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rOKKIOM XJLH. SKKV1DR. WHARF AND WAVE. SAN FRANCISCO MARKETS. rj$ai SttnJtrUsrmcnta. rr,al 3tH)trtiotintiita. ipccinl 3J"dtHc.
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Ajw.. . Asrg.
A.Useila Jjfcc. X
Otoa .tepcS
Australia . . . Sept.
Alarwsa... Sei- 57
(VeBe Oct S
Avtroha 6
Arawu Oet.3
X'onowai ..
Aasuatia .Not. 3
Una.. . . Nor IS
Ahsk4a... Not 22
VTamaMO Not 2t
Aatralta ..IVc.l
Oceaair Pecll
Harrawea... Pc SO
Arawa Dec St
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AtutnlU... July SI
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Msrirxwr.... .A;. 26
Wtrrtateo Sent. 1
Awvirala . . . Sept. If
Moaovai SP.
Arawa.,... ..uct z
PeiwR .. ... Oct.
Australia.. . Oct.
Alameda. . .. Oet 15
Warrtmoo. .. Ner.l
Australia.. OT.
Mariposa.. . Not.1
CVeaiuc... .Not. IS
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Moaowai ! i
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TcisBiT.Jdy 17.
Sttatx V G Mall. . fnw ilsm
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Wiaot rsRT, J tsJx 15.
Star J A OMaatia. Neafcoa. treat Koo-
Thcsseat. J olr IS.
At & S Caitte. Hccfeord. from
San FrasMaVe.
Star Ofauirsan. Cameron, for Mam.
Star iwafeai. Ptetmau. for Wamtea.
Stew Aaa Maiee, Peterson, tor
btar SsMyike. for ports oa
iM: Jfroatn. Hszsittatl. tar ports on
btawr ?, MeAafcster. for iwawiti.
Kit i.
zkcsmt. JoJt IS.
star Monuwr Star, GoHaad.
irtb(apVeft MwAs.
Aa WCtae i, want. Mr toreti.
Tarsssux. jBty 13.
Star Ksaia. Taosapoa. for Waiooar.
Wa&fcm aae Eaaakc
rKr.l . LE.MU TODAY.
Star W G Kali. Sunerson. for ilani and
Hawaii, at Mam
(El lilt does set Szcliie eoaatarsA
wjLTAi TlSSHa.
0 S F5 PiflaiWpoia. Backer. CaBao.
UBMS Osaws. Boole. VaacoeTer.
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Sfcse Iraeard ... Fraa. . .July SO
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PMSSltnt S-P 5pt. S
Fraa Jtaoi aat Haxau fr stoar W G
Hall, Jbjt 17 James F Morgan. J 3f
WSauB U. W N Armstrong-.
11 Boxsfefc. Fatfcer Butt. Father Vktor.
LFMxeAoB.J K KefcaoLa. J
C Kafer. DNoooxa. Mr?
Mrs J P Lis uA -C tai dree. Mrs J
yAaaa. 3frs J ! Jobbsob. MfeTC
Weils. Ms daik fit Sto&i Testa. Hk
3Is teian. Mm W3Ib. Kes 3fmBte Boi-
Float Si FraaCEe. oer bor&eataie S N
Oatfe. Jrf W EiakwiT. J C
Whae, H ftveB. Mrs it Farasvorta,
S H FfenKworta. Xrs A. O Byxfeee.
Fbc Haas. star daadiae. Jly K
GAsarM efc, lr Mazoae, Ardar i s .
ItanWGBMtH Taracr. KrsC VY Day.
3IVs Lbm. Mm- NKfcfeseB, Bknop U
riaiiirti . Father Yafeotiaf. Mc Aaaie
Earner. Mix N Leirif. W Gar. P Oceaoa.
H V Blda. Mb Mary ttrteo. Mas
or. Mrs Voa Teapar. 2 chairea aea
sazse, Mfc WadcaoosA, Arats.roo Sana,
ilr Meyer, Wa Kind. X Nkses. A.
Jr. Mrs Aareo. "Sirs Feraaaoes.
Ect 0 H GtBct. Mrs Gcfir. Marsaal
For EaaU, fT star Mftahak.. Jaiy 17
Otawf ECfijMlBj:aBdwife. J K Farl-?.
W Btsste. A Oeebera. W MeBmie. Mb
Grtee Mrs 2erteiaaa. C D Frogk. Mrs A
M Sraia
For Sootk Sea IsiifcT per
Mora -k Star. Jrfyli EerenMid F M
Price aaa wife. Drf F firfe srad wife. Hits
J3 -T Hrfn Prfee, Mar Tttrner.
iCra Gariaaii aad daocbter.
LINDSAY At No. 22 Libai strict. Jaiy
IT ISMDaitd Llsy nanTe of
coAutd, a eif Ss ytar. He- la.
a wife aad tdiee V csocra ihecr
According to an exchange an
other tfibrt Trill be made to
lost Etemer Brother Jonathan
toseenre the treasere aboard of her
at the time of her wreck off Point
St. George, Del Norte- ooanty. This
time a party has been mode up at
Brqai on the Klamath and will go
oat m command of Captain Ed.
The bsrtentine S. N. Castle,
CapLiin Hubbard, arrived yester
dy, IS days from San Francisco.
She broucht a general cargo of
merchandise and seven passengers,
among whom was J. C. White Jr.
The trip down was uneventful.
On June 5th John Keid t Co.
launched from their Whiteinch
Yard, Patrick, the Loch Nevis, a
fine steel sailing ship, which will
be the largest addition to the fleet
of Messrs. Aitken, Lilburn fc Co
of the Loch line. The dead-weight
capacity is 4000 tons.
The entrance of vessels from foreign
ports at the Custom House at
Sau Francisco for the fiscal year
just ended numbered 1124. This
is a falling off from previous years,
as the folloninc figures show : Entries
in 1S93, 1159 ; in 1S92, 1295 ;
in 1S91, 1254.
The Pacific Mail liner Peru
recently arrived at San Francisco
from the Orient, and during the
voyage she came very near having
a tragedy similar to the one enacted
on "the City of Peking. When
the steamer was about halfway
over on the voyage to San Francisco
the Chinese cook and baker
had a falling out. Loy, the baker,
plunged a bread knite in the cook's
abdomen and then cut his own
throat. At last accounts both men
were alive but were still in a critical
A hill has been introduced into
the Entish Parliament to amend
existing Shipping Acts with the
object of ensuring that no British
ship shall procetd to sea from any
port without certificated officers.
It provides that British vessels of
and over 500 tons shall carry a
master and two mates, and of and
over 1CC0 tons a master and three
mates, and that British subjects
only shall bold certificates of competency.
The time in which an
appeal from a naval or other court
sitting in British possessions may
be brought is fixed at twenty-one
days after the return to the United
Kingdom of the appeallant, and
th master is no; to be personally
liable for the payment of wages.
No minor will in future be allowed
to own a British ship.
A Few Commodores to le Created
New Yosr, Jane 29. The Tribune's
Washington correspondent
telesrapbs: A number of important
cbaoges in caval comniands were
ordered today by Secretary Herbert.
In several ctses the orders created
surprise in naval circles. As a result
of the changes decided upon and
others which will follow in a few
days there will be c decided shake np
astocg the senior ofacers in the
The most important of today's
ch&nES were those affecting the
Pecufie station. Commodore
vow in cozsmasd of the Port
Boy&I station, was directed to hold
hieiself in readiness to relieve Admiral
Walker. Orders tu sail will be
issued to Commodore Berd-lee in a
fw days- He will o direct to
Honolulu from Sn Francisco.
Capt&iu Cooper, at a mem
ber uf tb Gmtrr! Btara of Iuspect
irn atd is to Captian
Watson in the Sau Francisco, upon
the return of that to home
waters, a- a of Captain
Barker of the Philadelphia. Captain
Cotton of the receiving ship
now at Mare lilted Navy
Yard, has teen chesen. He will join
the Phdsdelpbia upon her return to
Mare island to be docked and repair
ed. I he transfer, however, will not
be made until the Charleston, now
on her way north from Pern, has
put in readiness as a relief of
th Philadelphia at Honolulu.
The orders of Captain Higginson
to the commatid of th Boston have
been rereked and he has been assign
ed to duty as Captain of the Mare
Islaod Navy Yard.
Order- wul follow in a few days
detachirg Admiral Skerrett as
in Chief of the Asiatic
if the programme mappea
o.t in the interests of Commodore
Fyffe and Erben is CArneJ into effect,
as cow sterns procable. Admirtl
Skerrett will go on the retired list
forthwith to insure the promotion to
the rattk of Bear-Admiral of Com
medure FjfTe before the date of his
compolscry retirement on July 26th.
As soon as advanced Commodore
FyfFe will retire, thra promoting
Commodore Stanton, who, in turn,
will at once ask to be pat on the re
tired list in order that Commodore
Erben may be pro meted before Sep
tember, when he will be forced off
thf acute list nnder the age limit.
The effKt cf thee probable chacg
es would be the promotion of Com
m dore Meade to tne grade of
and his to the
North Atlantic ttation as cotams&der
in chief. Admiral SktrreU'e
on the starioo is likely to
be Carpvnter, cow oc
waiting orders. The plssu now rLi
by Commudcre Erbeo has beeu
..fivrAl to Cbmmodorv Krrkland, now
mcjmmand of the South Atlantic
ttaiioit. end Le is expected to accept
lb- detaiL
XHnisier Thurston and Mrz.
Th'irum will return home oa the
nexi Kinac.
Eiiracts From Williams, Bimond
& Co.'s Circular.
Sax FK.VNCISCO, July 6. We have
uo change to note in prices of local
sugar market s nee our last circular.
iTtce for export eoutluurs on the basts
of5ceiit5 fur granulated. The local
trade is completely demoralized on
account of the railway strike. Telegrams
are comltiually coming in from
the country to the jobbers, who are
unable to till frutn lack of
Last sales iu New York
rvpted y telegraph, 6th iut., 1S,(XX)
baes310 100.
TarltT Tlie Senate finally passeti
the Tariff Bill, on theSOth lut., the
supir schelule of which remains the
stttue as advtseii you iu our circular of
M.tv 11. with the exception the
bill will take effect August 1, 1S9I.
Jauuary, 1S9 The bill now
nas tugo oelore the rtouse, which re
couvf lies toaay, and will
be at ouce placed in the hautls of the
House and Senate Conference Committee,
and while it is thought that
there will be considerable disou siou
ou the main portions of the bill,
should it oually (a-5, it seems
that a duty will be reimposeil qu
sugar. The amendmeut to the Sec
tiou lepealing the reciprocity clause of
the McKinley law, declaring that the
repeal should not be coustrued to advocate
abrogate? reciprocal
now in existence, was agreed
to and in the bill as it
pas-d the Senate. The probabilities
are that the fate of the hill will
settled within the next two or
three weeks.
Conservative operators admit that
so far as the simple relations of suppy
aLd demand may be coucerntd, the
market for raws has probably discounted
stimulating effects, and the
principal feature now left f r consul
exatiou is the cbauce for duty and Its
exteut. At the moment the feliti
is stronsr, wit buyers apparently
willing to pay former rates, but au
advauce i generally asked.
Our latest, telegraphic advice from
Kew York to date quotes Cuba
96 deg test at 3 16 The
market looks steady, wiih improving
tendency later Loudon beets. S3 leg.
test, lis 7$d. Market firmer; prospcts
of larger crou than last year. Should
the tariff pass iu its slate, it 1
predicted that raws will advance from
jgjein Aucust.
Trust certificates Common, 53; preferred,
Rice (Hawaiian) Market active,
stock bght. Price has gradually advanced
from 4e net 4.25 1 to4i 60
days, which figure we quote
Flour G.G$3 -10 per barrel, f. o. b.;
Eldorado. $2.55; Cniwn, J3 30.
Bran Spcrrj's $15; G. G. $15.50 per
ton, f. o b.
Middlings Sperry's 51S50; G. G.
&30.5O ion, f. o o.
Barley Xo. 1 Feed, S7j90o perctl,
f. o. b.; ground or rolled jia.50 perton,
f. o. b.
Oats Fair, SI.25; choice, $1.37
1.40 per ctl, f. o. I.
Wheat GtKHl, 90c per ctl, f. o b.
Corn Small yellow, $1.37 perctl.
Hay Compressed wheat, ?I5
$15.50 per tonfo.b.; compressed oat,
$1250 $13.50 pr ton f.o.b ; targe
bales, wheat, $14 $15 perton f.o.b.;
large bales, oat, 513 $14 per tou
lime $1 per bbl. f.o b.
Charters The market has ruled inactive
during the past month, ith a
few iron vessels chartertd for this
month loading at 25s. orders net;
though yesterday a similar ship of
handy size was taken at So Meis
one-third less direct to load wheat or
Vessels Up and Loading Annie
Johnson, Hilo, sails July lOih;
Honolulu, sails July Stti; It. P.
Kithet, Honolulu, sails July 7th.
A SMpwrecked Crew Resort to
Cannibalism to Sa?e Life.
Captain Huntley, of the wrecked
whaling bark James Allen, is well
known in this city, he having paid
a number of visits to the port. In
speaking of the wreck the Chronicle
says :
The hardships were telling on
the crew, and Captain Huntley
called for volunteers and started
eastwardjwithout a compass or food,
to gtt assistance, leaving sixteen
men behind. After Huntley's departure
the men became disheartened,
and, as the days passed, gave
up all hope of rescue. One of the
crew died, and his comrades were
too weak to give him burial.
A few days later another died,
and the men, unable to resist the
temptation any longer, began an
awful feast on human flesh.
Although the survivors dislike to
rehearse the details, yet they admitted
to the naval officers that
they had eaten nearly all the flesh
from one of the corpses and had
commenced, on another when the
revenue cotter Bear 'returned with
Captain Huntley and toot them
awav from the island.
An efficient fly poison, which has
the merit of being poisonous only
to fites, is made of the yolk of an
egg, beaten np with a
each of ground black pepper
and molasses. It should be poured
in shallow plates and set about.
This is a eimple process by which
to catch the few flies that slip into
a house before the screens are put
up, for most bonsekeeprra wait until
warned by the buzzing insects
tit their arrival to pus in these
The ship Marie Hackfeld is discharging
coal at thejierv. wharC
1 N KaU. Ilh. H l AUSTIN. C.ltor
orTaae. t. O. XAWAIUNK Aonlt.
TuiDe the Hawaiian UUnilv his
Of rr n I'ollceoiaa In lap IHsttlcl of N.
Kpttala, Iflinvlof
You it tfrbj couimBdrl to ammon O.
NawauiNX.lt hecant found luthlo Uittrkt,
to htPte me at eTt!Bctn S. Kohala
upon theTia ljer Jaljr. 19I. at 10 o'c'oc&A.
X . (hue to nar nntn II. r. Anrtln. ,siri.r
ot Txe ta aed for the 3rd Taxation IHruloa of
the Uwl an in a plra herein the
pla'.cilll and ar
That raid jvffcdaal u XawahlnoU lawfully
Indebted tolhl plitnttC In hi- oflcUl
in the um nl TA'EN. UuLUAKs
($.M tar Inn JC,n-d the persnu and
potprrtT of raid detrndanuon Ibe Uniku of Uu
Aedr or Tax lor the UUtrlct ot K. Kohata,
Uland ot Uiwtll. for the jor IStt. And defendant,
thoarh taereanto rvqaettrd, h thus fir
failed asd sejlrctrd. and tfi! doth neglect and
tTfato paj the fame, or aj pittor portion
thereof; where'ore. plaintiff ak for Jni; .ent
lni raid defendant for raid ra or Twrntr
Dollars, tusriher wlta ton percent, in addition
a by law pjotideJ. and for eoel of
Comt and Fllty Ceau for
Xotifj tho raid O. Nawahtnr thtt pn defanlt
to attend at the plare. day and tonr above
nil I be rendered agaln h'.m
ex parte, by default.
Olrea nuder my hand th's 5ih day ot July,
Utitrict Magistrate ot N. Kohala, Hawaii.
I hereby cerUfy the tollowlnc to be a true aad
attested copy of tne tianoul In said caore.and
Ulat raid C'ocrt ordered publication of the rame.
and continued the said cause uulll the Uth day
of Aojrajt. 1SVL
District Mx;!lMte or X. Kohala. Uarall.
N. Kohala. Hawaii. U.f.ACSTIX. Collector
ofTaxee.Tr Z KALAI Aeeumpait
To teeManhal ot the Hawaiian Ijland. hU
D'puty. or any Policeman In the Dirtr.ctof X.
Kohala. Island of Hawaii Uteettns:
Voa are hereby cocimauded to isaaoi Z
KaLAt.tf he can be fonnu In this I'lstnct, to
appear before me. at my office la X. Kohala
uporrthe Tth day of July. 11. at 10 o'clock. A.
it., there to unto U.U.Austin. 4te?or
ot Teaaa in and tor the 3rd Taxation Uirlrlon cf
the tlaoailan Islinds. tu a plea a herein the
plaintiff declare-- and ?y:
That raid defendant 2. Kalal i lawfclly indebted
to this plaiciiSlia his oQclal opacity
aroresaid.lathe rumot TW Dolr
L.h5.aud T foruxes
a?:esstd against the property of said defendant
do the books of the Arsessorof Taxes Tor the
District of X Kohala, Island of llawa.l, for the
year 1S and U-U. And delendant. though
thereunui reiestd. ha thea far failed and
selected, aua still dtMa neglect aiid to
pay the same, or aay part or portion thereof;
wherefore, plaintiff asks for judgment tirint
said defendant fur said ram of
Doila.sand Cents, together "with
ten percenr. in addition thereto, as by law pro-Tided,
and for costs ot Court and r'lfty Cents
Notify the raid Z. Kalat thtt upon default to
attend at the place, cay and hear ibote mentioned.
nd:inet will be rendered aainft him
ex parte, by default. ,
Glren under ny hand tils 5th day ot Jalr,
District Ma;lstrate of X. Kohala, Hawaii.
I hereby certify the following to be a true and
cpi of theeammons In slid cause, and
that said Court ordered publication of the same,
and contlaned the said cause until the Uth day
of Ausast, 1S34.
It. n. ATKIXS.
District JIa;istrte of X. Kohala. Uanaall.
1567 3w
X. Lahaisa. C. II. D CKEV. Collector of
Taxer.ra WJI.H. IIALfeTEAD. Asnmpslt.
To the Marshal of the Hawaiian Islands, his
Deputy, crany Policemaa in the of
Island of ileui tireetlnj::
Yoa are hereby commanded tu summon Wil
H HaUTxaO. if he can be found in this District
to appear before me. at my in I
upon the 0th day of June. .SJJ at W
o'clock A. yt , ibrre ! antwr unto C. H.
Dickey, of Tale? In and t"r the Second
Taxation Dirlsi n of tbr flavi xan Inlands, iu a
plea wherein the piaiiufrdrclarer m.d says:
That raid d'tendUr.t II HaUleaii. t
Indeb ed t.. hi- piaic'ff in his oCcial
capacity aforesaid. In the rum of Forty ttTen
710 dollars fur lax --
n acd pnirty ol raid defeudaur, on the bol:s
of the of Taxes lor the District of
Maut. for the year 1SS3 And
defendant, those a thereunto has Ihu-far
fatland neglected, aad st It doth neglect
abd the same, or any part or portion
thereoT; wherefore, plaintiff aks for
against raid defendant for said sum of
TO-HM dollarr, together with ten per
ceat In addition tceteto. as by law prueided,
and for costs of Court, and SO cents for
Notify the s aid Wra. H. Halstead that upon
default to attend at the place, dy acd hour
mentioned, judgment will be rendered against
hira ex parte, by default.
Glrec under my baud tbl 25 dar or Jane, 1594.
District Magistrate of Lahalna.
I hereby certify the following to be a true and
attested copy e.f the summon- in said caae,
and thai said Court crdrred publication of the
stme. and continued the said cause nntll the
2Xh day of Acsuat, 1531
District Mari'trale of Lahaiaa.
On Saturday, August 4th,
By order of Mr. Spooner, I will sell at
my salesroom, Queen Si,
Kalihi, Oahu.
Map of property now on view at my
salesroom, Queen St,
Jas. F, Morgan,
156S3 Accttoszeb.
Marshal's Sale.
Execution, isjced cntcf the DUtrict
Cflttrt.cnihe 3RUdiyof June, A. D
134.aeaitist Aid, defendant, in faror of
W. Kajpa, platr.liff, tor the erjm oi
f20.06, 1 have lev:ed ni on and shall
for sale at t e Pulice in the
(HstiicSiil Honolnln, Island of Uafaa, at
nooaof MONuAY.tbe cOfb
Joly, &.. D 19, to the hiahsTt
bidder, all the neht. i'le and of
the taM A Li, d fendarit, io and to the
following rjrofettj,anIta rutdj idment
iritereeta, oon and my txpetuca f,e
List cf property for el :
1 Bay Horse 1 Gta Hare, 1 old Hack,
No. 12 aad 1 eel old Harriet.
Hooololn. Jane 23. 1S34.
The Daily Advertiser, 75 cents a
month. Delivered by Carrier
1 Clrtnltor the Hawaiian IsUndr la
rronatt. In the natter otthe estate ot JON'A
THAN AIST1X, laid of Honolulu, Oahu, de
On readlnc asd fllltic the petition and accounts
ef E. U. White, AdmlnUitalor of tho
estate or Jonathan Austin, late tit Honolulu,
t'ahu. deceased, wherein he asks to be allow
ed $11.41X47 and chsrre. hlmelf wilh
$T9o?ST and at itiat the same nisy be examined
and appniTed. and that a final order
mty be made of distribution of the ptvprrty
In his hands to the pervotie hereto
entitled, and dtseharslne hlmaud hl sureties
from all futther responsibility a. such
It Is ordered, lht FHIDVY. the 17th dsy of
Anrnst. A. D. ".Jt, at ten o'clock a. ., at
Chamber. In the Conn llonse, at Honolulu, be
and the same hereby I appointed as the time
and place for bestlrr, raid Detlllnn and coant.
and that all pctrona tiiierrsU'd may then and
there appear and rh"w caue, if any ihey hTe,
why the rime should nol be granted, and may
present emdeuce as to who are minted to the
said property.
listed Honolulu. II. I., this Uth day of July,
A. D. l$l.
lit the Court:
First Circuit, Hawaiian lslandaln Probate.
In the matter ot the Estate ot MAUIANO
C VMACUO. lateof Honolulu. Oahu. deceased.'
On reading and filler: the petition and accounts
of J. A. Maeuun, Administrator of the
estate of Mariano Caraacho, late ot Honolulu.
Oattn. deceased, wherein he asks to be allowed
$916 30, and chirses himself with SlTISJ, and
ask that the same may bo examined and
and that a final order may be made of distribution
ot the prcperlr rematnlne In hi hand
to the thereto entitled, and discharging
hlruandhlr sureties from all further responsibility
as such administrator.
It Is ordered, that MONDAY, the 5th. day of
Ausurt, A D. o"t. at t o'clock a. ., at Chamber.
In the coatt hi - . at Honolulu. b and
the same hereby Is a r.ilulcd a the time and
place for hearing said petition and accounts
and that all interested may then and
tbere appear audshowcause.lt any they have,
vrhT the same should nol be granted.
Dated at Honolulu, U. I this 5th day of July,
d. A. AS1H
By the Court
L First Circuit of thw Hawaiian Islands. In
Probate lit the matter ot the E.tateof PKTEK
rokTEK KAUIlh.UA, lateof Honolulu, Oahu.
deceased, testate.
On readtni: and ntins the petition and
of C P. Iaukea. Adminlstratcr with the
will annexed of the estate of sal' deceased,
wherein he asks to be allowed and
charge him-elf with $327.03. and asks
that the same may be examined and
and taat a final order mar be made of
distribution of the property remilnlnj in hl-hands
to th persons thereto ent'tled, and
him and his sureties from all further
as sneb adtiiititstrator.
It l ordered, that FltlDW.lhe 10th ar of
August, tsl. at Chambers. In the Court House,
at Alliolaui Hale, Uonolulo. be and the rame
hereby is appoints I a ihe time and place
foi hearlni raid peUtion and accouuts, and
that all persons interested may then and there
appearand show cause, if any they hate, why
same should ' ot be granted.
D.ted at Honolulu, this 6th day of Jule, 1$9I.
By the Court:
13.33 IIEN'RY SMITH. Clerk.
AIortgageos Notice of Intcmion
to Foreclose.
JL protisious contained in that certctn indenture
of mortcaze dated tne S3th day of July. liii.
and mideby ANA MoMUNA opio ANA 51 0-HON
A makua.and N'AKIIIKI her huband. all
of Ewa. Island of Uahu to S Roth of Honolnln.
Island nf uhu. and of record in the office of the
Hecistrarof CouTeyances In Liber 71 on pare
192 and 93. and under sundry mesne
now; owned by Slug Caen; i Co ot Honolulu.
Oahu. and al-o in accordance with the
contained jn that certain Indenture of
mortgage da ed the 1st day of April 1SSS. and
made by Nicholas Anna and Ana MomouaJr.
or Honolulu. Island ot Oahu. to William C. Achi
of the same place, and of record In the office of
the Registrar of Conveyances in Liber W. on
pace 171 aid 173. and under rondty mesie
now owned by Sing Chon .& Co of
Honolulu. Island of Oahu Xotic is hereby
s;iren that the nnderslened intends to foreclose
-aid tr.ortirse lor conditions broken, to-wlt:
the n of the principal and interest
secured by aid
Notice i. also hereby given that after the expiration
of three weeks from the dste cf this
notice, the prop, rty In said mortgage deeds
will be si-Id at public auction In the city
..r Honolulu. Islaudcf Oahu. on SATURDAY,
the Uth day of Aujut, at 12 noouor that
day, at the auction looms of Jas r. JJorcan.
fur farther particulars spply to
Assign, es ot said mortfaej.
or to
Crar. Dbowtt,
Attorney at Law.
Dated Honolulu. Jnly lSlh IfW.
The property in said deeds described
1st. All those premises situate lying and
beiucat Waiau In Ewa, Oahu. and more particularly
described In deed i.r Kaha epn II to Ana
Vomona. dated JbIt 6th, 1S77 recorded in Liber
1 on Zand 413 and cobUlnlng au area
35 7-10 acre-.
2nd All premises sltaate at
Oahu. rrore particolarly described in deed
ofW. C. Achlto Nicholas Anna and Ana Mo
mona Kama!, dated April 1st. recored in
Li er Vi. pages 173 and 171, containing an area
of 72 fathoms
3rd. Ml the undivided one-fourth of said
Nicholas Anna In those premises e.tnated at
W.iau. Ewa. Oahu, being the same premises
conveyed to Antonio Phillips by deed of "alem
P Haochett, recorded In Libera, page 123. cm-lain
KganareaotlSacre OTfath ms audi feet,
and by said Antonio Phillip devised to said
Nicholas Anna et al by will daly admitted to
The property situate at Wain, Ewa. containing
35 7-11 acre Is under lease at a yearly rental
ot $120 and will be sold subject to said lease.
Mortgagee's Notice of Intention
to Foreclose.
X p ovteton contained in that certain tcden
ture of raurtnge dated th 9th day at April.
A. D. 1S57. aad made by ANTOX ROsA and
wife, of Honolnln. Island of Oahu. to Ocil
Brown of the same place, and of record In the
oCceoftSe Registrar of Conveyances In Liber
ltto on pages , 2i and 27. and by said Cecil
Brown culy assigned to P. H. Trustee
ander the last will acd testament of J. O
Hayselden. decrared. by docnmeitof record In
Liberie on paje 219; notice is hereby given
that Hie undersigned intends to loreclore said
mortgage for condition broken, to-wit: the nonpayment
of ihe principal and Interest thereon.
Notice I-also herebr givm thai after the ex
pi ration of three weeks from the date of 'his
notice, the property in said mortirige deed
ill be sold at public auction in the city
of Honolulu. Island of Uahu no SATTJBDAX
the llth day or August, A. D. ISM, at 12 noon of
that day at the auction rooms nf Jas. P. Morgan.
Por farther particular apply to
P. n. nlYSELDEX.
Trustee of the last will and testament of
J. G. HayeMn, deceased,
or to
... Cicn.Bowi.
The property Iu nld mortgage deed described
All that certain parcel of land s'tnate at Ka-Hh
In said Honofula. containing an area of
a acres, aad being a portion of the premises
described in Royal Patent Xo. 698, aad conveyed
tnrald AntoneharabyJ p. rfet.donra.
of the estate or Dominiro Lopez Ramos
bydeeddated Ibecrstday of April 16B7 of record
In Ihe Hawaiian Kegl.try of Deeda In Book
lie. on pare Si and 25.
Dated Honolulu. Jnly 13th. l-i. 1557 -1
Crown Flour
Castle & Cooke
CXsAlUHl, CoBiittAnder.
Will learo Honolola at 3 o'clock P. M
tonohitig at Lahainrt, Manlaea Bay and
Makena the twin, dity ; Mahakonn, Kavrak
hao nnd Laarmhoelioe) the followinn day,
rvrririnK at IIllo ttt midaiuht.
txATxa nosoLotc.
Tuesday .....JulrSt
Friday -..., .,,,..
Tuesday ,,Anrj. 3
-.....,...,,... An r, 1 4
.Adi. "4
Tuesday- ....Sept. 4
rrtuar ,.,.....,
Sept. 14
Tuesday Sept. IS
Friday ' (Jet. c
Tueaday Oct, 1ft
Friday Oct. IS
Tuesday. ...... Not. 6
Friday , Not. IS
Tuesday Nov.27
.......... ,.Ifc 7
Tuesday ....... .....Deo. 19
r..l.rningIea79 ,iiIo toocblnc; at
8nme day; Knwaihae A. ..
p--' MW.teItay
6 p. St.-, Lahatna 8 p. u. tbr followiDK day.
S Jrdaj"s! Ua0lnlB G A-U- "' nTi
1E21TES at noMotctc.
SnturdAr .
Weilnpfllav. ..Jnly 21
..Aub. I
Saturday.. .i .Ane. 11
Wednesday ..Aur.22
Wednemlne .Sept. 1
Saturday .Sept. 12
Sept. 'J2
..Oct. 3
Wednerulae ..Oct, 13
Satnrday .".. ..Not. ..Oct.L'4 3
Wednesday ..NoT.lt
Saturday , ..Not. 21
Wrdnpsdty ..Dec 6
..Dec. 15
WeduesJay ..Dec. 26
ST" Xo Frelfiht trill be received after U
noon of day of aniline.
CAMERON". Conuaruidor.
Will leaTe Honolula
eTery Tuesday at 6
o'clock P. M.,touchine at Kahului, Huelo,
Hana. Haraoa and Kipabnlu, Maui, and
Hawaii. BfltumlnR win arrive at
Honolulu every Sunday morninp.
No Freicht will be received after .
P. M. oa day of sailing.
Consltmees must be at the landinR to
receiTe their freicht, as we will not hold
ourselTes responsible after such frelsht baa
been landed. While the Company will use
due dilieence in handling lire stock, we
decline to asanmo any responsibility in case
of the loss of same, and will not be responsible
for money or jewelry unless placed in
the care of Pursers.
W. C. WILDER, President.
S. B. 110SE, Secretary.
Capt, J. A. KINO. Port Supt
Mortgajce's Notice of Intention
to Foreclose and of Sale.
. f Pnr,,nDt l" a power of sale contained
In a certain mortgage bearing date lhe2nddsv
of February. A.D IbSl. made by Sarah A
and ber husband U S. Hwlnton of Honolulu.
Island of Oahu. Hawaiian Islands, to Peter C
.v nT? . "ld l.onolaln. of record In the office or
the Registrar of Conveyance In Liber IS pae
63, and for the brerch of conditions iu eaid
mortgage deed contained, ft wlu non payment
of principal and interest when due, the
Intends to foreclose
otIc Is also given that all the land and pro.
perty described iu the. said mortgage will berold
at public auction at ihe auction room r,r James
P. Morgan on Saturday, Jnly 21st, A D. IS9f, at
12 o clock noon.
The property to be sold Is described as follows:
AH or those together with the Improvements
therein, rltnated on the slope of
Punchbowl In eild Honolulu being lot No 475
on the Government map of said locality, and
being the same premises described in Royal
Grant No. 3521, containing an area of
11250 square feet.
Pnrcnaee price payable lu VJ. S. Gold Coin.
Conveyance at purchiser's expense.
Dated Honolulu. June 23. 1S3I.
By hl attorneys.
ilortgagee's Notice of Intentioa
to Foreclose and of Sale.
77 rrtU0.Tl'i'iF certain mortgase made by
JliIfN CtiSTA of Kalnalio. North Kona, Island
dated ih 27th dav of November. A. U. ih5. nt
r corded in the office nl the Iteaisiraror Conveyance
In Ller ( on folios 4 and notice Is
hereby given lhat the said Henry Weeks, mort
gagee intends to foreclose the said irortgage for
condition broken, non-payment of principal
and Interest when due.
Notice Is also hereby given that the property
covered by said mortgage will be sold at pnblic
auction at tba aoctlon room of Jas F. Morgan
In Honolulu. Island of Oshn. on MONDAY the
loth day of July. A.D lWI.it lzodock n'ocn
The Pfperiy covered by raid mortgage Is de'
scribed at follows:
Ail that certain niece or parcel of land situate
In Hooualno. In raid Sortb Kona. and being all
that portion of the land (ranted Iu John Cavansh
by Royal Patent No. 761. its t is situated on the
manka side of the mam road leading fr..m
Kiholo. and the same premise tbat
were conveyed to said John Coria by Henry
Weeks by deed dated the Sod day of March. 1BW.
and record-.! in LI ber 'J! on folio VU and 461. to
which said deed reference Is bereb rperiocallr
made for a better dracrlpl Inn nf said premise.
HKNKVtVEKKH Mortgagee,
For further particnlari apuly to J. M.
Attorney foe Uortgaeee.
Dated HonolnH. June 18. 18'-4.
Administrator's Notice.
be doty appointed AdmlnMrattr
Nith the will aanezrd, nfJiiSKI'll H
othensi.e known a Jo KnrUdn Robert, and
late nfthe Coonty of
Maned., State of Csllfi.n la. deceased, i.otlca
is hereby given tn all creditor, of the deerarefl.
to weent their cisin whether veenrrd br
aorVsgeorotherwi.r. duly anthentloted and
lib Ihe prop, r voucher If ar.y ezl.u in the
ooderslgnetJ. wftbls six m.r,th. from tbedl
Jereuf or they will b forever barred: and all
per..n Indebted I., sain deceased. .ereqne.led
w make !rnmtdUtep.)mi,tu, the
at hi orate. Cartw .b HUL. Merehsbtrtieet,
Adminirtr.ur with the will aonT,
Joseph Robert .
iJcuolala.July lOtb, 9L IK

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