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lrrandco, January 3d, per S. S
Ant tr alia.
ael Parker, ex-Governor of Penn-
Ivania, is dead.
Che gross debt of the city of Boston
Ser Mayor u jsnen nus uiurcuaeu
P43,727 81.
lie fund as a testimonial to Jixlward
re-ess. designer of the yacht Volun-
ir, has increased to more than
die brig Tropic Bird, abandoned at
l in a eale. was picked up by the
earner City of Topeka and taken to
)kiahoma boomers deny that they
ttcnd to invade the disputed tern
ary, but will look to Congress for
rompt action.
fin Philadelphia the liquor license
ee is S500, and the tax is driving out
business a larce number 01 muse en
gaged in the traffic.
Hmrh M. Brooks, alias Maxwell.
mder sentence of death for the mur-
ler of Preller, has embraced the Ro-
lan Catholic faith.
The University of Pennsylvania in-
inds to send an exploring expedition
ancient Babylon under the direction
Dr. John r. Meters.
! Heikes killed 7G out of 100 pigeons,
efeating Bandle, who brought down
5, at a match at Dayton, Ohio, Capt.
sgardus being referee.
(Disgruntled Republicans joined the
lemocrats in the Ohio Senate at or-
Inization, and defeated six of the
epublican nominees lor olncers.
Che quarantine provisions of New
rk harbor are described as discrace-
lly inefficient, although infected
ips are not inirequent arrivals.
Hie body of John Galvairni of Cin-
innti was cremated in that city
sly. It was the tenth cremation
licli had occurred in Cincinnati.
rhe Port Townsend Board of Health
is decided to institute a vigorous ex-
lination or vessels trom bound and
past ports on account of small-pox.
cane of Lane countv kuklux has
2ii broken up in Kansas by the ar
t of all but one member. They had
n committing outrages, including
riie report of the Controller of Chi-
fro lor November snows mat tne re
nts of the city during the month
re $1,140,301, and the expenditures
Hie O. & O. steamer Oceanic arrived
i San Francisco from Hongkong and
skohama on the Usui, with two
ses of small-pox on board and was
Pile international bridge at Sault
le. -iane is opened, the nrst tram
iving crossed on December 31st,
liis connects the Great West with the
tlantic seaboard.
lA Chicago firm is about to anplv to
fwire fence around a vast Texas range
h arranireinent to pass a current of
lectncity through the wire to keep
uie away irom it.
j There is excitement among the He
roes in Colbert county, Alabama,
ler the lyncutnir of Oscar Cosier, col-
eu, cautiht in a second attempt to
. . .
irn a widows house.
Hie Anarchists have $30,000 for their
lonument to the Haymarket murder-
s, while the fund for a monument to
Be brave policemen who were killed
ny amounts to M.000.
f Colonel Jamieson, owner of the Irex,
as communicated to the New York
taclit Club a challenge for the America
3ui). The new yacht is to be a cutter.
lighty-five or ninety feet long on the
?The Trustees of the East River
Jrooklyn, N. Y.) Bridge have been
liered $25,000 a year by a business
nan lor the nrivileire of mnkinir the
pridge a bill board for his advertising
Owiiicr 10 the frequency of ineen-
iiary nres in JNashua, K. H.. it is said
the insurance companies are contem
plating withdrawal of protection.
there have been twenty such nres in
jur months.
! There is a movement in North Car
lina for the repeal of the present law
:ii5iuiiiiig vyuiueueratc soiuiers, me
Elisions gninted by which are too
tun to be of much service, and de-
fttinjr the money so appropriated to
ie building of a Soldiers' Home.
)aniel Manning. ex-Secretarv of the
easury in Cleveland's Cabinet, died
Icember 24th, aged 56. He was
led more tor strong common sense
Mi brilliancy, and he it was who
luglit Cleveland out to be Governor
isew York and subsequently Prosi
eneral 'Wnsliimrtnn
lir at the point nf in.iti ... c.,
Incisco at last advices. He was
n in lbG2, and is the second oldest
tieiul on the ret'rpit Hat
Mted States army. He made a bril-
ii recoru in uie uoruer service long
. Philadelniiia capitalist. TTnmiltr.n
eston. lias exnendpd over Sl.non.nnn
ireclaiming swamp lands in Florida.
i numoer oi tnrivmg towns have
pwn up in the reclaimed territory,
p i"c nuiR Ji uiuugiug unu culling
pals is being energetically prose-
Hie Liberty Lencrue of 'Rnstnn lma
eided to take un the enspnf T?pv m
lyis, wlio was sent to jail for speak-
; un iiib xosion common wituout a
nut from the city authorities. The
lue's members claim rtmf. tMa la n
Eation of the spirit and letter of the
order tn
I Of a llOlr Hint who oln;n.nrl V l
sons, a Kentucky Justice released
i porkerand Ipt. 5t. lin,-;fD
made a break for the sty of one of
wuicoiuuio, uuo me otner has ap
led from the judgment of both the
iit aim me nog.
lurveys liave been made for a rail
Id to connpt. Hip rtin nnrt i
fch line -with the Santa Fe. It will
eiy strike in at Albuquerque, New
feico. Work will commence early
(the snnnc nnrl vp nncU ,i
t. A O w Juaucu IU tUUl"
i -j-r u-10ii"3"uu ot jay isoum
enter New Afpi-ion -nriti, n.
n Pacific nnrl tho T?rr.l- t.l.j
Iding in the northern counties,
w;uviiy oi me oanta
Fe officials to hold the fort in the ter-
ritory and occupy all important points.
The New York Herald's Washing
ton special represents Senator Hearst
as favoring war on account of Samoa.
Jtie is quoted as saying: "ii tne uer
mans refuse to give us equal privi
leges with themselves in Samoa, we
ought to fight, if necessary, to secure
them. We made a mistake in per
mitting the Germans to secure a foot
hold there and we will make another
mistake if we allow them to retain
their present ascendancy to the exclu
sion of other nations, our own particu
larly." An exhibition match of billiards
was arranged in San Francisco lately
between J. F. B. McCleery, billiard in
ttructor, and Crown, a Canadian
player. The latter failed to appear, to
the disgust of several hundred lovers
of the game. In order to prevent dis
appointment of the audience, an ama
teur named James Gilbert was induced
to play McCleery, the latter heavily
handicapped. McCleery was to play
200 points eight-inch balk line to Gil
bert's 100 points straight rail. The
amateur won by making his score In
twenty innings, when McCleery had
only readied 165. The latter made one
run of 72.
The report of the Commissioner of
JNavigation, just issued at wasning
ing, describes the advantages enjoyed
by the marine of other nations and
says that American vessels must be
put on an equality or be gradually
forced out of the contest with foreign
ships. The coasting trade is improv
ing. The total documented tonnage
of the United States is 4,105,844, the
Pacific "Coast owning 356,445 tons. The
Commissioner recommends that the
shipping trade be relieved of the bur
den of pilotage lees, and speaks ot tue
impolicy of local taxation of vessels.
He says the expense of State quaran
tines should be paid by the parties in
terested, that is, by the ceneral public,
and that the fees for the support of the
stations and salaries of officers should
not be exacted from vessels.
Higher prices are generally quoted
in the British grain market.
The Alhambra theatre at Antwerp,
an immense structure, was burned
down New Year's night.
The Sobranje at a secret sitting
unanimously voted 22,000,000 francs
for fortifying Bulgarian ports.
Thousands of laborers are out of em
ployment because of the great rise of
the Guadalquiver river in Spain.
The Manchester Courier states that
Lord Stanley of Preston has accepted
the Governor (ieneralship of Canada.
Sara Palma, a San Francisco girl,
scored a great success at Milan, in the
part of Astorotli in the opera "Regina
di Saba."
The German Ambassador at Con
stantinople has officially informed the
President of the Council of Ministers
that Germany will give Austria active
military support it Kussia should pro
yoke war with Austria.
According to the St. James Gazette
General Paine will sail the yach Vol
unteer on the Clyde in a 1000 match,
Tiie Volunteer is also to try to return
to America with the Cape Breton cup,
won by the Uenesta three seasons ago.
The German Crown Prince took part
in the iSew Year's lestivitles at han
Retno. His case is now more hope
fully considered by the doctors, who
say his malady lias lost its cancerous
symptoms. Dr. Mackenzie asserts lie
never had admitted it was cancer.
The Pope received 2,500 congratula
tory telegrams on the occasion of his
Jubilee services on JNew Years Day
He intends to send autograph letters
to all the sovereigns who have written
to him. It is said in Vatican circles
that his letter to Queen Victoria will
be of special importance.
Advices in London from Auckland,
New Zealand, say that the French
have annexed Raiatea. The native
chiefs refusing to submit the gunboat
bcorpion Dombaruea the villages, aud
a proclamation was issued stating that
the uatives would be punished and
fined unless they submitted to French
Lord Randolph Churchill has been
well received in Russia, leading papers
taking occasion to assure him that he
will find no, evidence of Russian de
signs upon India. He has been given
an audience by the Czar. As a result
of his visit, St. Petersburg' papers are
advocating an alliance of Russia with
A correspondent says that once more
continental Europe seems to bleep
over a volcano. Austria is determined
not to be taken by surprise by Russia.
War is regarded as inevitable, al
though not probable before, spring.
Bulgaria is the bone of contention, aud
Russia assumes the role of defender to
the treaties.
The Spanish .Government has in
vited representatives of the United
States and Spanish-American repub
lics to co-operate in the Christopher
Columbus celebration, and the pro
posal has been heartily adopted. All
the governments of Europe and Amer
ica and all geographical and other
learned societies of the world are
invited to send delegates to the cele
bration. The festivities will continue
one week and the ceremonies will in
clude the unveiling of a monument to
Columbus at Huelva.
Advices received in London from
Massowah say that great activity pre
vails among the Italian troops there.
Every preparation is being made to
meet the advancing Abyssinians. It
is reported that RasoAluta overrated
the Italian movement to King John.
One column of Abyssinian troops,
commanded by a son of the King, has
arrived a$ Adowa, and another column,
under Rasmikael, has reached Adigrat
In Rome it is reported that in conse
quence of the news from Massowah
tne government has decided to dis
patch 6000 re-enforcements early in
A Joker's Repatation-
President Lincoln said once that the
best story he ever read in the papers of
himself was this: Two Quakeresses
were travelling on the railroad, and
were heard discussing the probable
termination of the war. "I think,"
said the first. " that Jefferson will suc
ceed." " Why does thee think so ? "
asked the other. " Because Jefferson
is a praying man." " And so is Abra
ham a praying man," objected the
second. " Yes, but the Lord will think
Abraham is joking," the first replied,
conclusively. Omaha Bee.
Special Correspondence of the Gazette
The Committee on Ways and Means of the
present Congress will be Mills (chairman;,
Cox of New York, McMillan of Tennessee.
Breckenridge of Kentucky, Breckenridge of
Arkansas, Tamer of Georgia, By mem of In
diana, all Democrats, and Keller of Penn
sylrania, Brown of Indiana, Ueed of Maine,
Falter of Iowa and MoKinley of Ohio, all
Republicans. There is not a protectionist
among the majority and Speaker Carlisle
has assigned one freetrader to the minority.
Mills of Texas, when interviewed, said that
'the administration reTenae bill proposed
to oat off $50,000,000 on customs daties by
placing salt, coal, iron ore, wood and a few
other articles on the free list, reducing the
duties on sugar one-half, and cutting the
duties on a few other articles."
The attention of Congress will be especi
ally directed to the "Trusts" that hare re
cently sprung into existence, and their effect
npon the necessaries of life, action being
especially directed against the coal and
sugar trusts, which, it is claimed, are the
cause of the present high price of sugar,
which is quoted to-day at 5 15-16 cents for
Cuban 96. With the abolition ot the doty
on sugar will probably come a bounty to
sugar producers in the United States, and
this, says the Netct Letter, " meanB a bounty
to every industry into which sugar enters."
The stertmer City of Pueblo, that it was
said would be placed in the Hawaiian trade,
haB been chartered by Goodall, Perkins &
Co. for the Pacific CoasI trade; and the
steam-schooner Jesse H. Freeman, after
making a few coasting trips, is being fitted
out for wbnling. ,
The San Francisco papers have been filled
with most contradictory stories as to the
position of affairs in Hawaii, "owing to the
Kind's veto of certain bills passed by the Leg
islature. Mr. Wilder has been extensively
interviewed and plaoes matters in a favor
able HrA, while other .information, purport
ing to have been derived from private ad
vices, tells of a second revolution that was
imminent. The Post has published a story
to the effect that the United States can buy
the Islands for $5,000,000, giving Kilakaua a
good ranch with $5,000 per annum in Cali
fornia. It is also stated that ex-Premier
Gibson will return to Honolulu, and again
resume the helm of statesmanship, as soon
as be is assured that bis fair friend the
book agent has sailed for Yokohama or San
Francisco. Gibson claims to be posted on
the true inwardness of affairs. savB that the
present government is not acceptable to Ha-
wauans, and that a change wouia oe giaaiy
Messrs. Geo. W. Meade & Co. of San Fran
cisco have failed. They are large dealers in
California produce and have customers in
Honolulu. Their liabilities amount to $175,
000, with assets estimated at $350,000. Speca
lations in real estate and other heavy invest
ments are claimed to be the reasons'for their
The international conference on sugar
bounties, held in London, has temporarily
suspended proceedings and it has been con
sidered a success. The delegates, who came
from Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Brazil,
Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Italy,
Russia, Spain and Sweden, signed a protocol
for the entire abolition of sugar bounties,
which will be submitted to their respective
Governments for ratification. The results
will be made public in March, when the dele
gates will meet again. In the meantime it
is expected that tbe present high price of
raw sugar will be maintained, and may very
probably go still higher. This will indeed
be good news to Hawaiian planters. On tbe
other hand, the Louisiana sugar crop is un
usually heavy, and a gain of ten per cent, is
claimed turougu tue use of the dinusion pro
cess over other methods.
The Havemeyer Sugar ltefinery Company
of New York retires from business this year,
aud Mr. W. T. Havemeyer goes to St. Louis
to manage tbe St. Louis Sugar Uefining Com
pany. This is tbe on ;ome of the Eastern
"trust," wtnoh ountrols tbe output of re
fined sugars and tbns maintains values.
Imports of Hawaiian HUgars at San Fran
cisco amounted last year to 205.781,317
pounds, of tbe value or $tf,4'Ju,U(j7. The im
port) of rice from the- same source were
12,517,900 pounds, of tho value of $501,890.
The Louisiana rice crop is twenty-five per
cent, lens man last year, but prices nave ad
vaucd fifty per cent., while a further speca
lative movement iB probable.
Among tbe passengers leaving by the
sieanmmp Australia are wm.tf.enny watson.
of the Glasgow firm of Mirrjees & Watson,
who have Bnpplied so much of the sugar ma
chinery for tbe Islands; Mrs. Wen. Benny
Watson, Mihs Mirrlees, H. 11. Hitchcock and
wife, Miss A. Horner, C. H. Atberton and
wire, t or the Mariposa, sailing on January
12th, there are' booked ' W. H. Bailey and
wife, Mrs. H. M. Whitney aud Mrs. S. T.
L. Montgomery Mather, traveling agent
for the Islands, bns been to Monterev.
Thence he returned to San Francisco and
has since gone south to Los Angeles and San
Small-pox has been increasing to such an
extent in San Francisco, four and five cases
occurring daily, that the city has been pro
claimed epidemic Several hundred people
are being vaccinated daily and every precau
tion is taken to prevent the spread of the
disease, it is satisfactory to note that tbe
percentage . of deaths has been very small,
tbe balk of the patients progressing very
The following is tbe latest shipping news:
San Fbanciboo Arrivals: December 24th,
S. S. Mariposa, 7 days; December 27th, S. S.
Australia. 7 days; December 28tb, S. S.
Oceanic, 7 days; December 29tb, Hawaiian
bark Lady Lampson, 15 days, all from
Honolulu; schooner Anna, 13 days from Ka
hului. Departures: December 31st, brig W. G.
Irwin, for Honolulu.
Tbe schooner Anna arrived off San Fran
cisco on December 29th, bnt owing to the
very rough weather prevailing and condition
of the bar, she was nnable to enter and pro
ceeded to sea again.
Loading for Honolulu: Lady Lampson,
Planter, S. M. Castle, all to sail within a few
days. For Hilo, Dora Blahm.
Hongkong. December 20th, bark Edward
May from Honolulu.
Manlla. January 1st, Hawaiian bark Ea-,
lakaua arrived in distress, bound from Hong
kong to San-Francisco.
Pobt Blakslbx. December 21st, barken
tine Amelia for Honolulu.
Portuguese Hence in California.
Ban Francisco papers remark on the ar
rivals of Portugneso from these Islands. Tbe
Bulletin sayB:
Nearly forty Portuguese arrived on tbe
steamer Australia yesterday from the Ha
waiian Islands where tbey had been working
under contract on tbe plantations. After
landing at the Ocennio mail dock the small
aud picturesque colony started np through
tbe city, looking as odd as a band of gypoies.
Half of them were barefooted and wore all
kinds of f antastio and vari-colored garments.
Nearly every ship brings a band of these
people, who are seeking homes in California.
Their places on tbe islands are being taken
by Japanese.
Captain Miller Dead.
The San Francisco Examiner of tbe 3d has
a news item from Santa Crux announcing
tbe death, at that place, on the previous day,
of Captain T. F. Miller. Deceased was well
known in Honolulu. Some eight years ago
he brought tbe schooner Bonanza here from
tbe Coast', and made several trips in her
thereafter. He had an interest in the bark
Kalakana, in which be made a number of
trips aa master. He latterly retired to Santa
Cruz, where he engaged in the bath-house
business and also owned a ranch at that
Slace. Captain Miller at the date of his
eath would be about 70 years of age. He
leaves a widow and family of four sons and
one daughter at Santa Cruz.
tncrol SUtttrtistrrunts.
Miargaret EEealcL,"
From Liverpool with a
Large Cargo of
Corrugated Iron Roofing,
Plain Galv. Iron, Sheet Zinc,
Sheathing Metal, Fire Clay,
Stockholm Tar, Sugar Bags,
Coal Bags, Rice Bags,
Filter Cloth , Burlaps, Steel Rails,
Anchors, Chains, Liverpool Salt,
Creosote, Drain Pipe,
Sheet Lead, Baskets,
Fire Bricks,
Blacksmith Iron,
Yellow Ochre, Black Fence Wire,
Galv. Fence Wire, Tin Plates,
Galv. Water Pipe, Galv. Tubs,
Galv. Buckets, Enamelled Saucepans,
Tinned Saucepans, Iron Kettles,
Hubbuck's White and Red Lead,
Hubbuck's White Zinc,
Hubbuck's Boiled Linseed Oil,
Drums Castor Oil, Iron Bedsteads,
Cocoa Door Mats, Indiarubber Mats,
Garden Seats, Butcher Knives,
Pocket Knives, Belting, Chalk,
Etc., Etc, Etc.
Crosse & Blackwell & Morton's
Raisins, Currants, Pearl Barley,
Jams and Jellies, Mustard,
Oxford Sausages,
Black Pepper,
Dundee Marmalade,
Soda Crystals, Capers,
French Plums, Curry,
Table Salt,
Bicarbonate Soda,
Cream Tartar,
Fancy Biscuits, Olive Oil,
Hair Oil, Castor Oil,
Findon Haddocks,
Kippered Herrings;
Brown Windsor Soap,
Blue Mottled Soap,
Yellow Soap,
Soups, Petit Pois,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Dry Goods, in Great Variety
Blankets, Merino, Shawls,
Handkerchiefs, Shirts,
Oxford Shirting, Carpets, Cen. Rugs,
Door and Sofa Rugs, Ribbons, Laces,
Dress Goods, Swiss Embroidery,
All Over Embroidery, Spool Cotton,
Scarfs and Ties, Hosiery, Prints,
Gent's Linen. and Tweed Suits,
Linen Drills, Turkish Towels,
Victoria Lawns, Sllesias,
Table Napkins, Waterproof Capes,
Underwear, Mosquito Net, Crape,
Velvets, Hats, Caps,
Flannels, Quilts, Silks, Satins, etc
Dinner Sets, Tea Sets,
Breakfast Sets, Toilet Sets,
Nappies, Plates, Bowls,
Fancy and Plain Crockery,
Wicker Chairs, Market Baskets,
Picnic Baskets, Garden Baskets,
Hanging Baskets,
Flower Pots, Fern Stands, etc.
Majolica Vases,
Rocking Horses,
Work Boxes,
Musical Instruments,
Fancy Glassware,
Bamboo Tables,
Toys, Dolls,
Wall Brackets,
Ornamental Flower Pots,
Fancy Tables,
Electro Plate,
Fancy Mirrors, etc
Also, by Steamer and Sail, from United States, a FuIl'Llne of
Americ'n Groceries, Provisions, Feed, Flour
A Liberal Discount to the Trade.

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