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Miss Eileen O'Moore's
Conquest of Honolulu.
An Artist of the First Grade A
Fine Audience Very Enthusiastic.
Mr. Isenberg-Mrs. Woodward.
Both from point of number and from
composition, the audience for the violin
recital at the opera house Saturday evening
-was a brilliant one for Honolulu.
The fame of Miss Eileen O'Moore had
summoned the "wealth and culture of
the city. The violin recital was in every
way all that had been promised.
Miss O'Moore is an artist of the first
rank, is a great musician and in her
stage presence, attractive and charming.
Upon her first bow to the audience,
she was given an enhusiastic reception,
and before her initial number
had been completed, had captured all,
winning the unqualified admiration
alike of musicians and lovers of music.
There is not an affectation about this
performer and her rendition is with
the dash, boldness, confidence, expression
and thorough technique of one endowed
marvelously with talent for
handling the violin and improved to
well-nigh perfection by study, training
and experience. Nothing that could be
said here would add in the least to the
reputation of Miss O'Moore as a violin
artist, but it must be readily granted
that Honolulu in her visit has had a
Stroke of extraordinary good fortune.
At times on Saturday evening the audience
was so enraptured with the melody
and harmony of skill and touch
that it was almost emotional. Miss
was very obliging with encores
and from friends received a bountiful
offering of tropical flowers. -Miss
is a pupil of the famous Ysaye
and has been playing in public since
she was nine year of age. She is a
prize graduate of the greatest of German
conservatories. (Miss O'Moore
speaks German fluently). She is now
making her second tour around the
World and is due again in London in a
few months. It is the addition of
Tsaye's teaching to her own genius
that has made her perhaps the leading
interpreter of pure and rich tones,
double stopping, sustained trills, the
octaves, runs, turns and artificial harmonies.
In all these she excells. The
most difficult selection of Saturday
night was the Paganini "Goncerto" and
the "Gypsy Dance" was probably the
most fetching.
'ine amateur orchestra, led by Mr.
"Wray Taylor, has improved very much
during the past few weeks and on Saturday
evening accomplished with- genuine
success the most successful undertakings
of its whole career. The greatest
praise is due the organization.
Mr. Paul Isenberg is a thorough
musician and has a grand tenor voice,
which is used perhaps to the best adj
vantage in a German selection. He
gave two of these at the concert and
was required in each instance to respond.
Mr. Isenberg as a vocalist is a
delight to his friends and a treat to the
public when it pleases him to sing outside
the circle of his companionships.
Mrs. R, F. "Woodward has a noble
soprano 'voice that has improved very
"much within the past year. She was
down for two numbers and was recalled.
Mrs. Woodward has a clear, powerful
voice of the finest, sweetest quality
and has it under perfect control. It
was said by many that her singing on
Saturday evening was the very best
she has ever done in Honolulu.
Prof. Oscar Herold was the accompanist
and musical director for the
concert and acquitted himself in his
usual thorough and finished manner.
Another violin recital will be given
Ly Miss O'Moore on next Saturday evening.
A KiplniR Poem Rejected.
Rudyard Kipling declined payment
from the London Times for "Our Lady
of the Snows" and the "Recessional,"
on the ground that he would not receive
money for patriotic poems. Mr.
Kipling later sent to the Times a poem
entitled "The Destroyers," which described
the action of torpedoes, for
which contribution he would have accepted
payment, but the editor of the
Times, thinking this poem would
clash with the elegant verse of the two
preceding ones, declined to print it
Rugby Outlook.
"The Rugby movement here now,"
said A. St M. Mackintosh yesterday,
"is just like it was in Portland when
a. few of us interested in the game proposed
it'for that-town.' iAt first there
were smiles, then inquiry and interest
and finally genuine enthusiasm. In
addition to advertising the meeting to
oe held at the Arlington this evening,
about every bootball player of the town
3ias received a personal invitation.
Success seems now about certain. The
people will like the game. I am posi
tive that the spectators will enjoy
Rugby better than Association. Perhaps
the main difference is that only
the man with the ball can be tackled
and that interference is unknown.
Some of the prettiest work is in pass-in.
The finished players have It down
fo a science. It now seems very likely
that we can have our big charity final
before summer."
Wet and Arrested.
Antone Rosa and J. F. Colburn were
arrested yesterday afternoon by Fish
Inspector Keliipio for driving their carriage
into the fishmarket proper. It
was during the heavy rain that the two
men .named arrived at the market
Their's was a carriage without a top
andtokeep from getting wet they drove
into the market from the side opposite
the Electric Light station. They were
immediately put under arrest and taken
to the police station. There the Fish
Inspector claimed that he had been
given notice by the Minister of the
Interior to allow no carriages to go into
the place. The men arrested claimed
there was no law prohibiting their
going into the market with a carriage
and in this they are right Mr. Kelii
pio will make his complaint to the Min
ister of the Interior ad interim. Messrs.
Rosa and Colburn were allowed to go.
Abies' Triclc Pencil.
"Lem" Abies was showing to Ed. R.
Stackable and few other friends yesterday
a new pencil that he picked up
down in the Colonies. It is a heavy,
bulky, odd looking affair, but is a wonder
in its way, as Mr. Abies readily demonstrates.
With this pencil, by manipulation
of a rubber, !Mr. Abies is able
to write any color. Being a good fellow
he parts with the secret without
money and without price, and considers
it a good advertisement for his busi
ness. Mr. Abies has ab'out made up his
mind that he will not return to the
Colonies at all.
Water Pipes Break.
There were two breaks in water
mains on Sunday. The first was in
Palama. The repair force had finished
up with that one but a few minutes,
when there was a call again for ser
vices. This time the location was on
Emma street where a fine flood was
running down. The natives called to
the job worked hard and had the break
fixed in a remarkably short time.
To the Asylum.
Nancy Kaalaelae, the woman who
was taken to the police station Sunday
night on account of having manifested
unmistakable signs of insanity, was
examined by Dr. Emerson yesterday
morning and adjudged insane. It is the
doctor's opinion that the woman Is
only suffering from temporary derange
ment. She will be well again before
long. The woman was sent to the Insane
Asylum for treatment
Decision to Come.
The special bicycle supreme court set
up by Mr. Desky to review the finding
of the referee in the dispute that arose
on the closing night of the last meet as
to King and Damon in an amateur event,
has reached a decision, but the
same could not be made public yesterday.
One of the judges denied the report
that he had held out against
awarding the race to Damon.
On the morninsr nf T?phnmrv 9n
1S95, I was sick with rheumatism, and
lay in bed until Mav 21st when I srot
a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
The first application of It relieved me
almost entirely from the pain and the
second afforded complete relief. In a
snort time, I was able to be up and
about again. A. T. MOREAUX,
Minn. Sold by all druggists and
dealers. Benson, Smith & Co., Ltd.,
agents for Hawaiian Islands.
Notice to Ship Captains.
U. S. Branch Hydrographic Office,
San Francisco, Cal.
By communicating with the Branch
Hydrographic Office in San Francisco,
captains of vessels who will co-operate
with the Hydrographic Office by
recording the meterologlcal observations
suggested by the office, can have
forwarded to them at any desired port,
and free of expense, the monthly pilot
charts of the North Pacific Ocean and
the latest information regarding the
dangers to navigation in the waters
which they frequent
Mariners are requested to report to
the office dangers discovered, or any
other information which can be utilized
for correcting charts or sailing
directions, or in the publication of the
pilot charts of the North Pacific
Lieutenant United States Navy.
Your grocer really doesn't
like to sell those weak-cheap
and alum-cheap baking powders.
You make him do it. Why
don't you pay a fair price for a
good tiling?
Schillings Best baking powder.
A Schilling & Company
San Francisco 2214
Read the Hawaiian Gazette
- --
The Baltimore goes out on a target
practice cruise today.
The Olga sailed for Kahului Sunday
to load sugar for San Francisco.
The Inca will sail for San Francisco
with a full load of sugar today.
The Planter and Transit will both
sail for San Francisco Tvith sugar tomorrow.
The schooner Rob Roy has been chartered
to load posts and wire for the
big Molokal ranch.
The Maui will continue on the Clau-dine
route and the Claudine on the
Kinau route for several weeks yet
The U. S. Flagship Baltimore leaves
tomorrow for a target practice cruise.
She will head from this port for Lahaina"
The Kaena which arrived early Sunday
morning reports no sugar left at
Puuiki and no paddy at Mokuleia.
Moderate weather on the other side.
The American barkentine Irmgard,
Schmidt master, arrived in port late
yesterday afternoon, 17 days from San
Francisco with a cargo of 600 tons of
general merchandise consigned to F.
A. Schaefer & Co. Good weather was
met with throughout the trip.
The schooner Waialua left Waianae
at 4 p. m. last Monday, went to Kauai,
landed freight at both Kilauea and
and arrived in Hanalei at 3
o'clock the next morning. This is exceptionally
good time for a sailing vessel.
Next week the Waialua will make
a trip to Kahului, Maui.
The American schooner W. Bowden,
Fgerem master, arrived in port Sunday
morning, 49 days from Westport,
N. Z., with a cargo of 1,257 tons of coal,
consigned to the Inter-Island Comany.
The Bowden had rough weather
throughout the trip. The captain is accompanied
by his wife and three children.
The W. G. Hall arrived as usual from
Kauai ports on Sunday morning. Her
report is as follows: 40,100 bags sugar
left on Kauai and divided up as follows:
K. S. M., 1,200; Mak., 9,000; G. &
R., 1,400; K. P., 2,000; H. M., 7S500; L.
B., 4,000; M. S. Co., 3,000; K. S. Co.,
12,000. Steamer Kauai was loading sugar
at Makaweli Saturday afternoon.
She had 2,500 bags of Makaweli sugar
aboard. Rough weather on Kauai.
KING In Honolulu, H. I., March 12,
1898, to the wife of Will C. King,
a son.
KING SNELL In Honolulu, H. I.,
March 11, 1898, the Rev. H. H. Parker
officiating, Geo. W. R. King, of
Honolulu and Mrs. A. L. Snell of
San Francisco, Cal.
Friday, March 11.
Am. bktn. Irmgard, Schmidt, 17 days
from San Francjsco.
Stmr. Mauna Loa, Simerson, from
Maui and Hawaii ports.
Stmr. Noeau, Pederson, from Kauai
Stmr. Mokolii, Bennett, from
Molokal and Lanal.
Stmr. Waialeale, Parker, from Waialua.
Saturday, March 12.
Stmr. James Makee, Tullett, from
Stmr. Mikahala, Thompson, from
Kauai ports.
Stmr. Mokolii, Bennett, from
Lanai and Maui.
Sunday, March 13.
Am. schr. Wm. Bowden, Fj'erem, 49
days fr'om Westport, N. Z.
Stmr. Maui, Freeman, from Maui
Stmr. W. G. Hall, Haglund, from Kauai
Stmr. Kaena, Mosher, from Oahu
'Monday, March 14.
Stmr. J. A. "Cummins, Searle, from
Oahu ports.
Friday, March 11.
Stmr. Kaena, Mosher, for Oahu ports.
Stmr. Iwa, Townsend, for Kaena
Sunday, Mar. 13.
Am. schr. Olga, Ipsen, for Kahului to
load sugar.
Monday, March 14.
Stmr. Mokolii, Bennett, for Lahaina,
Molokai and Lanai.
Stmr. James Makee, Tullet, for Kapaa.
Stmr. Lehua, Nye, for Olowalu and
Stmr. Kaena, 'Mosher, for Waialua
Stmr. Noeau, Pederson, for Kilauea.
Stmr. J. A. Cummins, Searle, for
Oahu ports.
Q. Wood, C. Mett, C. J. Ludwigsen,
Chang Kim, Hop Sing, Ng Gang? Ching
Chong Kee and 56 on deck.
Stmr. Mauna Loa, Simerson, for La-
naina, Maalaea, Kona and Kau at 10
a. m.
Stmr. Mikahala, Thompson, for
and Hanamaulu.
Stmr. Waialeale, Parker, for
and Kahuku.
Stmr. Maui, Freeman, for Lahaina.
Kahului, Keanae, Hana, Hamoa and
Kipahulu at 5 p. m.
Stmr. W. G. Hall, Haglund, for
(passengers only), Koloa,
Hanapepe, Makaweli, Waimea,
Kekaha and Niihau at 5 p. m.
From Maui and Hawaii ports, per
stmr. Mauna Loa, March 11 P. J.
Phillips, Julian Monsarrat, Dr. A. Mc-Wayne,
Dr. H. A. Lindley, Dr. A. R.
Rowat, A. Lindsay, George Angus, -C.
Kaiser, P. A. Dias, J. Coerper, O. Un-na,
A. Kane, A. W. Carter, E. Renken,
Lau Tong, Mrs. Abbie Clark, Miss E.
Enos, Miss G. Silva, Miss R. Ayers,
Master Nahale.
From San Francisco, per bktn. Irmgard,
March 11 Geo. F. Shelton, Mrs.
H Shelton, Miss Shelton, Paul Bartels
and Mrs. A. L. Snell.
From Maui ports, per stmr. Maui,
iMarch 13. G. P. Wilder and wife, J.- S.
Wright, Young Nap, Pakala, Ah Wing,
Dr. Goodhue, Rev. J. M. Lewis, T. B.
Lyons, W. Abbey, H. Z. Austin, M.
J. K. Josepa, F. G. Correa, W. K.
Hutchinson, E. A. Mott-Smith, J. P.
Cooke and 19 deck.
From Kaui ports, per stmr. W. G.
Hall, March 13. Miss C. Dekum, Miss
J. Smith, Miss R. Kaaihue, Miss K.
Kealoha, E. Strehz, J. H. Porteous, F.
C. Wdell and wife, H. W. Wright and
wife, Ki Chong, Ching Man Kan, Judge
Stanley, L. Kahlbaum, F. W. Carter, J.
By the Government Survey. Published
Every Monday.
.30 20 30 10 EXE
.30.12 30.02 SE
30.12 3.t4 HE
130 13 30 05 4 ENE
S0.11 30.04 5 SE
I.S0.11 30.04 8 ENE
ill 30.11 30.04 8-10 ENE
Barometer corrected for temperature
nd elevation, but not for gravity.
E E ? SI g s
? r& p- r Sj s
S. Ss - x gl 2
o o
p.m. a.m. p m. a.m. a.m p.m
14 9.45 B.10 1.20 4 44 6.9 6.9
IB 10.58 10.33 3.39 6 7 6 8 6.1f.
16 "(J' 4.22 6.55 6.7 6.10
a.m. a.m. p.m.
17 0.0 1.3 7.30 S.S5 6 6 6.10
18 0.54 1.48 7.59 7.9 6.5 .6.11
19 1.10 2.23 8.25 8.9 6.5 6.11
iO 2.2U 3.6 8.51 9.3 6 4 j6.ll
Mon .
Tues. 1.1
Wed. . 1.58
Thu... 2.29
Fn .., 3.35
Sat.. .. 4 16
Sun.. 4.51
The tides and moon phases are given In
Standard time. The time of sun and
moon rising and setting being given for
ill ports in the group are in Local time,
:o which the respective corrections to
Standard time applicable to each different
port should te made.
The Standard time whistle sounds at
12h. Um. 03. (midnight), Greenwich time,
which Is lh. 30m. p. m. of Hawaiian Standard
Republic of Hawaii.
Department of Public Instruction.
Honolulu, March 12, 1S98.
Notice is hereby given that examinations
for Teachers' Certificates will beheld
in the Honolulu High School, Hilo
Union School, Honokaa School, Aina-kea
School, School, Hilea
School, Wailuku School and Lihue
School as follows:
Primary Examinations, April 4th and
5th, 1898.
Grammar Grade Examinations, April
4th, 5th and 6th, 1898.
Those desiring to take the Grammar
Grade Examinations will please notify
this office at once, as that examination
will be witnnrawn wnere.tnere are no
Inspector-General of Schools.
.THOS. N. WRIGHT, Esq., has this
day been appointed Chairman of the
Road Board for the Taxation District
of South Kona, Island of Hawaii, vice
A. J. Wilson, Esq., resigned.
Minister of the Interior, ad interim.
Interior Office, March 12, 1898.
On Saturday, April 9th, at 12 noon,
at front entrance of Judiciary Build
ing, will be sold at public auction:
Lease of land known as Kaakepa,
Hilo, Hawaii, containing 194 acres,
more or less.
Terms of lease, 21 years, beginning
October 17, 1899.
Upset rental, $500 per year, payable
semi-annually in advance.
Agent of Public Lands.
'Honolulu, March 11, 1898.
JOS. H. NISHWITZ, ESQ., has this
day been appointed a Notary Public
Second Judicial Circuit of the Hawaiian
Minister of the Interior ad interim.
Interior Office, March 7, 1898.
On Saturday, April 2nd, at 12 o'clock
noon, at the front entrance of the
Judiciary Building, Honolulu, will be
sold at Auction, Leases of the following
Government Lands:
Kamalomaloo, Kauai, 2,405 acres.
For the term beginning March 29,
1900, and ending May 1, 1907. Upset
rental, ?1,000 per year, payable semiannually
In advance.
, For plans and full particulars as to
above, apply to
l J. F. BROWN,
, ?' Agent of Public Lands.
ir Office of Public Lands, Honolulu,
if . 1947-td
Pacific Mall Steamship Co.
iccidental $
Steamers of tho above companies will
or ibout the dates below mentioned.
DORIC Mar 19
CHINA Mar. 30
PERU -. Apr. 19
For freight and passage and all
. Hackfeld
Judicial Circuit of the Hawaiian
In the matter of the Estate of W. H. H.
Halstead, deceased.
On reading and filing the petition of
Geo. Hons. one of the Administrators
of said estate, praying for an Order
of Sale of certain real estate belonging
to said deceased, and setting forth
certain legal reasons why the same be
It is ordered that the heirs of said
deceased and all persons interested in
said estate, be notified to appear before
said Court on Monday, the 2Sth
day of March, 189S, at 10 o'clock a. m.,
at the Court Room of said Court, in
Wailuku, Island of Maui, then and
there to show cause why such order
should not be granted.
By the Court,
Deputy Clerk, Circuit Court, Second
Wailuku, February 26, 1S9S.
The undersignd, administrator with
will annexed of the Estate of Heinrich
Riemenschneider, late of Honolulu, deceased,
hereby gives notice to all persons
having claims against said estate
to present the same to the undersigned
witnin six montns rrora the date of the
publication of this notice jor they will
be forever barred.
Administrator with will annexed.
Honolulu, March 11, 1S9S.
The undersigned having been duly
appointed temporary Administrator
with the will annexed, of the late Val-
demar Knudsen, of Waiawa, Island of
Kauai, deceased: Notice is hereby
given to all persons to present their
claims against the estate of said
Knudsen, deceased, duly authenticated,
whether secured by mortgage
or otherwise to the undersigned
at his office on Merchant street, in
Honolulu, within six months from the
date hereof, or they will be forever
barred; and all persons indebted to
said estate are hereby requested to
make immediate payment to the under
signed. ,
Dated Honolulu, February 19, 1898.
Temporary Administrator with . the
will annexed of the late V. Knudsen.
The undersigned having been duly
appointed Administrators with the will
annexed of the late J. Kamalenul of
Waimea, Kauai, deceased, notice is
hereby given to all persons to present
their claims against the estate of said
J. 'Kamalenui, deceased, duly authen
ticated, whether secured by mortgage
or otherwise, to the undersigned at
Waimea, Kauai, within six months
from the date hereof, or they will be
forever barred, and all persons indebted
fo said estate are hereby requested
to make immediate payment to the undersigned.
Dated Waimea, Kauai, February 23,
Administrators of the estate of the late
J. Kamalenui.
The undersigned duly appointed administrator
of the Estate of Kepola
(w) deceased intestate, hereby gives
notice to all parties having claims
against said estate, to present the
same within six months from date, or
they will be forever barred. And all
persons indebted to said estate are requested
to make immediate payment to
the undersigned.
Administrator Estate Kepola (w).
Honolulu, February 11, 1898.
Pains ic the back, and all fctmire3 complaints.
Free from Mercury Established tipwardi of SC
years. In boxes 4s. 6d. each, of all ChemiMi
and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the
World. Propretorr, The Uncoln and Midland
CnunUe DrnsrCoirpanr, Lincoln, Enzland.
Read the Hawaiian Gazette
Oriental Steamship ft
call at Honolulu ana ie&vp uw acr on
BELGIC Mar. 15
COPTIC -Apr. 2
DORIC 1 Mar 1
general information, apply to
& Co., Lffl.
-189 Q
Will leave Honolulu at 10 o'cioeJc a. a
touching at Lahaina. Maalaea. Bey aad
Makena the same day; MahukM.
and Laupahoehoe tho toBawias
day. arriving in Hilo the same afternoon.
Friday Mar. ISrFriday Apr. iS
Tuesday.... Mar. 29Tuesday....May 19
iJU. --.pr. 8,'.truiay.... May 2
Tuesday.. .Apr. liTuesday....Mr M
marked"11 " FOhoik, Puna- -
Returning;, will leave HUo at 3 'teclc
kona and Kawalhae same day; Malceaa.
Maalaea Bay and Lahaina the fHwSr
day .arriving- at Honolulu the alierawnf
-- uiija iiiu r nuays.
Wednesday. Mar. 16 Wednesday.Apr. 27
Saturday... Mar. 26 Saturday. -Mat t
HcUUwuay.Apr. o wednesday.May IS
Saturday... Apr. 16 Saturday. . .May 2$
"L6311 ,at phoJkl. Puna, on tie sec-
on the morning of tea day of safifar
from Hilo to Honolulu
Jim h i?; EOOd e -
Round-trip tickets, covering aB expenses,
CAMERON. Comxasbeb.
Will leave Honolulu Tuesdays at 5 n'lihu'i
p. m.. touching at Kahului. Hana.
and Kipahulu. MauL Retwnte.r'arw
mf oVSafor faM reCe'i "
This company reserves th rfebc ta
make changes in the time of dMarttra
?Taival of its steamers WIXHOUT
NOTICE, and It will not be responslhie
tor any consequences aristae flmrfiiii
o-... .Hd tr; ai w3 JHMW1T9 TO,
after it has ben landed.
Live stork rnnoivcwl .
WJ ww"
This company will not be rrrmporttilL
for mnncv ni v1ufir.iif -. i " ""
less placed in the care of pursers
Packages comaininsr peisooftl Cet. neW
thereof e3ced$10O 00- in Yila, mmH feftvwtfc
the Company will not hold Itseif HalS(Mr
Koods be shipped ondcr a special enlraJT
tOTlTPfTft fpirkt .!..- -I..Ir . ""T"
receipt therefor In the farm jHeoriWtfcI
"uau uii w seta VW sSHTDSSft
upon application to th panm rte K:
pany'a steamer
bblppera are notified thai If frvlrkt l aMrowl
ritk of the hipper.
Passengers are requested to buhAjh.
......... J? & " Sl ?Wt tea?
w.&u ui j jicr cent.
C L. WIGHT. PresMeac.
S. B. ROSE. Secretary?
CAPT. J. A. KING, Port Superinteadeat.
Steamships will leave for and axrrre
from San Francisco or Vancouver oa
or about the following dates In 159Se
From San Francisc&For San Franattm
or Vancouver or Vancouver
AorangI....Mar. 18Be!gic Mar. 13
Doric Mar. 19 MIowera. . .Mar. IS
ZeaIandIa..Mar. 19 Zealandla..ilar Zi
Moana Mar. 30' Alameda.. JIar. 31
CWna Mar. 30 Coptic Apr. 2
in -Rt t,i . ...
MIowera. ..Apr. lo Warrimoo. . Apr 13
Alameda... Apr. 27 Mariposa. .Apr. 23
Coptic Apr. 28 Peklnir Anr. 3A
zeaianaia..aiay 11 Doric Mav 10
Yarnmoo..jiav 13 innn - -.
Gaelic. May 1T'ES35JJ
w.u6....JUUe v Meieic Mav 31
MIowera... Jrrae 8
New York Line.
The Bark "IOLAXI" will sail from
New York to Honolulu on or ahrmf
April 1, 1898.
It sufficient Inducement offers.. Advances
made on shipments on llaeral
terms. For further particular, addres!
Messrs. CHAS. BREWER & CO -7
KIlby Street, Bosto or
Honolulu Xgtats.

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