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Banquet to Lieutenant Colonel
V V Ashford
The Armory of the Honolulu Itiflcs was
often finely decorated both when a place of
amusement and siuca coining iuto nso for its
present purpose but it was never to Ror
Keously arrayed us last night wlien the com
untid tendered a banquet to their pupultr
commander Lieutenant Colonel Volney V
Ashford Well draped Hiuuiin and Amer
ican HaR were seen on every aide and over
head wljile pvlin leavesaud ferns left sc ireely
a blank in all the suaces not occupied by the
profuse bunting Longitudinally down the
hall ran four long tables for the different
companies of the battalion another table
running across at the head lor the staff offi
cers and suests Die jJouion of each com
pany at table was indicated on the partition
at the bead of the hall by different colored
letters of flame constructed of caudles floit
luc in tumblers of water
Major li P liebbard was master of the
feast and besides the guest of the evening
the following were present Dr N li Em
erson Dr S G Tucker Dr P 1 Gray En
sign Djbon and federal juuior officers of the
U S S Adams and Mebars Walter Lemau
of San Francisco It W L tine John Nott
W C Wilder Henry Waterhouse J H So
per J I UowseH ir P W Wundenberir
G K Wilder T J King M D ilousirrat
Fred Turnll J S AlcUaudless Walter Hill
and D L gau
H J Hart the host of the Elite ice cream
parlors was caterer for the Decision and
spread a sumpuious collation
The ltoyal Hawaiian Bind under Pr
fessor Bergers personal leadership was sta
tioned under the left p iviliou striking up its
peerless military strains first upon the ar
rival of Colonel Ashford who was received
with prolonged cheers Company A uuder
Captain Unger 15 Ciptiin J V Pratt C
Captain C W Ashford and D Ciptain J
H Fisher had previously marched in and
taken their places behind the rows of chairs
The pirty seated themselves about 8 oclock
when the attack at once began
Major Hebbird on the conclusion of the
inure solid portion of the rep ist called the
assembly to order and began to announce
the programme of toasts
His Majesty King Kalakaua was re
ceived enthusiastic illy the baud playing the
national anthem
Her Britannic Majesty Queen Victoria
was saluted with God save the Queen by
the baud and responded to by C W Ashford
who remarked on tho honor he felt in speak
ing to the health of so virtuous and illus
trious a sovereign as Queen Victoni
The President of the United States
The Baud played the Star Spmgled B in
ner and Air Walter H Lemau of oau Fran
cisco was called upon to respond
Mr It W Lime uas also c lied upon and
spoke of the disadvantages uuder which he
labored never hiviug made a speech m fol
lowing his learned eluqueut and old time
Kaiser Willi im alter tho band gave
lhe Watch on the Ithme was responded
to Mr E G Schumann a member of the
Our Guest Lieutenant Colonel V V Ash
ford anuouueed as the toast of the evening
was received with Aloha Oe from the
Baud and three cbeeis and Hes a Jolly
GooJ Fellow from the battalion
Colonel Ashford on rising could not get a
hearing for somo seconds for the cheers that
saluted him Their kindness that night he
had to confess had quite overcome him
On the thirtieth day of June last they
had stood up together ready to defend cer
tain principles it necessary with their lives
Since then 6ouie smart people m Honolulu
had started versions of tho secret history of
tho late movement which reflected upon him
but he should ever look back with great sat
isfaction to the present event as proving the
entire confidence of the b ittaliou It was
his desire to allay all dissensions and sink
petty jealousies arising from the late move
ment and interfering with its permaneutuc
cess He believed the Honolulu Utiles could
be depended upon to stand together to the
last m defense of the principles enunciated
on the 30th ot June There was not in his
knowledge a more efficient body of volunteer
soldiers than this Counting the late revo
lution as one he had been in live wars serving
under three flags and it was not m flatter
that he stated that ho had never seen three
hundred citizen boldiers that he would place
as much reli nice iu as this battalion
Dr fa G Xucker was asked to add somo
remarks to the last toast and piesented to
Colonel Ashlort a fr mod cartoon repre
senting tho iuest of the evening bestowing
nourishment to a feehle luoKlug infmt out
of a bottle labeled Upton Uproauous
mirth folluwed the exhibition of the work ot
art and Lieuteiiaut Colouel Ashford ac
cepted the opportunity of drawing a moral
from the incident to the effect that only by
bard work could the efficiency ot the bat
talion be maintained
His Majeelvs Ministers was received
with three cheers His Excellency L A
Thurston Minister of the Interior responded
that he was here as a member of the Battal
hon and nut as a Minister Though the
Ministers repie ented the people they were
none the less loyal to the King
Adjutant George McLeod proposed The
New Constitution to which Private W A
Kinney responded
Captain J H Fisher proposed Our Nav il
Visitors and Eusigu Dyson of the C S S
Adams replied saying for hi nself and com
rades that it would be their greatest regret
when Diamond Head should biir below the
Oar Adopted Country was proposed b
Private J A and lesponded to
by Dr Tucker who boke ot the fair pros
pect of the Isl mds with their glunuus cli
mate nnd fertile soil
Mr W C Wilder proposed The Honolulu
Hllles and after Major liebbard responded
the proposer himselt made a ringing speech
concluding by saving that although he
hoped the llilles would iiever have to turn
out except on dressparade jet if sterner
necessttv arose he khew they would never
turn their backs on the enemy
CaptUuger proposed The Press which
was tespotided to by Air Walter Hill of the
Bulletin and D Logan of tho Gazette
Private C Liviugblone proposed The
Lidies to which Private C J McCarthy
gave a willy response s lying great meii had
invariably good mothers
Kepsated calls brought out Private H W
Morse with a verse of Chimes of Home
and PlivateW G Armstrong with Marys
Gone ith the Uoon
Dr Luierson bei
the feast of reabon
mg called ipon closed
and flow of rodI with
lemarks tit length highly complimentary to
the Utiles in general and their commander
m particular
Majar Hebbard proposed three cheers for
the new Constitution and three more were
given each for himself and Colonel Ashford
as the companies disbanded and the wholi
gathering dispersed
Tho Hawaiian Navy-
The Hawaiian traunug shipKiimiloawith
Commander Jackson on board was off cruis
ing when the Alamedas mail left Apia It
is reported that she was seen from on board
that bteamer when p issmg S inioa
It is learned that the Kaimiloa was at the
American naval station when sighted eu
route for Honolulu
Three of the sailors had deserted before
she left Apia inducing three of the Ueform
atory School boys to go witj them to the
mountains The boys as a whole are re
ported to have behaved themselves well in
deed winuiug compliment iry opinions from
American naval otlicers
The Gazette Uas received a leiter from
A tun denouncim the First and Second Lieu
tenants and the Engineer for the grossest
misbehavior while the writer pava high
compliments to Capt Jcksonand Mr Buh
Although other repjrls seem to iodic ite that
the officers referred to merit the denuncia
tion it is deemed best not to publish the
charges in detail as official investigations
will probably be necessary to elicit the de
plorable facts of the whole unfortunate ex
A Naval Iunoral
A sailor named Alfred East of the Con
quest who had been laid up for sometime
nt tho Queens Hospital in consumption
died there on Saturday His funeral took
place yesterday afternoon The hearse was
preceded by a firiug party of twenty four
men in charge of the gunner His mess
mates to the number of fourteen followed
next the hearse nnd separated from them by
a short sp ice followed a procession of some
150 sailors The funeral ws iu charge of
Lieut Wynne and was also attended by
Capt Oxley and H B Ma Commissioner
Alajor Wodehouse Three volleys were fired
over the grave each followed by tho sad nn
ans cred bugle call The burial services
were conductedby the Cnaplain of the ship
TIioUS S S Vandalia
The United States steamship Vandalia
Bear Admiral LA Kunberly came into port
Sunday morning 37 days from Callao Peru
Ueports fair wind and pleasant weather
Made the passage under sail with the excep
tto of 3G hours steaming after crossing the
equator The Vandalia is a ten gun wooden
vessel bark rigged and has a crew of over
200 men Her officeis are
Bear Admiral L A KimbeMy
Chief of Staff Capt H L Howison
Lieutenants Kettenhouse and Merriam
Executive Officer Lieut J Carlin
Lieutenants J C Wilson C E Fox H
W Wilzel l M Brumby
Ensign C E Stiveeting
Chief Engineer G J Burnap
Paymaster F H Arns
Surgeon H J Babin
Marine Officer Lieut G F Elliott
Past Assist int Engineer A B Bates
Assistant Engineers James Pickerell W
M AIcFarland
Assistant Surgeon F V F Wieber
Naval Cadet G F Cooper J T Mc
Millan S B Wiuram
lay master s Clerk lohn ltoche
Gunner U H Cross
Carpenter J B Fletcher
Tlio Loan
ThejEuglish public and Parliament seem to
have been concerned over a rumor that the
Hawaiian Government purposed the repudia
tion of that purtioa of the loan which was
flo iled in Loudon By this timo they will
probably have been definitely informed tint
all the Hauaiiiin Government will insist upon
is a foun of bond according to the law so as
to be under oblg ltiou to repay no more than
is borrowed also that tins country will bo
releisedfrom all demands for commissions
and charges not authorized in the Act
lhe San Frai cisco Wars Letter m an arti
cle on Ihe Hawaiian Situation sajs Out
of the 200000 that is said to have been ad
vanced the syndicate tnrnea over to the Ha
waiian Government only 105000 patting in
a statement of co missions and charges for
the lem iining 5000 r at the rate of about
20 per cent on the actu il amount paid over
Other people h ive had dealings with London
Jews before now and cm appreciate the
little interest joker Taking the tune into
consideration the expenses amount to about
fifty per cent- jer annum which every one
must concede is a nice little charge to make
oil a 1000000 transaction It is thought
thiit the Hiwaiian people will make up
money enough to rid themselves of anv fur
ther connecti us with the London syndicate
paying only tho legitimate charges that are
allowed and specified by la The utter
discomfiture of Hoffuung may ho imagined
He lelt for Sydney within ten dajs ifter his
arrival at Honolulu a completely disgruntled
Wo Killed Tho Bear
Editok Gizette Undignified peisonali
ties are now being indulged in Witness the
leiter of J O C iu tho Bulletin and the
letter of Archimedes in tho Gazette If
dissension and strife exist among any mem
bers of the League anywhere let shell dis
agreement be composed To spreid the
news broadcast throughout the laud is to
take sides with tho enemy iu the effect The
ginmble against tho family is fallacious
and misleading It is ungenerous and
judged from a proper standpoint untrue
We are all supporting the new Constuulion
now but we might all have shouted ourselves
hoarse and laid plans until we were utterly
exhausted for all the help that some of us
would have given and if wo had failed how
our esteemed contemporaries -would have
delighted themselves by ej iculatuig I told
you how it would end Our esteemed coc
temporalies are uov occupving themselves
iu enlightening us as to how they accom
plished the psacefn revolution or to uo an
apt but ungrammaticil expression how
nicely we done it We aio aiming at filling
more offices under the present Administra
tion than we held under the old oblivious of
the fact that there are likely to be now
fewer offices to be filled Were we ropared
to sacJific anything m obtaining the new
Constitution This is a pertinent question
Are we piepared to sacrifice anvlhing in
maintaining it now tint it is obtained If
wonie all alive to the necessities of the
times it will not be difficult to secur6 good
Nobles and Ucpresentatives
Faiu Kay
Reply to Archimedes-
Editob Gazette The efforts of jour
Archimedean correspondent from Hilo must
perforce discover a better fnlcium over which
to pry his lever of animosity ag mist our pres
ent good government agaiust tho effortsthit
led to ls success and against the ladividuils
who lisked their lives and property at that
critic 1 time in the support and furtherance
of measures conducive to the success before
anogatiug to himself that power of criticism
and exhibition by ins venom an antagonistic
spirit to our present regime t
Truly if Archimedes will exert his power
oil one end of tho lever upon the other end
of winch we pi ice ourselves with the weight
of our convictions with the sentiment of
Luuion eest le force binding us together
as one unlike the expeiience of his great
predecessor a stiange reversal of the effects
of those principles the latter discovered
might take place and our modern Archimi
des unfortunately find himself hoisted into
the ethereal spaco from which he seems to
have absurbed oo much of the gaseous ele
Not qnite two years ago at a time o mis
rule ot shameful autocratic administration
of public officials of binful profligacy in the
expenditure of the peoples mouev an al
most universal cr of indignation went up
from Nnhan to Hawaii that the day for
chauge had dawned As m the other districts
ou the different Islands the Beform party
then called the Opposition placed us ticket
in the field a ticket composed of uood men
What was the result Bj the use of gin of
the power of the administration of the most
shameful and barefaced bribery that reform
ticket was defeated and another two years
of misrule and corruption inflicted on a na
tion already groaning and staggering under
an eiormous debt Which cause did Aroh
ituedes then espouse Wei e his money and
influence and sympathies cist in with the
oartv for it form It is writers like Arch
imedes who would introduce strife nnd dis
sension whire none exist but ui itv reigns us
a whole Weill Hil have long memories
and Archimedes forgets his cu tomarj cau
tion confounds the definitions of the terms
fslsehood and troth which as yet are not syn
on vmuus when he allows the figures and
fncief of Ins otfii vivid imagination to take
substance from his pen
Archimedes has discoversd a mares nest
nnd the idea of ousting the present incum
bents of government positions nnd supplant
ing them by others is ridiculous let alone
the fact of the Cabinets well considered ac
tion expressed by theii circular and Archi
medes need take up no cudgels in behalf a of
certain relative who by virtue of occupying
positions an infinite uuruber of them at that
shows himself to be possessed of such an ab
normal meutal development that the people
could ill afford to spare him especially at a
time when a reduction of salaries will prove
a boon to the people at large Hiio
Hilo August 20tb 1887
sifcii It -
Tho Advertiser-
The Advertiser has announced a new
staff of officers for the management of that
paper A meeting of tie stockholders was
held Wednesday when the following elec
tions took place F H Hajselden Presi
dent Samuel Parker Vice President Wray
Tavlor Secretary and Treasurer M W Gil
bert Aucitor F H Hayselden G W Mac
farlane Samuel Parker W H Cornwell and
Wray Taylor Directors
The- public ition of officers names in the
Advertiser seems to have been a little too
previous as the following appeared in last
evenings Bulletin Wo have been re
quested to slate that the names of Mr W
H Cornwell and Mr G W Macfnrlane were
placed on the list of directors of the Pacific
Commercial Advertiser Company without
their knowledge or consent and that they
decline serving in that capacity
Tho Planters Monthly
This indispensable periodic il is out for the
current month A Word to the Plinteis
points out that the planting interest has an
opportunity now not hitherto possessed of
being adequately represented in the Legisla
tuie Plauters are urged not to let the chance
slip and in this connection tho practical and
p itriotiu action of Colonel Spalding at the
Kauai Beform Convention is commended as
an example worthy of general adoption
TLb teitleUiau referred to in the meetiug
held at Lihue July 28th svid that if the
manager of the Kapaa plantation Air Geo
H Dole were elected his salary should go
ou white aitendnu to ms legislative duties
An article Irom an expert in uulter maKing
in Denmark is quoted for the benefit of those
engaged iutiiat growing industry on these
islands The History of Cinchona Its
Present Position and Future Prospects is
another article sniied to the time ns the Ha
waiian Government his just taken action
looking to tho establishment of cinchona
cultivatiun as a new industry here
In the department of Correspondence
and Selections appear many articles of the
highest practical interest Of such is that
on Uelitiing Sugar by Electricity wherein
are giv euthe opinions of English investigators
of that remaraable American invention who
were satisfied that sugar was refined showing
1900 percent cuie sugir by the new process
at i cost leivmg a prjlit of 4 to 0 on the
ton An interesting and comprehensive de
scription is given of the vast diffusion plant
placed on the Magnolia Plantation Louis
iana by the United States Government to
test the advantages of that
George Oslorne of Liupahoehoe writes
at length on Improvement and Alterations
iu Sugar M1II3 tho keynote of his paper
being contained ui the following sentence
It is false economy to run a mill uuder dis
advantages it is a pinch at one end and
waste at the other and general dissatisfac
tion all round
D E Alartin criticizes a letter in the June
number giving results of the perfcrmancs
at Wamikn plantation and mill
An editorial appears on Hawaiian Fi
nance expressing the hope that under the
new order the nuances of the nation will be
administered lor the common wellare
1ractiu 1 selections make up the rest of
this excellent number
Afternoon Tea at tho fpalaco
Her Majesty the Queen gave the first of a
series of small entertainments at the Palace
Thursday afternoon Tho reception was
held in tue Blue Uvom which had an ex
quisite wealth of floial decorations very
tastefully displaved in rich vases A gor
geous cluster of lilies iu a magnificent vase
was the central object to attract tho eo in
that respect Besides tho flowers there were
pretty kahilis disposed about the apartment
also some rale old Hawaiian calabashes One
of these was tho celebrated calabash of L iu
maomao a chiet of long ago which lately
has been mounted with bauds of gold and a
gold bhleld oil the cover bearing an inscrip
tion in ancient Hawaiian Instead ot the
usual mats the center table was aduriied
with rich feather cloaks
Queen Kapiolani who was attended by the
wile of H M Chamberlain Mrs Cuitis P
laukea appeared in a holuku dress of cream
silk embroidered with silver thb very cos
tume that she wore when presented to Quteii
Victon i Her Britannic Alajesly it may be
remarked specially requested the Hawaiian
Queen to appear on statu occasions iu her
national garb
Tea was served at small tables
arranged about the dining compartment by
the way a very agreeable arrangement lhe
Uoyal ilnwaiiau Bind played a selection of
operatic music during the afternoon It is
Her Mnjestys intention to hold a beries of
these small receptions at intervals of a
mouth and thus come into peasant social
contact with the Indies ot Honolulu On
this the first occasion the fulloung ladles
were present
Mrs C W Ashford Mis S C Allen Cor
delia C Allen Mrs A T Atkinson
Mrs It F Bickerton Mis F Brown Mrs
G E Boardman
Airs A J Cartwright Daisy Cartwright
Airs 11 Covington
Mrs L F Dickson Linrita Dickson Anna
C Dole Man Dowsutt
Airs C T Gulick Alis T K Gray
Mrs T H Hobrou Mrs H C Houdlette
Airs A Jaeuer
H It H Princess Liliuokalani Mary E
Airs L AIcCullv Airs F II Macfarlane
Airs C W Macfuline Airs A E Alernll
Alice Alackiutosli Jennie Mist
Airs L A
Airs J T Waterhouse Mrs J S Walker
Miua Widemann
Supreme Court At
Fhiday August 2Cth
The Court read a decision yesterday after
noon oi the application of H Kaili for a
writ ot mandamus to compel J Austin and
others to enter his name on the list of voters
registered as voters for Nobles The Court
decided that the duties of the Boirdof Ii
specors in making up the alphabetic il list
of voters are purely ministeiialatid theie
fore a writ of mandamus vvoul issue if the
petitioner were properly in Court As the
petitioner had failed to allege thit he has
resided three months in tliedi trictaud paid
his taxts the petition is dismissed
In the mttter of the bankruptcy of E A
Pierce five cl lims amounting to 32 17
were proved No assignee was balloted for
and none was appointed by the Court
W H Page vs Alex Lizarus Assumpsit
for r0 25 Appeal from Police Court Hono
Saturday l71i
In tho matter of the bankrupt f i
AI Kapena The assignee C 1 Onicr
filed his scheJule of accounts ou u 21i
and petitiori d fur an approval of t e sam
and his discharge as assignee A petim n
filed by II Alacfai lane for Macfarli Co
to have assignee show cause why th ir ela iu
ot iJibG U against the estate shoukiiot r
nllowti The petition by consent of pnrtH
was heard The Court states in refe srid t
this mattur that at the tin o the cla ii un
proved by Air G D FreeiJ attend n wi
called to the statute of limitations ai nppi
cable to this claim At the requesj jf ie
Court tho assignee stated that he obi ftted to
this claim beciusea certain portioU f th
bill was for liquor sold to b mknipt jpviont
to October 1 1882 when the stat fe pro
hibited the sale of liquor to Hawana
Air P Neumann counsel fur Mes s Miu
farlane Co claims that this has aothing
to do with the claim the statute pr cribim
a penalty in uch cists and insist- tha ib
assignee file au nnswer to the pent n lhe
assignee forthwith files the require Answer
Air H 11 Alacfarlone is cMled to fciveevi
deuce After arguments of cutisel and
assignee are heard the Court olden th
assignee tipiy all claims filed a per lis
filed on Wednesday last nmolntiug to
3G14 f
Mr Neumann stated that ue wij Id like t
have the decision of the C jnrt I wnti u
upon the disallowance of his c ills cl ui
for liquor sold to bankrupt up t a cert
date when the Court agreed to a tue s
ou Monday
San Francisco 16th per S S
The New York Telegram of tho 15th re
parted much excitement among sugar deal
ers on acconnt of the expected arrival at that
port of 10000 tons of sugar from the Ha
waiian Islands Additional cargoes are ex
pected and dealers in sugar paying duty
were protesting against the competition
A New York dispatch of the 10th says sev
eral grocers of that city considered that the
sugar would have no effect on the Now York
market the amount being too small F B
Thurborwho was of the same opinion said
that people who bought the Hawaiian sugar
got no benefit from it the advantages were
all with the bugar ring The only loser
he added is tho United States Government
The so called Reciprocity Trenty is a rank in
justice to American sugar planters and it
ought to be abrogated
Andrew Barihime representing Havemeyer
Elder sud that those 110C0 tons of sugar
were of no more importance than i basket
of peaches in the New York market He
thnnght the sugar would be of more valne
to day to the ovners in the Sail Francisco
market than in New York
The Alia California of the lGth aays
Private auvices state that Clans Spreckels
will leave Southampton beptember loth on
his homeward journey borne months ago
Mr Spreckels went to Europe for tne express
purpose of studying bset sugarindustry Mr
Waters a draughtsman accompanied Air
Spreckels and is making a careful study of
all the latest and most improved machinery
Air Spreckels is said to be very much en
couraged as to tho practicability of extensive
beet sugar manufacturing on this coast
At the meeting of the American Agricul
tural Association held recently at Columbia
College a paper which commanded absorti
mg interest was ne by Profossor Wylie on
sorghum as a sugar praduciug plant Ex
perience taught him he said that it was un
desirable Dr C V Bielly Utiited States
Entomologist of Washington agreed vvitu
Professor Wyiie Air AI Iorrenoe i Japa
nese gentleman c unmtssioned to study agri
culture in this country by his Government
said that the experiment of sugar from sorg
hum was unsuccessfully tried in Japan
Tho Scotch yacht Thistle was spokeu on
the 14th about loO miles eastof Sandy Hook
and was expected in New York about -11
oclock on the morning of the lGth
Tho uuexpeeted appearance at Halifax of
the warship Wrangler from the West Co 1st
of Africa gave color to a belief that the
Biitish navy was to be employed in pro
tecting the Canadian fisheries
General Crook commanding the Depart
ment of the Platte doubts the stories of an
outbreak of Indians m Color ido News has
been received in Denver however which in
die ttes that bheritl Kendall and party had a
battle with Chief Colorow and his followers
tho Indians being defeated with a loss of
five and Colorow ashing for fifteen d lys
time to tike the wounded Indians bad to
the agency
The indemnity lands withdrawn for the
benefit ot the Atlantic and Pacific and otier
railroads said to be 25000000 or i0 000000
acres in the case ot the Atlantic and Pacific
alone have been restored to purposes of set
The Unon Iron Works of San Francisco
has secured the contract for building an
other crni er for the United Slates navy the
pneu being 1428000
Haitian was defe ited bv Teemer in tho
race on August loth Ho said lie was not in
good form and was dazed for the first mile
It he had not to leave for Australia the fol
lowing Wednesday he sun he would gladly
row Teemer ag mi within a month
Alphonse King crossed the Niagiri river
about the whirlpool ou a water bicycle in the
presence of Prince Dovawongseof Siam who
applauded tho felt hoirtily
Two Canadian steamers wero seized at
Charlotte N Y August 11th by tac Custom
House officers on the ground that neither ot
tho boats had been inspected b a United
States Inspector
Gross exchanaes in tho loading clearing
houses of tho United States tor the week
ending Angust loth were S07oJl317 a de
crease of 1 per cent as compared with the
same period last year
John Alnrphy lately drovn Aland S a mile
in 210 Ho said he Would give SiOO to bo
allow d to drive the iu no to where she could
go he could smash ail trotting recoras and
was sure he ould drive her a mile in 20Gor
207 if Air Bonner wojld let bun
There is bitter strife between tho conserva
tives and socialists m the Central Libor
Union of New York
Pittsburg Pa had a million dollar fin on
August 12lu
An excursion train went through the place
where a bridge had been burned at Chats
worth III and about ninetv peop e were
killed It was supposed the brtdgo was set
on fire by tram vvrf ckers
An excursion of veteran firemen wearing
the old time uniform is ou the way from
New York to S m Francisco where ope hnn
dred members of the associ itioti githerat
the headquarters ou September ith
George Babear the English champion on
August 12 detered Wallace Uo the Cana
dian oarsman m a three mile with a turn
boat race on Saratoga Like
The probability is that the old Hartford
battle ship will be condemned
Three Cnieigo boodlers have been fined
1000 each
The Volunteer yacht won Jho Boston
Herald cup beating the Puritan and At
E C Whitney bnsiness manager of The
Day New L mil ii Conn who was shot iu
his office by Frederick Perry a crank who
took offense at a published article died from
the effects of his wound on the 10th
Chief Justice Fii Id of California has given
it as his opinion that it is only a mttter of
time when California will be divided into
two States
A combination of capitalists has been
formed in New York by which all lines in
opposition to tho Western Union telegraph
sybtem are united The chief corporators
are John I Walsh tho Chicago b inker D
O Mills and Wliitelivv Ueid of New York
Robert Garrett of Baltimore John W
Alackay and Geo W Childs
Henry Hastings well known throughout
the world as a builder of fast wooden ships
dud at Boston August 0th at the age of d
years His family have long been associ i ted
with Harvard College where Hastings Hall
to cost a quarter of a million of dulUrs will
soon be built
John the only remaining son of Henry
Chiy died at his farm near Lexington Ken
tucky August 10th of heart diserse He wss
07 years old Ho had up children John
Clay possessed bnt few of the characteristics
ot his illustrious t ilher being a plain farmer
devoting much time to riising thoroughbred
Alaxwell uuder sentence of death for mur
dering Preller has been respited by Justice
Miller to the great indignation of -the St
Louis public
The scene atthe parting of the emperori
at Gasteiu August 7th was touching Em
peror William pressed the hand of Emperor
Frnncis Joseph and said By the Al
mightys leave auevoir until next ye r
Emperor Francis Joseph replied It is suro
and certain At this point Emperor Will
lam was overcome with emotion He kissed
Emperor Francis Joseph again and again
and they finally separated
James G Blaine and his wife and daugh
ters were visiting Ireland where the famous
American statesman intended to spend aome
time ns he desired to take a quiet look
around and examine into the condition of the
country He says hi3 experience thus far of
European society has not reconciled him to
the order of things on that side of the ocean
Among the institutions of Great Britain he
misses the spring and nerve characteristic of
An election in the Norwich division of
Cheshire resulted in another victory for the
Gladstonians the vote standing Bronder
Gladstoman 5112 Lord Henry Grosvenor
Liberal Unionist 3783 At the Conservative
clubs the result was received with conster
nation while the Home Rule clubs and cen
ters were correspondingly elated
Spain will take the initiative in celebrating
in the most solemn manner the centenary of
the discovery of America in the year 1492
For this purpose it will invite nil nations
who people the territories discovered by Col
umbus to take part in the celebration Spain
is ready to take part in any other celebration
and solemnity which may be undertaken an
the American continent to commemorate the
great event
Prince Ferdinand was enthusiastically
welcomed on his arrival at Tirnova on Sat
urday night Aug 13 On Sunday he attend
ed a Te Detim in the Cathedral From the
Cathedral with a brilliant military and offi
cial escort heproceeded to the hall of the
great Sobranje I he Sobranje was in session
and when the Prince entered he was greeted
witt prolonged cheering Ihe Metropolitau
delivered an address and administered the
oath totho Prince who thereupon signed the
constitution M Storloff Prime Minister
then read a proclamation by the new King
wherein he promised to rule by the constitu
General Salmuic of Spiin declined to
tiffht a duel with a correspondent by whom
he was challenged
The Duke of Argyll in the House of Lords
Aug 11 warned the House agtiust tho Irish
land bill He declared that it would foster
among the Irish not industry but laziness
making the tenants more unthrifty After
discussion by several Lords one amendment
was made and thcvimendmeuts of the House
of Commons were adoptee1
Gladstone declines to reply to Brights
attacks on him but Gladstones friends
think he would do better to answer Bright as
he answers other opponents Bright thoy
sty is not a man toward whom anybody can
adopt a patronizing attitude
Nothing has come of Boulangers challenge
to Ferry except the turning of sharp criti
cism ou the doughty General
Chauncey M Depew iu toasting the Pross
at U S Consul General Wallers bauqnet in
Loudon slid he searched the Loudon paners
vainly for American neus but in any leading
paper in New York he could see two or three
columns of cible dispatches reflecting more
accurately than the Loudon papers exactly
what transpired in Loudon
Lord Salisburys quotation in a recent
speech of Beaconslields remark that Asia
is big enouyh for both England and Russia
taken with the Daily Telegraphs sudden nnd
astonishing right-about-face advocicyof nu
Anglo Russian alliane e probably through the
influence of tho Prince of AVale i goes to
show that thee is a general movement in the
topmost circles agiinst Unssophobii which
has dominated there so long Silisbnry will
probably iiieKt Mohreheim the Russian Em
bassador at Dieppe
Le Paris on Aug Hth announced that the
English Government had requested of Al
Flouretis Minister of Foreign Affurs that
France name a d ite of evacuation by Iranee
of tho New Hebrides and that Al Flourens
in reply had declined to do no until Franco
shall by informed of tho nature of Englauds
policy in regard to Egypt and as to neutrali
zation of the Suez C inal On the a line day
air AI Ferguson Parliamentary Secretary of
the Foreign Office stated in the Com
niotiH that England had never ac
quiesced to tho presence of French troops in
the New Hebrides He added that the English
Government were unwilling to believe that
French occupitiou of the New Hebrides
would long continue and tied red that the
Government would in no way eoneit that
the withdrawal of the French from tho Ntvr
Hebrides should be postponed until an agree
ment respecting neutralization of the Suez
Caual had been re iched
Iholera is prevalent at Malta
A fire at Scntari destroye d 1000 honses
Advices froai India quoto medic 1 returns
showing th it 70000 persons died from chol
era m the Northwest provinces during June
and July
Tho Ne v York Worlds Ottawa special
qnotes a cable received by the Canadian
Minister of Railways ns follows Fleming
propos d th it the Imperial and Colonial Gov
ernments subsidize a new cable from Van
couver Ihe Imperial Government intimated
that they could not by nbsidy become par
ties to a concern which must compete with
existing independent ciriaerns The Austra
Iisim Government thereupon declared that
they cjulil not subsidize i cable tinle s the
Imetiit Government co operated Therein
a suggestion now before the Austrilasi in and
Imperiil Governments for joint Government
pnrchase of the Eisteru ielegrapn and other
s stems and tho joint construction ot a Pa
cific c ible thus creating a system of Govern
ment cables throughout the empire It in
calcnlitedthit an annual payment of JKO
000 made up of contributions from each col
ony interested would snlllce
TAIlLETa In orlliiarr and linen qualities olo
a New Stock of ENVELOPES including odd
sizes at T- G THRUMS
1181 lm
106 Tort St
in notifvin the
nciiiaiintiiira invoice oi viiw IN
ISLANDS will be due shortly having left Lon
don July Clli last Orders will he tilled in their
course 1181 Ut
o o 3vzco iLreix23sr
Sole Agent for Hawaiian Islaid8 1181 ly
New York to Honolulu
To Leave in ell September
3 0nlers to come 17 this vesel should be
forwarded as soon as possible
iIor further information address the New
Yoik Agents
7 and TO Broad SsI New York City
ll3n Honolulu II I
nnd i
I I n m
i h

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