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-V jr
One of the most remarkable
charactersliving is George Francis
Train who has recently finished
bis second fast trip around the
world in 01 days several days
shorter than the first that he made
He started from Tacoma on each
trip and ended the circuit by re
turning to that place He was a
Boston boy of a dashing enterpris
ing dare devil make up who in
his early years dreamed that he
could and would revolutionize trade
and commerce Soon after gold
was discovered in Australia he
turned up m Melbourne and en
gaged in various speculations from
which he gathered a heap of silver
shekels Then he went to London
or Liverpool and started the first
city tram car line which stirred up
all England against his bold inno
vation and if we remember rightly
lie was driven out of the kingdom
by law suits and vexations One
of our former townsmen Barnum
W Field often spoke of Train as
his Chaucey Hall schoolmate and
of his vagaries Still George Fran
cis has survived Field and some
how managed to keep himself be
fore the public as few men can
He is undoubtedly a man of ability
but lacks a well balanced mind
The Swiss colony in California
has been celebrating the six hun
dredth anniversary of Swiss inde
It was really in the first decade
of the fourteenth century that the
three patriots Arnold von Melch
tha Werner Stauffacher and Wal
therFuerst signed the oath that they
would fight to the last against the
tyrants of the ducal house of Haps
burg and that the exploits nar
rated of William Tell are said to
have been achieved
Though the whole Tell episode
has beeu conclusively proved to be
a myth we intend to believe it
-- -- c 7
The letter of onr volcano cor
respondent will be read with in
terest and shows that the lava
lake is accessible to those who have
the courage to make the descent
His measurement of the distance
around the molten lake proves that
it is rapidly growing in size and
that its circnmterence now is about
2100 feet and its diameter about
700 It piomises to be in its best
condition for sight seers about the
time that the hotel is completed
say October 1
The Episode of 1902 as
published by us to day will
remind readers of Jules Yernes
sensational tales some of Avhich
may some day be realized if inven
tions progress with the rapidity
they have during the past few
years Indeed we have before us
now the account of an invention of
Dr Bauset of Boston who claims
to be able to keep a vessel afloat at
any height in the air and to propel
it by electricity with or against
the wind up or down as he chooses
However the story of our corre
spondent will be read with interest
and twenty five years hence it may
be termed a prophetic vision of
what ha6 then actually taken
Among the items of news brought
by last mail was one announcing
the death of Judge Ogden Hoffman
of the United States District Court
He held the same office for forty
years and his decisions relating
chiefly to land claims are said to
have done more than any other
work in quieting land titles in Cali
fornia It will be remembered that
he visited this city some two years
since in search of health and re
mained here several weeks return
ing much improved He belonged
to the old Knickerbocker families
who were the earlier settlers of
Xew York city and impressed
every visitor that ho was one of
natures noblemen endowed with
a mind of greater capacity and in
telligence than most men possess
In his death California loses one of
her best statesmen and public bene
tfaSlJ -
and nrefer the authority of the
dingy little volume of the nursery
with its wonderful woodcuts to
the most learned disquisitions of
the iconoclastic historians Be
sides Lave we not ourselves seen
the market place at Altdorf and
Tell himself shoot She applo from
off his boys head and heard the
loud chorus of praise addressed to
the iatriot bowman and defiance
to the tyrant Gessler with our
own eyes and ears at the opera
no wo dont intend to give up
TVilliam Tell
Independent of myths and rom
ances there is enough unquestion
able fact in the history of the con
federated Cantons in the noble
patriotism of the mountaineers to
render the Swiss history interest
ing and instructive It teaches
how a comparative handful of
determined men united in one
good cause shunning no self-sacrifice
can aided by the natural
strength of their position again
and again hurl backward the
forces of invaders though many
times more numerous than their
own and maintain their national
independence for centuries
The first of the great battles for
Swiss liberty was fought at Mor
garten m 1315 when 1300 Swiss
defeated and drove back through
the defile of Zng 20000 Austriaas
under their Duke Leopold
In 13S6 the Swiss Confederation
now numbering seven cantons four
others having joined the original
three which were TJn Schweitz
and TJnterwalden again met the
Austrains under Leopold U who
was completely defeated and him
self slain
It was at this battle of Sempach
that Arnold von Winckelreid
earned undying fame For a long
time the Swiss were unable to make
any impression on the serried
ranks of the Austrian pikemen
when Arnold stepped forth from
the Swiss line and throwing him
self open armed on the Austrians
grasped it is said seven pikes in
his arms and fell dead with their
points in his breast but ho had
broken their rank and won a vic
tory for his countrymen This
event is still made the subject of
an annual commemoration
The Austrians were again de
feated in the following year and
peace was concluded
At the battle of St Jacob on the
Birs in 1444 it is said that 1000
Swiss resisted 30000 French and
were slain to a man
the enemy 10000 men
At the time of the Reformation
there was a split in religious mat
ters but the political organization
survived There are at present
twenty two cantons with a popu
lation of nearly three millions of
whom about three fifths are Pro
testant the rest Roman Catholic
By a recent amendment in the
Constitution any group of fifty
thousand citizens may refer any
public question to a referendum
or general vote of the confederated
cantons and compel the federal
legislature to act
Though there is no standing
army allowed by law all male citi
zens are liable to servo and undergo
annual military training
The celebration at San Francisco
began on the eve of the anniversary
with a salute of twenty two guns
one for each cantonand a great bon
fire on the top of Russian hill The
next day there were great meetings
at Saratoga hall with speeches
music and tableaux finishing with
a grand ball
The second day included a parade
through the principal streets and
an excursion to Schuetzen Park
Several divisions of the grand pro
cession were in constume includ
ing of course William Tell and his
bow and bis boy and his apple
and sundry groups of Swiss maid
ens At the Park were more
speeches music a rifle tournament
and other amusements Tho whole
eelebration was a groat success
It is estimated that about 1000
persons of Swiss birth or descent
participated in the festivities
Consul Borel sent tho following
message to President T3inil Wilti
at Berne
The Swiss colony of California
assembled in festival salutes the
Fatherland and is with you heart
and soul in tho celebration of this
memorable anniversary
Daily Advertiser 0c per month
jswas pumps
Graphically Described Giving
Their Cost and Capacity
On WednesJav a party of business
men were enabled through the kindness
of the O R L Co and the plantation
agents to take a run down to the Ewa
plantation The mill which was made
the first objective point has already
been described in these columns It is
being rapidly pushed on to completion
and will be ready long before the cane
is The whole party devoted itself
principally to the examination of the
pumps which are to put the water on
the fields
There are twenty two ten inch wells
on the Ewa plantation and three large
pumping stations The smallest of
these pumps is used to raise the water
from two finely flowing wells and is now
watering ISO acres of cane The pump
if worked twenty tu o hours a day will
raise from four to five million gallons of
water sixty eight feet This is fiity per
cent more than the average daily water
consumption of Honolulu The whole
plant cost 000 which includes build
ing and foundation piping and a small
reservoir The furnace consumes about
two lonz tons of coal for each da of
twenty hours and the coal can be
laid down at the furnace doors for about
f7 per ton If this single pump the
smallest in the plantation were trans
planted rom Eva to Honolulu the
water famine would be over and people
might water their gardens twenty five
hours in the day
The above pump like all those on the
Ewa plantation is the product of the
Blake Manufacturing Co It runs very
smoothly so smoothly tuat even the
engineer one day forgot in a mo
ment of absent mindedness that the
powerful and noiseless engine was in
motion He jrot in tne way lustwitn
one finger and did not notice the col
lision until he saw his finger lying in
the drinoim nan
Pumping Station No 3 is now in pro
cess of construction and when com
plete will be one of the sights of this
island There will b9 nothing to beat it
on this side of the Rocky Mountains
Two large pumps will lift the water from
twelve artesian wells one to a height of
137 feet the other to a height of 167 feet
above sea level Deducting 32 feet the
height of the natural flow we have a
straight lilt in the two pumps of 103 and
135 feet respectively The ordinary
capacity of these pumps is together
twentymillion gallons per day but they
have a maximum capacity of about ten
millions more Yet the ordinary daily
consumption of coal will probably not
exceed seven tons This very moderate
consumption of coal will bo due in a
creat part to the use of tubular boilers
which it is claimed will furnish about
twice as much steam per pound ot coal
as the best boilers of any other pattern
These climax tubular boilers were made
at the Clombrok Steam Boiler Works in
Brooklyn N Y The whole work ot
preparing the foundation and erecting
the pumps is under the personal super
vision of JUr Bunge a courteous gentle
man as well as a skilful mechanic who
has been sent here by the Blake Manu
facturing Company for this special pur
The total co tof this great pumping
station including the wells and the pip
ing will be in the neighbourhood of
The total capacity of the twenty two
artesian wells with the four pumps
working at their maximum capacity will
probably be not far trom hfty million
gallons per day Tins is an astomsning
figure but it gives only a correct idea of
the power of these splendid pumps
There will be water enough to irrigate if
necessary 4000 acres of cane and at the
ordinary working capacity of the pumps
there will be abundance of water for
3000 acres Enough water wilj flow in
the once thirsty deserts of Honouliuli to
supply a city of 200000 people
After doing more than justice to an
exceedingly bountiful and generous re
past the party rode through the cane
fields to convince themselves by personal
inspection of the magnificent condition
of the crop
The condition of the plantation is a
highly gratifying one and its prospects
bright even with sugar at the present
low mice Evervthinc which a favor
able situation a surpassingly fertile soil
and appliances of the most approved
efficiency can do for any plantation na
ture and man have done for Ewa Tne
wells have not been in the smallest de
gree affected by the severe drought of
the passing summer
The plantation has passed the experi
mental stase and the stockholders may
lay as a flattering unction to their eoiilb
the observation of one of Honouliulis
leading business men an observation
made after careful personal inspection
The plantation appears to be very care
fully managed Everything seems to
have been thought out beforehand-
NEW GOODS to the
Piano Banquet and Library Lamps
in oxvdized silver
iir i tti i t VS
direct frcm the factory
Turkey and Ostrich Dusters
Vire on Spools
Tucks and Square Flax Packing
Disstons Files
Tube Scrapers
Refrigerators and Ice Chests
A fresh invoice of Rubber Hose etc
etc etc 7
1377 277S q
Honolulu Library and Read
ing Room Association
the ont of town districts can become
members and draw books from the circulating
deparment by paying the regular dnes quarterly
in adrance aleo pacing postage bothw3ys on
books drawn and being responsible for all loss
and damage of books in transit
H A PARMELEE Secretary
-it or-
Reuters Syrup N2
juur great properties in one medicine acting as once upon tne ai
gesuve organs blood kidneys and bowels It absolutely kills and
eipel3 throngh the bowels kidney and pores of the skin the dis
ease germs which float in the blood mine and perspiration
For tlie A ruionnceineiit oi
Tta Popular Millinery House 10 Fort St
2651 q
Office and Works
and Iron Founders
Esplanade Honolulu
Sugar Machinery Irrigating Machinery Steam Engines
Steam Boilers Juice Tanks Coolers Molasses Tanks Sugar Care
Cane Cars Elevators Conveyors Furnace Fittings
Wrought and Cast Iron Work for House Builders
Water Wheels and Gearing Bar Iron Etc
Pelton Water WlieeL
REPAIRS of all kinds of
MACHINERY done -it
Pimples black heads red rongh and oily skin prevented or
cured by that greatest of all skin bcaatifiers Eeuteus Heal
ing SoAr Produces tho Ioicllcst whitest clearest skin and
icaicatea exquisitely
incomparable as
13oG ly
8 No Steam No Fire No Boiler
VS f
J -
-- v
ifoiu SfUtoErtisciHcnts
Steam DBoolt andJob
mimim omm
46 Merchant Street
Is prepared to do all kinds of
cial and Legal Work correctly
-and withdispatch
Having Lately Received a Very Compete
Stock of all the Finer Grades of
Flat Papers of every size
Fine white and Colored Cards
And also having added to our former
very large assortment about eightyfonts
of the
Finest Job Type and Ornaments
From the most celebrated Foundries of
the United States and employing
only experienced and tasty work
men we are prepared to turn
out at very short notice
Letter Heads
BIU Heads
Note Heads
Bills of Ladlag
Uortgage Blanks
Leases Bonds
Shipping Contracts
Blank Checks
Steel plate TVeddlns Cards
Stock Certificates
Business Cards
Meal Tickets
Bank Checks
Plantation Orders
Receipts Prom Notes
Marrlago Certificates
Druggists tables
Envelopes all sizes
Shipping Receipts
Ball Programmes
Theatre Programmes
And in fact everything which a First
class Office can do and
At Bed rock Price
Gazette Book and Job Office
46 Merchnat Street
St Matthews Hall
A School for boys Tncnty sixthyear Send
for Catalogue
Rev Aif Lee Brewer DD Rector
I3S5 ly
No Danger 3
The above cut is an excellent illustration of our Horizontal Engines which we manufacture in sizes from X to 0
Horse Power and are adapted for Pumping Electric Lighting Running Elevators Harvesting and Thrashing MachineV
ntinS P0fes3 Bttad Shoe Machinery Circular Band and Jig Saws Hoisting Mill and Mining Machinery CoffM
Anils and Roasters Polishing and Fanning Machines Ventilating Apparatus Emery Wheels etc in fact every where power
The Regan Vapok Engines havinc more than realized the antimnntTnna f - 1
pleasure to submit Local References - w 0 D Uive now ta
Joseph Tiskse
-Me tt T
Dear Sie I purchased from vou one of vour 2 Horse Powpr HnRi7nnMT Rvmr vnn rJe j iau
trial it has worked in everv wav most satisfactorily The Tannine making 230 Revolutions and - A Uer lonr months
maKing iau uevoiuuons witnont anv enort
minute or 1800 gallons per hour It is run
thing thatwas claimed forit and I should
It is del
engineer and therefore recommend these engines
mnning a Rotary Pnmp with
IVPrinp thR waJpr nrith crreat fn rna AK fl i i f 4F lwWit
by the vard man and he fird7nn toM Tw w Kow
consider it vo Wnfc R7H flllV - IStKHBg
to T vanToIn wb S
anyone T
TllnfrratPil flntnlrxrnoa nan ha linrl anrl flia 1nmn i -
rw vniiuiiu vwu w uu cfciAU iuD oju n 111K rjiii iiH Hffii ninninw in mil Annir
Market Nunann street ywuuon we unr JIM
1336 tf
JOS TIlT3rKElIl3 Sole Agent
t Tpl

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