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Iw n. - Aalralla. ;aH Vrancitco.
Ukk, Jwniber s:. Latest
Cnhsm ranuitaeai. decrees icm,
c- TitS gnwimrted 4 cents,
i -Xftifcet, tptwBt, with large
c nts, ys. HoWersottiana
.. . in. l:..l
t ,awaniwBL-n, Mim nine
T..i ei mric is quiet and with-
t : chartered for the islands,
r.:-c ia the new crop. Sugar
Cxisare being well worked up, and
-. . jirt- very lijrht.
A W ahitstnoti special says : It is
H.nIeJ that Franc and Germany will
av t. ecun a repeal of the bounty
pou oar iomestic sugar production
r rcT;dc-i y tbe MeKinley law, as it
Lr.a:t:.- to t ealarge the sugar pro
i.u .a tb- country to impair
zht . jastty la tlKie countries. They
: t. i I- ase, as a leverage to secure
- repeal of the j-ugar "bounty, the
tUat they are now admitting our
-j -nl cereals to their shores.
" Ihr ivciproty negotiations with
Jamaica have readied a satisfactory
jnclasion, thus conpleting the series
' l-s.ie conventions made with the
u rar-prod uci nsr colonies of Great
Britain m the West Indies.
Reciprocity Treaties.
1 "lY-ashington dispatch of Deceui-
says that the ratification by
Kticbstag of the commercial
ctity !ftweeti Germany and Austro-H-.isxy
insures the completion of
pr'X-:ty arrangements between the
I r.ile-1 states and Germany, so far as
the latter country is concerned, but
-eSeclivcness still depends on the
action of the Austro-Hungariau
Kt jchsrath, as our agreement' is cou
:.zr i.X n the ratification of the Ger-2rM-Austrian
treaty by each of those
Another Line To Hawaii.
A dispatch from Chicago, dated De
lt..xt 12, says: J3. T. .Rogers, man
& 7 of the recently organized British
t Jii ia ngar Refinery at Vancou
vf la. k.-d freely here to-day about
its proiects. He declared that when
the tprt-ckels Hawaiian monopoly ex
pires, his company will probably get
a contract witn the Hawaiians. He
said the Canadian Pacific road was
Joing wonders for that country. In
aJ Lu n to the fast mail established
6t:ween Japan and England, he hears
z inc best authority that in the near
2U.re British Columbia will have
fast-line mall steamers to Australia,
: -ucLing at Honolulu, and every
1 2brt will be made to divert the trade
aad travel now going via San Fran-
.SX .
Xost Overboard.
Wink the steamer Corona was
rossmg the bar on her way into the
L&rbor, about 10 o'clock yesterday
miming. December 21st, an accident
icMirred by which two men, James C.
Bailey, formerly of Maui, Hawaiian
Islands, ami James Curtis, steward of
the -steamer, lost their lives.
The bar was very rough, but the
Corona is a first-class bar boat, and
Captain Hall did not think it admis-sat-ie
to remain outside as long as he
had daylight and the weather was
clear. 'There was a large crowd of
passengers on board, and many of
'htm were on the hurricane deck,
wbik some stood on the after part of
tie main deck watching the big seas
as :bey rolled around the steamer.
None of those on the main deck,
sreong wnom were J. C. Bailey ot
San DiPgo,aBd James Curtis,a waiter,
hsA a UioBgbt of danger until a warn
.rgcry of " Hold on" for your lives!"
Tu.g out as the steamer plunged iuto
llelieary seas rolling on the bar. The
isr two seas were passed in safety,
and those oa deck thought the danger
was over, when a terrific wave that
lowered high above the hurricane
ae'-k was seen rolling toward the ves
sel with frightful speed.
3Jost of the people on the main
Jt-ck rushed into the staterooms, and
not a moment too soon, as the big
wall of water broke over the vessel,
and in ac instant the staterooms on
the starboard side were flooded, sev
eral doors torn from the hinges and
tons of water poured into the saloon,
while the launch steamer trembled
a- if she had struck a rock.
AH was confusion among the pas
sengers, as most of them thought that
the steamer had struck.but their fears
were soon ailsyed when the vessel
glided into the comparatively smooth
water inside the bar. It was then
that the friends of Mr. Bailey missed
Lim, and a search of the steamer was
HAde, but he could not be found, and
those on board realized that he had
ien caught by the big wave and
wc;t to his death in the foaming
From a nephew of Mr. Bailey, who
was en board the steamer, it was
learned ibat he resided in SanDieco
and was on his wav to this city orTa
pleasure tap, and 'expected to return
to his home, wfcere he had left a fond
wife and several children. The sad
news was telegraphed to his widow,
with the information that his nephew
would remain in hope that the bodv
would be washed ashore.
American yews.
There is said to be a chance of the
National Democratic Convention
coining to San Francisco. The same
committee that, tried to induce the
Republicans to come here, are at
work on the Democratic Committee.
There is much speculation as to
whether Blaine will be a candidate at
the next National Convention. It i
generally believed that he will be, as
tis health is better than it has been
for years, and the tendency is to
aoatnate him by acclamation. He
can certainly have the nomination if
he wants iL
Congress has not yet settled down
to business, senator Cullom has in
troduced a bill to exclude the Chinese
for ten years longer, but that is the
only legislation that has been pro
posed which affects the Coast.
Henry Villard is losing his grasp
again, and his retirement from the
Northern Pacific and from the Edi
son Electric Light Company is one of
tue certainties in tne near mturc.
Edward M. Field, the son of Cyrus
AV. Field, who wrecked the firm of
Field, liiudley, Wiechers & Co. lias
been indicted for forgery by a New
York Grand Jury. He is insane, and
his father is just recovering from a
severe illness due to the shock of the
failure and the loss of his wife.
There has been an almost general
strike of the telegraphers in the em
ploy of the railroad companies all
over America. The Southern Pacific
was not affected.
Stephen B. Elkins, of West Vir
ginia has been appointed Secretary of
War, to succeed Bedfield Proctor,
who becomes Senator from Vermont.
Elkins is a great personal friend of
There is evidence of volcanic activ
ity in tin Twin Sisters Mountain,
near AVhatcom, Wash.
The new stockyards of Armour,
Swift and Morris, who are designed
to drivt out the English who control
the X nion Stockyards of Chicago, are
neariii? completion. The English
are in great trepidation lest they be
driven out altogether.
Tinted States Senator Preston B.
Plum'' died at Washington on the
20th. It is generally believed that
Iugalls will be his successor. The
Governor of Kansas will make the
The business portion of Truckee
wa- destroyed by lire on the 21st inst.
An English company is about to
undertake the development of some
f called ruby mines near Helena,
A movement is on foot to reduce
Y"-emite Park by one-half. There is
no reason for so doing, and the
st henic is headed by men who want
the land for sheep pasture. There is
no chance of success, fortunately.
The Postmaster-General has re
newed the contracts with the Pacific
Mail Company for carrying the China
An electric system of which much
is hoped, is to be tried on the ores of
New Mexico, which have thus far
been iliuicult to reduce.
The grippe is spreading all over the
eastern cities, and many huudred
thousand people are down with it in
New York.
Foreign News.
During the elections in Ireland on
December 13th, Michael Davitt, the
famous lnsn Jeaoer, was seriously
beaten by followers of the opposition
The recent expulsion of a French
correspondent from Bulgaria has re
sulted'in the cessation of diplomatic
l -. r . i . . i . i. . ,
reunions ueiwucu me iwo countries,
and France has demanded satisfac
tion. Thus far Buljraria has refused
to grant it, and there is great uneasi
ness among the European powers lest
this situation develop into war.
It is reported that Bussia has an
nounced Her intention to declare a
protectorate over Corea, and that Port
Hamilton win be selected as a naval
station from which to enforce her
Mrs. Johu W. Mackay, formerly of
mis cuy, nas soiu ner fans residence,
and will henceforth reside in London.
The funeral of Dom Pedro, the de
posed Emperor of Brazil, was held at
Lisbon on December 12.
The wedding of the Duke of Clar
ence and Princess Victoria of Teck
will take place on February 10, the
fifty-second anniversary of the wed
ding of the Queen. This date was
fixed upou at the Queen's special re
quest. The British Silk Society, of
which the Duchess of Teck is presi
dent, has begun the manufacture of
the wedding dress. It is to be of the
softest white damask, brocaded in a
design of lilies of the valley, with
roses, shamrocks and thistles en
twined in the border, thus combining
the symbols of the three countries in
the kingdom. The train shows silver
lilies and other designs on a silk
ground. Ordinarily it would take at
least three months to complete the
dress, but the looms have been or
dered to be run night and day in order
to insure its readiness for the day of
the wedding.
The Tahitiau government has final
ly granted a general amnesty to poli
tical ofl'enders.
According to the reports of the
French and Spaninh ministers at
Tangiers, Muley Hassan has repudi
ated his own indorsement of the
Brussels agreement by authorizing
the sale of negroes in his empire.
Moreover, it has been discovered that
the Sultan of Morroco has counten
anced the foundation of a settlement
at Marakesch, one of the imperial
residences, in which male and female
slaves brought from the interior are
compelled to marry in order that the
children born of these unholy unions
may be sold for the sultan's benefit.
In fact slaves are being bred in Mo
rocco in much the same fashion as
horses. Europe cannot tolerate so
gross a violation of its decisions, and
all the signatory powers seem virtu
ally in accord as to the necessity of
an expedition.
Honduras has another revolution,
which began on the day that President
Leiva was inaugurated. The rebels
were soundly whipped and driven into
Nicaragua. They were prevented
from retreating into Salvador by
troops massed along the border of
that country. More trouble is ex
pected. The revolution in Brazil is still un
settled, and there are strong indica
tions of an uprising in Argentine.
Preparations for war are being rapidly
The railway scandal in Canada has
at last borne fruit in the shape of the
dismissal of Premier Mercier and his
cabinet on the charge of robbing the
government of 5100,000.
Italy is arranging to send a minister
to Washington in place of Baron
Fava, who was recalled on account of
the New Orleans affair.
The volcano of Colima, Mexico, is
again in eruption.
In addition to the horrors of famine
in Russia,, an epidemic of small pox
has broken out.
Considerable excitement has been
caused in London by the receipt of
the news of a serious engagement be
tween a force of Kashmirs under
English officers and a body of Hunza
and Niger tribesmen, near Gilghit,
India. The latter menaced Chait
Fort, near Gilghit, and a detachment
was sent out to attack them. In the
fight which followed, four English
otlicers were severely wounded, seven
Sepoys were killed and twenty-seven
wounueu. it is tne general opinion
in England that the action of the
tribesmen was due to Russian, influ
ence, and that the battle with them
will lead to a meeting between Rus
sian and British troops.
On December 19th, at Guatemala,
the daughter ot President Barillas
was married in the Church of the Im
maculate Conception, to Don Luis de
Ojeda, formerly a resident of Cali
fornia. The bride's portion is $1,000,-
A capital substitute for skating on
real ice is now provided in the Crys
tal ice rink in Loudon, adjoin
ing the Royal Aquarium, the floor of
which has been laid with a patent
composition, the invention of Dr.
Uaiantanents, an American gentle
man. Skates of the ordinary winter
description, and not rollers, arc used
upon the surface.
shipping JSews.
The Americau bark General Butler
bound from Puget Sound to this port,
lumber laden, was founded off Cape
Arago on December 8th. The cap
tain and five men reached shore after
being in au open boat three days.
The mate's boat has not yet been
heard of.
The steamer Maggie Ross was dis
mantled in the same rale. She was
picked up by the steamer Willam
ette and towed into Yaquina Bay.
Nothing was found of her crew, of
fourteen men, except one dead man,
and they are supposed to have been
Messrs. George & Detrick, local
agents of the schooner Vine, have re
ceived a letter from Captain Kidston,
of the vessel named, which puts at
rest any doubts that may have ex
isted as to the fate of the blackbird
brig Tahiti. The letter was written
at sea, while the Vine was being
towed by the steamer Roseville. A
portion of it reads as follows: "At
noon of November 2G, when on tow
of the Roseville, eighty miles off the
port of Mauzauillo, we sighted a
wreck bottom up. We went close to
it and lowered a boat. I went to the
wreck myself and succeeded in getting
on her bottom first and taking posses
sion of her. I saw her name, and the
masts, I think, are still standing.
She is the brigTahiti. I am perfectly
sure of that. I spent two hours on
her bottom. The steamer Roseville
will try to tow her to Manzanillo.
The Tahiti looked as if she had been
bottom up for a mouth. Her rudder
was goue and there was no sign of
a living creature. We found her in
latitude 18:07 north, and longitude
103:13 west."
The Pacific Mail steamship City of
Pekin is quarantined with confluent
small pox on board.
Fi-oiu Gilbert Islands.
The H. W. Almy, that called at
this port for letters and freight for
Micronesia, readied Bntaritari Sep
tember 29, and transferred her
freight, mail, and Itev. A. U. Walk
up to the trading schooner Equator,
which then sailed for Apaian, Kn
saie, ,and Euk. The mission work
on Butaritari was prospering. Day
schools and Sunday schools were
well attended. The Catholic priest,
who had been trying in vain to make
proselytes on Butaritari, had sailed
for Jalmt on the Tarawa.
A Royal Gift
The Waialua Church has received
a Christmas present from Her Ma
jesty the yueen, in the shape of a
church clock. Over the dial figures
are the letters of the Queen's name,
Liliuokalani. A supply of hymn
books has also been presented by
Her Majesty to this Waialna church,
which bears her name.
Both the Pamphlets and large
sized Photogravures of Island
scenery have arrived by tlie
Mariposa, aad are now for sale
by the PaciGc Hardware Com
-L ot fine Coffee Land lyinp adjacent to
the Volcano Koad, from 7 tj 9 mhrs from
Hilo, wbich I hereby offer to lease in lots
of from 10 to 1000 acres, for 30 years, on
liberal terms.
-Further information cau be ob
ta-ned from L. A. Tuutsrox, Honolulu, or
irom tne unaersipueu, at tnio, Hawaii.
Hilo, Hawaii. Dec. 31. 1531.
29G0-lma 1403-St
Boilers Inspected, Tested and Repaired
' Boilers, Tanks, Pipes, Smoke-stacks,
Flumes, Bridges, and g-ueral Sheet iron
wort. iJoners repaired at liberal rates.
Good references furnished, and all work
Ctp-Address P.O.Box 479, Honolulu,
JH. 1. ISJiU IfflS-3m
Of -Riverside,- CaL,
nf Ipitars nf inonirv frnm thi Hntcnifrin
Islands regardi g real estate iri. Southern
California, has decided to offer his services
to the people of Hawaii as Apent for
purchasing orange ranches and other real
estate, either in Riverside, or in any of the
neighboring towns. Reliable and unbiased
information furnished upon application.
140L 291B-3ma
The Reception of Mr. and Mrs. V. U.
Wilder at Their Malclkl Home.
The famous ball at Brussels on the
night previous to the battle of
Waterloo had a rival on Friday
evening, it happened at the resi
dence ot Mr. W. 0. "Wilder, at Ma
kiki, and is an event long to be re?
membered by everybody present.
Invitations were sent to Honolulu's
"400" to attend the receplibn, and
they were all there. The occasion
was a two-fold one: to celebrate the
fifty-seventh birthday of Mr, Wilder
and to be a house-warming for the
new and beantifnl family home.
The guests commenced to arrive
early and were assisted to the parlors
by Mr. Gardiner K. Wilder. Mrs.
W. C. Wilder and Miss Agnes Walk
er received the guests and with their
accustomed grace made them all
welcome. Mr. Hugh Gnnn present
ed the invited and won warm praises
for tho able manner in which he did
so. The entrance to the mansion
and tho surrounding grounds was
brilliantly illuminated with lanterns,
presenting a sight rarely seen in
this city. A dancing pavilion had
been erected adjoining the house;
it was elaborately decked with gay
streamers, flowers, palms and na
tional flags in happy profusion.
About 9 o'clock dancing com
menced. The pavilion was rapidly
filled and the elite of Honolulu ap
peared in all the richness and variety
of modem ball-room attire and
danced the evening away.
The full dress toilets were simply
superb, and the flashing of dia
monds, the shimmer of Bilk and
satin and the soft glow of color in
flower or ribbon, united with the
throb of dance music, the blaze of
light and the charm imparted by
youth and beauty at its best, to
compose an ideal picture of highest
civilized enjoyment.
About 11 o'clock couples were
formed and marched to the dining
room, where a sumptuous repast
was partaken of by everybody pres
ent, and toasts were made and re
sponded to. After supper the guests
returned to the pavilion, where they
danced until the time came to depart.
Shipping and Commission Merchants'
laiitation Agents.
Lifo. Fire and Marine
Insurance Agents,
l-m HONOLULU. H. I. 28Q4-q
Life, Fire and Marine
Insurance Agents!
AQBNTft ron
Nev England Mutual Life Ins. Co
fitna Fire Ins. Co of Hartford.
nsui'snce porapany
2S0i 1382-t, '
Assurance Company
F O TJ 3ST ID K X) X808.
4- , iOHDON.
Capital ' - 9 6,000,000
Assets, - $ 9,000,000
liaviDg been appointed Agents of tha
above Company we are now ready to
effect Insurances at the lowest rates of
1387 2836-q
Wm. G. Ikwis, - President and Manager
Claus Spheckels, - - Vice-President
Walter JJ. Giffabd,
- - - - Secretary and Treasurer
Theo. 0. Porteb. ... Auditor
ifui Ittvcrtiscnunts.
Sugar Factors and Commission Agents.
Of Ban Francisco, Cal.
-a--wishes s situation in or near Honolulu ;
good cook, baker, etc. .Address Miss 8.
Brnbn, care Mr. Weaton, GlenhaVding,
Esk., Queensland. 2959-3t
Win. G. Irwin & Co., (Limited) has
assumed the assets and liabilities of the
late firm of Wm. G. Irwin & Co., and will
continue the general business formerly
carried on by that honse. 2863 1390 q
dentists, ,
Hotel St., opp. Dr. J. S. McGreiv'
2SW 1313-y
Remaining in the General Post Ollice
"uncalled for" up to fiec. 31. 1691":
Allen, Dr F
Bishop. R P
Baden; Mrs L
Banning, K
Burgess, F H
Bartlctt, J R(2)
Anderson, Miss Kate
Bishop. H P
Butlen. H K (2)
Bunkee, L W
Boahasque, Mrs T
Bnrrell. A N
Bissen. L Mrs (2)
Brown', Miss S E Benson, James
Childs, Kichard L Mrs Cosgrove, W C
Cook, F 11 Comerford, E
Cluney, Capt Curtis, Fred
Coggswell, Wm (2)
Dasey, Mrs Davis, Mm A
Enders, Frank
Findley, H B Fisher, I F
Fricdmahn, F 0 French, Miss M B
Fox, FJ Fuller, Miss E E
Gatelfv.J Grant, WS(2)
Ore wall. S Granule. Mrs S
Grant, WF Grant, 3 B
Guuderson, Miss' A Gerbert, J L
Gunthen.,0 B
Hoobwurden, Mr HallidaVj J It (2)
Henning, Mr Horswill. Chas (3)
Ueuery, H M Hebblewhite, A,U (2)
Hinton, W S Harlock, F
Hawkes, J B Harvey, Miss M
Holbrook & Riggeu Healey, Mrs J M
Holdebrandt & Rlchten Hall, Mr
Heilburn, W H Hogan, Ben
Hendrichson, Mrs M
Johnson, Mrs T Jones, C J
Jeanson, John Johnson, Fred
Ives, Albert
Kelly, IsabelaMiss
Ludwig, J A Latnpe, R
Laws, Chief Eng Larsen, M
Morris, Miss Virginia (4) Magooh, James
McKeague, Z McLennan; Mrs M
McKaj,A Martin, Joseph
McKenxie, P A Miss Mborhead, A G
Murphy, B
Nelson, N (3) Newcomb, J J (2)
Nickelsen, J O Nott, S A
iotte, Miss Fannie Newcombj"WiH.
Oriawann.Tom Obrers, J
Oberlanden, Dr II
Pahukee, Miss A Pattern, Mrs
Parken, C H Prossen, H .
Patterson, Wm Pahaken, Miss C C
Ray, I E Ritchards. R W
Richards & Co Rounds. V A
Ramsay. B A Rowes, G
Kuy, W R (2) Rosenthal. M
Reynolds, J J Rutter. F
Randolph' G Itosa. Alfred
Schreiben, A J (3) Sadlen, Mrs L
Schmidt, H Stewart. W R (4)
Smith, C A Smit, F
Smith, Miss G Seward, Mrs K
Schulz, Mr Seenngton, A .
Schonfeldt & Eabs Serf, W M
ftchlaruelchen, L
Timmins, L L (2) Taylor, J D
Tillis, F
Vollum.G W
White, A (2) Wisn, Mrs B (2)
Wilson, E A Wringhton, S.A
Wallace, Rev G Williams. G (2)
Wilkins, H (3) Walter. AV
Wegpang, Chas (2) ,Wenn, Wm
Weber, F Willim.MissB
Young, B Yates, Df C
Yeoward, D
Zollen, F
i"ciu Stfircrttsements.
Parties iuduirihir for letters in the
above list, wiil please ask for "Adver
tised Letters."
General Post Office, Honolulu. Decem
ber 31 . 1891. 2909 1399-lt
iron and Looomotive Works,
Darner of Bel and Howard Btreeti,
hnn Francisco;-. , California
W.H.TAVL0B President
B.3. MOOBK .. Superintendent
Builders of Steam Machinery
In all lti branehet.
Steamboat, Hteamahlp, Land Enginea k Uotlen
High Pressure or Gomptnd.
BTEAil VKSSELS of all klnda bmit complete.
wuu uuui ut wduu, iruu or composite.
ORDINARY ENGINES compounded when ad
STEAM LAUNCHES. Barsea and Steam Tnca con
traded with reference to the trade In which
tney are to oe employed. Hpeed, tonnage and
uraiioi waer guarantees..
30GAK MILLS and Sugar Making Machinery
made after the most approved plans. Also, all
Boiler Iron Work connected therewith.
WATEB PIPE, of Boiler 01 sheet Iron, of any
size, made in suitable lengths for connecting
tot-ether, or Sheets rolled, punched and packed
for shipment, ready to be riveted on the
HYDBADLIO BIVETINO, Boiler Work andWatei
Pipes made by this establishment, riveted by
hydraulic riveting machinery, that qnalltyot
work belnc far superior to hand work.
6HIE WORE., Bhlp and Steam Capstans, Steam
Winches, Air and Circulating Pumps, made
after the most approved plans.
BOLE Agents and manufacturers for the Pacific
Coast of thp Heine Bafoty Boiler.
POMPS Direct Acting Pumps for Irrigation 01
city works' purposes, built with the celebrated
Davy Talve Motion, superior to any other
Room Ho. s, upstairs, Spreckels' Block.
28M 1382-q
The Honolulu Soap IMs
The underaifmed havo just completed
and are prepared to supply the trade a
Pure Laundry Soap!
Put up in Boxes of 100 Lbs.,
of 42 and 56 Bars each.
We guarantee our Soap to re pube,
and much better than the imported.
Each bor is stamped " Honolu
lu Soap Co.," and is
For Sale by all EetaUers.
Am unequalcd for tho cure of constipation,
dyspepsia, Jaundice, bilious troubles, Uvr com
plaints, sick headache, and colds. Being purely
vegetable and without mineral drug of any
kind, their use Is attended with no. tntartOBs
consequences. Though radical In effect, they
aro mild tu operation, and, thcrcforr, the
Favorite Family Aperient
their delicate coating of sugar and gelatins
making them peculiarly acceptable to bath
sexes and all ages. Ayer's Pills, are recom
mended by leading physicians and are famed
the world over for tbelr remarkable cleans lex
properties, not only on the stomach and bow!,
but on the blood and other fluids ot the.body.
As an after-dinner Pill, to assist the process' of
digestion, , they aro invaluable. No trxrelar,
cither by land or sea, should fail to bo provided
Ayer's Fills,
r-aETAMD nr
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Low!!, Ms,J.$.l,
Sold by Druggists and Medicine VsnflMv.
Sole Agents Hawn. Islands.
bab mo
Assorted Sizes, you will find a fine
Assortment at
They keep constantly on hand also
Block Tin, Pig Lead,
JBabWt and Magno
lia Metal,
On hand alEo over $10,000 worth of
Manila JRope
SISAL ROPE, 21 inch.
Galvanized, Iron and Steel Wire Rope,
Flexible Steel Wire Rope,
Tarred Hemp Rope,
House Line.
Hambro Line,
Bolt Rope,
Whale Line,
Bale Rope, and
Ever offered in this Market.
1390 2856-3m
Daily Advertiser 50c. per month.
B. 0. HALL & S0K
Corner King and Fort Streets,
2836 1387-q
liiK Ci is acknowled'd
the leading remedy lor
Oonorrboca t Gleet.
Tho onlv aa:e reined v fm-
iDrescrtbe it and leel
safe ia recommendine It
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