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Inspector General Townsend Interprets
the Newlands Resolution
in That Spirit.
iSdltor Advertiser: Tho Newlanda
'rcBoIutlonH provldo that the revenu'n
durlvcct from tlio public landB of Hawaii
ahull be used for the benefit of
Hawaii, "for cducutlonnl nnd other
public purposes." Does this ulfrnlfy
simply "public purposes?" If so, why
were educational purposes specified?
Is It not a fair Inference from the uso
tf UiIb lanuunEe that such reveiiuij Is
not to be considered as ordinary revenue
to bo used for the Rcncral purposes
of the government, but for educational
and similar purposes?
If any such Inference Is Justltlablo
then that Inference must forever
stand, even though tliero Is nothing In
subscrjucnt legislation to nlllrm such a
purpose. The Newlands resolutions
were based upon the annexation treaty
which had been made between the diplomatic
authorities of the two govern
ments of Hawaii and tho United States,
and which had been ratified by Hawaii
to the full extent possible under our
lawH. In fact they took tho place of
such trcuty, and accordingly wore in
Hie nature of an agreement which Congress
could not honorably repudiate
even if It so desired. Hut evidence of
any desire to repudiate this agreement
Is entirely lacking. Is It not sufficiently
clenr thnt the revenues from the public
lands of Hawaii are to be regarded as
a r.pcclal fund to be used for a particular
class of public purposes?
Now the use of such rovonue merely
for the purposes of the current expenses:
of the work would simply relieve
the general appropriation bill and
thus the purpose to make of this n special
fund would bo defeated. The uso
of thlB money to creato a permanent
school fund, such as most of thu Stutes
possess, necmH to mo to meet tho requirement!)
of the resolutions, and at
the same time to be in lino with good
policy. The Incomo derived from this
fund could be used for tho morn extraordinary
expenses of the schools,
such as libraries, apparatus, Industrial
enterprises to be conducted for the
educational benefit of tho pupils, shops,
gardens, etc. Not many years will pass
before we shall wish to establish an
agricultural college, and this would
Htem to be a proper charge upon the
land fund. Of courso land now under
lensc nnd producing Incomo would bn
rcgnrded na nn Investment, tho Income
being Immediately available for proper
Tho need of such a permanent fund
to tide us over tho stress nf new ex
penses Incident upon keeping up with
the advancing educational needs of the
country will ho npparent to anyone glv
Ing the subject careful attention, Tho
meed for an agricultural college, as
hinted above, would causo a .heavy
drain upon tho current revenue, at, tho
country, If tho expenses ur such an In
stitution had to be mitt from this
source, I am In, therefore, for tlio sot
ting aside of tho bulk of tho public
lands for school lands, In accordance
with the custom In other Territories
and States, and In accordance with the
spirit of the Newlands resolutions.
LONDON, Mny W, 2 n. m. The Dally
Mull publishes the following dispatch
from tho Earl of Uosslyn, who was a civilian
prisoner at I'rctora, nnd who
to have been released:
"PItETOIUA. Mny 30, 11:10 o. in. Pretoria
will be occupied in about two hours
without resistance. The President hns
gone to Wntcrvalbovcr.
"Tho hurgomuslcr, De Sousa, Is author
Ized to receive the llrltlsh. He, w'th nn
lnDuoritlnt committee of citizens. Including
Chief Justice Cregorowskl, has been appointed
to preserve I fe and property during
the interregnum. ,
"Everything Is quiet, but crowds are
waiting expectantly in Church Square for
tho arrival of the llrltlsh.
"Fearing possible disturbance am.
bloodshed nmong tlio pr'soncrs of war ut
vVatcrvallo, the United States Consul nnd
Vice Consul Wood Insisted upon twenti
officers being liberated on parolo to go to
the men. Their action cannot bo too
highly praised.
"I was permitted 10 accompany the of
llcers. Everything wus quiet."
LONDON, May 31, 3 n. m, Yesterday at
noon the llrltlsh were only about two
hours' march from Prctor a, and the
Iloer military farces had abandoned tin
city. This Intelligence comes from tin
Hunter agent at tho Transvaul capital
mil from tho Earl of Itosslyn In a prcx,
dispatch. Tho two messuges loft about
(ho same time. At 2 o'clock this morn
ing tho War Olllco had received no newt,
from Lord Roberts which tho olllclult
would inako public, but It Is assumed that
tho press udvlces are correct. Most of
the morning papers, through tho courtety
of tho Dally Mull, print Lord Ilosslyn's
dlBpatch, and comment upon It, treating
tho war as ended.
Some of the moro cautious critics think
that guerilla warfare Is likely to bo curried
on (or some, tlnlo to come, In various
parts of the conquered territory. All tho
Door forces aro dissolving..
Iord Roberts apparently has not yet
taken quantities of artillery arms or
stores. Largo bodies of Docth must still
bo bomewhero In tho field.
Is ICO miles duo east of Protorla on
tho Dclngoa Hay railway. It should not
bo confused with Waterval, ten miles
north of Pretoria, where tho llrltlsh prisoners
aro confined. Watervalhover Is a
small place In a mountulnous country.
Tho scut of tho Uocr Government what
there Is loft of It will probably bo
to tho north.
A dispatch from Lourcnzo llurquez, dated
Wednesday, Bays: "Commundunt
ICntus has surrendered Johannesburg to
Lord Roberts. By tonight's train from
Pretoria arrived a few aiecks, who say
they were told to leavo Pretoria Tuesday.
They nlllrm that tho train op which they
left wns shelled by tho llrltlsh, and that
half of tho train was cut off, tho remain-dir
steaming away. This Incident probably
occurred ut Elundsfonteln Junction,
Passengers from Pretoria assert that tho
town Is utterly demoralized. There Is n
mad rush for thu coast. Flvo tralnlouds
of fugitives aro expected tonight."
LONDON, May 30,-Tho War Olllco bus
communicated to tho organizers of the
Imperial Ycornunry tho Government's
grutltudo for the service of "this forco
of well-equipped fighting men, to whoso
udmlrublo services In tho field Ixird
hns borno such high testimony,"
Thu War Olllco adds thnt tho time has
arrived when tho corps of Imperial Yeomanry
can safoly bo relieved from "its
uiduous duties, so patriotically uBsumud
at a time of national cmorgoncy." Anil
OeiOOCOCOIKltClltXflKVtl ..-.
const hns received orders to concentrate
The Nuws TuUy Substantial od,
LONDON. May 31,-Tho Dully Mall says
It has received cable dispatches this aft
crnoon from correspondents ut Pretoria
ccir.plnttly confirming Ixrd Itosslyn's
dispatch of yesterday announcing tho Imminent
full of the capital of tho Transvaal.
LONDON, June 1, 3:23 11. in. Iloliitoel
dispatches from Pretoria eoullrm the reports
of lira dciinrtiiri) of President Krue-
ger w'th his cuhlnet and stuff olllclnls on
Tuesday night, and tho selection ut 11
meeting of citizens of a committee to ail.
minister tho city provisionally. ,
Hlnco thiso telegrams left on WcdniM
day, nothing nppureritly reached Loun'i
zo Martini by telegraph from 1'rntorlu 1
Possibly tho w'res have been cut or
possibly the lloi r censorship r.t some In-
tcnmdliiln point Intern nly lei griir'H
Although tlm Wnr Olden hns inn rn
celvi il a word iibniil II, no orie In L'iiiiUii '
harbors the libit Hint tho Iloer nn.ll il In
not already In the hands of Ihn lultli
or nboul trr bn there.
SlutH A'tnrnev S11111U did lie I
with President Krueger, but ninnlnrd In
Pretoria. Tlm present sent of llm liner
flovrrninnnt, ncrordlng to 11 disimliii '
from Loureiiro Mariiue,
du, Is Mldilliburg, but It will iirulialili
bo slilfleil further enst. The liners lately
confronting I,ord Iloberts appenr In hn"nl
gone to thu eastwuril also tnwnrd the
Lydetibiirt' rerrlon, Tho ilefei'ilrn of
Lalng's Nek, when their position brn"'cr I
too perilous, will probably trek straight
nortbw'iird, too. When this enneeritru
tlnn takes plneu tbero will possibly In
JiI.ojI men, who will hold nut fer 11 limn
with scattered bands nf guerlllns elsewhere.
Tho press illrtmlrlies from the beml.
quarters of Lord Huberts flv" po ist'
mntn ns to thn number of lloers wl'i
(..,11, bUIWIUnilU lIAllllBDril UIl IJflllLlL Ul n'u.n fli.l.tln.. flnHnvnfa 1-.. ..l. ..m.1 II. ...
,,i",,i,.(i?,veK!I!cniJlB f?'V, U' re'lt """ " M"ndnv pn, Tuesday, hut the-!
11 MSinnvMnv!" n0.!?''.'? l!"".,iT.rfe ,. "" n"r" "'' '" '""''- rellr, thai,
LONDON. Mny V), llllli ilio
p, in. war iiin nrlllsli nssnnltlea were, vllvbr i
' ,' ,,.'l S,7 "i !"' ','." ..7'''"'. ...'
Olllco bus lust announced that no news . , .
bus reached hero tending to confirm
rumor, said to ho currunl In Berlin, that
Johannesburg has been blown up,
PitETOIHA, May olIlcer
aro now at Johannesburg dictating thu
terms of surrender,
Tho llrltlsh advance guard Is half way
between Johannesburg and Pretoria. It
Is reported thcro Is a forco alto ut I
All the forces ,buVo been dismissed
from the forts around Pretoria.
, Presldvnt Krueger Is now at
truttlo between hero nnd tho Transvaal
was officially closed today, tho reason apparently
being the military movements
In progress. A Transvaal Iloer commando
has arrived at Komatlpoort. All the
PortUKiieiiA troops Iirvo been ordered to
bo In readiness to proceed to Ihn frontier,
and the Portuguese fleet along the
- - - "-'iii-n 11111 '-!. wi I"- .
raiv Telenrnnh FlindHfnn'n'n
TrieselHV, says; "Much rn'llng tqei pt'il
even enelnes bn"n I'epn ennlurnd by
Lord Iloberts' r"i"ntn. Thn prinelnai
losses hnvn henn iitui.e,1 " Ihe .n. .
eel Infnntrv, I'' ll'n pnHiinlflpi. pp rf.
ling, ('eilernl Fre"rh icil (leneni'
lltnn were engaged o thn we-il nf
"Sllien 'Huni'v lin viem nquinns
bavn been fl"htlnf but sibuiiii i"in
wero used, the netlnr wen te"r nei
oust In fset, thn wer rniv big
Tlm Hours am retreittlng In
Me, Prevnst I'stlsrsbw, In 11 el'snaipt'
In thn .Morning Post frnpt flernV'ton ii
(ed May so. snvi I'Thn enemy fugii 11
sei'nn, mitrbig fm-i ib
south In Ihn north nf thn tnwn viiu(V..ir
pom'pnms nrd nrtHI'V In tl tni'nlnw
and wlilulruwlng their rlllunen tlimugh
mil. s south of Prrtnrin for a new nnd
desperate stand, with a front of twelve
I i.ilnr rumors In tho ramp of l.onl
hit that the nminuultlou of the.
lloers Is Tunn'ng short
M. II. Doriohue. correspondent of 111
Dally Chronicle, was raptured vistcrday.
Home discussion Is going on In I,ondon
as to what will ho done with President
Kruesir If h Is cniiluied. Ono Idea Is
thnt ho wll bo sent to St. Helens,
other that he will lie tried for treason.
Tho Dully Express rays: "Mr
agent has Invested iMW.imo or the
President') money In land and mines.
This took pluco before tho wur hroka
out, and to this rnct mny ho ascrlheil the
of the 'rrnnsvital uuthorltles to
blow up ,
The llmei) says; "Any further
ftneo tho Boers may offer will he futile.
The col'apsrj of tho Transvaal as u milt-
tnnt state may bo us complete.
,11 wilts of obstlnnto guerilla warfnro
I reed not lie taken more seriously than
ihn 'exploded mennco of resistance ul
Jahnnnesbunr and I'rvtevrfa. Tho forunil
snnevflt'qn ef the Trniisvnnl will speedi
ly ronoww tiii war in rupMiiy
'ng the close."
rive freHh tr;xi:ia will embark
fer South Africa within the next
w dnys.
A d'spatch from llruskols Bays
of irold contlnm" In rome to
. '"rti'er'nrds Hunk reKtihirly from
tho Tinnsinnl Ooveriuneut, hut these
hnvo not been so large of Into as formerly
It Is. understood that Dr. Leyds bus
not the r to draw at all since Hit
airlval herei of tho Iloer ppaco delegates."
LONDON, June I. The Times has thu
following from Maseru, Hitsuiulund,
May 30: "Cnrresponilencu bus been
found In tho limine or Cuinmundurit
Crowther, showing that tlm Hours Invited
thn llasiitos to rlsu and drive tho
Intii thu sen."
LONDON. Jlinn 1 Emperor William,
"curding in n Berlin correspondent of
thu Dully Telegraph, tins sent a telegram
I'r.B Mouth $
Fb Month, Kohmuk
Tin Year . ,
I'cs Ykar, Hurkiu
Payable Iniarlably Id Advance.
Muslntss Mnnnger.
liUbl.M&S CvUD.S.
5 i m
L"V LH A. DICKEY. Attorney av and
Notary 1'umic. i'. u. uc,x inj. nonoiuiu,
II. I. King and His.
FIlEDEItlCK W. JOU. Suite 815,
lllJir.. Chicago. 111.: Hawaiian
Consul General for tlic Stales of Illinois,
Michigan, Ohio, Indiana ana Wisconsin.
Atttrncy at taw.
Commission Agents, Queen St., Iluno.
lulu. II. 1.
T. A. BOIIAEFEIl & CO.-Importers and
Commission Merchants, Honolulu, Hawaiian
LEWEItS fc COOKE. (rtobert Lowers, F.
J. Lowrpy, C M. Cooke.) Importers nnd
dealers In lumlicr and bulldliiK materials.
Office, 4H Fort St.
C. HURTACn. Wholesale nnd Iletall
312 King St.: Tel. 119. Family, plantation
and ships' Florin on short
notice. Now foods liy every steamer.
Orders from tho other Islands faithfully
WOIIK3 CO., Ltd. Ksplanndc, Coi.
Fart nnd Allen Sts. HolllHtcr & Cc,
of every dcstrlptlon made to
Public Lands Revenue
for Them.
, i s- i i a mi nii eplcniUil picee of work. The enemy were.
IA 1 T U fl 1 1 T A PUT ---v " o mt or ,,r
UU I I M I II I I II r I, ....ulhtr. correspondent, lelegniphlt'
II I I I I I I I I H I I I I I I I from Ucrmlston tile same da) savs
II I IIUU I II I I U I I I "I tearn.lhal the lloi rs urn mnsmng si
Rumored Capture of President
News Fully Confirmed and Grea.:
joicing Throughout the
Ihn lownjn the afternoon. We captured
nine onxlnes and over n hundred wagons,
train " am leaving tuniKht for the
,.t urcrtdtd In cutting tlin linn In
tlmti directions nnd Imprisoning nil the
iIIHig nork In 11 was a
tc (he (j"" H. innttintuMtlnK h. r upon nurchet motley thronit of cllliens,
tlm sueciss of Uinl ItnlTtts. some In uniform, tho majority In mufti,
Tlie r Ultleti has rw!Kve, the follow- tint all animated hy n common drslre to
Iiik dlspnteh from linl ltohe4ts, under mntk their delight In the achievements of
date of (lermlston. May .V)
' In answer to a IIok or truce I sent to
JohiinnestitirR this innmlnv, tho
rame to see ine. Ho tiegurd ine
to defer enterltiB the town for twenty-four
hours, ns theru weru many nnncil
hViithers Inrldn still
I nfEreeu 10 nun. ns i nin iiiesi nnxnnip
(lerinlnlnn. May 30. saving:
"Thn brunt of tho fighting yeMerdnv
fell upon Ian Hamilton's column. I liiuo
sent him, as already mentioned, to work
around to the west of Johannesburg In
support of French's cavalry, which was
directed to go north near tho road leading
to 1'retorln.
"1 linvn not beard from French vet. but
Jinf'ltnn, In n report which hns Just
reached me, states that nl rihnul 1
n'elnri' In thn nfternnon bn found his
blocked bv the enemy, strongly oost
eil on some knpjes and ridges three tnlli'
south of thn Hand. They niter two neavy
and several field guns nnd
"Hamilton forthwith attacked. The
right wns led by tho Oordons, who, after
reptnring one extremity or inn rnige,
u'benlfd around nnd worked alnug It until
nfter ilnrk, elenrlng It of tho enemy,
who foui'ht most pbstlnntelv,
"Tb Orm Hundred nnd Fourth led on
lis o'ber Mnnk nnd would not be den'ed.
nt the chief In the nctlnn, ss In
Ihn epsimlt'es, fell to the rjordnns, whoso
nixt udvanco excited thn admiration
of nil,
"I'srnllton Is now nt Florida, duo west
f .tnl"nr''"biirg, nnil Freneh Is a few
lles fnr'ber northeast. The Oordons
Im envnlrv, (tin mounted Infnntrv nnd
i, uvnntli Division urn tho
eight nf tn town. The Flevonlb
wii, ,H nnd O nnd tlm
hnpvv nrtlllerv aro south or
"I'lirnllton snenks In thn highest terms
t nr(fl eif the innnnnr which llriiee
"n.i'tn?i imil fnlnpnl Spense nf the
Hi.ton'n I VIM Infii'Mrv. bpndled tl'e'r
a. in,ie Krnllh Dnrre'n's iilreetlnn "
MIMTOH'V, Mnv 31. The Ilr't'sb
-n.-o ,ieelllleil r'iVU.ri' nn !'
ertnelier' .tnhnnnef w'lh Ihn
-R, 1.1.1 or vn,"'Fi'",. on
io Natal rrontler, Lnlng's Nek
May Iih Taken,
LONDON, May 31. Tho Westminster
lnretto suvh It Is rumored rrom 11
r llkrlv to bo well Informed that Pres
cient Kntegcr has been captured by thn
six mile's beyond Pretoria.
LONDON. My 31, Tl n Wnr Vll"e here
rows rmtirre niiem inn rcporicer
or President Krueger.
rhu Oelubiatto trr Canndu.
OTTAWA, Juno 1. All Canadian cities
report enthusiastic celebrations,
''"('I'lA, Juno I. Thoso who
that thu demonstrations In honoi or
1,1) cMtuie or Cronje. the relief or Kim-
mrley, Ludybiriltb mill .Mafelilng, rend thu
iiislnlned co el rat em or tho Uueun'n
blitluluy bad uxhutisted tho patriotic re-
rnircts or Victoria's citizens, must have
been undeceived lust night when tho
vs wus flnsbed over tlm wires that
Pretoria had fallen, that Krueger hud
.ad, and that thu war wns practically
jter. Tho news reached thu city about
ele ve 11, but It wns half nn hour
later ucri,ro it wns crooned, inn inn
gnrits, to whlrli the public has learned
to look for tho otllclul notification or the
leeelpt or good news rrom thu front,
nen'n penleil foith their welcome Intelligence',
and tho streets weru quickly filled
I y eitlretis roused from their first sleep
to celebrate another national triumph.
The demonstration which followed Is
hist described hy saying that the scenes
if mad erthuslnnm which were display-
il on Lndysrnlth day and when Crnnjn
woo raptured weru faithfully
Pneklin' ruses nnd eld r's from the ('hi
iicsn shacks destroyed yesterday
nn veil' soon Mnzlnir merrlv In bun-fires
on tho streets, whllu
and bombs, thu playing of bunds, ami thu
singing and cheering or tlio riiultliuilen
which tho streets mudo up a
scene which will bn memnriibln In tho
history of tho city of Victoria.
The bands of ihn c'ly rlvnl'eel ono another
In their efforts to swell thu popular
urelaliri. An Impromptu program wiih
first provided by a scratch aggregation,
whoso efforts to volcn thu general enthusiasm
weru highly appreciated. Following
einsn orr these, however, camn tho
Vletorln city band, which turned nut 'n
full uniform and almost full strength
very shortly nfter tho rccnlpt of tho glrrd
llillni's. Then tho Fifth Hngimnnt band,
which ban become nn Indlspcnsubla feu.
turn of these rational c'ebrntlons.
nnd oHer serenml'ng Ihn
elllces, plnved In rrnnt or Ihn United
Consulate', whither linn, A.
H"'lth hud hid them corriu when Pretoria
Behind each of thfhii organizations
llrltlsh arms.
IllsennHd arches, tmnnrrs and cvtry
kind of Instrument, no matter how rude,
which would contrlliula to the clamor,
was pressed Into service, and tho result
was an uproar which, If not nltPRrlhrr
hnrmonlotis, was sincerely patriotic and
I., mini flirt t.nBftl!lllll nf ntitfliltlf b. AS USUS1 IIIO IIOV S irotll III flaw lirnv.
ii dlsturlinncp Inside tho town, nnd ns'ed uraonir tho most mil
nf tho enemy aiu still holdltiK the tures In the demonstration. Even Jack'
iill In ihn nrlehltorhood, from which capacity provid unequal. In a number of
they will have to bo cleared oft before- Instances, to the Brest strain upon him,
l,i d. land ho either succumbed In A heap on
I.ONI1ON. May 31 -A special dispatch I the pavement, or rolled about the streets
rrnm Oerinlston, a suburb of Johannes-1 n though on his accustomed decks with
toi Of. occupied by Hobcrts, says several . mountain high sea running. Borne or
hundred lloers liatn sought refugo In n ' them climbed to the very extremity of
m'ne, where the llrltlsh tlrenadlers hnvoltho lofty telephono poles, the operation
cornered them nnd burred nil escape. evidently 'Riving them no concern, though
LONDON. Mnv Jl.-Tho Wnr Olllce tins' ery trylnK to tho norves of tho
recelvM from Iloberts n dispatch dated ers. Others Improvised ,1 .Mr on the
curb, nnd hero drank ttf thn health of
"tho Widow," "IJobs" nnd all tho other
lenders at tho front.
Occasionally a bit of horse play varied
the proceedings. While dodging thn
"cops" about ono of the iHinurcs.tonc of
their number shouted "thrc ehenra for
thn Queen." A sportive comrade retorted,
"Threo cheers for Krueger." "Eht
What's that. Hill," responded the.'othsr,
and his right landed on his companion's
Jaw with a slednellko Impact that cleft
tho cheek of tho other. The llttl Incident
did not Interrupt tho fraternal feeling:
of tho men, however, as they rolled
away nrrn In arm.
A number of voting ladles, not to be
outdone In enthusiasm by their brothers
nnd sweethearts, paraded tho streets nnd
sung "Soldiers of tho Queen" and other
national airs.
L Tho general rejoicing was continued
until nbont 3 o'clock, when thn populace,
temporarily suspended Its demonstrations
nnd rei'red to rest, although the boom of
a cracker occasionally through the night
showed thnt somp enthusiasts were prolonging
the celebration till the dnwn.
With dav light camn further 'particulars
Indicating that thn War Oltlen hsel no
of tho formal occupation of the
c'ty. 80 confident, however, were thn
public that thnv refused to bn cheated
nut of their celcbrntinn nnd the?
of the streets nnd business houses
went merrily on. Lnter In the day, when
he riunnr nf couture nnd of
thn occupation of Johannesburg wns announced,
a fresh Impetus was clven to
tlm preparations for general relolelng.
Sharply nl noon the harking nf big
runs nt rpqu'mnlt mitrked Ihn participation
nf the nnvnl forces In the general
relolclng. Thnrsdny being general teavo
i'nv a large body of men were snon In
thn streets of the cltv cnntrUmtlng in
their own effectual wnv to thn festivi
ties A half holhlnv wns given In the
navy vnrtl, and ovrr tho Inner harbor
"nln"cl McKot dismissed nil parade for
thn dnv of A Company, It. f Tt.
Among the oltleers or the Imperial
rorees perhaps none) took greater
out of thn news ihnn Lieutenant
French, P.F., who onlv Inst werk Joined
thn garrison In Vletor'n. L'eutennrit
French n son nf Hint dunning eavnlry
officer who June beeq one of Ihn flrst figures
in thn present wnr, nnil hns
In thn present cnmpii'gn his right
to bn chirred nn nerhnns the- rpnt successful
envnlrv nfllcer In thn Hr'Hsb army
tpdny. Lieiilennnt Freneh, when on
his wnv to Ksqulmnlt lnt vveeV find nn
Interesting experience. The relief nf
occurred while en route nnd
tlm veiling elTlcer wns etrnrired from his
berth to celehrnto whuf wn nel'nveel at
that tlrrn to tin another ncbicvernent of ,
bis Illustrious sire, Lleutn"npt P'leber.
nf thn nnvv, who Is a nephew of Colonel r
Pllcber. nleo took a morn tbnn nnllnnry
Inlerept In tho latest development of, the
Tho (sttrlntlo cnmmltteo met 'his
nnd elenideel to orgnn'7n the
forces, which tin tn thnt t'mn hnd
Incited Intelligent direction, for i.nth lbs
nfternnon and tlm evening. After some
d'sciissloii thn following program of
ovenls wns decided uuont
1. Assemblage of citizens at Beacon Hill
I'urk nt 3 p. in.
2. Slnirlncr of tintrlollc songs by the
children of tho public scIiooIh,
.1. Hand rniisio Hiirinuin to inn occasion.
i. The hoisting of the nnt'onnl enslim nt
t p. in., fnllowrd by a salute nf field guns.
G. Illeycln iiarndn, I'rlzos given for the
cornted bicycles.
1. Orand Illumination of tho city,
2. Irnrnensu bonllro on Jnmcs Hay flats,
3. Selling off fireworks nnd electric
lighting of Government street, wlilch will
bn cloned to tramc.
t. Phitntasmiignrlrnt exhibition at Hank
of Montreal building.
R. Illuminated bicycle pnrnde.
11. Hand music In different parts of the
The employes nt Iho C'ty Hall, nt tho
Legislature, and at the customs were
given a half holhlnv In honor of tho
ovent: At thn schools the children
after singing the national anthem
and other patriotic songs.
Tho decorations or the city nrn on a
with tbusn em ployed on I.ndvsmlth
riur All thu bus'ners house's, tho City
Hull, thn pollen qunrtcrs, the dm department,
etc.. have been nenlly ndnrned In
honor or thn occasion. The J. R A. A.
will again llhiinliintn their elni' bonsn to-
sece 0 e oe e 0e c oooe 3 ci oe a ooocooit niOMiciii, nigni, anil 11. wamiH jreimcKeri win in-
' tun nnlei lilu irrvnnilu nni ant it Ft flin
mm? IISm mm
r CLRLrwSSBp7 " ' Wnft
)llilil i inn hiiiiiiiun i.i'.i -. ui 111 u'
works. Indeed, Iho nlebrnt'nn tonight
lirom'ses to eclipse anvtlilne' vet seen In
thn city In the way or pnlrin'in demonstrations,
which, In view or Ihn recent
nr Victoria In that respect
Is saying miicli.
Tlm Mriveir this uriernonn d'snntehed
Ihn rnllowlng leleiirntn In Lnnl MI"to:
"To l'l l'eeli'iicy the Oovernor
"flllrens or Vletorln. 11, P.. mlbrat
wMb urireslrnlned delight snrmnder or
Pretnr'n, nnd diflrn tn evterd 10 Her
their prnfnund cnngrntullnns
i'""" success of Br't'sh arms In South
"CHAR. HAYWAItD, Mayor.'
One nf Ihn fl vehicles to mi' Its
this morning wnsiie wgon
Hnrlng snnc'ni's. fll'ei' wlh
wnri'rnen nrined with tings, iiim! full of
nntliuslsnm. Thev drnvn pi'nnl ttm
eipsl streets nf thn p'tv,
songs, nnd receiving nn ovntlon all
along Ihn IIpp.
Thn pniltlppl meeting which wiih enlled
fnr Ihn Vlelnrbi theiiler wns
unt'l Mordnv In order
put to Interfere with thn events of this
The Onvernrnent rneel'n nt. ' "nu'mull.
which wp rnl'il fer Ms e"nnl"r. will
also bo postponed until the Hth of June,
A I.nrd Capltirml
LONDON. Mnv f'eell Manners,
v bn Is eetlng as n rmwspnper
was nmnnir bn
rsptiirnl bv ihn iiuring Iird Iteib.
orts' advanca on Mny 25,
THin Envoys,
HOHTON. May 31, Messrs. Fischer,
Wnlmiirens rind Wesuls. th llnr
wern received at ibe P'lv 'lull
bv Miivor Hart. Thn Intel t lew was
short and formal,
ahrlstlnn Oliurch,
The revival ut tho Christian Church
mis we attended last night dcspltn
the clinrimter nf the day, Tlm pulpit
wntj neriipled hy Hnv. H, H, Our, ft
nilsslnnnrv to Jnpnn, who Is rettirnln;
hy Tinrlc. Tho,nsiil niMt
Irir will bi held tnnlgjit when nv. Mr,
Cory will preach as usual,
V .1

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