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T-rT- -lvrvc: sh nawH.li lu liic
: hundred people, Hawai-
. Monday evening. 31 any
: cock sinasLs of people were
iiin i hf &a ia a v
rrier lie leadership of Prof. D.
IaII, sod discoursed most
r'i for over thirty rnin-
Katuul, tbeecreUn- of the
-oris of Hawaii, called the
Z Z3 order at 7:45 r.
A.. Hosjl was eleeled chair-
1 tLi mcetiar. On taking the
- said tltfttiK came as specta-Hf-
w itot a candidate for
Lnr i-ctiRS, and he was not
- T ... , - UAnMu1
w t t.t iik j ic usnm
t r pf MBaaind the meetinc
irJer v maaaer,sothat nothing
uic jioeoess of tlie object i n
i I . livx mu:iliic;gu .... v
t Ljurmaa ealted unon the Rev.
i.u txi we iBeftiiifr vim
skid: Tin; subject for dis-
acxmfet adopting a He-
Y'-u are at liberty to ex
Kker J. L. Kaulukou
;ijnit tlie Republican
z z.z vm- ume aiumeu u
frifcfT s limited to ten nun-
Kmtakoc Mr. Chairman
--tlit-men: We are assembled
iaclit because lalse rumors
p jroisa4d abroad that we,
ls o' tfce soil of Hawaii, are
: r of a EepiiMican form of Gov-
t )ur bitterest enemies are
. - uunoit to spread this un
. ! irt. It is our dutv to
i j raas weetiue: assembled,
iij nortd al large that the
Zzl Hawaiian;- are" bodr and
zjX uch a movement. We
- . . j - .
r vi iiav raiiea mis n pf-i-
xuist for-igiera abroad are
Tiing i- laea, wuicn is
rogatory to our interests,
are not the nlv ones con-
i - ; .a it : : n..
mf - taej uave a ngnt to
and derouace this move-
AT'iaanseJ A queen now
? e ver us, It if our duty as loyal
:s ;o d i r wmost to" perpetu-Z-T-'UC
of tawaiL England
iiaeett. Cur ancestors have
b&oinod 19 a monarchial
Z r TtTBBMBt, and we, the
-? r at-raUou?, liave been iu
J will uadyii" loyalty to our
- t- -f-irefatber!- considered
zhe tar e. love of country
A t k iopie'' as one, but we
. it into three distinct
-, I i.l wm read to you the
r.c i-lwtlns careful Iv pre-
j v a (iammc- oi me native
Tilaw :
. I I : x report has beeu proji;i
. 1 - urbotK tbe TThited States
rl' at; $4andii ready to revo-
C i C il i A inwnKOJl 1UI ill Ul
r -TU2- Tit,eitber by annexation to
Am-neat Benublic or to be an
haxc ln-n ibli?lifd in numer-Vrrt-ncn
papers that have
i Haxui rtei. aad
.ti as similar opeu reports
xr. pa4iid bv certain news-
' " ! .l Tmvt ttvii thrrMiflinn I aloud.
-r . ja . l 3 i iivAr
.u-a i-its- an- vauu. as tuown
standing ready to adopt and embrace
a republican iorm ot government, ior
them, either independently or by an
nexation, are false and withoutfound
ation. . .
Hok. A. Rosa read the sunstance
of the resolutions in English.
j. A. KAnooNEi: l nearuiy ap
prove tnese resolutions, aim m uj
inirso I voice the sentiments of the
Hui Kalaiaina. I do not favor a Ee-
Subhcan form of government, l am
itter against it. I shall never lend
a nana to any annuimi; suiciut.
That is all I have to say.
J. Zl. Poepoe: J? chow citizens:
I have never intended to speak on
this subject. "You have all heard the
resolutions. Let us stand firmly,
we Hawaiians, who are des
tined to die on Hawaiian sou;
let us all with one neart,
and with one breast, show our bitter
denunciation of this movement. lAp
plause. "We havt always been used
to monarchial form of government;
and is it not most strange that at the
ascension of a Queen we should re
nounce allegiance to her and estab
lish a republic? And what is the real
intent of tlx- agitators of this
scheme? Is it that a Hawaiian should
one day be honored with the presi
dency? Awa with such foolish ideas.
Do you entertain the belief that Ha
waiians are proposing this base
scheme ? You may reply that it is
only a rumoi. But you know that
" where there is smoke there is fire."
Are we to wait until we get our necks
into the lmoae, and then begin to
take action against it? !Nbwisthe
time to do it. Delays are dangerous.
The first decree of Kamehameha the
Great wa-: " E o-u i ka maka o ka
wauke o i ..piopio" (Pluck the pistil
of the jessamine while it is young).
Therefore, let us kill this poison in its
youth. Our failure will cost us our
bones; therefore I earnc-Hy urge you
to adopt the resolution.
J. Kanli: These reports are still
on the ing. I ask, who are these in
our lan i engaged in so vile a scheme?
Are there anv in this audience? Is it
the Queen? Or is it the Cabinet? A
treaty N now being negotiated which
is a sure road to annexation. Annex
ation i- just as unconstitutional as
the forcing of the new constitution
upon u.
Jno. 1'ok icriesofehc fa and kiko
hua from the audience as he ascended
the platform;: Gentlemen I wish to
announce to you that I am one of the
candidates at the coming election.
Laugliter. I ask you all to adopt
the resolution. America may only be
scaring us with these false reports.
This question will surely come up in
the Legislature.
J. K. Kauxia: Fellow citizens,
"Watch for Hawaii " should be our
constant watchword. Why should
we watch? Are we to become a re
public? Are we to stand erect on our
feet until our heads are lifted towards
the heavens and then say we do not
want a republic ? If England hears of
this alleged underhanded work of
America to destroy our autonomy,
alas, what would she do? Shall Ha
waiians remain reticent ou this sub
ject until we lose our independence?
This renort has reached us from
abroad, and shall we remain silent
like preserved sardines? Do not
slumber because we are weak and
helpless. Our weakness isour strength
if we only unite. I urge you all to
adopt the rosolution. Eead the his
tory of republics and you will find out
that the aborigines have always been
driven to the mountains and holes,
like rats and cats.
Mr. Achi: Mr. Chairman and
friends If we look back to the days
of the Kamchauiehas and the suc
ceeding sovereigns of Hawaii nei, our
Government has always been a mon
archy. But as soon as we have a
queen to rule over us a republican
movement soon arises. The object of
this meeting is to notify the world
that the Hawaiians do not favor a
republic. Those who arc agitating
this cry may have a reasonable cause
for doing so. They may say that
America started out into life one
hundred years ago as a small
nation, but to-duy she overtops
the whole world in importance.
A member of the English Parliament
has said that America is destined to
be a great nation, and the day is
coming when all the combined forces
of Europe cannot subdue America.
They may take the American repub
lic as an example of rapid progress in
civilization. They may wish the
sons of the oor to become Presidents.
But for me f shall fight till my last
drop of blood against any republican
movement. Let all those who are in
stilled with patriotic feelings cry
Hawaiian independence for-
Applause. The South Ameri
t and is these reports are not ca" republics are a lesson for us.
. -flirted ir the Hawaiian nation, ! Hon. E. K. Limkalaxi: Citizens
T 'In-Iv mil fif known their (iU- I I sun snrrv flint mv nroripnosenrs linv-n
:a. andomntdicting the truth
i. reports then tlieir sileuee in
s matter is proof of the truth of
reports iw being circulated,
1: wili a con firm the belief
Hawaian nation is against
ted Been, and are to re-
- e v r from he throoe of Hawai i,
I i as tlis is a question that
-TKierBS ae moBarcutal form
jr v- rTment Hawaii nei; and it
nrrmr liiw sjea tareatemns: ru-
mi be roolled strongly and
: xy tht- Hawaiian people;
tins was meeting, held on
v- Ling of leeember2$th, 1S91,
.-it HboIuIu, Island of
-a iass th following resolu-
-. ii KEsMA-i, That that the
!-v.iis of th sii do contin
5 -v.: -Trove e idea todiscon-
ur lt - rl.uo X .. ::t - ...
fOrm of mrHnnnnl lt I...
tDCT it-nifv i, unlutU r.
.ui i-vn'BMi, ana tiKe-I-
unboM tbe Inwn snl ti,
- oi Hawaii; tllev are
ss .:u r asatusiu. said tn.
. resolved, tht the native
ary scheme to etaWisb a nL
is form of iwveraient in place
Hawaii's present monrchial mv-
zxcf-at. tin povernmei for which 1
Ha'waii nei bled, bv -rfitin!r for
.5- iilessjnn:.
Be it resolved, that Ui Hawaii.
-kT Jlsi -C yv"" -- uw- v- V A.
w . v 4 uul IAJ
i. Be it resnived, that it btjubliclv
janee mat tne reports wioiv cir-
tea inat ae Hawaiian pepie are
What We May Expect at the Hands
of the Revolutionists.
From the S. P. Chronicle of Dec. 12.j
!New York, December 11. The
World prints several letters from
.Robert W. Wilcox, the Hawaiian
revolutionist, to Captain Celso C.
Moreno at Washington, once Prime
Minister of King lialukaua, who
acts as agent of the Revolutionists
in the United States, which throw
some light on the unsettled condi
tion of affairs in the islands.
One letter dated October 17th,
says: "I have just heard that Mott
Smith is going to Washington to
make a treaty with a bayonet
clause so as to get the United
States to protect the missionary
planters and their tool, the Queen,
in spite of the wishes of the people.
This is another scheme to destroy
the plans of the National Party for
a republic. I also hear that a Btrict
order from the JNational Party has
been sent to you to instruct you to
paralyze this cowardly missionary
scheme. The people are anxious to
see a new republic under the pro
tection of the American eagle.
To a friend in Hew York Mx,
Moreno has written, under dato of
.November 25: "The revolution
will not be sprung until I have re
ceived assurances from Mr. Blaine
that the United States navy will
not be allowed to interfere in the
domestic affairs of Hawaii, and that
no rounds of ammunition, arms,
sailors nor marines will be loaned
to the missionary ring in Honolulu
in the event of a revolution. It is
a shame for the United States to
play the part of a policeman in the
Hawaiian Islands. By doing so
the United States imposes upon the
Hawaiian people a mean, rapacious,
cruel, hypocritical and tyrannical
missionary rule, which is the worst
calamity that over befel the race.
Wm. tir. JLrwm & Uo., Li d., an
nounce that the steamship Yama-
shiro Maru will be due here on Jan
nary 7, 1892. The vessel is expected
to leave this port about January 10
for Yokohama.
wandered away from the subject,
LAppiause.j uur independence can
not be infringed upon. Our safety
lies in the independence of the legis
lature from the Judiciary, the Judi
ciary from the Executive, etc. One
power alone without the consent of
the Hawaiians cannot part our inde
pendence. If the wealthy class favor
it, and the poor Hawaiians object, it
cannot be accomplished. Applause.
The main reasons why our inde
pendence cannot be shaken are these:
1. Hawaii is a constitutional govern
ment and is governed by wise laws.
2. Her revenues are sufficient to meet
her current expenses. 3. Hawaii is a
civilized and a Christian kingdom.
She has able enough men to defend
her independence. Therefore I say,
if all the foreigners from Hawaii to
Niihau unite in making Hawaii a re
public, and the HawaTians strougly
object to it, America will scorn such
movers and call them idiots Cheers.
The Chairman here put forth the
resolutions which were unanimously
David Malo, who was over
whelmed with joy at the adoption of
the resolutions, ascended the plat
form and heartily thanked the people
for their wise decision. He said that
the promoters of that vile scheme are
unsuccessful office-seekers, who raise
this idle cry in order to scare the
Queen to give them appointments.
They are few and insignificant in
The chairman closed the meeting at
9:10 o'clock, and commended the au
dience on their attention to the pro
ceedings. He concluded b3" saying
Mr. Malo had guessed correctly at
the important and chief object which
induced the promoters of the repub
lican movement to bring forward
their cry. The immense concourse of
people then quietly dispersed.
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