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Notice to tlie Residents
Dairaiian alette.
Hawaii. Maui. Kauai. Molokai & Oahu
" - r " r"""1 11 j" t"j "-"" 1 ,j- rr" ji!ir!yc tStTi t !fittt
it Art.
"V'ix? " 1 tf ' tw
p..B mmb in ii i in ii .j m tmw i in wuriw tww- -g Cmm Mm r .wto TVwrr
mill Tiwm min tWn irr r " Btwwimi rwiUiHli(Mu4tmi ay t ts
m ii iiltr..i m..fti iiialinM B-"-- t - -7--- wwkwiwtnltit !.
in. . hi TniT ii wigm mm wnmZt wj tipi art ttTyr"1 w ywi iity AmmT
II li iiiIibi Ijl in iii W lfTI u imny ww kwMlHt rwi i
i in iii mm tmm i iwi w$n i lrm tbm mi n nmum tJHAij
42 JlercEiat Street, Honolulu, H. L
m.-a BOX 13 aLtTflEPM0it:377; MUTUAL 39 1 .
COilB .-" iVP SBii, TJBCJS
jNTew GrooclI Xew Goods!
Uhe Popular Millinery House
304 Tort Street. s : Honolulu. H. I.
4mt lirvattc ax Ecurr Suck, Noattiac; of
X&ces. Xssbroideries,
' ' 'Hosiery. 2f eck "Wear,
TJndex-wear, Corsets,
Gloves. Mitts, Etc., Etc.
U a Omfrtr iaae of
Slacli and Colored. Caslixaeres
fc HUBIir ItCfAKTMENT c B'.,i rtloc:ec with Latest Stvle.
i Xtwesoae a Fmarr Twbn Kobcc. Tips. Ktc. Nt;ve Straw
it U Stapes.
Have Just Received a Large Invoice of Furniture
r (UT&wuic ruR
Macneale & Urban
-Etccc thr Oer: of 65 Hocrs expos
arc. SaeeEssfsfiTj!
The Macneale & Urban
i miiMii. I ymt 13,. mj ftkr-
J IMf br i
w" ink imb
w MOM WOH UtB Tar tr !U
"IP E a Inn.
j Min w Lai.
tk XtUm rum
e mm h. iiMliai, hnkm hI PW of mil u
. tfcy M7 Kr-i fu.
TklacnHlBfe Urban
Hall's Steel Furrow Plow
JLLaXge itock Soastantiy
a Hiad !
Manila Cigars!
Cook Stoves & Ranges
A SpiciOU Auortm.iiti
LEATHBK Of AH Dcrirtiea;
c bj ie tn i
. .... WtJn.if j,.
E. O. Hall & Son
ja. Ciioicc Xiot
JUST RECEIVED ! general BusinessAgent
Eresii sal Very FnlL
Tfe Best In the Market
XlTamil G2ADT
m-w wmt 111111 ft
"TwaJSaaMaao 173.
Jampfceti BlockHonoluIu, H. I,
Elder's Steamship Agenl.
ZT" tIU.S. Great BcriinslcR
f . Read Agent
iCustom House Broker
er Brtler.
IKicajtr RsjtJ Opera House,
firearm Lite IfisrrarxtMstnt
Kidge Souse,
'' ' I II tylW i
.. w w ..m r Mail, t
Tliri-rK, V por Week.
w J- TODS.
-Hand MacMiieryl
-j. For Dyspepsia, Indigestion
mE 3 -tier Ewnrdtn sruiz: bit!
KeprMlLltivp Dolp -traj plnfed to
hare the Attorney GraeraTs explioitioo.
Ivcane uw use AJsfmbiT now ipgu
frtasdio of the Goremaeat. He did not
vh to trv sad stop purajent ol this
money, becatb he saw now that it taost
be pud, but he desired to tuiderstxod -well
the GoTernoeofs sitioii. The eiplana
Hanoi the Minister ol Finance cleared
the matter np Terr ranch. The Minister
ol Foreign Allaire said it was paid out,
the Attofsev-Geser&l said it confd not be
pud oat becanse it was cot in the Appro
priation Bill So the Minister of Fi
nance tavs u has been paid oat! It ap
jiMrs this tno&er Asj been paid oat with
oat acv arcoont ol it. It does not appear
is the report of the Minister ol Finance.
Ifefttiswrosg. When it is a realization it
should not haTe been taken ont without
atfaontr. The Minister ol Interior said
ob Friday he was acting on the Postal
Ssriogs Bank Act, bat the statement to
day &eened to show he was not acting on
that, for he has been receiving and paying
n ost as l: xnroagn a saTinp. onn. xus
jl The Attoraeyjeneral cets trom tae
trMy proTision for rcliering the J apanese
from taxes lor three Tears, inat osxul
ru int Ki-tnr anr attthftritT for acting CE-
dr that daose until that treaty han oeen
acted upon by the Assembly. Article 29
of the Constitution says the King has
rower to make treatise and that snca trea
tiee and acr law based on them shall be
eoafirmed by this Assembly. If they (the
Ministers) were acting on tins tcey coma
feardiv haTe failed to brins; in a request.
as soon as this session was opened, that
tht tnatv should be eozinrmed. The
eerrespoodeBce which preceeded this trea-
I . T . i 1MT . -
xy correu uuie mKwn august xcoj iu
March. 1SS6. Money has been receited.
under the provbioos of this treaty from
the litis of December, whereas the treaty
which zoade it rood was not signed until
March, lSb(X bnppoee there had been a
diaereoce between tee contracting powers
aad the treaty has set been signed at all,
where would they have been And he
asked where are they now that this treaty
has not the effect or power of the law nn
til it is passed. Suppose the treaty had
beenin existence all that time, so far as
he could see. there having been no session
of the Hawaiian Legislature, they received
their aothontv from the Japanese GoTern
meet And to-day they were asking the
Japanese Government as if they were its
asents, to make this change. It is said if
tins clause goes into effect we would give
back this money How would we give it
back if there no appropriation for it ! The
Attorney-General says that if they had
not been bound to do it. it would not have
been done. Who bound them to do it un
le&s the Japanese Government ? It seemed
to him an nsdignined petition for any
Government to take in the face of another
Government He felt that the Ministry
had acted in this ca?e for the public rood.
Japanese irasiiirrants had been a benefit to
use country, tie commended them for
their public spirit But no benefit of that
kind could make up for the loss which the
coentry receives whan the dignity and
supremacy of our own laws are set aside.
It must nave been a necessity for the
Government to have this moner, other-
they would have been behind about
fJjKO on the 31st of March. The Govern
ment had been reckless. At the same time
be should vote for this $3,000 as a matter
of national honor.
Bepresentative Castle said he asked a
number of questions the other day and
naa leoaerea cis assistance to the Govern'
dent, but he could not cvt the inform
he desired. Tha Attorney General had
presented no arguments" regarding the
jegaiwy or cmerwise Ol me course pur
sued, yet a treaty had been made materi-
fillv filtftrih" thf Tnwv: rtf Vlnrnm
and it had not yet been submitted. He
am not consider lor an instant that the
Attorney General did not know all about
laws, yet what did he mean by saying that
treaty had the orce of the law, and that
this Assembly was hound to carry it out ?
It was the duty of this Assembly to guard
me nms ot ine coentry anc not to sur
render any oi mem. vihiie agreeing in
the commendation of the. Government's
lniniimttiun nolim their K..? .1 -...
t their doty iy keeping information from
me .isteoMxy. ine Attorney Ueneral said
it was- foolish for tfc? Opposition to say
the Government was acting as a bock, but
the Minister of Interior said that was just
what the Government had been 'doing.
They (the Opposition) would cot call it a
bank, but something in the shape of a
a bank. So far as he could see the trearv
was good, bat why it should be "kept from
the Assembly he did cot understand. The
fact of the matter was the consideration
of the Appropriation Bill at ' stage of
the session was rather premature. Every
attempt made to postpone it seeaied to
nave oeen regaroea as an attempt to de
feat the Government He moved this item
be postponed cctil the ministry gave
further explanations. There was Mthing
mj eiptua u oa cue xace ox me out
Attorney General stated that he said when
the treaty was made it had fell force? Tt
was cfily where a treaty digged the tariff
or a aw oi toe rvicgaom teat it required
to be ratified. While he did not say that
it was sot necessary to ratify all treaties,
yet he said that this trearr ih 'Tint
change a tariff or any law of ma Kingdom.
wa uw u..; iaj.en mo item was passed
as presented in the Bill
The following itetas were then passed,
as presented in the hill:
SUtrr of C.faegr6fwil
Sjry of Day. ij Carter. ..
J--T of BuWoilUr 0.k .
Salary T&4Utio.CfeTt.. ..
iwsaf it raa sassier rags.
-l'i-''Tfjl "rMS 1'." m nrff
""Willi IIP MVuHhW MiMI'HlplU
nmlliiiigii teMA. Imtoas rCniwjwW. E t '
OT Uftteil.iiiMn, turn tl cO
Eollister &, Co, Drag-gists
tt riTtma ctrmrt ib. in
' I 'UK rypEBgicyED iiavkjust
"tWclaeEaOCTMilmcrlltt urck rte mt
ttaamnaniB u 1 m lis;
pmsa c skrtci&acfi.
Thenert item in the bill was.-
BepresentativD PadiacJe moved to
amend to i3,0G0.
The Minister of Finance (his first day
present) hoped the item would pass as
presented. In the Hawaiian version the
Collector General said the work had in
creased sod that the oficers had prevent
ed a great deal of smuggling. There had
been thirteen arrests, aad the seimres had
aaoontedio $250a
Hcpretentative Thurston said this was
simply a renewal of propositions to in
crease salaries and which were con
stantly coming cp. and they should
stop it The officers got half of the
value of the opium they seized. Every
now and then the newspapers told of an
cCcer seizing a quantitr of opium,
which meant thai he got half the value of
it Better for them to increase the sala
ries of some poorly paid officers in the
country districts.
Bepresentative Dickey said the report
showed a decrease in easterns revenue of
about SllfyXM in the two tests, and in
view of thai filling off he did not see how
the "work could be increasing.
The item passed as amended, $3,0.0.
The itn of
SiktrnrSurekHew. law ua
wBspassedat $3,600, and the next two
S1t f liHrtut Starekmcr. 2.W1 OJ
SaiM7)rdSU3itUo!l3sk. . .tfifo
were ordered to be referred to a srxvial
cozamittee of two, to be appointed.
SiUTT.fIi4SLiti.ckxJ Clerk. V
passed as printed.
Then followed a fceM rlT for tfc.
memcers of the indecexdent rartr whn. fa
voritur retrenchment moral th vnmrri
f Ut7 ! Eitrj Ctok una
passed on motion of Representative
fiU-TtldEalrr Clerk mioo
passed as printed.
lowered to S3JXW on motion of Bepresent
; alive Thnrstori.
SaKTratCMiaur HH 10 O)
Bepresentative Thnrstoii fixed the figures
at3Xa. Passed.
SrT mt CmtGm-. XkfcalwB... iiJPTJff Off
rtrdnced to S700, on motion c'f Bepresenta
tive Castle.
az7JCmatamt,Kmac . S3) 00
cct down to ?KO, on mtjtioa cf KeCTTseat
atire Castle.
BepreseataitTe Castle moved $100. and
Skirj ml . Mtcut. KaUt.t tit. sae
reduced on motion of Bepresentative
Castle, to $100.
SSrrPisi T.'..-t ; kB cu
EepnseniatiTo Thnnion reduced the fi-gta-es
to 5i00.
Passed es presented!.
item referred to select committee of two.
Bepresentative Dickey reduced the figures
AMUttfttG.fcria.tatll'ort. 3.PniV
Was deferred for report of Finance Com"
mittee, en motion of IUpresentative Dole.
Cntra Bit. Su.1 .. 1.0 w
tMMtaltCttaaabUT.. WW Ol
passed as printed.
It being now 5 o'clock the Committee,
on motion rose and reported the business
transacted, back to the Assembly. The re
port was approved and Committee obtained
leave to sit again. I he Assembly imme
diately adjourned until 10 a. ru. next day
sixTXcrrn wi.
Trrsmi, Miy IS, ISSS.
Tic betiaeti cf tbe Awemtljr wsi epvoeJ
by pr.yer, mt 18 m. by theCh.pl.ia, Prrsi
dint TT.ltir ia tbe cluir. SecreUry rtid the
ibi&cte of the previous rareiirtg which, after
.one ilight correctiocs, were spproved.
Th Wlowiet petitiotK weretben presented:
By liaprceoLtiv? Bichinltos, iroa TTai
Iik, that a ion of money be appreprt&ted
for the erection of p&Hic butldtB at
laku. To committee on Fablic Latd., etc.
By the ..me member, th.t !.w be passed
prtbibido; the iotrodoctioa of Chinese labor
er.. To J a iiei.ry Committee.
Krpreaeoutive BroarD from the Jadictar)
Cummittee reported on the petition of J. F.
Brows for the return of $231.37 overrule!
uxea, reco&izueodicc taat the earns be ioaerted
in the Appropriation Bill for the pcrpoee of
refundment to the petitioner. Keport ap
proved. Bepreeentative Kalaa oSered a reeolation
that the nm of S3.75 be inaerted ttt tbe Aw
uropriation BUI for the purpose of paxtatnt to
hoo Panea, cf Koloa, Kanat, for twice paid
taxea. To r tsance Uoomittee.
HepreaeoUtive Dole, for the crat time, read
improving roads from Moanalua to Ka
moiliili To Committee on Publio Lands
Beprt-senlative Kaulia from district of
Krolanpoko that $lQ,0t3 ly appropriated
for the purpose of building n breakwater
atKalaIoa,Oahu. To lblic Lands Com
mittee. Bepresentative ahale from the dis
trict of North Kona that theBoad Sner
isor in chief of Hawaii, be removed, and
that a road supervisor be appointed for
each district Laid on table to bo con
sidered with a bill on the subject
Tbe Minister of Foreign Affairs in an
swer to a resolution offered bj- Bcprespnt
stive Dole at a previous session and ap
proved by the Assembly read tho follow
ing reply :
Mr. President A resolution of the
House, introduced by Mr. Dole, requests
me to explain the reasons for the dismissal
of the Hawaiian Consul at Brussels. The
resolution refers, I suppose, to the lato
Consul General for Belginm. 1 beg to
express my objection to such inquiry. If
it were based upon a petition of the party
aggrieved, seeking redress for alleged
grievances in connection with dismissal
from office, there would be a proper mo
tive for the inquiry ; but when no ground
of complaint is set forth, and inquiry is
prompted merely to gratify some one's
dtsira to pry into an official transaction,
no public interest is subserved thereby.
My feeling as to the undeservabilitr of
meproceedinc is intensified bv the facts
that the gentleman referred to in the
above resolution resides in a far distant
city ; ho can have no cognizance, tor a
long time to come, ol an inquiry anecting
him. and cannot be heard in his own be
half. " However, I hasten to comply with tho
request which the House has seen Jit to
a Kill r.t.rini. f lit rl..rvr.t nf nmnilr .f
thoae who die inteatate. To second reading. 1 authorize, but I trust this circumstance
Brpreaentative Doleofaredaresolntiontbat I will not hereafter be maintained as a pre
the Misiater of Furetpn Affairs present to the cedent
Aaaembly the reaaons for the dtsmtaaal of the u Some time in 1SS1 complaint was made
Hawaiian Gonad at BniMels. Carried. j to me that His Majesty's Consul General
BepreacctatiTe Kaloa offered aresoUtif , for Belgium had refused to certif v to in
that the in in of $4,000 be inserted in the Ap- j voices of gctds sJripped to Honolulu as
prepriation Bill for the pnrpce ot exteiidior; authorized bv his instructions. 1 had
m laprovinc tne nari ;ai iinaina, num. i me correspondence with him upon tho
! ..l-.-i jft- . ,r r-
eu.Moct, juia ills auumr oi uiscussion im
pressed me that he was not a man of suit
Tabled for consideration with the Bill.
Representative Dolebfferedareaalatioathat
the ol c.,500 be appropriated lor the par.
poee of repairing and widening tho road
ibrocghto Pasoavalloy. TjLied lorcocsid.
eration with the Appropriation Bill.
Bepreaentalive Xahale lead rirat time a bill
to .meed Section 1253 ol the Civil Codo relau
ipc to Reriater a power. To second reading.
Kepreaentative Thnraton introdnced a r.so-
lotton reqneatin tbe Minister of tho Interior
to atate to the Assembly, l) n by did not tbe
law reUtinr to the arcQirinrr and settlemeot
of llocesteads 0 into operation! (!) If steps
had been taken rerardinr the opening cf lands
(or aetllement! 3) Or if the Government has
any plans .or carrying oat thoe projects.
Tbe Minister of Interior said .n answer that
be did not wish to anticipate his report He
considered the rcsolntion of great importance,
and the subject has been folly attended to in
the Keport cf the Department VYas sorry that
the reports were not presentable. The" Gov
ernment held at present 53,400 acres of land;
100,000 of this was valueless for agncaltaal
perpese. lie expected to be able to place the
report of the Interior Department before the
Assembly in a lew days,
rtepresentative Tharston. on this statement
moved that the resolution be placed on tbe
table. Carried.
Tbe Attorney-General read far the first time
a bill to amend Section 11 Chapter XV Ses
sion Laws IS34, relating to cruelty to animals.
The bill provides for imprisonment or fine. To
second reading.
Minister Gulick reported from the Special
Cvfnmiltee having the consideration of the Fire
Limit Bill, recommending certain amendments
presented in a new bill be adopted. Report
received and made tbe special order cf tbe
day" for the afiernoon.
Bepresentative Bro. n ocered a resolution
that ; t.ooo be appropriated tor building a
courthouse and lockup in the district cf Koo
lanloa. The mover, in support, stated that
the district as about the only one on the isl
ands that did not have a courthouse. On a
late occasion he saw a district justice there
holding Court under a large tree. Laid on
table to be considered with the Appropriation
Bepresentative Castle tifleretf a resolution
that the Minister of Interior be requested to
famish statements shoiug tbe road tax col
lected during 1SS4-& in the district of Wailnkn
and tbe amount expended for road repairs i'j
tn.t district during tbe same time, lamed.
Representative hatiha offered a resolution
that St.OCO be appropriated for bnilding and
repairing roads in the district of Koolaupoko.
Tabled (or Appropriation Bill.
Representative taslle ouered a resolution
that $3,000 be appropriated for repairing roads
leading from ,l.uuu to JlaUea bay. Tabled
fr Appropriation Bill.
Bepresentative h.aunatnano ottered a reso
lution that berealter tbe tenders of petitions.
bills or resolutions, shall bo in attendance on
such committees as tbe document may be re
f erred to. Approved.
Bepresentative Paehaole a resolution that
ssco be appropriated for improving the road
at H allua, XolcKat, Tabled for Appropria
tion Bill.
Representative Wight cavo notice of a bill
to amend Section 41 and 43 of Chapter XLIII
Session Laws cf 1 SS? relating to the cotfsolid-
aticg and amending tho laws relating to in
ternal taxes.
Representative Palohau crlered a resolution
that 5e00 bo appropriated as salary for a clerk
lothesheriftcf Hawaii Also that tbe Presi
dent appoint a committee of 13 to regulate the
pay ct ponce oncers in tue ivingdom. Approved.
At l.-V-i adjournment was hid nam 1.30
p. re.
The hoar set for assembling was 1.30 D. m.
but at I.4S the paucity of members present in
duced Rep. Dole to move that IheSergeani-at-Arms
be sect out after absent members; tho
motion passed and bad the effect of cacsing
that official to be enabled to - resile more suc
cessfully with the loungers in the lobby and
cause their attendance.
Oa motion the "Order of the Dav" was
brought up, the bill specially assigned being
the ''Fire Limit" bill, and which, co motion
was ordered to be considered Section by Sec
Bepres.ntative Gastle drew attention to the
cany discrrpancits existing in the native ver
sion of the bill, and asked if the Interpreter
naa iransiatsa it.
Interpreter Wilcox, quite nnreservedlv. stated
that he was net the translator of the bill and
was not responsible for the errors.
Bepresentative Palohau said the bill pro
vided for the "building of tire nroof bnildmrs.
He wccld like to knew who was going to put
np those buildings? (Laughter.)
Tbe Bill (To denno the Fire Limits of the
city of Honolulu and to regulate the erection
and repairing of bstldings within the pro
scribed limits) was then considered Section by
.'nuw. lu, piuti.iiKia a, uicu .re u 101.
Section t. Relates to the limits aforesaid.
and includes the district bounded by the east
erly side ol annate, street and from the
water front to the south corner of King street,
thence along anbri side of King street to the
easterly side of Konia (Smith) street eighty
fret mnula of Hotel street, thence along a tine
eighty feet Mania of Hotel street to a mint
eighty feet easterly of Alakea street, thence
to water front. Also bulb sides of Xanana
and Fcrt streets between Hotel and Beretania
Sections. SpeciBes the manner cf construc
tion cf tire proof buildings.
Sectioa3. Prohibitinralrerationaoreharrr-M
ia buildings now in position without order
Iroa Minister ol the interior.
Section 4. Relating to the construction of
awning shades, signs and balconies.
Section S. Relates to the corn position and
coctlractioo of cornices, entablatures, belt
coarse or other ornamental projections cm fire
prim craiioings.
Section 6. Relates to protections to be used
between party walls and on windows.
fscctieo 7. Relates to the punishment of vio
lations ol anr el tne recedirrg beclioos.
Section 8. Prescribe the oEcials wheseda
tie Hall be to report infringement
Sec 9. Repeal all previous laws not in con
formity with this.
The title cf the Bill was changed to read
"An Act to Begalate the Erection and Repair
ing ol Buildings ia the City of Honolulu witliin
certain prescribed Fire Limits."
On motion the bill waa ordered to engross
ment aad to third readinc en Thuradav.
Third reading of bill Is amend Section I of
Article iU ot tte renal Code relating to the
legal language of tbe statutes. Laid on table.
At 3.4S a motion to adjourn was pet and
Secord reading of a bill to repeal Section I
of an Act approved on the 10th day of Janu
ary, 1 65, relating to the recovery of rents,
waa after aoae little argument referred to a
select committee: to be atttxHBted on the next
At p. m the AssemUradioorned until la
a. m. the next day.
Wdxistuv, Mix 10th.
Beoreseatative Nahala. froiri resider.t.
otKaflna that that part maybe made a'
port of entry. Laid on table to "be con
sadered -with a bill on the snbj-et
xwrpresersatrrB jsater that the sum of
$irO0U be apptitpiiated for the purpose of
able temperament to fill the position ho
held, and that he indulged ia strong per
sonal antagoniun to persons engaged in
developing "the very slender trade that has
hitherto been carried on between Belgium
and Hawaii. From his own letters, and
from the public press of Brussels, I also
learned that he had deviated from the
course implicitly laid down in tho general
Consular instructions that His Majesty's
Consuls, must scrupulously abstain from
all interference in the internal affairs of
the country where he resides. Xow, this
gentleman pecamo an nettvo and ,-tror.gly
pronounced partisan in the municipal no
titles of Brussels. Ilis course seemed to
me to be calculated to compromise the po
sition of Hawaii in the opinion of a friend
ly state, and I deemed it ray duty to re
quest turn to tender lus resignation."
Bepresentative Dole considered tho nn
swer very satisfactory and full; ho moved
that tlicreportof tho Minister be accepted.
He was very sorry however, to hear the
preamble, as the words were, to his mind,
a very impertinent statoment to mako to
the Assembly. Such a question as theone
propounded to the Minister, was always
answered in a polite and complete manner
oy the members ot the i.agtish Cabinet,
the Parliamentary practice of which Par
liament vras followed by this Assembly,
especially when those questions related to
the reasons for the dismissal ot trusted
public officials. Ho was urprised that any
ofiicerof His Majesty's Go ernment should
so display his ignorance of his position as
to produce ana read such a preamble, uon
siuered that the first portion ot the reply
was unfitting the dignity of the position
held by the Minister and was impertinent
to tho Assembly.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs denied
any intent to bo impertinent, the preamblo
was necessary as a protest to the resolu
tion, as the rules of the House forbade the
introduction of anything of a personal
character, yet the resolution was of that
Bepresentative Dole (interrupting),
would ask what rule of the House the Min
ister referred to.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs (smil
ing) stated that he was not referring to
to any particular rule ot the House, only
in general terms. (Laughter.)
The reply as presented was accepted
and laid on the table.
Representative Dole, from tho Select
Committee, to whom had been referred
the consideration of the salaries of the
Assistant Storekeeper, Keeper Steamer
Warehouse, and Third Statistical Clerk
presented a report favoring the item of
2,100 as salary for the Assistant Store
keeper, suggesting that the item of $1,200
Keeper or Warehouse be struck out, as
also the item of 52,100 for Third Statistical
Clerk. Keport accepted and laid on table
tor consideration with Appropriation liill.
Bepresentative Kauhane a resolution
that the stun of 55,000 be appropriated for
the purpose of repairs eta, to the wharf
at iionuapo, Hawaii. Tabled tor consid
eration with Appropriation Bill.
Benresentative Dole introduced a reso
lution that, the Minister ot Foreign Affairs
be instruction to inform the Assembly of
the nature of Mr.'B. M. Daggett's mission
abroad and the results of the same. He
said that the report presented by the Min
ister tho day before showed an item of
51,000 was spent on this mission and also
mat tno report caued lor iou,uuu lor t or
eign Missions. It was to get at the nature
of these missions that the resolutions was
The Minister of Foreign Affairs stated
his willingness to make a reply bat pre
ferred to make it in writing rather than
The reso!ntioa of Bep. Dole was carried.
Tier, Dirlrpr nffpre.1 n Twnlnt'cn that
5LUO0, in addition to the road tax, be in
serted in the Appropriation urn for the
purpose of making repairs to roads in the
district ol jiatawao. tabled for Appro
priation Bill.
Bepresentative Kaunamano offered a
resolution that tho committee of 13 to be
appointed for the consideration of certain
items in the Appropriation Bill in tbe
Attorney General's Department, consist of
the following members : Hawaii, Hep s.
l'ahia, Kaunamano, Xahale and Kauhane:
Maui, Bep's. Ahow, Dickey, Bichardson
and Paehaole; Oahu, Hayseiden, Brown,
ivauua; itanai. Hole and i'alahou. And
that the said committee have given them
for consideration the 11th, 12th, 13th, and
14th items in the Department of the At
torney General, and that they also con
sider the pay of police for the Islands of
the tungdom.
Hon. It. A. AYidemann objected to the
manner of the resolution as regards nam
ing the committee personally, and espe
cially for such a purpose.
The Attorney-General seconded the res
olution and amended by the addition of
placing the 16th item, in his Department
appropriation, for their consideration. The
resolution passed as amended.
Bepresentative Brown declined to servo
on the commiitee.
BepresentatiTe Keau offered a resolu
tion that the Board of Education be
instructed to establish an English school
at Moanalua. Bet erred to committee on
Representative Kauai rave notice of
bills: L to amend Sections 11 and 12 Ses
sion Laws of 1ES2, relating to internal
taxes. 2, to amend Section 1, Chapter
IV Session Laws of 1S76, relating to drunk
enness. 3, to amend Section 15, Chapter
5LTV Session Laws of 1SS2, relating to
retail spirit licenses,
Bepresentative Amara, a resolution that
tbe Minister of Interior be instructed to
have maps prepared and hung in public
places, snowing the plans of the new
streets and the portions of land intended to
be taken from owners in the burnt dis
trict Approved.
Bepresentative Amara read for first time
a bill to amend Section Hi of the Civil
Codo relating to specific rights of the peo
ple. To second reading in order.
The Attorney .General read for the firet
time a btU to grant certain lands to the
Bishop of Olba for eleemosynary purposes.
To second reading in order.
The Minister also read for the first time
a bill to tax Chinese residents aad arrivals
tor the support of sick Chinese and such
as may require transportation. The bill
provides for a specific poll tax on each
Chinese resident, not naturalized, and a
like amount specific tax. on all Chinese
arriving in the country. To second read-
At 12 dO the Assembly adjourned until
wn. c nvn to..
Ssgix fidsri and Csmalitisa Agtjiti
uesoliia, li.1. vrsm
Snprera Court of ta Hav.lt. n Islands
la Prontto.
Is EI EsTttx Ol- A. Itaf.
0)"iw mtcHttr irsut b Jvtn.
The executMs and executrix have pre
sented their accounts which shows a
balance of cash on hand of $1,175.64. This
was derived from certain insurance poll
cies on the lifo of the decedent, and they
are devised to the widow in tho will
Messrs M. S. Orinbanm .t t)o who are
the agents nnd largo creditors of the Hana
1'iantauon, a controlling interest in v. men
as partner tho decedent owned, move
the Court that this balance be paid over
to tho Beceiver of tho Plantation.
This is resisted by the executors on tbe
ground that M. S. Grinbanm & Oo. have
not filed their claims against estate of de
cedent with the executors within the
statutory period ot six months and as this
claim is against the plantation, which was
iwutui'rsiiip juvpetty, vuis must w ex
hausted before the creditors can call upon
the individual estate of tho decedent for
Counsel for M. S. Griubaum t Co. con
tend that the estate of the decedent was
partly private cstaio and partly an in
terest iu the partnership, anil the will in
structs the executors to continue the part
nership business nntil July, 1SS7.
On a bill in equity to wind up the part
nership, by h surviving partner, Oscar
Unna, m which proceeding the executors
were parties defendant, a Beech er was
was appointed on the Sth August, ISS5,
before the six monthV notice of tho execu
tors to creditors had expired, and in tho
order appointing a Beceiver, he was in
structed to marshal the assets ot the part
nersliip and of the individual property,
and the partnership assets of tho decedent
were ordered to be delivered by the
executors to tho Receiver. The order
allowed a certain sum to be raid monthly
to the widow for her support out of tho
partnership property (tho Plantation) nnd
the whole proceeding contemplated a set
tlemeut by tho two estates together.
By tux Cocbt- 1 think the proceeding
in equity for the sppoiutnient of the Be
ceiver gave ample notice to tho executors
ot tho oxistenco of tho claims of M. S.
Grinbanm .V Co. Theso are stated in tho
will and admitted by the answer of the
Tho rule used to bo that un tho death of
a partner joint debts vere to bo satisfied
out of the joint estato ; but if that was in
sufficient, then, subject to the claims of
their soparato creditors out of their
separate estates proportionally ; and if
anyot them were insolvent, then outot
tho remaining estates proportionally.
But savs Collyer on Partnership, See,
5S0, " It is now established bovond con
troversy that in tho consideration ot
Courts of hquity a artnorliip debt is
several as "well ns joint, and that Upon
the death of ti partner, tho joint creditor
uas a ri&ub iu equuy 10 pivcivu imme
diately against tho representative of
a deceased partner for payment of his
separate estate, "without reference to
the question whether tho joint estato is
solvent or insolvent, or to tho stato of tho
accounts amongst tho partners."
Story on Partnership Sec. 3G2 is to tho
same effect. "It is now held that in
equity all partnership debts arc to be
deemed joint and several ; and conse
quently tho joint creditors have in all
cases a right to proceed at law. against the
survivors and an election also "to proceed
in equity against the estate ot tho de
ceased partner, whether the survivor be
insolvent or bankrupt or not The con
sequence is that tho joint creditors need
not now wait until tho partnership affairs
are wound up, and a final adjustment
thereof is niade. But they may at once
proceed, as upon a joint and several con
tract, in equity, against tho estate of the
deceased partner." Sec. 3 Kent's Com. 63.
I think the right of M.S. Grinbanm i
Co. to proceed against the oxecutors for
their debt is clear. But this is not tho
proceeding before me which is the mere
settlinc of tho executors' accounts.
But 1 think M. S. Grinbanm A; Co. have
a right to ask that tho executors lva not
discharged and no distribution of tho in
dividual assets be made until tbe Beceiver
has wound np the partnership. On tho
winding up the Receiver will have to take
an account of what has been advanced to
the widow from the partnership assets.
This may not bo for some time yet, and
tho fund may not bo required.
I order that the execntors' account be
approved and that they invest the balance
of money as by their account in somo safe
seenrity, to be approved by tho Court, to
bo subject to the further order of tho
S. B. Dole for M. S. Grinbanm A, Co.;
W. F Allen Beceiver yer ; 0 Brown for
self and co-oxecutors.
Honolulu, Arril 22, ISSS.
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Man., tiw. iiritAi Ar n.;. cAn'. Tn.
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them for tbe next six raonths.
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Following Terms :
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