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Gazette Supplement June 29tti 1886
In a recent debate ia the House of Co aim oris
some interesting f acta were brought oat tuacaing
tbe postal regulations of the United Kingdom At
teattoa was called to the discrimination tcjoinst
B jtuh eabjecU tn the matter of charges for pos
pfamoe as compared with the citizens of other
Ibnjnes Itvas admitted that the caet to Enjj
liatiea of sending letters newspapers and mer
chandise samples to the colouial possessions of
Great Britain was in many eases two or three
times that charged for similar t s from Ger
many and France In many caA at the mails
from those countries were cot in British
vessels The reason for this discrimination giren
by the pontal aathontiea was that in order to
equalize eipenaas and to piy the expenses of send
ing letter J to continental countries overland cheap
ly it WAS necesrf to charge the mails carried by
water doable what would be ordinarily cuargea
The fact that the mills carried by water nearly all
went to British possessions while thoa going
overland went to foreign countries was used as a
roof of the lack of administrative ability in the
B ritish Post Ouiso The eff ct of the discrimina
tions was it waa Mated to dweoarage British
trade with its coloni d possession and trade which
would be otherwise with Great Britain was diverted
to foreign countries An mterestiijg point broaght
uttt was that in the matter of merchandise sam
ples the cost of sending them to the East from
Great Britain was jast three times what it wonld
from Germany or Francs Una it was stated
us practically prohibition Ia connection with
s matter it in interesting to roc ill the bill
ought into lht United btUe Senate by a western
nator propping to raise tbe charge on this class
milter from 1C to 32c per pound and thns
ictiUIy prohibit the transaction of this kind
business through tbe mails This bill which
as directly in the interest of express companies
ilhongh ostensibly in the interest of coantry
torekeepent wonld bring about practically the
use condition of things complained of by the
ritish mercantile pnblic namely trade di sen mi
xtion through the medium of governmental
VoTwimsraNDisa -ill disptraging remark a
ch bivabaen mid aboat the industrial and
jisial condition uf Frine and her poiiticit in-
aditr the credit of tbe French government
mi tobafiritt clMS as is shown by the fact that
aUia pmjsJoj the mirkit on Muidav 10th
jUnt in jrs than thirty times tbe amount called
was sabssribed before two oclock in the after-
jn Fuope whj buy bjnil3 are usual I v pretty
ooJ judesof thecaaiitonof the country tney
4 giving credit to It may be taken for granted
therefore that Monsieur Craapaud is in a pretty
heillhy condition all report to tbe contrary not-
Ik 18S7 South AustraUt will appropriately cale
tirate Us fiftieth annivesiry as a colony by bold
lug au International Exhibition Ihe exhibition
will be opened in the city of Adelaide on the 20th
of June 1377 and the participation uf the com
mercial uatimsof tins world is cordially invited
Scientific Tempo ranoo Instrnction
w c t V
An important Bui Sj far as the cause of temper
ance is oonortid pissed both Ilonsesof Gon jresj
and was digued uv President CleveWud on tbe -1st
of May last It was a bill 1 o provide for the study
of thouttore of alcoholic dnnks and narcotic
and of their effect cpm ths human fiystem in
Connect ion with the several divisions of the pro
jector phyootrv and hygiene by the pupiU in
tbe public schools of the territories and dislnoU
of Columbia and the Military and Navd Aoade
raied and Indian ind colered schools in the tern
tone of tho United Mates Ihe law requires
that this subject shall be studied and tangUt as
thorouzhl and in the name raanuer as other like
requited branched nre in tuti same ncbools that it
pball be tile duty of the oBcr in octroi of any
of theaa schools to euforc tho provisions of the
Act and if ba neglect or refuse be bhall be re
movedasKhail alsoAuy sou ol director committee
so pen u tend eat or teacber who shall neglect or re
fuse to c nply with the requirements of tbe ct
And the Bill further provides tUat after tho fiit
daj ot January 1S33 no certificate shall be
granted to nay person to teach ia nny of Uiepeci
fied sohooln who has not puwed a sitifaclor
exatuinauoa in phioljgy and hygiene with spe
cial reference to tbe nature aud the effect of Alco
holic drinks and other narcotics upon the huuiau
yleinn Uaeidtwthe territories there are four
teen of the btatee of the Union in which this
RCicntiuc ittilructiu i is compulsory
ltb a different Legislature than the presut
one here it would have been hoped that borne law
might have ben parsed providing for simple
temperance instructions in our schools Tbe
Legislature now in session has taken np tne
liquor law and after an attempt to make liquor
cittll more free and to move the few restrictions
which lmvo existed during the put two Years have
in fact left tbe subject just they found it
It may be hoped however that we shall soon
have such instruction in tbe Hawaiian schools
for the Board of Education have already ordered
two thousand copies of the Childa Health
Vn of r with a vew to its tutrod jctian iat th
public rolio ls X ajut in the Hawaiian language
ttuslitb h to be tr instated at the expense
of tho V ooiuj Christian retnp rance Union of
these Island and Mil be published in Sin Fran
cisco by the firm who publish the temprancs
tnt bookit f California aud will be furnished at
theatmepricoas the E jglisb bk Ibe action
of the B Mr J of Educatioa which wis taken at
the earliest sUcitatiouof acouauiittee appointed
by the Romans Gbristiaa 1 em pe ranee Uniou
and on their hearty recommendation of the
Pntnar hasbenthe subject of warm congratu
lations fr mi those interested in securing laws in
the diff rent btatea of the Union compelling
tempranca instruction mthe schools
Miss Frincis Willard President of the National
Woman Ciinlian temperance Union baa wri
ten an article for tbe Uatom Stqualt mtkiug mncb
of the faotthit the Hawaiian is the first language
into which the primer has been translated aud
Mrs Mary Hunt who is bead of the Department
for the Introduction of Scientific 1 em p ranee in
Schools has writ too her oongratul itions to tho
Union here Temperance
Attempted Murder and Suicide
Last week a jealous Japanese at SpreckelsviIIe
attempted to kill his wife with a knife Evidently
there had been a struggle as tbe womans hands
were badly lacerated and she was stabbed several
times in tbe head and the knife drawn across her
throat The murderer then out his own throat
and stabbed himself in the head but was arrested
by a passer by befoie he had completed his design
Dr Bailey was summoned and sewed up the
wounds and at last reports both the murderer and
his victim were in a fair way for recovery
The defeat of Mr Gladstones Home
Rale Bill was a foregone conclusion Any
bill framed on ibe basis which bis was
will be defeated Home Bale as it is
called wbicb after all means State Bigbts
as known in tbe United States Ireland
undoubted will hare Gladstones bill
however wonld have sank Ireland into the
position of a Territory rather than a State
What Ireland wants is to manage her own
internal affairs her own way and that she
certainly ought to be able to do But she
cannot want to have no voice in the Im
perial Government It is just this point
which has made a number of the most
thoughtful Li be rale vote as they have done
A more carefully drawn bill freed from
tbe crudities and party feeling which the
lately defeated bill contains will meet
with support not only from the Liberal
jvarty but from many of the Conserva
The misfortune is that party spirit and
religious rancor are so strongly called
forth on both sides of the question that a
large bulk of the minds engaged view the
matter through colored spectacles The
news from the Coast will be looked for with
eager interest Parliament was to have
dissolved yesterday decisive news will only
reach us in three weeks
O Luso Hawaiiano
Comma e to be as interesting as erer Ihe lead
ing article is npon labor ciitruct mid some sound
advice is given on tbe subject 1 he legislative sea
im i treated m the nu il sarcsic vein both op
position and government alike getting little ra
pier thrusts Considerable space id taken up with
official Information from the Portuguese consulate
Utters from Madeira tbe Azores and Portugal In
its enlarged form tbe Lhsq commands a greater
success than formerly
The Planters Monthly
Though the content of this magazine is not as
varied as nsaalit contains many valuable articles
Notable among these is a strong anpeal to our
planters to keep reliable statistics It is pointed
oat that statistics are essential to the economical
minagement of a plantation Mr Lydgate sup
plied analytical reports of the Kami lab i lab l mill
which have been mot carefully drawn np and
which will be read with interest in everv part of
the Islands The veteran pen of II M W treats
of the politioal value ef tbe Hawaiian Iteciprooitt
1 reaty to the United htates and puts forcibly what
has been insisted on again and again iheie
marks on Itamie are timely We are glad to ee
that the Ilamieezperiment will soon be practically
Latest Foreign News
Received per Australia Juno 22nd
sir Gladstones home rule bill was defeated on
theSthof Jane byavotof dll to3Il Purlia
itient will in constquenca be dissolved nnd the
decision will now rest uith the people
KioU have been of frequent occurrence i a Ire
land daniiz the pant month
King Ludwu of Havana committed suicide on
tbe 14th of June by drowning himself in Like
is tarn berg
Ever thing is quiet in Tnrkej aud Greece
Cholera is repurted as having broken out in
Osika and Kobe Japan
The imperial princes of France have been expelled
from Frencii soil by act of tbe national Legisla
No further action hat been taken on the Hawai
ian Treatv by Congress uo to the 14th of June
Ihe Pan tan has beaten the new vncht Atlantic
w hich was built to race with tbe Galate i
The licet Remedy Ever Dicovered
For Dyspepsia Indigestion
And til other disorders arising from
Impaired Digestion
ffST All Orders for the itme from tbe other Islands
promptly attended to For sale In Honolulu by
Hollister Co Druggists
Messrs Miles Hayley
3 their patron and the pubIcat large thit
Ti special arrangement hive been made with
veferalof the Leading Stock Raler on the
Pacific Coatt for the bupply or Alalei for Plan
tation work at the Lowest tWLet Rat- Alot everal
Isoted Jacks warranted proof are held for thl market
Al0OotiffAnd several Imported Matrhed bpane bad
aie ana r amuy Jiorsca lor aaie ai me
Hawaiian Hotel Stables
w iroitTox A COH
Store Urove Ranch Plantation Dealers In Choice Gro
cerieiaAd Provision and UcneralHerchindliB
10W ly
3Ctm SlbDcrtiscintnts
What are the Elements Lacking In
Your Soil 1
lOOTons Fish Guano
Ammnfll Orvinletnd VoUtlle Mltter Bi6
Phoiphati Lime - 1S J
Inrolable Miller
VlBO new Cbemlcil I ertlllMr blEOl L
Read the following AnalyaU and Certificate
MoUtnredrledat212F 916
Orjiaic Matter Ammuula Salts Etc 474o
Monobasic Phosphate or Lime 9VG
Insoluble Phosphate -
bolphateof Lime - 13J
Alkaline aans ana iajoepia
Silica 801
Contilnlne Ammonia V 77
Conuinlng Potash 184 equal to Sulphate of
Potash J4U
A hlch clais and excellent Cane Manure
Signed ueuituis nuuuts
Consulting Chemist to the Agrlculturil feociely of
73 Mark Line E C
Try it a Small Lot for Ex
Castle iOooke
Legislative Reports
Full and Complete Record
Hawaiian Gazette Co
J EH Oat Jr Gos
1776 I JULY 4 I 1886
Fireworks Fireworks
A Large and Splendid Assortment of Ftre
n orks Jnst at Hand from New Sort
At prices to suit the times
1115 1m
3ftm 5Unxrtisrmnit3
Twin Foes to Life
Vro ludlgctllou aud Constipation
Their primary symptoms arc anions the
net diitrdug of luuiorluuisn tulmtiil
jnd p hot of lliMaws tpculllv rciullsiu
m n Ihctti mutually amiitc cmIi olhri
ami rw jil at oucc tho Mliolo uocljimn
f lifi Xausca Foul Breath Sour
Dizzlucss llcacLiclicf
IJilioiij Keer Jaundice Iisppia
Iviiliicv 1Iscim Illes KheuniatlMii
curiiiRin Drops- and jriou ki
DljorcIer jrc ainon Ihe hyirpuini
id liLnhcs cau rd hv derangement of
Hi itoneIinmitxnnk
A Thorough Purgative
ti tthctui U tbe nrt neceUy for cun
Uifli th utliartic effect imiit be lutlu
intJ in a mlM decree Jut cuflkuu
Tj iritut t recurrence of toslhtno
iii 1 at the tine luuc tlio Mir kiUiiot
3iit rtuuKh tuu be btiinnlateit jml
Ayers Fills
HiN ntontho work Ultir
ibu ri olur uii dKhic The ure
xiFililii jii 1 lhunnuh lit itilld in tlulr
p ii st Tr i d not Krip Hip
iiiifii and ilt not irduii a cosine
i in jh N Ilt Kin of cnhcr r itlurtio
Villi llio omv nieiial roncrlic
l r M Ii llicmil luUKof Hip highlit
1 n i ilu nil I
Absolutely Cure
4lt ii piw ln from Ul onier
d ili itml ithuil iton orpiuiu
i pMntt u f AiKif TillJ to
torrtt iht hM iuiltcutiaiit of
arts tbe strioui illmvcH wltlcli
i Nrof Hut conditio wfiutd fncifHih
n 1I Ir refill trflies in the nctiuii of
Hi IooMoit as well as coiistl
hit i in Jrciiffiunlly controlled b
uiti 1IMJ and for the Mhnuhllon
dt tiritiM weakened liv lonp
iiiiiiiil ilruin one or two ot
l Rrn isdillr nfler dinner ill do
imr lb n nni tiling cHe
Leading Physicians Concede
Mut Arus Pills are the best of all
cathartic imtlidnes siul man pructftion
ir of tin highest itandinf customarily
I recribc them
Dr J C Ajer Co Lowell Mast
Analytical Chcmisti
For gale by all Druggists
No 100 Fort tit HoDoluln
VM ly bole Agents for tbe Hawaiian lelandj
in honoluiJuStheI
EVlacneale Opbai
Stood the test of 65 Hours expoa
ure Successfully
The EVlacneale Urban
Is the Only Eight Flange Safe made
in the World
The Macnale Urban
Contain more lraproyemente than any bafe everroaiM
each a Koand Corners Solid Welded Angle Iro
Front and Back patent inside Bolt work
Hinged Cap and Foot Wheel Com
b nation Lock
A Large Stock Constantly
on Hand
General Agent for Hawaiian islands
1111 a
the uoiteit itjkcll at OAZBTTEOFFIOB

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