns, and provides
for tbe payment to him of iCCU) per annum d ur
ine hfe. To second reading.
Representative Keaa offered a resolution tbat
the sum of $10, bMacco of salary, be paid to
police officer Wm. Tell Referred to- Cutnrn.ttee
of Thirteen.
Representative Keaa also rcscnted a rc.vjutiou
that the Minister of the Interior order tbe easterly
extension ot Queen street to be repaired, and tbat
me itoaa supervisor oa instructed to proceei im
mediately with tbe work. Tabled to be considered
with tbe Appropmtion 1MI.
Representative Castle, on suspension of tbe rules,
presented the following petitions: 1. From Wai
luku, that water pipes belaid at Kahutui and Wai
luko. To Committee oa lublio Lmds. 3. Against
a f ltvaV,CV.) loan bill. 3. Against a bank charter
bill being p&wed. To Finance Committee. 4.
Against the licensing of opium. To Judiciary
Hon. A. S. Clecbom offered a resolution that a
committee of fire be appointed tovixit tbe Govern-
raco. (-arta ana ursene aua mat camagea oe
supplied. Carried and the FropiJenl apixiinted
the following members on the Commttteo Rep.
Cecil Brown, HaTselden, Kxunamino, KMun, and
iue At mister or inienor.
Rcpreeentative'haunamano read (or the first
me a bill to repeal an Act providing for the ap
pointment of Road supervisors in chief on the
different islands. To second reading,
ltepresentative Liltkabiui offered a resolution to
tbe effect that as Certain newsnnpeni had been laid
on tbe members deaks since tbe commencement
of the session, the Secretary lo instructed to pay
lencenu ior encacopyot ineuiETTTE, trniitiit
A4rtrtir,JfitJ and weekly and daily Ve ,tfm.
Referred to tbe Onumittce on Accounts.
Representative Kauai gave notice ot an, Act to
amend 316 of tbe CtTll Code, red acini- the duties
oa spintusus liquors
tm motion, tne tinier or tho vxy clnic tit
bringing forward for co aside ration on third read
ing tbe bill to amend ivction 1 Chapter tl of the
law relating to challenges to jurorv The bill waa
read and patsed without debate, as follows:
SrCTtox 1. Section I of Chapter XXI ot the
session Uws of INtt la hereby amended to Tend aa
''SECTION 1. In Addition to thn ehalUnffoa of
jurors now allowed by law ta all trials by lory
plaintiff and defendant shall each bo Allowed to
challenge peremptorily two Jurors without align
ing any reason inercior: out wnere are several
parties on either sulo they must join fn aach chal
lenges. Srcnos 1. Thia Act shall te effect front and
after its passage.
Second reading of a bill relating to tbe kindling
ot fires in the city of Honolulu. Referred to.
r ire laimii" comniiitee.
Second readme ot a bill tela line toamendiui
Section of Chapter tk Session Laws f ISM. relat
ing to tbe sale of spirituous liquors. Bill rend by
title and referred to Committee of the S hole for
CAWistderattou on loesday iUy2otli,
RepreseutatiTo Hayclden from tbe Coiuiuittee
on Account, on suspension of the mire, prcscnb?d
tbe following report: "Tbe Committtv on Ac
counts, to whom waa referred arrmtution tntrcv
doerd bv Reiv Llltkalani ihladsv. that -nil Jailv
should te jviid for, reoammecd tbat all dally a.id
weekly newspapera heretofore, ftirniahed. hali be
paid fur at the rate of, fire centslfo? each eopr of
a daily, and tru ceuts for a eeklr, I'he Attor
ney-General amended by insert tug or tbat may
neresiitr ie. Appripveu.
Second reading ot a bill to rrercut the obs true
tion ot the streets of Honolulu, Lahalna, Wailuku,
Kabululand Hilo.
Representative Castle drew attention to the de
fective characb-r of the bill, the title only mention
ing ''Honolulu. He moved that tha bill be re
ferred to tbe select "Fire IJmit Committee.
At 12K17 tbe Assembly acljourned until 10 a.m.,
on thcSa'th itist.
i,(o m
J0.O1I v.
D! Uriel Jttdjc, llaaslel 1
Dtstnct Jadre. Kawslbau.. l.uotu
Police Jastice, Lihae
Dfttrlct J-ftite. Knloa l.t' W
UUtrfct Jattiee, Hatmea t.iO
Clerk, fecood Jadldal Circuit U 00
Clerk, Third JsdleUl Clreatt.. i
Clerk. Fourth JadiciaiCtrcstt. W Ot
Extteaief of Sanreme Coart..... 10.00 i
Expense of Clrcalt Court aad oj
iinefcs in unmisii vase ivt w
Tha last Item above ia a combination ot the
items Expenses ot witnesses in Criminal Cases
.,aLU. expenses rna.ejauiciai circuit ex
penses 3rd. J udicial Circuit iCSX) ; and expenses
im j uaicwi uircurt i i.ai ana icey were, on mo
tion of the Attorney-General consolidated Into
Parthaeof Law Book.. . ...
Matioaary aad Inchleatals.
rilstias Uawalua Ceport la
lUwaluus aad fcitiult
marea .
Cemptlla: irantUtlagaod rlnt-
ms uwi ia uawaiiaa anocr
the aaH.or.tr and d'-rtcuon
of the sarreaje Coart.......
Pivof Clerk Felice Court, lleoo-
lala , , Ui
r.Tot ChiBeee laterpreter aad
TraaUter. I.HBW
Pay of h1eenerof theJadkl
arj ifepanaieni -
Representative Dole rooved the insertion ot
nav of stenocxaDber a-XtOOL" The Attorney'
General amended by placing tbe amount to $6XWX
uepreaeniAUre nAciukoa nopea tnat ue item
would sot be placed in tbe bill.
After a short ducassica Representative Dole
withdrew bis motion to insert, in order to enable
tbe Attorrey-General to bring in a bill on the snb-
lect ana oi wnien notice nas aireaay been ciTen.
At 3i3 the Committee rose and the Chairman
reported bac to the Assembly tbe bu sines -l trans
acted. Benort approved. tc
lupreaentauy uasue raovea i&az ue order oi
LoiiniAnea Business F oe taaen up,
BenresentAtire Kaunamano internosed with
motion to adjourn, and at 4 b 'clock the Assembly
parted to meet again on tbe nomin of thond.
next day.
SiTcaniT. May Sad.
The Asoemblv convened at tbe usual boor par
suant to adjournment of tbe previoui day. After
nrayer by the Chaplain the roll waa called by the
rcretAryv 33 members answering to their names.
ine minutes ox tea rrrnous meeting were men
reaa, ana approve!.
The following petitions were then nrtsenied:
RepTrsentatrre Tharstan from residenta of Kaa
napali that the election of J. A. Kaukau as a Ke-
presenUUve of that district be declared null and
void. Kef erred to Judiciary Committee.
By Represeatatrya KaoiiA from residents of
KooUspoko, tbat, the sum of ?7i,UU0 be appro
priated for the purpose of building a iwd through
the Nuoanu I'ali or else through thelralley; the
petition oontalaed 200 signature. Tabled for con
sideraUon with a bill on tbe subject.
By IprcseaUtrre Dickey from the Deputy
Sheriff of Makawao, Raking for aa appropriAlioii
of sjm far remira and cnlamas tne Jailor
boose at Paia. To Committee on PabUe Laada.
By Bepnesetitative Kauai from rejndeata of
Waictwa, Saoxi, that $3 (XX) be appropriated for
extending the wharf at tVaimea. labUd for ooo-
aideratioa with the Aporoortauon BuL
The Minister of Inienor from the Printing
Committee, reported the lotnwmz UU1 Drialea
and ready for ciatnbation. 1 to antsad aeaCtion
leI6i,lfi, and 23, of chapter 44, of tbe Session
L-iwi of 1S3. 3 to amend section 790 of the CSnl
Code relating to Election Districts. 3 relating to
the sale af sptritooas liquora. 4 to irpeal chapter
10 of lb Civil Code relating to tbe Department
of latxuc instrucxioa.
Tbe Minister of Fcmrizn Affairs offered a resolu
tion that, when ths Aseexably sdjocxoa (t, da so en
til Tuesday, tbe S&th t&m la order to Jbov respect
tuition Salts.
Special Saie
On Wednesday, May 26th
t;i1'i. TJ.ySalrstuMH. I ha er 1 "
ttrectlet. pertlva-tT to rt,
"VsITi-tll Q XZX Rosoxvo!
Oleographs, Ghromos,
This la a Tory t bolor let rf I1wre,aaeweftiay
cmoci oaereti ia iLanoma. aau hm:j naai w
oW ta close rMrjWEieat A
150 Guns now in Bond
I wMI ala -ell a taffx liar .-f
Wjvx: Dolls and Accordeons
Large Square Piano
(a fli e .-li!'-i-TERJI-
t vn
J. I.iO - t' . t
Regular Cash Sale
On Saturday, May 29
atl9a te.at tay MaieirawB. wtu be told
at iStMtc Auction,
Opctirtl Cotters.
Has a oftlce UU Mrnr. HUfcopA t'a.,einrer Met
n allead to any bulaes eotra.tea to him
Has aa Oftlce over Mesr. BUhop Jt t.o, Hask. oaraec
Urn-havat ior! Kiilnnuea ts.. aind lll lt haiitLi in
atiend to an? baslnes eairotc ra his et re ts. ?m
rURNISHED ROOMS Nt ana-. M,y lu
tae. umt can ue nu wan variy anuiir n-im
(W .NO. I tlAItltHS LSK
THIS PAPm U krnl Oh tie al E.t DAkE'S
AdTrnuta-Aiiri.Slaaa M MptchMit, Eirhiatr.
n fraarlrcn. Cal . where contract f nr aihrert Ulae
can oe taaux ir 11. iva.
Xcw t-wrtisciutnts.
I.Y1N(; CI.Al.Mh
rrqnrvlrd li prevent ll.in imw-4ii
IX acato-l.MRS. M ACU UKt'kLEY K ' NAMl arr
IlonolaU. May SMh. I.
Assignee's Notice I
aJ Honolala, Oaba. bating matle ao ai)cHni,bt nf
all ikelr property, tic. lo ibw aadertlrd for the
benefit ol iheir creditor, aotice it ketrby civen lo all
proii to prrsval ibrlr culm aglort tbe raid (jooac
Yuen York Koa wilhla one mtinth trom date lo M.
CoaUron.ai iheolUcoof X. . I'rtnbaa.n Jb Uo.. lioae
lala. and all peoons Indebted to aij tjanni; Y aan.
1 Of at nre aro urrr uj Trr,iru iu Riakr IMUMUI'
paymenltntkoaadertUaed. il LOl lsX
AIBt-0; a HMJ I Vfl 40TCKCI.
Iloaolalo. way ilih. Ivt. ' ill. i
r.,- DHcd rrackca. fine Tai
ao4 Pear
ATM at ine tame tlsae. I am lntrqrte4 b iv A
frmea ol levflrst of TAN ijl KX A IW, to
,ril thi- b'ant or tk-ir
Entire Stock of Goods
V.r-(-tfBs in part f
Dry Goods,
Chinese Goods,
Jewelry, Etc.,
AVMh -.illalavo- I'.'Oiitct !cale Jte
frooi prUalc TesttletaiB, a vtj Fine Comet
and JJnIe,
)Uxl Luoc. StUr-m'h, -T, VIp -tr.
2 Good Saddle Horses & 1 Carriage Horse
J.tllS. Wtowr. r
Sloop at Auction !
On Monday, May 31st
it '. i.k' 1-1' ItMtKt I II1U
XT'" " T I'"' A 'I. "
All e , ta S.".! r .tirM.on -1 j.1
saau ntne. a rf la-v arit
trTKu i ami
One Second-Hand Billiard Table !
Iaaai10; nuneUetamlarP.Xiraf.M f ;
It la pwt onlrr.ceyhiao. q&lck, etc I
harritn mail asa lot .ak.
Walch wlQ St a Uro Tattle Al.d,
One New Set Ivory Billiard Balls.
ttaa Hotel St. a-arPurtM
Mortgagee' Notice of Foreclosure & of Sale.
rs.vccoi:iiA?ci:wrrn .v. row
rr of le rnaulaetl la a certata taorte raa4e t
Ab Chow to tin aa. tlateil tbet-tdar -t Miy, Is,
recorded la IJVr pace Notice U hereby tina
tbat Mid morTrtceealrada m toreeiWeMid nntar.
laa VUU.Ki". wai u. awu alkali mhi IIH CIU.DTC Will
aell at public aactloK at tt M'Meoom MEP Adams A
Co, In IIoDOlala, i ATV11IIAV. Ue ltfa iUy of
Jane. 1 at U M. or td tttj. lb pnwuee dexribed
in said wwi;z a btlow ajaectfird.
Fnrtker partke'ari caabekaJef U R Uam.t. Av
toraey-at-Law. )IU &t"N.
n on
Property to be eokl:
The IUce I'lanUlloa eloottirasur ilauiodal Katlkl.
Oabn. whtcb eoBit of Ike foltnwtos lrar -
i. ia rearo rtmiita io liee ceituuatea .asat I
B. I-CT, ov1UTt.
Z. Leae-pU' llecV.1- j a Ah Chun. Joae St. if), (or
10y.an. reeottleilla LibTM. pace
Ala.aII iMMuoa. tractarrs. tarw bow, ooe -bale ef
worklor xen aod piker live alck,stirarailare,arl-
canarai impicairnia. aaa iom. ana aji grrwiae crops
on aid pfrin !
Kami llfinnilary Notice.
rn.iUATnix haying i;ki:x
XX fledfortheetlhB.eator the bosaiUrlra ef Ue
unoa BkBcva aa, fajapnirao. r.eaanoe?se atra nas
laLlolboDlatrltTt of North Kat I.UbhL ( II an 11
bekmrt&Ztothe EaUlc f tha Lata Mra. Heralce I'au-
akl lllakcp. police s benoy riven toall pervoea ln
lrret.l. and to all owner of the adiMSla: Laada.
tbatTXElY lb riUror Ja, li,atSa'ktk
a. in. ta Ike Coart 11mm at Xorth kooa. .Ilawali. la
the tlsae and place for bearfn tald spptlcstifte.aJd
r. . LYJUN.
VMHrnlxIperr af llma!arfr
IIIU.Uawil..rk.l!M. 111,31-
Messrs. Miles & Hayiey
their patrosa sua ta atuc al larze. iaat
oclai1 arraarventa have been aade aiirb
aevetal of tbe Leadtwe fctoek Kataer oa the
rauae veaai ior tae j op jut bi auo ior. j tia
tstloaworkaStkeUnrntTdarket Hates. ile,eeTrnil
riolea Jacka warranieti prooi ar aohi roe inta narket.
Aleoon haad. several Inporled Malchaw pm, Sad
dle, aad Family Her?, for sal at the
Hawaiian Hotel Stables.
L berada!rappolate4 AdatwIaUateref the EUie
WEB NEC IX'BnEX. tab of Uannala. Hawaii, de
eeaaed- notjevU bonbylrvai le allperoriorea-at
tbeU ciaiaaa anlaal la opiate el a4 rreraer Lebbea,
dalr aalhoolieatrtf. whether eetwrrd by aaorta-v or
MherKlac, to J. K. ltakf14. al tbe oOee of II. llaefc
feM X Cow. (face biretU Iloaolela. wfthta alxnaewlha
iron. iae awie btti.o' ibtj-ki oa .ovcrrT awrn.
and all nrraoaa ladebted to raid eatale are hereby re-
aeied to Btako .santedlste pajmeat (hereof to the
tlMi. r Hackretd. Y. lIACKFElaU.
Adn. EataU of VTrrnM Labors tWd .
Hawolsla. May Uh. f. llHtt
H'lIT: ITNnKRSTGNXn arbtrte-
CKartr4 Bauak.ef ImdU, AautraJia, taal
.nil j WraafrTrirrg
2Ca witisttncnts,
A Pretty Woman's Secret.
IVar ot tlbeoveiahcn abe reaorta to
Jale balr an-J (lyes, U a vourcc of ron
rtant iTaxlctf to her. Tbo very ncrona
from rvbom the mot do? lira to LMe thn
waning of ber rhirma are the onra tmt
lilrly to make the dLco.crv. Hut there
la no trawn hy he shouM not rmtn
andtvtaln all tbe beauty ot balr that va
ber pride In youth. Let Iter iw Avtr8
Hub Vigor, ami. not only vt ill brr hair
rcjuc to fall cut, but a new rroth will
nppear when, the carp haa been dentnled :
ana locks that arc turnirur fjxv. or have
aetuallj itowtiw hlte, will it-turn to their
prl-Une frrahne. anj brlUUnce ot color
AVer's Hair Vioor enrca
Hereditary Baldness.
CrORfiT. MkTTR, Ftetonfa. Trxai.Traa
biM at 23 years of ac, aa his ancetora
had been ter aevrral Feneration, One
bottle ot 11 a m Vigor Matted a rrowth of
son, downy hair all over hl scalp. vfMch
toon became thick, long, and Igtiroui.
Aycr's Hair Vigor
U not a Jft, but, by healthful cumulation
ot iho root, antl color tamls aprrUilf
Tritcm to Its orleinal color hair thai It
Turning Cray.
3IR5. CvrrtERiNE DCAVrn, TaM el
Tlocl. MU lia.l h-r hair amMcnlr
blanchcil br frUht, iturln? tho late rtlll
nar. Avut's JIaib Viuor notoml It
to Ita natural color, anvl made It aoftcr,
rkulr, nd more abundant this It had
born before.
" scalp Diseases
Which cause lrrnc., brlttlcn.,, and fait
log of the hair, Oamtruff, Itchltur. an-l
UDOItur porra, ara all qutcWIr ruml bjr
AYFjt'a Hair Vigor. ItcurcJlltRiiritr
rwirn. Minneapolis, Minn of tntolcr.
able ltchlna; or the Scalp; J.K.CiR
tcr, Jr., Otcogwn, Va of falil
IlenJ: 11R5. 1. V. s. LovrutCE, re.
laettwe, A'jr., of Tetter .orra; Mm
1IESIE tl. llZCLOE, ilr(i0. n .ot
c.lp Dtaemao ami Dandruff. Tor.
fUllj ot tho roota of tho hair, which. It
ncctectcd, may reMitt In Incurable baVV
nn, 1, rridily cured Ij Sxad IUlr
Vigor. As
A Toilet Luxury
Aitr's Hi in Vigor hu no equal. It
Is cotorleaa, cleanly, tklifhtfulty rT
fumed, and hai tho effect of millaj th.
hair soft, pliant, and gtoesy.
Aynr's Hair Vigor,
Dr. J. C Ayrr & Cos Lowell, Maaa.
Sold by all DrursisU.
Ctir XmhaDtanfTFortst Uminia
IQBg Ij einie Atrial, rerthr IIanaiBaIilaad
urtien Salts.
utwts j. rxvxr.
-,- sa - - x
Lewis J. Iievey
t. m KEN STRUT X s. tt
aaaat tie
Personal Attention Given to the Sate
of Furniture Real Estate and
General Merchandise.
Notice of Sale !
tVhaeea Hermann Koekesaaaa. UnoraSae, Aaaxweo
F Marteaeeo in ifrrult aMtlnrt am4a A XimH
wa neetraree aal V allttaa mortnroc. haa haraiofoao
etary ferehNHH mM anortear la aaxorwaae ollh the
potterof MM theerta coatatnett anl Ike erovjaiooa of
the Ad ef now therefor be eeaVf of the aai Aa.
atcnee of Mort;ate i M l al oneHc aneTJow al
aiefoa in noooian
On Wednesday, May 26th
. at 1 aek naoo, lh- neoperty eover! by
f akai ntotararv. via
Or ml to be arc. 1HAU that oiaroooe
aarnla of tiatt Aastrw at atnetlmL Ialaa4 of VnataA
roo lata taa aa area of 1 aerea an4 lint anaaro faian
belnf lb aane neeslar acrtbw la Rofsl IHieat So
Kaleaaa tv fWt. Usned M Kenat, lb folboy of
SdTaUtt?'v4ee ov seel of too, attn! oa Ko
taaba. Iatan4 of Molokai afMaaL eomtalahae an
arra of ai ranar f albaaa a. aa4 Wiar the aaa. nrVnat
o dcrfWal la Coyol rate I o. -ti kiWtaa 31.
fjA, laaaWte Kalae, the s-MaVfalher ef aaM nMrtfn-
PattNl Vay Mb t.
LCn IH J. I.r. LT. Aocaaowoat
W Anstra WbrMet. Atty fee Aa(e of Xortcare.
hcreaa W R Anlla VutLri.-r, . a rMaUo
rarr nhervin D kaahl aod kalaoela h4a f are the
aaacaxora, trrrtc in UWt KaSocva m.ak,n4 oa4
SW baa beratofor ttnn romloaW aaiti ntortewo ta
acerneo with the nowet of aolo iharotn eoatoiooat
nan lar nl.tna (r ib Act of W, nowiheteror by
oraVr of the 14 metsae a tll at pnbalr sov
thm ai mj anethan nwaa ta noatolwlw
On Wednesday, May 26th
at It o r nek n-vm. ihr nrawartj mv Tea by
aW anorhrawe. vlai
Tne freait r-- al Anhaakeo, Kino,
oau. lataatl of UaooU. teoUlatoz an arooof V
aerea asm be tea, botsx the anto oventae aVoeaf!
K boowaka ana nan ko ktbl Kaeiabaaa &ta Alan
a an anoal Uim kttka nnaa MTBa Ilfklna. au ko av.
lonhlnenal kelwaaa ir kaswal a hfkt 1 ke Aianoi la
wntnaataltaAUnlT-C HlRtasM nail 1U a4o
ani. ahUb Akaa aVIV Kawwaahano OM kaonal aaa ko
raleaAtaaaUU i la awaimrel. aavUlU aannbiat
Mni lenmiaai a maaoeo - keen AiHBaaina a
flknoal kvea -i aka paba. ml nut oaba. '
IHted Maj Wh. ta
t AnMIn Wntttnc AUf foe Vofttace-
me n h .taartn. jnontrace
Mheit ft K n.l)h A-trrer of Xorbrac e
rtatn Hiirrtraf, nnvrrtn rfaankaarat ta aaovtjco aaxl
R Lnvar. t Ri'otbnrn. 4 J t f otboyn, TrxMa,
, Baortsajv . rrora1aat to 1 Ibf M. MM aSLhaa
herrhfore rnl) rorrtfaMoa al4 niotteneo an oeraWooeo
ill in pnvcv oi aorr ifm tonaowifa ano law eo
lalsw of ike Act if ITl. now laVfsefoee by aWet of
aatw Aanynee of nuntarwa mm aou at yooav. one
ion w mj novnoo r m
On Wednesday, May 26th
Saddle & Harness
92 King Street, Honolulu
Ball Telepfcoa. No. 111.
Tkff to f-im 1 1 uUl Fiirn:,3 .'( Talror., in Hun.
Inla aa4 lh lt.aJUn t!,n tMl nr..flb.l.admr
ta.Uaprr..i' n of trade aad all Ika ..aoiiii". that
tar cWIl.a'..' It lu .ODtnkl I't HI la .niniinrllOTl .1
LIlKAl lUrtlRTEU nAIENEMSanJ n , i raiir
at t .UII .hi. t. .anji;. lo hi ii.i'.nt.r. a
bct.l..mi rlRST I L VM
Hand -Made Harness
fiaaranteed to z'.t ail taction, ai a fair iuit- tatt
ftlf lie ntes only the d at Maimi. ih
Gold, Silver, Nickel and Rubber Mountings
Aad ev ry snick Is aaodr br Kayerlewcea VTerkBiea
In enlertn the ahove llaeaeaa the taeaanea of the
borae aooet the neck aow cirtb ihaaH beeent to la a a re
enre niuiacuea a w aa saw era ra out 17.
ctrir nay srtlele dees not pfeaae the borer It 11
be reUced by acw (ooda 1M eeb fKnrnoiL
Sydney Saddles
E7OarTy ao to rati Oe f aftanw.
maHh I'Ulr. Mmtrwt Taora atad t-ra laaoeoveaaoo1
nd aji tadf lea ercfaajaorl ef hvst wfU be mtaew
wnnin lx oseathfl free of chirr lie oeaare 10 ia-
form rtintera. Teaatatera and eiher that
Cart, Wagon and Plow Harness!
Caa he apii.ed here with bc.if 't Trkmanahin and
MatTiil snd r ara a tee to riv- Trmter aaaiafnrtioB
iban anvtaisc taai ran 00 imiKiGrU troea toe t-esat.
1 a oraenac vt tecare a c at, km m antra.
Whips, Spurs, Sponges, Chamios. Combs,
Crsthet. bn4 every aoreaasry for nub'- n"
alwar en hand
J erThat he aetla he win warrant st ;rrtiu-i. and
www aK:ner io a aato inaa raisrrp-r.Ti 11. irain
have Cattle craved, will do wt! toeail on
A. Omnia a, who haa beea wry aneroaa fal
lo ffpayla-. on tbeae I atauda aad on famlah aaser,
oas teaUsaoniala II will inaar if dealretL and
tsarres tnoderate. rerwma.wlh.a2 to lar how
?ay. will Sad htm w II Use lo hoar ibcn.
1 flT-fkaneaddrvsa A UHAMBCIIO.
Cm Jirra Walter. T-S"rii..
1I0( Sea lloeotala
jl. recHred pvt An Tnrner.from Eoaton, a fall
e-wtarfM--; vhroebrate4 rvnpo, waleh are reann-
randoetter tfean ear oaaer TM 01
We call tho aUeatloa ef planters jar-
Ivcd lobecJMooer nod better thaw ear other atvte
nauain ImwiirtM. Wa call tho attention ef olanlers t
CKatartr t'ltke Vacnia Paap, which Is lets eoaiprl-
at n oVIork
'aa. the neaWrovtT
ttat mmiieao. vta.
I ot Uod neat al fcn-
athikl.lHhn -ntMtor of lofojaaaabao and
toartMi nf pnania"' oracnoani in novai raven
. L A ?io. la Mrt I to m
Dated Ma ih
V Ant-t n ahltlc tj I.h Xaatcnrr f Xorbiaa
ot W H -tin r.r n-rtfragvv
XXbrren II nim 1 ton Tre- aW.J lo a
tMT 'n llalboi iw oi J A fovow
aba k her hnrbad at- moiaaweov. rnoadidao Ubef
StT baa betrtofiare dnlj : ta a-t onto anaarv
rr in rrordoner ntth the wower mA hW kvVlo raa
tain ad ana iba ornvt.lMia of ibo As ef tCI. nw
tarrefi-re a order of IV M mUfHj; a) ajllt alt at
rnam at
nbtlo aarti
t m? aacrtoo
On Weduesday, May 26th
w, tt M eVlerh aoom.as- Hfrty
KM eaaancaco. vt :
naonrac. vl :
ad aein f I't jnlovv
- Ml V.
at In lbo
n aia , Hn
.tie All lRor t,,r
. aOarn. i kau
ai4 J N Ha iha hi
; pore Hi
Trrt- ait t aw Brr at.
now Kasf 5 "an res si Keaaeoani
tea ame"
atof os Xai
w. i.c a
BrX. r. AM a
Lartd in Hwiiiw iifc
Oa THesdayeMajSSk
wo oltl aocl na rW Soataoa. n. shot
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OweMirrs Htase. Chicken Hoaac, t
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Regular Cash Safe
On. Thursday. 3Cay!tT
White ana Brtwn Crtfe
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Barrels Columbia XiTtr Satt-am
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Fine California Wtml
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Special Auction Sale of
Carriages and Bifts
On Saturday. May SOtfc.
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. l 4t WM9 .
I 2-Seat Express Waft
t nA Mwr T -o Sane -
1 Open Bug gy, 1 Irake;
all itrti-a
One Carriage Horse
K. r. , Jk ra . . in,
Admlnijtrater s 4 Admintstratrix't
On Saturday. May 2tla
1 Boiler, 1 Pomp. Pipes and Fhtam
2 Horses, Izokc to Harness
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Regular Cash Sale
On Friday, May 28th
At l an. al tir -rmfn. tH Iv- aSd. SI Aa
Ion " n ml j-tnrt of
Fiirniture !
,.(-On- ri
Saddle; Carriage Horse
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Ktat rts
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Dry Groocls!
Clothing, Casslmorcs,
Lacos, Prints,
Shirts, Dross Coods,
tr TfcBV l-A-ll
LirWIS 1 LTX1. aacilnm
Announcement !
Oil Paintinsi's
Steel Engravings, and
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Household Furniture
AT auction.
On Wednesday, June Oth
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At tbt RttiJeixe l T. H. Dmea. tS(
Parlor, Bed-room and O'euaq-ntm
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ar 5H to aoa a S aVaajaw-a
oaranttaoad an SglF o la Sw aMaViiiji il SO
On Monday, June 14th
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Lands ano rr
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TUo Cav of fcaawM Ow aoio, oo ow
turaaa - -a- aart0.aaodtao
Na. 52 Fart Strut H1bU. HL L
Stapfe & Fancy Gcstn
Is a Ilellable Ketnely for Liver Complalat ami
ill casaed by a deratrjeJ or torM eocaiitXoo.
of tbe Urer. aa Dyipepaia, CtmsUpat&ra, BtU
ioTuresa. Jaundice. IJeadacoe, Malaria, RbchV
mat Urn, etc It rtrnlatea tb UtUr (mtt&ea
the blood, treijbetJ ib sritetv, omsU
Thousands of Teetlmoarlal prove tta oaoen.
lit? Aygnt lot IjUarattie .
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Hawia. Jaaj aa, in.
vrt. c.
Fresh Roll Butter,
Fruits, (rortyiooa, '
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Orlari in TajtilM iat
litlCatf. F tBsW.
rrY. CXUUMi.etl, MATWS
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