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vth&R printed.
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' U)0A1. AND UENKKA:..
Welcome, 1SS9.
Happy 2? ev Year to all our readers. -
Se contents o! Planters Monthly else-i
Tie wind blew almost a gale in
5trtts Christmas ere.
i sfrppr. hv In? hnrSA sJivint on tlif
Btevening before Christmas. He was
stunned by the fall and received a bruise
la tiie leg and hurt his eye, but is likely
to be all right in a few davs.
The Chinese Sunday School festival
k hder the direction of Mr. and Mrs"
crank W. Damon, Christmas Eve, was
fery joyful affair. The building was
Jred with, the juvenile Unentals, all
whom were rejoiced with gifts and
aristmas cheer of the kind dear to all
tie hearts.
'MrjVW. H. Graenhalgh has written
'that on returning from London he will
come back to the Islands and square up
everything. Meanwhile his wife has left
Honolulu to join him on the other shore.
December 24th Mr. T. J. Thrum
uussesciim ui me siure unuer uis
., mongare.
"MFTHOMFSoir, Attorney and Solicitor.
apbell JUockcorner Fott and Merchant
sets, Honolulu : practices in the Courts.
ad after hearing the facts of a case, he
31, if desired. eire the law. fin writinc)
pplicable to the facts, and a written
as to the course wooer to be nursneci.
Red the probable result of legal proceed
ings upon the facts.
Tramcars were on trial trios all over
tiie Kins street route, as far as com
pleted, on Wednesday. Children were
'danger of being run over, and for the
J-? - .. ....w w. u.. ..,v. o VfJ.J.A4UU fctIC
aiigut save acciaems dv repressing
juvenile enthusiasm over "the
rf "varioru
Another event has been provided for
le Xew Year's practiceof the Hawaiian
36 Association. Iaents. Asche and
and Dr. Yeo of H. B.
. S. Hyacinth bave presented a silver
ip for competition, to become the pro-
oi the winner, in seven shots each J
J.OO and 600 yards", at two reeular
ratings of the Association. -
lXo decision was arrived at by
l Uon Church congregation Tester-
ay efoing, regarding a site for the
new piace ot worship, xhere
i tnife sites under consideration the
one, the old Mossman lot
aattf opposite, now owned by Mr.
rnd tne lot owned by the con-
j. a me corner ot lieretania and
an-of-war sailors were in straits
ay, tryinRto navisafe their wav
sip without beinz arrested for
Jtheir liberty. It has been
mo oar reponer mai, wnen men
Se arious warships are on the wav
ive themselves up, it is a little hari
r such to have to go bv wav of the Sta-
and be docked the ten dollars ia
lElsetthere the appropriate public
oas ot nnsnnas are oesenpea. xne
erade, the inappropriate festivities,'
eccfded in the Police Station charro
i- Between midnight Monday and
pigm iiiesaay there were, about 36
Ks, an overwhelming majority being"
Twcenness. Justice Dayton had-
h cases- oa th.fi cnmmal
' this morning.
i a wagoa kd ol boards came out
tewre. Lewctc it Cooke's I)Mr
oa to Mftrhait sticet WedaAi.v
. me bene took freifc anuw
attbenttHw td th
Lbolttbe ntoHl cbarccd ricfato
line hack b tk mtmmi. Tb
ue Mr iemm for one of tt
JKirses. Am it na, homexer. ib
lurnapj cocjfefal im bendinar'aiii
te at Mr. K. G. Scimmann'g ! ;
A wedtlmv is amonr the events nxeu.
iraew eara my.
.... . - ....
Mr- Severtn lias new sets oi pictures
fit attho comer of Fort and King streets.
Mr. Slriinpei Hayakawa is proclaimed
an attacne to toe Japanese iegauon.
A native sailor on the steamer Pele
L aA lln ntT ! rwict iQCf.
the 5ek.
Tiie Boyal Hawaiian Band gave a bus-
s. Xaahomanu street lias some bad men's concert at the Post Office on
and is utterly bereft of 'artificial fiday morning.
light after dark.
, The street cars with double mule
Mesas. Hart& Co. were the caterers ams glided over the rails in good style
for tlae collatioa of Hawaiian Lodge and i Friday's trials.
ACQtutted themselves acceptably.
T. . A distinguished citizen barked Jiis
The Superintendent of Water Works is an on au obtrusive hydrant in Alakea
notifying ratepayers by postcard of due reeton Sunday night.
dav and asaount of each one's rate.
to sill sitively
facilities are promised Chinese passengers.
The band weut round town on a serenading
expedition on Christmas Eve. It
played a fine selection in the business
part of Fort street
The only arrests for breaches of the
peace Wednesday were one for drunkenness
and -one lor assanlt and battery,
liter the storm a calm.
The current Planters' Monthly has a
. Takasago Mam is announced actical letter on coffee culture by Mr,
to-morrow. Special trxi. Kinney, of Honomu, Hawaii.
Vnmis hare street the community
fjstis whooping cough had overrun ft
pretty uiorouguiy. am-. Aimer repons
.several cases in his practice.
A butcher's bov tried to steal a whip
from a brake on the premises of a customer
on Christmas morning. Being
called on to- stop, he threw the article
Nines from the U. S. S. Alert played
a lively game of baseball at Manila on
Christmas Day. The scores stood 32
and 42. One ofthe players had the
misfortune to split his finger.
There is a French bark named
as well as the Hawaiian bark of
that name. , She trades between I ranee
and Canada. The Hawaiian vessel is
3G9 tons register and the French bark
is 44S tons.
In the wee sma hours of Wednesday
xnormng three sailors were
curled up in slumber on the sidewalk in"
ntot the Cosmopolitan saloon. Ap-
tlv the police thought best to let
them snooze on" their booze.
A Bell telephone message
anae after 3 p. m. Thursday stated that
fa native boy aged six years had been
run over by the cars and Instantly killed.
Theretvere 2-1 cars in the train, but the
, engine stopped after Tour cars had passed
over the victim.
Chas. Hall, clerk with Mr. C.Bolte,
iwas thrown from the saddle on Bereta-'
At least thirty fresh cases awaited trial
fore the newPolico Justice, besides a
rmber of unfinished criminal and civil
its left over by his predecessor.
Hve of the members of the Boyal
Band, under Mr. David "Naoue,
i on Wednesday by the steamer Kinau,
'ng engaged by a party at Spreckels-e
Plantation, Maui, to play there.
ileligious services for the Japanese
migrants were held at the
Depot on Sunday. Rev. Dr. Hyde,
3ge and Mrs. McCulIy, with others infested
in the mission, were present.
'he southerly close weather of two or
tie days culminated Saturday evening
& tempestuous rain storm, that preyed
intermittently throughout the
sht, although sometimes rattier limited
its range of territory.
Jentral Union Church held a
is praise Ecrvice fcundav evening.
ere was a fair attendance in spite of
inky darkness that mndo outdoor
jvements perilous. The vocal and
music was verv line.
The Honolulu A'rion had a ball at its
idquarters, Hayselden Hall, on Friday
ening. It was a very happy affair,
a Christmas tree with presents
all. There was a large attendance of
!mbers and ladies, and the decorations
.re superb.
Uon. John A. Cummins has
the Hawaiian Rifle Association
U a "Waimanalo" gold medal, to be
opeted for at 200 and 500 yards by
nnbers who have never won a
prize, and beeome the property of
t marksman winning it three times.
he attendance at the Sunday school
eabition at Kawaiahao church On
was not so largo as usual, at least
fn the rural districts. Some of the
tools appealed very well, the singing
tecially being admired, and marked
$)rovement was n6ticed in the voices
well as general appearance.
'"he Portuguese Sunday School, untler
t auspices of Central Union Church,
I a pleasant Christmas tree festival in
Honolulu Rifles Arniorv on Friday
tning. There was a present for every
ld, and dainty refreshments were
ived from the Elite. Mr. B. F. Dil-
gham was master of ceremonies.
".most favorable chance for an
in the Orient is offered in the
vertisement of the S. S. Takasago
urn. She returns in March after
r a great deal in Japan waters, and
ti fares are exceedingly moderate. The
on this vessel are very
fommodations comfort and elegance.
Ir. Walter Davis, representing the
lrting Portrait Company of San Franco,
is taking orders through Messrs.
(West & Co. for enlarged crayon
from photographs. A specimen
leaves nothing to be desired in
astic finish or natural appearance. It
ispecially characterized by softness in
lit and shading. Persons desiring such
vk should see the agent.
Hirough the kindness of Mr. B. F.
llinghamthe steamer Ewa has been
iced at the disposal of Mr. P. A. Dias
an excursion of the Portuguese
ritual Benevolent Society to Pearl
arbor to-day (New Year's). As
is is the seventh anniversary of the
ciety the excursion will come" in very
easantly as part of the celebration,
le Portuguese brass band will
my the party.
The arrests on the 29th were six for
and one, a Portuguese, for
higgling liquor. On the 30th, from 2
an. till 9 p. in., two were arrested for
dnkenness, one for smuggling a bottle
oin from the Japanese steamer, one
fopinm in possession, a hackman for
big drunk on his carriage, a
for breaking Sunday and a native
wtan for assault and battery on a
immense crowd took advantage of
He S. M. Damon's tender of a free
tripy the steamer Likelike to the leper
segment on Molokai. A like crowd
wait the wharf to see the others off at
Ooockon Sunday night. The
nominally for the benefit of
peins having relatives or friends, in the
sefement, but many others took ont
pass before the complement sot so
t Ian that the issue was stopped.
Is First Division of the Lilinofcalani
Edutionai Society will hold its next.
on Thursday next at 4
o'clk. There are 70 members on the
Tollf this branch, and' its revenue in
les&an three years has amounted to
55. Of this ainonnt?190 has been
invted in Ice stock, and $191.40
ler the ofcjact of the society,
naly, the Mlneatiom. of Hawaiian girls.
Is aaoaphew of Hesolala was
ciwedwirh snwke seemingly Yolcasic
ia t&i daring S-day. Bev. S. E.
K tefejiwoedth KiMtkn ef Vk
a. that the indications signify
nJkimu action on flie kdaad el
5.' That genfleman drew
phenomeBon two years
nith tbe mm of us cause, and
the -est pro-red I
Mf anvAmnn abundantlv
A Dljrest Belnr Kreaxht Oat by Col.
It is learned tlmt M. Thompson, attorney
at law, HohoIhIu, is preparing an
to tiie deciekme of the
Supremo Ceurt of the Hawaiian Islands.
The work will be in the alphabetical
order of the points of law decided in Uie
reports, and will contain cross references,
so that every point of law decided
by the Court may be readily seen under
its appropriate head, with reference to
the name of the case, volume and page,
etc. Col. Thompson's well-known legal
abilities and experience in such work
afford sufficient guarantee that the work
will be accurately and well done aud if
so, it can but bo a desideratum to the
bench and bar
It will be a saving of time to judges
and lawyers by directing them to the
points of" law decided by the Court, and
to the case, "book, and "page where the
case appears in extenso. It will be valuable
to laymen, who may at small expense
acquire a knowledge of the pith
and marrow of the law of Hawaii as expounded,
by the Courts,
Doubtless many copies of the work
could be sold beyond the "limits of Hawaii,
as many important and interesting
questions of "local, maritime, and international
law have been raised and decided
in the Hawaiian courts, that were
probably never raised or decided in any
other country. It is understood that
some of the ancient laws, usages, customs,
habits, traditions, legends, superstitions,
idolatries and domestic economies,
etc., of the Hawaiians were
necessarily considered, by. the courts, in
the adjudications of the" rights of persons
and properties.
John Lindsay, whose death at twenty-two
years of age occurred on Christmas
Day at South Kona, was for two orthree
years past on the Lanai sheep ranch.
He came to the country In a Portuguese
immigrant ship from Madeira, but belonged
to Scotland, Glasgow being supposed
to be his native place. Among
his personal effects were two letters, one
from a brother, Alex. Lindsay, 325
Smith street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria,
and the olhef from M. Hair, 93
Pitt street, Glasgow, Scotland. 'The
funeral was attended by the foreign residents,
and Rev. S. H. Davis read the
Anglican burial service.
Another young foreigner's death is announced.
William Sherry, an overseer
on Heeia plantation, Oahu, came to the
city ill two weeks ago, and died at the
house of Mr. J. T. Downey on Friday.
He was aged twenty-three" years, a native
of Brooklyn, N. Y. He was buried
by Lodge le Progres de 1' Oceanie, F. &
A. M., on Saturday at 4 o'clock.
From a San Francisco paper notice is
copied of the death of Henry A. Harris,
printer, in f he prime of life. He was recently
in the employ of the Hawaiian
Gazette Company, asvell as that of the
former publishers of the ADVEim&Kn.
Harris was a well-informed man of
strougly set opinions, but while here was
in delicate health. He was a cousin of
Mr. Ehrlich, of the Temple of Fashion.
Breakdown in the Electric I,ij:lit Plant.
The city electric lights were not burning
on Sunday night. Sometime last
week a fracture was discovered in the
shaft of the water wheel, after which it
was run as best could be until Saturday
night. Then an examination revealed
the shaft broken clear through, ma"king
it necessary to shut down for repairs.
J.he wheel has been taken out and
sent to the foundry en Monday, to
have the shaft repaired if possible in
time to have the lighting resumed that
night. This accident would suggest the
advisability of having a duplicate water
motor, or, if practicable, of having duplicate
parts of the present machinery capable
of being expeditiously substituted
for the originals.
A Lump of Coal.
A native woman bidding goodby to
friends going away to Molokai on the
Likelike on Sunday night was mimicked
by somebody in the crowd on the wharf.
She became angry andf picking up a
lump of coal, hurled it regardlessly
at the throng. The missile took effect
on the forehead of a native
woman named Ana Baranaba, inflicting
considerable of a wound. Both women
were taken to the Station. - Captain
coming in while the arrival of the
doctor was awaited, gave the patient all
the treatment necessary, washing the
wound and mending it with sticking
plaster. The assailant with a smile
walked down the gangway.
' i '
Sairaiian Rifle Association.
The Hawaiian Rifle Association had a
well-attended meeting at the Hotel on
Friday evening. Modifications were
made in tbe arrangements for the
practice on Sew Year's. Votes
of thanks were passed, respectively, to
Lieuts. Ashe -and Douglas-Hamilton
and Dr. Yeo of H. B. M. S. Hyacinth,
and Hon. John A. Cummins for their
handsome contributions of trophies.
Mr. Cummins was also elected an honorary
member of the "Aseocfation. There
was a discussion as to wlietber the Sharp
rifle was a recognized military arm,
which resulted in an affirmative decision.
Another Alarm.
An alarm of fire at a jew rainutespast
six o'clock Thursday evening took a
large contingent of the fire brigone oat
to the corner of School awl Lilibe street.
There proved to have been nothing woe
than the falling of a hanging lamp, the
oil of which took fire, and a neighbor
seeing the occurrence from erom the
street turned ir an alarm. Tne ignited
oil wae, however, qoeoetieA long .befors
the firemen reached, the spet.
. 5
Tbe Pufcntins Society.
There wasxanwB attendance at the
Debating Sodeiy Dec 27, yet the dkv
eaaekmnpon InQeeenneae
wn Aanexatkn was veil inntaincd
cfemag hoar. Mr. F. Tamil m
the chsmpBMLaf Mr.
Cnnrfcr, of Lnbaina, Hie opposing
leader in the absence of Mr. J. F. Smith.
A Je iM tT.i.., Un.I ;'! ithtr
- nn a wnn mmw. mwwi wi, .
2 i be 4j by the Ksnux ' either side
member took part on
Sir. Wt. Fester is CohbIIrm "Will
PrsfeftMy Ope Court this Mentlng.
Jt became generally known oa Saturday
afternoon that the commkwioa had
issued to Mr. "William Foster as Police
Justice for Honolulu and the District of
Koea. Enquiry mi official quarters confirms
the intellifeaeetaod Jaanee Foster
was to make Ids debut upon the bench
at 9:30 o'clock veeterday morning. Mr.
Foster is well-known as having filled,
with universal satisfaction to bench, bar
and public, for many years the position
of Clerk of the Supreme Court. He has
also been a Master, of that Court, and
for three or four-years licensed to
in all the Courts of the Kingdom.,
Justice Foster is credited with an extensive
ranse of learning in the law, while
personally ho is unexceptionable for the
high position to which he is now summoned.
This journal congratulates him
upon his elevation.
Christians at Honokaa.
As usual and in keeping with weather
ia Hamakua on a holiday, the 24th was
bright and.fine tilL about noon when we
were surprised by a strong north storm.
The fog hovered on the coast so thick
that at first you might have supposed it
to be a mantling smoke from sorae cane
field. Houses and stores facing northward
were closed on account of the rain,
which lasted in earnest all day from noon
till midnight. Our serenaders for Christmas
morn were prepared, but the elements
delayed their endeavors to give
us an idea of a coming holiday.
The morn of the 25th dawned with a
gloomy rain-laden horizon, but as day
advanced it cleared .away to the southward
and allowed our lovers of the gun
to participate in the long looked-for rifle
match. As the Honokaa rifle team at
some future period maj become prominent,
I give j'on the score. The first
match, 5 shots each for prizes at Mills',
stood as follows :
Jos. Marsden, 21; W. H. Kickttrd, 18;
R.T. Rickard, 18-, H. S. Rickard, 17;
James Smith, 17 ; R. M. Overend, 22 ;
M. V. Holmes, 19; M. Foley, 19;
12; J. R. Mills, 23.
For prizes atHolmes't 10 shots each,
the score was :
Jos. Marsden, 35 ; W. H. Rickard, 3S ;
R.T. Rickard, 34; H. S. Rickard, 32;
James Smith, 40; R. M. Overend, 1G
(when firing fifth shot his gun broke);
M. V. Holmes, 39 ; M. Foley, So ; J. R.
Mills, SG. Honokaa.
The following officers of Lodge le
de l'Oceanie, No. 124, F. and A. M.,
were installed Thursdaj evening for the
ensuing year:
David Dayton, W. M.
P. O'Snllivan, S. W.
C. J. Sherwood, J. W.
J. 0. Dominis, Orator.
P. Opfergelt, Treasurer.
Jno. A. Spear, Secretary.
Thle. Rehm, Ueputy.
Jno. T. Downey, S. D.
Xouis Toussaint, J. D.
Barnes Dodd, I. G.
F. J. Higgins, Tyler.
Kauiuakapili Church.
At the conference of the creditors of
Kauiuakapili Church with a joint committee
of the church trustees and the
Hawaiian Board, held on Saturday, a
proposition was made by the committee
to the creditors. Some of the latter
theiracceptance but others desired
timo for consideration. Another meeting
will be held shertly. Mr. P. C.
Jones advertises a request for all claims
against the church to be presented on or
before Saturday next.
Eclipse of the Sun.
This Tuesday, Jannary 1, 1889, there
will be a total eclipse of the sun, visible
here as a partial eclipse.. It will begin
at Honolulu at 8:44 a. m., on the northwest
limb of the sun, and end about
11:18 a. m. The greatest obscuration
will be at 9:51 a.m., when about two-fifths
of the sun's disk will be eclipsed.
It will be total within a narrow strip of
country in northern California, Nevada,
etc., from Punta Arenas eastward.
The Tramway Opening.
The street cars will be running to-day
for the first time on a regular schedule,
between the King street bridge and
Waikiki. This will give excellent facilities
for people getting out of town for the
holiday. The community-will doubtless
appreciate from the start how great a
boon this long-delayed one is. Elsewhere
the time table is printed, so that
it will not be hard to calculate when a
car is due, either way, at any street
corner on the route.
They Want the Morning Star. .
A San Francisco daily paper contains
the following item: An enrt isto be
maae 10 inuuce ine aiisetosafy so
continue the voyages of the XkroeesiaH
missionary vessel Morning Star to San
Francisco, instead of ending them at
Honolulu. It is thoaf ht that tbe influence
of her arrival'aBd sailing from this
port would arouse interest in our business
men in behalf of miseions.
A :Xew Deal.
It is currently reported and eaerally
believed, that Mr. David Dayton, ex-Police
Justice, will be appointed to hie
old, position of Denety Marshal; tnat to
make room for him Mr. C.L. Hdpfctns,
the present D. M., will be appointed thmt
eeptfty clerk of the 8anwsnie Ceert, Mr.
Henry Smith being promoted from that
olee to the chief eimannip made vacant
by Mr- Foster appointment as PoHee
Mr.Yaaderbilt payahmeoak I3J0
a year, my boy, which bra great 4eal
mote tan yon and I earn or at leaat it
tan great deal more than we joet
he can .cook. Tnatiasfl.
because he can better than
anratnermaainAmesica. Tbatia att.
If Moocieur Sauceangravi coaid cook tolerably
well; and shoot a little, and apeak
three Unruagea tolerably well, and keep
books fair! v, and nng same, and under
stood parrkuitnjf pretty well, and conld
preach a U;r sort of a sermon, and knew
something -boat banes, and conld tele
graph a little, and could do Ugnt
porter's work, and could ' read
proof toteraWy, and coold do piam
hooae and and coold ml?
on a and kntnr
enough law to pmetim in the JoxtkW
courts of Kickapoo township, and had
once ran for tiie Legislature, and knew
how le weigh hay, he wouldn't gt
$10, 00 a year for it. He get that joat
because lie knows how to cook, and H
wouldn't make a difference m his
salary if be thought the world waste!
and that it went around its orbit oh
wheels. There's nothing like knowing
your business clear through, ray boy,
from withers to look, whether you know
anything else ot not. What's the good
of knowing every tiling? Only the Sophomores
are omniscient. Burdette. a
The Xonroe Doctrine.
The Guatemala Ster, referring to
appeal fer American mediation
against English encroachments, says:
The United States certainly ought to
do something in the defence of the rights
of tiie sister Republic, that are being so
cooly and flagrantly violated, but we fear
nevertheless that in face of England's
manifest determination to keep what
she has taken, Veneauela will be
allowed to look elsewhere for aid the
letter ami spirit of the Monroe Doctrine
to the contrary notwithstanding.
The 1'aaaiaR Canal.
A Paris despatch of Dec. t2th says:
The situation of the i anama Canal Company
has brought on a crisis quite as
serious as the political one. The papers
assert tliat if the last issue of bonds fails,
the Government most and will introduce
a bill in the Chamber to enable the company
to meet its engagements. They
declare no government can exist which
fails to support this great national undertaking.
The Atlantic steamer fimbria has
made the fastest time yet recorded between
the Old and New World, crossing
the ocean in six days, two hours'and
forty-five minutes. "What would Columbus
think of this?
JL hereby give notice taall"pcrsons
will not be responsible for debts contracted by
him as lie left me sad my daughter without
good cause end no support whatever. I bftTS
taken possession ot tbe Laad, Hack and Hor c.
and if he does not return vlthln fifteen dayal
shall claim the real and personal properties as
Honolaln, Dec. 28, 18S3.
Underwriters' Notice.
VI lately occurred, in buildings vacant tni
unoccupied, the Board of Underwriters dem it
their duty to call attention of policy holiiers in
these Islands to tbe clauses. costaiEtd ia.tbe
poUc), the substance of whicbaeads as fsltofrs:
vNo liability shall etlstaader this policy for
loss onany vacant or unoccupied buildings, unless
conssnt for such vacancy or non-occupancy
be hereon endorsed; provided, that direlliscs
may remain yacant not, exceeding ten days
without such endorsement."
We therefore recommend the otaervaftce of
the above condition of insurance.
By order of the Board of Underwriters.
0. O. BERGER, President.
Honolulu. Dec. lEUSbS. 180
ITS. iketadswtt
now on tbe way,
Also a FEW HORSES. AU specially selected
for this Market and Fqr Sale at Lowest Market
For further particulars, Apply to
Haw'n Hotel Stables, Honolulu, H. I.
Hotice to Creditors !
been duly appointed Adnin'fU'ator of
the Estate of FRANK ANTOSK, late of Walan,
Ewa. Island of Oahu, deceased: Notice if hereby
given to all persons to present their claim
against the estate of said Frank Aatone, deceased,
duly authenticated, whether secured by
mortgage or otherwise, to the aa4er signed, at
theoceor Cecil Brown, on Mechant Street,
in Heflolnln, Oahb, withia six ateathe from the
date hereof orttey will be forever barred, and
all pers&ns indebted to said estate are hereby
reqaested to make immediate payment te the
A. KAUET, AdaiB'stratoc.'
Dated Honolala. Dee. 1. me. im-H
Tax Cllectr,s Ketiee.
the District of North HIIo. Hawaii, wiK i
at the places tec the collection of
November C House.
7 OetatlaSMre.
- 8 ManlM te Makalan.
December i to 15 At Lapkeeboe Court
House -
TaxColIectorfocXott ftii.
HHo. JTor. 2. 1SB6.
W Xi ROlit
MJOX& vs ah. Kisse or'
Tin as IrwH Ware, Stad Tin,
Agate xm4 ticmulU XTi
AU this Stock will be ol4 at Xeaadaakle Prices.
attention paid te Plantation orders.
iSrPlaae Give Mm a. C1I.
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Frank J. Xruger
Practical Watch Meter A Repairer
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On Saturday Jaa. S
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14 Oar Bus i Si
On Saturday Jan. ft,
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One 14 Oar Bktc
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a4 Oak, faatwoa a4 caeijist er Icaag.
The Baqee ca h eaamlaed la Htmt of mj
Salesrooms the of sal.
By order of the CoBuaiseloner of Crewa LasMto
the Lex ca ef the
Lands and Fisheries
Of thoAUupaaao! Hanslcl, Kaaal.fora,
Term of Hfteem T
I'romtha First of Febtnary, 18M, wllletM
at I'ablk Auction,
At 18 0'!ck Xsw,
At the Salesrooms of LEWIS J. LEV8T,
Commissioner and Ajcr.t of Crown Land.
rnrticula may be obtained at the 0e
of the Commissioners or Crown Laid.
Hale. ' r
HUT 4 ipiX'S'.
Florida lite
for the Toilet, thu Bath and
the llaadkerchicf.
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Anaiyztnc ChestK
for the Kaniaa Cori'riinsf,
NOT conuua anv mteani as
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No ScfC 3wib USaV
Murray k LanmaB's
Stire & Lease For
. HAWAII. amrtfiu Aereat
LA KD. well reaotf. La, tt Ytmt
from Jaauary 1st, W. -
for foil aaly te
it xtc'vscin.
Vfa&iim, East, laaaM.
GUam. hem six to nine wooiS B?X.Jb lit
wnwd; al by dKKiMwfcsrag Bl izt&mf
frwai JCew talaod, ettt uf ry Hajtertor (. ,
JOT PUXQE. - - 90: '
Diivefd at Kahoiaf i Hikrti.
CiTil Engineer and Surveyor.
rrStM. - - Kmafetia,

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