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WHAN GAZETTE CO., (Limited,)
ivery Tuesday Morning,
'' i)B.w exchange ox " J IMPORTERS & DEALEKSAlNf'LTJMBER
IHE BANK PF.CJUFORNia-.t-.-- -jwy J Aca.aUtiBflt.Uull.r.ncMaii-'.-w
'cariio rt law in
Gazette Supplement. August 3d, 1886.
Supreme Court Proceedings.
The July term of the Court was comrnencd on
Monday the 5th inst, Oa the opening, ei-Attorney
General Pml Neumann introduced the newly
appointed Attorney General John T. Dare to the
Conn, and after the presentation aud reading of
his C3mmission, the Court adjourned in honor of
lie celebration of American Independence Dai
JcJy 4th), held on this later date.
The Kin;; vs. Puhili; polygamy. Defendant
pleads cnilty and is sentenced to sir months' hard
labar and $103 fine. .Major A. Uoa for the Crown.
The King vs. Keanini; larceny 4th decree. Trial
befjra Htwaiian jury, who render a verdict of
C-ilty. Defendtnt nentenced to 10 dajs' imprison
ment at hard Iator and a fine of $21.7.'; costs.
Majar A. Rosa for Crown, W. A. Kinney for defendant.
The King vs. Juno Davis, porjury 2nd decree.
DtTendint fonod guilty and sentenced to eight
ts' lmprirouraent at hard libor, costs 2AJK).
jjr A. Bost for iho Crown, defendant in
Efcckela Malmi, et al.. vs. Pnhi et a!., eject
ment. Verdict for plaintiffs, three dissenting.
lie Kin" v. August Le inard. arsun. Xolle pro
eniereJ. Major A. Ilos i for the Crowu.
'z Kins vs. An Anne, robbery 2nd dearee. Ver-ili-i,
cat guilty. Major A. Boil for the Crowu :
J. A. Mrriou Kq. for defendant.
li.o iuug vs. Ah Sin et al
the first class took place, and the event was the
tnfjans oi bringing together a larce audience. The
uruer oi me examination was aH follows
A,oons, "Welcome;' 2, Beading; 3. Arithmetic
4. Kecitation, E. Crawford; S, Geometry; G, Alee
bra; 7. Kecitation. Thomas Svlvn: 8. Sonr,.i Rn.m
breaking Snnrtn-
Appsd from Intermeditrv Court. Wnlirt.
nt endty. Major A. Risa for ihe Crown; S. B.
D-e, A. C Smilb and H. E. Avery Esqrs. for de-
Foeeigx Jrar.
JzrresJavvs. William Williams, r.ssarapsit Ver
Czf .izutiff of 3.
J I.-kervs. li. H. Graham, assnmnsit. Vr.
rf r defendant. Jona Austin E-o., for ulaiu-
i ., . .v. uiauej .cq. ior aeieuuanr.
Singer vs. E. II. Ryan, assumpsit, breach
cf pr.i33ie of marriage. Verdict for plaintiff:
darsaes $3'J0. S. B. Dole Esq. for plaintiff: W.
A. Ktcney Eq. for defendant.
Mixed Jcnr Civil.
JR. Ho;', Jr., vs. Johu Brodie, replevin. Ver
".wT j-1; datiff for the property in suit. W. A.
Kinney tor plaintiff; A. U. Smith lor defendaut.
Chan vs. Kaoila, ejectment. Verdict for
Fiit:ff for laud claimed and 12 dtmages. Ash
: rJ s fori for j,l .iutiff; S. K. Kane and W. L.
-Liki for drfsudmt.
Kiiaadr.j vs.S. Selig, administrator, etc, as
sumpsit. Verdict for plaintiff, at the rate of &5 per
ct P.tal .Ne.ntnaun and W. A. Kinney for
zlJXi ifi;S. B. Dale for defendant.
u.J. Asnew Vb. John Uicnardson, assumpsit.
tr.ct lor plaintiff, stipulated that judgment
etujci, una juugmeut given accord-
tns'y. W. A. Kinney for plaintiff; L.S. Thurston
BEroar jvdo, cj. ;axd mcccu.t and ntrsrouj.
Jary S. Rose vs. Heury Smith, ejecticent,
Afttr arenment on. demurrer, ordered thet de
nmrrer be overruled. V. A. Ktuney for plaintiff:
v li- Castle vs. J. X. Kaiaikawaha. assumpsit.
F-intiiTi inotioa for default is argued and sub
Ksittjrd. II. E. Avery for praintiff; il. Tnompsou
for defendant. "
Ah Hong vs W. C. Parke. Defendant's p!n in
bcris argued nad submitted. A. U. Smith for
plaiuuff. Whiting and Creighton for defeudaut.
J. M. Homer vs. Clans Spreckels. Appeal nr
caed and subniiKed. S. B. Dole and J. Austin for
pt i uff; Pul Jeumann lor defendant.
Atlj vs. Mang Hai, appellant. Exception. Ar
ccedrjid tnbuiUed. H. E. Aver' for nlaintiff-
t ' : Kmmnn 1 I J r . '
- u. a. lagoon lor ue-
J. H. Wood vs. B. F. Dillingham, equity appeal
-K.ru suurauifHi. w. a. Kmney and S. B,
lt3Q.lagvs. Win. Ebeling. suDnrssion of .if.
mar: ; 10. Recitation, James Lloyd; 11, Geography
. . unites uiHury; i, L-aysioiogy; is, Keo-
nation, Vincent Fern mdez; 14, Bookkeeepina: 15
. --"0 pupjis wno iook part acquitted them
X iy treuitoie manner.
On the afternoon nf rhio A .to n inMlfon. ;n
the boy6, nuder command of Brother Joseph, was
given before a diatinguished audience including
Jinjeaiv. wuo arnveu late, ins rresident of the
"u" oi Aiaucation. Alons. and ll'de Feer. Hon
. oh..L1-- K!Pena. Kt. Rev. Bishop of Olba, Hon. H
-u. ununey, fostmaster-Geueral Kaulukoa and
several army officers. The orders Riven were obeyed
icuiua nun iut) luarcmug ana manual evo
lUtlOUS Of the COMK ver nftn utmlon.l
On the 30th inst., the usual aunuil exhibition
was given 10 an audience of nearly 1,5W people,
,u" LUo ueiu present me img. wmcs-s xjilino-
KUani, rriucess iiikelike, Hon. A.S.Cle,horu,the
- rlsa J:' ot UlOa, ttia .Uiuister of Interior,
juo -uiiuinie! ui nuance, nons. S. li. Wilder, U. K.
Bishop, J. L. Kaulukou. J. M. K
mann. Rev. Alex. Maokintob, Rev. Fathers Leon
ore, bylveMer and Clement; Mrs. Dr. J.S. McGrew
rtuu many oiner ladies and gsutlemen whose pres.
etice indued added iatirest to the oicusioa
auk programme as rendered was as follows
overture "firates of Pens nice" Sullivan
at. ajjuis uollegu (Jrcaesua.
bsmi-Chorns i'ue Little -Musicians"
at. XiouisUoilege Minim Choir.
head xsd roor (rialogue.)
pas. Lloyd
. Win. Coeliin
All U azholars.
uuoms "ine aunrisa" C. A. White
at. Xijuis Uoltege Choir.
Plevna arch-.St. Lvais College Junior Orchestra
U-egory (servant) jils. jjosn
uregory a iMtuer j. Arci(l
urcgory s aiaster e. Crawrofd
Mr. Janmng fteaant) F. Uartlennmi
Mr. bpia gd (teuiut) Jas. Thompson
Caorus-".Uother Dew" Alex. L
au u'juw ujllee Urcaestr i.
SdIo and Charm rna Fiva-csut Shava"
Win. Caelho aud Cuorus.
the vieoixia injiaii (Oi.e act in three sceacs.)
jjnmy Viucaiit Fernandez
Ar.iTtieU..... ma Crawford
Dr. Galea d Ward Harry Cajpjr
Dr.GiIea's Nephew (Ctptiin Rifli)...John Ain
Dr. G Ilea's Sjrviut triiji.O'Ljrv;...rni)3Sviva
Mr. Ca tries (artiit) .'..Ud . J.ioksju
Mr. Patent Tnimnm,,
ProfM4 .r aud Rauorier?.
For.;et Me-N'ot Pjlki St. Ljais College
Junior Orchestra
Gypsy Oioras jjaife
St. Ljais Collegj Choir.
Ditribatioa of Proiniuun.
Qase-i of Heart Polka St. Ljnis Collet
Orcheilra "
"Hawaii Fonoi" St. LDais Colleae Choir.
The various numbers were performed in a man-
lunl suowea mat tne excellent instruction bad
i... u: -
L luokalaiii, Prn cess Likelikt nud the Bishop of
Olba. After which Huw.iii P.,,,; r..t .....j
b ..... " 'v .1 uvuutiucU
v the orchestra and the 1 irfn ajj.mMi.,., . c.ie
v.,v .j l ...
cqntiiticu lur meir uomes.
Th nl pIace n the 231,1 nIt" at Lba. Kauni.
mXZ?!?y Perforrai the Rev. Mr
r,f ".t,hIarfS,denceof Mr- Scboltz. aud the
oonnlB V. Z, ' -ue res'ence of the happy j
2P.18- Anenjoyable time was had.
mS "d'n IK?? ?f Pr?fit 8line. giving the
i :n vue sugar business is
WOrklnir na wpII no co "us.uess, is
anltch8'lPr3:X)P?n"abn"ock8einK for $7,
r.tt?i2S ". Butchers5 sell the
marrr Z" ?a- Honolulu
una z
School Eximlnatlons-
fh?DrrurGAZrrr?:Tne atul examination of
the two Miss r7i
,nm,,il!antt??foa"llue-3?w;,ss'J05rnl"I everv depart
n , ' ?Ud U w-ev-e that the ground troJdeii
needed not to be cone r-r -Ueu
time a good proportion of th8 pu j U f" h
.. . . i I. .
rage of youths in New En!7,Trtr... " J 1"" l"r
It ,s not easy to decide in Twu ich " ha branches
ing, roaJmj. speUingaiid forming sei.tennL .?
t!nn PYfi i 'i'..,. . .
If.m.'V nijT ,?verase, Gf. Number of prescrip
tions, 3.03J. Calls at the dispensary, 708.
Ihe uumberof pitients previouslv treiledat the
MayP9S RS follows: Alarou. 112; April, 109;
Respectfully submitted,
Robert McXibdin.
Por R. M. Stoamslitp "Mariposa."
LoNrOK. Julv IS. Lord fr:n villa Ko (olnM,
ed to Governor Uobinsou, or South Australia.
Stating that the Prinn nf V.la. .h.i. ,ul
. - , . ; - .ununo lug
colonists for their invitation, but fear? that prior
ensage.uents will prevent his visiting tho South
Australian Jubilee Exhibition.
London, Joly 17. The average of the New Sintb
Wales loan was i3.i 8 HA. The, nr,'rani k
to day h quoted at !)a 12j CJ.
The Crawford v. Crawford-Dilk-B A itrnrv on f ia
nnw being ra heard by the Court. Sir Charles
Dilke positively deuieJ the nllegj.l adultecy.
The lnteit inform Uion roirdin the Ne.v Heb
rides indicates that the nnpttinn nf
in nbevance.
Pabis. JulvlS A .1 nM Ilia Ilft4n f 1-. 1.
letieral houlangdr, Mintstor of War, and M. Lir
lentz, Member of tho Sju ite. Bjth were unhurt.
air. uiaasione. in reviswtng the election, stited
the ush m iiifinf ii, i,iiT wiwa ."i"0? ocouanu inu seen their dutv to-
hibited ir ! Li!t n i 1 1 that-of old pro- I wards Ireland quickly, but England had vet to
"r ilt lo.lat naJervHlued adjunct. The lorn her's slowly and naiufnllv 3 -
vj.iuua iiuuui; ouuurreu at IJilliist. A
. .
themselves in hn,ie.7, ' wou " ""?'yse
boird, and the" &"wiTh Phi it wsdot
h'uthi T"e th9 ?dlwti,m of all. 1W
that the schoM appeared well in every resoect ex
presses on v lint li.lf Tm ,-aPc ex-
dence that 'a vear of f' M.V..T"- .""JS f.vl:
la!.,.r t.:., I ,..,i.....l ""u aPPH-U
f H T " JUJSl atistactory result. In
fact the exhibit was a surnriss tn .,. ... 5
seen the b.jciuniii at r-u i . " . . .
I consider that whit ii f..rH,o . i....
crease the usefulness of the school is time and the
X?.!. nd r ,eacui2. with a little ali lo?
waihes schooi..
EDrroa Gazette;
of the NVaihee Eaulish 8011001 yes hj3?
f 'ilvei ,UQ re il ,le:lsur f y th a? 1 1 wis
one of the most satisf.ifir.ru 'r.wnfi
ever attended ia tuis KiaonT. I " av tha?
tWnill"hIIK W'.lS Perfectio:,, but Idosay VhaVevcrv
phi"g.Wed thB Kre'Uest """O""' of oa nn'd
The distinctness u-.M. .t,;i. .1..
heard the exerwses. The accuracy with which all
the whole term. PmrTiY"? Var,ni?
nl.Qa o-.nl, 1 - iu me lowest
.Tii,.Mi.. l'WL 1 . reu ,0. sPeak ev-ery word
v i"".'"piess ot ttic work in ;
persons were wounded, nml nrt . ...
done to proporty.
London-, July 14. The
n,re iaiili' eS iKetl in csnsidering 1 1 "ornU
the Enabling Act necss-in. fr fh.. ...
of Queensland into two colonies. 1
inetic showed
uccu imu.irieu wm gooa tact and that the pupil
...r vauceii on a solid u
Aue ulSiritiutlnn nr nnruc w).o
Kauai Notes-
f Ul,e Croa11 5- )V- Afford f or defendants.
F .T 7 . , , "osa Ior piaintm; a
E. Avery for drfemljni r
Eraa Becklev
-. tqnity appeal. Submitted on briefs. Paul
Aaana lor plaiutiffs; J. Austin aud J. A. Mn
f r defendants.
Ie King vs. W'm. Ebelin?. r)r,l9r.i'j i
irri Police JcsUcd of Lahaiim ir dumiuJ ir
-t of jurisdiction. V-V. AhmrH f,,.jJ..j
the sime parties is biuii-
A t-cind case amon;
r"y lnosed of.
,Vf-YZ. Mawana. it is ordered that
- 'Trry yr u u". P'?a on i"yug costs of
.04 uaauiu xinai costs to await judg
vi . MW' oraoenr, divoroe.
Caaued to October term, and ordered that a
be ient toG.pt. Nordberg, ere W.U.
D-rrv. :r.7J. "t . -,."' "laoKuurn.
iit in person. RU l0r I)'"nt," ue-
.-vLewa Itl Makanui (w).Divorce rant.!
t pWa. dtS,:rtioa- Watiff and defend-fc.-i-iea.
v. . Ahford for nlaint .iff
jndement be .V..r"V; ""!eat"nt..mea that
withowprejodice. vnunnea till called up,
J. W. AuSnT sa.lu.,B- APP of
nd stand continnlTin . A 40 RO oa a"endar
order In apSr h,e October term. Same
debt ASSeaJpHSSS? PI?.ntetioa,Co
tha defendant may WfiSSdnJ2J??'
St. Irf)al' Collego-
tbeeSS ,f llh Loai' CollW during
ibeiniSShl'611 "tended. thTdiffcrTnt
SSIdrf,K by lwreau and friendt of the
01 the closing aTmjn,tirn ot
The season has bean verv Hrr n fi.a tua
Ewe oi 11.11a.11. r,,m ot anv Hm,mnt nag faiiej,
.it "cHiiiat since August ot last year.
The mills are bagiutiiug to cloje up their grind
ing, aud turn to Dl-intiuf. All I. iv lnn t?n i.n
the price of sugar makes" impossible now the ex
iraorumary prouis ot former years.
neu sugar sella at so low a price, why shon d
iuo mi. nsaessurs ue lusiruciew to assess all stand
ing cane at the rate paid when sugar brought
.nitoujiuMuasn uoes now z IS not JfloO pr
vie uiku u ukuio lororuiuary cane t
v.u. .aw iu,ucra suuuiu see 10 it tuat tbeir as
sessors aw not law breakers. There should oe
home penalty ior assessors who alter accepted re
turns, auu ana fco.iwu of taxable property to the
uixpaers use
Kauai has had no road supsrvisor the past bien
nial ueriod. and the rond-i h
But what has become of the money that has been
cjllected thee two years ? The bridges at Wa -
mea anu nauapepe are good substantial struc
tures, but where in the publisheJ nocounU do s
it appear ih it residents contributed thousanus of
aonars 10 ouiwiug these bridges ? The Waimea
bridge is four feet higher than H lyselden's,
which Failed out to sea in last v.iar'j ttnnA U'h
piles for the present bridge ara drivan tn f.t
deeper down, and are like'v to stand acainst tven
exirTioruiuary nooas.
itev. a. Li. UesliB. of Napoopoo, Kona, Hawaii,
has been preaching at Waime i. nud all p!h
have been interested and benefited. Night after
night andienoes of from 150 to J00 have gathered
to hear the great truths of salvation earrehtlw and
eloquently set forth. Many have given up" their
abandoned lives, nnd began a new life, it is to be
hoped that some pastor may be found to look after
iuc BiuniuHi luieresuiut mis important locality.
Two years ago it seemed as if the dreadful
scourge of leprosy had been checked by the sani
tary legislation enforced. Now it is spreading
with fresh virulence, and lepers are allowed t
mingle freely with those as yet untainted. If
this govern mf-nt does not protect the community
from this fearful contagion, it may beoome the
duty of foreign governments to insist that their
citizens, who came here for travel or residence
should not be exposed to this horrible disease.
Families, that value health more than wetlth,
have left the islands, and others would like to co
if they could, where good government sires pro
tection to me as wen as property.
Xne schools have closed for the usual summer
vacation. Ihe examinations have showed thit in
most instances good work has been done. Gn at
crddit is due to the school agents, Mr. Knnd- n
and Dr. J. W. Smith for the good manaiemeut
that has made such judicious use of the locil
taxes. Bat why should the Board of Education
give a salary of $1,000 only to the able and success
ful toacher at Lihue, and $1,200 to the Kapaa
f he various Sunday Schools oa Kanai meet at
LiLn-, Saturday, July 31, for a central convel
tion: Singing, speaking and feasting, and
general Rood time make these gatherings very at
The wedding of Captain Ahlbora and Miss Dora
tue lrnniHiiCA 1 m ...... , -,,
pupils have had in thTr Jt., i S ule
made in Geoaraohv. i.r,n. c ,. .
on ..r...)?o ' " worn was
mThV Mr t 1. ' V a -Cl":ite, etc. It seems
that Mr. Jackson has written no for nM in hi..
nirn c n-i hn.., ...1 r "
Zvr. i us , 4Qestions and nusweis on
i,A 3-a te,ao'er sood to visit a school like Wai-
u.wa MgiUlrtl UI LIIH IlHQr tainh,,.a f
Tha Pacific Tolograpli
The London corresnomlfint nf thn . iKnn,.
Argiis. writing by last mail, savs: "Sir A. SUwt
anp Mr. nuidolph Want appear to have brought
away from America very smgaine impressious re
carding their suo.-ess in negotiating for the pro
posed cable across the Pacific to Annrali . Air.
aut states that tho Governments of Hawaii,
America, and Canada linva ni-,-.,.,;! ... o.
and share the cost of the Facillo scheme. A ff rvan-
Cl ll UOUSO 111 Llnilnn hai irn.rantil n-
ivmn-v. . 1 . ' - .v. ..i... a..,-
000,000, the oslimated cost of the lino, nnd the
untntrmtion mrnpiny nre willing to act npon this
guarantoe. The Caindian Government are very
-2 1, ., 10 lie PMposal. nud the Canadian
faoinc Itnlwav Cimii-inv will nii,-,, n, r,
tlieir wire across the n.intinnnt. Mr w,.. ...;ii
probably oiien cnniipr-tintis will, tlm T .,.!.- .,. i..
nett Company. He says the colonial Go rernmenta
llOt OnlV faVOr the MhwilO. lint. Iiur nnnnnt..!
subsidise it. He expects the cost of telegraphing
liv the new route would be 4s 6J. a word from
Londou to Anstralia, and 2i. 3.1. from San Fran-
chco to Australia. Tho Pro ..toa 1,0 ti,;r.i.
would be OJ. a word from S in Francisio to Ans
tratn, and Gd. more from T.-imlnn. ).... ..
J. M. Oat, Jr. & Co.,
ofrenra1iUd.IeardHlm',,8t.ev,;rir oa8 Cive words
Li..f .8.?.nd PonKf'ttplation. pronouncing the
riI7,Vr, . l,e CUDUl aot tell from the
.P.i.uiiiun,i lUB cuuaren whether Mr. Jackson "TT
is a g(od disciplinarian or not, for there was not JM GTRTSi TjASI 1 Alta
the least indicition of disorder about the whole A O X -7Zh LXsMTO
ZIa -oast;(IQ,e,nt'y he said not a word about
" ".puiianaus in one so loo .
Ihe afternoon was the Jubilee for the little ones
ni,i Er IW"R.a?d.?Wo?ne- E'ery a
.. ii tuere oeen breath tier
bvJthhBb0nSU,ttUd yara both crowded
by those who wishod to r ,.n,i .1... .....
niTl" lhoae,littIe Hawaiian, declaimed.' one
..,.7 i.r Ji.0" tnem also. I am
t-. u. .ue iiaiuee r,ngusn School. M,
Hawaiian Gazette Block, 27 Merchant
Street, Honolulu, H. I.,
Keep constantly on hand all the latest Periodical of
tMilynff:A l'ub'lti0.i ordered as desired.
Qsoea's Hospital Trustees.
Th.n.l . .
uu iuuiii i ii ii r if r i v itiaaiiiin .r I. i
t.i.. . .i.:; .::.. T"-"""K" oi
afternoon of the 28th ins,., at' h S
Chamber of Commerce. CimobellV lil.ri,
tion. Chas. II. Bishop. Vice Pr.M-nr ;rJ...:-.
o . ic.nurtT a annual r,n.irf nr. t....q. ..
was read and accented. It Hi,.,wJi T .i "f
fcibbm, the Resident PnVswIan - -'.a CJ
uiiant..l " iuu
Blank Books,
Memorandum Books,
Press Copy Books,
Inks, MucUage,
I .Xi l al a p
The Chairman rrl a l.iu, . T I LBLLBI HHU llflTR M 3 11 PTQ
- . a tuiu Uii, Xm U OfllL- I " -m -mm w Mm WS a fe
wright, executor of the w II .-o. . " .V "
lnt r. . . ner
HnStfiat T"11 "ocoantof the Qneea?s
Hospital from 1 1 lmds nf i, k.. ........ I
enclosing a check for teiSZ.
ENVELOPES, and fverythloff In connection
with the Stationery Trade.
tr a onJJ i "iu, uuu aotion ueierrej
ON ilfth'O
toaspeciRl meeting to l nii,.,i ,.r...i .
Of..rei?ort"-r 1rtty from &ln Francisco.
tevVJ?:mcha j
BlHhnn.' A .T ...Z'JZZV ".""."S"""1"! V
, . ... u,.iWUh a. n. Ulegnorn. J. H.
,rlV E.0d FA- Execntfve Comraii:
tht hr.i.-i n to engage female nuree for
rouowiug is the report of the House Physician:
To the Trnst.-. nf .h?S5f fcr"S. !!.
report for the quarter ending May 31, 1886:
ADO total nninhar nf tnlirl. - . ..
U&faSw2R fapaneM 8nd " of other na-
27 Chinese, 19 Japanese and U of other ution'
nationalities. ' """WUH,W
Deaths, 14, viz: 2 Hawaiian males, 6 Chinese 2
Japanese and 4 or other nationalities WJmeM
The causes of daath were as follows: Abcess of
liver, 1; apoplexy, 1; beriberi, 3; cancer.lom'
samptiou, 3; disease of heart, 1 SSSoVhto
- uuiaBrox isaoor pauests was 80;
no!r or Great Britain and America.
Kvery lIor.e ilwners Cyclopedia,
Ctmpalc.u of Oeniral Stewart.
C01150. the Foundation of it Fri-e Sir tea.
Life of U. S. Grant, Works of Ohapmin,
Deacon LI'.'htK of tlirtory.
Twentv Teari" In Conercs.
Boots and Saddle.
T'nna. The PrehUtorlc Palace of the Kings' of
Goodwin' Improved Book-keeping,
Folio of Music, Song Folio,
Japanear Phrane Book.
Pprtnirtiee and En lib. Phraae Books.
Alma' French Coarse,
Prlncepla Latino.
Dr. Smith'. Smaller Hiitory of Bests,
Grrek Leaon.
Goodwin' Greek Grammar.
Andrew'a Hawaiian Dictionary.
c-. Ezpedltloaalr Bxtcsted at tka Giuo.rwaTT

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