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w iiTamBKfrK iw j SkS i
There is nothing noticeable in the way of
improvement in business the retailers still
comnlaininc of dullness The jobbers are
r - x
doing a fine trade in the way of supplier to
the other Islands
On Thursday last the sale of cloths im
ported by Sir L B Kerr was continued by
Messrs E P Adams Co and the bidding
was in every way satisfactory to the importer
and the purchasers were well pleased with
iheir bargains
Jlr Lewis J Levey also had a continua
tion sale of cloths on the same day which
was well attended and the results satisfactory
to the importers Mr Levy also bad a sale
of fine saddle horses belonging to the estate
of T C Akana for 175 aqd two horses be
longing to bther parties for 111
On Thursday Air J A Hassinger Chief
Clerk of the Interior Department sold in
front of Aliiolaui Hale the following lease
hold and freehold property The bidding
was spirited and some of the property was
knocked down for its full value
Lease of two pieces of land at ilokuleia
Waialua containing 427 acres of mountain
grazing land ten years upset price 50 per
annum semi annually in advance Caspar
Silva 53
Lease of lot one quarter acre adjoining
Court House at Kaneohe o years upset price
as above sold for 50
Lease of Esplanade lot Xo 11 50x100 feet
on Fort and Halekauila 6treels opposite H
Hackfeld Cos ten years upset price 240
per annum semi annually in advance J Mc
Lean 655
Land at Kenioo Waialua 52Jj acres upset
price 130 His Majesty 170
Land at En rnanaiki Kalihi 450 acres graz
ing banana woodland etc upset price 200
His Majesty 2010
Land at Kaloaloa 43 93 100 acres suited in
part to cultivation situated in central part of
Kalihi valley upset price 500 Antone Rosa
Land at Pohakaa 37 85 100 acres suited in
part to cultivation situated in central part of
Kalihi valley upset price 400 A Itosa 400
Land at Koloalu Kalihi 19 acres well
suited to banana cultivation etc upset price
15 His Majesty 95
Land at Hakaio294 acres of kula hill
side adjoining the Morris premises Kalihi
on makai side upset price 15 His Majesty
Strip of land between Mokauea and Kawai
holo 5 37 100 acres knla upset price 50 His
Majesty 455
Land in upper part of Kalihi valley lying
between Hueaand Pohakuawaawa A llosas
land upset price 15 A Rosa 500
There were several other pieces of land to
be offered but owing to an injunction served
on the Minister of the Interior they were
withdrawn for the present
Tbo Water Trout-
The local steamers and sailing vessels still
continue to bring large quantities of sugar
from the plantations many of them report
ing heavy weather at the landings making
it difficult to handle cargo
The harbor at present has no disengaged
tonnage for sugar The latest vessel to ar
rive from the coast is the British iron bark
Iron Crag which as soon as she discharges
her inward freight will receive quick dis
patch for San Francisco
Tho arrivals from foreign ports for the
week weret19th Am brig W G Irwin from
San Francisco with general merchandise
21st Am wh bark Ohio from New Bed
ford with 230 bbls sperm oil which was
transhipped here into the Katie Flickinger
the Ohio will proceed north to the Arctic
23d Br bark Iron Crag from San Francisco
with 51000 brick
The departures were 20th bktncsJ A
Falkinburg and Caibarien with full cargoes
of sugar etc for San Francisco 21st H B
MsS Caroline for Esquimau B C 21st
Haw brig Allie Kowe for Hongkong with
Chinese passengers and a small freight 21st
Am bktnes W H Dimond and Katie Flick
inger for San Francisco 23d tern Geo C
Perkins also for San Francisco with full
cargo of sugar The bktrro Discovery wil
probably sail to day for the same port with
a large cargo including 1000 bunches
bananas Tho brig W G Irwin will prob
ably sail about Thursday
The French bark Julie now discharging
coal will soon commence loading sugar and
sail early nest week
Tho schooner Rosario is reported as ar
rived at Kahului on the 21st and tho bark
Will Case on the 19th both with full cargoes
of general merchandise
The Inter Island S S Cos 6chooner M
E Foster was on the railway last week re
ceiving a thorough overhauling
The Hawaiian warship Kaimiloa is still at
the Pacific Mail Wharf in jcharge of the car
penters and riggers She will probably sail
in about ten days for Kailua
Captain Bates of the W G Hall reports
bad weather at Punaluu on his last trip pre
venting him from loading
The Kalakaua is still in the stream
Repairs have been commenced on the Mis
sionary barkentine Morning Star Some of
her stern timbers are badly affected with dry
rot The Star is almost a new vessel and
should not show signs of decay so soon
Whoever superintended her construction
ought to be salted for iailingto see that she
was properly salted when building Messrs
Dower Purdy are repairing her
The bark Hope and barkentine Amelia may
be expected here soon from the Sound with
The bark Julia Foard has arrived at Hilo
and after discharging will load sugar for
San Francisco The Brig Hazard isnow
loading sugar to sail about May 1st
Tuesday April 19
Bgtnc W G Irwin McCnlloch from San Fran
Strar W G Hall Bates from Hawaii and Maui
Stmr Lehua Clarke from Hamakua Hawaii
Stmr Ewa Hughes from Ewa
Schr Kc Au Hou from Holokal
Schr Molwabine Staples from Koholalelc
Schr Wailele from Haua
Schr Moknola from Ewa
Wednesday Anril 20
Wh bk Ohio Torccy fm n OCew Bedford
Stmr Walmannlo ui vood from Waianac
Thursday April 21
Strar JasMakcc Campbell from Knual
Stmr Mokolii McGregor from Molokai
Stmr J A Cummins Ncilson from Walmanalo
SchrLiholiho frcm Lahaina
Fiuday April 22
Stmr Inalani Freeman from Hawnii
Stmr SurprUe Welsbath from Paia
Stmr Waialeale Weir from Kauai
Saturday April 23
Bk Iron Crag Jones from SanFrancUco
Stmr Walmanalo Underwood from Waianae
Stmr Kllauea Hou Cameron from Hawaii
Sclir Mokuola from Ewa
SuxAYApril 24
Stmr Kinau Lorcnzcn from Maui and Hawaii
Stmr Likelike Davis from Maul
StmrMikahalaIIall from Kauai
Stmr Jas Makco Campbell from Kauai
Stmr Ewa Hughes from Ewa
Schr Halcakara from Pcpeckco
Scbr Luka from Hamakua
Schr Kaukeaoull from Kojuia
Schr Mary from Hamakua
Schr Hob Hoy from Koolau
Schr Leahi from Koolau
Schr Mile Morris from Koolau
Scbr Waichu from Waianae
Monday April 23
Bk Lady Lampson Marf ton from San h ran
Stmr Lehua Cjarke from Hawaii
Schr Moiuahinc tuples from Hawaii
Tuesday April 19
Stmr Mikahala Hall for Kauai -
Stmr C R Bishop Chancy fur Kauai
Schr Waiehu for Koolau
Schr Mile Morris for Ewa
Wednesday April 20
Bktnc J A Falkcnberg Kliuge for ban Iran
Bk Caibarien Perkins for San Fran
Schr Jlolwalnne Staples for Hawaii
Schr Hceia for Koolau
Schr Kaulllna for Waianac
Tuubsday April 21
DBMS Caroline Wiseman for Brit Columbia
Bktne W H Dimond Luce for Sau Fran
Brie Allie Kowe Phillips for Hongkong
Schr Sarah Eliza for Koolau
Schr Wailele for Hawaii
Schr Ke Au Hon for Kuan
Schr Waioli for Hawaii
Scbr Emma McCauley for Kauai
Friday April 22
Stmr J A Cummins Xcilscn for Waimanalo
Stmr W G Hall Bales for Maul and Hawaii
Strar Mokolii McGregor for Molokal and Maui
Schr Mary E Foerfor Kauai
Schr Llhoiho for Waianae
Schr Ileciu for Koolaa
SATTjrDAT April 23
Stmr Ewa Hughes for Ewa
Monday April 23
Stmr Iwalam Fiteman for Hawaii
Stmr Waimanalo Underwood for Waianae
Stmr J A Cummins Xeilson for Waimanalo
Stmr Surprise Weisbath for Fata
Stmr Waialeale Weir for Hawaii
Schr Sarah Elizi for Koolaa
Schr Mokjiola for Ewa
Schr Mile Morris for Koolau
Vcssols in Port
Bk Velocity Bolster
Bk Kalakaua Armstrong
Missionary brie Morning Star Turner
Bgtne Clau Spreckels
Bktnc G C Perkins
Bk Julia Clarey
Bktne Discovery Lee
Itne W G Irwin McCnlloch
Bk Iron Crag Jones
Bk Lady Lampson Marston
From Hamakua per Moiwohine Apiil 1U J
Lidgate Mrs Wilson-
From San Francisco per W G Irwin April IP
Mr II F Chandler Mrs L P Howard J M Burke
M S Abrams F b Ronmage E F Wright Mrs H
V Ges W Fennell
From Maui and nawaii per W G Hall April
19 D Foster II X Grcenwcll W 11 Cnrnmings
Misses Maria and Molhc Lane C Cockeit G Mc
Dougal G Gray Rev S II Davis Mrs E Ilalstead
3Iastcr Armstroag Mrs Sheldon and 45 deck
From Waianac per Waimanalo April 20 Mrs
j KaniDaurn ana 4 cnufiren i Lionarons An
drews Mrs R Lindsay and CO deck
From Kauai per Waialeale April 22 Wm H
Rice wife and family Miss Adela Widdefield
Miss uianche cornwcllJiisseseiiieauu jiay
Waterhcuse Miss Aatlie Ncedhaui and 3 deck
From Waianac per Waianac April 23 H Eng
lish and wife Miss E Enslish John Cassidy
Mr Lc ltuc ana is aecic
From Hamakua per Kilauea Hon April 23
Mrs II Bell
From Kanai per Mikahala April 24 Geo Tit-
comb ana wile -Hiss d ioiieno r ionraat J w
Alapai and wife C II Willis Mrs Apana and
child J F Sicman A Hoffeuard 2 Chinese and
4U deck
From 3Iaui per Likclike April 24 Mrs J S
Hanks and child Miss Alice Waitc Jno F Col
burn D 1 Eldridgc J McColsan Miss J
jan 3lrs Lovell JIrs J l vle ana son Jlaj w II
Cornwell and daughter W McGuern M Cobb W
J rigut ana son m uampiin ana o aeck
From Hawaii and Maui per Kiuau April 24
non SjG Wilder CX Arnold Chun Lung Capt
tit TiTir lt rpil i Klll T
J Mnjjtiire Geo Ross J Cunninsham Mrs n M
Stillman and Boy Rev S C Luliiau Yalau Ah
inaa tea aui i i anu o ueck
For Maui and Hawaii per Kinau April IS For
tne oicano ii jtoawen Ji s uorucn i r
Borden For way ports Hon J W Kalna and
For Maui per Likclike April IS Mrs A Barber
ana s cnuarcn Mis copp Mrs U Copp ana
child Miss RMcShanc Mrs A P Jones Mrs P M
Rooney and 2 children J D Marlin Mrs Thomas
Campbell Brother Fradcis II Morrisson Miss A
Hughes Maj W 11 Cornwell and 30 deck
For Kauai per Mikahala April 19 Col Z S
Spaldinj Sheriff G X Wilcox MissR W Web
ber Norman Logan Mrs H Isenberg Miss A M
Pans M G Correa Geo L Edwards and 00 deck
For San Francisco per Caibarien April 20 P
Broauand2in steerage
For San Francisco per W II Dimond April 20
Foriraul and Hawaii per W G Hall April 22
A Johnstone Rev W H Barnes and bride Rev S
H Dais G Timoteo C Brito G McDougal J F
Colburn II N Greenwcil Sine Chen- For the
Volcano C Cchn C J Bethem
For Waimanalo per J A Cummings April 22
His Majesty the King
Cathedral Honolulu April 21st by the flight
Rev the Lord Bishop of the diocese assisted by
the Rev Herbert F E Whality S A C the
Rev William H Baenes S A C of Lahaina
Maui to Emily Elizabeth Scott eldest daugh
ter of Williamson Esq of Manchester Eneland
Gazettes Hilo Letter-
Editoh Gazette The railroad surveyors
have located themselves in the Alhamtfra
on the corner of Front and Church streets
and are busy at work on the preliminary
survey They- have already advanced out
into the country as far as Waiuaku and are
pushing the work along as fast as possible
It is expected that tho survey will be com
pleted in about a month when Mr Gribble
will return to England to make his report to
the syndicate who aro to advance tho money
Mr wilderin the meantime ia making all
preparations for securing supplies so that
immediately on notification that tho syndi
cate approve of the scheme material will bo
forthcoming and tho work pushed rapidly to
completion Of course Hilo people antici
pate a boom in everything that the railway
ia assured and already it has struck the
town as is apparent from the more frequent
transfer of real estate but few would believe
that it has struck it so bard as to have one of
its land owners ask 100 a square foot for
land because the railway will run over about
forty feet of it This individual haH a large
lot but his magnanimity and public spirit
compel him to let Mr Wilder have forty feet
of it for only 100 a square foot If hopes
6uch as these were realized our citizens
would soon become wealthy How some of
the poor land owners throughout the district
who have in ignorance set their minds on
getting gilt edged prices for their lands now
that we have a railway in prospect will be
disappointed when appraisers are sent
through and their land appreciated at its
market value and their fancy bonanza peters
out Others from business scruples and
public spirit have without consideration of
fered right of way From the public spirit
displayed by the intelligent owners of prop
erty Mr Wilder will have very little diffi
culty throughout the district in securing his
road bed
A great number of Portuguese are settling
in town principally tradesmen who since
their contracts to plantations have expired
have come into town and built small shops
on leased land on the principal streets and
are conducting littlo business in tbem But
the beauty of the principal residential streets
of the town is in a fair way of being spoiled
by the small Portuguese dwellings that are
springing up everywhere Waianaenue av
enue tho pnde of HildIrom its thoroughly
tropical appearance has had two of these
miserable looking shanties stuck right in its
central portion These as long as they re
main will materially detract from its ap
pearance and then there is the unwelcome
prospect that more may yet be built
Mr ilder has proposed for Hilo a system
of water works He intends to work all his
machinery at the wharves and warehouses at
Waiakea which will soon be built by hy
draulic power In order to do this he will
build large storage reservoirs above the
town and convey the water down through
the town to Waiakea If a sufficient number
of subscribers will take water to make it an
object he will lay mains through the princi
pal streets of the town and supply it with
water This will be a boon to tho people
which they ought certainly to folly appreci
ate The water used at present and par
ticularly in the lower parts is vile and unfit
for cooking or drinking running as it does
along the streets through back yards and
many very questionable places drawing
more impurity each additional foot it travels
And 6o the march of improvements keeps
on The evening of the day that hailed the
arrival of the Hon S G Wilder and his
corps of surveyors to commence operation on
the railway saw street lamps first lighted in
Hilo This was on Thursday the 14th
instant With a rich n wnnlth nf no
us we have back of us we expect ere lonr to
see onr town outside and inside lighted
with electricity This could be done so
cheaply that it will be a profitable under
taking as 6oon as the town increases in
youngs automatic cixanee
Several prominent planters of the Islands
were here last week insxit cting Youngs
automating Bkimraing pan at Waiakea and
were much pleased with its working One
of these Mr Spaulding of Kauai made it
suggestion which has since been acted on
and has been a great improvement The
juice in this pan is boiled in vacuum In
order to obtain e vacuum it was connected
bv a pipe with the first of the double effects
which gave it nbout fifteen minutes and
exhaust steam was necessary to raise the
temperature sufficient to make it boil up
Mr Snauldinn suscested that instead of con
necting the pan with the first effect as it then I
was that it be connected with the secouu
when it would carry as much vacuum as the
second effect twenty six inches and boil at
about loo degrees heat As the juice in the
clarifiers is raised to about 170 degrees tem
perature it was found that as soon as tho
juice was drawn into the skimming pan it
boiled withont any additional heat so that
the suggestion was at once a snecesa and it
has worked admirably ever since Being
boiled at a lower temperature there is less
liability to inversion of the juice Thu3 at
present tho juice is skimmed without any
heat except what it gets from the clarifiers
The eshanst ste v all be directed to tho
clarifiers or otiei ces of the mill where it
will prove most uuvantageous This i5 de
cidedly one of the greatest improvements in
sugar rmchiuery of late years and with the
preseL achiuery of a first class mill it
practicmv solves the fuel problem
The Lark Julia Foard fourteen davs from
San Francisco came in bu the 10th and
brought Captain Matson aud Mr Low as
passengers She hasa general cargo of mer
chandise a lot of hogs and a fine horse for
Mr Wilder
Enrfjc Gazettf Tai he notices by your
vfon tobeheldon
the 23d inst bj tua esuo cd ind venerable
MrsDominis in commemoratiou of tho semi
centennial of her arrival at the Islands in
the bark Jones I notice some errors which it
may be worth while to correct
It is stated that since that time she has not
left the islands On the 3d day of December
1841 she embarked on the Ehip Wm Gray
Capt Stickney for Boston On thel8th fif
teen days out at 2 oclock a m it being a
bright starlight night the ship barely es
caped being wrecked upon Pennryhn Island
She arrived at her destination April 28 1812
Mrs Dominis returned to Honolulu in the
barkBehring Capt B F Snow sailing from
Boston Nov 2d 1842 and arriving at Hono
lulu March 17th 1843
Capt Dominis finally left the Islands in
the brig Henry Neilson on the 5th day of
August 1S1G instead of 184S as per Polyne
sian of Aug 8 161G
The writer was a fellow passenger with
Mrs Dominis and her son by both the Gray
nnd Behring I also infer from tho notices I
have read that the recent mission semi-centennial
held here is supposed by some to
have been of the establishment of this mis
sion which is a mistake It was a commem
oration of the fiftieth anniversary of the ar
rival of the seventh and largest reinforcemont
of the mission The pioneer missionaries of
A B C F M arrived hero in March 1820
sixty seven vears ago S N Castle
April 25 1837
Tho Latest
The bark Lady Lampson arrived last night
with European dates to tho 9th
A Vienna Qispatcu states tuat anotuer un
successful attempt on the life of tho Czar of
Bussia had been made The above dispatch
is confirmed by others The Czar is meting
out severe punishment on all Nihilists con
nected with tho recent attempt on his life
A large meeting of anti coorcionists was to
be held in Hyde Park April 11th
The Russian Finance Minister has issued a
law requiring Russians who travel abroad to
pay thirty roubles in gold to the end of the
year and additional rates for a longor term
Tho harsh measures of tho Czar Nicholas aro
to bo revived
Tho Czar refuses to outline his future pol
Tho report of tho assassination of tho Gov
ernor of Maruf in Kilat Afghanistan while
going to assist tho Candahar troops is an
nounced Tho Governors force is reported
as all massacred
TJnfoundod reports of the death of tho
Ameer of Afghanistan are in circulation at
Peshawur and that Kilot has fallen and
Candahar is in danger
The loss of the bark IW Seavor is re
ported from Paget Sound
Earthquakes are frequent in Vermont
Tho drouth still continues in Texas Wide
spread ruin aud misery prevail
A meeting of Socialists in Hyde Park Lon
don on the 9th ended in a collision with
tho police
There are no new developments in tho
European war news
Salos of Land and Leases
Yesterday Mr J A Hasingersold in front
of Aliiolani Hale leases on Maui and Ha
waii as follows Maui leases and sales
hrought 7G0 Leases on Hawaii brought
1271 and sales 4519 25 Total 7350 25
Important Docision
Yesterday the Supreme Court in banco
rendered a decision in the case of tho Kinc
vs Young Tang having opium unlawfully in
possession The defendant was convicted in
the Police Court and the decision of the Su
preme Court reverses the decision of the
Court below and discharges tho defondant
The decision will appear in full next week
Annual Mooting of the If M C A
On Thursday evening the annual meeting
of the Y M C A was held at its hall A
statement by the treasurer showed after
deducting disbursements a balance of 2035
Chief Justice Judd made a brief address
showing the workings of the Association and
the results Concluding by Btating it had been
a grand success Mr P C Jones gave an
account of his recent journey east and notes
of interest by the way Mr Southwick who
has recently left these shores to reside in
California would act as tne delegate at the
Y M C A Convention to be held in Sau
Franciscov The election of officers for the
ensuing year resulted as follows President
h dLowrev Vice President x it Walker
Secretary It W Podmore Treasurer E O
White Directors W U Smith and T G
The meetiug then adjourned nntil the 23th
inst when the reports of retiring officers will
be read The public are invited to be present
Dance at Iolani Palace
On Wednesday evening His Ma jestv cave a
complimentary dance in honor of Captain
Sir W Wiseman and officers of H B Ms
ship Caroline The Palace was tastefullv
decorated for the occasion the grounds being
brilliantly illuminated by the electrio light
The guests were received by His Excellency
A liosn His Majestys Vioa Chamberlain
assisted by Majors J D Holt and H F Ber
telmanu and conducted to the dressinn rooms
The King received the guests in the Throne
room llie Diplomatic aud Consular Corpn
were well represented Privv Counselors
and Legislators were present as were also
tne Uliaplum aud officers of 11 ii Ms ship
uaroune ana mo Vyommauuer ana omcers of
H H Ms Kaimiloi and u number of Hono
lulus residents The costumes qf the ladies
were fully up to the mark The costumes of
the naval gentlemen appeared to advantage
particularly the Eaimiloas officers whose
new uniforms fresh from the tailor shop
looked gay and added fully 60 per cent to
their general appearance The Band under
the direction of Herr Berger was stationed
on the veranda and discoursed sweet music
to which the dancers tripped the light fan
tastic tog The programme of dances em
braced twelve numbers During the evening
refreshments were served and at 12 oclock
the guests sat down to a sumptuous supper in
the spacious dining hall The King proposed
the health of Sir V Wiseman and officers of
H B Ms ship Caroline to which Sir William
responded and then proposed The Ladies
God Bless Them whicn was responded to
by His Excellency A Itosa Dancing was
again resumed aud kept up until 2 oclock
all departing after having enjoyed a pleasant
Mr Julius Hotiug will act as Consul for
Italy during tue temporary absence of F A
Schaefer Esq
A Handsome Banner
Mr James Dodd who was present at the
re union of the Knights Templars at St
Louis made a collection of the badges which
he has had arranged as n banner and hand
somely embroided by Miss Tuck Three of
them are historical one was tho property
of General Beauregard another of General
Early and a third of General Logan The
screen exhibited in Mr Hewitts window on
Merchant street and has attracted considera
ble attention
Tho Hawaiian Navy
On Wednesday evening at half past 7
oclock His Excellency W MGibson Secre
tary of War and the Navy presented to Hi3
Majesty the Jung Joseph S Webb Esq
Paymaster of the Navy and tho following
officers of H H Ms S Kaimiloa Com
mander G E Grisley Jackson Chief En
gineer H L Thiron Sub Lieutenants
David Macdonald and Samuel I Maikai
Acting Sub Lieutenant James Kaluahine
Frank Jerome Waiau Lieutenant of Ma
rines Midshipmen Edward S Boyd David
Koii Unauna C P Kanaina and Mathie
Barros Rose
His Majesty then called tho officers up one
by one antl presented them with their com
missions and appointments and afterwards
congratulated tho Secretary of War and
Navy on the fine appearance of the officers
of tho ship and hoped they would give a
good account of themselves
His Excellency Mr Gibson said he felt
pleased and proud at the appearance of the
officers nnd he had no doubt they would
prove loyal servants of His Majesty
The officers all appeared in their new
Reception to a Worthy Lady
Saturday last was the fiftieth anniversary
of the arrival at these Islands of Mrs Mary
Dominis mother of Lieutenant General J
O Dominis and the event was fittingly ob
served by her numerous friends Mrs Dom
inis has continued to reside here with the
exception of a visit to Boston in December
1841 returning to the Islands in March 1843
since her first landing on the Islands An
interesting letter partly in this connection
from the pen of the Hon SN Castle appears
in this issue At 8 oclock a m the venera
ble lady was serenaded by the Hawaiian
Band which continued to discourse sweet
music on tho premises throughout the day
At half past 2 oclock Mrs Dominis held a
reception which was continued until close
on to C oclock and a constant stream of
friends and visitors called to pay their re
spects and tender their congratulations to
this much respected lady who recaived them
graciously and made them all welcome A
largo number of tho leadingcitizens of Hono
lulu were present among whom wore noticed
Hou A S Cleghorn and tho Princess Kaiu
lani also the members of tho Diplomatic and
Consular corps Daring the afternoon light
refreshments wero served to all present
The following remarks of Judge Hartwell
upon tho late decision of the Supreme Court
in the Gazette contempt case has been
handed to us for publication The Judge
wrote to a friend here as follows
I regret exceedingly to see that the Su
preme Conrt has thought it necessary to re
gard the Gazettes paragraph upon some
mans hog case as a contempt of Court either
on the fact or law It is a bad thing for tho
public nnd bad for tho judges themselves
that tho press be muzzled and practically
it amounts to that if such moderate state
ments as wero made in that case consti
tute a contempt Most men talk very pleas
antly before the faces of the judges who hear
only fine things of themsolves and I fear
forget how they and overyono elso used to
criticize tho Court in private conversation
Now public critioism is inviolable I cer
tainly hope that tho bar will not allow this
ciso to passuncriticized Tho day will come
I fear when it will bo found an unfortunate
preoodent To road the opinion of tho Court
niado mo feel very sad as much so as when I
learnod the final opinion iittthe bond case
McCully argues logically I think on the
criminal law of Hawaii being statutory It is
dangerous to search for and find constructive
crimes in that country You may publish
evory word I havo written on the subject if
you liko but I think if you do that my name
ought to be given as the writor
Ncio 2Uucrtiscmcnts
Gases of hi Sales
AU Hogskin and Half Hogskin
In Sydney and English Styles
Which they oiler to the trade at Liberal
1163 Prices lm
NewGoods HewGoods
Per Bark Velocity from China
Fine Silks
Marble and Ebony
Tables and Chairs
Rattan Chairs in all Styles
Choice Manila Cigars
Acd a Full Line of
1157 2m Cor Hotel and Smith Streets
YoimgPlants of Best ASSAM
Free on Board Steamer at Knkuibaele Hamakua
Hawaii at 8500 per 100 at
parcharcrik risk
Also orders received for a small quantity of
Crown Bark
Seeds now ripening on trecg at Knkuihaele as
above at 81500 per or
Apply to
1160 41
10 Oases Welilener Anslese
10 Cases Kiedrlclier pts
10 Cases Nackenheimer
10 Cases Niersteiner
w 10 Cases Piesporter
L1161 1ml
2Cnu SUtotrtisnitaits
MY left my bed and hoard I warn all
persons not to trust her in my pame as I snail
not pay no debts so contracted
rrsZ from imported Stock will be sold at a
tTT reasonable figure on application to
J H FISHER Secretary
At office of Bishop Co HtB tf
Notary Public Records Searched Ab
stract of Title Fnrnislied and
Conveyances Drawn
On Short Notice
Anthorized Collector -
Special Agent
Merchant Street
113r ly
a m hewett
Plantation Books Blanks
AH the Latest Periodicals on Hand
Island orders entrusted to my care will he filled
with promptness
Bell Telephone 302 Mutual Telephone 3T1
115C 3m
Property aufl Business
On Ttmrsflay the 28fh Day of Asril
A D 183T at 12 oclock noon
At ths front of the Court House in YTAILUKU
on the Island of Maui I will offer for sale at Pub
lic Auction to thchijlicst bidder for cash hy the
order of the Trustees of the Lunalilo Estate
mortgagees under foreclosure of a mortgage
from tho Aldcn Fruit and Taro Co all of tho
Real Estate Building Improve
ments Leaseholds Crops of Taro
and Bananas Machinery
Fixtures Tools Imple
ments Live Stock
Stock in Trade
Patents and Franchises and all other Property
belonging to the said Aldcn Frutt and Taro Co
a corporation mortgaged by the said corporation
to the Trustees of the Lunalilo Estate by mort
gage deed recorded in the Hawaiian Registry of
Deeds in Liber 99 pages 371 374 and more par
ticularly described as follows
11 Acre of Taro Land now planted in Taro
and Bananas well watered situate in Wailnku
Royal PatcntOOOO Melekoa w to JM Harvest in
Liber 70 page 447 to Barnes Liber 82 page 4G0
to A F T Co Liber 97 page 318 Fee simple-
293 100 of an Acre of Taro Land planted in
Taro well watered sitnatc in Wallnku Apana 2
or Award 3275 P H P 5151 to Walwalole from
him to M P Walwalole Liber i page 171 to A
Barnes Liber 83 page 171 to A F T Co in
Liber 07 page 318 Fee simple
1 Board of Edncation to F II Endcrs 3t 100
Acre site of Taro Factory In Wailukn term 15
years from Nov l 187J at 818 rent per annum
with privilege Of removing all improvements
2 J Kaluna to Ahunua 1 29 100 Acres in Kalua
Wailukn term 12 years from July 1 1832 rent
3 S Kaaloa to Aldcn F T Co 1 5 of an
Acre in Waiehu witli buildings term 5 years
trom July 21 18S3 rent S10 a year
4 Kalinla to Aldcn F T Co 3 75 100 Acres
In Owao Walehn term 10 years from April 13
loo rent 5JUiiai a year
5 Kealaloma w to A Barnes 2 Acres in
Vraiehu term 5 years with privilege of 5 more
from August 1 1E8 J 1
0 Keliinoi to A A Conrtcney 84 Acres In
walehu term 10 years from Jan 6 1881 rent
U5 per acre per annum with privilege of remov
ng all improvements
7 J Lam and others to A ACourteney 4
Acres inWaichu term 10 years from March 1
18S3 rent 315 per acre jier annum with privilege
of removing improvements
8 JLani to A Barnes 2 pieces 143 100 Acres
and 8J 100 Acre InWiiiehu tormlOycars from
October 13 1883 rent Z a year
3 Makakoa to A Barnes 3 8 100 Acres in Wal
ehu term 10 years rrom November 5 1S83 rent
10 Opunul to A Uafnes 3 15 100 Acres in Wal
ehu term r years with privilege of 5 more from
May 11831 rent S17 u year
nKeIoik4i t0 Alen T- Co- 3tf Acres in
Walehn term lOyears from Mayl 1884 rcntSBO
a year
12 Autonc Borba to Alden F T Co 2 Acres
j Puahala Wailuku tcrrri of D years from Jnne
1 IfcSfifcent 3100 a year reserving lionee and taro
patches ucenpied Jby F Tiltou
Machinery Tools lAparatns Etc
1 Jargc Wagon
SOIuies f
In Sow i
1 Engine and Roller
1 Stevens Rcllcr Mill and Elevators
1 Large Cleaning Drum
1 Taro Slicer
1 Pol Mixer
1 Stack Trays for cooking pii
1 Cooking Box for pig foodV
2 Aldcn Evaporators and 102 Trays for same
1 Circular Saw Stand complte and 3 Circular
1 Fruit Press
1 Carpenter Tool Chest with Tools
Sundry Piping Hoes ShovtJIs Picks Con
tainers Platform and Counter Scales Hose
Wheel Harrow
This sale offers an unusual opportunity of in
vestment The machinery fori manufacturing
Taro Flour and drying fruit is In good running
order and the lands in possession of thecompanv
are covered with crops of taro a great part of
which Is nearly ripe and in a condition to be
manufactured at once
HTFor further information apply to the Trus
aetewa0iiutkhuMnauU0E8tate0r W E
DTJRIKG J W Spencer jwv
assay rgra1 fflsgffifrM
Guardians Notice
X been appointed Guardian pf IbW the 3Iao and
movtrtrotiJOnX BAKER of
auEolnM with the said iJobn Baker must
be transacted through the
Honolnln April 5 1SS7 I
NOTICE has withdraw from
the Arm of the Enterprise Ranch Co The no
dersigned remaining PartnetB assnm all IwV
N B EJlfclloUi
ties nf thcllrra
360000 TO LOAN I
JL Sixty Thonsand Dollars to loan Insnnnoff
not less than one thousand dollars upon siJ
factory security
1134 ft 66 Fort Street HonoluJo
Kahului Maui April 15- 1SS7
jC3i claimsagainstthecstateofESLIKCOLX
a deceased American citizen late of Waiohuii
Kula Maui will present their claims properJr
verified at this Agcncv within thirty days
HG22t U S Consular Agent
1 that I have this day revoked my poir of
attorney dated the 7th day of February E
1SS3 appointing S P Kaalawaznaka of Uonokaa
Hamakua Hawaii as my true and lawful at
torney All persons will take notice that the
saidS P Kaalawamaka has no authority to net
for me after this date
Uonokaa Hamakua Hawaii March 22 18S7 Tm
1161 3t MA ALAN I
Administrators Notice
ing been duly appointed temporary adrum s
trator of the estate of WONG KIM late of
Honolulu deceased all persons having clams
against the said estate are notified -hit ibtynm t
present the same daljr verified aud h proper
vouchers to the undersigned within -ii months
from date of this notice ar they will foreier
barred and all persons indebted to - tiu estate
are requested to make immediate payment to te
at my office Knauumanu street Honolnln
Temporary Administrator of the state of Won
Kim deceased 1161 2n
Mortgagees Notice of Intention to
Foreclose and of Sale
JL power of sale contained in a certain mortgage
madebyNaki of Kailua Island of Oahn to E
Wcry dated loth day of April 15S5 recorded iu
the office of the Registrar of Conveyances in
Liber 93 on folios 188 109 and 170 notice is here
by given that said mortragee intends to foreclose
said mortgage for condition broken and upon
said foreclosure will sell at public auction at B
salesroom of E V Adams A Co In Honolulj
Island of Oahn OX MONDAY the 16th dav of
May 16S7 at 12 M of said day the premises as
uescnoeu in saiu mortgage as oelow sppciaed
Further particulars can be had of J MMonsar
rat Attorney at Law
E WERY Vugagee
Honolulu April 19 1S87
The premises to be sold are T train iota
of land situated in said Kailna ointjuning in
aggrejrate area of 7 81 100 acrt belli ie prem
ises described In Royal Patent 22U1 L t Avi i cl
2511 to Lulnpa being the propcrt f Kan de
ceased by inheritance and now uw nl by the
saiu mungagor as son anu sole r i law o
said Kau H82 it
Mortgagees Hotice of Intention t
that pursnint to a power of sale contained
in a certain iiidentnrffof mortgage dated the Jih
day of August 1S78 made bjr Kalo w and IN
Knlaina her husband to Mrs B Bones all of
Island of Oahn of record in Liber Vi
on pages J50 451 and J52 and for a breach of tho
conditions in said mortgage contained to wid
the nonpayment thereof that the mortgager in
tends to foreclose said mortgage and that all aaa
singular tho lands tenements and heredldaments
in said mortgage named and descrthedwill after
the time limited by law be sold at Public Aucion
on account of the breach of the conditions as
hereinbefore mentioned
The property In said mortgage described bcin
situate on the mauka side of Queen Street in
said Honolulu and being first division or Lot
known as Kulcana No 902 Roal Patent No 1123
to Kalama no Nakookoo and aUo the third divi
sion of Lot known as the Northwestern half of
Kulcana Heln 0123 Royal Patent No 3566 to
Kanaiki Signed MRS B BORRES
By Her Attorney In fact
John II Patr
Cecil Bnowjr Attorney for Mortgage
Dated Honolulu April 5 1SS7 4t 11C0
Mortgagees Notice of Intention to
j iuHoyuisuuu wauowcroi saie contained u
II Hackfeld A Codated the 11th day of Match
A D IESj and recorded in tho Ttrliirv nf nniJ
in Honolnln Oahn in Liber U5 oa pages 8 and V
gage deed contained to wit the non payment of
principal and interest when due the said mort
Fax r ui ecu Uh JTUUUC XlUCUOll
at the salesroom of E P Adams Co In
iuiu ioiuuuoi uannf ua aATUKUAY tbo 7th
nf Mnv All 1Rfi t it it- - u
the premises described in said mortae
- picmiauji luus iu oe soia are
All that certain piece or parcel of land situate
ir 1 iuu 13J41IU UI JiaUl
Hawaiian Islands containing an area of 13
perches and being the same premises that were
awarded to C Kanaina hy Land Commission
Award No 8559 to which said award reference is
hereby made for the metes and hounds thereof
and that were conveved to the said S Knkll by
rnJ iS2n bJrdeeJ dated the 4th day of FeS
Sio and recorded in said Registry in
Liber 83 on paces 281 and 282
r37 Kn KnlI m
timber m particulars ci
a Cttn De obtained o
v7 S5IavET Attorneys atTa
Nn 6fi Fnrt mroot iinnnii J w
Bated Honolulu April 2 1887 S nm5t
Mortgagees Notice of Foreclosure and
oi sale
N ACCORD A vrrrc wnur
ST7Z fe1 C2LnLd 5rtta
S ald motiSazees intends to foreclose aid
on MONDAY the 6th day JnneVilTl
of said day the premlnea described M
n mo
gage as beloiv specified mort
Fnrther particulars can be had of W R ei A
attorney at law JONES tOMP v Y 4
The property b wifif Wfhiffi
crty known as the Moanul Plantation SP
Ilnd of Moloka f KuRrtlguereft
Mortgagees Notice of Intention to
J T that
pnrsuant to a iT
power of i
a certain indenture of nmtS l Witned -in
ber 4th 1873 made by J wfeSiSSfi Octo
Laupaw la of Paboclme Knnif it naSPa and
singular the Und ira and
menu and other DroncrtTtri u eredlta
G Ho a MM ZZivsVu wit SmalesfhnVU
rtff ssffiaS
breach of thecondlioS JS l of t
particularly described S Bnl and om
containing an areofVsoS Paenl CtI
Dated Anril ith too- acrES
II- X GSPfisrnT
Czcit BBOWV Attorney

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