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Sseaunsaips will leave lor ud arrive from
& yssaasco, ancoaver ana syancj
ike laHowmg dtses.till me close ot 1&5
it XT Hosoixeb
yjt. Six Fsutciboo
Ot trr
ina ...Jan. 17
China.. ..Jan. 22
Sfiowen. Jaa.il
inssaSia . . .Jan. 3
Feb. 14
Oceanic Feb. 39
AssEraSa. -Feb. 23
"Wsraiaoo .Feb. SI
ilsriposa -Mar. 14
.AcsnsSa. . -3Jar. 23
Hkrreca.. -ilar 2i
China April 2
Arwa . &.pr. 11
Australia. . -Apr. 20
Harrisioo .i.pr.24
Coptic April 33
.Alameda Jiav S
Australia.. .ilarlS
3Gower aiav24
City Peking. June 1
JCacgxjsa Jose 6
Australia. .Jcael5
"Wmirnoo . Jsne24
-intra .J sir 4
Asszslia -July 13
iSowera July2i
Coptic. July 10
AtKmyrta .Aug. 1
Acssalia icp. 10
Cirr riiiicAng. 10
-Sept. 19
Sept. 24
JLaws Sept. 2C
Australia. . ..Oct.5
"Wasisnoo Oct. 24
Alameda. ...Oct. HI
Cams Oct. 29
As&zslia Nor. 2
SGowera Kor. 24
Coptic. Sot. 2S
Vnnoa...Dec 24
Cirr Peking-Dec 2S j
1 Lxatz Hosottn.n
Foe 6 as Fbjjosco
I os Yascoetee
1 Oor.4&0Uf
I Minnra. Jan. 1
Australia Jan. o
Alameda... Jan. 10
Warrinioo....Feb. 1
Anstralia Feb. 2
Mariposa Feb. 7
Gaelic. .Feb. 16
JJiowera liar. 4
Axawa Mar.
rem March 29
Australia . . .Mar. 30
"Warriinoo Apr. 1
Alameda Apr. 4
Australia .... Apr. 27
Gaelic... .April2S
Jliowera... ..May 2
Mariposa . ..May 2
China May 20
Anstralia. ..May 23
Axawa. ......May 30
Warrimoo June 1
Eio Janeiro. June 17
Australia. . . June 22
! Alameda June27
! Miowera Inlv2
1 Cirr PeJdncJuly 1'
1 Australia.. ..Jnly20
1 Mariposa July 25
I arnrnoo Mig. l
Belric Aug. 9
Australia. . Aug. 17
Arswa... ..Aug. 22
Miowera . . .Aug. ii.
Bio Janeiro.. Sept. 6
Australia., .bept. 14
Alameda... Sept. IS
Warrimoo.. ..Oct. 2
China .Oct. 6
Australia... Oct. 12
Mariposa Oct. 17
Miowera . . Kov. 1
Coptic -Nov. G
Australia Nor. 9
Warrimoo Dec 2
Cirr Pekinjr..Dec.6
Miowera Jan. 1
fTfcli Hit does sot Include coasters.)
Ek32igh!aad licit, Kanaimo. B C.
Ger bi Paul Isenberg, Eiet, Bremen.
Kt Hostenbeci. Liverpool.
2or ship Glaniror, "Williams. Newcastle.
1st Charles B Kenny, Anderson. Nanaimo.
Schr WiHirm BowJen,. Fierem, Newcastle
Am sch Lyman D Foster.Dreyer.Newc'stle
BtHespef. Sodergren, Newcastle.
EiSC AHea. Thompson, San Francisco.
Am bt Sonoma. Anderson, Newcastle.
Jrri sehEobtSearles. Piltz, Newcastle.
Ktrrae S G "Wilder. Schmidt. San Francisco.
Am Matilda. Swesson. Port Blakdy.
Bari: Sumatra. Berry. Hilo.
Btmc "W H Dimond, NEson. San Fran.
Btri Martha Davis. Soule. San Francisco.
Am sch Aloha.. Dabel. San Francisco.
Ssar Bcatala. Fi'.store. Kobe, Japan.
roKEicy ves
ticfc'Eebert Lewers.
33tAa&trw AVcJch.
Where from. Pne.
. .Honckong Due
..Newcastle Jan 9
..Sydney Jan 10
.. Pt Gamble.. .. .Jan 20
..Lireroool ....Jan SO
. San Francisco. Jan 17
..San Francisco. Jan 10
..San Francisco. Jan 15
Monut, Dec. 31.
James Matee. Peterson, from
Saiw, Fitrjrerald, from Hawaii.
Tuesday, Jan. 1.
Sar Hall. Sfaaerson, from dawaii
"Wedsesdat, Jan. 2.
CASS wexa. Stett, from Sidney via
Thubsdat, Jan. 3.
StwKe Am Bee,!Thorapso3, from Hana-
Sex BeMata. FSmore, from Soke,
Lucy Lane, and Messrs Harboth and
For Kauai, per stmr Mikahala, Jan 2
G H Pans and bride, Mrs Douglas and 2
children, Miss Boyer. J F MUler, Miss
Kammar.A M SDronll, Paul Neumann,
and 30 deck.
For Kapaa. ter stmr James Makee, Jan
2 J Bush, J E Miller, Miss Hadley, and 10
For San Francisco, per Bk C. D Bryant,
Jan 3 Y J May, A McCusker, R. H Mann
and wife.
Per Schr Transit, for San Francisco, Jan
3 C Aflong.
Xbe t iJo"DAT, Dec. 31.
cost not It,. McGregor, for Molokai
put la for ?c.
"SnSiis;e,r-oa. Thompson, for Kauai.
PMS S China. Seabury, for San Fran
cisco titmrlwalani. Freeman, for Hawaii.
W xKESOAT. Jan. 2.
C A S S Miowera. Stott, for Vancouver,
British Columbia.
Stmr Kaala, Brown, for Waianae and Ka
hntn. &DK Kaaeea Hon, Andrews, for Ha
waSanMauL Stasr Mikahala, Hasrlund, for Kauai.
Stmr Oiaodine, Cameron, for Maui and
Star "Waialeale. Smythe. for Hamakua.
Star Jaaaes Makee. Peterson, for Kapaa.
THTiSDAT. Jan. 3.
C D BryaaL. Jacobsen.for SsjiFran-
Am hr Traasit, Jorgensen, for San
Srmr Ke As. Hon. Thompson, for Hana-
.Btasr Pe. McAllister, for Koloa and
Stmr "W G Hall. Simerson, for Maui and
Per CASS Miowera, bound for Vancou
ver 22 bass dried apples, 30 crates bananas
aadl barrel molasses.
Per Schr Transit, for San Francisco 15,
S32 bags sugar and 150 bbls molasses.
Per ckC D Bryant, for San Francisco
2193 bags sugar, 1 case shells and curios
asd 24 empty add tanks.
From Maui and Hawaii, per Stmr W G
HiU E W Fuller, wife and 2 children,
Mrs Fenaell, Miss Lubert. A O "Wood. S
X Ksnakanni, Dr A McWayne and sou,
"W MuSer. Mia Jones.
From Sydney via Fiji, per C ASSMio
wwt, Jin 2 Mr and Mrs A Barnes, James
Shasp.Johs' Garvin, Mr and Mrs An tone
Hames sad 4 children, E H Dyas and G
For Sa Francisco per PMSS China,
Dec SI Mr sad Mrs Joseph Bruuer, Ar
fer Spacers, J E Aiken.
Jrac TjiBoeeTer.Jver CASS Miowera.
Jam Mraai Mrs Drysdate, Mr and Mrs
'JtmiULMx DerW.Mira Thome. W Bell.
ISm H m , wi ics Yechi, Grove, Meyer,
l, icai-
Pnirtenofi. HSdebraad,
f, Hart. Aradt and 2 children.
firYwi ami Fiwaa. per star Clsadine,
J-as S-T &ekfe. Mas C&aniberiain,
Xxs'Sempf.MiM Ease, Miss LotcII, Miss
S1LVA "WELSH In this city, December
31, 1S94, J. T. Silva to Mrs. Emma "Welsh,
both of this city. No cards.
DOHEKTY SINGER In this city, Janu
ary 1. 1S95, at the residence of the bride's
mother, by the Ber. H. H. Parker, John
Doherty to Miss Emma Singer, both of
this city.
The China broueht over 10,000
packages of freight for tnis port.
ThA hark Charles B. Kennev will
- v
leave for the Sound today in bal
The British schooner Bentala
arrived yesterday 20 days from
Kobe, Japan. She brought 541
.Tans and a Turkish evaneelist. to
gether with a large consignment of
t j 4 v.
Japanese euuuh. ab huh uaiua iuw
the harbor the Japs on board
rjoured out of their Quarters, mak-
t - .
mg quite a fantastic picture as
they swarmed upon the decs.
Meteoblo&ical Summary, 1894.
From Observations Made at Oahu Col-
lece by Prof. A. It. Lyons.
Bel. Humid. Kgi-oeeBet-oef a a
Night...... a5St---t--lt-"1" -
Kel. Uumld. I Cvm;.clHHCit.h I I -r
1'erCt.Eflec. I r-oe i-ci I I :
Sunshine.. I -c:croco I I :
io.D'l!inBOt;ni.oncieM Ir2
over0.051n""-- It-" :
Total Rain- S5SE;KggS?5S SS
fall, in rijjeJnod-oMon
Av.Dsily c. S S i . ' - 5 .
a- ' Kaln . oct-t-ooacMooooott-ia oo l-
5 Aver MOMC3iaiso-?e:o ct V
j; !
i. i
X I ::: : :
::::::::;:: : o:
&: :: i e
hi : : : : "rui
Z S2- : : : i-SEofiE E
3 1 ?r "22 5" fc."
5 a &- s - o o a o c -
The remarkable features In the year's record
are: 1st, a mean temperature thronghout the
yer about one degree below the rormal; 2d,
unusual prevalence of cloud, even in the sum
mer months ; 3d, unusually heavy rains during
the wet season, with unusual drought in the
summer. No such period of drought has been
cxper.enced since 1S7S.
From Observations JMaue at Oahu Col
lege by Prof. A. IS. Lyon.
Hours ofi
6.C0a.m. 73. Dec H 64. Dec!7
12.S0p.m.. 7S. Uec 12 72. e Dec IS
Average-.! 73.3' Dec 14 ) K.S' Dec 27
Minimum. Aver.
Average temperature In December, past six
years, 72.1.
Dew poiili. avetace for month. 61.6.
Indicating moisture, 61 grains per cubic foot.
Dew point, highest. 69", on the 12th.
Dew point, lowest, 54, on the 27th.
Average dally evaporation rate. In exposed situ
ation, 0.120 inches; In sheltered spot, 0.048
inches; maximum, in sheltered spot, 0.103 on
the 9th; minimum, 0.021 on the 11th.
Cloudiness, average for the month. 53.5 per cent
in the day time. Out of a possible 335 hours,
there have been 157 hours of bright and 65
hours of dull sunshine. Effective sunshine
about 62 per cent, of a possible maximum.
Total rainfall. 3.72 inches. Maximum rain in
one day, 0.66 inches on the 4th. Rain ex
ceeding 0.02 inches fell on 18 days.
Northf ast trade winds have prevailed of more
than average force, except on the 11th and
12th (wind southerly) and the 26th and 27th
(wind north to northwest). Average wind
velocity. 8.S miles per hour Maximum av
eraze velocity. 15 miles on the 17th. Mini
imum, 0.75 miles on the 11th.
Hours of
9:30 a. m. 30.21 Dec 6 - 29.97 Dec 12
3-0 p. m.i 30.13 Dec 6 . 29.S7 Dec 12
Average..! 30.17 Dec 6 1-29-92 Dec 12
Barometric maxima about the 6th, 0th to 23d
and 31st.
Minima the 3d, 12th and 2Sth.
What trie Wide-Awake California
Tourist Agent is Doing.
Hngh B. Bice, the touriEt agent at
Los Angeles, has booted the follow
ing personB for Honolulu: Mr. and
Mrs. D. H. Walker, Mr. and Mrs. B.
CawstoD, Ben. F. Coulter, Jr., Loren
D. Sale, Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Leigh,
and two servants, and L. Perrin.
Messrs. Coulter and Sale are on a
trip around the world. Mr. Coulter
has a brother, Mr. Theodore Conlter,
now in Honolulu. Mr. and Mrs.
Leigh are also on a round-the-world
trip, having started from London.
Most of these will not leave until
after the holidays. The first six
named are booked to sail on the
Arawa Jan. 10th, Mr. and Mrs.
Leigh on the Australia Jan. 19th,
Mr. Perrin Deo. 22d per Australia.
Fire on Maui.
Sunday morning a Chinese store
was destroyed by fixe at Hana,
Maui. It was reported that the
place was a branch of Wing Wo
Tai & Co., local merchants, but
they have not received any par
ticulars regarding the fire. It is
Baid that the store was fully insured.
The New Immigration Company
Sends 300 Contract Laborers.
They Come to Thomas Kvnus, the
Local Agent. Who Says That
Many More Can he Had.
There are three hundred Japan
ese on board of the British steamer
Bentala, now in the harbor, who
were 6ent here by a new immigra'
don company, of which Thomas
Evans is the local representative.
This is the first lot of men sent
by the new company. They should
have arrived during last November
but the war and dimculty in ob
tainine a Bteamer caused the
Mr. EvanB received word yester
day that in the future no trouble
would be experienced in obtaining
agricultural laborers from Japan.
The.President of the Yokohama
Specie Bank is at the head of the
company which Mr. Jivans repre
sents. They were compelled to put
up a bond of $ 10,000 before the
men were allowed to depart. This
is done to assure the Japanese
Government that the laborers' con
tracts will be fulfilled to the letter.
The amount covers 2000 men,
and when that number are shipped
the bond will have to be increased
to $30,000.
The men who arrived yesterday
are all contract laborers and will
be distributed among the various
plantations, as soon as the quaran
tine regulations are complied with
They will receive $12.50 a month
during the existence of the con
tract. This is a low, rate ; formerly
the men were paid $15. It is un
derstood that the planters pay
their fare over, which amounts to
about $30 a head. The fares of
the women are paid by the immi
gration company.
The Handfal of Things We Know.
Several years ago an American humorist and
Doet rmblished some verses called "Little
Breeches." This was an odd name civon to
a very small boy who was caught oat in a
tremendous snowstorm, and finally found in
some hay quite a distance from the house.
However the boy got there bothered every
body to explain. It was certain be never
could have walked. So his father said the
angels must have done it; "they just stooped
down and toted him to where it was safe
and warm, he said." The poetry about it
(supposed to have beeu written by the
youncster's father) starts off in this way:
I don't go much on religion,
1 never ain't had no snow;
But I've a middling tight grip, sir,
On the handful of things I know.
That's it; the handful of things ice J;now.
There aren't many of 'em, but there are a
few. And one of them is this: That for a
hundred results there is only one cause.
Nature develops and makes differences;
never a new, force.
Here, for example, is an incident which
shows our meaning. About Christmas,.18s9,
Mr. E.B. Wright had ah attack of influenza.
Previous to this be had always been stronc
and hearty. Well, he got over the influenza;
still, it had given him (as he says) "a shake."
After this he got along fairly well, until
February of this year (1892) when the in
fluenza attacked him again. This time the
malady "meant business." Nearly every
bone and muscle in his body ached like sore
teeth. His skin was hot and dry, and to bed
he was obliged to go. For sixteen days he
was under a doctor. A t the end of that time
he found himself alive and that was about
all you could say for him.
In ' hia letter he goes on to tell what
hanoened next. "I had a foul taste in the
mouth," he says, "and my tongue were
covered with a thick slimy phlegm. My
wife says my tongue was like an oyster
shell, and I'm sure it was rough as a nut
meg grater. "What late, which wasn't much,
gave me pain in the ohest and sides. After
a mouthful or two I felt fall and blown oat,
and I used to swell to a great size. Byand
by a hacking coagh set in and my breathing
got short and quick. At night I lay for
ours grasping for breath, and often
conghed so I was afraid I shonld burst a
blood vessel. I got weaker and weaker and
itos like a broken-tcinded horse. The doctor
said it was asthma, bnt be wasn't able to
relieve it. Although I live only two minutes'
walk from the factory where I work, I bad
to stop and rest on my way many a time.
"Thus matters went with me until Jane.
1892. Then one day I took up the Essex
Xeicsmctn, and read of a man living at Ear
sham, near Bungay, having been cared by
Mother Seicel's Curative Sjrap. I got some
of this medicine from the International Tea
Company, Braintree. After a few doses my
breathing grew easier, and by keeping on
with the Syrup my food soon digested, the
coagh left me, and I gained strength. I am
now as strong as ever, can eat anything,
and walk for miles. I am a brushmaber,
and work at the factory of Messrs. John
West and Sons, High Street, iSraintree, and
have lived in this town over forty years.
(Signed) E. B. Weight, Sandpit Road,
Braintree, Essex, August 23rd, 1892."
Now let as see how this illustrates the pro
position we started out with. For almost
three years Mr. Wright was ill with
what seemed like a series of different
diseases. He had the influenza twice, the
asthma once, and another disease which he
gives no name to even if he recognised it.
Look for a moment at the variety and in
congruity of the pains and troubles he men
tions, and he doesn't describe them all,
either. You would fancy he had a half dozen
ailments at least. Yet he had but one in
digestion and dyspepsia of which all his
bodily disturbances (influenza included a
blood disease) were svmntoms. All came
oat of the stomach, and when'Seigel's Syrap
sec that ngnt tee otners quieuy aepartea.
What, then, is one thinq of ''the handful
of thing3 we know?" Answer; That nearly
all sorts of diseases are really symptoms of
indigestion and dyspepsia, and that Mother
Seigel's Curative Syrup cures it.
Doable that tact up in yonr fist and hold
on to it tight.
Death to High Prices.
We are making a specialty of tarnishing
the Islands with Magazines and papers.
W Write us for pilcej, and we will save
you money.
BS If you want to subscribe for any paper
or magazine published in the world it will pay
you to write to us.
Arlington Block.
F. O. Box 83. : : Honolulu, H, I.
Publishers of Likarnia Hawaiian Music.
.1PTr.vT.T. J J j f;;
.V . 'v,
Mortuary Report for the Month or.
December, 1894.
The total number of deaths reported for
the month of December was 75, distnbuted
as follows:
Under 1 year 19
From 1 to 5....... 7
From 5 to 10 1
From 10 to 20.... 5
From 20 to 30..... 10
From SO to 40 8
From 40 to 50.. k
From 50 to CO 3
From 60 to 70. . . .
Over 70 . 8
.52 Females 23
Great Britain 4
United States 3
Other nationalities
Hawaiians 43
Chinese ...13
Portuguese 2
Japanese 5
Total r 75
Unattended .i . . 15
Non-Resideuts 4
Dec., 1890. 53
Dec., 1891 54
Dec., 1S92 54
Dec,, 1893 55
Dec., 1894 75
Asthma 1
Apoplexy 3
Beriberi 1
Blood Poison 1
Consumption 8
Convulsions 4
Congestion lungs. 1
Cholera Infantum. 1
Cancer 1
Dropsv 5
Debility 3
Diarrhoea 4
Dysentery 1
Enterocolitis. ... 1
Enterie Fever. 1
Fever. . 4
Hemorrhage 4
Heart Failure .... 4
Inanition 4
Injuries 2
lntrm'tion bowels l
Malarial Fever...
Old age..
Paralysis ,
Suicide ,
Unknown 2
Wards 1
Deaths 16
2 3
15 19
5 side.
8 0
Annual death rate per 1000 for month. .39.13
xiawauans ,.4U.ui
Asiatics 30.00
All other nationalities 28.00
C. B. Reynolds,
Agent Board of Health.
The Cyclorama in Boston.
At last accounts W. T. Sesser
was making arrangements to place
the cyclorama of Kilauea in Bos
ton. He had obtained a suitable
Bite on which to erect a building.
Mr. besser visited London and
Paris, but was unable to secure a
good location in either place.
Ta All Wbom It Maj Concern.
PANYj by virtue of the powers nnd
authorities given to and vested in it by
its Charter and by Act approved on the
eleventh day ot September, A. D. 1888,
entitled "An Act to Authorize and
Promote the Construction of Steam Kail
roads on tho Island ot Oahu," and of
every other power in anywise enabling it
in this behalf, intends to take nnd use
for the purposes of the Railway which it
is authorized to construct, and works
connected therewith, tho pieces of land
described as follows:
Beginning at the present end of the
track of the Oahu Railway near Ewa
Mill; thence along tho located center
line of said railway as follows : "Westerly
42,800 feet thro' Honouliuli, owned by
James Campbell and leased to the Oahu
Railway and Land Company and the
Ewa Plantation Company; thence north
westerly 34,650 feet thro' the Crown
Lands of Nanakuli and Lualualei, leased
to James L Dowsett; thence northwester
ly 8850 feet thro' the Crown Land of
Waianae, leased to H. A. Widemann, and
thro' Pahoa, part of L 0. A. 7713,
L. C. A. 10,585, Ap. 1. L. C. A.
9479, and L. C. A. 9486C, Ap. 2, owned
by H. A. Widemann, thro' L. O. A. 9489B
to Holi, Ap. 1, owned by Punoho, and
thro' L. C. A. 9480, Ap. 5 to Ohule; thence
northwesterly 12,160 feet thro' Makaha,
part of the Estate of R. W. Holt, a part
eased to the Waianae Sugar Company;
thence northerly 8000 feet thro' the
Crown Land of Keaan, leased to L. L.
McCandless: thence northerly 5400
feet thro' Ohikilolo, owned by Samuel
Andrews; thence northerly 16,100 feet
thro' the Uovernment Lands of Makua,
Kahanahaiki, and Keawaula, leased to
Samuel Andrews, and thro' L. 0. A. 9709
Ap. 1 to Kuli, owned by John Holt:
thence northwesterly 11,000 feet thro'
Keawaula, R. P. 4522, owned by Samuel
Andrews; thence easterly 3800 feet thro'
Grant 1665 to Kaauan and lieino, owned
by O. B. Maile; thence easterly 2700 feet
thro' Grant 1805 to Opunui, owned by
Kamealani (w); thence easterly 2100 feet
thro' Grant 1807 to Kanwa, owned by
Samuel Andrews; thence easterly 2800
feet thro' Grant lew to Kahuhu, owned
by Kamealani (w); thence easterly 1400
feet thro' Grant 1804 to Kahunalii;
thence easterly 2000 feet thro' Grant 247
to Nuuanu and Kahili, owned by Kame
alani (w), Pea, Kahau (w), and Kane
wahine (wj; thence easterly 2000 feet
thro' Grant 248 to Opunui, owned by
Gaspar Silva, Kamealani (w) and Ikalia;
including a width of 40 feet, 20 feet on
each side of said center line, and such
additional widths as maybe necessary
for the proper construction and mainte
nance of said railway.
Oabn Bailway anA Land ComgaiF
By JOHN H. PATY, its President,
and W. G. ASHLEY, its Secretary.
Honolulu, December 19, 1894.
We respectfully invite the public to
the opening of our new store at Wailuku,
and to an inspection of our new stock,
A complete assortment of Dbt Goons,
Dbugs, Tobacco and Cigabs, etc.; will
also be offered at lowest prices.
Wailuku, December 17, 1894.
Ccgal 3&otrttenunti.
Circuit of the Hawaiian Island?. In Pro-
D&ie. in me matter ot tne Estate or .Mrs. A. C
GREEN, late of Makawao, Haul, deceased.
On readina and flllne the edition and ar
counts of Geo. E. Beckwith, Administrator of
the Estate of Mrs. A. C. Green, late of Makawao,
Haul, deceased, wherein he asks to be allowed
$71.75, and charges himself with $857, and asks
that the same may be examined and approved,
and that a fltal order may be made of distribu
tion of the property remaining in his hands to
the persons thereto entitled, and discharging
htm and his sureties from all further reeponsi-
luniyas bucu Aamimsiraior.
It is ordered that WEDNESDAY, the 30th dav
of January, A. D. 1S95, at 10 o'clock a. m., before
the said Justice, at Chambers, in the Conrt
House at Wailuku, be and the same hereby is
appointed as the time and place for hearing said
petition and accounts, and all persons interest
ed may then and there appear and show cause.
u any mey nave, wny ine same snoum not dc
Dated at Wailnku, H. I., this 27th day of De
cern Dcr, a. u. isn.
Clerk Circuit Court, Second Circuit.
the First Clrcnlt'of the Hawaiian Islands
in Probate. In the matter of the Estate ot
E. SCOTT, late of North Kona, Hawaii, de
ceased. A document purporting to he the last will and
testament of w. K. Scott, deceas'd, having on
the 2nd day of January. A. D. 18M, been pre
sented to said Probate Conrt, and a petition tor
the Probate thereof, and for the issuance of
setters Testamentary to Katberine I. Scott, nav
lnc been filed bv ber the Mid Kithcrlna T. Seott.
It is hereby .ordered that FRIDAY, the 15th
uay or reornary, a. u. ib5, at 10 o'clock a. m.,
ot said day, t the Court Room or this Conrt,
at the Court House Bnlldlnrr.tn ITnnnlnln. Uahn.
be, and the same ts hereby appointed the time
or proving asm win ana neartng cam applica
tion, when and where any person interested
may appear and contest the said will, and the
truiiuK oi neiiers Testamentary.
Dated Honolulu. January and, 1895.
By the Court;
1617-St GEORGE LTJCA8, Clerk
. the First Circuit of the Hawaiian Islands-
in rrooate. in tne mattor or the Estate of A.
P.JONES, late ot Makawao, Maul, deceased,
On readlntr and flllnirthn nslltlnn nf 17aohpl
Jones, of Makawao, Island of Maul, alleging
that said A. P. Jonos died Intestate at Honolulu,
vkub, m iuo zauaay oi uecemDer, &.u,vph.
i ..... i n . ... ..
auu n7iug mat beucra oi Aumimsirauon
lssne to her.
It is ordered that MONDAY, tho 88th day of
JANUARY, A.D. 1805, at 10 o'clock a.m., be
and hereby is appointed for hearing said peti
tion, in tho Conrt Room or this Court, at Hono
lulu, at Which time and nlace all persons ron.
iccui-u umjr nuuini onu snow cause, n any mey
i "u cam ipuiiuuu suomanoi oo granieu.
uatca nonoiuiu, December Gth, A. D. 1891.
Bv the Court:
1015-3t GEORGE LUCAS. Clerk,
X First Circuit ot tho Hawaiian Islands. In
uio matter or tne Danuuptcy or W. 11. SMITH,
urucr on pcmion oi oanErupi tor otscnargc.
Udou rcadine and flllnir the netklon nf VT. II
Smith, alleging that more than six months havo
elapsed slnco he was adiudlcatcd a bankrint.
and praylug for a discharge from all his debts.
. It is ordored that MONDAY, the 7th day or
JANUARY. A. D. 1895, in Alllolanl Hale, Hono
lulu, ai iv a. m. oi maiuay, aiunamuers, oe ana
the same Is herebv amolnted for tho hearing nf
said petition, at which time and place all credit-
ura wno nuro proveu ineir claims ajainn satu
bankrupt may appear and show cause, if any
they have, why tho prayer ot said bankrupt
ouuuiu uub uuKrameu,
uy tne court:
, HENRY SMITn, Clerk.
Dated December 10th. 1894. 18U-3t
-L the Fourth Circuit. Hawaiian Island. At
unamocrs. in rrooate. in tne matter or the
Estate of JOHN A. SPEAR, of Hllo, Hawaii,
deceased, Intestate.
Order or notice or petition ror Administration.
On reading and Ullng the petition or Luther
Severance, or Hllo, Hawaii, alleging thai John
A. Spear of Hllo. Hawaii, died intestate at Hllo,
Hawaii, on the 9th day or October, 1891, leaving
property in the Hawaiian Islands necessary to
be administered UDon. and nravlnp that Letter
or Administration issuo to F. W. Wakefield.
And that the heirs ot the said John A. Spear
may be declared.
It Is ordered that MONDAY, the 7th day or
JANUARY. A.D. 1895. at 10 o'clock x.v .h
and hereby Is appointed for hearing said petl-
nuu iu mo uuuri uoom oi mis uouri at llllo,
Hawaii, at which time and nlace all nersnn rnn-
cerned may appear and show cause. It any they
have, why saiopatltlon shonld not he grunted.
jjaiuu uiiu, xi. x., ueceinocr am, A. u. jekh.
Br the Court:
1611-31 DANIEL PORTER. Clerk.
A the First Circuit of the Hawaiian Islands.
In probate. In the matter or the estate of
YATTA KUBEY, or Honolulu, Oahu, deceased,
On reading and filing the petition or Samnel
Kubey of Honolulu, alleging that Yatta Eubey
of said Honolulu, died intestate at said Hono
lulu, on the third day of November. A. D. 1894,
and praying that letters ot administration lssne
Jilt is ordered that FRIDAY, the 11th day ot
ANUARY, A. D. 1895, at 10 o'clock a. m., be
and hereby I s appointed for hearing said petition
In the Court Room of this Court, at Honolulu.
at which time and place all persons concerned
may appear and show cause, it any they have,
why said petition shonld not be granted.
uaiea nonoiuiu, uecemDer in, a. u. loav.
By the Court:
cult, Hawaiian Islands In the matter ot
the settlement or the boundaries ot the Ahupuaa
or Maulna Nnl, Hllo. Hawaii.
On reading and filing the petition ot A.B.
Loebensteln, attorney lor Geo. Robertson'and
owners of Manlua Nnl, asking for the settlement
or the boundaries of Maulna Nnl.
It is ordered that SATURDAY, the 5th dav of
January, A. D. 1895. at 10 o'clock A. x., be and
nereoy is appointed tor neanng saia petition,
and evidence as to boundaries of said land, lu
the Police Court Room at Hilo. Hawaii, at which
time and place all personB concerned may appear
anu give eviuence as to Dounuaries oi cam iana.
mieai-ana, mwau, ii. i., December l, 1694.
Commissioner of Boundaries, Third and
, Fourth Judicial Circuits. 1609-3W
Mortgagee's Notice of Intention
to Foreclose and of Sale.
1 provisions of a certain mortatre made bv
S.KAWELO and ELENA, his wife.or Walplo,
Hamakua. Island of Hawaii, to W. H. Rlr.karH.
Trustee ot Maile Lodge No. 4, Knights or
Pythias, ot said Hamakua, dated December 9th,
A. D. 1891, and recorded In the office of the Reg
Istraror Conveyances In Book 129, pages 432 and
433: notice ts hereby given that M. V. Holmes of
saia uamaKua, successor in tne said trust to w.
H. Rickard aforesaid, mortgagee, Intends to
foreclose the said mortgage for coidition broken,
to wit: non payment of the principal and inter
est when due.
Notice Is also hereby given that the property
covered by said mortgage will be sold at public
auction, at the auction room ot Chas. Williams
in Honokaa, in said Hamakua, on SATURDAY,
the 26th day or January, A. D. 1895, at 12 o'clock
The property covered by said mortgage is
described as follows: The one-ninth (1-9) un
divided interest of said S. Kawelo in and to the
following lands awarded to Eukahekahe, paten
tee, father or the said S. Eawelo.
1st. All that certain parcel of land situate
at Eukulhaele in said Hamakua, described in
Royal Patent No. 921, containing 17 75-100 acres .
2nd. All that certain parcel of land situate at
Enkulhaele In said Hamakua, and being a one-
third portion ot the premises described in Royal
raieni ao. sai, containing la-iw acres.
Trustee Halle Lodge Ko. 4, Enlghti
or Pythias, Mortgagee.
Terms Cash. Deeds at expense of purchaser.
For further particulars apply to
Chablzb Williams,
Attorney for Mortgagee.
Dated Honokaa, Hawaii; Daemhend, 1891.
Notary Public.
OOaa tf Macs, UwdaHat itmt
CLARKE. Commander.
Will leave Honolulu at 2 o'eloot P. M
touching at Lahaina, Maalaea Bay ana
Makena the same day; Mahukona, Kawal
nae and Laupahoehoe the followlmr An
arriving at Hilo nt midnight.
S5T Oct. 17.
Oct; 38-
Auesaay ,.; Nor. 6;
Friaay rw 7:
Tuesday "....".....IlSSS
pahoehoe same day; EawaihaeA.it., Xaka-
kx'lil 10 A. If.': Sfnknnn A b r . Van!,.. 17.
6 e. at.i Lahaina Br. v. tha follnwinn
arriving at Honol 'a 6 a.m. Wednesdays and
Batnrday Sept. 22:
Wednesday. net a
::::::::: oSL'ia
Wednesday rw
Wednesday ...Not.14
Saturday Not. 24-
Wednesday Deo. 5
Barday Deo. IS
Wednesday jjoc. 26
Ef No Freight will be received nftnr t?
noon of day of sailing.
CAMERON. Commandor.
Will leave Honolulu every Tuesday at 5
o'clock P. M touohinc at Kahnlnl. Hnain
Hana, Hamoa and Kipahulu, Maui, and Pa-"
auhau, Hawaii. Keturning will arrive a.
Honolulu every Sunday morning,
W No Freight will be received after o
P. M. on day of sailing.
Consignees must be at tha InncHnn In.
reoeWe their freioht. as we will not hnM'
ourselves responsible after such freight has
been landed. While the Company will U3f
due diligenoe in handling live stook, wb
deoline to assume any resDon&ibHitv in ma.
of the loss of same, and .will not be respon
sible ror money or Jewelry unless placed iu
the care of Pursers.
W. O. WILDER, President.
S. B. BOSE, Secretary.
Oapt. J. A. KING, Port Supt y
And added to our large and-
selected stock of
Hardware !
Steel Garden Trowels,5$,6'and
7 inches, Hawaiian Flags
to 12 feet, Wostenholm Poc
ket Knives, 150 dozen assorted;
Stubs' -Jewellers' Files, ,109'
dozen assorted; Door Mats,
"Aloha" and plain, large as
sortment; Brass Blacksmiths'
RuleSjSteel Blacksmiths'Eules,.
The best Swing Strops, Mixed '
"White Shellac, Hair and
Horse Clippers, HunningV
Transmitters, L. D. Hand
Telephones, Bull's Eye Dash
Lanterns, Powder Loading-';
Measures, Hammock Hooks,..
Paint Brushes, Patent Castors,-
Turn Buckles, etc., etc., etc. J
I. ii. BALL i
Comer Fort a&d
.Kinf 'Streets.,-

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